Falato on Football: Week 2 Review


Support for this podcast comes from Microsoft teams. Now, there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams bring everyone together in a new virtual room, collaborate live building ideas on the same page and see more of your team on screen at once learn more at Microsoft dot com slash teams hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of Philosophy on football. This is weak twos addition of the show and it's pretty devastating show because there were a rash of injuries around the National Football League. Pretty sure. The NFL is putting triage tents all over the country we have big names Christian McCaffrey dealing with injuries. We have saquon Barkley, the went down what? With what looks like a torn ACL has not been confirmed yet, there will be more is done on Monday right now it's about two o'clock in the morning on Monday mornings we do not have that information yet. We got players like Davante Adams go down a hamstring injuries. WE'RE GONNA go over all of these injuries and that's for the NFL play. It was jam packed, high scoring affair that were out of. Interesting Games. I guess you could say the Falcons, definitely? Falcon. We'll definitely get into that but let's start with these injuries because they're important and I will start with Saquon Barkley Take Barkley he left the game originally from what looked like he came down awkwardly on his elbow looked like he could have been a hyperextended elbow he left for maybe a player to and Dion Lewis came in and Then the very next play. It was one of the best run SAQUON Barkley had all season. He hit the gap and boast outside after he got to the second level and he tried to break out of a tackle and Eddie Jackson hit him and it looked like he probably tour around the time he was hit by eighty Jackson and he was thrown of bounds and it just sucks man because. Saquon Barkley seems like he is the kind of guy you want to lead your franchise. He is the consummate professional who says all the right things he was criticized by former giant great Tiki Barber about his pass protection during you know media sessions and things this week and he came out and he said he took it as a challenge. Eat doesn't pout. He doesn't point fingers and it's really unfortunate that to oedipus three years here as New York football giants have been plagued by injuries. Last year, he had the high ankle sprain. He came back was Kinda miraculous that it came back and only three weeks with an injury that usually takes a lot longer to heal, but he comes back and. He. Ends up not living up to the potential that he's capable of at least that we think he's capable of. Let this coming after a rookie season where he won rookie of the year, and now in his third season looks like he's likely that he's going to miss the entire year as a devastating loss from the New York giants a team that didn't dress Winkelmann in this game winning with one other active running back and then Elijah Penny who's more of a fullback with can play halfback in a pinch and it looks like they're going to roll. With Winkelmann. If they don't pick somebody up, we'll have more clarity on that Monday maybe Tuesday when they decide to add somebody the rostrum sure they will add somebody maybe they'll bring someone like Giovane leak back to the team or fister who somebody who spent. A little bit of time with the team in the. Training Camp Portions of twenty twenty but the devastating loss for sure Shirley also. Left the game he came down hobbling with look like a foot injury and he tried to go back out there and tough it out and play but it just. Did Not work out for him. Hopefully, it's not a broken foot or a fracture, and even if it's turf toe, that's a pretty bad injury. I mean people like to laugh at Turf Toby's. Injured Toe, but you can't plant and drive off the toe how you GonNa play receiver if your toes sore and you can't do anything on it. So the giants were hit by the injury bug. So were there week three opponents, San Francisco, forty niners about midway through the first-half Jimmy Garoppolo seemed to hurt his right ankle ended up leaving the game nick mullins quarterback that the giants played a couple years back on Monday night football and up coming into the game. and. It looks like that's who the giants will be playing next week and that's not the most devastating injuries for the forty niners. We're not sure how long Garoppolo will be out, but it doesn't seem like it will be for an extended period of time, but he's probably not gonNA play in week three but nick bosa drafted second overall in two thousand, nine, nineteen, one of the best edge rusher in the league tours ACL and week one, he's done for the season. More, than likely. Somebody else who? Seems like. The first drive of every game this season, the two games this season I guess you could say he ends up having like a seventy plus yard touchdown play. Last week. Against the cardinals, it was that little Arrow route. In. Split Backfield, he just ran little Arrow Ralph something i. wish the giants utilize much more caught the ball and he most one of the fastest guys in the NFL. So just outran everybody to the end zone and this year I think it was like the first or second play the game it eighty or touchdown running it's the jets, but he ends up leading the game with some sort of knee issue. So the forty niners are really really beat up right now. And the giants get the play them In Week two and the forty niners second straight road game second straight game and metlife stadium. Not One hundred percent. Sure. If they're going back to California or the just GonNa stay in New Jersey since they're playing the same stadium against the giants that just got no playing jets that's up in the air right now that's a lot of travel if they do go back. And that team's pretty beat up. So the giants are looking at a much easier opponent right now but the giants are also week so. We'll see what the injury report kind of looks like as the week progresses, but we're not talking about that matchup right now we're talking about these injuries and we also had Christian McCaffrey who suffered what looked like an ankle injury on touchdown run. Now, there's going to be an MRI tomorrow it doesn't seem it could be something too serious not something that can miss the whole. season. But if it is a high ankle sprain that's going to be damning and that's going to really suck for anybody who to Christian McCaffrey fantasy and it's GonNa Really Suck boy the Carolina Panthers a team that is trying to kind stay alive in the NFC south. Now they dropped two games in what looks like a very, very good division drew lock quarterback of the Denver. broncos. Like. He sprained his AC joint might be sidelined for two to six weeks happened early on in the game he fumbled the football landed awkwardly on his right shoulder and it looks like he's going to miss some time and it's going to be the Jeff Driscoll show and I don't know if you guys know about Jeff Driscoll, he played a little bit of college football at Florida before transferring out of Florida to I think Louisiana Tech and Jeff Chris is somebody who just always find his way on the football field whether it's with the bengals or the. Alliance just always finds his way out there. Kind of reminds me of Fred Jackson who was with one team, the buffalo bills, but you just always found his way out there because they were always injuries that led him going out there. You'RE GONNA get Fran that way I feel like Frank Gore is a player who has just been in the NFL forever was once a great running back in now is just a very good professional that latches onto rosters and the running back ahead of him tends to get hurt he ends up seeing sixteen carries in a game. Doesn't seem like a thirty-seven-year-old should be getting that kind of workload, but somehow some way that materializes so good for Franco I. Guess. Jerry Judy of the Broncos also suffered an injury doesn't seem to be serious. He left the field without assistance, but he did not return in the game. Other. Players around the league CAM ACRES LEFT THE EAGLES RAMS game. He's the rams running back out of Florida state second round pick with a rib injury in the first drive of the game and he was questionable return than he was downgraded to out ribbon juries can linger they're kind of dangerous but you can also play through that kind of pain with a padded vest. But if he cannot do that, it's going to be the Malcolm Brown show for the rams who beat up on the eagles. Anthony Barr. Hurt his right arm. He's the Vikings linebacker in their loss to the Indianapolis Colts Devante Adams left the game with hamstring tightness and he did not return so we're going. To have to monitor to see how serious that hamstring injury is tag McKinley got injured with a groin. He is a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons Kalem Gary hurt his knee. He is tackle for the Falcons. Ricardo. Alan is a safety for the Falcons and he hurt his elbow as well. So there were a lot of injuries and there's even other ones that you can kind of go through which I will perish. Campbell of the Indianapolis Colts seem like he might have suffered a torn ACL papers carted off the field early in the colts game but x-rays came through it doesn't seem like it is that. So we're at the wait and see what his injuries but me hooker. is a very talented safety. The cold did not pick up fifth year option because he could never stay healthy he tours achilles. For the season and it sucks I love me cooker coming out of Ohio state. He's an absolute stud. It's very hard to find true single high safety with exceptional range and Malek Hooker possesses that but he cannot stay healthy and that's devastating loss for the Indianapolis Colts the also have the chargers and the chargers. A little bit weird because tyrod Taylor. And we'll talk about this during when we go over the game, tyrod Taylor was opposed to start this game. It was expected that he was going to start this game but in. The pre game, he had shortness of breath and his chest was hurting him and he couldn't start. So Justin Herbert just was given the rain. So we hope tyrod Taylor is okay. You got a monitor that situation we'll get into that a little bit later as well for Shod Peyramond ended up coming down with an injury, the receiver for the jets who was an ankle injury 'cause me the entire jets receiving courses decimated by. Injuries Denzel mims out with a hamstring James and crowded didn't play with a hamstring I. Mean we got Braxton Berrios out there catching touchdown passes right now and they're center Connor McGovern, also hurt his hamstring in this games. That's definitely not ideal for the new. York, jets who seem like vying for the number one overall pick things could get really interesting in April if they possess the number one overall pick picking Sam darnold continues to. Not, show enough even though he has absolutely nothing around him there's not a lot that guy can do Solomon. Thomas who was divas of tackle somebody forgot to mention when I was talking about the forty niners left a game with a knee injury as well. Hopefully, not torn ACL, but time will tell Marcus Blair hurt his knee he's a safety slot. Player for the seahawks that was on Sunday night football. So a lot of people probably ended up seeing that and then Brennan Sheriff the Right Guard for the Washington football team suffered a right knee injury twos. We'll have to wait to see what exactly happens. So there was a lot of injuries around the NFL and it's absolutely devastating to really talk about. To really think about because we expect a lot of injuries to happen there was truncated off season. There was not a lot of training camp. and. We expected players to kind of come down with a lot more soft injuries and things of that nature. Some of these players may not of their training as seriously as they probably should have but that's not even a product of a lot of these injuries. Some of them were just freak injuries and football's also just very very violin game played by some of the top athletes in the world but let's dive into this giant game real quick. The first game that we go over to seventeen thirteen loss for the New York football giants, they drop to Owen too, which is really unfortunate because. The bears go to an hour and I really don't think the bears are that much. Better, than the New York giants, but they won here at home but teams typically that are starting to now. Her nine teams right now that are two now and the teams that are to know are the buffalo bills, the Kansas City chiefs, the Baltimore Ravens the Pittsburgh steelers at the Tennessee titans the on a car. Los Angeles Rams the Seattle seahawks the Green Bay packers the Chicago bears those are all the two and oh teams right now, sixty two percent of teams that start to know typically make the playoffs and now that could be more expanded because seven teams from. Will make the playoffs for the first time in NFL history. There will be three wildcard team. So these teams are obviously in a great spot right now and the bears man seventeen to thirteen. They scored seventeen points, the first half and got. Shut out in the second half. The New York giants defense stepped up. They were opportunistic in the second half even know the bears rushing attack was able to run the football down the giant's throat in the fourth quarter, which was pretty frustrating with David. Montgomery. The giants were resilient Ma'am. They played really really tough really really strong football down the stretch. They battled through a lot of injuries in this game. The offense was pretty pitiful in the first half. They couldn't establish the typical. You know the New York giants that we're accustomed to these days, which is really really unfortunate but it seemed like Daniel Jones was finding a lot of success with the intermediate to deep dig route from Sterling Shepard. Seemed like the bears were really aggressive playing the short quick game kinda routes from Eb Ingram and the flats in the drags, and that was one of the plays on that third six I think it was where Robert Quench stripped Daniel Jones was. It was like a replacement route where Sterling Shepherd Ran a drag out, and then there was going to be a replacement drag route. Right behind Sterling Shepherd and shepper was open right from the onset. He beat the guy off the line of scrimmage and Daniel Jones Cock back to the football but he double clutched the ball because he saw the safety that overhang defend coming down. And then sort of panicked held onto the ball a little bit too long didn't WanNA throw that football put sterling shepherd into an awkward spot I. Think he probably should have pulled the trigger there. He also had one on ones on the outside least definitely to the right of the screen he did and it seemed like the receiver one outside leverage but. It was for not. I mean I. Felt the bears had a pretty good game plan defensively to take away that quick game that the giants had so much success with on Monday night football against the Pittsburgh steelers and then after the saquon Barkley injury after Sterling Shepard. Injury. Teams could really give up. Mentally there it could take a lot for a team to kind of overcome that. But in the second half they came out swinging. And they put themselves into position. There were some play goals, Jason Garrett especially, with eight seconds left in the game where he threw the clear out little flat route to. Dan Lewis didn't really make any sense to me. There's you're not getting anything out of that play. Why not take two shots to the end zone there. That that. That was definitely a head scratcher. So there were some play calls like that. But Garrett, did make some adjustments. He was able to move the football. Mounted Dangle. Jones. But he orchestrated Jason Garrett three double digit drives on eleven a thirteen and a ten play drive in the second half something to be said about that, it was UPTEMPO get the football out of Daniel Jones attack the intermediate parts of the field. And don't allow that pass rush to get to them. And I felt like they did a solid job at the New York giants that is, but the defenseman to passwords needs to get better Mitchell. trubisky was extending plays with his feet like crazy. The entire game finding guys like Darnell Mooney down the field. The giants would send four five guys and just get. Just gobbled up. By that bears opens a line and that's that's an issue. Pass needs to get better and I, know the giants had four sacks in that game and that's great. But. In some key third down situations, giants can knock it off the field and that's reminiscent of last year's team under James Better. Now I don't think that's what it's going to be under Patrick Graham and I'm not insinuating that whatsoever. But that's what happened in Chicago and that's a problem. But both teams missed a field goal in this game. Giants put themselves in a position that were resilient. Put themselves in that position to win this football game. But. They couldn't finish it off like I. Always say man good teams find ways to win bad teams finds ways lose I don't think the giants are bad team right now I think they're young team think thirteen that just lost their leader in that game are still able to be competitive. But they're not a good team yet not find ways to win that football team. Hopefully, they'll get their under his leadership with Joe Judge Jason. Garrett. Impact Program before we get to the rest of the Games. Let's take a quick break to hear a word from our sponsors. Espionage presents the SP nation NFL show five weekday episodes to get you through the grind of the NFL season. With your favourite espy nation community leaders you'll get reactions to what happened on Sunday film breakdowns fearless takes local expert, analysis, fantasy, football advice, and so much more. There's a little something for everyone on the ESPN NFL show be sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP to be sure you don't miss a single episode. Oh Yeah. Now with the seahawks winning on, Sunday night football their ten teams not nineteen to know. So those odds of the giants making the playoffs are union slimmer but anyways. Let's get in to this cowboys. Falcons Game Ganga's Oh my. The Falcons Falcons and. I just don't understand how this team consistently confined itself into positions to find ways to one up losses. That were so bad in the past. Now, obviously, the twenty eight to three losses worse than this just because it was in the Super Bowl. So it's Kinda like apples to oranges, but just like last week. With the Chicago Bears Dallas. Had A two percent chance to win this football game. And this is a stat I heard from Elias. In situations where teams had zero turnovers and scored thirty nine points in the history of the NFL since they started recording this kind of stuff. The teams in those situations were four, hundred, forty and zero. That's four hundred and forty wins and zero losses and the Falcons found a way to below this game against Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys. Oh. My, how ridiculous is that four hundred and forty other teams were in this situation where their team never turn the ball over and they scored thirty nine points and every single one of those four hundred and forty teams one. That's Asinine when you think about it, but the Falcons will falcon. That is the most Falcon thing to ever Falcon in the Falcons of Falcons. It really is, and of course, it happens with the Dallas cowboys. They could've started Owen to as well. But instead they get this win out on the what the Falcons were doing with that onside kick I don't know if you guys saw it but the Falcons were just waiting for the ball to rule ten yards and none of them look like they knew what the hell they were doing and the ball goes ten yards and they don't recover and Dak Prescott and the cowboys lead the. Drive downfield Greg's earn land kicks kick to frigging end the game it was absolutely crazy I mean this does not look good for Dan Quinn whatsoever and the sees a defensive coach and does defense can't stop anything right now the falcons just continued to shoot themselves in the foot. You had a play where Russell gauge, it was a trick play. Russell gauged throws a perfect pass to Julio Jones who drops it in the end nothing is going right for this falcons team. Now remember a quarterback. Starting. Oh into. Playing as well as Matt Ryan as played, it'd be so pissed off of ours Matt Ryan and even Calvin really who has two touchdowns both games right now it's just that team can just not get out of their own way and certain situations. They take a huge lead against the Dallas cowboys you're beating up the cowboys in their house and then you go and you blow it in a very, very embarrassing fashion you just can't get more. Atlanta Falcon like than. Atlanta dominated time of possession forced three turnovers, and still found a way to lose this football game that defenseman if you're playing. Or. If you have any fantasy players that are going up against the Atlanta, Falcons defense, start them and feel good about it moving on to the lions at packers. Babbit TRICIA. Does not seem like he's long for his head coaching thing. The, packers are. Look like a very. Good. Football team a lot of people doubted Aaron Rodgers, and in this game, you didn't like the world on fire like he did in the previous affair, he was eighteen of thirty, two hundred and forty yards in two touchdowns. But Aaron Jones had eighteen carries for one hundred and sixty eight yards and two touchdowns, and then he had four catches for sixty eight yards and one touchdown. So was the Aaron Jones show against the Detroit Lions who? Just Are No match for the Green Bay packers are vying for top five pick. In this upcoming twenty, twenty, one fantasy draft only twenty five minutes time of possession green. Bay? Dominated Tom Possession had four hundred, eighty, eight yards to Detroit's three, hundred, seven and the. Matthew Stafford lead lions just couldn't really get much going on the ground through the air and the packers dominated this game. But a more exciting game was the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Tennessee. Titans in Tennessee a thirty three to thirty victory for the titans but Garnham and she was leading a dry before an unfortunate interception where the ball was somewhat tipped and went up in the air and it was picked off by the titans. You almost led this comeback and Menchu kept this game really really competitive all the way till the final snaps the titans were sweating this one man. Who at three, hundred, thirty, nine yards passing three touchdowns he had those two picks. One of them again was pass kind of to end the game which Sucks Ryan Tannehill Luke this game on fire four TV's two, hundred, thirty, nine yards uber efficient. Eighteen twenty, four, Johnny Smith had two receiving touchdowns in this game Derrick Henry couldn't really get much. On the ground, which is definitely of concern I mean Jack Conklin is no longer there. He's with the Cleveland browns now and they drafted the kid from. Opposite of Andrew Thomas University of Georgia as they Wilson, but it doesn't seem like they're really. Able to generate. The same rushing attack that they had in years past without Jack Conklin which is concerning for sure. Especially in this kind of game script where you expect the Jacksonville Jaguars behind Tennessee, titans at home titans want to run the football that is their identity and Jacksonville was just able to kind of keep moving the chains against this team against this Tennessee Titans Defense, which is somewhat beat up. They don't have a dory. Jackson right now. And you look at the time of possession here. Jacksonville was able to possess the ball. They were able to run the football with James Robinson a undrafted rookie from Illinois state. Sixteen carries for one hundred, two yards and a touchdown on the ground on the road against a potential playoff team in the Tennessee titans to anno- team. That is Jacksonville at thirty first downs. In this game, they just cannot get over the Hump but man Thursday night football is Jacksonville Jaguars against the Miami. Dolphins that's must watch television. I, mean I don't know what you guys all in on Gardner Mitchell I loved the mustache love this kid swag I, love with his kids about he seems I mean I'm really get the talk with them down at the senior bowl but I saw him down there and saw how he interacted with the other quarterbacks. Daniel. Jones, being one of them. He definitely had a personality about him for sure he definitely has some sort of or around him where. gravitates positive vibe and I can see why people would like a player like Garner Menchu. So. Maybe. They'll be able to get to and one against the Miami Dolphins a team that is definitely struggling and speaking of those Miami Dolphins against the buffalo bills almost pulled off an upset and it was a thirty one to twenty eight victory for the Buffalo Bills. But Miami was driving in the fourth quarter made this game at a fifteen point fourth quarter to make the bills fan sweat down in Miami but Josh Allen Man who went crazy again, four, hundred, seventeen yards the air four touchdowns in this game wasn't much going on the ground for the buffalo rushing attack. Steph digs and John Brown both had games steph digs eight catches for one hundred and fifty three yards at a taty John Brown four. For one touchdown, eighty, two yards for catches that is and the Miami Dolphins mikey eight catches for one hundred, thirty odds and a tidy devante. Parker had five fifty, three touchdown. The scheme was kind of weird because there was lightning any areas where delayed the game of the game ended way after the other games. which may lead to Miami doing some real scheming in the locker room to kind of help generates offense because they were able to put up fifteen points in the fourth quarter but the buffalo bills were able to fourteen points in the fourth quarter but it was good to see some life from Ryan Fitzpatrick and his offense. Ryan. Patrick finished the day thirty one completions of forty seven attempts for three hundred, twenty, eight yards and two touchdowns for the Miami Dolphins who dropped Owen to and play on short week against those. Jacksonville Jaguars, and then we have the colts and the Vikings Vikings to not look good kirk cousins does not look good in this game whatsoever. I. Mean. A lot of people pick the vikings to win the NFC north and Owen to right now that defense does not look good. The colts who lost Pairs Campbell early on in this game who? Are playing with an injured Michael Mun no Jack Doyle as tight end more able to come out here and just established the run. Play sound defense. And beat up on the Vikings beat up on an inferior team, a Mike Zimmer team which kinda crazy to think about. But Ninety nine was not a thing in his game whatsoever it was the Jonathan Taylor show positive game script. So I guess that's to be expected but Jonathan Taylor had twenty six carries per a hundred one yards and one touchdown, and I'm telling you Johnson tells you it'd be like a top ten fantasy player going forward. So you drafted this guy in the fourth round. One of those last running backs that you draft and you kind of feel okay. About a something happened to Marla Mac well, something happened Marlin Mac. Now you've got Jonathan Taylor there and that's going to be great for anybody who made that decision and then we had our crosstown jets against the San Francisco Forty niners a team. The giants will play next week. Jimmy. Garoppolo again got hurt in this affair, but he was fourteen to sixteen for one thirty, one, two touchdowns before he ended up going down with that injury. Teve home in this game. And went down with the injury, but he couldn't do anything jets have a pretty good rush defense except for that one play against where he most where he went eighty yards for touchdown but other than that. Where he had seven carries for twelve yards. And John McCain three carries for seventy seven yards but that was what they fifty five yard long runs. There's given big chunk place, but this this jets team can't do anything on offense. They had a touchdown to Braxton Berrios kind of broken play was a nice extended play by Sam. Darnold in this game Frank Gore had over twenty carries in this game which absolutely ridiculous to kind of wrap your head around but there's not competitive. Adam Gates offense is not competitive. They're just throwing a lot in the fourth quarter and getting a lot of garbage time fantasy points essentially because. They can't do much. They don't have the weapons. On the ability to establish the run. The defense in the secondary is lackluster. I feel like they can stop the run fairly well Greenwich they struggled here. But. They just cannot do enough on offense with Adam gazes their head coach supposed to be an offensive head coach. The time of possession one by the forty niners ironically enough even though a lot of it came in the fourth quarter in garbage time. Teams had the same amount of first downs that you ted seventeen first downs. It was kind of slower game not as many plays run some of the other games on this sleet the New York jets again, they're gonNa be picking the top five. It's not good. It's unfortunate but the beat up their injured the coach does not seem to know how to. Defeat, modern. Day Defenses. And Sam Darnold Young Twenty three year old kid wherever he is putting a really crappy spot in his third season and we had the rams and the eagles. Great to see the Eagles lose one to the rams and I thought the rams that a unique job getting their playmakers. The ball in space through carries jet sweeps and things of that nature and arounds because they had Daryl Henderson who had twelve carries for eighty one yards and a touchdown Malcolm Brown had eleven for forty seven Robert Woods at three per nineteen and Tony Cooper Cup at two for nineteen cameras at three thirteen before he went down with the rib injury and then Jefferson have one for negative one. Jerry, only through the Ball Twenty, seven times completing twenty for two, hundred, sixty, seven yards and three touchdowns pretty efficient. Wentz forty-three attempts twenty six completions two, hundred, forty, two yards, zero touchdowns, two interceptions. One touch down on the ground Mao Sanders look good on the ground twenty, four, ninety, five, touchdown he. was active he? was didn't look limited it to me at least I mean you get twenty carries on the ground her hamstrings probably feeling pretty damn good and the rams just came out to Philadelphia and beat this team up Ramseyer disappear team the better offense like I said, I think McVeigh's being creative with how he? Gets his playmakers, the ball and three touchdowns from jared. Goff I went to one person and that was tyler egg. The Eagles focused on stopping. Robert Woods and Cooper cut through the air. So the adjustments from Sean McVeigh was will get these players the ball on end arounds, jet sweeps, and we're GONNA target Tyler higby somebody that. You guys are leaving the linebacker around or a safety on higby. A big large man's we had five or fifty four and three touchdowns on five targets. If you had tyler higby on your roster, you're probably happy right now in future reference for. Jewish warts and whoever's playing the rams don't leave Tyler higby. Alone in the. End. Zone. Or with a much smaller defenders, he's an absolute beast as for the Philadelphia passing attack to Sean Jackson with six for sixty four, nine targets. He's GonNa break out one of these games with one of those two touchdown games that Sean Jackson tends to have. He's getting a good target share of the offense, but he's probably going to be on a lot of people's fantasy benches because he's not breaking through yet Zach was five or forty, two, jalen regular four, forty, one mile sanders also pitched in with seven targets. Three hundred, thirty, six Broncos were able to be pretty competitive against the steelers in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh pulled away twenty six to twenty one, Ben Rothlisberger had a pretty. Important Cross's body throw to Deontay Johnson in the end zone to kind of help. Elevate this lead for the steelers in the fourth quarter Ben finished the game with three hundred eleven passing yards, two touchdowns and one interception James Connor had a garbage fifty, nine yard run. He finished the game with sixteen for one. Oh, six and one very unfortunate if you're planning against James Candidacy. Vinyl minutes of the game two minutes left the bus off a fifty nine yard run is too slow to finish the runoff to get into the end zone but that's fantasy football right there, and then Deontay Johnson at thirteen targets in his game. We got in the end zone not a lot of people want to acknowledge the fact that the Johnsons real thing but the dude at thirteen targets doubt they Johnson. Israel and he's still on frazier wires. So make sure you pick him up I know it's not sexy right now even though he just put up the stat line but. Ben Looks for him. And their offense coordinator designs plays for him. He's going to help this offense because he has the targets he has more targeted than usual bowl. These Games Juju finished with eight targets seven for forty eight. Chase. Clayton had a eighty four yard touchdown catch in this game, which was just a long silence of great balance along the sideline beat the defender in just sees absolute freedom and athlete six, foot five and only four, three eight. That's incredible. So. This receiving core is going to be really exciting Big Ben. He's airing it out forty seven, forty one passing attempts I'm sorry. But. Then again. To Lock doesn't get hurt in the first quarter to the broncos win this game possibly. Could be one on one right now Jeff Driscoll jumped in looked pretty good at a nice touchdown pass in this game. By the Front Pylon two, hundred, fifty, six yards passing two touchdowns had the one interception Melvin Gordon was able to the one thousand nine hundred, seventy yards noah fan had a touchdown novel. Gordon had a receiving touchdown that was the one I was referring to earlier cortlandt sutton had three catches for sixty six yards on six targets. But the Pittsburgh steelers of the better team. But Denver Game Maroon near Denver beat up football team and they were lucky to have Portland Sutton out there and Jerry Judy kind of getting hurt in this game too. That really sucks for the VIC FANGIO led Denver Broncos who lost von Miller, who Bradley chubs coming back from an injury getting beat up and they're getting nick and it's now the author quarterback for at least two to six weeks drew lock. So that's a mess as for the NFC south. We have the Tampa, Bay buccaneers getting their first win Tom Brady's first win as a Tampa Bay. In his home game as at have a bay buccaneer against the Teddy Bridgewater to lead. Carolina, Panthers Tom Brady. Did Not Have Greek game statistically. Twenty three thirty five or two, hundred, seventeen yards, a touchdown and an interception is was a Leonard Fournette show now Ronald Jones had a touchdown early on his game. Look like a smash spot for Ronald Jones Than Round Jones put the ball on the ground and Ron Jones sound his butt on the bench and that led to Leonard Fournette having twelve carries for one hundred, three yards and two touchdowns. One of them being forty six. Yards, which is kind of incredible and I think Leonard, Fournette and watch him run. He looks slow me Outrun defensive backs. He's the slowest looking fast player at the rest of my life. Be Good for him. Good for him us able to get cut by one. Crappy. Well, I mean one an almost to know. But Jacksonville Jaguars Florida team and go with another Florida team led by Tom Brady we have actual super bowl aspirations. Sometimes it works out for you right lend. My gibbons seven for one zero, four touchdown, ten targets on this game and Tom. Brady spread the ball all over the field to his targets for the Tampa Bay buccaneers mcquaid seven targets Leonard Four five OJ Howard Scotty Miller just watson three. Ronald. Jones had to rob. GRONKOWSKI had one. So it was just give the ball to everybody. Because Carolina Panthers actually stayed in this game for a little bit Dj more at thirteen targets. Rob Anderson Ten Mike Davis had eight to Mike Davis. Was Getting out there Christian McCaffrey got dinged up in this game. Bridgewater threw two interceptions but threw for three hundred, sixty seven yards and keep his team in this game Chris. McCaffrey goes down with that injury got my Davis getting eight catches for seventy four yards in eight targets. You know like I said Dj more Robbie Anderson, double digit targets in this game but. Tampa Bay buccaneers prevail and we'll see how good this is This Tampa team can actually be definitely seems like it's a work in progress Bruce Arians is very, very cut through as a coach I mean Ronald Jones makes mistakes gets put on the bench. That's happened. Ronald Jones a bunch on this team has got to be a very nerve wracking to play for a coach like Bruce Arians we hey, demands, perfection I respect it. The Washington football team lost to the Arizona Cardinals thirty two, Fifteen Dwayne, Haskins did not look good. Once again had a garbage touchdown to. Their best receive return maclaurin who are absolute stud but Dwayne Haskins finishes his this game nineteen of thirty three for two hundred, twenty, three yards and a touchdown cuyler Murray showing that he could be an MVP type of player two, hundred, eighty, six, yards, a touchdown interception but then added eight carries for six seven yards in two touchdowns on the ground very, very exciting player to watch was able to slow down that pass rush of the Washington football team a team that had eight sacks against Carson wentz week three against Cuyler Murray in his road game for the Washington football team. Tony Gibson had his first touchdown of or in his NFL career and. The Washington. Football team just couldn't get anything going on offense I mean stain Haskins quarterback, and he's just not at least it doesn't seem like it as of right now, they able to mount some sort of offense in the second half they were put twelve points on the board in the fourth quarter, but it was just. Too little too late I. Guess You could say the Andre Hopkins continues to be a stud nine targets, eight catches for sixty eight yards and a touchdown. Then we have the chiefs and charters now. Chiefs in the chargers. This is a very unique game I referenced it a little. Bit tyrod Taylor did not play in this game and just in Herbert who probably did not receive a lot of snaps if I'm going to be honest. During the week because tyrod Taylor was expected to start. He. Ends up starting this game. And plays really well against these bagnall is defense really really well and brings this charge team to overtime. But loses twenty three to twenty, and there was one really boneheaded mistake that just in Herbert made and that was that cross body interception where through it and like double coverage and it was picked off. The other than that man, he looked really good has great zip on the ball, extend the plays with his legs. He's a big body can kinda take a beating out there which you don't want him to finish the day twenty to thirty three for three hundred eleven, yards, a touchdown and an interception. Another big story about this game though is Joshua Kelly twenty carries for sixty four yards not a great stat line, but getting twenty three carries that's huge for somebody who still in the waiver wire. She got to look at another was somewhat of a positive game script for most the game and then Pat Mahomes and the Kansas City chiefs turned it on in the fourth quarter to score eleven points to bring this to Ot Anthony? Lynn. Makes a cringe decision and overtime where he punched the ball. Fourth and short. Punch the ball back. and He's around thirty, his own thirty, five yard line. So he's on his side of the field. But he punched the back to Pat Mahomes, and all the need to do is getting a field goal arranged win and that's what they do and Harrison bucker up fifty eight yarder to win it. Why would you punt the ball? That's so conservative and you need to go for it there you can't give the ball, the PAT homes. In overtime. In this situation, it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever but he did and at the end of the game, he says, once tyrod comes back there everything Justin Herbert show which her showed a lot in his game. It's GonNa be tyrod team again and I, think that's donkey and at the Anthony Lynn he's not quite bill O'Brien but he's trending along that donkey line. When you're making donkey decisions. Now I really do disagree with the fact they didn't do something he was running the ball really well at that time of the game in the fourth quarter, pick up one, two, three yard gains and his fourth in one, you can line up into something exotic and you can go for it there. And I know it's the game if you don't get it but given the ball bats pam home in that situation, it's that's a rough decision to make and it's very, very conservative and it's Helped causing the game which is unfortunate. Ask for Kansas City. tyreek hill had a ridiculous fifty four yard catch eleven targets five catches for ninety nine yards Travis Kelsey nine for ninety touchdown on fourteen targets. Clyde Edwards Allaire eight targets six for thirty two only ten carries for thirty eight yards. Didn't really get much going on the ground. Whatsoever But I think it's GonNa Bounce back. Kency. Chiefs are going to be in a lot of positive game scripts. This one wasn't exactly that so charters were able to. Play really, well throughout this game. And just her got his first win in his first star against the. Former MVP. Two years ago and scrabble champions of last year. This chargers defense gives the guys. Bradley seems like Pat Mahomes in this chiefs team somewhat struggles with. Gus Bradley and that Defense. The chargers man thirty, nine minutes time of possession twenty eight. Of Kansas City. That one turnover was bad. Couple plays. By the coaching staff not. Great. Charges were out gain the chiefs boerner seventy, nine yards before and fourteen charges had twenty, eight, thousand, twenty, three of the chiefs. By the end of the day, just look at the scoreboard just wasn't enough. They had the Ravens Texans. Ravens win thirty three to sixteen. Lamar Jackson doesn't really need to do that much just big rushing attack game. Barking Herman Nine, fifty five for one touchdown. The mark. Jackson sixteen to fifty four shaky. Dobbins to forty eight, Gus Edwards ten carries for seventy three yards twenty, two yard long. So, you didn't have to do that much to the air. HOUSTON. Texans. They're not on the level of the Baltimore. Ravens and it sucks for the Texans because their own two right now and they started off with the chiefs and the Ravens. It's gotta be the hardest to games that you could start off with. It really does. And you see D. Hundred Hopkins. Doing work. David Johnson was eleven for thirty four here. Not Great. But. You're you're a Houston Texans. Fan. It's going to get better for you, but I don't know if this is GonNa be a playoff team because that AFC south division that we'll tend to think of as a very good division has a colts team as titans team are pretty good. Jaguars have been playing good I. Don't know how long that will last GONNA be real. When the play the Ravens Oh. You have to play the chiefs I two weeks. It's probably not going to be a good time as they say, and as for the last game as I continue to ramble on here it was an exciting Sunday night football affair with the Seattle seahawks and he kept pulling out the win thirty five to thirty to cover the spread. Against the New England Patriots to missed it by the way. So the spread was also push. There was a call in this game. The. Fourth quarter. where it was third in one and Russell. Wilson threw it about thirty five yards downfield. Just out of the region I wanNA say Tyler Lockett. That made me think and we'd probably everyone think be careful what you doing on the football here. When you're playing Bill Belichick and the Patriots team where you football and a similar situation that was an interception and you lose the Super Bowl. Just give the ball Carson you're you're picking up three four yards every time. It was it was kind of nuts. The call almost bit them in the butt. Cam. Newton had the ball on the goal line after only having eleven forty, seven, two touchdowns on the goldline. But it was a great play by Seattle by a mole Adams who was a wrecking ball. Near the line of scrimmage. But was kind of burnt a lot coverage every time I looked up Julian animals catching a ball over seem like. Seattle seahawks though that that really almost burnt you but they were able to ascended to anno-. She got him applaud them for that Chris Carson Seventeen for seventy two. Russell Wilson had five carries for thirty nine, Carlos Hyde Five, twenty, two, Travis homer three, twenty, one, it's Chris. Carson's Backfield. Those other guys will be annoying for fantasy football though I assure you of that decay Mecca and Stefan Gilmore or just going at it all game it's pretty exciting to watch decay had beat on a horizontal cross where it was really good coverage but it was a beautiful throw by Russell Wilson who may have the best ball placement in the entire nfl the do was twenty one for twenty eight. Hundred Eighty eight yards and five touchdowns, and he had one interception which wasn't his fault Greg Olsen tips the ball on the air and a patriots player picks it off and runs back four touchdown open. The game was like the first or second play of the game. Ridiculous stupid. Didn't matter I guess at the end result though. Doesn't look good for the stats although it's not Russell. Wilson's fault. She Never County Russell Wilson One, hundred percent on Greg Olson who had one target in that game probably because of that reason. Can't be enough and do that. Tom Fortunate though. For. Anybody who's playing the Patriots Defense? That is? For. The Patriots Receiving Game Julius Gentleman Levin targets. Eight catches per hundred, seventy, nine yards. You'll Harry twelve turns eight catches for seventy two yards does not look explosive whatsoever has good hands. It seems like the. But he does not have trump out there and just going to be blatantly honest. And the really sad story line about this game. Leading into it was. James White was a surprise inactive because his mother and father were in a car accident and his father died smothers in critical condition. So our condolences go out to James White. That's absolutely A horrendous situation. Tragic. and. We wish nothing but the best for the mother. A Things like that are so much bigger than football. That's Hey. This has been. FLAT ON FOOTBALL All right hope you guys enjoyed this episode please rate subscribe and review this podcast and I'll talk to you on Friday flaw does fantasy corner and we'll talk to you next week after week three. Hopefully, there won't be as many injuries take care now. Heads up baseball fans there's a brand new podcast over on. Pinstripe Allie of SP, nation the bomber brothers podcast featuring me Ryan Chichester, my brother. Sean together we tackle all the latest surrounding Yankees. Universe with in-depth analysis and some help from plenty of exciting guests joined. Now by Brian Hogue he's the Yankees reporter for MLB DOT COM. Hey, we're joined. Now by Bob Classes, she is a baseball writer for the New York. Times now by Ben Lindbergh, he is a writer for the ringer. He is the Co host of the effectively wild podcast on fan grabbed Jack David Cone David. Thanks so much for joining us. Guys. Thanks for having me on. 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