Kwame Brown, Bonnets & Beta-Males


Hi this is boom. Oh this is. Tom and this is bad. We are the over. The podcast brought to you by the washington informer bridge podcast network. If you're interested in advertising on our podcast please go to washington a former bridge dot com to check out more episodes and also email info at w. abridged dot com info at w. bridge dot com. If you want to become an advertising partner with us we'll keep dropping him gyms. We hope to see you soon pasia. He's he's. I will be honest with you as much as i support black women. No i don't know man. I don't know if i could advocate for public bonnets. How you feel about is the public man. I know it's three knicks on the company with a sundress of forgiveness. Why would be a company with a sunday with balanced flow flow. Matt is a man of few words today but very poignant would it is very very easy visit to the mall of freedom about on it. I mean i like we were talking about before i suppose it depends on the context like bonnets. Plus you know sweatpants to the grocery doesn't sound that crazy but that story. You told like you might have to retell that story so let me taste them. Because why would you go in jeans. If you've got if you've got a bonnet why would you put genes. Aw defeats everything. I was Story man in my former career. That i retired from. 'cause that's how i'm brandon it now and my former career. I was incubating a nonprofit deaths from the area. Meaning that Within the nonprofit. I was working with. We were providing funding stats data. Kids etc does nonprofit can go from ground zero to you know maybe second third floor forget what they wanna do they would they funded and stuff right so as we are Get ready to sign a new contract and it's actually signing date. Signed a new contract or how much money they're going to get How put them in positions how we putting him given rewards etc etc. These two young ladies. It was noon. They told me earlier that they had a Awards ceremony they were attending. And i was like i said just didn't i invite but could don't Right right exactly cool These two young ladies. And will you. Gary beat with the president of the company the executive director who is my direct boss at the time. They came in pajama pants and balance. Both of them and i was like Deflated why putting me in this position. Because i know the question is going to come like. Hey be how you feel about them and their dress attire today and we know or at least you should know that professionalism is another agent of of whiteness so whether my perspective so was the the rationale. Hey we have this award show coming up. We're in bonnets and stuff as prepping going through makeup and whatnot and we stop by the office the next day and they woke up late type over just like a plan. Like yo y'all gonna meet on this date in. They showed up on this. We had the meeting was dumped like six months. Like it's the whole tracker that we put out. Yeah me so the was coming in. I i guess i i could see the excuse of. Oh we got the award ceremony so we wanna come makeup but like yes when you propose earlier. He didn't give you the use case that they'd be in office like around corporate sponsors in higher ups. I was thinking outside but see unlike georgia avenue. The reason i'm battling is because in in this conversation. The public conversation happening about bonus right now in the public. Conversation is being framed that every other demographic gets to walk around with messy hair or bed air like whatever the hair is when they wake up and it almost becomes a fashion statement right but black women have to have these protective stage and protective agents and styles and devices including the bonnet that even when worn in public ridiculed for that. So the i think the i think. The bonnet conversation stems from the marginalization of black women. As much as i agree there black mid matters like you don't have to be perfect. Should be respected. Black minute matters yeah. That's my thing man. I've trademarking marketed. To baby home. Hold on black mid matters. Mid mid ranking is being a quality point like not everything that black folks do has to be excellent. You've got standard right. So as much as i think that you know you should. You should be able to be imperfect and still be respected. I think the body taking to bonnet dynasty dylan accessory at the end of the day. But you know so. I got to say on as well. We have this impasse over the show. Podcast is your chance to eavesdrop on three professional craters as discussed the sources happenings. And inspirations from the creative industry from film to production to music to culture join us each week as we push the envelope on the possibilities of the creative industries your host for this week are your main man in two thousand grand beam. O'brien what's up baby. How we doing it is your boy. Thomas aka thomas. The great aka titus a man pacman mr backpack pay my debts ten respects to pay for the silent partner. They have also today who got jaycoe happy to be here today. Fall into arenas fucking love. It's so good to see ya. you didn't. It was good to hang out with all this weekend right. We actually did some real life hagen. We shut off might shot at each other. He's actually for france. I was solidly lasting picked. Last name was on a different team and everything talking about yo ass to walk by more african time of you call africa times. You could call it that but we just laughing at you. 'cause like you don't have time man look at it. After should showed up to the to. The matt was african. Time i was. I came in our thirty minutes our hours out at a certain point. I knew i wasn't going to make. It was like wish it was a low now. She wants one. I appreciate appreciate your opponent of your boy's birthday okay. Thirty to thirty three years old man. What's up how you doing man with the with the color homey in the building color university. Shutout mitch here one brother. Yeah air down. We you know what time it is time for the word of the day that day day today. Where today is brought to you by the dictionary app. This is our attempt to expand your lexicon to At abundance to your verbiage to do something to addiction. I don't drop a couple words. See what happens for going to of the day is a palaver. Palaver palaver. Okay okay now. Until means a profuse in idle talk chatter palaver. Looks like that's quite a palaver or dallas. Fight me that will always work. Tau is a very general statement. That just uses it now. Is that a palaver. A hello thanks you. Yeah the examples they always gave kinda shit but you know all the while in the background from cocktail palaver to permanent blog's there were questions about the bona fides Political appointees in the pto leadership. That was yeah. That's when i'm really hanging around naked. Who talk like this. You know what that just made me think of what. I feel like Well as watching something on college admissions don't know what it was. Maybe maybe i just found out that michigan doesn't have affirmative action anymore. john that i feel like right now. i'm thinking about this recently anyway descendants. You just read the statement. You say they lie. They always give shit examples. I feel like that's that's how niggers don't do well on standardized. At and talk like these don't talk like that and even the smart ones. Don't talk and it's not. It's not a question of competency like nota words but it's more like what am i talk like. Maybe we are part of an aristocratic class in nineteen thirty like this shit would have been like a standardized sentences but i mean i mean but like a lot of these. Words seemed like verbose. Way to just say something. Mad regular mike. I'm really gonna say palaver in a sentence talking mahomes. I don't see it. I might use anything else like you know. I don't know something. I they just got to pay. Respect to certain historical at an -nology right because you start consolidating words as part of a culture or language because you know different subgroups have different words that they use it a lot. But i'm sure along the way there's been a natural selection where certain worse like paul average is no longer made the cut. Yes sir you just got to remove those words out the dictionary for good my erasure. Hey does it have where the country of origin the pool avarice. I'm bet you won't benches. Usually they're like latin stuff like that comes from the portuguese palaver. Were what she hulk speech. By by way of sailors slang interesting see my geeky term. Belyaev portuguese pirates was my nerdy ass with think. Like in what you just said mad about like language. Being the amalgamation of culture. Right and tom tom. You just said Regular everyday tom. Right regular everyday talking. Also you said like most shooters latin. So nerdy ashes. Startling portuguese words being replaced portuguese commonly used as a trading language to the west african coast and the indigenous people of that region especially in west africa. Have you ever heard portuguese into it. No it sounds rushing. Have you really think you're listening to how they pronounce words and some other stuff like it. Almost sounds rush. Pardon me For the west coast and palaver came to english in the sense of parlay or conference typically between europeans and the indigenous people interesting so two classes two totally different cultures in power dynamics coming together to try to community talk some shit and now one of those power dynamics has completely eradicated Culture are there is even a porta. We've gone too far. Let's today this might have been the best word of the day that we had. We really like this from now on. Just be like this. Where sucks but just keep talking. Talk about the winds right. Sucks listening to a new podcast. It's called what in the lexicon i think is I think it's a head game podcast but it actually breaks down at analogy like on thirty minute basis and it started with slaying starting so it was pretty dope. Let's get Let's get to this week in creativity. I wanna play a clip for you. That's buzzing. Around internet. Right now from dwayne wade as he talks about his relationship with gabrielle union. Take a listen. Let's get some thoughts relationships you know we come in and we try to change. Try to change them. We want them to be start taking a different approach in this relationship. I think earlier. When i came in. I hate you get dramatic. Bop bop bop bop. She respond on willed to that. Did not reasons for that to let me say that. I have a good life of the party. Right here is not the man leads and a woman false. That's not what we live in this house. You know all over me. I have a white that works. Just not not justice harder deny and see how to own careers. She gotta own life before. I came alone so from For prospective it was. Okay how can i be part of the growth in the evolution of who she is and not trying to change her stunt her. Go for mig her. In a way that i see thoughts fellas delayed has a conversation in which illuminating the fact that in his household with gabrielle. union That he's not on the leadership team. He is on the development team. And then of course we see we go talk about it in the next one but we see a certain subset of of men on twitter who used certain language are having a reaction which is negatively towards doing wayne. Say that he does not. He's a beta male if you will because he doesn't lead as he's made that word. What are your thoughts man. I mean for face value. I just it sounds like how are relationships supposed to be like the for lack of better words inflammatory titling. What is what the article the video is or make you think that he's gonna say something like left but he's really just saying like i encourage my wife and you know she works as equally as hard as i do so we both get a say when things happening type of thing. It's not just me telling her at this goes right. That's how you treat your wife. Your wife is supposed to help you improve your life. You're supposed to help improve her is blah blah but look I don't know anyone who dated. Who would allow me to implement it to drink. I think speaks to the type of women that i date. Just leave it at true. So i mean in terms of leading like i never viewed it as like a man should lead in that way. I think it's a partnership as a team dynamic and he's like we lead in where we have that best. We were best suited to lead it right. Make that decision as a team. You know what. I'm saying like not better mind. Leadership is just lead lead appropriately in a sense right. I think yeah. Communication is more so than anything then I think a bidirectional communication as opposed to what he showed at the beginning which was like a one way directional a two drinks because my reasons like nah nigga zane on that textile and i don't consider that should beta mill. I think i have any fr- hopefully i don't have any friends in my circle even use that term. Because i think there should is we on corny. Yeah nigga classified with them. How i'll have combo with somebody earlier. And i was explaining. Got like you know the the athlete who chooses to have like the trophy wife and says yo you quit your job and then you know all this stuff and she becomes the mom that serves the family and all that like identity today the you created this trophy wife so if you get bored within you don't like it. Whose fault is it but yours right. I that we all agree. So i'm not. I'm not gonna jumping agree draining but let me ask you a question that expands on. Do you think men will see this on a on a macro scale and Want to follow a d. way example. I don't know i got you know. I i i retired from speaker. Further negatives and twenty nineteen. Oh i can't really make jersey up. My bet is tucked off just the way. I really proud of that one. But we. I don't really. I don't really defend randomnessamazon. No i'll get. That's patriarchy him saying like doing but Rephrase the question. Because i did have won't restate the question. The question the question is do you see men following d. Wade's example. i think. I think i think i think men who think the same way as him probably arrived at that point without him fax on the self development or like a. I learned this in my relationship and the whole you like cell seemed like a very variation of the happy wife. Happy life same combination like you know maybe work some things out whether the traditional therapy and non traditional therapy lynn somebody who's actively sought a while ago to get to that type of answer unfortunately know way probably have to put work awhile ago. Yeah yeah yeah to beat ac. He's been through some shit you know in the public eye and he's had to you. Know be astana dude in multiple fronts. That's right that's right. But you think tom i'm i feel like i've been saying my piece you think other diggers followed you way though. No no. I definitely agree. With matt's point of view like those who get to that destination like chose to go out on their own and have their own like self exploration. It really depends on the type type. Power dynamic wanna have in your relationship. Lot of want the superior inferior kind of dynamic. Great you know. And i think i think would women are telling us and what society is shifting towards. Is that that. Would you say you uni directional power power dynamic. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work to a point that you made earlier time time even if it did work. I'm pretty sure into the day. Nobody gets what they want like you. Don't you try to control someone and you can't and someone who's under control is trying to be under control. And they can so it just seems to be a circle of toxicity. If you will a good way to put it in this in this era of the kevin samuels of the world And which. I hear at a lot of these men who are making anti point against anyway saying that because he doesn't have leadership in his household that somehow makes him week. I just want people to know that. That's that's a direct offset of patriarchy right Patriarchy says that in order for men to have value the day create these little power dynamics and create domain over someone so they can remain in power nashes In it's dangerous to think that because you have a dick or because your genetic code is of a certain a certain type that you have power someone. That's the same thickness. that's the same thing in his whiteness. In my opinion so if you listen to this shit and using terms like beta male you thinking about power dynamics egos off speaking of off though. Oh boy new check maybe a new segment or the social quantum brown dog what the fuck is quite brown. No but seriously serious question. No two questions Call me braun has come after one of my personal heroes charlemagne guy we can talk about that in the senate and secondly though how come call me braun got no show on fox yet. I mean that's that's long overdue. I mean he shooting he shooting off the hip. I haven't seen so many videos. Start off with bitches off the test. They told you Motherfucker mama's cooking get my. Do you find it entertaining or is it like watching the train wreck type of thing. It's a combination of the two. He's like kwami. Brown is like the joker. We'd never ask for because he's just wreaking havoc and there's nothing that you can do about it. I think we charlemagne policy and apologize. He's like fuck y'all apology. Don't get to the bank. I think. I think kwami is the job that we built like was over the last couple. We deserve it definitely. We deserve it. I've been watching old media. Clips of stephen. A smith and skip bayless. Talk about kwame brown when they wanted the same show. And i'm like who This shit does not look good now. There is a whole episode like a series episode two days. when the jalen rosen. Jalen rose versus skip bayless and stephen smith and they're talking about their role as media members in sports in jalen rose says of the last week he's like i don't mind talking about skills and shots at the moment you start calling chris bosh was they call him bosch by slash. Like what does that. What are you critiquing. what are you saying. That moment and they start talking about quarries bonafides crime and stephen doubles down right now. Hearst quick from wrong matt. I i fly stephen. They might be the last nickel on the planet who hasn't responded to kwame round. I think he might be everybody else has either said you know comes. I think what matt barnes and said you know. Come on the podcast. Give us the smoke. Look we can fight before hand if we need to what happened. Kwami just kept releasing more videos. Yeah so now. That wouldn't leave. Set the fuck up. And now he's just like double down on or charlemagne why because charlemagne stepped out there did qualms commies were lewis man and snipe go as like a a youtube battle rapper yet. But as soon as you step out out the gate saying like i almost. He's like bathing into this shit now. Yeah he's a he's like sticking might become the next assigned canvas of talk to. Nick is now Swear shit calling brown become the next assigned campbell that as you gotta chill it just. I can't even pretend like i know that. Is you just gotta go down a couple you to hold joint go down. We a bid down the battle rap Seven whole exciting about that A rabbit i go inside and come back out like i don't necessarily stay there is like Like dr omar shit. So it's like a whole universe a whole multi multi versus like a nigga several of them but okay but On 'cause he did he did. Call down charlemagne on some awesome shit. The thing that i love about quite may brown as we wrap up our weekly station Thing i love about him. Is that match. You put it right. Here's the joker that The joker that we deserve this nigga is just a beacon of a perspective of like. What if you're wrong and of course that expands into other shape. What other should he be talking about. I don't i mean he. He's a couple of times where he pointed out. So you know on these rants. He's talking shit about whoever he's aiming at But then he'll sneak in some shit where my students definitely a right wing ass nigga like if him being unattractive wasn't proof enough was it the mitchell. He made a video while us on a tractor. I believe so but he or he had just came in from being on a tractor. And there's nothing wrong with that. But hey why she start. Reverend candace owens and how she has gotten a fair shake in terms of because there's certain points that she says that a valid when when she started using terms like beta male. When you know you over there right you fully over there like but it still seems like. He is being embraced in a sense. Because like it's just a it's just a a his truth there's a there's a right amazing quote from michael. Cain and the dark knight. Some people just want to watch the world burn so top top events over the week. Let's talk about god. My service some people just want to watch the world bird. That's the way thanks man. That's supposed to be. That was spot on the way. I'll tell you about you man and don't be nervous man. i'm just i'm just. I'm just listening. Although i shot too much smoke. Let me say this before you get started in the event world. I don't think i'll satisfied with anybody's vit- until i started doing might again. I suppose that's fair. 'cause there's a standard okay signet talking about not what i want. Damn we've been trying to get on to talk about it for months. I'll talk about it but talk about your brain on the way our bane coming soon. Go ahead so. I went to groovy dreams which with dreams of triumph It was located Bird land in union market work. Yeah what they do. I'm sorry what did they do like that pop up for his clothing brand are you don't want what is berlin. I mean they just they just put the clothes. A bird landed come through essentially yes like berlin is is like two spaces for the first base is the record store and then the backspace kind of like this open area so you kind of made it. Into his dreams of triumph world had rugs had to close had his his Photos in no prominently framed and stuff like that and made a whole atmosphere for his for his audience. What bird land. No and i feel like the groovy dreams part of it was tapping into the records. In addition to like the theme of the release was compared that comparison. Like not. Forget the exact phrase. I can look up to be to be precise but let me see if i could find it right. Quick i don. I don't really tough. Comparison is a thief of joy So that are pretty much the main the main. What's the word. I'm looking for a theme theme for the for the release. That's as i'm sure is behind it and really some of his other stuff special definitely linked to that. I suppose most definitely we'll see other visual do all right so the second one was a chris. Cardi like we can take over at Common thread case watch room slash in seven words so also union market adjacent and similarly He kind of you know took outside and took it over. Had a little mini golf course in he um four within inside no right beside him there was like a little Just although bar situation and in the girl is making Infused alcoholic drinks and she gave out a sample that you could smell the dunkin And then you know you went inside. The place was adjusted from. Its normal. You know force from its normal Format leo and then you know the open to be open to experience so time time. Now that you've been in events for a minute what are you. Seeing is a trend across like coming into summer. Twenty twenty one. What do you think we're going to see a lot more of this year and moving into next year in terms if experiences i mean i suppose much like our discussion was last year If you've got to do a pop up you really have to like. Make it your own experiences like when you go to be There's like a three dimensional like experience within it. There's the music. There's the artistry and i'm forgetting. The third element helped me. I forgot to many fives. The device s the music artists both visual and sonic right and ended the interview portion which gets the audience. Who's there to really get to know. The person in it creates content. That should get released. Digits so lives. On so it lives in a multidimensional way exists in a multidimensional way. And it's like if you're not doing that or if you're not giving me more than one thing or something that truly makes this your experienced in. What are you giving me or right right. You're very muddy movement this time. What do you want man. I'll need i think Does he gave the gave me. I took the platform that we haven't what else even know. They sound like pretty Interesting events chris car is he has all line just like on original close. Yes that he can pretty those himself. Why don't they go to the gift shop. will i do event. Yeah keep it buck with me. You know the limitation to the amount of space. You have like it's stuck in the front portion. I can't go back for the second space. If i'm coming to an event where y'all will say that's off limits and that's almost the best part That's just me being honest. And i want you to be honest. I want you because the front space. Yes if i can cater this to my liking and can do this w- and make this my world. Yes that's beautiful but you know the backspace. There's already that wall that has the lighting and everything. It would be smart to make to be able to use that interesting. Like like the dreams of triumphing one of the things that made it fun in like fun to be part of was there was a photo booth situation people coming up to that and interacting and doing their thing and there was a girl who was printing polaroid's on the spot. So you come to her. She have your little. Polls you do your little thanks. She takes photo just printed up and hannity get experience extra. Okay actually tip of the hat. But that's like a condemnation. Anything i i guess. I'm just curious. I'm just seeing. I see a lot of black brands in the city doing pop ups in jason places but not. I don't see a lot of people. Just come into knock on the on the door. And i mean like for example in both those situations. Yeah those are personal relationships that now stand to benefit me in this moment so like chris. Cardi has a good relationship with lauren. Who manages the spot and then same thing applies to berlin chadwick who's also known and prominent figures. So if he's giving you the space to do something even if you had if you if you thought of somewhere else this may soon be better to do it here. Because i noticed guy okay relationships everything interesting interesting anyway. What's the money move of the week matt will be guy which are crypto nicosia now sinai. I'm kinda built which i'm not really i. I haven't invested coin but shutout cr nesia. Hopefully anybody who was able to get out of good time. 'cause those definitely going to the moon shadow elon. Musk for heavily. Initiating the markets over the past couple of weeks fucking a lotta news up but There's been a big shift to because china. I believe they taste of big ban on These of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin For something anything that's happening kind of in the mainland so that i think that contributed to a sell off where bitcoin straighten at like fifty five k. To fifty k. And now it's down to like thirty seven inch twenty theory and went from forty one hundred to about twenty six right now so this is just a reminder like you know if you got in a game you in a game you know. It's not a loss until you pull their money out as a loss. That's only time you realize it right. Now consider everything has been on. Sale is very very very big sale. Going on some. You know a third of the value off but this is a great time to get in if he do have some extra money but hey this is the game that we play. You know this isn't etf's where year yet more control risk and whatnot and you know. The volatility is not that data that dramatic. Yeah but you know if you wanna play with the crypto game. Yeah you know you gotta hold on for dear. Life is a bunch of reasons why they have those terms. You know But if you come out on the other end you know kind of taken responsible strategies that selling win schitt gets kind of crazy you know you flip that thinking just see how things will turn out in the next. Six months is What's the word i wanna use. Is it a smart tactic to like just invest the money. You can serve to lose like wesley. Take an ally are you. Really that heartbreaking. Yeah i think there's some risk tolerance. I think it's a i think it's always good to have like. There's a dave ramsey framework. If if you wanna talk about it like that site told the the rule of thumb. And i'm not saying i follow. This is something inspire to follow is to have three to six months of whatever. Your normal income is on hand as liquid savings after that if you have four one ks and companies sponsor Vehicles than take advantage of those max those out otherwise then you can start as long as you have that cushion of savings for three to six months after that you can. You know to invest if you don't do that shit if you don't invest three to six months which i feel like most people don't like just be i like to dollar cost average so instead of trying to like by the dips all the time away for prices. Go up and go down. I don't have time for that shit. I got work to do. I've got other things to do. So i'd rather consistently put in money even if it's a small amount on a daily basis could be twenty bucks a day could be a weekly basis a hundred bucks a week fifty bucks a week into you know just so. I can stay disciplined. So that's my those are those would be my. That would be my advice to kind of get started enduring this time if you do have coins just kinda got in the game. Hold on watch how things shake out a great opportunity to buy in you know reverse thinking and you'll be better off. That's exactly what i did is easy to queen. Mothers walk by. They did carefully making sure we doing what we're supposed to be doing we are. We are matt. I appreciate your advice. I am new to the crypto game. I did get in on the big coin. Three am In a small dip before the crash happened fake out. So i mean is cool. I mean i'm in it for the long game time twain. Light the money that i do have in their. I've been microdosing micro investment To your point this. I mean. I mean i'm not missing. That'd be fine takes turn. I'll be even better right yeah. I would recommend having acorns account app. Download or donald. They have like other apps similar to it. But we're takes change or the difference between a told that you pay for out of store or so say like sixteen sixty three the then like the difference to make that a whole dollar amount would be like thirty seven cents so the key to change type should so over time. Kind of that's how acorn work going so I know a lot of people familiar with the by use. It like even if. I don't want to dip into my savings or if i had like a crazy week like i can just pull you know couple of hundred bucks out of shit and just exactly exactly growing savings account all right. We're gonna take a quick musical break. We play a wonderful tune which is a weird way to describe this next artist. This is our friend from the area. His name is john This is his song. Tell far from the wonderful album drill. Scott heron. we'll be back with more over the soda after this. Don't seve telling baby yeah. She would've have been going to sell finding like. Hey bill piece put up pelted looking initiated. She wouldn't have been self. Got an geek film. She covered potiskum belmont pelted. Looking into milkjam. Like elvis everybody. I have called a sunfish for my bills. But she like eldest away like monty. Catch the kitchen cooking and selfish. But i liked his look was like you should on knuckled. She would have been in south that it a self help like film. She just like a big piece of health. Looking banned. selfless got an cell. Finding with gonna keep tacoma. Bill keep fully piece pelted. She would've hell nah brigadier harm. Anybody film on feel can sit in the hash to kill you to thirty eight. Set a bag surprise. Shabazz came with a tribe. I from the a friend talk to complain. Every day topless a classic again tend to cost. She would have been so she can be just like a piece of the dog. She john up and his job. That was part of the song is columbus is fucking ad-lib y'all listen for a long time masks. My man that's from the from his One of his projects drill. Scott heron love that title love. It said. she wanted a bag till far. I thought that bitch hell. Nah what a poet at all. Food man speaking of equity. If i go to own implant so as a contract writer. I find it pitiful to constantly investigate that which inspires confound disrupt creativity each week. I explore one creative concept deconstructed analyze it to its creative adams. This week a straight black boy loved the rainbow interesting. When i was a kid. I love the rainbow. This is like now. I'm a little thirty second birthday. So i'm getting closer to tom. Time age of forty five so to me for that. Love love them balance. I love them relish. The older tom-tom gets word from one year old. He adds five to mind. That's right. He was forty last week in forty five now can up the fifty anyway anyway When i was a kid love other rainbow. Butterfly in the sky. Love the rainbow definitely acid. I was a kid For a while. But when i was a kid the rainbow didn't simply mean lbj cube ride. And i want to start at the same. But i have no problem with it right. But someone convinced me between Eighty nine and ninety five that the rainbow was gay which meant that. I couldn't participate. I think that was more of a formality of homophobia and patriarchy rather than the fact that the rainbow was somehow taxes. So i asked. My question is the question myself i said when did the rainbow about lbj tq pride. So i didn't google's found something very interesting. I want to check it out. Ok baker in openly gay man and a drag queen designed the first rainbow flag. Baker later revealed that he was urged by harvey milk to create the symbol of pride for the gay community. Now i don't know how much i knew about her history gay rights but i know about harvey milk. Mlk per se. Don't get offended. Black folks but this is due partly mic was detonated when it came to gay rights right gotcha. So beggar decide to make the symbol of flag. Because he saw the flag is the most like the the symbol of a flag as the most powerful symbol of pride. Gosh you so. Baker saw the rainbow is a natural flag from the sky so he adopted eight colors for the stripes. Each color With his own meeting hot pink is for sex race for life oranges for healing yellow for sunlight green for nature turquoise for art into gopher harmony. that's the i not john. This i don't know about roy g biv that's all i knew to right. And that's just because of the rainbow but apparently in the gay flag flag and meaning and well the flag the symbolic flag eight. But the actual flag is six because back in the seventies when it came up with this. They didn't have enough colors to make the other. Two cities. made a six right. But it's really symbolic flag eight flags and for those reasons right. So i find the most important part you said that he saw flags were important. Symbol which troops. Everybody's got a fucking flag and then he said wait. There's something i didn't put in there but He said as a gay person one of the responsibilities to live opening. Live out so the reason why he chose. The rainbow is because the rainbows a flag in the sky. It's like the biggest openness most like that you can have right the lesson. Don't start there because this is the gay dude right and we talk about gay just one letter lbj tickets. This is why they got teachers. Sit and sit in school. He later said an interview Our job as gay people to come out to be visible to live the truth. And as i say to get out of the lie of flag really fit this mission because that's the way it proclaiming visibility to our lessons though. So that was the one thousand. Nine hundred seventies in nineteen ninety-four. This is when the flag changes for us right. Tom us drive in seventy. So you saw it. And then i t ninety four ninety nine to four. The rainbow flag truly became a symbol for lbj. Gt cube reid. Twenty four and twenty five years between gay and lbj. Tq very much so black folks. Don't get up. don't get offended again very much. So freeman bureau vibes. Like we've been free. What do we call ourselves. What do we name ourselves. Turns out in the queer community. Gay is not enough that does not include lesbians is not include. The trans community does not include queer community the question and community etc sex. Enter gender so like As we'd nope we black people we know about the history of liberation as it comes to our race but when i look at lessons like this from just as crazy 'cause now i remember this might be one of my original to deep when i look at situations like this. I feel so empowered by the gay struggle to recognize that they have a lineage in history and not only that but a symbolic to back up their bride tobacco up their perspective. That should is beautiful to me so to answer my own question. Straight black man love the rainbow. Absolutely absolutely that'd be more goes through and you're gonna love it in a few months in the city. 'cause lois it's going to be all over the pa the pro. I used to live fourteenth street though so surround zero. I've just be going to the store. Like oh man in the straw load. We say matt is rainbow flags all over dc. So it's like you go regard team string. I've seen that is who with a complicated relationship. Between brands and symbols deliberations so like brands are using juneteenth like the juneteenth holiday sale. That's what they're doing again coming to the so. That's the thing for real. That's just gonna work. I bet did you hear about shane. Recently no just just add oil sheen no sheen the the company just as companies are using black lives matter flags black products. Juneteenth get black people in the stores. You got them right. This corporations to throwing the rainbow flags the situation gape people use their products. Why because we spend motherfucking money right. Tell me about anytime so sheen is in trouble because they have like a cellphone case. That was a black person. Outlined can jog like that that either just dropped during went viral like within the past like to forty to forty eight hours so everybody's starting across sheen love so i'm keep widow. People get twenty five dollars for one hundred dollars now but they they their punishment right now. 'cause it it seems like brand do this to get the attention of black folks. There was a commercial. I forget who it was trying to look at sound but it was. It was like cut into People wanna do to help invest in communities in one white guy who was on a motorcycle was like i want to invest in black home businesses. Oh fuck out. So i've seen that commercial. They purposely got a white guy to say yeah for impact purposes unlike. They didn't feel they didn't feel real at all not genuine at all times. Sex lead into thoughtful question. Okay but what. i'm. I'm mortgage creative. Deary in oh my goodness. We are the intersection of marketing and black people and we've we had a very challenging conversation. A couple wednesdays ago in which they asked is creative theory doing the work of helping the black community or is investing in creative theory investing in the black community and to which i had to tell these. Wonderful six-figure folks. No we are. Marketing and marketing is a loose term Well we are doing and the quote was brought up as like when you see black folks oughta scream are you being marketed. Are you being representative or you being represented or are you being marketed to Walk into why you're not being represented you not being alleviated your problems. They use the issues of the community like a flag on the store to get you to buy a product glare of not. Now what. I what was naturally come into. My head was the fact that like just because it's in the commercial doesn't mean that actual companies doing the work to uphold it. Say that to you can say whatever the fuck you wanna say. That wasn't that was. That wasn't five for a creative theory. Now boy what i'm saying is as a company and we've seen reports come out recently. I think it was google. Google facebook apple last year they invested this. Exorbitant amount of money into the black community including matriculation strategies within the company hirings strategies from abc news and mike hiring standards to include more black people. Last year it has fallen. They have less black people who work for these companies but they've invested more money into it but you can say whatever the fuck you wanna say. I saw black history month. There was a there was a tweet. Said companies will spin A one million dollars in the community and spend five million dollars marketing. The that feels like the difference between diversity and inclusion like sounds like capitalism and that's asked capitalism in they called diversity inclusion they called a diversity and that's why said it which is my big. My biggest fear is one day. They'll pass reparations it'll be twenty dollars a slap on the ice and they'll always say the rest of american history. We give reparations all right. that's my biggest fear. People using people using the tropes. The names of the nomenclature that supposed to be towards black liberation to market us to market towards us. Goodbye by more fucking clorox anyway question. So today thoughtful question. Almost almost almost today's question is how do you. How do you keep your composure. As a businessman see even his composer facilitate. How do you. How do you know went to stand up for yourself or let go. It's better for the situation like why do you. How do you differentiate between the two A lot of minus experienced driven. Obviously a lot of times. Where did the wrong thing or wish. I spoken up after the fact. But i didn't or maybe i want a little bit too overboard in it. I fell over exposed so it just comes with experience that think is about assessing risk properly. You know at this point I worked hard so that certain things are undeniable. It can't be taken away from me so it's not a matter of how push back or if i respond to something where i don't feel comfortable if i don't feel comfortable situation i mean i like to be in a position where i can just make more moves so experiences also taught me to be flexible and to be Be ready to pivot so But yeah it's it's a rapid about sesame risk of the situation and you know keeping your code. If you've got a code and you feel like you've gotta sticks you know stand up and speak on something and followed their code. I write about you be mosaics. Got to have a code. Gotta have a code always so as that outline on his show before. I've been fired a lot. A lot. Almost double digits now Nice right considered anything to all the times. I've been fired. Each time is because i have spoken out against authority and vibrantly hard talk this. There is no calm there is no reserve. Like if i disagree with you. I disagree with you. I wanna say matter if actually. We went to breakfast the other day the the meal. The meal was terrible. The waiter came fire. Wasn't i said shit was gross. I've matteo but tell you straight up So how do i keep my composure. I often find myself not keeping it. But i feel like that's the brandon. And what i appreciate about developing an entrepreneurial life is that i positioned myself so that people gotta come partner with me. We're partnered so like how you feel about my behavior. I don't really give a fuck like we are going to be successful. I'm successful. you're successful. We're going to be successful coups and And respectful of our partnership. But i'm i'm going to be me right. This this idea of composure. Even we're talking about black men with bonnet idea of composure. Is like an idea to be neutral or a passive or like malleable which is cool in certain situations. I don't want people who aren't certain situations to one day be valuable in the next day. Not being i feel like that's more detrimental because you're being consistent but turns to me like that's just not how i composer. Composure is like not drinking more two drinks when we had the company party. Composure is like making sure i- sanitize my hand before. I walk in a straight gas. Like that's my. That's my composure but Am i going to like hold my tongue when it comes to speaking truth to power never never and if you can handle that shit to me maybe to meet as a more indication of your cowardice rather than like your cats actually stand against something Stand stand for something while someone is pressing you in the opposite direction ryan to me. The strongest leaders that the people who are able to take dissension and questioning towards power and mold that back into the energy of the project. The weak ones are the ones who like out of can't stand opposite opinions. I can't stand people expressing themselves. Authentically this shit's it makes me nervous. I have to lean back on these rules of professionalism in order for me to gain my power back. Not just to me. that's weakness. Look at shit like sport. Like if it's not my personal life for me. So i'm like. I need to be around high performing teams. Because i consider myself as a high-performance player slash acid and if i don't feel like that i've built up a resume in work experience in general experienced enough where it could be like all right about. I'll go. i'll go elsewhere where i'm appreciated. I'll take the things that i need and i'm always whatever situation. I'm in amari looking at the bullet points on a resume or can put in the pitch deck to take away. You know what. I'm saying. So i've already garner takeaways. My values from yourself now can just leverage. That's an execution gotcha. So when i was when i was thinking of this question the context in which i was thinking of it was like Less like a composure. Like you know being like what's the how. how did you say earlier less. Like just giving the dissenting opinion. People don't like it was more like okay. This person has me fucked up. Like am i going to be professional or meighan. Walk away with my dignity. And that's how i handle this Because composure like at least in the way that i'm using like relative it all depends on the situation i got i got you so a situation like do attitude fast. It'd be walking away right like when in in certain situations where my decision is causing me personal anguish. We're doing something that i just vehemently disagree with. Spirit right. just walk away. And even if that means i come back to the team later and express your i to walk away. 'cause i had attitude that just i just got to remove myself situation because if not my natural response is i'm gonna keep attacking this point and show you how wrong you are until you can see how wrong you are. And that's just not always that's not beneficial for teamwork and then the other reason. Why chosen is i. Suppose the context of our last conversation emotions so of people say that emotions don't belong in business and i'm saying that like i'm not saying that your it's all part of it but it's still goes into the top prize whether you to be angry with it or choose to be have an attitude is all part of the whole being like a businessman. You have to have different things that way your decisions. Yeah i mean for me. I've been in sales positions in customer facing roles for the past five or so years. So you know there's been a couple of meetings interactions where somebody's just brash. Somebody's hassle he's gotta learn how to have the skin you know for the sake of the money in the facility for the sake of why we're here right is best that i i. Don't lose my control. Auto lose my temper because i don't stand a risk assessment with do i stand to gain in that particular moment now i go back to my team is certain situations while going out. Go to different avenues in that messages is felt off off the court but why we still game i still gotta i still gotta land got still playing. I still gotta finish the game. The got hit my for ios. I still gotta finish this out. I can't be thrown off in in remove myself from the game. Because i just got flagrant foul or i just got hit by somebody when you least expect it like that right. I don't know like. I guess the reason why i'm bringing it up just like i feel like everybody has a breaking point and you know sometimes like we say depending on the context situations sometimes smart to remove yourself. Sometimes it's better to be like your. This is wrong and this is why and you know just so you don't make this mistake again. This is why. I'm reminding you of right A lot of things What i've learned into professional census like y'all it doesn't need to become a big blow up right in there especially the big damages other people around to witnesses right you can still get your shit off in a one on one. You really can't. Yeah and you know. I think real bosses when nine nine hundred bosses say like that but you will eventually you good leaders in people who just wanna win in whatever field in in in in be good team. Have to have those come. Jesus conversations have to have those discussions. Yeah yeah one of my favorite podcast episodes just like that. The reckoning of andrew at the andrew episodes went off on his right wing right wing shit on july to this thing it was wiling and so the episode before in the next episode. Podcast this is bringing idiots the next episode. Charlemagne waxed the whole group brothers. And it's like oh you was walling growth Should i let s you. But that's just good leadership. I'm laughing because i thought joe biden. Because he did he opposite. Lord have mercy. I think but tom to your point i think not. I think emotional gets a bad rap. Right had a mentor. Tell me one time if you are basing all of your decisions purely logic you don't fuck up a lot precise Emotional gets a bad rap. And i feel like while we own conversation and patriarchy. I feel like that's the way the patriarch. He tries to demonize women. Because women are more in tune with their emotions not in tune. A more emotionally intelligent Than men on a on a social nice cash of social level. You gotta get your get your own massage of time Yeah but women are more emotionally intelligent and so away to demonize emotional decisions that we call nikki motions and making decisions but every businessman is making an emotional decision. Right facts like well we were mutilated house. We were doing research on the emotions of animals. One day i wanted to know of animals can be sad and they did a test and they said that one of the that animals feel is needing like the i. Didn't i never thought about that. Like the the act of wanting something. The act of desiring is an emotion. Apparently animals feel that emotion and we animals so we eating as well saying to say that. Like don't even know why. Tom emotions like you're going to make emotional decisions. It's just part of who you are right even if you wanna make more money that's an emotion but nigga think this emotions as you just sitting at your desk crying thing about don't know if i could make the decision maker. Hesitancy is a is an emotion. I feel like the bigger theme in the context of the question. So y'all hit it on the nose nicely done felony dom y'all wanna get to the The tools are great. Let's do it. So tools of the trade are your metaphysical psychological parcells any tools. They could be literal or metaphorical Any tools that you need throughout the week to help you get through the week. We'd like to close the show on this just to give you know we are east dropping for a you guys are dropping on a great conversation between and so we might as well give them some good advice I don't have one of the top of my headed by welcome i. I'll go first. Met backpack met on twitter at mr backpack on instagram. This isn't a. I'll say this as friends friends are my tool of the trade and have some big potential moves. I will say you know. Elevation opportunities shot to friends. Who had taken time of scheduled to work with me to you. Know tighten up the resume so shout out to france. We love the mystery. Top down what you got. Damn i had one and i literally lost it as as i was about to open my mouth. You might have to replace me. That's all good You could find me mo brown. Ibm o'brien all social media sites. Make sure you listen to who can pay you be mold. Yeah tuesdays and thursday instagram live. Everybody changed that tuesday though. Because tuesday's not working my tool of the trade for this week last week with water. I think who said something about walking last week that you met. I have adopted that. So i am going to double down. Last week's thanks we. I've just been walking like a motherfucker. Now got wet to just be walking. Walk around neighborhood around. Just walk around Now that you thirty two year embracing the old man's pastime the movie the magic well-timed zinc the magic here. You thought you just keep getting me on the podcast. And i'm not going to get you want. This is the beginning of something very special. You gotta tour this time being young it here staying out the way. If he did he he liked take on. That was like a dump tip. You just hit. I'm just saying i'm out of it just came slightly off the boom got so. Don't worry where you know timothy mosque off it. Would you got mine is a determination and discipline de indeed. Yes sir A couple conversations. I've had recently Just have to remind yourself that these are things that you have in the bag. You just you also you always hold onto them. Because i don't know in that same conversation there was like a heavy heavy fixed For lack of bit words fixation on self examination right okay and one of the things i said was like how do you talk to yourself when you buy yourself and is a positive and you have to hold onto these good parts of yourself so you might like you remind yourself young. I am making progress. You i am doing this thing. I'm waking up in the morning and doing this every day. That's a form of discipline. Even though you know you might take for granted woke up today. I brush my teeth today eight today. These are all things that you being good to yourself with. But yeah so determination disciplined and just holding onto the good parts of yourself man. That's good adam. You get a social media's already forgot that thomas great on Tommy underscore pickles. Bic koz out to the washington former shadow to the bridge got out to lafayette clog the whole family. That's right that's gang that's right. We are proudly brought to you by the the bridge in former roma goodness debris podcast network. Excuse me washington former bridge podcast network. We're right here makes you visit W bridge dot com to see what other episodes and other podcasts. Got coming up. We got more podcasts. Premiering on the network very soon digit. Gina marie erica. Saint louis i've tried to get blackstone to podcast because only go situation going on So yeah it do that follow us. Ots on all social media platforms are over the shoulder. Pod dot com over the soda par dot com and make sure you keep coming back to cast jimmy dropping. We'll see our next week he's piece.

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