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Episode #1274: The New Phil Hendrie Show


Hi, it's Phil Hendrie reminding you that a backstage pass to the world famous Fillon reshow website is the only way to really enjoy all the we have to offer here on the Phil Hendrie show because in addition to our daily podcast, which you may have just discovered or daily net cast, would you may have just discovered that in the last few weeks or few months or few years for that matter are show goes back, many, many years decades, in fact, and some of them was classic radio. You've ever heard in the history of your life. It's right there on our website thirty five thousand plus hours of all of these different characters and all of the insanity that we were able to inspire with them. You got to hear it to understand it into believe it. But it's right there in our archive along with all other kind of memory. We have video casts that we did the three sixty well when you say three sixty now, there's a lot of people talking about rotate, I didn't save raw data minute. Wait a minute. The three sixty yes filled. It looked around the room. And we all remember it wasn't that big of a deal. Well, it was a kind of. Technology. We didn't need when you could go it technology. We don't need. But anyway, we experimented with that. We have on our website as well. We have different appearances that we've done in television. We've done TV pilots we've done a lot of TV and radio interviews. We've got any number of memories. Plus we have for our backstage pass subscribers Friday night chat where we get together with all of the members or Bs p family and talk it out. We do a live show on Sunday night and a lot of other events. So please take advantage of our backstage pass and take advantage of our ESP family become a member. Just go to fill Henry show dot com. That's filling reshow dot com. Follow the links and all the things and all the do. Boom, boom, boom. And you'll get there man sooner or later, you'll get there. And this is the famous film Henry show. I'm mortgage and feel his back from his. Your your mental health. Yes. My mental health couple of days. Get on Dr Jim several to talk a little bit of head here. My but Dickman. And I'm great, I'm general, Sean, and you're gonna let me just ask you you're going to get who we thought it would be interesting. I took the liberty fail. If you don't mind to call up, Dr Jim Cheb dim chaplain, not chaplain. Jim Sadler cat. I understand that. All right. I got a little confused reduc Jim chaplain. Maybe we'll send that I was talking to before the show feel. I don't know. But the name Jim Chapman. What is what is the name significant? I don't know any Jim chaplain. Get my husband on the phone, please. Margaret get by husband on the phone, please. Okay. Mr. Henry, don't ask him. He does ask me for permission. Yes. He does. All right. Ask him for permission. But no one else. Okay. Mr henry. Yes. Go get her husband. What do you wanna talk to Frank for? I wanna talk to Frank because I want to know who Jim Chapman was what I think might have been talking with Frank this morning about a gym chaplain or Jim ten pain. Okay, frank. I'm told is on the line. But. Substrate but dicta over the Phil Hendrie show. Yeah. It anyway, anyway, shape or form. Hey, Frank, Phil Hendrie REO. I'm good. How you doing better than Custer? Frank Margaret is here. She has a question. She wants to ask Frank who's Jim chaplain? Jim, I don't know Jim chaplain. I know Jim you and I were talking about Jim Jim champion or Jim sham Champlain. Yes, Jim Champlain from a from Rikers, Jim Champlain's from Rikers, Indiana. And this is a guy who headed hands all over Margaret at a party one night. This is a pretty funny story actually talked about what party this is. This is years ago over at bell hands on here in Los Angeles. Jim champlin was doing a show that I was producing and the show was called lights camera all your dress up. And let's say Jeb hold on Frank and Jim champlin or ten plane Jim Chen plane, Jim chimp lane was one of the stores that show, and I soon that these were all drag queens or was it was a drag Queen show with all the men were straight. And the reason was because we were it was a satire on not drag queens was a satire on straight men. Trying to do a drag Queen show and still maintain their heterosexual out. Where'd looking semi saying felt in other words, let me do. This was a show written. Well, what do you mean let you do it? This was written by one of friends friends Bob hasn't fast. And this was a show that was intended as a satire of straight men trying to raise money by doing a drag Queen show and yet not want to be fully. They didn't want to fully commit because they didn't want their wives and girlfriends to think that they were really digging it, you know, and and I hold on for just a minute get confusing. This is a show that a show. It was a Centaur written by Bob Hudson. Fozzard a friend of mine, and we produce the damn thing was over at the door Chandler pavilion for like five performances and at bombed horribly is so lights camera. Let's see your underwear lights camera dress player dress up, and let's see something like that. And it was a satire. You've sent to set about five times Frank. Well, I'll say six times it was it was a setup, but we're trying to find out what we're trying to find out is it was a center of the straight guys. We're putting on this show. They're put run a drag Queen show to raise money for charity like a children's hospital or something, but they're not drag queens. They're actually straight guys who don't really do this for. And I realized that a lot of drag queens are straight talking about me. You did don't drag queens at a straight. Well, yeah. Apparently there are because why don't you shut up Dickman? Wait a minute. Don't tell people to shut up shut up digman. We thought what I was saying here. Wait a minute. So this is a show. This is a show about drag queens, and the guys that are in it are straight guys. And they're not doing it. Very well. Right. I mean, the whole idea is they don't commit very well to they drag Queen thing. All right. So cut to after the show the after party, this guy, Jim Champlain's, one of the actors, and apparently she was worried that she was still being perceived. She might still be perceived as gay or too comfortable in the role in the in the in the main role as Betty who is the lead, dancer and singer and all around organizer of his effort to get money for the children's hospital. Betty's the character Betty's, the character guy, Jim Champlain place. Yes. Yes. So in order to I guess you can pick it up from here. Margaret, let me do this. Well, I dived. I did good right to then. I'll Frankie issue did accept now. It's it's what it's just too much dispersion. The point is this guy Champlain who's amend. We're talking about put his hand on my eye on your boob. Well, no the other area. Oh, he put his hand on. He put his hand on your ass. Then we'll come on. That's what you're describing. Right. Yes. I am. Well, she put her hand right on Margaret spinal area. But whole I didn't say that. I said Buttle how about the ass that seems to work. I might as well get to it. Okay. Fine fail. The ans- like I'm nothing more than just something that looks out for backstage with nothing on. And you take a look at yet next. Pardoning Margaret can't leave. I'm not, where's he going just to take a walk? Yeah. So and I and I had a quite frankly beat her up. What happened to you, man? I'm sorry. He who I had to beat up Chan plane, Jim Champlain or Kim champlin Jim clean. Jim. What is it? She. She said Jim chimp, lean no Kim Chan champlin Kim campaign. Jim Joan Olympic Jim Champlain. I just remembered law. You didn't just remember because you got it wrong. It's Tim clean. Our Jim Camplin never mind guy. You beat up right? Yes. It's a guy I had to beat up because she put her hands on his ass. And I won't allow any guy to do that to my wife now, that's it. Now when you see beat beat him up. What did you do? Exactly, I took the guy outside. I punched her a couple of times knocked around her ass. And that was the end of that except he felt it please report by all right? She found a police report. And I got charged with assault, and I paid a fine. Fortunately for me. There was no civil. Action that guy could've could've zoo. Yeah. Well, in those days, nobody ever thought about doing those things and the fact of the matter is jam was on the wrong. She had her hands right on my wife's ASO. You get you know, and I'm looking at him. And he's looking at me as if to say, well, what are you gonna do about? It. Don't involve me in this. I Bill you knew his hand was there. I thought something the left buttock, and I turned and when I did turn Franken already grabbed this guy and dragged him out front and punched him out. So. Well that ends well, I wouldn't call. It ends. Well, you know, I sweated it out at the police down. I'm gonna turn. Okay. So I I can't afford any kind of nothing on my record. Do you get like disbar possibility of being disbarred? No. I don't let me tell you something, I know Johnny Hodges and some of the guys over the bar association to protect me. So. What do you mean? It's not illegal. They can get a little bit influence influence. They had their influence. What are you guys? Try to say. Anyway, think we're just curious if your lawyer and your Benue intentionally assault somebody doesn't that affect your skier standing on that not in my case? And because listen Phil when it comes to Frank gray. You know, the roots go down too, far, I know where to many of the bodies are buried. It's just it's no good. You can't Kim certain Franklin like get on you don't threaten Frank Ray. Like that. You don't straighten in her like that at all? No. You don't straighten her? What do you mean her? You mean her? That's that's gone her. No, not her. I mean him right her. Okay. Frank. Thanks while his that if Christ I was I was just beginning to warm up. Frank green. Ladies and gentlemen, world-famous Phil Emery show who punched out Jim champlin and the good news on that. Jim champlin is his name. He went on to have a very successful career as a Broadway musical theater storm. And you know, I was still friendly with and he didn't like transferring much, but I told him I said, Jim you put your hand right on the ass and. That's how I sent it. Right. And I said you don't do that. And you don't do that in front of a woman's husband. And he said you've got to understand. There are people out there who thought I was really a drag Queen and not an actor playing drag Queen. There's just that kind of stuff get confusing for some actors what they're playing a character. And they think that they're the guy. Didn't happen that way based on experience. If you've got Dickman, wait a minute. Wait. It's a good question. Mark. What about you feel you've done a little bit of acting? I would just on my limited experience. I'd say, no, no actor gets confused and things, you know. I it must be Billy the kid. Okay. I'm just wondering is this guy. He's worried that people are gonna think he's a drag Queen. He played one in this. I know he played one. But he played it never mind. Yeah. I know he played one. But he wasn't confused by it. No. He didn't think he was one twenty paid one. But he didn't think he was one. No. And I think that any actor that would allow any actor that happens to has not gonna firm grip on reality. Let me put it to you that way. Well, I've heard about you know, a lot of these method actors and stuff all the method Jesus, wait a minute. You've heard about if you hear about any actor who forgets who he is and starts walking around like he's frigging Billy the kid or whatever the hell or Henry, the eighth or King Lear that guy needs a psychiatry. Oh, listen to you. You're not what do you think your Lawrence linear or something? I don't have to be worn to Libya to know that you gotta be any cat that does that just nuts. I'll go on record right now is saying that well, he may have some people just feel there are very proficient punished actors would disagree with that. Like who? I can't think I know. There's gotta be gotta be one. No, no, no, no, no, no actor playing plays a character. All right, Phil. I'm telling you that get outta here. William we'll be right back world-famous. Phil Henry show. Push me. I didn't push. You did. This portion of the fill Henry show brought to you by mutt. Me's a great place to go and just lie down the money's hotel chain in fifty three cities. Just go on in and lay down anywhere us any room at anytime. Mutt? Me's the only hotel where you check in pick your room out. And if you like it, and there's someone in it, then you can throw them out, and you can stay in that room. Mutt? Maze. Where you get to pick your room and by burger snap, a juicy choosy delectable hamburger with pickles onions and cheese. And it's only about a half an inch high the burger snap and Troy are at your chickens. Finis Phil Emery shown L Pacifico in southern California. Well, when I guys we love to have on the show from Tanna time is guy named Dave meaner, and he's K boy radio in Boise, Colorado. And he joins us now for a recap of last year's Halloween promotion, and and you're going to do same thing this year by understanding. We are going to do the same thing. Still gonna be the I'm here. Dow can but sometimes but does the interview as well. That was a problem with that. I don't have a problem with it. I just have hopeful that Henry who has a hopefully show got to be doing the NFL. I'm here. Sometimes bud leads things off everybody jumping on default. Well, it sounds like you got a problem with bud because he's a little slow bought. I'm hopeful. So anyway, as I was saying I had. So you're you're gonna do the Walking Dead promotion again this year that is actually right? But we can do I walk dead promotion. We did it last year. And we've worked out a lot of the kids. Exactly a lot of fun as we traveled around here. Boys to California dressed up as the Walking Dead at. Approach people and go out at if we approach you, and we try to non arm, and we we don't do it with a real. We just approach you. We'd have been at you try to non people dressed up as one we just I need to kill if you're there. Can I please talk? I'm here. I mean, I'm talking to bud butts does some of the interviews as well. Dave. Everybody jumping on e fuck. No, look, Dave. You know, we want to have you on the show. But we don't like it. When people start saying, hey where where's phill-? They don't think buds a religious viewer. He's a religion VR. I got it already. Okay. Day, man. And they'll what is the problem you're having with the the Nagami arm. I what I was saying. So explain 'cause we had a problem last year when you know on an arm. Okay. The walk the Walking Dead is supposed to do that. Now, you know that we have one of the residents gave them a George Hessman is and his name or George Schulman. George showman. Actually, I one of the residents from one of the neighborhoods last year the first neighborhood, they're in Boisture. All right. Well, that's the guy. Yes. He that's what I mean. That was his daughter myself and Kenton del minute. Does the morning he'll young bad Ken dominant, friends, and I had to do it as beater friends. Yes. You you told us the morning. She was Dave, Nina and friends, right? Where we changed it because I gotta leak with Kevin del Minna there. Last year when I walked up to this young lady Amelia showman, and I'd not on her arm. I said as the Walking Dead. Now, the first thing is supposed to do you get a rubber knife that we had a web could apartment stores and you're supposed to try to drive. You know, stabbing ahead with the robbery. Nice. And the first patient to do that won the grand prize, which was an all expenses paid traffic Desi lab, and you got jail passes to the badger kingdom. And I I would beat you down there. I beat you with Kevin Delvin and our girlfriends, and we take you on a ride take you out to the park. And which includes of course, the a badgen and said be a lot of fun. Okay. So in did you do this? We I went up to this one young lady this Schoeman, and I would add Walking Dead. And I started to kind of not I and a fake thing. Okay. It's a think thing, well, she screened now when you say to fake thing that means what it means really nine. Well that that's the thing though. Let's get the father. And because he said he didn't know that you were linking. And there was saliva. The reason why there was licking you have to approximate like you're going to eat if you're if you're doing this real you're gonna eat the well, yes, my tongue darted out from my mouth. Licking or or nine on the girl's arm. I didn't know honor on. I like that though. I want her father. He's gonna say we have been joined Schulman on the phone here. From the first neighborhood in Boisture. Hi, Mr. Schulman, you are on here right now flow. Hello, you're on the air right now with Dave named the program director at cableway. He was the one dressed in the Walking Dead costume. Lifting to what you're saying before just a moment ago, Mr. Nina, I'm not I understand, you know, that this was a like a promotion that my daughter was to completing. And she said, well this man who was dressed just a Walking Dead costume like a zombie. Yes. That's right. Okay. And she said that you came up to and when you made some guttural sound I came out to LA went out my dad. Well, she thought first of all she thought you were a female. And that's you was initially upset because she thought it female was trying to sexually assault her. I don't say has a female because when you went on a definitive she said it sounded like a woman, it kind of you've got to kind of a high pitched voice. Dave. No, I think you've got this is the way I saw it as in the rocky bed cost of my walk up to her and ago hob later, cable, I radio, wow. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's she started with high pitched that does sound. But I said, I'm Dave Nader cable radio Judy stunned. She said it was some. She couldn't understand it. All right. So he you would up to this young lady. And here's the point that the father, and I might have standing Mr. Schulman, you didn't like the fact that he was looking your daughter's neck, my he's she's to me that the came to. And goes, you know, as a Walking Dead, and then she felt saliva Lougee. No. That was what I told. I told the police officer. I said excuse me, I think mistakenly will eat you said that. Yes. I did. Okay. Because that's my song mistaken. I I can tell you. I don't think this is funny though, homeboy A, Mr. showman. You may not think it's funny. And I can appreciate that. But don't call me homeboy. You ain't got no beef with me. I'm sorry. Okay. I told the police opposite mistakenly lewke your daughter. Yeah. And the police officer that boy what's the Cup. The Cup ruled this thing a guy named Derek Baldwin this guy feed the Boisture Coptic hold this thing, they said that some buddy fife who didn't take it. Wait a minute hold on for minute. Let's have a little bit of respect where they did. They send out some guy didn't take it serious. A lotta say I told him said this guy dressed in Walking Dead costume lick my daughter's arm and liquor neck the way of saying, I'm gonna eat you. But I'm not gonna use by teeth. You don't use anything. Anyway, told us companies all Mr. Henry go then he rolled off into the night that I don't did you have any counter with the police. Dave, no, not at all. Now. The only problem I had was after the fact whether it's family I called. So we saw the whole thing. I gave them a day a pass today's in for the weekend. Was that not good enough, sir? Whatever, you know. I wasn't looking at. I wanted to make sure that what was happening with I in fact happening and that this man would be he would be reprimanded. I was talked to by general manager creek sable does like Mr. feeble. What is his name again creek fetal, right? Yeah. Creek fable. Well, that's his name. Don't wear it out. I'm not going to wear a dog our newspaper tippy him. He said he spoke with you can talk to me and the whole thing pulled out right now, I found out this year, you're going to the same thing. So this year he's going to be out there in the where are you going to be this time? Dave, we gotta be one of the day blaster. And I I don't know what what seems to be here to just let people know that there's been dresses up in Walking Dead costume. And it goes up the women going at and then you you get on on blue one time. Can we use it adult term like maybe salivated celebrated? What? So what do you do do it on purpose? I am doing on purpose. The whole idea is to scare people. Now, he's give it out. The rubber dang. That's the whole thing. You're supposed to have their rubber dagger to stat to stop the guy in the head back. That would be me. Yeah. Okay. But she didn't have a rubber dagger. Did. She know she did not. That's how I found out that she was not eligible. My daughter was going to win anything. No, she's not gonna win anything unless you stabbed in the head with a rubber dagger at because that would mean she went over to the week co department store and picked up a rubber dagger. Oh, you giving me a headache? Thanks very much. So, you know, you're not exactly Sedrine yourself anytime, and they are night. Wait a minute gentlemen. Wait a minute. Now, you're going to be out there again, Dave with your little promotion by little promotion. Yes. Your little promotion that so far for the Walking Dead, Halloween, whatever and you're going to be spitting on people. I think bite them then you buy them. But you lewke on them. Logie? I sent to use it adult Tom Saturday. That's better. Hold on. I want to say something. I'm a mother another mother of a daughter, but I am a mother, and if some strange man walked up dressed in as you call it Walking Dead costume and salivated or new gate, or whatever term you want to use on my child. I would be very upset. I'd want specific. And even if you were from radio station, and I was supposed to have a rubber dagger. I suddenly would have demanded more than a week at the days inn. Well, that's the difference between you me my life. I I wanted to cool it out. We're big fans of the Kenton Bellman show. Now, who's kidding Delman does I Baltic bad? Okay. Kevin. Delmon also put his website, or you know, kind of lip lip lock lifted Bellman came up in lipped my daughter's forearm and lift her neck, and I said, well if he's gonna lip it. That's cool. But I didn't know who do this guy was. Okay. So it was okay. Kenton de did it, but not Dave Nina, who I'm Dave leaner, man, I'm the program director. Oh, so you're the guy. Yeah. No. I don't want him to do that. All right. So you one of the big morning started doing what is that is the guy that my daughter listens to? Is everything fine. Now, gentlemen, I just want to let people know that. If you see Dave leaner is working did costume hold. Hold on your you can't come out here and start to slander the proposed pavement heater in his walking costume. He's gonna lip it. He's gonna live in. Meaning he's going to walk up and got to walk up and try to put his lips on your kid is God. Well, I would say Dave that you might wanna rule that back a little bit the whole idea is that you're Walking Dead. Yes. You're Walking Dead. Obviously didn't work out. Very good view all the publicity. You're getting here is bad. Well, I didn't anticipate that this guy was gonna come on. And you certainly selling what nothing you're say ranking weren't you? I was hey, let me tell you something I'm German. Okay. I'm not read the name Sherman, man. That's not a Middle Eastern name. Well, you how come you sound like a redhead see later? Dave. I'm sorry didn't need. All right. Mr showman. I'm very sorry for that. Everything. Good with you. Well, everything is good with me. But let everybody know want everyone to know that, hey, this guy, and this radio station K boy, all they wanna do is an excuse to go up and through on your kid. I well taken under advisement. Thank you very much for being with us. And there is Mr. George showman. And Dave Nina who we had to hang up on because he's getting rag heads stuff. I I, you know, something I barely remember that promotion that. Yes that I barely remember from last year. But there was something in the news about it. Right. Robert. No, the dog was Dave, leaner, and teaboy radio. Damning altercation with a homeowner because he was trying to suck as. What is it with these guys? Anyway, did they think it's funny? You know, do they think it's like all satirical, and everything they think it's a big gag. Well, it ain't a big gag. It's not a big gag, obviously. If you've got a kid, and the drooling, well, I can tell you that Dave Nina and cable, and this is the second time they've been on the station and both times, I'll tell you what the guy gives me the running creeps. He does what he gives me. The not the brigand. Creeps the running creeps that even if I was running from him in it just be creeped. You know? Yeah. Did decrease the creeps follow. Yes. The creeps follow along. Okay. Don't stop. And what's with all the dead air nothing. All right. Coming up. We got Dr Sandler down. Jim Henry about his mental health days on the Phil Hendrie show. Famous Phil Hendrie show. And this is general Cayman sharp national fill was out for the last couple of days mental health days. Joining us from his offices in San Diego, California is Dr Jim San Dr Sandler is going to see what he can do about where we're not psychoanalyzing here. For instance, we're not going to be doing any heavy therapy session. But Dr Sandler is going to join us to talk to fill directly about the that need if you will Fini's mental health days, Dr Sandler. Hello everyone out there. Hello, jim. Hello. I'm Phyllis here. And let me just give you the the the preliminary Phil took a couple of mental health days. He doesn't wanna tell us anything about it. And we thought we would do is have you come on films agreed to talk to you and turn this into. Turn it into something. That's it. Like a big bit. Well, does he feel that that's very resentful of you trying to tell me being off presenting? Well, that's what it is is the bit. You know, listen. Fail. Maybe there's something we can say that will help you. I'm not I'm not depressed. I just needed to take a couple of days. All right. Phil you're gonna talk or you can let the let seven. Delaram tonight. So you need a couple of mental health days. You went downstairs on Facebook. You announced it on the ESPN group on Facebook as well. Why why why why did you need that? Because I was feeling like I needed a couple of nights off from everything from the show from the show and some less than the business from the business from everything you need to get out of the house. It would have been nice. But I didn't I stayed home. Oh, it would have been nice didn't kill 'cause I didn't really to be honest with you have anywhere to go. Didn't couldn't think of any way to go. Can I ask you where you are? Never mind about me never mind about me. This is all about you. Okay. I'll tell you. I am. I'm right now, I'm gonna cocktail lounge. So you know, so we're up front. You're gonna cut towns. Yes. That's right. Am I having a drink? Yes. I am. All right. How effective can you beat that? I up front with you. So you'd be up front with me never mind about weather. I'm having too many drinks. Okay. I've had a tough day too. I've had a tough day too. I'm stopping down to help you fill. Well, how you drinking? It's then if you're just just deliver say it, let her say let Dr Santa saying, it's better. Listen to you, man. What are you got an attitude for sever, I don't have an attitude. I don't have it attitude. What's that's better? 'cause I don't need this guy. Dickman? I don't need him telling me had to do it. All right. No one's telling you how to do it. Wait a minute. This is gonna be me talking to him fill, Dr savage talk to you. I was going to psychoanalyze fifty Henry, you're not psychoanalyzing me. I mean, I do a little bit of just a little bit of a therapeutic session here. But it's not about me, and whether I drink and whether I had a bad day. I yes, I had a bad day and my drinking. Yes, I am do I plan on getting pretty drunk as a matter of fact, you say do 'cause my girlfriend has got be diving home. So I don't have the die. All right. So a health you're going to be talking to fill get them not gonna get drunk right now. I'm more Shing. I got a Johnny blue. I know Shing the Johnny blue but much Johnny Walker blue is that it. What was that? I can't say but fill immediately reached down between his legs. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Philly the doctor needs to know, I need to know. You know? Yeah. You made that noise. I had an inch. It must have been a hell of a niche because villas reaching down there, man. He was digging for gold foil. Boy, no mistake that your co workers you having a difficult time trusting, and you can we just keep it onto the personal stuff. And we'll just leave it at that. What happened with me and etcetera etcetera, so something did happen? No, nothing happened. Other than my mood was I was in need of a couple of nights off. Okay. Now, why do you feel like you wouldn't need of a couple of nights off? I don't know why what is anybody think they're in need of a couple of nights off. Did you just belt? No. I did not. Well, yes, he did. But it was very small minor. All right. Let me make noted that. What the hell? Are we doing here? I I'm asking you fill in all honesty, if you can be honest with me. Your workers. She'll Margaret doctor excuse me, a general general, sadly your doctor Sadler guy. But I'm not general sadly, and neither am I my name is general Shaw. Oh, I'm sorry. Than me, not general Shaw. No, Margaret dog rabbit, LA, bud. All of this. You're in agreement. You're getting sick of your job. Aren't you know, I'm not? Oh, what a lotta. No. I am not you're not getting sick and coming in here day in and day out knowing that this is by gig. This is what I do. This is my art this this. I'll never retire. Your your mind, you'll never retire. I'll never retire. Wow. Now Dr center, what would you call that? I call that first of all you call masochism that the guy left, the weather they tire she wanted to you, Phil. Because I like what I do. I I could never not be doing what I'm doing either. It's this of some form of this some form of entertaining or some form of satire some some form of goofy house. Goofy stuff some form of goofy ass goofy stuff that you would be doing for the rest of your life. Yes. Miss Dan rea. Can you imagine seeing yourself gauge of ninety going? Hi, everyone. I mean, I know I've I've often asked myself that same question. What do you think you'll feel like what do you think? You look like asked me if I care. Okay. Do you care? No. So you're going to keep on doing this, even though you need mental health days. Can I can I just say something even though you need a mental Health Day? Let me say something I use the term mental health days because I'd heard that term used before. All right. Where do you ever heard that? I've never heard that term before I have I've heard people say I'm taking a mental Health Day or I'm taking a day off to say, my brain something like that it had nothing really to do with my mental health. It had more just to do with the fact that I wanted a couple of days off to take care of some business. We've had a lot of stuff that we need to take care of what like I gotta get those Miami archives. Curated finally, there are a lot of people. I'm not just forget it. I'm not familiar with that. Well, these are the things that I gotta do. And and if they don't get done if I don't do they don't get done. Okay. If they don't get done if you don't do. They don't get done if they if he doesn't do. They don't get done. Okay. I well, he then a people that work with you believe that they all think you hate your job, and you wanna get out of there. I don't know why you guys think that I don't know failed. Is there's a distant look in your eyes these days like there's something better over the hill over the horizon. I have to say I've noticed that as well. No, I, you know, if I think about the future and all I think about yeah. I think about more business. I think about more things to do. I think about you know, what else we can do this lot of stuff that I want to do with my life and my career man, I'm not getting sick of of any of the stuff. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. If I wasn't doing this. Oh, come on. Mr. Henry, people often want to go off, and you know. Just Yang Yang get someplace or well, I don't feel like doing that right now. Now, doctor said would you call that? I I don't know whether you're not facing reality what the story is. But I think that. She's are you sticky job. Am I sick of my job? Yeah. You're sitting there at a bar. You're having yourself a couple of belts. Yeah. What about it? What would you talking to me is that professional? Okay. I'll be honest. Am I at my job? I'm not sick. And my job. No. I'm not sticking my job. Well, I'm not sick. A most of my job. I get sick and tired of people telling me. Well, no, no, doctor. You know, I need this need that. Are you gonna be open on Sundays? Yeah. I get sick of that. In other words, you get sick of dealing with people. Yes. That's exactly right. Even though your doctor. No, not you said, that's essentially what you're saying. Because you a doctor fate. Well, hold on. I I was any showed it talked to Mr. Hendry. We'll obviously that's a dead end that we're talking to you about your how is that a dead. Anything Henry here gives a whole bunch of pantries about. Oh, I love what I do, you know? And you guys except that. I I do love what I do. And he wanted to tell you I can't I can't say it any other way. Do I like to take vacations? Damn right. So you do I come out. So you do like tonight work who doesn't I don't see anything that. Well, I see you sitting at a bar having yourself a couple of pops nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with that. And you bet you take vacations. I mean, how many vacation weeks a year? Do you take? I thought I take six weeks six Jesus, man. But what about it? I'd love to take six weeks. They go see she you. You are wrestling away from the construction standard. What did you just say Dan, did that was done unintelligible? You know, what I think you guys got me on this show here tonight just to efforts may I'm having a tough time. Yeah. You know, we wanted to talk to you fill. And now this guy's balling. What's going on? I think I'm in love with one of my patients. She married. Three guesses is she is you got it. So I so I thought that I'm here having a cocktail right now. I thought I give her a call and see if she was she wanted to run a town for the weekend. Go out of town manches berry. Yeah. Well. The women's how are she going to go on a town for the weekend? Yeah. You hadn't thought of that one. And we've got you asking Mr. Henry questions and giving him therapy. Hold on for a minute. I may not understand. Okay. I may not be able to grasp certain things, but I can certainly talk to a man with who's depressed, then ask you wanna read happy with his job. But let me ask you. Okay, since we're not talking about you. Yeah. See I figured this is bad. Well, no. You think a married woman is going to go out of town with you. I would hope so. Yeah, she's got a husband, man. What does she say to him that she's going to go out of town with a guy that's got money? Do you think of that woman is a whore? I should say that. Well, then what do you think she gonna town with you just because you've got money? So what are you telling me? So I I'd say give it up, man. She's married. Give it up. She's married. Data understand now, she's married. She can't go out with you. All right. This is the guy that you thought was going to psychoanalyze me. I didn't psychoanalyze you. I mean, give me some kind of therapy. You know, you do have shingling psychology. Don't you? I. Yeah. Occasionally, I don't really use it all that much where you, and you don't know how to deal with a married woman. You say you're in love with her. I'm very much in there. How do you know you're in love with her? How do I know? 'cause every time she walks by. I get like crazy. I get aroused. Then that's not love. That's being aroused. That is not love. You know, what love is center. I most certainly do know what are you talking about? Because you get aroused by women. Doesn't mean that you love her? Well, it showed me, I don't know. What else you call it? Then it's called. You're you're horny, man. You're turned on. What where are you from? When were you born what planet are you from all of those questions? In other words, they sell like an idiot, you sound like a complete idiot. Yeah. I sound like I'm a doctor. I have I hang my shingle out in psychology occasionally. Yeah, you hang your shingle out. All right. I guess single hanging. You got my shingle. Hey, what does that mean? A semi. Are you fucking with us? Yes. I am. I was I just had too much to drink on board. I'm waiting for a friend of mine. Bill Hitchcock, you know. We're just I'm sorry. I I didn't have them do that. You didn't have them. Do what I didn't have him. Start acting like a jackass. Then was an idea feel that the idea was to have him come on. Yeah. I know to give me some therapy can handle all right? Famous fill under show is executive produced by me fill Henry for pre incorporating all rights reserved on podcast one. Join us again tomorrow for some other. Kissed goes off the rails. By the way. Good news. We're going to be uploading are Miami archive starting money. I know I know I know I know. Well, it starts on money. So that's good news. Yes. That's good news.

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