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Before we get started support for this podcast comes from boost with facebook. Who's podcast boost. My business with david fisher features unique perspectives and insight from business leaders and small business owners. Here's stories and anecdotes about businesses just like yours gain insight on what it takes to grow a business and learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others. Listen to boost my business. Wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to today's edition of the rush. Limbaugh show podcast holy cow. It just got real. Didn't welcome to the rush. Limbaugh show i am not decidedly. Not rush limbaugh is an honor to be here. I'm derek hunter. And wow you know you hear that song your whole life basically while driving a car sitting there at home whatever and two here on this end of it is is a scary as i thought it would be if it sounds as though i'm nervous it's only because i am. Let me. just take a second before we get into anything else in. There is a lot to get into holi. Franklin anna is busy news day even though it is should be a slow news day but that's just not the way the last four years have worked. I've got to pay homage to rush. Just because well as you heard. Johnny donvan john. Johnny donovan talent in the open. I have my own radio show which again. It's really cool to him. What i want that to be a ringtone mound radio show on wcbs in baltimore and the whole genre. Everybody who has a radio show. Does it to rush. He created it. It sit there and you say well. How do you pay tribute to rush. What do you say to a guy. He's the henry ford of talk radio. He created the industry and for him to say here. Are the keys to the to the camaro don't scratch. It is a thrill and terrifying simultaneously. So thank you to rush. We can't replace him. We can only fill his chair for a day or two and he'll be back here on monday to undo any damage that i do throughout the next three hours the number to be a part of the show as always again saying this really cool eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two and it's open line friday so pretty much anything goes like. I said we've got a lot to get to today and you want to chime in on that absolutely. You're welcome to or anything else. If you are out there doing the black friday a little bit about me. I grew up in detroit so if you watched football. Yesterday i apologize on behalf of the city. I always say that As a joke because it's funny because it's true grim detroit. We don't have a professional football team. We just had the lions and yes. Oh sorry america about that. Unless you're a fan of texans which who's a fan of the texans so we ruined your early dinner and the late game wasn't much more exciting. But yeah i grew up in detroit. I moved to baltimore. I went to wayne state. University in downtown detroit grew up in a small town called redford that he's ever heard of it's easier. Just say to detroit because it six blocks outside of detroit off of eight mile road so me and eminem didn't know each other at all but he actually grew up on the other side of eight mile. Which was the good side of eight mile. I grew up on the bad side of eight mile. But i've majored in theater at first which is Scary don't let your children grow up to major in theater ever. After a year of that. I decided that i couldn't stand the phony people. Girls were good looking but the people were so phony that i went into politics. Yeah so again on the tree but it worked out got a job at the heritage foundation. I'm pretty much done everything. Just i've had more jobs than most families have had last count. I think it was seventy three jobs. This might be seventy four filling in for rush. Wants so yeah. If you name it. I was a made for an hour. Roofing was one thing. I did for a long time if it if you had to shower after it. I had that job and if you had then eventually i learned to move into showering before a job when i did kind of the grunge era nobody era. Nobody's showered but i moved to worked in washington. D c been involved in politics and news. Ever since and here. I am i right columns three three days a week four days a week for townhall dot com and i host a podcast called appropriately enough the derek hunter podcast which you know they had the name i so it worked out for me. It is black friday. It's weird being here. It's weird being anywhere on black friday. Because i i used to be one of those people my shopping year revolved around black. Absolutely loved it. I have my trampling shoes and go out and a knock people fifty bucks off. Tv elbow to the throat. Whatever it took and this year it's off it's online and there are some stores open. I saw some pictures of some kids. Who will probably never kiss a girl sleeping outside. A game stopped by playstation five. But i don't judge them. That's not judging. that's just being. Poignant they got an learn sooner or later but that's it you know it's just a different world. Thanks to covert and boy. Do we have some news on as well. But i want to stick to. The thanksgiving theme is hypocritical. Politicians jet off around the country and sit there. And don't you dare go visit family now. I'm hopping on this plane. I gotta get outta here. 'cause i'm going over to grandma's house. It really was one of those days for absolute total hypocrisy season for hypocrisy. That's kind of the leftist does hypocrisy. There's a great book called. Do as i say. Not as i do. Profiles liberal hypocrisy by peter schweitzer long before he became wildly famous over clinton cash and the book on the biden's and everything he wrote this and it's probably fifteen twenty stories in it about various left wing political figures who are like. Oh love to preach poi- outed they love to preach but they don't actually live that way. For example he's got stories about. Michael moore union busting and his old. Tv show tv nation. Kind of a big deal. Your big pro union guy but you threaten to fire people if they join a union when they work on your tv show the kennedys. No proponents of the inheritance tax and their money is all in tax. Free shelters handed down generation to generation without paying any taxes on it. Because they're they're above the law lahser for the little people so hypocrisy is nothing new for the left gavin. Newsom california going. Let's let's have a party. Let's go to the most expensive restaurant the country and Sit inside and we'll have a blast in the bar tab something like fifteen hundred dollars how well speaking of the kennedys. They could probably do it. But otherwise i don't know how anybody can get a fifteen thousand dollars bar tab. How do you do that. Give me your most expensive bottle. I want to throw it against the wall. And then keep bringing them until i throw my shoulder out any tommy john surgery. That's about it. So there's that out in california then we had Governor super mario on steroids in new york andrew. Cuomo don't see your family. Don't see family now. My mom's coming over you gotta go. People say played. Wait a second. That's not right so we were lucky. Canceled it although. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sneaking in there. I wish somebody had been camped out in front of all of these people's houses the media scolds who sit. There anticipate tissue that you want to see your family on thanksgiving give you those monologues and lectures. I want to see if they had anybody over. Of course we'd have to have an honest media for that so that's wasn't likely to happen anyway. Then we have the mayor mayor michael hancock of denver he took it to a new level which is usually the coastal guys are the ones who are really stepping in it but michael. Hancock said i got this. Hold my beer. He told everybody stay home. Don't see family don't do this. Don't do that. You've got to do this that and the other thing. It's for the safety of the people of denver's safety of people of colorado then after issuing a tweet saying just as much he hopped on plane and flew off his mom and mississippi what And then of course. He rescued the the apology. I've only acknowledged that. I have urged everyone to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. I have shared how my family cancelled our plans for our traditional multi household thanksgiving celebration. What i did not share but should have is that my wife. My daughter and my daughter had been in mississippi where my daughter recently took a job and the holiday approaches decided. It would be safer for me to travel to see them then to have to family members travel back to denver would have been safer. And you've been telling everybody pretty much sticking place. Yeah he has rules for the not for me. I recognize that my decision has disappointed. Many who believe it would have been better to spend thanksgiving alone. Yeah like you'd been lecturing everybody else. That as a public official whose conduct is rightly scrutinized for the message that sends to others. I apologize to the residents of denver. Who see my decision. As conflicting guidance to stay at home for all but essential travel are there many residents of denver who see his conflicting decision conflicting with the guy not conflicting with it. Well this is exactly in line with with his order to stay home him going somewhere. I made my decision a husband and a father and for those who are angry and disappointed. I humbly ask you to forgive decisions that are born of my heart and none of my head by the way. If you leave your house. I'll give you a fifteen hundred dollar fine and up to thirty days in prison. It didn't say that last part but he wanted to hypocrisy thanksgiving. This is the problem. This is the left hypocrisy anger resentment. Division this is who they are as people as human beings. It's very weird to watch. These people talk about tolerance when they are the lease dollar people on earth. Of course it was a day that ends in wise so there were riots across the country. There were burning smashing. There was statues being torn down. New york post has this story. Anti thanksgiving protests erupt in several us states overnight and then of course the first place. They site is portland. That's what happens today that ends and why the sun is up. Let's go burn something when there's a statue let's tear it down. Who's it up doesn't matter rip down. post reports. Vandals went on anti thanksgiving. An anti colonial crime sprees in several states smashing into facing storefronts and toppling. A war memorial overnight thursday. But don't you feel safer now and that feel great. I love that because it was anti thanksgiving now. Really the only thing that was anti thanksgiving is in addition to their f- the police and f donald trump's spray painting in the usa is terrible and anti police spray painting as they also threw in blank. Thanksgiving too. I guess it's nice. They're mixing their bag. Do something new at least ten businesses in portland including a chase bank and a new seasons market along hawthorne boulevard had windows broken and messages like land back sixteen. Thirty seven and f thanksgiving spray painted along their walls according to local reports again. They just through an thanksgiving. The rest of those messages are the exact same as they always are. That's who the left is. That's where the left is. They talked about. Democrats for god's sakes we just had a campaign where we're going to bring the country together got to bring the country together. Then you sit there and you listen to the rest of what they say. We will unite the country with those racist. Sexist homophobic islamophobic. Xenophobes things what why would we want to unite with you. What are you offering in return that you will continue to call us horrible things that are lies that you you'll only smack us on every other tuesday taco tuesday and back of the hand thursday. Like what are we. Why would we night with you. How does somebody unite with you. The fact is they don't want tonight with you. They don't want to bring this country together. They despise this country as evidenced by. We have pretty much everything out of their mouth. Out of joe biden's mouth because it's hard to tell he can't really string together. Coherent sentence figure somewhere in that word. Salad tosses the hatred of the country. That the left fully thoroughly embraces. But i i just want to point out some because you you hear this all the time from the left. This country is fundamentally racist. Fundamentally it's founded on races my god sixteen nineteen project. They just went absolutely nuts. So i i wanna give you something. I've never done this before. But i've never spoken in two thousand five million people before and read just a. I'm actually just gonna crib notes from my book. Outrage inc have a liberal mob ruin science journalism in hollywood to give you an counterargument to all of these leftists who talk about how god awful racist this country not to say. Racism doesn't exist. It absolutely does the nation of three hundred and thirty million people. You're going to get every flavor of person and every problem on the planet but to give it some perspective. I think that's wildly wildly important. The southern poverty law center which left loves to site. They just they put out a press. Release like oh god we love. We love the southern poverty law center because all they do is tech attack conservatives and label them which gives leftist media covered. Say it's not us saying it's the southern poverty law center. They estimate in two thousand sixteen there between eight and five and eight thousand members of the kkk in the country. That's you know that's a wide range averaged about sixty five hundred. It's the granddaddy of the racist organizations democratic militant wing. Back in the day. But it's important to note that the granddaddy that in nineteen sixteen had four million members. I believe a century later had sixty five hundred on average to give that more perspective that same year two thousand sixteen the wnba the least popular professional sport. You can call it that. They celebrated that year as a wild success because their average attendance at home game. Which i guess every games a home game to somebody was seven thousand six hundred and fifty five that means on average southern poverty law center says about sixty five hundred members of the kkk in the country and the wnba had one thousand one hundred and fifty five more people at an average home game of the least popular sport on the planet earth whereas a century earlier there were millions of members of the clan. That is not progress. That's not something we're celebrating. The nothing is worth celebrating but to hear the left. Tell it it's gotten worse. It's way worse. How did they do that. They created things like microaggressions and things like that things that are so so subtle that you don't even know you're being racist and the person you bring racist who doesn't even know you're being raised to them but some impartial woke third party. Observer can sit there and folder arms and test can go really showed us at that way. it's too sis. Normative hetero normative whatever terms they make up what. I'm basically boiling it down to. Is this thanksgiving. Be thankful for this country thankful for liberals exposing themselves so freely in willy nilly but never ever lose sight of the truth that this country is the greatest on the history of the planet and amazing the only country in the world where where you are born. The station in which you are born has nothing to do with where you end up in life. I the son of an auto worker. A disabled mother. Neither of whom graduated high school are sitting behind the golden. Eib microphone talking to twenty five million people. If can do that. You can do anything. We'll be right back back on the rush limbaugh program. I'm derek hunter sitting in the big chair behind. The golden eib microphones still shaking like a leaf that number to be a part of it on open line. Friday which is another cool thing is eight hundred two eight two two eight two. I promise we'll get to your phone calls this hour because it is open life. Your is russia. I'm just keeping the seat warm but just a couple more things on this division left and it'll be a theme returned because 'cause it's something that absolutely drives me nuts constantly. We're all one but we have to look at you this way they define you as bhai your gender by your skin color by city by whatever whatever you wanna they find new and creative ways to divide people up. We used to be a melting pot. Remember that now. We're a series of chafing dishes. And they just manipulate everybody around. 'cause it's much easier divide and conquer. It's there's no saying unite and conquer that work. So i'm looking at the the news the other day and i see this thing multicultural news network. I'm like what are you talking about. Some of the multicultural news network television channel focusing on diverse content voices will launch in the second. Half of twenty twenty one well. That's a long telegraphed punch but they say they'll produce daily newscasts is going to be a cable channel apparently quote serving multicultural communities including but not limited to blacks hispanics. Lgbtq communities asians native americans people of middle and people of middle eastern descent. Who sit there and you see this. You know like. I don't really care. Generally it's just so weird about the bifurcation of society by the left as they're calling for unity and it's across the media. Nbc news has nbc. News black nbc. News hispanic fox news has nbc news hispanic as if the news is different based upon. What your ancestors did centuries ago where they came from mine started off in poland and pretty much would go as far west as they could stop mate send their kids west some pretty much everything over there but none of it matters who i am what my parents did to me and thank god. They did it to me matters to who i am. It should be the same to you so they just keep on dividing a lot more to say including something. That's i think pretty damn funny coming up after after news dare connor filling in for rush. Limbaugh i am eric hundred. This is the rush limbaugh program. It's open line. Friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two telephone number from anywhere in this great country and it really is great and before we get to your phone calls on open line friday. I want i promise. I teased that. I'd give you a little funny story about my thoughts on this garbage of ethnic identity and nationalism and nationalism but the division of the left i find it exemplified in what used to be one of those old. Not all it's like a year-old ads for the spit in a tube and find out your dna history. Swab the cotton in there. Like a cova test except you miss your nose and you go on your mouth. And i'll tell you why you're this much of that one and this much the other one and the one guy in the commercial where he sitting there like i grew up. We're all german. May dance around. And lederhosen eat weiner schnitzel and invade poland and czechoslovakia and hate france. And then i did. This spit in a tube and i found out that i'm scottish. So now i eat haggas and wear kilts like it's your identity. That's kind of the premise of liberalism. Where you're just like that's who you are. It's it's not who you are decidedly. Not who you are. Who you are is who you are. What you do is who you are. Your your experience of culmination of all of those things are who you are and the bad mistakes you've made and you've learned from hopefully the good things you've done and you learn from hopefully sadly that's what. I really despise about liberalism is that it is so desperate to absolve people of any responsibility for their bad decisions. Insult people from their bad decisions. So you get with that you subsidize something you get more of it. You insulate people from the consequences of their actions. What happens you get more of it now. I can go out. And i take two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Outon student loans to go to smith college. Majoring gender grievance studies. And wow there's not a whole lot of jobs in that field starting salaries twenty two thousand dollars. What am i going to do with this. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt and then incomes big government to worry. Here's a lollipop patch on the head. We'll absolve you of it. It's not your fault. How could you possibly simple. Google search to find out the starting salary's of your field of study. Who would have ever thought that going to one of the most expensive colleges in the country was a bad idea for an unmarketable degree. We've got you and then you start seeing people looking to government to take care of them. It's insidious it's subtle. It's not all that's one of the more obvious ways but the school lunch program now. The school breakfast program. Oh so kids. Learn what the government feats in the morning and in the afternoon and they'll stay open in the summer and feed them then and you sit there and you think logically when what is food stamps for one fair for giving parents money to feed these kids in house these kids and then we're saying but don't worry we'll do it for you. So what does that mean. The mom sleeps in the dad's sleeps in could get up and make a bolo meal. You can make an egg can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I brown bag lunches every day. My mother had one leg right leg amputated. When i was nine every day i went to school with a brown bag. It had to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bologna in barbecue sauce. Don't get me started or something else and like a hostess treat one day a week. I was allowed to buy lunch. that was. it wasn't living high on the hog. But i was living and most importantly i learned that my parents cared enough to do that for me if it was just telling me free lunch. And that's it. We probably we might qualified. I don't know there were free lunches. We weren't gonna do that changed and shaped who i am. And that's a hell of a lesson to learn rather than suckling. The government teak. Don't worry they'll make breakfast for you at school. Now get outta my room trying to sleep. That doesn't really tell your kid a whole lot. Good anyway anyway. Let us get to the phones. This is the rush limbaugh show and it is open line. Friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two scott in miami florida. We start with you not much nice weather than where i am. Hello scott wanting the rush limbaugh. Good afternoon mr hunter. Thank you for taking my call. I want to tell you that After some blows biden is president. It doesn't matter if you put elmer fudd in in the white house this country has done for. Let me explain what i mean by that. We have eighty million people. Seventy eighty ninety million people unemployed twenty. Twenty it's gonna look like nothing when twenty twenty one comes around People can't pay their bills their mortgages everything shut down. The stock market is only. It's it's it's it's overblown got a dollar. That's going to become worthless because the federal reserve keeps printing up trillion. You do have to be wary of the federal reserve. You can go on ebay right now and for fifteen bucks. You can buy one hundred trillion dollar bill from zimbabwe that was legal currency at one point. So i take your point on that one. I gotta take issue with you though. Scott on the idea that we're done for we're never let me in what we've done in the sense that our political leaders have turned back to the american people have to cover. That's when you have a federal reserve that is controlled by international jewish bankers. All right thank you. It was only a matter of time on. Its open line friday but yeah no. This country is not done for. This is the united states of america. We can pull our butts together. The problem is that we have the will to do it. And republicans are very good at mouthpieces and saying we. We've got to do this. We got to be fiscally responsible. Unfortunately they're really good at it when they're not empower the vocalizing it. When it comes time to governing that way they become less good but as we have churn and burn members of congress we get more conservative in there and people who recognize the problems in this country. That are sending. And you can't dig your way out of a hole then yes. We can get some fiscal sanity. It's just a matter of you. Know being on the front deck of the titanic iceberg. Can you make it up to the wheel house in time to warn them because that iceberg doesn't swerve and debt sooner or later will become seriously problematic. I feel bad for two daughters three and a two year old and we've already spent their money their kid they're going to have to have kids to inherit the debt that we're incurring now. Covert is a separate special circumstance as a once in a century. Hopefully fingers crossed thing so some of the spending is understandable. But it's also a great opportunity for conservatives to make a case in liberal states in blue states to say look because the democrats just want to bail everything out been spending like drunken sailors for decades are public sector unions. Their pensions are through the roof. And we we just keep kicking the can and doing accounting gimmicks. If you did it at your fortune five hundred company you'd be thrown in jail for like bernie. Made office is a piker compared to what the government does in their accounting schemes. And you say well. Nancy pelosi wants to bail out the states. It's only fair it's only right. Then you see stories out of california and out of michigan. These are only two states. This is sort of a new field of study. So i assume there's more where they're paying unemployment benefits to people who have no business being unemployment scott peterson. For god's sakes is out in california. He was collecting unemployment benefits in california murder. He's doing life in prison without premeditation. The death penalty. But i think it's life in prison without parole and abc nbc. Four out in california at least thirty five thousand unemployment claims filed on behalf of california prison. Inmates including scott peterson more than a billion dollars. In total they paid at least one hundred and forty million and benefits. Two hundred fifty eight claims that have been filed for one hundred and thirty three inmates just on death row. And we've got a bail that out. How about you figure out what the hell's going on in your house. I okay then. Over in michigan my home state audit michigan may have paid out one point. Five billion in fraudulent unemployment claims director reportedly said that it was not a high priority fraud hundred priority. A billion and a half. Well what is what. How much are they asking for. Further bailouts. I think they're asking for like four five billion dollars. Well right there. I'm all for helping when you can all right in this circumstance. Sure we probably have to do something for some of the states and localities but that shouldn't be a plan that shouldn't be number one on the bucket list. It should be you get your house in order. Somebody's coming into your house. A friend degenerate friend. You went to high school with and go. I need ten grant. Well what do you need ten grand for. I have to get a car if i don't get a good car. I'm never going to be able to get a job. I don't really wanna loan you ten grand. They're jimmy my name and you finally agreed to it. Okay and then the next day you see jimmy come up. And he's got his new car but then he's also got a motorcycle and he's putting a new roof on his house and he's he's got some new clothes nearly one and a half man. Well no. I use your money to buy the car i got. I use my money to to buy this other stuff. Kinda wanted this stuff for while needed. A new roof always wanted a motorcycle. You suddenly go wait a second. What the hell you spent seven grand on all this other stuff and you borrow ten grand for me to buy our car making these numbers up junker. But you get the point. Okay if you want me to help you gotta help yourself. I jimmy you can come up with seven grand. We can talk about three something like that. Well california new york michigan. You want billions of dollars from us. You got to convince me. He got approved to me that you went through your budget line by line and you found every damn nickel that fell between the couch cushions and every office in your capitol building that you are squeezing that sucker for dear life and you're taking back you possibly can and you're tightening your belt as much as possible and then we can help you. Maybe with the rest we can make you help. You close the gap. But we're not gonna go right off the bat and just sit there how much you want a much. Only just right this. I'm just gonna leave check blank. I'm just going to sign it right there. Uncle sam and here you go cash cash at your whim. No no hell no. Let's go back to my mouth. Does tend to get the best of me and i apologize. You know what you're right. Bow will go to a break. The number eight hundred two eight two two eight two. This is derek. I'm sipping unbelievably for rush. Limbaugh we'll be right back to the rush limbaugh show derek hunter sitting in. I'm host of the dare show on. Wcbs at baltimore. also derek. hundred podcast wherever fine. Podcasts are sold for the low low price of freight. It is open line friday. The number eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two way. Go to the phones. Sean in buffalo york. Welcome sean how you doing today. I am nervous but excited. Great place to be My question my question is in willing to this earlier about What are we going to do. If they also get the senate i mean cheating un- unbelievable and you know kinda that's why sean like there's if democrats managed to win both georgia runoffs in the president. President trump tweeted today. That he's heading down there. He does not support this idea this crackpot idea of boycotting the vote. He's going to go down there and campaign for both purdue and leffler which is great but right now mitch. Mcconnell shouldn't be in georgia mitch. Mcconnell should be in west virginia. He should be sitting in the driveway of the house of joe mansion. Saying what committee. Chairmanship do you want. You can have any of them. All of them switch parties. Now that's what he should be doing. Yeah that's that that's a good good idea. You know. I had a thought the other day in a with me know this society is a hyphenated society And it's interesting that the people that they say are minorities are the people that hyphenate the most. The first the first breakfast say make is not an american. You're american after such. And such i would. I would take a little bit issue with that sean. In that it is the left. It is the left that does that. It doesn't matter what it's not necessarily any skin color it's leftist. There's a study out a pew research that came out august eleventh. Just happened to have it open because one of the reasons one of the things democrats are doing right now. Sean is trying to figure out how it was. Donald trump did so well that racist. Donald trump did so well with hispanic voters really really well and there was this poll by pew that found that mo- most latinos adults have never heard the word latino or latin x or whatever. I don't even know which one it is. And they said nine. Seventy six percent of hispanics had never even heard of the term. A twenty three percent had used had heard of it. And only three percent of hispanics latina cts yet. You turn on. Msnbc you follow in her tweets followed any of the gang of four or the squad or whatever the hell they are out there and they're tweets. It's latin next latina blah blah blah blah blah in people. Sit there and they go. What and who are. Why are you changing this. What is going on here. And they're getting sick of it to a certain extent. Donald trump doesn't care republicans. Don't care by enlarge and they don't pander which is great which is wonderful which is way you combat this kind of stupidity and division. Just your person. Are you a jerk or not a jerk. That's all i care about all right. Appreciate the call sean. Let's get you got time. Jeremy in charlotte north carolina. You're next on the rush limbaugh show. Hello jeremy derek Question for you is. It's it's been about two weeks now since the election. And i you know to me the only place i seem to be able to go to get a constant stream about the fraud. That happened is twitter and parlor It seems like not just the mainstream media but even by the people that i listened to regularly hardcore conservatives are not. I look at this as the absolute biggest issue of our time and so important. But there's only a few weeks four or five weeks to kind of make everything happened and it just seems like there should be topic number one. There's so many dimensions to that. With dominion and dead people voting and all the well. This is one thing i say. Far too many conservatives republicans look at election days a finish line and democrats. Don't it's not it's a checkpoint it's a endless marathon it never stops. It's just a checkpoint so republicans will go. Does their hands off on elections over. We really well the house blah blah blah. Let's go let's go to an island somewhere and have vacation and just get ready for the next congressional session whereas democrats are already plotting and planning what's happening right now and we'll get into it in the next hour. We have a member of the pennsylvania. Congress coming on to talk about what's going on but to put a fine point on what you were saying. Jeremy most people will not know this name. Gregory sandstrom gregory sandstrom is a navy veteran. He's forensic computer scientists. He testified up in pennsylvania on wednesday at the big hearing they had. We'll have audio coming up. But he had bombshell information as a republican poll watcher. He saw a lot of weird things documented. He's a navy veteran. He's a well respected man in the field and i decided in gathering this audio for the show today that let's see if maybe read the new york times story about him so it's not some conservative side or maybe the washington post or maybe nbc. News has so. I did a search on gregory centrum. His name news. Google fox news comes up. Wjla comes up a story from august which has nothing to do with real estate and the post millennial and then there's a story from the washington post from two thousand seventeen about jim webb. That mentioned him. No other media outlet bother to cover not only what centrum said but that hearing in general where therre were really disturbing. Things may not change the result in pennsylvania this year but these things have to result in changes to what goes on in pennsylvania in the future. Damn well better. Or republicans are screwed. Jeremy that's the kind of blackout that we're getting. Well you know. I you know i hope and pray that behind the scenes. There's a lot of fantastic lawyers and just sort of semi obscure people like that. That are just working on this. They're going to get the right result at the end of the day. But you know it's just. I hope so opinion and just what the narrative is in the country and it just seems like my gosh. There's ever a time to just put all of our want to ask and put all the energy we lose jeremy. We lost jeremy. But i would love to see personally these billionaires these so called conservative billionaires that are out there they'll they give tons of money to the tanks. Jeff bezos bought the washington post for pocket. Change for him buys get into the media business. Okay even if it's a loss leader to get some honest journalism some honest reporting going on out there. It shouldn't be a struggle. We shouldn't have to read between the lines to get to the news anyway. We'll we'll step here on derek hunter sitting in for rush limbaugh right back. I just corrected via email. The guy's name is stints from not sends them. I dropped the tea. I have dyslexia. What you want from me. Plus i've been drinking all morning. Just mostly kidding Coming up in the next hour we'll get to more. Your phone. calls are going to be joined by a representative from the state of pennsylvania and pennsylvania. State house can do things about this mess that we're talking about all sorts of other news. We'll give you the latest developments on that. Hearing that happened up this disturbing hearing that happened up in pennsylvania on wednesday. Derek filling in for rush. We'll be back as the demand for telemedicine grows. So does the need for connectivity five g. meets that need qualcomm remains focused on giving doctors and patients superior security rich five g connectivity. Learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age support for. This podcast comes from walgreens. 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I wanna talk about pennsylvania and talk about the election in general. I don't know whether or not it was stolen. It sure as hell seems really really suspicious that there would be eighty million people in this country looking at joe biden hiding his basement for six months and kamala harris not doing one single press conference no scrum. Nothing and say. I gotta have that. I really gotta have that. That's that's for me right there. When joe biden opens his mouth and he loses his train of thought before it even gets out of the station. And you sit there and you think who who looks at that and goes more plays more plays maybe comedy central. But they don't really do comedy anymore so they probably wouldn't either. That's why it's just curious to think not only did joe biden. Do better than barack obama did. He's better than anybody ever has. Something like ten or fifteen million more votes than barack obama. You're telling me. In two thousand and eight barack obama on the ballot the excitement the everybody knew john mccain was gonna lose in two thousand eight it was. It was just it. Was there the only thing that gave him a chance with sarah palin being on the ballot conservatives with john mccain he got glowing press coverage by attacking conservative so we weren't super excited about voting for him but we held our breath. Did it but you also you know. It's like okay it's gonna be. It's gonna be barack. Obama barring a miracle. The miracle didn't happen then in two thousand twelve. Barack obama actually got fewer votes than he did in two thousand eight. because that's kind of the pattern. not very. Many presidents have gone up in subsequent reelection bids it just so happened that the republicans didn't publicly kinda got decimated in the bush years. You had a vice president who loved dick cheney. But he didn't want to be president so there is no heir apparent which meant it was a free for all republicans defaulted back to two thousands runner up and said all right you can have it and then in two thousand twelve. It wasn't much better pickens. We ended up with mitt romney right. Lamb to the slaughter and romney had a good debate and romney did okay and the campaign. not okay. maybe just maybe and then no. even then barack obama's vote total went down. And you're telling me that people were more excited and it's not just population growth came. We may gain ten million people in population over that time period. Were expected to believe it. Something happened to the cities of detroit. philadelphia atlanta milwaukee. Where people are just like. I gotta i gotta have that biden. I don't know know what to tell you. Get out of my way. I'd i'd go trample everybody to get on that biden so That's what seems fishy at best to put it politely to a lot of us out here it doesn't make any sense. It's maybe true. But what's kinda give away is when you do just ask basic questions like scratching your head going. Wow the city of detroit really went overwhelmingly in record numbers for seventy seven year. Old white guy never really set foot in the city. That's kind of weird. The asked that question suddenly you're problematic. Oh don't how dare you question it and by president trump questioning and challenging some of the results. Because there's is a lot of fishing is going on keeping poll-watchers out bat massive dumps of votes that went ninety nine percent. joe biden. president asks questions. He's threatening our democracy. It's a threat to our democracy. Doing doing nothing about voter. Fraud is a threat to our democracy. Doing nothing about anything that's potentially cheapening. The votes of americans is a threat to our democracy and want to get in the way back machine here for a second with cut seven just because the talking heads the breathless pearl clutches engaging their fainting catch you can see them collectively. They put the back of their wrists to their forehead and engaged their fainting couch and fan themselves going. Oh well i never talking about what is happening right now. They don't remember two thousand thirty seven days of al gore that that was that was i was college. Then that was massive. Nobody was going my god. It's a threat to our democracy. Plus they didn't even they didn't even bother to say that al gore lost his home state lost his home district that he used to represent in congress. It was all about florida. Why al gore can do whatever he wants to do. We can fully understand that. Then you have two thousand sixteen when donald trump won it's like these liberals don't think we remember that the internet exists. It's much more ubiquitous than it was in two thousand one and all of these talking heads on cable news are aware of the internet. Because they're all on the twitter and the facebook and they're all touting their following so that means that there's a massive archive out there of everything that they said so. I just wanna play this. Cut between chris hayes and michael moore from two thousand and sixteen to remind everybody that what donald trump is doing is not anywhere close in the same time zone the same hemisphere as what they were encouraging hillary clinton to do and the electors back in two thousand and sixteen. Here's chris hayes and michael moore hoping praying trying to pressure electors members of the electoral college to switch their votes cut. Seven go ahead. There are people who are pushing very hard who think that because of some of the constitutional perils of the emoluments clause because of the popular vote margin because of a fundamentals they think threat to liberal democracy that the that electric should be persuaded and pressured on monday. Two to part with what their pledges and vote and vote against donald trump. Yes they absolutely absolutely. I've i believe right. Now that there are electors only thirty eight of them who have a conscience or who are worried about a man who attend the daily security briefings who who we now know. Russia was trying to help get elected. That's a lie right there. Michael moore lying. He was member of the liberal. Elite in good standing still is chris hayes. Is you know goes to the same. Barber is rachel maddow sitting there encouraging it. When what have these two and others of their ilk been doing since the election. Donald trump is refusing to accept the results of the election. It is an outrage. It's a threat to our democracy. These are the same people that say. Donald trump tweet criticizing immediate threat to our democracy. No our democracy. Our democracy isn't that fragile. The founding fathers were on to something. I realized you left. He's don't hold them in any esteem but they knew what they were doing. You don't but they did. Don't ever forget that so as we enter. What's going on now. It's important to have that frame of reference of how things were just four short years ago. All of these players are still with us. All of these players have just ripped off their one. Uniform took off the visitors uniform and now they're wearing the home uniform. They're they're preaching exact same are the exact opposite of what they said back then. Michael moore was not chastised for threatening our democracy. Chris hayes was not chastised for threatening our democracy not by challenging. The results by saying there was fraud but simply bypassing the votes of the people donald trump is trying to make sure that the actual votes of the people count. That's the difference between two thousand sixteen and twenty two twenty twenty. Donald trump wants to make sure they got the vote right. Because if you just look at the numbers it doesn't make any sense. It might be true but it doesn't make any sense so trying to make sense of. It is part of what separates us from the animals. It's a good thing we can look at something and understand things and go. How does this. What does this mean. Okay now i get it now. We can go on but asking questions is a hell of a lot different than putting pressure on. Electors jason alexander. The guy who played george costanza on seinfeld put out a four minute video on youtube. It was very very calm his in his room. He's wearing khakis so you know he was very serious. Talk to those electors out there. You know this is wrong. You know this is wrong. Hillary got more votes. And so we ask you to To change your vote in the electoral college. They were actively openly lobbying to bypass the will of the people in the various states. And go right to the electors so spare me the pearl clutching the indignation of all holy frank to nanna. They're threatening our democracy. No no we're not. We're fighting to uphold the democracy because one fraudulent vote disenfranchises. one american. One american being disenfranchised is far too many. I look at it the same way. I look at like the murder of kate. Steinle or anybody. Any american bernard by an illegal alien the left always whenever there's something they refuse to cover kate stanley's murder for months and months and months and they say when they finally did. They always put the caveat in there. Well remember. you're more likely to be murdered by an american then you are to be murdered by undocumented migrants or whatever they happen to be calling them at that given time and that's true it's a numbers game three hundred and thirty million americans eleven million illegal aliens just statistically it goes in that direction the difference being anybody murdered by an illegal alien. Wouldn't have been murdered if the illegal alien weren't in the country see. That's the difference. It's not like that movie. Final destination where it's your time it's your time and there's nothing you can do about it if that illegal alien was not in. San francisco is not in the united states. That day to kill kate. Steinle kate steinle would not have been murdered by somebody else. Somebody wouldn't have stepped up. It wasn't her time he murdered. The same thing goes with voting. The question for leftist on immigration is how many americans being murdered by illegal. Aliens is enough. Is there a line somewhere suddenly. Go now i care. We're at x number now. It's a problem and before that it's all like doesn't really matter. No big deal. The question for democrats now voting is how many americans being disenfranchised having their votes cancelled by illegal. Votes is enough for you to start to care to at least ask questions to look in and say. Wait a second. Something isn't right here. This is weird. Everybody can admit it's weird when in the middle of the night three thirty in the morning. And suddenly there's a right angle in a graph. That doesn't seem right. Why why did it shoot up. Why are there. One hundred thousand votes for joe biden and none donald trump. Because that's not how vote counting works. They don't go all right. We'll separate them into who gets what and then we'll count the biden pile. Then we'll count trump pile vote counting works or at least it's not supposed to be so that we have questions is normal that the left is insisting we not ask. Those questions is abnormal. Which gives rise to a lot of curious head-scratching going wait a second. Why are we allowed to ask questions. These are the people who get You know question authority tattooed on their face. There's the people who consider themselves rebels. Which is another things. The left is the ultimate party of conformity absolute conform. Yeah you can put a spike through your head. You can do wear whatever you want. You can claim some new gender. You just created and be that as long as you think the way they say you'll be fine but if you happen to be you know thinking for yourself. The calls for tolerance inclusivity. Suddenly the way of the dodo. Ask clarence thomas. Ask condoleeza rice. How tolerant the left really is really what they want. When they celebrate. Diversity is nothing but a bunch of different colored like-minded drones. You're able to do whatever you want as long as you do what you're told you're able to think whatever you want as long as you think what we think that's the modern left well when it comes to this election. No i got some questions. You got some questions. We demand some answers. We're going to talk to somebody after the news. Who can maybe hopefully give us some answers. And even if the answer is a it was a fluke. What are you going to do. Joe biden's wildly popular with young urban kids. Maybe that's the case but it sure as heck seems like fraud and we definitely need to make sure that our elections are secure before the next one is. If we don't if we let this sort of i'll just be generous and call it. Weirdness metastasized the rest of the country. Republicans will never win another election again. We can win on fair ground. How donald trump can win when he's got ten billion dollars worth of free media attacks against him from the media itself can't beat cheating though that's the problem. We have some amazing audio coming up clothing and your phone calls at eight hundred two eight two two eight two. I am derek hunter. I'm lucky enough to be sitting in for rush limbaugh today. He'll be back on monday. We'll be right back. Going back to the rush limbaugh show derek hunters sitting in breaking news out of pennsylvania the day for pennsylvania. Federal appeals court rejected an attempt by president trump donald trump's reelection campaign to Repeal and since cnbc effort to undo the results of pennsylvania's presidential election. We'll have more on this. That's the latest There's always there's always more but let's get to the phones because it is open line. Friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. We go out to los angeles with john. Welcome to the show. John yes derek. Thank you for taking my call queue for making it. I wonder if you can name another losing presidential candidate to blame his loss on election fraud. Well privately richard nixon in one thousand nine hundred sixty because of the mob in chicago did richard nixon himself blame that loss on on crime fraud privately privately but he didn't go on television. He wasn't the president of the united snow. But it was marcus news very rules back then. It was a different world. John can you name another president in the united states who had been routinely called hitler from the day of his election and on his inauguration day when chris matthews called his inauguration address hitlerian. I'll wait ably could if i researched it but really not. I don't think that's i mean that's not the president of the united states. That's doing that kind of Joe biden absol offals. Hitler this election cycle. So i mean yeah. Let's not pretend that didn't break. I will. I appreciate the call. But i just got to say that. Yeah things are different than you want to talk about how things got different. Thanks for the call. John but let's talk about how things got different because it was always marketed. Queensberry rules in everybody's gentlemanly and we must all do this. That and the other thing and everybody now on the left and the media says donald trump broke all these norms ruined all these norms. Oh of him. Suddenly everybody turns into a cheers. Patron norms norms norms. No if it wasn't that long ago the word bush. Hitler mean anything to you. One word to syllables bush. Hitler bush hitler they kind of set like it was one syllable and the left kind of said. Well we're not going to really talk about that. We're going to let him call hitler then. Suddenly bush hitler went away and barack obama came. And there was no obama's hitler. To the extent that obama was hitler existed it was from the lyndon larouche people every once in a while they'd take the picture in the media and say look. They've got a picture of obama with a hitler moustache as conservatives and then you look it's like larouche pac down in the corner those are lefties they were crazy now. There the mainstream the democrat party but suddenly thousand sixteen comes around. And it's hitler hitler hitler everywhere you go. That's a norm that was broken. You wanna talk about donald. Trump's incivility one thing. I will point out about president. Trump is he doesn't hit. I he hits back and he hits back hard as he should as anybody should but he is not out there picking fights with little old ladies and finding. Some backbench congressman. Nobody's ever heard of he responds. That is maybe a new norm that you don't like if you wanna go by marcus queensberry rules. But he isn't out there calling everybody mao call him. Stalin calling them hitler. that's the left. That's a pretty damn big norm. So that the president roused back at them. Forgive me for not caring. We'll be back sitting in for rush. Limbaugh we'll be back here on monday if you're not welcome to the program it's open line. Friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two is the telephone number to try and sneak one past the goalie both snerdley. Today we joined now by pennsylvania state representative representing the eighty sixth legislative district up there in pennsylvania. Greg rothman congressman rothman. How are you. i'm well. Derek how are you. I'm doing well. And i just basic question hell's going on up there. In pennsylvania had big hearing there. You participated in this hearing on wednesday and one of the things that stuck out to me as. I'm listening to this wednesday afternoon. Was the testimony from greg stents drum. Who is a navy veteran in a forensic computer scientists guy is an election observer for the republicans before we get into your response to this. I wanna play a clip for you and get your reaction to it because no matter what happens in this election. Things got to change their in pennsylvania to cut ten. Go ahead what we saw there. But i saw a chain of custody and all cases that was broken. Broken for the mail in ballots. The dropbox ballasts the election day. Usb card flash drives in all cases the chain of custody and the procedures that were defined by the delaware county board of elections and election process review. We're all they didn't follow one. I couldn't even redline this multi page documents because the entire document would. They didn't follow any of the procedures. Congressman rothman. How is it possible for one county to is it. That incompetent is that corrupt one. County not. Just get it wrong. There's always gonna be heirs around the edges. That's what being human is but to get everything completely wrong. How does that happen well. And you know we saw. It's indisputable That we saw in both philadelphia county and allegheny county that hundreds of thousands of votes were counted without any observation without the other side being able to observe So why You know that's that's the question we're trying to get at but it's The the law that we passed back in october of two thousand nineteen seventy seven. Which would allow ready for this. No excuse absentee ballot. Voting turned into a mail in ballot mail in voting campaign. That was Changed numerous times. This created whole cloth by the supreme court in the state wasn't it. yeah they they added things like that Ballots could receive three days after the election. Verification signatures wasn't required The department of state created regulations. That flew in the face of what the law said including dropbox is where you could just drop your balance off So all those things are indisputable. The question is whether or not those played a role in Vice president biden winning the election fencing and their number of us in the legislature. They're trying to get to answer that. And by the way we're not We're not alleging anything we we're listening to testimony in two thousand sixteen the same governor in the same administration. You waited until december twelve to certify election. What is the urgency of a certifying election on november twenty fourth. This time the difference is if you certify it then you have to officially legally challenge it. If you don't certify it then you can possibly have a better chance of of changing. The results congressman rothman and other clip from gregory. Stensrud want to skip the cut twelve here because this one. This one is bizarre to me. You are in the room and it seems to me that there was an audible gasp when this happened and under oath testimony cut twelve go observe. The locker room in the back office was seventy thousand unopened mail in ballots. They were in boxes of five hundred stacked and neatly. The gentleman came in with me is was a Democrat poll watcher is a forensic pathologist very detailed very dedicated man. He took meticulous notes as well. And i verify with him. Are you seeing what i'm seeing. We both agreed. Gop poll-watchers in a democrat poll watcher. That we had witnessed seventy sixty to seventy thousand. We had a little bit of a disagreement. There the problem with that was by that time. The mail in ballots had already been counted. So one hundred and twenty thousand mail in ballots had already been counted posted and done so. My question is where. Do the seventy thousand ballots. Go do we know rothman. We know what was going on there. Do not know and our our state government committee requested that the secretary of state Democratic appointee come in and answer questions. She refused That same committee invited dominion voting systems. Machines that Are in fourteen of our counties in to answer questions of our committee at the last minute. They cancelled That that's that's the concern of many of the republicans in the legislature. That we'd like answers. And i think that anybody who loves democracy and cares about this country on the side of the aisle would wanna make sure that nothing that you know that this this election was legitimate that but everybody wants to make sure the world series is legitimate but a couple years ago you know now astros fans don't care all that much. This is bigger than that right. I mean yes. There's been a next year and we're talking about elections that our country. Because i frankly if we allow this to happen without investigating just encourages bad actors in future elections or in an election georgia in early january. Is there any bipartisan. Republicans control the state house in pennsylvania. But is there any democrat reaching out to you even privately saying look when the spotlight dies down. I get crucified by my own party. If i come out now but when the light dies down. Yeah i agree. We have to make some changes here. I have not heard from many in that. It doesn't mean people in the party. i just haven't heard from other members that told me they have But but we're all concerned because the elections you know that's the most important thing we do. it's how we choose our leaders and whether it's a president or or state representative or anywhere in between We have to make sure we get it right. And the voters depend on. We are a nation of The consent of the governed right and so if if they're not able to choose the leaders they want They going to question the legitimacy of the government. So that's that's why this is so important that we get it right. And what are the democrats in the last held rallies they after election count every vote count every vote and then as soon as vice president biden took the lead. They stop talking about the well. That was al. Gore's playbook in florida in two thousand. Keep counting until i get ahead. Got al franken in the senate by guest is congressman greg. Routh from pennsylvania congressman. What can you tell what. What did you watched all of this unfold in person and you know the players involved you know the party machines involved. You grew up in this. What bothered you the most. What what what was the biggest red flag for you get. Democracy dies darkness right. Isn't that the new york times. Says they saw. It had servers fact that observers from both games either campaigns or both parties were not allowed to observe the county. I mean that that to me is the most dangerous thing. I've lost plenty of elections that i supported candidates lose that happens. We all know about that. But the idea that you can Have ballots counted without. And when you have mail in voting it's different. It's not like you're looking at the machine. When hundreds of thousands of votes counted without anybody being able to observe is is very concerning to me. And we heard that from both ends of the state philadelphia pittsburgh and you have a room. Apparently with at least seventy thousand one hundred twenty thousand square foot warehouse convention center. I mean i think about one hundred and twenty thousand square feet. That's a into to be two hundred feet away or twenty feet away. I can't read something. That's ten feet away so Observing means something then and we know it's that's not in dispute that the democratic control counties not allow republicans to observe the count as you. You described the situation as the audio. We played a lot of people are sitting there. going in. That sounds really messed up. Where are the courts now in pennsylvania you have a democrat dominated supreme court talk a little bit about what they have done to show their cards as less judges and more activists in today you elect judges so these are partisan democrats. It ran campaigns One of them either ran on a campaign talking about how we need to change our our our districts in our maps Which generally is only done every ten years And then went and voted on changing them at sin instead of on legislature to do it. The democrat controlled supreme court wrote their own that which changed congressional elections in las. How many republicans. Seats in that redistricting. By i think i think we lost five at that point which is crazy and and gave nancy pelosi control congress so And now we're even number of nine and nine but this this is a very partisan court They upheld everything that every coney measure that are democrat governor instituted during code including a rule. The other day on wednesday nights at five pm bars could no longer serve alcohol in the bars. Still be eating. It can still drink soda but they will not serve alcohol and many of these things. We appeal to supreme court ruled. The governor had that authority which doesn't and the secretary of state has secretary of health. Has they don't and now the secretary of state in the election the courts have given her or should we don't believe in the law so there are no help how often are the the staggered elections of our up each cycle for the supreme court. How long term. I knew it goes to a certain age so there there will be make you serve. I think it's a ten year and you ever tensions But we we are going to have at least one coming up because it seems like you have to change the court in order to change the state legislature and even if you change the governor's mansion they're there to just say not interested liberal policies go forward and that's right courts are just as important. And and maybe more. So in this case congressman. Gr- representative. Greg rothman of pennsylvania. Thank you for letting us interrupt your Your thanksgiving weekend. Not like a super good news coming out of there but we gotta know because we got to know where to fight and how to fight. Thank you congressman. You don't give up. Never never it's a checkpoint on an end keep your elbows sharpen up. You're listening to the rush. Limbaugh show on the eib network will be right back. Welcome back to the rush limbaugh show. I'm derek hunter sitting in it's open line. Friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight. Two people are very very kind to hold. And i will do my best to get to all of you. We go back to the phones because it is open line. Friday we start up in burlington vermont with paul. Thank you for holding paul. Hey derek happy thanksgiving happy thanksgiving wouldn't agree with your point that i don't think eighty million americans looked at joe biden. Said we want him. I'm sensing was i think. Eighty million americans looked at president trump's and said we don't want him of explains the outcome of he'll do you really think that many low because i could buy some i'd buy five million i'd bet it you know that's fine. President trump is one thing. President trump does not inspire is indifference. Paul so i'll give you that but yeah to fifteen million eighty million people more than barack obama by double digits by ten million or more said. I got to go against him there. We didn't see that kind of bump against obama from republicans it just. There's a bump but not that big of a bump. There was more of a drop in his support from eight to twelve. Do you think that. Eighty million people. When i got to get rid of this guy because what let me ask you this. I assume you're up in vermont. You got bernie sanders up there and you're putting this where you one of those eighty million people who said i got vote against this guy. I was okay. We're all friends here. It's fine yeah. of course now. What did donald trump do that. So upset you that you said. I've got to get rid of this guy. Well i didn't vote for him last time either. Okay but you skip to the. Let's say you skipped to the bulls this time. Okay yeah okay. Yeah yeah well. I think there's a number of things i think Some some of the norms that you talked earlier clearly upset some people but when i talked about those who will go up by one of them one by one but i when i said those norms those norms were not destroyed by donald trump. He didn't come out and start calling everybody hitler. And that's kind of important norm. That was destroyed long before donald trump came down the escalator. But i think the refer to the press is the enemy of the people i think is is is unsettling i think that we have but you acknowledged that he said is the enemy of the people actually said fake news is the enemy of the people but he did nothing about it for all the pearl clutching over. Always that threat to the first amendment. He didn't do anything to the press. he didn't push any legislation. You didn't sign name. The executive orders that had to be overturned for violating the first amendment. While barack obama actually spied on twenty associated press reporters phones. He actually went. Through james rosen at fox news is parents email to find sources so it saying something is one thing sticks the sticks and stones doctrine compared to obama. Who did something. Why didn't it bother you. That obama did something. Why bother you so much that just don't trump called him the fake news enemy of the people well. Donald trump was running against barack obama. I understand that but never did you. Did you vote for mitt romney. Twenty twelve. I did not i didn't i i'm i'm like you said i'm in vermont. Bernie sanders it. It's a perfectly acceptable answer to say it's my team. I don't care it's an honest answer. I grew up loving the red wings. And i hated chris. Chelsea's a hell of a defense man for the chicago. Blackhawks hated him. It was so good then he became a red wing. And i loved him. I get it the my team philosophy. It's okay to give that answer. Yeah no i think. I think for a lot of people well again. I can speak for myself. I think for me. It started with donald trump's racist birther movement when he which to me was was racism plain and simple and clearly again going back to you know these twenty five women that accused him of sexual assault. Though i mean i i just have a real problem with that. I think i think It's you voted for joe biden right. Yeah but you know. I don't think anybody accused. Joe biden of quite. What donald trump did you buy. Tara reid's book. She's got a book. She's the one who accused him of what would constitute definition legal definition of rape but definitely sexual assault and she actually had contemporaneous evidence at the time. There's also a allegedly a report she filed in the senate at the time back in nineteen ninety-three that is sealed in the university of delaware in biden's papers that he would not any allow anybody to look at that. Give you pause at all paul. Well yeah. I certainly didn't understand why those records born opened up. You know. i mean they're not library something she should be open but but again i. I think couldn't maybe guess why. Well i mean. Why isn't donald trump release his taxes. Can we look. You don't have to do what aboutism you can say. It's my team. I i it is okay. Let's see that's perfectly fair. It's i i don't agree with it but it's perfectly fair that you say it. I'm not going to judge you. For saying i appreciate the honesty. Were literally up against the clock. Paul i spent a lot of time with you. I appreciate it. We had a civil conversation. Nobody called anybody in nazi. Even though you probably aren't. I'm just kidding. You're listening to the rush limbaugh show on derrick. Welcome back to the rush limbaugh show. I am derek. Hunter failing the seat doing the best. I can rush. While he enjoys the holiday weekend he will be back here on monday. So a fear not your shall not have to hear my nasal drone on monday. We'll get to more of your phone calls. It is open line friday plus a bunch. More news coming up support for this. Podcast comes from williams. Some people deliver packages others delivered dinner. At williams we deliver natural gas that is safe clean and affordable and have for over one hundred years. That's how we feel the clean energy future williams. We may clean energy happen. Learn more at williams dot com. That's w. i l. l. a. m. s. dot com o. Our three. where our one to go. I am derek hunter. I'm the host of the derek under show and the derek hunter podcast and the author of the book outrage inc. Just a thrilled to be here on. Open line friday number eight hundred two eight two two eight eight to the man himself. I can't thank him enough. We'll be back here on monday. So fear not just of put a fine point on what we were talking about at the end of the hour going on in pennsylvania. Just want to point this out just again. Asking questions doesn't seem to be any problem with ask well. The left hates being questioned about anything but as americans. This thanksgiving free to ask questions give you just. Some numbers did not a lot of numbers numbers. Don't go over well on the radio. But from six counties in pennsylvania having to be controlled by democrats Philadelphia montgomery delaware. Chester bucks allegany. Joe biden campaign. He managed to surpass barack obama's vote totals by a total of two hundred sixty eight thousand votes in those six counties up in pennsylvania. That's three times. The current air quotes victory margin for joe biden in the state of pennsylvania of eighty. One thousand six hundred sixty votes. Now trump won this state in two thousand sixteen. I'm not saying it's impossible that everybody was excited. About barack obama in two thousand eight got really excited and dragged friends and neighbors to the polls just saying that seems a little unlikely. I get understood the excitement. Around barack obama in two thousand and eight from democrats from the left and from people who weren't politically engaged. Her didn't have any idea what the guy actually stood. War wanted to do. I can understand you. Just look at it and go. This is super exciting. He's really cool. And he's the first black guy blah blah blah. I got all that. Joe biden is like. It's it's the weird grandpa that you reluctantly visited easter i. Nobody's excited about that. Creepy guy telling stories about young kids putting his leg hair throwdown with corn pop in a parking lot. Well he's lifeguard at a pool and somebody says more of that please. I came for the whimsical rambling pointless stories. I stayed for the decades of casual racism. I must vote for this guy. I'm sorry i just need to see you know you go out on a golf course and you you tell me your shot a sixty okay. Great guard is nice. But i wanna talk to the other people in your foursome. I got to know how that happened. That's just me and other news. Over the last couple of days there was wednesday. There was a big victory late. Wednesday late wednesday. A big decision out of the supreme court for religious liberty which anybody who sits there and says donald trump's tweets mean tweets about the press. That's a threat to our democracy. It's a horrible horrible thing. He did you see that. He tweeted out of me of him wrestling. cnn logo. How are we going to deal with this. Brian stelter the human weeble over there wobbling not falling down but crying silently to himself. This is a threat to democracy. Well the threats to religious freedom because by the way trump did nothing about the press by the way can do anything the first amendment he respects the first amendment. The left doesn't respect the first amendment. Don't respect really any of the amendments particularly the second they wrap themselves in the first wiping themselves with the second they look at only part of the. I the part that has to do with the press. They're not so much a fan of are they like the gatherings depending on what it's for the right to peaceably assemble. They love that. As long as it doesn't even have to be peaceably. It can be full blown riots and you'll have alley belge standing in front of roasting weenies on a burning tire store going. It's mostly for. Don't pay any attention to this fire. But if people get together and say we want to not be locked in our houses we'd like to be able to make a living again. We can resume life safely again. Get out of our way government though they don't like those peaceable the actual peaceable assembly they said did you see there carrying guns. Yeah how many people got shot at those people got killed and chop seattle too. So if you're keeping score and that's just one of the riots. I'm pretty sure that the side of pro freedom as a lower body count at zero but the religious liberty aspect of the first amendment is another part of the constitution in the first amendment that the left despises they don't like religion. Their religion is god or government and their god is climate change. That's all they're interested in anything that distracts from that you know. Think about mount olympus. None of the gods like any of the other gods because they all wanted to be up on top leftists. Don't like competition. Even from god to their concept of god so you had all these states imposing restrictions on believers in various states across the country the supreme court in the past has kind of let it slide for two four generally and four two four decisions or five four meter. Ginsburg was alive. They they were winning. Government can restrict the number of people churches. Have they can close churches if they want. Well case out of new york went back to the supreme court. Only this is different. Supreme court this supreme court as justice amy coney barrett sitting on it and in a five four ruling yesterday. I guess it was thanksgiving day. The supreme court issued an injunction blocking new york from enforcing a ten to twenty five person occupancy limit on religious institution. It's this is a huge win for religious liberty for the constitution. Everybody gets it. Nobody's out there. Running around saying covert is a myth. Cova does this cova does that. But if you have a large facility and lee and religious people faithful people want to attend a service and they socially doesn't they take care of everything else. We're told if you can't socially distance wear a mask we're told mask saves lives so if you're wearing a mask what's the problem. We're also told mask saves lives you must. You must wear a mask while the very same people telling us that are releasing people from prison because it's unsafe because cove it which i would say get. A mask should be problem solved. Right was where a mask masked save lives. How about you. Just give the prisoners masks. Seems like a way to not let rapists out of prison. I'm all in favor of that but nobody ever asked those questions. Because we'd have to have an honest about it but this supreme court decision reaffirming. The right of the people to have freedom of religion was not met well by our leftist friends. Ben rhodes remember him. he was the national security adviser. Under barack obama failed novelist. He majored in creative. Writing got his master's degree in creative writing. And by the time you graduate colleges you just be able to write but you gotta go back for three more years of study. Whenever probably really only got his job because his brother ran. Cbs news but he was up there and now he's in msnbc contributor because why not liberals fail up and they fail into into high paying jobs. He tweeted out upon the news of the supreme court. Decision quote the new illegitimate five to four skoda's majority overturning. A policy of to put more lives in danger happened to freedom of choice. What happened to that. They're only they're not really into freedom of choice. One thing one area only everything else. They want to restrict now in dissent. This is kind of funny and lets you know. Where the liberals on the court coming from justice sonia sotomayor added. I footnote the first page. This is her first footnote quote ironically due to the success of new york's public health measures. The diocese is no longer subject to the numerical caps on attendance. It seeks to enjoin. See brief blah blah blah yet. The court grants this application to ensure that should infection rates rise. Once again the governor will be unable to reimplement the very measures that have proven so successful at allowing the free and comparatively safe exercise of religion in new york. She's praising andrew cuomo governor andrew cuomo oversaw more deaths than most countries governor andrew cuomo's nursing homes killed ten to twenty thousand and we don't even know how many because they changed the way they counted things. It's really kind of a nice little shell game. Cuomo's up there really are like those guys playing three card monty in times square late at night constantly talking so you don't notice what their hands doing. Andrew cuomo issued the executive order on nursing homes and two months later he rescinded it two months later then on his book tour said i didn't. We never actually used that you did. Actually people acted accordingly in accordance with law governor but it took him two months to rescind it after. Thousands of deaths took them months to order. The subways to be sterilized every night. The subways petri dishes on wheels. What why didn't occur to you that have pandemic might spread in a tuna can on wheels underground poor ventilation but andrew cuomo denied all of it. I can understand the lash the rationalization behind the nursing home order. When you think your hospitals are going to be overwhelmed you sign this and said well people in nursing him they have some medical care there so we can maybe not clutter up some of them. They'll get the same kind of medical care we can give them in a hospital. I don't understand it taking two months of not going to capacity not needing the comfort station in new york harbor that never filled up never got any covert patients. I don't think or the makeshift bills. They in in central park never got patients so he preemptively ordered seniors to their death on the off chance. Maybe even the prospect at the hospitals are going to be overrun. But they weren't and it took him two months to do that. But thank god for a conservative supreme court. If you want to practice your religion you are now free to do. So in new york now justice roberts sided with the liberals which i hope you're sitting down because i nobody's surprised by that. The liberals were very upset new york times reporter elizabeth williamson. This is how an unbiased reporter. She's a new york times reporter. Don't you see. She tweeted out on hearing the news. Quote holiday service super spreaders brought to you in part by the catholic church which got the supreme court it wanted just in time for christmas. Sounds like she's really fair open and willing to hear people out doesn't it. Doesn't it now not at all but this is who the left. Is they show us who they are. They really do show us who they are. All we have to do is look. All we have to do is listen. Meanwhile people are actually suffering from these lockdowns. The study out of virginia last week. That showed that the number of fs students getting double more than doubled special needs kids more than tripled. Its been a disaster that distance learning with teachers unions love it. Teachers unions love it. Remember when l. A teacher's union said we're not coming back until you do this that and the other thing ensure our safety and defunding the police which you're sitting there going. What the hell this have to do with anything. It doesn't it's just liberals will parasitic ghulam on any one of their little christmas tree ornaments onto their their wish list of things. Then got this out of the washington post. Virtual schooling has largely forced. Mom's not dad's to quit work. It will hurt the economy for years. More than two million women dropped out of the labor force. As of october. The percent of american women working is the lowest since nineteen eighty eight. You would think democrats the party of women would be a little bit concerned by this and the dilemma. That families face. You would be wrong. Nancy pelosi she did not push through her progressive wing. And say okay. We're not going to get republicans to agree to bail out cities and states who spent irresponsibly just yet but we can help. People women are suffering. We're supposed to be the party of women. I'm a woman in nancy pelosi's voice because i am not. I don't even identify as one but she didn't she. Lets it go. These women suffering described by the washington. Post which goes through. You know you gotta find childcare. You got to find all these things now. The kids are at home. Every every parent at home knows this. Every parent knows the perils of distance. Learning and know should know that. Nancy pelosi is looking at that and saying oh how can i use this to my advantage. Which is really kind of sick if you think about it. Part of women. The party of people the party of children the children's for the children every other day you hear some democrats screaming about what about the children. We must do this for the children. What are they doing to children. Thank god children. Don't get impacted. Dramatically by cove nineteen the exact opposite of the spanish flu in one thousand nine hundred eighteen. Thank god for that. But what are we doing. We're looking at kids. Who are not going to be able to make up this time. We're looking at parents. Who are not gonna be able to make up this time. In earnings the children are going to have to be held back for at least a year at least a year and then since not only did they not advanced. They've atrophied that might even be more than a year or it'd be worse. I mean i don't even know which is worse the hold everybody back a year or just say well. We're gonna push forward. You can decide all of this while democrats insist on bailouts for local governments that overspent and under delivered trying to bail out state. Pensions that they over promised on and spent the money on the state of illinois gives lottery winners. I owe us. They're so far gone. Ready to fund that among take a pass on that this is open line. friday. I am derek sitting in for the great rush. Limbaugh the number eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two we. We'll get to your phone calls when we get back. Welcome back to the rush limbaugh. Show i am derek. Hunter here on the eib network. It's open line. Friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. Let's talk to paul in lewiston maine. Thank you for holding paul. You've been very patient. Thank you thank you unless you derek. Great job reporting. Thank you. I been a fan of yours for years. We you on townhall and I you're the one thank you well. You're not the ball right out of the park. It's getting to the point now. Where i don't leave the others. Throw a click every now and then paul just to be nice. Listen I'm i'm a self employed builder. I i've been building for forty years. I know what it's like to do. Roofing part of your your bio. Was that movie for a while. I did two summers of roofing. Actually one eight months stint and also did some construction. Some concrete work to and and electricity assistant which was mostly digging ditches and blowing wire through tubes. Well you know. I would attribute your skill as a writer to being a good roofer. There's so much time to think and it makes you ugly. You know roofing make make your ugly filthy. I still have my red wing boots covered in that eight hundred degree tar and i still have some scars on my legs from it. That is amazing. It's really amazing. So we've got a lot in common. I share the ron paul campaign in two thousand twelve here in maine and i've had my feet on the ground and i get work. Well with the grass roots. i I passed on your articles to a lot of other people. People are tuning in so you might want to keep that point the point of that pencil shop again. You're writing as well as you do Well thank you. I i wanted to say that was It was a great ruling yesterday. And of course cuomo didn't take much time to do damage. Control says the decision was irrelevant. They blast well the way they tried to do it. And this is what roberts fell for is right two days before the court was to rule would hear the case the court the state said we're gonna lift restrictions now and try to say there's nothing to rule on. We're not oppressing anybody but that would just mean that they could slap them back on. Wait for the appeal to get it to the supreme court. Pull it back off again and play that little shell game. And that's what gorst gorsuch actually blasted chief justice roberts for because robert said right on the merits. But there's really no harm here since the things have been pulled back it's It's it's manipulation. It's like filing suits fifteen different places across the country judge shopping. Kind of way predictable. You know it is paul. I hate to cut you off. Because you've been so kind jamaica embarrassed and we're up against the clock enjoy some lobster up there say hi to my friend garrett run into. I'm derek hunter. This is the rush. Limbaugh show will be right back really. Is derek hunter filling in for rush. Hi dad dad. Listening up in northern michigan couple. We'll get to more your phone calls. I promise it is open line friday but my mouth does have a lot of things to get out of it. I wanna talk a little bit about the pardon of general. Flynn judge sullivan. It's really a disgrace to the bench bench in dragging his feet on dropping charges against general. Michael flynn for the crime of allegedly lying to fbi agents when the first pass of those fbi agents said. He didn't lie to us. They also had the transcript. The only reason to go and talk to michael. Flynn was in the hopes that he says something they could contorts into a ally was part of. They gotta get something. The left the one thing left has spent doing consistently throughout the trump years is trying to claim scalps. That's it they don't care all you gotta take down in american hero. Who cares is is it. The trump scalp. let's get. let's just get it. It's it's really sick. And so president trump had been holding off on the part and i think president trump would have ranted this pardon a long time ago but general flynn wanted. The exoneration judge sullivan refused to drop the charges. Of course everybody knows that and appointed a retired judge to come in an advocate on behalf of the court which almost unheard of to say. Why the chargers shouldn't have been dropped. Which is ridiculous. Then that case kept going forward getting appeal and appeal dragging out dragging out dragging out and judge sullivan rather than handle his defeats at the appellate in federal court levels. He decided while we gotta have more hearings on this and he scheduled them and then he scheduled delayed and delayed them past january twentieth. Just coincidentally i'm sure it was just a technical oversight hoping that donald trump wouldn't be president after then well. Donald trump looked at that and said this is. This is enough while i still can. Who knows what will happen before january twentieth. But while i still can. I'm going to grant the pardon. And so general. Flynn is free yet. There are left us out there who are wildly unhappy one. Msnbc legal analyst msnbc and nbc news legal in us. It's a whole cable news. World is so incestuous so former federal prosecutor under barack obama of course. He's advocating for judge sullivan to demand that the lawyers from the justice department. Come in and explain to him how this pardon is not corrupt now. He posted a ten minute video on youtube. Yesterday i'm not going to bore you with it. But i watched it. It's like what what is the justification for some lawyers some former federal prosecutor. Some cable news talking head. What is it that He says that is so wrong about this. And all he does is repeat the word corrupt about one hundred fifty times. Every third sentence has the word corrupt in his career. Pardon corrupt this trump's corruption corruption. You notice that the left never actually says what it was way the caller earlier what was it that donald trump ted that you didn't like there was no i didn't care for his tax cuts or anything like there was no substantive not to pick on that guy but you ask any liberal who has trump turrets where they just freak out. Trump asked them. What trump did what does he do that so bad. They don't have an answer for you. What did he do. How is he a threat to democracy. How is it the is he. Hitler how is this heaven. they don't have an answer. it's just well. Trump trump's bad trump's corrupt he's making himself wrench off of the white house. Really isn't that worth is going down well and but still the eventually get to the point where they just give you the. Yeah but still defense which is nothing it means they give up but it doesn't matter they know that they don't have an answer and they don't care that's essentially. The abbot still argument that they engage in so after the pardon. Michael flynn the cable news. World went absolutely preserve as they do. Mara gaye is a member of the new york times editorial board she was on. Msnbc talking about this and you wanna talk about unhinged. This isn't the editorial sets the tone for the paper. This is the papers you know they. She's got a vote on the papers official position on things and they they write their official position on their she uses. Mlk to make a nazi comparison. I i'm not even kidding. Cut four go ahead cut for. We don't have cut for she remember. Mlk said that everything that happened in nazi germany was legal. And that is the explanation in the way. Things are in the trump administration talking about the pardon of general. Flynn now general. If you believe everything. About general flynn if you believe it all. His crime in quotes was lying to fbi officers fbi and cia agents. That's it that was at now. You shouldn't lie to fbi agents but those fbi agents did not believe that he lied to them at first and yet for that. They want him to go to prison. They've already ruined him. They've already forced sale of his home. They've already threatened his son to get the guilty plea and the left wants him to rot in prison now. What was his sin. Again his sin was working for donald trump. That's enough and that is going to follow everybody. Who worked for donald trump. You remember the clinton bush years right. Goes bill clinton to george w bush george w bush and this was kind of the way things go. You wanna talk about. George w bush comes in. There's a lot of weird things going on. In the clinton administration wasn't just monica lewinsky. There was remember the china fundraising remember. Al gore went to a buddhist monk. Out monastery out in california came away with two hundred thousand dollars from chinese monks who took a vow of poverty g. Where did that money come from. We had actually people. China chinese citizens fleeing the country. They still haven't returned. Who were the ones who are the bag. Men for the chinese communist. Seems like kind of a big deal. George bush comes in george. Bush is very old school. Politician says we're going to look forward and not backwards and everybody in the clinton administration said mark rich bought his pardon. That's we're not gonna look into that we're not gonna look into anything that big donation to the clinton library. No big deal. The clintons were good and good to go then. Barack obama comes in. What did barack obama promised to do. We wanted to go after people who done things in the war on terror during the bush administration you you poured water of khalid sheikh mohammed snows. That's it you've got to spend the rest of your life in prison. You're a monster really up or guy. He's only the mastermind behind nine eleven newport. A a water up his nose and poor dear. So i forget who it was but somebody in the cia destroyed the tapes destroy the tapes which god bless them. Thanks for doing that. The obama set the tone that they were not going to play by the old rules again. There was no. Oh my goodness barack obama's breaking the norms there was no concern about that whatsoever so would not and then of course the transition with trump they were spying on the trump campaign. They're spying on the trump transition team. They can't that apparatus in place to spy on the trump administration and try to frame up the trump administration. One thing they haven't done prove any actual crimes alleged all of them but they haven't proven any of them. So why should we expect them to be different. If joe biden's in the white house why would we expect them people who to this day. If you mentioned the name. Ronald reagan will spit on the ground and go. Oh he was the worst it. Just this really visceral angry response to a guys existence who died almost twenty years ago hadn't been president for thirty years. You mentioned ronald reagan and they just go crazy over it. Trump is going to supplant that so anybody who worked for donald trump is probably going to have to spend the rest of their adult lives looking over their shoulders. When you have an attorney general in the state of new york. Who ran on the promise that i am going to investigate. All of trump's businesses all the trump children anybody named trump. Anybody who plays euchre anybody. Whoever was involved with trump businesses. We're going to see if they did anything wrong. That is that is banana republic stuff. We'll find out if you broke the law but normally investigations require an allegation of lawbreaking. Course she one in new york. She's a hero of the left. So matt gaetz the other day congressman from florida. Came up with an idea. This is going to be cut. Fifteen president needs to just basically pardon everybody preemptively I think there might be some merit to this cut. Fifteen go ahead should pardon. Michael flynn he should. Pardon the thanksgiving turkey. You should pardon. Everyone from himself to his administration officials to joe exotic if he has to because you see from the radical left a bloodlust that will only be quenched if they come after the people who worked so hard to animate the trump administration with the policies and the vigor and the effectiveness that delivered for the american. So i think that the president ought to wheel that pardon. Power effectively robustly. It's kind of a fun idea. I like it. But i have a suggestion suggestion for you mr president. If you're listening not only should you issue blanket pardons to pretty much everybody in your administration just for fun you should. The left will go berserk and say this is an admission of guilt. They do that every day. Did that with michael flynn even though he's not guilty. This is an admission of guilt. V accepts department admission of guilt. Just for fun just for hear me. The president should also pardon. Like peter struck lisa page james comey brennan all of them every single one of them issue of blank sort of pardoned for. They're actually very very specific in the crimes for spying on this violating the fourth amendment. Issue those parts. they're not going to be prosecuted anyway. I know everybody's holding out hope for durham. But that's that horse ain't gonna hunt so pardon them all throw all pardons out there. Put them on the defensive neuter the idea that accepting partner getting pardon means an admission of guilt and throw it right back in their faces. And you can put any declaration next to the pardon you want as you sign it. Put it in there for the crime of this. That the other thing i operate. Full pardon to peter struck. How fun would that be watching. These people squirm doing what what what the party pal will be right back. Welcome back to the rush limbaugh show. I am derek. Hunter sitting in for rush. Who will be back on monday. Happy thanksgiving weekend to your rush. The institution will be back and one institution that understands and shares. The true story of thanksgiving the nation is hillsdale college. It's a college that rush is especially proud to speak of this thanksgiving season. Our friends at hillsdale college. You're taking time to appreciate their blessings faculty and staff at hillsdale are thankful that you are standing with them again. This year that many of you have chosen to participate in their teaching this year. They have put a substantial effort into the various online video courses in their publications and every one of them is free to watch and read. Thanks to hillsdale's many supporters. They don't take your time and attention for granted. 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On on monday. I grew up in michigan. I knew all about hillsdale. We could have gone there. It's open line friday. Let's get phone calls and your vernon baltimore's very patient you for holding burn. Hey derek you're doing great by the way thank you Nervous still you're you're the first person to mention The hypocrisy of the afc and pull yourself up by your boot. Straps analogy from fail bartender to a super famous and soon to be mega millionaire. Bring write a book. It'll probably be illiterate but it will sell a million copies. He's common no hollering. America sucks in. You don't have a chance that should be the title. There really is their message. It's barack obama's mrs elizabeth warren elizabeth warren what she grew up on a reservation somewhere in oklahoma. Now she's a multimillionaire. united states. senator. Barack obama grew up with parents. Neither of them wanted anything to do with them. Thrown off on the grandkids are in the grandparents and he ends up going to three of the most elite colleges in the country in the world and becomes president of the united states. And he's going to tell you the system is rigged against you. They just think they're so special fern. That's the thing they flip in america right. Yeah that's the beauty of america and that's kind of what they want to destroy. I just don't have much care or respect for people who gleefully climb the ladder of success and then pull it up behind him. And that's the way i view democrats burnt. Thank you for the phone call. We gotta take a break here as it winds down the rush remorse for coming back a man time really does just fly. I guess the terror white knuckling for three hours behind the golden the microphone really makes time fly. I'm derek hunter. You can find me on twitter at derek. A hunter e. r. k. The way the name was meant to be spelled. Don't follow rush. you're out there at real are limbaugh on twitter. He's just about half a million followers ahead of me. I shall catch him daily show on. Wcbs and baltimore from nine until noon Check that out the derek podcast is a completely different entity where you can find me five days a week on itunes or whatever my book outrage inc how the liberal mob rule and science journalism in hollywood is available for a your bathroom reading now. I want to thank a lot of people. Wanna think rush first and foremost amazing that he didn't poop this idea and i think his brother david. Who's a good friend. I wanna thank bo. Snerdley james golden for trusting me enough with this. I want to thank connie. And liz for pushing james into listening to me when i think everybody. Whoever got me into radio on wcbs. I want to thank my dad. Love you dad. My mom miss your mom have a great weekend russia. Back here on monday by.

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