Whats an American-made car, anyway?


this marketplace podcast is brought to you by indeed are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today and indeed dot com slash marketplace that's indeed dot com slash marketplace to place an by the michigan economic development corporation evan lyle of rush enterprises is a big fan of michigan as he put it the future of mobility is going to be decided right here in this state visit planet m dot com defined outweigh that's p cla any t n dot com young people are getting into the workforce later an older people plan to keep working for ever i'm david brancaccio in new york de job market has returned to its growth trend in june after a weak spot earlier in the spring so we learned on friday right now midsummer is also when you'd expect teenagers out there in full force but there's been a decline in high schoolers look for work part of a decades long trend from are workplace culture desk marketplaces meghan mcardle perino reports of lifeguarding scooping ice cream those classic teenage summer jobs figure prominently in the new season of the show stranger things and i got the little boy back in the eighties ear of the show more than half of high schoolers were bringing in a paycheck today only thirty five percent are working ryan non with the brookings institution says teams these days are spending more time on school taking advanced classes and summer programs with an eye toward college in long term earning potential teens were largely pushed out of the job market during the recession a decade ago and they have returned they extend expected says none so it's sort of a shift from way first just patient to more engagement with schooling but in the tightest labor market in decades many companies need all the help they can get walmart spokeswoman michelle mellow shock says the company is aiming new benefits like free essay t prep in college classes at teens it really makes sense chrysler forget walmart look taco bell has been holding hiring parties with free food and games and mcdonald's is accepting applications through snapchat i'm making the cardi corinne over marketplace on the flip side of teen implement we have retirement or lack of at a new poll from the associated press and a research arm of the university of chicago find the one in four americans do not plan to retire marketplace's eric embarrassed is following this erica what's behind these numbers now the big thing is financial security nearly half of adults that that they are financially prepared to retire an there few reasons for that some people never recover from the financial crisis or they just haven't saved enough or they have debt housing medical student loans an on the flipside some people like to work men if they can they will show or quarter i mean it's a big chunk of the population yeah an justice many people say they won't retire until after sixty five it wasn't specified exactly when that would be so they might retire at sixty seven or seven eats maximize social security benefit or they could be at eighty or ninety people being realistic you think of well it seems as if there's other data that backs this up over the next decade according according to the bureau of labor statistics sixty five to seventy four year olds are expected to be the fastest growing segment of the workforce but working that long isn't always feasible people get injured or ill or have to care for others or thank you jackie numbers london's footsie's down a tenth percent s and p futures down three tenths percent nasdaq futures down four tenths percent hong kong down one and a half percent market psychology this morning the stronger employment report friday low rusty odds d u s cuts interest interest rates this marketplace podcast is brought to you by curtis curtis knows that hiring and retaining a modern workforce salaried hourly full and parttime workers can be challenging especially in today's competitive the job market that's why kronos hr payroll talent and time in one place so hr professional supporting a blended workforce have all the tools they need to engage and motivate people every step of the way learn more at kronos dot com slash hr swagger kronos workforce innovation that works but a chrysler back when it was based in auburn hills michigan the dealer plates it came with had a big old american flag and the words america got my vote got the chrysler home unrealized the thing had been and assembled in canada wasn't engine made in japan by mitsubishi which brings us to the news that honda of japan just took three out of the top five spots in a contest for most american made vehicles here's marketplace's jack stewart if i were to ask you what you think the most american vehicle is what would you guess i would think ford cadillac heavy heavy in dodge lincoln that's stuck dfw airport j on john jackson on the streets of los angeles in fact the number one most american vehicle caused all combs american made index this year is the jeep cherokee which seventy two percent domestic pots the second third fourth spots go honda a japanese brands the best selling ford f one fifty pickup comes in at number thirteen industry experts like some irani autofocus solutions expected as much it's been a long time coming the toyotas and honda's has been the big sellers of american made vehicles they've been sourcing their parts from uss based suppliers for years they also assembled cause here and that factors into the scores caused dot com calculate how much each vehicle contributes to d u s a konami by looking at when manufacturing plump saw wipeouts come from and how many jobs each model creates kelsey maze from calls dot com says index shows globalization in action back when we first started doing this in the late two thousands routinely routinely they were vehicles there were eighty five ninety even ninety five percent a u s and canadian content an now the highest vehicles are are pretty much at seventy percent a survey dot com released a compliment be american made index shows that sixty six percent send people do want to call the contribution substantially to the uss economy although that is more truth older generations of course the gi track is from the center for automotive research she says the pending usa canada mexico trade agreement could in the longtime changed the auto industry supply chairing the new trade agreement does have higher content standards for the percent of vehicles have to be built in north america end the percent of a vehicle content that has to be made at a fairly high wage so that's basically has to be built in the usa canada but she says even with terrorists low cost pops from china oh he's going to be cheaper american consumer would have a difficult time affording a vehicle that was one hundred percent made in the united states electric car maker got tesla builds all of its cars at a factory in fremont california boats u s and international markets because dot com says it didn't give them enough data about the vehicles to be included the twenty nineteen i'm gesture marketplace also following news

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