Episode 407 - The Island


This is a head gum podcast. Hey, gang. Just a quick reminder that this April we are hitting the road to kick off the twenty nineteen tour season, right? If you're east coast adjacent, you wanna listen to this that is right. This messages were east coast Jason people and folks who like fly in places west coast people if you like in on plane. It all kicks off the twenty second of April. We are hitting the Boston Massachusetts kicking off the east cage tour or cages four nights. We will get into four different cages with to figure out how to get out of them h match. It's our it's our version of escape room. And you can see and we'll kill each other. So the twenty second we are at laughed Boston talking about the film, knowing which I believe is directed by Alex pariahs. Yes. Is there like one more time with God's image? If one of the great directors who blamed all his failings on critics, no better than blaming him. I thought you were going somewhere else. On April the twenty third we're going to DC wash Washington that is. That's right. Our nation's capital ZV get past all the clowns over there. We're gonna talk about God and sixty seconds. And that's at the DC improv. That's going to be a lot of fun. We love the DC improv grand return main room, this time not that closet. We a nice little. Here's the thing about that clause that we were in that closet and one person at a play two notches. That's it the fucking place stank the whole night. We did two shows and that second show. I was like I still house of and then it will twenty four th there. It is. You're going to be in Philadelphia. That's right. That's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And we'll be doing national treasure. That's right for papers important papers of the United States. I guess it's that one where he's like steel the declaration of independence. I feel son being spectacular. Definitely not believe one of better death. I think like a staircase collapses. I'm big I dunno. It's pretty funny. He winds up dead. And then the next night we are coming back home to New York City. We're at the Gramercy fee. Eater talking about the wicker man, remake Boyd Neel abuse. And not be allowed to make move. No, no, stop them got to be done. Right or always still make fun movie. Doing I I mean, I'm I'm not keeping up with the mass. All right. I'm just saying he's not an movie jelly, Alex prices that we should be he's movie fugitive real problem. Of course, it's the famous and all of that good stuff and the world's weirdest James Franco cameo over there. Stinger Assi, the stinger. Do you? Remember, if he says bees or the bees dubs because if he says the piece of that means he had it in his head that there is be tortured. Not the bees all bad. Which is weird because that's sort of like he's heard of this. The B helmet off shit. I hate this part. I do that the Larry easy to not like it at all maintenance money because when I saw the weaker manning theaters kept saying man, I hate this part. All this commentary in more this April, the east cage tour kicks off lost in Massachusetts. I'm gonna tease one thing. We're probably going to have a tour poster that you're going to want. Yeah. Little exclusive item. That's right, exclusive item. So April twenty second all kicks off head on over the WHM podcast dot com. Click on that tour tab, buy your tickets. These things are flying. It's going to be a real blast heading to cities. We haven't been doing several years. It's going to be a lot of fun WHM podcasts dot com for more information. This week on the program, man. I wish I had one of those white jumpsuits. It's the island Joop. Oh shit. The fuck. I had a good joke. And I was like, oh, we Stephen San alpha seventeen. And then I was like a limited shut the fuck up over into driven guy. Could just wait for this. Great joe. Noticing that you were going to have. To know. Are you ready? We're gonna do it again. Okay. We'll get you to get you ready. This week on the program. Boy, I wish I had one of those white jumpsuits. It's the island Manjoo pins. Stevenson alpha. Seventy totally worth the wait. Welcome back, Chris cab and echo Cisco. And we movies. Hello everyone. Welcome to we hate movies retuning in as always like I said appetite. That's right. It's the island from the pretty shitty year of two thousand five directed by Michael bay who makes them pretty shitty movie. Terrible. Your I think the same year revenge of the Sieff. That's right. Hey, poppy. This is the first year by second term. That's great. Boy. Just don't fuck it up. Now, I beat that Frankenstein. Fuck you think he's still doing that? Now, like an empty house. Yeah. That sad. Hey, bobby. Boy, I'm sure get tired of hearing all those crickets. Wind through country has do cre-. What if you and I came to a different understanding? Apropos of nothing. I'm fat. Dick cheney. Beer for you fat, dick. That's right. That's what that movie should've been call is fat, that'd be nice Christian bale actually eight he hit a bunch of McDonald's for three months to make his dick fatter, really. Yeah. It's not sodium regular dolls you have to get the nuggets. And you have to get the hot mustard. Thank grimace have to shove them straight up, your ether. That's right. I've got a nugget, dick. Yeah. That's a classic case of nugget. What if it was rib for pleasure? You don't know make Kareem for her Christian battles? Feels dick is much like a python in the eats. Would you like to super size Lord? So what is the island? Fuck all it's it's a science fiction film, wear the rich much like the rich. We know them right now can pay Sean being to do the service where he makes a clone of them. So they can have their organs harvested or live longer. And what guarantee learn this is happening right now. Of course, this is the most obvious outcome for human cloning. It's the only reason George W Bush dead right now because in coupon expire. Getting a boy get them back on the phone. I my Oregon's are failing. And I don't think that. That's right. Should have checked the date on the groupon. A group in the service for John bean will be giving you a dirty as look great. They have another group. Only two hundred million dollars. And so, of course, you know, like all these stories go the clones become aware of what is up and they escape. And apparently there was a lawsuit. Brought by parts the clone is horror film from the seventies. Which was an MS through K episode. A wasn't really and all they settled out of court seven figs. Yes. Yes. Yes. You're pretending not to know about it. Now, you know, I didn't know that it was an empty three to read the trivia. Okay. Yes. I did. It's good. It's a good. It's the same plaza goal. Or is it a Mike Mike to Mike? It's the same. There's foam it's cheering on people killing themselves, potentially. So it's those mean little fringes to it's nice. But I feel like it's a stretch because if you're going to have human clones, this is what would happen yet. Yeah. I just feel like we're we're sti- DEA society. You can't claim an idea anymore. I mean, not that. It's the only one it's also ripping off matrix. Oh, yeah. Pretty checks one three eight the entire start of this movie's jumpsuits a little minority report a little bit, Sean Bean's workstation, these flicking digital file across the desk. Dude, I wanted to come and do I bet you that's the one thing that will see from this. Well, see the. N scissor dot that was that was the wrong horse to fuck and bet on I bet you bazo says something like this. Oh, like a smart desk. Dick on it that dick where he took the picture who anybody theater. I I saw the first time last night. Really do. This was like the it came out like. Two thousand five like the tail end of my multiplex days. Sure, it was a C for free and the thing with some of those for freeze as you come out of this for free. And you're like, I could've gone on a jog. He's like look at the fucking clear blue sky. The sun's out you're like, or this was a hotel watch for me, actually. And it wasn't bad. That was fine with this. I watched like twenty minutes of it in a hotel. And I was like well just save this. Rewatch? Yeah. The one thing I think the biggest flaw of this movie. I guess it's kinda hard dismantle other ways. Like the reveal that there is no island. They are. Clones should have any weight to it end or be a surprise? But it's like in the trailer. Well, that that's also, you know, you got to do something else with that trailer. Yeah. I mean, what is the island who's the guy at the island in the trailer of remember, it's still, you know. Well, then what am I gonna do like they sold a whole six seasons of lost without telling you what the island really wasn't the commercials. We would is this connected to that both of those islands or faking death land. Right. Well, it's real that take the clones to the island, which is just death. Yeah. And they the lost guys. I haven't seen the show are dead. And they're they're hanging out on goes styles that original title working title. Goes i'll. Spirits. No. So yes, Steve mentioned, this is you and McGregor doing his like flat. Whatever Abed one. It's been worse. I don't know if it's been worth actually, I think really his American accent is never been worse than this. I cabinet isn't it kind of bad in lifeless ordinary is is he doing Merican he barely what's the movie cabin? That's like. It's designed after like an old school doors day movie love. Yeah. But he's really like he lays it on thick to get the lingo cartoon fake worlds. Yeah. That's like a bad accent? And that sure. Yeah. I don't know. My it's you don't see the lion on the leash this one. You do see this as me you can hear him stuffing it back. He does better Fargo actually when he's when he's got a place to be season three. I did a good. It's good. I was gonna say. Yeah. So it's it's worth a goddamn. Yeah. He looks a lot like Albert Finney at parts. That makes sense David through is amazing in it. Yes. I feel like that season versus the second season. Just amazing. No, I know. But like nobody was talking about third season. It's good to TV too much. There is. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, it's him. He he has the beginning him on having a dream where like literally in the first ninety seconds. You see this sinister old fuck in like this kind of flash. Whatever you want to go to the island. Well, then the island is obviously clearly a bad place. Absolutely. What if you're doing a post post suggestion get somebody? Nice get get get like this beautiful woman. That does a lottery have heard you not like you want to go to the island or I don't want that guy going to be there because I don't wanna go there. Find like a dude sounds like Bob Ross. Yeah. At least want to go to the island. Get down to the island there. You just got the hell out of it with a little palm trees on the island. Yeah. Thank you for joining us this evening painting. Classic wet on wet painting structure little piss yellow beach. There would have time for that. You want to go to the island? I think that's opposed to just be McGregor. Who can actually remember. Everybody remembers the sound, okay. Back at the very least Sean bean about his just backup. Are we talking about like his dream sequence opening up like he's fucking Overeen expected? Colonel williams. Cover these dreams to lab Basta, Lord when we go to the proper the baby propaganda room. Sure. All hem the flash thing. Yeah. Those are the images we I mean what I'm saying. Demand. I'm kevin. I'm saying the man yes, does not appear in the film that lead scientists lers. Sure like upbringing Dr Joe Hansen, and then the door opens. And it's like, and it's that dude from the vision, Sean bean should be like a mini boss. He's like the fight the these heavy scientists, but it's a heavy you fight to get to the ultimate. Okay. Let me that really nasty active from those anti-smoking ads the guy that plays the the guy from Philip Morris who laugh that everyone's dying this product. Yes. The one with the fucked up dead. He looks like he's Goodling tar. So it's him. He's having nightmares. Turks point. He really might be. We'll viz nightmares starts like a dream. No, dude. They're on a cool boat. He's just these this post from fucking Scarlett Johansson over this boat. Yeah. But then it's over with it looks like one of the commercials. Michael bay directed before he became a filmmaker. And he wakes up in this room. And very clearly it's like a very super future situation. Totally getting this is the thing. I find obnoxious about this kind of future is like a little scroll that opens your everyday like time to get up. There's too much salt and your piss agreed the day. Fucking computer. Don't tell me how to live, please. Like, I would start talking back to the computer pretty regularly that and it's surprising that he doesn't. I it start freak me out. If I start having a conversation with my wall for too long, it would really. My only friend computed checks. You talk to the computer. And it's like this photo of Jesus Christ. It's like a confessional. That's kind of fun. But this things just gargling my face and tell me what's in it. Future. Flintstones bid. Outliving toilet would tell me about my piss. I'm all for it. You know, 'cause I get better myself every day a little bit Chris. But then you'd have to wear 'Pumas hair moving every day here before we finish, washing your hands. You look a little dark there, buddy. You look a little dark peas with a little Dr peas looking okay. Syrupy zero. Nice. It's like Grenadine or. So you wake up. He's like he, you know. Yes. To wear this white outfit. He's crazy about is. How about some fucking calories? Yeah. That's who are now. Who are you talking to only any computer to compl-? It's like dude, by the way, you I guess he's was to be like three technically again, it's a person birth from a sack. He's three years old. He's born in adult. This is your every day, buddy. Yes. Stop bitching about dollars. This is it. Everybody's got to, you know, dress like they're taking orders from Tony soprano. But this is the first we already mentioned it. But the first of many product placements, this is by your Pumas Eaker question is why are we branding these clones that we're just gonna kill? Anyway. Like what I want to get those poom is what are you talking about that contract for the Puma poor core mission for what those just got a buy. And everything's made by somebody secret facility. Right. What are they supposed to wear sandwich about nothing? Wait, nobody. Nobody works at this prison. Right. Steve. No, there's a lot of people were there. Steve them, nude and handout. You know, like a like a wool blanket for each each person. No, giant's nudity is not the way to go. Why we're just gonna cut these these people were just gonna cut up at the end of the day. Now, keep them self contained in one room. Shane I don't know. Now will they do make mention of something about like, and I believe this is horsh shit. But it's like, oh, they the bodies are healthier when there is like interaction, and they're doing things, and whatever it's not what they talk about though is like they don't want them fucking. So if you'll bunch of these clones as walking around nude man something's getting down to something Dahmer them all put a little asset in their brain or something like make them vegetables. And then they're just there from kidney farm. That's what the public thinks all the ethical. They. No, you mcgregor's cool. My clone is just this guy who lives in a sack. That's just waiting for me to grant. Even people though like we see the little. Sean Bean's sales pitch. Yeah. And it's just like a CGI like cube that like moving or whatever. And he's like. Yeah. Inside that Gaba shit. There's your organs that you need. See you're not thinking like Sean being though, Sean bean knows you can't let these these these these clones have sex because then the janitorial union is going to say double everything triple quadruple every fuck up your bottle, castrate them. Like, honestly, like, I guess maybe if there's a dick replacement we need. Well, also too. I mean, yeah, I guess dick replacement surgery or you know, you get when you go an amputated, you get Jerry Orbach, right? Testicles eyeballs. I I do their balls. I knew he donated his balls to science. So you go into this elevator. It's like the morning rush. Everybody's in there. And like, you see Michael Clarke Duncan just won the lottery, and he's going to the island. That's right. And he's like clapping his hands cheering and everything. It's very weird. Like, I've never seen. Michael Clarke, Duncan do that. Yeah. There's this bitter guy. That's really pissed off. I've been here forever. Who is this guy? He's in stuff. He is. He's a big stuff. I kept thinking at first that he was the doodoo played Artie the strongest man in the world. Toby hus- Hugo weaving, but it's definitely not him. No. It's also definitely not Hugo Patrick Wilson. Kind of. Maybe it's a clone of all these. No, yes. Jones. The guy who plays Jones's also stuff guy kept me to look that up to that. He's been a bunch of shit. So he's like very upset and like he knocks it over and the security teams came in don't fuck with the merchandise. Is you don't know again like you find out sort of in the middle of the movie that the the lie that these clones have is that there's a huge contamination. There is an extinction event that keeps them in this weird population. Right. That should be the first information like either should be like the commercial that they're told. And like, then I'm lied to the audience. Oh, wow. There's a it's a super futuristic thing where this right, blah, blah, blah. And then like when switch happens. Wow. What twisted a movie like there's no effort to hide it from you at all tell you what it is. No. And but it's also I mean, something is from the jump. Because it's like what is this contest? There's all this contamination. What is this contest to go to city island is like the best place left on earth? Every all of earth is. Scrap. It shows you exactly how they can't control this population whatsoever. They don't know the power of fear. Yes. So they don't give images of like, you know, dead people out in the desert. Chris gavitt is like a fucking brutal ruler. I am I think that fucking annihilation sequence from t- to also that would flaming fucking skeleton peop-, the Terminator. Sean bean, Heston license it from James second. I have to do the the chapter selections chapter five. Money. We could get this cut up. The no you do the judge Dredd sequence of the Kirsty earth. And you get those like weird hillbillies cyber hill. Wanna go outside with all the cyber hillbillies? Rob schneider. Have rob cider bake trailers for a bunch of different movies that never come out and keep on flashing that this is coming to a theater out in the cursed earth man in a world where rob Schneider movies? Don't come out. That's pretty cool spaghetti a robots. He's the animal on I'm not going all the time. That's what you call a hot chick. So like, we're sort of shown the setup we're showing the exterior of these thing immediately. It's like it goes from this nice like community cafeteria area. And it's like you go outside, and it's like look at all these dark towers where are we kinda thing? And we get like their breakfast routine where we're introduced to like a kind of character that doesn't was introduced to oatmeal hose. Favorite oatmeal hose, run by a character who we don't need in his movies. Sassy lunch lady get this out of this fucking movie. It just needs somebody like oatmeal or eggs. This is Michael beta. Joe gross working somebody can be bought with like charm or something else. He's a cynic. So you have to always look for somebody who could be listened cabin. I'm watching Michael bay movie. I'm not here for the fucking laughs. Okay. You got y find somebody else. Hey, these easier to to thrill and chuckle yo I kind of agree with Andrew here because why not just do a robot? Why not just do another clone that you've programmed into a lunch lady? It's like these clones are doing nothing all day. Yeah. Put them to work who gives a shit. And like, why are they hiring outside people who could fuck leak this entire operation? You bring in someone to do the lunch lady job. And I hope they're paid. Well, because my God, there's bigger lunch. Lady is you'd better be me movie. Make your lunch. Maybe we don't we don't see because we do see. I mean, some of them do have jobs like Hugh McGregor in those other guys work in the little lab and shit. They like feed the bags of clones at are. No. They're doing right. Maybe it's a thing. Maybe this lunch lady is the clone of like the chancellor of German. Oh, wow. You know what I mean? And like she's just in this world. She's a sarcastic English-speaking lunch lady. And there's this lady also needs to know that these like they're getting what's go- cabinet? You gotta go out in the middle of the desert, and then you're fucking all the way under grounded this facility. Of course. She knows what's going on. Of course, employers always going to tell everything to the employees cabin. I think hey, what do you do for a living lunch -ly? Oh, I work at a fucking secret underground facility in the middle of the desert that is enough to start spilling the beans thing. What does she think these people are or do like, well, she must know Rikers GST, no semi knows. And also an outside contractor who's. Yeah. He's like they're too like DeKalb rate the baby platters with some of the fucking weird thing a job. So you mcgregor's like, oh, let me get a what do you want for breakfast? It's like eggs, or you know, he's got like health problems you and McGregor by the way. Guys, an amazing shape. He's a have. She could have bacon, and she's like, no like why is there even bacon than if people aren't allowed bacon. Inter that flavor. Nobody needs no human being needs bacon. You know, I know. And that's what's weird. Right. And it's like if all they know is this world and nothing else. I guess it's all hell. It's all the health conscious. Fucking oatmeal hose, it everyone nothing into this oatmeal it I think it's where they need to start altering those fake memories. Because in those fake memories. Maybe you have vacant or whatever. Yeah. So like just don't have those either. You know what? I mean. I remember getting my bar. My bar of crushed up bugs was delicious. It was amazing exactly casino. Piercer man one thousand percent because there's a hierarchy though. So they have to give some points for doing better. But it's all wrapped into that notion of that one throwaway line where it's like these clones are healthier if they're up about and doing things and socialising which I don't know that that is true Bullshits, it's like a dog dying of a broken heart. It's like, it's a brain. Isn't what you're worried about? It's only the Oregon well unless there's some brain harvesting going on. We don't know entrance free range them all the proves they'll taste. Do you think there's cannibalism going? Do you think Sean bean is eaten a clone? I'm sure he's had to write. It's everywhere. He could human meet all you want. Absolutely. No. I think there's there's much more nefarious things going on in this organization that were shown in would be better twist like at the very end like right before you McGregor and Sean bean face off for the finale have them like eating a human arm. Or is like, oh, yeah. Remember, your friend MAC, and they look and it's semi's severed head, and he turned it into a fucking Jack Lanner, the whole board of this organization, worship the devil. Eat human. Yes. Why not are you you you? You're harvesting kale. One two three four five. Can I fuck him? First real quick. Actually after his find to I'd prefer before. Board going on. It was a car accident. You got like ten minutes in you. So Scarlett Johansson comes in. Yes, she's Jordan, whatever the fuck. George Zehra, Jordan, Jordan, delta Fargo, right? I was thinking of her celebrity real life name now the clone name the clone name is like alpha centauri. Or is it out the six or? Tango, nine Jordan, two delta Lincoln, six echo calls walkie talkie. So she's the one who she comes up, and she's like, you just gotta fucking schmooze. This lunch lady. Yeah. And gets him like all this bacon and shit, which like the first ten minutes of this movie or so bacon Centric, you there'd be seen at the end of the movie was eating bacon. Cloning. Pigs was there. Stab you battered pig-farming. I bet you the fucking shock full of pork. And they kick rid of it because it's like a legal like we can't sell genetically engineered fake, pork. You don't think that could be person bacon? Oh that could be Dow change it person bake. When you take the organ, they got all that meat left. Like, what do you do meet? That's what really that oatmeal is. Oh. Oh. Musha fide people the island is Opio. Mission is why are there not like if I'm if I'm a millionaire? I'm like, all right. Here's here's you know, a million bucks for a clone. What I don't know what the number is here. Here's a million bucks. Sure. Give me a clone. I kind of want like two or three just around like, you know, what I mean? Like what if what if something falls on this guy's head? What happened? What happened? I want for house pet later when you McGregor is presumed to be dead. Other you McGregor has to come back into get a reclose? Like, no, no, no. No, no. That's not on me. You should have that shit on file exactly the problem talking about it. You know, you can pro presumably from one of my hairs fucking shit in an envelope. Come in do an envelope in a Senate along some government regulation, you'd probably have to fucking get rid of the human DNA after. Oh, yeah. Here's something man. Is this a real thing or my just making this up? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere, just speaking. Cloning thing. Barbra Streisand has had the same dog cloned three times a real thing. Yeah. See the thing is the rich can do whatever they want. They can clone whatever they want. There's no laws of science or man that apply. Right. I don't know if I'd be be cool with a cloned dog. I'll be honest with it might come back evil. Yeah. Exactly. There's always the chance for evil, which is a real problem. Yeah. Do. Could be a chance for good you clone an evil dog in my out good. We saw that with the boys from Brazil where the little Hitler was helpful to the Nazi hunter. In the end shore know, Eric sometimes dead is better. That's what I heard. That is always been. My motto is sometimes dead is better. There's also most times dead is better right now that is fantastic. There's a weird line also which doesn't make sense in the long term of we're told that like they keep them from fucking each other. That would just be like a huge mess. Like, you said mop getting here. Everybody gets pregnant who gets STD, exactly. But there's a thing where I think if I fuck it and clone has gotten a rea-, I excuse me, and it turns into blindness. That's the end stage of all this. I think there's a thing that we're they're telling like isn't. It's Sean bean when he has you McGregor in for like a little counseling. Sean Bean's disguise in this movie. Like secret thing the secret is that he's the various villain. But like how he presents himself to these? Clones, he's like this. I Kyle psychiatrist or whatever he tells them does he not that. They're also they're like there is the event whatever mass extinction. They're there to repopulate the earth. Yeah. Look, how are they repopulating without all the fucking only fuck on the island. And that baby. Yeah. Can't have you? Also, look, the island the windows are open. It's a little easier. We know what that smell in. Nothing about advertising. Sex sells buddy like every game really frat up to really get the points. Do you think there's a thing where you could put in order to Sean bean? You're like all right. Sean bean listened take hair blood, whatever you need make my clone. Sure. I'm gonna fuck my brains out. Do you think anyone could do that? Fuck your own clone. You could order a clone. Oh, Sean being delivered Castro. Yeah. That's on the black market. I think. Yeah. Sean Bean's not letting you do that the guy he kicked out of gray matter. I thought they do because it'd be like a big liability. If this thing gets out, and they see that there's a clone of you running around. I bet you they burn out. It's is cut off its nose. You know years maybe try to make it like indistinguishable like make it like a not appearing to look like burn off its face, and then you have sex with a give a hot body. Have you been reading Pinochet book again? The face the whole point is I want to look at myself when I'm fucking mice. Right. All right. Get a mirror. I can get it. Perfect clone of you. But it's always five foot two. That's that's an atoll against and the fingers are webbed other than that an exact replica. Right. It looks exactly. Like, you would imagine you cross with daily veto and Batman returns. It's almost exactly you five to five to come with the police system. I would like it shorter just dominate better. Exactly. That's what you want. So shown beans like doing this counseling session with you McGregor. And he's like, wow, it seems like you may be venturing towards independent thought. How about some studies to depend on one day? And he he puts these little bug robots in you mcgregor's is and the only thing he says is like it's going to hurt when you piss these out tomorrow have a good day clone antibody, dude, they don't do anything. They do not just it's just a so just to show CGI, garbage brains. Like, they scan his brain. They look really bad, by the way, they look they look like they were produced around two thousand five. That is. So there's another law. We do see them go round. We get more product was there's a bar like this weird like fruit juice bar ladies. Power Rangers release to hang out of that fruit. Just absolutely do. It was like a fruit chews bar slash DOJ. Oh, I remember correctly in the back of the DOJ. Oh. Oh. Well, it's it's a place that I know like there's like clubs like this in New York, you go into one of these places, you instantly, wanna leave. It's just one of those kind of clubs. You know? It's like Stefan hottest club is they put Nanto Botts your. This another hierarchy thing because they're like 'cause he has his piss said he did bad or whatever he has to drink like a spinach and dirt smoothie, she gets like pomegranate fluff, and I believe very gel or whatever the fuck. No, dude, I almost fucking vomited part of her juice. There's like juiced fennel in it. Just give me a fucking seltzer with a splash cranberry. That's it. That's fine. He no one will clear up all your fucking UTI's. Dude. Exactly. Lash. Nice. Yeah. Man. Cool. Splash Cran do then then we get some sick XBox? Like, there's like this weird fighting gay. It's a we thing, but it's like fighting, and you fight and whatever sort of set up that they're a physically fit and be like, they know the art of Jim Cotter glory concentrating these things to fight now. Right question. And then. Yeah. The giant X box logos. What between this and that MSN search kiosk later in the movie Microsoft at a real hand know if I had fucking money at by next book? That's the first thing I do. Oh, my Lord this also. But it kind of predicted. Farquaad what they've been clocks motion or whatever like camera thing where you interact that that whole fed ended and we're back to fuck it sitting down and play video games. Thank you very much. We'll because that immediately went away when they were like. Playstation was like what we have this VR thing. Isn't that better? And everybody was like, oh, well actually now that you mentioned plays Asian. Yes. As a matter of fact, it is for the giant helmets longest like put a death punk helmet on me. And take me to the hollow I want I don't know that we're going that way though, dude. I think that was like the VR of the nineties I played that in the nineties it'll come back. I wanna get into the fuck and headband situation of demolition, man. And I wanna threesome with Celestin and Sandra Bullock, demolition man that I want to be right in the middle of you right in the middle. That's the dream. What you're gonna do. With your mayo dirty, dude, you're gonna seven she shells after this. So whatever he goes to visit Steve he gets he cuts out of work to go. Visit Uber Shemi who's like, right. They let these fucking clones in like utility areas. Which is great. That's how did he get there? Where's the guy with the stun gun? They show them having a hundred cameras like there's just the huge screens of different. First of all, the cameras are terrible this blue sheet. I could barely make anything you get fucking hall a call from Yavan four. It's like, no, no, no. It's it's a defeat the fake future. It should be clearer. You haven't for is in range. We'll let you all ready. It's a weird thing where you see the one screen that the security guard is in front of and it's like a hundred security cameras, and there are really tiny. I'm like, you need a bigger control room or something if you fucking cameras, you can't even see it. And there's no cameras in the rooms either, which is the first place, but a camera. No, there's cameras because it's humid Gregor's yelling at one of the beginning of the movie that's the shot to escape later in the movie. Let's ask them because they don't think of it. You not remember it's a really poorly managed company is what this all boils down to missing a shoe out of one of his gems. Yeah. This out to the camera when he's yelling at it. What happened to that? Shoe? We never find out what happened walks out fine. He's got shoes. He's got another pair. But then what happened to that other shoe? This is some croup that's into it steals. You mcgregor's? This is the thing that's going to happen. These outside contractors are gonna come in the place, probably shoes Joe heads down to one shoe period. The come on guys, I need to be able to walk would not be surprised if someone like, Steve we Sammy got took took home. Ablaze a baby platter zone opened it up at home, and all that kY jelly fold the cloud which turns out it was. Jelly, which is great because it's easy. He's got this thing. Then he like chains it up in his in his house. Right. I mean, that's what would happen to real life. They have. Nobody would he would have a baby sat ULA clone, and then he would like birth at dude. The. God I'm God stealing sneakers again. Dude, some some outside contractors steals. A sneaker stealing a giant baby bladder forty year old man. Reginald? Thank you for coming to you. Or a performance review? We noticed three less clones last week, also scholar. Joe Hansen has no shoes. About that. You in a large trench coat with clearly clone under trying to leave the vicinity like am. I defense they bounced out of the carriage my truck that is a clones it was only two miles from here. I actually to use them good. Fell on the floor. And I did it make the five second rule. You're just going to have to throw it away. Anyway, could trace it back to you guys burned. It's face. Kim. It's changed my radiator. So you mcgregor's came man. You wanna go drink for a second and Bush. Sure, this is like, you know, we're we're just kind of drink in. And he's he's like this booze is from the pre contamination days. There's not a lot left of it. That's what I appreciate about. Busa me in this movie is this character. He's just like a rough neck, you know, blue collar, dude, or whatever, but he's still committed to keeping up this gag, so he's like, yeah. You can come to my little like workspace hideout where you better believe there's pornography tapes to wall, we'll have some like hooch that I made but also gonna keep up this ruse that were repopulating the earth and such and such shit. But they also talk about like how they don't tell them with sexes. But are they like giving a drug to stop the urge or sexually dollars a passing line where they mentioned something about removing the sex. But there's a pregnant woman in the that's true. That's what they're doing that in in vitro trial. Yeah. I think thing is like mcgregor's three years old at three years old. You don't have a huge function clog. Yeah. I think they're dolls, but but they still have to go through puberty. Eventually, no, he's functioning hall. All they see it. Days you see it at? No, I do not the rare Yoon McGregor movie. Was thinking about that. We're watching this dude is flashed Wang in so many motion pictures, why not here, you know, Michael, you could see my dick if you know you and we're fine. Sean. You could use that crazy camera you like so you can get in their unity. Can I get in there? I got some things I wanna tape the McGregor definitely offered. A Michael bay. Just tried to use it for leverage to get scar. Joe too. Good. Once again, naked UN's doing it look at that. I see here. No fairness. I don't wanna get naked a new movie and please remove the camera from dressing room. Thank you very much. My one of my favorite parts of this move is around here were like sixty percent. He's hanging out with him. And then it's like, we need a maintenance, man, sector, whatever. And he's like all right. I'm on my way. And it's like they're cutting open this person sack while Steve is trying to fix this piece of equipment, and these guys can't you wait till I leave the room before you do. Vomit looking at this person sack. Yes. Disgusting these real Brinkley like discussions acting there. You know, like, he's he no he doesn't want them to know that he's into this. Oh, he's gonna come in tomorrow with this big jacket lead with that close. But this is because one of the hairless to hairless question, you say that I just a badge that Steve Bishop is going home and like filling entire bat k y jelly and like sinking himself into it like a baby. Why don't you do that? If you could. The money. So this feels like the clone. Just put a shack over me though. They're like full grown. They're grown babies because this thing and the guys like it's like a full grown man, fucking jigsaw. He of does and he starts like trying to suck his thong. This dude. Oh, wake up little man, baby. Why don't they why don't they have here? They would have here all the time or not they should never have hair. Then she'll be sleek weirdo chemicals inside that Kyiv thing doing hair transplants to if you have to go for hair treads, let you go you're clone. But I guess you're would also go ball knows take the scalp. Yeah. I thought that was Strickland. James token on the table. I don't know not the one, I guess BTF. I'm sure he looked like obey loves that movie. So. He on his way back on your back. He finds a moth and steals it in this little box. And he's like, wow. If there's a month that means they're the damage that bad going through that kind of thing that night, he decides to go look around this this incredibly there's another lock door to be found in this fucking. Visit. I don't get it. He's frit stairs. He's just like the whole stage. I think he puts a pillow under his blanket, then puts the blanket over. Sleeping. I'm breaking in try catch me. And this is what we get which I think is where favorites is the Michael Clarke Duncan surgery seen. This is really something. We should mention by the way before the Scarlett Johansson has won the lottery. The next mornings you'll be taken to the island. Steve continue he goes around. He does he see the other woman. I or after the pregnant when he sees the pregnant so there is a pregnant woman, and it's like oh goes into labor, and it's like, oh, it's weird. Like, she goes into labor. It's like, oh, you're giving birth time to go to the island. And there's a guy who's buddies with human Gregor who thinks he has this whole system down with like how they're going to get chosen from the lottery. He looks like me licks from Star Trek. Yeah. But it's not that actor and so that guys all pissed off his, oh, it's easy for the women. You just gotta fuck and have a baby actually Neely. Now that haircut confused me. He's crazy conspiracy theories. I- crunch the numbers. Right. He's reading way too much into every single thing. And yes, finding our cunanan's up to. Pick next turns out. He's not right. It's Scarlett Johansson, so yes, so Eun McGregor climbs up into this other part of the Zilog. He sees the pregnant woman she's just given birth. And he's like, oh, wow. Look a baby. And then like they fucking murder this woman before his eyes. And also like they do a really shitty job of murdering her like just like give a we're going to give you the sedative to calm you down. Like, it has hurt for some reason. Like, I don't know prod no country men just like right through the air gun. Yeah. That might be some. Call it pregnant lady. Then the nurse horrible, just in the nurses. All this wasted me. That is he the guy from Neil is this guy is it is name is Jones in this movie. Wow. All right. Thank you. It was driving this guy a lot in something totally. But yeah. But also like the weird thing is like so like in vitro fertilization costs a lot of money, and it makes sense. If you know, you don't want to take the risk of getting pregnant yourself that you'd make this cloned go through it and bonus it looks exactly like you didn't have any other kind of DNA or you can't do it. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah. But why would you clone be able to do it because they're they're genetically modified these people in the sack is she birthing another one of her or someone I know baby. It's her but her and her husband the dudes. They're you know, they showed this other guy. That's like. Oh, yeah. Clone. Mary. No, no. It's it's this woman. Grom gets a Cologne. The clone has the bay. It's the surrogate gosh, you're clone is your search. That's great. But -fensive, but then why would you kill the clone? Because now you've got this this prime piece of me like what if what if I get lung cancer next year? What if I get great? I think it's a thing dude where it's like it's and that you're out. It's a good disposable fork do washing that you're not washing paper plates. You're throwing it away. And these people are so rich that it's like listen. Here's the things if you can afford to have a clone made of yourself. Sure, you definitely can afford multiple. Clones made it then where are the other? There should be ten you and mcgregor's. That's why do you need them all on deck? Just have it when you have one. Okay. All right. If there's an ailment or so they're not keeping it on five you'd have to keep on having come back into come in ten times. The underground layer. They're rich. They got time. What are they doing? In just get annoyed. Yacht will wait. So Michael Clark Deng. I'm going to the island. I'm really excited to go the island. They don't for all this money. They have piss poor fuck and sedatives in this fucking place. This is just added to the laundry list of how terribly mismanaged this company. What does the fucking Betsy DeVos run this place? What if I wake up in the middle of surgery, Jesus, This is this is my worst night, man. This is a classic thing. Sean bean has this like look of competency the whole time, but he's a blithering idiots. It's embarrassing. And if I was a billionaire in this world, I'm taking my clone money someplace else later after this crazy happens. It's the first time that's happened. Says do you like oh, don't worry about that? What do you knew here, buddy? This happens. What the fuck talking about this wall candy. Like every last gobs. But these people out look, you don't even like it's very easy to sedate so miscalculation because like Michael Clarke Duncan's a big dudes us enough support. Sean does mentioned that like all the shit. They're doing is illegal under the eugenics laws at twenty fifteen. Oh, you better believe there's jenex laws that have been passed. So baba. Eventually Betsy DeVos, maybe think like Trump would have definitely overturn those. Yeah. We definitely would have done with the jenex laws. Those are out. It's gonna be a fucking clone free for off your you're not only is your clone alive. You get to watch him die. Let's just say I've cloned if Bunke a bunch. New love it is not incense if it's glow. Technically, it's a meat sec that resembles my dad, look, look, look, I never had to buy this clone Christmas. No, I won't need the urine and analysts computer that myself. This is not a good Trump. This is vodka echo four. The of. Clued visits. Twenty nineteen correct. Yeah. You need to set this way fucking farther the future. That's what's up noxious because like later when we're running around, Los Angeles. It's like sort of not it's like someone is riding the bus. But also, there's a fucking speed racer. Okay. You need to figure that out a little bit better. So also this robot surgery, which looks really bad robot surgeries. Always terrifying. See premier Theus fucking and they're like sawn him open to get his liver, and he wakes up in the middle of it. Yeah. The fuck out rightfully so Michael Kors, you're fucking just as open Michael clone Dunkin. You know what I mean? Good night, everybody. Fuck fuck. The robotussin wore off. Rovan doesn't Jek did you'll together. All right, Mr. clone Dunkin. Here's your Z quill before surgery. We're going to give you two pills. Sleep. We're gonna treat it like he's a dad with a cold, Jack a little Robitussin. This is actually again testament to Michael Clarke, Duncan resident PC was an amazing actor. He is the best part of this movie when he is screaming down this fucking hallway with like chess shit sticking out of him. And he's he's legitimately terrified looking hip. Can everybody this fucking fishhook? Oh, yeah. Horner lease scorpion guns. Get over here. Clone clone over here. Think him in sub-zero might have been clones, maybe rain. Oh, sure. All the karate outfit guys. I think that that that's the that's the order. I believe is Lynn Koi. All there's no reason you not. Hope. I'm right. So yeah, he's freaking out. He runs down this hallway. And yeah, they fucking fire these guns Adam that are like fish Hoek guns, like a fish rifle. It's fucking bone Ivy league. I guess that's maybe fucking, you know, Sean bean needs to spend less time watching fucking hell raiser and your time. Go ordering surgical supply. Look they were discontinued from Smith and Wesson. I got him on the cheap. I couldn't afford real guns. Yes, Sean, I have such delicious close to show you and he screamed his head of I want to live on it. I don't wanna die shitting is pan. Of course, wouldn't you be and do get fish hooked. And he just gets pulled back. They kill them. And this is when you in bigger like, well, I'm gonna leave this place, and there is no, Aland, etc. Yeah. So he goes you makes up Scarlett your hands. Like, look, we gotta get the fuck outta here. Blah, blah. There is no island Dory about it. And then this is when all of the chase sequence is beginning the rest of the movies, just because you're jealous because I'm going to the island. That's what I would think. Going on. Well, that's. His his whole attitude towards her is really weird like he likes her at cetera. Also, he's thirteen years old. And she is, but you know, that's not going to get pro. He's three so she's forced. Oh, wow. This. We're also told by the way that they are only educated to the level of a fifteen year old. Yes. So these are just a couple of can exploratory teens man, they're going to figure it out make out point on the island. Oh, that's that's how they sell us. And the island is outfitted with three gyms jacuzzi and to make out points. Where you can neck in a parked car. Optional is the zodiac killer program. Also, it's weird. We get some some like jargon lingo that. They have here. They're watching the security footage and John bingos. We have a product on the lose we gonna call it a person not. I mean, I guess that's true. Your your man of science also like dude like put a little tag under the skin with all these like you do with pets. But what make it a little zap zap? Zapping echo, sixty nine or whatever that dudes is. I'm surprised you can't do more like they track them with the the piss balls. Pits. The fuck are you talking about that? He pisses later. Yes. Thirteen box say in bowls. I heard I heard balls little balls ball robots. Yeah. Hey, speaking of balls, by the way, when they're trying to escape this facility did everybody catch the fucking home alone trap that gets set here. They run around a corner and ended McGregor puts in all this Christmas ornaments, it's close admit my family disappeared. Somebody bumps into a box and a bunch of ball bearings. Fallen the security guards slips on one and slams face against a pole. This. Then. Yeah, it's fucking shot the face with a BB gun the guys give up says stiff those great see where he shaves for the first time. Yes, I'm up here. Allergies. So there are some brutal fucking owns in. This is a lot of wrench action in this. There are several wrenching 's that happen. Yeah. And you know, it's a lot of this gape to the security, whatever. And all these guys that are coming after them. They just get wrenched to death. There's one litter. Right after the ball bearings thing. There's a dude who's beating the shit out of you McGregor. Yeah. Pretty funny and then Scarlett Johansson splashes in the face this wrench a similar model. Wrench is used the later. It's like the same size. Same beautiful red handle good for it. And. So he goes they escape and now they're in the middle of the AirAsia desert. Like, wait what right. They run through thing. There's actually a cool visual here. And I won't say that about almost anything else in this movie when they go through the like exterior like the hologram ASO. It's like oh outside isn't a beautiful tropical paradise. They walked through a holographic wall was kind of a cool, but it just leads to more gross industrial looking ship before they come out of this bunker. So you you forgot the the the room where it says important stuff will be important to the end of the movie stuff pay attention to that door now. Enter third billed by the gym. And then sue which is kinda something. Yeah. I don't know what that was about. I mean, this is what three years after. Now, not all of a sudden, what is the movie that? He was wasn't he nominated for the flood diamond now. No, no, no, the movie with paddy Considine about the Irish AM in America. Yeah. Wasn't he nominated for that movie? I was like two thousand one thousand to stretch there were using a lot. I mean, and he still he's still working. He still comes in these in them. They're marvel movies isn't he's in those gal gardens the galaxy movies, and my crazy. He's in the first one that he's just on the first one, I don't know maybe each ship movie. I don't even remember now, what are the bad guys shit and these movies. My lured is in the comic books that canon Shah's eaten shit, and I thought, wow, what if the guy is the galaxy also eight shit. So this is a weird like this scene is too little too late because the audience is figured everything out for the most part, but we see Sean bean do like a sales pitch to all of these rich people. And this is Jim on Hong Susan introduced because he comes in on the pitcher, whatever did everybody notice. One of his henchmen is definitely also in bad, boys. Two. As swat team at the end of the movie, your guy, you think he's like friends with Michael Bayer's college. Roommate maybe like a stunt guy that he may say really hates his guts. Nobody's in every me. Just appel. We should say speaking a bad, boys. Bad boys is on our patriot feed. Right. That's right patriots dollars. That's the connective tissue that Michael book. The good stuff in the Batstone. We're going to finally get a mall. I think at some. I mean, we're we're almost there because we did we not all the transformers movie. It's like seventy hours a hall of his dumb filmography. We've done Armageddon. We've done Armageddon new done. Just did that boys. We did bad boys two ages ago transformers. All right. We're doing this right now like the rock the rock. Well, that'll be a we love movie situation. Sure painting gain we might never do. I think I'll never see them movie. You don't have to rush out too. Well, not the video store. I mean, it's been like six years. I I can't now rush out at all. Like, that's it. Like, you can't see a movie older than six. I just don't care. I mean, like, it's an okay. Michael bay movie. Awesome. Yeah. Can't wait to see it. I would say it's a good Michael bay. Okay. I think that's a good movie. I really good Dwayne Johnson. I liked that movie. Yeah. And Tony Chalupa is really funny. Oh, right. He's like the kingpin kind of character. Anyway. So Sean bean is like all right as your mon- hunt. So you're like security expert that was recommended by the DOD black up stuff. Yeah. And it's a weird thing where like Shimon hunters like you get all your money from the fucking DOD. Like, why don't you just tell them what happened? And he's like this is such a bad cock-up. Like, I need this as off the books as you can get this is impacting, this will sink all of our fun. This is like as bad as like getting like getting caught on. Camera at the tickertape parade on when you call it a sick at work. You know, what I mean like oh fuck I could really get fucked for this. And this is where you also get confirmation. The government is vault because he's like the department of defense or something just. Just. Any seven seconds to piggyback off that to make it make sense is the president of the United States is also a clone. Right. That's what I'm trying to get to is there. You get these random shots in bef- before this ever drops of this random, pervert jumping. Hind you McGregor. Like, hey, man. What's up? Miss asshole to what who is this guy is that is that the head of the company. Yes. And then it turns out it's the fucking president, man. You know, what dude you got to do something with that idea that has to be like the third to Lewisham that should be the entire plot? Because we always hear about how all these world leaders have all those doubles and doodoo students Sadam Hussein had those dupes exactly everyone had do the president. I wouldn't allow myself to be clinic. Absolutely. Not no way. Because then we then if I start voting the wrong way or else good point deep state shows up and now now, my clones charge body-bag. But Steve you just solved the story problem for this movie. We're gonna because no no it is not the sitting president that has himself clone the fucking eve secretary of defense, you seem fucking take a hair off the dudes suit jacket or something he's crooked. They're gonna do that exact plan. They're gonna fucking assassinate that dude. And then the clone comes in, and he starts vote in the way. They excellent state of the union, sir. Excellent spitting this Cup with what if we came to a different. We cloned the president. And I was actually really the president also spit this come. No reason. Spit on me spit my mouth, Mr President sprint in my mouth. Yes. And the the president has nothing to do. That's actually very heavily featured in parts are I believe that's like part of the third act of that movies like oh shit the president's involved. So this movie that was covered by mystery science theater three thousand does a better job with this idea that multimillion dollar Michael bay movie. Yes. And no. But then the scope of it is it's too big for what the budget is. It's just not you see like two guys on y'all. Somebody calls the other one Mr President and the the the clones are super young. And the the people there cloned from or super old man movies. Oh, so they're like giving more time to grow. I guess it's more of a realist. I mean, that's what I would wanted. I'd want like when I'm in my sixties, and I've run this live right into the ground. I would love it twenty year olds dude. How do not only that? Don't stop there. Everything overhaul. Yeah. Do total Steve overall. Steve hall. No, the Juban. I will find anyone. I can. I'm this great black ups military guy. Grind anybody. And then like, they don't check the main road like what two miles out like how far could do people get in the middle of the desert. He's our two clones, basically lived the life of room. Yeah. See a little better than it would have been working Wien if they predicted drones which they don't. Yes, you're it's two people on foot in the fucking. They can't find them. But you hot too. It's like fucking chump being wanted like tier one operators to fuck and take this all he hired a guy with three guy. Yeah. One of which is a computer do. So. In reality. You have three guys looking for your clones in a three mile radius. I we'll say Michael bay must have been furious. Forty minutes to get a helicopter in this movie's come on can there be is there an earlier way to get a helicopter. Exactly, maybe when they're playing that cool XBox there's like a helicopter simulation that we can play instead of fight a instead of fighting every single person is trained to fly a helicopter. It's a round here. I just found it in my notes because Sean bean has to explain to German Hans because I think Shimon Hans SU rightfully is. Like what the fuck are you doing all this for? Why can't they just be jelly sad? And he says something about without living the organs in the they're called agneda. Sure fail oak. And that's how they dance around. Why it's not just a movie about jelly sag. Well, yeah. And the the agneda that they show them. I made it looks like a puddle of ship. It looks like the thing in basketcase belie all the fucking twin brother. Totally. They wind up meeting with Steve Shamila like the long story short. They find some fucking biker bar that he frequents McGregor has a match book that it took from steeply semi's pornography layer. And now, we're just doing fish out of water jokes. Like, the the the bartenders like, you know, view on it. Byu on Jack, dense assures straight up, and she looks at the ceiling. You know, what I am embarrassed to admit there was some legitimate labs here. Okay. Human Gregor says and the bartender, by the way is the dude also from Armageddon. Well, I'm just the president. They got all of rubs zombies. Cousins to come to. Yeah. There is a hell. Billy looking mother alcohol. Seventeen of them to show up in this one scene. The bartender is like always in the can you mcgregor's like he's in a. And he's like, yeah. He's taking dumb because taking it wear and the culmination is he goes, I gotta go find him. He's out there. Take taking a dump in a can or something. I was you know, what I have to sit here. And I'm going to try to make the most of it. That's fair. I also left when he sticks his face right at a rattlesnake because he doesn't know what it is. Oh, yeah. And the thing that kinda snaps atom, it looks mean that's the thing with Michael bet. He will always wrench a guilt laugh out of you. At least just one all you do is one like Armageddon, dude when Bruce Willis closes that door fucking laughing. Cheering. So let him die. We get all that. We he assaults. Debry shabby in the bathroom. Eric Stonestreet has a cameo here. Not a camera just looking just a working actor trying to make a buck two thousand five right? He's he's like truck driver friend, and like you get some gay panic way. What are you guys do it in the bathroom because depot semi is like taking shit and you McGregor like pulls them out of the stall, his pants down or whatever. Yeah. And then, you know, right when Eric Stonestreet walks. He's like, look, I can take you back to my place, and we can blah, blah, blah. I see anybody pick it up you and McGregor bathroom like good for us walking out like holy shit. Wow. You and McGregor. Wow. He looks really clean for you. Especially when it's like, Steve shimmy like you believe this just bag McGregor in the bathroom. What of score didn't know? He was gave. Wow. Rattlesnake down there. So they go to students about so they go to steeper Shemeit's house where he has like some lady friend, anybody noticed the lady friend anyone notice she's knows delta Burke. Wait shawnee Smith who is sold Becker backer sought and Armageddon. She played a nod to arm viewer scuba divers level Joe, oh, she's the woman from the bar that night before hit he's about to have sex with her. And then like this to go away, though, the engage later, whatever. Oh, wait. No, no, no. It's a non tobacco. All say, it's not debate. Becker verse you. He runs a business with Ted Danson steeper semi agrees to help them. There is some horse shit where he like his wife is asking questions. I got to interrupt. You is it about Becker. It is because it just realized on the chace boys patriot episode. We noticed that guy in that was from Becker. So the Michael bay Burs, right? He's fucking confirm guy like Becker. I mean, we know do did it got the guy liked backing light Becker. And I think he needs to work Ted Danson already Ted Danson Michael bay movie. Don't see that happen. Quinton. Tarantino directed episode ER whatever Michael bay, directed Becker NCIS or a CSI. It was a CSI too. Yeah. Directors like the show if you did a fuck it Beker. It'd be amazing. It's so way relent happens though. Oh, remember. Yeah. I remember that persona. Fucking two broke girls directed by Martin Scorsese that Becker where Ted Danson is fondling dismembered body parts and making jokes about the body parts. And that was the one that was directed by rob zombie. Michael Bay's Becker like the Bronx exploding the the director of the Massingir directed by Barry Jenkins. It's excellent. Excellent. How's that going? Steve. I I'm way behind weeks behind. How are you doing on your predictions? Spoilers on the internet. No, I'm it's very easy to ignore it because nobody I know watches it literally follow on Twitter. Like, no, it does not seep into a pool. Do you have? It's a dead. Fantasy football fan. Yeah. It's it's steams. March madness getting ready to bracket. I don't know. I tell you guys anything. The whatever. So he agrees to help them. Right. He's got this. Like, he tells us to shut up a bunch of the fuck outta. Here's a hey room. Eight Honey remember that first of all Shani's Uber shimmy, again, this is like what world are we living in? It's in the okay verse. Like, hey, remember that talk we had about talking. Jesus dude. That's why you work at a and pornography Dan into secret underground land. He gives you McGregor clothes, and then he goes to give sculptor hands and clothes sex outfits that veteran there feel like those shouldn't occupy the same closet faces day to day wear. Well, no, he's very serious about it. You can tell you gotta get a horse. Yeah. So then you to treat them. Well, then this started out as a Halloween eventually made its way into my regular rotation. Literally everything in that closet. I can't wait for Amtrak in the year two thousand nineteen you guys. I don't know about you. We got these magnet light rail. It looks amazing. And then even when we get to the city of Los Angeles. There's an amazing above ground subway system in Los Angeles. Yes. In the year twenty nineteen. Nineteen eighty to set it out way for this. You haven't fly in trains, fucking doc Brown. This needs to be like twenty thirty eight. Yes. Thirty zero eight. Yeah. But it's crazy. Could you imagine being in two thousand nineteen right now, and like this country invested it infrastructure and public transportation now talk about fucking science fiction loan. We just need to fuck in take the fucking the the take the foot off the brake on the cloning. And then we get the money the means of production. I agree. So. There's a shootout in this train station it, but again now the fuck up pary is is bleeding from Sean Bean's terribly run company into Shimon, Hans Suess terribly company. There is no this assassin or whatever this fucking security guy CC, which at this train station. This train is public train station and stupor semi goes run. And this do just shoot St. which he falls onto a bar and shatters liquor largest. It's not only a bar. It's a bar that has glass shelving every single liquor bottle. So he just goes through fucking everything about we use a little bit of discretion year. Michael Clayton, motherfuckers. You know what? I mean. They're they're dressed in suits. They're just little syringes. Knock you out. Do you get dragged away? It's all in one fluid motion being boom, see you could make them Oakley. The Michael for these. They keep on killing themselves with what shot beans been doing the Robitussin in the fucking medical field. Guys are just machine gunners. They're not experts at anything you give me a machine gun. I could do that shoot. Stupa Shemi in the heart question. So yeah, there's a huge shoot out. There's a great moment here where they're running again through some back door industrial room to go to fucking leather faces house. Yeah, it's really weird. But this is where there's a fucking great move where they grab like a nail gun. Yeah. And she shoots this. She shoots the nail gun like through the door. And this dude got all these nails in his hand. Pretty sweet sweet. But there's no blood, which is what are we? How like is that guy? Clones like because these are red hot nails due to cauterize shit. When it went through. Soon. Don't. It's just a bad move. And they outsmart them by getting on the train. Yeah. That's a really good point. Yeah. And there's there's some pretty comfortably in a couple of seats. Nobody was on it. Who cares? Just shoot leather face who has mentioned earlier, we should they should enter like clothing into some of these horror franchises. Like, let's say Jason gets cloned share. I'm using that. It'd be better because there's more of a character there. And then he drowns a baby again, or whatever. Repeats. I think that that would be your answer to keep something not magical. There's the old like, oh, why is this? Why how can you make a slasher sequel quote him, right? Clone of and also he keeps us gaping into the woods or you. Keep do scream and it's fucking Matthew Lillard comes back with them. Yeah. I would suggest that Jason already has been cloned a couple of times per time. We see him because he's already scared of the water before he goes in it. So he's got those flaps even McGregor flash. Oh my God. I've been here before fuck. Oh, no. I remember you was on a lake and I was about to fuck. Scarlett Johansson in a boat, I ground you want to go to the island Jason on a boat. I'll the Reva Thanh. Instead of that lady going like the island. It's like your mother. This is your mother chase. And you want to go to the island unco to the campsite. Then they can use. Then obviously the real Jason. Well, then you is or stale that makes sense what I'm trying to bring it back. Jason. It's your mother. You don't wanna drown do? It's actually kind of a shame that Michael Dunkin died he would have made a great Jason voorhees. Oh, yeah. Oh shit. Totally take that Kane hotter. Each shit a real actor looks like. So in future instinct, L A, you better believe banned the presumption of the century right here. I think this is cinema's greatest presumption. I feeling what you're gonna say that invoke in downtown Los Angeles in twenty nineteen there's a huge Johnny rockets opened. Johnny rockets. Wow. Do what in the shit golden corral? Golden corral bring you clone. Wear a tux, cedar in this commercial. There's two Jeff foxworthy's this commercial. It's not computer, that's your human being. But you're just got an organ on deck for nother humid lead. You just might be a human clone. That's curse it thought. Bloop, the tire blue collar comedy tour voicing the fun. Do the heating lamb those. Yeah. All the service trays coming around to do like, a beauty and the beast of the golden corral, blue collar comedy. Thank you. I'm found. Do just the drinks station. Ron white. Drinks daesh. I'm being I'll I'm I'm billing volume host. I I'm actually Billy. Hi, I'm just billing all I just might be the dullest man in the energy Rodway be the tater salad or. Yeah. That's I'm just the Tators alad FOX is definitely the fun. Do though do they find the cheese or a chocolate fondue? I believe was a Swiss restaurant just cut to the jase and just give me diarrhea exactly Jack shit. Fucking golden corral fun. Do I think that's how they kill clones at can Merrick. They just inject them with diarrhea. I think that should be the slogan for this. Terrible restaurant is golden corral. You asked for it. Fun. Do fucking golden corral at his year. Up at four o'clock in the morning and feeling like you just eight apple jacks on fire your money. The golden grill. Bad. Is it was that all of them Ron white billing vol? And Larry, Mary and Jeff. Yes. As the bell, Larry, Jeff, they should have expanded that universe. Little italy. Get like two or three we'll get a woman in the mixed possibly. I don't know if that's possible. No, no. No, no. But like you should definitely draft to Jeff Dunham dry. Yes. Exactly Raffray reading. The reading leagues there's a new guy, that's doing puppets. That's no clips them name like Randy ban. Actually. Honestly. So you'll have our for me deeply. But that's what it's another. With puppets looked just like Jeff Dutta goatee. Jeff Dunn tonight on the late show with Stephen Colbert, we've got Meryl Streep performance by Jimmy world and new comedies Asian reindeer bear. I don't think far off. Is this dude telling like racist puppet jokes like Jeff FOX, Jeff Dunham? I don't know. I haven't seen the the work. Let me I'm gonna Google. Randy pup. Yeah. That's me. You got yourself. First result will be fucking Craig Gary. Anchors. Hey, you got Randy puppets. I'm not in right now. I'm taking his shift down a golden corral. But when I give back it's funded, by puppets will be Randy. I googled Randy puppet and came up with Randy fell face, which is a puppet from Australia. So that's. Crooked Kiama puppy. You know, we're just leaving it in. I wanted to be playing. So in any event, I didn't directly learn anything. My career decades before he did. But. One of my all. Hey, Kristie eulogy learned anything. Directly from crust. I'm here for a funeral. I found it I found found it's not. So there's Jeff Dunham. And now it's Terry fater, which I think Randy rare Randy bear bears way better, dude. I think he's one of top paid comedians in the world. Now is is Teri fater on that ever heard of. Well, now when you start your pu-putting comedy career, you can be Randy brass. That's just my stage name. Well, all you guys. Go. All right. I'll become a. Yeah. Become a racist puppet. Community. So in any event there moved the the thrust of this part of the movie is we need to find you and McGregor. So that he can help us out. We're told by the way that his original person. What do they call donor? Yeah. They call them don't sponsor sponsors. His is in Los Angeles already in. California's scarlet sponsor is in New York City in a coma and in desperate need of like kidney transplant or some shit. You from the beginning. She did not gonna fish. She's got two days. They say I mean, that's sort of also think there's this fake ticking clock where like, oh, we have to get or else it's going to die. Right. And so it's really disingenuous on the part of Sean being because he's just wants this whole thing covered over just hiring assassin at that. Right. Don't hire an extraction team and assassin. Yeah. So again, another huge cinematic presumption here is that Google faded away and MSN fucking took over the world on the the the internet wars. And it's a weird thing where it's like, you can just go. Oh to this MSN search kiosk, and it will tell you where somebody lives. What are we talking about? I got only that like she says the name whatever it was Cerro. Georgia Georgia on. Yes. Air Jordan, and it calls the house kid picks. So you can just go and say any selected name, right and get their hands that we find out. She's a model at an actress or something she sees herself in a Calvin Klein. Yes, which was also an actual Calvin Klein at so in this movie, you have Scarlett Johansson, the actress looking at a commercial that she actually did four Calvin Klein to sell shit in real life. So this movie is pretending it's a fake thing. But it's also selling you shit through a real commercial that they made an aired in the world. Sure product place, and you see most of the commercial in the movie, absolutely free stunned. What? What? I was looking Terry fater puppets. I've never sleeping again. He does his Michael Jackson as a pop. He does. Oh. Oh, those who some crews jokes Elsa saw that. He's got a soul singer character. He likes to do. Oh, sure. That's terrified her white guy. Oh, yeah. You better leave it booking shot down. Steve look at this guy. Jeff Dunham he does. And you know, I I gotta tell you. This guy is just thinking about our episode on fuck what the fuck was fucking poppet movie. Murders. This dude fuck puppet. Oh. Oh, and by the way related images here. He is with a I believe a Donald Trump puppet on Fox News. Very good. The guy's name Terry fater. Yes. Very fater. But originally was done them foxtrot. Yeah. He's kit. That's just a Donald Trump puppet. And he's on Hannity. Hey, that's cool. Sure. It's very flattering. That's the one. He fucked. It's the one with the biggest puppet mouth. So the there's like they trace the call from the MSN booth shirt. And now and again like there's no discretion whatsoever. The police pick them up because they use a credit card that was debauche Emmys is dead. There wanted his murder because guess what fucking jiman- hunts. Don't fucking kills me for no reason. Exact and this is fine or like picking up and put them in a warehouse sweat him down and find out what he knows and then fucking barium in the. But now he's just missing shirt like then you can shoot him in the chest. Sure. Not at that train station. Definitely not I that's working with g model. You should be fired. There's also another great misogynistic joke here where he's all right. Scott Hanson, and you take actually note you McGregor. I'm gonna give you a piece of advice. Never give a woman York. Read it, dude, I roll the censure and somebody stepdad's laughing somewhere. Somewhere. Somebody stepdad is two thousand five we're doing a women be shopping. That is essential. That is a fucking sin bad joke. Yup. Right there waged into this Michael bay movies Michael bay clone movie. So the cops are this is the start of the forty minute chase scene, which is the middle of which into just final destination because we get to see these return. I hit to read this online that they were trained tires or something. Yeah. They're all loaded onto the bar. Yes. Yeah. Those are those are God's barb. Intrical to the amazing utopian mass transit system with twenty nineteen. But before all of that, though, we have the chasing actually starts off with they run into a building. Classic elevator music joke right in the middle. Oh, what you want? This one assassins as the other one like it's Monday. Fuck it is busy day or something like that. They chase them around all this shit. They're hanging from this giant are side of a building Robbins headquarters, I guess PC, Richard and son. The p is over there. These over there this there's a chopper that's like shooting at them this sign falls off this building. And they somehow survive like falling off a skyscraper. And like humor gets cut on out of that. Did we talk about the the hover bike shit will get in? None of this makes any sense covered by they might get to the are. They stay in the logo after runs out of juice, or whatever. But yeah. The train wheels. I'm sorry. The train wheels are before the sign falls. So all of that shit chatter. It's Michael bay explosions. That's a highway thing that's part of what they stole from transforms these later and transfer asked. Okay. So but this hover bike I wouldn't point they fly through an office building right through the window. Yes. It is headed dude in this office who has no idea he's gonna get hit by a hover. Walk it back to his chest. The fucking motorcycle. That's fly. This your new fear. Now every day with my. Desire. Lisa. I know it's a it is Tuesday as wondering if you wanted to go to. Finally, worked up the courage. Apparently this dude was like almost bird. Yeah. Like just a innocent extra bystander, and he got caught in the thing. And apparently, so the story goes the stunt coordinator saw in happen and like hit the explosive to shatter the glass early or something. Otherwise, do would have been probably fucking viscera did eating would've cared. That guy. Absolutely not he would've sent like a card and a bunch of flowers lowers. Oh god. What the hell was his name? A my apologies to Randy. Hope your mother. It's nice that he said flowers, but they're quite tacky. Very loud flowers. There's a weird line when they fall off the building they land in like some netting. Oh, no. That's like, yes. Jesus loves you. God construction workers like, wow, Jesus loves you. And then he looks at Scarlett Johansson, because I know Jesus loves you. And I'm like, I get it movies. She is attractive. Let's move on. And didn't get naked for me. Michael bay. That's him. Getting randy. But it's also interesting to note that this Christian construction worker views the world as in Jesus Christ, Lord and savior judges you buy your. Yeah. Like that. It's a descending order like. And then like people who might take more solace faith, you know, like the disabled the people who need human clones. But don't get. They just left down the colts. Also, according to this guy, then ugly, people are loved less by geez. Goes fell off that skyscraper. Do. They just be fucking splat tater salad trying to dance around that. That's exactly what I was gonna get mcgregor's place. All right. And this is what we've been doing the Scottish accent McGregor as Lincoln one to five or whatever. The fuck is bullshit. Good park. His. Is. Is doing this bad American acts. Clone has the battery and then you meet up with McGregor who's just doing humid Scottish accent. And that's the it'd be funny. If you McGregor just fat suit like. Clones in amazing shape. This guy's running his body right into the ground. I gotta tell you this him using his real voice was quite refreshing. Yes. Thank god. And then like this clone is a wonderful mimic. Apparently. Just like, oh, I could I could talk like you. Yes. It's very weird. He picks it up like immediately though. Because later in the film when he's pretending to be the real guy. It's just Yuna Gregor talking in a perfect Scottish and all sorts of shit. Wait, a second, though, this clone doesn't know what Scottish people are. No. He isn't what Scotland they didn't know what the were dude was fucking day. That took me back though. 'cause I wish I could remember the time when I learned the word probably around the Nickelodeon television show. Hey, do surely. Someone saying. But when did you learn about Scotland when you find out that was a real place? I don't know. I don't know it feels like I've just known about Scotland forever. You really so American next murder. Oh, yeah. Scrooge mcduck. Oh nice. Those are just the implants they give everyone they moved a couple of details around here, and there sometimes and so I married an axe murder. Something. But y'all don't know what Scotland is well, that's a part of the thing. They talk about is. Everybody's twelve narratives Odal had one of them is a pink bike like. So, you know, this twelve only two of them are for women, probably, and then like you are in this huge pool them and just talking about this these big bikes. Everybody executive they have my my mom give me cookies to that's dark city a little bit the well, there's again like stupid city. Oh, right. This movie's screenplay is so lazy. There is another throwaway line where someone is like yes, the same trouble stories bosomy when he's he's telling you McGregor about it. And there's a that Bush Emmys house big exposition scene, and he's like, yeah. It's like twelve stories they change them a little bit. But they're mostly the same. So there it is. That's how. Yeah, that's variety change a little bit some. Oh, and it's not important. No one's ever going to think about this. So mcgregor's like whoa band, my cl- my clones around. Oh, man speaking, so Ameritech, he is this world famous boat designer votes bikes and cars. Okay. Yeah. This man of power ceases clone walk in here doesn't kill him right on the spot. He tries to hit him in the head of the Gulf. No, he should've kept on going. He stops he stopped. Once he notices. It's his clone. Well, wouldn't you do by cold walks? You kill it. Kill it. Absolutely. You might wanna stop. If you wanna fuck it. Right right opportunity to have a face clone clothed with ace or threesome with yourself and Scarlett Johansson now, that's the three. All right. Let's all have already everything. That's let's just have some dinner. Let's just have you know. You have to kill it. It's venture gonna try to kill you. Well to be fair. Actually, I think cabins kinda right because remember the real world you McGregor? Character is just told that it's like a meat sack with Oregon's and shit. So he probably actually doesn't make the immediate connection that this is the clone from the what's the mastodon. What's the company, Merrick Merrick that mess the elephant man, then not the middle man should find you should kill himself. But then he should take Scarlett Johansson who is in. He would recognize from the real world because she's in commercials and whatnot. She's a very famous celebrity should apparently needs organs or whatever right now. Take it. Ransom. You know, take. There you go. Probably make a lot of money. That's what this guy really does in reality. But here he's like, yeah. Hang out with me my clothes, but he does cross how about a lot of taken with clubs. Going to be taken. And then they sell them. You're going to take me to like auctions for like rich people, and we'll actually yes, this is a statement from Liam Niessen that story I told that was a story by my clone. Fantasy might clone. I'd never I would never think something I you know, what here's the thing. I've done a lot of movies in the last fifteen years, and you know, old Liam these gets tired of doing the press junkets. So I send me clones. Clones started mouth off telling a story. He wasn't authorized to tell it'd be great. If like blew the lid off, the whole clothing industry that exists for celebrities normally justify my liver dies. But. No, ladies Minnie's in gamma seven. Be destroyed would friend Mr. Merrick. Thank you so much, Mr Mayor. I'm going to do myself the honors and kill myself. Myself. I mean, but I'm gonna still live because I did do that. I didn't have that fantasy that was clone. Look at my clone in my house eating. So in any event. Oh, well, he why the way we need to mention it's very important detail. I think really sort of ties the film together. Gotcha. You and MacGregor's real life. The sponsor this rich Scottish billionaire such as the is is a great host. Yes. And I tell you why a great host. Yeah. We'll doesn't he have these clones break into his house. And he offers them up ice cold mic ultra Doux, the glistening twelve pack of ultra in a fucking ice filled Cecile tub. This is how you know not to trust this, man. As a clone. That's been buried under the earth for the last three years. You should know. This is an evil person. He say he takes off this little wrist identification bracelet, right? He helps them get out of it. You know, I'm just going to go up stead if make a couple of the idea that they're gonna go to the press, and they're gonna blow the whole it off. Well, definitely do that. After I go upstairs for twenty to twenty five minutes. Right. And this is where they see he is the television on and this is where the stupid total non plot point of the president is making an address. Yes. And he's like who is that guy. I know him before the guys like Liam Neeson Hugh McGregor is like, oh, it's the president. I hate the peace shite, whatever it is. Did we hit that e win real life? Lincoln has a like a a rabid STD's. Oh, yeah. That's west dying from is fucking advanced hepatitis. And he's like something about like my wild past caught up with me. Really do. That's what you ended the clone for. Well. That's what happens when you fuck loan. Oh, you think. So I think that's probably where he got it. He was he was first in line because you knew that came before the organ transplant thing, I think fucking climbed is shocked that love course. I mean clones are developed for fucking and organs period. Right. But I think it's a it's a clear it's it's first for funding, and then for organ, I just I'm just astonished that you get from the clone you'd think that'd be a pure clean. Yeah. But he was first in line. They didn't perfected right. What's the birthing these clones with pre print loaded stadium? We'll you're forgetting who's in charge of all of this Merrick. That's a little bit of. Stretch cabin seems like a bad you're cloning guy with nothing. But as TD's I mean, some might make it through. I would use his own blood for the first batch at you just know that should swim in there. So he barracks, Sean. Yeah. Okay. So he was the name of the company. I just wanna make sure he calls up. He calls the America operation. This is my fucking Claude Miliband room pissed off designed me. I'd be. Yeah. Like, a customer service thing, right? Which is kind of funny. Yeah. And whatever. So now Jeevan hunt sues on his way. And like, oh, we'll just go and mccown and right? We'll over the news station. I don't know which point. But at some point like Sean bean has a plot essentially where he was like trying to figure out how you mcgregor's what you what your budget. Oh, it's this generation of clones he dispatches these guys to kill. What are the generation of? Clones that he is. Right. The echo literally a couple of guys with box cutters. Start cutting Joey that is there's not a button that like, and that's what I'm saying. Is there should be a button that just like starves them of nutrients, and they quietly die. And then you put them in the garbage. No, you're the cut it out. Mr. America, we have this solution, and it will take care of all of it really quickly, really painlessly. It's going to cost like two thousand dollars. How much bunch of box. Twenty dollars. You say okay, just do that the one guy that was bitter about not being chosen to go to the island who's been there for seven years. It's a personal fatal injection from him. You know, what's bullshit about that though? I thought the same thing I think that is what it's supposed to be the end of the movie. Yes, when they're all running out of the fucking totally see that, dude. I was like wasn't. He murdered. Maybe an alternate. Whatever. Like somebody fucking script supervisor fell down at their John noticed that the very last second be like, well, maybe there's two clone. Hey, some people survive having diarrhea injected. Very few people survive going to golden corral does. Scarlett Johansson is going to wait back at the lair because she she realize he lies to her earlier in the movie, and she's like, he's lying to you. He has the same lion is is that you had that moment or whatever. Right. Right, right. She's reading eyeballs in this movie. Whatever. Sure. So. Yeah, it's there's like a big chase again. It winds up thing where it's like, no. He's the clone. No. He's the clone. And I don't know how Jim on MRs this because they're both standing there just in front of God. And everyone. Yeah. And you and McGregor the clone takes out the wristband, and quite obviously places it over the sponsor. Yeah. And then he's like, no see there's the wristband Katom and shoots dead. You've got to shoot them both. I'm sorry. That's the order like exactly you and McGregor like this boat designer walking around with this information. Like, this is the deepest darkest deep web. Secret told you kill them, both salt the earth. Yes. Well, I mean, not remember like not remembering pup, it'd be like all remember every transformer change the lineage of the transformers each movie. Yeah. It's just all that in one movie like changing everything whenever he likes listen cabin. I will put up with that bullshit when it's fucking sequel the sequel the sequel, but not in the same movie not in the same two hour sixteen minute talking to the wrong person. Baby. Got dammit, this movie is fucking slap city. So he kills him and his oh, good jobs human hunt. So you really killed that that bastard. I'm so glad you finally noticed the wristband that was out of the whole time. Now, let's go out for Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Right. We see Scarlett Johansson enjoying. So we go back and like debate, basically ideas. All right. So we're in the clear baby a wing on this boat and live forever. But I think what they're going to do is kill all these. Clones. Right. So we have to break into the vicinity and do the secrets or they shove all these clones into a room that has like an N like a jet engine. In on. This final solution ship. You never really feel it. Yeah. Sean bean had this maniacal lists on a fucking clone. I wanna strangle a clone. I wanted to final solution budget. Clones, it's fine. Clone genocide to-do list have the decency to gas this straight up burning out trying to I thought they were gassing earning them, no Eric's. Right. It's a weird. Like, it looks like there's like a jet and yet there's a weird blue light and something starts spinning and there's like smokers to death. And then you're Star Trek guide gets out of their once. They finally get freed and the air is on fire suit all those gas. Okay. I was way off also before so Jada golden corral. Off for days. They make the decision like, okay. We have to go. We're going to save all our cloned clone. Not before some classic bad time for this fucking that happened dude, there's this sex scene. And this is a weird like they're making out, and you McGregor has the line this tongue thing is amazing. Oh, it's like two children having sex. It's pretty cool. Right. We're we're told the mental capacity of a fifteen year old. That's exactly what the it's teens make out point. I don't wanna see it. No. It's very uncomfortable to she's like do that thing with your mouth again. And I'm like, you know, let's let it to the next day. She has seen from moon rice kingdom. Yeah. Yeah. She has a thing to he says the thing about that the tongue is amazing. And she goes, oh just shut up and they start going at it this. I think the story was Michael bay was trying to insist that she do nudity in this movie. Yeah. He he needed he needed to show her Buber's right here, and that didn't happen because with that have made it the first Michael bay movie with nudity. That's a good question because there's no nudity in bad, boys. Bad boys would be the one. It's not in the. Well, no, she's she's close in the rock curl harbor. We see that the emperor for here. Hito? No close. Wow. All right here heaters, just hanging brain in that. A weird choice for Pearl Harbor for Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, I actually want more of that. If if it was something like that. I'd be a lot more happier sandwich. Wicky? I'm going to take my shirt off. We do see those robots naked. Yeah. There the whole time where what the good Lord K Yuna Krahn gave a hanging metal brain. So whatever man the last can action, we're taking this place down. My question was when she goes to give the kids delicious, Ben and Jerry's ice creams, your is that a ploy to get captured over she too stupid because used me this really confused. I swore the plan. But you know, I think you're right. I think it's they said earlier the end of the joke yet because they set up earlier like women shouldn't use credit cards. It's gonna get them into trouble later. She uses a credit card, and that's what alerts you and hunts these guys to get her, right? But so they weren't intent because this is how she gets back to the facility McGregor goes back in because they're like, hey, man, we fucked up, and we need to come in for that blood donation if I'm this fucking donor. I'm like you've gotta be fucking getting the common courtesy to send a helicopter. Yeah. That's wins. Like. Should we sent a helicopter, and let's say three o'clock see this? This would have been great if he had gotten like calling a couple of favors get a couple of celebrities to come in in the waiting room with him waiting at their get Arnold have fun. Rousseau's you a favor give Bruce Bax hair transplant. Get. Oh, that's famous puppeteer. Randy great racist. Puppeteers coming in for another blood donation. Can't wait fucking ways. You're just say racist actor technically I only had racist fantasy. You know, I feel it's the appropriate time to tell everyone I used to have a racist puppet. Act. Around. And I had a racist puppet. The guy from the guardian growth another armed, right? More know, exactly. What are they all have racist puppet? X because now Jeff Dunham and this Randy flavor, Terry FEDER of parents. Randy flavor town, I just I don't know why I guess because they play that's the best the quote unquote, best way to tell those jokes now. Right. It wasn't me. Dude. I didn't say that racist. Joke was fucking the dead. Meyer is exactly my hand and mouth. Did it? It was my hand in mouth not your mouth actually the back of your throat because you're you're fucking professions. Jesus christ. I hate ventral. No, no reason for it. So yes there wait. This is a question though. And I know what here knows the answer. We're not gonna look it up. I'm just putting it out into the world. Sure. Is there a famous ventriloquist comedy act right now that is not racist. That's a great question. I have no I wouldn't. I have no information. Wouldn't I also wouldn't watch it? But I'm Jay on evidence that I have available to me answer is. No, no. But you would think there'd be some idiot out there. Yeah. Who is stupid enough to be like, I can be the counter program, you have to imagine. That's stupid all cabin. That's a fucking genius want any puppeteers at all. I don't want them. All here's a question, though, would a puppeteer like Umbro fashionable muppet grade. Puppeteer clash get. Yeah. Get offended by us calling ventriloquist puppeteer. Oh, that's probably I bet. They would they wouldn't fuck in Pesci Deepal if they were. Will the ventral Krousar were talented. They're doing the voices. Well, we'll puppeteers people doing the voice, but you're not looking at their face. Yeah. There's no God. I should I guess I should be clear for for Kevin clash and all the other poor puppeteers. I meant ventriloquist specifically Fred guys of a drilling list. And he's gonna fuck it knock you down like, Buzz Aldrin. It'll be death at a funeral that guy that that said that the landing was fake that one of the best videos of all time. Oh, yeah. Oh, you creek is is gonna take me. Okay. Do rob a Bank now fantasizing about cabinet as handed to my Frank who gonna sleep good tonight. Donald man, it's just the fucking. It's the Gus ter- one soil. I like it in any event. So yeah, it's big assault on the facility. She's got a gun. She's got a gun. There's a scene where jiman- sues partisan sort of genocide. And he's like and that has he's got like this tattoo or scarring. That's life branded. Right. So he's got sympathy from his loan clone because we should say also they do have like a branded number on them. And he notices that at one point. He's like, oh, that's kind of like me. But also like do you have sympathy for all the people you've killed by accident in this investigation because that's like, I don't know two hundred people. These highways are fucking blaze after this, dude. He's able to separate that. That is he's a man doing job. Yes. Are building thing. I mean, I. Two thousand at least do you? Remember this? I had this thought while I was watching this. Remember, it was a few years ago. Now that fucking crane fell. And it was like it was just one crane, and it fell and it was like horrible for weeks. Yes. Sure. That's like forty times that accident like when that sign falls and all these people are in the middle of the street shits raining down on these again, the president's coming back out to talk again about that send my clone out. It was just a fucking thing falling. So let me get the desire for you McGregor and all them to live three years time. I don't know. He just said six for first time. Yeah. You want to read that for at least two more. So so they like break into those like other thing turns on them, by the way. He's so he's on the side of the angels. He's running around scarlet at one point. She finds Eun McGregor. There's a hilarious moment where she or. He don't remember which one of them does. It shoots a scientist like in the leg. Well, this guy's like they're gonna cut you. She gets like she's about to be they catch like, okay? We're gonna take her organs that lady just to do it. Right. Right. Right. It's over they're gonna cut you pretty shreve heart or whatever. Right. Oh, yes. That's the guy like he breaks into something. But there's another guy. Did you see this guy? There's a scientist like cowering and begging for his life looks exactly like Jeff Bezos, even below that guy did cut right? Yeah. Doke? Could've been back to the two thousand five just a moment that I really hate in this movie earlier on right after the breakout, and like they're in the interest because like this movie hates the scripture Hanson character so much because director Michael beige or you and McGregor turns to her. And goes, you still think there's an island, and it's like you just learned five. You thrown that in my face. We all thought the island was around last yesterday asshole. He said it one time, and she was like, I don't know. Maybe you're right. She gave him a half agree. And that was enough see stupid basis that they go. This whole attitude still. And you know what? Tone that shit down. I think that was the fucking trailer line though. Yeah. Sure any event. So it was a big fight now between Sean bean you and McGregor fetch and reg fine movie is as much about wrenches that about. Clones, exactly. I think it's fifty. It's sort of like a factory. Clones wrenches. Think about it. That's actually true. They're all made from the same wrench mold. Yeah. And we bring back the grappling hook gun that goes to the union workers back, and there's this. I can't even begin to describe its engine. I think this was from the fuck extermination cell, and they're like hanging over other things like shun beans getting choked to death while you and MacGregor's doing the neck as well. Fish Hoke, the fish gun shoots right in the throat with that kind kinda hanged to hung by that. Yeah. I was looking for an accidental Colombian necktie. Oh shit. That'd be cool. I would like yeah. Would like some some fucking throat blood on the floor kind of thing. Or what are we? I mean, what are we doing? Why is there? Yeah. Lease look like Gena Davis when she does the monster, face and Beetlejuice. You know? What? That's yeah. Bare minimum bare minimum Beetlejuice monster face. Absolutely. I so. Yeah. This whole thing crashes down. I don't even know what part of the facility is all the clones run out. And then it was cagey. So you're good guy. Now, he goes. Yes. And that's the end of that character. Yeah. He just leaves forever. He leaves like smiling at the two of them were making out again at the end. It's it's it's you know, it's a decent enough looking shot. It's the desert all these people in white and not in white. So they can find each other. Right. And they start making out wearing a hip motorcycle black. I'm so glad to explore the world and find new people to maybe have into intimacy with and maybe even have sex. We are together. Now common cabin. That's the fucking adventure. Just ended. We don't know that. I. Yeah. Fuck it, whatever. And that's the end of the movie, whatever. Yeah. I need an epilogue. Yeah. Like movie needs to things needs a lot of things to cruise things up with the scroll. Yeah, explains. What this whole thing is up front. So we don't need that like bosomy scene, and I need to fuck fucking postscript. I really do. I want the funeral for everyone has. The end of Armageddon where we get that photo. Oh, you're not enough framed photo funerals in this movie. You wouldn't even know it's Johnny Smith. Did she get a payout from AmeriCorps peration or known to them? I would just like thirty five minutes of her handling the affair. Well, that's the one line you mcgregor's like what's I find out how to get that boat into the water? The one that I actually don't know how you don't end this movie on a boat. Like the beginning of the movie is it ended last. No, you just turned. It just started off really the last shot the first show there on the boat. Having the adventure on the Randy of that. Oh, hell would anybody recommend this movie? No, two hours, sixteen minutes long. It is really like again, I think it tries to it thinks it's like making equal footing with sculpture, Hanson, and you and McGregor. But it's not like it despises her character. I think Michael bay movie, I think you mcgregor's really good in indie lo fi stuff action movie you and McGregor. Not so much. Yeah. I think he's actually the best part of those clone those Star Wars movies, but clone attack of the clones. Yeah. Right. I saw that video on the where he's laughing. No, this is like, I think one of my least favorite bays. I think this better than all the transformers really every single transfer. I agree with that. I think it might be better than some of the literally anyone anyone anyone. We don't have we this is like there's human characters those the fucking are falling off the building is now you're leading. I prefer the leading man as the are. Yeah. I didn't get anything. Like the thing. I like about the things I like about a aren't really here other than like a couple of a couple of good explosions. Couple good car crashes. But yeah, no. Yeah. I would say no as well. Thank you starting. Sweet. Yeah. It's it's two hours and sixteen minutes, which I think sort of disqualifies it as a hangover movie because it's so muddy and obnoxious headed that when you add the TNT run time to get a lot you just so fucking frustrated, and it's really boring, but I'll say, you know, what to Michael bay movies. That are definitely worse than this thirteen hours and fuck Pearl Harbor. I think Pearl Harbor might just his worst ever seen it self series. Bay is the worst hit Faulk in stinks to high might say worse than the actual. Events that are, but I wouldn't say certainly here. No-one no-one certain trumpets might say. That tell you. My clone. That is the island from two thousand five directed by Michael bay for more. We hate movies. Check out patriot dot com slash. We hate news raw sorts bona shit, including of course, the Michael bay bad, boys. Episode. Yeah, we're going on tour in mid to late April, April twenty second April twenty fifth. I'd call that late April. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty close April. It is late April. East coast WHM we're going to New York Boston. DC Philadelphia, all nNcholas cage movies, go to we w trim podcast dot com slash hit on that tour tap there. It is one of these days, you will know the oil to our website. I won't you know, what to say. No good. Yes. You're fan of the show if you're listening to this. So you know, what it is? But if you're new listener, and you just happen to be a fan of the island checkout that patron more bonus content to be Steve Zadek. What I hope you do know is what we're talking about next week because as always we hit movies roles on. That's right. We are in actual listener request month next mine, go bango week actually starting with prince of Persia j Jilin hall video game add hepatic. They could spend Kingsley as the villain. Maybe believe. Well, you know, what Chris cabin all these questions and more will be answered next week when we finally actually watched that movie open yet. But one day, we'll find out what a prince of Persia, actually. So it till next week. I'm Andrew Jupiter. Stephen Sade Akers cabin Eric Cisco, take it easy. That was a hit them podcast.

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