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What's it like to work at a gun shop advice for new shooters new gun owners and safari land new holsters ear pro and all that stuff all that right now with christina ryan welcome into gun talk nation. This gun talk. Nation is brought to you by. At and the future of optics. Tim triggers the world's finest triggers and springfield armory today on guntalk nation. We have a special guest christina. Rhine from safari land christina. Welcome in all ryan. Thanks for having me. Well thanks for being here so soon. So i like to always give people a background on who were talking to because we cover everything in the world of guns shooting hunting all that stuff and everybody comes at it from a different angle. There's so many different ways to participate in it so many different ways to enjoy it. So maybe give people a little background on you and and you know what you like to do as far as guns and shooting absolutely So my name's christina. I'm currently the digital social media manager for safari lane group. I was born and raised in a small town in pennsylvania. Clearfield and i've grown up shooting and hunting with my family Since about seven years old so running again and it's always been a part of my life and through Hunting and doing competition shooting for long range when i was growing up I eventually got into college. And kinda got away from it but got into five shotgun With a few friends and Finished medical school. I have a diagnostic imaging bachelor degree and worked against up to that time At rice gun shop and clearfield one of pennsylvania's largest And that's really where. I bought my foundation for my in depth knowledge of firearms from reloading components reloading processes into our for shotgun handgun You name it long. Range rifle precision rifle. Build custom build a lot of collector items etc and during that time I had met the director channel marketing. Amy be and she had offered me a position as a visual merchandiser. Six and that was in two thousand sixteen Since then i've moved throughout the country from pennsylvania to new hampshire oregon and now currently living in washington state for safari group working remotely and the report into the office in california But on the side. I love to go hiking with my doberman. He's kind of my whole world. Lit up the truck out on various adventures. A lot of fishing hunting shooting always taking classes always bring furthering that knowledge And then doing some photography and fine art stuff on the side. Just for some therapeutic work you know but yeah it takes all kinds makes this world go round so it's pretty fun that's great. You're not the person that people think are is a gun owner. Perhaps it's interesting so far land is known in for a lot of different things and depending on someone's background they go safari land. Don't they make stuff for cops or or safari land. Aren't they part of some big corporation or whatever it may be or or safari land. Wait i've been to their booth shot show or show and that's when all the competition shooters right rob latham and julie golub and are putting on a show and competing against each other There's so many different aspects to what you guys do. And i know that there's some new stuff to talk about so who somebody goes safari land. What's that what do you guys do. It's kind of a tough thing to answer in a in a short answer i guess it is It's definitely i usually get the comeback of like. Oh you're in like like they work or something like what do you do like sadly and like no actually they. They build lifesaving equipment. I would totally. I could totally see you in in you. Know washington Depending on who. You're talking to you go. Do i wanna really wanna get into this. Maybe we do like pet store stuff. It definitely can be a controversial topic for some people but you know i was just portrayed as The like in supporting our law enforcement and military aspect and contracts and then really diving into the civilian part of it for competition shooting recreational shooting And then all of our upset companies. Like the yankee hats but There's a lot of other components to safari land. Not just oh. Yeah you guys coasters and belts like now. We do a lot of things. There's communication systems Forensic you name it. So it's a wide ban with for us to try to cover and you know one schwartzman But yeah going back to new things happening at safari land. If you're ready to talk about it yeah we can definitely see the transition from team safari land to cadre well and maybe give that background because you touched on it and you have the duty gear part. I mean i. I don't know if you know. I mean how. Many percentage or how many departments are running safari land gear as far as the law enforcement. Side of things goes. I couldn't current number it changes so so drastically throughout the times right now. Just depending on people's budget cuts cove it and know the rhetoric in our environment but we do have quite the footprint and the industry. You know it's kind of a standard of farland is on every law enforcement officers hip through. They're using our stuff the day Default social media channels. You'll see we promote as I tried to get everybody's exposure out there from anywhere in bellevue washington. Out of portsmouth new hampshire. You know there's people all over the world that are using our stuff on the daily grind. And i'm very happy to be a part of it and see how we can help them better their products for you know. They depend on their life for it. The bill exactly exactly. That's the that's the point is people These officers are carrying this stuff entrust their lives to it and have been for a very long time I mean not that. This isn't a subject we were planning to get into on this podcast. I think we have an idea of the majority of people are very very pro law enforcement and pro to a and all those things seemed to kind of go together And then we talk about. And then there's this whole wildness of like defunding. The police which is the funny part to me is not funny at all is when we talk about that or when people mentioned that ideas like what we going to reduce the good the good gear. Are we going to reduce the training. What do you want to reduce here. And i i wonder about someone like a safari land is like how that affects you guys. You like well. No they're actually knocking upgrade their gear. They're going to keep using ten-year-old belts or or whatever it may be because of a budget cut thing i know. It's it's a bit off topic but it's just a thought that came to my head. Is we talk about gearing up our law enforcement I think a lot of those challenges that are presented to them. And i think they've done a great job working with our duty. Your team our sales team. Everyone's been very well educated on what's new product coming out there. And what programs. They have In order stocked up all of their agencies or distributors. They worked very hard at communicating like. What's the best practice for you guys. How do we make this work in support. You think ever worrying about losing equipment or reducing Quantity of equipment. I think it's the other way around. I think they're looking for a better investment of how do we get the best bang for our buck but also know that we're not reducing the quality of the equipment that we're utilizing because it matters you know they can't ever have something not working not be functional And the time of need so we wanna they wanna make sure that they're prepared and their best. That's that's good to hear. It's no one wants the the very inexpensive parachute give the the the most cost effective parachute. Now just give me the best one. Please thank you so we have to diverge because you worked at a really big busy gun store. And i'm always i'm always i love talking to people gun stores people working at gun stores because you guys have the best stories and really also the variety of people you talk to who come in and their reasons for buying guns or the different funny questions they ask or whatever that may be i mean. What was your time like working at a gun store. It was very eye-opening And i'm very thankful for it. I think at the time. I was pretty hard practice. I was a college kid. It was like man. There's gotta be more to the world than just little tiny clearfield. ta But it definitely you know without it. I wouldn't be where i am today. i had a really good team. They're mr. Tom price is owner. It's a third generation. Family owned business started out as a little gas station with it grace and his wife. Janet Doing you know custom engraving on stocks in the middle of the gosse shed and it turned into this beautiful Custom work into a stocking dealer and now a distributor wholesaler as well So is the senior owner and his son. Tom and then his son dustin gray so they're really good foundation for me. Because i started at the cashier station and right behind me. There was the reloading components. So i learned what primers where i learned. What powder was rask Different compositions that you can have the right recipe. You know down to the t. Like i kind of made little like notebooks for all of my return customers saying okay. You brought your target. In the time we've talked about your burn rates. They talked about the velocities what chronic graft was. I learned how to cite in a gun. I learned everything. I could possibly think of outside of what my dad had shown me about hunting. You know And moving into shotgun sales a our platform sales bolt action rifle into the pistol fit the second room back. When you walk into. Grace's is just a handgun room and all the magar. They're all your ammo. Is there your whole system. I mean you name it and then the very back of the store is Clothing and accessories for hunting stuff. So all your blinds. I learned anything from coffees number. Nine to you know brat. I learned ithaca shotguns. I learned cardin guns. Kimber learned it all And grace's really as one of the largest footprints kinda get that variety that foundation base of like. Okay this is where you learned what goes with what And it's it's right next to all the little attractions of clearfield. There's car museum. There's central cafe There's a lot of really cool historical parts there so it's nice to remember it and be thankful for it because it really did set me up for success and we have so many new people in our world of guns now. I'm sure that you had new people coming in when you worked there were there. Were their common questions that someone was wanting to buy their first gun. And what were some of the questions or concerns fears Hesitancy is they had about Jumping into this world. I think a lot of it is just not having the education and the background or someone to go to That's close to them so they they really do rely on that sales crap to give them the very quick rundown of what do they need to buy what they need to maintain it house. They need to carry it right away. a lot of my first time gun owners would buy gone. Looks like well now. I need an inside the waistband holster. And it's like we'll come out. How often have you shot. Are you ready to carry a loaded firearm. You have your concealed carry permit. Have you done a little bit more homework than minimum again today. and pennsylvania. You know our our sheriff's department three blocks out you could walk into grace's by gun and then go easter. Eric concealed. carry the same day. Wow that's pretty convenient But yeah it was very interesting to see the questions that would come up. Or maybe like the husband and wife duo and the husband comes and says she needs a little snub nose. Like you're trying to break her wrist or you wanted to actually like what she's shooting. So you gotta you gotta realize to you the person carrying the firearm and make sure that they are able to whether it's a revolver or somebody can racket and lock it know that it's loaded know how to cambridge check know how to be safe. You know safety is number one thing there And then how they want to carry it. Do they want it in there i do. They want on body and a pocket inside waistband outside. We stand shoulder holstered. You know where they get classes. Another thing like working. I arranged to learn to shoot. What kind of ammo do i. What's the difference between ball and hollow point you know what's what's the grain differences. What does this mean. There's a lot of things that people are just so unaware of. And i think they just want that very quick and easy shortcut so it just took a lot of report has on coming back to the store and say hey christina. Thanks for that time that you shared with me to get some some Classes or some rain time. And i use the sam on really liked it or i like this gun but i'm having a hard time. Thank grab like who do. I talk to go. It was just nice to build those return mercer. Who actually kept up with you and you could see growth and processed and competent in carrying Or my long range shooters the commodore perry shoe or any precision sheets that they would go through and they bring back their targets and they talked about their. You know their time with the match and it's just always good to see that Really build that report for you know what you were doing. Did it made an impact to somebody. Gun talk is brought to you. 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Okay jake about twelve features. Chris trigger break designed to keep you on target. Find your new trigger at tim. Knee triggers dot com. Well it's it's such a big step and as you kind of indicated there somebody goes. I want to buy a gun. Well we'll sell you a gun but there's maybe a little bit more to it than okay. I bought a gun. And now i'm good to go and it's funny because don't you find. There are certain things that you should should worry about. And i don't mean worry in a negative way but you should figure out. Okay how am i going to carry it. The right way so that i actually will carry it. But then there's other stuff that maybe we're splitting hairs. It's like well. I don't know. Should i buy one hundred fifteen grain bullet or one hundred twenty. Four green bullet on my nine millimeter. Hey you know what i mean. Somebody could argue with me on this but it's like that doesn't really matter for the most part probably doesn't matter as long as the function junior gone. Now i will. I will argue the point that you need good defensive ammo and not ranging or not fm j. ammo although some easier to argue with me now into but there's the stuff that you should worry about and there's the stuff that you should leave that to us gun nuts to argue with each other on a forum that actually doesn't matter at all free one hundred percent. I think yeah. I think you nailed it. It's really hard for people to really as a new carrier. Kinda decide where they need to start So going back. They'll crap or whatever provision the manufacturers have you know if there's any shortcuts to what the breakdown is other than just their a warranty pamphlet inside you know so it's always nice to see. Hey get on social media follow. You know whether. It's lena or it's gonna be duly or maggie or brittany. May or any of these. These new instructors are out there. Follow them on social. See what they're doing. Learn about them. Wearing what the classes are. They're hosting that kind of stuff and makes it more personable for them. You know well. And that's a perfect segue to talk about kadre because these pro-shooters they do put out a lot of content and and it's easy to bash social media but there are as actually if you're discerning about where you're getting the information from someone like casey or a julie. They're putting out information. That's these are experts. These are world known experts. And good information. You can learn some stuff from talk about this program. Yeah absolutely It was a concept that i had started in my little black notebook. time in the industry and different positions of you know what are what are why is manufacturers. Like what are we doing here you know. We're making products. We want to sell to a pro everything And so coming from the retailer side also as a consumer and an advocate and who wants to learn and then being in product management. You know i've kind of got this melting pot of backgrounds and like okay house. We filled the gap between manufacturing and the marketplace is that our sales rep is a you know other trainers like what. What is this up here and cadre became this. You know selected group of professionals with different levels of experiences and valdes and to communicate firsthand with the public. And that's what these people do. They're not just professional competition shooters. We have retired sergeant majors. We have that sense from the seventy fifth ranger regiment. We have Cowboy shooters mounted shooting. We have law enforcement officers. I have a cross it tactical Games have you know everyone has a different walk of life that someone on social media is a new firearms donor or just someone who's intrigued by you. Know pro gun. Anything might have a talk with them because of a hashtags that they follow. You know i might have fitness junkie. Who's like oh yeah. What's tactical games. And now they they're following up on. Oh it's not just weightlifting and going over obstacles but they also have a firearm utilize and they have to build it and load it and shoot and then continues obstacle course or the. I'm into horses and stuff. What's now did shooting and then you can see safari land product through that web. That gets tangled in there. And it's just a really good way for people to see different backgrounds and different variants of life Brittany may for example. You know she just private collection services. She's a very small two female. Who could totally kick your butt And sitcoms lots of knowledge and she is the easiest person to talk to you when you say i'm kinda new to this. So how do i. What do i do. How do i build my belt. What kind of bolster do i need. Or what kind of calms you use ear protection. Same thing with casey andrew and he like everyone on the team is their own special individual. So patrick totally makes sense because it's one professional from another different of life with the same gold mission of a greater good experience for product education and safety. So what are you guys doing with cadre. And how can people take advantage of it. yeah so right now. Cadre launched april fourteen. So it's little over a month old There's some shootings that are happening. Now that you know the country's kind of opening backed up and we're getting more experience out there so we tried to share their calendar information on their cadre Page on violin dot com. Click on inside barley. And you'll find safari link cadre each eleven of all the eleven numbers or there you click on their bio and there's a link to whatever they have going on whether it's instruction courses that they have outside of the land We have to do their own. Instruction bought the tactical by dan brokos and Went firearms instruction by britney may Julia joanna maggie becky. They actually five. All of them are on there. You can always follow their social media pages and serum twitter facebook A few of them are also on their own websites. They have their own. Blog teaches where you can check in with them and see what they're doing But we try to talk with their other brands as well if their sponsored by other people and it's not a good thing we tag as many Operations to can make sure that everyone is getting their own exposure and credits. Do you know everyone's team here in the industry at the community. We're we're building it together And that's kind of where it all falls into places that everyone can see that together. We're saving lives and together we're living legacy and we're sharing that with our audiences are consumers. Are students or attend these Everyone who's now kind of ice on it very cool now. I know that safari land. I took a while to get there but safari lane has some new stuff holsters. You're pro. Let's talk about some of that. Yeah we launched the liberator to point out hearing protection and It is not com acceptable. There are other ones that are available though if you go to safari land dot com and five. So they're available that are con- systems So just communication system that can hold on mike and Work two ways. But the liberator two. Oh are you know. Newly redone There was a several options beforehand. And these are new and improved Three different modes for a second and third mode. So you're indoor outdoor indoor and then kinda just in your own head with working with a one on one student makes it the best for hearing We have a couple of new holsters. there's A couple retired Us now and they have a new range by the range convertible so those modesto to backpack At a lot of the cadre of distant blowing up about it's like there's so many pockets. I can fit everything in one bag. This is wonderful. The traveling across ten three whether it's drew hall enforces to go do a shoe. Or if it's the actually taking five people across the country or maggie and penny. You're loading up together. Everyone's love this bag for some reason which is great. I'm happy to hear it just makes sense when everything's won't place you know absolutely well. Yeah they've got a lot of good promotions going right now and you guys are. Actually they can buy this stuff on the website. Is that right. Yes and currently until the end of may we're doing our twenty five percent off your and accessories so it includes holzer's So that'll be a good buy for everyone right now. If you jump on farley dot com and it's the first pop to subscribe to a newsletter m percent offer that and then you also just get to followed website to The whole time during you can shop on their get the right segments that you need the dm. I always tell people make sure you practice on social because we can help you. There's real people here. We're not just there's no by okay. That's good to know. Yeah and and the good thing is you guys are end users. You are shooters and whether that's competitive or training or whatever it may be so like you said i mean christina you you worked at a gun store so i mean you can actually answer these questions of what. What's the right holster. What's the right bag. What's calms you're talking about calms. Well i mean there's calms but for those of us who are just going on the range we don't actually. We may not need what law enforcement or military is gonna use from you guys right. Yeah you're hearing protection then becomes the liberator plano's and in the systems are the fours and fives. Yeah absolutely i. I love to get questions from people. And if i don't know the answer i'm not gonna try to see you. You know some some mind. I'm going to say you know what. I don't know that the living it right back to you and i will do everything i can find the answer. And that is one thing that i learned coming for firearms retailers. Don't ever walk something. If you don't know it admit it and go find the answer Because it's only going to do better and it's going to the customer better especially in our world because the we are are are fans are my listeners and in your customers. Lot of them are not casual. Yes we talked about the the new gun buyer but then you have the person who they know the metallurgy of the guns they know they know decades long history of how it was manufactured and then when they change this part that was because this thing happened in nineteen eighty three and then they had a new president. They know all of that. They've been there and so they are. They're not. There are a lot of people who are not casual users. There this is. This is their thing. Yes absolutely and those are the those are the customers. I loved the most. Because i learned so much from them. And they i mean they stick around in shock for hours at that point because you just keep the conversation going so it's always nice to see your your new thesis and then you're almost like you're you're hanging around but have kept the counter up for you With the nice but yeah it definitely it shows you. A perspective of the community is ever changing. It's it's never going to be stagnant. We're always gonna find new things and new ways to communicate with each other and train and educate An implement new innovative products going to help everyone in their daily application. You know whether it's law enforcement military or everyday terrier and one of the one of the products that we got in from guys was the g. l. s. nine. If do i remember that. This is sort of a multi model holster anything. But the five seven five lessening appropriate. The new the new prophet. You talk about that for a second This is the whole thing that you can wear inside the way fans Does have the boat slip on it. It got quite a few different sit Over my head. I know i have electric fifty five. Xl what's his daily kerry And i do love it just because it does have that retention a little bit for you But it's not a lot of inside the waistband. Do that so it's nice to have that that locking system But yeah there's multiple sits there We have a couple of cadre rich now. That are testing out for us. So that's another part of chatter. They have to do our in dc back for us so that we can really start working on. You know new innovative products and hold ourselves accountable. Well and that's important because those people who are using guns every day and in competition or in a protective gag or whatever it is. They've used a lot of different products and it's smart win. Companies can not only use those folks to post things on social media. That's nice but when you actually start getting them feedback on rnd products now. It's gonna work better. It's going to be what people actually need want. That's that's a big deal. Absolutely and that's the purpose of it is to to showcase our products with different individuals different backgrounds. So you can see the various applications of you know if you're gonna wear out hiking or if you're gonna wear it every day for concealment if you're going to wear it just the practice appendix draw you know however you want to carry it. Maybe be that person that cadre member is gonna showcases for you. So we really try to get a diverse You know background of content for everyone to look at it and start watching and educate themselves on. Yeah that's great. So i'm looks like as i kinda screwing around your website. It looks like you have a promo code going on right now. Saf to five twenty five off. That's the twenty five percent off for the summer sale. That's good now until the thirty first. Okay to the end of may so get out there. go check it out safari land dot com and promo code. Saf twenty five off twenty five percent off. Save some bucks. Yeah that's awesome it quite a bit. Yeah so it's it's a good sale. And like i said if anyone no shops online they get questions. Don't be afraid that email call shoot at the At real people on the other. I promise you we're trying our best to make sure everyone gets taking care of It's a big deal for people who don't navigate our website often. You know they can overwhelmed this a lot of information on. How do i want to carry this. What does it feel the nail less secure less. You know making sure that we can talk you through it and make sure you get what you need that option for you. And it's the right christina will help you and they let the engineers named the products with just numbers letters stuff it working on it. We're working on it. I promise well. Thank you for being with us christina. This has been fun. Yeah absolutely ryan. Thank you so much for having me. And i look forward to hearing more and seeing the cadre join us sometimes absolutely. That'd be great having down here. That's it for us. We will see you guys next time on gun talk nation. Hey one more thing if you visit safari land dot com you. Enter gun talk twenty. You'll get twenty percents off your purchase. From now. Through june thirtieth. Go do it.

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