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The guys welcome back to the Trish. I am your host chest so excited and so nervous because we have like king of podcast Adam Corolla so nervous and so excited I did your podcast and I thought that was the highest honor. But you coming to my house to be on my podcast. It's the highest honor everything keough. I had friends who used to live up in this neighborhood when I was in high school. And so it was weird kind of drive in here like little drive down memory lane really. You don't come this way anymore. You know I will on occasion. Only if ways is trying to get me to the comedy store or something and they go back side kind cutting through the hills but no no. I haven't been this happy. I'm so happy you're here. I'm so excited and getting 'cause I told you on your podcast. I'm such a fan. We like literally like ten years ago. I was on your show the car show which was everything and I feel like you should do. You're talking right before we started recording. Was I think you should do more visual more like TV stuff? Because you're so good on your hands on like you're not like ugly like Howard. Stern not attractive so he should do radio. You're a handsome prayers. Then you should be on TV raw. Thank you for that observation. Sorry our but it's weird. It's an interesting look into whatever my psyche or the dynamic of my psyche is which is. I don't like me on TV or in makeup or trying on clothes anything. I've always just wanted to go into a windowless room and talk into a microphone. I've never really wanted to be in front of the camera. I still really don't WanNa be in front of the camera and it's never been something that I've been. I never looked forward to it. It was never something that I wanted to do or saw. Yeah I wonder why that is because I feel like you want people to know you right when you go down. The street and my goal was to be famous. I didn't have a talent. I'm like I just WanNa be famous and known so I wanted people to know me you didn't care about that you're like I just WanNa talk you know I didn't. I didn't really do the math on knowing me or being famous or whatever of course like it's always great when I tell my Sistan. Oh could you get us into this steak house on Saturday night? And then he goes. They're all booked up and then I go try using my name. Maybe they'll do it and sometimes it works and then you go good cool. There's cool opportunities and events and things that obviously come around with being recognizable but I never wanted to physically be recognizable. I never had any thoughts about that. I've always just wanted to kind of write jokes. Tell stories you know. Do Love Line Do the radio do the PODCAST I. It's it's interesting because I wasn't phobic about it like understood. I'll do it if you tell me to do. Whatever you pay me to do it. I just never really wanted to be in front of the camera. So how'd because I know you most obviously from the man show? That's like my favorite. So how did that come about your like? They're like you have to host. It will Jimmy and I were best friends and we were hanging around each other constantly Having lunch and hanging out all the time and you know I think if you took two guys like they took Wozniak Steve Jobs and you put him. They went out to lunch all the time. They'd be talking computers inventions or whatever so gene. I did that but with comedy we'd be sitting around talking. All Time would be a good show would be a good idea. This would be funnier. That would be funny and eventually it just dawned on us that the show we wanted to do. We just wanted to do it together. It wasn't so much about the theme of the show was more like Jimmy. Neier besties and I wanNA work with Jimmy. Jimmy wants to work with me. So what can we do together? And the man show just sort of came out of that but it's not like you was it existed and they cast it and the cast the cast Jimmy. We just cast ourselves. We knew that at the time nobody was gonNA pair us up and let us host a show unless we invented the show and then we could do it so you like created so fascinated by this with people who famous in like the nineties. It's so easy to get famous now like. I think it's like anyone can do it. Because as social media but like how do you even go about that like how you create a show and you're like Whoa? How do you get in like? That's what I always wanted to know. So we talked about the man show for Awhile and Jimmy night. You know. Jimmy didn't really have any Jews and I didn't really have any Jews and we didn't really. We're both were working in radio but we didn't really know anybody in TV and at some point someone who's doing an article on me for the L. A. Times and they're doing the article because of my radio career Mr Burcham characterize to do on on K rock a million years ago and their editor of the article. The Guy who's writing the articles a big fan but they're editor wasn't and so the editor kept going. He's not really doing that much. I what else is there. Because I wasn't doing that much. Just a radio guy and he kept coming and going. What else you got. What else you got and I eventually just went. Oh well we got this show called the man. Show that we're working on but it really. We weren't doing anything with it. And he put that in the article and then somebody God was NBC or ABC Anyway. Somebody's assistant read. It thought it was a good idea for the man show brought it to ABC. And the next thing you knew we were shooting a pilot for ABC. Just based on me kind of trying to pat out this article or doing I mean I'm sure we would have done anyway. Somewhere somehow and Jimmy would ended up ended up a hosting the Oscars anyway time. I think that's how we found it how I think that's so cool. I feel like 'cause I watched it. I remember back in the day when I used to watch it. My parents were like against watching it. 'cause they thought it was bulger. I watched it the other day and I was. This is so like innocent like you did like a women's suffrage saying like if people knew what that was like this is like nothing they said it was like so. Raunchy show wasn't Raunchy back then. Well yesterday's Raunch is today's quaint put-down bumper sticker but yeah that's how society always worked. That's crazy because I just remember them being like even remember people being like. Oh Wow they like degrade women I was. There was nothing. I'm trying to find something that was like. Oh this went fly today but like everything was just so PC. I was like I couldn't find one thing that wasn't it. Yeah well you don't have delicate sensibility. But number two. Nobody really Jimmy. And I and Daniel the guy we created the show with and we all in everybody the man show. We understood that the joke ha had to be on me and Jimmy not on the girls so we understood that we had to lose every time in order for it to be funny like if you go back and those you are listening. Apparently not going to know this reference. But Benny Hill was this English. Guy Dues Benny Hill show and he had sexy girls around him and it was sort of. Jimmy and I would think about Benny Hill. When we're talking about doing the mansions like a sort of Benny Hill type show. But Benny Hill would never get the girl and he would never succeed and it was. The joke was always on him. And that's where the comedy so there wouldn't be any comedy if we won their only be comedy if we lost and we knew that so everyone thinks demand shows about these two misogynous or beating up on women but the rally as as we we were the victim and we knew we did it intentionally. Because that's that's funny. Yeah so it's like the opposite way. 'cause I saw John Jameson on your show versus Jason Howard during that era and it's like two totally different like for some reason. I always correlated you in the Howard Stern show together because he was on e. late at night and it was like Raunchy and then like you guys watch my parents like. Don't watch that show and I was just like so weird. The difference you guys use Jenna in a very like I don't know very innocent way can remember. Oh Oh she did. She did household hints with Porn Stars. Or something and then. She's like a popsicle couple he was. I love her illegitimate she's kind of a dino or now each went off the deep end a little bit she just turned. Jewish. No Jewish. That's not going off the deep end. Wow that's interesting. A religion has ever rejected convert when Jews were like. We're we're fine full. No I think they do because she even even conservatives comforter on twitter 'cause she's like Republican now and should they're very like we don't want you talking on our behalf. She's very hard core. You know that no. I didn't know anything about her. I knew that I think Tito Ortiz. Her ex husband. Ufc fighter came on my podcast. And he said like Oh. She's not doing well or she's having mental issues like that. And then I got a bunch of tweets from her. Like how dare you whatever but I was like. I didn't say anything. He just came on and said his ex wife's having some issues as far as on people on your podcast and I came on your podcast. 'cause I love saying controversial. Shit and you like you literally. Just listen you know on anything which is interesting. I like egging people on for like more drama. But you don't you kind of just well you know. I've had guests in the past and famously our governor Gavin NEWSOM and I've gotten into it with him and I've gone after him but I'm not trying to edge anybody on I will try to attempt to get to the truth. Yeah well that's what's interesting your podcast to because then I was listening to the week I was on and you have a bunch of like social stars but then you also have like a really political people's I guess like I don't know how you even describe your because you've been around like you have the Guinness World Records out of the most podcast episodes recorded. Yeah when did you start podcasting? Oh Nine Holy Shit so eleven years and was it podcasting then or was it just like. I'm going to do this myself. And put out the audio. It was podcasting but nobody really knew what podcasting was. Didn't seem to care. I among the I would never claim to be the first. Because I've done I did like bill. Simmons's podcast before my podcast. He was doing one I think with. Espn and there weren't a lot of private tears. I guess there were some people who work for some companies like ESPN or something like that. Who DID A podcast? Yeah but there weren't a lot of people just doing it on their own. Although maybe there were like I just didn't know nobody knew who was doing what back then. So yeah I just did it to do it. I love your podcast. I've been listening now. I'm like I'm not that I didn't listen before but I'm gonNA listener because when we met. I thought I told you this I was like. Oh He's GonNa hate me like I can just tell when people don't like me know what I mean like the way you are conservative and like that kind of stuff. So He's GonNa hate me but we got along so well I thought you money wasting is like I'm not really conservative or I don't know how you define being conservative. I'M ULTRA PRACTICAL. So sometimes it makes me conservative because I'm just super practical but that's that's the way I'm wired so I don't I don't you know people tend to politicize everything but I'm just practical. Whatever makes sense. That's what I'm for. I don't I don't really draw down a party line. Although to be fair. Conservatives are probably more practical than liberals are for instance like you know you take a subject like you go school vouchers. Should or school choice in our. We'll look at the numbers and if if it works then let's do it and then somebody goes will school choices. The Republicans are for it and then the Democrats are against it. And I'm like all right. I'm not interested in that part of it. I'm just interested in weather works or not. That's all sorry approach life people don't like it. They don't like ultra practical. Really other Sin Monterey. I'm so that kind of stuff like science to me. I'm like I don't know what's happening when people start talking politics on it. I don't know I'm so bad with the thing is i. The idea comes. And then the politics get grafted on to the idea so you go gay marriage and then you go prison reform and then you go border security and you go okay. These are all just ideas and then the politicians graft onto the idea. You know so you go gay marriage all right. That sounds good to me and the Democrats latch onto high. And then you go border security and I go well that sounds good to me and then the Republicans latch onto that one. But if you really just think about it it's I. It's not politics and then ideas. It's kind of ideas. And then which party claims that idea? Yeah and people just fight over that and then people fight for me. I'm I'm just one. I'm interested in the ideas. Right and your vocal about it. But you don't get into any scandal is trying to find scandal about you and there's like nothing scandalous that you like but you say controversial things like when. I was watching the report I was like. Oh I'm surprised like no one picks up on this stuff and like people just like you. I guess so you're uncomfortable. You know what happens is once you've been saying what you think for a long period of time then people understand who you are and like what you're doing and they don't really you know. I experienced this before but like you take snoop dogg snoop. Dogg smokes pot wherever he wants right now. It's not controversial for Snoop Dogg to light a joint. If Barack Obama lit up a joint we'd know about it right or there's pictures of him smoking at joint so once you just become the person that does that stuff then. People don't really care right and so for me. I'm just a guy who says what I'm thinking and at some point people stop caring because become that guy. Yeah it's like. I don't know you brought up Howard. Stern like Howard. Stern gets to say controversial things. Because he's Howard Stern. Yeah but even him now not to bring up the age again but now it has older age. He's just not the same Howard Stern. He's not as like he doesn't. I like okay so obviously you could very I like sexual things you know like even like the man trying to feel like oh I want to go back to the days of like where everything was like overtly sexual is but even now Howard is very like clean cut like doesn't say anything about women's bodies and I'm just like oh I kinda miss those days. I don't know if it's because the culture and we're like pc now but like maybe he's older but it's a combination of a culture and prostate enlargement. I think of the Combo prostate enlargement. Well as a man ages. Where's my camera cameras? Eight here or there there's two. Psa does prostates. Jack this is a man. Ages tends to enlarge prostate cancer. And where is it? Where is it right here in your brain these pointing goes brain for those listening to audio? Only I'm so confused I can't believe with all your crazy. Sexual exploits never digit on a guy for the prostate. We this on so familiar. No one ever says go for my prostate. I've never heard that my life when I've expect. Yeah I love to this topic I love talking about sex. This is something I know about politics and like I don't know but anyway that's in your ass. Oh what I said. Drop a digit. Come on we in your own fingered. I've been up assholes. There's nothing I I'll take. Your Word is look at that roster you can see it you will know. I mean you gotta be wearing like a miner's hat to see it but you can't win when they check when the doctors you know when the when they give the old guy the finger I don't know the prostate cancer this you get your checked. It's been a while. Is it uncomfortable for you. I'm trying to think of anyone I think. In terms of having somebody put their finger in your ass you could probably take society and break them off and just two groups of people who really fear it and then those who really look forward to it and I'm a little more agnostic. I'm a little more like well. The guy's got to do with the guys got your pain before. No but now that you mention it. I think next time you'll enjoy those. Yeah Yeah I don't know if it'll ever crossed the threshold into enjoyment talked about this and I told you I don't think he did. It had done the right way. But we'll we'll figure that out later I guess So anyway is a man ages and as society becomes a little more evolved. I think he just ten. I think you just tend to think less about sex or talk less about it but also we're in a society now where it's like you can get into trouble. You start getting this stuff. I miss it I miss it. That's why like I wanNA do a podcast. Because I want to bring on girls and I want to have them like why not so fun like I just did my first girl girl porn thing and I was like I wish more people would just do this and have it be normal like I missed that like it's so because it's exciting. It's like entertainment. But here's the problem. If everyone just did girl girl lesbian porn you'd be out of a job right. No it's true but what I liked about. I guess what I'm saying is like for my part. I WANNA be the one to bring on. People do do that crazy shit because I think people do crazy. Shit like putting like candles up there asking. I feel like back in the day. Like when how we're we're have someone that come on right. And they were like put like crazy shit on them. I missed that like I love that. Like Jena. Halle Petroleum Jelly on her tits. And then they had some guy calm and try and see like how long he can last on her tits. Look that's such entertainment. That's like Matt around anymore. No one does and like maybe I was like maybe I could do it. Because I'm like a girls maybe I can get away with it. Easier definitely think a woman could get away with Dan. Easier than especially like a straight white did. Yeah I. that's that's started it but anyways on the sex topic because I wanted to ask you this anyways. 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A one stop shop if you need if you need excitement in Your Life Adam need is where it's at that's dish. D I S H offer code dish at checkout at Adam and Eve dot com and be sure to check it out. You get fifty percent off plus those ten. I guess I talked about wishes insane. That as a really really amazing offer I have not seen that anywhere else. Ten free gifts plus fifty percents off any toy. Any lingerie game movies. It's an endless world of adult play times. Go to Adam and Eve dot com. Use the Promo Code Ish and get fifty percent off plus those ten free gifts On the no sacks I have a question so you were talking having around my house we got here and you were like showing me your carpenters skills that you were once a carpenter like Jesus I know and you ask you one of the most insulting questions ever heard in my entire life. I forget I said I'm a carpenter and you're like yeah you like. Do you still do carbon dery? Because I think you're too old right. I'm like first off. Carpentry and woodworking is an old man's activities. Oh yeah now all the guys that are building up turning salad bowl on a lathe in their garage door building a canoe or over sixty oh it is an old man's game and you're joking now. I feel like you're being sarcastic die. You would like fall over. If you're like sanding a canoe. Whatever you do I see him when he was giving me my prostate exam. He's like no more canoes standing for you. Isn't that what you do on it? Like Sandy Canoe by the way if anyone ever says where's Corolla he's in the garage and it's canoed. Don't go into the garage because there's no canoe in there. That is a metaphor for beating off in garage. Show for you ever hear upstairs. Bathroom saying in. His canoe is a metaphor for real. Well it is now. There was no. There was an elvis movie where Elvis was a carpenter and he was standing canoeing Clam Bake No. It was what was the one where we have speedboat driver Klanbake Clinic. He was standing canoe. Listen one could San one's canoe. I'm not saying I'm saying as a former carpenter knows a current carpenter. Still do a lot of carpentry work doing the heavy foundation and heavy lifting stuff and making a cinderblock wall and stuff. It's it's a little more difficult now when you get older but doing finish work or building cabinets or sanding. Canoe notably doable. Hey Idiot around your house do suffer Andraos. I do stuff all the time. I fixed no fault shift. That's so hot. I don't think yeah. Carpenters will get laid more than like celebrities. Even you know there was no. There's no love for the carpenter when I was. Yeah well. It's an interesting. It was an interesting conundrum. Because when you're a carpenter you just work with dudes just work with dudes all day. There's no ladies around you know once and so once in a while you'd go to some woman's House to work on their house but it was like the middle aged housewife like young and hot homeowner now me whereas my my handymen. No I you know I'd have someone named Brenda MASCOTS FIFTY. Eight at You know it's struggling cow getting around the house and she answered the door you know. Yeah I never. I never had any hot carpentry connections. I had a girlfriend once I once in a while. Bill the girl a closet or a loft bed or something just to try to get it do a little do a little of that but so it was bad because I worked on a construction site of the bunch of dudes and then the girls back then when everyone was young to everyone kind of lived in an apartment. So then really have any thing for me to do. I couldn't really trade out for sex per se I tried and I still had to pay a real guy andy one time and I thought. Oh maybe I'll get discount. Damn it was like three hundred fifty dollars or so it was crazy and it was literally for like I literally. What's for my closet upstairs? I WANNA look alike harmonica volts designer stuff and he. Maybe he made it. Sounds like three fifty. Maybe it was. I don't know maybe it was a discount but yeah he showed A. It's like a porn. It's the way it sounds. Sounds like such a porn? But it's not it wasn't like I was assaulted him. I wasn't like. Hey Gimme your deck or anything. It was just more like he was. He wasn't even hot to be honest. I couldn't even understand what he was saying. But I think Latino Guy Right no he was what is it. I don't WanNA get in trouble. Yeah like a Middle Eastern Yuccas. La's is white dudes. Don't really swing hammer now carpentry. More now it's all Hispanic guys eastern Middle. Eastern guys are more. The tile guys and cabinet is Hispanic. Guys are more like this stucco guys in the block. Wall drywall guys. I know whatever every ethnicity in the train did you do that? And you're white guy. I did everything how well also it was back before. It was back when white guys did stuff. Okay before I know guys I know do anything like my Dad. Never touched it like we always hired someone. That's amazing that you do it it's awesome. Yeah well again. I had to survive. We have a story of this. We had a handyman from handy. This is the worst. Add Handy. But is that handyman are like carpenters right? There are the same thing I think I think. Carpenters Look Handyman. Like doctors like physicians. Lookit chiropractors really me like that's sweet. You and your handyman step. I`Ma journeyman carpenter different more skilled. That's that's the way I look at it. I love carpenters as I do love. Jesus honestly like I feel like anyone who was a carpenter. Jesus was and I was like awesome. I think that's the best thing. 'cause could you imagine it's a better? It shouldn't be ignored like there's too many dudes running away from manual labor. Like I want to get my hands dirty like I don't know there's a real kind of nobility knowing how put together understanding it being able to do it and then doing it like there's something to it that people shouldn't shouldn't ignore yeah so hot. I got. No one knows how to do anything when you were coming around my house and you're like oh just do it like this and I was like Oh shit like it's just hot. It's like more than even I met Brad Pitt and like veterans more. If you're like a handyman even a regular handyman. He doesn't have to be a famous handyman. There's like a regular one. We had a handyman common finished putting my bed up and he had like a wet spot all over his jeans. I don't know repeat my sister-in-law. She's laughing 'cause she knows we don't know if he peed or he like kings naked photos while they're not up anymore. I had a bunch of naked photos. Like did he like Dirk. What just happened. In his pants he came down with a wedlock and he literally told us does peed in their pants. True story can attest. Yea I'm trying to remember wet myself. He ever jerk off with a job. No well I mean you know back in the day gets. You aren't somebody. I used to work in a shop alone for a long time. And they have the Makita poster with the hatchet you need leaning against love orbital sander. You know when you're twenty three here into that you know it's like I literally. I'm trying to think I would work on job sites mainly like building custom houses but I also work at cabinet shops and once in a while you know you just be hanging out alone for an extended period of time and why not hit the bathroom. I think that's a good idea for a photo shoot. Kelly write that down for only fans like doing like having sex and like a garage like with all these tools. Because then you could just shove those things up. You go out there saying the canoe. Ooh that could be only if you ever do porn. Come to me first because I would love to do a lab with you on that like. That'd be everything all right now. I'm serious. I do porn shave. Come to you I yeah okay go anywhere else because I think I want that exclusive. Because we're friends I feel now. You've come to my podcast. I'm on your podcast and I were friends. All right. Is that how it works straight porn right. Yeah Oh come on. Do you want to do something else? I've heard gay porsches easier to break into the older famous. Though so like teams people have easier end tape right now. Oh my God I bet you would kill it. You get so much. Might Not that union money. But it'd be so another thing that you're because you're a man of many talents. You do a lot of things so I do. I diagnosed your door. Swing in your injury hall. Scrapie those those you know what they patched see when they pull the Hanes at your door got swung around the other direction. And they patched the Mortis. That's the hinge mortis that's the slot hinge goes into with something called the Dutchman those are the patches that go in your hinge mortis. I used to do the real thing. That's Oh yeah. They're real more problem really. Is Everything here stain grade? If it was paying rain we could paint it and make it go away but you can't really make it go away if it stays. Hey you're a cabinet person. Maybe look at my cabinets and the catching because those could use some work those are retro and those are outdated they like go up they slide up. We need habits anyways okay. This is probably the weird. I was watching like watching all your interviews yesterday to preferences finding just one I know about you but like obviously like whatever you know. There's only so many questions you can ask about crank yankers which is another one of my favorite shows which I had no idea you created. I literally just thought I was Jimmy. Kimmel 'cause he talked about so much on his show. Us Jimmy Show. I don't know your co-creator yeah well when we're doing the man show and will wanted. Jimmy's earliest thoughts or loves or pursued was prank. Phone calls like he just loved crank calls. That was his thing you know and so when we were doing the man show. We're always talking about doing a TV show with prank phone calls and But we never really figure out how to illustrate it or how to act it out in Jimmy. Who's a really good artist? He's really good at drawing. Any En Ese he'd makes claymation characters and stuff like that. And we we really. He is a really interesting artistic gift. That people don't know that he's really kind of a graphic artist is wells artists. Comedian that so we were sitting around. You know our main show offices and we started talking about doing a prank phone call show and it just turned into cranky. That was huge. That show is so big. Yeah I didn't get it at the time but now I watch it. I can appreciate it. I Remember People. Watch that show and I was so confused coming back on again. So it's back on comedy central episodes doing another season. We just finish the last season and now we're doing it another season so we did it in. I don't know three or four or five or whatever and we literally took off fifteen years now. I haven't been anywhere. 'cause I was like researching at to find old clips. I did not see any of their. It's already out there. I'm not seeing that. That's amazing because it was so good. Was it real or fake crank? Yankers calls real. Yeah Oh yeah the calls were thank you think even with like the other ones and we talk to like the lovely. I thought those were fee. I was like who calls in those questions. Those are real right. I mean you know on on the TV show. We would say at the very beginning. I think the producers were trying to like cook some of the calls right and so drew and I would be out there and like somebody would call in and it'd be like some girl and she'd go. I'm hot I'm having sex with my teacher and my friend's dad you know. And then we'd go. What city are you calling from and she'd go And we don't do the Bogus Col. Look at each other like through and I always knew bogus call. I didn't have information. And so we would tell the producers. Don't do it don't just have real calls and if they're not real don't tell us we don't WanNa know but don't have fake calls because we can always tell really yes yes. I'll I've got enough people people have. Here's what I'm saying. When people lie they have you can go like two or three lines or lies deep them right so you go. Let's just say asked me what college I went to she go you ought to USC. I didn't go to you I see. What did you study economics? What Hall was that in a Improv? With a comedian. But that's how that's how it works. You can go a little into it but once you get a little asking some questions they stop with the answers that kind of show like you could just have real question because people have like the legitimate question problems like that situation now because I feel like now you guys because you do want similar with doctor right now he do a podcast that has like questions and answers about sex and love and it's what's called skull they Adam and drew show podcast once on to whereas my podcast once. I know I don't know where it is. That's somewhere we do one almost every day every day. Yeah that's out there. We take a few days off here and there but it generally every day take a sip on the bright side with new Dunkin Macho lattice Chai refreshing combination of Sweden Macho. Green tea blended with creamy milk. And you can enjoy it. Iced hot or frozen. It's a delicious way to hit the reset button on your day and it's also just a delicious way to drink something delicious. I Love Dunkin. I will drive near and far for it. It has that extra quality it gives me that extra pep in the step. It really does make a difference in taste and energy levels of throughout the day plus the colors are really such a vibe so it looks good on all social posts as well as tasting amazing and it's also just a delicious way to drink something delicious. Enjoy a refreshing Macho lactate at Dunkin. Today America runs on. Dunkin price and participation may vary limited time offer. If you show you're going to love the lady gang podcasts on podcast one during your favorite tree of Hollywood ladies Kelsey night. Becca Tobin and Jack Vanak on their weekly Rod. Look of all things pop culture with some amazing guests. Upcoming episodes include pop. Superstar should nyah Twain Real Housewife Nina Leagues and Bachelor. Nick Dial Checkout Lady Gang. Every week on apple podcasts. And podcast one. Would you rather Bang Dr George? I Bang them. Yeah I mean they could bang you guys do. They're both pretty bankable by. Dr Drew is almost hairless. How how do you know? How do I know how you see if you see Dr drew and like a short sleeve? Shirt doesn't hair on his arms. You seem in shorts. He doesn't have heroin his legs. And I'm like you don't have any hair on your body. It's like no. Jimmy has extra hair. I like hair. Okay so you bang Jimmy Little Bear. You pay him pegged Jimmy. I don't think Harry Ass it's hard to peg get yet and then I would go and Bang Decker drew okay so we share. Dr Drew so high. I didn't know he was older. Either he was. I didn't know he was like I thought he was like young. Like I thought he was a guy that was like in his twenties with a gray hair like literally when he does those teen mom things I was like. Oh I love him. I love both of you guys. I don't know who I'd pick between you and him because he's smart but have like the Big Dick Energy you know. Do you know what that is? You know what that means a do work has pick energy flimsy. I don't you think I'm sexually assaulting you because I feel like now it's like you really can't even anything it's actually just like a phrase people use anyway okay. It's not like I'm saying like Oh you know what I mean. How does one Zuhdi Big Dick Energy? Oh it's just have it like you can't like doctor when it set like you're like you're right now sitting openly like Dr Interesting. That's interesting drew does cross. It's like he has no Dick you know and he he he liked. I used to ask them all. Why would how uncomfortable interest pinching your nut sack between your ask? Why do that Shit like that? Where you're sitting with your legs spread over roads audio like very few people set like that and I feel like the only reason they do is they have like. It's the big energy without signing. Two crafts may have big Dick Energy and with a side of sack. You know not all Dick. Between your comma date for why. Yeah when you get older you said your prostate grows. I think your balls grow when you get older to always say a little more. I mean I love when you're older. It's not like a best compliment ever saying. Oh my God you're so fucking sexy like we never saying. Oh He's all like that's like hot like I'm wet. It's the same synonym just you. Don't think of insulting. You might say well the thing about being a dude and and being a comedian. Your age isn't really that big a deal. So it's it's hard to insult an older guy comedian. Because it doesn't really impact you you know if you're a young actor or a young new or something then you gotta deal with with the age factor but when you're old and comedian in like it doesn't really doesn't really factor. I don't take it take a negative. You're not getting the social security or anything else no. I don't know that I would take it. I I've never taken anything ever never filed for unemployment. Never sued anybody. I've never done. I've never taken food stamp. I've never gotten a loan for college. Has Seen a grant or of never taken any money from any entity ever. I'm the same way I feel like we're the same person. Yeah like when I see you. I'm like we're kind of like the same person. We're like a twin flame. That is twin. Flame it's not a soul mate or anything. Not Worrying about drawing influence from Lima. Are you being getting not being you? Being kidding turned play him as the same at birth. You'd like separate and everyone separates at birth like their souls. I feel like we were separated before you came out a little earlier than me and we're like the because we're this person it's crazy. I was like Oh my God because when I am around you like me let me think are we the same person. Yeah remember one time guy from door dash by blue and maybe we are maybe with flames. Don't you feel it kind of I always feel like it? Now that I think about Jordache episode Yeah People People Are GonNA roads during the car wins that I had you and you're like this iconic person. There's so many things talk about. I'm literally asking about like colliding with me. I'm like only fans like the fuck. You just have a good vibe that like I feel like people already know who you are. Podcast like Oh yeah. We know this about him but like I don't feel like people know about your nut sack you know. They don't know if they did. They didn't know enough. You know what I mean like. This should be a masterclass in my nut sack wears in that one of those cursory courses were just kind of breeze pet past you know what I mean. This is next book. Yeah maybe when you hit sixty 'cause that's when they really start dropping and then We're going to wrap it up soon but before I have a question. It's another superficial question. These questions like you'll answer these and any other comedians. I've had on my past. I feel like they're not going to answer these honestly but do you think 'cause I stand up for a little while I don't know if you know this another thing we have maybe about your musical career. But I didn't know about your stand up. I do lots of things I try and do. I have books you know. I try and do things but I try to do. Stand up for a minute and I have. It's on Youtube. It's really bad really bad but I always wanted you stand up. 'cause I always thought like I said I worked factory for a little bit and I was supposed to get like so much action and because like I when I was younger I didn't. I didn't like hot guy so I was like. Let me be a stand up. Comedian do you think being attractive versus being ugly like makes you funnier. Like here's what I think. I'm not as cute when Mama little cuter but back in the day wasn't cute and people thought it was funny now that I got cuter. Implants like lip injections. No one thinks I'm funny anymore. So do you think like with you? You've always been like attractive but then you work with partners that are not as attractive. You know what I mean like and then so I feel like same thing. I feel like people like Sarah Silverman. Because she's not traditionally pretty but they don't like what is it Nikki. Glaser more attractive. You know what I'm saying. I think there's an aesthetic and whatever your stomach is it's going to take people one direction or another direction. Initially so if you have an uber driver and the guy has an aesthetic. You're going to think one way or another he's could be an certain nationality or male pattern baldness or maybe it's a attractive woman or young attractive guy like whatever your initial aesthetic impulses you sort of. Have it like when you see a dog for the first time you go? Oh that dog looks mean. That dog looks like it doesn't take the owner doesn't take care of it. That dog eats too much or whatever you have those initial thoughts. Is You get to know the dog that just kind of become the dog right really like if your neighbor had a dog and you. I saw the dog. You'd have a whole bunch of thoughts that may or may not be true but as you got to know fluffy it just be the dog. You know what I mean and so I think with people invoices and particularly like comedy. Because that's you and your voice. Well if you see Nikki. Glaser you see Sarah Silverman at the beginning. You have thoughts but eventually they just become who they are really think so. I think so. Look I think Nikki. Glaser becoming just Nikki. Glaser see I think with you if you were as attractive I feel like you WanNa get. Tv shows like the man show and stuff. You don't see like ugly Jeffrey's like he doesn't get TV. Shows you only once a year and I feel like with? You even have like a Sitcom right like you did like sitcoms or something like that like that. Some pilots. Yeah so I don't think you would get that if you weren't like attractive. I don't think it has anything to do with being funny because I feel like Jeff. Frost is just as funny as you have not funnier. I mean you're funny unfunny both really good things by the way. This funniest Jeff Carpentry to shortlists carpentry. I Love Carpentry. Paid it doesn't it doesn't pay. Would you like a video? Do you like 'cause you're so resourceful. You're doing documentaries. And like you should do like a TV. Show like the shirtless like carpenter. I don't know I've always. I've always thought of myself is either unattractive or non attractive attractive. People always say that. But I'm not really Mahat. I just never thought I've never factored an aesthetic in like I come from a horrible family and if no self esteem or any I never really nine. Well you have to understand my life. I come from parents in a family that never that was never discussed. We never took pictures are put up pictures air. There was none of that and then when I got out of High School. I just went into digging ditches so I was just on a construction site so it wasn't any factor it was never a factor like if you see sometimes if there's some woman in the woman's attractive woman and she's got some job like cleaning dishes back stayed back in the kitchen of a denny's like people are like. What are you doing that right? But if you're a dude in you're a good looking dude and you're digging ditches no one goes what do you do and it? Just keep digging those days now. I think so and I see attractive person like doing post Mason like. Do you want to marry me because you can buy sugar baby like well? I was never I have little to no self esteem in an not an super negative way. Just a non whatever doesn't exist me so any aesthetic just never existed to me either so. I just I just never. I never thought about it. I just wanted to do comedy. I stayed off at TV. Real rally more attractive. I love like the low self esteem. Matches mine will yes. But here's the thing. I know what I'm good at right and I own the stuff. I'm good at I. Just don't really factor myself into the equation if that makes sense. I I don't think of what I have is low self esteem like. I would tell you when we were talking off the Air I was like I'm a kick ass carpenter right. It doesn't sound like a low self esteem just looks wise. You're not like I don't care about looks married. Just wear the same thing every day. I have no no real hygiene or anything. Either Melba Miami unto us. There's just so much good energy be from Adam Corolla Thinking Bald Dick Thank Ball Dick bichons anus with an extra x. On your mouth all right. I'm you know I'm glad I sit with the big. I didn't notice the last night we were so far away. Our up close and personal and I'm very sad. I mean ever see you again. Because now we've done the trade which is the trade by the way just. Fyi everyone's like oh they're on the same network. That's because people like my haters. It'd be like she got on that. Adam show because at the same network. No I got on because I'm entertaining and right agreed favor like you had to do. You had to do the thing. That's weird about podcasts or doing whatever which I don't think people really like fully understand his. I've all do anyone show at anytime. Like for the most part I do people show. Yeah I that's part of what I do like I. I call in to a lot of people's like radio shows because I'm in my car like a lot. I was did a Fox show on Sunday night in West. La like people. Ask Me do the show and I go work it out. I would ever ask. I hadn't had them ask you? I like maybe I'll do my and I thought you would say no. It's a weird I I you know. Maybe maybe there's an issue like maybe I'm just sort of casual with. I don't have a lot of career strategies like if somebody wants to come on the show I go oh good. I'm flattered that they as even if you have no idea who I was. And you're like okay. I'll just do this reemergence show in her house. Well everybody's a random I mean first off. If you do comedy you gotta travel around the country and you got to sell tickets in Atlanta or Boise Idaho or something like that so you call into local radio shows and you don't know who any of these people are just going to sell a few tickets you know so. I'm Kinda used to calling into everyone. Show okay so you're at my house. Which is like I feel like here. Yeah I could kill you. You don't know I won't killing me in elderly. Jewish couple doesn't reside here. Newspapers is everywhere. Here you guys just France. I thought Mardi need. If we're just I love you is love you. I feel like we may never see each other again so I don't know why you're Jinxing this this love you. That's why whenever I really love someone. They tend to abandon me like my father. I hate that person. That's what I'm saying. I was trying to wrap it up but we keep talking. That's it adding. Maybe I'll see you again on the show. Maybe I'll come to your show again if you want me on your audience so we'll go there anyways. Things Adam Corolla. This is the weirdest interview by go. Follow Him. He has five thousand podcasts. On podcast one. He's literally the number one in my mind. I don't know if he's number was physically but in my mind. Your number one. He's sexy so check him out on instagram. Adam Corolla. He's on he's on twitter and he has the same tweet every morning. So you don't WanNa miss that and it's actually walk and I will see on the nice one. Thanks GUYS COMMON RATE. Thank you bye.

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