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Four top three Paul's drag race Queen gee-gee good theater and are always been a family affair. Inspired her passion for fashion. and. Even her brothers are designers engineer. After, joining up watching Paul drag race on TV as a teenager. Gt Good Dreams came true. Not only did she get passed on the show she showcase her town, all the ways, the season finale then the pandemic hit and instead of a nonstop whirlwind tour of Dragon Jiji's at home on the Internet just like all the other queens shaking the hips sinking their lives. Customer. Worry. Judy's. Drive the crowd wild in Chicago Ny. Sensible. Distance. Today G good. Paul's drag racing season twelve joins us to talk about Vauxhall events drive and drag first public performance endemic shut the everything down and her season drag race route plus a closer AH tribute. On snatch game and the Elisa affect how the human mind in the blanks and favorable ways when information is missing and transformed the every day and the. Feast of. All could. Face defined as possible because of fabulous listeners just like you for an ad free experience visit feast, dot com slash plus and become a member today. Before we begin, let's listen to radical faces. Cover of goonies are good enough. William say he's starting to feel Polish. Pool Stumble and. Old. fashioned. stage. To. Temporary Hello. Hi Is this gee-gee good. This just happens to be good good enough for you make. All Cindy Lauper goonies. Yes. Honey I know good morning. Hi this is Fausto Mark. How are you today I'm fabulous. How are you? We're not just good. During incredible. Incredible. Fucking Way Gd congratulations on all your success on repulsed drag race season forty, eight, forty, nine, thirteen. Mike that I've lost track over the years. Thank you think the experience like for you being a top three queen in quarantine. Well certainly different than it would have been had not been in quarantine had not happened. However, I have been loving the amount of time that I've had to like really reconnect with my drag art and I'm kind of cultivate and almost plan ahead I don't know what I'm like exactly planning for because. God knows when the be over. But if the nice to really get like a good hold on what I'm doing and what I'm going to be doing I'm sure you're getting a lot more sleep than the drag queens from past seasons of the top. That's the you know that is. Because really I would be like on another plane, another plane, other club, another hotel you know like I. I don't know how those queens like had time to dream up new concepts and ideas hospital came. Well. Yes. That'll to. So. Runs the runs in the faucets there literally around every corner. Well I mean for you. It's it's not that unusual to stay home and work on your drag. I mean in a lot of ways growing up in. Woodstock Illinois your mother really cultivated the creativity, the artistic life of her children, right? Totally totally totally and I mean, both of my my older brothers are they are artistic their designers, my oldest brother's an industrial designer my. The middle brother had spent a lot of time with graphic design into websites and what have you, and so however when we were growing up, that was not really their main interest they really cared more about like sports and skateboarding and like boy stuff and I was just not into boy staff I wanted to do the complete opposite and so I was lucky enough to just kind of be Velcro to my mother's side at all times. Watching him pay close attention to everything that she was doing and so your mother realized she had a very special child when her. That Mommy I want to put on makeup like Pablo Picasso. Well. For a while and this, there was no reason for this because I know that my mom would would have accepted it with open arms but for a long time especially in like middle school and high school I they she and my dad had no idea that I would just stay up like night after night after night and end up having like. Pretend I'm sick the next day because I was so exhausted of pudding like six different faces of makeup on and You, know that's just what I did like single nine. So you would put on lipstick and then be like this is not the right shade, take it off and. Honey honey full face. I would do full faces and then wipe it off and then do another full face on wipe it off and I'd be up for like six hours. It wasn't really until I was like. Fourteen that my mom kind of really saw an interest that I had in the art form. It was kind of like a little like a dry spell because when I was little little little, it was painfully obvious that I would much rather be wearing lip gloss than a baseball cap or like wearing the ruby red slippers instead of a, you know a t shirt. And then it just there came a point in you know me growing up through elementary middle school that I was like you know I wasn't trying to hide anything. It was just kind of slipped through the cracks a little bit, and then came back when I was a teenager. What what age were you when I started watching Paul's drag race when I started watching repulsed drag race and you're going to be a little surprised was on season seven when when season seven came out was when I became aware of the show repulsed drag race oh is the season with a Trixie mattel and Violet Katayama, which I mean still to this day is probably my favorite season of drag race. That's the worst season of. No I know but if you think about it and. It might not have been the best season like while it was happening, but it really came out with some of the most iconic Queens, sure like all a as a collective. Obviously that check. Now, you have national for fashion and art I'm wondering as a kid did your mother cultivate that by taking you to museums? If. Sort of we went to I mean we would go to the children's museum in from. CHICAGO. So we'd go to like the Art Institute of Chicago especially like on field trips that was like the main place to go and the Museum of Contemporary Art is another one of my favorites and I would I would say, yes, I think there was definitely a lot of subliminal inspiration that was being taken but again like when I was. Still sort of this way a little bit when I was younger and I was kind of doing my own art I had no interest in being inspired by other things I wanted everything to come from my own mind all this. So when I say subliminally inspired, yes I was like clearly taking aspects of these things that I had seen but I was definitely too stubborn to say that was inspired by something it just had to be my own is interesting You did a video with John Paul Hey for their social media machine and you really talk about how Madonna's iconic blonde ambition designs inspired. And in the you talk about sort of how important is to cultivate that passion in. In in owning your. Gender and sexual nonconformity is also tied to understanding and really appreciating the cultural things that influence us totally yes and like like I said in a in the video briefly was that. You know I had been made aware of the John Pogo ta blond ambition look. Obviously and I had also been made aware of his like really high men's trousers with suspenders that would like hit you at the ribcage But at the time I had no interest or idea who was creating those pieces I just saw that it was something that Madonna was wearing. Woolen, the nineties, every gay man had one of those John Paul Gautier perfumes for John Paul, gone Ta designed these really. I guess the. Man had a bomb of the I can tell you right now I'm staring at one right now. Yes do with the little. It's the bronze like cone Bra with the pink liquid inside. He did a one for the guys and it was a sailor blue sailor bottle. Oh Yeah. I have the Rainbow version of that right now interests and then realize he did more I think sometimes when you do perfumes like you, you work that perfume for the next fifty sixty. Yes. He also I mean, he gave me. There's there's a new one that he gave me that actually smells. So delicious smells like Welch's grape juice. So I've been wearing now. That's interesting. So like the future of Colognes, perfumes is sort of having more food flavors because I noticed I remember when in the early two thousands of people started wearing vanilla. Vanilla and I was just like. The sent Magadan. Faster. But truly yeah no honey I love I. WanNa smell like something like my winter fragrance is a room spray that smells like pine trees. So, in terms of you like, do you see sent as an important component of drag? Yeah. Too I think that and I think you could ask just about any drag queen that if you're a drag queen you you've got you've got a sense and whether that is just what you have that is traveling around with you until it runs out onto the next one or it's Something that you in love with like I. Know Like Violet got to come out with her very own fragrance called dirty violet, which is something I would love to do if I could make my own fragrance and have that just be like my sense. That's what I want to start working on and just as long as you don't smell like for breeze because back in the day A. Drag Queen in the world especially, the ones that were sure they all smelled like for briskets who's time to wash their clothes between you know well that and it's just cheaper and easier to run to the CVS to grab a fragrance than it is to you know like a Neiman Marcus or whatever. Well. At least you don't smell like pull my finger. Out this is a phone call you. There's no smell-a-vision and I know some drag queens who you're like girl for breeze would stop. Oh honey me too me too. Isn't that just sad washer drag right wash. Your new GIG, voss events drive and drag is that it really doesn't matter what you like as long as the OH. Yes. I am baby. I'm about to smell like stank because I'm doing this in Chicago in the heat of summer are you in Chicago right? Now? Well, I'm supposed to be doing the I was supposed to be doing the LA show but. It got rescheduled and the only reason I'm doing Chicago show is because my grandfather's memorial services that and my mom would have me sooner die than miss this big. You know family event. So I just figured while I'm in Chicago I would do the drive in show in it ended up being the only show I'd be able to do I'm sorry about your grandfather. Thank you very much. It's okay but yeah, it's IT'S GONNA be very hot, very warm and. Is. It not am I wrong like how does it feel today? It was like eighty four degrees I took the dog to the Lakefront and it was it was oppressive in the sun. But if you're in the shade, it's Okay and at night it cools down a little bit but. Who knows it could be one, hundred, ten degrees when you're here. Degrees, we'll have have you done it yet no, I haven't the Chicago is going to be my first and only yeah. Yeah because I saw lady bunny. FACEBOOK and Was the most hilarious thing I've ever so funny but can you oh my gosh just that wearing the mask and performing sweating and she's got eight wigs on her head like might odd and you know what's funny is that this is my very first gig on a stage since the season started airing. Like three four months ago this'll be your first time in front of an audience. Yes. It will be my first time in front of an audience since the season started airing and it's very, it's a little nerve racking. You know because I've I have kind of spent so much time I moved to L. A. Two years ago and instantly was doing drag nearly every single night for for the next couple of years, and then it just went to nothing for. You know three months since so now liked doing photo shoots putting heels on my God these heels really hurt. To say like. Drag has there's windows for dry. You can do drag and then all of a sudden that window shots and then y'all my gosh. I can already feel it like my body is is really not getting used to to all of it. What were some of your favorite venues to performance in Los Angeles back in the day when we had. Back in the day back in my day. I. Loved performing at will make his kind of like the home for me and all my friends we were there every single Sunday we were there one Wednesday throughout the and on Mondays for showgirls I would do a lot of the showgirls performances and I love that stage I've been watching the showgirls videos for years and years and years I also love performing at like my favorite place to perform at a dive bar I love Foo Bar which I don't know if you're familiar but food bar is just teeny tiny little. Hole in the wall with cobblestones floors that do not make it easy to perform on but it's just fun because at my the thing that I miss the most is being able to touch and interact with fans in like just I you know digital drag is fun because you get to really be full control of the creativity and what you're doing but I just love like I yearn for that connection between me in an audience. Well, the drag Vani really influenced the the performer. Early, we're we're really close friends with your uncle Stuart. As here in Chicago he's been a bartender at this venue called big chicks, stig chicks have you been to big tricks? When I was much younger and you know my parents were kind of. Dealing with my gender identity in what have you my mom ended up taking me to go visit my uncle. Just to kind of you know he's the he's the only other person in my entire life that was gay. Still hasn't gone back into it yet, but stay tuned. Worldwide so Engine closer. But yes. So when I picture me at age thirteen, something like that. Walking into big chicks with all the pictures hanging on the walls. And all this stuff. Yes it's it was it was really cool to see. My uncle's life because it was so vastly different than the life that I had been surrounded by Woodstock. Illinois big chicks is a very important gay bar and cargo institution, its owner Michelle Fire. WHO's a dear friend of ours as well. And big checks as a venue that I got my start as a drag queen here in Chicago. was she collects a lot of great photography and art? Yes. All these Diane, artists photo graphs, and they're all having to do with like gender and Feminine Expression Right and so you know I imagine like for you as a twelve year old drag queen seeing those those paintings in the pictures must have caused quite an impression on you. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean it for me also growing up, it was never an internal struggle for me. Gender has never been an internal struggle. It's never been like really a struggle at all the only struggle that has been is me feeling like it was a burden on others in regards to like my dad and my brothers and never my mom because she's always been you know incredible but so. You, know when I did learn all these things. Of course, it really opened my mind up to a whole other world of of people who are like me But if anything it really just solidified my. View of my my own self and so at what age did you turn to your mother? Who is a costume? Designer says mother I want that dress in the catalog. Well you know my mom's been sewing my whole life little things here and there but it wasn't really until I was in the fifth grade. Um and she forced me to audition for Woodstock Children's summer theater and What did you play in that show? Well, in the very first one it was high school musical junior and I was scared number two oh my. That's so cute. Yes. In the continue to do these shows up until my eighth grade year after that, I would go back every summer as like an older kid to to help out with hair and makeup. But because I was in these shows, these shows require costumes and before I had entered the shows, the costumes were little questionable. So my mom decided she would kind of go in full force in she would cost like these entire productions with sixty kids and and do all these things in that kind of really opened my eyes up to what she was able to do and then. I think the first thing that she made me was actually ironically, very similar to my bride wore black runway that Christians your. But it was in white. So she made me a big white Christian Dior wedding dress when I was about fifteen years old. Stage girl you're getting married why? Don't let me down don't let me to. Just do what the Nice man tells you to do. Lip Sing Song on Hall Stars everyone hated it. So much I thought it was A. Song for all stars it was just done very poorly. I there was all this debate on the Internet whether fancy is an appropriate song for drag Queens Lip sync and I'm like, that's like that connick. Song Yeah of all people people are just so up in arms nowadays about so many different things don't realize there's much bigger problems to worry about. If there's something that I just want everyone to understand. It's that drag drag is not meant for censorship we are it has never been the history of drag has never been. You know NSF w Or say you know what? I'm trying to think. It's not safe for it is entirely not safe for work and I it's a shame that it has been censored so much because. So much of of the humor and the comedy in the looks and everything revolved so much on on those you know very wild things that people are now just. All stressed about reason, while it's definitely very much the roots of a lot of that because when you look at those kind of spaces where these things were done, it was usually bars and those kinds of venues, right? So I like pretty much anything goes any kind of humor go any kind of action go. Mainstream. TV and you know the audience for a lot of it is you know twelve thirteen year old girl that your old. Dry can be many things, and of course, we love the Raunchy version of drag but obviously, not to censor anything for a twelve year old totally and don't get me wrong I think it's absolutely incredible that we have these. Fans because if I if if I was that young and I became aware of. A Drag Queen I would, of course, things that they were a superhero I think that's incredible. But at the end of the day, you know real drag like real true drag is not meant for children. Hunting you don't WanNa Piss off a twelve year old girl. You don't WanNa Piss off a twelve year old girls mom quiz drag time with story kids those re drag Queens, reading stories to kids them is that you know no no I love that I mean there there are certain things like for drag. That things like that like conventions and and what not I think. It's amazing for these kids to be able to meet these these drag Queens But odds are a drag queen became a drag queen because they were you know submerged in this. Super Raunchy Queer night life where they learned lots of Raunchy Queer things and it's you'd be surprised how hard it is to really censor your language when you're around children while also one thing you're being spared of as those meet and greets twice a g g good paying touch. Jj. From and. It's it's it's wild I I have never had a meet and greet I have the only fan interactions that I've had are when I'm outside wearing a mask and. Just trying to cross Beverly Boulevard what's Nice? Oh so a lot of ways sort of your snatch game persona, your tribute, which was based on Sofia the first robot arm. Of the country Saudi Arabia. And Maria the. Metropolis that I'm just licensing reasons or copyright whatever. But that's also a character to Maria is is the the robot based that C. Three, Po and Star Wars is based on what? Did you. See See three pl is not only gay but also based on A. Robot, in the film metropolis that your character Maria shares the same name. Interesting. Grew. But together. But I'm about to start a we actually talking to g good or virtual. Her telling you TD's in the other room painting her nails. In well, why did you choose that robot and why did you change your name? Well so so the thing with that was the reason that I I had to change her name because I was originally going to do. So the other is Natura change her name was for because technically she is like a copy written owned piece of machinery however when I was preparing my my loophole was she is a citizen of you know. I think she's a US citizen now to the Arabia she was the first robot to become a citizen of any country was Saudi Arabia right? which is you know it doesn't matter if she has any rights or not because she's a woman right? So Yes exactly. No but I figured listen she has citizenship she has a credit card she's. Card she dies I. Mean I did my I did a quite a bit of research and watched a lot of interviews girl I. Don't know I don't know if she's shopping on Amazon. Jack she needs to be working on her. Her Wardrobe. Certainly fleeting for her but well I thought it was really interesting that you chose a robot and part of that is the concept of the Elisa effect and how it dovetails with drag. So the Eliza effect is the human mind when it gets incomplete option in not only fills in the blanks with favourable information but also assumes that something that's not alive is alive and at some rain that is humble is actually greater than the sum of its parts. So for example, like humanity. Is, always looked into the clouds in the sky and ascribed shapes in there but also described it as a supernatural or religious significance. Totally. Okay. Gotcha. Yes and so for you, it's like the lies the effect is really great because you know your your humor were so sublime but at the same time, very minimalistic right and so every every little thing that you did became much much much funnier because fact that we're wanting to see this robot kind of throws them shade, Rupaul? Zwane. I mean, it's fun and and my only I mean, my my word of advice for any queen who wants to be on ru Paul's drag race is to do someone in history someone who don't really know what they're like. We haven't seen them in an interview. We haven't seen them in motion or or someone who may not be entirely real like a robot or you know what have you because that way you can do your research on them you can find out who they are, what they, what they did for society and what their role was, and then you can just. Say whatever you want to because no one can say that out that's not that's not what you know. So and so sad that's not meritas catchphrase. Exactly. I'm Maria. When she's not on daytime television with drag, it's like you're not really a superstar but now you are because dressed up like one. Yes Sir that is you're right. You're absolutely right. Now you have I mean you have a million subscribers on your instagram I look to your. Three. Dots a real nice round number one million. is satisfying and you know what? I'm going to stay that way and so we had one, million, one, hundred, thousand. So we got a minute before that happens and I'm satisfied with that. Do you feel like sometimes it's overwhelming or that you're putting yes. There's like pressure to talk about things that you're not ready to talk about. Yes. I mean, it's overwhelming in the sense that it I mean you you wouldn't believe the amount of messages that I get every single day in the amount of people who are just so disappointed that I didn't answer them and it's really like. Actually physically impossible for me to get to all these messages and that's the thing that so hard as because I want these fan interactions what like I crave them so bad but there's just no way to be able to connect with each and every fan and You know on the other end of things. Cute ones. Absolutely. Cubans I look for six pack in the profile photo realized just how I go. you know on the other hand it's it's incredible to think that. Each. One million there are one million people human beings who are paying attention to my art and what I'm doing. In in some degree and it's just it's it's a mind blowing my mom. You wouldn't believe how mind blowing my mother about it she is. Just beside herself what does she turned into like Gypsy Rose Lee and be like I had a jury. Funny. About my mom is she has zero counties zero interest in any sort of fame. Any sort of fortune she does not care about making money. She's gotten requests from so many ru girls to make them look and she says no to each and every one of them she just does not care like dragged to her is fine. It's great. It's whatever it's an entertaining whatever but she doesn't care about dressing drag Queens. She cares about you know making her youngest son happy and so she she's you know. To her the fact that she has she has like forty thousand followers or something like that. Now she she hates it. What what is your mother hated like she could just delete her instagram like Rupaul to. I'm well, yes but I wouldn't let her show. That these days we know yet. No one has said anything. You know what I think it is I think that Rupaul is just saying you know what I've I. I've I've done what I needed to do I don't need to pay attention to these fans need to risk onto these fans. The thing about Rupaul is there's always some outrageous rumor. Circling around the Internet totally latest outrageous one was that Rupaul had quit being the host of rupaul strike race and that they're filming season without her and I'm like that is. Audie. Dead Body. I mean that I just I don't think that would happen. You know something about Rupaul that is. Just important to note, and obviously, you can think what you want about her are people have their opinions. But rupaul whether she's done some questionable things in the past or not is a trailblazer end is shake said it so eloquently in the finale of stars. Without Rupaul, we would not have the platform that we have like as queer community let alone just drag Queens. Really pave the way for us so. You know just well, that's why I think you know with social media. It's so important to build coalitions. It is you know when we stand back and think about the role that drag Queens played the black lives matter movement is very, very significant. Role and that role wouldn't have as much of an impact here in Chicago with Shea the Vixen or New York with peppermint and Bob the drag. Queen I wouldn't have that that gravity had it not be for the coalition that was built around Rupaul drag race and there's A lot of shortcomings on repulsed draggers we all will agree. But then that some is a positive gain that can up doors and windows for more inclusivity from other venues in the future. Absolutely. Yes. I mean we just need to recognize. The, the amount of of luck that we've we've been granted as as a community in how we are I mean. If you can imagine everything that's going on in the world right now and remove drag queens like drag Queens are the only people keeping this queer world entertained right now As, you're very welcome planet. Well, you know when we started doing this podcast way back in two, thousand, five, four years before drag race even premiered we would interview drag Queens people conscious like why do you always have these drag Queens on our show? I'm like. When you go out to a bar who's performing in that bar are you seeing a queer stand up comedian chances are no maybe lesbian folk singer or maybe a gay singer-songwriter but no, it is. It's a drag queen that is their entertaining you and that's who are entertaining who we interview on Feast Entertainers. So totally respect to drag queens where it's do. At the. But you know you guys had had to deal with a lot I mean this repulsed drag race has been particularly difficult. You gals. I've had to deal with more challenges than anyone else from any season ever had to. Absolutely. But honey, we have come out the other end us very strong season. I mean with with everything that has gone on and there have been plenty that have been thrown our way I. Can. I can vary proudly say that I think we have one of the best season's just in regards to the drag itself the relationships that we build the the advice that's been given on stage, not only to us but to the general public. And in terms of opening up the world of drag race and dragged to a broader audience with hosts like having Nikki. And all these people on there who was your favorite judge on on the season in terms of like we see guys interacting to some degree on stage. You had shock Akon you have. On. His career. Roese I. mean she is a wild. She is so fine that like really really fun and it was it was a really hard. Thing to balance because that episode widow von do was was really going through it and we were all really feeling for her, and while still trying to you know enjoy widow was to still trying to enjoy the presence of. Shock Akon but I mean she is wild, I would say my favorite guest judge who I think they should one hundred, thousand percent make a permanent judge on that show is Leslie Jones I agree if anybody listening to this podcast can look at the World Away Leslie Joan does we're going to be Avenue exciting and delicious, and flavorful, and and. Lutely and she had the like she had the best advice for all of us like individually as a group and I mean a lot of her advice was things that you really kind of here on the daily from from higher ups in from friends and family but the way that she delivers her advice really hits. Hits home and I would say, my my drag was definitely changed from that day forward, and for a lot of people Leslie Jones began or got cast on Saturday night live in her mid forties. So everyone's going crazy I'm O. Onnor at thirty listen today is the day to pursue your dreams and. All the week. Queens. They've thrown in the towel they've retired now John Chance to. I mean she's been thrown every curve ball you could get you know and she has really really made a name for herself but to her it doesn't matter. She's not there for the fame in for the fortune she's there for the betterment of people's lives. She's there to make people smile and to make them laugh and that's what I love so much about her because a lot of love I'd like Zander a Cossio Cortez. Girls and pretty much all the women in my family are like Aleksandra Calcio Cortez you don't know. Oh. My God she was such a joy like percival she is cute as A. Button likes so adorable. So teeny tiny can rock a read lip and. But she was also it was so. Like beautiful and relieving to hear that like she in her stat in her status in what she's doing for the country. Use to like work at a restaurant and would come home at night in her way of. Of relaxing was to watch Paul's drag race like that is so crazy to me that there is like a a political official who is who is like brought up around like gay people and Rupaul, Hall in like all the stuff in it. appreciation for the show for drag really showed that day. It definitely was a tearful moment for a lot of I mean during the pandemic and the quarantine and I'm at work working from home. I'm be like God thank God. We had season twelve Paul's drag race. What we'RE GONNA do next year if we saw. Honestly honestly, honestly yeah I mean it's going to be I. think that People's work ethics are just GonNa be Fox after this. You know what I mean like people people are so used to just doing what they gotta do from home and staying relaxed and being the sweatpants in the minute people have to start putting on their their monkey seats in going to work and the minute I have to start hopping on a plane in of the world. It's just like. I've gotten used to it. We were really upset about it in the beginning but now that we've really gotten used to it, we're like, okay, what's another month? We're going to be a little bit rusty but you know we just have to oil ourselves up and just to get back to work. Well, make sure you get your car oil check before you go see a drag show now. Yes. Marking Lot, can you imagine what can you guys like run into the parked cars or do you have to stay behind like the fence? Well? Actually part of my number in the opening, I do start at the back of of the whole venue in that walk through the cars to get to the stage I am going to be very cautious about people who might have their doors open or windows down. And again I'm obviously nervous about traveling but got do that Terry some Lysol with you if they get your close. Right now is I worked out at the gym the other day the guy he has this thing it looks like I vacuum cleaning the weights and I didn't realize it was sprang out this this. He was fumigating the weight. Rack. says. Wow. So maybe Get One of those. He said it was absolutely nontoxic. Now we're here in the point of the show where we're GONNA put your pop culture. To the test to know I. Can I can I give you a disclaimer? You're going to fail miserably. It's okay. If you fail I'M GONNA fail I'm going to fail miserably I am so bad with pop culture I'm so bad with music and I didn't even okay. This is gonNA sound so bad but the Madonna radical which. One. At that point new literally nothing about Madonna. Like she's blind knew she was blonde I knew she was ambitious but. When I gue-. Guess when I got home my friend's house of Avalon who are just Madonna freaks they they definitely had me do my homework a little bit more but I mean I'm still not as well versed as I definitely should be well, this is based on your finale performance of us take on me and that you are more a than what? Don't get your hopes. You're playing for face to fund t shirts. Okay. which year did take on me make it onto the charts nine, hundred, eighty, three, nine, hundred, eighty, four, nine, hundred, eighty, five, or nine. Hundred. Eighty six, I'm going to s nineteen, eighty, four, I'm GonNa Guess Eighty, four to I have no idea with answer the questions. Topped the charts it was released in eighty four but then they re released an eighty five and that's made it onto the charts. So she got it right Now eight hundred. God dammit the iconic scene where the driver hero smashes against the sides of the wall as they transform into a real human being is inspired by which movie star Bootie Altered Sates King. Kong. Start. Is it. All I. WanNa say star Bootie but it's altered state altered states Sore Jazz. The DAJA hails from which Scandinavian Country Sweden, Norway or Denmark. Listening to a podcast, you wouldn't know what? Sweden. Me It's it's are way it's doorways. Highway it's always only number one international hat. Swimming. Doorway. Three no sweating far last one, which version of animation is used in the video take on me is it ro scoping or stop motion animation. Wow I don't even know the answer to that either you know I've no idea. I mean I want to say stop motion. Is that what is it? Well, no Kosta isn't stop motion more for like three dimensional things like playstation kind of stuff. Yeah. So wrote scoping is live action footage is traced over frame by frame. Movements honey. I knew that I just didn't know there was a word called Maroteaux scope. Still Win. Three out of five congratulations. You're we'll send you Texas, your mailing address, and we'll send you a little box of Feast of fund goodies. Did you choose that song for your finale piece. So I have to all time favorite songs that have been my favorite songs for as long as I can remember ended is that one and the promise by when in Rome I just. AM So obsessed with the sound of eighties music and just like the the pure like love lust energy of all of it and the take on me was I was so excited to be able to get to do it because I had performed A. A lot of times before and. I think that that music video is really one of the first of its kind in terms of production value in terms of literally creating another world which really had. been done to that caliber or in that same vein until that point. And so I knew because like you know. I'm an artist before I'm anything else in I've been drawing and painting and doing all that stuff for as long as I can remember. So I built and I painted on, I drew that entire set painted on my outfits the name something by hand I you know everything that you saw I did. Nearly. By myself in a living room and I was just so proud of of what I did and I was so excited to. Pay Homage to my favorite and where your roommate's like when is this going to be over? My Gosh, you I gave them quite the stipend. So so there were they were. Living Room for like that week now they cut it and it was really frustrating because. Like seven people living in that house and like the Brady Bunch but drag queen. And you know we've. Knock out a whole lot of room. We just have that one living room and I was occupying it for like. You know however, many time are many days I needed to film all this and Of course I, hit some bumps in the road and had to refill. Mitt. Rebuild the satin while all this stuff and so was very thankful for them for for letting me. Violate their space. Why had no idea like that? You had to put many sacrifices from our vantage point where they thinking like Oh g g good has a warehouse that she can. No no and I know that that was a rumor going around. But honey, I'm here to lay it out on the table. I did nearly everything in that entire finale for like under one hundred and fifty dollars and I. I am the biggest cheapskate you will ever meet my apartment is like. Teen. Teen, I never plan on moving and you know I just I take so much pride in creating everything's from start to finish from scratch and I think a lot of people just assume that I have all these resources because I'm in. La and I'm friends with the House of Avalon and I have all this money which I definitely do not have. So you know it was a check for how two thousand what to somebody else I'm yes unfortunately. But, you know I treated all those comments as compliments because I was like okay. Well, if they're going to say that this was done in a studio I'm happy that it looked like it was done in studio not my living. So in terms of like you know resources and money since you are not able to travel to a lot of venues as it just it's all online right now isn't it? It is. Yeah, I'm obviously like I'm not making as much money as I would hope to be making right now or has or has passed girls have made right off their season. which is sad it's it's unfortunate but I have always been someone who uses their resources very wisely I'm very frugal i. don't really just like spend money A really harbor my money and I keep it safe. Again it all comes back to I started as DIY Queen GonNa die as a diy queen. You know if it's any consolation I, remember reading somebody on facebook was commenting about how hard the people from your season of had it and they're not having any gigs and Raja was the winner of season three chimed in and she's Oh please girl i. Remember like when I one Rupa's drag race season three and they had the premier night or when I one at Mickey's and nobody gave it a rat's ass. Nobody cared I'm performing at I'm thinking to myself I. Just one you guys are just you know outside smoking lime performing and she's like don't worry about these girls they're going to be fine. That's a nice thing. Yeah. Well, you know I. Think Marks Being a little bit harsh on you because. You came after his dragon. I doubt. From Scooby Doo. Oh. Still this mosaic but the bug man messed up good work Daphne. We should have a closer look at it. Maybe. We'll give us just the clue you need. She Burns. Oh baby what attracted you to Daphne. Daphne is one. Okay. So. Talking kind of going back to inspirations as a child on the the things that inspired me the most were fictional women be that Barbie be that Daphne was a huge I mean Daphne Blake is such a major. Just like. To me I mean this is just sounds crazy but she's like the biggest like feminist like icon to me and obviously she always had be saved by the man which is you now annoying but She just was like someone that I looked at as a kid and was like, wow, that's just such. A beautiful girl at I think that's the same kind of draw that I had to. I was like she's very beautiful and. Glamorous especially when you compare it to. But I think as I, watched some of the older episodes like as an adult. Now, I realized just how much she was into Fred and Fred just. Got It and I was like that was a little gay boy. It'd be like, why is my best friend? Not In love with me the way I'm in love with him Yes yes. mean she is she honey she paved the way for some gays for sure honey I mean she's the reason that I think Digi good is a natural. Maybe, Daphne can solve the mystery of Ru Paul's missing and Graham. Account. The Writers What was the scooby episodes that they did like in the in the two thousand twelve or thirteen came out recently, and just that we wrote valve as a lesbian we couldn't say that she was lesbian because you know it was twenty twelve people were. Honey, I could've told you that as a four year old who had no idea what a lesbian was. Well. It's it's part of it is like a lot of these cartoon characters. They really speak to us as people and you know you've talked a lot about in terms of inspiration cartoon characters. Really. Resonate with you. Yeah Yeah. So I mean on top of Daphne and you know. Penelope pitstop and all these characters. There was also these illustrations on on the clothing patterns that my mother would use to make things that were just these tall Lanky, just gorgeous Lee, stunning airbrushed eighties, illustrations of women that I got so much inspiration from an I. I still like to this day that is my. That is what I aspire to at the end of the day. Whatever might look is I want it to look like fashion illustration I. Don't WanNa look like a real girl I. Don't WanNa look like Drag Queen I. WanNa look like that `lustration that's on that McCall's pattern serving up butterick and simplicity real. Concern. Would be drag king name Butterick or simplicity. Either or Well think about it is is like some of those patterns like you your your mind you're like I'm the look so hot. So fierce that you make it and you're like man I look like I personally made their own clothes. We guess because women aren't actually if those women existed today, they would be eight feet tall and have a twenty inch waist. Will you kinda are eight feet tall and twenty inch waist? I'm getting there if I would I would love to be feet tall if I could be eight feet tall and drag that would be so stunning. But unfortunately, I'm the average size of a nice petite. Well, you have that El Greco kind of proportions a very long our. Legs and it's like so when you dress up as Madonna I was like this is Madonna. Madonna. Madonna after she went through the taffy polar. GD We're looking forward to seeing you here in Chicago at the drive and drag Voss. Field. Now. Normally, they have like football games and soccer games and whatnot at soldier field. But now it's a drag show. This is gay football. Sure you're gonNA be in town. Are you are you going to be camping around and from six feet away? I will be in town for about like fourteen days actually just because you know I've got I this. This memorial thing is at the very beginning of my trip dragons at the very end of the trip. So I just. GonNa take this time to see family that I haven't seen for a long time in. I'm I haven't seen my hometown in so long either I'm really looking forward to just like walking past my high school and mild jobs and all of that needs some to stature right now if the world ends in better shape, we would definitely be inviting you to come cook with us on cooking with drag Queens. That is so funny that you say that because. When this when this call was being set up, I was like, Oh Gosh. Am I gonNA have to cook. something. I. I cannot cook I can't I can't even cook like. A pre made cake mix like. Something I've been making A. Whole podcast. But that's part of the appeal to of the of the series I think is know seeing that tension about somebody who's sort of prehensile or just? Curious or not unsure of how food is made and you know food kitchen and food is also been the symbol for femininity. So it's interesting to see like drag Queens or navigate that space. Why be I would love to do I would love to have you on it too. So we always ask the gas is what food speak to you like what inspires you in the dinner plate Join Getting these days I just recently became a vegetarian. Not, for any specific reason I just decided it might be a fun thing to try and I don't hit it yet. So stay tuned for that. It's a call it a right of being on drag races like the Williams. I mean God forbid. -Tarian. Right. I would say though my favorite like genre if you will category if you must of food would be Italian like pastas and vodka sauce and garlic and I love Italian food me to and part of it is like a Good Vegetable Zion can be so try and send. My God how bad come up soon on our Youtube Channel where The Green Ravioli with new disaster. Rina from Fr- Dragulescu. These Dracula to her. She was one of the first drag Queens. I. Got the opportunity to work with a really. Yes. I. I I was made an appearance in her music video as the. Unsuspecting little. Damsel in distress who gets eaten alive by her. She has such a wild sense of humor that one. I love her she's fabulous. was there your neighbors Nas Angeles her her and her wifey they. Yeah I mean if you ever get the opportunity to see where they live, I highly recommend you you go visit their place and pictures and whatnot but Yeah they said come sometime I mean flights la right now we're only like fifty bucks roundtrip cog. Okay. in La it's crazy but it has matt suit in come on over. The e when the scientists come into the House and Put a big giant to look at her yeah I'm I turn old stuff. So. You're going to be coming in Chicago spending time with family performing for people in the park cars, and then after that any new projects or anything that we can talk about I don't have anything mean in a very exciting way I don't have anything I'm actually legally allowed to talk about. So. Just be on the lookout for some very exciting things. Some things that are very much childhood dreams come. Wow. Yes absolutely. So you know. I'm we may be all stuck up in quarantine, but I have been granted some really amazing opportunities. One you ready for me to take those yes. Death Queen has been. ABC. GD, it's a delight to talk to you. You're not just good. You are incredible. To just get no. I did for free. It's a fun name though and your family's name is guy how does that pronounce? GIGGING GAGGING GUY I want to keep trying until you get it right? You. No it's Gigi gaggy because we always known Stewart. But why don't I didn't know Stewart's last day until I do yeah. FACEBOOK came along. You know that's that is how I got gee-gee because the spelling of Gaggy was to Jeez on the good Jag me well good is because of season three of American horror story darling all that's right. Yeah, and the and the E is silent yes. Yes and I guess my full name my full drag name is genevieve good. That's wonderful. Yes. Jean Vive. But she yeah. So Jesus cuter and more petite. genevieve. Good is pleasure. This well, thank you so much for having me. I'm looking forward to meeting y'all by someday from well I'll press my nose against the glass of the car. Okay and my Ted. I. please. Take. CARE. gee-gee by to you too. Have a good one by g G. Good lives in Los Angeles California check her out and be her one million. And One instagram subscribe I guess she said that going to change that talks one point one million now or something like that. So. kind of stuff. So you just have to push that forward you can see. The good on instagram and all social media and and you can check her out at the drag and. Driving drag with Voss eventing, buy your ticket, the events dot com, and that's here in Chicago and the second week of August. So August six, seven, eight, I believe it was we're going to go to that I hope. So I'm looking forward to it. Better. Get your ticket. I. Think we have to ask Brandon Voss there's my tickets as my house and I'm looking forward to seeing it and a lot of amazing drag Queens. You'll get to see them. You know you might not get to see them for a while. So definitely go get your ticket and pocket. and. You know that's a fun thing because you could just you bring all the accent and they're not gonNA know, sorry those dates are August seventh through the night that saw. Soldiers Driving Drag Jada essence hall. The winner is going to be there as well and Niamey's smalls. Who We talked to last week. Delightful to talk to her as well. Just a wonderful lineup there and. Lady. Buddies have been doing it but I don't think she's coming. She's coming to Chicago but I think she did the one in Jersey because. I don't know I don't know if bunnies flying yet. I don't know if money's ready to fly. So they basically way to New Jersey and There's a footage of it on our facebook group. That is so funny. Go check it out facebook groups, facebook dot com slash group slush fund. Thank you so much for listening everyone. I really appreciate you guys taking a little time to have some feast of fun with. And I want to remind folks, we can't do this podcast without your support. So if you're not a plus member yet sign up today at Feast of fun dot, com slash class because your contribution to the show is what makes this show happen? We wouldn't be able to talk to a wonderful people like G G if it weren't for you and you can access thousands of legendary podcast dialing with Mama Rue. Many of the RU. Paul's drag race girls and winners, and even the first eliminated some of the best interviews with the first eliminate. Queens more on fun dot com slash plus you can search that tag Paul's drag race and. Hundreds of podcasts we'll show Howson's. You know well, we were podcast about four years before a drag race started. So yeah. So so check it out folks we're GONNA leave you here with the Acoustic version of a Ha's take on me and by no look by the recording artists Dave. Thank you so much again for listening I'm Fausto, I'm Mark Phelan by. Soon. Be No. Good. Kids. Gone. To. A. Concern. Brand. Lean, this. To me. Spanish.

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