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Diverse millennial women who are ready for more happiness laughter. Peace and purpose. now listen to hot. Happy mess every week. On the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Well the second largest peak of breakup season is here. That's right relationship. Experts say the largest peak it's during the spring a month or so after valentine's day anyway. Why break up now. Is it to avoid meeting the family or is it time for a refresh. Start for fresh start because of the new year. So i gotta ask. The guys win is the best time. When is the best time to end a relationship. And what advice you have for anyone going through a break up right now. i'll go. i'll go fair. I know you had been planning to break up and you ain't broke up by now you a damn fool you just straight ahead. Your window of opportunity to break up is too close to christmas. Have not at the time it gets on man if going break up usurp broke up by october. Choline halloween been might affect. You scare the hell out of her halloween around me. And then you go to thanksgiving and christmas by yourself. Because i'm telling you if you don't have the money you should know it by october. You know you got enough money for gifts and all this doing new. You was going to break did you. Should've you should have really did it by back to school. Because yeah 'cause you already knew you didn't want to be with so after school closed then you get out that what you leave on a good note. That's how you see what happens when you break up at this time when you bring this. We've got days before christmas on an expect to have stupidity at your front door. Okay and if you're not ready for that to have craziness at your front door you should have broke up a long time ago. Breaking up now brings all that you'll kabul be messed up is going to get ugly. You waited you hit a veteran. What lessons but listen to view said. Today's december fourteen days before christmas is you'll get pull it off would be a rough one though. This was going to be a major argument because she has locked in. There's again breaking with you. Don't care but have me a gift hard. It is days. It's hard to get you to break now. You pretty much gotta get kidnapped. Yeah you have to go and come back on the twenty six th. What did i miss face a new year you want to you. Maybe i'll wool. You can do this. I'm friends with people in hollywood. So when i'm really ready i really i'm going to. I'm i'm going to get shot in front of my family is going to catch up and stop the tiny big on. Roll me right out on gurney in front of air. But they don't see daddy role not immediate land over when we get down the street and let me out. I'm gonna be fine. Get up get up now. Heartbroken and devastated meet and they have to do this relationship again. So i watched it. I heard that's what i'm saying. What's your question carla. going across. how are they doing this breaking up. Zoned mask up the best way to break up the zone. Turn the linda ruled when you break up with zoom for. Your faith has no. You're lying. I'm gonna tell you to my man i ain't gonna break up and i'm telling you my may don't turn your camera on because if she see you make contact feel like that. Don't do sale. You will so don't say don't even look at what you just use the phone zone. You ain't gotta be real loaded. Follow him you know so the purpose the purpose of you guys breaking up is so you won't have to buy a gift because you cheat cheap all right now coming up coming up next the nephew with a prank phone. Call right after this. You're listening to morning show throughout history. Doctors every lied on trusted. Tools like stethoscopes. 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