The Great Gildersleeve 51-02-28 (397) Trying to Name the Twins


The Kraft Foods Company presents. Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company maker's of miracle. Whip Salad dressing that so delicious. It's America's favorite out sells the next twenty leading brands of salad dressing combined. Miracle Whip has a wonderful lively teasing flavor and yet it's not a bit too sharp. It's a flavor most folks call just exactly right. Make your salads taste better than ever with America's favorite salad dressing delicious miracle? Whip well last week the Great Gildersleeve Niece Marjorie. The game the mother of twins a boy and a girl of course Marjorie and the twins are still in the hospital. Leroy Birdie and the proud water commissioner are happily discussing the wonderful new family over thirty to him yes. I can't wait for him to come home. They'll a lot for this house. Me already elected president of my class that night. Yeah kids look up to make. Because I'm the uncle twins now. A kid in school can make that statement. I wonder if they've grown any since I saw this afternoon. We'll know Bronco gets home from the hospital. He'd measurement they let him get behind that glass particular with them babies. If you can't play with them play with them right away my boy first couple of weeks. She does look at them. They sure cute the for me to look at. I said to myself now. That's something I agree. Very the little girl is just like this margin you L. Like my mother. I think I think she looks like me as an infant of course And that little boy this gills lead he babies your side of the family. Do you think so. Yes when I look at that little boy I just see you. You thank you very right. Judge I've got to have a photographer over the minute. They can stand the lights very. Yes what is there about a little boy that reminds you of me? Well for one thing. He's got your nose. I think his nose like mine. Leroy both babies. Dan Look like you why not twins. It resembles me very isn't the first one I noticed I noticed it myself. I can sell it on when the baby comes home. I'll pay the mustache hero. You will not colleague. That Bart broncos Home Folks Yellow Rocco. How'd you leave Marjorie in the baby? Oh they're just fine. Mr Gillers lead a lot of family. We were just talking about Mr Bongo. Hi Eunice margin coming on with the name so the baby's well La- twins through his occur birdie right now it's all up in the air. We ought to get that settled right away. Bronco Mr Gildersleeve. We've even look through the telephone book. You have any suggestions as he leaving himself wide open. Brakha you understand this suggestion. Oh sure since almost everybody thinks the twins look like my side of the family wouldn't be a bad idea to give both the boy and girl. Gildersleeve names O Gildersleeve and Gildersleeve. It brother Leroy. I mean first name one of them Roy. Are You Seriously Roy Leo? Don't you run up to bed? He'll this if broncos really opened the suggestion Oh yes well. We haven't decided anything. Mr Gildersleeve corral. Don't you worry about it? Bronco? I'll say judge Hooker first thing in the morning and check through some names judge hooker. The judge has the family tree key matter. We ashamed of it Roy. Up to bed judge. I like good family. Names took her to look through the wreckage. You knows more about the family than anybody being my God by. I hope he's a have you if every I'll weighing my and he's in Good Morning Beautiful Day. What brings you to my legal layer. This fine morning's yeah I I want you to get out our family tree. Why can't you remember which rancher slinging from Brazil right now? I'm looking for suitable family. Names for my twin splendid idea. I had all the family records in the let me see if I can remember the combination written down someplace away. I turning with nine six to make read. It then opened the door. Ooh My goodness sounds. Like inner sanctum. I should be able to put my hand right what I say. I wouldn't put my hand in there for the love and money judge. Why do you have a shoebox in your yourself that contains my big bog from the house? Dog Yeah wrote hundred more and I get a folding Marie. Hush that's a lot of figs judge like him documents here. Something what jumped out a mouse. Now know that's my Kerr. They were cut off know golden mouse colored curls ARRIAGA seven generations of names for you to pick round. Thank you judge. I WanNa take this along the module at the hospital. We'll find a couple of suitable names for the twin. You mean you're naming both of them for your side of the family guilty not judge. What about the father's family Mr and Mrs Thompson Rooster tablets so absent minded? He can remember his own name and say what about Mrs Johnson. I know Mrs Thompson Gale. She won't stand idly by while you name her grandchildren. That's right judge but before she knows what's going on margin. I'll pick out to find. Nate easier said than done judge. You just lock your safe before. Somebody steals your curl. Define maternity ward. Nice and sunny misspelled Mary. All owners me now is three. Oh to bring those snapdragon Ichiro it well sitting up you lovely wonderful. I'm so anxious to take the babies home. We're anxious to have you home the twin. They're fine most forgotten snapdragon. They're lovely put them in well. I have the nurse attend. What later just put them over there with the others. Mrs Thompson brought the basket of American. Beauty's better work fast monitoring. Yes I thought we might decide. I'm names for the baby's money coincidence Mrs Thompson had the same idea. He and Mr Tax and I hope she didn't talk you into anything you know. How broncos buttery edge. She wants to run whole show now. I thought you and Mother Thompson. We'll get along better after the storm came more than a story to make me get along with a little girl. She's a very nice woman. Sure will tell you what the name of the babies I'm you than but I wouldn't try to influence you. In by the way I brought to the Gildersleeve family tree all thank you. It put it on the table with the other one the other one Mrs Thompson. Broadhurst when she brought the roses pushy in-laws module. I see Mrs Thompson very firm about this going resemble our side of the family and they should have our names. Let's not make it a problem. I won't yeah I get out and see the twins. They're little Gildersleeve aces minds. You GUESSED NAMES. Goodbye my dear Euler smooth you've got my drew Invanko on side. Now you only obstacle Mrs Thompson. Actually she and her foggy has been better. Sneak back around the corner before they see me made list together sleeve visit thousand. Were you sneaking around the corner sleeve dealing? You're supposed to be quiet in the hospital. You KNOW MR option. Always this fell asleep. Marjorie sung-chol why remember? Now what a memory. How is Margerie? We just left Najrah. She's fine. Oh yes go this leave. A module is going to have a baby you Thompson. In case you haven't heard are waiting to see some babies. Now they hold them up on the other side of this glad. I know Mister Thompson. Oh Oh here comes the nurse with the babies now. Oh look at the little darlings. All hunting used to say. I wonder if that twin would that Marjorie then broncos twin already. Things happen fast. Don't they only go? We Marjorie up on the floor quieted words. Maybe look the little rascals checking the blankets children only mrs you gotTa Make Them Cry One. That looks like me is clouding up Mr guiltlessly. I don't see how you can possibly say one of these adult children. Looks like you your information Mrs Darshan. Everyone says both maybe resemble our side of the Family Mr Gildersleeve. How ridiculous can you be? Why this little girl is the image of me and should be named Martha Flus. That's a little boy and he looks like me. That's strain there. Our grandchildren Gildersleeve. You'll their mind to and they're gonNA have names well. We'll see about that. Where do we go going to be harder than I thought returns in a moment? Now I don't have to tell you homemakers how hard it is to come by an idea for a luncheon main dish that's easy delicious and different so. I think you'll be interested in this idea for wonderful crab meat rolls. All you do is mix crab meat diced celery and chopped hard cooked eggs together with miracle. Whip Salad dressing then just cut slices from the tops of the hard rolls scoop out part of the centers and stuff those crispy rolls with your delicious crab meat. Salad wonderful and just the thing for those Party lunches you have to plan now on them and so they'll be at their delicious best. Be Sure you make them with Miracle Whip Salad Dressing Miracle Whip has a flavor that's neither to sharp nor to mild it's a grand peppy flavor. That millions of folks called just exactly right and it's a truly different flavor because miracle whip is actually a different kind of salad dressing. It's made from a secret craft recipe that combines best qualities of old fashioned boil dressing and find mayonnaise and Delicious Miracle Whip is mixed special craft way so it smooth smooth can be no wonder miracle. Whip is America's favorite salad dressing. Enjoy it on your salads whether they're meat or fish combinations eligible vegetable salads or shimmering gelatine moulds. You'll enjoy your salads more with the one and only Miracle Whip. Let's get back to the great guiltlessly. He's having a little trouble getting Marjorie twins named after his side of the family broncos mother Mrs Thompson has some pretty definite ideas on the subject to and when an irresistible force like the water. Commissioner meets an immovable. Object like Mrs Thompson. Something has to give judge. I won't give each. I'm I think I can I do for you today. I don't know coke TV. I'm so hot under the collar. I don't need cigar. Smoke having trouble with modules inlaws. Pb new new kind of trump. Mrs Thompson and tell me what the name modules baby that. You're not GonNa get away with that. None of I can help it. She's used to having your way. What do you think I should do? Pd Commissioner you can turn off your water. Nope I guess. I'll just have to battle it out with her. There's an old saying nothing. Be as like a little honey. I'm not attracting bees. I'm arguing nose to nose with a Hornet and even pays it'd be nice to Hornet. I recall a disagreement. Pb and I had about naming a baby PV sisters child. I wanted to call the LAD. Quincy my middle name always wondered what the Cues Nineteen Twenty message. Pb On the other hand wanted name the boy. After great grandfather his name Lewd loot I made quite appoint a catering baby to get my way. And she was so impressed. She insisted we name. The Boy Quincy Name. Let's leave. I have an idea about a name. I family never did use blue. You have twins you could call the by. Luton girl flute not serious musical named. That's the silliest suggestion I ever heard you don't have to take it. I guess you'd like the name not wanting they could do worse. I wouldn't oh my goodness. Pvc A pretty shrewd campaigner. I think I'll take his advice and play up to Mrs Dancer. I might even invite her over for. I pass football now. I WanNa Phone Mrs Stamps. You want to of course I wanted to come to dinner. You want to come to dinner. Yes been much too long says. Mr and Mrs Thompson had been to our house for pleasant evening. That's a pleasant evening. Leroy go outside and kick you football. I WanNa hear you invite Mrs Thompson what I can't get a good. I'll get over here and a little fried chicken flattery. Lottery winner over. You got to know how to handle women phone. I take I think I no off this morning. I've been thinking hit. I and I want to invite you over for dinner. Commodity Right Chicken. I don't know what to say Mr Gildersleeve. This is very nice of you around. Sevenish seventy thirty. Well I suppose you May. Yes yes you may thank you for the invitation. Mr Gildersleeve good Weather Misty Gildersleeve. You remember him he's Marjorie Dunkel or of course he's the one who's married to our son. Bronco yes Mr Gillis wants to come to dinner tomorrow night and I want to go you want to go and I think the new twins will be given names from us of the Family Times. I don't understand what you're talking about. We'll Mr Gildersleeve is such an egotistical man. I think a little Saturday will win him over. I thought we were going over there. We are Yes yes tomorrow night. Set a trap for that big water buffalo. My I thought we were going to kill this leads but then table looks nice tonight thirty. Thank you sir. Is the chicken coming? Okay I put the wings and next back in the refrigerator. Good reserve serving the thompsons. Nothing but the choice peden very thompsons getting all the choice pieces I decided. We ought to be more congenial. Now that the twins are here and they still haven't been named you know now after a good dinner when we were all contented and happy we may get around and choosing nate. Yes pretty hard to bite the hand that just Jiffy Birdie. I'm not trying to influence anybody unduly not up to meet. A name is reach twins. Now sit up the Mrs Thompson either. I have ideas about it. Yes is Mrs Dan yes it so we'll see if we can get the other after dinner and it's pretty hard to bite the hand and just say I wonder if Mrs Thompson's is smart as birdie longest Gildersleeve good evening. What's in the box and the piano? That's a cut shot. I thought I'd pin it on your mother when she comes over. You bought a side for mother. Mr Gildersleeve you feel alright. Never Better rankle after dinner. You think we could ask your mother to play the piano and sing. Yeah sure he I want Mrs Thompson do enjoy evening Mister Thompson. Too early I sleep on my coat and welcome he leroy. He's putting on a tie like you told. Oh yes new housing gum ride in ankle. Your parents are here mother. Dad Oh yeah let me take you. Take Your father's go. I'll help Mrs Johnson out of hers. Thank you Mr Gildersleeve. You're always such a gentleman you and I have something very lovely lady. Yes course is really deserves beautiful. I always say this. Oh I have something for you to give dear. Miss Together the mice. Agha's this lever boxes. A spokesman thank you wonder if they're loaded. Let's everybody sit down its mother Thompson. You sit here with me. Well it certainly is nice to see the two families together. Yes isn't it. What are we going to argue about naming the baby? I didn't think we discussed left reading some chicken after all much to talk about. Leslie says is decided. No wait a minute. I have something to say about this. This League Martha gave you cigar. Gave her all right. You can have the cost is back. Bribe you me now Mrs Thompson. You didn't bring me a boxer guy because you found him no I. Didn't you just trying to get me to let you name the twins I saw? I thought we weren't going to talk about names until after chicken. You say of this. Now wait a minute mother who say out of it to now you me. Mr Gill's I heard the floor. I will not stay out of it. I'm sorry mother but I've stood by as long as I can. Who's twins are these anyway? Here's drenched as well that margin. I know you both mean well. And we've looked over both family trees. You think of them some very funny names now margin I are taking over. We'd given a Lotta thought to naming our babies and we've got news for you. You have what are you going to name them? Bronco don't know Mike. We'll make the final decisions and thank you very much. Well I guess you're right Bronco. Yes perhaps me were middling son my Mrs Darshan thank you Mr. Let's eat chicken and we can argue about naming the baby off Gildersleeve. We'll be right back. You good cooks know. Tomatoes stuffed with chicken. Salad is probably not a new idea. It still a good one and if you WanNa make an extra good just make your chicken salad with Miracle Whip Salad Dressing because Miracle Whip has such a wonderful flavor lively teasing peppy and yet not a bit too sharp. It's a flavor that's just exactly right and it's a different flavor one. You won't find in any other salad dressing and ajar tomorrow and make your salads taste extra delicious with the one and only miracle whip dealers. Leave again folks. We're having a big of a dime naming those twins. I have an idea. Real good one. You'll hear all about it next week and now before we go. I like to take just a moment to remind you that next week is national. Four H. Club Week last year. Nearly two million young people all over America participated in four H club work. You know what they did. Just listen to this. For as club members last year raised one hundred thousand acres have gotten products. And there's a lot of vegetables you know how many head of livestock they raise one million. They put frozen food to three million pounds. And that's only the beginning. Yeah I tell you. Four H. Cup work isn't alternatives. And being no sir. These young people are learning to take their places as capable citizens in the homes communities and the world to my my George. Let's get behind the four H. Clubs and keep them growing goodnight folks was paid by women shows written by far less. John Elliott Andy White Roberson in the cast water. Tech-laden Rock brand off her view. Isabel Randolph. Ross and this is John Houston saying good night for the graphics. Culminate makers of those famous craft quality. Roberts these you're listening to next Wednesday. The Great Gildersleeve will have great news for you. Here's a secret for making economy meals. Come TO LIFE NEXT TIME. You serve cold meat sandwiches or leftovers. Don't forget the mustard. But when you add little mustard you out a lot of Tang every by tastes better and the mustard to add is craft repaired muster to kind you know kraft salad mustard mild and delicately spice and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added. Both on hand for different tastes different. Uses and remember when you add a little mustard. You add a lot of Tang repaired. Mustard ear the Falcon every Sunday over this station. Check Your newspaper time of broadcast and listen next Sunday. As the Falcons solves the case of the gangsters girl you bet your life Groucho Marx. Hear him on NBC.

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