Shaq talks about LeBron as an ambassador of the game, the coronavirus, his daughter's dunk and the national debate about Red Vines versus Twizzlers


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There must be some ponding showing here. Welcome into the show. What's going on to a musical? Oh Man Okay you want. I know she want. This sounds very somber wants this usually politics oh NFL player. I don't even know your name. You stupid mother. Oh my gosh what are you doing? What are you set us back fifteen years? Look choose your president. Don't care doesn't matter to me. But don't get up there and say he's the first black president. You don't do that stupid. You must have wanted to go viral. What at Ct? Whenever the they call it football players get into your brain. Don't be I don't know your name and I hope the world never knows your name. That was the dumbest I've ever heard in my life. Stop to music. I don't know who is I. Don't either I have no idea what you're talking about shocking. Beato yeah pedo. Who is it that he's talking about? The story tells you know as much as you do somebody was. I guess they were interviewing. Somebody hate call. Donald Trump do the first black president. Trump has some black people in this area and they were taking pictures shucking jabbing around. Yeah and this. Nfl Exit Appel place at Donald Trump. I JUST WANNA say you're the first black person. Yeah exactly Kamal Bro Former NFL safety. Jack Brewer during a roundtable discussion with the president at the White House. Stop it look I've ever get into politics goes again. Who Am I to tell you to choose this guy that guy not in the business in other words? You're not as important as Lebron on his. He says he's too important. Not Tell US opinion. I I will give you my advice on stuff like I see how it works. It works but I'm not GONNA say don't go don't use jargons don't use. Don't use a Johnson Johnson because they had to cancel else's that's not that's love it. I don't do that. I'm not listen. I'm shack high profile. But what makes me better and smarter than you in making choices for your life. Steve Kerr says you should shut up right now. Gregg Popovich says they're smarter than your different. I love it I love it. You're smart because because you don't consider yourself where you have to lecture people on how they vote how they have to live and that's awesome if many other in the NBA and the NFL and everything took your advice because you know yes. Because even though I'm check it's a guy that office right now. We're missing Vicki. That's the way smarter than me and probably only makes fifteen. Thank you very much appreciate you acknowledging that as a guy at the bank that makes water more money than me. It's guy at the tire shop who has much more knowledge about or sports history than I do. So therefore just because I'm a social media celebrity doesn't mean I'm well versed at telling you what to do so again this guy. Look he's your president and look I met Donald Trump. I Know Donald Trump. He was nice to me. But I'm not going to be going back and forth on this and that guy my style good but I'm just saying I think it's one sack man why you Our beloved is. Because you don't feel that you're smarter than the room and have to lecture everybody on or believed that on Social Issues. You have the only write opinion. Anybody who doesn't share your opinions wrong and I think that's why your beloved because you're not one of these a holes who says oh I know better and if you don't vote this way you're an ass and if you don't believe this way on this opinion that shack that's why your beloved people all the time when police issues on a mobile that because John if I grab your hand you flinch resisting right. I didn't know that you know grabbed twin away. You grabbed my hand. You're trying to arrest me. You grabbed my hand and a Yank it away thus does listen right now. That never knew that this was this and so I don't even get into the bag was oh you support the cups yes I do. I support everybody that protect him. Serve Cops Marines Air Force Navy while you're while you're beloved. I think it's wire beloved. Were thank you when people get to know you. Then maybe they talk very l. Let's get this thing in what we were talking about. Little Snide sub commenting there on broad on on liberal. Look Lebron Sim alone. No no no no no no no no no no no no no. No nobody's bulletproof. Nobody GETS TO BE Free of criticism. Nobody gets free criticism. Nobody's free of nobody's free. Criticism grew up with US so John. Moran obviously spectacular be dog how much the NBA wishing he wasn't in Memphis. Because this kid is he's meeting you want you could almost say the same thing about Zaylon. Nba Want Him in New Orleans has nothing. Here's here's Lebron talking Saturday night about Jamarat. He says whatever you need on or off the court. I'm willing to help them okay. Well that's great. That's fantastic that's exactly. What an ambassador to the game does okay. Then Sunday we assign Williamson and James in the game and James Asked about mentorship and he launched into an answer ballots his job to pass onto the game to the guys that are coming in after me but guess what he acknowledged. Lebron went on Saturday night to acknowledge the young players in the game. Who are GonNa who are like the stars like he said John Rant Trae Young? Luca Danni skips I on. He didn't even mention Zaire. All right. Well here. Let's play the here's bell and kiss the ring. I mean well. Here's a listener right before we get in. Here's the cut from. Lebron obligation is my job to pass on the game coming in my responsibility. No one told me that responsibility. I'm able to give my wisdom and passed down while employment around from Plano is my job as the game is giving me. So much of this is is my responsibility community by to say know. Why would he do that? Why he's playing buddy guy again. I love the I love his answer there. I love and I love the fact that he's trying to help the next generation purposely left out Zion. Yes I don't think so. Well he did last night. You're being bought last night last night. Did his words very different. You're being biased. Because you have a problem with talking about Lebron just because when women just because the way you started the show today couldn't have been more delicious to me because you're exactly the opposite. You guys are you. Guys are the two sides of the coin. You don't you don't consider your opinions about issues to be the end all be all and so you stay and exactly the opposite of you shake. It's exactly the opposite that guess. What for some that's appealing. Maybe that's appealing to them. I don't need to be lectured by Lebron James and I would gladly debate any one of these issues that he's so learned on. I gladly debate any of them on anytime he wanted. The music WHATSAPP. Bobby Brown does his parague. And guess what it's my prerogative to call them out on the bull-crap got it so there it is. I mean giving him as an his cabinet ad is trying to figure out what would issue here. What do you mean with the issue? I mean you think he you're saying that you think he purposely left out Zion Williamson in that statement. I think that there was some. I think there's a not Zion not kissing the ring. I don't think he has to kiss the ring. Eva What do you make kisses the ring? I think these are just young dudes who looked up to Lebron. And he's lending his help and his advice if they need it. I think that Lebron James is doing an amazing job of trying to help the young players. I do believe that you know who said the same thing. Lebron said the other night Carmelo Anthony. He's a veteran. He's a future hall of fame. He also said that is what I hope. They're not listening to Camello. I'm just being honest. Why not because Carmelo's I'm not okay? Everybody's talking game. That's a John Crazy so care around. I love it though. 'cause you made my point for me at the beginning of the show. Stop the music album here you go on. I will say I hear you. I'm GonNa get it K- you sick bastards. Oh wait a minute. We're talking about okay. I'm on social media and they have clips of people sneezing and rubbing them on the elevator keys. Why have clips people sneezing in a certain country rubbing it on the damn? Wait a minute. What country. I'M NOT GONNA say it. They have to have clips. I'm going to find the clip. So you guys talking about. They have clips of people sneezing and put them on the keyboards at banks. People sneezing pulling down the MAS- sneezing in the air and running. These are so sick people. I'm I'm going to find the clip right now. I've never seen anything like this. Coroner of is. I'm not really fully script on who the coroner or whatever whatever wait a minute. It's the corona virus or coronor virus core. Noroviruses is very deadly. We haven't even gotten to the point where sharks ahead of the curve. This is the next evolution. They've told shack though. That's what's coming. Okay flu how bus for your shack. Do you know how many people have died in America since the beginning of flu season this year? Now this is late October. Two today over forty thousand people confirmed forty thousand people. Do you remember any paranoia. Turn it on the news at night and going another four hundred people died today of the flu in America. No no you didn't and guess what when we past ten thousand deaths fifteen thousand deaths by the way we've lost over eighty thousand Americans. Last three flu seasons. This year is a real bed one. We never saw this. Because you know why because everything's gotta be gotta be politics. It's gotTa be somehow. This becomes a political issue. This is something where people are making people paranoid and guess what be diligent be smart but most eighty some percent of people get corona virus. They heal without anything but just letting it ride out. They don't get any medication. Heal without that Minnesota something like the Florida. Yes it's very same way. But they're worried about this one because they just have never studied this particular strain before and I just being diligent folks but if you weren't worried about the forty or fifty thousand people who have been dying the flu every year in America. Why are you freaking out over this? Because you're being told because it's on the news down because people are saying some talk slowly and people are trying to make it into a political issue which is disgusting disgusting. I got a text now from Shaquille. What now what? What is this clip from the New York Post a New York Sick Wuhan Man purposely coughs on hospital staff China's Corona virus? Okay well then. He needs his. He's at he's at the what looks like the check in desk or something. They're crazy okay. Any decides he's going to pull his mass down in cough on the people behind the desk very class. Would he do that? I mean seriously what kind of what kind of monster does that have to people in the world do with it. There's one shot hit New York Post Shock. Have you seen those video? Have you seen those videos? Now that are going viral of like you're in the supermarket and someone comes up behind you and lecturer go. Yeah Okay Racism. There's no I'm just GONNA turn around GonNa Punch you. I'm GonNa Punch you out of instinct because I sometimes I've had people jump out at me and I punched because stop but my instinct is free. Doubt the someone's coming up behind me like that whether it's an elbow to your to your face whether it's a punch whatever it is I'm punching. I'm not turning around and looking at you and going. What are you doing usually when we scare you on? Halloween you end up on the floor. Yes I'll go. Oh My Gosh. This is not going to happen. I'm those things Jack. If anyone ever tried that with you what would happen? We're going to be on. Espn Shakban Shack Shack. Lazy Guy Still based on. Espn Worldstar Hall Star. Hypocrisy and I won't get charged because that's the soap. Okay what is it is right. That is I mean that is the that is the one the one. I see every whereas the people putting like buckets on people's I see that one everywhere. I don't understand how someone walks up to someone who's not paying attention in Isle of a store and there's like three people on the island. They'll have buckets. And they put a bucket over someone's head and then they all put buckets on their own heads and all take them out of this kind of funny though just to see the expressions on Serb. Crt for the braves was doing it. Okay that's really part Florida okay. That's little weird. That's a little weird Speaking of random funny things did. We had briefly. Mentioned your fall. The other night fell again. This is crazy what happened. I was watching the Bruce Smith thing. You remember that when I was watching it and I just are leaning and then I was backing up in. Nfl DOT COM for laughing at people. You're backing up into it. Very town us. No I was never that. I'm a giver not to take always been a giver shack. He always been a giver. Everybody always noticed that about the other one. That was all over the place. This week that we had to bring up a couple more things but Myanmar's dunk. You're almost down on a on a ten foot rim. What's going on their motions. Close really close and super competitive. You know what I love though the the part of that story that I love the best is the brotherly love brotherly love when they were young. They used to argue and fight Something called suck punishment was that made them hold has put a sokolac-han tied around the risks. American hold onto. I love that I love that. I love that just because I love. The fact is a brother can support sister. See that's beautiful. This is how we will settle all arguments on bucking kincaid. Moving the now. There's going to be a sock. Get socked stock handed. I don't mind that that's a really neat idea has she. Has She thought about what she's GonNa do where she's GonNa go or anyone stop. I don't worry about that right or not. What she's a she's a An eighth grader. Right she'll be a freshman. I mean seriously. Hey are you like. They haven't reached out to eighth grade. Kids before I mean honestly I honestly think it's it's back off of back-off children a little bit like honestly like can we? Can we let kids be? Can we let kids at all be kids anymore or we now have to go to eighth? We have college football. Coaches offerings a scholarships to seventh graders and sixth graders at some point. Can we let our children be children or is that off limits anymore? Is that an odd opinion like I think is that like is that the strange opinion. Now that that it is that we want our kids to grow up really really fast. Now let's not do that having a any idea. I don't know maybe I should say it's not time to think. Well let me when she gets into high school when she gets into high school and she starts playing like this though. People are going to start knocking on your door. And maybe you can kind of see won't have to go to. They'll come to her so they're gonNA come to her. So let let God let her bake just thinking. Oh my God these people You started a national debate this week. Shaquille O. A Red Red vines versus twizzlers. So Lebron is eating red vines on the sidelines. Note who's not who's eaten twenty twizzlers. He's he's eating red vine. Somebody had a bag of a red vonts first of all black people. Don't know a red monster. I don't care what you're talking about. I've never I'm forty seven is this. I've heard of them. I've never seen it seemed never heard of red vines. Her twizzlers twizzlers to the worst ever made with the black ones. Don't ever make those black like licorice matter. I don't think this is fair. You do that. Black twizzlers disgusting and Black Jelly beans yet. Ain't get rid of that to really. Yeah they. They're terrible really George. Okay John Over. The game of pool was racist. Now I did not know. How is it racist because why do I won't listen controls all the other boss and if you hit the blackball in early you lose well and you? You Ain't got a big time by the White Mellow Karachi's in colored rob come on now blackball in early. Lose 'em over guess what it's don't don't don't try to take my childhood awful and turn them into something that's dirty as this. National debate raged around red vines versus twizzlers which I couldn't believe there were so many people online that love and defend red vines. Because I didn't know that that was like a really popular. What is liquorice? What is it shock? What do you what is liquorice? Just black is it. Wax Is it is it. It shows like what harmless looking at its sugar. It's but I mean I. Yeah I don't know what it is I with you when it comes to rave is a twist. I don't eat neither one of them so it really don't matter. I'm not a big fan of wisdom. Allie was so. Here's some of the debate that raged this week surrounding this. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it twirler. Twirl twirled worlds. What did you just say? Check never eaten spaghetti with white people. Guess what the restaurants ones rednecks. Why White People KOSH SHACK? I will take you in South Philadelphia. Someone will cry and when they hear this. They're going wait a minute now. Shaggy use a spoon to to tore your spaghetti. No is it because a lot of the a lot of Italians will will use a spoon along with therefore poodle. They'll do that. I'm not using more than one that. Guess what it's fine. Just don't do do not under any way shape or your scotch tape. Showed that redneck man with the scissors. All over the place this week for Scopus Spaghetti was so charming and I'm like why are we? Why are we celebrating? Just this why. Are we just celebrating? Nonsense this is what we did. It's unbelie chocolate. Chip cookies are Oreos show. I love the national debates and I got a cookie. All Orioles led the Norio over the best. Guess what I liked the all of your book. I like the Yellow. What do they call them? The Yellow Warriors. They're not lemon now. They don't have a lemon filling they have the regular filling but they're the they're yellow ones honky or it's Bonilla. What are they go? There are my absolute favorite. If I see those they'd be my favorite. Okay absolutely. Do you fold your pizza. Nope CISCO YOU don't you only fold you. Only neopolitan type pizza regular slice of pizza still. Let's until on science two of them went about a couple of weeks ago quote. We've never had any here in the studio probably won't go do some John All right. Well that's what we would love. Would you please bring some coming on the show gear? Do you put ketchup on a hotdog. Yeah right must earhart. Please hold that wanted to fight you like soccer and no Benazir Glass Sauerkraut. Yes thank you must be a black thing. Sauerkraut Blake Sauerkraut on Ohio. Yeah Brandon copy. I like your old man. Yes we do know people straight up. They wanted to fight me about putting ketchup on a hotdog. People were like no mustard. Goes ON A hot dog? I gotTa tell you that I don't how much is how. What do you mean how much? How much is it to depart cheap? It's cabbage that has been. Isn't it just pickled cabbage pickled period and I can tell you this? Your House will stink. If anyone see my mom would cook it and I I swear I could smell today and a half later Sauerkraut God. I hate him reasoning state to the same thing. Well no it's not something but Collard Greens do the other one. The jumped out was coker. Pepsi Coke. I grew up on pepper in the South I grew up of. I grew up in the northeast. I go to a classic Coke Chick-fil-a Delta Waffle House I love Delta. I love Delta Shack Coke or Pepsi yes see I'm with you I. I think it's a New Jersey thing Pepsi products. Come on no Kremlin and stuff but it's all right. We'LL WE'RE GONNA move on here too tax from the show in a second. But we would be remiss if we did not mention the largest person on the show turns forty eight years old on. Friday really good law. Happy Birthday Shaquille. O'neal yeah man. That's awesome what you're doing. None who you doing well Robin Brandon. I do have a show on Saturday. I should come check where Somewhere and wait a minute. I didn't hear that right. Y- Brandon and a rope to combat show. Why should I 'cause it's GonNa be a bunch of kids and you don't like that head beggar music wait a minute? Why would you say that because you could come on now? What are you talking about? You know it came in a three piece talking about details unbelievable pretty WANNA go alone looking right now to look outside of the funhouse. Been One of your shows but believe musical believe musical and put a google. What time I'll go on an eleven thirty one? Anyone Ralph David Abernathy Ball. Kano's Stomach Yup. Oh Yes town then okay. John John John. Thanks you for the invite. It's the type of music town. John is officially out. I am. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA answer text to the show phone here in just a second. Hey everybody have you been listening to us about manscaping? I know you've been finding out about them. Let's take your ball seriously for once. Would you? How things looking down there fellas? If you think manscaping is an important. You're probably only Rosie Palmer five sisters. Let's be honest. And guess what they're getting tired of you two. They're probably cheating on you. Hygiene and cleanliness matters guys and you need those engineers tools for your family. Jewels from our great friends at Manscaping. Yup manscaping forever changing the grooming game with the perfect package three point. 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Check your bowls will thank you all right and we're GONNA use of texts from the show. Love this idea. If you didn't know yes prank call in call. Yes I want you to. I want you to say that you guys probably plane. And his service sucks. Okay mccollum. Oh you call them up. I'm ready. Oh robs going to call them up. Here's take the view details. Who's known as a pilot going to say what's his name is. Paula How yes. Okay wait a minute. When did I fly? She were working. You flew with a friend and just say netjets better. Your service sucks. I can tell everybody know number two flow issue again private. But there's nobody serving you drinks or anything. 'cause I'm trying to think of other things I could say. Well it is so ugly ugly. I speak to Al Pallet. Police can help you take a message. Which is what is your name. Mike. I'm Mike. How are you here Dick PRESIDENT OUT OF ATLANTA. And we used your service on Super Bowl weekend and I really need to get in touch with al. I just got A. I got a report today. From my investors. We had a private jet from L. A. Miami and we were referred by Jewish Phil. And I gotTa tell you we`re. I'm very very disappointed here in the reports today and they said they had a terrible time service was they said in the girl you put on their flight was damn ugly and and I mean and I'm supposed to be entertaining my investors high profile guys. I'm bringing them in for the Super Bowl and you're getting jo Jo. The dog faced girl to to to to service their flight. Jewish Vilson me still. Yeah you know. The guy went to jail for stealing money. Al Knows L. KNOWS WHO Jewish villas and when Al gets out of his meeting. That'll be me and I want to do more business with you guys. But I'm very disappointed. Disappointed did you book directly with Allah one of the other brokers that took care because this is one he really he. He assured me that this was going to be like special. And I don't know what the guys were expecting. But they weren't expecting that Utah. Gay callback you got it. Thank you buddy. Thanks for your time by the way how come. She's gotTa Be Monique. Though that was that was pretty good face. I took the dog faced girl. This one guy can't even can't even get with his wife anymore. Holy pictures off on their face. That was not in the tax. I hope he calls Jewish philly was like I. I gave him the hotline number here. So we're going to see. If he calls we may enter up the show back. That'd be Lancer text to the mint mobile show phone by the way. If you want to mid mobile dot com slash shack. They will cut your phone bill to fifteen dollars a month. You get to keep your number. You get to keep all your date all that stuff. That's a great deal. Fifteen dollars a month from our friends at MIT mobile. Just GO MOBILE DOT COM slash. That is really really good. Man The number of the show phone by the way if you do want to text it. Four seven zero four four three fifty nine seventy three is our show phone. K- from the six go ahead check. Oh I have no idea would require work and I'm doing enough of that so I'm good. A- just said our friends at MIT MOBILE. You mailed it in the mail trying to do something great. Blame it on man you mailed it and I did. Just take responsibility my fault. Of course. God's sakes all right so from the six one six. How does shack come up with all the set lists for his DJ sets? And how do you even have time to work on them a thousand songs on my USB drives? Because I'm good at reading the crowd so if there's more be dogs in their struggle hip hop junkies classics racially profiling your crowds right. And if there's more kids in there I just WanNa Bang Up. I got hit him with the Bengal music. So I never really have a set thing. Wouldn't WanNa play you know good thing about Dj. Nows all the music you have. The temples are there instead. So you're just master temple also but I never go and say armour-plated set 'cause I did that one time and I bombed really it was a it was an Amazon part and it was like play on those guys like that and I came implant Cardi B. and guys now. Yeah getting up and leaving. I didn't have no the music honky. Mcconnachie yeah I can imagine fun from the 520 was criss angel. Levitating over your house real. Yes he put. Someone knows and I could see here. What happened license? Joan get knocked out smelling saw something but he puts me rape drug wasn't any white such a new. I couldn't move. I couldn't move your staggering. All right wow. I think he did. Okay did you. Did you feel violated afterwards? Of course make sure okay because we have a lawsuit here we can really cash. I'm confused as to how this relates to him. Levitating over your house move your tricks. He knocked me. Oh okay so he. He roofing incapacitated you somehow. So you couldn't see the track. There's something wrong with this thing is something wrong with that. But we don't know what figure it out sort of like opposing centers to the last couple of years. They use the same stuff. Some of those games George from the six one nine that would be Sandiego. Wants to know. I Love San Diego if you had to be a head coach of an NBA team. What team would you want to coach between those players? Like Steve Kerr Gold say worse. So you'd want to coach the warriors. Of course coach. Good team is what he cooks. Are The warriors a good team they will be listened? Wants to come back. I was going to be all over. Oh Man Okay and guess what? And by the way they're going to get like a top pick in the draft to yeah to join that crew. Which is the rich getting richer. Really this one is for beat dog. Actually Oh and of course. We'll get his name. The guy gets Shaquille Jabari it's from the two four eight Taylor Taylor rooks or carry champion away on on this too. I'm going to go. I'm GonNa go Taylor rooks you're crazy. Carey campaign is has always been my women crush Wednesday. Okay Love Keri champion a debt. But I'm gonNA tell you There were I. I think Taylor rooks look slightly better. Slam IS CLOSEST TO CARRY CELL. Phone styles hotline. Okay but carries amazing. Don't tell you what you know about the car career Taylor. We'll we'll both but you both all right okay. All right I love this her next Her next GIG has that been made. No Okay I want to hear what it is all right. Oh he's really cold really. Oh No no you gotta answer. Just tell them Jewish L. coach. I'm not sorry. Oh no only because beat. Oh Two Shaq. She said you could not often. Do you get dissed too the burner you've been you've been you've been sent to the burner fund has been set to voice conversation while Jordan. Peele has done it again. What do you mean? Candy may know? Forget the candyman by the way. Tell me about that. It's called hunters is about a group of people store now. But you know the Nazis all in one night awesome. You Watch the whole thing also Zanjan. Abbas honor is also go back to Chino hills brew. Okay tell me about the candidate. Say FORGET TO CANDYMAN. Forget again now. Want to know about the candyman. I should have been the candidate. Also you saw. Oh Yeah I'm SORTA okay we need. We're GONNA star Candyman on with us to pick the candidates that creepy guy out of Houston a guy. You say. Candyman say his name in the Mirror. That's three times a little little. We need a. We need a big black. Jason look a Mug up stabbing copying serial killer names first of all the candy. Man was the serial killer out of. Houston thinking about Freddy Kruger. No there was a series taker and there was no they came out of Houston Dean. Arnold Corlett you're thinking about the really thinking about real life. He was in American Cyril V. We're not talking about some monster. This guy was a monster. Two zero killer misdirection. Just don't say candy man in the Mirror. Our is it three. Oh It's five three. You guys got gotta be five. Everybody else was three complicated. That you guys are math. Challenge all right last one Texts to the show from the five six one. Do you think Tom Brady is leaving? The Patriots after that video surfaced of him this week at a basketball game saying he wasn't GonNa stay. I don't know I just know that in this game the organizations could be very unloyal. Saddest Day in my life. Believing was Michael. Jordan led the Bulls Saturday. When I left the Lakers or one out of Miami. Because I already knew of Jordan could be dealt with anybody could be dealt with so I knew my day was coming but when Jordan went to the left and then when Patrick Ewing left the knicks. I'm like man mine was Dominique. Dominating Glamour Nubia on. There's no loyalty in this game. So I don't know what they're GONNA do. But if I was the Volvos Mr Crap I I I'd give tyrod whatever. He wants out of respect him. He's got to six rings. Expect John K. The thing is utter respect. You can't just re-signed him you got it. You got to get more weapons on our side. Okay listen reside him. Get another young quarterback under him with similar skills. And then just you know supplement some amend some money and then finally when when. Tom Is not as turning more then. We'll just push 'em Tom Comey. Because you just can't forget about what the guys do because listen. If you get rid of time you started from the bottom. Tom Is by the way I have it on. I would say fairly good authority. That the this stuff about him. Going to vegas all all just chatter real. It's all that it's all just chatting so we'll see it. That's Tom to the Titans. So the titans titans will be the place where he could potentially puts them over the tight. Good good all right Text to the show phone. If you've got to send US text four seven four four three fifty nine seven. They're tired of each other. Who Bill probably I think so and I don't blame either one of them and I don't think it means that they hate each other anything I think they're just probably they probably you're just not now is about. Who GETS THE CREDIT CORRECT? I'll about that. Unfortunately how much show? No no exactly right. You do what you gotta do to keep them around but bill smart. He knows that it's nothing against Tom but piece have to start on. Thinks he's GonNa play forever and Tom Remember. He wanted Garoppolo to be as quarterback. The bill was ready to move on from Tom. Two years. I think you keep Tom Brady one until he's dead and six. Yes until he's off the field. Tom Brady on that field. Man brought you six rings six not like a championship or two six. I sat around all right. Well look I got nothing no love for Tom Brady. But either way. Let's go on this by the way to do. Is the final week of borderline. What before the playoff start march madness next week march and I can't wait to roll helped my borderline bitches theme song for this year's borderline bracket so view this next week for the start of the borderline bracket But I do have some good ones. We'll see if any of these last few can sneak into the playoffs. We're GONNA start with mode. Are G mail and Ataman our facebook. It's from the steam room which is Ernie and Charles. Barkley's PODCAST chuck is talking about Joe. Borrow who apparently had small hands does its lands. He did okay. So this is what Chuck's advice was. Joe Borough listen. I just want to say this Joe Borough listen. I made it my life with nine inches joe last. Uh Charles that all right around this one's here's is just funny. It's an easy targets Bernard are g mail. It's Stephen. A Smith who the question I take was what player under twenty one? Are you starting a team with? He's very big on Jason Tatum. We all know look at Donges play. We know what he's been doing since he was a kid. Ladies and Gentlemen Jason. Tatum is twenty one years old. My God is he coming. Oh my well wait a minute. Though he is in serious that he seriously he he he doesn't really believe that believe were. The tatum will be the guy. You'd build the teamer and Tatum is a baller okay. I like Jason Tatum a lot. But would he be? Where's he on your list of young players you'd build around. Would you build around him? Aja Jamaran Jamaran. Okay trae young or trey younger. Jason Tatum Jason Tatum. Over trae you will. I love trae. Well WELL LOOK. I Love Jason. Tatum was better than both of them. Wow what speaking of trae. We didn't talk about him in Aretha yeah you see that. He nutmegged them Saturday night. That felt very ninety. Nba Love the fact though that a recent gives them a face and trae took it like a man and a reason delivered a man and they didn't have any they didn't have any problems and afterwards they're they're dappled down. They're fine like to me. That's the way the game supposed to be played. Get a little physical and if trae wants to do something and someone else wants to send a response good for them. Good for them like both of the way. They handled that problem. That was awesome but nutmeg in a Guy. Can you imagine nutmeg check? You would elbowed him in the face with. You would've let there would have been an elbow to the face. Maroon felt like by the way and then we got a couple more here. This one came to our g mail. It's from a just a terrible. Msnbc show called morning. Joe and morning. Joe Joe Scarborough complaining about politics and he has just a greatness here. Just it's like he'd been doing nothing but studying twitter for like three months and they were playing to the titter. Twitter crowd now. The problem for Joe is that's a whole other aspects. Fiance is right next to him on the set so as he works with his fiancee. Okay by the woman the woman he's coming to marry Mika his co host he was thinking and Mika many mornings maybe that was why was distracted. Oh okay just our last one this one comes to us from Allen Energy melts from wgn news. They're playing a sound bite of an officer who founded gun wedged inside a woman's but wait a minute. How serious gone into her rear end. Breeze a five shot revolver was loaded wisden the crack of her buttocks caboose pistol. Everybody it's not worth people. Don't get the tried. It think boots machine-gun last from wgn in Chicago. Yes Oh my God. More time. It was a five shot. Revolver was loaded wisden the crack of her buttocks caboose pistol. Everybody know work that book. Don't get the credit. Think boots machine-gun kid that's awesome by the way. Wgn News for those. Who Don't know him watch this one. It's the superstation Chicago. Those are watch their news. It's a very loose news clearly. It's a very fun to call a double entendre. Ya Kidding that might be a triple. Gosh aw does this. Week's additional of borderline bureau. Of course. You're what a tease for black entertainment. And I won't say that would be black. Entertainment Television said Ben. Okay so why so? Why only John robbed on this but think about to be racist? Why are we only knew? And why are you talking about bet online? Oh I thought it was be tim. Sorry because later John John Robb for bt look dogs get down get down with your favorite Sitcom dog one. Oh six at park is going to be looking good John. Hey also getting real and just saying. Hey that's the best robin advertising alert. Well the bigger black to show us the way descript here stop listening to the black community. People have now bought be. Oh we're going to change the way you think about the Black Community. In today s we can be dog shack and be dog. We'll learn more about different kinds of music. We've changed some of the programming and March arrived right. Try to okay and marches arrived Now we're only weeks away from the big turney. Yes that tournament you know what it is. It's in March it's absolute craziness. Make sure to head to bet on line. Open an account today. Why because bed online's one hundred thousand dollar bracket madness starts on the ides of March March? Fifteenth a love it. Yeah I said one hundred thousand dollars. Run Life Changing my energy. I wrote it down if you are hard core or just a casual fan bet on lines. One hundred thousand dollar bracket man. This is the play this tournament season remember the NBA and xfl. Were still going strong. So whatever your passion is bet online. It's the place to be and if you've ever accidentally fallen into a bracket challenge win like I have several years past your radio station Go ahead and fill bracket by the fifteenth and be in the running for the hundred thousand dollars if you sign up for a free account online. Just use the Promo Code. Podcast one spell out the one and you'll get fifty percent sign of bonus a few extra bucks at something. You got a couple of extra dollars to spend this week in the NBA Milwaukee at he. That's a I'll tell you this. I totally misjudged the heat. I DID NOT SAY ON RECORD. I did not see. The heat is a contaminated Schneider. Playing well the bucks may be the best team in the NBA. They may be the best. I honestly I'm looking forward to the SIXERS. Lakers this week. I really am. I am too. I WanNa see who what sixers team shows up for this game. Six is sort of sit when they pay. Let's they do. They really do. An unreal clippers at rockets should be good game care. Wayne Kelly good stuff going on this visit better online. Don't forget that Promo Code. That rob told you podcast one spell it out for your fifty percent sign up. Bonus Bet Online. They are your online sportsbook. Experts Aright facetime ING. Oh John Lynch facetime stymied baby. We have not played a round of this game in quite some time. I want you facetime. Decided ready to check it out with you if you're new. The shack cast game called Walmart or Waffle House. I'm going to read you a completely insane. Ridiculous thing that happened and we're GONNA make eye contact the entire time and it is up to you guys to determine if it happened at Walmart or if it happened at a waffle house the two places in the south that are prone for the weirdest crap on the face was having trouble facetime. Oh yes because. You're busy googling. The question got a show sheet in front of you. You be cheating. They give me the face time even know where he is. He sounds like he's ever google in right now. He's at his Google machine as Mike Francesa with. Hey check the google machine in Google. Put that in the Google and see that. Look look all right. Well busy he's busy. Everyone's farting around. I guess I'll start because I'm not going to sit here and wait for everybody. I'm a runner. He's already was okay. I will know he paula. Jones can keep talking sexy shift job. You were Let's see okay. Are we going? I see you you can see there. We go all right here. We go ready all right story number one customers at this location and Arkansas. Were more than grossed out. When they discovered two employees had turned their section into a makeshift hair salon ignoring customers while soaking their weaves and buckets of hot water and doing each other's makeup did the makeshift layers. Salon owner a waffle house. It happen at waffle house or a walnut happened at Walmart. Johnson Walmart Shack say waffle house that Nastiness took place a waffle house. Oh My Gosh. They were food. Mattel you are no buckets of water. Yeah getting a book at Walmart and the bathroom. A bucket of water story number two. A woman at this location was asked to leave after escalating. An argument with her ten year old daughter who was playing with a magic eight ball at the time her mother decided to freak out because it was quote sorcery and a tool of the devil and smash it on the floor before they were asked to leave. Did that happen in a walmart or a waffle happened a Walmart Walmart. Because where would you get a magic eight ball at the brought one in with you? And it's a tool of the devil. That is what the Not The the eight balls. Not The tool of the devil. It's the OUIJA board. Do not bring a wage board into your house or works. It's got one somewhere. Get it out of your house now. It's a box somewhere to get it out of your house. All nine brothers devil bureaucracy. Alcohol we'll have like a sound all right story number three a mother and her eight-year-old child were asked to leave dislocation after an employee was repeatedly called pardon. My language of by V eight year old shelled. The mom went nuts when they were asked to leave but let the left before police were called did the eight year old with the foul Mouth Cossack. An employee of a Walmart or a waffle house saying waffle house. Wells Noah and Walmart one blogger. I'm both getting a point very late. Shacks logic one all right here we go stores in the studio with you does on Jerome. So it was up. Wait a minute. There are animals mounting each other. In this picture yes. The Lion Zebra might aware. That's okay so shack office there's a I thought it was shocked Prom night. Hells at call Derby. Thank you Mary. Dermot Lion Mauling showroom looks like he could ball today looks good looks real good cardio every morning our there we go tell you what all right. Let's go to. Where were we hear? Story Number Four. What do you have up in your face their shack? He's got the sheep shoot okay. Things seem to be going well John. This wonder what you're doing on facetime story for things seem to be going well at this location until the customer remarked. They were quote feeling sick. They then threw up on an employee who threw up on another customer. Who Thrill up on another customer. Paramedics were called as a precaution. Did the PUKE on you puka. Puka another person happened at a Walmart or a waffle waffle house waffle house. The way people barf aroma gave really was. It was a Bar Rama and it happened at a waffle hasn't vomited because somebody else vomited. I'd never have made me close to clean up. Go Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah yeah all right. Story number five another seemingly. Normal night was interrupted as an employee's phone continue to ring over and over and over until in front of customers. She finally answered it cursing out loudly. Who was ever on the other end of the phone and hanging up in returning to work did the woman who answered her phone curse. The caller happened in a Walmart or Wal Mart Walmart Going Walmart. Dogs that happened at a waffle house waffle house. Waitress gossip never missed it both at the same time. I can see him this time. Okay here we go story number six. A blind woman at this location was using her disability to her advantage as she rolled out the door without paying when customers followed her to her outside to stop her. They witnessed her climate newer car and drive away Walmart Line. Woman Air quotes roll out of a Walmart or a waffle. Nobody's nobody's risking going to jail over waffle house. All right well She both Russia rolled out of a walmart kitchen and she wasn't online. I think the thing so. We'll wait a minute. The why do they Braille on drive-up? Atm's Oh you never know you might WANNA wheel up and get some money in the way wwl away rhyming up in a car and you're blind they have bought next time you go to the McHugh go. There's there's Braille on that machine. Why would they have that has to know where to where to lean? We already see. Here's why do they have locks on twenty four hour convenience stores now? We're just GONNA go in this startled. Sissoko all right here. We go do that. Why do they well? We already do? I do now so now. This is my day when I went to white people do all right story number seven We always seem to have these stories from the restrooms. Always like something. Don't restroom either. Place in this night was no different. Customers reported a loud moaning coming for the bathrooms was doing only to discover a very drunk couple having sex on the floor. They were asked the house. I hate that you're both right but it happened to Waffle House. And she was scattered smothered and covered. I don't know what she was covered. But Yeah Oh you're is six five shots terrible on the floor of a waffle. WanNa walk into sneakers? I don't WANNA walk floor by the way. They just had sweeps in February. The news sweeps. Yeah and you know the worst. The worst bacteria that you find is the square underneath a urinal can't dirtiest place and what happens. Is we step in it as men and then we take our shoes off and they were saying watch. The bottom of your shoes is covered with just terrible. Bacteria LIKE BATHROOM. P and gun. So they're saying because you stand in it if you use the urinal you're standing in other people's like drizzle and everything to be careful thank you thank you for dressing. White shoes dudes. I have this came up. All Right Harry number eight we like uplifting stores in this Florida location has employees. That always wait for quote the Bumblebee to arrive. She's a seventy year old plus woman who only comes in at one thirty in the morning and his that always dressed head to toe in a full bumble bee outfit when asked why she wears it. She's given every employee a completely different answer. Do employees wait for the Bumblebee? Roll up to a waffle house or a Walmart Walmart. Oh sexton Walmart John. Waffle house clue. The bumblebee rolls up to a Walmart. Missed why we don't wear the same thing to eat every day. What do you mean? We don't cause deadly assistant. You think it's a system of woman that dresses like a Bumblebee. GotTa be okay. So she's like a carpenter. Be This is like I guess they'd be a carpenter. Be there to bump. Bumblebee wouldn't be assistant all right right. Let's go here. We go story nine. Normally you don't have to pay a cover charge to get into this location except for this one where one night very drunk man claiming to be a bouncer charging people five dollars to get it. We'll talk until the police were called to remove him and they escorted hollow murderer waffle house. Shacks is Walmart Johnson. Swath wow so. Let's get John Back in. This game happened in house. Oh here we go. We're going down to the wire here. Ice Dancer I seven. Six hoosier leading. Shaquille O'Neal finally a pissed off. Customer return to dislocation. You're being asked to Walmart all right. Read the whole question. A pissed off customer returns dislocation. After being asked to leave and this time he returned with a shotgun unfortunately a little old lady stopped him at the door scolded him like a small child and took the gun away from before say waffle house. I have to say I have to say it. Shag got it on a blind guests. Though it was the greeter at Walmart always ladies ladies at the door. We have graders. We agreed on the DUNWOODY. One Johnson Charles could be me Walmart waffle house. John Hume Kim me. And you lose regain and why animals right all right man and saw that is a wrap. I am excited to find sponsorship next week on the show play. Aw here we go. We get disconnected us. Even though we'll we'll later it's a big podcast with shack Send US your submissions and love people text in the show. Also give you the text show. Four seven four four. Three fifty nine seventy absolutely awesome. Get into the castle on twitter and big podcast shack on instagram. Don't miss a minute of IT and We'll be birthday shack happy birthday. Shaquille creeping close their big five. Oh No oh yeah we gotta do something big. Yeah we'll be married her two more babies before fifty. Is that a promise. Promise you heard it here. I even carries called you better questions. Okay so that's it. Great Bala guys on twitter at check at John Kincaid and at Rob Jenner's or get more clips and nonsense on instagram and facebook at the big podcast with shack. This has been an exclusive presentation of podcast. One sports with new episodes every week at podcast. One DOT com.

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