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Teen Podcast Episode 16 Fear


Everybody assist. Matt Colby with magnify him together podcast, this episode number sixteen and today, we're going to talk about fear and Matthew chapter twenty five Jesus tells a parable, we usually refer to it as the parable of the talents. Jesus tells the story of a master who's going on a long journey and in preparation for that journey. He brings three of his servants before him to the first servant, he gives five talents and today, we understand that talent was worth about fifteen years worth of wages for a hired servant, like this one, so one talent was a lot of money and five talents was probably more money than the servant, would ever see in his lifetime. And it's directly due to the interpretation of this parable that the word talent and the English language today has come to mean any kind of skill or ability. That we might use in the service of God, even though in the parable, what a talent literally represented was a sum of money. So the master brings the first of the three servants before him, he entrusts him with five talents. And he says, keep this money until I come back, he calls the second servant before him. He gives them to talents. Still a lot of money, and he says, keep it until I come back and he calls the third servant before him. And he gives him one talent, one talent was still fifteen years, where the wages for a servant. So this was still a lot of trust. He was placing in the service. Sometime later. The master comes back from his journey calls those same three servants before him. The first servant, who was given the five talents comes to his master, and he says, you gave me five talents, I've invested wisely and I've doubled your money here. Take ten and the master is overjoyed and pleased with that servant. And he says you've proven your responsibility. Now, I'm gonna give you even more responsibility. When he praises that servant the second serve is similar he comes before his master. He says you gave me two talents. I've invested it wisely here. Now take four talents. Doubled the money and the master is once again very pleased with that servant. And he gets them more responsibility. And at this point, the parable takes an unhappy turn because he calls the third servant before him. And this is what it says in Matthew chapter twenty five versus twenty four twenty five he also who had received. The one talent came forward saying master. I knew you to be a hard man reaping where you did not. So in gathering, where you scattered, no seed. So I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground here. You have what is yours. And the master is very angry with that serve, and he calls him. Wicked and lazy any takes the one talent from him and gives it to the one who had five talents any casts that servant into outer darkness. The third servant had taken that talent, which we know spiritually represents the skills and abilities that God has given us in with which he expects us to serve him. He done nothing with the talent that God given I mean, buried it in the ground and the excuse that he had for doing nothing was that he was afraid. Now, Jesus was speaking to a crowd of Israelites, who believed that for generations. They had faithfully kept the commandments of God. God had given them laws to follow and for generations, they had done everything in their power not to break those laws. They even come up with harsher stricter laws on top of the laws. God had given them just to make sure they didn't do the wrong thing. You see, they were so afraid of doing the wrong thing that they weren't spending any time doing what God actually wanted them to do, which was revealing who he was to the world revealing his purpose to the world. You see how we can fall into that same trap. We can live in fear. We can live in fear of many different things are in fear of God himself. And when you live in fear, it's very hard to live in faith. It's very hard to accomplish anything. Medical science tells us that living in a chronic state of fear can be very unhealthy. It can affect our physical health impair, our memory function, our brain processing, our mental health, it can lead to fatigue and clinical depression. And studies in psychology show that the one thing that really helps to overcome fears, especially irrational fears like phobias. Is to recognize in name, our fears to talk about them. So often we carry our fears around with us like heavy burdens. We wake up in the morning with a pit in our stomachs are fears threaten to consume us in his very unhealthy for us, but James chapter five and for sixteen says that we should confess. Our sins one to another and pray for one another that we might be healed. And our sins in our fears are so often closely linked together, we believe that God will forgive our sense when we doubt that it causes fear in as our faith gets week, our fear, get stronger. Now when we talk about fear right now, we're talking about chronic fear the kinds of fear that we carry around with us all of the time that might keep us up at night, that might leave us paralyzed by indecision. We're not talking about instinctual fear. The kind you'll feel when faced by danger that kind of fear can be useful in it goes away. We're talking about deeper fears things like fear of the unknown or fear of failure, or fear of a lack of respect or of being alone of our loved ones dying fear, that may be God won't ever forgive us for what we might have done. And it's that kind of fear that can keep us from truly serving God in the way he wants us to. The bible talks, sometimes in the Old Testament, and the new about a fear of God. But when it talks about the fear of God that word whether it's in the Hebrew or the Greek is talking about an author and a reverence for our creator. God does not want us to walk around all the time with this constant dread that he might punish us. That's not what the bible is talking about. And that's quite unhealthy. So wind James chapter five in verse sixteen tells us to confess. Our sins one to another. Well, it makes sense than that. We should confess. Our fears one to another to psychology psychologists told us that it's very helpful to acknowledge in talk about your fears because that helps us to diminish them and to manage them. And when you talk to somebody who you trust who shares your faith, and you confess your fears to them, they can help you with that. They can help you to get through your fears and lift your burden off your shoulders so that you don't have to carry it around with anymore. Now, some fears you're never gonna conquer not in this lifetime not on the side of the kingdom. But when you name them, when you acknowledge them, you can learn to manage them and to diminish them so that you don't carry them around as burdens all at the time. It always helps me to keep Romans eight verse twenty eight in mind. We know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called, according to his purpose. And, you know, the one thing that can banish fear the cast it out and help us to feel hole in the service of God is love. And that's why the apostle John was able to write this. I John chapter four verses sixteen through nineteen. So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love and whoever abides in love abides in God, God abides in him by this is love. Perfected with us so that we may have confidence for the day of judgement because as he is. So also are we in this world? There is no fear in love. But perfect love casts out, fear for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. We love because God I loved us. God I loved us. And then we love others, and we love God, God lives in us when we do this because God is love. You see when God loves he is the source of that love when we love. God is the source of that love to that means that when we love we are God to others because love belongs to him. It is. And we are only manifesting that love manifesting, gone himself, once you learn to give yourself to others, there is nothing to be afraid of anymore, just a completed circle of love. We aren't capable of doing this right all the time, but when we do fear disappears, and we're living as God intended us to that is what God wants to preserve forevermore in his kingdom, and then all of the bad parts, including the fear will be gone and only love will remain. Thanks for listening, please. Join us again. Next Monday for another episode on the magnifying together.

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