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Protect yourself with loop shields and wraparound. Oakley loops using the same frames US military visit Dot com to order. Now that surgical telescopes abbreviated surge I tell dot com. It is just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing. Tracy Jacobs Rda she's the founder and president of Wisdom Dental Education Solutions Bill US Instructor Training Center facility at RC health. Services Advisory Board member at Anderson and associates and a registered dental hygienists. Dental entrepreneur is dedicated to empowering dental professionals through education. She focuses on providing up to date continue education to dental professionals in their own community wisdom dental education solutions was previously named bridge mill dental hygiene study. Club Tracy founded the organization in two, thousand, twelve as club grew she noticed a disconnect between the members is they were coming from various areas around Atlanta to get the small and intimate feel back in two thousand, eighteen, she created local chapters. Tracy's goal is to have numerous chapters in every state. So that professionals in every community both urban and rural, we'll have access to quality relevant continuing education in two thousand sixteen was asked to become American Heart, association, Faculty, and completed. That training shortly after in March of two thousand seventeen, she left clinical hygiene and accepted a position as operations manager at safety and health solutions and responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company in addition to teaching both at the company's training facility, as well as off site in May Twenty, nine, twenty, one, thousand, nine, hundred resigned your position to concentrate solely unwisdom that's wisdom with a with a Z.. W. Is e do am I love that Tracy graduated with an associate? Of Applied Science degree in dental hygiene, and then transferred to the University of new Shaggy Nuba and took classes and help manage it to expand her knowledge for future endeavors. Tracy is from idler Alabama, but has called Georgia home. Since eighty five, she's married to Jay Jacobs and has two adult daughters and three beautiful grandchildren which if you're on I, you don't see this. You got a switch over to youtube and look at her wall. That's her first granddaughter's Nursery Atalay? My Guy Thank you so much for coming on the show today. You've done so much for so many years and. But I know my listeners. And the first thing they always want to hear about I is a covert update. Obviously, we're in pandemic has started in March Tomorrow is October first by the way to put this in perspective first of all Tracy. Did you ever think you'd be practicing in the middle of the pandemic and what is it like in Bama during the pandemic? George you remember. And it's not too bad practice clinically for a while but things open back up here in May A lot of pageants were I've known I have a huge Collection of of dental professionals in friend's offices I've been around for a long time doing the CPR. So I finished reaching out to me for temping, and so I went back for a couple months. So my mom who has health issues like seriously you're going back now practicing now you're GONNA go back. So I had to ask for my mom and I'll tell you it was a challenge We were back to full speed, but it was hot under all P. So So I did that for a couple months and then once they hired someone that I kind of no phased out because I just didn't have time to do everything else that was do. So. Tracy. You know. I I graduated from High School in eighty the HIV AIDS pandemic started in eighty in in seventy nine, it went on to kill thirty, six million people will make all those adjustments. What per how much more threatening? Did you feel from the corona? The needed from. HIV AIDS when you know when you first encountered that in the eighties. You know I actually felt more protected Melena or not at work because we were more conscious and more cover and it was more layers. Of P. P. So I actually felt cleaner when I got home at the end of the day having my hair covered everything was covered more and everything was definitely taken off in left it work actually safer believe it or not. And would percent your big in the hygiene community in the Georgia? Hygiene community. My Gosh. Most I, I know already know you. What percent of hygienist would you guess? Didn't want to come back to work during the end because the pandemic and what were the reasons? Why mostly what percent of Janice do you think just said now I don't want to go back. I don't want to be doing a caveat tron and a Piso. You know in someone's Saliva Phil Coronavirus. Well, I get really say percentage, but I know that every office I filled in at people aren't coming back assistance as well. I think heart of it was that maybe these particular people were on the edge of wanting to change the career or retire, and this was just a good transition time I mean I know an assistant at Ward offices she she actually found a position working from home with. Her child was they're doing something with a little over the phone and so perhaps it was a great time to explore something different. So I think people had time to they were forced to not go to work. So they were able to maybe exports different avenues in I. Think they left for that I have many people were really really afraid of for their own health maybe more for their parents health I was more concerned about my mother than myself. So. So I, really can't can't take a percentage but I it was a good time to transition person some people who are ready to get and how could I get my four boys to worry more about me than their own health Write a book. Do you have a C course on this? I want to take I want to take that course. That's very interesting because I notice on town. We get on ninety nine on the classified ads. There's always been about one thousand dental offices for cell, and it immediately went to two thousand in doubled and what I have noticed that if you're a sixty year old Dennis and the pandemic if you've never been divorced, you never had to split your money and a half to begin with a lot of six year old just said you know what I'm done so so that was. So you think a lot of the staff didn't come back because they were kind of on the fence for a long time and then timing's everything and then they had to take a two month time out and during the two-month timeout they thought you know what I my heart's not been doing this for a year or two I wanNA start a store and I think it just it just forced the issue s what I would guess. There's no way to know for sure but that's what I would guess. Yeah and the working from home. You know if you look at it objectively. People started to work from home as soon as the Internet came out and it just slowly been going up so. When so all the pandemic did is fast. Forwarded the next twenty years in one minute. But the trend was already moving towards warrior home. That's why I'm so confused about the schools opening backup because in Arizona they. Just like it was Monday through Friday eight to five, it's like my God you know the people are Working Ramon. Why didn't you just come back to school like every other day now or maybe half the kids come Monday. And Wednesday in half come Tuesday and Thursday but they just went right back to everybody right back at school and I'm like I I don't think that's where the trend line is. I. Think the Trend Line is people are enjoying working from home. So tell us about wisdom I mean when I I love wisdom teeth, it's my favourite procedure. I would rather pull for wisdom teeth and go golfing in Beverly Hills, and that's true. I mean I I have so many friends that have golf course memberships around Arizona I'd rather pull for any day of the week. was that. Did you love wisdom teeth? Where did the name come from on wisdom dental education solutions? Well, you know we call. Ridgeville in the beginning because I'll in the subdivision named breach meal and literally starting in my clubhouse with about fifteen friends. And never planned for it to be a business about thirty miles outside of Atlanta, and if you've ever driven in Atlanta traffic may as well be the sound. and. Even though Hinman is closely really just didn't enjoy going to the traffic. Now, if we were travelling to another city and stay in hotel where you can justify your husband, you know spin in the not in. ATLANTA. When you live right outside. So anyway, we need to enjoy it at all. So So I started this mobile study club handful equally collected just enough tuition to I was paying for the pay certification at the time and to pay for the room. I didn't advertise. We didn't need any more members people starting hearing about it and an end. The first year we outgrew the space. So we kept having been moved to different Two different. And we got farther south in South Korea get larger places in about. Five years. I guess I can say who was there but it was andy on She was speaking for her for for us wisdom and it was the biggest speak garage had the room was full. The president of Atlanta data was there, which is crazy note there were. A seats and it was so exciting. So I stood up and I looked skin and I didn't see a single one of my friends from him and I realize I had created just what we didn't ally. We'd we'd like the small feel. So that's when I decided to branch check. So came into my doctor and then up a new chapter in that area. So Bet Wisconsin you idea to keep a small and to keep it like a small community. Feel. So I was going along my merry little way and then dill peace network. I'm sure you're familiar with him them. They were looking for a study club new being affiliate partner with them, and so that was a great opportunity. So I became an affiliate Arner being that I could advertise my chapters in the loose and so that's how I grew nationally. And you know it's a slug it out with any business elect opposition my position to work on, and I just didn't have time to do both and so I've been doing that for the last year and a half and the ball apologize for such a long bio I. Guess I just sit what was Saguenay my computer with all my gosh that was so long and a little bit outdated because in addition to to those things I'm. Also. Promo or health educator. So I do lunch and learns and women are pro help oral probiotics and you get agent Stelle. That's a new endeavor for me and so as Stella product specialist. So juggle all those things but wisden is my passion. I love the other things that wisdom is like my baby even if I'm never might opinion which I haven't yet it's okay if the other things can support it, my passion is to bring education To, everyone I also want to give a platform. So they're a lot of times. We don't have a famous speaker we can't afford to pay an honorarium. It's just me and my I have a checkout one single Teke so. So because of that We'll have usually large sneakers it gives a platform. So if you're a new speaker and you want to be able to get your feet wet, you can come to wisdom. We'll give you a platform to do that crazy recording and give that to you. You know the alphabet you're speaking for us. Of course, they have to be qualified but So I left to give a voice in a platform to newspapers or trying to break in, but my real passion came from when I was A. Graduate from Hygiene School I was a single mom Alad Chatanooga and I certainly couldn't afford to come down to Hinman in Atlanta I couldn't afford to take off work I couldn't afford the hotel and so I'll only took the that was available. I couldn't even afford to take a day off work. So I, had to take what was on Friday. It really wasn't about the see that morning about something as interesting to me. It was just about it was on this day I could afford it. My first class was instrument sharpening and it was the same he on watched in Haji Year before I got nothing at it, and so I never really had gotten anything about education because I couldn't afford to go to the courses that. Interest me. So Ma, it will make me happy if if there's a single mom in Timbuktu, she can put our kids to bed she can afford to sit is complementary. Can't afford complimentary right so she can sit down at her computer with her kids took the not miss work and get the education that she wants. If she wants Lord about essential oils then she can because if you're learning about something, you're passionate about you're more likely to take it to the opportunity and the better we are auditorium you're going to provide better wally if were passionate about what we're doing. On. Long winded. Can you tell I love it you I love the most I love your southern Belle. Accent. I could just listen I grant which Shaw, Kansas and what I miss. The most of Kansas is the snow's girls from Oklahoma and Texas dog. Ear Candy to my my. mind. Is just something that's on that that I find interesting. So you. Pro By oral health, right? and. That's sort of a dentist, Geoffrey Hellman D. MD and who's also a PhD and it's Kinda weird because. When we were in school. You would do they recommended listerine and it just kills everything and now they're all starting to say, well, it equally kills the good guys and the bad guys and when I was in dental school, no one ever talked about the gut microbiome. There were no probiotics I mean how there there was just Jack Daniels and vodka and beers all I remember and and now people are. Really in this gut microbiome and I just I just read another case the other day where this girl was suffering from Eczema and psoriasis and forever, and all the doctors give them prescriptions and pills, and finally was a natural path is said will quit washing your hair with all these chemicals and conditioners and shampoos, and just quit bathing and showering, and just just rinse off with water. Did that for ten days, you'd be fine and what happened her skin microflora came back her ECZEMA that she's had psoriasis for decades. So my question to you tracy is, are you still swishing with listerine that's Kinda dumb bomb that will just kill everything. And then take a probiotic or you starting to let me tell you what I'm doing. So I'll also. So here's the perfect scenario still alive. Is it. Okay. If I showed the ball. Sure. You. Do. Everyone. So visit still on your own dentistry uncensored. You can even cause tell jokes do whatever you want. It's your show. Still has a ranch. This is their oil Vega rants. This is all natural. It's made from sixteen all natural ingredients, plants and minerals, no chemicals and it's It's not toxic now. So there is just a study done in a burn university with Dr peco's, and after Myron I think there was someone else. Could Iran's head had core ahead city we need or exiting clearly kills everything right but it kill it It also inhibits the fiberglass with you if you're aware that it hits last and And it. As long as heck sitting is active, fiberglass cannot do their job. So you're GONNA rip out a tooth right tooth extracted, and then you wide to heal up with the fiberglass can't while you're killing bacteria by blast can't neither jaw also, the study revealed that Cora Heck Sitting Causes Inflammation increases information. So if you ever wonder seven days at the person comes back in their tissues, look really read there were more blind is because of exiting. So those are all bad bad things who are experienced great because it kills everything right but it tastes Brad instincts so that this head to head miss product ill the same amount of bacteria but not only did it not inhibit opera blast fabric list like it excited him. So there's more collagen synthesis and it decreases inflammation. There's natural products in here are up. CanNot. Chemicals Natural ingredients that worked synergistically and they they decrease information and it tastes. So what's the word is out about still office is going to replace exiting and I didn't even realize it Hex is banned in some countries I don't know if you knew that. That that was very surprising to me macher Myron and he has a thing on youtube piece talking about his study in the results anyone wants it. You know it's actually are still does you know that Jeffrey Hilton? Impartially that got Gutter Jeff. Hillman Andy. Anna. Dr Martin. Hands deal was her protege. so He's kind of direct trainer. Information Anyway so I'll rest with this. So I kill everything David in the morning and then Use the Promo Code. So we're GONNA, kill all the all the stuff but not house inflammation right and Marin take a robot This robot or this is our body and is has three patented strain. You may see oral probiotic similar else in some restaurants out there there's no other or promo that has the three strains of probiotics as were discovered by Dr Dr Hands Field not hands field, but Gilman. So. What he was doing in the seventies the year I was born he was studying the bacteria responsible for guns. And how will he discovered was three strains so there's once-tranquil stratus. An strip rats is a mutant cousin of ESME UTANS with there's one town in Utah and what mutation does not allow the bacteria do. Lack produce lactic acid. So these guys are competing for the same food source with this doesn't. Produce Lactic. ACID. So basically, you're GONNA kill as much as you can. You'RE GONNA dose with how a numbers of s it's rats and eventually gonNA shoot them up around. So Yeah I. Just I Google that the Clark scenes being. One of the. Things in hand sanitizers that. Says that the FDA drug safety communication FDA warns about rare but serious allergic reactions with the skin antiseptic core exton Glue Canadian and I think we've seen from the pandemic that there's all these hand sanitizers and they've been banning a lot of them I. I was not aware that one of those ingredients was Was core Xingdong but I, I do think it's interesting how Dental school no one ever talked about sleep. I never heard the word sleep one time or sleep apnea. Now it's a huge thing and it was all the gut microbiome and it So treselle. Go back a year when the New York Times publish article that there is no research on floss. And you've been in the field for two decades at that time wh-. What did you think when the New York Times said? Hey, that's just that's just Tracy's opinion. There's no research on plus what did you think of all that? News. Yeah. You know I don't know I, I. I believe in blessing. At Abbey I really didn't didn't research drop bit pretty much dismissed. Tapes Ruth. So you were born in Chattanooga. Your Chattanooga in Chattanooga but Alabama where I'm from the the is just Rondo along Arado in. is out either I ne- E R. Alabama. It's like a four way stop. So we were about twenty minutes. Fifteen twenty minutes from the Georgia line, and then you go and around to Chattanooga. Got Chattanooga I just can't think of Chattanooga without that hotel with the train. Yeah and I told my mom about it after I lecture. Member John McFadden. He was probably the greatest ended. Honest. You know him and Ben Johnson. We're probably the two biggest impacted ended on time and jumping span was Chattanooga and I went up and the course I stated on train and I told my momma that I defy my mom back. She just wanted to stay in that users are in. That was so cool uh-huh. So. Everybody wants to know. Would adjustments everyone's making for covid nineteen. So I WANNA ask specifically Tomorrow's October first, this pandemic has been pretty much all twenty twenty. So were the world. Health Organization declared it in March, and now it's October. So we march April May, June July August September. So we've been seven months into pandemic. What does it look like right now to you in Georgia? How much longer do you think it's GonNa go. The Ada as saying that Dennis running at about seventy percent of pre pandemic. What are you seeing in in Georgia right now on the ground. In Georgia, things almost feel back to normal the schools are there are a few schools that are doing a discount by tally in our county. The kids are back as normal. My daughter's teacher in another county over and she has to go to school. But the kids are home, which is odd because they're not letting her keach from they're Meghan her through the school. To An indie classroom, teach the kids. So that's Kelly counting on the restaurants are open I don't know if they say full capacity you know they make sure the tables are spaced apart. You have to put your mascot when you walk in and then he can take it off when you sit down, which is kind of odd that we've been going to e. everyone is pretty respectful and they wear their masks in the grocery stores and people are out shopping not like it was, but it's Really, WanNa get back to normal I think here and with dentistry. Storage of progress for sure because a lot of people didn't go back to work and then is probably going to slow down the aisle. But when things I opened backup everyone, all patients wanted to be back there they could not book. They were booked out for a couple of months they couldn't get in so people really want to get back to normal here I think and again I'm not working clinical right now expect a slowdown because things were closed six months ago right? So there's not gonna be recall but I think I think is more positive than we thought it would be. and. One thing I want to remind everybody is that you know these numbers are undeniable that. When you when you so many people have stopped going out to eat they've stopped traveling these type of going to Disneyland taking cruises Bubba. The savings rate has not been this high since nineteen thirty three and we realize that seven months of not going to fancy restaurants, dinners, cruises, flights, Disneyland, and she's been thinking about getting those veneers that invis- align I mean. There's a lot of high-dollar cases being done. Because the savings rate is so high I mean usually a really good economy people will spend all they make plus they can borrow. So they'll spend about one hundred and three, hundred, four percent of of earnings, and right now they're saving up to thirty percent of their earnings is just going into savings kind of I. I can't even spend money I know I don't even know how to spend any more so. Do. You think there's going to be a revival of big case dentistry in line implants, things like that just because they haven't spent their money. I hope so I hope. So I mean, I'm not sure that's something I don't know how speculate on that but I would hope. So okay. Well, we talked about pro by ord all I wanted to get you on there because you're a big, you're a big. Force in that and all I WANNA do is I wouldn't get you on because I wanted to remind Dennis that. You know that you know just dunking everything in listerine. is going to kill everything good and bad and I've been thinking about this since I met Perry Radcliffe in eighty seven who started closest which was. which was chlorine dioxide and and so so you know killing everything is probably not the right idea and this is a really big changing thing and the other reason I wanted to bring you on is. I always talk to my friends about what they know about this is that. The Stella. Still alive products still life is a huge huge company amongst so many dentists and hygienists at the same time. So many other people don't know anything about it. So you're with Stella, life and pro by Aura. Are those separate companies, sell life and probiotics. Those are separate companies only separate companies, right? SORT. Some Dennis listening right now says we'll tracy what's the difference between life in Pro by? So. Still Live. So life we have three products, rents, Gel and sprays of the sprite, and these are are all natural enhanced. Lou Healing Reduce Inflammation in Provo. OUR IS A. So they're totally different products. So there's if you go to still dot com, you can click research and you're going to see a lot of different videos, Walford tach videos on there a lot of implant cases Anderson Saga thought of actual video of the reduction of inflammation when jail is placed on right after the implants. Doctor PECO's I was he is. He's a legend he's like the biggest name and implants. PECO's is the bomb and that's another thing that. Piqued my interest in Jersey Pecos Docu PECO's peaked my. Upon I thought it was funny. But but yeah, I mean I mean how much harder core of a implant colleges can you be right? Because institute wait before last and. You called me from that. Dry emailed you to be on the show he he actually still alive in his book. And he talks about his courses he he makes it part of the care. He doesn't. He doesn't say you know this is an extra things can reduce pain reliever release information. This is our of it. This is his pre his pre surgical protocol. Couldn't you couldn't get Michael Dr Michael a Pecos. To, be interested in this, unless it was just wasn't the bomb I mean. That's a that's a hard core man. He does his homework as as ethics are off the the first of all. Why were you at the Pecos ensued because? I was there representing still alive? Okay. So I'm actually going to go to in. Orlando again in a couple of weeks to the Oh. My Gosh. I'm still near the implant world. It's another of course down there. Mike. NICOS AHEAD TO LOOK I should know that and. As was the pandemic hurting the attendance I mean I'm so many dentists have switched zoom. Where we were at the PICO since two was Ernie Attendance Oh. Yeah. It was there was full the had to limit the amount they could have there but they were sold out You know normally have a lot more but they're all they're open their seats for or there, and there's no way really to to to get everything you need online with that. You've ever been to one of those courses because your hands on your actually in a lab as well, and then he does a lot case and it's a it's a guessing to say this, but it's I guess it's a one way mirror whatever and he's actually doing loft case and it's also on a big screen TV with. Him Talking and so they're able to see real time a alive case they did a six on six I. Think. Yeah that is amazing and he's in Trinity Florida Rats and is that is that an part of a clearwater is that we're is pretty close to clearwater. Yes. The pretty close fluoride I. Always, I, always thought that was clearwater. And but you did you I guess where I'm going is, do you think the Hinman it will be open this year or do you think it's going to closer the next year and by the way I wanNA shout out to the hitmen people because I when this virus came out it was called a novell current vices brand new. So anybody they told you that they were an expert in it knew what was going to happen was completely delusional and The British Columbia Canada. They had the same call and said, let's go ahead and have it and Hinman said, no, let's not and it was a very controversial decision for both and obviously Hinman. You know was better. There were some dentist at the Vancouver one that actually died but. My question is You Know Shit happens. Nobody. Knew what was going on no fault. But do you think Hinman will be back in March already saying it's going to be twenty, twenty two. I hope so but I kind of doubt. There's so many people that they have to you know to to look out for and so much lobby. I, I, doubt it but you know who knows. Yeah. And so why why did why did Dr? Pecos put this in his book I know when you do implant surgery I mean. You just can't failure because man. When implant case, go south to Redo it for free you're GONNA eat the prophets of three other cases. So why was why was? Mike into this. Well, he tried it and that's really all you have to do another good thing about our product. There's a one hundred percent guarantee. If you don't like it, you don't see results. The patient brings it back. We will refund your money one, hundred percent including shipping. There's no risk whatsoever. So he tried it and he he saw the results dentists are saying that they see healing in seven days they normally see at fourteen. or or longer they're sitting he'll that met quickly. So that it's almost like premeditation because you're going to use you start using it three days in advance it's called the three three three program us all three products three days in advance three times a day. So by the time you have your surgery this is already in your system because one is going to be submersible. So it's going to be in your system. So you have that high level of anti-inflammatory those products in your system before we ever have the trauma. And the share. Saad. After they've done your extractions implants, they put the Gel directly on and you can really see there's watch the video there's a forty minute you hear the clock taken and they go to forty minutes and you can visibly see the difference. It's amazing and he saw that case after case. So he believed in it and then of course, the patients are GonNa, take them home and use them until they're gone. So basically, the proof is in the pudding. So Putting. That's a southern Belle exactly exact-. Here that exist. Pudding will you know we'll give your money back but we still strongly believe in the product that that is. Rarely will someone request money back they they want more and another thing patients that use it. It's called the the kit when they have authored products for surgery. But we we make the rents separately because patients will come back and say I love that rents can I had more rents so So we actually started producing Max separate kit and then also once we started use it, they start for kit but mainly the main goal was to reduce the nate for opioids that's the mission and patients are not having pain because they're not having inflammation so they're not having to rely on opiates for pain control. That was the main. The main reason this company was started in May found that the products do other things as well as constantly research going on the jail we have. It's good for for canker. Locking planets for Meka, Sintus and the reds is really great drought. Lot of patients with cancer are are using this because of their mouth alpin is doing wonders so. They're really okay. I know you can't ask a woman her age. But you already admitted you have a grandchild, right? Of Several Grand John. So the young kids have been asking this question when they get out of school since the beginning of time and that is, can you do new patient cleanings on some people? The new patient is only a new patient, FM Max exam perreault probing, and we're going to reschedule. But of course Americans want fast food they they want to they want the same day new cleaning. So same new patient same-day cleanings are no to be or not to be you have to pick one of the two you can't. You can't play both sides of the fence I'm calling you up Tracy and I wanNA to come in and get my teeth cleaned. If I had to pick one or the other I'll say no because you. Don't all fit into the same box perhaps for some people for me maybe that would be okay but we don't WanNa just give people what they want because they may not know what a need and a good clinical a hygienist or your doctor assisted who is talking to the patient if they need something more than that, they're going to be able to relate that to them. They're gonNA, be able to make them what the SRP or whatever but for an example. So let's say I was I was working on a patient and they had a piece of piece of sound and I want to get it but I know it's going to hurt. Right so this is what I would do. I would say. I would always Peter on them you have a piece of Carter under your thumb now, I would like to get it for you, but it may be uncomfortable. So we can try if you want to or we can. We can you know bring you back? No number do a date cleaner whatever it's up to you. And so they'd be like, oh my gosh, they want me to help him. So that was please please try to get it in a mock. Okay. Might be comfortable. So no matter how hard you know by Doug? No I'm. It. So I would get what I wanted getting the deep charter out and they would thank me for that makes sense. So it's just the way you phrase it and so I have a whole notebook full of ways that you can convince people do what you want by just choosing the right words. So back to what we were talking about. You want if you choose the right words though he said the. Words the right words and if you choose the right word right words. So and of course, you know it's never going to be. Sure. But if you if you are passionate. Provider and you really care about your patient and you explain it to them. Then chances are they are going to do what you want to do at an let's say they needed. And they demand the cleaning. Go dismissed them. You don't want that type of patient in practice anyway. See some more question asking these questions because you've been a leader in this field for. From being single to having grin grandchildren's Saul from from single hood to grandma do you like being called to grandma? And GRANDPA. Your grandma GRANDPA. Is that a southern. Sometimes known as granted banana granted. I think GRANDPA is is the ultimate government. This here's another question in your field. So, my hygienist calls in sick and the young dentist saying God tracy's been hygienist forever they all know Tracy I'm just gonNA reschedule until Tracy comes back and then another part of them saying you know I'm going to call a tab and I'm just going to get a complete stranger to come in here and replaced Tracy that everyone knows and loves and his wanted to come. How do you? How do you wrap your mind or at your twenty five year? Old Dennis you own your own practice. Tracy just calls in sick. Do I get attempts complete stranger or do I reschedule what what's best for the practice? This is going to depend on the practice. The practice I was in for eight years here in Canton. It was a very on the practice have been there for. Probably Sixty years seldom to than the other hygienists that worked alongside had seen those patients for thirty years. There is no way they would see anyone else. So that's going to depend and you may have an office that has more transient agenda sitter there you know in and out in and out. And again, they may used to send someone else. So what I would actually recommend is having a regular tint. That's what I was for a long time is irregular temp there. There are certain offices I would look at the chart. This was looking at Charleston on the computer algorithm asthma handwriting and I'm locked up I really work here abuse feeling but I saw Tom Zay last time so that you know people were like you really work here. So I was just a regular camp that can count on me. So. That's what I would do is reach out have a pool of people that you trust that you know we're GonNa take care of your patients. one of the things that I. Really embarrassed about this I I love my dentist I. Love My homeys I really do but. They say they're Americans you know they say they love their country and yet they go give money to political action committees that pass laws that you cannot own your own business, a High Jenner's you cannot be an independent business owner. You can't beat American. You could only work for me and I'm like, dude, I want to punch you when you say that I mean she's An American, and if she owns our forty acres of land, once opened up a dental hygiene dill go knock yourself out I. Mean I I'm embarrassed when I meet hygienists and they find out I'm a dentist because I mean even dental town we had a poll do you support what? What are you guys call it independent access or direct or what do you call it direct? Access hygiene. Is. The Asian. I think I think they're calling it direct access to but anyway. The the question is. Let me see Do I, find it Y- but anyway but anyway. The me see if I can find that But Anyway why how can you be an American and then tell a hygienist that she can't open up her own dental hygiene business in Atlanta Georgia I mean, how? Where does that come from it and you even believe in it d do you believe that you have the right to open up your own? Hygiene business. Well. I would want to personally. And not wanting to like I don't want to smoke pot, but I don't think that if someone does they should be kidnapped arrested thrown in a cage I mean yeah. I think that's I I draw I. Draw the line at kidnapping and putting in a cage which at least ninety percent of Americans have no problem with that. They don't like them. You say, well, I don't think that dog should do that. Okay. Well. Are you ready to kidnap and put the owner engage? But anyway, but but do you think hygienists slightly your are Atalay satellite wants to take after grandma and twenty years from today. She's eleven now you said eleven. So. Let's let's say, let's say a decade for now. She graduates dental hygiene school and she wants to go to downtown Atlanta at her own her own beauty salon gene parlor. What would you say? Well. I. Hope it'll alienate hygienists here but this is what offic. It depends on the education so A lot of our learning comes after school it comes. You know working in the office and educating yourself after the fact. They're also still to a two year hogging degrees out there and actually have that's what I have an associate degree in Haji. Our twenty one years old had a associate degree in hygiene adult think I would be confident to open up my own practice. I. Wouldn't be ready and we know that it's not it's not just cleaning t the oral systemic league. We all know that is that's a true true wink. Our mouth is part of our body and I think for hygienist to own her own practice, she would need to have more than associate degree there. They'd be parameters on the education and experience. There are some health, their hygiene hygiene directors you teach at all these people think would for sure be okay to do that but there would have to be some stipulations on. Of How and WHO In my opinion. Now I don't really know a lot about it I'm here in Georgia I can't imagine ever going to happen and it would be interesting to know in other states I is is Colorado WanNa think that they can have their own process and what I've Wonder can somebody. So so I go to. Poland. Little town it's under practice manage administration for him. Early should be under hygiene says, do you support hygienists hygienist? Up their own hygiene clinics and only twenty two percent of dentist at five, hundred, five votes say, yes and three, hundred and forty six say no, and and that's the thing you always see in politics for someone who has many options like Dennis. He could go work for heartland he could open up his own dental office and so what are the people with many options? Do they take away an option from the people have few options? That's all. That's all of human history. In one word I have many options. So I'm going to take away your limited option and where it's legal I've seen it and. And Colorado I've seen about seven times and they're in a small town of a thousand they have an old three bedroom they have an old colonial house and when you walk in the front door, there's that little parlor to the right and and they took out the parlor they put in a used dental chair and people come by and they give her how much do you spend on average when you go have your? Hair, done. Yeah. How much does it cost you to have your hair done? Dollars Yeah and they'll come into her and they'll give her money and show cleaner teeth and if she sees something concerning, she writes a referral card and that personally that town of a thousand and get on the big road and driving our in a town and the Dennis Air Lover. God, she claims her teeth and if something's wrong, they come down here and or notes or perfect, and they just let the same thing with dental with. What do you call it the dental therapist? They, they come out of school and the dentist I go meet the dentists. He's got to hygienists in the first two rooms they're doing cleanings, eight patients a day, and then the next two rooms is all operative in you know they get the patient and a number mob, they do the filling and the is making you know fifteen twenty percent on the hygienists dental therapists I mean to me. The worst, the worst work I do is when I walk into the room and it says, you know upper right quadrant emo composite two, three, four, five, I mean that's just sit down. An hour of bust ass work I mean nothing and then my dentist like no, we don't want to dental therapists. We WanNa do all those. Okay Buddy. Go go when you're done mowing your yard come oh my yard. I WANNA. Get a lawn service. You know what I mean and why someone wants to do all their hygiene when they have a high genesis and he wants to all their fillings when they have a dental therapists and if you don't want have a high jettison therapist, there's nothing wrong with that. But why are you legally taking away the right from the seven hygienists and Olive Colorado that want to own their own business and makes me just hope that someday someone takes away their right I hope someone takes away their right to own a gun and then when they say The Second Amendment, you wouldn't let tracy however owned dental hygiene. So why should you have a shotgun? I mean I just I just I just don't understand it at the most basic level of human nature in America I mean I would understand it if you came from an authoritarian government if you came from Russia or China but dude, you're from Alabama your from Tennessee for Michigan don't you have the right to open up your own dental hygiene business if that's what you WANNA do. I don't think about is about human or American rights as much as it about patient care we wanna make sure that the patients were getting good quality appear and believe he. Can do it i. just think that there needs to be willing Colorado. On do you have to be at school for a certain amount of time? Do you have to have our patient have had your Bessul? Masters are the parameters like that emplaced? If that's the case then I think it would be fun but I think someone just meant just graduated and believe me wasn't just graduated all the stuff but so much you're gonNA learn when you're actually out there doing it and seeing it and so bad takes time. So either you know time should bear rapper I never knew anybody could make a bachelors and Masters Rhyme like you just did but that you You. Have a whole career in rapping. A you so one more question I wanNA keep getting questions for hours up but I'm did the pandemic kill the. Aerosol. Generating Cava Tron Piso Room I mean are we back to hand scaling? Everybody's talking about aerosols. What what, what are, what are the what are the aerosols? What's happening air souls during the middle of the pandemic in Georgia beginning I know one was used the Cabbie trying and then I think some people started and now there's all these new inventions But a fellow Hodgin is her name is Arabia. You have you heard a real you burn. A. Real you burn. No you need to find her because she's not. She's from she was in Texas she just moved to Florida she got his name a railway burn. AU Ariella a in her facebook Israeli Orillia. She has surprised this one. was invented before Before Kobe. Biz attached to the back of the dental chair. This for the dental chair gonNA attach here Mori myself and this whole slow speed. So this would attach to the back of the chair and this holds US lobby ejector. So you've got both hands Free Right House attached jerk it's affection. Okay. Okay. So it back in his chair holds US lobby jacker this band all kind of crazy ways, and so this is here I was using this. Over a year, I couldn't practice now. So she came out with this one. I don't know the exact name of this. Is when attached to the chair well. What It hooks to the have that. Looks a little complicated. But it hooks to the hobby back here. And then it has suction on the end. She had it all put together. But. Anyway. So this sticks to the back of the chair and this goes all. Ways and this. Is Right, here the patient's mouth. So you've got one once I was lobbied jeter. This is right here. It's amazing and she is a hygienist just one of one of us she she saw a need and that I flex insist are it took her several years? She starts you into Hobby Lobby homedepot she was trying to find the raw materials and she spent her own money and she had no topped three D. printed and all that kind of stuff. So it's calling a flex assist off and so bad is what I'm saying. post pandemic is all products coming out to help with the ear Sol's. And actually created this Hey, it's called dental products explored. and. There's another there's a mask on their can't figure the name of that company came here we were hearing office and it actually has a fan as it looks like a big helmet that one's a little pricey. But that's what happened. Our companies are coming out with these things to help with aerosols and. Hopefully, offices are providing these for for their for their hygienists and make a little bit safer. Wow. That is I love human ingenuity I mean when? They say necessity is the mother of all invention and so she probably got sick and tired of something. Some something bothered her so many times she finally just fixed it. We'll need to shout out here. This is also a friend of mine she's having down the road we could. Could find a shield if it over the loops so she went to. Store and she just made one his got some flexible stuff and she made one. She now has business just covid accompany pick this up. It is amazing that she what she did I think they're a little bit different now but she simply Cut a hole in it for her loop light and then she attached it. Genius right and she made me want. So she was just making for all her friends and she had it on facebook and we all started saying here. Let me give you the money to you know L. dollars whatever and now she has her own company. COVID. That's what I love is the entrepreneurial spirit her name's brandy Rogers beer a in e you will have shows called the genus had had genius something like that shield. So I just had no justice email me. This email me when when you got a lead like that and I want to talk to him I, I would love to support these entrepreneurs any any way I could and I. Say. Yeah. And as I always get flathead when I see their idea, I always hit my head think well, why the hell did I think of that and? So. A Raila she's in Frisco Texas. Orillia yes. Well, she just Nick Florida. Plantation. Florida. Not sure exactly. Where in Florida. but so I want to ask you another question. Can I ask you another question? I know. We've already gone past our our. You're Atlanta was the home of Alan Thornburgh APCOA and associates, which sold more dental offices than anybody known a man I think I think he had sold a billion dollars or the dental offices before I even met him for the first time and the million dollar question kids have as. They got out of school through four years ago. They were just getting ready to buy old man McGregor's dental office, the guy selling, and now a pandemic broke out and everybody just froze and the financing froze like when people complain about the Federal Reserve, they just don't get the the operation logistics I mean the reason the Great Depression. was so bad is because people who wanted to sell You couldn't finance anything you were so. Concerned with saving and preserving your capital that you wouldn't loan it to anybody because they might not pay it back yard depression. So what the Federal Reserve does it just it just creates a market for liquidity. So things happen and banks start saying things like in the pandemic like well, Tracy we said. That we would sell this is because as long as he was doing, you know eighty percent of last year's numbers, but you were closed for two months, and now you're seventy percent of the number. So bankers or wherever weirding out and what I want to ask you who's done hygiene from being single to grandma would you buy a dental office in the middle of the pandemic by Dental Office tomorrow on October I in the middle of the pandemic or would you just say you know what I'm GonNa play it safe and wait until this thing blows over. The price is right. I think things are going to be got to normal eventually. So if the price is right the the real estate market, if if it is a good deal, if it was a good deal last year. I. Would I I wouldn't let the pandemic stop me. That that's a really good answer. So if the price is right, you would do it. And and did you ever meet Allan Thornburgh did not He was a just an amazing man now his. It is Dr. Go. Faster. He pioneered dual representations like I'm going to represent the buyer and the seller because I'm just going to get this done. I get that. Now, no lawyer on earth is going to recommend that because every lawyers WanNa just protect Tracy and my lawyers going to protect me and the more they protect each other the more we're gonNA fight and argue in this is GonNa take forever analogies said, you can't get to Dennis to. Agree on what to eat as an appetizer let alone by a practice. So he was one of those wham. Bam. Thank you Ma'am just get it done. Dual representation but I always I, just wondered if you so you're saying if the price is right, you would eat the risk during the pandemic and by and I always say is that you know it's it's so awesome to be on team Sapien because. You. Know I mean hell we're the apex Creator I, mean we're the apex species I mean were the there's eight billion of us we live on. Every continent how we even live on an RT, there's four thousand. Humans living on Antarctica and I- podcast the only dentist Antarctica I mean. I mean. For as long. Jimmy. There's only about a dozen species lived to be one hundred years. Humans are one of them I mean we're like turtles and tortoises and deep sea fish. We have the most people the most continent there's eight billion of we have the same mass for every human. There's about one million ants, and if you look at the most biotic mass, it's like ants, termites, beetles, and humans I mean we just crush everything and so what I want to remind the kids are is that you're probably GonNa live a hundred years I know you're twenty five and a year seems like a long time but. When World War broke out, those troops were gone for four years and I would so much rather be attacked by a different species of virus than being attacked by humans I mean imagine instead of the pandemic we were attacked by Canada and we were in the middle. You know we had more casualties. Killed by a virus in another thing. You're gonNA, live a hundred years. My God. I. Know You're young but I'd rather you be an unemployed dentist in twenty twenty than some boy on a boat getting ready to go to d day on the other side of the World War Two. So I mean obviously could be so much worse but have any. My final us, what advice would you have? She's twenty five. She just got out of dental school. She's four hundred, thousand dollars in dad she lives in Phoenix Arizona and she can't find a single day job. Would you tell her? What would you tell? Who Was Atalay? Dentist or a hygienist or Either one either one they just got out of school and they can't find a job. I mean hygienist dental therapists, dentists, even I even know a specialist the only the only job you can gradually from and have a guaranteed job I. think right now is an oral surgeon, but there are down there eric people coming out of every dental school imaginable and they can't find a job. So what what would you tell them? They're depressed. They're unemployed there in the middle of a pandemic what would you tell them? On tomorrow will be brighter. The dental world isn't going anywhere and we're GONNA come out on the other side even stronger. I think we have learned a lot during this a lot better sells a lot of people that that works sure profession or getting out in the people that stayed in an and bright. It are the true warriors and we're GONNA SURVIVE WE'RE GONNA Be just fine and so maybe right now it seems blake in dark but hang on you started middle school or how'd you school because you had a passion in? You had a reason that still there that is still there this is just a pause and your career it's not a sprint it's a marathon. So just just take it and strides hang on there'll be a brighter day tomorrow. That was so good. I'm not gonNA, screw it up by saying anything else. I, mean that was There was a reason why you made it to all those years of school and those reasons haven't gone away and yes life is two steps forward one step back I mean you know you dance with some long they're gonNA stick on stand on your toes and and but just hang in there and and these other your other hygienists WanNa come on I it's dentistry and centered, and I do too many dentists and not enough high Dennis I couldn't imagine. Having my dental office without my hygienist. So if you got those Orillia and other ones on set him on the show. But I'm thank you so much. I love about you also is the fact that you just seemed fearless. I. Mean you tried so many things. You're not like that the hygienic in the box who's always in room one I mean every hygienist north of the the the I assume the the black hole of the milky. Way. They're always in room one and they're all. So many of them are the same and then you meet someone like you who's just tried everything I mean my. earless and I know we're out of time that sometime I'll tell you the story but long story short I was a single mom when I went to high school I lived on six hundred, twenty, five dollars a month Hale rant food stamps when I graduated in May of Nineteen, ninety seven I still have my check register and I'll keep it forever. I had no get had had seven cents in the main. When I walked down for Haji and still got Bahama I'd seven cents to my name. So I went from seven cents a single mom to where I'm at now. So, I'm a fighter. Could ever you graduated graduated in Dental Hygiene in Oklahoma? Tennessee new. Guy. You just said that your ex I actually thought. My God that story would have been better. If just just make just say it was in Bama. Just. Say the whole driver sounds better. Say I graduated from Bama with seven said. Well, I live in Bam actually lived in a trailer on a dirt road and commuted an hour to Chattanooga. To get to school. So I lived in Alabama so you lose in Alabama and commuted Chattanooga Tennessee and now live in Georgia. So you're right at that tristate area. And that is that is truly gorgeous territory. I'll never forget that I when I when I started lecture on the country, the two things I'd never heard of and couldn't believe the beauty was Carolina's Arkansas and that Georgia Destin area. That's just three areas that didn't get a lot of TV coverage time I. Mean I mean Arkansas has four seasons and none of them were extreme saints with the Carolinas and my Gosh do you? Just one other question I'm a lot of people are worried in real estate markets in downtown that that people aren't GonNa go back down to living and working in skyscrapers in Manhattan and all this Do you think there's going to be a big exodus from downtown Atlanta and people just go back to their roots into the small towns and the countryside? You think Atlanta will fire back up and be all it was. Yeah. And have you recovered from the Super Bowl when they were completely winning in the first half and then came back and slept through the second half and of Super Bowl I mean I mean holy Moly was that the craziest thing he'd ever seen your life at the at the halftime show the Falcons had won the party's over just just go home and then they came back and lost. Did you how long did it take for you to personally recover from that? Oh my God, you're a lucky woman if. That was the. That's the best advice you've ever given anyone is don't watch football because that can kill you but tracey Jacobs. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing all your wisdom. It was an honor to podcast you, and if you ever wanted to come back or any other hygiene, just let me know I'll do. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. All right and congratulations on A. Single mother going all the way to school graduating seven cents I mean talk about at American story. Exactly. I have a good night. Protect yourself with Faye shields and wrap around Oakley loops using the same frames as the US military visit search until dot com to order. Now that surgical telescopes abbreviated surge I tell dot com.

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