Dont Take Pat To The Fight w/ Pat Brown


This is a stand up New York labs production, providing you podcast since twenty thirteen. Joy away. Big. You know what? Raven imprint wake you up. Hi, welcome to rant and rave in with Yamanaka. Add friends we are back in the building. Sorry last week. We had to take a break, you know, yom's gives it to her moods tire voice. You hear is Pat Brown that was your mood. Actually, my mood. Don't sound like Charlie Brown cartoon. But thank you. I was tired. I overstretched myself. I wasn't ready to come in. I wasn't feeling good. I was exhausted from traveling. And you know, I don't know what's going to happen when I have kids and a husband who's been his. 'cause I don't travel well as a single. So then I gotta inquiry other leagues to the process you have to learn how to they going to need manny's. I'm even going to get my husband, Andy. Okay. Yeah. I'm gamma nanny to and I'm gonna be like you give him a male. Nanny. On if you wanna sleep with her. You know, go go forward rid. Oh, yeah. Modern woman go here on me. That must be that. What is it Baltimore? Thanks baltimore. That's how slang I'm kidding. But in the event that I'm tired. He's more than welcome to walk his somewhere. Go to the deli Pekka pussy. We were on the train Matt Pat, and I wanted to train today and. I was listening to this new guy or you gotta here. Now this mask or start getting a little anxious because he don't like when I play music because none of this cleared. And I was talking with somebody about why are you talking to my Sandra from two to seven. We mean. Yeah. Say are sound like Donald sound like do anything wrong with it out sound. This is my new joint. Pat hates this song. Hey, this is why being Corday? And why be in stands for young Boston ag-? I just found out. I'm trying to join his crew. You gotta watch Pat while it's the play pay. I hate this on. Don't put my name out there. Like that own y be in these young fellows created the. Pat. But you know, what it is Pat. Here's the thing. This is where we at this is this is where we we'd old Nick is now I get that old. Nick is now I don't care. How many hats I wear and how much PS four play. These Nick is. Now, we had a point where these Nick is. Now, take a look at us. And we looked like they dammed Grammy. That's what it is. I'm okay with it. But I don't know that that that'll may not the play their music. Listen. I could never understand. Why somebody why Ursula would try to suck the life out of the little mermaid bitch was names? Little mermaid. Area rather little digital or mermaid, wow. Come on. Everybody loves looking noodles areo, everybody news area. But the little mermaid bitch little mermaid. That was like why were but the fact that I know Ursula name shows you where I am in in this scenario. Okay. I'm just like why was she still this bitches throat? You know what I'm saying? Like, she still is. But just throw you know, what? I mean it to say because I'm like, no matter how much you still the bitches throat you still like a bum bitch. You know what I'm saying? Like, you ask for the wrong shit, you bitches beautiful whatever in the movies, somehow when she stole a voice, she all of a sudden became, you know, sexy or whatever to, but I'm just saying like, it was all of our boys. So I'm telling you are you trying to steal. Why be voice, oh, I'm trying to I'm trying to hire can date one of these these things it's twenty one and twenty two years old. This is where we add this is where we add you seriously. They know twenty year I can't because they look at me like, I'm damned grandma. But if I could get up in that crew, you were dated twenty euro. You had to put twenty one at least because at least that's government wanting one it's the same dumb. One one. One year. Don't do this way. This is what we thinking about. Now, do I would I should I could I in a K could I would I? Ken, I will lie in your truck. Twenty one. Can we fuck? My nephew is twenty two years old. He's in he's in the armed services. Oh, that'd be the better. Yes. And I love him with all my heart. But I can't stand talking to a twenty one year old along. No, he's in the armed services. And I will talk to him as long as he wants to talk to me. But I'm telling you, the the mind gets a little weary when you talking to a twenty one twenty two year old listen, I don't know we have people rely heavily chocolate to let me know if you would day the twenty one year old it's nice about dating. I don't know why being relationship the Magus. You you have to hear them you have your own tongue. Every time I hear about. Every time. I hear about Utah go even no matter where he is. He's into serves. Now, I always say put your mom on the phone. I'm like, oh, okay. Okay. I can't do that. No more. Eighty nine. For owners words, all people say hell, no one the comments. But I'm gonna tell you something right there. What what what being Meli charged with killing his two best ones afford. When was. Oh, you got a killer. An yoga just say, no, you gotta young. The Y B in crew because I didn't even understand why all these news. You know, what the thing they do? Now that we didn't do back in the day as they all kinda click up in a way like the only click. We knew of was like Wu Tang clan. Right. And they was all part of the Wu and like even rough riders and shit like that. But they never was like you'll sewing so rough rider. I'm listening that rough ride our own name. Now, these kids is putting they like why be in all gotta put y bien before that before they name. So, you know, they part of the same click, accrue, whatever and. I got to look into that. Can you look into why being male Meli? And when he killed these people. Winning. You know? But. Kill them when he was under sixteen feel free. No, it's not. Didn't date you bit like that. But it's not like that. Like when did they get kit 'cause like are awful almond? I'm not I'm just my pussy dry Unisem saying and these niggers out here, I looking at these old league is like, hey. Yikes. Like this. I mean old Nick Izzo. Now. I'm with Nick is the guy with suits shit dinner didn't even have dinner, no more with Nick if they have supper, not no. You know, what's the age? You you at the age where me and putting sweaters? Tuck near sweaters, all the. Chilean dug in their sweaters in their sweat periods. You as supposed to have a sweater on? I got Wyan w Meli is that the one you're talking about. No, why be in its tales for young boss nigger. B? I'm getting rapper the only only one come why in w Meli. Oh, okay. What did you say? Well, what will happen lamb? He was charged in February with for to council. I remember and has also suspect in two thousand seventeen murder of a sheriff's deputy. That shiver may first of all you wouldn't they can get away with shooting sheriff. Really? I what I'm saying is I'm not saying to share what I'm saying is what minimum can't even get away with getting stealing Wrigley Gulf from CBS without killing them. Police coming to kill them. And this the shutter sheriff, and he running wear who was he he must be a ball sneaker. What if you? Because this February favorite twenty nineteen March April may I mean, there's about three months be pleading not guilty in March. You also pled not guilty. Plead most people tend to plead not guilty. They got all the evidence you go. Yeah. And then you plead. Was named to Brian sanity. I mean, that's a pretty hard hard barred provides. You plead not guilty. Because I don't want them coming back to use that against me in a court of law. I'm not saying it's not to say that. I can't be Toronto. I may why not thirties thirties is still dudes steel nine. Not quite as stupid, and then pay did this shit. Who did? Oh is he cute? Let me see what he looked like. These are your you crazy bras, that'd be onto the prison system. Do. Oh, I don't. I'm the bits that get the nigga before he go to prison, but he definitely going to prison. Everything I still is still some dumb shit. We know. Because you don't have to deal with these leagues you gotta deal with bitches nothing. These Nick of this lesson how he is drought. Well, old biggest they deserve bad bitches, and they looking for young. And then a few old nNcholas left. The can't get young. But just is the old peanuts and shit in the back of the damn grocery store. There ain't nobody while us to believe that there is not eligible man out there for you. Why is he 'cause he quit looking at white men on the train? We got we got pause real quick because she going to run this Dan into the ground. So Matt what happened was I was listening to my boyfriend in my ear. Why be in court today? I hope that's how you say his name, and this and mind you I'm not even isn't like that. Because they got over by courage at his mouth and shit like that. But the Knicks reps is nice. So anyway, I was my boyfriend. He my ear. You know, what I'm saying ones? They'll be like, you know school. You know what I'm saying? We'll come back to my little hotel rooms he was. Perv right now. What dammit I deserved the bit. I sit the nigga was twenty one. I said was twelve. Okay. So we wanted to train and this white and they've been looking at me, and that is why nego- all nigger because he had first of all I hate when white because do this shit where they'd comb their hair back with all the most like, they take a comb, and they put it in open bristle brushes, and they put it in water, and then they put a little grease well type of it in a coma back, and it just like if you don't have a full main a hair all in it looked like spaghetti strings going back on your scalp because you all you see the scalp all in between the little parts and shit. And I'm like, why would you brush your hair back like this? So that's how he was. He was staring me. And the is is I was talking to Pat. He looks me in the eyes and was staring. So you know, how you do the stair off Matt where you're like. Okay. I'm outstare you. So you won't get uncomfortable in about three seconds. Right. He went beyond the time. He went on. And I wasn't going to move. I wasn't moving my eyes because I didn't start this game. When I looked to him. He was looking at me get your eyes off of me, Pat, Sydney Eglin. She don't know. She don't see pedal. Leave. Let me tell you build a train repair beating win. Life would pet pet will and some shit to pets. Is useless because she will get a glaze over her. I I she's not even there like she just disappeared. Like kim. Nobody see her. I'm sitting here. Like, I was watching the whole thing. I was watching you out y'all locking is. And all these love emojis were coming out. There's no good men out. There was no. Two white men. And it's a problem. Now, I'll ask secret was white men. And this let me just say this real quick let me just finish with the I Boston with the guy. So we had to eyeball situation. Right. And so he kept looking at me. So I said to him I said, you have beautiful eyes. You hear me you have beautiful eyes. And I said it to him or two or three times to the first time. And he had this moment where he was like he was shocked. He was shocked that maybe this was a love connection. Maybe he's standing the right is maybe his eyeballs fit the silver slippers. Maybe they'll sixty love emojis, mid some. He did not he was trying to play me by looking at me. He was playing me. He wasn't a love with me. And I was certainly not a love with him and that magnum PI vest. He add on. And then I said to him I said, you have beautiful eyes. That's what we're saying. At each other because you have beautiful eyes. I mesmerize by your eyes. And then he goes because he knew I was punking him. If you wanna make an awkward as a motherfucker for you. You want keep looking at me. Out because. Me. I was going to move panik. The because to us anyway. Exert much energy to move out the way should've Flynn back like motherfucking Michael Jackson and smooth criminal, and I would have straddled that white man with his magnum PI vest, and I would have slow grind on that man until he stopped looking at me. I will embarrass you. I love from the best my grandmother who. Charlie. Doc, the Reverend charleena mall, she wouldn't embarrass you Hugh child, you autom- tell you want to get a barest like no, grandma because you the choline. I'm just the Princess. My grandmother will. My grandmother, I got my period. And I was hiding it from everybody because I don't wanna be bothered thing because I play basketball and shit. I won't be bothered with them ellos que Broderick's because my grandmother go to echo back. I wanna see a VA. Oh picture of you playing bass. You bet. Damn hope corn at my mother. Fucking grand. Did she say hoop court? Everybody just saying court. This because. Or? Get back to work. Now. Pat, I get on the exercise with. As a woman came remember what she she liked the wheel. I want to get on the wheel. They will go to echoes. And they would get these big s boxes of stay freeze. I would like damn how many pairs yards? The have the bus would would last you the whole period life cycle of a bit from first day. Defended actually pays. To say. So my grandfather, he was like, yo you gotta go. Atkins. Tell you talk about the women things. And I was like, oh, and my grandmother said we're gonna want here you stay freeze. And I went the other way on here. She went up to the manage it echoes and told him to call me on the speaker. And the man said Yama nica your grandmother wants you to meet her feminine care. That's how petty my grandma was may. She rest in peace. I love that lady. Love that story. Out petty my grandma she clock. You sit. So I wasn't in love with their white man on the train. But I know whitening look me in the I guess we wave past slavery. You wanna look at somebody? You remember back in the day could look into white main. That'd be about three warrants. A hooker. Now, Dan whiting looking. Out for more than five seconds. This you sell an Amway you better. Get the fuck on. So, but I had let me just make an announcement. Now because I see a lot of shit going down. I had sex with two white men. And let me explain something to Europe explains yet, Dan because this keeps coming up Matt's. These two white men a pack of niggers because I always say ninety nine point nine percent of the black male comics eight with black women, not one of them. You can't you got to search damn low right epidemic. I don't believe that it is name name me a black comic you notice with a black woman. My best friend who who is being who. Corwin do. I know. You might not he's infantile Georgia. He's a comic. He's a comet is leave look. Mhm up. Let me look at my call Ogilvy. That's. No, this is a mobile missile Gobi was at the park. He wasn't the puck is Ogle's. Be you know, that's a country. All be. The nasal never sound as crazy as they sound like down south meet, my friend. Eric corn bread in. This is this is a gentrify name. This is a new whose name is. How you spell that Ogle's be as you say it was for them. Corwin, Corwin W? I N C O R W. I N. Oh goes b b I look for it. Just go goes be spill spill it. Oh, S and don't look at your phone because he thought you didn't. It was your friend is. But her friend, but she got into look up. How to spell his last name? Just what I know how to spell pet Brown. Bill yemeni. 'cause those you don't take a stab at it. Take a stand. Why a m m m m m would you gotta spell it? Right, man. United because you type it. Why am am is get out of here? Well, how many? It looks like in sippy. Let's see how we're what. Ian. No. Do you spell? It b works. You you sit down behind a Chinese kid is going to be there. Everybody. Go ahead. Chinese. Here's a list of the agency. What the Chinese are lose lose to the Asian kid Asian. I know but the the grandkids Indian the Indian. I don't know. It's a toss up between Chinese and Indian Indians been. But you know, what that because they name is caca beco- got back. Wow. So close. Clock eleven Hoppy. Raises? I'm telling you what it is. A of and quantum Lama? Why the Euboea raises men look Matt Google my name. I see. Fucking or just confirm you. We'll just confirming. Everybody. Right. Yeah. I'm gonna because name out right now. Right. Right. The dame. Okay. Okay. But I did find out that my name was spelled is spelled incorrectly. Because it's supposed to be in. I e k why? I because it's Yama Naika the way we have it instead of a Necas should be. I e in e we have an e is see that's my problem. That's why I'm having promised. Yes. I see you on the comments place built a right brainer. You forget the e. And get rid of the I at the end. Yes. My love y'all doing it. You Klaus you've got to get rid of the e you've got to put an E in and get rid of that. We'll have spell his last name G. Elliot's B Y OG. Mitchell so far away from this shit. His name look like great Gatsby. Today was wrong with you. Well, I got the. Okay. Okay. He is that his lady right here. Probably. I was at their win. I was there. I was his best person. And that's how you know. He would a black woman because he was at the wedding. So anyway, anyway, I had to nerve the couple of nigga comics had the nerve to challenge me. Oh, oh, oh, you this white, man. You let me white man is I said the difference between you and me is I don't number one think a white man defines who I am number two. I don't seek out a white man because I don't like black men or have an issue with black men. And I don't think that white men are more attractive than black men. I don't have a problem with black men. I just happened to fall on a couple of white Dick's. They were there. They were nice to me. We had a good time you had to justify. I don't I don't want people lumping me in the and I'm not saying every black man. I don't even wanna get it again. But it's like we all know that a lot of the disrespect that comes for black women generate full black men a lot of it. I must say all of it. I'm just saying a lot of it. And now even go back, and I'm looking at old Sanford and son episodes, and I'm like, look how fucked up Sanford, I San for was to Esther, and they grew up they was high school they were childhood friends and he brought her in. But he brought her in the be like it's like every time a black man is encountering a black woman, especially if she's dark skin. It's gotta be all these jokes about how ugly she is unattractive and undesirable. She is even did that shit and Martin when they had a Gina and Pam up in there. Like, I didn't think I don't think wasn't named Tina Campbell. I don't think she looks any better or better. Cam looks weird to me. I mean, no disrespect the plan was. Pam was hot what she had a mean? Bovine it had a body that was clown. Pam was hot as you. Well, we gotta endure an entire series of a black man every time he see a black sister. He got to be ten hut down and talk about what kind of fucking gorilla. She looked like and this and this and that I don't like this shit this shit as wet and a lot of nNcholas Duda. And then they try to hide behind the fact that they go would've been would've. Let me ask you this question. I don't wanna get down this road. None on this real quick. So if teasha Campbell played the best friend and Nisha Arnold play the girlfriend, and he's still to to Nisha Arnold. I mean, Tunisia the other one the lice game. One would would you still be on? It. Would you slow? Would you slew of what what I have to be on it because you don't see it. You know what I'm saying? So is it a my thing is that they only attack them because they're dark scam. It's repetitive in the sand. If fine if that's a show, and we see that kind of back and forth because there are people that have that kind of dynamic in friendships because no matter what they was always there for each other. Even though they was attacking each other. They hated each other. When it came down to the chips, they was there for each other fine. But it can't be we got the jeffersons George is getting on. So so can't staying what's his name? Well, we star skin leaving gentlemen, when you when you have a conversation on based upon facts and figures gonna pay to play whatever they're trying to play devil's advocate today. No, it that's not the point the point. I'm making is name me. How let's see if we can get up five shows where we see a white man attacking a white woman every fucking episode. A specifically about her looks specifically about her whatever type of lack of a woman, she is like you don't see that shit. You don't see you don't see that shit in in Tim, the toolman or whatever at home improvement. You didn't see that shit on Seinfeld? USC that you don't say that shit. You don't see that on friends in Frazier and cheers, aided constantly in front of numbers wife and then now's his wife, though. Right. But it was in. In Fraser, it was that she was absent from the family, and they were an and the woman was they were going through a divorce. So you understand things like that. And you don't see that when we're hearing about that woman and before Frazier got divorced from one of his wife's name was they had a whole love story from chairs. They were in love at one point. I'm not talking about a relationship that with our and then people start talking shit about each other. I'm talking about people who are just friends or in environments, maybe nothing romantic and has got to be big bet grill. You don't bitch your mic, you know? It's like it gets old. And I'm not trying to debate it. I'm not trying to catch all off either. But I'm not trying to debate it because history can back me up. Now, I'm pulling from stuff very quickly because I haven't done any expect to have to give all these things. But if I if we. Sat down and came back next week, and we all did research about how black women and black men interact with each other in television. You will come we all come back, and we'd all agree. The conclusion is way more evidence of black men and black moon being disrespectful to each other on television, undermining one another calling each other as shit and dirty niggers, and this and that then white men attacking white women for no whatever fucking reason. Who was it? A Y manner time. White man was walking, right? Then. So y'all here buzzer to ship. But nobody heard that we heard it. Okay. Okay. Okay. We all we all pause for reason. Let me let me say it is this is example of what I meant about pack 'cause the Minnesota some shit went down. She got that glossy look over face and she disappeared. I'm telling you right now. Episodes will be called don't take Pat to the fight. With you though. Where were you look like he had love what up to the next? You know, when you I came as energy. I don't know what is is coming from energies edgy your energy. Let's put the camera on you for a little bit since Utah. My energy's high. I feel like you did cocaine all night. We. Talk to the people those those people shouldn't hang out with the cocaine people hire people, they should they should not interact together pass was before what you what's going on with me and my life talking about your race. We talked about it a little bit. I think was last week. We know we talked about it on the live that we did all way. I gotta tell them ninety day fiance is back spill less than I I'll start on Thursday doing this week. And we're gonna try to go back to Monday's. So I just want to tell them that real quick. Okay. So tell everybody about because you went tell everybody will happen. I went to Hawaii to run a half marathon proud of you. And why key and it was telling them about the lead up to that. You just sixteen week sixteen weeks of training getting in shape. These guys are monsters. You hear me? Yes. I'm gonna love girls you hear me these monsters. I mean, a says she loves you you to is you. She just wanted me to come to her birthday party. I forgot about you girl. So it was absolutely one of it was so interesting, though, the person that I worked with ran with. I think she didn't want me to run with her. Oh, somebody say good. They just don't because they'll know who you went. I know okay. They said that they get to. She gets you together. Did she give me together? Now it didn't. We didn't. We didn't trying to get that out. That's why I think she didn't want to run with me. We we started out running. I kept turning around is used in different sections behind me. Are you at tell you something if I had been there? I wanna just finish the race yesterday. Yeah. But that's fine. But I would have been with we would have been girls and we've been running together because we're having been trying to have a good time. And I thought that's what it was. Yeah. I feel like it was somebody not wanting me to see her fail, and I don't think you can fail because you you there at the race. So I thought that was kind of disappointing. If that's the case, I might be be off a little bit. But so I ran the whole entire race by myself. But it was so scenic it was so beautiful who I o one who is this because y'all see the no a lot of information about who me. Who me about using the finish five minutes faster? I finished at two fifty eight. So I finished under three hour the reality mar. And the is so funny because I was taking some pictures because there wasn't that many black people there, of course. And then they'll taking these pictures, and I'd like somebody's second the pitcher with these two guys, and they really dark skin was like these got to be the winner. These these got to be the the the high end runners, right? And so I took pictures with him and low and behold one of them ran the won the race. He was a kid and he was from Kenya. And he his time was one hour and five minutes. He did thirteen point two miles in one hour and five minutes that's up heels to that's like I have urging like four minutes a mile when why people go somewhere they take over. 'cause I don't understand how you say. You couldn't find Brown faces in Hawaii. No, no, I'm saying black people. Oh, well that meal. Oh, well that merely friends like us from the other runner. Yeah. Yeah. But like with friends like us, we all finished raise at the same time. The wow, okay. That's what that's what I don't know. I'm not checking for time right out of that. So if you whatever time, you say, you say, I believe you so, but I did ten miles straight, which is my hi my highest time. And then I walked one mile, and then I ran the last last two point two. So we do it again. Absolutely. I'm trying to recruit people that actually want to run with me. I'm I told you I would do it next year. But I don't know about the now we can walk it. Okay. We're gonna have to walk it. We we can run one or two. Well, we're going to walk it like, I talk it like I talking another young. You can run you can run like, I'm sure you not what these these monies so Betty like grits. No. But actually run it helps you knees. I would say. Come in back. Give them a little bit something that she said running helps your fucking. Yeah. Like, I'm a dummy. Eighty now say you it does money disorders from walking lately. Right. This is why you don't go. See a black doctor, Matt because this information. Caved out. It helps your knees. Well, young let laugh is what he was saying. No, I'm saying, you got a little extra weight on them knees met and. I'm not sure what I'm saying is if you reduce a little bit, and then and then we do a little walk in strip in all the the muscles and ligaments around the knees, you won't have knee issues as much knee. You got some you've got some love tech. Mommy, says she'll take, mommy. Look like a hottie tech. Mommy. Yep. Okay. Let me tell you something why watch out for pet pets freak. I'm just gay. I'm not free. I no, you know. No, no, no, no, don't this. Not act. Like, I'm attribute you being a free. Somebody should you. Do I don't let pets mile eleven o one? I'm like because the kids get nervous. I everybody getting there. And burn the house. I gotta make so-and-so's hot who is. How did we get we freeze it fuck out? What we went to McDonald's. And all I wanted was chicken nuggets in sexually harassed everybody behind the counter even said damn I said where was this one time we wanted to get kicking nuggets. We we get chicken advocate. Lord. Did I scorch you to get chicken nuggets? Come on. I haven't eaten at McDonald's nugget out. But you didn't. But it, but I'm not I'm not gonna say you sexually harass people. Like, oh, hey. But PAT's a flirt Pat is a flirt and the charmer. I don't know. I just like talking to people and I'd like to I'm interested in people's lives. The voice over to the opening of your jonky autos. Did they do it murder mystery? No, I love it was why be ended. Did it? You remember the nicknames though? A proud of you. Okay. Thank you. Teamwork. The dream work. Are let's get into topics for the day. Okay. Speaking of health. Oh, yeah. Is everybody dropping dead and are jumping down. Let me just say this right now, I want to say. Father in the name of Jesus we come before you now asking you that we just anybody listened under the sound of our voice law just give them health, and let them little say something, that's informative and. Let us have patients with this topic because we don't want to say anything out of pocket a lot of people have suffered. So and his name, we think you Amen, sorry. Matt had to turn down 'cause you know mess on the other side of the pet. Packing. Barely. Once you start, you know, better now, go to dinner, and then I'll say my grace, and I won't involve her and then she'd be like, Amen. Like. Hey, man. Like, I like, oh, oh, I'll bring you into you. Don't even love the loan. You keep mischaracterizing, my belief. Can I cannot keep going? Yeah. Keep going that energy is off the chain. Wait a minute. United Airlines is coming up cameras all seat Bax amid privacy. Wait a minute. Hold on. We got. We gotta take a break on this real quick. Because I want to know what the hell I didn't know that they was they got a camera crew. What is this now? What is this? United Airlines coming up all the cameras on the back of customers seats amid a backlash about privacy as with many other airlines, some of our be choir girl, some of our premium seats have team entertainment systems that come with camps installed by the manufacture. Oh, I didn't know that. That's a first class problem because they're not putting that in coach. And of course, I wanna see what I think is it's doing because I want to see all the first class. I ain't getting all the lobby. Sometimes I told you I'm hustle when I get somebody to buy my tickets for me, and I just up here by a couple of hundred dollars that first class new you should see. 'cause it's such a nice experience. Really is when you actually when you go through all the question, and he's like the the question that you always get because you are black person in first class. So what are you do where are you going? You just trying to figure out why I'm here. I don't mean fan. The cameras in your car. Now, this cameras everywhere. They said these cameras in hotels, Airbnb, I read a report while back this Airbnb family, they they found discovered cameras where they will say that's why I don't wanna do Airbnb because you going to somebody house, and if they freak and they putting in cameras and stuff like that, you got your clothes off and all this other stuff, and you'd be getting down with niggers. I can't you know what I'm saying. I want anybody in my business like that. This is it said some of the hotels. That's what the reporter for FOX. She she sued the hotel because they had cameras in there in the cameras showed her be naked, and whatever and that was also broadcast on the internet. So she sued them and sued somebody else does he get money? Yeah. She wanted to case. All right. Well, be I want to record me. So I can get a law school off the ground. A supermodel. Drops dead. Drops dead. Video shows moments Brazilian supermodel collapsed and died on the cat walk shocking. Video shows a moment of a Brazilian, supermodel. Collapsing down the catwalk during San Pablo fashion week tail sore razz also known as tales Katha collapsed on Ocsar fashion show on the last day of SP FW on Saturday, April the twenty seventh. Possible connections to anorexia. I saw the video you could see when he turns and is falling over looks like all the life has left his body. You S he's turning. You can see it's almost like he's does he look fan or does it look chooser. What what is? I mean, we talk about it tell because the clothes he had on. But the face definitely, it doesn't necessarily look you may see eight it. But if he was this is a quarter of some commoner that it was reported that he was on a diet of lettuce in water. I mean, you're exerting a lot of energy. You're not really sustaining your body. I could see how that can cause cardiac arrest, and they do a lot of things to keep themselves thin. So yeah. But if you had a history of interaction, then that already weakened his heart. They said fasting was involved as well. People Bryson hospitalized after a heart attack people Bryson suffered a mild heart attack over the weekend. And currently in the hospital. And if you don't know people Brian hone do. A new siding view. No one to stop singing, Matt sorry. Matter. Do this real quick is he Disney is one of the ones that might actually come after us. Well. Now, some of them REBA. Larry King suffered a heart attack. How do you get a heart attack Miari dead? Let me tell you something. I'm sorry. Larry king. And this is why she let. She. Joining on brace. Because like that matters said a prayer to give this is some people just surprised that he's alive, you g people that you just say like Larry King thirty three years ago. Here's a fake you got to take care of your heart. Right. And we all we all at the point where we have to be careful, especially as we get older, heart disease, heart attacks and things like number one. Number two killer used to be the number one killer for men and like number two for women. But it's creeping up becoming number one for women as well. Yeah, we got recipes. We got saints is very important that we remember like, and I say this, and I and I prayed nobody has to go through this you understand. 'cause it's not I don't think it's good. Of course. It can't be a good way to go. And. Would we have to understand this? Get on top of your health. And this is about the state of these men. Are you really looking at me like this? Yeah. Yeah. Does your phrase is phraseology get on top of this? Oh, that's why he was. I thought he was saying because I was thinking about health advice. No, absolutely. Not you can give out the vice. Matt read us some things that can help us with our health our heart health not fucking around with twenty one year old. That would help. What's your heart health? About reading his diet, exercise is probably the most important part of you know, it's the simplest shit. But why can't people? Kick. You do it. Can we put a pause real quick? I just want to say. I just want to know the white move that madness pooled because you as a white person gives them information, and they they're not gonna say just off the top off the time this shit that we need him diet and exercise we're fake you captain obvious the tipsy roll out. I used to give out the information in the who's and all how would you want it? It was like ginger tea is shit. Recipe. There is no secret kids as healthy living. It is really what it comes down to that. But she's the one that she's the one beating both of us at the moment. First thing I came up with ways to prevent heart disease. Number one. Control your blood pressure. There's not that you didn't say that number to keep it cholesterol. And you try glycerin levels under control isn't that diet though. Number three, they at a healthy weight. But if you look at how you look up how to control your blood pressure. Your top answers are exercise. Sodium intake alcohol. Man has learned. Lemme alcohol don't smoke. Talk to our this talk to the people about the smoking. Yeah. That you have difficulty with is anybody out there actually have been a smoker and a have has gotten over it and can give my friend that I love so much some tips. So she can get over her addiction to nicotine. Leave the white meat alone. Here's my cigarettes. Yeah. Dan, doing nobody. No good. Here's what I'm gonna do. Committee. If I'm making a commitment on live. Now, you already doing something right now, you working on your way. But I feel like I want I'm already kinda easing off these cigarettes. Anyway. Let me do this. I got I want you to have a program. I don't want you to just do know willy nilly, she'd just for for TV sake. This is just the ratings right now. I want you to do this for I want to have a program. I want there to be a process involved. I want their every count ability can anybody tell me what their program has been? I my friend quit smoking because I'm I just did a half marathon, I'm going to be here forever. So I just kind of won't have people that I love the lane, then juiston, Putin and everything and he made a lot of years, you do he was eighty some odd. He's a he was he wasn't a harsh looking eighty-five Matt he was actually a good looking eighty-five. So I'm gonna be around. So you'd be by the way ninety six he looked eighty five. And I need you. I need some friends in my life. When I get older, I can still do golden girls shit with. Get me. Oh, I'm definitely, but I would I'm sticking to you now. But I still come back. We are sick age. Oh, what is this feud? Okay. So somebody else's to talk about. I don't want to say somebody. Tally MCS talk about this LA LA can't and Randall Emmett few with fifty cents. I'm sorry about all the short-lived feuding between fifty cent launched into a feud with Vanda pump rule star LA LA can't over the weekend. One the escalated when the rapper threatened Kim's fiance with physical violence should the producer poker player, not pay him back remaining balance of an alleged one million dollar loan. So key playing with me and get your fucking head crack in front of everybody. Wow. Oh. Why he loaning them hunt? One million dollars is what I'm talking about. That's won't come about niggers. He are here loading. I'm never going to be no nigger loan and no white people. No, no, millions of dollars. You better. Go to the Bank and get alone. That's. Weekend. Forgot here. I'm not giving up a million dollars in uncertainty guy and giving you a million pennies of unsecured loan. Not giving a unsecured loan. The my I got some good advice longtime ago is it never give a gives let somebody loans some money that you wouldn't give them the amount. So like if they don't pay you back like, oh, that's fine. Because I'm I if you ask me for that amount of money. I would have gave gave it to you. You know what I'm saying? So anything over the mount that I would probably just be willing to give you you don't loan that out. I have a friend. That owes me close to pay. You got five dollars dollars nine. Dale me close to fifteen thousand dollars. Wow. They owe you a baby you you could they should give you two seconds from going to them with this nonsense. Don't make me crack your head. You know, what it is? I that's why I said what was it? A one time. Series of going back to the world. Yeah. It was it was it was over the course of like a year some some shit was going down. And I was there at thousands of dollars at a time. And did you dig down for? No, no, it wasn't a situation like that. I don't ASA last Nagai was when he was trying to drive beg me for money. I don't I don't let dick control me like that. I'm I'm may be a fool in a lot of regards. But I ain't never gonna little nigga use me for no money. Doesn't mean I have a lavish gifts. Yeah. But I do that. Yeah. But I'm not you not yo dick ain't debt. Good. And you know, I said it because we bringing up the topic. I haven't talked about I haven't talked put it out and talked about it. But sometimes people get into situations. I've been in situations where I'm meeting money, and I've had friends who have helped me out of situations. And I mean, it hasn't been thousands and thousands of dollars. But yeah, maybe close to a thousand dollars or more. Maybe you know, I had was so funny is right before star things started getting pretty good for me and like things go from good to bed. So I wanted to get the thing. I oh to business volun- in the money. They caught me at a good time when I had money to give them like that. But before things are picking up and every and I was on a couple of different little TV things. I needed some money and a friend loamy five thousand dollars, and I was just blessed that I was able to pay them back right away. But I was like why like sometimes when people be able to do shit like that you go. I can't never even if we fall out. I got a fall out what you in a good way. Right. Because when I needed you like five thousand dollars a lot. Yeah. You know, I, you know, I don't I don't want to put this out. I'm gonna part name out there. But somebody a friend of that, we know she gave me two thousand dollars when I need it one time. And I was able to thankfully, I was able to pay her back. But. And I hate asking people for money. Like, it was you know, everybody knew I was homeless. I was in situations that was really bad. So I think that's why I have sympathy for this person. I don't think they're a bad person. That does something they're ever going to be able to pay me back, and I have to come because of their choices or situations because a situation like that's why I'm kind of on the fence sometimes where people are like when they go. Oh, well, if you're man you should do this. You should be having money. You should be doing every. And I'm like sometimes men are not. And we can't keep putting these label that people are able to do certain things. Some people are just not able to you know, I was blessed to come from a certain environment. You know, when we able to come from environments where we're able to get education, and you know, learn how to sort of navigate in this world. And then we saw people look down on people that come from the hood. And they're like, oh, you know, you don't have to say that. I don't get tired of niggers too. But I'm just saying like everybody knows. But at the same time, it's like, I also, you know, don't look at people and be like. You know, how could they get into situation because I understand how people can get into situations. You know, sometimes people are lazy, and they don't do what they supposed to do. And sometimes people just can't get a date situation because it's hard. If you're somebody that doesn't know how to navigate as certain environments and get money in hustle is going to be hard for you. So when some people choose the easy way to well with some people choose crime as a way to hustle, and if people go oh with eight hustlers. Well, they all sometimes it gets desperate right 'cause people waiting is. And they go I like, I'm going to be a Harvard nigger. So I'm going to be out here robbing niggers, and it ain't a good way. It ain't a good way. But it is also when we talk because I'm gonna to say this. I'm gonna get this off my chest real quick because it was just a shooting in the synagogue. Two days ago. And I was going to read read a story about it. And I said one of the things that really gets on my nerves in is how we. And nobody's new to race conversations. He all on renting a raven which reminds would just call race was Julius. Really they need to call as sit rant and rave. And we need to call this shit raise wars because haven't been on Rosh show with him and somebody's white bitches. And he get real California, Katy Perry when the right white bits comes around and I had to remind him wake up. Okay. Because you three or four steps away from being a victim of this ship. But anyway. They talking about the. A woman was was murdered shocked. And my matter of fact, let me go ahead and read this and get 'cause I wanna make a point. That's a huge point across the board. Home a second. And this is what I'm talking about. I Matt we've gotta get an assistant up in here. Like, I don't know. Do we you and I need to talk after this episode or what? I need I need it. We didn't intern. What's up, and I keep as unique as week after week was these interns, and I don't understand Reno be having fifty five thousand interns, which should be getting from toys. R us you need to ask. Marina. And you know, marina tight-lip with her information. I don't want to put that out on the street because marina put a damn cease and desist on my ass. Also shut up to John singleton who's supposed to supposedly on life support on life support from what that what they said. It's not really, I don't I don't know. I don't know. They don't know why he's on Mars. He had a heart attack. My love. Oh, say that. I didn't hear you. Okay. So and power, California. The parents of nineteen year old college students suspected of attacking southern California synagogue said Monday, they are shocked and saddened that quote, unquote. He is now a part of the history of evil that has been perpetuated on Jewish people for centuries. Okay. Quote, Jonty Ernest parents said they raised him and his five siblings and a family, faith and community. That rejected hate our son's actions were informed by people, we do not know and ideas, we do not hold. The parents said in statement, which didn't include their names a gunman on Saturday. This is according to people dot com. A. They said John singleton passed away. But they said it's not that's not the case. Let me finish this up. Let me finish this up real quick. Oh, y'all heard my ringtone. That's quite easy. Confirmed to me can you find out if man if he that, and that's the confirms? Okay. So getting back to the syndergaards for a gunman on Saturday burst into Chad bad of power while near. San Diego on the last day of Passover pain. So a maybe if you were talented that celebrates freedom and opened fire with an assault style. Route killing a woman and wounded ran by two others. He's a son how our son was attracted to such darkness. Terrifying. Mystery to us, though, we accommodate that law enforcement will uncover many details of the path that he took to this. Yvonne, despicable act his parents who are cooperating with investigators say that said this pales in comparison to the grief and anguish our son has caused for so many innocent people and family attorney who issued statements that the parents will not provide a legal defense for their son who will likely be represented by a public defender. They asked for their privacy about five minutes before the attack. The FBI said it received tips about a threatening social media posts the tips to an FBI website and hotline included link to non post, but did not offer specific information about this author or the location but threats. The borough said Monday that employees immediately tried to determine who wrote the post but the shooting occurred before they could establish his identity. One of the tips said the Associated Press that he called the FBI tip line at eleven fifteen Saturday because the post linked to a manifesto that said, the author was responsible for a mosque arson in the city of Encino. Incon- in. Encino cover. No, not Esca Dino last month. He said he was found online that the mouse mosque get attack and happened to fear. The new threat was real the tipster who refused to provide his name became a security concern said the call with FBI lasts about five four five minutes and the shooter shooting happened soon after he described FBI as quick professional said he doesn't know what the bureau could have done that shooting happened around eleven thirty AM doesn't doesn't listen us about one hundred. Congregants worshiping when the gunman killed Laurie K, sixty and wounded the synagogue rabbi and the eight year old and uncle Goldstein who lost his fingers that he was preparing for service and heard a loud sound turned around and saw a young man wearing sunglasses standing in front of him with a rifle. I couldn't see his eyes. I couldn't see his soul said Goldstein. And then go see said miraculously the gun jammed and the moments that followed the rabbi said, he wrapped his bloody hand in a prayer shawl and address congress outside Valentine's as strong in the face of the deadly attack technical community. We are Jewish nation. That will stand tall. We will not let anyone take us down terrorism. Like, this will not take us down Goldstein, call telling the community. Authorities said Ernest has no previous contact with law enforcement and maybe charged with a hate crime. In addition to homicide when he's in maybe charged and later in this week, and he. Has held without ball Bill. Let me just say this let me say this and they saying that John to do pass away. They're definitely saying he was taken off life support. Whether he's passed yet is fair. But why did they said to do other said that so I'm gonna get into that? We're going to wrap up soon because we get into doubt. Fifty one. Now, let me say this. And this is what I mean about talking about about. Because they unearthed a little thing about from Joe Biden where he back when he was, you know, back when he was young white, and he was talking about how he was going to get these thugs up the street and don't matter what they did they come from assistant at this. It don't matter L, let Madison's that they still on your heart. Your kid hurt you, and I and I mean, there's sure it's logical. But it's not as logical based upon the way he's trying to you know. But also we not talking about the way the system is stacked up and set up. Right. So. Our preferences while saying Knicks get on my nerves and Patterson is we can't even go to the buffet in our neighborhood. But I'm getting attitude because. In the way, they inconsistent. They irrational sometimes you don't know what they're going to do. You just gotta you gotta always have your backup with them. But if you ask me where I understand where it came from. I understand the basis of it. And it's and it has little to nothing to do with Nigam selves. You understand what I'm saying? Do you hear me? Okay. So. We reading this report here right from people dot com up to say that again because we don't want to shoot we read this or who came from people dot com. The headline of it is parents say synagogue suspect as part of evil history history of evil. When I went home last night, and I was talking to you. I think that's how it was gonna come over. Whatever originally came up with an soon. Well, soon I look on the news report. And I seen rabbi rabbi goes theme. Talking. I'm watching TV one. And I'm like, I wonder what's going on. And they talk about what what's been Syndergaard shooting. And I'm like where win how long ago was this from some because there's always some shoot nail somewhere. And they said, oh, I heard it said over a couple of days ago and California or the other day actually in California. This is day to I think. And I said, you know, what really and all the community a strong community of faith, and they're holding each other up, and they talking about the the the woman that six year old woman who jumped in front of the took a bullet for him. That's why she's dead bullet. And they talking about how they're going to rebuild. And you know, how they did. They hold him a heads up high in there, and I'm like, sure, okay. Yeah. Who did this? Not that. I don't want to hear the day holding strong and hold their heads up in the day moving forward who did this. Because when you can always tell when a white person didn't this shit 'cause you don't wanna fuck it. Is you always hear they go somewhere, and they don't shot up some movie theater? And then they go right to the victims. They shoot up they go right to the victims. They shoot up weapons should go. And they make the story specifically about the victims. How victims are going to be billed like this is some fairy tale where they rebuild an after. There was like some hurricane some natural disaster that came in that they just didn't have time to prepare for I want to know about the mother fucker that did it. Where's the tear down because you can you can rest assured? Yes. Matt the rescue is a major reason for that that. He'll be down. There are there are studies that show that if you actually show the killer, the more you talk about him, the more likely you're going to appeal to someone else who is deranged you'll get a copycat you'll get someone wanting to get the same glorification for themselves. You folks in the victims, you, you, spread empathy. You actually reach out to the people and say, look these are human beings when you when you focus on the the person who perpetuate. It really does really a negative way to cover a story. And Matt you I love you. We have we've bonded. I mean. I'm even feeling a shirt the shirt you got today. We kind of we can stay next to each other. We're gonna take a picture. I think we look good together. Today. You got your little whatever the salmon pink thing is going on and they've matches well with the muster that I got on. Doesn't. But. Sit. The fuck you talking about. Fashion map, you first of all we've got the at the very least, but you can put mustard salmon together. Great on. Does. No, I'm not gonna argue with you about style, and fashion. Okay. Because let's just remind the audience what you look like because you look like you bought the Yuna bombs some shit. Okay. Okay. So don't don't come from me your damn Citi bike uniform now. Now, I was gonna actually can I know you want. Yes, my love because nobody wants me to talk about what I need to talk. Now. I feel like can I ask you will you let me get to my point after you say this thing that you're saying or should they must think first. And then you said your point we when you finish saying your thing is going to be dark outside. My point is. I agree with Matt that is how it should be done. But that is not the case when it comes to black shooters are the. The the concentration is always on the shooter. How thugs they will? They will pull something from high school. They will pull something out of their history that. Justifies or see missed the idea that this this person is a bad person in some sort. They give you excuses for when white man like this is the evil act, and whatever, but they don't give the responsibility. Like this guy got. Was was the word when they get a rat radicalized here in United States. That's what we should be worried about if he can get re. Radicalized here in United States with coming from a home, supposedly where everything was okeydokey. Then we are all in danger. We are all in danger for every. Malcontent. White young male is can be radicalized in America. And nobody is talking about it. Nobody's doing anything about it. We just call them evil doer. So like, there's only a few of them. And so it won't it won't is not is not problematic. But it's not just the evil. Doer is a regular guy who got radicalized right here in the United States and took his hate field. Self to a to a innocent. Mosque. I mean, a a synagogue and kill people and that an, unfortunately, I agree with you that should be the that's the way years presented that should be the norm for each story focusing on the victim. But that doesn't happen when we talking about black perpetrators. But you know, what? And like a sweet. So sweet and a few others. Speaking about. Nipsy, and we know who killed nipsy Russell and. This song hustle. Right. Let's see wrote some wait. No. Because these black rappers is on a rampage about people saying the wrong shit now. So make sure everybody knew I misspoke because the last thing I need is TI sleep dog calling me. Well, actually, I do need them to call me. But not for that. Yeah. For your new rep. My new rap career Pat doesn't believe him to rapper. And I'm glad you know, what I'm glad I actually let you maybe there's good let people speak on the podcast may be because you did you eloquently said what I was going to say. And what I wanted to address what you met is that you're not even like the thing you say is not even and I don't even believe that you think that what you're saying is wrong and propaganda. But it's propaganda. Right. Because here's what happens. It's this fallacy of like, even when when when people say we go racism pe- when people of color, say racism, still exists. And then you get a pack of white people that will say racism it's over and then they start to list. B's anomalies that they see as consistencies. Right. So they'll go, well, they're black people playing and making millions of dollars in the NFL. And you got you see this black people. And then you go. Yeah. But we're win. Can you can you show? You know, all the rappers is making money in the NFL and sports guys. But other than sports and entertainment, where do you see black money, and wealth, and we're not even recycling that inside our own community because a lot of these brothers go, and they they married women who are not black in the nose women want to take that money back to their own communities or their kids don't associate with being black and they take him out. We don't recycle like for every for every hundred dollars that a black person makes ninety dollars goes out of the black community. Like, we're we're the the weird the worse. I as a group when it comes to not putting money back into our own community. You understand what I'm saying? And we sent it out. And this is why it's hard for and people want us to continue to be that way. That's why you don't see a lot of conscious rappers out there. There are few. That's why you don't see a lot of conscious entertainers out there. That's why certain people are famous and other people are sitting on podcast trying to live they life because it's easy to see a fool peacock around on stage that ain't saying shit when there's people that are talking about shit. They can get people woke. So we understand that. And that's and that's across the board. Really the the manipulation because they also want white people to be manipulated manipulated as well. But. When we when we have when we have things like this. And then somebody makes a point of something that they see. And then it is dismissed with something. That's so sort of arbitrary for lack of a better word right of like, okay. We can just throw this thing to the side. And we just say, oh, it's not that. It's not just because of this, and I agree with it. And that's what I was saying. And I'm glad she said it's hard to keep going into it. They it sounds good. And it makes sense to say that we don't want to promote the person that causes destruction. Because we don't want to have a copycat. And it's and it's good to say that right? But the reality is it's not consistent. So it can't be the truth. Because when if this had been a Muslim man who did this. We would know who what try became front. We know his family. They don't mind putting the face and making the face of evil when it is a face of evil is a person of color. They have no problem with telling everybody that what the problem is. We don't ever want to ascribe evilness to white people. Right. And this is why we have a country that was founded on the bla- the backs of slaves and not just founded like to the degradation death economic disadvantage and social disadvantage of people of color who are still trying to make their way out of a deep hole that they came burried in. And somehow we we never with the history of slavery. That has been brought forth by the white man against an entire race of people enslavement. We we still. Don't look at that person is being evil. We still see white people is like this magical like everybody has to be what I see in and black people that are around me everything about why people so magical and everybody I can't tell you they'll be conversations where oh this girl. I'm with her. You know, she got money once you've got money. Oh, you know, she can't money because she why are you this you got money like when the narrative is at war white people got money and niggers don't have no money. That's why you got white people that get upset when they see Nick even a dime because they told they told a lie. There are plenty of black people doing. Well. That's why you know. And I said I'm blessed because I'm grouping up a middle class family. I didn't grow up in a ghetto. We went to the hood and shit like that my grandparents openly church and established the church to help the community out. But I didn't grow up like that. I grew up the way I grew up. So I didn't see in my community was full of black people that were doing a thousand times better than us. We had lawyers and Dr. The sheriff was black everything all black on black on black people black people doing well. So I didn't grow up with this narrative. But the overall narrative is everything that people call a dark, and this and that is down. Balmy eight worth eight and bubble blah. And then you got white people is up here doing all kinds of manner of evil is she didn't never get called on it because we still like oh well. The same. They're gonna start if slavery is right up there with Gingas Kahn. Right up there. I'd have conversation. This was the middle of last year. Now, I'm going to switch topics is under starts to get. We was having fun. But it still does what people are like all you always wanna have people. Listen to my podcast, right? And it will be the whitest people in the world. I go you really listen to what they like. Yeah. We have joy it. Like what to do? Was always stores with fun. And then it goes down this booking. I hate talking about race all the fucking time. Like it gets on my nerves that was one of the dance party Fook young biggest from why be in. Get my out there live my life. Luma love, but I was talking to a young young white chicken. We was talking. She was something that because like Trump Trump said he said the Jesse small let case. What did he say? He said to Jesse small lead case was the something despicable. The most despicable thing that has happened in American history or some shit, and I'm like nigga. You detained and caves in separated babies from they fucking lactating mothers. You did that. But you think Jesse spot? Let's. Yeah. And then what happens is Nick is also get on with the dumb shit. They go. Yes. Every day. He wanted black history month you done nigga. If you want to say that I don't give a fuck, and he lied or not he the first person of fucking lie in entertainment business, and you want to take on a sheet that this dumb nigga. That's our president said about him disparaging a person of color like he ain't doing shit. I don't give a buck of Jesse small lead lie about kicking trick or treat bags out a little niggers hands and and custody mama's out this the separated newborn babies from the fucking mothers. And that's what I'm talking about the imaging here of white and black. And then when you talk about this shit as a person of color, you get deemed racist. Oh, you only why people fucking Instagram I post all kinds of goofy all day long cats break dancing dogs. Doing the moonwalk. Bitches? Stupid means about sixty. Doug moonwalk? A minute poll some shit about oh this happened. And now, oh, you're race baiting and you're racist. I put up a thousand posts about cats making maxi pads in Thailand and the minute. I put up some shit about a black person being detained by the cops illegally and on some bullshit because some white people don't wanna hear shit about nothing to have nothing to do with nigga suffering. So the minute you say shit, it all look going to stand up, and I get it. I get it. You don't think that I can be a stand up comic and be funny and bring humor and also tell you the fucking truth because you've got a bunch of niggers up on stage that they promote that's doing dumb shit ain't talking about shit. So then when we go on stage, and we're trying to talk about shit and also have fun. It's oh what who does know how to read or write? With material. So I said all this. Fuck police grabbed my cat. I don't give a fuck about constantly Heeren. What the synagogue is doing. I know they got to do they they can't do nothing, but do because they've been attacked, of course, they're going to have to rise or whatever. And even if they weren't like they saying like, oh, they're be stronger. Even if they weren't it's fine. They been attacked. They don't have to show that they got it together. Right. You had somebody will fucking good at your face. A person got killed people. Get killed kids got hurt. Oh, I also I don't think that's I think that's like grief porn to right now. He's like you go into all these mass shootings now. And then you you you focus on the the victims men. And then you you you cannot try Lissette this response from victims. Like, yeah, we're gonna pray. We're gonna move forward. It's okay. You don't it's. Okay. If you take a moment and reflect the June experiencing major trauma right now. That's okay. Let's let's hurry on to the next thing. The next day let them process that that is a major thing you've been in trauma. And so I think that's a that's greed poem right now, we wanna we wanna see the victims like, oh, we strong. We can we can handle anything you've been shot at people you've been around people that had been murdered around. You that is trauma. That is absolute trauma. Let's not get used to that. Let's not normalize that. But that's the thing. And that's and that's the point. As well is like you can't do nothing and spoken about this before would out a conscious. Understanding something may happen as a person of color. I'm by winning two. Like CVS is whatever I get nervous. If I have something in my bag that you know, that may have got from another store because I'm like, I don't want it to ding. And it's going to stop me and ask me questions, and I always reference when I was done here Dwayne Reed. And they was having a problem. I guess with the system they they think kept buzzing and buzzing buzzing people come in and out, whatever. And so I I saw white woman. Go out black woman win a white woman. I in a black woman, and the buzz on the white woman in the black woman goes out, and then the buzzer, and the and the white woman just kept walking she'll does and a black lady turns around, and she's like because we so condition like we got to always be checking to make sure that we in line, and they don't expect him to be online a lot. They can do whatever they want. So the only way we're going to stop this problem of white guys getting up they own ask and going somewhere, and murdering a pack of people because they haven't a fucking bad day or whatever the fuck they think because again, and they. Can't be said enough. Like, Chris rock said if you give y'all have y'all think we losing their if y'all loser who the fuck winning because this should set up for you niggers. So if you were going into synagogues and mosques feeling threatening you going to churches with black people are welcoming your crazy looking at because black people we love to do that you retarded looking white boys. We don't brought into fucking churches and shit and serving them chicken wings and shit. Oh, his little boy here little slow. We love that rapid a little white boy up as some swaddled Colin making him a damn manger exhibit. They love this shit. Black people we bring white people in all shit. We don't when I I'm telling you think of abuse of white woman had a little it's only kids and she had a little black foster kid in the black guy was screaming on her because she had a little black girl out there with no clothes on in the cold water rest of these kids had clothes on. And I'm like this. And they just did a case about this white this guy white couple that day going to jail for molesting not today. Damn kids. And then another then the two women the lesbian couple of that. Ran the kids off the road and committed suicide and all this shit when white people this is why we have concerned when we say white people are e. A doubting black children. I get concerned because I'm like number one. Are you teaching you about their culture? Number two. Are you just treating them like they second class citizens because I could tell you for the most part, and I have to say that it's not no cases of maybe black people abusing white kids for the most part, especially in my church. We was always someone little white cables in foster care because Baltimore County is gully with black and white all of them doing everybody black and white. He's doing bad in Baltimore County and Baltimore City, and it was always some little white kid some start lows white kid they bring in old company Johnny Brigham and we make that nigga black. He was family. The win. It all the conversation has to be if you wanna stop these kids from going in and shooting, and do it a fuck they think they deserve to do that have to start killing them when they get them. Why is it up in the air that they don't know if that was the guy in that they know that's the guy kill them. Shoot them. Do the same thing. You would do to a black guy. If he was there you kill him you killing black people at at when you pull us over because you think we got something I hand and wanting to be in the cell phone, you pull him black people over for broken tail lights and killing them, you pull you kill it shoot. And we say in black people being shot in the back as they walk away a runaway. Let me ask you this though. Because I didn't read the story. So they don't know is that what they said, they did, you know, if not it's always is a maybe it's always, well, he's a suspect. He met the list shoe whether or not we when they talk about. The because it's sorta. I Don I never watched rosewood. It was too. It was too tough for me. I didn't want to get into it. But they said the thing with rosewood is that started off of white woman say that a black man raped her. And then they went in and they destroyed an entire town based off of a white woman of the black man raped. Her did not even concern themselves. We're trying to figure out what black man if true. In fact, that was and I'm not saying that I want women to go. All here, we go to not believe in women. I'm just saying there's been a history, and we have seen a history, and it has been listed of white women saying black men have done shit to them. And then come to find out it wasn't. And that the biggest case of that was immaterial. Yeah. But. Rosewood thing. It was also a it was a era. It was a the context of that. Is there were? Rosewood was a very financially well off location and the adjacent white. Community were building all these you know, hostilities toward this does black community that was growing. It was thriving the did need them. And so that that was a pretext to the all these, you know, all all there. Jealousies that they had been created created by these two cities are there were next to each other, and it was just a pretext to destroy the whole thing because they were so jealous of this. This town that didn't need them black town that didn't need them. I have said this. I've said this again, and and we got to wrap up we gotta rep appear, and that was a John singleton movie, and John is deceased. Yeah. But you can read the history. You don't have to watch the movie I think they're trying to connect that we were talking about John singleton. Right. I got and. Okay. Because the way you responded almost like you didn't get it. No, no. I'm saying because you said you were you didn't wanna watch the movie because it was a lot to watch. And I was saying for people that don't want to cause. Sometimes I'm like that about news. I read the new read my news than watch it because it's sometimes it's too harsh to listen to. But that's what I was saying the reason why I try not to get too many batteries in my back about certain things is because I'm very awoke. I think if I wasn't it's not that. I'm trying to like not have. I don't I don't need anything this going to get me roundup. Right. Yeah. And saying about the news it triggers me. So I rather prefer to read it watch it, right? Okay. So here's the thing. Okay. Sandra? Oh, man. Here's a done. I've said this thousand times our biggest problem here is economic one. Which is why we were on the right path when we were doing the ninety nine percent. But again, even in that there was dissension because of racists. We have a class issue in America and across the world and class snows. No bounds. When it comes to race. It doesn't matter. It does not matter. It's about money and one of the ways that wealthy people have been able to which have we mostly see is being white or other not people black or any darker complexion. People is that we continue to fight every day amongst the lines of racism and race. And the worst position you could be in as a person of color is to be around a white person that don't have shit, and you have shit because they're not going to want you to have shit more than them. And that's the fact. Facts so people of color, specifically black people have been policed by Paul whites for the longest this is why you whenever black person's in a nice car. They getting pulled over whenever they got. And they they shop at a nice area, and they doing stuff it's like, it's always his idea of nigga who are you? Because a lot of these people are people who can't even Ford and they like, I'm white. Why why is this nigger somewhere where I'm not? So until we start to eradicate the problem of race, which is going to be hard because racism is makes money racism makes money racism is the reason why white people are running in droves being areas without black people there racism is why some black people are moving away from their own people to be into a neighborhood that gets them away from certain black people racism is what gets our prison system. Dems to bring in black people who work and fund all kinds of private businesses and hit with cheap to non-paid labor. Racism moves the Dow forward because racism makes money and until racism does not make money racism will exist. So I've said this a thousand times, and I'll say it again, I just wanted to go to target. Get me some yarn on a regular basis and a hot pocket. No, let it be silent. Because I'm speaking to. Two people. Pat, legallais she just on Amazon prime and at just saw that. It kinda hit home. Now that boys boys in the hood director. John singleton died. So is that what you've found out? No. I mean, I'm talking about. He took he took. He said he took him off last support. So they did now. So I read a report that the the daughter said he wasn't on. Yeah. Well, they're they're reporting now. So he must be passed that blossom got buses family. Well. Trance singleton. Gave us a lot of great content and. There are some some some things I think obviously everybody has some type of history, but I. I mean, I don't get into the negative. We're going to talk about the positive. So he is he was a very gifted filmmaker very gifted storyteller. Fifty one years old. Everybody got liberty lives. That is always the thing about death is a reminder to do what we supposed to do here on earth to our fullest extent to the fullest glory without. Impeachment Hartron impede e body else's. Progress? Effect. We supposed to help people along our journey. So that's also the takeaway from any. Bless everybody on his podcast and take care of yourselves. You cigarettes in half. Five cigarettes left. Let's get better. What I have. Let's take this seriously. 'cause yeah, fifty one is too young to be dying. Get is. All right. Well, I hate to end on a somber note, we started off very well that we got very race fills every episode. Try. Don't I met? Mass. Like, I don't think you really hard. Come on. Actually starts up on a higher note. Got into fight on the train before starts a weird place. Our fight with on the train is either anti whiter. Or just crazy homeless homeless. I am equal opportunity. I don't like many you want to be honest. I'm a part of the mirror. Yeah. You need your own car. Your special. God bless Pat. Thank you so much for coming in pets been there with me through a lot. And hopefully, we get pet to come back. More often share some time with us how brilliance and I'm gonna take. Oh, really? It's you can't say that were no more. You've you lost the definition of that word last night. I didn't know I didn't give it. Okay. So now, I'm not gonna say, but me in Yemen egos, watching a comedy special, which we really don't do that much. But you know, you're talking about comedians watching comic. So you know, you watching it at a higher level. And so somebody remarked at the. The comic that we're watching the show was supposed to be brilliant. And so Yama nica is not allowed to use the word brilliant anymore. It was it was so far from bro. Slow. It wasn't no. No. All right. Say goodbye, Pat. Hey, thank you million show and everybody that supports the show continued to do this is she doing God's work, even though she says a lot of Bs and f words, but she's doing she does she is doing the Lord's work, and that heart is pure got anything you want to tell us. Yeah. Check out my website. I am kitchen up on. Doing my radio show. Documentary show. So our let you know when that is coming back out I needed to do some restructuring. So I would have more consistency. So I'm working with that. But there's a lot of good things happen. I'm hoping I have some really good news is share with you in gimme about four weeks. So I can be confirmed and pregnant. Even if I was that would not be good news. Wouldn't be good was still baby. I will give you that baby. You're gonna have to take their baby you can had his baby. You can have a whole uterus. I'll I'll pack it up for you have wrapped up the youth for you. But so yeah, I'll hold out for that. But thank you. And like, I said, I love my girl. Good. See you met. Say goodnight. Matt. Always around, Pat. You guys talk more often. The show is like we're like we uncomfortable lovers like we don't want to know. All right. Good. Bye guys.

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