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Oh. Guess what they're you news guess what they is stock go. Hi How you doing good afternoon I'm eager. This is ESPN fifteen thirty. Thank you for listening. I'm glad you're here. We are absolutely loaded one hour from now the voice of the reds Tony Thrall is going to be on this show. The two thousand twenty MLB postseason is underway. We have day baseball we have day baseball on over the air television. It's like the nineteen seventies again. Astro's in twins playing game. One of their three-game series the game is being played at target field with the reds ended their regular season they played to. the game is scoreless. Games number one or game number one good pitching that by the way. Zach drinking and Kenta. Maeda the American League rolling out there for series today little bit later on in fact, just about to get underway oakland hosting the white SOX and Toronto in Tampa Bay game won that game is being played in Florida I was going to say it's being played in Tampa Bay, but the rays don't play in. Tampa Bay they play in Saint Petersburg that is at five o'clock in the Yankees Indians. Hookup in Cleveland tonight. There's a lot happening. In Cleveland Tonight we have eight Wildcard Rounds Tomorrow Eight Games tomorrow game to in all of the American League series game one in each of the National League series starting with the Reds and braves tomorrow at noon game number one Trevor Bauer against Max freed will hear from Trevor in about a little bit less than thirty minutes him talking about his first reds postseason start. That and so much more secure later in the show and we'll talk baseball bedding. At a five twenty. We'll go to Atlanta Multiple Times today you'll hear from Joey, votto David Bell or learn more about the Atlanta braves with somebody who covers them. We start the shows we normally do though on Tuesdays with our Buddy Paul Dana junior whose primary beat is the bengals for the athletic dot. com. But he's also contributing to a reds coverage. including host of podcast W AARP in Cincinnati that he does with Cetron Rosecrans they will be podcast after every reds playoff game. I'll let you pick because obviously we had Sundays bengals tied talk about there's a lot of different bengals issues to discuss. But I gotta be honest with you. And we'll talk bengals. Kinda more into the reds today I will let you pick your here for a half hour which team do you WanNa talk about I? Give you a choice bengals aretz. Don't you always WANNA keep people around longer so we should pe- that we'll talk about the reds later since that's probably what people will be more excited here about as much as I love rehashing ties. Oh Man I. I know where to begin and Where we started a lot of conversations you're with me for three hours last Monday. We spent a lot of time on this topic then. We're GONNA spend a lot of time on this topic moving forward. It's it's the offensive line and and not that I not that I want to spend a lot of girgis attending stuff that we have beaten to death. Already, we're only three games in, but it's it's interesting I. I see people who say things like borough is GonNa fail in Cincinnati because they don't care about. An offensive line or they don't prioritize the offensive line, and so that's why borough ultimately is going to ask out and look he may that may happen one day. My guess is if the offensive line continues to be as bad as it's been one day he will, but it gets framed incorrectly and this is really sobering to me if they didn't care about the offensive line. To this point, you would go. Okay. Well, watching Joe Borough get his brains beaten in that will make them care. The troubling thing to me Paul is they actually do care and they have tried they've spent first round picks. They've made trades they've brought guys in from outside they've given guys, contract extensions. They really have tried to take this offensive line and turn it from what? It was in two thousand sixteen when it was not nearly as good as it was the year before and make better every single year and they have failed. So now fans have to put their in the same people who have failed to this point to get the offensive line to where it needs to be to make it better moving forward. That's the troubling part for me. Yeah I mean. You put it perfectly. That is the problem it's it's it's it's not a matter of unaware I mean anybody that's watching this team over the last however long is is aware the the issue is and this this goes along the same conversation that I heard last year that we talked about about the linebackers there was this idea that they really thought that guys they had who for the most part had proven to not be very good would get better an upgrade. And they felt like that was going to be the case and. The linebackers are got awful and they realized they got scrap that whole thing, and then this year there is. Really feel like the guys that we estimate last year are definitely going to get better and that's definitely GonNa make it and bet on that rather than looking you know to be more blue we'll call it aggressive or whatever you wanna call it believing you know. Is it belief in your eyes too much. It abilities overvaluing your own player something that this has been accused of doing quite a bit in on a number of different levels maybe, and maybe that's the case here. I I don't know what it is, but I do know that you're right and that is that. The real only thing is not that they won't address it because they will like. To think that this off season will start and they'll be like you know what running back like. Let's ship them all back out there again that that's not they will go and try to fix it. The question is. Will they do it correctly and not you know I don't I don't think we have. We have the answer to that. You know high draft pick it might be hard to mess up well, maybe. You know it's it's one thing if by the end of the season you said, okay, they need a right tackle or They're gonNA have to get better at left guard or here are the two positions that they can pinpoint the draft and free agency but they can add whoever they get to a pretty solid core of offensive linemen that had a productive two thousand twenty. Joan Williams is going to be given every chance to succeed. He's played three NFL game. So we're not. We're not going to dismiss the idea that he's not going to be as good as they thought he can be, but it almost feels like at the end of this season at the end of year one of Joe. Borough. They're going to be starting from scratch and and when you're starting from scratch takes. You forever to get to where you need to be, and so I'll have people say to me very dismissively what they'll fix it this off season no no no. They may try to start to fix it but it's going to be a long long time before this offensive line is as good as it needs to be for this team to reach its maximum potential for this quarterback to reach its maximum potential. And then you wonder if in the interim, what is that to do to Joe Borough physically and also what's that GonNa do to a mentally and what's that GonNa do to his relationship with his team Yeah, I think you can fix things faster. You know I think if you if you get a a real right tackle if you're drafting in the top five which. Let's be honest. That's in play. I mean, you're talking about a real guy that you plug in day one and can play either left or right tackle whatever you're trying to do. And you can get a real guard out there. I mean for decent dollar that would be an upgrade for you WANNA fishes and I. Feel really good that you might have fixed it. Jona. Williams, in the second full year, whatever it we we've got a thirteen or games as the season to play out whatever that looks like. I do think that you can plug those holes and really. So much of this has stemmed from one injury, which is concerning about the deaths. I, mean, who knew Xavier sue fellow injury wouldn't be the one the one that was set forth these these dominoes because if you go back the last two games while no one has been great. What happened the atrocities? That occurred at right guard between the combination of Fred. Johnson. Billy Price Have Changed Games and and I would argue certainly caused had a role in multiple situations situation. Give them the win yesterday I mean any number of times where Fletcher Cox just comes running right up into job rose face is a throw that would have been either a completion for something a whole. All of those things I mean you that spot if it's just adequate, they you know. They they would. They would win yesterday and. Not In anybody's been great again, I wouldn't say that. But I you know. It's not I don't think it's. As far off, it looks that way when it looks awful but I think when it looks good or decent it just takes one or two pieces I. think they I don't think it's some massive rebuilding project at this point as bad as it looks I know it's been a long couple of days for you but they actually played the game on Sunday yesterday was Monday they didn't play yesterday Paul Days are starting to run together for you but I i. It's been a long like I've been doing but doing. Got Going on. I completely, I completely understand I know I know this has become a cause celebre for me and you tweeted about it early in the game on. Sunday. But the second in ten runs thing. Look. So so like they're playing well, get a turnover sims makes a great interception. They've got the ball at midfield within three passes there at the thirteen yard line incompletion on first down, they call the second intend running play. It goes nowhere they had to settle for three. The game was lost right there. You had a chance to go up eight nothing good happens when you run it on second and long and yet this coach continues to do that this drives me nuts yeah. No I mean I went through in sort of documented leading up to the game I I talked with box on the pre game and that was that. Joe Mixon had more second and run decking long runs than anybody in football was averaging two point seven yards per carry on those when giving him the ball on first and ten he was averaging five point two yards per carry coming into the game. They were throwing the ball more on first and ten than anybody in football and having the least yards. Per Attempt on those on first down and then on second down throwing the ball where or amongst one of the better ones they they weren't doing the thing they do best lease and the thing they stay do least most you know what I mean they they they're doing everything the opposite coming into the game I will give him one piece of credit. One piece credit and that is. You know they only ran it on long three times out of fifteen, and that's better ratio than it has been I can excuse a few times doing it here there for honesty for key, you don't want to be in the same thing in in in certain situations all the time. At least they seem to be doing less than they were previously that said that might have been the wrong spot. To pick for another second long run, they teams teams are looking for it too much. It's not catching anybody by surprise, and it's still sets up for the most part a third, maybe a little more third manageable but man You're right at that point there was a chance to kind of put the game away a little bit in that way back they have to win this game on Sunday I mean this is. Like the must win card. I'm not talking about this for the purposes of contending for the postseason. The idea this season was win more games a substantial amount of games more than they did last year, and that might mean six you and I talked about hitting the over kind of being a loose goal for this team before the season began. Three and one after not winning their first three games that we're all very, very winnable especially, the first one and the one on Sunday, and then Jacksonville comes in your slight favorites. The Jaguars players aren't tanking the organization that feels like they are very competitive won their first game and then not so much a week three against a Miami I night football, which was a mess. You lose this one. You can go down the schedule and then try to figure out when their first win is going to be but but then you really. Do a couple of different things as a fan you you wonder. How long is this going to go before? They win a game and then in all within all that how much more difficult to Zach Taylor's job become day in and day out because guys are starting to wonder whether he's the guy guys are starting to not play. The issues that seem to arise when a team has its losses amount. Those become concerns. And then there's there's just at some point we're going to judge this guy by whether or not he wins or loses football. He's got to win this game on Sunday and this is a must win for Zach Taylor. Yeah on Sunday I wrote about you know the bengals sort of with that. Dates they still don't yet know how to win and and that's been the problem you know I mean. They're they're tied for the longest one score game losing streak in the history of the NFL hundred years like leather helmets forward pass. Fifteen in a row that they've lost you know Zach. Killer winless in eleven such games mean the law of averages says it you just luck into a few and until you prove you can do that it is on you as a coach. There may be lots of differ culprits, but they're all under you know under you that's all on you and your team. Needs to believe that you can do it and they need to believe that they can do it and it's been so long since this team has won a game, my making that one or two players they need to in big spots or those few details to put the game away that you wonder if they know how to do it. That was a bad eagles team playing poorly even for them. On on Sunday, is what it was and they still weren't able to put them away despite opportunity after opportunity I ended up eleven of them that we're basically opportunities that. You know do this one thing and you would have won the game. because. The Eagles just kept giving them chances and they couldn't capitalize on any of them over one point over one dry summer. One stuff it's it's all it takes in and and we've seen that goes back to the game against the chargers. It goes back to how many games last year. Where yeah sometimes our back door covering a one possession game if you will which so many games they had the opportunities over and over and over again and they've just been unable to make those plays and the you you have to have a sense of belief that you can do it or or will go the other way every single time and right now you know I don't know how I run in the locker rooms I can't tell you for certain. But I. Don't know how anybody could feel super confident in a close game right now, this team something going to figure out how to do it after you know fifteen in a row they have. Let. Let's talk about something more encouraging Paul Dana Junior with athletic athletic dot com get into the reds who open up the playoffs tomorrow when we come back Paul by the way was on twitter at Paul. Dana junior this is ESPN fifteen, Thirty Cincinnati sports station. twenty-five after three, this is ESPN fifteen thirty Mo Eggert Paul data gender from the athletic one more segment with him we. We did the bengals thing. Now let's talk some baseball reds braves tomorrow game one wildcard series. This is. Look I'm close to it you're close to it. I'm a reds fan. So I'm a little biased. I still think you look at these eight series that are starting today I think this is the most interesting one. There is pressure on this braves team to advance in the postseason first time almost decades they made it. Each of the last two years couldn't get out of the National League. Division series. There's the Joey votto factor I've written I. Think Joey votto needs a postseason moments. And then there's just the fact that you get any leat reds trio of starters against a great Atlanta offense. There's dudes up and down the order who had hellacious league good seasons. This has the making of a really good October baseball postseason matchup. Yeah and you get strength on strength. You get the reds pitching staff, the red starting pitching and really their bullpen, which is fantastically you get that You might be one of the best in baseball now going up against arguably the best lineup in baseball I mean with the way the braves have. So many guys that can rate in up to watch trevor. Bauer take that on in game. One is just it's fast. It's great eater. I. Mean. It's it's postseason baseball. It's all the pressure. It's your number one guy who has that added that attitude what you have to love it's why you have them. He has that special, give me the ball and don't take it from me attitude. About a big stage and you love that and they needed that and it's it's you're right I. Mean it's GonNa be fascinating for that fact that's One thing the reds have going for him I, do think that Atlanta has what's happened the last few years to them in the back of their mind they've been a good team and they failed in the post season and that's guys that are currently on this braves roster. So to think, there will be some of that in the back of their head is crazy. Of course, it will be partially a part of. Something that goes through their head on the other hand you have read simple guys do. which is finally going to be in their favor You know as except you guys brought in obviously that have had success in the postseason Trevor Bauer that has had success and been on good very good teams. In pitched well. and you you don't have the history of thinking about those things even though it's been since nineteen ninety, five, hundred guys care no lot that you about recent history. Recent history is this team feels great about it so and has built a cussedness. A metal that you can only get going through what they went through and bounced back and so the eleven and three in their last fourteen got to one five straight series, all those things, Dowsett history that they're going back on cause a stitch felt like playoff baseball for a while for them. So I think the mental aspect of it I think in a lot of ways does the red. I, you mentioned the name. To me what I'm glad. The reds have going for it is Trevor Bauer. I said on on Thursday last week after after the game against Milwaukee and when she goes eight strikes out, twelve gives up four hits on three days rest I said on Thursday. I however, however things go from that moment I will never forget that night. I will never forget that out that was and they scored some runs forum early but it to me that was an example of this dude just refusing to lose in a game they had to win. I think he would have won one one nothing and gone nine if he needed to. You know it's it's a chance to to really enter the Pantheon as silly as it sounds of recent Cincinnati sports greats if he can stick it to Atlanta game one set the tone and they can advance in the postseason boy. It's it's going to amplify the pressure to keep him next year. It's going to put him at a level that not many local athletes have have entered and just I just feel like this is his moment in granted it's pitching on the road without fans, and so it's it's a different type of environment but I, just I think of possibilities for a tone center for a guy who is going to have a plan of attack for this for this. Atlanta offense which does everything well, that to me is the x factor and granted he could only pitch tomorrow I would assume even though I'm sure he. Might say otherwise not going to see him again in the series even if it goes three but I just I like how this sets up and yes, it's great to have this great trio of pitchers they have if I've got Bauer setting the tone in game one of a three-game series I don't care who the opponent is and Max freed is really good and he's lefty which which makes you wonder about you know Ach Yaman vital and wicker, and some of these left handed hitters have Gimme the team that has Trevor Bauer, going for it. Yeah I would agree you know he's got he's got that big game. It was interesting about power the what he's done over the course of not just this whole season but of late. Is How much he he has gone to to validate all the moves are really going all the way back to when he was acquired. That they made when they gave up so much to sell them, we talked about how they were all in and selling out for this season so many ways and it felt like it was all going to go by the wayside and how many tough conversations we're going to be had. I'm telling different people inside the organization because of it if it went. So sideways, which was going, but this run that they've put together and. Cover Bauer has put the exclamation point on it and what he can't do on Wednesday that you feel about what he can do on Wednesday really for me has validated all those moves and and you know put sort of a stamp of approval on the organization they need. Now is what we've talked about forever. It's they they they need the run now and and that this is what they did everything for. This is the selling out for the future of the spending all the money you know all of that stuff was about having this. In this exact spot on that starts with him it starts with him and the fact that they got him to a level that isn't just level he was at prior but better than that it's almost icing on the cake and yeah, I think love how can you not love sending that guy out there week one for a confidence for team. Signed me up for that and. This. This is going to be I. I think it's GonNa be interesting to see how we frame this. I asked a question, a twitter question last week, which was you know for for you to consider the season success where do they have to go and the the don't to say overwhelming majority the majority. Look win a wildcard series I kind of have slightly higher standards because. I go back to what we said about this team pre pandemic pre-shutdown, which was in. Their built for the postseason. So that means to the National League Championship Series I. Still Think for me to feel really good about what team did this year that's got to win five games. To in this series and then obviously three in the national. League division series and play for the right to go to the world series and then for me to smashing success. On the on the other end of that, though is lose this series. I think for a lot of people these last two weeks I've been a blast. It's been a lot of fun. It's been refreshing to have meaningful baseball being played in September. These guys are really likeable but lose in the first round of a sixteen team playoff. I just I think those two weeks for a lot of people go out the window of this team can advance. cause. You look back at it and a far farther away when you're more removed and you'll say five hundred team went out in the first round. They would never even made it if plus expanded the right I mean I think you can do that and. You see the potential you know I. I'd a certain point. We've baseball. You're always just rolling the dice. You're always just take us want to have the best percent chance to win in the biggest spots I. do think the reds have done that I do think that there is. You know a lot to be encouraged by, but at a certain point, you set yourself up. Win these games and that's it does come back to that I I. Think I think I think that they have set themselves up as well as you possibly. Playing and the players they have in certain spots you know. Who knows I mean? It's baseball man I mean stuff. That team doesn't always win and they definitely always a three-game series. So you you may chalk up too bad luck or whatever, but You know you just feel good with the way they're playing right now. We'll be listening. We'll be reading I, appreciate it as always happy birthday to your daughter. That's why you're not here with me in studio today that is a valid excuse. So we'll see you next week dot com. Thanks you gotTa Paul Danner Jenner covers the bengals and the reds for the athletic it dot com follow him on twitter at Paul. Danner Junior. We are running late twenty five away from four o'clock. You'll hear from the starting pitcher for game one of the Wildcard series for the Reds Trevor Bauer next. Really glad you asked a couple of games happening right now in the American League Adam Angle with a home run for the Chicago White Sox. Who slated a seven seat talking about them last week maybe being the one. In the American League, they lead Oakland one nothing bottom of the second inning game card series. Meanwhile, the twins lead the Astros one nothing top of the fourth inning, but Houston is. Threatening with two on and two out meanwhile, reds and braves set to get underway tomorrow noon. Your. First Pitch Trevor Bauer gets the ball against Max, freed the ace of the red staff chatted with the baseball media and he was asked for his thoughts on a very imposing Atlanta lineup. Good. homers. Face him a couple of times before a lot of these guys. So have a little bit of history with them. Obviously, not this year. So things change Atlanta construction changes on that. A A deep dive yet on them by. We'll be doing that today tomorrow obviously. So Have more info later. Along those lines, you don't give up obviously much more than Solo. Home runs when you do give them up. Eight or nine were those if they hit a lot of home runs in general just that you don't put a lot of guys on basis can help you if you get a hold of one or two. That's that's the goal. Make them. Beat me don't be myself. So limit the blocks, any pitches, possibles like limit the heads. The let's traffic yellen bases that are off usually are so. That's that's. been the goal for me really all year I've tried to cut my walkway down because that's a really easy way to limit run scored at something that's definitely helped. driver. Do you relish the stage of being the guy? This team goes to in Game One of a playoff series. I relish. The big game. Whenever it happens We've had a lot of big games two weeks. Enjoy that extra Adrenalin or pressure or however you want to earn that that feeling I guess the The stakes all. There's something on the line and that's A. Moment so When those game one game three or starting out of the PAN or whatever I'm just looking for division in big moments. Zach with ABC station in Atlanta appreciate your time just curious between Freddie and ozone. What's a tougher out and what? Other tough outs. We we can talk about. We can talk about that after we win series. Trevor Bauer by the way Marcello Zone ahead a huge year for the braves with an. Above thousand hit eighteen homers in just under two hundred and seventy plate appearances and Freddy Freeman has been a very good player league for a very long time also in Opie over eleven hundred Ronald Acuna who Missed the last game of the season for the braves with a wrist soreness, he's expected to go tomorrow. He's well established as the guy this this Atlanta ordered they are number one in the National League and Opie s number one and on base percentage number two in home runs, they hit a lot of home runs and they don't give up a lot of home runs. They're not a team, it's modern baseball. They're not a team that really takes a lot of lot of chances on the base paths not a that's gonNA steal a ton of bags but when they do. They're successful. They had the fewest number of attempted base stealers caught stealing in baseball. This year will see teams run on Tucker Barnhart Kirk. Sally I have not yet seen an official read starting lineup. My guess is Caselli is going to catch tomorrow I would play Shogo I know Max friz lefty, David Bell loves to stack and a lot of managers do stack the order win. You're facing a lefty with a bunch of right handed hitters. Stole Playing Shogo I. Want the defense. I. Still Think he can get on base. This is a pitcher who does this as a staff, but as a pitcher and Max freed who gave up two home runs all season. Now it's worth pointing out he missed him starts down the stretch but gave up just two home runs. In fact, the two starters the reds are guaranteed to see Max. Fredin Anderson Pitch to combine eighty eight and a third innings this season and gave up three homers. So for teen that might have to create something in other ways I want Shogo in the lineup whether or not. He's facing a lefty or a righty is frankly mostly irrelevant. Fourteen minutes away from four o'clock. Couple of other things really quickly luke pickles radio show is tonight eight o'clock live on ESPN fifteen thirty, and if you have tickets to the bengals game on Sunday Bengal's hosting Jacksonville Jaguars at one o'clock the bengals today announced fan protocols pbs for those attending they include seating zones four separate seating zones scattered throughout the stadium tickets being sold in pods of two to six socially distance to the nearest pod you're supposed to stick with your pod. Six feet socially distanced to other parties including in the stands walking in the concourse going into the bathroom concessions mandatory face coverings central, actively eating or drinking. No tailgating all tickets will be mobile and a clear bag policy will be in place on Sunday PBS Bengals and. jags Sunday at one, the game live on ESPN fifteen thousand voice to the reds Tommy thraw coming up better four zero five will head to Atlanta in an hour plus we'll hear from Joey votto at four, thirty five I'll talk about Joey votto next. I am not a proponent of baseball keeping this postseason format moving forward. I've said that a bunch of different times. The regular season for this year I had no issue with anything. They did rule changes. I am glad we're getting ready for the post season at least of that silly rule or the extra innings. Now Start with a guy on second base which cheapens the value of a run. We're not doing that in the playoffs so. But if they wanted to expand, they did no no issue with that. You had to build in some corrections for a team that might have to miss time that might have to play a bunch of doubleheaders that might have an injury that could debilitate their chances. Over. Sixty game season and have more of a chance of that happening that over six months season. So no issue with that. But I will say this this March madness feel to the postseason where there's two games during the day today another one at five o'clock I guess that's an afternoon game as well. Two Games happening right now eight of them tomorrow if you love baseball, do these are great couple days ordinarily I think the best day on the baseball calendar is the first Friday of the postseason when there's usually four league division series games. We get a bunch of that over the next couple of weeks there. There is a true bracket is a true like March madness feel to this is somebody who loves March madness and baseball we're combining two things into. So signed me up for it we have a poll question. On my twitter feed at Allegra fifteen thirty, we've already had nearly eighteen hundred people, vote. It's a simple question. kind of open ended but I give you four choices because that's all twitter gives me a chance to throw up on a twitter poll question. What is your biggest concern about the reds entering the postseason? I give you four choices. Hey the bad's going silent. Be David Bells moves backfiring. See issues with defense. De Possible Bullpen implosion. Now I didn't list but easily could have Atlanta's offense I. Think the fears about Atlanta's offense get mitigated by the quality of the reds starting pitching. If you believe the old axiom that good pitching beats hitting the reds are in pretty good shape with Bauer Castio and Greg. I, kind of thought. Especially, this being twitter that David Bells moves backfiring would get more votes it's only getting nine percent. Issues with defense only getting two. percent. Possible bullpen implosion getting sixteen percent. Going to be honest with you bullpen implosion don't concern me that much. These relievers have pitched pretty well down the stretch. There's a lot of options for David Bill to US and they've got starting pitchers can give them some length. I do agree with the overwhelming majority however, seventy three percent say the bats going silent look it's a three game series. We're not talking about a five game series slump. We're not talking about a seven game series. Love. We're not talking about you know you get off to a bad start. You have a bad couple of weeks and things are gonNA correct themselves. Could you see a bunch of hitters in this series going over eight? And then losing this thing in two I. could that is concerning especially given the quality of the starting pitchers. The reds are GONNA get in the way those guys keep the ball inside the ballpark you can vote now. At. Fifteen thirty. This is an opportunity for Joey votto. There hasn't been a player and athlete that I've talked about more over the last decade than Joey votto. Andy Dalton is probably second on that list. And for a lot of different reasons, we've talked about Joey and we've celebrated Joey. We've lamented the decline in skills. We've talked about his place on the team. We've talked about his place in history. We've we've we've kicked around from every conceivable angle. I May Big Joey Votto Fan? You and I both know people who don't like Joey votto. And I think they associate him with two things. One is money because the minute he signed that contract, he was always going to have people who resented him for the money he was making that's just how it is money changes relationships. Changes, relationships between friends and changes relationships between family. It changes the relationship that exists between fans and an athlete it just does. Joey votto was the most popular athlete in town in Two thousand ten. I don't think I could say that about him and at any point over the last seven or eight years. But he's also often been associated with not winning. Joey's been on three winning teams. He might be the guy who I think is most responsible for the fact that the reds had winning seasons in two thousand and ten, twelve and thirteen. Let's face it I. Think we sort of look at that era and more pinpoint. What what comes to mind first by looking at that two thousand, twelve LDS, the reds lost choked. Joey was fine during that series got on base eleven. Times had three, eighty nine. But he's also had some seasons that were hilariously good that people kind of forget because the team was winning. The team didn't win in large part because they had to dismantle. Wha. What is a reason why people point to the dismantling of some otherwise pretty good reds teams, the fact that they pay Joey. So they couldn't keep everybody else. That is I think to a large degree, a little bit of an unfair characterization, but that's how it works. He hasn't had that that postseason moment he hasn't had many chances to author that postseason moment. He might not get one in Atlanta and the red still may win the series and he may not get one this this month and the red still win and advance and go deep into the postseason, and perhaps even play in the world series. But we talk about X. factors I think Joey von does a huge x factor. He's he's not a guy. You'RE GONNA bench against a lefty. So he's going to get a chance to play against a lefty tomorrow. What else? David Bell does with the batting order he hits high the batting order when when Joey votto was hitting, we know what this offense can do when he's getting on base. We certainly know what this offense can do but man maybe more than anything this is an opportunity and maybe doesn't permanently change some people's opinions of Joey Votto, but it is a chance for him. To author a signature postseason moment that has alluded him and frankly most players who have performed for this franchise over the last twenty, five years. The Voice of the Reds Tommy Thrall will join us next on ESPN fifteen thirty. Three go thank you five minutes after four Allegra. This is. ESPN Thirty Resumes Tomorrow Game, one wildcard series I ever. Wildcard series for the reds which means Tommy throb will make history tomorrow. It also means that he and the reds are, let's say fifty four outs away from. Tommy being able to announce to an audience that the the reds were venting in the postseason that hasn't happened twenty five years. The Voice of the reds has witness. So you have a chance to make some history man congratulations in advance. I really like the way you think that I love that optimism and Hopefully, the team can certainly sure that I if you look at what they've done this year they've been through I think if anybody says this group of players and the staff is data as optimistic as anybody they they believed in them I think what a lot of folks didn't they believe in themselves so anything. At this point. So let's let's talk about that because I'm paying attention they're playing in Saint Louis it's getaway day they're losing the middle innings lost the night before they hadn't won a series in forever and I. I. kind of said to myself. All right that's twenty and twenty seven that's seven under. That's not the final nail in the coffin, but that's going to be a nail in the coffin. And they come back and win that game against the team that has been their nemesis forever they never win series against the cardinals. They never went series against the cardinals when they need to and yet they do and they do it in come from behind fashion the next day doubleheader against the pirates they win the first game in a Stevenson walk-off, they score a bunch of runs in the second. Game overcome an early deficit and it just felt to me that night. You could just feel things starting to turn and granted. I didn't see them sweeping the series and and essentially not losing a series the rest of the way but you could sort of feel things at least for me turning that evening that little twenty, four hour stretch getaway day in Saint Louis and the doubleheader sweep against Pittsburgh. I think there's any question. It's funny because you know talking with the players I asked you guys you know and in group sessions, zoom calls what they felt the turning point was and I know a couple of them engine that that Saint Louis game and I think that was the point when they really believed in themselves and realized. All right. We have to win this game and they realized that once it gets to a point where they actually have to win and and there's there's there's no other way around it that they could do it and they proved themselves that they could do it. I. Think that that was huge for that team I I think it was just a huge turning point that specific game because you go back I remember the series against. the the cubs the series before the one we're talking about in Saint Louis, you felt like you really have to win this and a chance to win that series they didn't, and at that point you. Know This is this is gonNA. Be An uphill battle and then they bounce back against Saint Louis. In a come from behind gained it looks like the way the season gone there was no way they're going to win it, and then the way they slept the pirates. I. It was just that was definitely the turning point of the season. There's no way around it. I don't think there's any other way to look at it and I think that's also the point when they started to believe in themselves and I don't think that the do happening in tandem is any coincidence. With David Bell every single day albeit in ways that we could not have envisioned before the season started or before the season was supposed to begin but nonetheless, you chat with David. Bell. Every single day no. Your access to the actual players themselves in the clubhouse and all that stuff is extraordinarily limited to what it usually is but but sort of assess how David has handled the expectations of this team the slow start they got off to that rocky middle and obviously here the last two weeks. I think it goes back to kind of how I started You know they truly believed in themselves when I. Don't think anybody else and a lot of other people I should say anybody else I think most everybody else did and And I think he genuinely did I I remember asking him point blank I said they. You're an optimist and I know what you say that you believe in your group but at one point lip when the team started to turn things around I said. But at the same time you've been around this game for a long time I. is there a point where you really started to doubt this this team and doubt that you guys might actually be able to pull this and he's beef I mean all along. They were good enough and they were and I i. think we all you go back to the start of the season I. I don't think there was any doubt that everybody believed that this team was good enough to do what they've ended up doing and. So they believed in that it cost the talking about it a little bit today on a zoom call They said look This is a big reason why I came here. We really had a chance to be good, but it's a team that had a lot of new pieces and it takes a team like that a little while to get get their feet under them and and come together as a unit and they were able to do it before you know the sand ran out and that's that's big and I think that's really what it kind of came down to, and that's why they believed in themselves all along because they're capable of it that it just was a matter of of when it would all come together at. The right time this series in particular it is quintessential strength versus strength. The reds they're starting staff that trio of guys they're gonNA throw out there. If this series goes the distance is we've talked about it all season long with those pitchers. If they can just get in, they're going to be fine. They are going to be throwing against a group of Atlanta hitters who are awesome collectively there among the best defensive teams in baseball, they've got MVP candidates what is your biggest question about this series? I mean. I think oddly enough I I think that the reds pitching proved against the twins they proved against the white sox the cardinals are a good team to and they're they're a group of pesky hitters I. Not as potent as the braves hitters, but but sometimes, those pesky hitters can be harder to get out So they they proved it against some good teams down the stretch that that the pitching can get it done. So maybe I am really naive and saying that that braves lineup doesn't concern me on and and that probably sounds really ridiculous when you look at how potent that lineup is and trust me I get it I I, know that that's one of the best in baseball but. For me. It comes back to are they going to be able to get timely hits when they need them because I think the pitching will be there I think the pitching will be good up if the pitching is not good enough it doesn't matter what the offense does. So I trust that the that the pitching is going to get the job done like they have the question is can they can get the timely hit you know the Offensive approach over these five laps live series that they've won. There's been tremendous. I. Think that's the best and you look at the numbers and the team's not hitting that great for average but they were still scoring about five runs a game over that stretch. So the knee, that's that's what matters are you still able to find ways to score runs when you're not getting the hits? That's what they've been able to do. they're still going to run into a few home runs you guys on base. When you do that if all that comes into play offensively, if that'll come together I, think this be incorrect chick I feel good for a lot of different reasons not the least of which I would not have said this in the middle of August I feel very comfortable saying here in late September this team's bullpen is now a strength. Unbelievable isn't that the way they All came together I I. It's funny because there were people looking at me like I was nuts in spring training. When I said that I thought the bullpen was something that could be an overlooked unit with this team because I, I like the arms they had coming in now granted a couple of those guys that I like. Didn't really come you know. Didn't necessarily have the years that I thought. They might Robert Stevenson was one of those guys I really like the way he picks last year and I thought that was a big step for him. I thought Michael rendered made a lot of progress now granted Mike Lorenzen has helped us team but not in the ways we thought he would out of the bullpen I it's been more of the long relief role that he's Had making a couple of spots starts and doing a nice job. But the guys like Lucas Sims that have stepped up the addition of Archie Bradley. I. Don't think is insignificant even though we haven't seen him pitch right Selig raciest I really felt like he was going to have a big bounce back year I know a lot of people were certainly concerned about glazes but he's been outstanding Amir Garrett has continued his. Dominance drummer a year ago and but man what a job Lucas hot and that is just unbelievable and then Tj antone adding into the mix, the guy that really wasn't even on many radars coming in. So yeah, you have to have guys like that come to the party to to to make big strides and a half. We chatted the day before opening day about what it might be like to call a season's worth. Of Games, Road Games from from a distance from JB when you're not there home games as we mentioned when you don't have quite the same access that you normally do now that you have a season behind you and hopefully nearly a month of baseball in front of you kind of guide me through what it's been like a year one in a year. We're hopefully you never have to call games like way to call him this year. He said so I don't have to but. Now You know we made the most out of out of the situation First of all, I, it was truly an honor I I mean I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to do the games this year and and and be a part of this organization in a small part of the the run that this team has been on and off we connect this team to the fans and that that is it's certainly not something I take lightly it has been it really. Has Been An honor. It's been so much fun to watch this team battle back from from the slow start. After we all thought, they were going to be world leaders, and then they were anything and then to see him, turn it around in turn it around for a manager like David Bell local guy that's it from here and I. Think he doesn't show a lot of public emotion, but I don't know that there is anybody that wants to win more than he does so. To see him, and the way that this gene is is I think really kinda rallied around him. I. Think There's a leadership there that we don't see that that makes him a better leader than than what you would really imagine just by seeing him on the surface. So that that's been incredible but it has been a weird year without the accent. You know that's doing games in person when the team. That is It's definitely different, but we've done our best to try to. Hide any any imperfections they might come from that situation, but it's been so much fun working with Jeff and everybody up and down the organization there. There are a lot of people that have helped make that as seamless transition as as humanly possible and I can't think everybody associated with now as a very, very regular listener. You did awesome this year so had hopefully have weeks of games in front of you. I appreciate the time and thanks so much. Thanks so much you gotTa Tommy Thrall Voice of the noon tomorrow seven hundred wwl W reds and braves game number one time calling the game with Jeff Brantley, our buddy sand lake here is going to be on this show at five zero five. We'll hear from Joey votto coming up in just about twenty minutes we'll go to Atlanta. Braves this year we'll learn about Max freed. We'll learn about Ian Anderson find out if there's holes in this lineup and so much more coming up at four, forty two but I there is a question every body who covers talks about or cares about the NFL should be asking today the bengals are right in the middle of the answer we'll get to that next on ESPN fifteen hundred. INC presents football in the brought to you in part by Papa John's pizza on the ESPN fifteen thirty, the official home of the Bengals Baseball Games happening right now, twins lead the Astros bottom five that game is being played at target field dusty. Baker's pulled Zach Cranky Dusty Baker has managed everywhere giants, cubs, reds, nationals. He's a now in Houston Dusty Baker wearing an astros uniform still seems weird. It's been I don't WanNa say a whole season sixty games astros by the way did not if you don't follow the American League or if you don't follow baseball beyond the reds, we know the story of the Astros they finished below five hundred this year and they were miserable on the. Road miserable. They won nine games away from minute maid park by the way. Milwaukee also made the postseason with the below five hundred record nonetheless Kenta Maeda and the twins lead one nothing bottom of the fifth inning there. The other American League wildcard game that is happening right now involves the White Sox in Asia Chicago leads that game through four in Oakland three nothing. TORONTO AND TAMPA Bay get underway from Saint Petersburg coming up at five o'clock in the Yankees and twins play tonight. Last night the Monday night football game was as fun as I think, a lot of us thought it was going to be you never really felt. That the game was in doubts. Really wants Kansas City took a lead. And even when they cut it to twenty seven to twenty, you just kind of felt like Patrick Mahomes and that offense was going to an answer and they did and they go on a thirteen play seventy, five yard drive eat up nearly seven minutes in Patrick throws a touchdown pass to tackle. Eric Fisher they go. Thirty, four twenty never looked back. Patrick. Mahomes was Patrick Mahomes last night. Thirty, one of forty, two, three in the air four touchdowns he he ran for one he was phenomenal Patrick Mahomes, I've. I'm not going to tell you the Patrick. Mahomes is the best quarterback that I've ever seen because he's not I've never seen anybody like him and I've never seen anything like that offense and yes, I was here for the greatest show on turf and I've watched Brady and manning and far Marino and Montana, and I've seen a lot of dudes lot of good really great quarterbacks. I've never seen anybody like Patrick Mahomes. I don't think I've ever had as much fun. Watching quarterback is I have watching Patrick Mahomes. I'm watching that game last night and it was brought up on the TV broadcast by. Steve Levy and Louis riddick. Brian Greasy who by the way are pretty good Louis Riddick. Awesome. But it was brought up Eric the enemy, the offensive coordinator I think this is a big big question. that. If you've hired a coach within the last year or two, we'll never gonNA get an answer. Didn't teams like the. Bengals. And the jets. Colts and pretty much everybody who's hired a coach over the last couple of seasons. Why did they take a pass? On Eric. The enemy, the offensive coordinator there. Now, the the for a couple of years. The obvious answer to this question was well, he doesn't go please. I realized realized that's not that critical component, right? Zach Taylor didn't call plays. He got to be a head coach. There's all sorts of dues who've called plays and they can't coach can lead. Can you develop? Can you make informed roster decisions in concert with the people that you're working for? Can you manage game? Can you get guys don't WanNa play for you? Oh, and if you're being Asked to call plays that obviously is a factor as well. Eric enemy helps install the offense I read a piece today the athletic is as good a deep dive into what he doesn't Kansas City where he's in charge of protections he's not the quarterbacks coach but he meets daily with Patrick Mahomes who credits for aiding his development Andy Reid calls the plays there but is quoted as saying A dozen times per game. I'll say to Eric what do you like here and Eric will call the play or at least give it to me to call. I watched that team I'm watching him like losing his mind on the sidelines and not an uncontrollable non leadership way but he's challenging dudes. That offense is the most fun to watch in the NFL. It's the most fun. We've had to watch the NFL in close to twenty years as far as I'm concerned they've taken Patrick? Mahomes. Who Yes was drafted in the top ten in two thousand seventeen I don't recall anybody telling me this would be an MVP a guy who signed a four hundred million dollar contract and win a super bowl. MVP. And his third year when he was taken out of Texas tack. Just behind John. Ross by the way. I mean legitimately it's fun to do that. But the next day when the bengals took John Ross, I didn't come in and take phone calls from fans wondering why they didn't take Patrick Mahomes. I don't know man I it's. It's a very good question. What was it about Eric? The enemy when you went through the process that major decide on somebody else and if he ends up going somewhere becoming, I'm reading today about how he's an ideal fit for the jets are going to let go of Adam gays and he's an ideal fit for the Falcons who are going to move on from Dan, Quinn, and they should. You're reading about that. If he goes on, it gets a chance and my guess is at some point he will for all of these teams that had a chance to hire him. I've seen people I've talked to people who have suggested that the reason why the bengals were not smitten with Eric, be enemy was just wanted to change too much. He wanted to change too much here. He was one to be two hands on with changing stuff. Mind you when the Bengals we're looking for a head coach they were coming off their third consecutive losing season with a quarterback who was probably a lame duck an offense that if it didn't have to be entirely overhauled needed to improve and a defense by the way that was the league's worst the year before yes it might be time to change stuff. So good question man. So. The oldest is on Zach. Taylor we're talking about Zach Taylor this week more than ever. Zach Taylor has to win this football game on Sunday man. I'm sorry. At some point you gotTa, you gotTA show results your favorite this week against the Jaguars team you've had three close calls and your quarterback is exceeding. Everybody's expectations go in the football game, Zach the more he doesn't win football games the more we're going to wonder whether or not he's the guy. In assuming they're not GonNa let Zach, go to hire eric the enemy then going wonder shouldn't they have hired be enemy and the enemy go somewhere and has the kind of success that a lot of people think he can have somewhere else boy it's really. GonNa. Make US wonder why did you hire Zach not? Eric enemy. Or perhaps understanding that the fate of this franchise rest on getting Joe Borough to maximize his potential. Are. There are scenarios. That involve the bengals. Cutting ties from their current head coach. And hiring the guy they chose not to two years ago. I'm not here to tell you that's actually get fired. I don't believe that not here to tell you that. Zach still can't have a really good long successful tenure in Cincinnati. He's got the quarterback I think we all agree. And I'm not here to tell you that Eric the enemy is guaranteed to be a great head coach. It's fair to wonder when you watch that team it's fair to wonder when you watch that quarterback it's fair to wonder when you watch that offense it's fair to wonder why this guy has not yet a head coach and the bengals could have hired him. Which means at some point when the guy becomes a head coach. Get a chance to see whether or not. He does a good job. He does we're really going to wonder why the Bengals Higher Eric be enemy. And for some reason, the bengals are in the market for head coach at some point. And be enemy still isn't a head coach somewhere. I think we should be at the top of the list. Twenty nine minutes after four o'clock you can't watch that team. Any reads to the hall of fame deservedly. So understandably so You can't watch that team. and not wonder. About. The offensive coordinator. And why that Dude can't get a coaching GIG after having a hand in developing the best Qb in the league. And having a hand in helping develop. The best and most entertaining offense in the league. We had to Atlanta will chat with somebody who covers the braves for their network affiliate. Learn about this picture not just Max free but the throwing a rookie the reds haven't seen on Thursday. Are there holes in this lineup? How much pressure is on them to advance after not getting past the LDS the last two years but I joey votto speaks you'll hear him next. You've been listening to football manetti presented by Rdi Corporation on ESPN fifteen thirty, the official home of the bengals. and. Play. Things. Big Hitch through this. Anything, I have to worry about an FCC fine Taryn for good the radio friendly version. Big. Germane. depre-. Good. Undertake guy is. Ludicrous Ludicrous Song is like eighteen years old. Joey votto spoke today Joey votto. You have to go back to the nineteen seventies to find. Players who have appeared in the postseason with the reds four times, and obviously there's a lot of those dudes because they made the playoffs six times between nineteen seventy and nineteen seventy-nine Joey is on his fourth reds playoff team two, thousand ten when they were swept by the phillies two, thousand twelve when they gagged against the giants in Five Games and obviously twenty thirteen as well. The wildcard loss to the Pittsburgh pirates. He is in the postseason. Again, he chatted with reporters about other things being back in the playoffs for the first time in seven years. I'm excited. I'm very excited. And to. Manage that but I can't wait to compete tomorrow I'm glad we're starting at noon as early as possible so we don't have to wait. But I think collectively were all very excited. So I. Can't wait to play. Joey is one of the I. Smile and laugh and Mike Show my emotions. But I. have something on my teeth right now. So Go have. Someone. One of the few guys with with postseason experiences. What's your favorite part about? Elevating your game for the postseason from the time when you you lasted at twelve thirteen. Know so During, the regular season. There's occasional moments where. You know you get a surge of adrenaline or the moment calls just asks. You come up late in the game or somebody intentionally walked someone in front of you and all of a sudden you're shaking with adrenaline just of. and. You get that almost the entire game or every every playoff game. So you know I remember our military last at bat and in. Twelve and thirteen where there is a big moment or we want to continue. Chipping away at trying to tie the game and you know I've felt. A real surge of adrenaline and You get a lot of those moments in the playoffs for sure. So there's not a lot of coasting. What challenges are there that you have not faced this team this year and I think I believe in the nationally nobody has faced the teams that they're gonNA see this year. Now now that's that's I don't. We've. We've faced this club. Quite, a bit. You know you play four game series We had an exhibition series before last year were very. We've played at the stadium lower comfortable playing. In this environment we played noon games here before. So there's like. There there aren't a lot of like new experiences we face freed before. I can't think of anything stands out other than I've never played here obviously deep into September or October. So it would we plan games in October potentially here. It doesn't matter with this late in the season. I don't think I've ever played but I mean it's not a big deal and it's not one hundred ten here. So it's it's beautiful outside. Do you think it said something about you guys that you're able to win a series of Minnesota especially winning that Sunday game after guys cliched. Yeah where you know I'm. Where we're feeling very confident and we're playing. We I don't even feel like we've played our best ball yet. You know I. Feel like all season long it's been Kinda. There's been moments, but you know, I think the starting pitching carried us most of the season I. Think we we. We got some really good performances from. You know obviously Michael Lorenzen help us out later in the year and but starting pitching was probably four tail year. But I truly from the offensive side of things defensively I feel like we've just been okay at best and. I really I, mean, at some point you're not some point the levy is going to break and offensively we're going to. Put everything together because I do think we have a long lineup I. do think we have a very talented lineup and So, yeah. Joey votto chatting earlier today with a members of the baseball media locally, and in Atlanta as well. Twenty minutes away from five o'clock. The offensive thing I I think I look at it from one of two angles one would be. I agree with him that this team really hasn't started to even during the two weeks stretch where they've been as a team phenomenal year really haven't watched them in thought God. They're clicking on all cylinders offensively. At the same time that's that's the continuation of what's been a nine nine and a half week theme of them just simply not being very good offensive team. And so you you could if you're really being optimistic, I, guess you could say, well, Hey, there do they were trending upward. They still haven't hit their stride offensively look out here in the month of I'm still calling it October even though the calendar hasn't flipped yet look out here in the month of October at the same time I come back to the poll question we have on twitter the biggest concern for this team whether it's in this series or in the playoffs as a whole is a massive offensive drought because I've seen them I've seen them go through this season I also I'm in the very, very stark minority. Because I asked this question, I gave you four choices. Offense going silent David Bells moves backfiring possible bullpen implosion issues with defense one point eight percent said issues with defense. There is a really good chance these at least these first two games are really low scoring. Every ounce going to matter a little bit more. A best of three series has such a small margin for error. You cannot give up outs, you cannot give up basis you cannot have defensive us. This is not a great defensive team. Brian Snicker the Atlanta manager said yesterday that he thinks the most underrated quality of his team is its defense I. Don't think they're great. Let's don't have a lot of great defenders. Now you can do some things. You can ensure that Shogo is in the game for defense late, even if he doesn't play against a lefty. Top to bottom. We saw come up often over the last couple of weeks it was better. Does defense catch up to them. The last two times, the reds lost postseason series. Defense was a part of their unraveling. Thanks role in game three two, thousand twelve. Think. A bunch of dudes in Game Two thousand ten. By the way, Scott Rolen is a multi time coke love borderline hall of Fame Third Baseman. The due to imploded in game two in two, thousand, ten against Philli. Good fielders. Team doesn't have a lot of good fielders. Small margin for error likely low scoring games. That concerns me. Eighteen. Minutes away from five o'clock Brennaman and Jones Baseball's about twelve minutes away we head to Atlanta let's find out how good this braves team is we'll do that next. It's not good titans and Vikings shut down their facilities after three players on Tennessee's team and five team personnel members tested positive for the corona virus. Good Kevin McAlpine cover the Atlanta braves and the brand. The reds are playing the Atlanta braves. So it's a good thing that we're having him on. Kevin covers the braves for the Atlanta Braves Radio Network in six eighty the fan in Atlanta and does an awesome job I. Know you're busy. So I appreciate the time. Let's start with Max free. This is a guy who for four or five weeks we were talking about him and Trevor Bauer and others is being cy young candidates, and since then he's dealt with injuries, there's been an ankle he twisted. He's had back spasms. He's pitched six innings Labor Day weekend. He's going to get the ball tomorrow for the braves. What is he saying about his health? Yeah he feels good and that's Of Relief for braves, fans because for folks in Cincinnati who may not know this has been a revolving door in the rotation. This season Max freed is the last man standing from the rotation that started the year matter. Of fact, the have had about seven or eight guys drop off since the start of spring training. So they needed a guy to step up and he's been good. So he feels fine You know he tweaked his ankle in his last outing covering. A bunch play from starling Marseille Kinda come off the mound pivot turn and fire and I think if it's a postseason game if there was more on the line, he probably would have tried to stay in that ballgame but there was nothing on on on the line you know the braves had wrapped up the two seed. So really no reason to push his way through it. So he feels like he's in a good spot he's been able to do all of his inbetween start routines. Throwing off the mound he played catch every day. So I think that the brave Sandal sleep a little easier after hearing him talk today that he feels like he's in a good place going into tomorrow start. All right. We're going to see Max free tomorrow we're going to see an Anderson on Thursday. He's a rookie obviously staying in the division reds fans haven't had a chance to watch him. The numbers are great scout in Anderson for me. You know he's a three pitch guy. He came into the season as the top rank pitching prospect and I didn't think we were going to see him. But again, there's been a lot of needs in the rotation this year he's come up and he has been a flat-out impressive to say the least in seven big league starts it comes out here. His first big league appearance is against the Yankees at truest park here in Atlanta it goes out and shoved against them and career start was at fenway park against the. Boston Red Sox, the team that he grew up idolizing grew up dreaming of playing against. I'm he's got a really good fastball. curveball is probably of his three pitches but his changeup has been spectacular. It's been as outfit tree and Anderson. So you know he's not a finished product by any means just twenty two years old but he's got the stuff It's there he's got the mentality He hasn't been overwhelmed or overmatched by facing some of these top lineups in baseball in a very small sample size so. What you're to see is the guy that I think is going to go out there and I really believe that not having fans in the stands. May help a guy like, Anderson. He's not going to get you know look around forty, five thousand fans when he takes out, Thursday? So he's got a good head on his shoulders for anybody that has seen like Saroka pitched the last few years I see a lot of similarities in Saratoga and scouts tell me when he came up at frizz Buddhist Sarokin and freed are they feel ultimately like Anderson's going to? Be Better than those two guys, and of course, ones an all star in one starting game. One of the postseason for yourself. Some pretty high praise from the scouts as far as the Anderson feeling here in big lake and Kevin McAlpine covers the braves, the braves radio network six, eighty, the fan in Atlanta he is on twitter at Kevin McGowan, if things go according to plan for Brian Snicker, how does he uses bullpen? Well. In the bullpen has you mentioned has been pretty much the biggest strength of this team all year better fact when you give them a lead ethic fittings, the browser perfect twenty seven, no they've had the ability to shorten games with the help of guys like Chris Martin who got a little a little scary al in Sunday's finale. He had to leave the game but he's good to go. He will. He will be able to be come out of the Pan for the postseason they have mark mouland whose closer. So if you want to go backwards from the ninth inning. Milan's your guy in the ninth Shane Green the former all-star with the Detroit Tigers. He's been pretty much the eighth inning guy seventh-inning. You can see anywhere from, will? Smith. To AJ venture from the left side who's been really good They've got a number of different ways they can mix and match this ten matter of fact, Luke. Jackson who was there closer last season. He's become more of like the mop up duty. I. Got a couple of long options in in in Josh Tomlin who was a started with the Indian for all those years Tyler. Matic's a great. Story. Overcoming the gifts and reinventing his career. So the bullpen which we thought was going to be really good has been even better than I. Think Most folks expect it. So again, this team when they lead after five or six, if you're really good about their chances of shaking hands at the end of the night, we a Lotta Time Kevin in the off season talking about how the reds we're going to upgrade. Their offense and one of the names we talked often about was Marcelo Zona and even debated actively here should they should they make a run a Marcelo sooners? Should it be nick has to Janos obviously ozone decide to Atlanta the reds take Castanos? I think if we were to compare the two seasons, a runaway castanos has been helpful here. Osuna offensively has been great. But when we were having those discussions often thought. Of that playoff series last year between the braves and Cardinals Marcello soon in left field at times last year looked lost. So then we get the DA in the National League and I thought two things a that works out well for Atlanta because he can be that may opens up an opportunity for guy that we love hearing. Adam devante play to play left field give me a sense of how that's all worked out. And start quickly with Duvall guy that you know the braves went out and brought in a couple of years ago and you know he wasn't getting a lot of planning and I think he had a tough time transitioning from coming off the bench and the numbers were flat-out dreadful for Adam duvall first couple of years so much so that he spent most of last season at AAA Gwinnett trying to get his swing back try to. Get it figured out and boy where would be without out of? Duval. Especially here in September eleven home runs in the month of September that tied and all time franchise record for homers. In the final month of the season Duvall has been a great story and keep in mind he does have type one diabetes. As you guys know he would have been very easy for him to sit out this year by you know he wanted. To play he's got an opportunity as far as you know. Marcello soon as concerned he came into the final day of the regular season on Sunday with a chance at a triple crown. Now, I, don't think any of us in our wildest imagination could've fuck. Marcello Zuma would have been impactful for this team, but you're right having the D. H. has opened up that door I think if you're the braves you have to. Really. Seriously consider trying to lock this guy up this off season I mean he has been huge on and off the field you know think about you have a guy like Ronald funeral junior you have ozzy all these you on Camargo Young Latin players have gravitated towards those Zuniga since day one and I don't think a lot of folks in that race clubhouse were really big fans of Osuna for what he did in the postseason last year. He's been in from day one and again I think if I'm Alexandropolis and the Braves Front Office that to me should be priority number one this off season trying to figure out how to keep him around especially if D. H. is here to stay and I got a hard time believing, it's not to be completely honest with you I would I would agree with that this is a well-balanced lineup they hit the ball out of the ballpark the. GUYS ON BASE, they've scored a ton of runs, but when teams have been able to have success against this Atlanta lineup wherever they found holes. Well you know the the one. Question Mark as far as the brave offense is their numbers with runners scoring physician matter of fact, one of the worst teams in baseball when it comes to having a runner on third with less than two hours, they have not made productive outs too many strikeouts in those situations but top to bottom I'll say that you know early on this year, I've all these was hurt you know he was trying to play. Through a sore wrist, he wasn't the All star that we saw from a couple of years ago he's back. He's healthy have to divide them now with Kunia and with Freddy Freeman and Marcelo Zuma and Travis Dr No You know you've got Adam duvall and and you know guys that can hit the ball the Austin Riley I guess Riley, would be the one area of concern for braves fan you know. Down the stretch last season, it was a lot of swing and miss a lot of strikeout sort of you know expanding the zone a little bit too much but if they can get Austin Riley going, you have a chance to have top to bottom in your order you know ten fifteen, twenty homers a year from anybody in the lineup, and that's gotTa be scary for opposing teams. So again I think the One weakness has been just trying to make those productive outs with runners on base. If they can do that, they'll put together and again there there's really not a lot of holes in this lineup if you're trying to game plan against as often how much Kevin do do the job? I hate this word but failures of the last two years in the postseason loom over Atlanta's entry into the postseason in two thousand twenty. I would go back then but since two thousand and one, I mean, you think about all the years all time the braves had gotten to the postseason and they have failed to get past the first round I think you know Brian Sniffer was asked about it today on his zoom. None of those guys were really around back then You know this is a whole new group, but I'll tell you this much guys are getting sick and tired of US asking about, Hey, you know women division again you know you but. Now, it's time to get beyond the first round and they understand I mean it's it's frustrating guy like Freddy Freeman who we came up the two, thousand ten and the organization was winning. They were a perennial contender out through two thousand thirteen and then Freddy had to suffer the rebuilding years and they were some believe me they were some painful years to watch this team. But now they're back in just making the postseason if not good enough for anybody in this clubhouse, which is why I think you saw them the other night when they clinched. Happy. Yeah, they were celebrating but was nothing like it was in twenty, eighteen nobody expected it and eighteen. They had a lot of doubt from national folks about repeating in nineteen. They did it again So now the three years in a row and won the division their sights set on much bigger things than just getting into the playoffs and again I think they would love to to not have to hear US talk about two decades of first round exit to the postseason here in Atlanta Kevin phenomenal inside man I appreciate it. Thanks so much. For. Having me, that's Kevin McAlpine who covers the Atlanta braves for the Atlanta Braves, radio network and also six eighty the fan in Atlanta. Baseball postseason underway Houston, and Minnesota tied at one. That game is in the bottom of the seventh inning twins of the home team. Meanwhile, Lucas G Alito who earlier this year threw a no hitter. Is Perfect through six. He and the White Sox lead the as in Oakland by a score of three to nothing. Brennaman and Jones on baseball next. This is Dave Lapham and you're listening to the home of the BENGALS ESPN fifteen thirty. Two oust the our nonetheless we have SAM cure here. Sam As part of the Fox Sports Ohio reds playoff coverage that airs after every reds postseason game we had you on the show last Tuesday. We said we were going to bring you back if the reds playing, they are still playing, but I wanna go back even before last Tuesday take me back eight nine days prior the reds are in Saint Louis? They're winding up a series against the cardinals they won that game despite losing in the Middle Innings five to. Three, they sweep the pirates if I would have said that you two weeks ago this team is going to dart through these last two weeks and get to get to the postseason with a head of steam. You would have said what seemed unlikely I'll tell you that much I mean just there because the whole season they find the same way you know there had never felt like there was any kind of adjustment bait and to be honest with you, it's still really doesn't what I'll say is that a Lotta Times They were losing series. They were never doing the same thing they're starting pitching was great. But they weren't going up right there in the home runs were solo home runs the bullpen you know around the trade deadline is really turned it on the last month. This team but. I wouldn't have felt optimistic about it. That's for sure. Let's let's start with the bullpen and then we'll talk about Trevor Bauer and Sunny Gray who you and I did not talk about last week early in the season it just kind of fell to me like everybody was having a hard time settling into their role and. Over the last five, six, seven weeks even really before this team took off it's sort of felt like David Belden a pretty good job of establishing what everybody everybody's role was going to be. They got Archie Bradley over the last month maybe even month and a half the guys in the pen have been pitching much much better. Walk me through what's taken this bullpen from a liability early in the season to what I think heading into the playoffs is going to be a strength. Tuckey guys for me and this whole thing I know it didn't seem like it was part of the issue but was Michael Lorenzen and a of trying to force him into that eighth inning role where he was struggling, they allow using different situations and he really took off in a different role. Now obviously eating up some innings to three getting time and then got a couple of star where he was really good now to make up for his absence that role I lucas says is really being founded the linchpin of this whole thing being able to allow them to do what it was meant to do because some you're guaranteed good all year right glacier. All the struggle here there but other but overall I feel like he's been really good I give Luke it's kind of credit for kind of allowing guys the slot into different roles into the roles that they needed to be in. Anyone's they got Archie Bradley obviously that's another huge pc came over to feel like you can get to him. If you're really good about your chances and obviously have Fisa time we learnt recently he's had a little bit of back issue that scares me a little bit to be honest with you with a guy who has a almost two weeks i. just I could have been a post season game I don't feel great about that. I really wish he would have got to on the last game of season but. You know that is what it is and she's been there. He's been around. So I trust in him but not ideal I would point to that man. Trying to force guys in the roles they're not succeeding in and Lucas sounds really being the guy that I think chase a whole complexion to the bullpen buying stepping out there really being forced back in I said on on Thursday the day after I wash Trevor Bauer kgo eight, inning strikeout twelve give up just four hits they win the game he did it on three days rest he backed up his long stated claim that he's actually better. On three days rest I said on Thursday that regardless of how things panned out over the weekend I would never forget that I would never forget that outing that was one of the best pitched games by a red starting pitcher in years as a former pitcher as somebody who can can walk me through what he does. Critically give me an idea of what it's like to watch trevor and what exactly it is. That makes him so good. Well. picky. Just digs into everything in a different way than I think everybody's accustomed to. So it's hard to follow along by self included. Once I you know dive into what he's doing and the terminology that he's using. I can dumb it down to where I can understand it I mean he's he's complicating, but he's really simplifying and you're not her talk about getting strike one that's so keefer. Last year it was among the league leaders in all of baseball and walks with stuff that he has he can get the strike one. Then, he can expand this that doesn't have to throw a ton of strapped, but he's been so locked in mechanically this. The right now is just allowing the game and the pitch prior to dictate how he goes along. He's got a game plan forever everybody even as long as he's executing it, it's getting striped one. So it won't basketball. He's already got an idea of what he wants us. To, be based on the execution of that pitch. So this using the pitch set up, the fat be can execute that first pitch. Then the timing, he can really do anything he wants because he got so many weapons based on. So many strikes this year with above average across the board above average stuff. So I think for for air. The strike zone and he said that the other day. For them it's about not beating himself has guys are going to have trouble beating him by stringing together. They're gonNA have to hit ought run off of them Done a good job without this shot that he's given up several but they've been so because he's not walking out to put himself in that situation. So as long as trevor continues to throw strikes I, think one of the key things for him is going to be. Handling their right hand at that because they have an explosive lineup. Premiums probably. MVP. Runner. He doesn't even have the best. Team that lost the Marcellus Zuma's. But you talk about Ron Junior Junior John I'm sitting here thinking about do not want to let you hear. For Him Brady. Freeman is probably GonNa get his and he's A. Freddie. At the better batch up around facing the right handed pitcher. But Trevor's really GONNA have to handle those right handed bass and not beat himself by letting them dictate the action. So that'll be a key that I'm watching for tomorrow is how he handles the right handed batters and when Freddy Freeman and Ozzy August left-handers about come up. There's not a lot of traffic on the basis since you and I last talked sunny gray has come off the injured list and he's made two starts I thought the start against Milwaukee was really encouraging and there was some good and bad on Sunday against against Minnesota if Sonny's even going to be needed on Friday but what did you see from sunny? Since he's come off the Andrew. List. Well, the first outing I was much more encouraged by because it was kind of surprised for him to go out there. It'd be a sharp as he was commander. was there you know? You talk about guys you know struggling to find it takes a along find the field they're breaking ball. It's kind of opposite for sunny. I feel like he's always had such a commander that breaking ball. That's kind of is number one pitch. You know you figure most guys put down one for a fastball because number one pits. He's got a great fastball, but let's be honest with breaking bonuses Kinda So the fact that he was able to go out there and have commander those pitches right away was really encouraging I. think the breaking ball they were give there's plenty of zip on the fastball. The breaking ball is still tight. I think what he did against Minnesota was key didn't land that breaking ball for strike as much. So he wasn't. Getting the chases that you normally gets on his breaking ball but I think for him. That's a good solid mid week bullpen and he's GonNa Right back to where he was I i. don't think he was very far off. It was good to see him go out there this workload in kind of bumped the fish up a little bit and come out and feeling healthy. So Pistons, Huge Huge Wild Card Games against Justin verlander. Legs some really big games was acer that staffer for years over there. so He's been there. This is not going to be anything new for him, and this guy's such a competitor I just find it really hard to bet against him. So if needed. A lot of confidence sunny and I know everybody in the reds clubhouse does you brought up before from a from a reds perspective? It's it's hard to pick the one guy that Atlanta line at that. You don't want to let beat you from from an Atlanta perspective. If you're if you're Brian Snicker as you get to manage these next two or three games, who is the guy in the reds batting order that right now the way this team collectively as swinging the bat right now you're trying to ensure doesn't be I think you've got a point of Gino especially for Game One You know they're throwing up a left handed starter The reds have done well against left handed starting pitching this year I. Don't think they face a guy like Max free. He's been really good. He's GonNa get cy young votes for me. It's GONNA be Gino. He hasn't really strong. September thing is s was nine, nine fifty or something like that So he was really strong and you know he's done with the Guy Look doing the lineup. As kind of Asi goes and he's driving around. You know the reds go a little bit but shogo had a really good September. my stock is ended up swinging the bat really well against both right and left handed pitching so. There's there are a number of guys that have the track record you know, but they're tracker didn't show itself over the regular season. So if I'm going on there with the guys, they have getting face in front of Gino that being shogo and Joey. Ramone Bass percentage about for the man was still pretty darn good I'd have to point to jail you and I've talked about this before before i. Let you go you and I've talked about this before th there aren't many great recent reds, postseason memories but you are in the middle of one of them, which would be game one and two, thousand, twelve, the I man out of the pen. Hopefully, there's nothing like that this week or anytime beyond. But the I man out of the Pentagon San Francisco when when Johnny Cueto. Pulls up with an injury and you come in and you got the win you got the win that game and ending in two thirds. Hopefully no reds reliever longman starter who's being relegated to bullpen duty is in a situation like that. But but take me back eight years ago. That moment what it's like to ensure that you're ready to go to moment's notice when. kind of felt disastrous when Johnny Cueto was coming off the mound what is the reds reliever have to have in the back of their mind in case of something like that starting tomorrow Well I. think that's honestly I. think that's one of the strengths of this edging staff right now is that if somebody goes down, you got Tyler Malley and you've got he antone and Wade Miley, you can come out of there and give you some innings and quality innings at that so. Another thing with some of the flocks of the Bolton earlier in the year and guys not really having established roles I. Think they've because they've been playing kind of playoff baseball the past two weeks. I think it's prepared them for this a big way because I don't think anybody really knew when they were GonNa Pitch. So I, think everybody I mean you saw Archie Bradley in the fourth inning earlier this year you saw you know t j antone different spots, Wade miley finishing games you know different things like that. So I think the next man that mentality and that whole be ready for anything because David Bell shown that's he's not going to be scared to pull the shirt manage each of these games. The past couple of weeks like they were must wins because they were. So I, think the fact that the baseball the resume play the last two and three weeks. I think really plays plays into their hands going into this because I had a pretty comfortable hand on on the East division for for a while. Now I mean it was not that they. Two weeks early but you know they had a pretty good idea that they were going to be the team in that division and so they maybe. Roll back of back off the gas a little bit but it's hard to turn it on in this game and the reds of it on for three weeks now. So there. I think they just kind of stay the course man to be honest with you. They don't have to change anything about their throats because their approaches. Then we have to win games and we have to win series and that's the same thing that's going to happen tomorrow. So I, think they're in a really good position Joey said it pretty well when he says this team's the nightmare of course, he was talking about their starting rotation and then all of a sudden really lockdown bullpen. Axe reason Atlanta braves pitching staff is going over this line up and they're looking at names I you recognize the name on the back of the Jersey and don't let down you know Christian Yelich to twelve this year but every time he steps in a box, you're very aware of what he's doing and the reds have a lot of guys track records like I said that can burn you at any time so you can't take a break with US reds lineup even. Know as a as a group, they really you know banning have the lowest batting average and fifty seven years that made the playoffs. So but those guys can still earn you in Atlanta has to be aware of that and and you can't take any breaks in the playoffs period. So I like their chances i. am a little scared US rent excuse me the the brains lineup 'cause they're dynamic and they're really long and they performed up to their capabilities so. The reds are gonNA need to score four runs Can they do that? That's going to be that's going to be the case if they score four runs on board twice I think they win the series. If not, it's going to be tough. I hope to bother you often over the next couple of weeks. By the way there are people who don't realize your postseason leisure for the reds is almost immaculate. So if there's anybody who gets Four at four outings five five innings didn't give up Iran I. Think Hitters went three for nineteen against people don't realize that you're like money in the postseason. So I hope that carries over to TV. I. Hope. Not. To Get on the first spending too much but now you you'll have junior we're going to do the post-game like you said we're trying to get them social media stuff out there all tweet a couple of things Brian. He's and saw Jim Day Christmas we're all going to be involved with the post game a little bit more a longer post game with some breakdowns. And things like that. That's going to be able to do the free game shows but we'll be out there. If you look for us, you get the information and Yeah. Join the soccer game, and hopefully we'll be talking about a a Red Lynn home. So Sam I pretended man thank you as always. On Santa Care, part of the postseason coverage on Fox Sports Ohio we're GONNA talk baseball gambling in the postseason with our Buddy Sean Zarrella from the action network. He joins US NEXT ON ESPN fifteen hundred. Football Natty Rotea with Clark by Siham a pipeline and sewer Bret Baier and Skyline Chili on ESPN fifteen thirty the official home of the bengals. Tuesday there's nothing happening with the bengals today, right so the different and play the Jaguars on Sunday. There you go. There's football natty. Let's. Stay focused on the playoffs. We've covered the reds embrace from. I think every conceivable angle now perhaps the most important there's great value in the reds. If you WANNA, make a wager before the season started you. If you listen to this show certainly during football season, you know what a huge fans we are of the action we had on Sean? Zarrillo right before the baseball season started who's who's kind of their their baseball guy. He is on twitter at Sean. Sean is S. E. A. N., his sort of pre playoffs gambling preview. I tweeted out a link mentioned the value on the reds I wanted to bring Sean in as the postseason I was going say as it's about to begin, there's actually games happening right now. But at least as as the reds begin to play in the postseason, I wanted to talk baseball gambling with our Guy Zarella Ilisu he is with us this afternoon. I appreciate you joining me during a game during a day in which baseball games are being played man thanks so much. Oh. Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. It's It's crazy I. think this is the first time. All Year that we've had three games going on at the same time in Major League Baseball On a night where there's no other sports going on, they finally started decided to stack the schedule a day game. So I'm not really sure what they doing but. Wind up tomorrow and I'm like a kid on Christmas that I. It combines two things I love baseball and a march madness sort of feel. So I don't know I'm here for this postseason for moving forward. But at least this week and next sign me up. To, do this for me because you you you make you write about baseball and gambling on baseball, and you do it on a model that you've come up with, and then you use projections to sort of guide people in certain directions. Give us an idea of how you do that. Yes. So you know it's it's mostly player driven I. Think anything that you're making with regards to projections needs to be forward looking not backward looking and easy to fall into looking at trends and looking at. Pictures The IRA and performances today but everything I try to do is. Incorporating data from past performances, but certainly looking forward in terms of player production. So it combines that I the way I separate myself I think from other. Publicly available models is I incorporate defense much more heavily I, I used to work I fourth info solutions and they are the driver of defensive on and most of the data that you see on fan graft. So I feel very comfortable with how I built it in the inputs that are going into it but they really in terms of how you build out a playoff projection, you need to take it match up I batch up and. Sort of see what the game by game matchups would be the relative percentages of each team playing one another. So there's you know in my opinion, a close to a forty percent chance the dodgers win. S and advanced to the world series. So if the raise which is the most likely world series were to them, there's only forty percent chance that if the raise make the world series, their daughters you need to account for that other sixty percent and the likelihood that they're gonNA play other teams and what they would be relatively favourite against one another so. When I built this out you know and when I build anything out I, like to do it not having anything else anything else that might indicate what the optimal outcome should be. Or the, you know relative to the market or relative to what other people have buying large anything I create. It's almost like a magic trick onto myself. You know I'm not a not a Coder I. I'm a I'm a person who has. Tried to leverage state to the best of my abilities with background different things, and it's generally worked out in my favorite to this point but it's it's like revealing a magic trick to myself every time part of it. and. that process basically spit out three teams, the resume and the. The Indians. or I should say, sorry, the raising the the white sox in the AL who show likely value to win their respective penance just based upon where they fell in in their brackets. I think the reds ended up avoiding the top part of the Draw I. Think they are pretty much coin flip in the first series against the braves. And then from there I would probably make them small favorite against either the cubs are the marlins obviously that make him a favorite against the marlins but. I think in the software part of the draw, there's the likelihood that the dodgers could get taken out by the short series. kind of place the burs advantage not having to play a longer series. So there's just a lot of things that that play into the match ups and the the wake work out like you said, it's the march madness bracket I actually do it like a super regional college world series bracket but there's just there's so much chaos potential you know even. Even though I see the dodgers is the most likely world series favorite. There's still more likely chance that they they go down to three against the Bursch, just because of very infant baseball, it's not like basketball the best players on the court winning all the time and anything can happen once the ball gets in the air. So it's It's interesting to see that the reds have been consistently undervalued year I feel like oddsmakers are sort of inviting people to bet on them, which worries me a little bit but you also could have gotten them at sixty two, one two weeks ago when they were still on the cusp of the playoff on now they plunge back down to. Around twenty two one, you can get them as high as thirty. Two one is the actual value on the red down to. Probably. Twenty to one I protected them close to seventeen fifty and then to win the Pennant, I like downtown to one projected closer eight one. So that's how I'd be the reds I think everybody knows that rotation definitely don't go through that but I you know there're they're slightly better defensive team. ATLANTA. Which is where some of that edge lies. And then if you just look at often the stats that should've progressed that the braves of three twenty batting average on balls and play this year, these two, forty five. So both of those mark should regrets. You have a hot team coming into the playoffs I. Just you know they're they should be a coin flip favorite against every or a coin flip series against every team except the dodgers raising my opinion can you elaborate it all on something you mentioned which is Defense and you factor that into your projections I think there would be people who watch the reds every single day who might go wait a minute their defense is better than somebody and they don't have they haven't made a ton of errors but there've been things like giving up extra basis thrown into the wrong bag stuff like that. So sort of do a deeper dive for me into how you've incorporated the reds defensively into. Finding value in them. Yeah I think a big advantage that's GonNa. Come in this postseason especially, not the later rounds WanNa get neutral parks. Though I generally eliminated homefield advantage from my. Projections overall this season because Home teams are not getting the the calls on the edge of the design that they used to, and that's it's pretty clearly defined but that is our home field advantage lies based upon what we've seen play out this season So I think the big advantage that the red tab and at the White Sox happens with pitch for having the ability to feel strikes and. That alone especially once get to the next round bind tighter games is going to really amplify. especially with their pitching. Staff. You know they they're going to get the benefits calls in general just because they're more veteran pitchers quality pictures get respect from on. Pires. But the white sox and read that really shown over the past seasons that they're able to steal a ton of strikes She said why talk more so this year with Grondahl but he is amplified jams. The stats as well can become a excellent pitch framer this season. So No see teams in particular. I. Think they get a lot of their edgy behind the plate not as much as they do in the field I think they're. you know the the white sox if you're watching repair, he catches absolutely everything in center field. He's just came in back in cleaner. But. It seemed like the cardinals defensively with Colton long how many Edmund? Who could they? They could move around to various positions. Palo Neal was I think the best defensive left fielder in baseball this season. So they have a lot of advantages defensively cleveland is well, I think their defense makes her a lot of their offensive. disparity that the having unseen. So it plays into why Bieber has been able to pass sexwale season despite. Being, dominant, winning the Triple Crown I. Think you know they were able to clean up a lot of things that he might not have gotten playing for another team. So yeah that that's where the the hidden as lives I think in baseball largely and I wrote a article about this in the off-season because everybody's able to analyze inning and pitching pretty much the same on the same terms. But depending on what you defensive stats you give more or less credence to I, think you might be able to say that you have an edge in and see if it plays out over a long period of time and. you know enjoyment so far it has. So those are teams that I think are generally undervalued the cardinals cubs the dodgers you know certainly complain all three facets but. They're excellent defensive team and on the other side Cleveland Chicago Tampa, Minnesota those those are amongst the best defensive teams in baseball and I think they just get that extra one or two percent that you might not give to other teams. One more thing with this series specifically, obviously, Homefield is not a factor at all once we get beyond the wild card round but the reds are playing in Atlanta and for everything you said about. The. Performance of pitchers relative to umpiring in their own ballparks, this season home teams did still win more often this year than they did in two thousand and nineteen. They wanted about a fifty six percent clip obviously shorter season. So maybe that. Comes back to the pack a little bit if we play a full one, sixty two but but how do you account for a best of three series in which one team is gonNA play in its own ballpark every single game Yeah I mean I think there's certainly an initial travel edge with the teams having to get their job but they did have you know a couple of days to make that travel instead of playing a night game after night traveler what they would normally do during the regular season. So you know really I think the the homefield. Stack this year, which initially were were kind of a wash at the beginning of the season and then it ended up flipping late in the year. If you look at how the teams who made the playoffs performed, they were just basically killing their. Lesser Teams in their division Tampa Twenty Nine Yankees twenty two, nine, Minnesota, twenty, four, seven. Oakland Twenty, two and ten you know they were. They were just racking up wins against teams in their division. They were kind of coming off travel not really anything to play for late in the season so. I'm not necessarily giving as much credence though home field advantages I have in the past it's like basically wash it out at this point certainly later in the playoffs, the the Games are going to be tighter and very neutral ballparks. pitcher leaning ballparks with the roof closed generally in the National League Games. Were playing in Texas. So yeah, it's It's it's just a small sample in my opinion I don't I don't think home field advantage is amplified this season obviously, but I think there is untiring data to suggest that away pitchers are getting the benefit more calls it. Briefly, this may be a stupid question. It's not the first time I've asked one if it is you can tell me. So we're going to have a lot of teams four in the American League that play. An elimination game tomorrow, there's a huge the best of three series even added importance to game one. So let's say I'm I'm thinking about betting the reds and they win game one because now suddenly they're in a position to to win one more game and then jump into the next round. How much drastically if at all do their odds, their futures odds change based on winning one game given the fact that we have series that are shorter than usual to to start the postseason. Alec Mathematics know in terms of the the world series probability, it's GonNa. I, mean I could see it as going down by as much as half for certain teams if they drop a game one but that being said, I think there's going to be substantial value in betting on series presses after a game one loss especially for a team like the red to I see having a pitching edges and games cube game three so. you know I that's something I'm going to continue to update and. After each game and look for those edges. But the reds working that, I see, and I should say the same for Cleveland, against the Yankees those teams I see slight edge is on their money on series prices. But the red specifically who I did place about for Game One I think they should be around fifty percent minus one or two plus twenty. You know I'm I'm not gonNA play the series price. Yeah. 'cause I don't see as large of an edge. See a pretty comparable edge to the game around Bryce. GonNa look for if they dropped game one hopefully, they don't a larger Adjani game series price than I, would find on a game to money line, and that is really generally where I find the most value on series prices they either over under jobs more more than they should. In a longer series, you know it's going to be different than short three series but in five game series, the World Series specifically, you get pretty big swing in the market between Games I mean there. You will get the daughters that you'll get the race today they were on pace for over one hundred wins during the regular season and they're both two games away from elimination right now, the format wasn't necessarily fair to those teams, but it is a reason why I don't think you can reject any team for greater than basically a twenty percent chance at this point to win the world series, you have to get out of the first round away from three-game series into severely amplify your chances during the go value in the reds, you could read Sean Action Network Dot Com make sure you get the APP follow him on twitter at Shawn's. It is a his work is great I use it often this year and you know we're big fans of the Action Network Our guy stuck he comes on with us every single Friday we appreciate the time Sean thanks so much. Oh. Thank you so much festival reds got fifty to one ticket from the preseason and I've got Trevor Bauer because they don't want to get your kids maybe we'll get both of them. Now we're now we're talking to get no argument from Sean thanks so much. Thank you Sean Zarrillo Action Network Action Network Dot Com we are. Late we have to hear from David Bell. We still have to take a telephone call for the first time today. But we don't have that much time. So I better shut up. It's twenty one from six ESPN fifteen. been listening to football in the neck brought to you in part by the rivers sportsbook on ESPN fifteen thirty, the official Olympic bingles. The Houston Astros have gone up four one on Minnesota in the top of the ninth inning. Brantley want to run single following a bases loaded walk issued to those Al to four one. Houston top nine in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Twins playoff history is in recent seasons. Needless to say chequered. They haven't won a playoff game since two, thousand, four, they have since lost. In three straight in two, thousand, six, three, straight in two, thousand, nine, three, straight in two, thousand and ten in a League Division series lost the American League wildcard game two, thousand seventeen lost the League division series in three straight games to the Yankees. Last year, their last playoff victory actually came in game one of the LDS against the Yankees. So by my count, they've lost sixteen consecutive postseason games. They are losing this one four one in the top of the ninth inning in their own ballpark other baseball playoff games. Lucas Alito took a perfect game into the seventh inning for the White Sox who lead Oakland through eight four, one top of the third inning in Saint Pete Bluejays, raise our scoreless. Meanwhile, we're getting set for reds postseason baseball. There's a part of me that still can't believe. I'm saying that Reds postseason baseball tomorrow there in Atlanta Game One at noon. I have a poll question on twitter at Malaga. Fifteen, thirty, it's currently pinned to the top of my twitter page. Your biggest concern about the reds entering the postseason is either a the bats going silent. Be David. Bells moves backfiring see issues with defense or D. possible bullpen employees. Seventy three percent say the bats going silent here's David Bell answering questions today about among other things the reds offense needing to get going even more starting tomorrow. We've talked. About when we our team in I think it's been a process for our offensive. Number One. Our offense has a personality each and every players authentic to who they are. We have you know their go each and every hitter on our team. their goal is to be the best. They can be our goals of coaching staff manager is to to support them and encourage them to to maximize who's who they are as players. They are as hitters You know it's been a short season Um search in less time, which in some ways has been good. You know it's forced us to. Make adjustments quicker but you know bouncing that with the patients and all that, but it's truly kind of forced to. You know to to not waste any time not the you're ever looking to do that but you know we have. been able to get on base walked a ton. You know we haven't had a lot of singles we've hit for power. We've hit homers so. Really knowing that and not getting away from who we are but also you know really focusing on the fundamentals of still trying to hit line drives and even when the results are coming hit into some bad locker whatever. Still stand with that and trust in that and knowing that You know if we trust our strikes on discipline and we stay with that process, we're GONNA keep getting on base but. Sooner or later hits GONNA fall they. They have a little bit more. Only still scored a lot of runs on on the walk in the homer, which is great. But. We've just tried to stay with it make adjustments and just trying to keep getting better. So We have were offenses confidence right now. We continue to work in work and work, and we're confident going into the the series. David Bell chatting earlier today in Atlanta in advance of game one between the reds and the braves Trevor Bauer gets the ball against Max freed. First, pitch is going to be at noon. We go on the air at three o'clock, which means where the post. Game Show. The last time we were the Post Game Show for a playoff game is maybe the only time in my career that I legitimately didn't want to be here. We were on the air for one hour after the reds lost five to the giants. And I literally started the hour by saying this is the first time in my career. I can tell you legitimately I don't want to be here. Obviously. Tomorrow is not an elimination game for either team, but hopefully, hopefully I feel better when we're here tomorrow afternoon. Three o'clock, and so we'll have pretty much wall-to-wall reds, braves reaction analysis. We'll hear from you. It's GonNa be a fun. Day. Tomorrow. Let's talk about a topic. That I think is gonNA come up if the reds don't win this series. And perhaps even if they do next on ESPN FIFTEEN THIRTY This laptop and you're listening to the home of the BENGALS ESPN fifteen third. Let's be honest these games against Atlanta whether there's two or three they are. Quite. Possibly going to be very, very close, quite likely. I should say to be very, very close close games means every single maneuvres magnified. David Bell has come under fire for in game maneuvering. I I'm to stop way short of saying David Bell has to win this series to to be the reds manager. Next year I don't know if that's where Dick Williams head is if that's where Bob Castellinis Ed is I will say this. I typically downplay the role of manager there've been times this year where I've wondered what David was doing in games. There are going to be decisions over these next two or three days that get magnified more than any. The David Bell has been involved in as manager I. Wonder if he's going to press the right button I, wonder if he's going to be guilty of over managing I, wonder if he might be guilty of undermanaged. It's going to be asked if the reds don't win this series was getting their enough. And at face value for the purposes of just determining how successful in a vacuum two thousand twenty was the answer to that question if they lose is going to be no the answer of they win I don't know I kind of view it as get to the lcs that to me was the goal before the season started the added layer of playoffs doesn't change that for me. But what I will really want to know is how do they built on their postseason run their postseason appearance this year next season. I do think it's going to be massively unfulfilling. If they don't win this series I, do think they are going to win this series. And as much as we've talked about their starting pitching, what gives me a great amount of? Is there relief pitching? I think they're going to be. Okay. The question about that is is David. Bell. GonNa, use the right guys at the right time. We'll talk about all of it tomorrow after the game. Enjoy it have a great night. Thank you for listening. This is ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports, station.

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