Ep. 116 - We need fewer police officers


If you listen to the last episode of the breakdown I asked the question what's our plan how are we going to change this thing that people call the criminal justice system our country needs drastically fewer police with police officers all in the name of stopping people from skipping over again without those boys ever laying their hands on the police I mean police start hitting them like it's a professional boxing match thousands actually of new police officers in New York's train stations all over the city in the name of and that is happening in great part because the city of New York is now flooding our train station's I don't trust any plan for sweeping changes with our justice system our legal system over the the stalls and the turnstiles because they can't pay now they are going to put hundreds and hundreds you're a series of horrible horrible videos of blatant flagrant police brutality right here in New York now when you start to do the math they're going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of saving the city and saving the state money because people who can't pay or won't pay are crossing the turnstiles without pain as you have the same number of police that you had at the height of mass incarceration the number of people being city there's one that I shared of police officers just openly in front of everybody punching teenage boys right in the face overnight here's our ten years we have too many police officers. I mean we have two to three times the number of police that we actually need this country here's what I know as long as we have this many police they will always find people to arrest it's it a small city or a small town small county as long as you half in those cities and counties as long the the adage if you build it they will come if you hire them they will arrest and as much as we want to read Vdi have retired from the NYPD and no matter what they say no matter what we say it is clear to me and clear to them I don't trust any plan for that that keeps the same number of police that we have right now because here's what I know and I have friends particular but maybe you've seen it it happened just this past weekend the NYPD is surrounding a subway car surname for more like eighty to ninety percent fewer people in jail and prison but we won't get there if we have the arrested and jailed is just not going to go down the way we needed to now you might have seen on my instagram or across my social media use the number of people in America's jails and prisons which we should all want there's some organizations saying we should definitely cut it in half I think we should probably that has stopped and the car has stopped but the doors are still shut and they are starting to surround the subway car with their on police officers who are then going to do what we saw happen all weekend in another video that I've shared on twitter aim number of police officers that we have now this is Shaun King and you're listening to the the the breakdown that as long as New York City as long as your city as long as Los Angeles or San Francisco or Houston or Dallas or Chicago Atlanta or you and connections in police departments all over the country and as I record this I'm in New York City and I have friends that are currently working for ny John's drawn poking their guns tapping their guns on the window over and over again telling everyone to put their hands up and the breakdown of a breakdown people just begin clearing out in fear and a young man who sitting there on the train has his hands up calmly because it appears I'm this young man who they said they had a tip for gun possession he didn't have a gun he was unarmed non-violent now they say it was likely a bad tip like people could have gotten he is the person that they want nearly twenty different officers then rush into the car guns drawn brutally arrested old imagine if somebody had moved a certain kind of way imagine if somebody had done the obligatory touch of their waste which police often say completely compliant noncombatant doing nothing of the sort and they arrested him at the end of the day officers per capita we have an outrageous number of police officers and as long as we have that number of police officers a is there excuse for firing their guns they had guns drawn on a young man who had his hands up who was unarmed patient non what we believe he didn't pay his two seventy five to be on the train do you hear what I'm saying that if we have this same number of police officer that's what they're gonNA do so all of a sudden what happens is you decriminalize marijuana you decriminalize cannabis you legalize weed and make it fully with twenty police officers because they said well we did all of that initially because we thought he had a gun but it turns out find out that they're just gonNa move those officer somewhere else that as long as police departments in this country right now we have nearly one and a half million police in some states you do all of that and you think total arrest and crime rates and police brutality is going to go down only the trains accessible to people who cannot afford such thing because here is here is the fundamental truth it is Austin Austin Texas the governor of Texas is now wanting to criminalize every basic behavior exhibited by homeless people posthumous outrageous to arrest and charge people ultimately what high bales fines and court costs to stay around a certain place for an extended period of time as if homeless people are the only people that ever need to sit ready access says listen there are some people who can't afford to be on the train but need access to the train have programs they're gonNA beat the hell out of people for not paying their two dollars and seventy five cents to get on the train when everybody every expert on pod all wanting to criminalize literally make it illegal to sit in certain places to lay down in certain places to pitch a tent in certain places that make the train free for people who can't afford it spin the hundreds of millions of dollars that you're now going to spend on extra law enforcement on making now and they're fighting for it all over Texas conservatives are fighting to basically criminalize homelessness and poverty in this nation's justice system well we can begin over and over and over and over again to decriminalize as a subway ride and you arrest them give them fee after the after fee that they cannot pay force them to attend court dates sean in this country we lost count with how many laws our country had years and years ago it's into the millions the actions and behaviors as possible the United States has millions upon millions of laws I asked several have now been criminalized in none of those things need to be crimes so we can and should begin to decriminalize all of those behaviors but what I'm seeing here in New York what I'm seeing in Austin Texas what I'm seeing all over the country is we can decriminalize things as but here's the thing what happens when you write a homeless person a ticket they can't afford it if somebody can't afford a two dollars and seventy five cents they are not even hearing or learning about your just criminalising poverty and here's the thing we can go at this in two different ways when we talk about we should and police departments and the police state and the state governments that control an influence policing how an ask ourselves the question what is the plan how are we going to drastically change this nation's legal so many simple behaviors that are actually just rooted in poverty or homelessness or despair or addiction or mental health google scholars how many laws do we have and they came by asked them this almost two years ago how many laws does this nation have and they came back to me saying you just find other things to be policed they'll just pivot to something else it's it's chicken or the egg it's it's called and the answer is we need fewer police and we should be fighting for it and the resources that we use the billions hundreds of billions of dollars that go into America's police departments jails and prisons that money needs to be diverted into we have fewer police in this country all we'll get is different versions of the same thing ause and affect so even though we are successfully decriminalizing so many things in each time we do that it's an enormous Oku box I missed the nintendo switch with circle home plus and the circle APP parents can filter what content is allowed our home we have seven people with two adults and five kids spread across a staggering twenty two different electronic devices then those police departments can be used with prevention can be used with social services can be used in basic ways for our education systems for after school programs for enrichment programs for drug treatment programs from mental health services all of the ten Torri to decriminalize drug use drug addiction or homelessness or poverty or mental health issues it is it takes any normal effort and it's just a huge deal every time we do that only to actually witness police to just issue safely and effectively manage your family's online time across all of their connected devices because here's the thing I said two other areas to prevent people from ever entering the so-called justice system in the first place are you understand what I'm saying who can't afford to seventy five or two dollars seventy five cents ride on the subway this last week we talked about how in the city pivot to something else they will pivot to another community or another cause or another concern that they have to begin policing edge in monitor twenty two different devices. I know because I tried that's why we love circle it's a brand new system that helps legalize police departments are still finding ways to police communities on this and the racial disparities are just as outrageous as they always have hey everybody I'll be right back after a quick word about our brand new sponsor they won't arrest and beach for the weed although I do have to say we are finding in many places where marijuana has been decriminalized and even family moved from Atlanta to southern California we lived in Orange County and we moved from midtown Atlanta to Irvine California which is a suburb then at the end of the day we're just going to need fewer police on each force city by city county by county all the parental controls on my kids apple products and I felt really good about myself thinking that I had everything covered but then I realized I missed the XBOX I missed the may be called Kroger but in southern California's Ralph's and I saw police car in a parking lot of a rouse and these folks don't define safety by having thousands upon thousands of police officers in fact you could speed we have laptops and desktops and phones and tablets and TV boxes and video game consoles and more and my wife and I found out the hard way can set limits for screen time and you can monitor the Internet history and usage on every device. Now here's the thing you'll never stop worrying about your kid visit meet Circle Dot Com backslash break and enter break at checkout again that's Meet Circle Dot Com backslash herb about forty miles south of Los Angeles and at the time Irvine was listed as one of the safest cities in America then a few more weeks went by and a few more weeks went by and we'd been there for nearly three months in I realized I never saw a single police officer not one that you can't just assume that all the APPS and all the programs that your kids are gonNA use are safe and wholesome but it's impossible to man fact that year it was listed as the safest medium sized city in the entire country and we lived in Irvine for a few days than a few weeks replace that Irvine was listed as one of the safest cities in the country the safest medium sized city in the country up and down Irvine's roads and never get a ticket there were no police because they didn't judge safety take an inter break to save thirty dollars and when you do so when you get your circle system setup shoot me an email let me know what you think we wanna make sure that yes but with circle you'll have one less thing to worry about and here's the great news right now listeners get thirty dollars off of circle story that I tell often tell it live when I travel I talk about it some in my book that comes out this coming year this is working for all of our listeners and families are close with this this is a shortened version of I had a friend of mine take me not inside of the police station but take me by the Irvine Police Department Little Bitty Police Department is a little bit allies is there is a huge racial gap between which communities are heavily policed and which ones aren't home plus when you visit meet Circle Dot Com backslash break and just enter break at checkout again you get thirty dollars off not on the road in fact the first police car that I saw was just parked in grocery store parking lot Ralph's parking lot for some of you Ralph's we need fewer police all over this country and when we do those police can finally be dispatched primarily on on how many police they had on a block by block basis they only states only one huge police and I learned we lived in Irvine for several years it wasn't because people in Irvine didn't have drug problems and drug problems families adults children everybody hardly even had any police and I learned a lesson right then and there as I drove past this little bitty police department all because we'll be right back here every single week day five days a week unpacking in explaining not just today's news but issues folks at a prestigious high school but guess what they didn't criminalize it they got drug treatment they already decreased same per capita rate of police in our communities that they have in Irvine I'm curious at after today's episode I'll go back and see armaments where police are everywhere on every corner on every block folk only want that in communities they don't live in in what we re system will part of that plan and this is much more revolutionary to say today than I think it will be in two years or five years just how many police officers they have in Irvine for the entire city and our report back on a later episode because that's not the same ratio we have enough cities allies the very things that we want decriminalized fire communities here's the thing we want the same number of police like the issues of violence in danger not on policing poverty and despair bring bring them and bring the is this podcast possible we love and appreciate each of you so very much and thank you to our associate producer Asandra senior producer podcast director Willis for their hard work on this and every episode take care bye-bye in that we lay out here in the weeks and months ahead of course thank you so much for nearly thirty thousand founding members of the North Star whose generosity even made what we need you to subscribe and you can subscribe right now on apple podcast or spotify or any podcast APP that you use and love the great again thank you all so so much for listening to this episode will break down if you have not already subscribed to this podcast why l. Byu understand the world better today as we talk about having fewer police going to unpack explain that because it's going to be a part of a larger plan they had drug problems and in in fact our oldest daughter started high school day and when she came home she was shocked by how many classmates were selling dealing and using drugs.

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