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dan lebatardshow podcast is brought to you by the capital one assist in the catchers things that might look wrong with their credit card says it alerts you you're voting helps you fix what's in your wallet capital one dot com for details stu gods hasn't had a microphone in a while so he just said i have a healthy dose of weekend observations cramming dear things in about two minutes so they're not weekend observations they will be the funniest thing news and insights of stu gods since the last time you had a microphone dsp and radio is presented by progressive insurance small business protection just got easier with more than thirty coverage options available progressive has has you covered more progressive commercial dot com guests on the dan lebatardshow appear via the shell pennzoil performance line here's your sportscenter update francisco savelli says that he is done playing catcher after suffering his six concussion back in may and helps the pirates kim moving somewhere else in the infield christian yelich has dropped out of the home run derby do delayed back issue we is in replaced by matt chapman v8's yell at you as a thirty one home runs before the allstar break he's the first guy to do that since pools in two thousand nine i called him a slap hitter but who is matt chapman at finally ohio izzy horny a state in america for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on espn radio all throughout the day i put it on the poll gear mo is ohio the horny as a state in america i just told you was chris had a good theory anjelica backing out of the all star game home run derby so yesterday the reds i don't know if you saw they were playing with sleeveless jerseys and they all look jack like the ones that didn't were wearing sleeves 'cause they don't show up their arms but boy gray oh my god theatric looked incredible they redo did that like that predator shot where it's two guys like holding art they look dietrich knows any chicken someone else number twentyone they have like names on their jersey so it's hard for me i dunno number twenty one reds the reds but they looked great so i was looking king up because i'm a weirdo i was looking at the see what the home run derby jerseys would look like the oil up arms oh yeah yeah yeah yeah intercourse putting a suntan lotion on everybody just so someone's got him i don't even think it would look i think it was baby oil i remember having a conversation sation with someone and they were like you know they're gonna get sunburned if they're doing that i'm like that is really reckless without risking skin cancer something about putting oil just to look good any we've derailed here so let's get back to the jersey so i would let me also last week like i said a healthy healthy dose of stu gods week and i don't want to go and here so i was looking up the home run derby jerseys because i'm weird and i care about things like that and i was like wait a minute teaser sleeveless and this is before i saw the red sleeveless jersey sources telling chris tonight they're doing the charges against the home run derby like that's why you're backed out he doesn't want people to see his arms which i think could be a thing i mean he's got some power but we would all agree doesn't look you know the most like much strapping put it on the poll gamble did yell at you backed out of the home run doesn't want anyone to see his arm i'm chris cody time now he's got this weekend observations indians five four still god's sheri's getting notes no one in maybe i will tell you what happened better than my voice to the weekend observations brought to you by vivid seats need to do a game download the vivid seats app and enter promo code champs at checkout the get ten percent off your first order don't buy just any seat get a vivid seats then ten days ago we had no idea who she was ten days later we all know who she is she is cocoa golf and make no mistake about it usa women's tennis is back and black mcdonald's and she just lost a step by step mcdonald serena still so black also mcdonald's fries never disappoint the wrong team is fighting for equal pay vail colorado we got lots of jobs and lots of money it was odd driving around denver wondering why all these companies had a horse endorsing that then i realized it was just jot out what what is that what do you mean about what happened there i have no idea how i got that since nor mcdonald in a dead horse we have a rule in my house whenever we approach or pass a mcdonald's add someone in the car says fry time we automatically pulling an order fries you never know when these times liquor last tuesday at three thirty pm central time del colorado was one of those todd fry time and they were good though is the milkshake at the marijuana legal this you're where they're not on central time in colorado row whatever time it was it's three thirty whenever times on their own wedding is prime time everyone is legal topics a boy international only only thing separating them is a half game in the standings and horrific three hundred and thirty million dollar contract and that half game belongs to the national bryce harper ports in the majors in strikeouts one hundred and sixty in the majors in batting average fifty six in the majors in opie as however he does leads the league in two major categories are why rock years remaining on a contract with thirteen in everett money remaining on a contract with three hundred and thirty million dollars sue bird dan you just became my favorite athlete the great tommy la stella as a higher opie s that bryce harper the knicks were favored to win the summer league title i hate the driver who picked me and my wife up after the dead and company show in boulder colorado who left eight zip lot bag bill with candy in the back seat and was really pushing me and my wife eat a few pieces are you bleeping kidding me man yeah eat a few pieces of loosely rap candies from a stranger wake up the next morning in a strange motel with a ball gag in your mouth quote a what are they pushing candy that would have happened well yes hey forty five minute drive in the middle of nowhere colorado with you and you're wiping something like knb loosely rap yeah i guess they know they can't so it's a great i met the ball gag for us you know what the clippers did you not know what did they do they do but they had the death or you don't need to keep doing it okay one time was not subtle enough for future unprotected first round peg one protected first round pick to pick swaps as gallon art dan one might say the clippers ruin everything but the kitchen sink does anyone other than stephen adams white playing with russell westbrook is i on williamson boss rj barrett through to summer league game shooting forty one percent from the field that seven of thirty three shooting up any as more turnovers than made field goal and assist combined i hate the matt chapman never heard of a but he has a higher opie s the bryce harper dennis smith junior said he thinks he could carry the knicks to the playoffs i hate that chinese restaurants so were clear your eggrolls determine whether or not i ever eat at you're chinese restaurant again on thursday nb i insider chris broussard said it was down to the lakers in rafters why and the clippers were out nailed it he's about is inside bnb i as i bet ask it should be sorted asper it should be ben aspirin ben aspirin rick you know lasted longer than you sin shoot shoot higher oh ps then bryce harper i think the news very soon chu chu is still playing in a major that famous assassin john wilkes booth lee harvey wall hawaii anthony letter anyone calling why anthony no doubt it on the poll cameras anyone calling him calling anthony weiner you become an assassin agreed you start addressing version by their first met last that which means since suit you finish did you what did you madam juju what did i say you made a huge oh what is it that it's suit you a mammoth train bart higher opie s and bryce harper the the train does hey roger nothing says the state of usa soccer more than on the same day the losing something called the gold cup and the winning winning the world cup i imagine this is what co wise recordings call sounds like hey it's what they do know mbh organization has been punched in the gut more any oklahoma city thunder hey soccer stadium for years idea for soccer have the men's national team play the women's national national team winner gets all the money that you're good man would get home watch that you're sure yeah i'm not saying you know what today is it's manic monday on the grass courts of the all england club somehow meghan where pino brought home more gold then the entire men's team who played in something called the gold cup famous gangsters bugsy siegel al capone hawaii leonard mets first team in major league baseball history they have a bullpen blow eight saves in back to back months they've been playing baseball project in years i eight that the clippers may have won the fight but i think the thunder will end up winning the war it feels like can't tbs caldwellpope wouldn't exist if not for lebron james casey p industries world where do you find yourself searching through the head of can't tvs caldwellpope oh hell yeah it's job right up into apart lebron's body i'll you figure out the rest of you wanna try to guess which park that are reporting exclusively at any minute now someone is going to report that the lakers have addressed it john calipari and when that report comes out somehow nick saving will get a raise it feels like everyone in major league baseball is on pace to break the single season record her home runs why you us women's soccer team fighting for equal pay when they should be making more usa men's soccer hope you took notes my music hold on a second we gotta go to break i only have i ever got i got so much left we gotta come back with more observations 'cause he's run out of music we come back more of the gods weekend observations an interesting featured in the flat iron planes of many an automobile dashboard had its most agreeable and will not alone to witnessing despite having no brain function but when bobble head here's how guy code not only saves people money but also gives max at to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone you're not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because you ask switching to geico is a no brainer easy bobblehead easy to compete with don lemon tart earlier in the show the question was asked what would stu gods do with one invisible dash stu gods one day where he could be invisible we decided a daring begging hours you would choose a week david rob all the banks in the universe eight five and then he would alter sporting event results by invisible man in games he had better bcc donlevatar show with stu gods on espn radio then has why don't messy ever one eight single soccer tournament since six zero those rights ball george got news for you know one in oklahoma city wants to hear it getting a sidekick who is incapable of knocking down eight game winning bucket so you can't hit all the game winning bucket hawaii leonard hetty play there is nothing i wanna see more than how long it will take russell westbrook to snap playing alongside james harden all george warning i'm not certain how or what but at some point russell westbrook will appear out of thin air pizza holy hell out of you end banish finnair quicker than he arrived it will happen so quickly you won't even know what happens or who did it so i'm telling you know when it does happen it was russ and good luck congratulations to paul george her being the guy who will never get credit if the clippers won a title and won't be these skews if they don't paul george you up russell westbrook to be russell westbrook kevin durant's is wearing the number seven for the brooklyn nets representing the number brings he still needs to win just surpassed michael jordan sam prestige reluctantly save bnb bank you say is i on williamson kevin knox that's the first time i've seen a guy still the basketball end someone's soul at the same time lakers purposely starting to innate the purpose we get frank vogel fired collision course jason kidd allow all abroad to run amok collision course kevin durant's hawaii leonard is giving you a masterclass invalidation then if you're still not clear validation is when i start comparing you the al capone then when you spend a week in colorado you know where you spent a week where in god's country country or riles will never be familiar with it because he lives in how did those those other guys observation paul george leaving okay see it today officially paul george day in okay see her with that yesterday by i think the day he did it actually i by may oral proclamation i think a july seventh was paul george day in oklahoma city russell westbrook stays out here getting jilted at these are alter in front of all of us when russell westbrook is the william h macy character character in boogie nights who keeps showing up the seeing a his wife doing untoward things and so now paul george out of nowhere quietly summer so quietly a paul george demands a trade okay see after everybody's happy man paul george was it like mvp in the first half of the season he was third for the season in mvp boating so any artist shoulder and he went to hell and yon ascend and harden took the talk of mvp away from him but paul george and collide leonard is gonna be crazy strong andrew what's to god's made relevant in the last segment is true though paul george is never been asked very much to go hand in please make make some of these shots that win games right do some of this stuff do something like leonard did do something that that we remember because you're supposed to be one of the great guys you're not supposed to be kyrie irving you're not supposed to be a number two it's supposed to be good enough to have you but it's not anymore right i bob paul george being your best player i don't think results and you winning a title you're right there i think you gotta be honest i don't know why knows yeah and so collide leonard may the clippers trait everything from paul george storage one what they were really training for his co i leonard an paul george but all we think of when we think of paul georgia's do you like to go by the nickname even though he doesn't do anything in the playoffs the playoff pete playoff teams has been proven to work in the regular season for those who struggle with moderate to severe postseasons disappointment is not recommended as a first option to not take playoff team while grade side effects choking tv not finish constipation century early and all around disappoint playoff p is not for everyone call your doctor if you experience susceptibility the cat fishing kissy face australian sensitivity fraternity inexplicably urge to play for the lakers for thinking that do not belong to a lady if you experienced the loss of ola depot please call your doctor immediately this new direction with playoff team that is straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at walmart why is more not made of what i'm about to say then all all the gangster mercenary stuff at collide leonard just did one going from possibly making two hundred and twenty one million guaranteed dollars in san antonio to now making a guaranteed one hundred and forty one million gets cut in like half once you start paying all those l eight taxes right to go from two twenty one there aren't a lot of guys leave a hundred million dollars on the table not that's it's not a not a lot of guys making a hundred and forty one million i understand but you understand what i'm saying right for all the talk of guys being greedy nevermind anthony davis being celebrated for waving a trade kicker so they could get jared dudley this isn't normal norman amount of money the quiet leonard is is is leaving behind canadian tax is a pretty bad even though the cost of living out there is a lot lower and i'm talking about san antonio to twentyone is what he was unhappy announce their brand had enough problems comes with the trust their that screwed twentyone becomes one forty one for a guy who couldn't possibly be more valuable right now but in terms of leverage he's underpaid by any of the standards even if no one hundred and forty one million dollars there's a lot of money he was the guy who could change the league what would you pay for that and leave without a salary cap volmer got red spent days we're rich maybe what do you think homer would have paid per collide leonard all he could afford fifteen of them mb eight teams right now and so have five billion leftover fifteen most expensive nbs is what i'm thinking i spent hit hawaii leonard this off season in the league with no salary cap a nick offerman is gonna join us next donlevatar airmont stu gods sexy when you're sassy bcc donlevatar show with stu gods tony as pm radio nick offerman what that's now season to dreamworks tales of arcadia three below premiers on netflix july twentysecond you could also see neck on tour this summer you could visit offerman woodshop dot com a because he does a lot of excellent woodwork that july twelfth thought okay thank you so much i appreciate joy twelve so nick offerman is with us and he's doing stand up as well so i wanna talk to him about that tour thank you for making time for us a nick did you have any idea that you were going to take a liking to stand up instead of acting a no i i came is quite a surprise on the theater trained actor and so it was during parks and recreation colleges began to invite me to perform as a comedian and i said oh i there is some things i would love to say the young people so i guess i'll i'll become a stand up and i'm really enjoying a do you enjoy it more than acting know a my my first love a still remains making people laugh and cry and catharsis a with the faces i make on screen and on stage which is harder m depends i mean the the stage after learning the whole show at once but but film 'em because you couldn't be more meticulous and get more tries is that it things can often be more challenging so it's kind of a you know it's kind of two different animals did you model the parks and rec character astor anyone like how did you how when you started to do that a is that something that was written by the parks and rec people were you decided the model it after someone well you know a it's it's very much a collaboration i mean usually in a situation like ron swanson the writers are really brilliant at picking parts of my personality and writing to them and people there the writers were so good that people say oh it seems as though this guy's he must be making this up himself because it's so it fits him so naturally but that's mainly across the writers were so good so i definitely broad colors of my mid western family and administrators traders that i've known over the years and a hilarious way overbearing authoritarian figures like the principal from breakfast club a an also from ferris buehler's day off a any taxi in there any any a gym in midtown jim maintenance how ski i mean you know alex what those yellow light man is in my blood i think watching that show i was very young and so that that really did inform the beginning of my comedy laughter is such a huge part of your life working with your wife she's planning to like one of the greatest difficulties that did you guys do a whole tour on just sex life we did yeah that was called summer of sixty nine no apostrophe amazon one but what like one of the difficulties in working with her on that or was it just a joy boy i'll tell you the fortune song i mean you know we were married couple like any to people living together we will occasionally get on each other's nerves about who left cap off the toothpaste or what have you but really the the hardest thing about working with my wife is two things one is she has my emotional button more than anybody and so keeping a straight face with funny you learn sort of put up a defense mechanism but when you're white someone is the person who knows where you're emotional vulnerabilities lie chicken like buttons it becomes really difficult to keep a straight face 'cause she's so funny and other thing is a she's just so good actually doing a tour where were doing songs together feels like a broadway star like super high class singer and i am not i i've compared to a donkey in my musicality and so it's you know it's tough to a look at myself in the mirror when appearing on stage author nick i'm wondering because i always maintained that you never know so based on physical appearance who's gonna be a good dancer i've seen guys that i thought were gonna be a good dancer and they're terrible and i've seen guys who i thought were gonna be lousy dancers and they turned out to be awesome you don't come off as a guy who's a good dancer but i am told that your and exceptional dietary that can't be nick that can't be well i you know it's a i will end modest police say that i do have the music in may and i around my house i'm called the lord of the down by everyone goes yeah but i'm told is true you're a good dancer if you a i don't know if it's still love my my wife has and then there was a firm yesterday that has some of me dancing parasol that might might say her rights is is it it sounds like you think you're wife's more talented you are by good mount oh yeah she's i mean she's a bag of talent i i have to work after i actually work in southwest to a to get my jokes across she you know she's the person who she's she's beautiful and she's an incredible singer and actor so she's the kid from the get go when you're picking teams they're like okay you're the quarterback obviously now let's set up the rest of the team and i'm hoping that they'll they'll think maybe i could play safety season two of dreamworks tales of arcadia three below premiers on netflix july twelfth you could also see neck on tour this summer you could go offerman woodshop dot com for more information information be instagram videos there still up and you're like my god your great dancer you it's a bit of a stunner i i'm sorry that we underestimated but it is a bit of his honor my my humble apology i i take it as a compliment you know being my my acting as effective as i was as easy as it crazy rabid chicago sports fan i can you tell us the angriest you've ever been at anyone for something athlete for something that happened in chicago sports oh gosh i generally maintain a pretty calm demeanor because they come from an agricultural family and you have to keep an even keel because the rain might destroy year's crop a and so you either you either have to laugh or you know take the kids out behind the shit and shoot them but i'll tell you what the first thing that springs to mind because they all star break a is last year i was surprised there wasn't a bigger stink one kylo forber clearly one the home run derby a bryce harper had his dad add a cheating on his behalf throwing him pitches for a the the last one had landed which is clearly a violation of the rules i'm a i'm a fan of those a champion athletes but you know you gotta play by the rules jeeter a nick offerman again dreamworks tales of arcadia three below you should watch this on your television netflix joy twelve but you didn't have a television for a long time you when you you're wife i was going on in your life the humor someone who didn't own a television wasn't all the farming stuff no no i it was a i was the theater dwelling owes the theater like basement dwelling and it's it's a specific a selection to like hyper serious theater actors in like for example i never saw friends or seinfeld that's how much i didn't have a tv and so i would so a up my own rear end about being a theater actor that i liked who's living the spartan lifelike didn't have a tv you know i only read books and i had my nose up in the year and when meghan i i said no i i understand that you're on this show willing grace but i don't watch a such drill holes in it and then i got sweden on her so i started watching reruns and suddenly i saw on tv seemed pretty swell oh wow you're a non hitters now but tell us about where you're tapping into with dreamworks tales of arcadia three below again season two premiers netflix july twelfth what do you tapping into their well it's a you know it it's a an adjunct to the very popular troll hunters trio end when gear modell toro calls you on the phone and says nick i like you to play this this incredible buttered toast facts i really think that i'm playing this guy he's the bodyguard to the two main characters played by touchdown on a mas loni india luna he's this guy who's like he's in alien who comes to earth and they have to disguise themselves this earthlings end for some reason the algorithm turns this guy who's like he's looking schwarzenegger so negar character or the rocker something they turn into a feeble old man so it's like the rock in the body of like martin short if he was ninety years old affirmative action that is a good way i wanna watch that nick thank you so much for being on with us really enjoy your work thanks for having me have a great day donlevatar ten steer that type of stuff tom brady went dabbled in kelly they only time he got hurt his entire career and i was fist pump but in my living room at home because the jets finally had a chance to win the division i mean i'm sorry i'm not gonna apologize but i i'm sorry i'm not going to apologize for that is one of the most amazing sentence if you've ever ordered stu gods from the maker of trust me don't trust me come i'm sorry but i'm not going to apologize you are amazing that you know you're wearing flabbergasted delight happened upon genius comedy by accident that's my guess bcc donlevatar show with stu gods tony espionage radio it was the most fun racism can never be that day when the clippers slippers fell apart because of their owner is crazy and would do things like this while being interviewed by anderson cooper dad can you tell me made magic johnson what is he done but if he's a business person got age did he do any business i like then you help anybody in south valet parking is hiv doesn't actually focus on is a that is now collide leonard and the most interesting clippers team of all time those also apology tour donald's but i would try keep in mind thank you godson important point that the public relations fire a yeah so we got funniest thing from the sports weekend i think right after that is when they said you know what let's take away but that's it you lose it team unprecedented penalty bomber here it's yours free two billion dollars you figured out that he has any at any had a mike you're mad at us because funniest thing from the sports weekend is in ten ten minutes and we've gone two hours in this show without talking about the fact that the women's world that we are dominant in women's soccer where the best usa usa yeah what part of the problem two hours goes by and we don't talk about a women's team that won a world cup back to back world the cubs a dominant performance when the rest of the world starting the catch up inspiring i mean the the pressure filled pk that meghan pino took everything that was weighing on her not just the world cup

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