The Epstein Saga


Common Sense commentary on Politics Culture, and current events. If it's on your mind, it's in the news now in the news with your host Mike Dakkak. The. Question is why? Epstein Jeffrey Epstein trafficked a bunch of little girls some as young as twelve years old by accounts of some of his other victims. Some of these children were for himself, but the main crux of the operation seems to have been a honeypot scheme. In which wealthy and powerful men from all over the world were lured with promises of. Sexual relations apparently with little, children? And there were a bunch of documents that were recently unsealed. They have to do with Jillian Maxwell, I don't know how you pronounce her name. I've heard a pronounced, the thousand different ways, the Sunday. I'm going to go with Jillian because it sounds the the rightist to me but. Maxwell was the quote unquote. Madam of this operation is being alleged. And she would recru- young girls. and. She would say to them, Hey, you know you could be a masseuse. You can make a lot of money. You could travel all over the world and you can meet rich and powerful people. You can be a model mean, she basically told them whatever she had to. It seems to get them the go along and cooperate with what these people had in store for them. New byles, she would call them according to other victims. We have to go out and find more new byles she would say. She would have relations with these girls herself. according to victims or just pass them onto Jeffrey or both. What are the one of the? Things to come out. About this. Whole Jeffrey. Epstein. Thing. One, among many amazing things and I don't mean amazing. Isn't good I mean amazing as in spectacularly awful and bed. but but one of the amazing things that Epstein apparently tells Maxwell back in twenty fifteen in an email. Hey, you know you didn't do anything. Wrong. He tells her. We didn't do anything real. Go on about your life. As if everything is normal, he writes to her go out, go to parties should enjoy yourself enjoy your life. They didn't do anything wrong. My Gosh. If if all of this is their definition of normal, if all of this is their definition of of okay, I would hate to see what their definition of wrong is what they consider. Wrong. If all of this is right. Maxwell. Of course is in is in custody now Epstein is dead. They say he committed suicide? That's the official line. What exactly you believe he died of, that's for you to the side. But it turns out the whole point. Of. This, scheme. Was a worldwide sex trafficking ring of little girls to wealthy and powerful individuals. Mostly men because men were stupid enough to fall for this stuff and do this kind of stuff as far as we know. With the purpose of getting dirt on them. That's the story here. The story. Here's this worldwide set. You know a lot of people, WANNA. Concentrate on well bill. Clinton was on Epstein plane and he had the secret service. You know stay back whenever he traveled on this plane or there was this mysterious. Disgusting Island in the Caribbean were all of these things took place or or took place on Epsteins, plane itself the Lolita. You know all those things are important. they deserve to be researched. They deserve to be known. They deserve to be parts of the story, but make no mistake about it. The real story here is why? Why was this operation started? Why was it set up by whom and for what purpose? Host, this is a worldwide. You know his jet Jeffrey Epstein's victims talk about. Making, as much as two hundred dollars an hour, and this is back twenty, five, thirty years ago when that was actually a decent amount of money, you know. Now the Fed just keeps printing money. So all the money in your pocket just keeps getting more and more diluted pretty soon, it's not going to be worth the paper. It's printed on twenty, five thirty years ago. That was real money. They talk about how he took him shopping and knotted sears or you know the gap or JC Penney, Chanel and Gucci, and those kind of places, luxury brands we're talking conservatively. You need a budget. This thing has to be funded with millions of dollars a year. It needs sites for these things. Take Place. It needs coordination and needs infrastructure in needs, poorly, protection and installation. How many people do you have to pay off to keep quiet about the stuff? Mean these two freaks, Maxwell and Epstein, they weren't just out here. Freelancing, blackmailing of wealthy and powerful will blackmailing them to do what? That's the story here. That's what we have to focus on. and. Don't tell me. It's about money. I mean Epstein had a plane. In a mansion in Manhattan on the Upper East side, one of the most expensive piece of real estate in Manhattan, which is saying something. A mansion in Palm Beach Ditto for that. House. A ranch in New Mexico where they were going to build all kinds of crazy things. He had his own private island in the Caribbean. I mean, does it stands to reason this was all about money. I mean. It doesn't sound to me on the face of it like was going to bed hungry at night. Bill. Clinton. was implicated in this thing has as mentioned former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. You think you think bill. Richardson. Has Money. He's a civil servant, they don't have money. But. Do they have the political power and influence? That's what it's about. I used to wonder. Just, what it was that made our elected officials. Get into office, and then seemingly forget everything that got them there and act in ways that were seemingly the exact opposite of the best interests of their country. And Act in the exact opposite of the best interests of their countrymen. Okay. Well, maybe that's a little bit naive. The countrymen statement, but they were acting in the exact opposite of of of the interest of the voters that put them there, and so therefore, by extension the exact opposite of their own best interests well, now we know. We're beginning to get a much better idea. It's slowly coming into focus certain actors from over the world intelligence agencies from all over the world. Europe, Israel other places have videotapes of these men having sex with little children. That's what it is. I mean that's that's enough to make you change a vote on a certain bill earlier, your stance towards a certain issue, isn't it? See It only seemed as an and the thing is, is that they used pedophilia. Because that in many ways is the only. Sin. The, only unforgivable sin left every I. Mean. If they used, you know the blackmail of of these men having extramarital affairs with other adult women mean that you know. Okay. We might have to resign from office over the shame from that, but they don't want you to resign not necessarily. They want you to remain in office. They just want you to carry out their bidding. This seemed to have done the trick it only seemed as though they were acting against their own self interest turns out, they were acting in exactly their self interest, right? I, mean, it's hard to overstate what the implications of all this is is exactly. Virginia Godfrey, whose may be one of the most famous juice face of Epstein's victims nowadays. She. Says, while she was involved with Epstein for four years in the late nineties and early two thousands of started when she was fifteen. She saw maybe a hundred girls come and go from his orbit directly involved in the sex trafficking. That is, she actually thinks it's it's more than about according to these documents that were unsealed. That's the number she felt most comfortable saying, well, as definitely more than in other words, she was asked how many girls do you think we're affecting and she said, Oh, Gosh, I couldn't even. I. Couldn't even has guests I couldn't even tell you that's how many there were. and. So she's asked okay. Well, if if you complete this sentence. It was definitely more than X.. What number would you assign X. and she said Oh a hundred and other words. That's the bare minimum. It was actually much higher than that. Maria farmer, who's another a of epsteins victims? She lived and Leslie. Wexner house in the mid to late nineties for a year. Maybe less several months. She was discovered by Maxwell and Epstein as an art student in New York City. And she worked for Epstein for several months and she found herself living on Leslie Wexner, his compound in Columbus. Ohio. as a living artist and artworks were commissioned from her from by Epstein and by Maxwell, and she wexner also had her working on several art for Hollywood films. While she was in. New. York City. She was kind of working in Epstein. On the upper east side and she was signed visitors in and out as they came and went from that mansion. She said she would see four or five girls a day a day folks. I mean how many children have been kidnapped over the last there I mean, the sex trafficking and child abduction really became a nationwide epidemic in this country late seventies and early eighties. That's when this all started. That's when this ring as far as we know kind of came to fruition. Farmer actually calls wexner. The head of the snake in this thing, wexner is the owner of L. Brands. If you've never heard of L. Brands, you've heard of their subsidiary companies, Victoria secret, for example, and L. Brands Company bath and body works as an L. Brands Company. She says, it was funded by him. She eventually found herself living on his massive compound in Columbus. Ohio. Weixin knows compound in Columbus Ohio. Sits on three, hundred, thirty, six acres in that town. Nearly five square miles. I mean, the size of a small town. Is main houses forty, five, thousand square feet. Large. The House that farmer was living in was ten thousands. That's the Guest House Ten Thousand Square feet. She says, they had snipers walking around in the bushes. She had to call wexner wife Abigail Wexner, and ask for permission, and when she wanted to leave the house, she was there for several months. She only left the house, a handful of times she said. And so You know she's she's there for some time. one day. She tells the story of Epstein and Maxwell coming out to visit and they take her up to the main house. They take up to a bedroom up there, and they sexually attempt to sexually assault or the both of them at the same time. She fights them off, runs, downstairs runs to the guest house. Soon after that Wexner, his head bodyguard, this is according to former says he's going to kill her. She goes absolutely crazy. She makes the biggest thing in the world about it. This is according to her. She gets on the phone and she calls everyone. She knew she calls friends, she calls family calls ex-boyfriends, she calls everybody. She knows she calls nine one nine. This is where it gets interesting. The dispatcher doesn't help her refuses to help her nine one one. She calls back and second time, and the dispatcher says you understand the sheriff is at the game of the home and not there to help her there apparently to make sure things go according to plan. Dispatcher tells her you don't understand the sheriff is at the gate. You're not leaving that place today and hangs up the phone. This is what the nine one one dispatcher tells her. Columbus for the longest time was the sex trafficking capital of the world whenever kids were abducted, they'd be taken to Columbus and then they from there, there would leave the country. What? Exactly? Who have these people done? Farmer tells the story of riding around New York City and when she was still here with Maxwell. And Maxwell with see groups of young schoolgirls in their school uniforms walking around presumably after school at out. and. She would or to the car to be stopped, she would tell the driver stopped the car and she would hop out and she would approach these girls and she would attempt to recruit them. I mean, I'm not I'm not really sure were ready to handle the The implications of this thing I mean thinking people could be this evil. Is a you know it's a little scary. Isn't it? People don't want to face things that scare them. And we revert a lot of times to normalcy bias, and we say, well, you know this couldn't possibly have have. You know there's gotTa be more to the story than this. You know I'm sure you know the sheriff was at the gate. Know that couldn't have happened. You know the bodyguard said he was going to kill or it wasn't really going to go. But apparently, all of the stuff is exactly as it's being told. Why isn't the media using its powers of perception, the mainstream media and investigative skills on. Don't they love uncovering scandals? Isn't that the mainstream media's job bringing down rich and powerful people? Why aren't they using their powers of perception and they're they're in investigative skills on this store? You have to dig, you have to read articles and articles and articles to come up with names, like Leslie, Wexner and Maria. For you have to wade through hours of of youtube videos, she's getting a lot more press now because their stories starting to come out. But you don't have to go any further than the headline to come across Bill Clinton's name. You don't have to read more than two or three paragraphs down to any article. You you. You're reading to come up with Prince Andrew and the role he played and how he was involved. That's not the story. Now last week, there was there were save The children rallies all over the world. last week, there was a world day trafficking day, which was celebrated on July thirtieth. There were rallies held California and Virginia Texas. They're part of a of an organization called Operation Underground Railroad, which is bringing awareness to human trafficking. That group reports having rescued nearly four thousand victims over the past six years just at one goop and assisted in the arrest of more than two thousand traffickers around the world. Save the Children Hashtags have grown in popularity and social media. Hashtag Save the children. We'll just yesterday facebook began banning any posts with that Hashtag. So any post anything that you post and you you write Hashtag Save the children in your speaking out. You're advocating you're trying to bring awareness to sex trafficking facebook. Now, bands you. It's that blatant now folks. They're saying that anything that you know the move is being made anything. That is good. And anything. That is right. Anything. That is adjust anything that is holy. If you WANNA take it that for we're going to attack and we're going to destroy and they're telling you in no uncertain terms I. mean they're not using these words, but they're telling you this what their actions, you're not going to do anything about your impotent. We are in control. Now, what are you going to do about it? They're asking? You know we've been numb. been covering the mcclosky story. Over the last couple of months, you may or may not have heard about the story. This is the story of Mark and Patricia mccloskey. a couple from Saint, Louis who defended their home against protestors with guns, the protesters black lives matter protesters had trespassed into their gated community back in June late June June, twenty eighth. And the protesters were on their way. Allegedly to the home of of Saint Louis mayor elite across in. We're to demand her resignation. There were held as big rally in front of her home, and they were Gonna the man, her resignation. While they cut through a gated community, they bust through a gate and they'd cut through a gated community and their presumably on their way to Mare croutons house. While the mccloskey's, they don't know. They see a bunch of you know this is at the height of the George. Floyd protests. and. They see much of protesters cutting through their community, they come out with guns. And you know they think that the protesters are there apparently to do damage to the homes in the community. So they come out with their guns and their k. get at your, you're trespassing. You don't belong here. This is a private gated community. It's not public property private property. You're trespassing go away. No shots were fired and the protests left soon. You know soon after mccloskey was holding Ar Fifteen Rifle Patricia was holding a small pistol. You've probably seen pictures of this somewhere on social media over the last several months. While the police Saint Louis Police, execute a warrant at at the mccloskey's home a couple of weeks after them. And during that search, the couples guns are taken away and it was unclear at the time what the grounds were for the confiscation, the weapons were. Legally. Will on July, Twentieth, Saint Louis Circuit, attorney Kim, Gardner files charges against the couple against the mccloskey's they were standing on their front porch folks and trespassers and protesters were trespassing onto their property, and they were defending their home. They pointed guns at them and told him to go away. Saint. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Garner filed charges against the mccloskey's they were charged with one count of unlawful use of a weapon. The charges a class, D felony. They face anywhere from one to four years and another probably not gonNA. Do any time Republican Governor Mike Parson? has made it clear that he's probably gonNA, part in them if it ever came to that. And Missouri, Attorney General Eric Schmidt also Republican is is working hard to have the charges dismissed before they go any further. But Gardner this woman Gardner. said at the time. She was charging the couple in order to protect the rights of people to quote peacefully protest, it's illegal. She said in a statement to waive weapons in a threatening manner. These people were against standing on their front porch. It's illegal she she wrote in a statement to wave weapons in a threatening manner, those participating in a nonviolent protest, she says, this type of conduct is unacceptable in Saint Louis. That's not even the worst part. It's now been learned. That crime lab staff members were ordered to Disassemble Patricia pistol. The pistol that Patricia mccloskey was holding and reassemble as reassemble it to make it. Operable Missouri. Law says for person that face the charge that Patricia facing gun would need to be operable. The mccloskey's are lawyers. And they're Democrats by the way at, they've been sympathetic the democratic causes in the past. and so they had taken this pistol. The one that Patricia was Patricia mccloskey was holding and made it inoperable. So they could be used in a courtroom. Well crime lab staff members were ordered by the prosecutor's Office to strip a handgun and reassemble it correctly. So that it worked that appears to have made the gun quote readily capable of lethal use, which are the exact words that prosecutors used and charging documents when charging the mccloskey's. The Gardner Gardeners Office declined to comment on the revelation. My Mark mccloskey gun was operable at the time. And it was also testified by the crime lab, but they but they directly and deliberately tampered with evidence to make the charges stick. Eight days after Saint Louis Circuit Attorney Gardner filed those charges. George Soros donated one, hundred, sixteen, thousand dollars to a political action committee established just for Garner. Last Saturday of filing with the Missouri Ethics, Commission revealed a donation made directly from George Soros to the Missouri Justice and Public Safety. Political Action Committee that Political Action Committee is set up apparently just for Gardner as far as we know, no one else benefits from it and so far. Soros is the only donor for that pack. The committee has already spent more than one, hundred, thousand dollars including seventy, seven, thousand dollars directly on. Gardner. That money seems to have paid off. Right. Gardner had a primary contest this week, she won by a margin of sixty, one percent to thirty nine percent. This woman, the story that the finances tell here is that she's a direct employee of George Soros. Not of not of yours, not a mind or the People Saint Louis for that matter. But of sorrows and his agenda, what's the message here? Giving? One hundred, thousand dollars. In a check in a contribution to this woman after she filed these bogus charges and has evidence tampered with against this couple. The message here is good job. Keep doing what you're doing, and you're going to be taken care of there's plenty more where this came from, he wants to tell her. Keep it up. Money is not going to be your problem. I hate to say it but were involved in a war and how? The Times of have found us in a Pelosi liked using that line when it came to the sham impeachment nonsense that we were living with for six or seven months here. But it's much more appropriate for this situation. The Times a found us and we have to take it seriously. It's an information war at this at this point, but they're doing everything. They can to turn it into a kinetic war, turn it into a hot war. Keep in mind when you're talking to people. They. Don't know the evidence that you know. Be. Kind. Be Patient. Don't argue with them, send them videos, send them articles. Let them read for themselves like I've told you before eventually, they're going to read something like this, and the light bulb is going to go off. It took more than a couple of stories to enlighten you, right? Well, it's GonNa, take the same number if not more to enlightened some of these other people argue with them and the best way for now. We're facing a very serious situation. and. The main goal now is waking people up to the realities that are happening in this country and have been happening in the world for a long long time. Show, for said, I hope you enjoyed it. You have any comments on any of the issues we discussed, drop me a line. You can reach me comments ITN show DOT COM, that's comments at it and show dot com. Thanks for listening everyone until next time to carry yourselves in each other. If it's on your mind. It's in the news, subscribe to end the news on both I tunes and on. STITCHER radio. This has been in the news.

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