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The cycling podcast in association with Rafeh. From grand tours to group writes, the Shawn's Eliza to coffee shops Rafeh exists to celebrate the world's most beautiful sports. Uninsured should Moore with Lima Bernie richer, she with Lionel Bernie punching they're well, I know Hello. We're we're joined by Daniel free, television's Donyell free tops. How's it going cost? Podcasting 's buffalo napalm waiting for this. Joining us on the hotline from a secret location in Europe on on the lukewarm line. Isn't it? Why why lukewarm? Just denote crackly. Yeah. All right. I thought frame fees. Stick. Style up. You've been bite race and energized by the lack of Indo cycling in this week's podcast, all computers, cycling, computer cycling. What outdoor cycling on grass and mart and nano? No a big fan of that know why? Oh cyclocross. Yes. No. We we found another cyclocross lost. Message donyell. How could I forget, no, I'm a big fan of cyclocross not an active fan. But I'm not an atheist either. Lauren. Non promised to sing cyclocross fon. Anyway, from your running perspective, if you have analyzed sort of how many mic's per kilometer, they running at speed running your impressed by that fact that carrying a bike and relatively again, it's a bit like trunk cycling in the sense that I fully acknowledge an a big advocate of the benefits that combining road writer. And in fact, I got quite excited. Unlike meets geic sightsee quite excited when I heard that then IX, Steve always going to be dedicating more time to cross this winter because I think not we'll do his writing in the classics the world of good. And I think he'll have a bumper classic season. What was it like to be back up by race the weekend there? You're challenged me are was Draymond pumping. Where you off the walls with alignment rates. I was rich Somerset, I go to the stall. Unfortunately off our light. We'll have knowledge I wanted to get there. Because it was the weather conditions are being while they were patchy last week there were couple of landslides which caused the organizers to change the routes a couple of times the star Tunsil messed around with. And we'll have the strange former in the challenge Majorca where we talked about it lost. We didn't we where they sort of Buffy arrangement. You didn't you never who's writing on which well, you know, which team they're riding for. But you never know which ride this team is going to pick on a given day which adds element of surprise. So I showed up in the morning, not really not really. Aware of who was going to be writing. But you know, some big names there Don Martin was there. Emma book Leonard one one of the Honda of the four legs of the challenge me. Okay. The previous day and indeed Rhode very well again on Saturday. He certainly wanted to form writers meal. Valverde was the world champion. So yeah, it was a pretty pretty decent failed. Many spectators very very low key sort of a fan was being stopped by Torres saying what the hell's going on here, and they were slightly incredulous when I told them some of the best bike ride is in the in the world were present. I'm going to be racing that day, it's incredibly low key. What she looked like. Like a club race really in contrast to Argentina to someone where certainly in the final stage, there were huge crowds, and I really enjoyed watching through the sun one. But we'll hear about all of that. And I think we'll also hear from some people like to show and Marcel Kissel, go off the Mark at that. We can Lionel de of China, please do there's a lot to recap this week Loja racing going on we start with the cyclocross world championships and Bowen, sir in Denmark, the top three in the men's race were as expected the only question with which order they would finish in and the answer to that question was match your vendor poll, the Netherlands got the better of two Belgians while art and tune air who finished in silver and bronze positions it was van depose first world title since two thousand and fifteen breaking van outs. Run of three to be fair, though, Richard you watch the women's rate which I mean the men's race was a it was a contest. Formula to you. Larry. Formats malady. Are you joining and formality? In English this week. Anyway, anyway, Sana Khan one for the third year in a row for Belgium. She beat the Dutch women Lucinda brand and Marianne boss into third, Richard. There was a a real mishap for Lucinda brand in the pits. When she went for bike change her dad was doing the support and basically grabbed the bike too soon causing to fall off some debate about whether or not that cost her a shot at the gold medal. You watch the race. What did you think? I saw Neil Rogers of cycling tips argue that didn't cost her the race. A Neil news. A lot more of cyclocross than I do. Listen to bronze road writer, and I think the Finnish suited road writer and had she arrived there with Santa can't. I think she would have had a very touchy really strong on. She was gutted not doing a superb race know six or seven writers were in contention writers were making mistakes. Evergreen off the bye regain back on. It was at everything the men's rates really didn't. It was a nail by. Ether and very good winner. Fontana see Voss back there. You know, many times seven times world champion cyclocross, and it was a really competitive great race for traders up there. But none of the managing to win it, and Brian Saint very displaying hoping to get listen to brand on the next cycle podcast Femina. So stay tuned for that. You can ask her about that, Michelle. And whether she thought she was still in with a shout if winning but Santa can't three wins in a row success for British riders in the age category. Raissi's Ben tell it won the junior men's race for the second year in a row and Tom Pitcock one. Glad you mentioned this line. God you mention Tom Pidcock success because we had a very angry message from somebody close to Pitcock couple of weeks ago complainant you hadn't mentioned that he won the World Cup series. When you're in your psycho shrine enough a couple of weeks ago, but we you know, we don't do under twenty three minutes. Racers Stu just don't blame the messenger. Passing on what I was, you know, editorial decision that goes into the news roundup. And Tom big editor editors decision is final. Sometimes to minor league Italian roller hockey, but not under twenty. Might be the week into the minor league roller hockey, adding soul into the wind picking up on your on your point about crossover between cyclocross and road. Mattie. Vander polls wrote team current and circus have been invited to ride only news in this spring. So we'll get to see how he goes on the couples in terms of adaptation to road, I would suggest he's some way behind van at the moment isn't a in terms of while certainly he's going much higher level after the road. Or is he got last year? No wildcard pyro bay for current them circus. On the road locks road racing going on Daniel mention the challenge yorker for one day races on quite stay trace. They were won by Heyzer had outta. He won the first race. Remember, he wore the red jersey of welter last summer for a couple of days. Emmanuel bushman one one as Daniel said Tim Wellens won the race today. Just as he has done for the last two years and Marcel Kittle broke his duck ended. He's eleven months drought without a win. First race win in Palmer since tirreno-adriatico last March. There was a memorable debut for Danish, right? At restless Iverson of lotto, she doll. He got into the break on the first day scooped up enough points to take the lead in the king of the mountains. But then crashed heavily broke his collarbone, quite a baptism of fire. Four two young Danish writer also in that crash with Miquel lender of movie star who also fractured collarbone. He was having a fraiche in over the weekend. So his season is off to the perf. Start next Austrailia and the herald sun tour where team sky really dominated the second half of the race. Oh and got his first pro win on stage three when he broke away with teammate, Luke Crowe, then Dylan Bombarda amateur Scott's Nick shoots really shredded the bunch on the stage to author seat. They were two two and three quarter. I mean, it's clear shoots. Took the stage win and bam Bala the leader's jersey, and bam Bala wrapped up the win winning Melbourne as he sky teammate. Christopher Halverson won the final stage from that across to Argentina and the welter Assan Hawan where to Kernan quickstep finally apologized you Hokkaido's conduct last week when Annacone or Mavi star unseated Julian Ella fleet by winning Alto. Colorado. He then held the lead to the finish clinched race over all the head of Allah Felipe and Oscar severe which third severe turn pro for Komai nine hundred eight is now forty two years old almost an older than I am gives me hope this. What could I win this war? Through the sun one that's year sham. Benny of four hundred grow enjoyed lead out you from his teammate pizza guy and a couple of times, and it really paid off on the final stage where he won a head of Colombian Scotsman Alvarado Hodge. Sticking in South America. The Colombian time tro championships and notable result there for Daniel. Martinez. -education I he won the time trial, according to his team boss Jonathan voters. He was hit by a motorbike and training a couple of days before the race. He put thirty five seconds into Miguel anger. Lopez an a minute and a half into Eggen born all so real marker for Martinez back in your weather racing. Kind of carries on this week the grand prix Marseillaise in the south of France was won by Antony Toji of Direct Energy. And there was some worrying news for the Breton. Classic. Formerly the grand prix plu. Whoa. To a race in Brittany both amends. I'm women's races faced being canceled this year when French television threatened to back out, but it seems that those race is going to be back on TV and where we happening. A community around the world. Stories and films with the most compelling characters the world's finest apparel. Explore the world of cycling with Rafa earth. Thanks to our headline sponsor Rafeh for their support of the cycling podcast. We are always very grateful to them. They have just launched our range of limited edition flyway jerseys, which take their inspiration from the cycling hotlines and new frontiers. Celebrate thing slice of raffles favorite Ryan destinations for their unique scenery traditional colors, and of course, before these are beautiful jerseys, and my favorite one is the Norway one. They've all go the kind of flags or or areas colors in a little band on one of the sleeves on the left sleeve and Norway one is particularly striking and a lot of these jerseys are similar in a way to the new education first jerseys. Same kind of tie dye affect but they're very nice. Indeed have a look at them, Rafeh dot CC. Well, as you said Lionel law racing I mentioned cyclocross world women's race. Was a real cracker 'em bobbing washing son one as well Argentina, beautiful beautiful country. There's this quite unknown. But well, a salvage cycling tradition in Argentina. I think an EMMY of said this before in the podcast. I think there may be more valid rooms in Argentina than any other country in the world. Wow. Going way back no old if indoor valid or not ovum in use. But there was a time in the last century early sentiment track racing was very very popular in Argentina. I believe someone will correct me on that. But. One of those facts, well, you might get in a pub quiz on someone confidently. For example, will tell you that the Marquis of grandma is the is the most popular name of of pubs in the United Kingdom like say that with a huge amount confidence. And then it turns out to be something about the red lion. So I suspect I suspect. Is very intriguing. Interesting, richard. We'll probably find out the. Much predictable. But there I mean, we we talk a lot of Columbia via Senate tradition cycling, not charging Tina. But this really interesting sort of pattern developing we used to MCI races the Middle East this time of the year. There seems to be a the center of gravity seems to be shifting west. Lithuanian. There's quite a senile at the start of the year in Argentina on Columbia and watching to someone which is a tiny pocket of what was a huge huge country is is a stunning stunning country. Argentina is are not them scope to develop a three week tour in one of these countries, or maybe I maybe crossing borders, but South America's seems like a place where you could have a an incredible three week tour. I mean done of space on the calendar for another three weeks. Now, I mean, again back to my usual point about the grand tools wouldn't be invented if they didn't exist. I don't think there's any need for a three week two of it certainly scope for you know, ten ten to fourteen day race. And I think the way the well to ask San Hawaiian is going. You know, the field getting better every year teams are bracing it more we've seen what we've got the ration- coming up in Columbia now this coming week, and that will be even more impressive certainly terms in the number of people watching on the roadside because you know, Columbia really is the hotbed. But yeah, why not? I mean, the well, the welter Columbia still going isn't it, but not really in a slot on the calendar that would attract the top teams, but why not have a big stage race, and that really attracts everyone who's everyone in in the early part of the maybe not late January, but maybe late February or something like that is for the racing. And some Bennett. I mean, he he was he lost. I on stage. I think it was stage. One Gaviria one what video on a couple of stages. So he's got his time. At you. A of the good start 'em Bennett. Like Bora Han score were trying really hard to give him a stage win at Donal. You spoke to Sam Bennett back in December. Bora Hans grow training camp. He was prayed disconsolate they are by what happened at the team has. Missing on a place the Jiro having won three stages last year. Well, let's hear a little bit. Why told you when you spoke to him in December? I'm got. I perform performed really well there. Made my name as one of the biggest wrenches into world. And I get in the last twelve sprints neurone Jiro never say the top tree to consistency was Darren notary some Noah to win there. I feel like what Iran? Yeah. German. I can't help. And not from a big nation. So yeah, not nice. Well, it was Sam Bennett m and I mean, he he's he's a very honest guy m on couldn't really help himself from telling you exactly how he felt Daniel Obote missing on the jeeter this year unfeeling that he'd slipped down a little bit in the pecking order Bora, Hans grow it looked like the team. We're trying hard to set them out pizza Saigon in particular, and which suggests that. Relations, at least they're good the team and Bennett Bennett will get chances this this year, and he told you as well, but he's wanting to serve reinvent himself slightly as a as a writer for more more challenging races. Not just a sprinter, but somebody can get over claims as well. Yeah. I mean, you hope that they aren't just throw him some consolotary crumbs early in the season just to keep him on side. Saigon will take place places the leader or pasta common will will take on sprinters. Sprinting GT's whenever there's a big prize up for grabs. It was interesting even reading some Bennett comments after the what that's on one talking about the pressure of being led out by Sega. He wasn't why didn't sound as delighted is were might expect to be led out by Saigon. But you know, he's gonna have to take whatever opportunities come his way. And the the big unknown still think he's Milan-San ramo. I was giving the impression when I went to the boron protein camp in December. He would possibly right Milan-San Raymond, and he would possibly be an option for them at that race. But of course, I never won it seconds twenty nine now. And it's a it's a. A big hole in his power murders. And you probably be quite pessimistic about somebody's chances of getting. Well, I mean, the, you know, the opposite of the kiss of death, isn't it being written off by Daniel? Wash. I for some Ben. Sorry. We become very blase about Saigon. Don't we? I'm just his consistency. But there is start the season again through them under. He's almost just exactly the same. It's you know, it's so commonplace that we don't even come on anymore. But his his level of performance is unbelievably high all the time while he's worse. Leffler performance it higher than some writers bash level performance once into interesting. Certainly Elise easy for 'em. Even say the Saigon it was like massive dribbling around ten players. And then squaring the ball across the goal for someone to tap in impresses me Moriches. Well, because of his physique, I mean, he's the kind of guy who you look at him. He's relatively heavy. And I always imagine that right is like him would possibly have more issues with their white in the close season van others. That's not possibly wrong in the sense that for saga power to white. Ratio is less of an issue because he's winning on on flat courses, and but he did have some issues with way early in his career member speaking to palace longer who's coach liquid gas about how he in the winter would tell Saigon's out for a walk in the morning before even had breakfast. I don't know whether to sort of get his metabolism up running. I don't know what whether that whether that made too much of a difference, but not consistencies remarkable, particularly as well when saga need someone who will be invited to dinners make public appearances throughout the winter. And I think. Guys. It's particularly difficult. But we've never really there's never really been a period in science career when he has to spend a week. I'm sorry among those or more losing weight and just to to get to the to something like, his usual level. I mean, I suppose the closest it came to that was the Welte last year where. And we hadn't really raise much the Toyota FRANZ on struggled at the start of the Welte. Otherwise, you say. You say he's his consistency has been remarkable. We're talking about pub quizzes earlier, another pub quiz question would be would really puzzle. People. What what did line will burn in pizza and having common both invited to love dinners? Never invited to any anyway 'em another writer who caught everybody's eye to sign. One was Remco. Evan employees. Evening Remco evening pool. Is funny. Donal you mentioning that Sagawa's is almost twenty nine artists Twenty-nine almost twenty nine he twenty nine yet. He's just turned twenty nine is seems like yesterday that he was a nineteen year old emerging talent and their careers kind of entering its final straight. Perhaps. There's Evan the pool. Nineteen just turned nineteen and we weren't expecting a lot from him. He delivered quite law, and he showed I think in that race not that the the highest level perhaps. But and he is going to we're going to see him this year. Thank aren't we. I mean, the talent is there is there to see special time trial. Well, we a couple of weeks ago rich about some precedents of right? It's hunting pro very early in Philip sources case going straight from junior category to the protests and how he'd been given a race of soft racing program in his first year. Indeed is first couple of years. I don't think that's going to be the case with Nepal is it. Looks although he probably won't be nominee race as a think. And the coin quick set around fifty it looks as he he's going to be competitive in while amongst will tour professionals whether that will two races on remains to be seen. Important just to remind the context of Asia early races. I mean, the big names are at the four Julian elephant Neier canton with their overall as well. But then there then that peaks are they they're going to be fair way off their peaks, and the the real proof of the pudding will be how event get Sean in something like the two of Catalonia at the end of March because that's you know, that's a level up from. I think is next races are out Garvan. You a tour and Catalonia is a proper race weather. The state races are really starting to build themselves up some for the Dan classic some for the state races Tecom. So I think with somebody who's just nineteen is important just to dampen down expectations of it. Because we don't want to be here in four five years time doing a podcast where did it all go wrong for him to shoot that? Shoot team car. The back of the tax lease peak radio the tour de France to remind us to tell you that this episode is sponsored by the economist the economists smart guide to the forty impacting your world. And if you would like to get a free print copy of the economist delivered to your door. If you're in the UK that is then text the word cycling, two seven eight zero seven zero the economist is about far more than just economics and finance covers a range of subjects from world, politics and business to science technology, the arts the environment, and even sport, it's been a trusted source of intelligence for over one hundred seventy years, and it's for the kind of person who never stops asking questions wants to know why the world is the way it is Richard. You've been reading the economist week, what has sparked some questions for you. I for Lionel 'em impressed that you didn't spell the word cycling for the listeners to the cycling podcast this week. That was good and they are. That caught my eye was. It was a sports on 'em concussion. Looking to sports in particular, American football and rugby, but it's an issue. The is very prominent in cycling is under some particular difficulties in the sport of cycling with head injuries and diagnosing those head injuries because writers can't really step off the field of play to be diagnosed they want to get back on their bikes as quickly as possible. And and it's a very very pertinent issue. And I know that lot teams have concussion protocol since when I'm sure that we'll we'll return to this this year, but the articles really interesting, but some of the the trends and by the difficulty in diagnosing concussion compared to most injuries. Also, the fact that second impacts are extremely dangerous if if concussion isn't diagnose properly in the first place, another point that's private into sport is the brain human brain doesn't finish developing until your mid twenties. And so obviously young sports people are particularly vulnerable to the long term effects of. Of head injuries and an American football rugby. There has been a drop in participation six percent in the US of kids high school kids playing American football in the last decade. And in England thirty percent fewer children age eleven fifteen playing rugby in England. An economist wonders whether fewer enthusiastic young players could eventually lead to fewer lifelong fans, it's a big is big article in the communists on concussion in sport. And lots of interesting details in there. Very interesting. Yeah. Well to read the economist copy delivered to your door. Text the word cycling, nor is the noble way. Seven eight zero seven zero. Very I'm Sean typic- poll of velodromes, Richard. I can say the Australia, and Japan, certainly have more value, of course, Argentina. Okay. Grace Onlive correction corner. I'm obey authority on the on fruit production in various countries across the world developed. Well, well, well, very simply rich often getting that wrong. Very all amaze, everyone by tendon them, the Italy's the world's number one producer of Kiwi fruits, and then some will say well, hang on. What about nectarines? And I'll think another answer to that as well. And all fall in love with. Well, it's you know, everyone knows that Papua New Guinea, and I usually get are usually get it wrong. The follow-up is usually wrong, and everyone looks very deflated when it proves I'm not the authorities. I thought I walk on. They thought it was anyway, well listeners if there's any correlation fruit production invalid rooms, less know, what about lemon, which Daniel. I don't know. I'm a bit rusty on this line. Must know the answer to this. Entre on a postcard, not Donya. We mentioned the start. You've been an actual bike race. The challenge me orca. Well, I was I mean as I mentioned earlier, I watched TV, and it is very lucky for such a slightly mad island surprising to not see some crowds. And in even the body line of the writers. There's a sense that it is almost like a training race rather than actual race. Yeah. It's actually quite difficult rice, the coast is a pretty tough setting you the first three days where we're very tough. I'm were made even more difficult by the weather. It was unseasonably windy. And despite that we saw the kind of cream rice the top. I'm Tim Wellens as you said is one the race today are was lying on Saturdays. News roundup. I am. I think this was the third time. Third in a row. Someone who does really well at this time of year. But he's obviously claw socks. I'm interesting when I was at the Red Lobster lotto shootout training camp a couple of weeks ago. Speaking to some guys about Wellens, and he's someone who. He's very realistic about his sort of place in the in the solar system of of. World stars in the sport. And he he knows that he's probably not going to win the biggest races in the sort of the the kind of main hotspots of the classics season. And even the Toda front have you focused really on on kind of picking the low hanging fruit of the early in the early season towards the end of the season that you look at his career. He's had huge success. And so in February and March and from August, onwards eastern consistent basis, and I don't think the he he's gonna alter his approach anytime soon. So he's already in very good form and attacked from a long way when you actually attack behind book Mon on that data whether finishes in day is the hardest of the challenge me yorker book at one the previous day, and he's obviously going very well. The big take home with him. I think among were book. Who's going to do the torture FRANZ this year as the leader the G C later for Bora is he's really on a very much trajectory in his career last year. He was a lot bolder than he'd been in the party's climate who I mean, it's not terribly explosive has been someone who is follow generally in major races and had some good results the best young rider in the definite couple of years ago was finished top ten in the Nate last year. But the difference was the book man will start to rod quite aggressively and on Saturday in the challenge Majorca he attacked from a very long way out almost pulled off his second straight win. So it's gonna be interesting to see what he does next few months again. He's not a guy who's blessed with great attacking speed or great explosiveness. He's not a guy who had I think will be threat for the podium at the tour de France, but someone who's grinding confidence in getting better every. A year. I was quite surprised that Valverde didn't win any of the on any of the days. He competed in Majorca road. Well road is Verde always does aggressively. Maybe timing's wrong slightly. He. Yeah. He didn't take home any victors, which I thought was a bit of a surprise just on Tim Wellens. You make the point down your that goes well at the beginning of the year, and at the end, of course, two years ago twenty seventeen pulled out with the tour de France with combination of heat and pollen allergy suffered pretty badly in hot weather refused. A T U E to take medication to try and alleviate those symptoms. But last year he was very impressive in the spring. He as we said one that same stage of the challenge me. Okay. Them one the Ruta del Sol. He was fifth Pyrenees and then one prevents appeal six gold seven flesh alone. And then sixteenth liaise bashed on the age. Which was he wasn't really in the mix at all in the final twenty five thirty kilometers, but a good performance. So, you know, I think he's got the capability to to go a little bit better than that this spring may be maybe I'm gold. Maybe you know, liaise bashed on the Asian the the new Finnish mart term while he's going to certainly shake up the race. Make it very different to what we've become used to. But. Yeah, Tim Wellens when the season gets going on the hot weather comes wanna say, they'll ask you on Sicily. He didn't he? Yes. He did. Yeah. He's a writer. He very much knows. He's plays knows. Who who he is? I mean. He someone you can look at Palmer as well. Why isn't he isn't he moving to the technological next step of trying to become a GCE ride or really focusing everything on the best on saying in the press and really not doing a whole lot before that behaving like a real sort of benefited big hitter. But as I said, I think he he's realistic and pragmatic and knows his best chance of success. He's doing what he does which is, you know, picking up picking winds, and and and being very prominent at times of the year when the real big base have not yet come out to play a who did you speak to me or cut Daniel. Sounds like an interrogation. Have the record. It was no way didn't come out in your York SaaS rich mainly because I kept being detained by people who wanted to speak off the record. I was actually I actually party to what might have been some cheating New Yorker. But of course, the top prevails. Account reveal. It was actually we've actually reported this to the UCLA and they're investigating as we speak. Incident. I I'd like to clarify. And the answer to this better than than than I am eastern obligation to complete the the whole the full distance of the Neutralizer in races. Well, that's a really good question. I mean, it's not called the neutralize on for nothing. The race has not actually started has it during the in the neutralize zone. So I think it would be I think that would matter in a bigger in a really big race. I suspect the challenge may orca pops not so much. Why why are you are you how right? It didn't completely. I witnessed I was speaking to a rider rich on fat today an unnamed writer, and I noticed I became aware about eight hundred meters away, the the rest of the peleton Laurie lined up and that the start time was drawing perilously near. I told the unnamed ride you should probably get a move on. He was he was doing that. When the heavens opened. And we found ourselves under monsoon at that point. He said, well, I'm just gonna take shelter. We went. We we we we moved our conversation to under a nearby shop on and he announced he wasn't gonna it wasn't going to bother against the star. That point he was just going to wait for the personal go pass and join the peleton. In in an inconspicuous as inconspicuous Amana as possible. Nice. What he proceeded to do? So. He skipped about eight hundred meters of initialising. Wow. This this writer feature in the results of the of the day. Terribly prominently. I would say I'm guessing it wasn't a cover this writer. You've seen him a mile off in their in their garish new kit. So we can realize coffers. I think we should. Handing. It means. Also means it's difficult cancer. My original question isn't about who did you speak to challenge me. Pending the investigation who else did you speak to the me orca apart from this writer this unnamed writer? As I said richer. A number of unnamed riders. Fat me information on subjects which can't be discussed. This is wonderful podcast podcast billion. It really imaginative. Lionel come back from the dick Kooning quickstep calm saying. Well, I spoke to lots of unnamed writers things that I can't discuss why did get one very big interview that we now can't you know? Is it wants to settle the and but Daniel m you when you were the opposite camp December you spoke to. Different Kestler fair. Show writer. In center Khudzha. In in New York before Christmas, they have their training as they always do club Robinson on the east side of the island just for Christmas. And of course, contusion coming from very bonds, very unsatisfactory two thousand eighteen season. They won I think four races lost year far, which is far. Account. Tony Martinez national championship time-trial as well. Well, it was a terrible return wasn't a kid who of course, had a bit of an honest horribilis Martin himself didn't pull up any trees, indeed has left the team and yet facing some difficult questions going into two thousand nineteen needed a bit of a rethink needed to shuffle. Some things get some new writers address some areas of the the roster the where they were pretty weak in two thousand eighteen knots. What they've certainly tried to do. So just for Christmas, I discussed this with that team manager Jose I surveyed, and I think we'll hear from him now rich. Everybody knows the value of this teenager is not what we show on the year. Everybody finished the season for straight. This point at the end. We the Minaj of the teen. We. We are analyzed the the year. When the reason of the possible reasons for. Heb so-so so bad Caesar and we've. We decided to do to make a few changes on the team. And hope now in nineteen we are back at at the success. If you if you analyze the writers, we bring in the teen it's they have different different characteristics different skills. And and what we wanted to have a thin more competitive in a different rates, for example, we signed but Alina because it's it's a faster rider. He can win when the finals are a short appeals and steep, and you also can do classics like, for example, or I'm circled racists is a good race for in. It's not because we don't have anything writers who can do it as a good writer for this race. But if we instead of if you can have more riders as option more strong gonna be the team the case of e- ends. It's it's an sprinter. And we want to have. Another splitter in the teen. We aren't wherever we have Marcel. But you know, it so many race along the year, and we do. All the time to to program, sometimes three. So we want to have always a sprinter in the race and Jens with restored. In is is is is a strong sprint one race. And it's also a strong writer in the classics and finished retype stop any in in the in the cobblestones classic. So for the group of the classic. I think it's also. As a group stronger for the mountains. We don't lose climates, but we have and we have now about a writer with a lot of experience when he ever is possibilities. You can finish up ten in some race and have a lot of experience. And we know when he'll need in in in in the big race. When when is in the climbs one more Ryder gonna be close close to muscle Kitto is obviously one of your star riders Ebro are exorbitant to work also with Marcel and the Schuylkill Eric bring about a big change in Marcel orders, the main chains have to come from ourselves himself for me Marshall, it's still be the the best printer in the world when Marcel is at the stop shape, it's difficult somebody beating Eric Cam in the Eric's aval, the teen because it's we create in the in our store. A new department the performance department, and and and Eric is the performance manager is responsible for everything it's about the performance material. So it is his responsibility. But of course, a lot of experience he was on only spray is also one of the best printers in the world. And for sure Ican, which is experience, which is no ledge. He can it can it can pass this to the writers. The writers have a lot to they can learn a lot from him. And like I said if we have the best to working with us. I think for the riders is much better. Because at the end it they need to also support from the teen. But they also need to. To ever good message. And this is why we try to bring in the people experience with people with would professional because at the end training important, but it's many things around that important, and for example, talking about the sprints, you know, how? What are much? Time it needs to be invest to create a goodly doubt train. Create a plan for for the spring analyze the. The kilometers before the sprint. So we need to have somebody who can study this. Of course, we have a lot of five sports actors we experience. But if we can ever a person like Eric was one of the best sprinters in the world. A lot of experience and knowledge to to pass to to the. Is Moscow has must have been complicated to work with. No, no, it's not complicated. You hearing the teen wherever we are seventy percents around seventy percentage one every Scott actor is personality at n we need to respect. But like we speak before we have one philosophy and wanted entity. So everybody who come need to. Go in the spirit and understand our team. But it Marcel no never have problems. Of course, he has a difficult here come here. After after win five stage in the tool big expectations from front prone everybody, and he also Fernan self, and you know, when you come in the teen everything is new for you. You you want to show that give give back the confidence to the team. Sometimes you but discretion on you some of the year he was sick. And then, you know, we lose training and then his star turn again to come back in it against the springtime. It was not easy and any no for for for the riders. How important are the results? But but for a sprinter, it's. The only count the victory and for many reasons, the, you know, the year Paseo, for example, the first stage in the by when was sprint on the side. I think it was good Wiegand here. Problem the shade went out. And then one day today's later your was block. So you know, it's one chance you lose another chance you lose. And then you you start seeing star lose the confident then come this this healthy problems. And you see the time running and and and and raise that you expected victories. You don't have it was. Yeah. Not the perfect here. But no, we cannot say much salad. It's it's a person who create problems inside the team. I think everyone in liking and respecting the cycling podcast is supported by sciences. Sports. Scientists sports fueled by science. Thank you to scientists sport for their support of the cycling, podcast and force supplying our listeners with so many sports intuition products. You can get your twenty five percent off with the could S I s c p twenty five at science and sport dot com. That's S I S E P twenty five at the check out this week's question for enzyme, use science and sport comes from Phil from Swansea and fill is the first questioner to fall in his question. Give you the number after we've heard his question and bans response. Hi my question, though. The surgeon spoke guises recently I've had to. Diet and gluten free and my something that's caused a bit of a problem. I generally liked to have. Cover pre product simmer in my pocket when I'm going on a long ride, and I've had to those out. So I'd like some ideas of suggestions turnips are going to keep me going on a long ride. It's a really interesting question is it doesn't have to be restrictive as it. I pass fuelling performance definitely possible on a gluten free diet the same principles apply in that you Raymond fuel with sixty nine grams of carbohydrate per hour on the pike when you're out in tough longer rides. The scientists jarring gluten free as the hydra tablets uncover electrolyte powder that gives you a gel hydration, and sports and culture. The always it for yourself to them replace that, someway or provide a food based option to eat while you're on the bike. I suggest looking into making own rice cakes something pretty widespread, and professional and damage cycling most rights, and it's not reform is gluten free. You could use Honey Stadio or John's Flavia rice gates with. That's if you've got a real sweet tooth alternatively. You could make those Savary rice cakes free Corentin tends to be the free that really the option Houston. Find all your ingredients together, and send them into the rice cake. So that was Ben Samuels answering Phil from Swansea's question if you would like to send a question for sciences sport answer, you can Email us contact at the cycling podcast dot com, or as fielded you can leave voice memo voice memo if you dial number plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight two five plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight two five won't take phone calls. That's not Lionel's number of giving Daniels. But it will take voice voice memos through. So leave your question that way, if you'd prefer interesting when you look at their roster that got Masha Kittle usually should carry guarantee them X number wins per season surely can't have a year last year again and illness Accoring, we would think would guarantee them a decent position in one of the grandmas one other than that. Streaming speed lack weeklong stage race, he's never ride. The grand tours like them want to do them. Usually pulled out a bit of a result of the tour Roman day or two swish. And everyone else is kind of. Prolific author and interesting looking at some of the writers I brought in and Rico batted lean who won a stage of the Jiro. Who else did I bring in tabu share as well? I mean, they're kind of middle of the road sore signings. It's a team is going to be very much dependent on whether or not Marshall Kittle can win some big world tour races. I think you have. I think you're absolutely right line on. There is a misapprehension Khudzha Alperstein is very rich team. And they say it's really a hangover old relic. All this this idea that people have of a previous incarnation of the of the team originally, they were very well funded had a huge budget similar team skies, but they didn't necessarily always get same results that team sky. Have got out of out of that budget. But in the last couple of years they've really had to downsize operations, and I think they're operating now at around about fifteen million euro a year level or even even less than that not gone awful lot to work with. And I think kids will probably probably sucks up a fair amount of the budget Kitto is a guy who as we've talked about in the past works on feeds of momentum. And he needs he needs early in the season to carry him through. And he needs to be writing with confidence in have a lot of confidence in his lead out. I think our example, the variable will be great for Kitto. He was very effective or candidate certainly thought he was very effective as an adviser HTC Columbia a few years ago, and obviously being German and being someone who faced a lot of the the pressures that Cato is now facing is ideally placed to help him out. Elsewhere in the roster. I think in the classics relatively strong. I think Neil's Paula is someone who is getting better every seventh in pyro bay last year seventeen in Florida as a consistent performance. He's someone mid twenty should be getting better every year. But otherwise team I think might might struggle as their own. A huge a huge number of Bank. Is there seem spill someone who by her crooked as managed to pull out? Good results in week long stage races in as long stage races. He's not generally being the best time Charles stole the best climber. He's just a very canny operator who who really stakes everything on three or four races every year tour of the Basque country to Roman dater Switzerland that kind of race, and it has often worth how for him but didn't last year it's contract year for him this year. So he's under a bit of pressure. He might well contrive and manage to pull out something again as racist. But it's far from guarantee, and you know. You know, I think looking beyond this year, and they're probably questions about about contagious future. They've got a new business model of her new businessman of last couple of years. They won't. Certainly to a degree self sustaining. And now they have while Qatar is a sports where Brandon schools manufacturing. They're hoping to raise a decent amount of capital from sales of sports were not sure how well that is going. I think I surveyed or is a very hands on managers. Well, he's got a lot on his plate. He he's someone who gets involved in the real nitty gritty of of how the team parades. But you compare the human resources Katina's of a team sky in and see I think probably big differences. Where where people are having to multitask, and do a lot of different things. And and. Pulling off the kind of thing that sky is able to do or with Mer jumbo sorry. Jim Bismullah during now in the Netherlands is not as easy as just having the wheel to do it. You'll need the money. I mean, you take the example of that training camp contusions training campaign. Llorca there were couple of grumbles one or two the writer. Dick mentioned it wasn't ideal for the climates 'cause they were on the east side of the whether on climbs, and in Boswell sense me, that's the kind of thing that sky, maybe you would have someone to just to drive the climates to the other side of the island, and that would have a big effect on the training camp at sky, that's affordable. Doable that's favorable as not necessarily at a lesser funded team. So they've got a bit of a better than up hill battle. I think but again as is the case Kitto if some momentum early in the season, and they have to have some talented riders could could I'm surprises. Yeah. I mean, there's no ambiguity now. Examing with Tony Martin leaving. There's no one to deflect the responsibility. From kettle. I'm sure he's acutely aware he called perform like he did last year. And when you look at that roster. I mean, they have like enough spayed enough horsepower to put together a decent lead out train for him and keep racist under control and maybe join him with two current quickstep and the others who will be trying to bring racist back together for sprint finishes. Yeah. It's going to be an important spring for Kittle. The big thing is for a writer of his stature as the size of we really that counts needs to be back on winning the tour de France. And then a the reboot last year became more international team on one of the writers who joined last year was in Boswell. And I think you spoke to him as well, then Daniel did reg I spoke to him about loudly exactly is the identity of continue now in terms of nationality. And also about the steam that Vado mentioned we we heard him talk about a minute ago. The difference in the way Qataris you're trying to pick teams races this year. They're trying to base a lot more on on former and current fitness rather than to the premeditated racing programs that came up with over the winter. So this is in both well talking about those subjects, you know. The team has made some changes this year that was pretty clear from the start, and I guess already at the end of last year that things were changing and we brought in some new coaching staff and brought in Rick solve Eric's always getting confused. But yeah, Eric's was in here for a performance coach and just coming off a pretty disappointing year all around. I mean, I was necessarily super disappointed, but I think you know, the team and the management and the sponsors definitely expected more. The mood within team campus already. You know, people are working hard from from the get-go, which has been Claire Claire Simon last year. We had a great team campus super fun. Join themselves. I was about to say I remember reading the time. I think it was the same time location yorker new guys in the team last year. And you get a good vibe positive messages coming out within Cambodia rated same as. Something of special and the new and exciting was forming. And then like you say it was pretty disappointing in some respects. Yeah. I think that's completely correct. I think we did have a really I came to this team from being sky for five years. I was like, wow, this is really cool cool environment like super happy, and it really did feel like a family. And it was professional, but also really relaxed and. But yeah, the results in common to throughout the year, the ten Jim building that we needed to kind of get our asking gear to put it a straightway and this year, it's been a lot less kind of horsing around. It's like if we have a six hour training, right? It's six hour training. Right. It's not you know, five and a half or four and a half. But everyone's motivated as well. You know, I think from the guy who had a disappointing year to also new writers and the team who speaking with Enrico going, correct? He didn't have he had a great year last year. We wanna stage Jiro and had another good results. So it's not, you know, I think for the writers like that to come in. And see kind of the teams motivated continues to push those guys forward as well. You mentioned changes to coaching coaching staff. I know it's very early in IMO even Soviet impact on on the programs. You've been set yet. But one of the main differences, you can see already and from the old regime to the new regime, I guess kind of an overall focused approach for the whole team and just making sure that everyone is kind of push him in speaking with the same group is Danny Navarro who's been pro for fifteen years now turned pro in two thousand six and just seeing how this changed and evolved over those years he said they didn't start his teammates and team leaders start training till January two thousand six and here. Early december. The sport is a whole exchange UCLA show up to an early season rice like Mark challenge. And it was important, but when you can kind of just get through, and you can racing leg warmers, and you could ride back to the hotel. And there wasn't a lot of pressure. But I think especially coming off the year we had I think there's a little bit of pressure from the beginning of the year. And you know, one thing we've implemented year is a team like sending the best riders to the racist rather than having a fixed program where you know, you program said in December, and that's your program throughout the year that you know, if you're not writing, well, then there's no point in sending you to racist. Which is something that is clear makes a pretty clear choice that you're training is going to be analyzed then know watched so they're sending the best riders to the races. But that's pretty unusual. Isn't it in context of the world have not really heard of of teams during that before teams there? I think a lot of riders sky received a race program Mosman it, and that was one of the things I actually really enjoy. Last year at this team was having a pretty fixed race program. Being. Usually relatively motivated writer that I was focused to show up at the racist. Prepared. Not just like riding through knowing my race program. So it creates a competitive edge within a team that writers aren't necessarily competing with each other for spots. But that writers are pushing each other to make sure that you're ready for racist. You're not just turning up because you we're told in December that you're doing race in July. So you can show up. Presumably those judgments about who going. Well, who is no some of the time. It's being based on training data. Yeah. I think a lot of it's based on training data. And you know, we have seen him walking Dirk moles here. It has a lot of experience and same with. Eric Zobel and also with Kevin as a new trainer, I think they're going to be doing a lot more kind of scientific analysis of writers, performance and training. And entertained with a very multi national identity in the history recent history of cycling, sometimes has worked incredibly well. It's incredibly well, it was a team with no sort of obvious single national identity. Quickstep it seems to work pretty well. They've got 'em rights from different. Nationalities. How much did that contribute to the difficulties? The team had lost year or how much can contribute to the strength team might have in the future. Yeah. I think you're completely right? I think he did see or you've seen teams in the past right mean like, you said quickstep that have come together being a very international team and performed and you only world tour team, I have experienced with the sky, and I felt that they although been an international team. They definitely have a very British corps. And I think that core for myself being a young writer like those were the cool guys like good writers Ross like the cool guys like Thomas and fromm and Luke and. Fifty P Ken you wanted person. I guess I can speak from experience I wanted to fit in with those guys. I wanted to be part of that group because those guys go into the big races. And. I wanted to show those guys that I was a good writer and reliable. We don't necessarily have that same kind of group that at this team because it's so international. We don't have one national identity. That's kind of say favored, but kind of the core group of guys who've been racing together for a long time who are tied him with the coaches and the staff it's very international the Germanic gruesome taking over slightly. They are definitely the most dominant kind of influence in the team. But at the same time, it's not really, I guess, I'm not part of the sprint training. So I don't really see it as much, but it is in all senses to really international team and your nationality doesn't really dictate your race program. Kind of who you're friends with on the team. So it's nice in that sense. It everyone gets along. And there's not really like a clique within the team. But at the same time like I do sometimes the benefit of a team having national identity. So it's a fine balance of keeping international but making that work and bringing everyone together for a common goal that's getting people to to raise for each other. Even though they might not have a native town. So I was friend of the podcast in Boswell m. Well, the interesting to look at Kathy momentum as he said some portent for Marshall kettle. It's also important for teams. There are few teams. Just looking at the early results. Their teams had shockers last year, you a Emirates education. I. Alpe Zain Cajal Persson who are all off the Mark and not so important to get some early wins. And no so much for the winds, but more further feeling engenders within the team. And it can be rich. It come be. But it can also some dissipate in dissolve relatively quickly last year loss. Exactly, that's exactly what it was about to say people raving about all the changes that have been made then he writers approaches, and it was only a month two lights when people were talking about crisis. Nevertheless, it's easier to keep it going once started then take to get it started, especially the season begins to drag on a win a waste of whiting frost win probably. And the the the, you know, the the our changes in those teams, especially Emirates, I think that there are some changes in team in the management on the management side that could well have an impact on the road. But give area is obviously a guy who should win races for them. Now, just before we go this week since we are talking about Katiba opposite one of their new signings for this year is Harry tan field, the young British writer who was part of the who bike set-up. And last year we featured who bought bike in last week's episode, of course, online you charted over the phone to hurry tan field. Didn't you before he made his debut for contusion opposite idea? He was in New Yorker. I'm just getting ready to make his debut in two of the challenge. Llorca rices didn't finish with them. But he was looking forward to the Volta ally community Valenciana or tour. As we used to call in the old days. And while he Connie packed up. What Daniel saying about the Y A to ship pick that teams short notice because he don't eat just found out that he was going to be riding Valenciana rice. And he was keen to see how he measured up some water riders in the tone trawl step up paying like is it been noticeable? I mean, it's a training different harder. What's? All the differences. Different loves train hard. Different to happen in the past really when you traded at a law or your trade into wrenches low level as well. So the non training throughout the by trying for six hours trend's arrest. You know, all three hours just real hard rather than the posted move back to back. There's rather than just one day races and stuff just like resilience Petillo. I think it's just just being color at the time. And. And what about the first race? I mean. Than any butterflies few nerves. I mean, you're not starting with the first of the challenge yorker trophies coming in what to the second or third one. What's the what's the planet? I mean, would you would you prefer to get? Right. Stuck in? It's all one day races. So just it's pretty much just every guy gets rid get rod our everyone on the team's going to do a couple of days and everyone's being set two days for that program's just wanted to really fits. And he was doing all the twos gaps these laws of the get out. So you're under no illusions. It could be quite quite tougher style. Well to rider of you, go on the agenda for the rest of the spring. Do you know yet? Dispatched just point. Then after that. Well, we've been talking about the program seen. I thought I was reading in fifteen sixteen. Wrench and maybe even a few days time. So which was news to me this morning. So. Chat with the. And the guys tonight actually just caught and just. The caucus nose run. 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