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1128: Learning to Savor the Firsts and the Lasts by Britt with No Sidebar on Intentional Living


This is optimal. Living daily episode. Eleven twenty eight learning to savor the first and lasts by Brit with no sidebar dot com. And I'm just a Molly happy Saturday. Welcome to one of the only podcasts in the world where blogs are narrated to you for free. That's with permission from the websites. Today's both comes from a contributor on no sidebar in amazing blog. So let's get right to it and start. Optimizing your life. Learning to savor the first and last by Brit with no sidebar dot com. The last couple of weeks have been busy over at tiny ambitions headquarters may my house. I and my last day at one job and my first day at another. I took my last flight Toronto for work and my first drive on my new daily commute tiny. Ambitions was also published for the first time on no sidebar. That's quite a few first and lasts. The trouble is in our fast paced world to we ever really take the time to savor the first in the last I'm guilty of racing. From one thing to the next bulldozing any hope of appreciating the moment, the seduction of new chapters part of this. I think is excitement who wouldn't be excited to start a new chapter of their lives. Everything seems so fresh and new and full of promise it's hard not to be seduced by that. But I think one of two things tend to happen in life. Either we go overboard and can't stop savoring the past moment so much. So that we ruin our prison reality or we take zero time to pre sheet anything in moved through life at hyper speed. Lead in either scenario, we ended up at the end of our lives. Never having lived in the present. Is there a happy medium that could be found between being stuck in the past or racing towards the future. I think so I've never been one to dwell on the past with some recent notable exceptions the past is over and we can't relive or change in a matter. How much we wish we could the future though, that's an entirely different story and my mind if you tour is bright in sparkly and full of infinite possibilities by extension than the future is much better than the present. I'll be honest often find my mind racing towards the future. So I don't have to deal with my present reality the future is an escape route from the mundane is as if my mind believes that the future is automatically better than the president just by the very nature the future is into now. Therefore, it's better the problem with my internal logic is that my Kern reality is actually pretty great. I've just having given myself permission to slow down. And notice it being too preoccupied with. What might happen undermines our ability to enjoy what is actually happening. This isn't to say that life is always kittens and roses, because it's obviously not, but for me, at least, my brain doesn't differentiate between the good and the bad my reaction to having a great day is the same as having a not. So great day. What's next? He could be the best thing in the world in my brain would still kick into what's next mode living with intention. So what do we do about it for me? It comes down to intention -ality men. I don't mean that in a wishy-washy Coon, by kind of way. I mean it in a practical way applied in my real day to day life intention -ality looks a little something like this when I'm hiking with Mr. TA, I'm hiking with Mr. TA when I'm writing a blog post. I'm writing a blog post when I'm cuddling with my cat. You better believe I'm cuddling with my cat, or I'm trying to say is whenever I'm doing some thing. I'm doing that one thing and not the twenty other things all my. To do list is my seem like a privilege, and in some cases, it is. But the fact is my amateur terrible multitasker. I just can't do it. If I try to do more than one thing at once, my brain drains, foggy and neither thing I'm trying to do gets accomplished in any meaningful way for me mono tasking is the only way I get things done realizing, my brain operates in a single task environment changed, my relationship to everything. However, the problem with mono tasking is if I'm doing something, I shouldn't be mitt becomes very obvious. Just last night. I should have been playing fetch with our cat and said, I was reading something on my phone, and Mr. T A noticed and called me out on which I'm grateful for my am by no means perfect at intention -ality. I am more than a work in progress that being said being intentional with my actions is still very important to me. That's why when I had my last ever stay in a hotel for work last week. I took thirty dedicated seconds to take in the view of the skyline before I left for my morning meeting. It's not a lot of time. But mills enough to ground me in that moment and remind me of how lucky I am. You don't have to be who you were yesterday. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how you don't have to be who you were yesterday. It's okay to let go of the past. Maybe if I had him rush through parts of my past and wouldn't have clung so tightly to them in the present by lowering the savor the first and the last in the moment while they're actually happening to us. Maybe we can let the past be the past and let the future unfold when it's good and ready to there's been a lot of change in my life in the last couple of months leaving a place we both in really like for northern Ontario was no easy feat. Brosseau ear to leave. I didn't properly save the lasts of southern Ontario. I recently started a new job. And while I did definitely savor the first day. I didn't fully appreciate the last day in my old position with all of the wonderful people I likely won't cross paths with again, I'm hoping for now at least that her season of changes over for the foreseeable future. I am more than ready to settle into a new daily routine in a new city with the new job. However, if all of the change in the last couple of months has taught me anything is that change is the only thing we can count on is terribly cliche. But it's also true. We never know when anything around us could change for better or for worse. The only thing we can do is be present for whatever first and last or happening around us every single day. Utilise into the post titled learning to savor the first and last by Brit with no sidebar dot com. Now, if you wanna give back really the best thing that would help right now is simply tell someone or multiple people about this show. It really mean a lot. I've had fewer ads recently than before I can do that. If the podcast is growing, many people don't know how to listen to podcasts or what they are. So if he could show them how to subscribe, that'd be amazing in a huge help to keep this show running. It could be a friend family member co worker anyone really showing them right on their smartphone. Is the best way. So thank you for doing that. And thank you for being here listening every day, including the weekends. And I'll be back tomorrow where you're often my life awaits.

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