Will El Clsico Deliver Fireworks?


Welcome into the ESPN FC studios in today's edition of the show on the bachelor. So much to get to. We're going to be joined in just a little bit by SID low and Gab coty pull preview. Saturday's classical between Real Madrid and Barcelona. But we start in the Premier Li where the table looks like this that. But the one match on Friday leads three nothing winners away to Aston Villa Villa, missing out on a chance to go top of the table leads all the way up to third on the strength of a Patrick Bamford hat trick in the second half or more reaction we walk them in Franklin. And Steve Nicol Frank I'll start with you bill clearly the favorites coming into this one like we said chance to go top of the table at home leads are not just fun to watch. They're pretty good. Aren't they? Definitely. Fantastic. Mean a the way they play the commitment of the players option to the to the world of football leads is a great team. Even villa with the being the best defense in the. Premier League. Cope with the situation where and you saw that even the nineties minutes where. leads got the ball and and contact we five or six players, and it's absolutely to see that total football the commitment against the players working very hard altogether physically being on the top of the of the top now. Even, if I enjoyed the game, even if I enjoy everything of the game and all the the movement of leads, even at Seville at the beginning of the game, I know what? Mister BS is capable of. GonNa, love him. He's going to be an attraction. He's going to be absolutely fantastic to sleep fans but after wait I have to wait because I've seen that we pick Marseille. I've seen six fantastic month and seeks horrible month from Marseille. So I want to be optimistic I want always the best to lead I. Wonder Hope that what I saw with Marseille it's not gonNA is not GonNa Happen with leads but. I've known. The pastor of Mr Yassir is always been like that. So I want to wait and see before. Giving, giving it statement from from still best. But what I saw today is absolutely when I want to see in the Premier League, two teams working hard to to try to win a game and given Andrey. Capacity really enjoyed the game. Stevie wonder what you make of the leads performance today. But also the point that frank mentions like is it sustainable over the course of a Premier League season? The Way Be Elsa has this team play. Well I would agree we frank. Look great going forward the movement is absolutely fantastic and and then only one three today and an Obama for God. You kind of wonder if if they had a couple more complex finishes up from home, any goals, this team could score. Because they probably may have had ten ended up three I mean, that's how good they were going forward all the movement and all about the overlap and runs and. Basically everybody running one hundred Mel's enough for nine minutes. I would say that is sustainable. Not over the course of a season. You know basically what they'll have to do is make sure the off points before they run a gas. Because, it doesn't loot late, the only plan the other way. Actually. Like you know bail says about old fashioned, you know he basically. Pushes team on the field and assess the opposition right. This is how we played. You know this is how we play, but you're going to have to come and be. Because, we're going to try and do what we do best regardless of what you do I. Love the should unfortunately the way they do play. As as opposed DRIAN physically as it's possible to be and and I'm not so sure they lost a whole she's and so as I said. Can Get forty five points before they blow a gasket. Then then the Greater Watch, what is very interesting to see that and we have to give all the crease. With almost the same players leads finished like thirteenth in the championship before a arrived last year, he came and put them up to the premier. We see how the play of believes in him name sorry and how much you can bring to the team but that's the big problem is going to use the players as much as you can. and. The southern point the players won't won't want follow because they going to be almost dead. Because of the work that that is asking and the commitment is asking, so the square is going to be problems coming up. Stevie the other side of this, the Aston Villa missing out on a huge opportunity they suffered their first defeat of the season. I, draw points at the season. In the Premier League and really disappointing I thought after the first Gulf from Leeds like there was no response from bill you thought leads needed to second goal more than bill and their first. Well Unfortunately Villa schooled seven against a team Code Liverpool Cutler weeks ago laptop everybody's looking for every time you step on the field and it's just impossible for them to do that and the truth is. Aston Villa who probably going to finish up mid-table. And the performance against Liverpool was one of those days where every one of the players was absolutely out the best. You know again, going forward, only walk into a hot trick. School Rhen. Jack Greeley absolutely on top of your game. So that was one of those games today you saw an awesome side who when the Best. Will lose games and that's basically what it was the Ron. And they played and it's GonNa. Happen to them. Not Going to happen to them as much as it did last year you know they had a great escape last year but I think the same as the Are really good. So I think we should try and put Liverpool. Scored seven against Liverpool aside and really look at this team for water as and it's a team that will not get relegate as a team that will not be fighting for four talk. Sex is a team that will be fine to stay in the middle of the pack and we'll. We'll be there on mirror. Frank Aston Villa gets off to the perfect start. People are asking are they for real? Are they legit? Did we get some of our answer? Today is negative. We shouldn't be too negative about about some villa as Stevie said GonNa, Finish midtable but I'm not disappointed with their performance. The did it very well and I think they work hard and Grecia, the very good game and we saw some very positive actions about the. Again. They did what they had to do, and they should consistency on what the capable of doing. But it's true that after the first goal didn't react and defensively on the the second and the third gold I mean, he's like everybody was really. Absent from the defense especially, the third the third goal when defenders indeed a move to close Bamford possibility. So We shouldn't. See, US. Finishing off in the first place because that would be that would be being you know. Not. Realistic. But finishing in the top ten, it's it's possible. They have a good defense they work out very good. Goalkeeper talented players like magazine like Greenwich and some others. And the can if they work all over in the top ten. Is the first defense against a team? Really put you through lots of Tinus at the after an hour because they run everywhere and he's the worst time to play against this I'm not sure love playing in March next March again, sleeps will be the same scenario a soul. We shouldn't be too harsh on on I think today I. It's just me but. Anybody else getting a little sick of watching Jack Greeley's fallen over in the field all the time. You know he should yell out for the dive. When he called. What about Bob Ford Minks. See I'm talking in general you know Judd Greeley, she's a fantastic football player but I'm just getting a little casino fallen over and and. Almost called the golden season so far Iran from just say these on penalty there with the ball. Shrugged off a couple of Johnson and that was the biggest surprise because thaw he's he's GonNa he's going to talk here and he's going to go down but it didn't stay on his feet and almost scored the absolute wonder goal. So I hope he's bondage. Walden. These and says look. and. Unless you really get down, can you stay on your feet and shores the ability late you did today with what could have been an absolute wonder goal. So I, don't know whether. It's becoming old hat and the deck. All right. Let's turn our attention to. Say Manchester United, and Chelsea at old. Trafford. See how come to you. First on this for managerial decision making perspective for all even source jar it's gotta be tempting when you great result mid week in Paris as the underdogs to just roll out that eleven again, he can't do it totally because Anthony Marcial suspended for the weekend but if he were to do that, that would mean, no papa, no maguire would it be the right call? Yes. Odin one on the other and the one that absolutely is a guess is no POGBA. I. I'm sorry you know. Regardless of what me and Fred. have done previously the factors that tend to do a job and they were absolutely fantastic and we're standing. Defensively and that's what Manchester United are going to have to be against Chelsea standard defensively. So you can't tell road in my opinion. And say you not played a one of these not playing because Paul was back in because then if I'm GonNa plan I'm thinking hold on a second you know I I understand what Pogba can bring when he's out best but he's been doing nothing I commend and a job and all of a sudden. So the coach if I'm only I plane POGBA. Absolutely plan the players that got job done against pot assange Amman however. Told Zone be one as a completely different ballgame. Hottie Hoti been playing games. We keep him on for the same reasons as I just gave you vote the lake semi told name Fred but that was his Fox game and over ten months. and. I can assure you through experience your folks game. You you can run all day long and people will question. I'd say, how can you do this? We haven't played for ten months as cold adrenaline. Takes you through the game. But an old wasn't pro. I can assure you. You're second game back after the Long lay-off. You're half dead and so for that reason Maguire and Lindelof stop. Frank what would you do with Paul Pogba? Would you start them against Chelsea and if not, what does that say about a player that we often at least when he's coming back from international duty with France referred to as world class as. Well I think you really have to do come what? Players have done. You know for the past the past two games, and if you consider that the done the job in the play where I'm the feel, I've done it properly, why do you want to? Deport even a world class player because these so-called war class Bayer I mean you have to find the right balance because you have to deal with the squad? This quad is many players that you have to make sure that they're going to feel involved that he wanNA fight fall for the colors of the club and that he tried to see only the right colors of it. They're not dot color of it meaning you play when the deal the previous I injured in otherwise you're going to be on the bench if. It was was on the bench against Bari. And McNamee and Fred Play Well, why do you WanNa put a bug on the field? Is Not, the insurance of everything's going to be better with him because. It would have been proven lately and and and it's way I. Think it shouldn't be playing. You go to question McNamee, all and. Fred on their on the. Only. Have as UNIM- on them. Sorry. So that's the main problem. So you have to make sure that the players are pleased with their performances and have the trust of the of the coach Franken the past you said that you wouldn't bench maguire even after everything he's been through because it would kill him but you must have been impressed with what he did against PSG especially given the ten month layoff in his age. I. Think Be Great. I think if he doesn't play against Jesse's because he maybe a receive a knock hall he's not he's not fully fit but otherwise you have to keep on putting him in the last two games he did what he had to do. I don't think Maguire is a fantastic player I don't think you should have been. Votes eighty something million but because they have him because the captain and because he seems to have. The confidence back. In his fit issued play. It did well, it should carry on. Other side of this thing frank is Frank Lampard this seems like a I know it's early in the season and early in his career but this seems like a big moment a big match in kind of how we evaluate Frank Lampard is that there I can be fair because it's a big game and you you expect from Chelsea to to results against against Manchester. United even if it's an old trafford but the thing is Is Maybe we're too impatient with Chelsea. But maybe the time for for Jesse to show a little bit of something that were all expecting. It's hard because players have been injured playing have been booked late. It's still a young team. So do we have to be more time to Franklin part? I've been very criticized toward? The way they played. So therefore little bit about the coach so I received lots of. Things from the fans say frank you have to be more patient. Yeah. But you have to be more patient. Okay. But we all want result because we all know that Chelsea is a great team but the to find the chemistry asap that's the thing and when you play against Manchester United you have to have a result when you have I don't know. When you expect something in your in your in your season and you want to finish in the first full space is the time to build up something and these bb the game for that. Steve Far as Lampard's concerned. Let's Talk Tactics Manchester United so good on the break. So Dangerous Chelsea obviously struggles on the break defensively it would seem you're gonNA invite Manchester United to do the things that they do best. If you continue to play the way that Chelsea plays what should lampert. Josh moments or stick to the way Chelsea play. I. Don't thinks going to make any adjustment. It's all going to the way the play. the group of he has the better going forward so If you decide to set then you're. Kinda, hamstring and yourself. I don't see frank changes whatsoever. As a case of. A case of them hoping now on the day, they can defend well because yes, that's how I was going to be even though Manchester, united our home. And and try and break. So, I think we're I think we all know what can again we're going to see. About. WHO's putting the ball in the net and who stumped going in the other one because there's no question there's going to be CIANCI's goals in this game I don't actually see a winner and if you're GonNa ask me I think I think there's GonNa draw written all over it but it's going to be like a two or something because there's no way. These two teams can can stop goal bulbs going the the net. But. These two teams can can. An attack. So I can see CIANCI's concede goals by. The End. Frank. WE'VE GOT Steve. PICKETT's so hard to choose because Easter teams are so inconsistent. What do you think's GonNa Happen Saturday. Agree we stevie. Somebody's GONNA. Happen you know in contact from Manchester United I don't think like Stevie said that frank is going to change the way he sees food of Chelsea is going to try something. So offensively Very accurate and then from barely can get something and hopefully police each z. h. adverse maybe months going to bring something to. So we know that they have tools offensively, I'm. Having some question Mugabe defensive aspect of of the Chelsea tactic and and and Manchester United also can can make some mistakes defensively. So yeah, I see you draw I. Don't see a very attractive game to watch. Because I don't think that everybody's going to risk too many things especially from Manchester United. So I. See draw two. Guys great stuff as always, and here's a look at the rest of the premier league schedule Saturday us and begins West Ham city Liverpool hosting. Sheffield United, League leaders Everton visit. Southampton Sunday. You Got Arsenal Leicester City on Sunday as well, and then spurs away to Burnley one of two matches on Monday. The biggest club of match in the world. So says the. President Round Madrid. Barcelona. Classical Saturday at the camp. Now, as you can see right there up failed to scorn either of last year's two installments from what we welcome in seed low and Gab Marcatti said let's start on the Madrid side of this rivalry around Madrid like Barcelona coming in off a league loss last weekend but also coming in off that Champions League defeat shocked what does the state entering out classic mother these Mo- not just the institution but the fan base you that are there in Madrid Put simply states concern. They haven't played well in these two games I think you could make a case for saying the first half against. This was as bad. Forty five minutes. We've seen from Madrid in two, three four maybe more years until they had the first off, get shut down which was worse. To to sum up one of the headlines in the Madrid price on on Thursday morning was. Worse. By the day, I think sums up the. Play. Of course we we've seen this so many times on this show performances like this, but we've seen so many times before you get to the class and it changes things and said today the classic. Game that's perfect for change of image for a for a change of direction for for the team. But it's certainly true that Madrid starts season has been pulled on this last week has been really very bad indeed speaking of change is there any chance and all this that the results Saturday could affect it on's continuity because some of those are some of those whispers are really starting to circulate this week. What happens? All the time it's the coaches are always on a couple of Babar's also away from the pressure building baron. year ago that rounded went away to Istanbul in the Champions League and genuinely this isn't just press. had. They beaten in particular being beaten badly Saddam might have been out of a job by the end of the season. He won the league. This is a guy who won three champions leagues in aerobics. One La Liga last season has a huge amount of if you're not built up credits to to protect himself from these kind of things the nature of Rama Jade. Is the immediate results of what what defined everything and there's no doubt he's under pressure. There's no doubt that he's an institution where there are elements of the of the board the very highest level of the club done believe in coaches that don't always believe in in in continuity of those coaches and they've results a bad they will have to change him. That's it has sufficient states and sufficient importance to ride out a COUPLA Brazil. So of course, they play in Germany next week champions they played Bosnian this weekend I think if they would win. One or by those games would definitely survive. I, think even if they lose those games. So long as they know absolutely destroyed in either of them, then I think you're survived but you're absolutely right the pressure is without doubt on your need to see the conduct stories coming from certain journalists with certain connections at the highest level of Roma Jade to tell you the at the very least at the moment there is. A sense within the club, there is someone to blame USA. Coach Gab is the pressure justified as points out there others to blame. You talked a lot about it on the Gavin Gills podcast when you point the finger and talk about Real Madrid a deep down the ladder at the players pointed up the ladder at figures like Florentino Bettas who built this team in the way they have or are you focused on? I think right now I, think to some degree you have to be focused on on on the Dan I'm that doesn't mean that. There should be you should feel pressure or that socking eum is the right choice but all along when when you know row Madrid weren't scoring macho whatever I was accused of making excuses for his Dan, by by saying that well, you know he's missing Hauser it he's missing he's missing the players he's finding the right mix. He showed an ability and chain systems to to to try and change it but ultimately, I wasn't worried because of the performances. Now, these last two games, the performances have been shockingly bad as just said, and most of all I, it looked to me like the players on the pitch we're unprepared for the game see the weren't I don't WanNa. Go out and make a big deal out of body language I. Hate it when people do to the players look disinterested. But in this case, I'll make an exception because that was the case I saw those against God, and of course, in Champions League mid week we saw bit of a reaction I think it's less of an issue with was leaving out Tony Crows and then Ben's Because you've got a classical coming up, I don't think you blame the manager for that. But part of the reason you are highly rated manager like Dan is that you can at least change the attitude change the mental preparedness of the players as they go on the pitch against Barcelona. I expect to see that from Dean's Dan if he doesn't do that while I think then it becomes legitimate I think to ask questions. Said let's take a look at what could be a probable eleven Madrid Saturday against Barcelona and I think one question that has to be asked and is probably the answer to most questions whilst your Ramos's back. So while the other three in that back may raised a lot of questions as got mentioned there's GonNa be a lot of changes from the starting eleven anyway that we saw against shocked especially Upfront Brahmos back is it as simple to say is with him back in the lineup with him back that captain's armband realm dribs troubles or at least the troubles of the last match are going to be fixed. Think. It's similar to say grandma's changes things. The browsers results without him demonstrate that the statistics without him with him a wildly different. But I, also think that there is a tendency inspiring wherever I'm also cools is enormously popular all sorts of reasons the immense majority of them reasons that absolutely right you know this is a Spanish captain. This is a World Cup. This is a guy who kept in Romania to win the championship this guy. Has A force of personality. WHO's very, very popular among the media. I think there is sometimes an element of the debate around facile. How are they? I think sometimes focus too much purely on him, but there's absolutely no valets lead qualities to change things the way that he defense changes things around you on the record based out but I think it's simple as that because of course, that would be to suggest the grandma's turns up. Defend World we're seeing bridget defendant cassivi nickel for saying this we've seen defend badly we've rambled with well over the years. By I, think you're right it. That's very important I. think he changes the mindset and seeing my thing there there is possibly an absence of of leaders in side about ramble sutton since the departure Cristiano Renaldo again I'm a bit like gap with this. I can sometimes go down to easier Russo two of the body language two, zero, zero easy routes. Off You know West West the leader, but there's no doubt that rebels makes a big difference but he's not the only element to explaining problems said, let's shift our focus than to, Barcelona, what are the big questions that Ronald Communist facing as he tries to make his choices for his starting eleven on Saturday and why is the answer to this question? Always antwon agreement. It in a way I'm quite happy that the answer is one of the ulcers and just messy because it cost. One of one of Balsa is one of the reasons why Boston be Britain is. and. One of the reasons why there's been problems at time that also years is also Leo Messy because they developed a culture where everyone depends on messy not necessarily just in terms of deciding games winning games been since away they played in some of the way that everybody looks. They want to give him the ball time, and that's something that is trying to break at the same time is trying to embrace messy because of course, everyone knows that you wanted to leave in the summer. They know there's a possibility they want to leave next Saturday's attempt to try and persuade into stay by funny enough waste persuade MRI that this is a place to be is not through everything according to the pixels this team to compete competing means not playing to him. Then the Nazi he's happy with that in terms of the selection issues with Bostana messy will I love to play on the right in the middle there's a downside left-back Jordi Alba if. He's fit tomorrow morning we'll play if not play left-back, which I think is problematic not because he's bad because he tends to come inside I think we'll see answered fatty would mess up front. The other one may well be an agreement but who knows trine calpine enough mid week to suggest the Kumon Whitewall tone is a natural at least give them wit go out onto the top Shawn Robinson always be turning inside I`Ma say and you know this is my analysis rather than something that's been talked by California for me the big problem with Boston. One of the problems is this fall to three one is ready to fall to three and then four of a place. On. It feels like there isn't a clear structure for that line of three plus one of the top of the page and I think sometimes means that there's quite a big gap between the midfield with deep midfield. Sued the filters in the defense and the rest of the team. Guy We opened a segment talking about round Madrid. The State of things that club what are the state of things at Barcelona on the eve of classical and do you see them as big favorites on Saturday? No they're not big favorites but. They're not good I. mean remember up until eight days ago the basket case. Club gear was more Barcelona then row Madrid and I don't think those issues have been resolved because they went out and beat. US With all due respect. In the Champions Eight, this is a team that lost last weekend get lost against a good team in in but they still lost, they gave away stupid penalty Messi had a quiet game grease. Mun fluffed chances all those issues. You know that were there before having gone away. This is still a test of Ronald Kumons ability to lay out the team. I with say, it is sort of a four to jumble of front and I think the tough call for him is you know do I bring people who can provide with but of course when he's done that when he's pointing brought in Bela who I don't need to see again for a while now. You know you run into other problems So it's it's a tough. It's a tough call. It's tough to get the balance. People love the whole fluid formation fluid front line great players find each other. Yeah. They find each other until they play against the team that solid defensively and and I would expect Madrid to try to be solid defensively shown that they can do that late in the season last year and and so I think that will be a real real test So for me if you WANNA favorite, maybe Barcelona frankly are slight favorites right now but for me no more than that. Okay said, Gab says Barcelona aren't good. Are Either of these two teams good. Well I mean. That's the question is being by. Building. The fact that they're going into the classical bibles loss loss came by funding fell to school. By the way it was the first time, the suit teams both lost going into a Glasgow twenty years the first they'd both lost in the same round of League Games not scored in over twenty years as well. But beyond that, there is a broad question which is. What exactly is the state to two teams in spite my Berryman, the Romans were knocked out of the. Champions. League. At the first hurdle for the second year in a row, bustle conceded against by meaning having a 'cause conceded for against against Liverpool, the year before that nine of entirely convinced even when they've been winning at the salt this as novice, very different stages because our job is, is to that, Ronald? Reagan at a very familiar team boss owners, Ronald Koeman at team that's doing in construction. So perhaps we give them time but there is genuine concern is by the maybe these two teams whisper. It's not that good. Maybe this is a classic Oh that we're not that excited about that said, we've been here before and then you tend to get a good classical. We're no one expects it to be good. Just to give you one little piece of data, which perhaps underlines this and tells you why it comes from last year not just this last the first PLASCO, these teams drew nil nil. Draw Nil in full seven classic owes the game that we hide mercilessly every year and every year lives up the building. Now, this year, I think for a one of the very rare times of the last decade silk is not being hyped. I think the absence of fans that by the way I think it feels like less of an event that it has been in the recent past right off the back of that sid prediction time who's going to win the game and we'll. Start. Reason Wilson I think welcome in his doing with Greece and he's been very very blunt with him. I think he's challenging saying, okay. You want the opportunity he goes you take it because. Place well has over agreement doesn't play welcome in than has if you like the freedom say. You had your opportunities. You have plenty of them. Now move on with something else I think he will stop in prediction the guy. The risk of being accountable I always on attempts to go for a one drill, I do I. Do agree with gathered I, Think Boston a broadly favorites, sudden overwhelming favorites. Neither of these two teams completely convinces me at the moment. So let's go for a one one draw. A Gab prediction and opinion from you who's going to win the game and then do you agree with what we mentioned at the very beginning of the segment what have you ever said this is the biggest club football match in the world. Is it true? We're living an unusual time with a giant asteroid. People don't know if they're coming or going there so much. So much uncertainty. So I think that if you want to put the Gambler on the game for that reason, Short Gopher but beyond that, yeah, US is right. This is always the single biggest. Game in the world. For me. And especially. So in the last twenty years where the protagonist that is hot I. Don't I don't argue with us there with on a prediction basis. I. Are Seen broads flight favorites. I was going to sit on on on the bench like said, go for two to draw maybe but you know what? I'm GonNa Lean Raw Madrid. I think this is where they need to get a reaction. And I'm going to drink the KOOL aid and say Rao Madrid to win two one. All right. There you go. Thank you very much. Gentlemen. We'll see how those predictions turn out on tomorrow's show Dan Thomas's back as we review all things at classic. Marcus Rashford has been campaigning lobbying the UK government to children in low income families throughout the pandemic part of that effort, he's twenty, six million dollars for a food distribution charity on Wednesday then lawmakers voted down a plan to feed low income children throughout the holidays Marcus Rashford stepped up, you can check out his social media channels where he's got cafes and restaurants up and down England ready to serve these kids for free for more perspective on this, we welcome in sit low and Gab Marcatti da saw you on twitter I. Think you tweeted something to the extent Marcus Rashford? This is amazing. You got a few more than one hundred, forty characters here you care to expand. Its extraordinary. We you know we've seen fullest support worthy causes many times I think we we've seen that some of these elements before but not quite like this because what Russia has done I think is show the it's not just about believing inappropriate is not even necessarily just about supporting projects. It's about being prepared to have the energy the practical application of that energy to really it for and also to have the nerve to take people on and I think this is this is where we see a slight difference between this and some other charts lacks sportsman do because sometimes, of course, a chart something yeah. This is why we're we're going to get behind the Russians have the nerve to his head. Up there and to be shots at and to take people on and. Dry something that can be seen by some people remarkable that this sounds as negative and to have the nerve courage of his convictions, the energy, the determination to say, okay, we're GONNA force his fruit. He gets an MBA which for those of us who don't know is is essentially a twice annual award given to citizens and I think in part because it's politically driven and to say, here's your reward night kind of you. Who Down now I'm going to by this I'm GONNA. Push this I'm going to make this happen and he is making it happen he's not just saying let's do this. Let's do this and I'm going to go and do this I'm going to government it's I think that it's just Brilliant. At? It really really is it really is because it's beyond just appointed Kohl's it savoy cools when it's difficult as well and forcing for yourself and. They're all some people occasionally who say why should stick to sport this is going to. Detract from the white you'll playing. I think he was quite good in the Champions League in Midweek Yeah. Is Mentions. It is both amazing. It's also impressive. You look at he's just twenty two years old and he does it. In, a week where he gets the game winner against PSG. I'd I look I mean I think I Sit said I think what's remarkable about Rashford here is that? When you play for a very big club like he does a lot of times you know you'll have a lot of fan shore. Then you'll have arrivals who who might not might not like you for reasons but I think shirts seems to to really cut across that. This whole initiative is extremely genuine. I mean, just for those who don't know it comes from the fact that in state schools here in England like in other parts of the world. A bunch of kids of lower income kids are entitled to free meals obviously during the pandemic, they weren't going to school during lockdown right? They weren't going to school. So, Rashford said, well, we still need to get these kids fed because. because. For a lot of them, you know these were the only proper meals that they were getting at. Russia's been through this. He was one of the beneficiaries of it when he was in school and it wasn't that long ago and the fact that you know. I think what makes us so genuine and something that he was the beneficiary of he's so jangling. He's not just cutting a big check. He's devoting his time to this and I think that's why it resonates resonates are more than you know people cutting above a six or seven figure check, which is equivalent of your I. You know writing a check for twenty bucks. For a lot of these people donating their time making a personal like this, doing it with the right tone Daddy's what. What really cuts across lines and and this is why it's such a remarkable story. Yeah. Truly remarkable for more folks checkout Marcus referenced twitter feed. You can also see where exactly in England those free meals are available acid. Thanks so much for your perspective for plenty more from Gad. Checkout, Gavin Jewels podcast record twice a week available over on the website. Go Right. That is all the time we've got for today's ESPN NFC but fund isn't done yet Frank Steve, Nicol with me for today. Extra time. Everybody. Welcome into this Friday edition of ESPN SEC extra time Steve Nicol frankly buffed with me as always. We also have your questions to get straight into. A steal I can't even read this but the straight face steaming. We know when you were manager you manager for a long time with New England Revolution of Major League. Soccer. which leads to this obvious question Stevie when you were a manager, did you ever consider signing messy or Cristiano Rinaldo? And if not, what were you? Absolutely. Deny after. We. Go beat. I go home get into the Piggy Bank. Figure have enough. Money so. you never put You never put messy on your discovery rights list isn't that the one of the old tricks mls? Now we've only had Julia. Figo War yes. With the Portuguese community in Boston that would've been a smash. Did it ever get close ever talks? Till yeah he's He. decided that. He was going to stay retiled. To have been a fly on the wall of that conversation if yego owner were to leave Athleti, this season which top clubs would be willing to hire him and his style of Football Frank. You think the only would be in high demand if he were to become a managerial free agent. I think. So I think so I mean he should that is a real leader that the player can really fight with him I don't know which club will be interesting about the way she's football and but. If, you want to win something if you want to be tough to beat if you WANNA be strong. Yeah. You can hire a similar because he's going to change something but there is reason to many clubs can afford him I and I don't know if they will be interested about some of those who are. Going to be able to offer him something it's going to be very interesting if he lives. To See. If I can find the clubs frank question top clubs do you think there's many top clubs that would wanNA play the waste? Me Only place when they turned off by that if by definition you already the club your favorite your protagonists. Maybe not maybe going back to their to their know where they were. The first thought was to be strong defensively and the fact that if you strong defensive a chance to win a game, that's what. The philosophy of football in Italy for for decades. So maybe club maybe Milan maybe interior. The? No I don't think you've into because they went to something different of course, dot com if we're going to. Big. Club now, but I think Millan can be something interesting. To to save the capable of paying him and willing to go back to their to the detail in fast. Stevie Halloween coming up our next question. Are you afraid of Liverpool's fixture against Atlanta at Atlanta? Are the best scoring team this season and with Liverpool's defense? Surely, it will be a high scoring game. Stevie how worried are you? On a scale of one to ten. Probably probably five. Watch. The site just looked impregnable to say. You what he did retain some goes out them. Probably Atalanta's no team you wanted to play. So I'll have to say what did I also. Scale of what? I would say nine I. Think we can no score them because we can score goals we can create CIANCI's. And to be at Atlanta, we're going to have to do that. We're going to school them. Because I mean, this is just I can't remember exactly but they've scored the most incredible amount of goals recently. And so. The Goldie School, I, find out to believe that the one score. So we're going to have to school a believable capable of but yeah. Yeah. Defensively I'm what he'd right now about how things are shaping up. Atlanta do give up goals especially against Napa leap and especially against Mexican players Juki Lozano suggests worth bringing up yet a brace against Hotlanta Steve and frank what the best goal you've ever seen live as a player or and a Pundit Frank Best Goal you've ever seen live. it was the start France. We play against Cameroon and we drew and that was close to two yards away from. Patrick. And Bouma and he's called article you call that when you? Reverse leg. Officer K called bicycle kick. Yeah? Bicycle kick exact. Exactly. And I was two yards away. Impressive beauty food goal I hated him but well done. Mr. But. Stevie. You got one that immediately comes to mind. I I. Have all K's goal swollen my head. Both. Of played fall in. And teams against you know that there are so many great things about about a goal that. Did you see one is another. Goals. We poel young over Hatton having a short from from thirty five yards a an league copetition against. The UNFIL- One Night I mean. Nobody saw until the bucket Gotti Bailey was a goal. He actually died as it was lying in the pocket and that. I've seen I've seen little links. Kuala A, smart way. Some. Fantastic. Have those you know. So I don't get don't confess and the head I was twenty Sheffield Wednesday against us. And swear it must have been twenty for. You, know the one you know the one we'll talk about with Renaldo when he when he left. Last season the. Event as well I'm telling you don't with highland up. It was absolutely phenomenal and I couldn't Klopp because it was actually on the field playing against the show but inside them going Oh my goodness I had a lot was. So. Yeah. There's all kinds of in. Okay. Your goals. I. Think I think I'm going to I'm going to mention a goal that everybody saw in nine, hundred, Ninety, seven, I think it was the tuna. And And we played against Brazil. And Roberto Carlos Shot. That's fantastic. Freekick and I was on the bench and I saw that kick going from like thirty thirty, five yards in the no from the outside of the foot any. When Iran the wall and didn't see me about this moving and I remember seeing the pictures after where The bull was supposedly going to the corner. The connor spot and went straight to the to the top corner. And and and we drew against Brasi but. That was hell goal. I do I do believe it would be solved me not to mention Maradona's go against Against England. Woven hand was. But, the woman. Field was absolutely one sure Stevie wasn't great because I was a quality goal because it was against England for you. Both. Of You know what it stuck up his jumper and run into the goal I would have given it as well. Right in light of KLOPP's comments on how I access pitch was did you ever feel that a pitch caused your team to lose a match? What was the worst pitch that you ever played on? I feel like one of the things you always talk about when you talk about back in the day is the fields and the condition. All my goodness. Yeah. Then, Iceland up losing but we it was an FA cup. Tie. It was the third round. That was against York City. I think they would in the old second division the time. frosted the Union is going to be a frost. So did was the night before the he all over the field. then. They thought, Hey, which stopped the field from from freezing. Well it didn't and we played the game. And it was. And it was an absolute name out and all they. was just putting the ball fall Pele box. It'd be horrendous. But. That would have to be the worst of. Frank worst pitchy played on. Well? I think it was the same thing but with the French Cup where we play with the lower division team where the did it on purpose, the best way to win the game is to destroy the field and to make sure you cannot play football and we lost to kneel because it was impossible to play football. It was whole everywhere and that was horrible but I remember playing in the FA Cup against Oxford City and I think the field was flat it was a little bit. On the side like that I mean that was restrained I. Think we had a hard time to too I think drew and we had to to play another game stuff for sure to to be qualified to go through. But that was that was difficult as well. So yeah, that was the all time ten with the perfect they have no excuse. You've got to remember that. Through I think it probably changed when the primarily came under up until up until eighteen. Anyway. The the leak had no real regulations on on the length of the grass or or what volume played worth or any of those things you know teams late Lincoln say. That both corners. saw. Fold call knows they wouldn't cut because I would be be six inches long an older team Jason do kick in the corner and chase up because of all wouldn't run a play. You know things. We used to go we used to go places in the ball. We used like a beach I mean, really you just couldn't play football with it, but it was it was. The team's new from play where proper bowl we played them off the field. So there was all. The. Teams used to try. At least in England or in France that you can find greasy and only on the domestic competition. I we played the champions. League game with Chelsea where we played in trump salt, which is really north of Norway very very father there. and. And we played them. We lost three two away from home because the snow was falling down and we couldn't see the lines. We have to stop the game the second half like four times to make sure we could see the lines. So we we have to wait and it wasn't possible too much snow and I remember we had to play champions. League game never. Never we could. We could see that now it's impossible. Would have never played. Speaking of fix snow thick grass who's the thickest or dumbest teammate you ever had Stevie. told the story. Before. Actually. To Apprentice Sheffield Wednesday. We were having A. Christmas party and I was the table next to them. And these two young kids. Somebody said to them you to Fleming dumb and dumber. And they would actually argue about whose dom and WHO's dumber. Gordon he's gone. He's GonNa. You. Don't you Tom and he's go no, I'm Tom Yum. Ah. Settlers. What. Frank, you got any former teammates, you WANNA throw under the bus. No no no. I'm not that type of Guy I've got many many guys that I think. Dermot. People but I'M GONNA keep it for myself. please. All right. Final question would stevie tempted to try a Vegan Shepherd's pie or a beyond meat. Shepherd's Pie believe that's plant based meat Stevie, would you be willing? Would you be up for it? would. detriot. Yes. I thought you weren't trying new things absolutely. Certainly when it comes to food. Tastes get after me already. Asked me if I would try. I yes Smith over time. Give. Very well. All right. The. The chances let's peel the chances open anywhere. Close. To taste an NFL lake appropriate pie place mall by would would a Cop If somebody made I try. All right. We're going to get the good folks at the FBI. By is. I don't even know what the ship was. Gone I never tasted it. Yes. It has carbs. So I don't think you can eat it frank. You know you like to stay in shape. All, right. That's all the time we've got for this installment of extra time. Thanks to frank thanks to Stevie. We will be back on tomorrow show Dan back in the driver's seat as we look back on the classical and much more from around world. Football.

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