"Nature Boy" Ric Flair Remembers Harley Race


Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one all right. Let's get big tobacco. Bill law sponsored the steve austin show geiko dot com and in fifteen minutes. You'd be saving fifteen percent of mole karn cherish. That's right saint hundreds of dollars on car insurance at geiko dot of calm extra money in your pocket. It may just be the most rewarding thing you do today. Only prevent is a podcast one dot com production from hollywood california by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the steve austin. Show a hell yeah yeah now. Here's steve austin all right steve. I'm show i'm coming to you. The main street los angeles california today today. I have an outstanding show for you that i think it really going to dig. I'm talking to the one and only greatest greatest of all time sixteen time world champion greatest ever lace up a pair of boots. Stepping satis squared circle nature boy ric flair where shooting the breeze. He's talking about a little bit of our time. In tampa. Catching up talking about harley race stories hall cogan covered just midday a different aspects of the business and some of ric flair shenanigans and legendary stories from the road the stories that only he can tell myself and many of my peers ears consider rick to be the greatest world champion traveling world champion of all tam pro wrestling. The first name that comes to my mind is nature your boy rick flair anyway. I'm gonna keep this open short because the conversation is about ninety minutes long before i get into the body of the show with with nature boy ric flair. I want to thank everybody for watching straight up steve austin on u._s._a. Network. I hope you enjoyed my special guest salvo ikano from from impractical jokers. I had an absolute blast hanging out with that guy and the show has been extremely well received. Thanks to your support each. It's monday such a d._v._r. On u._s._a. network right after monday night raw and the show comes on at eleven ten central eight p._m. Out here on the west coast such d._v._r. The hope would do a good enough number that we can <hes> warrant season two of this show. I had an absolute blast and i believe i believe my guests. Next week is cleveland browns quarterback baker mayfield and then episode after that will be none other than the man and becky lynch. Please keep staying tune. Please keep setting your d._v._r. Ours now without any further ado here's my conversation with nature boy ric flair when it comes to pain on a scale of one to ten where you at at years take a bumps in the ring. I've had my fill of aches and pains still lingers to this day most days of pretty good. Usually i'm about a one but some days rough and it's those times when i just just need some relief. Check it out guys by way of set me up with our buy waves go device. 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I were there but you're having such a good time and i was too but that at one on sunday man booker t. had our signals crossed and i wasn't going to interview him until monday i said in my room all day sunday waiting for him to give me a call and i didn't wanna call him and sweat him and say hey dude where argue where argue hill he was in law against governor pack you off. I unite three hour extravaganza search news podcast record but nonetheless we're talking. I don't drink ah yeah you gave my pacemakers first real ride but yeah i was talking about. I was talking about the robbery. You need a little bit and i said man. I was down there at the bar with flair to tell the story so it flares going to be telling stories i'm gonna be. I'm not going to tap out. I'm gonna oregon it so people started jumping on your ass and well rick flair not supposed to be drinking. I i saw i saw you nurse about two or three reboot lights and bud lights light as you can get an alcohol category nurse them all night long so i told oh you know what i said. That's not entirely true now. I have a son or at like they're mixed with tomato would you what are they make. They make the mexico. I forget but no i. I had a good time. I would've traded that for anything. Those kind of a one off about the next day man i was kinda hung over the next day because always pace myself here at the house but you're telling stories all night long. You can't court hours like apparent apparent. I was right behind you. Damn you're on your right shoulder laughing my ass off and every time i'd give the guy that signal to bring me another margarita or another jacket carter another beer. He didn't make the margarita. Were they so anyway. I kept rotating different alcohols. You didn't mind neither of super big. When i sat down when does it. She's old you. Were there as steve happy doing something i don't of our kenya where you i said it would be up to them on. You're does gumbel every being that you form and they came over before he got alan. Reorders make it nope well. Here's the thing you know we we hung out that first opening bid aw i know we'll see you say you guys landed. I was already there because i got a couple of days early to talk to hogan so main hogan hang as waiting for you to come in <unk> at wendy's sends me a text message at four thirty. We're here and i texted her back. I said now question. Mark said x. rated to go now. 'cause i'm going down. I can't say in your hotel room by yourself all day. Oh did it again the next night but here's the thing by the time i showed up at monday night raw. I had stayed up so late with u. Two nights in a row and then you brought the cast of characters. I remember joe gomez from back in the day and the other the other guy was absolutely on fire gino. Dana was laughing. I ah i was laughing so hard at dino's material because he was just cutting everybody and then by the time we got to the raw reunion i talked to the w._w. Superstars for like eight hours before we went on by the time i went out to cut my promo. My voice was basically gone because i partied hard with you and talk. My voice voice so i asked myself is what i did a great then then when you went up there you just heard what happened and people died. I mean it was great. You know it's like your name. This is gonna be. I'm watching the show last week right and they thought it was a good show all the way round but it's what is funny is they brought you on on you know split screen michael on commentary <hes> <hes> talking about this that row <hes> and in europe rome all you get more for that than ten hours a d._v._d. And you know what yeah i don't know i don't know i don't remember the content but you didn't losses now. You're basically you're verbiage. Leaving out. I'm going to stop because of the restrictions but york thirty seconds or maybe the minute whatever what commentary talk about out glad you were and proud of <hes> and just the old deal got him over more than anything all night long. Oh well no well. I mean that's a compliment because you know anytime you get a chance to go out there and do something like that. That's the task at hand so if if that was and says a tremendous worker and i just think it would it would it turns up that entertainment factor because you know he's he's pretty reserved on the horn and man you know if you go back and watch by promos i mean i never know what i'm going to say. I mean i. I have things because of the store. Logic lodged angles so i know where i'm going but i'll stutter or i'll miss a word or are but it's only motion and if i go back and i watch all of your classic promotion awesome n._w._e._a. W._c._w. debited territory you are in you know it's nothing but pure energy which is totally off the charts and in an entertaining and everything that you say or everything that i say exemplifies and magnifies the character at made us boat larger than life live and i think the emotion sell tickets but also being larger the live sells tickets so i if he could just learn to amp it up a little bit because every time i gotta stick in my hands i was i was trying to channel and emit energy and people feed off that and no one told you to do it. When when was it rick when you really put together a promo because i've been i was calling the goat. I'm not blowing. Smoke up your ass but i know you weren't born a great promo. How did it'd happened for you when you just turned into the nature boy and it was a limousine rag jet flying and all that stuff. When did you understand. Let me let me ask you the question. When did you put two and two together just as far as turn it on a mic well. It's funny because it's a two part question number one. I you know the start investi roads and does he you know his interview was phenomenal but he he had a mentor to a guy might not remember thunderbolt patterson. Listen and the bills look back on thunderbolts defining think that was a version of underbowled over the all the energy and the little things within the saints and he was saying that as a white guy that makes sense you know but anyway buddy with a cowboy up plummer obvious checking all that but he had the energy and electron density little things and dan you remember. The thunderbolt did in thunderball elevator. No it was an average for laura but when i first got down the mid atlantic correa thunderball was on fire and classic and drew you know tons the money back when you know rinse that needs for five dollars. I actually only got to <hes> iran. I'm a little bit because he went down to atlanta when i got charlotte but under the classic and drew a ton of money in the else does he got that and then going on to me as i took that and i just i started answering it up. I think probably in the late seventies when i got comfortable myself myself but you know as we've talked about before you'll have privately. You can't bring to the ring which really not you know what i mean right and i think ah look back at you and i mean your interviews phenomenal like that one time. I'll i'll make these promo. Sometimes i do going to an event on. I'll let's say like i and i'm by the way these steve austin. I'm gonna have to beers. You probably heard about it so and that's 'cause i've been i've been sick long enough for but but you know <hes> one time i was gonna say and i'm talking at the reunion. I don't want to have one person say what well that's the thing of it. Is you put your for ten years and if somebody doesn't like what they're saying now which is not just random randoms. You might watch both shows and i like to keep up just being going on especially in the women's division of some dragging man right now. I'm not giving anybody jazzed. I'm not reminding anybody that when i'm the not dealing with that i dealt with a little of that when you and i got to work at the end of my career before you went back and and retired with your injury but he's that what really pissed me up my view twenty thousand people were goal when i was talking that could break break-up. Anybody thought why i wanted to talk with you a little bit about harley range because recently just passed away and you we're <hes> showed me a picture of him. <hes> at the roure union new wasn't doing good and then we had lung cancer and i was watching a couple of those matches before you and i talked and then <hes> people always ask me you know about working programs with ric flair and i got a chance to work with you towards towards the end of your career <hes> and towards kind of got i was getting a little bit fragile or burned out but stone cold and rick flair could such a box office record which i think we'd add some some true chemistry in the ring because i watched the match with you and harley urine brody u._n. Steamboat all the gadget whereas if you had the classic matches with how do you think you and i would have done your 'cause. It's funny that we're having is guys right now. I was that a comic on this weekend in philadelphia. Actually <hes> new jersey sheri hill and i had to people bring this up to me the matches you and i had which i've actually watched back where we couldn't punch each other with the right hand. You remember that yes. That's the relation we ever got and i said to my i said the guy was telling me how great it went and that's the worst match means steve overhead. I must have hit him in the ice seven-time the light it up and i know other. I mean they should how do you i mean in the same for stevie. Yeah what the hell s._t._v. job. I mean that's all we did and every time what to cut you off and we we got all the bumps internet but i said to myself. God curriculum is and i but your question if i had come along and now we got got a chance to talk but if i were thirty five years older than met you when you were thirty five years old i mean i i can't help but say we were that records everywhere. I mean it was. I don't think you realize i'm sure you realize absurd. You are one of these guys and i'll ask you a question later on you. Don't find a set the pace for an era. I think i did that too but there were so many great guys during my aura. You set the pace with that attitude era. Everybody fell in line with. I mean i've heard vince and other people acknowledged that too. I mean you know when you got one guy. That was so dominant and everybody else didn't come along and yet the attitude era. Was there all that but i mean everybody followed what the president did. You said you're not make sense in my business. I always wanted to go on after dusty. I wonder who say i'm on my promo right right. I'm sure that you know the guys you're in when you were there in the attitude era they don't wanna finally whilst you around last every night the whole the show role as well as this or are you open and maybe you did across over in right i mean they knew that i interview guy. I don't wanna fall he wants right and so does deny and he he has the pencil he kicked out but i would like to make sure he he couldn't follow. It'd be with after me that makes sense yeah because it is competitive. I mean you know nowadays. It's the all all in thing as success at all. It shouldn't be the goal of everybody to be the best in the w._w._e. Anymore which is a gold. That's that was all that look allowed or would recognize it should be who's the best in the business thank. It used to write n._w._e._a. W._w. Do you know what i mean or windows. New japan and all japan was who was the best in the business. You just mentioned that the young lady <hes> it's with an x t now that i they have met but having the same perform i mean i like. I like your business better when you get compared but that makes sense yeah we don't have. We don't have this wrestling in <hes> magazine's ranking. They got used to look every week at the paper with the edited me hey oh you know what the thing about those magazines. Those were like shoot for the boys garcia rubble going baltimore time on brett game over and let me tell you something because i don't threaten dave. How's your good friends and i like david lot. Do i've known of eighty nine. Hey when i made a promo on the u._s. Does she let me tell you when they neighboring awarded after you like me who says with what dave then you could job interview. Ah well like knowledge. I people go. Oh we don't read that. Are you kidding me up w._w._e. End up the guy that all in oh shoot shoot you gotta tell me a couple of honore stories because i've told my chiropractic stories in hollywood trying to fix my neck and i thought it was going to damn near paralyze me but would hardly started working on yeah. You just couldn't say no. I know who was probably very influential in your career but how harley was us what seven years older than you give her takes on out so half generation ahead six with pick okay scouts through you're watching this guy coming up a little bit behind him and then all of a sudden you ask work and and you've probably heard about the legend that was harley race. So how was it the first time you met the guy and what were your impressions of him and then had his reputation. A toughness preceded him okay well. Here's the deal. I grew up on harley. I'm from minneapolis and long before i think harley was going back and forth but harley actually worked for verne back in the sixties. I'm high school and and i get a call from my friends and everybody who i like wrestling growing up. I watched it religiously and then i gotta send away your private school where i couldn't see it got stabbed at a bar called the justice entry reaching the favorite wrestler harley race you know in a fight defending somebody the you was breaking up not breaking up getting in a fight as early could get in really easy and he got stabbed in <hes>. It's helped those very i so you went to the hospital with a knife and all that and i mean that's what i i started following out of the race then it pillory is that when he got out he went over and shot all the windows west called cows barbecue which i of course as highly when i got to know him and he did and harley didn't go anywhere without a nine millimeter trust me <hes> i cannot get that asking a lot of guys also tell you about how they bring the name elevator dress it real will when he heard that the last champion is trying to take over kansas city ricky how gonna go next door analysts mm-hmm word with olga four down here help brodie. He's gonna do the job. Do they. Mm-hmm okay ali brody alone. That's exactly the kind of news you wanna. Convey them brody yeah that they never did never went. There never messed my lips but anyway no anyway so when i met harley in cook nebraska and i've got i would just you know just anxious to meet him. I didn't know how healthy was 'cause met highly. When he was young he was a handsome guy air dyed blonde but he the the the the reputation a little bit that i knew about him but a- as soon as you got around the guy could just walk in that restaurant i mean people get even back when he was real young them differently because <hes> what they'd heard about them and what they knew. I didn't know that in seventy two but you know i i've as soon as i started in the business you know one story and the legendary me as were in greensboro and he vertical suplexes andrei slammed andrei right. I think i sent you that tape of oh but i send you this stuff about early. Being you know just tired just picked him up from them. So you know me kid that i am missile stupidity and i've known him for a while then at harley actually do ask andre about that. I didn't see a gordon that dressing room s under. What did you ask him. You suplex them. I called it in a ring like i always do. Why would i ask him. Ah that's why would i one hundred and i i can assure you undertake. They want anything to do with ireland overdid man. I mean everybody talked early and i mean need. I can go from dick murdoch theory funk to jack bristol and you. You know it's reunion. We're talking to tell stories that i just seen them and all that but i gotta say across the board and everybody everybody was aware arlene. I uh up never seen anybody in our business even talk behind his back and that's the truth. I've never heard anybody say about kicking that. I was watching. I on i was watching a video on youtube. You know an only anderson all it and yeah anybody over and he was saying when he said it was allowed there but only in but over anybody but he he said alley out tough army was and i've never heard anybody dispute that at all and the funny thing about it because i've been watching heart for all these years growing up as a fan of the business of wrestling and when i met him in w._c._w. You know i just new that. He was just this grizzle that but to your point just away he carried himself and conducted himself in the room. He wasn't trying trying to be a tough guy. He knows you just had this feeling that when you're around e commanded respect and it was by nothing thing that he did who is just by the way he carried himself yep listen. I what i think about harley race you know i've had you know two other people to have this terminology from nash. I was like what it calls the last. I'm the last traveling world champion that makes sense. I know does do 'cause. I you know like literally i could be in new zealand one night tokyo the next and being saint louis and then back and and i have done that before you know probably wrote down a couple of times along the way i can tell you you're going to hear about stories. Crack on plane rides more than well. I've sat down a lot of times. I'm not even know i talked to you. Minutes the story but dads your question i mean he just only guy ever seen end up to harley and sucker punch in with jack ma megan but i've i've got to say this. I never saw anybody mess with jack. Mulligan either foot nine reentered twenty pounds and he had a hand on the size of of a of a base of catcher's mitt jacqueline tougher now the thing about jackson's. He just had this shortage views. I'm sure you've heard that yeah. I mean very came atv one time a cairn gun he was supposed to his dad. You know we're channel thirty six out there in the middle of nowhere have dead turner stations before the superstation in charlotte and everybody was with project come in the door. Knocking about only enters only enters anderson in <hes>. You'll love this story. Adama dumped guy so it's only and <hes> gene and against very and jack very first started norfolk or folk sold out mulligan hated anyway and only new they'll go lined up or is sold out doc to watch this go on and <hes> i don't even i didn't see what happened but somehow be. Jack got the notion that they were digging around with very wake. Ah you walk over for gene for each lap jean enersen so art <music> out the draft very joaquin walked back down the hallway and you've been an old scope. I'm sure yes on behalf and separate dressing rooms. You know what i mean. He's old man. He see you justin room. You only wouldn't go in only watch out in the hall and interviews and interviews. I can't remember what the exact context of what only said was like some fast cowboy or indian. I think it was what would jack against the andersons and right back opener. You want over. We sat in the bleachers studio. They have bleachers <hes> were made t._v. And he's lap olien knocking jack yeah that he had to hear trigger temper anyway. I did see him lunch. <hes> harley they went down between the beds. <hes> della beds and you know about ten of us to break it up. Nobody got best never never punishment on and what happened already got pinned against the wall the bed but man man. You know that was not comfortable that the party was over. Everybody is walking around and i was looking for another room to go. You are gonna make make a comeback at nine millimeter yeah yeah when i would have made a comeback if we got separated and i just you know that's one of those deals where it's like you know <hes> you know john wesley arjun wider the maybe they don't wanna find out but mulligan is so big and <music>. I'm sure you've heard he just had air trigger temper man while the few times i got a chance to meet the guy he was really nice to me. Oh yeah i i tell you what john i've been telling. Shawn michaels for years about jacksonville at the hall of fame inducted the blackjacks in chicago in two thousand in five john walked into the <hes> into the weight room betraying jacket and julia his wife julie were not. I've gone over order to mister mulligan mulligan jackson yeah. That's me new said that you it's worth over eur certainly m. Can you remember you remember. The name bob roop. Yes bob was like a ninety. Two olympia seventy father my a little bit older. We looked out of the olympic team puck. You'll bob roop in the dressing room. In the auditory. Bob came out of his jared. The fact he just smoke marlboro falem guy but he he boom boom boom boom you sucker punch anri notebook on the beach murdoch and i and while you're sitting there and andre greg grabbed him and morocco in about four feet of water and dan brown them the whole time he did off too much to me right yeah jack jack would just go like it's going to be talking about something that you would just go bilateral on. He was living in orlando right and <hes> <hes> as it started to get congestive heart failure with gaining weight and get up to over four hundred pound. I kept track of him through different people and <hes> he called me one time the what are you doing calling my wife. I haven't seen jillian twenty years right so your wife talking about when i see you. I'm gonna beat. Beat me when i travel you. Are you kidding me. I in all of you and women you're calling my wife or two god eight one one time. I was a month later ranch in when you grow day. I shouldn't say this. The nature boy man put me down. I gotta go go back to highly race when you work with holidays and obviously if you workers world champion you've earned a shot at so there. You are sin across. I don't imagine harley was a guy who set up a whole lot of stuff. Maybe later on there was a couple of things that might happen but i'm sure it was all called in a ring and you're a hell of a worker at that time as well and you had a little bit faster repay style and holly. I it's considered classic style and you you. You had one more gear that you liked to go to. It's not too so how was working with harley and obviously i mean i'm assuming one hundred percent that harley was calling those those first matches exactly <hes> with early. You know i never even thought about it because i just got in the ring and first first of all of the thrilled the first couple of times. You'd be there but there was no talking about it. We knew what was going on. It went in and <hes> pretend again like you're riding a greyhound bus and leave the driving. I mean one tackle dropped. Dropdown leaked frog. Come off load. Daddy i mean i i didn't lafferty but your money because back then the people just had to know mean that i think whereas whereas all the end up being built and he goes was this is not my i'm a leo you'll have to kill me. They get it watch at interviewing. You know i'm not i mean he just with authentic would he be a classic interview guy note what people on the greatest but everything is that especially when he turned to volume up inserted pointing his finger yuthok. Only you know this guy is is legit a- and you guys back then we're more in tune does up good guy bad guy that makes sense ryan and he was bad guy this the they're the face of any type of fear each. They're down or any type of intimidation. He wasn't jim dated by anything. I mean walking into a bar with harley. You got to blonder guys. I mean you just you know the deal right. Neil day yeah well. You you know you you experienced that you were dallas and and all that it's been in the last twenty years. It has become where we don't have that. Opportunity doesn't come around very often but you know back. Then guys were jumping in the ring and all that are you love for a guy to jumping. He would just leave it opponent i. I'm i'm beat beaches here of their right back mark. I've got something to do. How did that need drug feels that he did never you can't feel anything. You couldn't feel the head but you could. I mean he was just a machine. You know i took his knee drop. I stole that from them. If you know the other story about vince you know calling me to his office <music> asking me about who taught me to slam up top role. I set it up speed you. Were there and i go. Hey it's a who talks to that and i went hardly read. You looked at a get out of here. I don't wanna see it again so i alleyways olivennes be real and i hardly was in the audience and that's a little bit story but sometimes you have to do with his name and i'll take it was the night before arcade right. He was in new york events since off for a lot of money. I don't wanna give the exact zac figure but i i know what it is. I but i'm coming what's coming from harley but i'm pretty sure harvey wouldn't embellish it. I've heard that number. I know exactly when you're talking about yeah and not to show and <hes> it was a snowstorm we were sold out traffic was backed up from melton road which the exit role in the greensboro from charlotte was backed up forty miles. I mean they turned away with a major snowstorm and eight o'clock initials. Everybody's supposed to be there six right six thirty two harley you know that's going on nine o'clock hardly walk in and on and he'll blame delays and all that and <hes> you know he looked at crockett and you and i talk with down bag walked on all the rocket came back and <hes> walked into my dressing room and said i never like down's kid. Let's get this over with and don't pay any attention dick. He'll get away. Uh dad would trip. I mean it was brutal. You couldn't even your gene wanted to break everything yeah. Hey sympathizers i just i wrestled james for an hour. Dan lewis jhansi. I give me a ring and screamed at me screamed in debt me like visitors when i would in jumped on time me like what are you doing yet dumb son of a bitch legs and i with the champion jesus those guys were just data at moore over an hour bruiser zor and i gotta well and i mean it's it's nice to have a resume but you can learn a lot from the older guys and boy it would just different time of life commend in walk into the building at nine thirty nine o'clock. You know and you know it's funny. They wanted me to take a fallen dick. You know with the figure four and he also anyway you know because everybody aide. Everybody had to finish their and that's what they did. In a wilbur snyder one would download stress for the sleeper when novon eric for the moment the clock. I mean that was you. Just you're finished. If the center was finished nobody else in the center. You never saw anything like business all right. I said the dick i go the report who <hes> harley kazan would've never gone into harley. Winner referees looking addict. Let me over roll which you never did right and <hes> the way back in one reason why he doesn't have to give up because i could see struggling with it. You know but that's that's that's when sam was running in the everybody. Just humans like whatever sam said went when geigo became the president and the von erich here's came along along and have more power and they just you know it looted. It was an hour or or the champ wonderful though that's that was what drove jack in dorey and everybody crazy our broadway's you know on every continent every night i hey grab the rope. They never seen it when you arrested lives harder though and you would take that face bump which and i ah. I don't know when you started doing it but i know only hated it but that was one of your trademark. Things and well edward just went crazy for my my question to you is going to be what did harley think about the facebook because he was at half generation before you of that classic style wrestling did did you get the facebook from somebody because to me it was one the trademark rick flair things which was so f- an entertaining but you that i the harley i think i did my my explanation for that is and i and i've just before the my performance inclined. I i found that medium called entertainment and that's all that was i mean. I don't think i started doing that until you know. I just felt like i wasn't within a guy what a long time that makes sense. I don't know i saw for so many times for so long. I just yeah 'cause so entertaining wha- ah i love doing it more you know only hate. It'd be going upside down. You know nobody minded raised stevens doing all night long. You know only just didn't like a lot of things but the fact that only you know only had gone out. He went you wouldn't move forward you burn and allowed his ego and i'm been burned. I love you to death whether as eagle or whatever it was who who go with the entertainment route he they might still be in business when then withdrew entertainment adam you know <hes> long before you got right there you know it became more of a show at the breslin as you know it it became character-driven and until so you came along back you know that's right with the warrior he couldn't follow also with a couple of guys and really until you came came along and you know the thing that don't the wrestling wars and all that you brought i i in my opinion you on brett and then i guess hunger eric came in there whatever timeframe then they had entertainment and they had real wrestling make sense right. I've been the matches you were at that was brett and sean and i mean those are mendes matches and great interviews. I mean you know and i wouldn't say great your uh of it is great. I i haven't heard enough to make that call but you had a great interview incomes iraq and <hes> you know one hundred hundred good views on everybody had a good interview guys that great ones like yourself in iraq. I mean it was an man all of a sudden whatever whatever momentum we had they had you know they had given away number one by given sold out arenas two minute matches. I'm talking about w._w. You you know doing stuff for the guys didn't wanna do the favor. Whoever was you know dogfather right. You know it's just i wasn't involved in that but i had to live of. It and i knew i just sat there. You know just like i wouldn't go out every night. You know insa- vincent going out of business. I said he's been punishment understood all you want and he and he fired me. I mean home. I mean fire me because i went to a wrestling tournament that had asked for time off you. You just you know couldn't figure out with me. It was out of sight out of mine and i understand i just didn't want to be in a position of doing favors favors for guys that were w- able where i had been in this guy's on no problem but i'm not gonna lists of a number of guys. It's like it's my it's my team. Let's talk about where are they now. I've done the favorite for guys you've never heard of right and i was at at that time you know at one been world champion for the end of you you know when business was only eight save an oldie only about wrestling and had done all that and <hes> you know roussel very mean the desert you remember that you probably don't it was so insignificant after i wrestled eddie guerrero in vegas and don't be buried in a desert i don't remember oh yeah i mean it ends up sending me right there. He said you must hate me. Did i hear your your friends with cornet. I said i don't even know we are. I never heard brutal. Why would i know they very unit desert and then he's not gonna. Would it give you a six eight months off and then we'll bring it back and call the weekend said <hes> <hes> needs to come back at the radio one way down or something like that. Hey i'm gonna desert sir and that's why and i stood my ground. I came home in two weeks. You know it's like after i put all over <hes> not not switching gears to me but it adidas stories that i had people understand when i did a favor for us you know in <hes> in just mark me up to this the first time the rest of the hawk orlando shaquille o'neal you remember that yes areas series managing me and i and ran out real. It's been all how big time deal for us and they all just only just the other day gives me now. Eric went to the company and said if we do well as pay-per-view review. Will you let me you know agree. You give me the money to boost forward direction. I wanna go like they throw and all that they said yeah. I've i've never heard that story the whole only the other day literally two weeks ago at the reunion so <hes> that's we did that number. I guess we did a real good number. I have no idea what it was and that's where he got the money and so i've went over three deal like a three-match deals the next one is the last champions the moines iowa and iron. You know a very smart guy in the business comes up with the tonya harding deals oh you were there still the show right yeah so <hes> aren't we do the thing you in you. Guys are out there. It was screaming and remember we hit all the leg aren't the curtain donya already gig right well. It's not we can't switch your back because a whole feels like the marketing doesn't right. I really didn't dare. I was happy being the main event winning or losing you know at that point as wanted to have a good match which we did get back to the bar and have fun. Now we get to detroit the third match with <hes> ali. Their army hearns mississippi. Mr deeds a special referee right. It's sharing the cage right and this is lou <hes> loser. Hi go. You know all these stories. No yeah loser retires right so <hes> they call me over there. They do the match. The loser retires and eric calls me and says his tickets then breslau. Tickets aren't going very well. We've put the stipulation retired. I'll give you a year. You're off there. I said but i got. I don't contract runs out next month. I'm so bill shaw's running the country at that time. I hope you're taping always. I didn't know you didn't all this life yeah so where he gets. The detroit hasn't got word and so i- lyric look. I've never said no in my life except with the deal with luger which i feel bad about to this day but here's the situation. I'm not going in there today. As much as i want without that contract you're i'm doing this again three in a row and i know he's getting paid a lot more than me. That's fine. I'm stupid. I didn't mhm. I didn't follow up. Those are exact words. I signed the contract with bill shaw at a t._v. S i it it's for two years five hundred grand by base right and a freer a month later less than a month because there was a problem with ruse and a problem of eater in which i won't go into because neither my ear to defend themselves but the problem with that though i came back remember when i came a lot of the crowd and did all that i mean once again back though i've i've retired come back and you got wind rick. We're going to get away from the business asphalt. I i was supposed to be away and getting paid then works like that you know and then when when fired me and went in front of all people you know all the guys seventy people. I've heard about it 'cause he was the first guy to call me. One of the reasons i think so much man you disappeared and is going to bankrupt your family. Uh your kid bankrupt you know which <hes> he sued me. I see them and elected. You know t._v._s. Elected to sit it out. <hes> you know how to get rich. Executive can't say that cats like that and there was a home run but after year not getting paid and you know vincent wanted me to come into greensboro and sit in the front row as my son and one the nationals and they were going to have a by with special guest tonight but by the walk in in greensboro right with read is that front row say we got. We got a champion with us tonight and they were going to walk over an interview read ya you you never know they called me. Wanna be the guy that just can't. I mean if i knew that it was just you know. It's not that you want to especially especially for read. I would've loved that right but you know. I just couldn't get myself. My father's you get loyal but now it's at that point in time it. It didn't pay off for me so john taylor said to me which acknowledges the hall of fame was turned in atlanta to look for either ride this thing out yeah. You're gonna make a lot of money you are you go back to work at been called me and <hes> i dunno bischoff often. He didn't go back to work or you. Sit home forever so i went back at the in greenville which you were at. We're drinking your beer. Remember up when i rip hunter no rain though you're gone you already greensville so when i came back in the four horsemen and i went back and then i had with eric and then they killed me again and eventually becoming does this and jim ross called me the day that they went out the company and said ready to go to work and i said yeah i didn't hear from them for a year though hanson daytime richie ah ninety nine man at the country club opened advice for the golfers like an open at eleven make sure to stick around and after this podcast to get the latest headlines from a._b._c. news minute what's he doing two bedroom is totally up to you and your partner or partners but if you're not using trojan brand condoms uh-huh you're missing out on a safe and enjoyable experience protect yourself from sti is an unintended pregnancy when trojan condoms you don't think condoms without thinking about trojan and and with over thirty different varieties. There's a lot to choose from you. 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Take a spin with the fantasy record or rise above what the underdog sports fantasy our just when you think this guy's gonna come into a season fully healthy looks like may not dominate the competition download episodes of these shows and more every week on apple podcast and podcast warning steve austin show and you brought up a hogan's day while ago and i would wanted to go because i got a chance to hang out with the guy a couple of hours when i did a podcast <unk> cash with him dead or in tampa and i was very competitive you know when he was having his run in new york. Obviously he was a generation ahead of me element more more at so you know i was a big fan and when it came down w. w. I n. Like it because they put me another step down the ladder. Just because now you've got hogan there are so then new york then he ended up coming to new york and to hang out with him and spent time what i enjoyed the hell out of it. I had a great. I'm hanging out with jerry. Bella the man out you said you know what if maybe if we'd have gotten to rome ed just kinda had a talk. We probably going to work together and made a lot of money and i agreed with him. Among my question to you is because you're down there. You're the standard bearer for n._w._e._a. You know what's you know all the great guys on there but when you came thing when you became the world champion and you were the nature boy you were professional wrestling but as him being the face of the w._w._f. What with the promotional machine that events had he was probably more worldwide known and you're considered by me and him to be the goat so what was the relationship between yourself and hogan whenever you guys cross pats hey. I've so glad you asked me that and this is obviously. I hope i'm not often you but these are questions that people have never they've asked me and i never get to to say it. I had phenomenal relationship with hulk. I'm the one very calm in office and said oh well you know hogan. I said very very well. He says when i was up there in ninety one ninety two and i'm the first to admit i wasn't a big card. I mean i did i did i draw money. Yes i did but i wasn't nearly the car on the east coast especially issue new york and all that like in my days <hes> need my new york was saint louis that make sense yes that was in a hey. Oh was this regard. Oh when i was up there in the nineties i i really got to know him well. <hes> i had all i mean we had a great time. He took me in our we have charter. You know it's a he. He never worked new shows or we a couple of shows but we sold on everything we did but i just didn't have the exposure off the network off c._v._s. at the regular t._v. It took me a while to catch up but <hes> i think the world of them <hes> and <hes> this is stuff that i have never ever anybody <hes> my son. I got a contract from the w._w._e. Right and <hes> he was also to go but his mom wanted to need to call and say that you need to get more money well between that time and you know when i didn't even i hadn't even seen it and i was gone. He got really sick well. You're make a long story short if that contract has gone in and and gordon got the name from the past. All agree has paid for by the company so he was in rehab six times all out of pocket. I don't i don't regret a dime of it. I don't regret a dime of but and no health insurance because every just cancelled cels everything when you go internet that level and you know who i went to for help one time because that was like you know almost almost five hundred thousand dollars in rehab <hes> therapy and they they don't take credit cards in advance and it's already granted pop. You know what i mean. Let's all the stuff that goes along with it. So hogg was there and <hes>. I never ever thank him enough and we've become i'm great friends. I it anyway getting back to w._c._w. I off what's going on and i love working with hogan so all i wanted to do with be part of it. A i'm dumb ass agency hall coming in and getting this contract whatever it was and then of course that i went and got randy to food on the same feat with eric gut randy or got an old hotel and ran. You came and you know you you you. You say you went down a notch. It took me from we just kept marrying myself and all the in game kevin and <hes> and then you know it's thing i mean it. Just is what it was so you know my handwriting's on the wall. What i love to being anytime i could get in the ring with hall. I loved it because it gave me a rub. You know going back to you. You know i got the russell steve steve austin. Hell and i'm fifty five years old at that time right. You know what that does for me. I mean it puts me on the map seed i. I was smart smart enough to figure that out and i love every minute of it. It's just like doing this podcast. You're not doing on not gonna get us anywhere else example. I'm doing oh steve austin this podcast and i'm getting until stories that are that are approved and can be verified so yeah and it's good because i i look at every time. It's like this terrible to say but every time someone akali risks is attention fall so the people that are left in eh in that category is that makes sense yeah. I'm not talking about me being tough but i mean guys that were traveling world champions that make sense. You know there's two look i called. I called gore area today and <hes> e._t. Couldn't come to you know cause serious very sick and i mean i hopefully he'll make it but you know it's got adversary not to come to harley. You know you can imagine how indoor indoor just turned eighty so i mean you know there's three of us left so i no it's. It's hard to believe time gone by that fat. I struggle with the fact that i'm seventy. My my back doesn't hurt my knees are great it. I feel like a million dollars but anyway then hogan i can wander. I'm sorry i i consider him a great friend <hes> when i went in the hospital <hes> as as you know because you know you're twenty four seven but wendy for months when i was in a coherent so you know you all michael michael hayes w._w._e. Vince facetime me i mean you're doomed but steamboat. The dallas came to see me. It was about who came to see me. It's the whole world reached ouch me right you know and then i wake up wake up. Find out and you know. I've got this but i never lose lose sight of it. You're they're talking to wendy and in twelve o'clock urged. She's lucky enough you indifferent timeframe because he was calling you all the time thought it was a difficult time for my family trying to figure out you know there. There was a time when they had put me in a nursing home because it was that at-bat rehab center well. You know you've heard it all l. but nobody was the first guy and he's got an allergic came walking in and you know how it is often walking. Every damn nurse and doctor and hospital is gonna come right well. They just for allie might get left me for dead and the rue l. ran to hong chow before we stop you know like when i was down there with terry with hulk and tampa. We're we're we're talking. We're gonna bring us and it's like. I just got finished doing a lot of rounds for media for my show. That's on u._s._a. Network right now. Which was it was great. I enjoyed obviously anytime. Someone talks to me. We're trying to talk with about the subject hand which is promoting my show but it always goes back to my wrestling career and i'm always cool talking about my wrestling career because i it's it's what put me where i'm at in a position to have this show and it's what i loved and cared about was most passionate about for my entire life so when when i'm talking and i'm referring to hogan being so well known and i had my iran but i always always get in there somewhere that flair was the greatest of all time to do it and you were just talking about being the traveling world champion and even though the business was a work that championship is a shoot because of your sixty minute broadway's. You're ninety minute broadway's. You're you're forty five or whatever whatever it was but it was worldwide and you're the guy that did it at the highest standard so and you just you said forty five minutes ago. Sometimes you're talking due to the person next to you got a second and i guess you're decompressing are downloading autumn and i know that i think i've heard a story from you or others that jack brisco family. You know handed about over. I mean it wasn't a fight. He was ready to get rid of the thing so how tough south was that. I mean because you're the last one to do it at that the traveling world champion and an eddie. Thank says that you're the goat and that's my true beliefs. Would you look you look back now and look into everything just went through okay. How was that ride at. How the hell did you always managed inch to look like a million bucks for those fricken suits. Well let me tell you something else that ride and able to be your with you right out. Oh god truth with deep outside and a couple of times and i i had a nervous breakdown. I know i did right. There and i'll tell you one store. You'll have three margaritas onto that <hes> it. It's fun. I am not lying was was it hard yeah but back then i didn't think of it. I i like getting dressed stuff. I like being ric flair one of my problems. That's that's when john and i got sideways. Never richard flirt wasn't around after i was twelve years old can he. He's he's still hard to find especially. If people off down hey listen. I had a great time traveler aveline with brutal but you don't look at it back then because you are experiencing things that nobody else in the world. Can i mean harley. I dropped the villagers won. The trip. I dropped op developed a carey in dallas. I've fly from dallas frisco. It's me and harley and our wives on a on a on a hong kong singapore japan who were right like a vacation right well i know more than getting the air and they're calling me when we atlanta carry missed his first or second shots and they're going to put the idol back on me and japan right so it just means i mean mean we drank in the first class cabin. Seven forty sevens the upper cabin was a lounge article smoke and all that right well health so we drank all the way to hong kong found story than just things that you just can't imagine i mean i. I think that you and i sat down by the way i'm coming to l. Eight a third and i was gonna give you that that news. After the podcast was over and i and i ain't going home almond red eye that's two and a half weeks fun and they come rodri- i mean meeting eating all these guys and it's so funny because <hes> you know the guys. Every territory went to the dealers got the champions in town and it all builder live visit widen agency didn't even know you know 'cause they've come out and reached out all night long and they were making fifty bucks. I'd buy them drinks. All it was the best bar guys didn't even know guys like lynn dental and eye wrestler billy jack when for an hour and i got all these guys i just like lynn denton in <hes> the born and all these kids need them coming up in a long and i just have so many great memories travel somebody reminding me all the time. You took me around new zealand with you and i i had forgotten <music>. Come hang out to hang out with me kid and ethical model around zealand for a week babe ruth roman drake importa forgotten about that but you look for somebody you know did she didn't have family. You're traveling brian building right. I mean you know and i'm sure that was a huge huge lot for you. But you brian like iron i got i can't think of a time we didn't have fun but they have done of little bit tender. Show okay so one time wrestling in florida all week long wrestling rotunda very when <hes> dusty in butch rates okay at all hours every night restart west palm on monday. Go out. We finally sunday. It's being being butch reed and it's a <hes> there's what what eddie graham's deals <hes> cage match where you can't use the cage into weapon for one hour any else or it's called the sports arena getting building hundred and twenty degrees orlando summer and the next day i've got to go to they'll deal chicago john north west bush and all that that comments on forty seven times elting ambush get climbing and all that so i'm probably integral that wiki you must've made any eddie but the hector he lives in hickory and your travel right yeah yeah. The girls are still. I've been through the whole family it back then no cell phone bill. My heart was racing going crazy. I called my dad got back aca campus from orlando. I said that if i ran my hurts racing my dad's always last time he had this week but i always it's hard to go sleep so anyway. I get up early out of tampa as up all night. There was hector and <hes> get up fly campus chicago now. Go get on the plane and then. I just started to crack. I almost said i'm not going and i just said okay. Get on your work. It out of the plane and you know i just this is back before discovered <hes> any kind of medication i didn't i just still running their products and <hes> and i it's getting like anxiety for the first time in my life. I didn't know that it was but i couldn't feel my hands and stuff like that. You know what i mean. You're not like pinson myself so anyway. I got a full. I drank all the way maybe been for an hour got off the plane in tokyo and that had the paper ticket back then right. It's like we all good and i said i'm not doing this because i knew the schedule which i got advance through our jumble. I mean <hes> on ten rue our yup jumble three different cities three as i'm not doing this and i just walked across the north west flight <hes> back the united states the guy said seattle cleveland and a half hour poke me he said what am i hear. I can hear my so now. I can hear matoka right bombers wife. They were page. You landed. You're tokyo right right freeport baggage claim but dog guys so. I just ignored it. I got the plane and then i would go craxi at that next to the guy and and i go i talked to you about what he said well. Let's just say i drank all the way to seattle with him and i just i mean i would add there is a myzone. I don't know how i'm gonna get fired. <hes> my wife's me. I'm going to be a trainer for yeah so anyway. I got there and i slept all the way to gago drago. I got off the plane with rocket as a turn around your back on the lie all the way back to tokyo. We got there in time because i would have had a operates. Their landed went right to the arena dictator addict. You know if i die out your <hes> you know just tell downhill. Well broke a sweat. Hell doc was the thought of getting ragged out by john. Boy just hated it right but here's the story i got a christmas guardsman that guy for ten years sip for famous. You're when you're with me you welfare another time and then the land and we came back that was aren't we were driving it. Falls people are placed columns the fiery club and at the sheridan to baltimore e._s._l. Hang on there and as an ironclad yemen i'm quitting. I'm going on quitting quitnow. He said you let go get ready. Get ready get drunk. He wouldn't even dollars it. I'm going home with their. I can't do this every day. And what are you doing stupid son of a bitch the grocer as sold out where to get doug again we did safari club was pretty legendary of that was that would how allison talley yeah. I can't remember her name but i'm lost my rolex watch with her. That's what i was other here so it's did you ever get it back. That's no. I never got it back. When i get home. There were two girls almighty. Wait honey. Tell me watches girls or my room was got day i can't. I can't believe i let my watching address assessment. I called a building yeah yeah. There's no missing out. I took my grandma diamond chicago and and he brought the girls back there. We met in my coffee in the morning. Go still a lot to me for we took me. Why should i watch. There's a wall that we had you know he. He just did guys that that the job of traveling hey didn't you lose about one time. Yeah sure that's that's another check. I'm glad wendy's john. I can say any six and that does it. I've been busted so it's it's had ever told us on. The five visit great so i'm in lincoln nebraska. This is a great historian graduate asking those so i'm in lincoln nebraska wrestling <hes> somebody from our his territory snowstorm right so <hes> they wanted to drive that gandhi had said the good hotel the hilton going to the hilton hotel. There's just drop dead. Drop dead park hinder right named <hes> janna give us name so <hes> you and so i'm sitting there with a guy from sports illustrated right there right in article because oklahoma was ranked number one that year here and and rasmus was ranked number two lincoln where the universities right so. We're talking football having a hell of a time but this chick was over and starts playing the piano ganal and man. I was steve eye doctors on long. Finally i got her downstairs and then she you know delayed. The action and nothing happened but i i couldn't get her off my mind so i called her and i said look here's the deal of oklahoma we'll beat abreast innocent back when <hes> coach of may when berry with coaching right burswood oklahoma whiz and they <hes> then you come to atlanta for barricade arcade. Which was the next weekend so know br oklahoma. One is liar ticket man. I must say and we went there and never us little dicky in indian indian-backed marriott stories that marianna river killer order legendary side. You know what i saw some of the worker a couple of weeks he's community. I heard that i can't believe you're still alive. I from mexican the whole truth now <laughter> no anyway check games. I ended up having a full-scale run weather either. I mean like i had to go to y for the night that traveling right and i would flyer from lincoln to meet me in miami just fly just to wipe for one shot for leah and we don't go to nick's jaffe not flyer back and then i go to san juan that nato told watch on play mckay favor but we're going to end up convention and my wife was sick on the plane. I mean everybody is is that like i just sat down next to a stranger right. He it does the image on the plane to go out. I was looking at the way i got busted but i never admitted you know getting back getting back through the belts <hes> as a matter of fact so i i years later g shows up in san antonio with the matches and she was with a friend so it's martin money as part i think to myself i'm gonna get over vince right in order to convince trailer and i said hey man and you know saying that you would do this. 'cause i got friends. Assertive might wanna drink later well. He blew me off but that was the night to remember the road wars slows landed him and all that and in san antonio and no at night we all got undertaker and that you don't remember hearing about that that night drink but he i went off the other direction right. 'cause you blew me people. Who've me up but still about oh god five years later. I mean he was doing and she's shows up. This is the story i mean. I've never got over. She's she was what <hes> recall. The greatest verbal abuse use of all good podcast called her verbal the suicide. It went up again all right. I heard you say you buy from this. I don't ever talk to you again. You always came to the window tennis so anyway going down to a glove me very and <hes> and her occur in the girls. I met somebody else. I put my bag was a belt her car. This is now back w._c._w. Now this is the new they'll n._w._e._a. Belt all different timeframe right and she got pissed off that i would lose something drove off with the bell. Thank you know off the nicotine but i gotta be in montgomery alabama brothers. I called everybody but i i didn't get her. I didn't even get her number. Jesus showed up and you'll say he was then. I got in the car with her and then i got down to this club is talking to somebody else. Sales event you got this left and i'd never seen her tense but <hes> i tracked her down and i can't remember how i wanted to please well. I get a call from heard. He heard lots about talking about it. Then i'll be in montgomery and sure enough heard within montgomery and i walk into building and i just got ah our resource and that jerry taylor had terry was president at eight fifty jets well kim. I got those good f._m. I got it anyway that just one of my story but you got the original belt back but this time when i first met her i would end up with ended up. You ain't built that this time. You know ten fifteen years later when she came to see me at sam houston i had the new w._w._l. Yeah but you've got that. I got it back yeah but she drove allow parking lot with the car. I didn't ever number. I had her name and all that but i had to spend the money to get her back. Yeah you know there's no worse fill in the world's first of all because someone d- stealing the belt but there's been many times when i'd be driving down the road and i remember packing up the belt inside my suitcase putting it in my truck but because of the night's events before of studies have panic like holy shit did did i know so you pull over on a show on the road. You get back in your truck. You open up your bagley. Oh yeah there it is so the shit you locked trunk. Can you haul ass again but i can only imagine a family wants wants. Someone else's got it much less than i thought i had replaced the yield. She didn't know she had just mad mad money. It was melissa took off. I don't believe with malicious all because she she gave it up once. I followed her it was it just i didn't know how to find you know i think she was mad. Woman deal you know. Could i actually why whose <hes> whose daughter so. We've got catching up from the old days and you got to walk off your the walk off anyway anyway. I followed her. She gave him right up but i i've never heard or talked to her. Since <hes> i shoulda realize it does say this. Here's this when their dad drives up our twenty five grand from he was probably in the wrong direction <music> down to the family dinner yeah okay. Have you ever thought about vest in agriculture. I agree with you jack. When i back on you mentioned earlier yours over and comecon over cherry hill new jersey airasia earlier. I just got finished doing comecon over silicone valley. Where can people find you next. And what are you up to and working to find you on twitter or once. Is your next project while speaking of you that i'm throwing the pitch out wednesay tele really yeah. I'm i've become very close josh ready. He's a georgia guy. That's why we gotta get you up here for the notre dame game only up. Josh is a big fan and <hes> i stay in touch with him and <hes> you went georgia's. No we got football thing in common cause event stepdaughter and of course you know you talk to her salinity. I'm close to herschel <hes> and then and <hes> i'm working anything. Good coming out got a <hes> appearance saturday in greenville allina then labor day weekend doing the indianapolis comecon and i i hosted an event as the indy five hundred three years ago and i loved it. Annapolis degrade town and <hes> actually actually actually got recruited by <hes> indiana outta high school. I took on a trip up there on a visit engineer. Annapolis is a great town. I mean that indy five hundred and three hundred thousand people come into that race you've ever seen it no no no but i've heard it was just <hes> i it once in a lifetime the three hundred thousand people and they have this thing called the snake bit which starts before for the reason and everybody's drinking. It's like tailgate. You're right. I hosted that with this. <hes> this this jockey big time dinners marshmallows yeah and we had a ball. When did i just had a good time and <hes> oh. I love indian. <hes> i've done signed earn uh uh say now most restaurants fabulous and then <hes> i'm doing <hes> coming out the l._a. Who i'm hoping to see you. I'm doing commercial for the company company and then i'm going to be going to cast me. Maybe an apart- w._w. Studio summary looking forward to that they called me the the people that work for w studio out there with people you know so if you give me a call i'll be best why you don't want nick. All you can get a pass to come out bands to get out. I was going to sleep yeah. I never tried to pull that car now but if you're coming into town i pulled hard. Well listen. I tried to get you over the last day man and you were you. Were you were right that. Didn't you want to say anything but you know. I try to come over to miss each other. I can't we do a podcast navarre. Hey hey listen anytime. I can see seem austin road. I'm gonna jump. I don't care what the doctor telling me. I wanna have some drinks. What a way to role. Model is <hes> i wanted i either on top or wendy in the rings now with the boys or you and your podcast go by the name hey man it's been good talking to. You and i look forward to seeing you again. Log allows us a third. I'll be there oh pennsylvania how did it don't tell me you're gonna watch ranch on me or i'll just get on a private plane. Fly over and find. I'll turn all right third art. Hey this big truecar bennelong sponsor. The steve alford show through gar sixty six is all you'll need to get an offer offer for your car and amount of time it takes the flash tv. Pet your dog and do a few push ups. You can get a to cash offer best of all you can do for me. 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I think it's up to about eight million views so if you haven't seen it if you i haven't heard of it go to youtube and type in hot ones stone cold steve austin and give us saying a look like to drive the viewership viewership up so hopefully will help promote straight up steve austin and the guy does great interviews very well-spoken guy very well researched guy a- and just a pleasure to hang out with him and eat a bunch of hot stuff so check out on youtube if you haven't already one announcement. I'd like to make real quick. Everybody's nobody's been asking me steve. When are you going to come out with some brand new t shirt designs. It's been forever while i'm here doubts right now. 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And i had a blast hanging out with both of these people and i had a blast hanging out with sal volcano dover get to rate and review review the steve austin show on apple podcast and tell your friends to check us out if you want to reach me here on the podcast sent an email to question steve austin show dot com and the best 'em my pay on the planet is broken skull i._p. From el segundo brewing company all over the southern california area wholefood total wine j- if you're not in kelly you might be s._o. S. o. l. I got some bad as pocket as well. The broken skull and a working man from coal steel knives. Go to manila amazon store amazon dot com forward slash shop app four slash devotion or go directly to cold steel knives dot com folks. I am on social media twitter instagram at steve austin be s._r. And if you see amy out in the woods you can guarantee. You'll see me riding proudly a kawasaki. 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The officer planned parenthood parenthood says it's bowing out of a federal family planning program rather than abide by a new trump administration rule that forbids abortion referrals a news is lawsuit blames the trump administration for the suicide of hunter and father in may he had been separated from his three year old child at the texas border boarder. I'm jacky quin.

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