RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Survivor 37 Preseason with Paul Asleson


Hi, I'm your right aid. Pharmacist. Last flu season was the worst in nearly a decade. So this year it's even more important to come, get your flu shot. It's free with most insurance and you don't need an appointment. You'll be protecting yourself and everyone around you. So stop by your local Rite Aid today and help us create a flu free community vaccines available while supplies. Last age restrictions apply in some states, see pharmacist for details. From gay rights? No know your mama. Lay off. Sounds. As the r. h. Peyton Ambi. Some day. Right. Awesome school. I can sell you. The our ase. Hi, everybody. Welcome to the RH AP BNB or survivor David versus Goliath. I am Mike Goliath in bloom, talking about the pre season of survivor. Thirty seven. Another survivor US season is upon us. It's been a really fun summer filled with international seasons. We are back to take it to the land of opportunity for who has the opportunity to take home a million dollars. It's been awhile since I've done one of these insurance for survivors as you can tell, I'm rambling, but that is no difference to how I usually work. Let me just bring these people to say, can shut me up of I, the co-owner of the BNB the lovely Liana Boris Liana. How are you. I'm great. I like that this is the this, the land of opportunity. No, this is where this is where things go to die. I am beyond excited for this season. I think it has to do with the fact that I am totally in on this cast. I can't not wait to talk about everything, although I have to say, if you are Goliath in bloom, am I your David? And then does that make you Jessica Lewis? This is all very confusing to me, but I think we maybe by the end of the season can sort it out. Paul also listen, I know you are very methodical your head writer after all. Can you draw a rough whiteboard, like Jeff of the Cambodian finale as to who is what? And how does this tie-in to the y. blank lost our sister survivor podcast here on pups. Yeah, I feel like much like a David. I'm going to have to fight through a lot of this podcast of figure that out because that's a little bit too complicated for me because all I'm thinking about is where does crap is fawn. All this delay. The goliath. Pretty Goliath, like I mean, he's used to winning, right? I mean, you're the one that knows the myth more than I do. That's true by he doesn't eat the kids that I feel like you're Jeff prototypes with like a fighter, does some eating or throw in some them a David every time. So that's why I've Strack. I feel like the preseason stuff at anything you get with Jeff move, kind of learned. You can pretty much make anyone David and you can pretty much make anyone alive. So you know what, I think you should sell select Liana. What are you? What do you feel like you are. I think I need BuzzFeed to help me out on that one. I'm excited to take the quiz to answer whether or not I am David or Goliath, or maybe a cramp is thrown. As the other answer. I only analyze my personality based on quizzes. I take online, so very, very healthy of you. So let's talk about this. Let's talk about survivor David versus Goliath at the time of recording this. The cast dropped about a few weeks ago. I got together with rob the day drop to talk through our basic. You know, first impressions of the cast and a couple of twists upper thrown in, and I'm sure we're going to be talking about over the course of this podcast. I know at the time of recording this, we also very recently got a drop of Nicole and robs requisite Cass analysis. I one out has also come out in the past couple of weeks, so we have some preseason fair to get into. I want to start with a point that you made Liana I'm we'll get into more details obviously over the course of this podcast, but what are you thinking about the David's and the glides, considering what we know about them so far. Okay. So my overall impression on the cast is that everybody is actually really interesting, and I know that that sounds bizarre. Right? I mean, there are people who are cast on reality TV. They're supposed to be interesting. Everybody's supposed to have a story, but I feel like the diversity of the cast, both, you know, in age and background in raise really just make everybody so unique and gives everybody an interesting story. And even the people who you know like Alec, for example, who looks like he may be was plucked from the jersey shore really gone for that. Polly. D haircut? Yeah. Is he my favorite? No, no, no. But it was up to you and say, yes, the cast is super interesting. We have so many interesting people and we have Alec and Alec up, you know what? He plays a part on the season. You know, we talk about, I don't wanna season. That is all super fans. I don't wanna season. That is all recruits. And so having really a good diversity to the cast, I think is just so important. And I cannot wait to watch his people interact. Act with each other. I, I'm just pumped. How dare you malign Alec Merlene. No. I know for a fact that his social media is extremely interesting. That's right. Yes. So, okay, we, we should talk about this because I completely forgot not to go on a little bit of a tangent, but there was as Mike was referencing a post on social media. I believe it was Alec posted it and Kara k. I think was the other one who is in the picture and they posted on social media before they're supposed to do so survivor was like, oh my gosh, you know, maybe they're going to get find like five million dollars or something. And I think Alec actually ended up getting banned from the the reunion as a result of this. So yes, he's even he brings his own drama, how exciting I like how you said they would be fine, five million dollars. So I just love this idea of like, alright, Alec for you know, doing this, you owe us four million dollars even if you won the show. Yeah, right. Exactly. I don't know. Exactly. You know it's one of those threats also because I think you know how much money do we think that this man hasn't his Bank account. I highly doubt anywhere close to five billion. Oregon, the show, and that's why he had her bake something online was to get some more tension. So I think firms the fact that he is most born cast member now, most pretty sure that I recall reading his bio and I think I talked about this on a podcast that I did with rob. I'm pretty sure he said like, I have zero dollars in my Bank account right now. So. A little bit of a stretch Ileana. Well, maybe he had five million before he broke his underway and had to pay the some sort of fee. We have to have defines a poll. What are you thinking about this cast overall echo everything. Liana said, I think the age factor is a lot better in this cast. I think that we didn't walk go walk away from this cosmic, oh my God, these people are all so young. So even the people in their twenties, most of them are twenty five or older. So I think that I'm very positive based on how big brother went this summer in the way casting went with that. I'm really hopeful that that carries over into the season because I think that this was a really, really good, good bunch of people with a lot of different backgrounds. So I'm really excited dive into this with both of you to that point. It's interesting in that. I do agree that. I think from an agent a, you know, a ethnicity perspective, very, very diverse, especially again compared to something like ghost island, who Wally enjoyed that cast as people. They definitely skewed towards those those twenty something, you know, beach body types. And so I'm happy that we sort of have explored people from more walks of life. It is really interesting that if you look at like where everyone comes from, it's all California, Texas, Florida, New York, and then like a couple of other random states thrown in there. So I guess when you're looking at something at the outset, something like geography might not necessarily matter to the story of a person because I can even argue that like Carl and Elizabeth, for example, who both come from Texas or two completely different people with two completely different stories. Right. And then when you talk about California people, sometimes it's a k- how many of them are actually real California people. Like if we look back at Cook Islands, I remember that came out. It was like, oh, my God, seventy percent of this cast is from California. And so I, I don't think I, I don't think California people necessarily equates to to the diversity in geography. Because so many. So many of the California's than on the show do hail from somewhere else originally wanted. I think also because the number of people have followed their career, they've ended up moving to a number of different places. So like you know, even though let's say, I think Jeremy. He was one of the group in South Carolina. I think now he lives in New York. So you know, even though. Yeah, sure. He's New York City. He still has sort of interesting background in where he came from. Well, we'll certainly get into more individualise off on these cast members as the BNP progresses of before we get into where usual fair. I want to bring up once more that we will be doing our sealed predictions for the season. Aka Liana wins game where for those that might not be aware of it, myself and Liana are going to over the course from now until Wednesday, write down what we think each person is going to do on the show and how they are going to do then when that person is voted out every week, we're going to read what we ROY. What about them preseason Liana. Are you already how many bottles of wine I should ask? Did you buy in order to prepare yourself for these preseason butts? So I haven't come up with my strategy yet for how I'm going to write the is I was thinking, maybe I would let Alexa write them for me. I thought about just sort of like twitch played Pokemon sort of crowd source it. We'll see. I really wanted to be an even playing field Mike. Thank you. On requesting your identity before you are definitely Goliath when it comes to this time definitively a David Wright, and then I can never go back to being David. So this shows official or unofficial head writer. I'm not sure which. I do have to issue the statement at might you refer to this as the Liana wins game, we actually refer to refer to it as the Mike loses game. It more emphasis on Mike sabotaging himself rather than Leon, actually winning look. So I'm going to try my best to not self sabotage which is difficult to say in three, my general proclivities in life, but I realized that we were doing the big brother stuff over the summer for the to be that you know what? I think I am better at reading fan fiction than writing fan fiction. So Liana I would love to see what's creativity you bring to your predictions this season, whether it be Alexa flex place Pokemon you could do. You could put in a bunch of different predictions into a robot and have it right something like it did for those olive garden commercials that I saw on Twitter. That one time I'm thinking I'm going to take the format that we use in the big brother one where I'm going to write like three or four bullets things that they might do in the game. I think I definitely shot myself in the foot, particularly with, you know, my go. Ghosts of Patrick alliance has you know. Is nothing compared to the Kris noble Chelsea towns in showman's that I created for goes. I know it really is the Mike sabotage game because you just write paragraphs upon paragraphs. I think I just wrote one there was like the most generic simple one and somehow ended up beating you because you just go on and on and on. You just need to go completely other direction. Just say she gets voted out. He gives them what it out. He wins, you know what I'm going to have. I'm going to have Rupert right then he might not be on Twitter, but I'll see if I can reach out to him. He might still be traveling around the world for one reason or another, but maybe that might be the best way to go well, so okay, if you're going to write them rave, you're gonna follow some sort of, we know, you know, you're super into literature of mice and men. And so I think if you are going to ride it just follow the cease spot, run format. So it's like, see, Angelina, see, Angelina Placerville, ever. See, Angelina give voted out of survivor. And I think that's really what you gotta stick with that as your key, your. Mood, two birds with one stone because I also teach basic sentence structure to those Howard checking this podcast out in how fun is that for us to listen to. Yeah. Oh my God. I was riveted just listening to that very as exciting as as you guys think of Alex prospects right now. So that's just I'm putting opinion. Now. We'll see how we each prepare a remarks. I am ready or some revenge baby quote the outcasts of survivor, Pearl islands. We'll see if that actually plays out. I want to get into this cast let let's talk about the cast through something. We've been doing the past two seasons here on the BNB with our preseason podcasts. Let's talk about some superlatives. So we've come in here with a list of some superlatives and based purely on our preseason views of these people are going to try to predict who is going to be the most likely to do whatever activity or have something happened to them on the island. This had another one Liana that I feel like it's always fun to revisit when the season ends. Oh yeah. It's always so fun because most of them are wrong, but every once in a while you have one you are so spot on with and it's like, oh my God, I'm a genius. I'm the most brilliant person in the history of ever and it doesn't matter everything else can be completely wrong. I think you might most likely to flip laurel, brilliant on the money on the money. This is always a lot of fun. I can't wait to go through all of this full. Let's get into it. Then we're going to start with a pretty traditional one. Most likely to find an idol poll of these twenty people who do you think is most likely to find an idol will know my. There is action ultimate spelling in how to spell idol on. It's spelled. He AT and I just think that hat is like gotta find an idol. He was the reason this theme exists. He is like the family man, hardworking, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I mean, if he does not find idle in the first three episodes, I will be shocked. I would actually be not surprised if all of a sudden like one of his tattoos is an idol, like somehow all my guys what the palm tree. Ever the idols have been predetermined. They are tattoos all the contestants bodies. We partnered with ink master on paramount network, the tattoo idols on people. I was picturing like that seeded. Second chance for Jerry. He goes off to find the lanterns Zygi follows that lantern into the woods or whatever. But there's kind of like a little tattoo parlor setup, Tiki hut tattoo parlor until you actually get a tattoo in the middle of the night use an idol is they're like, okay, okay, Jeremy step into the laser machine and. Will Kurt Wilkerson becomes out and he removes the tattoo tribal. Yeah, I don't know if you get to keep it. I thought it was already a tattoo on him. I mean, considering the Pat was the guy that apparently this entire season was based around. You know, I thought maybe there would have been some inspiration. Visible in these CBS photos. So I'm a, we're onto something. I mean, he does all ready having immunity necklace considering has that like necklace tattooed around him. So maybe I like this tattoo idle idea because you could also do fake idols by taking a sharpie and drawing like an idol on your skin. No, it's like one of the temporary tattoos. You'd get up and jump ropes like rubs it off like this is not a hit. Official test is just like he just hiked Dipsy licks his finger and like runs the you. This is brilliant. All right. We should write this one down the next time. You know, we need to come up with some survivor ideas. Liana who do you think is most likely to find an idol? Yeah. Okay. So I think hat is a good person, but I really think that Nick, we could see out there looking for idols. I know you know, he is a super fan also, you know, numbers don't lie. We have a tendency to see more males find idols. And I feel like he seems very where aware of his surroundings could be looking for potential clues. So I see neck finding an idol out there. I could see it. I'm just worried that Nick is to focus on getting his slingshot ready as we've seen from the myriad survivor promos. In the past couple of weeks that he might not be able to find an idol divide his time equally. How is he not bounded by now? I've been seeing those Bravo's for weeks. Gotta go get my slingshot. All right, buddy. Actually, that would be really fun if we do not see a challenge that involves a slingshot, I will be very upset. Yeah. Maybe they should do that instead of like the physical contact challenge. They're all just the all stand up on a balance beam, and you have to like fire. Not rocks, but like beanbags asked them to knock them off the balance beam. The player rocks at each other. That's very TKO of you. Mike. But I would be down for it. I mean, Kevin Hart did make an appearance at the ghost island finale so there could be more cross coverage even though that did film before this who knows who knows at this point in time is a flat circle. Well, I don't know this because I stopped watching TKO because did you guys know it got moved to Fridays at nine pm. I think it share was like point three or something ridiculously low. But anyway, because there could be a contestant on TKO that's now in this season of survivor. Maybe Powell was on TKO. I don't know. I feel like I'll get out my tinfoil hat. I'll walk through this later. It just magin Kevin Hart be like, come on tattoo, man, watch over the big spike vols. Well, for my pick, I'm going to go with Carl, just because Jeff pro said that Carl, one of the things that he really liked about him is that he has sort of has this don't give an f attitude, and I'll give a bit of a spoiler for this season of Australian survivor so far. So to now for the next thirty seconds, if you don't want to hear it, all that might be MU as well. I don't know if you've caught up at this point. I'm pretty caught up. But it's very, I could see curl doing a very like Shane Gould like maneuver where he knows there's an idol him back at camp. He'll walk in front of his allies grabbed the idol at from like under a tree and just like put it in his cowboy hat and walked away. I get totally see that too. Don't fuck with Carl Boudreau. Yes, he I, I like that idea because of that attitude, but I also feel like that's the same attitude that will lead him to not care to bridles at all. So it could go either way. I don't know. I still, I think I put my money on either Nick cooked both ways. We never know as well. There's going to be a bunch of idols hidden. I'm assuming and also this idol nullify. We'll see how that turns up. Who knows if call finds an idol nullify, or he might just not give an f. and decided not to use it to. No. Do you think he'd go home with it in his pocket. That's a good question. We didn't. We didn't have that as a guest. We can put this as a sub topic. Do we have any picks as to who would be most likely to go home with like some sort of twist in their pocket, whether it be a idle mole, fire, legacy advantage, etc. Paul, I mean, just based on the pre-game stuff, I just feel like maybe someone like Jeremy, who's kind of you get the idea. Very, very confident in himself in various feels that he knows what he's doing would someone would maybe be someone to go home with that occupied. It isn't that I don't know if anyone's sticks out. You think having an idol in the low fire in your pocket, when you go home, do you think that's going to have the same stigma? I feel like no one's gonna care like, okay. Well, let's be really you'll. So you're saying if they go home with a well, I, if you went home with an idol notifier in your pocket and the regular idol took you out, then that would have the same level of embarrassment. But if not, it'd be like. That's a perfect use of like the final words. This person like, oh, I didn't use asylum the fire. Hey, all right. Onto recess. Hashtag that Russia spell that, but h. e. h. s. tag. All right. Let's move on. You're actually very nice segue into our next topic here most likely to get a hashtag podcast. Mike anyway, continue. You're very much Goliath all when it comes to that Liana who who do you think is most like big a hashtag out of this group? Okay. I'm actually really proud of this one. I think it's going to be be because I think it's gonna be hashtag sting like a bee. I feel like it's going to be hashed hashtag is easy as hashtag ABC at Subic AB I see you guys trust way too much in CBS marketing to come up with these hash. They came up with Sean coffee's for closers. So, well, I agree with you. The fact that these Dame is most likely to like fit into Random House shakes, but I actually disagree that you get that that she'll be interesting enough in the show to warrants that many hashtag, okay, here's my, here's what's going to happen. It's going to be her boot up because we're not gonna see her for like three episodes until it's going to be her and she's an MA fighter. So definitely gonna eat alive. I like flow like about a fly sting like a bee hashtag sting like a bee bee. I. I think it's written done deal. Maybe you should write your predictions exhaustible. You should write your predictions using the hash tags that will show up on the screen for when they sort of like what we did with the superhero names in big brother. That's actually not about idea down. Right? All it seems like you are antibody on this one. Who do you think is most likely to get a hashtag here? I just think we have to if I'm doing the most likely I went to pick someone for sure. The show wants to highlight someone who's been on reality TV show before someone who is a writer as someone who is a comedian. So it's gonna be might. I mean, I just feel like he's going to give them gold with no want to use and stuff that will easily transfer into a hashtag. So that is my prediction is Mike. Yeah, I feel you is. I went with someone who the show wanted on there. He was on reality. TV is not a writer, but I mean, John Hennigan a wrestler is on the show who is all about, like delivering soundbites for a promo, you'd have to believe they're gonna milk them hashtags out of him forever. How long his on the show, right. We'll yeah, hashtag mayor of slam town, right? I mean, I feel he's got in verse wanted Jane Wednesday, night delight. What was there is. One particular like turn of phrase that he used that really got Josh going. I know I tweeted this out, but I think the first one was really fantastic because I think it really highlights it's great cast. But the highlight for me, honestly might be Josh becoming namrd with John had again because they kept cutting back several types you could hear, Josh is just like so giddy and besides themselves, it's so fantastic up and he calls everyone douche bags, turned cutters and chump stains. Yeah, it's like he's a writer for the BNB. How do we get this guy as most to get a being be hashtag, that's for sure. Seriously of in. He's I'm super excited for John. I mean, do I think he's gonna win? Probably not, but he really entertained me on. I went out. I mean, I get it. It's his job, but the fact that Josh was definitely enamored with him, I think is my favorite thing that Josh said was, or you could be the mayor of slam town. Like they'd be, there's this fictional place called slam town. Maybe that's what the BNB is who coming to you live from slam town. It's j. p. BNB because we like to slam the contested. Apparently if your name is. Yeah. And then they're like sign for our town. Can you know it's the population sign? It'll be like three third cutters. Are we are realtor cutters? Have we have? We don't know what Liana one makes you a turt- cut. You know yourself Liana. So Paul, as it turned cutter. Again, I do not self identify deterred cutter Ivy podcast, Goliath. Now Paul as a douchebag, how do you think voting tonight's going to differentiate yourself from the Trump stains. I don't know Mike as a pain in the ass. What are you. Well, that's not too far from John's other theme, which is what like artists, academics and assholes. Yeah. Oh man. He's gonna be so much fun. I can't wait Hortus. You guys are known for your creativity academics. Your brains make the world work assholes. God, you guys just suck. All right bunch. It's your challenge. Yeah. Well, I think it was Jeff Probst and the first first one out, you know, talking about how the Goliath responded to being called Goliath. Can you imagine it'd be like, all right, so tribe Asfaw. I'm sorry. CBS CBS says we cannot say, asshole. We need to say a whole. Gene may hole. Boy, that might make things worse. All right. Let's move on here. Let's go to the opposite end of the spectrum most likely to get a purple edit Paul who's purposing this season. I think for me, I after just go with the person to me that in the preseason is the most mysterious to me that I get a bike gotten the least from I you guys both know this, but I have been without a phone for the past vica over week. So by podcast with Ning has taken a quite a bit of a nosedive. So maybe this person is a huge hit on on some the podcast, but I don't really know that much. Don't understand who Natalia is. So for me, I'm gonna say, she's my most purple. She's on the purple tribe and the preseason stuff. I just I don't. I don't really fully understand her. Liane GED feel like there's an impression that everyone just sort of like, okay, Natalia. Yeah. I mean, I don't. I don't necessarily think she's going to get a purple edit. I think she was the one on. I one out who sort of got maybe the most negative first impressions from some of the other cast members. I think people are probably a little bit intimidated by her. So I don't think she's necessarily going to get a purple edit. I people have made sort of the Gonzalez comparisons to her being a little bit maybe boisterous than louder. She describes herself, I think, is confident charismatic once. So I don't think that that really fits with somebody who has a Herpel at it necessarily. I said, Kara, first of all, herbal bikini. So you know, obviously. And then also she was the one who Roker NDA. So you know, if you're a producer you trying to get out. Purple at it. Exactly. And you know, she was a person who was on survivor not as JP as JP, but you know, she wasn't someone who really stood out to me is going to be this really dynamic, strong character on the seat then no, the the JP award has to go to Pat right with his all the Yunos. He threw into his talking with Josh. Or or quarrel with man pulling like the his best Judd sergeant impression and putting like seventy five man's in his conversation. Man, you know, I don't know. That could be a little brutal. We'll see how the editor shoes to maybe edit around those ticks. So I put in there the opposite of like a b. that stingers out just because I thought that like she, I think that she has a compelling story, but I wonder like if she's just known for her physical prowess, I wonder how much of a story line can be associated with that concerning that. Like even someone like Chelsea who won two immunities, they didn't really carve out a story line for her, but I ended up going with Jessica just because I know Jessica is the youngest person out there, but I don't know. I just feel like she's her edit might be more of a will wall than a Michael yoga. If we're talking about other eighteen nineteen year olds were like, she seems totally nice, and I like the fact that she is like a superfan in disguise and how you know she feels like she's mentally older than she actually is. But I don't know something just tells me that with all the shenanigans that are going on in the David tribe. I don't know if Jessica will repeat the top of the heap when it comes to content. I think I'm more on the team be just so that I can also support the on his hash tag theory and have some kind of hashtag that's like hashtag be seen not her or something. Here he a b. stick. Nope, that doesn't work. I. Let's like speak softly. Gary, a beast. No, we ought to. You are definitely David. Okay. Maybe by the end of this podcast, I can become Goliath for me Jessica feet. Actually, if you're, you know, we're going to talk about comparisons to younger castaways. I think she's more of a Julia some last week, and maybe it's just because they're young blonde women. But I think she will is somebody who probably is wiser for her age, but it's still young and the which has given me. She's nineteen years old, right? Like this isn't a negative against her in any way, but I just think she's definitely going to fall more in sort of that side of things. I could see her maybe getting a little bit of Annetta later on. But yeah, well, she really stand out as a dramatic character. I think that's probably not gonna happen. Let's get into this next one. I'm really excited about this one most likely to flip because I'm going to pick someone right now. I might stake all my predictions in this on this one. You gonna go with devilish. Davey, look, this man has promised to be a radical to even his own allies. I am very excited for Davey because listen, I'm happy to be wrong and he excels on the game, but I am predicting a pretty fun flame out for daybreak in backer because it just seems like he's going to be very flippant and very chaotic. Which I always have fun with. So I see him flip flopping at least three times pre-marriage personally. Well, Davies, the newcomer, right? He was the replacement. Yeah, yes, him so he does have his, you know, fire under in his belly that he's gonna you know, go out swinging, so I could definitely see that. Yeah, so spoiler alert he was actually my answer is well, because he's describes himself as a Radic who's get, you know, if you describe yourself as a Radic I feel like you could also just say, oh, yeah, dumb. Most likely to flip. And as I watched more and more about him, I was like, okay, somebody needs to give this guy Xanax, like calm down, breathes like, I'm sure you know, he's super excited. He got the call sixty hours ago to whatever to go out and play survivor. The maybe a little bit of that will come down once he doesn't have food for a little bit, but I could totally totally see him flipping. So I I did say him, but I guess in the spirit of picking somebody else, I think. Oh. I think I'm gonna go with Natalia, actually. I think that people what? Why is that funny? I don't know. Just like she's like the star of like all said, she's not going to do anything that you said? Nope. She's gonna flip. Yeah, she was trying to this is likely on just like f you to me, thanks Leon, such a chump change. I think actually most likely to have a hashtag because can big brother, nine. You had a contest name, Natalie, and she went by hashtag naughty nasty net Talia. So I think that's, that's be hash take you. I think she's going to be huge character. And as someone who's had a phone for the past week, I just really feel. A phone in one handed a b. stick and the other one. Someone who's up to date on every podcast that's been out in the last week. So Paul as someone who's lived under a rock for the past week, how do you as a rock dwellers versus trees Weller. Please tell me why because people don't like her. Yes. Yeah, I think I think honestly, I think she's going to be a little bit ostracized by her own try. And so I think if she is someone who's able to make a swap or make the merge, I think she somebody who could flip against her original quote, unquote alliance or tribe mates to go with aggressive screener. We'll leave, let's compromise. Okay users or compromise the tally clips. The show them show it. Okay, that's how we get. And no one gets a hashtag. I liked that because unlike they'll be like, oh, that vote was seventy four who else flipped. And just see. Like of turnover built like, oh, I guess she did. Sorry. Did you have one? I, yes, I, my pick was going to be Nick. Just someone who knows the game involves the online community. And you know, just someone who understands the game in hopefully realizes when a really beneficial time would be. Let's move to the other side once again, least likely to flip Liana. Do you have a candidate here. Okay. So I really like a rally. Sal, you definitely gonna tell you this is just hedging my bets. If I say to tally for everything, definitely get one right. No. So I actually John it was somebody who I know he flipped people professionally for years. But you know, he's somebody who kept preaching loyalty. He said he's going to be loyal to the people that he's loyal to, which I think kinda makes sense. That's how that works. You somebody who I think, you know it was gonna find a strong alliance. He's good stick with them. They may turn on him, but I don't think he's gonna flip on them. Oh, how do you feel about that? Well, I mean, I definitely did. I gravitate to a lot of people on the Goliath tribe looking at someone who are kind of like confident what they do, and they just seem like you know, upstanding citizens in people like Natalie in like John characters like that. But I take him actually going to switch over to David tribe and say, Elizabeth. Elizabeth, she got inspired rather show back in season two. And I just feel like her mentality is knocked the chain from that. I think she's very, she's a religious person. She's a very like moral person. I don't. I can see her not flipping on some some moral reasons. See, I I had that thought is well initially, but I remember that. I think like Jeff said, she loves the, you know, three things in her life. You know, her ranch, her family and survivor. And I wonder if she sort of comes in with that superfan mentality and not say she's a superfan, but more of like a hardcore fan if that makes a difference mentality of like, well, you're not playing survivor if you don't make this move. So I wonder if she, you know, I could see a scenario where she might be resolute, but I also see a scenario where she's like, I'm playing survivor. I gotta take advantage of this yolo or yo PO. You only play once. And so she decides to flip and multiple, you know, screw her chances later on. I do think she compares herself to big Tom. So we know what a dynamic game player. Big pump was. Big, Tom had the record for most number of days played, so we can't. We can't fault them too much, and it's true. You only played twice yoyo. I ended up going away with I've wind up because what's going with David as well with Lisa because I similar to what you were saying about John Liana. I know Lisa had been talking bid in one of her videos about how like if she makes a friend with somebody, she's going to stick with them until the end. She's very much about loyalty and honesty. So I mean, I think a really striking personality in a look as well. But I could see her as someone who would like solidly be someone's number two, and maybe none of -sarily putt them even if it's most viable. Yeah, no, I think that that actually totally makes sense. I think she is somebody who is very, you're. And in the same vein, we fiercely loyal. So I could get fierceness cuts. Both ways. Religion takes fiercer, Lisa. Ooh. Ooh, you're writing Lee honest predictions for her at this point. All right, let's let's move on here most likely to get medevac hall. Hopefully we do not get visitation from Dr Joe this season, but if we do considering the horrible, whether they face this season, who's most likely to fall here? Well, other than the Talia, I think really gravitate or. Some days, eve just seems like if he's a Radic in all these areas that he talks about, maybe he's also like a Mike sue ban or a boo from Fiji where he just runs into things all the time difference himself. So that was my first inclination. Other than that, I don't know that there's that easy target because you don't have super. I mean, it gets Mike is many might using the older. I don't know. I was actually thinking sort of a along similar lines of either Mike or Christian because their eyes are closed. So they're just going to run into like miss the Mr. Magoo theory. Yeah, exactly. 'cause they couldn't find a picture with their eyes open, I think is the joke. So yeah, that's what I went with. Yeah, I had a couple of minutes here. I said that be would kick a log Ola, Gandhi a- and get medevac for like breaks point. I also said that Allison and might do like a personal checkout might be like, I don't think I'm too well. I can. I did a checkup on myself, so I'm going to check myself out of the game. Shake kick a log like a b. As they're known to do work workshop Liana. All right. Let's move on to our next one here. This is a fun one most likely to get blasted on survivor social media and listeners. I absolutely love you, but I think you all can admit that during the season things get a bit frenetic in the internet and they're liable to, you know, really heap the criticisms onto certain people like kellyn really gone at last season in laurel. We had Ryan get at the season before. I know Zeke has gone nip before too. So based on all that Liana, what do you think is most likely to be on the on the end of the beasts? Dick survivor social media. Well, I was thinking about what all of those people have in common and it's if they're least likely to flip. I feel like something so I'm gonna go with the taller. I'm just kidding. I don't know. I really had a hard time with this one. It seems like you know, it really could go any which way I feel like coral is somebody who I could see them either loving or hating right either. They love the fact that he doesn't give enough or they hate the fact that he doesn't give enough mainly because like maybe that's how I feel. And I, I'm definitely a creature of the sub read it. So maybe I'll go with Carl from my answer all. I think for me, I would I. You talked a little bit Allison. The brought her up Mike. In the last question, Allison as a lot of hands vibes to me, she's a doctor from North Carolina has kind of her stuff together at. I can just see her being someone who for some reason because I think she's so put together and she, I think she's going to be confident when she's doing if she does something that the only doesn't like or she's not with the people that he online want her to be with that I can see maybe people taking out on her narrow enough Alison wants to be an unconscious and Candice once called someone rat cancer. Actually, I really, I really liked the answer because I think also, you know, she was the person who if I remember correctly from I one out had a lot of pushback to, you know, the Goliath moniker where you know she was like, well, I worked so hard to be here, blah, and I could see that not necessarily playing all that. Well, I sort of hedge my bets here and what would someone who I think sort of unfortunately fits the mold of some of the other contestants that have been, you know, raked over the coals before by the internet. I'm going to, I hope this isn't the case because I really like him, but I'm going to go with Christian here just because I feel like Christmas someone who is brave enough to even I won out. He put out a bunch of his own theories about the game, which I know when you do that is to write for discussion and picking apart by the internet populace. And especially if the show decides to lean on him a law for things like narration. I could see something along the lines of like, we don't need to see Christian. We already saw David Wright Cochran at cetera. We don't need to see this again. Like if he gets whatever the opposite of purple edited is like way too much exposure. Yeah, violet like an infrared at it. For blasting you in the face. Oh, okay. Speaking of Sudoku Sam. So inside survivor, released pictures, press photos. From the first episode, there's a picture of Christian. He looks like a cast member from Lord of the rings. I swear to God. He looks just like Sam wise GAM g like he's got his some sort of maybe pants or sweater thing like wrapped around his neck and he's got the like the hobbit hair I couldn't. I was like, I was shocked by it all shall tweet it out later. Now Paul, the Lord of the rings series of films that came out in the early two thousands about this. Say, what's a load of the ring. How dare you. All right. Let's let's move on here. While the our listeners are taking a break to go to inside survivor and see how Christian is making the David camp. Looked like Hobbiton. Let's talk about. We talked about transitioning from David to Goliath. Who do we think of this cast is most likely to go from David to Goliath or vice versa? Which again, it's still a debate as to whether that's free goes both ways, but let's just says, no, I know we'll, we'll see. Maybe they can change the game in that regard. Maybe they can teach, Jeff at a Goliath can become a David hallum, assuming them by that logic, did you go with David that would hopefully become Goliath. I mean, had I known the other was an option. Maybe it would have said that the Talia will go back to her rightful spot as David. But no, I went the other way around in a little bit hopeful for I could see something like something like a Gabby who re at the Christian Christmas, like a true nerd. I think average is way more of the Aubrey nerd. So I think what I'm hoping is that someone like Gabby like really proves that she actress council boss at this aim in his really super socially good and stuff like that and said, by the end, you know that she really comes into her own as Goliath, but whom I can pregnant be Pat. I think if anybody is going to make the transition, I think it's going to be Alec. But probably not to a David either to, you know, I don't know. The no collar tribe I think is really where Alex belongs. So I think if anyone's gonna make a transition, it's hip. So you're saying there Alec will transfer not only to a tribe this season, but I try from a completely different survivor season. Yes. All right. We'll go with it. I to couple of options here. I was thinking be it I because I could see against someone who honestly might be the most like physically adept for survivor right now. I could see her dominating the challenges which sort of makes her Goliath, but I'm gonna go with the Goliath in bloom. Here. I'm gonna go with hot cop, Dan because I could see something like again, Jeff's we're talking about how he is finding his self esteem and sort of becoming this this new persona that he lost a lot of weight and obviously to a big social media following. But I feel like he's also just such a down to earth relatively normal guy for being the social media sensation that I could see him. You know, maybe deferring to the David's or maybe he sort of gets lost. In the shuffle shuffle and other people sort of dominate him in the game. I, I just feel like if a ranking people by something like Goliath, like status, he might be at the bottom of the Goliath tribe. So he's most likely to fall off their to the other end of the spectrum. He's not what I forget what he's on the Goliath tribe. Yeah. Yeah, see, I keep forgetting. We go, see, that's that's my my point already made the transition. You cut down my points and the new like subtly feed into my points. I see how it is. Liana is a long con for me. I'm here to play to be fair. My pinions are turds and she's a Turkey cutter. So that's just her natural process. All over the other names but monitor, that's that's what the war brought up Bradley. So you were close. In your head. Version, its butt munch versus sixty nine versus slam town Shambo versus Shambhu. Oh my God actually. Okay. So I was going back thrill. I was whatever. So there was an exchange that Bradley had, and I don't know if either of you remember this, but I wanted to bring it up because I thought we could maybe make it a relative, but then I forgot. So there was a woman who posted on Bradley's Instagram who said you remind me of my son before he left. And then Bradley said, thanks. And then the woman said, it wasn't a compliment. He went to prison. I didn't have time to think of like most likely to be told that they're like someone son, but for a bad reason or something like that. But I didn't complete with flush out. So I figured I would really work wheels on it on the podcast which is such a better place to really think their ideas really repairing beforehand, build the plane as you go is how we do it on the DNB. That's right. That's right. Where where to go serve our country, where to go to the peace corps where. When you went to prison, don't drive the bus. I build the bus anyway. All right. Sanjay over. All right. Let's move on to our final superlative here. I'm calling this the Dominic abate award for most likely to hold a watch party with the most cast members. I feel like Dominic withholding, watch parties all throughout the entire season last year that brought in a bunch of different people from the tri-state area Liana. Who are you thinking is going to again, we talked about how everyone sort of comes from five areas this season who's gonna be the most likely to hold a party that brings together, although their fellow Davidson goliaths. Yeah, it was actually thinking they're going to be a competing watch parties from these different epicenters. For example, Mike white, maybe the LA rep, Jeremy. The New York rep, Lisa, the Boston rep, and then they're going to sort of come to blows and they, we're going to have an offshoot of survivor and it's going to be watch party. And then it'll be like, you know, five watch party is one watch party again, haven't thought of. It's very confusing, syntax. All right. Hold on the good that you're. The sealed predictions seasons don't revolve around theories like this because I think Mike would actually beat you on that wearing a low bar. A low bar. I have an opportunity to read write some and not come up with them on the fly. But yes, so I think that there could be a serious competition or the most likely to hold the watch party with the most cats. I ended up going here with Angelina because she said that one of her hobbies was hosting Margarita nights. I feel like that's a great losing some people into just like sip on some drinks and watch them survivor. Yeah, good call. I should do the same thing for my prediction. Yeah, I had hosted Margarita tonight by yourself, five predictions, one prediction. Right through the night. Right. Actually, I think Magsi is supposed to come up with me and we're going to drink Margaritas and right predictions together. So off to talk to her about that. All right, Paul. What about you who's most likely to hold a watch party. Shoe horn in the last contest that we haven't talked about. Just gonna wanna talk about her and I wanna say Natalie because she's kind of a mother figure. She's gonna be entries wealthy probably can roll a big party and destroy like her. She's a really interesting character and I can't wait to see it as the show. I had nine only down as well for totally the same reason. Like I could see her just had a bunch of people over to her house or they have a big Bangor in a empty warehouse somewhere. But it is interesting like, yeah, I agree that Natalie might be one of the biggest characters coming into this season, but it's interesting that you didn't really fit many the the the superlatives that we gave out to this. Yeah, I think part of that and I think she stupor interesting, but she, you know, has a lot of things working against her, and I think somebody who is more likely to win the Pearl is somebody who's as in the game for a little longer. Although I did think about putting her is least likely to flip because she would have no opportunity to flip. Now that being said, I do. You hope that she goes deep. Do I think it's going to happen. Maybe not so much, but she is a bad ass and totally awesome in. I would probably go to a watch party that she hosted. Yeah, and I, I also put her down for like a third place candidate for at least likely to flip because she wants to be all about calling the shots. And I could see that like maybe by that logic, if you're if you're calling the shots, you're not the one who's deciding to flip in that moment. Yeah, exactly. And then sadly she gets flipped on upon. All right. Well that that'll do it for our superlatives. So we'll lock these away as well more revisit at the end of the season, but it's a nice way to sort of like horse, our thoughts on the cast through these various towers that we created. Yes, I'm very excited to see how poorly we all did, and then only took ninety minutes to get through the mall. The premiere episode. Okay. So I actually, you know, no, we haven't played any games yet, but I really wanna talk about this so badly. So we're going to continue this season with are sort of three questions segments. I guess where each of us gets an opportunity to bring up something that we really want to talk about, and I really wanna talk about this, how do we think this theme will impact gameplay? Now, I know that there's a lot of, oh, millennial gen-x was only important for the first couple of weeks or a coupla episodes, and then you know it wasn't a big deal, but I just got this sense from the way, Jeff ropes was talking about it in first one out, it seems like there does. There might be some impact of the season, and I actually heard it described on, I think on read it as the noble poor versus the privileged monsters. Which really makes me laugh. So I'm just curious your thoughts on how you know how he thinks that this team is going to impact the game. What are you know this very early on back in survivor, Fiji at the Cook Islands, Tonelli win, win. Survivor. Fiji was kind of was bubbling in people talking about it. There was a lot of rumors at that time about if they were going to do something similar to this because it, oh, we have these two extremes. We have like dreams who were homeless than you have. You know, a Harvard educated lawyer in Alex is there was not a buzz about the time in that season. Obviously went in a different direction where they had the haves and have nots in. It was more of not necessarily what anything to do with where they came from, but they were just kinda given those two roles of people who have it all on the people who have to fight hard on the island was kind of funny that it took so long to get back to anything even close to this. I think normally the things really don't matter that too much. But like you said, Leon, I really think this is going to impact a lot of their psyches because you're virtually telling half the people you're the underdog. That people are going to root for and the other half you are the holes that people don't like. See it is. It's tribe eho. Yeah. I mean, it's so interesting. The thing that I immediately drew comparisons to and I did it on the podcast with rob as well as champions versus contenders. And I feel like maybe in the beginning of that, you know there was a bit of managed. We are champions. We have to behave in a certain way. But again, spoiler alert forbid down the line of champion versus contenders that sort of went by the wayside a bit. So I have confidence that I think sort of like millennials versus gen-x, this might bear fruit out in the beginning, especially I think there's going to be sort of a gathering around for the David tribe of like, look, we are the underdogs by default, we have to be the ones to beat them. Like I think even the previews said something about like one tribe is to winning it all the other tribe, they're the underdogs. So I feel like that's like a nice thing to rally around, but I feel like the minute we get a swap. I think that once the game becomes much more individualized, I think those monikers I mean, quite literally, you're probably gonna go out the window because then it gets confused if you have David's on Goliath tribe, but I. That mentally speaking, people are going to become more so like it doesn't matter what I'm sort of representing or who I represent. I think I'm just gonna make the move that's going to better my gate. Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I just can't imagine getting out there and being essentially told like, you know, and this is from the way Jeff Probst was talking about it, but goliaths are. Privilege. I don't know. I mean, I don't think I can't think of another way to really describe it. It's like, yeah, you've worked hard but like, you know, come on like you've gotten all of these benefits of life or something. I just can't imagine being out there being told that and then having that not impact how I play the game. I mean, maybe as like you said, Mike is the game goes on. It won't be a big deal, but at least initially my God, I mean, if I were somebody who has them like allies, try by probably pull an Allison and you know, maybe be somebody who was gonna flip to the David's on purpose because I don't want to be associated with the Goliath is will it could be like a horseshoe as well where it's really important in the beginning, not important in the middle, but then once the end comes around because I guess you could also ask the question, you know, on paper could a Goliath win survivor considering that, like if someone has been built out with this stigma, which Mike Wyche is purposely going to lean into like, hey, I come from this power position of power already. I don't necessarily need them. Money and the title. Do you think that a jury, depending on the makeup necessarily honor that just at the outset, looking on where they came from. Well, I mean, I think we so often talk and reality television about the underdog. And how often is it like root for the underdog? You know, we wanted underdog to win, and I feel like the David's are inherently underdogs. So like, how does that? How does that impact how people view them? And you know, yes, maybe you have sort of this reverse strategy where it's like, okay, well, all the gloves have to stick together because we're all privilege, you know, and like nobody can let a David get to the end, which I guess is par for the course. I think, you know, in terms of like other seasons, but which is just haven't hammered home like so much at the beginning I thought was really interesting. All right. Well, let's get into this next game here. So CBS two things a bit differently with their pre-game press. We did not get the traditional meet the cast videos. We got sort of Jeff Probst perceptions on each of the tribe. But what the survivor Twitter account did was they released every day like fifty second to a minute long clips, introducing the. Players, and we got a couple of other miscellaneous videos as well. Like, who is your survivor role model? How do you feel you would deal without food or sleep? So I pulled a couple of quotes from these videos and Paul Liana U2. are going to face off against each other to figure out who knows this cast the best. Here's how it's going to work one at a time. I'm going to read you a quote from one of these videos and you are going to guess the person who said that, well, now we're going to do this using twist rules. So if you just guess without any sort of hint you get two points, if you're correct, if you want to ask for a hint, I can provide you the tribe that they're on either a David or a Goliath, and if you get it right, you only get one point so you can take the bigger risk if you think you know the person or if you wanna play it safe and find out what tribe there on. You can do that at the sacrifice of one point. At the end of these sets of questions, whoever has the most. Points wins now have either one of you check out these Twitter videos before we get into it. Well, we don't ply because he doesn't have a phone. And in the dark, right literally. And in my lack of preparing the answer is no. Or I'm really nervous because the honor is really good at game. So. Like this is the Paul loses game. Yes. Let's see if that moniker holds a poll. Let's let's start with you here. So again, I'm going to read a quote off here from video for two points. You can guess the person without any sort of hint or for one point you can get a hint as to what tribe there on. Here's the quote, okay, when it sucks and it's raining, I wanna be the guy that everybody's like, oh, he's making it fun. He's embracing the suck. I'll take the tribe, please Goliath. Okay, who is going to embrace the suck? I'm going to say, ooh, who'd be embracing the sock. Maybe this is Mike saying he's going to be entertaining to them. I'll go with Mike. I'm sorry. The correct answer wedged. Dan at the Goliath in bloom is ready to a Louis. This suck in true full bloom fashion in my lap. That would be my out of my life. Fifth choice out of five. So no chance on that one hashtag embrace the suck. Itself, right? Liana. Let's go over to you. Hear what my try mates will think is the most endearing thing about me. We'll probably be the most annoying thing about me is that I do laugh at everything. Oh. I think I, you know what? I'll I'll take the hint, David, Goliath, tribe Goliath, I think it's Kara. That is correct. Your pick for the purple said that she is. It's a double edged sword that she laughs at literally everything. Everything that's going to be an interesting challenge. Let's see. I think it'd just be, I don't know. Maybe she won't get a purple edit. Then it'll be really hard to cut around her just consistently chuckling everything going on. They should put her in the audience for all of those shows that need laugh tracks like Boris is the permanent resident of like the big bang theory and young Sheldon or whatever other shows that have laughed. She might be out of a job with that first one pursued. That's right. The last season guys. Alright, so Liana is a head one point zero. Let's go back to Paul here. I think my smiles pretty contagious. I think people are already attracted to that. When you smile it, someone from the inner parts of your soul, they just can't hardly help, but smile back. God. Okay. What try David. Okay. David with an infectious smile. And needs to be someone self aware enough that says like, mice smile is awesome. So let's say Elizabeth, that is correct. Elizabeth Olsen, but the infectious smile. Okay. All right. What happened in the inner it? What happens if the inner parts of your soul? Very black does have the same infectious attitude. Then you get sent to prison in your mom reaches out the Bradley. You're my hero laughs. I bet you maybe carry is that prisoner like comments, lull on like every status, even when it's not appropriate? Exactly like ours shop, but she I'm literally Lulling. All right. We are tied up here. Let's go back to you. Liana being food and sleep deprived is going to really affect me, I think easily. So, I mean, I might be one of those players that face the first day. Ooh. Okay. I don't know. Can I have a hint Goliath. Okay. I might ain't the first day. I'm going to guess Jeremy Liana. You should have gone with literally every other introducer Perla to the interest in Italia. Of course, it was see should answer for everything so we might need to rich wreck, put go back and put her in for most likely to get medevac. She might pull up Boston Robin, pass out the first day. We're tied now, right? Yes, and I'm very happy are because I have a tiebreaking round set up here. Here's how it's going to work. As I mentioned before, there was a video that went up where the players went through their survivor role models. We're going to go rapid fire here back and forth. I'm gonna give you the name of the former player. You're gonna give me the name of the current player who said that this person was their role model. So for example, if I said Jay star, it, you would say, Alec make sense. Oh, known that one boy. All right. All right. Let's let's start with you. Liana Sandra. Oh. Cry and cry, incorrect, Jeremy poll. Hi. Be yourself be? That is correct. Loved the hashtag Liana Adam, Kline. Alec as incorrect, I would've accepted Kara or Nick. Paul poverty. Angelina incorrect. Mike white Liana Sirri fields. Natalie incorrect Christian. Paul entry belks. Andrew Belsky era, incorrect Alison. We on a Boston rob Talia incorrect, Natalie, Paul Cochran. Now what is even happening Cochran Christian incorrect John had again. So there was a fun round of Papa. You got one, right? So you win this game. I wanted to put that in there just because there are some pretty fun picks in there. Like Mike picking poverty? Yeah. Yeah, I like that. I think that's my favorite. I think Mike says my favorite, the fact that he picks today. His role model. It was like. He did it just to like troll like because everyone says they're like poverty. I was gonna say, I love that lake. Everyone says, oh, too many people say that they're like poverty, but I think Mike white might be the most unconventional person say that poverty is survivor role models specifically because he said she was a cunning little vixen. Hey, you know what? Maybe that's just what he aspires to be good for him. You go Mike white. Absolutely. We'll see if his flirtation strategy works here as well, but that'll hopefully let you get to know the cats have been more I think. So a couple more Twitter videos have to get released before the premiere, but congratulations to Paul for being able to eat out victory here. Thank you. Thank you and omen. Throwing the, it's no longer the Paul loses came. Yeah, Leon lose their game. That makes more sense. Well, Paul as the winner, what question did you have to prepare to bring to this discussion? Okay. The one thing I want to jump into talk a little bit about about what what are the format expectations we have for the season like just given our gonna. These tribes are going to go into three at some point or we still going to have a big merge a, how our other, we're gonna swap the tribes and a lot of this here speculation. But where do you think we are in survivor in terms of what is a given for for formats? I mean, I definitely think we're gonna get. I think we're gonna get to swaps pre marriage. I think we're probably going to get, and this is complete speculation. This is based in nothing except for my own musings. So I think we're going to get a swap. And then I think we're going to go to three tribes. Then we're going to go to merge. Then it's merge through the like basically, like a ghost island. Yeah, I think I am keynotes reasons he by us, right? I mean, I think that you have tendency to stick with trends. I mean, maybe a millennial gen-x not to think about how much impact that has a spoiler. But yes, I don't know. I think it was island I was looking millennials versus gen-x personally, because I think that like that's the last big versus where two tribes against each other and where the theme was so ingrained from the start. You could save what you want about triple h, but I feel like they sort of dropped really talking about that in the beginning, whereas I really do feel like it's going to be David versus Goliath. It's going to be at least at the tip of Jeff's tongue refu- episodes. So that's why I know when I taught. On rows pockets about how they're going to swap and episode like four or five people thought that was too soon. But I don't know. I know that there's twenty people, but I feel like they're going to want to hang out in these tribes for a bit. So I'm thinking a swap, maybe an episode of five, but I could see them going to the three tribes where one tribe just gets. I don't know, just gets one more person. They do sort of what they did with Eka Boola where it's like you get one more person, but you don't get any supplies. Probably just gonna win everything like they always do. Yeah, I think you're probably might right in that. Mike. I just hope I would like to go see them with algae and the three tribes just so it's not a given every season. I just think we need to keep the contestants on our toes have us beyond our chosen, not know if it's gonna go to three tribes or not, but I think that's definitely a fair assumption for the season that they're going to need. At least four episodes really build the tension between the two tribes tensions of the talked about to in your podcast with rob about how it's going to be fun to have Zantac Vic sides going at it. Why think that's it's interesting that you talked about keeping them on their toes because I mean, they had it really seen, go silent up to that point. So even if they followed the exact format that goes violent, did they wouldn't necessarily suspect it. The most recent one they saw was like game changers where they went from two to three back to two. So maybe they would suspect that instead of two to three. Yeah. I mean, I don't know in terms of keeping players on their toes. Like if if it's a swab sort of regardless of the format, like you never know what you're going to get. I think for me the biggest thing about having three tribes. It's just the fact that the numbers are so low and you know, you really don't have a place to hide, which I guess is maybe the exciting part of it, but I think you increase the likelihood that somebody gets swapped screwed. I really don't like that just in general. So I'd be okay with that. Not happening, but you know, I can definitely see the three tribe thing happening, sort of millennials, gen-x style at upside. Five will. One question I do have though is something bringing over from ghost island, do we think we're going to see the return of the like double tribal council in the mid merge where they put the players up into two tribes? Because if not, then they're probably going to have to do one of those other hurry up penultimate episodes where they eliminate two people in one episode riot seeming that we're going to merge thirteen like we usually do with twenty. Right? Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I think I don't know because I Don. I was trying to think if there was any sort of indication of the format from pro so far. I don't think there has been right. Yeah, I know. I don't necessarily think so. What do you think Paul d think that they would take some of these? Not even that type of format in the pre merged, but like some of these other things that are going to shake things. Obviously, the fire making twist is going to stay. But anything else you feel like it's gonna get brought over from previous seasons into this one. I was thinking more about the premium how we're gonna get to that merge. And then I think if we go in with a big huge merge again that they're gonna have to recycle some of those things for this Astra season. So we'll see. I'm always been advocate of. I don't think we always into merge in that such a huge number is then that that long stretch of the the merge can just be a little bit too long in you don't get to know the characters or the strategy. Don't understand it quite as quite as much because they're told many people still in the game. So we'll be interested. I'm hopeful to see that maybe that they'll have a little more confidence in the pre-game the pre merge season and that maybe that'll go an extra week or two. So we'll have to see. Okay. Well, stepping away from some of the format discussions, I would like to move into one of my favorite segments because our preseason would not be complete if we did not check in with the Casuals over in casual corner. This is the next game. Yes. Ya'll doc. BBC he I b. I then like CC from a millennials, genetics power lines for all star season BBC. Yes. Well, and then we can find out what the casualties think of the BBC a. But for now we will stick with their opinions on survivor David versus Goliath. So what I've done is I've gone to the survivor Facebook page and I have pulled comments that have been written by people on the Facebook page. So I will go back and forth, and I will read four statements. Three of them were pulled from the survivor Facebook page. One of them was written by me, so it is up to you to pick out which one was written by me. Okay. Let's get started. So Mike, this first question is for you and it's just generally survivor casual thoughts about the season. A where is Kevin Hart. Jeff Probst is like of Benjamin button. See what about a shearing countdown or better still countdown to lamb. Roast. What. Or d does anyone know where the website is that shows uncensored nip slips for survivor. Oh, God. All right. No, I don't want to be real, but I know it's real. There's not only the fact that someone would see that content, but that would go onto the Facebook page of the show to solicit for that content. I have no idea what the shearing or the lamb roast would be response to because I think like was there some sort of, I don't know, like sheep reference being made in the in the post that they had them respond to. I can't give hints my all right. So then was nonsensical so it has to be real. So it's between heaven heart and Probst is like a Benjamin button. I feel like I feel like you wrote, whereas Kevin Hart. That is incorrect. Where's Kevin harvest actual comments? No. The one that I wrote with Jeff Probst is like Benjamin, I was so close so close. Yes. I don't know what the shearing countdown or better still countdown to Lambros was in reference to you. It was just a general comment about, like is everybody excited for the new season of survivor? This kind of a lamb roast that he wanted to publicize to all the survivor fans like, hey, guys, and I'm gonna lamb roast. If you wanna come down days, that's a new version of the watch party. We're going to have a lamb roast. Seniors invited. She's actually she's the main person. She's turning this spitting everything. Let us thinking shearing countdown. Is that like like shearing sheep is not a competition? I don't. I wasn't quite a shirt, but yes, it was nonsensical. So of course it's real. All right, Paul, this question is for you also general thoughts about survivor a win, Jeff, says survivors ready? Is that a question or a command. Are you ready? At the end was being on the KIRO talent. My granddaughter and I watch it and eat beef jerky. We love it or d. which one of them is the David. I think the Celtics in Rhode see personally. I, I don't think grandma's are watching this in eating beef jerky. You wrote that one that one is real. Apparently. Yeah, woman and her granddaughter watch it and and eat beef jerky. No, which one of them is the David. That was the comment that I wrote. I know I still I do. I do like the question though, in Jeff says survivors ready? Is that a question or a command? Think that's something to continue to ponder. Okay, mic this next question is for us. So there were some posts that were specific about different players. So these were comments on post about Dan whom one commenter said. Looks like fifties, younger brother. Another twenty. I you know, he's been utilizing festive fitness connecting with other Jim Brose and that was how he was able to lose the weight so much exactly for him. Okay. So, hey, I read that as quote closet nerd as in someone who really likes closets and he'd come, organize my closet. Sometime laugh. Cry face emoji, left Christ, face emoji laugh. Cry face. Okay, Carol, we get it. You're using several different accounts. Knowing what your NDA forbade you from doing trying to respond to these posts. Yes. Be what is the name of the new merge tribe? Please reply to me a s a p. The urgency, and that one considering that the season and not even the lamb roast has begun yet. ASAP, Mike. Okay. See, wind does this season air. I've been needing a big dose of Mr. deeds hormones. Nubian both or d one look at him and I think I heard came, oh. Who starts now. Well. Come, oh my God. That is. There's so many things that are running through my Ryan right now when it comes to hurricane category, five thoughts, but I'm quite filled. Subsisted downs, look at tropical storm. All right. Let's think here. I think I'm gonna hurricane sounds like something you would. Right. So I'm gonna keep it in contention right now. Mr. de such a weird way to refer to him. Like you might have written that as well. All right. Let's see a b. I think Israel, I think someone wants to know the merge, try for some strange reason. Maybe they're trying to print their own buffs and even that information as sap what was again, I read that as closet nerd as someone who really likes closets, he can come, organize my closet anytime. So decrepit smudge crap is much. Absolutely. I think that it reminds me of like SNL sketch, where will forte is the closet organizer where he was wearing like Immo cap soup, and they're throwing things at him that could be Dan. I feel like it's between c and d. God I want want her a came to be thing. I'm gonna say Mr. d is not the real one. Thou one was real. The one I wrote was one look at him. I think it was so close again. Wouldn't be proud of yourself on that one. The so proud. I thought it out late last night and I couldn't stop laughing at myself. It's so bad. Also fun fact be was real and somebody answered boom, boom, Magoo. So if the name of the new merge tribe. We owe that person. It's named after fortunately in Christian and Mike who got medevac because they walked into a tree for not being able to see boom, boom ago. Bouma goo part of the c- Angela play survivor game book. Okay, Paul, this next question is for you and these were comments all about Davey. So. I have him at the work pool. Go Davey be over. Cool. They got like a swimming pool, like why had? Okay. Gotta gotta gotta gotta go. Pool b, w t f is a blurred. See, I'm not from third world country, so I don't care about polio. Oh, okay. All right. Now that makes sense because then his video, he said that he wouldn't phase like initiatives he worked toward the Radicati polio. Yeah. Video. Well, or d-. D. h. ATM. Like. This is like it's kinda weird. That's okay. Because in my like the pool that I do with like that I've done forever within small sick. My mom in her like her colleagues at work in south by mom has has Davy in the work pool. So that's kind of weird. Your mom alterable, right? Yes. And then she also like her signature thing is if you're not impressed by something, she unknowingly just always goes. So we always say that. So that's kind of weird. There's some signs in the universe here and then the polio wanted think that definitely happens. Second. The second one is when you wrote it was actually I'm not from third world country, so I don't care about polio. I did write that someone else did. I will say. So I don't know if this is cheating, but they said, holy. That was all I got the idea. I actually did watch video that one. That was a good guess. All right. Next question is about Kara and this is for Mike a Dom. Got rob be what NFL team, what she had cheerleader on my guest, the Pittsburgh Steelers, dot, dot dot. I don't think it was my New England, Patriots. They have more class than that. See to one or d. r.. I love these like onomatopoeia as so. I feel like I feel like argh is a thing to blonde definitely sounds like the Casuals that sometimes like to pick apart through our contestants appearance also, she's not too blind. What does that mean? She's on a targe area and so it's between. Let's see, it's between what team. She cheerleader. Four, hopefully not my New England, Patriots or what was it again? Dom. Got robbed. Ooh, I want to say you wrote Dom got robbed. No, I wrote to blonde little terrified because I think I've learning Casuals now I think this is like the turing tests where like now you have become part of the casual high bind. This is why all my takes trash. Okay. So we are still pied zero, two, zero. All this question is for you and this is about our favorite Alec. Say now on the talent, you know, I don't even think or videos to. Yeah, shocker shocker. I shocked on the phone to know that. Yes. Okay. Hey, like ha- dude, like ha- dot dot, dot, dot dot, you're going to lose the the home. Got rubbed. See JAMA fork in my forehead. Please. More shag bag. Who do beg speller d. o. u. c. h. bag. Friends, they Deutsche bag. I think you. You did the damning the fork. No, I wrote God robbed. Shrink him. I know I was wondering if there was one person consistently dumb got robbed on every single post on Facebook, Mike, you're actually onto something because the answer to that is yes, there is one person as I was going through all these. I was like. Keeps posting Dom got robbed on every single post these same person, but this person had a little bit more variation in some of the posts. They had a little bit more create creativity on some people's posts, and they had very specific comments about Dom getting robbed. So these next two questions you our job is to actually the contestants Miller. Mike to the game that we played earlier, you have to guess the contestant who on whose post this was a comment in English. Yeah. I mean, this is going to be a basically a shot in the dark more so than it was previously for these other questions. So I'm excited for it. I think some of these are. All right. So let's just go ahead and play. Mike. This question is for you, the quote, the comment was attorney. Maybe he can help Dom sue forgetting Rob's. I mean, that has to be Jeremy. Okay. Well, I was gonna give you multiple choice, but yes, that is correct. It is Jeremy. The other options were Nick Angelina or Bradley. Okay, Paul, this question is for you quote, hopefully she's smart enough to not get robbed like Dom dead, a Natalia, be Allison CE Yabe or d. Natalie. From the Talia, right? It's gotta be heard. Oh, I wish this were the case, but no, it was. Yeah, didn't you say the numb Natalia wasn't posted yet? So we're video up. Oh, yeah. She's so some of the other comments include, maybe she can cook up a scheme to not get robbed like Dom. That was a dream come true for Dom until he got robbed. Anyway, so these continue on and on the same person. So yes, making sure that says Dom got robbed all by it team got robbed, boycott. They screwed on and screw the show. So this one person really thinks Don got robbed. We did someone said someone posted, make a t shirt that says, Tom dot, Robin, all wear it, and I'll buy it. Yup. Wow. Jonny. Fairplay. I hope you're listening right? Exactly. Capitalize on this one guy. The other comment that I did think was pretty funny was about John. I didn't have enough to pull a question on him, but somebody said he has a ladies top on period question Mark. So I thought that was fun, wasn't punctuation as he ever ladies stop on. Ready. I five is ready period question Mark. All right. Well, congratulations. Mike, you are the winner of Paphos core or with one point. I'm excited to see how the casualties changed their opinions on everyone. They seem to really love Dan and were lukewarm on literally everyone else. Yes, lukewarm I will not say anything about hurricanes based on that. And of course we'll see if they, if they still feel that Dom got robbed several weeks in. That's right. Yes. Well, that hurricane flooded my basement, boy, let's move on three of seasons that had inclement weather. I want to bring something up here is millennials versus gen-x the most influential season in recent memory. The reason why I ask that is because it feels like from multiple sides that might be the case, I know in talking to you and I one out, I hear a lot about how people were like inspired to apply because I'm versus genetics. You have someone like Angelina who's directly connected through Adam, Alec talked about, like, you know, he'd been watching the show for years. Then finally someone watching someone like Jay, you also have production pulling this sort of versus versus. At one tribe or just another theme because before that, I mean, I'm thinking about like tribes that were twenty people all new two tribes. The last time was what Nicaragua that that happened before we got the stretch of eighteen person season. So the fact that we kept going back to this between like ghost island and now this three seasons out of the last five or so. I feel like the show was really happy and the audience is really happy with Montiel's versus x. that it's not only encouraged people to apply for the show, but also encouraged the show to maybe you know, slide into that direction in terms of its theme in the way it runs things. What do you guys think about that? I mean, so people have been mentioned, millennials, gen-x, I think now for the past few seasons would see a pop up here and there. But yeah, like you said, my really just everyone seemed to be talking money genetics. Now, I don't know if this is a just sort of the survivors sort of sick like behavior where it's like, okay, millennials, Jennifer would gen-x was an all new players. Season. It was recent enough, but wasn't too recent. Right? So you know, these this cast can't really pull on heroes. Healers is or ghost island just because there's not enough time. You know the way that the seasons are film to sort of really take in those seasons in have the impact the application process in impact a lot of the people that end up coming to play the game. But I will say that it's doesn't seem to be coming from just the contestants. It's also from, you know, it seems like Jeff Probst the way the season is structured. So I have to believe that just because it was such a successful season that it does seem to be having some lasting impacts on pretty much every facet of the show at this point on this with the with the characters on that you Raba was back to that lineal tribe and this kind of how they were. I just think it's a season that production was happy with it. We're happy with with played out and you can just point to so many different characters on that season and just relate them to do. Characters that you wanna be like or archetype. So I think that I wouldn't be surprised if some for the next couple of seasons still that this is kind of the go-to season to talk about new players seasons. Yeah. And you know what, say, what you want to about millennials, verse connects obviously opinions vary in the survivor community, but I do feel like if you're looking for a relatively recent season that you know, has characters has a lot of flips being made in blindsides and then also does not have you know, big controversial endings like you might see with co wrong or triple h. I really do feel like that ineffective offensiveness sort of has turned towards millennia versus gen-x. Also, the fact that you know, that was the first season to have be in Fiji since the opponent survivor Fiji. And so that's sort of where they are from there on out. So sort of makes sense that you know, that was the show's flagship returned to Fiji and the way carried out there like, okay, now that things are based in Fiji. We're going to start running things a bit more like. Did back during millennials versus genetics because we have the same territory and we know what to do with it. Yeah, I actually think that's a good point. So it's trying to think of another season that could like it's not millennial genetics. What could it be? And Koran was I one of the popped into my mind, but yeah, because of sort of the controversial ending. You know, that one sort of not taints the rest of the season, but I think you know when people think of wrong daas what they think of and they kind of ignore the rest of the season, which was pretty amazing. I mean, I really really like, is this season. And so that's why it's sort of forgotten. And then other than that, you know, the other seasons are really stand out are like second chances, but that's a returning players season. And so it's sort of you differently. So we shall see how closely this Hughes to millennials versus jenex, but I just thought it was interesting comparison considering, like you said, Leon, it really did feel like that was like this season topic of conversation as people were talking with Josh, and that's going to bring us to our final segment of each and every week here on the BNB. The question of the week of this is your first time tuning into the BNB. First off, I hope you enjoyed the malarkey we put out, but basically what we do at the end of every week is that we put out a question of the week that you listeners can answer. You'll send us your answers a read them on the air next week. The question for this. This week is if you were playing survivor, what would you put as your claim to fame? The reason why I ask this is because these survivors have some rather interesting claims to fame and they range from the obviously big points in their life being a part of the fam- or raising a family, etc to you know, Davies entire diatribe about how you know he runs all these social media accounts of people recognize him by his handle Allison's biggest was winning a fifth grade spelling bee, so it'd be intrigued to hear from all of you what your claim to fame is all. Would you say that being a podcast Goliath is yours or chump stain. Being the head writer on the BNB. I mean, what else? What other answers are there. Yeah. What I like about this is sort of this whole probably only apply to like people in Argenta ration- only ninety kids. We'll get this. The claim to fame reminds me a bit of guys. I remember the show, figure it out on Nickelodeon. Yeah, yes, yes, I do remember I don't think airing. Airing, but I remember it totally, but I remember existing. So it's a show. I think it's like similar, the modern equivalent. Oh, I think the show is called what's my line? The old game show where you know you. This kid comes in who like has this this quoting. To the panel just fill in the blanks. I'm Billy the answer head. It's sort of feels like the claim to fame is that like, you know, oh, I jump rope with my sisters braids or my favorite is my dog. Eat cereal. Outta my belly button. Which, again, like that's not your talent, dude. But, okay, you won the huffy bike anyway. I feel like the claim to fame has slowly become that people are like, here's my talent that I can do this. You totally revived that show. My favorite part was when they had the conveyor belt and the clues would like real out on the conveyor belt, and then people would get slime for getting it wrong. See who needs Murphy Brown. We need a reboot of this show. I actually think they did do a reboot that did not work. But yeah, I do remember the secret slime action, which was like, if you did something, you got something it again. Maybe the unfair producers were like secret slime action is being shaky, Neil. And so as soon as like the round started, they just slime them. So we get, we can go into many more tangents figure it out related or otherwise in later weeks on the BNB's. So your question this week, if you played survivor, what would be your plame to fame and any sort of capacity? You have a bunch of ways you can reach out to us with that information. You can always leave a comment on this post on route has a website dot com. You can reach out to us on Twitter using the hash tag our age AP the NB the letter b. the letter n. letter be always respond to the post and the rob has a patron group. You can also respond to this question. If you have a longer response or if you want to send us game idea, you can always reach out to RHA p. e. n. b. at g mail. Dot com or always receptive to ideas for new games and segments. We'll be coming back week after week to talk through this season and the start off this coverage of David versus Goliath with the big ninety minute premiere. It's our one year anniversary Liana. It was only a year ago that we started the BNB. Our very first podcast I made the worst joke I've ever made, which is saying something considering my Cornelius and I thought it was only fitting that we bring in the subject of that first horrible, horrible pun into the BNB to welcome us to survivor thirty seven. So the one and only roar Gluskin from survivor heroes. Healers hustler is going to be joining us next week to play through all of these games and segments about the premiere episode of survivor DVD. I am beyond excited just as I am excited for the season. We are going to put things in Rourke, and we're going to roll all the way through a fun content from the season or mere. I really think. It's going to be a blast or you beyond the, I Wiley hashtag beyond excited. I would've die. There actually is a half with. Please, whoever you survivor God's, please provide me a b hashtag as the b. Oh, that's, you know what? What do we do? We think in the wand off, someone's going to submit let it be. Yeah, I was gonna say, giving people ideas. Yeah. So we only give people ideas for their preseason predictions likely on it. So that being said, actually a really nice set way, make sure you're checking on all the great survivor content that's going on on our p. as this season begins to ramp up between know it all the recap, the feedback show the wiggle room and why blank lost with David versus Goliath, Jessica Lewis, but thank you both for coming on and submitting yourself to trying to nail down quotes from these Twitter videos, diving into Casuals corner Liana. How can people follow you on social media as you are also beginning to finish up this season of big brother? Twenty? Yes. So I am on social media at Leon Boris. And like you said, Mike, we are finishing cover a coverage of big brothers. So I actually did my final Liana Saturday update as we're wrapping all of that up, but fee are not Mike, you and I will be back for our final episode of the j. p.. BBN be. B. i. b. I b I b I. B. b. i. b. i. b. I n. b.. As we close things out our our panel who yet to wrap up everything that went on in this crazy very long season. So I'm looking forward to that as well. All what about you. This is about it. You get from podcasting, you probably won't hear from me for a long time. So you may. You may not want to delete this podcast wanna keep it for a rainy day. Yeah, this might be you actually might be a podcast want tattooed Paul. I do know that a couple of weeks ago we got together with the survivor historians and talk for us right. Survivor Samoa. Yeah, that was kind of ridiculous. So yeah, you can find the survivor historian, south air, Endo. We've wrapped Samoa and probably be about five years before we finished, here's films, but I assume we're doing that at some time, so, but just don't get your hopes up way. A good thing has come to those who wait, I suppose, but that was it was really interesting, got into a lot of selling this, but I think we also got into a very, you know, pretty serious. Talk about, you know, the whole Russell kerfuffle that happens at the end, the community perceived it at cetera. You can always follow Paul. Apple also saying as well. You can follow me at a Mike bloom type. You can check out the exit press. I'm doing on parade. I'm finishing up doing some big brother press. I just posted exit, press with the fifth and fourth place, or I'll have exit press, but the three finalists as well. The day after the finale and survivor is going to be ramped up as well. So we'll also be talking on that Thursday to the first one out of survivor David versus Goliath, everything really excited talk with this cast overall. I. Really agree with you both. This is a really interesting group of people, and so I'm very excited for just sit down with them and talk with them as well, survivor players and people you can check out some of the other stuff I'm doing. I wrote a Hollywood reporter piece recently about the rise of adult animation. I'm coming out with some pieces in the next couple of days about Tribeca TV festival. There's always a lot going on, so be sure to check all that out. Thank you both so much for coming on Paul. I cannot wait to be subjected to your games over the course of the season Liana. I'm ready to take things to slam town and and see we're DVD is going to take us special. Thanks to Scott saint-pierre for editing everything behind the scenes. We'll from America for our theme song. And of course, rob Setzer, no forgiving for building this insane BNB or us to play for the next fourteen weeks or so, that's going to do it for this installment of the BNB. We'll be back next week with Rourke Lusk in talking about the premier until then we'll check you out at your next day. Some gay, bright y'all. All sounds. The r. h. Payton he Ambi. Bryce. All school show you. The are. Three. Hi, I'm your righted. Pharmacist. Last flu season was the worst in nearly a decade. So this year it's even more important to come. Get your flu shot. It's free with most insurance and you don't need an appointment. You'll be protecting yourself and everyone around you. So stop by your local Rite Aid today and help us create a flu free community vaccines available while supplies. Last age restrictions, apply in some states, see pharmacist for details at Rite Aid. We want to help create a flu free community, so get a flu shots are protect yourself and everyone around you. It's free with most insurance and you don't need an appointment vaccines available while supplies last h. restrictions apply in some states, see pharmacist for details.

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