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Trumps European Vacation, Bidens Plagiarism, and Duncan Hunter | The Press Box


Hey guys, welcome to the ring podcast network. It's list Kelley, host of ti-time exciting news happening across the podcast network, your favorite celebrity pop culture. Podcasts are moving out of channel thirty three and enter their very own feed called you bring your dish on ringer dish. She can still listen to jam session on Wednesdays and teatime on Fridays, and we'll be launching a brand new show that will publish every Monday starting with a deep dive on J lo and Ben Affleck's infamous relationship hosted by Amanda Dobbins and Juliette Libman. So to hear more about the real family, and our current celebrity obsessions subscribed to ringer dish on apple Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. David some observers were struck by the fact that when Donald Trump took a diplomatic trip to London. He brought his adult sons, Don jR, and Eric and daughters and daughters. What I want to know is what age is too old to go on a family vacation with your parents. Well, no ages, too old you. It's always great to spend time with your family. And if you can do it on a lovely trip that all the better, but they're did seem to be there is just a weird Ovide, that's inherently odd and it special specific to the American presidency. And I guess, in some ways, the British monarchy where you're always, like, like the big baby son, like my like someone's large baby son, until I mean, as long as they're like, you know, president that you go along kind of at the grace of your father, Donald Trump, who is invited you on this. It's like did Donald Trump? And he does you saw them standing there in their little tuxedos or whatever the whole fan all the kids sitting across, and you do imagine Don Trump, like I don't know if you'd call his kids, but like dictating a memo to his kids saying, great news, I've got a I've got a Chateau or a got a palace rented for us in London. I be happy to cover airfare. Just let me know if you can make it, you know, I mean with. Like an Airbnb link just to kind of Tyson, become alone. Yeah. Exactly. Here's some pictures of, of the view on of Big Ben from the window, or whatever this is like the reverse right? Because your parents are usually begging their adult children to come with them on a vacation, you could tell they were really wanted isn't going to be that bad. Yeah. But this in this case, the kids, the kids at elites themselves on they wouldn't they wouldn't have given it up for the world. He appearance offer is usually like it's a really great beachfront property. There's not gonna be any WI fi. I'm not sure if that matters, see you, but, you know, and we have to be any if you come you have to stay the whole week. You know, next thing we are the poop cruise of media podcast. This is the press box a part of the ringer podcast network. L O media, consumers, Bryan Curtis. David shoemaker of the ringer here on your twice weekly press box podcasts David, I'm still not used to it. Lots of great stuff to get to on today's show, including Joe Biden cereal, plagiarism, barstool sports, and Duncan Hunter, a new job for America's favourite Canadian the overworked Twitter, joke of the week and much more of a back to Trump in London. David when some people travel, they make time for lying on the beach. Trump makes time for gas lighting, you know, he'd reserves put aside and afternoon this, I think was the first example when he was speaking to British reporters in the Oval Office actually before he left Trump said this about Meghan Markle now, Meghan news now. The duchess of Sussex a different name. She can't make she's got maternity. Leave a certain see because she wasn't too nice about you during the campaign at didn't if you saw that I, I didn't know that now. No, I hope she's ok. I did not know that she such a move to Canada. If you go to lighted Tanaka move to Britain. A lot of people moving here. So what can I say? No, I didn't know that. She was nasty. So that story was dated June one, and then on June. Second Trump tweeted, I never called Megan Markle, nasty made up by fake news media, and they got caught cold. We'll see New York Times and others apologize doubt it. Trump has earned no benefit of the doubt on any of these questions. And he is obviously lying here. But is is it a little weird that the British reporter kind of teed up? And then, you know, getting understand like if I if somebody said, you know, David shoemakers been running, you down all over the ringer office. And I said, I had no idea David was being nasty about me, and then somebody said, did you call David nasty and being well kinda? Yeah. No Guyana no-no. Somebody got goaded me into it. No, this is this. This is a weird moment. It's caused me to slightly various slightly reevaluate the, the entire litany of Trump's public lies. Like, in wonder how many of them are actually just total sit like mealy mouth cement semantic issues because he wasn't. I mean he really like it's not that far from the tree. I don't think it's stretching the truth too far even though like you said, he's he gets no benefit of the doubt. But it's not searching the truth too far to be like, no, you just said, I didn't know she was nasty is, is could flip pretty clearly be construed as in being like I didn't know she said a nasty thing now, whether or not you should have said that. And whether or not it's just like idiotically myopic, not just to beat not just to cut to answer any question about her with, like, how great, it is that there's an American Princess and whatever you know what a great metaphor for our relationship or something. But I don't think that it's a straightforward read to say that he was saying, Meghan Markle is a nasty person based on the audio these trips are largely about, you know, diplomatic hand, holding we're, we're having no great policy is going to be made with Trump in the UK. And I think at the end of the day, it's about images right in the least in terms of the media. We're curious and with Trump, we're like ten thousand times more curious about what this is going to look like E N. We wanna see Trump squeezed into a tuxedo with the hunched over Queen walking next it, we want to see what that looks like. And by the way, it's incredible. We want to see what it looks like when Jared Nevada are in a high room of Buckingham Palace staring out the window. Just what, what would that look like? And by where we're going to return to that in, in a bid here in the ovoid Twitter joke. So, I think it was on the one hand is this trip was about images on the other hand, it was about fact checking because Trump was there for three days and just an incredible number of things happen, believe in his press conference with Theresa May prime minister of the UK. He said, we are your largest partner, you're our largest partner. He's talking about trade. A lot of people don't know that I was surprised. Amid that statement yesterday. And a lot of people said, gee, I didn't know that they may have said that they didn't know that because that is actually not true. You k is not our largest partner. China is you case as many factors pointed out in that same presser with Theresa May. Trump also said this about the protests. There were raging in London, as far as the protests, I have to tell you because I commented on it yesterday. We left the prime minister the Queen the Royal family, there were thousands of people on the streets cheering and even coming over today, that with thousands of people cheering, and then I heard that they would protest. I said, where are the protest? I don't see any protests. I did see a small protest today when I came very small. So a lot of it is fake news. I hate to say, but you saw the, the people waving the American flag waving your flag was tremendous spirit and love that was great love. It was an alliance and I didn't see the protests are just a little while ago and it was a very, very small group. Of people put in for political reasons. So it was fakeness. Thank you. So much there, by the way, it was an it's an alliance. A love that. Yes, yes. We do have an alliance with the Brits. And number two is Trump searching for the words Union Jack there when he saying your flag is a flag. That, that's what I was thinking panic, flashing across the Montecristo, where tens of thousands of protesters in the UK. Some of whom had the Trump baby balloon flying overhead by the great moments in death Wikipedia pros. The balloon depicts Trump as an angry orange baby holding a smartphone. Official description. Thank you went to pedia. Yeah. That's funny. I enjoyed this, David. There's a lot of times when you have a diplomatic trip, there's a big negotiation about the venue because it's important for the pictures. Right. Trump was meeting after his trip time in the UK with Irish prime Minister, Leo Vaud car o. And according to the job in LA buyer, Trump wanted to have the meeting at one of his golf courses as one does as one does. It's nice ad for the golf course the PM was not into that and countered with the suggestion, they should do it at an ancient Irish castle who? Yeah, there's some romance to that. Yeah. Kind of nice little BBC weekly kind of vibe, their weekly Shokhin vibe, the compromise. Lamar reports was the VIP lounge at Shannon airport just down the hallway from the food court. No, no. Yeah. That's a little less romance in that option. So if this becomes a huge moment in the annals of American diplomacy do we think these will be known as the borrow accords would what name wouldn't name can, we give them the airport stand by the Chili's to accord? What are the what Chili's to packed? I like that. That's fantastic. What are what are the ones that are only exist? Are there any that only exists in airports anymore, or they all chains at this point if you're flying JetBlue JFK? There's the cheeseburger, cheeseburger packed Batelco for that. How about how about the bookstore that looks pretty good, but doesn't actually have anything I wanna buy courts. It's just like a po- is just like a like a like a an optical illusion. It's like a poster that looks like it looks like a stack of books would really, you just think you go to grab it and knocks it over, and it's just like seventy five copies of self magazine on the day will bind Hudson, fake news. Oh. As I said, so three days in the UK and an amazing amount of Trump content. The New York Times called it his split screen persona on the one hand. He is, you know, doing all this pomp and circumstance with the Queen and on the other hand, he is just, you know, firing off like Scarface against his opponents got into it. London. Mayor city con refuse to meet with labor leader. Jeremy Corbyn called for a boycott of AT, and T because he was watching CNN coverage while he was traveling, according to the Washington Post, I guess, Fox News, maybe was not coming through another amazing moment. He tweeted about Bette midler, whom he called a washed up, psycho, quote unquote. Wow. I'm stealing. I'm stealing this from someone on Twitter. I am Joe Biden doing this and I and I'm not on purpose because I just forget who said it but, you know, there, there was a a an objection raise that Trump was tweeting about Bette midler in the middle of the night. And somebody on Twitter who I will promise I will credit. Next week said, what is the proper time of day for the American president to be feuding at Miller on Twitter? Yeah, I think there's a lot of this trip. I mean part of our obsession with it is, well, I mean, we as Americans are obsessed with, you know, the British monarchy in with the UK of germ number of reasons that we don't need to execute totally here. But we're, I think we're particularly interested in Trump going there, and even more. So time for the entire Trump clan going there in the sort of, like, you know, national Lampoon's vacation aspect of the whole thing. And just seeing this, you know, in saying just because there's, you know, when, when Donald I mean, when, when Brock Obama goes to England, even when George W Bush went England, you know, the there is there was much less. There is much less. It felt like there, there is less likelihood that something would go awry or that something wacky would happen with the Trump, visit feels like anything's possible. But also feel like going back to the Meghan Markle nasty comments. And even just talking about the and the tw-. But you were just mentioning, but the entire trip I feel like it's, it's this Amana feel like I'm doing a lot of Trump apology, this time, I tell you this entire trip is just like a practice and exercise in holding holding him responsible to the, the kind of level of propriety that we know he won't adhere to is anybody going to make a big deal. The fact if he said that exact same nasty comment about any other minor American celebrity that said something about him three years ago. No, no. That wouldn't matter. But now she's married into British royalty. And so there's this might be a an issue of national politics like, I'm not. I mean, I guess that there is that there. But like again, this is not a l- like Trump has not reached some new low in the on the propriety scale or by doing that. And I think it's the same thing about tweeting when other stuff's going on or whatever wearing a misfit tuxedo. The, the, the whole thing this feels like we're not none of us are surprised by anything, if feels like an opportunity to go back to early like the best of album of our Trump Trump jokes because he's doing it in a new stage. We should we. Should ban the phrase, new low from Trump comers, just over you way way, way over overused. I totally agree with everything has just said. And I would just add did you see David Ross thing in deadspin about our fascination? This is also partly because Trump style is actually Royal style, the kind of the kind of the kind of grandiosity the velvet the kind of, you know, the kind of ridiculousness that is that is kind of the aesthetic that Trump crave. So desperately as run points out. And so when he's standing next to the Queen, and when he's when he's getting his Royal visit, he's just, he's just, he's loving that on, I'm famous than I'm being treated with respect. I think I deserve but also just on a pure like I am I'm here baby, you know, this, this is what I want. This is these are these are the red carpets that I have literally, you know, constructed in my own life. And, and I think that's fascinating to his home in a way. You know, he's he's made it if he wasn't. If he wasn't president, he would be a minor Royal, I think that's the best thing we can say at this moment. David time for the overworked Twitter, joke of the week where we celebrate a gag. That was so obvious that all of media Twitter made it at exactly the same time someone asked about our new twice weekly podcast, scheduled does this mean is now at the biweekly Twitter joke. No, it doesn't it just means that I'm even more desperate. So please send them to the at the press box pod, and thank you to everyone who did about that. Trump tour of Europe. David, and about that photo of evocative. Jared Kushner, looking out the window of Buckingham Palace with haunting thousand yard stairs. Did you see that? Oh, yeah. Very odd moment. It was an overworked Twitter joke to write the new flowers in the attic movie. Look, scary, thanks to C Brits for that one. Always nice to have V C Andrews jokes, by the way, here on the press box. More like that. In other Trump news on Tuesday, vodka tweeted on route to the Hague that was her next stop. I'm not sure we need to do the joke. But anyway, was never worked Twitter joke to right? God. I hope so fingers crossed in custody. I hope with your daddy, thanks to Matthew Benson for that one. Tweet from CNN David some sex offenders in Alabama, according to CNN would be ordered to pay for chemical castration as a condition of parole. If governor Kay Ivey approves a Bill recently passed by the state legislature. Okay. So some sex offenders may be ordered to pay for chemical castration. It was an overworked Twitter joke to say a motive silence for judge ROY Moore that was I thought a pretty good one and finally this week's winner by a landslide. It was big news Wednesday on the campaign trail. When Joe Biden's campaign said that he still supports the Hyde amendment which prohibits the use of federal funds for abortions with some exceptions. Okay. So that puts Biden at odds with a bunch of Democrats who would of course, like to get traction in the race to beat them beat him skews me, one of them being Bill de Blasios or old. Pelle. Here was de Blasios tweet when it comes to supporting American women on issues like repealing the Hyde amendment. Joe Biden is Dr Jekyll. Oh my God. Okay, one. Yes. That's a bad joke. A terrible joke. Number two, the reference is backwards because if the novel Jekyll was the kindly, doctor in Hyde was the murderous double spoiler alert, if you haven't read strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Okay. So some funny, overwork Twitter jokes. I got admit I thought Jekyll was the bad guy to until I read the book at about age twelve. And finally, if de Blasios continues to own himself like this, I am on board with him running. So if you trolled build a Blasi about not knowing his, Robert Louis Stevenson, congrats. You made the overwork Twitter joke of the week. All right. David lots of stuff to get to this week department of plagiarism. If you are old, you may remember that when Joe Biden ran for president in one thousand nine hundred eight he famously lifted words from a speech by UK labour leader, Neil Kinnock, and now Biden has done it again. At least online Matic lacy is over at vox writes that Biden's climate plan contains a number of passages that seem to have been copied and pasted at times with very superficial changes from various advocacy advocacy organizations policy shops. And in one instance, of vox, article, the Washington Post met visor notes that Biden, duplicated language with an education plan on his website. And by the way, just a flashback a second, if you ever get a chance to see the side by side of the Neil Kinnock speeches in the Biden speeches from eighty eight. You really got it because Biden just took his biography, his biographical passages and just drop the name Biden in their images wholesale. It's really I mean Jonah Lehrer would have been impressed. It's, it's pretty credible. Couple of takeaways from the new Biden thing, and correct me if I'm wrong. Number one, are we on extremely safe ground now to say that the Biden presidential campaign or campaigns are just incredibly sloppy and the candidate sloppy the campaign is sloppy? We know have evidence, going back to nineteen Eighty-eight that this is true. Yeah. And the only wonder is that Trump has is calling him sleepy Joe instead of sloppy. Joe, which is actually a pun. This is almost like the most unforgivable sin. I mean is, as we see him like, just limping really poorly through his, you know, the, the first kind of controversy and his campaign with his, you know, a unwanted touching various people along the way. But this is an on a on a much more intellectual level this heels like the unforgivable sin because this is a problem that he could have fixed. Right. If you're not if you can't run a campaign effectively enough to, to at least disguise, what has long been proceed. And to be your greatest sin your biggest flaw than like how on earth, did, we expect you to be able to run a government like him, borrowing from Neil Kinnock is not a problem like this is not a life changing for this is not even a problem. Nearly on the scale with his you know with with accusations that have been made made against him on the campaign trail in public appearances and stuff. But from just from, from, from a just like I said, an intellectual point of view. It's really hard to get past. This is the biggest knock on you. Like you've gotta be you have to like, if you don't go in saying, there will be no no whiff of plagiarism anywhere involved in this campaign. And if there is the person responsible will be frogmarch out of the campaign headquarters at that moment, you know, like, if you're not dealing with it without a level of seriousness than, like, how are you running everything else? Yeah, I, I agree. It's not the plagiarism itself, right? Joe Biden, not a journalist and a glazing obviously didn't have anything to do with this. I mean, this is not like the like whatever like the idea sheets on your campaign. Website. I mean that's just like some functionary doing that. But they can't have this problem. Yeah. Glaciers notes that policy shops, and advocacy groups, actually wants you to adopt their ideas like the dream is for to adopt their ideas. And if they get the use of specific language, all the better. It's just it's a it's a kind of a problem of footnotes there, and Joe Biden is John journalist etcetera etcetera. But you're right. It keeps happening. Nothing about his camp, nothing, but his relatively small and relatively new campaign has been smooth. And you know, why isn't why don't we look at this and think a Joe Biden presidency would be, you know, lots of small fires happening every day. I get, you know, it just I mean, you know, the, the, the Trump campaign showed that the Trump was a pretty good preview of the Trump presidency in terms of functionality. Right. It was not. I mean, it's that was that was a controversy a day, a crazy. Thing, a day people who aren't qualified running it, and thus the Trump presidency. But the Biden, the Biden thing seems like in very different terms to be a pretty effective preview in the same way. Yeah. I think so. I think so I think that I think that a lot of liberals would find it hard to go back through all the Knox they've met head against the Trump White House and the Trump campaign before and not be able to relate some of those critiques to with Biden is going through right now the official response from his campaign to the first set of plagiarism charges was voters know Joe Biden, and I feel that, that is going to be the ultimate talisman that they hold up whenever he does something like this voters. No, this man, they know they know Joe Biden E L, there may be plagiarism on his website, but they know Joe Biden, he may he may miss speak. He may, you know, be having a really limited schedule. He may be doing this. He may be well to the right of a lot of his opponents voters know Joe, bud. That is the whole cell of this campaign. There is nothing. There are some essence some no ability about Joe Biden, that literally nothing you see. Can possibly distract from? That's the bet they're making it really is. And we will see how that holds up. Yeah. I mean, I think that's one of the I mean, it's we're talking about no ability. This is the most like unknowable thing possible. I mean, I guess there's some echoes to the proclamations were making about the Trump campaign and that which which bore out to be true, right? That he was speaking to a swath of American voter voting public. That would had not been spoken to directly before it cetera. Like I said, a lot of that sector. Nets be right. I think that voters know Joe Biden. I think that there's probably the end of the day, a lot of truth to that. But in and I think that certainly in so much as people know, him, they probably know him, they probably reflect positively on them more so than, you know, when you there's not a lot of people, I take the number of people who when they think about Joe Biden. Think about plagiarism it takes relatively low, but, you know, Biden's also bite in a lotta ways is also the sort of establish when one of the establishment. Six if not the establishment pick. And if this kind of stuff drags him down in like the MS NBC primary, then it's going to have a real effect on his campaign. I've got a note here, David that says barstool sports and possible war crimes. We've, we've finally arrived, we all knew that day was coming. You should never have named yourself L presidents aid. Last week over at the barstool military podcast zero blog thirty could go by the way could have been the strain pun contest. Congressman Duncan Hunter, who's from the San Diego area was interviewed by the hosts who are known as chaps and bursts tool. Kate. They were discussing special operations chief Edward Gallagher who is facing a court martial for stabbing to death a allegedly stabbing another young Islam estate fighter who had been captured among other charges Duncan Hunter, the congressman had defended Gallagher and said that he would encourage Trump to pardon Gallagher Gallagher winds up being convicted, let's listen to a little bit of that discussion. Even if everything that the prosecutors say is true in this case, then, you know, Eddie Gallagher's should still be given a break, I think even these saying, even if he did, like take a knife to the threat of the fighter even though that goes against our role join there, and I don't think I think the thing saying this is not part of the. And I think this, this guy was going to die anyway, because I've seen the video once again, so then even if you're saying like you don't care that I win though that goes against I support him. Yeah. Well, I just feel like. It's such a slippery slope, and it goes against our honors. So agreed ously if that is the case, maybe it is, or isn't, but I don't know. I just have a hard time, do George Moose while I was an artillery officer, and we've fired hundreds of rounds and Volusia, right? Joel probably hundreds of civilians, if not scores, if not hundreds of civilians, probably killed women and children, if there were any left in the city when we invaded. So do I get judged, too. Wow. Yeah. That was that's quite an interview, by the way. And, and I think having listened to it and then listen to the discussion that the two hosts have had afterward. A really remarkable interview, I think the sort of gotten mischaracterized on Twitter that. Yeah. Did you know that hunter was? You know, sort of casually admitting to doing too bad axe in Iraq. And that somehow because of the very well earned reputation of the barstool universe at the hosts were like chuckling, along with them or something like that. In fact, they were pushing back and in the in the kind of post interview discussion chaps, who is one of the host came on and said, you know, thinking about it that, in fact, maybe there really shouldn't be a difference between what Gallagher is charged with which is killing someone who is in custody and firing indiscriminately into a civilian population, which Duncan, hunter's seems to be admitting that he did you know that these are all, you know, we can we can judge them on their own various moral scale. But these are all bad axe. Yeah, I just thought this was a fascinating interview and encourage people to listen to the whole thing. But it it is it is so interesting. Both of the host of the podcast, our veterans, so they have interesting footing to come at this and footing. Which you? Is really about holding the military to certain ideals and not an and again, it's just it's remarkable that this would be a, a score for anyone from the New York Times on down to have a congressman saying that bluntly, even if he killed someone in cold blood. Yeah. I support this guy. Yeah. I mean I think that I mean obviously, it's a very personal thing from it for him. And, and maybe it would have been a little bit easier for wonder wrap when minds around if he had come to it. At that from the very beginning saying, I have a very personal experience with with this situation, and I come to it on a personal level, but from a Leo from a legal point of view. And as a sitting congressman in a one would hope it who, who is, who is involved who's made himself a, you know, a part of the story, one would hope that they'd be a little bit more be able to be a little bit more circumspect. But really, I mean this is the same. This is the same thing, as I mean, if it's similar in a lot of ways to the torture debates of the George W Bush administration, which where people. To use the twenty the show twenty four as an example, why torture should be legal without calling in with without actually just wrestling with the most like light up a joint and talk about your philosophy one. Oh, one class sort of aspect to it. Which is like, yes. No, it should be illegal. And if you do something like this on a twenty four type time of national emergency, you will be pardoned or you will be you will not be sent to jail for your crime, and this, and I feel like that's kind of what he's wrestling with here that he's just like, like, yeah. If someone like these things need to be illegal, people should soldiers should be tried for these things. If there is a if there's a justification or if there's a rationale if there's mitigating circumstances, even up to, including PTSD, then yeah. There's like those could be mitigating circumstances. When it comes to comes to the penalty, but he's just too close to this. And I think that, that he's. Not doing him. Not doing any not. I mean not doing Edward Gallagher any good service by aligning himself with it. But maybe is knows yeah. There was also stories about Trump Trump head, you know, stated that he was interested in pardons for several for several of these military members who were accused of work crimes now apparently heard so much blowback to that even among his staff that he stepped back from the brink. Andrew anyway. Interesting interview, and I highly recommended think both of us saw the first episode of the new New York Times television show. The weekly the daily is the podcast. The weekly is a show that debuted Sunday night over on FX. What did you think of it? I thought it was good. I thought it was thought it had a, you know, a lot of the what was the other show. What was the other inside the New York Times show that was on Showtime, or whatever that'd be the fourth estate, the fourth estate? It had a lot of the, this sort of melancholy move. The state very good word. Yes. I mean obviously the point here was not. I mean, the fourth estate was a lot of trying to press for de the principles of journalism, the, the, the legacy of the institution of journalism, and this was more just telling a story. I mean, in a very I don't, I don't think that I don't know the comparing it to vice news, does it any service or whatever. But that's I'm sure the reference that most people will most listeners will will understand it was a single subject. That was not purporting itself to be the story of the week. It was just sort of a deep dive into a story that was being reported untold story, the ran last November in the pan. And I think that there's a lot of value. I mean I thought I thought I was I was compelled by honestly, it was, you know, maybe more southern vice news, maybe the point of comparison is just like it felt like a good podcast. Stylistically to me it fell somewhere between vice in an air Morris documentary. Yeah. Because it was just it was just that does that kind of feel melancholy is exactly right. Because both the fourth estate in this had the sense that the times is operating in this treacherous uncertain world reporters in real life smile, by the way on shows. They never smile. They're always very serious about their work, people, people even I've seen reporters smile, and make bad jokes when they're reporting a serious story, it really happens. But in this city to reporters, Eric L Greene, and Katie Benner, who are investigating. We should set this up a school in Louisiana that had a remarkable record of sending African American students and other students to elite universities. They go in and show what is already happened. And those kinds of things I think I find what is what is so compelling to me about this. And maybe this is just you. And I but when they showed the reporting process itself, so they're. Couple of moments in this, they give the guy who runs the school a chance to respond. In fact, they say now it's time to give them a chance to respond and, you know, we see them calling up and when they call him up he actually volunteers a battery allegation against a student at the reporters hadn't heard about. They had one allegation, but he gives them another. And then they go back and look at the police reports and an amazing instance of a subject sort of fessing up to something that you didn't even ask them about. Yeah. There's also then he brings them down to Louisiana into this room. And there's all the kind of students, and he's kind of obviously, you know, his, his success stories are all around, and, you know, he's sort of using it as a chance to charm them. And think, okay, they'll show them the students and they'll and they'll be convinced or at least mitigate the story a little bit. And then one of the things they found out that this guy did was make all the students kneel on the ground ask who, who around here is kneeled, and like all the hands go up or most of the hands go up those parts to me. It's kinda like the part of a sixty minutes piece where you see Steve Kroft waiting outside the, the insurance office for the guy to come out so it can confront him on camera though. Little reportedly parts of the show. The weekly is gone all in on that, and I like that. And I think people are curious. In this day and age about how news is made and reported. And yeah, I thought that those parts were really really affected. Yeah. I thought I thought it was really. I mean, I think that the, you know, from an insider perspective, I guess it did make an interesting more of a vaguer, but, but, but compelling case for journalism. And I think there's a lot of places that when you get to the when you get to the difficult part of the reporting here, just the existential questions about whether or not you're going to do more damage than good by airing the bye, by reporting out this story in printing it, there did seem to be the sort of conviction that, like we're the New York Times, this is news. This is what we do. Right. And I think that there's many other outlets that would that would have wrestled with that question in different way, and maybe gone the other direction. And, and so I think that there is some deeper value to the way. That, you know to to the to, to the school, the field of journalism by showing those sorts of decisions being made. And, and, and I do and I think that, you know, at some point, we there will be, you know, the interesting questions for me or are kind of how the doughnuts get made kind of questions like how much of these interviews was re recorded or how much of this was, you know, presented staged for the show if any but all in all I thought it was really well done. And I thought that, you know, I think that if it continues along, this path of telling significant stories that may or may not be incredibly time sensitive. I you know, I'll be watching it from the department of new jobs, David. I saw tweet that said, one of Canada's most famous journalists is heading to CNN to cover. Trump full-time has the is the phrase world's most famous Canadian does that ever not sound insulting. But the journalist is in question as Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent of the Toronto Star who got famous cataloging Trump's lies. He tweets it he's headed to CNN to be on the truth beat dissecting dishonesty from Trump democratic candidates, and others now with the K file already at CNN do you see this being an adventure style team up or more of attention filled Batman versus superman, kind of thing with him under the same roof? Yeah, I have no idea. I mean, I think it'll probably be more like, like, like, you know, Spiderman in the vendors where they kind of they, they operate in completely different worlds, except for the team up movies. And then those team of movies are going to factor. How many factors can one have I guess is a good question during the is there. There's also this weird like expanding. Definition of fact checker player when I saw the first tweet about him, it was just the Washington Post was eagerly announcing that he was joining the fact checking department or whatever. And I was just like you mean the people who just make sure that you didn't put an error in your story, which isn't in very integral part of any news operation, don't get me wrong but not exactly like a glory post for someone who's being hired away from a from another establishment. We got a tweet here from Espy nations. Mike Prada this department of journalism and labor. Yeah. With this being the last scheduled day of bargaining the Espy nation dot com NBA team won't be providing any game three of the NBA finals at his coverage today until the vox union receives a fair contract. This was a hard decision. But securing that contract today is more important than an NBA finals game. I found the so interesting because I cannot remember or at least don't have anything in my fingertips of a journalism union action that where he refused to cover a game. And I thought that was so fascinating. I'm sure that have been citizens voted at the press box pot. If that has happened somewhere in the annals of sports writing, but just an interesting moment and interesting. We talk about how what you know, great content. The NBA is right. And essentially, this is so this is where you dig your heels in and put pressure on the boss. Yeah. I mean, I think that from a looking down on our culture level, if you want to be stoic about it, then yes, the by far, the most deeply the most interesting part of this is that the NBA playoffs have send it to the point. Where can you what, what would be the other? The what would be the other instances in all of news? That would be worthwhile. Single things to boycott to make a point. I mean like an inauguration now matter, I think it'd be more like election night or. Something like that. I think the I guess, like a, a big primary would probably be the, the equivalent may be sure okay, something important. But not absolutely critic game. Three is like the equivalent of the, you know, South Carolina primary about that. It's it is. Yeah. I think that's right. Could you? I mean it's pretty amazing. That, that the NBA playoffs have risen to the level of the South Carolina primary, especially gained three. I don't think he have. Oh, I hope that you said that game seven right of diverse points in history. But yeah, pretty interesting. And, and then you know separately. It's it is, we have not talked a lot, if, if it all on this show about the sort of groundswell of unionization efforts in New York, especially journalistic, journalistic houses and, and. You know, it's, it's a it's a really important conversation. And it's something that, that, you know, kudos to the folks, vox and Espy nation for taking this on and for taking this seriously. And it'll be. It's you know, a lot of a lot of liberal. I mean, mostly or not mostly, but largely liberal writers, editors of sort of thrown their hats in with the VC corporate world had to give them platforms to make these wonderful new media enterprises. And sometimes that, you know, ideals can run up against one another. So it's, it's, it's going to be really interesting to see how this trend continues. I'd like to create a department David called we're all good where we pick a story that at one point in history was incredibly interesting that I just feel I have absolutely complete on the coverage of and today, I'd like to nominate any coverage of the final blockbuster video stores in America. Oh, my we, we've we had a wonderful piece by Justin Heckert on the day. We did that last year. We did it. I mean, we're, we're we did it. I saw a tweet from Reuters TV. And when we've reached Reuters TV I feel I just feel. I get it. I was I was a child of blockbuster video, but I think we have looted this particular topic. I mean this is like this is like a president slowly dying. We're paying trip, you know, we're paying visits to the bedside over and over again. I think if we're going to, you know, if we're gonna really rig, you know, examine the death of nineties chains. It's time do like Boston market or something. I mean, we really have to. Just need a pick something else. Anyway, blockbuster video get it get it while you can this week in Twitter beefs, there was a good one between two conservative commentators. David French and David Marcus. The former is of national review the ladder of the federalist and I believe this all stems from a feud of sorts started by Saurabh Amari of the New York Post, which you can read more about in a rust out that column anyway, this particular beef was about David French, that is of national review his pro-life bona fees on, and it's a long thread. But I want to quote to you from the last the last French tweet. This is their actual words. This is not make quoting from a nation text. So how dare you, sir? How dare you, impune, my commitment to the most vulnerable people. I will not be slandered. I do not seek your approval. I don't care about your approval, but the truth matters. And this is the truth. Holy moly. Yeah. Max read Earl pal tweets can only imagine what the state of conservative punditry would be if dueling were still allowed. First of all, I think we need to incorporate the how dare you sir language into NBA Twitter. Ethan Strauss wrote about Draymond. He criticized K D. How dare you, sir? How dare you, impune, my commitment to the warriors. I would love this or if somebody somebody like like slightly misuse it. Missive misappropriates a fivethirtyeight statistic or something then that person has to jump on Twitter like how dare you, sir? That is not at all with that algorithm. Portrays a listener mail David got lots of notes about guy Fieri who's reinvention? We talked about on Tuesday, our pal. Sess summer sent us a defence a feary from comedian Shane Torres. Let's hear a little bit of that. People are horrible to television personality. And he didn't do anything wrong. Here's what he did do America. He started a company where he hires everybody. He pays more than minimum wage. He gives health benefits before he has to he has a nonprofit where he gives pretzel, making machines to school, so they can fundraise. I know that one sounds like I made it up, but I swear to Christ it's true. He works with Special Olympics athletes. And if you need. Little more sugar with this medicine. He also officiated a gay wedding. Yeah. But because he has flames on his shirt. Everybody's shits all over this dude, like he's a member of Nickelback. By the way. What in the hell did Nickelback ever? It's time for the counter intuitive defensive Nickelback, I think that's why I reacted second of all Shane tour is that was a really good bit. He doesn't he sound like Jimmy Swaggart or like an eighties televangelist with Hayden's that familiar cadence he has. He sounds like he sounds like a comedian that would have been invited to my like middle school youth group to perform for us. In the south nine months is gonna say he'd been running your middle school youth group. That's crazy. Another listener mail from Peter Hart. Law by the San Francisco Chronicle who sends us a very good defensive fear. He wrote back in March fury, cook some food for heart lobes, dying, grandmother. I retweeted there from the press box thing we may have now hit the ultimate point. David, where it sort of it's, it's such a giant straw, man. Everybody actually likes guy Fieri, but everyone is taking advantage of this little moment time in cranking out in defensive guy. Fieri think pieces. Ooh. Yeah, I like this. So I think we should declare this moment you've got a month. You can you can sort of ironically, or on Iran nuclear defend guy Fieri for a month. And then comes America's new Julia child. He's off limits. Right. You got to move onto Nickelback. You gotta pick something else. It's, it's like blockbuster and video where we're just moving on anyway. One month from today will will revisit if David and I actually remember also last week, we talked about book publishers, and why they don't have fact checkers this in response to Naomi wolf Jeff new. Men, who was an editor at Simon and Schuster and literally every great sports book of the nineties. I mean every great sports for the nineties. He was a man in that job sent me a note. And he says, and I'm quoting here, and, and pulling various sentences from his nobody says the biggest reason book, publishers don't do extensive fact, checking is that books are inherently different from magazines or newspapers. A book is a presentation of the work of an individual or individuals. Who knows or cares? What company published a book? The author is the brand, not the publisher a newspaper on the other hand, is proclaiming the truth of liberty of everything. It contains. And so as a magazine a periodical, editing and fact checking process will be more extensive because its reputation is on the line. In the way, a book publishers isn't. He also says this is also reflected the fact that a newspaper magazine will generally insist on two. Sources for troublesome account of charge for a book, one good source can be sufficient, and then good, quote is the keyword. And I thought that's really interesting because he's right. Right. And again, I think you can still kinda come down where I do and say that publishers may be abdicating their responsibility in this and say, well, it's on the author. It's not on and off sewn on Simon and Schuster. But he's right when the New York Times says something it's the New York Times says it when Michael Wolfe says something it's really not Houghton Mifflin. It's Michael Wolfe, sang it, and that's and that's a difference again, I'm not sure if that's -nificant a difference at the end of the day. And the I you know, there's no like natural law that the way to do these things. So you, so any, any difference, you can extricate like that a significant but I will say this is not a this is not a, you know, a firm pushback against what he saying because what he says makes a lot of sense, but, you know, who does care about what about the publish about the, the publisher whose name is on the spine of the book. I mean, the publisher does everybody in new or publishing knows exactly what lists the other publishers are publishing. They feel like everybody in the world it walks in any bookstore understands what cannot means or what the penguin, press means or what. Henry holding company means. They think they believe that book buyers, no. At these things are. So while what he saying is absolutely true that nobody cares. The people who are deciding to not have fact, checking departments are actually actually believed the opposite. Let's do David guesses. A strain on the floor. Do I can. I can I have I have news for you. Oh, please one more bit for this. It just came across the wire, Brian. Oh he's caught up. We talked and we were talking about the New York Times show. We talked about the daily we talked about the weekly. It's just been announced by the Meredith corporation, that Entertainment Weekly is going monthly. My mind is completely blown JD Heymann has been elevated to that energy of Entertainment Weekly from his previous post is deputy editor of people, and the new monthly frequency because his according to the merits release will. Will will mean more in depth coverage and product enhancements, recalling it entertainment, monthly Entertainment Weekly. They still grows. Entertainment Weekly August issue will Mark Entertainment Weekly as I as a monthly I still remember the mad magazine parodies sometime in our like, college as where it was called, entertain me weekly. K. L. Y. Speaking of which David, how about a strain pun headline do it. I think we should do this. When that reader, Jason McGinty sent in by the way, send us these at the at the press box pot. I love to see him. This was a, Sunday morning report from ESPN's Mike Reese about rob gronkowski and gronk was shooting down. Rumors that he is attempting a comeback. Okay. So there were some rumors out there that gronk may come back or, you know, at least come back immediately. Gronk was shooting them down. He, he is saying that he is remaining retired. Okay. I'm just leading you on here a little bit. What is the strain pun headline? Also, give you one word it involves the word Pat, not patriot. But Pat, okay. Rob gronkowski shooting down. Rumors that he is attempting a comeback. Yeah. Like, like short for patriot just standing MRs standing, Pat. Oh, okay. You got half of it. I mean, you gave me pet and there's not that many, okay? But what's the other part a wait? There's more to it than that. Yeah. Kind of kind of one of these kind of merely sandy, but standing, Pat, is in it blank, blank standing, Pat. I'm still standing? It's it another pun. I'm so confused by the construction, here, it is. I have no idea what is it, sitting Pat standing, Pat so gronk when he retired became a sitting, Pat capital, PAT, sitting Pat in he is standing Pat where did this run? There's on ESPN like it's on ESPN dot com story pay. Yes. Yes. Not exactly that, not exactly the, the playground for like, artful, like for flora flowery headline. That's had it became escort in the sixties overnight, somehow sitting Pat, standing bad, that's sound like. It sounds like that sounds like a folk song or something. I'm looking at it to Joe in the fishing that at some point. The stitting Pat standing, Pat, is the weird colon grunk so retired as might be the weirdest looking head on a on an ESPN dot com story I've ever seen. But it's kind of funny. I got he is David shoemaker. I'm Brian Curtis are researchers Chris Almeida, our producer is Jim Cunningham more. Lukewarm takes about the media on Tuesday tight weekly now on Tuesday. See David Letterman. Aided. If you are old, I do not seek your approval. I don't care about your approval out the truth matters for sure. And this is the true washed up psycho wearing misfit tuxedo, d'or, you, sir. I'm not sure. Could you? There's no like natural law. It's pretty incredible. I am no idea from the aliens down on our level. We're the poop holy moly. Very good word. Yes. This is the president's slowly guy. What did you? I thought it was good. I thought it was. Yeah. Is the phrase world's most famous David ever not sound insulting. We all knew this day was coming. We wanna see David Sweden into tuxedo with the hunched over guy Fieri walking next to see what that looks like God are we on extremely safe ground. Now, say that even if guy Fieri killed someone in cold blood, I support, this great news. I've got a I've got a Chateau or got a palace. Four is in, in London. Wow. It's a really great beachfront property scary thing feels like the most unforgivable sin that if you wanna be still abetted, then yes.

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