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Hi It's Laney. I have some exciting news for you. Crimes of passion is now airing episodes twice a week. Every Friday you'll hear crimes of passion Shen Prime Bites. Were you'll get a brief episode on a true crime theme that's related to the stories on this show it's hosted by my good friend Greg and it's a fantastic listening the experience. I hope you enjoy it. Welcome welcome to podcast crime bites. We wanted to give our listeners. Some additional content to help them dive even deeper into the true crime world every week. In addition to your normal crimes of passion episode were exploring the most fascinating true crime themes covered across the podcast network. We've collected short clips from from some of our most popular podcast originals to help us explore ideas like motivation method and madness and show how interconnected the true crime. Prime World really is. You can find the original episodes of these for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. A list of episodes that we used. We'll be posted in the episode description today. We're discussing cases of psychological manipulation. What tactics criminals use to deceive of course and exert control over their victims? Why does it work? And most importantly what are the dangerous consequences of these types of mental domination psychiatrist Harvey Saint Clair defined psychological manipulation as a psychosocial maneuver which uses is aggressiveness cleverness and deception to influence others so they will give gratification to the aggressor this gratification. Whether that being taking hostage wjr cultivating followers or seducing a murder victim is the driving force behind criminals manipulative actions. They desire to gain absolute control over for their prey psychologist. George Simon identified many tactics manipulators use to dominate their victims such as intense flattery. Playing the victim victim to gain sympathy and undermining victims perception of reality through gas lighting. So who manipulators target. How do they select the right white person to fall PREY TO THE SCHEME DR? Harriet breaker identified. The most common traits victims of manipulation possess among them are an eagerness to please low self reliance desire to earn acceptance of blurry sense of identity and a fear of disapproval in our clips. Today we'll walk through a variety of criminal manipulators and see how they identify these traits victims. We'll start with the a clip from podcast original crimes of passion covering one of the most well known cases of manipulation in true crime history. The Manson family by manipulating in group and out group dynamics in the late nineteen sixties murderer and cope leader Charles Manson radicalized its follow worse worse and cultivated an intense devotion that propelled the family to do his bidding. While the most famous killings committed by the Manson family where the tate labianca murders in August of nineteen sixty nine their first victim was drug dealer Gary Hinman Hindrance murder was the catalyst for a string of brutal killings carried out by the Manson family in the summer of sixty nine in July of nineteen sixty nine. Charles House learned that the two men were in the midst of an argument. Bobby Beausoleil had purchased at thousand tabs of Mescaline from Gary Hinman but he then claimed that the drugs six were tainted. Bobby wanted his money back. Charles figured that as long as bobby was asking for a refund he should demand some extra cash to help fund. The families families 'cause in exchange Charleston over a few family members to Henman's house to put pressure on him. Charles knew that Henman was particularly clearly attracted to Manson family member. Eligible Bailey. So he suggested she go along to help persuade men but L. A.. Joe Asked to be excused from duty. Perhaps she guests at the visit might become violent she later said she witnessed the family members arguing over which guns and weapons they would bring Henman's Henman apartment instead Charleston family members Bruce Davis Susan Atkins and Mary Brunner to act as enforcers. They held the drug dealer. Taylor up at gunpoint while the spurn bobby. Beausoleil beat him senseless eventually Henman agreed to sign over the pink slips to his two vehicles as payment mint. But when Bobby called Charles to let him know he wasn't satisfied he was sure Henman must have money stashed away for the next two days. Bobby Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins held Gary Hinman hostage in his home. They continue to make demands for money. Any while bobby relentlessly beat him when Henman told them he'd go to. The police. Bobby was spooked. He might go to prison for what he done. He called Charles. Who said you know what to do? Bobby took that as a command to silence Henman by killing him before four. Continue with Bobby Psychology. cleese note that I am not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist but I have done a lot of research for the show. The American Psychological Association has expressed skepticism. That people can be brainwashed into acting violently but some psychologists point to countless countless examples of people falling under a violent Colt influence and going on to do the unthinkable. Licensed mental health. Counselor Stephen Hasson use the rise above all Qaeda and other terrorist groups as modern examples of how people can be indoctrinated into committing murder. These extremist groups have radicalized individuals through isolation limiting access to outside information and instilling an US versus them mentality. Charles Manson uses same tactics family members. Look to Charles as their only source of wisdom and guidance some even thought he was the reincarnation carnation of Jesus Christ Charles exploited their trust to make them believe they had to take a stand against the rich and powerful pigs of the outside outside world. The family wasn't just willing to kill for their God Charles. They were proud to do it. So when Charles gave the word word bobby readily obeyed. He stabbed Henman than dipped his hand in the dying. Man's blood to draw on the wall. He wrote political piggy and then painted a pawprint. Charles had instructed Bobby to leave evidence incriminating incriminating the Black Panthers he hoped Henman's death would heighten racial tensions and help kickoff helter skelter. Then the group black taking Henman's cars with them in this episode covering bring the Manson Family Gary Hinman murder was only the first in a series of killings soon after the family slaughtered actress Sharon Tate and eight other innocent people people all in a bid to kick start. Manson's prophesied race wars but Manson's use of fear and violence was an opposition to many other criminals medals of the Hippie era instead. They capitalized on the prevailing philosophy of peace and love in this next clip from colts. We examine Zaman one of the most iconic psychedelic colts. One thousand nine hundred seventy s the source family unlike Charles Manson the source families charismatic leader. Jim Baker relied on ideas. Like Enlightenment and free love to buy his disciples to him like Manson Baker was at the center of the source family but instead of acting as a warrior became their spiritual father offering them love and wisdom in exchange for their loyalty ultimately however this this manipulation created an all consuming dynamic of extreme dependency between Baker and his disciples what appeared to be a mutually beneficial relationship. I was actually in the service of Baker's Crowing Ego Jim Baker typically responded to complex problems by running away from them but this time he didn't cut and run this could be because as psychoanalyst. Daniel Shaw points out in his book. Traumatic narcissism relational systems of subjugation education as a cult leader Baker had developed a codependent relationship with his followers. Shaw writes quote the power that parents have has god. I'd like figures to literally give life and sustain. The lives of their children leaves each human being with the memory of total dependency comp leaders tap into and reactivate this piece of the human psyche followers are encouraged to become regressed and infantilized to believe that the lyft fifty pens unpleasing the cult leader and quote and just as much as the source family members needed Baker. He apparently needed them. According waiting to Shaw the cult leader does not escape dependency instead he and also in many cases she comes to depend on his followers to worship and adore him to reflect his narcissistic delusion of perfection. In March of Nineteen seventy-three the fifty one year old Baker managed to find the second home for his followers which they called the Father House a three bedroom three bathroom home in the hills near the source restaurant. It was significantly -nificant smaller than the mother house. A fact that would soon lead to deadly health risks in some ways life at the Father House went on just as it had at the mother other house. Business at the source was still booming and it still required a few dozen family members to run at each day everyone still gathered for four. Am am meditation and spent much of the day cleaning while seeking enlightenment but another ways everything changed. Baker began channeling new beliefs constantly constantly with an ever expanding emphasis on his own power. He began calling himself by the Jewish name for God Yoga. He taught about the freemasons and ancient Egyptian magic for his followers the pursuit of enlightenment became like a whirlwind game in which no one knew the rules in our episodes on the source family. We go on to examine how Jim Jim Bakker's total control over. His followers only increased over the next two years. Eventually their numbers surged to over one hundred fifty people but when a run in with the authorities in Los Angeles forced the cult of Fleet Hawaii Baker or father yoed met his end in a fatal hang gliding accident in nineteen seventy five for some. It was death as glorious as Baker's life but for others. It was a shocking wakeup call. They realized is that for years. Baker had manipulated them but leaving he was guiding them to total enlightenment and intern. His followers had blindly obeyed his every every whim. But what happens when a criminal deludes themselves into believing that they're heinous actions are truly in the best interest up there victim coming up. We discussed the horrifying kidnapping case of Katie Beers and explore the power of self manipulation from the violence and separatist mentality of the Manson family to the all consuming assuming codependent dynamic of source. Family criminals have relied on a variety of tactics to exert control over their victims. But perhaps the most fascinating dating method of manipulation is one the criminal uses on themselves denial and self delusion in our next clip from our show hostage we cover one of the most twisted cases of self delusion the abduction of Katie Beers kidnapped in nineteen ninety two nine year old Katie was kept in an underground bunker chain to the wall where she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her neighbor. John Esposito or big John but unlike Charles Manson or Jim Baker Esposito committed his crimes out of the belief that he was helping his victim. Katie came from an abusive home. So I'm convinced himself. That showering her with gifts and affection would make Katie happy and feel loved. BANESPA ZITO's mind. He had rescued. You'd Katie from her neglectful family and it was giving you the care and attention. She deserved but in reality he had trapped her in a literal hell on earth. Sometimes big John would come into the bunker and to give Katie food or toy and then suddenly the blank look look would appear on his face and he would rape her one clue about big. John's mental state is how long he remained in denial about sexually abusing Katie. It took took more than twenty years for big John To admit he molested Katie and even then he denied raping her. If Big John Really believed he loved children it would have been hard for him to reconcile that with the obvious evidence. He was seriously harming Katie which could lead to denial a psychological coping mechanism. Awesome on the other hand when John Pazuto did finally confess. He blamed his lawyers for telling him not to admit to touching Katie. There is one explanation explanation that falls somewhere between extreme denial and willful cruelty Catherine Ramsland. Phd Co author of the book inside the minds. Signs of sexual predators says one of the most common types of child. Predators is the quote fixated child offender fixated child. L. Defenders are stuck at an early stage of psycho sexual development and rationalize away. They're abusive children as showing affection. They may no their actions are wrong. But their fixation on children overrides their moral sensibilities so John might have known he was hurting Katie. But because he was fixated and felt unable to stop he tried to convince himself he was actually helping her big John's grand gestures like the promise of a car car and a huge amount of money on her eighteenth birthday seemed like further rationalizations of this abuse. He was able to convince himself that kidnapping napping and sexual abuse were actually a net benefit to his victim. John had molested children. Before and in those cases too he cast himself as is a helpful male role model in their lives. Among John esposito's victims Katie's sixteen year old maternal half brother John Beers the hostage victim. Katie beers survived for seventeen days in John Esposito Dido's bunker throughout her captivity while he tried to manipulate her into forgiving him for kidnapping her. She used a variety of tactics to convince US Sposito to let her go. She pleaded with him if he really loved her. He'd let her leave. Grow up go to college and have a family eventually. ESPOSITO ESPOSITO turned himself into the police though it's unclear if he was motivated by guilt over his actions or fear of being caught either way he led ed the police to the hidden bunker freeing Katie John esposito demonstrated how criminals manipulate their victims while they already have them under their control. All but how do they gain potential victims trust in the first place in our next clip from serial killers. We'll examine the tactics of lust murderer Fritz harmon or the Werewolf of Hanover harmon. killed at least twenty four men from nineteen eighteen to nineteen twenty four all between between the ages of ten and twenty two to lure his victims in he sometimes offered them assistance or accommodations. Several of the young met he murdered. Were runaways this made them especially vulnerable to harmon strategic kindness. He brought them home to his apartment supplied them with food food and drink then once they're guard was completely down he savagely attacked them after getting away clean for the second time new confidence. Fueled Harman's bloodlust. So when he met seventeen year old wilhelm she'll TSA at Hanover over station in one thousand nine hundred eighty three four weeks after killing Fritz Franken. He couldn't help but approach. The boy by now. Harmon had a practiced routine for finding finding suitable victims. He often patrolled Hanover station under the guise of a police officer. Searching for vulnerable boys shoots was a young writer who had just is to run away from home and this made him an easy target for Harman Harman had impersonated. A police officer pretended to lend a sympathetic ear. To the boys troubles bulls. He offered shelter place to stay into warm meal. She'll say eagerly accepted the offers and followed Harmon to his apartment. The room was small but spotless. After nearly getting caught for the murder of Franca just weeks prior harmon had scrubbed every inch in fact he had been scrubbing the place with harsh harsh chemicals so often that other tenants in the house had complained to the landlord. A widow named Elizabeth Angle but harmon had long ago explained angle angle that he was very particular about cleaning habits and she saw no reason to bother attendant for keeping US room tidy. Besides harmon was charming angle. I liked him. His charm also allowed him to urge young boys like Schulte into his bed given his pleasant friendly manner harmon was always able to get close. WHO's to his victims without making them uncomfortable in these situations harmon especially like to ask his victims about their families? This line of questioning seemed reasonable bill. Coming from a police officer but Harman's true goal was anything but noble. He needed to know if anyone would come looking for the boy according to Harman he he didn't always feel a violent urge to kill the boys. He brought back to his apartment. In some cases harmon kept young men around as errand boys for several days. He gave them small jobs or meals until they stopped coming around other times he raped the boys but did not kill them but unfortunately for Schulte Ah. His answers made harmon confident that no one would question his disappearance Harmon pulsed. He grabbed shelter by the throat and held him down down. He raped him and in the midst of the attack sunk his teeth into shelters Adam's apple this episode of serial killers further details. Fritz Harman's six year reign of terror as the butcher of Hanover. But during that time the police couldn't help but notice the sharp spike in the number of missing boys and teenagers. His crimes were eventually uncovered when the bones sounds from his victim started popping up around town in rivers and fields when harmon was arrested. Police discovered stacks of young men's clothing in his apartment after killing them. He sold off their possessions for extra cash at the end his thriftiness. What's his downfall every part of Fritz? It's Harman's interaction with his victim. Served a purpose from where he hunted to how we approach them to how he killed them. He was entirely calculated in his manipulations. But for some criminals their actions aren't so nearly deliberate rather their manipulations are encouraged by their own delusions. Our final clip from female criminals covers convicted murderer diane downs. Diane grew up in a strict religious household. Feeling unloved loved. She searched for ways to fill that hole her entire life. She finally thought she found the one in Louison. They carried on a serious affair for the better part of nineteen eighty two. But Louis concerned by some of Diane's behavior. She needed his constant attention and affection. She also lied about everything spinning whatever stories necessary to keep him close to her. Eventually he broke off the affair and went back to wife. Diane Ryan was devastated so in May of Nineteen eighty-three. She devised a plan to win. Lou Back if she made herself a victim he would have to compactor her to save her sadly she involved her three young children in the plot making them victims as well one night Diane took the kids out for Dr then. She staged a violent carjacking on on the night of the shooting. May Nineteenth Nineteen eighty-three detective. Doug Welsh interview Diana at McKenzie Willamette. Hospital Welsh was the responding officer officer that night and this was his first homicide case. Diane told Welsh that she and her children had gone to visit her friend and Mark Cola a nearby town town in Oregon on their way home. She decided to take a longer route. That was more scenic even though it was growing dark as she drove her three sleeping children grin down old. Mohawk road deserted country road near the Mohawk River. shaggy-haired man flagged her down making her. Stop the Car Diane. Dan got out to ask what he wanted and he demanded. She gives him her keys when she refused. The man's snapped pushed her to the side reached into the car car and shot the sleeping children. Diane then pretended to throw her car. Keys in the direction of the riverbank to divert the gunman's attention they struggled for a moment and he shot her in the arm but she managed to get back in the car and race away to the hospital. Parts of the story didn't make sense to Welsh. He said quote sightseeing when it's pitch black out. And why are the kids fatally or near fatally wounded and she being right handed shot in the left arm. I mean think about it. She's the biggest threat to him. Not Three sleeping children and quipped. In addition Diane's account of the events on Mohawk road were inconsistent. And she told Welsh. The man was bushy-haired then said that he wore a ski mask I. She said that they were attacked by one man but then she said there had been two do then reverted back to one. Her evolving narrative is consistent with pathological lying the common symptom in those diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder. SORTA like Diane. The ness is going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But she has has done a lot of research for the show. Thank Sammy according to Dr. Mark d griffiths patients with HP will often lie as a way to enhance or facilitate their dramatic and attention seeking behavior in this case with the dozens of police and doctors in the hospital focused on her. Diana justed her story. Sorry to appear more dramatic as needed while Welsh took Diane statement. Doctors fought to save three downs children as we further outlined in the female criminals episodes detailing dying down story she. He had a long history of pathological lying though her previous lies never had such high stakes now with their children's lives on the line. Diane constructed an elaborate carjacking story to explain their grave injuries however her attempts to manipulate investigators and her increasing desire for their attention exposed exposed her increasingly convoluted delusions. Ultimately one of Diane downs. Children died from their injuries. The other two spent months in in the hospital recovering. Her three-year-old son was paralyzed from the waist. Down her oldest daughter Christie initially lost the ability to speak but when she recovered. It was her testimony at Diane's trial that center mother to prison for life while the criminals that are clips today utilize is different manipulation tactics. They all shared one common goal to gain control over their victims. We saw Dr Simon's manipulation tactics at play. Diane downs tried to make herself into a victim to manipulate police. Enter ex-boyfriend John zito tried to use intense flattery to win Katie Beers affection and even to saving himself into believing he was saving her. We also saw that. These manipulators chose victims very carefully paying attention to those who are most vulnerable as laid out by Dr Breaker John. ESPOSITO's dictum was not only a child but an abused child who desired the approval of adults. It's many a Fritz Harman's victims runaways vulnerable to any small amount of kindness. He showed them Jim. Baker offered identity and acceptance to its scholars who look to Baker for guidance. Enlightenment in the end they all achieved their goal of complete domination. Thanks for tuning into podcast. Crime Bites we hope you enjoyed this episode episode on the tactics of psychological manipulation. We'll be back next week with a new episode on Mother's misbehaving. We often think of mothers as the consummate Smitten nurturers. Why did they sometimes hurt the ones they love most even their own children? If you'd like to listen to the episodes that we discussed today in full full simply search for our podcast original shows crimes of passion colts hostage serial killers or female criminals on spotify. Why not only to spotify already all your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast originals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? 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