Ep. 3,063: UFC on ESPN 11 recap, Max Rohskopf, Curtis Blaydes, more


Him. Next time roll baby on May Junkie Radio with gorgeous Georgia go. This is what we do in why we do it baby. We're. Covering Ma from all over the world. This is the premier stop for all your combat. Sports needs MMA junkie radio from the Mandalay Bay resort and Casino in the fight. Capital of the World Las Vegas Nevada. The lights are on at the Mike Sir hot. It's tied to get your ever may fix junkies. Take it away. Big John Gorgeous George goes. Are you ready? Junkie. From the fight capital of the world inside our beautiful home in Las Vegas it's Demi Junkie Radio show the only show that matters and I'm your host Gorgeous George with. The devious goes are as co host. Goes. How was your weekend? Would you think of the fights? Would you think of the fights that are coming up? It's kind of Nice to keep saying that as this enemy, world just keeps turning intern. It's a big old cycle. Yeah. No fights were very exciting. This weekend was a lot of fun. And then got another car coming up, but then after that a little bit of break, and then it kind kinda gets crazy with violent. Big Time you know belated happy father's Day to all the fathers out there. We were able to chat with ours. He's in California, were in Las Vegas. We do have our mom out here. Hopefully you all are staying safe, I know it's really really tough times out there and it hasn't stopped for anybody, so stay strong people Let's talk some MMA on today show. We're going to discuss the results from U. OF C. ON ESPN eleven. Plus we'll preview the upcoming card headlined by Dan Hooker and Dustin Pedroia. That's on Saturday. That one's called. You see on ESPN twelve. Pretty good time for the of Seaman there on the leader folks prime time on Saturdays so good for them. Of course we'll discuss the latest anime news lots of controversy. stemming from? You've see on ESPN eleven versus Volkov and yeah, we'll touch on all the latest news nuggets as well so buckle up folks here we go. It's the enemy. Junkie Radio Show early, Monday June twenty second. Counter an NFL podcast from USA Today sports featuring four the winds Stephen Ruiz and Chris Cormon. Like this, assuming that this is an upgrade at the quarterback position I. Don't think we say that for back I'd say it's downgrade. Never really had deemed game impact just coming off the edge in destroying people that we saw when we saw athleticism college combine and counter diving deeper into the NFL with advance stats film study an expert guests. This is the counter listening subscribed to the counter on apple podcasts spotify Google podcasts, stitcher, tune in or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts live. I almost feel like we could spend half hour just on Austin. Hubbard versus Mash Max Roscoff. He's got a tricky last name. Now I'm saying Mash. Ever. Let me just go through. The results Will Circle Back Austin. Hubbard defeated Max Roscoff. in between rounds two and three, there was a TKO retirement. They call it Max. Roshkov decided not to the third round Lauren Murphy defeated Roxanne Fairy. But rather impressive performance. She got all the judges scorecards. Including thirty twenty seven Justin Gaines defeated Frank. Camacho kind of upset their first round. TKO Stoppage Jillian. Robertson defeated according to Casey. She actually submitted her at thirty towards the end of round three Marc Andre Barrio defeated Oscar Pio hedda. Hotter. was trying to listen to what John Anik said. think I got a close. TKO stoppage there around to T. Chautauqua is defeated Brianna van Buren area impressive upset not massively. Guy Be careful when it used the word huge because huge would be Sarah versus, DSP. Everyone I talked to was taken van Buren towards is coming off four losing streak, van. Buren was the favourite. Towards one thirty, twenty seven, so there you go! That was a big flip from a lot of people were expecting including yours truly lobby green defeated Clay Guido, he had a thirty, twenty seven, and to twenty nine twenty eighth was closer than the other ones. Jim Miller defeated Roosevelt Roberts rather quickly. Manny submitted on. We got him on an arm bar. Enron one below Mohammed and that was the beginning by the way of the main cars they were all on ESPN and he s PM, plus it was a simulcast. And so now we get to the main card. Were Miller did beat Roberts as I stated below Mohammed defeated. Lyman good via unanimous decision, Lyman good was apologizing on social media. He wanted to win one for his late father. twenty, nine, Twenty, eight, twenty, nine, eight, twenty, nine, hundred, and eighty, seven, really disappointed about one thing man. Alright like that I went down to the end. My opinion don't hang your head too low, and especially because this guy came off, covert memoranda keep an extra eye on Racquel Pennington defeated Mayan Renault thirty, twenty, seven to twenty, nine, twenty eight. Josh defeated Shane. Burgas man if not for Johanna. Zahn Waleed. This one would be talked about for fight to the year I mean. It was violent folks Curtis blaze defeated. Alexander Volkov, forty, nine, forty, six, forty, eight, forty, seven, forty, eight, forty, six, three different scores, pretty much domination. I don't think I saw forty eight forty seven, but. We'll definitely spend some time on that one. Well, the bonuses went to Burgos and Emmett no shocker, their performance nights Miller, and Justin Jane's How about the fact that that small cage is in producing as many? Finishes as decisions. That ratio towards the decisions because we had. Seven decisions. And four finishes. So yeah. Way More fights going to the judges than we thought. But anyway goes all right I even got the payout to your Mac and keep going, but let's let's circle back. To spend some time on it on spending back. Click at the very bottom with Roshkov. And, Hubbard and Blades Volkov so we. We're not gonNA have as much time to talk over there. Let's spend some time talking about it here. Would you think of Hubbard versus Roscoff and how it ended. I think. Depending on How you look at it, I think both guys have good cases. I see that social media is a little divided on it. It's very tough to say what a relationship is between a fighter and their coach. And In this particular instance. If you look at what Robert Drysdale did I think that's his job is job as the motivate the fighter? And I think that's what he did at the very end, he called it. But. A lot of people wanted to compare it to. kind of like fighters wanting to corners throw in the towel on Tony Ferguson. Anthony Smith. I don't think you can compare it to that. In this situation. You didn't have a fighter that was like. He wasn't injured. He was just hurt and I think that's where you kind of Lean Robert Drills Drysdale the know that relationship. With its fighter, so if you think about it. The Guy Lives with them. You know like he knows him very very well. And I think he was just trying to motivate Max to come out and do something, and he pushed it as far as he could to the end of the minute, and when that didn't happen, the fight was called, but Not Really GonNa know the ramifications of all this Max's career. Until later until we see what happens I, mean do to fight on five days, notice. Let's see what he's like when he gets a full camp. If? He turns it around and I. Think we all look at it and say. Maybe maximum Derek decision there's no sons and just walking out there just to get blitzed just so that you look tough and if he doesn't then, maybe you look back on point on that at that and say while Maybe that was something that. He lost his opportunity. and you said it. Specifically at the end that Robert did utter the words. We're calling it. He saw that too yeah. Because a lot of people were say stating that. It took. The Nevada State Athletic Commission. I forget his name. CHARVET's is name. Rain or something like that something big by gentleman. he's been around for a long time. He was watching the corner and he was noting that the fighter did not want to come out, and the coach was trying to motivate them to come out. I wouldn't say force him. He was trying to motivate them. Like. He didn't wave off the raft for the official, so he's going out. You know and and you know. Push everyone back into place. I don't mind what he did. He had sixty seconds to get them to breathe because he was basically. They were talking about it. 'cause Max wanted out from the minute. The round ended until he sat down and Robert was taking his time trying to convince them. That, he should keep going, but also hey. Give me a couple of breaths. Sit Down all that you have one minute to do all that. At the very end, Robert and Max boats. We call it. We call you know. So, he he did you know agree with fighter. His fighter was specifically asked just in case. So good riffing on March Smith's part I I. The commission official did a great job to spotting that. No sense in someone out there who realistically doesn't want to go out, but let's dissect that now. Should he have gone out well? What Robert was tone them get the tae down and lay on top of something like that I was telling goes the same thing. Get an early takedown. Just ride the guy because he took around one, he definitely didn't take around two, but if he took around one, he might be able to get out of there. At Twenty nine twenty eight. Fifteen minutes experience in the NFC, the jitters are at least the the worst jitters I think. You'RE GONNA. Get might be in your rear view mirror. You GET A win. You get your win bonus. And and that's an and no one's talking about you on Monday at least in regards to. You know quitting on the stool. Or however you want to call it. He'd letting not not to continue. And so I I have no problem with the fact that the Nevada state athletic commissions in open an investigation like on the one hand I wanna go I want to be one of those media folks goes. What does I think? And what are they thinking over there? You know like. You're crazy and just come in over the top look. I guess I thought about it, and it's their job to just make sure that everything's on the up and up, don't we? This isn't that what we want. Folks is for those types of situations to get reviewed, but I think what will happen is Bob. Bennett and his team will review it kind of talk it out like goes in. were price speak with both individuals or maybe everyone involved? Type up some sort of a report so that everyone covered but I don't think that's GonNa stop them from. Licensing Robert Drysdale the corner in the future I don't think it was charged us all a lot of media. Kinda like just over the top over the top like if you think he should have gone out there. They knew what's wrong with the sport. I mean relax, and then I heard Dana say If you're ridiculing this young man, fuck you. He actually said that. You know what I say goes, fuck them. No one's ridiculing them or just talking about it and questioning it. I think I saw a couple over the tops like he's in and I thought well look again. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. In what you say, you're responsible for your. You know. It's GonNa. Live on on twitter forever. At least unless you delete it and someone doesn't screen. Grab it, but either way was just such a mess seeing all that. Again I had no problem with Robert Pushing them to the end. I think what Robert was telling. Them was a couple of things one was. You'RE GONNA find out a lot about yourself. This is what we've been training like you said goes. I'm sure they've they've shared meals together. They've price shared conversations together. They've probably envisioned how the career is going to go. You know there's been a lot of promise for this kid and I think he was. Trying to do is best in sixty seconds to tell them. This might have some repercussions in fact. Remember somebody's guys like just in jeans. Max Roscoff a few of the others that you're seeing that antics and Brendan Fitzgerald and all them are saying they're kind of like late fill. INS Christine Aguilara week ago. Some of them may not them may have been part of the summer series. The the deny contender series thing. Nolan was saying that in one of his articles. And, so they're pushing them, because we need those bodies, and so a few of them may not get that second fight you don't you know most of the time it was like hey, did you go onto while then we got. You got to get more wins. You're not ready. Here might be different. They can cut you after after one loss so i. think that's what Robert was trying to encapsulate and sixty second like. Hey, this this might live on for a while like seriously. We're here. Get out there. Give me a takedown, or at least attempt at a takedown and I think he couldn't say it I think he said the minute I see you know. if there is a sloppy, take down, or if this guy just drills z. with something then before you can even finish you off unless it's a one punch, Marquan walk, walk off. I will notify the commission. I'll throw in the towel or I'll have. The fight stopped. By Gimme something in those first thirty seconds to a minute. Because you never know man and all I kept thinking about goes all the different stories you've ever heard of or watched or read about Shout out to Brian Salmon Salmon. WHO HAD US on? His Sport Show on NBC last night here locally in Vegas. Did you catch that yet. I haven't watched it okay in the house in it not. In. Not In our spot, but prior to he was discussing it with his team and one of them is Amber Dixon who a lot of people see covering. The sport is well here locally, and she was stating that she spoke to Smitty James. Smitty forget his. It may just be Smith actually. But Do you remember that gentlemen coming into our studio and talk on boxing? He's a local vegas. Reiner Smitty everybody respects him and everything. And she was discussing she was sharing this with the audience that she had been discussing with Smitty, and that conversation so I. Don't WanNa make it sound like on some boxing historian. I only heard this last night. That apparently Mohammed Ali wanted to quit begins Sonny Liston you know Roberto Duran did quit you know and he has shown regret because he knew that was a bad decision. He also knew he didn't have it. but you know that was just because he was pretty much on prepared and I guess. They said he had a steak that didn't sit right whatever, but are the way I've seen many specials where? He looks back as a at at at that moment you know. wishes he hadn't done that. Think about me, she was getting house. They walloped, but you know she's decisively losing her fight against Holly Home. She still goes out there and does what she needed to do to get. The take down to at least start something and goes all. This was in round five again a fight that's not going well while they're standing on their feet, and she became a world champion and I wasn't there. a year riot hall fight in Pittsburgh. Against was Chris Jaakko. And I remember. Took a beating at the beginning of the. I. Remember Eric Niksic Keeping Him in the game. You know what I mean and him coming about Coby Covington getting his job broken in round, two or three, and still going out there through a couple of times now. You stated this wasn't an injury, so we're pretty clear about that. We're not sending someone out with their eyeball, hanging out or anything like that. The Guy was just. Physically broken mentally broken, emotionally broken. You know but but We weren't sending one sending someone out there. That couldn't lift us to shoulders, and therefore he was just going to get peace up. and I think that's what Robert was trying to just give him in those sixty seconds, and I think that's what all well intentioned. Other athletes or other media or other vans were saying we've seen it. Folks It's happened. You know and and all that was trying to be communicated, and that's all we feel. We're not trying to send someone out there against a lion with no spear or anything like that. I I know. I just threw a lot at you so maybe I'm pack at all, but you know. Can you believe this is such a big story in either direction other than just? You. Know what Ha. What happened happened, but? Anyway? I I agree with pretty much almost everything you just said except the only one difference I think is. In those situations Kobe Covington. We should say like these are very experienced fighters and their fighters that. Had the benefit of an entire camp right. and. Max is a guy that came off five days. We don't know what kind of usually pretty good shape. But he didn't train for the opponent and those days are usually made up of. Lose this weight mostly spend us on trying to make sure you make weight for the fight, so it's not like you can go in there. And all of a sudden billed as cardio so. I've been there before where you just. You're just exhausted. Nothing in there. But I wasn't getting punched while I was trying to do. Whatever I'm trying to. I'm trying to run five miles. It's time or something. so. I can see how somebody could break. In the situation Ambi scared of being poster is in front of the entire world. and. He's young in his career. You Media Kobe already set their careers. They were also in fights. aches were bigger. Yeah, so Ko I mean we see like the way? Defy Games now. You only have so many of those. So maybe the kids just thinking. I'm not going to be on somebody else's poster just to look tough for everyone. That's a lot to digest and in between rounds I. Think Robert Did the best that he could with them. But now it's just kind of the balls and Max and and I'm actually surprised that. Dana White took the stance that he took because I think so many times. We see him sort of come out fighters. Things is the one time where I was pretty surprised that he actually had the fighters back. And if you're Max I, think you feel good about that. But you have to capitalize on that too and. Really turned things around and show everybody that you're different fighter than what we saw that night and you know round one. He looked like he looked like a fighter that belong there and then I think that's when it just set in. He just wasn't underprepared fighter and it wasn't really his fault. That said he still has to work a lot on his striking. Yeah, the wrestling seems fine. The jujitsu seems fine. The blending of the two you know. He was going after different types of tags so. attack I believe in the second round, and then the first round has gone for his patented takedown. Work to a dominant get that Renuka choke. Excuse me thought I haven't seen. But. Now thought but anyway. What I did want to say was one of the first things I saw on. Twitter was a tweet by bread Akimoto from ESPN saying a member. You only have like one hundred forty characters on two hundred eighty characters something like that. You were saying that Dana had I said Hey. Maybe this kid isn't ready. Maybe this isn't for him. So when I like Oh. He's fucked. You know what I mean like. He's not getting that second fight, but. As you can see on enemy junkies youtube page, youtubecom youtubecom forward slash enemy junkie video the whole press conferences. They're like go said. Dana white goes on to say hey, look. If. You're not ready. You're not ready. I have nothing against him going out there and electing not to continue or quit, or however you want to categorize it. And so it looks like he will maybe at least have maybe the benefit of of a second fight. I think you absolutely have to give it to him. Just because of the look that it's GonNa give if he doesn't because there's not. There's a lot of people that just. Covered this on television. That didn't really give you. All of the pieces of the puzzle, so the way they portray things was roure was like trying to feed him to the Lions and they didn't even mention the part that at the end he did actually stop the fight so in other people's eyes. They're gonNA. Look at it, as will you'll see just wants people out there and get jacked up him I think they have no choice. They have to give him a second fight. It would look really bad. Yeah, well I hope. He hope he gets one to with full camp. Definitely for sure look, you won his first fight. I think he finished them all. and. That's why he had so much height, but Anyway folks. I was just the first fight of the night. Lauren Murphy good for her late resurgence in her career, remember she got. A little pissed on that season of the ultimate fighter, and and since she's done very well for herself, so you gotta give her a shot up just in jeans, also trains extreme tour. He went out there and he just got. He started Landon Hooks on Camacho tough son of a bitch man and he didn't stop the on. You could just see his face. What do we do you like? I'm happy and I'm reacting. And who and he was processing, it seemed like his reaction was like three seconds behind what had already physically happened like he literally was just so intense. Didn't know where to Ron what to say, but he was so excited, but he literally debuted a few days notice and got the win so good for him. We see this guy at extreme couture. All the time to he does his thing and then i. think he trains the kids. We usually see on the way. He's training the kids. he also played on the extreme couture team when we played them junky nation versus extreme couture and flight for bar remember him. Mentioned mackey, Potolo, andbranch bars and Eric Niksic, and Boston Salmon so orioles had our hands full that day, folks. We had elite one nothing all right Jillian. Well, you won't say anything about just ginned. Well I I just thought what was surprising was beat. Camacho. Income Wacho fashion it was. That's what. Probably the game plan. You would say whatever you do. Don't get involved in that type of fight with this guy. And he did, and he came out on the winning end Definitely. Julian Robertson defeated Courtney casing. And so that's the second flyweight fight of the night. Because remember Murphy beat mortar fairy. These are all the ladies that are angling to get to Valentina Shangqiu. Real quick being on that Lauren Murphy is thirty six years of age. And she is one. Four of five so remember. The season didn't go well for her, but she did win in the finale against Bob Haunt tack. Who was considered the number one going into that season? This was back in two thousand seventeen. Then she dropped one, too the. Banks and the now she's one three in a row, including Roxanne a fairy. Andrea Lee and Mara Romero Baramulla, so all decent fighters on the Jillian Robertson side. She's only twenty five years of age she. Since fighting in that finale has gone. Let See. She's one three or four, and she's one five and two since that season so. She's doing right to man Good for both of them. I just wanted to put it a little bit in context. With. What's happening in that division? That division is basically bouncing Shinco and then I think. Most people can name to others Oh. There's Jessica I and Caitlyn Chiquet and the only reason is 'cause. You just think about the last two people that Valentino embarrassed you know and. Anyway Marc Andre Reo got the wind. He should torres boy back to the wall What did they say when they We said she might have a chip on her shoulder member. When the fight was announced, did say what was the opposite of surging or streaking Teasha is like sinking. No, maybe something like that. Seeking Torres gets last. Fine. Remember there was A. On Junkie. Headline what we were like! It wasn't really. What's the word? The word was one of those like where I never read that it'd be like beat. Anyway, she started off ten in one. In now, she was ten and five going into this. she needed that win I. Look, she's popular. She's Brazil's partner. Those two are probably to Dana White's favorites. She's a formidable young lady. Who during her time? As a fighter has actually finished her masters degree like she's very very impressive when you talk to her sweet girl to met her in the studio. But. You can't go and for. Much less Oh and five. But that performance finally fact I said it even before the fight. She just seems to have a repetitive game plan. And the last thing, and she loves the stand, but she doesn't seem to have the big Ko power now. A Ko didn't take place, but she was thrown. Finally goes with some ferocity in like she was landing a few where I think. She Got Bran Van Buren definitely back off. She definitely hurt her She's throwing differently. You know she. She's known for that little I mean that's why they call it a tornado the tornado. Could you just got that little style? But she was thrown a lot of straight punches, and I think it really caught her opponent off guard. she had started off ten in one like I, mentioned her only loss was to nominate Eunice, but she had also beaten ominous, so she was. She was off to a good start. I! Remember. WHAT HER SEASON! I remember thinking. That was Myrlie pick to win the whole thing. Anyway, Bobby Green got the best of Clay Guido to veterans of the sport I don't know if I said it like this, but I really felt like. The loser might. Be Done in the AFC. Bobby Green had a two fight losing streak going into this fight. Prior to that he had a win and a draw, and then prior to that he had three straight losses. But you know as these guys start to make a little bit more money, and if they're not fighting frequently if they're not making their mark sometimes, it's just time for you to go in quake clueless. Klay Guidos spot. He's Uber Popular. He just registered with the fans. He may always have a spot now as long as he wants, but to be fair, he had lost. Two of his last three so now it's three of his last four. If you include the green win. Miller losses so quick. The Jamila was a guillotine choke one minute in the one win sprinkled amongst the three losses. In that four fight run? was the bj Penn on Bj's just not what he was, so that's why there's not too much stock raise. In that win at that point. Then you go to Oliveira. He got submitted their in Chicago. That's his hometown I was in one minute to. That's why I felt like. You Know Hey, once these guys up there and they're making a lot. You know I I. Don't Know How long they keep your home. We'd is thirty eight. So. He's given us some classics back in the day bird anyway. it's another one. What can I say I love that slapped. His brother gives them. Jim Miller yet Jim Miller we just talked about him. He defeated Roosevelt Roberts. The guy just doesn't stop. That's thirty five fights. He's had. That is Kaiser Rony. Every time you want to count that dude out he. It's like an alligator lime disease. He has Thirty six years of age. I mean in such a Nice Guy, too. He's won three of his lines for his only loss was to Scott Holtzman. before that he went one in one area win over Alex white loss to Charles Lavar now before that he had a four five losing streak, killers hooker Tornado, pettus and Before that he had three fight win. Streak decent names Alba's lasana going. So, He's at an up and down man, but I guess he's always ready to fight. You know and so the UC really really loves them. So. Congrats to him and he got a bonus man couldn't. Doesn't get any better than that. In the really really stacked welterweight division belong Muhammad defeated linemen good trae fight. It was a great fight fight, but you had reason to cheer for both guys. You see what allow Muhammad what his family's gone through. You seen what lyman good has gone through personally. That it was reason to cheer for both guys. they both tug on your heartstrings, and they went at it. I was trained for Bahama 'cause I. Bet on them. But I thought my goose might be cooked. 'cause lyman good was just stockins, Dunkin and throwing hard. And Mohammed had good movement in the the commentators. This time I was pissed, being crews and Anik. They were noting how what's helping Mohamed is. He's not stationary now. Can he do that for the whole fifteen? Apparently he could man. Good for him. He had some really really nice. Take downs, though good was able to get back from a couple of those, but it was, his technique was really great. Man Muhammad. to work with aspirin and woody when they're around over there at Duke Rufus Jim. Pennington defeated Marin Renault. You know it will actually pretty fun fight even though I went to a decision, they went out. They did I was kind of frustrated because I was looking at Pennington housing. Why couldn't you fight holly homeless exact same way like? She was really really pushing it. You could tell I want to say. There was desperation on her part. You could tell she was on a tough situation and she needed to win, and she pushed a little bit harder in this fight, and it was. It was fun to watch, and I think Renault. Fightback is best she could. I, feel like that's the type of fight. Where they fought ten times. It's not gonNA. It's not GONNA go paintings way every single time. It was competitive. You're right. She had lost three or four coming in. She was ten and eight overall. She's beloved by Dana White. she's got to be one of his favourite talks about her a lot. She had a four five win streak going into the Amanda Nunez fight, so she deserved title shot. She lost the title shot in round five remember. Those kind of had a controversial one as far as like. Should she keep going going back to the whole Roshkov conversation. But since then. after that she lost Germain. beat Irene, Aldana Lost Holly Home, and now beat Marin Renault, so she'll get another fight both her anticipatory is one so good for them. You know what's funny is I. Look at this Irene Aldana fight? She wanted by split decision. If she had lost it, she would add four fight losing streak going into the Marian Renault fight. In Irene all Donegal if she had laws that she'd have a six fight win streak. and. Then man is wouldn't be able to go. I got no one to fight. You know what I mean, 'cause. It's still impressive. She's won five of six two in a row, but that one little loss of stopped her from being able to brag about a A six five streak all because of a split decision. let's finish up here with Josh Emmett and chamber goes. Where do you begin? I kinda wanted to sit back and watch it all over again. I mean those to throw in every type of attack. You could possibly think of in that fight, and what a great great fight and I have a feeling. This isn't going to be the last time we see these to fight. I think down the road. We could see him. Do it again had a little bit of a Stout Fisher feel to it right little bit. Could stand after all that. We neither. They folks. It's like two guys that. Bumper cars on the street and you ever see those videos where you say. Hey, look look, look, look, look, timing, year and one guy goes through his Trunk and pulls out a Bat, and the pulls out of tired, and they start swinging at each other you know, and then everyone around the other cars are all you can hear his. ooh, Oh Shit! No, we didn't. Call Nine one one. I mean. It was violent folks. Was it the best by the COVID era? Now. I don't WanNa just jump on and go fuck. Yeah, and then you go all what about in Jacksonville 'cause I can't remember but. I think so yeah, or at least yeah. I mean if I if I get a chance to scan back real, quick and report back on Thursday show. I'm pretty sure could hold up. Dinky USC should do a bonus for like five of the year something. Send each guy a car. For, fight of the year. Yeah, that'd be cool both guys interesting I mean, do they do it or do they let the World Emmy awards dictate I. Think they do it because if if fans vote, I'd love to see both guys standing next to a What's that car? You like the lion roar. The ranger kind of what their keys around Christmas. Time a things, Dana Y, you know, a spilled a little bit of blood, but there's got to be more than a car. Though right well, it depends on what car though because the regular fifty grand right. Yeah. I got five of the year. It's gotTa be a lot. Two Hundred Zero Lexus or I don't know I. Mean You you WanNa send these guys like. Yeah. That'd be dope. I mean the more the Merrier. Yeah, that's for sure, but I don't know I mean that. That's where all the sudden I. Don't know if you'll get those guys to do it You know you see just the UC's trying to cover up for the other stuff. That's not working at Endeavour I. The UC definitely's making money even now. during covid nineteen era. I think they're still. They're still doing well in different spots member. They grew UFC fight pass. they got that big ESPN deal. Think Reebok about to finish and Nike or under armour about the slip been. The well their sponsorships. I'll never say they've killed it. They're still see McKee's or something like you don't just feel. Like. Those I mean I, Dunno I you watch Manchester United and you see like Ooh. Blow watches Chevrolet. You know I mean like actual fortune five hundred. In the UC. You'll see some pretty cool stuff, but it's like a movie premieres. I think someone someone needs to dial in some big big sponsorships and. To sell them and then go and tell you what conor McGregor will be at the grand opening. I don't know it's weird because if you see the big boxing match is. Like. To See Nicer big. Or something on on the Burger, and that's it. You know like they must give a lot of money. To have that one feature spot definitely I mean models, pig models part of krona, right thing, corona own the middle or Salat. Oh. All right so listen folks watch Burgos and Emmett. You'll love it. Watch it with a buddy who hasn't seen it and just feed off of them. The only thing I didn't like was at the end. I thought the fight was still winnable for Burgos, but he was just letting amid get. Shots, in has because his hands weren't in was tawny, and who knows if that made the difference He had the reach advantage. He was also kicking him in the cavs and Josh Emmett apparently may have had a severe knee injury were hearing maybe a possible. ACL Tear. That's how he described so literally. Burgos GonNA. Look back and go I'm I'm somebody what the fuck you know like fifty grand cool fight of the night but I lost and. That's a second loss you know first one was the Colin Cater analysis to Josh and if you look at the records. Burgos. In the UCLA on. Six in one going in. Managing to get to seven and one, and and you're only losses. Calvin cater who didn't finish you the. or No, he hit. Yeah, he did finish them leading around three. That would be a pretty impressive. You know he would just continue to to keep climbing, but let's talk about Josh among other ways. We'll never be able to get on the show. Josh Emmett is saying Hey. Stop doubting me enough. You know I'm really says I'm going to stop doing media with so many fools as soon as he said it, I started turning because I thought man I'm I'm pretty sure I didn't take him the staff picks. he came out in one two in a row lost desmond. Green then won four in a row. artists and llamas then lost Jeremy Stevens and then Cincinnati beating Michael Johnson. Mercedes backed again chain Burgos. I think I might be one of those guys to that. I think. He's burned me before on picks in so. He's just He's a good fighter when he's on his great, but sometimes you just gives you that performance where you're like can't really figure out where this guy's at so. I don't know I mean I'd like to talk to them again. Hopefully will talk to us, but I think we both picked against him and I wanna Sam pick against him and his last couple I might be one and might be one of the main guys these talk about if you look at staff picks now. Well. He was impressive. I can't deny that dude hits hard. He keeps coming after you and you can't question. His toughness he's one of the hardest citizen. I division for sure we'll have to wait and see what is injury is and hopefully it's not serious. Hopefully, it's spraying. He was getting hit on the. A that just looks alone but be. He? Had A he did suffer knee injury like fifteen seconds in. so we wish the best, and of course the main event. Curtis Blades defeated. Alexander Volkov why don't I? Let you lead off on this one? What were your thoughts on that fight and then everything that came after it, and we'll still be either yet to come or maybe won't come. For the winner Curtis Blades. I mean he told us going in exactly the type of fight. He was gonNA fight and I think we'd all be stupid if we thought he was into something else he. It shocks me. How many people are so critical of of the way? He fights I mean they put them in that main event? The way, the match up was bill. You knew that he had to fight that way. It's not like he does it. Every I mean every fight. He uses his wrestling. which if I'm his coach? What I'm telling them to do, but he also strikes you know and yeah. He got tired towards the end. but I'm GonNa let that pass and the era that we're in right now. Me still cross the finish line. He's still one dominant a dominant performance over very good fighter. I think of that had around six. He might be in trouble, but he. Die In the post fight interview. Yeah, he was hurting really really bad, but. As far as like not being able to talk shit or whatever like to winning man. What do you want from him I mean he's winning if he ever problem with a style then. I don't understand why you're putting them in that situation, but I don't know that he has. I. Don't know that anyone outside. Maybe three people in the UFC can ever sit back and go I'm next I know that shot malignly like especially if you have ceased coming down on you for the way you fight. Not doing media stuff like that like you're just not going to be one of their favorites, and he's in a situation right now with the heavyweight division where he's got the two losses to Ingong new The belt is tied up right now. I don't see a scenario where he doesn't take another fight before and let all this play out of the White Zombie. Sit on the sidelines for a while. I agree it's fifteenth is coach Cormie. Let's just say. Let's say it ends decisively. I'M NOT GONNA throw the scenario. What if it's a draw because it's one one right now? One guy wins the same Yoji twins well. Then I think it's meal Jutras in Ghana to. Let's say Korea wins well then I think it's. I mean what do you do? OATMEAL laws were still shoving them in there because it's vacant now against God him. I mean he might have the case because you might say shelvin someone in there who I beat because remember cormet would have retired. Or. Do you go in Ghana versus blades three? No, not after that performance, you could tell Dana White's on happy. You know I don't know but. More than likely. Meal. If you wins will fighting gone? Who and that's just the soonest? I could see that as December. Therefore we're in June. And then let's see in January whoever wins fights three months later. That's April I mean that's ten months away. He's take another fight. Yeah and he needs in Ghana to lose because as long as in Ghana's either winning, or you know, it's going to be tough to get the second shot third shot even when he's champ and it's going to be tough to To get ahead of mother both winning regardless of what else having. Didn't look bad, you could tell. He worked on his wrestling Curtis blazes just a tough tough dude to fight. He so committed to his wrestling and. And I think Alexander Volkov I think can gain a lot from that from that match up. It's just a tough tough match-up for him. So. What are you GonNa do Dana White. was definitely critical, and he said blades at talk some. Talk some Shit. But the title man. wight two blades after win. You look stupid now that that title right there on my old cow. That'd be tough for two friends to say to each other. Let alone an employer and employee right the the the rest of it is. You look stupid after failing. To backup talk in you of SEON ESPN win eleven win, but. Junkie. It just says you look stupid. It had over one hundred thousand shares so that story definitely definitely blew up He said I like Curtis Blades, but curtis blades is the wrong attitude. As far as I'm concerned. I don't have anything against the kid at all. But when you talk shit like he did this week, you'd better come in and whip somebody's ass. When you talk like that when you talk the shit that he did and perform like he did tonight. You look stupid. Yeah, he won. He talked a lot of shit coming in this week. We put the same. The editorial about that anyway. Did. He say something about the promotion do. About fighter pay was any one of those guys that's. I think that's more of what white. pissed about not that he's remember. There was a tweet that said of y'all are thinking that this is GonNa. Blah Blah Blah. Shows that to their credit. You basically said I'm just. GonNa. I'M GONNA. Do what I do, which is take someone down and smash them. You know and he was doing it for a while. He just couldn't. It wasn't beautiful because he was so stuck on dominant positions, but there was no advancement, and that's where Credit Volkov in a couple of times, Dean said all right. We got to stand back up so and also. When you? Imagine being. can I put this. Imagine being the the the model that walks the runway after Giselle Bloomington. Man Let's just say you're really not known for. Your striking looks us have a good body. You know maybe a butter face whatever and you gotta go after her imagine being the quarterback for the Patriots this year. You know that's what these guys were doing. Coming in as Emmett and Burgos were were leaving. Those who are walking and go. How do we top that? You know want to be in that position. Yeah, so. It was a fun night. It was a weird night, but it was fun night. Lonzo happened we did our best there to recap before you guys as I do. With all of these receive. I, can catch goes off. Guard goes real quick. Gate and attendance for Saturday night. Oh easy peasy. Zero which one though where our? The trump rally. Are we talking? It was six zero. They're expecting one nine, zero zero zero. I had to take that. Burn guys. Yeah! zero ten zero gate is what it's at folks. the is Dustin Pedroia versus Dan? Hooker you'll see our picks on the front page of ENEMY JUNKIE DOT COM. You'll know where we stand, but is there anything you want to say on? That card goes Now you have this format on the hooker yet. Either the car the fight itself amendment all the main event. It's awesome. It's GonNa be so good. I can't wait to see that fathom be. Going to be fun, because both guys styles don't allow for it to be a boring fight. It's going to be really really fun and it's GonNa. Come down to a big check for both of those guys. They both have great skills whilst Mike. Parry versus Makiko. That Mickey Gall better get him down quick or something that they definitely can't be exchanging on the feet I agree and then after that folks, we have a week off and all the fights will start taking place at y'all's island in Abu Dhabi including UFC two fifty. What are we had to fifty one The has three title fights Uis. Mon-. Defends Volkogonov ski defense, and then the title left vacant by Henry Saluda will be filled either by Peter Yawn or Josie Aldo unless they pull A. Figueredo Ben Evita's. Remember those guys were supposed to One of them was supposed to become a champ. And figure out a one, but didn't make weight, so they're running it back and they're running back a week later, so we're even creeping up on that one too so. Dina's not lying when he says there's a lot a lot. happening. In the in the coming month of July, no international fight week here in Las Vegas. Let's put postponed till the fall along with that comes the hall of fame. The World Emmy awards the World Emmy Awards isn't affiliate with UC the kind of piggyback that whole, Week and then UCF east at least two three cards the thing. I don't think during a go to cards deep, but still they do a lot of stuff around town, and just right now town is not what it was it slowly. com back, but we're also slowly. having a surging cove nineteen cases so everywhere out there. Please be careful. Keep wearing. That mask is all I can say hopefully enjoy today show. We're going to be back on Wednesday at noon eastern nine am Pacific. On Sports Caster, good a sportscaster, and you can catch us in the video form. It's sportscaster dot, com, junkie There's no IAN in Caster, so it's SPO. RT, S. T. R.. DOT, com forward slash junkie. and. Of course we'll be back on Thursday with another episode so until then go out there and beaching.

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