Austin Aries Is Bound For Glory


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But before Aries takes on Johnny and back Austin, sitting down right here on TI to talk about his departure from deputy, his return to impact wrestling being the belt collector. And while all of the crossover in the Andes, including of honor impact, new Japan wrestling is a great thing for the business. I agree off has been working a lot in Australia as well and talks about the wrestling scene down under which is burgeoning, and speaking of going down under Fosse is going to help the burgeoning rock scene down under because we're heading there next month right after we do three sets on the upcoming Chris Jericho rock and wrestling raider at c. which is also less than three weeks away and less than twenty five tablets left. We are close. To a sell out, but we're going to be playing Austrailia. We're going to New Zealand for the first time ever November seventh and Auckland at the studio, December ninth Austrailia and Melbourne at max watts birthday December tenth Sydney at the manning. 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Who am I going to get my doors are going to be seeing punctures are going to be the mysterious Nevado both would be awesome. And speaking of awesome. The man with the bananas, Austin, Aries the impact world champion back on talk is Jericho starting now. All right. So the professionalism of Chris Jericho knows no boundaries as I had Austin Aries meeting here at the fine bubble love, sponge studio in Tampa, Florida and not only was I fifty minutes late, but I forgot my recorder. So we had to barge into Bubba studio to try and do a last minute chatting here. No big deal what it need to record or for both. Yeah, it's a podcast would know recorder, heavy, like right on all cage, pay per view and not bringing your cage who would do that? Wait a minute. Are you on something that happened? Oh, this did happen by never heard that story for please, please fill me in. Oh, that was the old regime of formerly known as TNA, right? They the all cage pay per view in Saint Louis, which is a good place to have all caged papery because you can't believe in Saint Louis and they didn't bring the cage. God, I'm trying to decide. I was always trying to decide if it was worse. If they forgot her, someone made the decision not to bring it like, I don't know which is, but they and they, then they had the crew. They're trying to build a cage and we call it this six sides of string. We were. We were. We were all instructed where we couldn't couldn't stand as we're still in the cage, eat your whole k. your whole pay per view is built around the cage. You don't bring it, and that was the electrified cage match with a believe the the team, three, d and. And so of course, you know, dean has the great. I've been lecture cupid shake, unfortunately guy who was flipping the light switch and had to go into the microphone was just a little bit off on on the timing and so. Yeah. And so that was actually right before my second suspension. And so my suspension basically stemmed off that because that was kind of what was the shoot suspension. Yeah, yeah. And that was actually when I left my my when I left back in what was it? Two thousand seven, eight nine. Whenever second time, second suspension, which then led to me, we'll even going back during honor. What did you get suspended for a bad attitude. Wow. Yeah, I didn't know that a bad attitude. So basically the story is so actually actually then Taylor, this pay per view, which obviously is leaving a bad taste, a lot of people's mouths, and you know the the next day was a travel day. This happened to be actually my birthday weekend, and so we had to travel day Monday. We had television on Tuesday. At this point, the the company decided to inform us Shirley around the holidays that they're no longer going to provide our hotel rooms or transportation. Merry Christmas. And so so for this off day, being my birthday, I cashed in some favors and instead of us all cramming into a. Hotel room like we normally would do as the x division guys? I'm sure stinging Kurt worked crammed into one to when their hotel rooms were pulled from that at Christmas. Exactly. Crotone stinks slept underneath a bed window, but so base it was an off day. I had got this nice time share a big big space. Everybody's got a bad room, get some food and some booze. We're gonna have a nice birthday bash on her day off, you know. And I was like eleven thirty and and Vince Russo often, hey, Austin, he, Alex. We might need you to do some vignettes to Marlboros, so stay by your phones. Okay. And so I'm thinking, I'm going to be nowhere near my phone tomorrow. You know, long story short. They asked me to come and do some in yet on the off day. I asked too many questions. You know how long it was going to take is a reason we couldn't do tomorrow, and I'm there for eight hours. You're just basically it might be paid, which was no will. Then you know, I'm paying all my expenses today, but you want me to come into work, but you don't wanna pay me. How's that work? You know, you didn't even ask your basically tell. So basically I hadn't bad attitude. I didn't just say yes, sir. I said, why sir? And why Sirs sometimes are dubbed as having bad attitudes and are sent home as punishment. And then. Spended for their bad attitude, and then they forced the way out of the promotion and go elsewhere. So did you get actual letter that said you're suspended for having a bad attitude, you know, know you know, like real men. Do they dropped the voicemail when you're in the air? So when you land you can go, okay, see that wouldn't come. And I used to return ravens phone calls when TNA had the live pay per view when I would see him on the paper view, knowing that it's live, I phone hit. You just call them. Call me back when you can see the moment. You come out of the ring. No answer. But that's kind of interesting. And first of all, just before we move forward and this is why I love talking to you. Remember last time we just jumped right in. What do the concept of all cage pay per view? Seemed very strange to me in the fact that a cage matches there because it's one special particular matter how in the hell do you do a whole pay per view of seven cage matches? And if you're not on first, how do you do anything throughout the show? Exactly, right. I mean, it's just, you know, maybe you know, when you say it out loud, it sounds sexy and goal. That'd be great. And then you think about it for it should take maybe less than three seconds, go nuts, a terrible idea, but apparently no one in that room went, I think probably someone said as a joke, not realizing like careful what you joke about in this room because people think you're serious right. That was like the inside out battle Royal. I like someone like just said, oh, why don't we do a better Royal where y'all throw people in the ring. Wait a minute. That's a great idea. No, it's not stop. Were you in that match? Novus. Yeah, I know. I know one hell in the cell just interject with it was held and is always the big match. But then they started doing the home of the cell pay per view where there'd be two or three hell in the cell, and it's like that just kills it. It does because again, like there's only so much you can do in those matches and there's an expectation what those matches are going to have. And and so you know you, you only have so much psychology. You can use those. Yeah. And you're gonna use it up by match three or or the first, you know, handful of matches. They're going to basically disregard the fact they're in a cage and just wrestle it like a normal wrestling match anyway. Right. Usually what happens because you know there's no, there's no real feud or there's no real, you know hatred. You're not going to try to run some guy's head into the steel cage or that you know that's going to be maybe saved for later on the card. So your your early matches, which I probably would've been like in some x division match. We're basically just being kind of, you know, Hanukkah handcuffed had, you know, because now we're trying to do this style wrestling in the cage that has nothing to do right and really no benefit to us because we don't want to take it away from the people later on in the night, then happened to me like I had. All say it's one of the one of my, not classic, but it's a pretty well known hell in the cell which is me versus triple h barbed wire baseball bat on the top. It's very memorable. Sure something that it's one of the matches that I could. Oh yeah, I remember that it was great. And then someone said, oh, he had to hell missiles. I said, no, I didn't. They said yesterday, I said, no. I had triplets I've never had another hell in the south. You would have stuck a gun to my head. I would've said I have never had another elm sell this. Someone show me picture of me in the MS versus David teased and Raman stereo on a hell in the cell pay per view, a random, nothing matched random Helena cell in the cell, right, right. And that's kind of what it would seem with all the lockdowns stuff. But when you're talking about you said the former regime of TNA and now you are, you know, at that time we're recording this, the impact champion with a whole new regime you were here? I don't remember six months year. Ammonia could be five years, but it was right after you left WB a little bit of an open water ground. How is it been men? It's, you know, I think there's, there's the. Initial. The initial adjustment. You know, a lot of things changed very quickly for me personally professionally, and so you know, so take some time to kind of get your feedback on her Neath and get calibrate, recalibrate it sort of speaking. But really the last, you know, six months, I'd say, you know, since February and March April. Like I gotta be honest. I haven't had more fun on professional wrestling in my eighteen years than I've had in the last six months. It's been amazing. I've got the travel the world. I've got to really get my creative freedom back and which is something that I really value everyone's different on that. You know, some people look at this strictly as a as a way to make money, or you know, become famous. I love the art of pro wrestling and beyond thank people on that emotional ride in the way that you my vision is and what works for me and do that. Now, you know, across the world with a number of promotions, and I think successfully. Integrated myself into this kind of cool time and pro wrestling where you know again, in your being a part of that, where things that you thought you knew how pro wrestling was the the rules are changing every day. And you know, I had had one of the the writers and won't say which one, but he kinda hit me up. And after something had happened when I showed up at actually on ring of honor and he said to say, is it safe to -ssume that you're, you're no longer with impact? And and my text back to him said, you know, in this landscape, nothing is safe to assume anymore. And that's why I love it. You know, there's nothing you can assume anymore. So yeah, it's it's been great to to to go out. And you know, again, have ownership in my life and my create Mike, my creative process and really kinda see this this great landscape appro wrestling across the globe. It really has changed. It's one thing I enjoy about being working with Japan. It hasn't been a lot, but from the first ball from the first match to the second match, I really did enjoy like you. Mentioned the creative freedom of being able to, and I want to phrase this properly because there is a of doing things that I really enjoy. But there's also the other side of not having to worry about too many cooks adding greedy to your soup. I don't mind Vince ads agreements the suit, but when I got this guy and that guy and this guy influencing vinced influence what he's saying, it kind of takes away a little with the artistry. Sure. And I really appreciate the kind of being almost totally control of of what I wanted to do with that. Yeah, yeah. And I and I think you know, for me, I think people trusting me to to to do the right thing. You know, because I've, I've never thought of myself as as a selfish performer anymore than we have to be to be in the position we're in. I'm always thinking of the big picture and and you know there's a way to do things where everybody wins. And I think a lot of times in this industry, a lot of people don't put that extra thought into that extra step where everybody wins. Right. And so. So to be able to go and work with promotions and they have promotion start working together, whether it was, you know, I w k and defiant over in the in in in England, you know where I was the champion of both of those places and it wasn't. It was something kind of organically happened in made sense with where they both were in storyline wise and things that were going on and I, and it was just a suggestion of like you guys both have a streaming service that you're charging, you know, five dollars, seven dollars a month for why not work in angled together, where I'm working, both these places anyway for six months with, you know, something that brings is to both promotions instead of splitting your fan base. And I think that's what it companies are starting to see now is like the pro wrestling scene. You know, with the way that we take in content now was changed and and everyone has their own platform, you know is performance. We all have a platform to build our brand as promotions. We have ways of getting the the content out there without national television, and it's long people from all over the world to to watch it, and then create demand for guys like me in. Places of the world, or maybe they're willing to bend five or ten years ago and then and then some places are seeing that, well, let's work together and instead of splitting that pile up a bunch of times, let's let's work together and maybe bake a bigger one and we can all get a big slice right now. And it was cool because you were unless vegan pie always being ties the most delicious. Tell you when you went and worked for ring of honor that you were the impact champion. Yeah, and that was the the first we're going to be doing some of those on the cruise revolvers impact, but to have you do that was the first time ever that these companies had ever worked together. How did that happen? Well, you know what? I just, you know, the time again, I didn't have a contract anywhere, and I still don't have a contract that restricts me from working anywhere, which is I think, beautiful. And I think as independent contractor, the way wrestling could be. And so I'm trying to show companies that you can do that and it can be successful and you don't need to have people under your thumb for them to do good business. And so you know, I'd I'd really been going back and forth with both. You know. At one point, I was actually set to join ring of honor under a deal. We had some ideas creatively and then impacted contacted me once Scott Don came aboard and we started talking philosophy, you know, and once we started talking philosophy of of, you know how to run a company, how to treat talent. You know how to how to create those relationships with talent. I felt like there was a good opportunity there too big part of rebuilding this the way I always thought it could be with all the talent that was there that maybe wasn't being wasn't really being. What's the right word? I'm looking for here. The people, you know, the people and the scenes weren't doing any favors for the people, the men women going in the ring. There were always so much potential there that was never been fulfilled from from reasons that had nothing to do with the performance. And here's a chance now we're Sonos performance in guys who've actually always put, put the boots on done it. Now we're in positions of influence and to run this a different way. And so through that process, you know, I I worked migrant out with impact that allowed me to come in there and do what I'm doing there without restricting me, and I stayed in contact with ring of honor and set them still interested in coming and doing something. I think we have an opportunity now to do something really cool and unprecedented that would maybe, you know, create some buzz and you know, through some different ideas around and and you know, my dear for the television championship was eighty two. Again, I've never held that championship, they're so from an ego standpoint, it makes sense logically to go in and take the one belt. I haven't had his collecting them, but then also to interject myself in a place that would also raise value for that program, you know, and and maybe bring some buzz and some is to something that you know. Not necessarily top programme, but something that you know, if got some people that that have got some history with men and to tell del, create a buzz that. And so that was the general idea. And and and so you know, I think I there was some apprehension rightfully so from from people in ring a Bonner's because the past relationships and I think that's got done and Sandra and the whole crew are aware that that's something they have to overcome. And I was glad to be someone to help kind of, you know, build that bridge back a little bit. And now the jerk cruise, which hopefully there's gonna be some good vegan options. So I think my ticket and be there because it sounds like it's, it's going to be the most glorious time ever or it's just going to be a complete show. Well, I'm not going to let it be. Oh. Okay. Then that's the thing is you work out of the first guy and there is an I wanna talk with that because you are the one guy. If I'm thinking about a guy that worked quite a bit in the old regime of TNA and was like you said, the first guy to come back in sign with impact, which I think is the hardest thing for for for Dunn and Scott to have to do is like, you know, this is a new thing or but they got a lot of they've gotta be hold to dig themselves out of course. So it was a little bit gun shy to even take the call from impact, or did you know them enough to know that there might be something different here? Well, you know, the first call was was really before. I don't know if they had Scott and Don in place, but before the announcement was made, there were still it was. It seemed like this turnover and everything was kind of in flux and Sajjad reached out to me. And you know that conversation was basically like, hey, mailing. If you don't have a team in place, like I'm not interested come in his talent. I want to be part of the team. You know, there's, there's Judy now to take this and do something. The right of the behind the scenes like I want to come in and be part of the decision making process and speak. Yeah. And I said, outside of that, I don't really have any because I don't know who was still there and who wasn't. You know, I said, I don't really have any desire to come in and work for anybody again, I'll work with anybody. Yes, work for anybody there. And so that was kind of in the conversation. And that's when the stuff you know, the conversations with ring of honor, kind of picked up and kind of made. All right. Maybe this is this is the direction to go, but then you know, once the, you know, Scott down announcement was made and Scott reach back out. Like, you know, I've never had any issue with Scott. We've crossed paths. We've never had real indepth conversations, but I don't, you know, have had no issue with them. You know, this is Scott. The most got two more, yes. So you know, and through talking with them and just again for me was philosophy and then obviously they had it. They had a creative idea for me that was gonna put me in an important position to to then, you know, help shape and reshape this place and be one of the voices in the locker room to set a new tone on on how we can we can do professional wrestling. So let's talk about some. Of the differences you had to reactivate to impact after leaving me in the way they do things. You went back to the scene, but I, I wanna talk about one of the big differences in my life. These days talking about my new quip, toothbrush, which I gotta get quip dot com slash Jericho. I got myself a blue one and helping healthy gums and teeth super in Bolton day. And that's why my whole family is now using quip electric toothbrushes. I know I don't always do the best job in brush my teeth, especially on the road. I was just in Japan, attacking evil with new Japan. 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And for me, you know, I'm really good at getting under people's skin, you know? And so I, I think right now, and I knew that eventually you get the, you get the initial, you know, homecoming reception baby. Yeah, the baby-faced wants around and but I knew that especially once I started collecting all these titles and walking around with him everywhere, what a dick that it wouldn't be long before people would be would be doing me and and put him in the position where I think I'm most valuable and where I feel most comfortable, which is which is, you know, getting under people's skin and then and then letting them. And that's the we talked about exactly. So so yeah. And so I just think it was. It was finding that finding myself, you know, listen, I'm certain environments can strip you've yourself confidence, you know, and and and you can leave places thinking you, you're not as good. You are. And so it takes some time to rebuild that. And so you know, I had I had, I had my infamous house of hardcore promo, you know which about that man? Well, you know it was. It was one of those. It was one of those. We're going to give Austin Aries alive. Mike on pay per view. What's and my thing with that is always like that never delivers. And so I don't wanna not deliver. So you know, I went back and forth in my head about what I wanted to say. And there was ones rouses gonna you know, light napalm and just start, you know, throwing throwing bombs and just, you know, speaking from the heart and the realities of of of the of the other side of the business that maybe people don't know, you know. And but, but at the end of the day, I decided to, instead of pointing the finger at everybody else for failures, I decided to point the finger myself which I thought I'm gonna go out there and do some people aren't gonna expect, right? Everyone's expecting me to go out there and completely trash WWE and, and and you know, but you know what I thought, you know what? Here's a moment to do something different and you know what it wasn't well received by the. The internet or from those people, maybe the masses, you're the ones who like to go in and give their opinions. And yes, it did go like thirteen minutes. So there's probably there's probably something to that because giving some heartfelt promo in Philadelphia of all places to a crowd. That's, you know, a half a half a case of beers in is probably not the best place to do it and it was risky, but you know what? I got a lot at the end of it. You know, it was part of the process for me of finding what the next step and what the next journey was for me, and but I think he did the smart thing because it never looks good. Like if you have somebody that comes in trashes the freedoms promotion. Sure. And unless you're somebody like, I don't know if the undertaker did it or of Jericho, did it, or some of that's had a long tenure there. That's done a lot of stuff. But when you've been there short period of time, if you're blaming, not just you, but you in general sphere, blaming this other company, you look kind of Chitty of course, just like you weren't good enough to to to stick around. So now you're going to blame them. That's all. That cross ten that's going to. And that's what people are going to look at it as right, and because at the end of the day, and here's the other thing, I'm still a little old school. I don't believe everyone needs to know everything that goes on the scene. I agree. Even even if even if that would paint a different picture of what people may think of me publicly, I still don't believe that I win that battle either. Yeah, so so I'll I'll take some on the chin here and there and let people think what they think about me. You know, the people closest to me and the people that are important to know who I am in. No, that know the truth and the realities of all the situations in my career. Again, going into that suspension with my second suspension and then leaving leaving TNA at the time. You know, it was also coming off the heels of them not bringing a cage all cage. Pay-per-view view. So like there was a preface to to while I was in a bad mood the next day and asking questions because of their unprofessionalism the night before. Right. And so, but we didn't talk about all that at the time. It was just a while he had a bad attitude and we sent him home and now he's fired. Yeah, you know. I think it was smart Phoenix to look within yourself. Yeah, you when I first went to w. w. after WCW knowing what I could do and not achieving that and not having a good reputation with the office. I gotta look, what am I doing wrong? These people to, like you said, I need to do what I know how to do to show them who Christine, Liz, and I think for you in leaving and then going back into, you know, the the business abroad and you need to remind people who Austin Aries is and what he can do, and you've done that. And if old and first and foremost probably remind myself, I, we talk about being big, our biggest fans on her harshest critics. Then those moments of your harshest critic, you know, maybe too much and yet take some time and but I think you know, maybe this is a good segue to talk about. One of the reasons I came in here today. Yeah, but talking about, you know, a personal accountability and and and just being real and authentic. And yeah, in that process. Again, you know, we can go through life and we can point fingers at everybody else for our failures, but but. At the end of the day, we only control one person and that's our selves. So. So why not? Why not look at the factors you do control, you don't again that goes, you know, that goes into into my food choices. Right? And we talked about my first time here with with the things I do with the plant based advocacy and things like that, which I gotta tell you man more than anything else when people come up and go, hey, man, I heard you on. I heard you on Jericho's really interested in that plant based. I heard you talking about your book. I really want to check it out, and so I wanna thank you for that because that was a huge platform to touch a lot of, again, our fan base is, I think, you know, again, you know, we've traveled for decades now and you know, I don't think plant based diet, some that a lot of them have been exposed to. You know, it's not it's, you know. So just see quickly, Kevin Smith, I saw him, he's lost fifty pounds yet a almost fatal heart attack, basically lose weight or die at said, he less fifty. I saw him. How'd you do it? Vigo. Wien diet, yeah. And, and that's, you know, unfortunately is a lot of people do is they wait till. Behind the eight ball did right change, and then they go, man. Was that easy? All you do is not eat all this stuff. All these years. Some of this. And again, people should be if a new, the, the key, the key that this unlocks to to your happiness, you're, you're in your health, you know? Right. So how did the book do for you? Is it a good doing? Good man. I, I think the biggest thing again, this wasn't it wasn't, hey, let's make a bunch of money on it. This was this was vehicle and a tool to get the message out there and then opened up other opportunities. So later this later in a few months, depending on when this actually airs I'm safe safe to say within later this year I'll just go with that unless you're air this to like twenty twenty. Alrighty happened, but I'll be speaking at a couple of different festivals went out in DC and then went out and Boston. And so so the book is VN festival, festivals, veg, fats, things of that sort. And so that the book is open up those avenues for me to go and and kind of share my story. And again, debunk lot of the the misnomers about, you know that you can't be vegan and also have muscles are being athlete or be cool chicks well, by. Speaking of Pyan bananas. Hold on a second. Oh, here comes. See. The banana was not just a gimme. He actually has. I brought you some custom. Oh, thank oh my goodness. The great Austin is Austin. Aries. Is that use? Those are Chiquita bananas to area. That's awesome. Man. And what is the real name? Shuki g it's Chiquita he's he's at the mercy. Then while usually giveaways birthday gifts. Somebody if someone buys a whole, the whole shebang by the little combo, look get the book that they get one of those guys. They'll take a closer picture, but it's a picture of little or Austin, Aries of banana basket on his head. Basically dresses Chiquita banana woman. I'm so the banana has survived. The banana gimmick survived surprisingly, and and I and I, it's not something I, I do all the time, but it it somehow has I people bring me bananas a lot. They're always asking me where the bananas, our, I get lots of tweets, or, you know, you know bananas in pockets. Things of that sort is a banana, a cornerstone of the vegan diet. I think it is only because you can make really good ice cream out of it, frozen bananas, make a a really good ice cream blended up. So it's just for that. But I mean, I put my shakes a lot. It's just a, it's a, it's a really good food. You know, because I'm dieting right now. Part of the diet is you can only have a certain amount of of proteins a day and a certain amount of carbs. Sure. And only four. Those carbs are fruit based carbs in a banana, not on the list. No, no, because it has more than four cars. Fruit has for what are you gonna have like what they want a grape. We'll make the basic twelve grade one unit, one, apple one, seven strawberries type of thing, and have a banana. Not on fire. Okay. Your time it's worked. I've lost twelve thousand the last nine days, but I would really love to have a banana. I, I would well, I say. For my banana stroking. Let's talk. We're going to talk about a few of the things I wanna talk to you. First of all, you are now called the collector of champions collective championships. I mean, the belt collector. You know, that's not a belt. Got belt is what you by JC. And I was like, JC Penney deltas. What you buy at nordstrom's. Maybe you do that. The rest of us only the ones who got in the stock at eighteen and they're, they're, they're all buying their belts at nordstrom's. Adult is what you buy exclusive from the Ducey collection of. Vienna. Ah, belt is what you have an made for you. What? What belts do you have a little embarrassed? Chris? I'm a little. I don't know them all. I'm a little light unbalanced lost a few. I lost a few belts. I topped out at six at one time. That's pretty good. So were the six that you have? I had the IP w k which is obviously I'm defiant which used to be what culture wrestling. Also, England also England World series wrestling, which is a phenomenal promotion in Australia. Wow, that's doing great things over there. I over three months just I can't speak highly enough about what it's doing there and then the impact world yet I don't have the impact grand championship, and I had the defy title out of the northeast Seattle Portland area. So this is like a worldwide Jenkins Sharon here and it was cool because you know again. Oh, what a great idea. Like sat my room like thinking of ideas ago. I know I'll just go win all the belts. The famous Bob all when he said to Brian well, bubble has like, you never give me any good ideas. He's like, well, do you have any ideas? I got on the win the world title. Austin, Aries, he's got a real good right idea. He wins the title for from us. But I mean that that is actually actually the funny one. I remember that I think ultimate dragon will put a nine. Was there was there wasn't attempted to have a face off again in there was there was a thought. You know what? I loved it. Yeah, winner take all the belts. That'd be a great man, so, but when when you at the peak of this and just to be a little bit more office, you're not taking all the belts with you at all times, but it's you are. Yeah. So how's that going through the airports. I'd say every every average about every six weeks. Usually airport security is called on me. No, I haven't coal times. You know, I, it's, it's okay. I just I travel so much. I know that procedures. I try to be proactive and help them take them out. I learned because so here's a story. So they got rid of the bins at the pre check now because you usually don't have to take anything on your bags. You have to take out your laptop so pre check. Yeah. Good, right. You don't take your shoes off your good, so they just got rid of the bins altogether. But in now you know, the few times they're going to pull everyone out, you know, every belt on I told us one way one day as commandments that just run a little behind us that their boarding my flight now. And then she kind of looked at me and kind of gave me one of those little head bobs with her real long, long, curly fingernails jewels in them and proceeded to go through an unroll every piece of clothing you at all. And I was like, I mean, come on, let's TSA pre check. I know. I know you got a two dollar an hour raise from when you're working on at an anti spreads last week, and now you feel like you're, but can we just get the. Show on the road here exact. I've been. I've been pre checked. Yeah. So after that I just started taking them out so so I'll go to preach and say, hey, can I haven't been pleased sir? You don't need a been. I understand. I'm just I, I have some things in your, you're probably sir. You don't take your bag. I'm just I'm just trying to help you this conversation like listen, like it's not a real badge that badges such you call the people who have real badges. Can you just give me a been, you know, like so, yeah, I've had. I've asked him experiences, you know, obviously it's way overweight for on like, but nobody's nobody ways your carry on. They did one day like we gotta wait or Cairns like, no, you don't. When did you start doing that? Yeah, I had to like I play with them like, listen man, like I can't check these. Yeah, that's important. You can't check those? No, I don't want to do the deal. Oh, Brown raft to wear it on the plane who I really was the European champion they run onto. They had, you know, put it underneath the carriage because they couldn't fit the roller bags on. So I guess you had to pull the belt where I just think he was seven where six belts would be a little of noxious, put them all. That's always the way to like. It never bothers me when you get checked like with with the title roar like a lighted jacket, for example, it bothers me when you don't get checked. If there. If they're running this thing through, there's a big slab of metal assure the jackets got wires, remote control batteries, metal. That's what I want you? Yeah. What do you? What do you? What will you check if this is going to be known? Apple set might not really be fake. Let's get her out of her wheelchair and double triple check. That's right. And that half a bottle of water, you got to get rid of it. It's not the water. It's the large bottle insert. You know, you can't put houses of water and a sixty four ounce bottle because we're, I've had this conversation when TIs we'll bottles big, but that's two ounces of liquid in there right way too big to go through. So you're big bottles exactly what we're afraid, big bottle. I just can't figure it out. I'm like if I put the same on a liquid from this big bottle into his magic plastic bag. Now it's safe. So it's obviously the big bottle. That's the problem because you might hit someone that was embarrassed that you could be right? Yeah, exactly. See, worked a lot with Pentagon junior, the real Pentagon, junior, not the fake one. Like I was the impostor Pentagon at all in I wanna talk about Pentagon though. He's got something special and you've been wrestling Australia and Fosse's going there next month. But I want to hear what the wrestling scene is like they're in the indie side. But before we get to that, I'm sure everyone listening knows what I did today. DP yoga had an amazing show with Ozzy at the rocky Legia's gig on Saturday and Philadelphia that I flew to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to Tokyo where hit on all day and then attacked evil at three ago, consumer arena dressed as druid, maybe do a little podcasts and that at some point. But one of the reasons why I was able to do so much travel. I mean, it was nine hours to Frankfurt from Philly, four hour layover and then twelve hours to Japan. And I got here yesterday, but this time and I'm leaving today. So what keeps you fr. Rush and in shape and stretched out what's DP yoga. Okay. It's the first thing I did when I got the hotel. I opened up the app on my phone internationally. You can do that. I did the workout stressed up. My muscles get loose and limber was able to kick the crap out of evil, which is very, very cool angle, and thanks to DP was able to do it the highest of my Bility's because the DP yoga now app makes it so easy to do deep yoga wherever you are whenever you are hotel room in Tokyo done, no problem. There's an app for and for Android as well. And if you download the app now you can try DDP y for free for seven days. I'm not just talking about the workouts. I mean, you could try everything the app has to offer for free for seven days. I mean, that's a great deal, and there's over one hundred workouts, okay, you never get bored of this. You can do live workouts with an instructor. Sometimes it's even deep self from the DP why performance centers Smyrna Georgia. That's where we filmed all three of our videos. Most civically Judas, you could connect up a bluetooth heart, monitor your heart rate and check track your progress. You could check all the recipes and nutrition tips at Dallas has. On the apps got kitchen, and his performance center was making great food helps eat healthier as well. And you can even get a little personal motivation help from Dallas himself a days when either extra push, everyone's got those days. We just don't feel like doing it. Dallas never has one of those days and he'll make sure to impart that attitude on you come on bro. You watch all the episodes, Dallas new, real-life reality series. We can rebuild you on the episode. I want you to check this out because the series shows the work that Dallas has been doing with disabled vet Jerry Cameron. He wants to be able to walk again without using his Walker and wait, t see with Jerry and DDP accomplished, very inspiring to see at least if you saw Arthur Arthur, I think it's Arthur Borman a few years ago. The vet that pays transformed into a views overweight could barely walk, and now he's the one pages top. You'll get instructors. This is kind of the rebirth of that with Jerry Cameron very inspiring stuff and DDP Okinawa's helping me rich ward. Jerry Cameron look what a different fully. He's lost over one hundred pounds. It looks great. He's feeling great. He walks better. GDP also helped AJ styles, gold dust. Jake, the snake Ed Scott hall. I was talking to Matt Jackson last night after the gig, the sumo arena. He's doing it. Now he's doing GPO now I know you heard me say it over and over again, but DDP yoga really is a kick ass cardio program a physical physical program. It's going to improve your flexibility and strengthen your core. I mean, look what I'm doing everything on stage with Fosse the sticky tax new Japan, pro wrestling November. Third at the Reno. I'm going to be taking on evil international McConnell championship title. I'd BGP. I mean, I'm doing this at forty seven years old at the highest of my abilities specifically because of DP yoga. So I want you to give this a try and you could get your free seven-day trial. Now, a deep heal dot com. Slash Jericho, I am telling you have got nothing to lose. And once you're hooked on DP yoga, then you could take advantage of the special deal on an annual membership. Dallas is giving you twenty percent off. You get seventies for free. Okay. Keep that in mind. What is your advice seventies for free? And then after that twenty percent off an annual membership, and all you gotta do is go to DP dot com. Slash Jericho, heal dot com. Use the promo code Jericho. That's me. And if you wanna be Dallas in person to tell them how much you loved the work has to get that real face to face motivation, do alive, work with them, then come on Chris Jericho's rock, wrestling rage ritzy less than twenty. Five cabins left and DP will be doing yoga on the ship. Every day is always going to be joining Conan and Ramos, dear for the special Eddie Guerrero tribute memorial podcast, we're going to be doing. You can also meet Dallas if you're in the Rhode Island area at the Rhode Island Comecon that's November. Second through the fourth and you can meet him once again at depew dot com. Slash Jericho. Go do it. Now getting the best physical and mental shape your life. Start your free seven-day trial at DDP oak dot com. Slash Jericho field, though. Bang, go do it. Would you thought about working with that Pentagon penta? Would we call them up into mirrow Pentagon, junior. I hear a lot about this guy and I know that you drop the stress app to him and then want it back. Yes. How was that? He's? He seems like the kind of up and coming big name that here a lot about. Yeah, both him and his brother Phoenix our other brother, yeah, there. Well, I mean, again, I lost the match. I mean, cheese. Can you stack the deck against me anymore? Get you mask is not even in the r- in in my promotion, their brothers, like even had six titles. Dr one here then. Okay. That's why unified the grand in the world title because I had too many to carry. Yeah. But now now that I'm down to two, I might on unified them so that I just got to take take it or the smelter and get perfect, any will give us a call so. So both those guys, I think they're great talent. I think it's, I think it's cool because they're both. They're different, right? You know, Pentagon's, not your prototypical cruiserweight in the way you'd think of them. Think more of a of a la- parka type, you know he can fly, but, but he's more. He's more of a presence. He's more away cares himself and you know, he's a little a little bigger, a little stronger. So he's not. And then you know, phoenixes the opposite, like one of the top high flyers top Lucia door, cruiserweight style workers that that I've been in the ring with. And so and then obviously with those guys being brothers, I mean, there's a certain connection there, so you know, I got, I got the pleasure just being kind of the third guy in there and let them let them three way we did it. We did it wrestlemainia weekend, and that was supposed to be a tag match that I've got. You know, the changed everything. And then when so, well, that we said, well, let's just let's just do the skin for for the title and that was well received. And again, really showing the change philosophically. And then also stylistically of we're impact wrestling is going in more of a worker based style or or more. How do you mean? Yeah, I, I think, you know, I think that, you know, if you watch the product in the last few months, there's been an attention to letting the stores be told him the ring, giving the time for the for the town. Want to do that and cutting out all the crap. Yeah, you know, when you need the crap the the crap will will have its effect look better if you know. Perfect. Bananas region do not help with action tomatoes or by careful. I liked the the, the presentation of those guys and it was it was you know what I like about impact now is they've done a great job and I don't want to say anything bad about anybody, but almost vetting out the people that were there too long. If you're looking at impact like territory, I thought it was good that lasts. She left and c, three left and masterpiece left because those guys have been around for so long. There's only so much you can do with them. Sure. Having Austin come in and penta and Phoenix and now Sammy Callahan Eddie Edwards and all these guys that are kind of, you know, Tessa Blanchard, Soo young that are that are the cornerstones of the company we haven't seen before, and I thought that when impact was at its best is when you were first making your your way and Samoa Joe in AJ and journey? No, Eric young and all those guys. It's smart to just kind of clean the slate and start a new. Yeah. And, and you know, I'm a sports guy, and that's what a lot of times happens in sport is right there bringing bringing new ownership team in and they want to bring their philosophy and, and I think to your point, not only not only talent. Wise, but I think in this is the one thing I keep stressing to people go, oh, you know, TNA LL, you know, it's like they did that behind the scenes. They've cleared out all the old regime there too, and all right, mindsets and the old thought processes because I wouldn't be there if they hadn't. You know what I'm saying? It's it's a new. It's really a new. It's a new place there, and it's got, it's got the structure that's in the foundation that was laid in the in the bones of the ship, so to speak. But we're all in there. Now we're rebuilding this thing and it's gonna be great. And I think there's a lot of potential and I think people are starting to see it and I'll tell you what in the last year. And I've been saying this recently in the last year I've been in every major outside of new Japan which I've never been. You know, I don't know if you have any connections there. Chris, I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind maybe going on. Yeah. What might try out there or they might know who I am over there. I think he's been a while since I've been over there. So well, you have six titles at one point, so they you keep an eye and over there. Like I'm I'm like the champion of battle royals over. No, no, no. Well, you could be I could be though we could be telling people that you are and they would never know. This is true, even better. We tell people in Japan that you're the champion about a royals here and watch out. You know, like we got a book right here heard this now. Now it's all on the open headed worry about it fits on the cutting room floor, but so I've been like almost every major locker room and and a bunch of, you know, of of the smaller ones around the country and mid majors. Right. I think right now that impact wrestling is the most fun place to work. I think I think it's it's the place I look forward to going locker room. I think that you know, and and and I'll say, and and what what World Series wrestling doing his Australia? I think also I wanted to capture that age eras run a probably the most professional tour that have been on in in my career from logistics to just everything you know, right in the the combinations ways marketed the show's over there. We've, you know, we just had a show. We just got back from this tour, but the one. We, we actually had the are which tag team champions the Briscoes teaming up with myself the impact world champion taking on the young bucks mardi skirl and right like nobody else can and I'll say I booked that match. Okay. I got my hands in a lot of cookie jars. I, I've been joking, and so my friends were joking. I should really be nominee myself for Booker the year because if you really knew all the things I've been doing since, let's say January and all these different promotions and it's basically been all at my device. I put my booking up there against almost anybody's that's smart though, because they wanted to get your kind of in control of your destiny it that case. Yeah, but, but again, but but when I say that, I don't say it's just for me. See, that's the thing you guys go. I'm the best with this guy's the best to me. You're the best when you can make other people the best you raise other people up. And I like to think that what I've been doing this little bell collector thing. Listen, of course it's given me something that again was in the plan, but it happened and I ran with it, but once impact wrestling in that platform, I came in, there became that champion. This became a whole 'nother thing of of really for these promotions, giving him a. That form of like, have you ever heard World Series wrestling, but you see their title on television. I'm gonna check that out what you you, you won that title ricochet. Right. The one that's now in annex t I got to see that match. You know, I w k and define bring those titles in the visibility. That's why carried him, or that's why I put him on the television. That's why I make sure when I go and do a deal with m l. w that it's like, yeah, I'm coming out with these titles. That's part of the deal. It's the help you other promotions because that's where Russians that now we can help each other. We don't all have to build the same sandcastle, but we have to go around kicking over other people saying castles either, you know. And so I think that's a cool thing. And so for me, it's about that. It's, you know, I never worry about me being over. I got it. I figured out what can canal use. We'll ospreys doing in moving to Austrailia to try and build up that country's bean, then that's it. It's so interesting to me the where where the businesses changed even from, let's say, when I started in WBZ in two thousand and till now, I mean it really is this whole other. Like if you're wwltv's WB, it's on its own, but even they're starting opened the doors to progress and all these different places than all the other companies that are all doing well are also joining forces. It's going back to the way things were almost in the seventies insurance early eighties before Vince took the whole world over and that companies do work together and guys can't travel right in place to place to place and make a good living. Yeah, and it's going to come to a point if you're if you're the company who doesn't allow that you're going to be in the minority, it's gonna hurt your busy stucco? Yeah. What do you think some of the things that impact through to get more more people to understand that this is a whole new world and maybe give it a a reboot checkout again? Well, you know, I think if they could get, you know, Austin areas, Chris Jericho match. I'm of there. But I mean, I'm sure that would bring some visibility, but I know. I just think it stay the course. You know, I think the big thing that's plagued him as there's been so many different, you know, oh, it's going to be different now, or we got this new this here. Now this person's in charge. Just stay the course. They've got a good game plan. They've got the right guys in the right spots, including the talent and the guys that are leading the locker room and the energy and the tone there. And then what we're trying to do behind the scenes what we're trying to do working unilaterally with different promotions and and you know, for the benefit of everybody, I think just stay that course. The guy I think time it's just time writing. You don't undo a decade worth of what people think something is, you know, and you undo it and ten months. I tell people that all the time with their health and their wellness and they're and they're dying. It's like you don't get unhealthy and get forty overweight, and and over the last thirty years, your life. And then in three months, because he's decided start eating some kale. It's gone. You know, nice to work that way, but it doesn't. So just stay the course take your time. Don't do any of the things that I think have have hampered that company which is thrown big money at people because what they've done other places, you know, you might get a couple of those people in the right people in the right spots. But as. You said earlier built, build your own guys because people enjoy watching the growth and that journey of of those guys and get behind those guys. And we've got a lot of talented men and women there, and we have a great open landscape of guys who want to work together and create something. And so for me right now, I just want to be that kind of that that rock in in the center, the the, the kind of anchor. And then you know, allow the opportunity for for one of these talents to kinda step up and become the next AJ the next jail the next Austin Aries. So is this wind down here? What is your plans now you you mentioned earlier that you didn't sign a contract. You have a contract with anybody? I haven't agreement with impact wrestling. They're not stupid. They're protecting their assets. You know, I'm, I'll be need to know who's going to be there. And of course, of course. And it's funny when when people think the contrary just because I don't have a prototypical contract and I don't have a contract that restricts me from and anywhere, hey, I can show, but w w Morrow because my contract doesn't say I couldn't. No. They probably wouldn't have me from for their own reasons. But nothing in my contract restricts me from from doing. Anything, and I think that's cool. And I think that that shows I'm there because I want to be there now because I'm forced to be there because I can't leave, you know. And so that allows me to do things with ring of honor. I allows me also and I don't want to tip my hand too much, and I don't want to jinx anything, but I've got my hands in something right now with a a major television network and nice on the ground floor and and very much a part of the process. And we're, we're in the final stages before we announce anything. Again. I don't know when this is gonna air, so, but again, if I didn't have that type of deal, I, I wanna be able to take this opportunity to to maybe create even crazier landscaped, and we're already in to maybe put another promotion on on national television and and to be a guy that can be again, I was just on ring of honor television and impact television on the same week recipe for two different titles in three different promotions like that's that hasn't been done. And that's cool because it just when I see is wrestling, fans are excited because they aren't. They don't have to be feel like they have to be divided and choose any more like they can just love wrestling across the board and. Think that's the one thing, hey, WWE fans like give wrestling outside a WW chance and and we don't have to, you know, this, this whole mentality. I think somewhere all raised in right this, oh, we all got to pick our team and stick to it. We put our colors on and we and we root for them unquestionably even even if they do bad things. Again, if you're if you're New England, Patriots fan, they didn't cheat. I got you, right. It's cool, right? And we all we all excuse are. We also use our team for whatever they do. We excuse our country for the things that they've it has done historically right because it's our team. But I think you know in this in this new new day and age where we're the world's shrunken so much and really at the end the day, we all want the same basic things you want to be happy. We're going to be loved. You wanna be happy. Wanna be comfortable. You know this this having to pick a side or having to pick a color pick a team. I think we can move beyond that. We can. We can. We can, you know, maybe evolve a little bit and we can support the things that we love instead of having to pile on the things that we hate. And just because you're a huge fan of WW doesn't mean that you have to hate anything that's not. And just because you're huge fan of pro wrestling, doesn't mean you have to just hate anything that's WWE. Like, you know, everyone can appreciate and respect difference, opinion on what the enjoy and support the things you love. Instead of bashing, the things that you hate. Well, I think he said one of the things why started even considering going to new Japan was because how cool it will this be for for the wrestling world, you know, Jericho, versa mega and then kind of mixed promotion type thing. And it makes it exciting. And I think now the businesses healthier than maybe it's ever been because it's not just the monopoly, obviously WBZ the healthiest with over money. They just made, but there's money and I'm telling you from experience from this year as are you. You can make some really good money outside of WB for very minimal dates absolute. And that just gives more power back to the boys. And I think now more than ever with all the money that's around that. This is a chance for the guys to really kind of up their yearly annual pay because now you're not worried about going to poughkeepsie for five hundred bucks. Sure. You now it's a whole different world and landslide around that. That's because of the choices and the freedom that we have is performers. And I also think it's gonna. It's gonna give the opportunity the landscape right now to me if there's ever been an opportunity to revisit the way that we've str-. Structured this whole business model between independent contractors and employs and the way that wrestlers have been classified forever. Maybe it's now you don't. Maybe there's an option again, I see that. You know if I'm not mistaken, WW put their hat in for Emmys. Right, right. Is great. Sure. Shouldn't every men and women on that show be sagging after that's what I'm saying. We are. We're actors or actresses were stunt men. We're all second after. Yeah, and so like if you want to get the recognition for being what you are, then the actors and actresses and stuntman stunt women who put their lives on the line should absolutely begin that credit to. And I think with this landscape changing and as you said, some of the power going back to the the talent, it's trained an opportunity for maybe for us to have that conversation to go away to second. There's a different way we can do this. Nothing. That's what impacts trying to do is just, hey, we have an opportunity to change the business model and how we have relationships with businesses because the landscapes different now and you don't need one person's, you know, network television show Dr Ray. And so with not needing that, it's it's kind of changed things. No, it has. It's good. It's good for all of us. Last question. What's your favorite match that you've had since you've left? WB? My favorite match I've had since I've left WWE actually just took place in Australia. I made history. Straight. Now, man, insane. Some beautiful matches. The most fun matches in my life. I had a match. I've had a bunch. Matching Chile recently, I wrestled low key, and whenever I say Russell, low key people automatically make face like, ooh, hope. It was okay. When I tell you that we opened the match and we we caller number locked up for close to ten minutes around the whole arena because up to this point, everyone was killing themselves. Right, right, absolutely. Killing themselves. And the only time the crowd really react reacted that night was when there's a women's three way and the women like rolled in the ring and they stopped for a second and the call would ooh. And I looked at, yes, it got our first ten minutes brother, and he just looked at me. So I tell you we locked up and we rolled to the mat and out of the ring and around ringside and over the guardrail in through the crowd and up on, is it a club and on couches and up on the table and through the people there and back through ringside, and then finally back into the ring, and we got up and we finally broke it and we'll look at each other and the whole crowd stood and start chanting. This is awesome. And look to be too shook his head. I just I just smoked to them when. Yep. That's working boys that's veteran experienced. It's been stuff like that, man. I what I see now in the rest industries, I see a lot of attention and a lot of after being put in how to feed the food to people home gonna feed you, the food and stuff, the food, your mouth. I'm taking all my effort and time in sitting sitting down at my table, bring the nice cloth napkin and draping it down. There porn your glass of water waving the bread and you know, so that breads home saying, like, I, I'm gonna wine and dine, but I'm gonna romance you. I start stuffing food and your mouth, and I see lots. You know, just stuff in food, their mouth, and I'm taking my time doing all the things so that by the time you taste that I little by that appetizer at the best thing you've ever tasted. And so so that's where my mind's out right now. And to that point, I just made history in Australia. I've just show this real quick. The story is going to take probably ten times longer than the actual match did I actually defended the impact world title three times in a row on the second night I lost. I lost the title of the first nights Brian cage. The the World Series wrestling titled Brian cage in a three way was not pinned. So the second night to overcompensate as I usually do, I started the show by defending the impact will tell three times the first two times against to unsuspecting students who are ringside, who I decided were urged the opportunity for the world title shot. And those matches lasted about maybe fifteen twenty seconds to top that the last match was against Adam page. So we had an impact world title match in Australia against Adam page. I think that's kind of cool, very cool. Japan. Yeah. And we both splitter eyebrows open and then I almost glued my eyes shut, which will have to save that story. Jimmy havoc almost with my eyes shut. So so real quick, I defended the title. I did the same. Seven defend all three. My titles right here right now wanna make history. And also I've been hearing how women want to be in the main event and you agree, I'm I'm a big fan of true quality across the board, right? Not where you're cherry pick it, but just true equality. So to make history defended all three, my titles against a female competitor. And of course, when I announced was going to be female competitive latte of the great names are being shouted out, you know, like fabulous moolah. Debbie combs. Iron maiden Lee Lani KAI velvet McIntyre, but but there was one there was one girl ringside who I remember from my seminar back in November named bell. NSM, hey ballasts, at how many matches you have. Now, she said four. I said, we'll balance. Sounds to me like you're ready for a shot at all my belts. So we got in the ring and the crowd. You could feel their cautious optimism as as you know, you could hear in the come on, you can do it and there there were feeling like she can do something right. She's got some. She's got some some spark. She's going to show some life, and there were so optimistic and we went to lock up and I just went behind her and tossed her down like a piece of garbage in spun hundred back and snatch drew my last chancery and she tapped out there was about three seconds, and I grabbed my titles and motor buddy. Yeah, that was it. And I couldn't sucked one more of wind out of that place. It was. It was beautiful. It was everything I wanted it to be right because then right after that, the local kid, Robbie eagles came out and ruined my parade and later that night in the main event tag match, he surprised the champion and actually pin me. So now he's got himself a title shot next time. I think when it's all of the story. You tell so part of the story. So I, you know, but yeah, so like it was a lot of fun because again, at the end, they'll went home happy, and that's the most important that is the most important thing. I think we're gonna send people home happy today. I think so. I'm happy. I'm happy three bananas with your face on, here's four. Thanks again, impacts world champion, Austin, Aries. And let's see if the belt collector retains his title against Johnny impact at the impact wrestling bound for glory. Pay per view. This Sunday coming from the sold out a venue in New York. You can check that out wherever you order pay per views, or you can stream it on the fight. TV app got a big announcement by the way regarding fight TV and that's gonna come tomorrow for you regarding Chris Jericho's rock and resting razor, which is very apropos. Kaz. Johnny impacts will also be Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling agency or as mardi squirrel called him. His name be Johnny rock and wrestling rage. I Seattle know we're less than three weeks away with less than twenty five cabins left. There's still a few left. There's some high priced ones. There's a couple, a lower priced ones. If you want to go do not miss this man join us now and be a part of history and you can do that, but going to Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. I don't want to miss any of this. There's going to be the huge main event. The one that everyone's talking about the alpha club versus the bullet club, it's the bucks of Jericho, or is it why you Jackson. And Chris Jericho and the young bucks versus the bullet club, Kenny omega Cody and mardi skirl huge, not gonna see that anywhere else. Other than Chris Jericho's rocking wrestling ranger, also impact versus ring of honor matches featuring the no rules deck fight, which should be pretty violent between MAURICE girl semi Callahan. You've also got the ten man elimination tag team war, which is Brian cage. LAX Sammy Callahan, Johnny impact versus the bullet club. Cody mardi skirl Adam page and the young bucks. Then you've also got the dream of the l. a. x. versus young bunch create crazy tag match. Also four corner survival. Matt's Kenny king versus Frankie's Zarian versus Dolton Catholic castle versus Jay lethal Cody versus delirious a match chosen by Cody himself. Like we said so many other great matches going on though the sea of honor tournament is going to be on there as well. The winner gets a real honor world championship title shot bracket AG lethal versus BJ. Whitmer Christopher Daniels was delirious mardi versus red tide. Silence young versus flip Gordon bracket be Mark Briscoe versus Ferrara. Adam page versus kazarian cheeseburger versus abuse that he bruiser Jay Briscoe versus Kenny king women have honored brandy roads, Mandy, Leon, Sumi, Sakai, Jenny rose. Jenny rose is going to be challenging. James Ellsworth for the inter gender championship that he's got huddled. Live talk has Jericho's with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat remembering Eddie grow with Conan Ramos through junior in DP the entire bullet club is doing a talk is Jericho. Jim Rawson, Jerry the king Lawler not only do in their own live with Jaren the king on the ship also doing talk is Jericho mic fully do in his twenty years of hell. Stand up show, keep it at one hundred per secure on the town. Of course, we're talking about Conan, Shane, Helms disco inferno, versus Paul labs be Don Talla Cyrus and special guest mystery third member of keep killing the town so much stuff going on. Like I said, man, we've got Kia beyond the darkness, tell some scary tales. They're gonna try and raise a UFO from the bottom. Or the ocean. Cool. Cabana mardi Rosa doing them professional wrestling show and also doing standup busted open radio. David, Greg is going to be there. Brad Williams doing stand Craig gas, Sal, and q. Fanie packed a little jokers and then there's the music. Oh, the music live, fuzzy plan. Three sets including one all cover songs that obscurities Corey Taylor Slipknot will be playing Phil Campbell in the bastard sons. King will be there. If you go to my Instagram page, Christiana fuzzy, you'll see hilarious, Tony from king playing Arnold Schwarzenegger to come on. Go the cruise, buy tickets. Now, days back project speed. We've been on here many, many times his new video cold, empty streets available on YouTube. Now go checked out blizzard of Ozzy the world's best Ozzy cover band shoot to thrill the world's best female ACDC cover band. They're going to be on talks Jurica very soon. So much stuff going on a Noel Foley. Melissa santos. Socal Val. I mean, Pat Patterson, karaoke, Pat Patterson with more. Do you want guys? You need to be a part of history. Still got some time left. I know it's a little bit impulsive. I mean, three weeks. It's not a lot of time. That's still plenty of time to be a part of history. There are still some cabins left for you at any price level, but there's not many. This is not Schill. We've got less than twenty five cabinet stuff. I just don't want you to be missing out. I don't want to be that nerd that wakes up and goes, wow, I wish I would've went. How was it? Oh, it was awesome. It was great. You should've went? Yeah, you should've went. You could go, Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. Come join the fun and speaking of fun on Friday, we got a big one. It's three turn of slash from guns and roses here and talk is Jericho. And this time he's talking all about the guns and roses reunion what it's been like with the future plans being clued and talking about the new conspirators album slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the conspirators. It's called living the dream. And of course we talked paleontology, you know how much we love our dinosaurs. You're not going to get that on any other slash interview. Always great to have the legit, ROY. Rock and Roll Hall of fame or the greatest guitar players of all time. And one of my favorite people in the world slashes back to talk his Jericho on Friday, and I'll tell you what is if that's not enough or five hundred episodes on Wednesday slash was gonna be the five hundred guests rocker hall of Famer. It's another rock and Roll Hall of Famer and decided that I'll put him on again, one of my favorite people on the planet. One of my heroes, it is just going to have to wait and see episode, five hundred on Wednesday, but first Friday, flash returns to talk his Jericho episode, four ninety nine. You guys have a great week in the meantime, and it'd be time stay hard, stay hungry, peace living. Don't you use those the Westwood One podcast network.

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