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The. Ice. Dragon. Yes. A while ago. Okay! We're playing radio on. Okay. We had an interview. We had taken her shaky, but and Abbott Toyota Score. A union. One Neil Ladies. and. And six BLOBS. I. You know what's so funny is I didn't we were having heated conversations and talking and discussing and I kept watching it and I wanted to say soccer some mills man. He's dues fallen out got. Kicked in the chest I thought he was getting ready to die. Well they are playing in Orlando. The play mls soccer right now and NBA. Basketball is just around. The corner joins US right now for NBA Clare two time champion. Of course you see him on TNT talking about Smith, kidding the morning. Welcome to the program. How are you? Greg. Guy Appreciated it what up Chit. I cannot could play. Yeah I know I. Know that's right complaining. The players seem like they start to complain about the meals. This being put out on the table down Orlando. Have you had a chance to see that stuff? I saw online. It looked like the frye festival. Tell brought to you by rule the NBA. Tell? At this has gotta be. GotTa be a joke, right as they start to gear up and really get going. They've got to change the meal program. I think that it had to be one male for one play place I can't believe that any of the males. On a consistent basis looked like that it'd be one. It's not just sit look healthy that look like a healthy meal so whatever he was ordering. You know didn't look healthy at all, so I know that they're probably trying to get things that are all. Self contained. So you're not you know instead of instead of giving you an apple, you know. It's better to have a banana because opening it up I I think that, but I have no idea. I have no idea I haven't heard any. Of that? Jed besides the horrible food that we've seen circulate on social media. As a as a as a player yourself. Guys players whether in the League, or not, what would be your biggest concern about planning the bubble besides? Eating, a bad piece of shrimp. Well it would it would be. Dependent on my age. You know when I was like. Wanting to twenty-five. I wouldn't have any concerns because I didn't have any responsibility. I had no family I had no kids. A MOM and dad lived in New York I played in Sacramento Houston, I know they want and always possibility, but you know thirty year old. Kenny had a family. You know kids to mom and dad was frequently visited. My responsibilities change so I would have more thought classes. Like should I be down here like today. This Kenny's like Oh. I. Don't know about need to be in a bubble. You know what I'm saying, too many responsibilities so that that's where. I think it changes. Upon your responsibility when it's when it's only about you, you, you feel like you superman like nothing ever happened to me so I'm. Like but As as as you get older, you go man. I could affect so many other people. Kitty Smith joining us here on the morning show. Obviously, this is unprecedented that we had about three quarters of the season played. We're GONNA play a little bit. And then we jumped right into the playoffs with the teams that were the favorite prior to the quarantine. Still the favorites coming out of the coating. Is it still the Lakers box in the clippers are those still the teams to be as we restart. I would say that keeps the beat I. I would say that you know I. Remember after the start of the everyone's like man. This is about seventy eight hundred decade winning all. That's what it feels like to me. It's like. That season's over. Then you, you get three and a half months off of anything. That's a new season. So guys have come in to. Firstly, a players are really coming in now a second year players. Guys will come in the second year third and things of that Mr, so the experience they gotta have a different feel for the league when they come back in this in this after this quarantine, and it's really like a a once a month and a half point of it. This is that's what to me. It just feels like that's season's overt, and we got a month and a half tournament right now and we're gonNA. Do the best out of this corner. With with that being said though Kenny. These teams that. Those seven teams that we talked talked about the beginning of the year. They some of those seven teams at least four seven teams steel without the Kawais lebrons. The ADC honest, is that don't change, and as long as you got those dudes. It seems like you would have the edge. You, think about this. Big about not forget what what we what we remember. This say okay. We saw look at excite. How good when he'd be the next year. That's how he's been drop into this bubble. He's not dropping in that bubble. That Luca weeks remember. Say Okay. He was there. And now he got the spirits the next year. This is how he's going to look. That's three and a half months. Off Season for the NBA. He's coming back in his third year. He's not coming back. As a second year got John Eavesdropping in that bubble now? As second year player, he's not coming in as the rookie rookie of the year. He's coming as a guy who knows the league. And, coming in a second year, my my cookie here for my second year average I think both twelve points that's jumped to eighteen like Virginia's. This no stockton like to go here. Guys Peyton like do this. When you come, take a robot. You just know the League, so you can get your scoring. Your ability to score is just a little bit better, so those guys are coming back way different. I was told you is Cherry picking. That to. Sit A lot of people don't know or don't remember. Major hops if you participate in the dunk contest. Wendy's your hops disappear, and COO would. This is Germane to what we're talking about. And who do you think is going to revert? You talked about who can increase during this break, but who's going to revert because it has break. I. You know I. It was one day I. Don't if it's not like. Discount, it just happens like all of a sudden when I used to get a steel. Steel or let's say. Like like. Did you, catch it on on the sideline. You take that back to see WHO's chasing it. Yeah, and then when you look back, you see everybody's Kinda like You can't. We can't touch. You can't catch. All of a sudden you take that picture and you look back and you look. Everybody thinks they could catch you. Wait a minute. Am I slowly dowse? That's what it is. It's like it's like a subtle a subtlety of like guys. Case you. That never would chase you before and so for me, that was probably about. Here dying. Here nine La- guys like. Chasing me. So like I, I think younger teams will have an advantage to bubble a little bit only because they worked out to be ready today. You know most. As a vet you out for the. Season with the grind. Is You know how much you got energy? You have to reserve, so you have to change them and Talia workout. You gotta be dropping. The BRAS teams. Typically always didn't. Start great they you know they descend so he? They don't have that much read. Kenny Smith joining us here on the morning show Kenny we saw Patrick. Mahomes sign that giant deal with the chiefs. Who if you had to make the decision that you're GonNa? Give a guy all the money ten years. You're going to build not just your franchise, maybe the whole league around the player. WHO's that guy in the NBA? Johnson and right now he's the guy like. He! He does so many different things that control the game I. Think you know there's a lot of great you know scores our league, but very few guys who still to control the game on both ends of the floor where defensively you really have to pay attention to everything that doing in passing lanes. He's there. For blocked shots, and they're very similar to what came along was for us. You know in Houston like you always have to pay attention to them on both ends of the floor. You know obviously Michael was the ultimate of that. You know where those guys are. Both wants to play a year. That MVP's so like for me. That to me is the. Ultimate. Give all the money. What about Anthony Davis? I would say. Close I am. To be a better for me. just in terms of. He's proven that each do it by himself. Like. Go where he's taking it team to the Eastern Conference finals. And he has been the only he. He didn't have that secondary. Giant superstar. You know flat out superstar. You know. Chris Metal titles really player, but don't would say. He's a flat out. so I would say the ED's goes to Janas just because of that. A. Jet Obviously here in La were is a really on the. Lakers interns hoping that they can get this thing done. My question is besides the front runners. Who Do we need to be concerned about? Young teams. DALLAS. You don't be worried about them. Posing and Luca, GonNa look different. Boston. GonNa look different with Kemba Walker. Walkie. And Denver those four young teams. I have an incredible chance to shock people. And walk out with the Larry O'Brien and go. How did they do it? Dallas. Like Boston makes sense to me. MILWAUKEE OBVIOUSLY DENVER. Because you really think that Luke is gonNA come back. That much better than he can actually win this thing. Let let again. Let's take a take away our mental. Of the continuation of last year. We say okay finished that season last year the way he was. We, take, be an MVP candidate. I, mean I mean yeah for sure. It won't be ready candidates that means he's going to be playing at the highest level and I think well one month. You telling a guy playing a college season. Say Look. We're not playing a full season now. He's GonNa Play College team. And you play hard. You can in college season. I, put my I put some money on Luke. Kenny Smith joining us here on the morning show jet. I know you've got a basketball camp in online basketball camp coming up. Tell me about that and tell me how people get involved. While it's just you know. I'm sitting here through the pandemic. Here through you know everything that was going on social distancing all these camps being canceled. My can't be cancelled. You know and I was like what is that and I said well, I created created the first virtual online basketball and Academy Sports Academy where you come on and. You sign up. trae young timber, Wocka, older people. All all stars Brittany, griner and WNBA MVP. And we've become your personal trainer for an hour and a half two hours a day and to differentiate it is lot. It's live you once you sign up all you needed. It works on any device. All you need his wife five cellular and you could. You could join in join into the. Work side by side with us. Jet Academy Camp Dot Com. Jet Academy. Camp Dot Com lies, and you could ask the question live. You can upload your video live, and you get a workout and you get to do it stories, and your your your development should stop. Because of social distancing. I'm a need to know. Is there somebody going to? Teach me how to improve my old man game. Fish question. Okay what. Question. You're Oh man game being ordered what we'll do is deal it everybody. WHO HAS THAT WRECK GAME? You know what I mean like. If you WANNA go out play. You've been going to camp. You going every fitness center all those games that stopped. There's none of that I. Just get, so let me get a little workout. Let me I mean that'd be cut. The Rock and you know obviously basketball is the easiest sports has A. 'cause you can play you. Do it one person or you could do with ten, but you know with most sports you need other people. Fastball is one of the only sports that typically you don't need other people to be better at it, and you know it depends on your position and other sports, but for me I just thought it was important to continue to develop vent, so we got the old man game we. Version for you to. My. You know. Ninety. Except We had almost last sister Williams. No? Not. Dot Com. Kitty? Smith Kenny appreciates coming on. Thanks so much. Sir Got Guys. I. It is official. The snake draft results are in plus Julian. Element has a solution for the Sean Jacksonville. Tell you what it is next the morning show on seven ten ESPN so we've gone from. The Sean Jackson posting what he posted antisemitic comments to Stephen Jackson. Supporting Him and saying that he was speaking the truth and trying to educate people, and now we're onto. Big Time bomb in our on to the next one, which is Julian Ehrman, who went and put a video of talking about? His experiences as a Jewish player in the NFL, and what the remarks to him and what he would like to do with the Sean Jackson in light of these comments, here's Julian settlement. I've been getting hit up by everyone asking me about this Sean Jackson Post and I wanted to take some time before responded because it's a complicated issue and I wanted to be awful. I wrote down some of my thinking. I've seen to Sean in his career. Make outstanding football plays communicated over social media. I've got nothing but respect for his game. I know he said some ugly things. But I do see an opportunity to have a conversation. I'm proud of my Jewish heritage and for me. It's not just about religion. It's about community and culture as well. I'm unusual. Because I. didn't identify Jewish until later my life. Whenever. I encountered hatred. It never really felt like it was aimed at me. It was only after I was part of this community that I learned. How destructive is! anti-semitism is one of the oldest forms of hatred. It's rooted in ignorance and fear. I remember experience a little bit of this hate in two thousand eleven. When I was called a cake on the football field. There's no room. For anti-semitism in in this world. Even though we're talking about Anti Semitism, I don't want to distract from how important the black lives matter. Movement is and how we need to stay behind. I think the black and Jewish communities have a lot of similarities one unfortunate similarity. Is that they are both attacked by ignorant and the hateful. It's really hard to see. The challenges of community can face when you're not part of it. So what we need to do is. Listen. We need to learn. We need to act. We'd have those uncomfortable conversations. If we're going to have real, change. So to that end. The Sean. Let's do a deal. About, we go to DC I. Take you the Holocaust Museum. And then you take me to Museum of African American history and culture. Afterwards! Grab some burgers and we have those uncomfortable conversations. So. That's Julian Eshelman. Kind of saying hey, why don't we go to this together? And I like a lot of what he said right there, but I felt was important. I think one of the things that Steven Jackson had gotten wrong in his comments. Is he saying that we can talk about this year? And then we can talk about that here. Just talking about this doesn't lessen that before talking about Anti Semitism. It's not taking attention away from the social justice is going on right now. The Black Lives Matter Movement I think that's where Stephen Jackson got in some of the the deeper into the pool. This idea that you can't talk about this without talking about that. You can't separate the two. and. A big. That's why he has issued. A different apology now because he's probably step back from it realize oh I stepped into something that I probably should have been in. I was trying to really get this message out after discharge Jackson so now let me correct the situation. Julian element did the right thing. Jillian invited an invitation for Sean Jackson get educated on exactly what he thought he was talking about which he really had no idea what he was talking about I, mean he took so quotes from somebody else in credited him to Hitler when that wasn't even the case on top of that, you now have put yourself in a corner to make all of us question. Were who are you? What are you about? What do you stand for for real? And so when you look at those situations here, we are today still talking about a foolish stupid. Dumb. I don't want to call it an idea, but a dumb tweet or post or whatever? It was that he put out on the social media. For us to now have to react to that. You're right. I mean it's. It's all just a big distraction from where the energy and the focus needs to be at and. I understand wanting to be a part of this movement especially if you are. After barricading. You have some resources. You have a platform. You may feel compelled to want to get involved. But I hope decides. Jackson's situation is a precautionary tale for everybody else going forward. That the whole Hitler thing. Like, listen, there's no good that comes out of a statement quoting Hitler. Just no good unless you're talking about hateful evil double of people. There's no good that can come from it. So. If it's been done in the past, it's been done right now to Sean Jackson going forward. I hope everyone now knows this. There's just no good at comes from this and all. It does undermine any good that you're trying to do. Because while John Jackson may have incident to this conversation with all could intentions, nothing good has come from him entering this conversation because of how he chose to come to this conversation, and is unfortunately even Jackson Giddens, then separate the comments from the attacks. And now that's completed, and so now he looks bad, but at the end of the day we just need to get back to talking about black lives matter. We need to go back talking about the changes that a lot of people are trying to do to make this world a better place. We need to be spending more time talking about the clippers owner. Steve Bomber and the hundreds of millions millions of dollars that he has invested in trying to uplift. Lives that have been disadvantaged. Fantastic Pete in Los Angeles Times about all the things done spending hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money, trying to make the world a better place. We need any spending more time talking about the people like that and less time talking about people who are trying to fend Hitler comments. Well that was the part that look key and I know that you've said this a few times and I hear where you're coming from the to Sean Jackson is. Coming from a place where he just doesn't get it in his uninformed in, he's out of touch or however we WANNA characterizes. To history and Hitler? Okay. Stephen Jackson's a thoughtful guy. We've seen Stephen Jackson talk about this stuff a lot. We've seen Stephen Jackson. Be All over TV in light George. Floyd and everything that's happened subsequently, and he's been very thoughtful very eloquent in this, so when he comes out and says it does Sean Jackson was speaking the truth and just trying to educate people. It's really hard for me to separate this guy from those comments because this is a thoughtful guy. This is a guy that thinks before he talks. This is a guy that is willing to. Opine on issues, and the that's the. Lane, he picked to go in. Really stopped me dead in my tracks. Because this is, this is if the Sean Jackson was just not smart enough to know what he was saying. Okay fine I i. Guess You can convince me that I don't think he can convince me that Steven Jackson Jackson stupid. But I'm not trying to convince you a Stephen Jackson what I would say by Stephen Jackson is when you jump into somebody else's mess. In doing it maybe out of frustration. In, being fed up and you just say something then all of a sudden. You realize Oh. Let me. Go back in and last night. He had to go. We went on CNN, and he explained as I said earlier on the show. I I I didn't even know seeing him, but then I wanted to know. Deeply I said he wished he had explained hisself what he was trying to get at. And then once we played the clip. I understood okay. He thought that Jackson was trying to talk about the Eagle situation, but he jumped into it without really paying attention it it. Kinda bit him then he had to explain it was about the Philadelphia. Eagles Iran Cooper, and what the Eagles chose to ignore. We Riley. Was it ever until he brought it up? Excuse me. I don't think it was right and that this was never about Riley. Cooper in the eagles until Jackson late at the two but I think, but I think why. He inflated the tooth because he didn't do his homework at the time that he issued his posted Boughton I'm with Sean. He's speaking the truth based on that. I believe that he was thinking that the Shah was talking about the eagles the eagles handle. handle the Riley Cooper situation. That's why said he's only speaking the truth. And he was speaking the truth about the way the eagles handle a riley cooper versus other black players including shot Jackson. That's what I took from his apology in in going back and cleaning things up. That's the way I took what he thought. But when you dive in to somebody, else's Miss, and you not sure what's in that water. You go keep it. and. That's what happened to Steven Jackson Govan inserted hisself. It is something that he probably shouldn't inserted itself into without thoroughly investigating it, and then it wind up biting. Key made some great catches in your career, but don't ever made one like this until you what it is next morning show on seven hundred ten ESPN. So is it a fissile Raj? Can I take my? Man Let me tell you about this. There will be no three P. Right. Yes Go. Within. One shot of the catching zeo right? No, you're. Behind Yeah on net refund you getting their ads right? There's a nightrider thing for travis because he has won the best movies from semester stallone worsening. Of course, it was sly stallone seventy four th birthday on Monday, so we thought we'd pay them. Both dommage and forty percent of the vote goes to Travis and Ian Keyshawn, both about thirty percent of the vote of pizza. Anyway out here. Job Travis congratulations. You now have your fourth victory. It was a long time in making long time coming, but go ahead and do your acceptance speech right now. I, do like the key went with the I. Didn't lose because I quit before it happened. That's good I'll take whatever help I got from you or anybody else when you are coming. From behind when you're trying to close that gap that. What is it available to? You it's me. Your speech. Package down, let let I was GONNA. Say I get my moment here in the Sun. It was my fourth win I. Think I've one to the last five, so that's forty percent of these things. I'm feeling pretty good about it. Let's do another one tomorrow all right. We'll. Do y'all could do him after next Friday. I don't know why you just taking. You're losing. Whip you. Stay here? Taking a shaken, we'll be going with me. Jay Wheel along with chef Borokini. Do some more investigating else. I WANNA. Take you. Regard Copyright. Trademark. You know key shots top ten instead of top team. Like to see how that goes. I'M GONNA DO CHEF BR L Z, so. You know what people leave places. They get the taking stuff. Coaches, football coach, they lead a playbook state. I'll tell though body. They did in the middle of the night. That's what I was just GonNa Start taking stuff. Vietnam, Assu. For trying to use a intellectual property. Prompting more lady antebellum. Who Won't get to Old Lady coming up. The try to tell my stories on air. Key Kasumi Travis he's going to sue me. Trying to say that you know mysterious. was his idea all along. Cereal that's fine. That's all yours keep. What's the best catch you ever made in your NFL career? Do you remember one like just that? You kind kinda surprise, yourself or something. I know. Has So many of them Travis. Does just you know you got to nine hundred kids in career in the eleven year careers so many, but there's one in nineteen, ninety seven in this is amazing that I never see to highlight on any of the NFL shows or anything like that, but that's okay because I'm GonNa. Make I'm GonNa make them bring out that highlight this year it's against the Miami Dolphins in Nineteen, ninety seven. Going I'm going in the end zone going from from left to right an shallow cross. In they're trying to throw the ball, neal was trying to throw the ball to bet in the back of the end zone and I was coming underneath. It I didn't. I know the play. I knew the play and everything, but it didn't look like the trajectory of the football was actually going to somebody. It was like he was throwing it which I. Honestly Picky was just throwing it out the back of the end zone. And I just stuck my hand up. In jump. In mid-flight in it stuck right to my glove. Bam one hand I didn't I didn't bring the other hand in nothing to clutch. It stuck abroad broadest straight down like upon the basketball flat-footed Ryland right in the end zone touchdown. It was one of the craziest catches that I haven't made my career. That's a great catch, and that's scored a touchdown, and that is something that I'm sure you'll bring to your your new show that you can show over and over again, but you did not save a three year old. Phil. Really wanted to be in that one that would fit. That's an amazing catch. Philip Banks Twenty eight year old guy. He Played College football down here me at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. There was a fire in the building. and a mother was getting ready to drop her child out of a third storey building. To get out of the fire until you know, that was the better option. And Philip banks ran to the site to see if he could help and caught this kid who was thrown out of the window and saved his life a three year, old kid, being thrown from three stories up. That's the greatest catch that I've heard in a long long time. and honestly it. By doing this and I don't WanNa. Be around five by dropping out the buildings and stuff like, but I think if if I was put in that position. All, make their grab I'm. If I'm put in that position. I'm GonNa make their kitsch because that's a life or death situation. It right I mean you don't sure hands. Stole hands is Raj may be I believe. He makes Kitsch. Well there was another guy that was getting ready to make the catch. There was another guy there, and this is. This is what Philip Blink said instinct. There wasn't much thinking i. just reacted i. just did it the guy who was there with me. It looked like he wasn't going to catch him. So that's why stepped in I, just wanted to make a better catch, so he realized there was a guy with bad hands, and he stepped in to make the. World Travel. There is one catch not to poo poo. There is one kiss that we saw last year. That was better. And that was made by a seventeen year old boy, who was walking down the street and just happened to notice. A baby was dangling out of a window I had to look it up because I knew I saw something that was very charming. I remember he's this guy that threw shade. Nelson Galore. No No, no, no, no, no, this is! This is the guy who was over in. Turkey and he was just walking down the street and happened to notice that baby was dangling out of a window to baby fail and this guy seventeen year old boy as common. It's coolish all. Just caught the baby and like just kept it moving like he was like nothing. I'll show you the video absolutely amazing. The baby was on the Ledge. Right yeah yeah. And just. I mean. I don't know like I could see myself as having pretty good hand eye coordination. Sorry I'm watching the Keyshawn I. Don't need. I. Don't know how block that out. Don't know how you block out the life or death aspect of West about to go down in order to make that kind of kids. Maybe just click in right. You just have that moment where you're most lizard. Part of your brain just gotta get their decision to make that decision, but if I ever and put it in a position like that I'm you know? I'll be, confident. For Show For sure coffee by is. Key to make sure your exaggerate. Or, have you found and you said? I'll send it for social and enough Senate to you guys as well. But I got a whole bunch of now. Are Gossip stood? Brand. Hockey I go. Out again if you won't. have been ask if you just want to put a three hour together it watch it on ESPN I can do. We know. Number Seventeen, right you. That's how you got the number seventeen all right We've talked about this before the name change in Washington. It's GonNa Happen, and it's going to happen fast because somebody flex their muscles. That's next on the morning show on seven ten ESPN now. That key, not bad travel ban. I now know I. Now understand why they call him me shod. I'm. And is clearly not meant for him is. Not. Swear to you. I swear to you. My mother's grave on my life, it was not meant from impede. Hill that was being for Qui. We practice. Practice everything right so I know all the plays. I'm the outlet on the other side, but if he thought his down watch what I do. I. Unlike hair array God's green earth. Lord. To. Really. Look at it. I don't know who to play. It looks like a tiny industry. Now. Is One. Way He had his hands up. He thought for sure announced coming to him I'd like Ahdab key you just that's. Getting Ready to be on TV and. nope watch this. You. WanNa know why he's the double picking the trap. Not. Too, bad all right. We've talked about this and we knew that it was coming. We knew that once all the big money guys were telling Washington's football team. Hey, you got to change this name. This is GonNa work and they said well. We're going to discuss it. We have in depth conversations well. This is going to accelerate the process Nike says. We're not going to sell your stuff. Walmart says we're not going to sell your stuff. Target and Dick's both said. We're not gonNA steal your stuff and then yesterday Amazon basically. Basically said. We're not going to sell. Your stuff can't move any merch with that name on it without logo on it. It's a rap. They're going to change it and they're not to do it sooner than later. Because the whole point of this is, they want to sell the t shirts, caps and the jerseys and all this stuff, if no one will move them, if Amazon and Walmart and target and Dick's and Nike I'll say well. We're not going to sell it. That's it. It's over. Yeah, but here's what I would say. To that Travis, they're getting it off the shelves because they're getting ready to re stock with new stuff anyway, so they already know. Let's just get it out of here. Because new stuff is coming, we may not know those conversations right, but I'm sure that Dan Snyder in in in Washington I. Don't even know what to call him. I was about to say the Redskins. I'm trying not to say it. In football team. Has had conversations with some of these advertisers and some of these. Big companies that push their merchandise in there, saying okay, this is what we're GONNA do until you're ready to give us the new logos in new merchandise, but we're GONNA. Take this old stuff off our damn shelves. They have. Let. It be known that the plans are now reportedly. It's removed odd native, American imagery from the logo, but they do plan on maintaining the color scheme. So now the latest is that team plans on scrapping. Travers basically using. Native Americans as a logo and they do still plan on using the color scheme and I. I know the Color Sky Bet. Costumes cool. I'm I'm happy to see that we've got here. Is Sad to me that it took so much financial pressure for Mr Snider to do the right thing. I'm sorry I'm not going to. Always tolls were doing the right thing. To pretend as if he's some sort of hero or leader new conversation, but I'm going to acknowledge that at the very least. He looks as if he's. Finally stopped using the slur and try to give us the Okeydoke like it's some sort of like in a good thing. You guys seem honor. That he has something ready to go, because it can't be a surprise, have the eventually somebody who's going to force his hand, and it was the economic rating there was A. Sheet of paper and sample. What are we? Already, but here's here's what happened in what I would believe. What happened is that they've worked on some stuff over the years. That people have come to him with in these conversations is not yesterday in fact L. Z granderson broke something many years ago about this. SHAMELESS PLUG FOR L Z, but he got some stuff that they've already seen. They have an idea of the direction in which they WANNA go. In there revisiting again, right going to revisit it again because again to just jump in and try to rename NFL because. If you come up with something and I. Don't mean to put these guys on blast, but whatever if you come up with a name like the titans? Tennessee. Team to change the name they went from the oilers to the titans. They've rebranded that team will titans is about generic in May is. You can come up with it's just it's like wildcats or something. There's just it doesn't have something to it, so you'd like to have something ready to go. Because eventually the name that they do have was going to have to go, and it's not just something generic like that. Well we'll. We'll come up with some names for them there let us come out some names that I would like to see the Washington lobbyist, but that's just because liberties. But let's let's come up with some names, and then we'll send. You know Mr Snider these of the social media. Some gestures, so they don't get you know a boring name to your point, Travis now. If I want the lobbyists traffic, I'm going to assume he wants to watch it and. Now. I want something that is embarrassing for Dan. Snyder I want something that reflects his. He's been the owner of that for the better part of twenty years and I think. Playoff Games. So how about the Washington twos I`Ma. Like. You you can go to Washington shorties. You can just put like the Roman numeral. ooh, the side of the helmet, the Washington power trips. ooh, the movies to PT's. So? Do you think the watching certified? Hundreds would be good for Wayne has been so no. Well you'RE GONNA. Have to come up with see. It's not just the name you gotTa have a logo that goes along with it. That's why I think the twos is a good idea. You can have the little Roman. Columns right little to this is how many playoff games I win every two decades it works on. What what would be what's in the? What's what's in that area? That would be. Historical kind of like what would what would be an area that would be historical. You look at what they've had with the figure of their hockey team. It's the capitals think the baseball team hits the nationals. You think of the other baseball team. They had before they left. They were the senators so all the stuff that the names they have the wizards aside it has to do with government right. It has to do with the fact that it's yes. That's what what? Why sitting the lobbyists, The Washington lobbyists you that, too. That's that seemed like this doesn't roll off the time, yeah! It sounds to political. The thinners, don't he's? Right they're done. They're the twins now the rangers. Maybe it's confusing. Let's see what about. How about this chocolate cities. Ready to make a lot of people mad in that area. This is the challenge right all kidding aside the challenges. This is not an easy game to do right. This is not an easy thing to name a team to come up with the logo we saw in the rams rebranded. People like wait. What does that you get used to something and obviously the name they have now needs to go the logo they have now needs to go, but just throwing something against the wall in lesage, generating is GonNa Really Rub people the wrong way. Well I mean they've already been rubbed the wrong way just for the name so deniro lease a step in the right direction. So if you want to call yourself, The Washington, where warriors than fine. It worked Golden State. Yeah. Man. It is I'll send Dan Snyder. Note and We'll start working on a logo. We can come up with it is. That pro football college football is not going to be played at least at one part of the country. That's coming up next on the morning show on seven ten ESPN.

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