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Free, which means you get not just the show, but all the Beijing shows on this network and well. If you don't have a twitter, prime sub, and you know, you can subscribe the right near the way we are happy for that, or if you just want to follow and hang out, learn the chat. That's fine, too. Were happy to have you anyway get you. And if you're falling mood, you can follow him on channel. Twitch DOT, TV slash lines because one day I will streaming again. I don't know him, but one day it'll happen anyway. I'm your host. Is You're joining me is always the ever faithful producers. Such co hosts Handyman Sir Rockin. We're here. We're alive and doing all the things. You tweeted all talk radio. Show at Linz were we're here? Talk Wrestling with you tonight. At and not about the artificial crowds. They're going to be the stadiums in baseball this season. At least they're trying which I think is cool, honestly think. What Fox is going to try to do with the virtual craft could actually be interesting. I'm curious to see it I'm curious to see how it works. It's going to be for the Fox. Games so Sarah on Saturdays that they're gonNA. Show isn't right. Some of the Games are going to have like audio from be the show the video game the crowd noise to give it a more. Authentic feel smart, so doesn't. It's not dead silence. Yeah, because you need. You need noise unique crowd noise at a baseball game in football game in and basketball. European football soccer whatever you WANNA. Call it. Moxie all the things you need any noise at all the things and at the virtual crowd working then do it for smackdown thing also it's baseball season so I gave season randomly. Like you. obeys wells back. Let's kick it off. Let sued, but when I here talk about baseball or football or football, we are here to Tom Wrestling and y'all we're gonNA switch format up a little bit. We are going to open with extreme rules, because no, no, no, no, no, it's the horror show at extremo's. We're not calling that thing a horror show because it was not a horror show. What has what was promised? It was a horror show for other reasons, but it is not a horror shows what was promised, so it is extreme rules. That is what it is called because that's about all I got to. So we're GONNA, talk about that person. Then we're going to do news notes exte- tweeted week all that stuff on the back half of the show. We get to extreme. Well. Not Too, kinky extreme does that count, are you? There were chains and snakes. GO OUT NHS no alligators. There was a snake. There's some. Stuff going on there. Anyway. We're GONNA. Talk about it. We'll get. We'll get into it. The. It's the thing, so let's get into extreme rules. over embassy films youtubecom such BG twelve eleven. I. Don't even know where to start with his show. I think I want to start with the overall in Prussian of the show. What was your overall impression of the show I? Don't think this was a bad show i. just wanted and you don't read the Internet. You're right. I don't. I tend to ignore the Internet. Labor proclaiming. Of all time. This was not a bad show. A it was not. It was not the best show I've ever seen. It kind of was I'm going to say it was underwhelming it left. You generally underwhelmed especially for some of the stuff that was promised on the show I. Think Expectations were very high considering what they had said they were going to do, and are they really going to go there? And how are they going to do this? Like there were a lot of unknowns going into this show for the two top matches, which was the eye for an eye match. The White Swan match. And one delivered in one didn't essentially and both kind of like left I think a lot of people feeling underwhelmed and just not satisfied. You didn't get that satisfying conclusion that you desperately wanted from those matches. and. I think that's where a lot of people are like slamming this painting this as the matches itself refine. The wrestling was fine, but some of the finishes especially were really screwy, and there was a lot of just going to say. There's a lot of fuck ary in the finishes of these matches and I think that turn people well. Stuff has worked. Some of some of it was just weird. Some did not come off well, so I think I i. think the nicest way. Way I can say is that it was just generally underwhelming and unsatisfying the beyond that like the wrestling. This fine you know, the presentation of certain things are really good. A really well done certain other things were not well done, and yeah. It was just it was there. It was a thing it was not the best thing I've ever seen. So. Can we talk about your favorite thing? The show I just get to scream about it now. I've held it in for four days. Depends on where you think I'm going with this. I know you're not going where I want you to go with this. Nope I'm going to go with the US title. Enhancement Fair thing on the show, okay? All due respect, if Apollo crews was not there and not wrestling, hopefully, he's okay, and there's nothing plague-related going on there. Why? Why was this done on the show? This left me really really confused. I understand that they had to fill time, but it made no sense if he was not there in the match was never going to happen why this couldn't have been announced on the pre show, or you didn't have somebody else challenge in ep or you didn't do something else. It just doesn't make a lot of sense why they did it. They did essentially what happened. Is MVP and Lashley came out with the title? Crews wasn't there and so crews forfeits do not being there and MVP claims himself the US champion and he leaves with the title it okay, so apology crews doesn't take a loss I'm not opposed to this. This is fine, so the title is technically still his. Even though MVP's walking around with it. This just kind of felt like a waste of time. This was one of those things where it's like why. What? What was the point of that? You could easily announced set Apollo crews wasn't there and that was done. Especially since I think you in, you interviewed Lashley for sure on the pre show. I think they interviewed MVP to, didn't they? Could have easily just done that on the pre show, and it would have been fine, but okay all right. That's the thing that happened all respect again I just I i. don't know it just felt really displaced felt really just odd. It's like why why. Bother with that I don't know because they had a fill time in. Get the angle moving forward. I don't know it. It was like Oh, he's coming off the match and then just rocks and walked out and it's like. Could have done it backstage but I guess the. Yeah, it just. It was weird. It was weird. Okay, so we will with your favorite quotations. Smooth right. Let's talk about the most shocking moment of the night. We have new tag team champions. Yeah, we do since knock more and Cicero beat the new day. What I find really interesting about this is that there were a bunch of people who really unhappy about this and I'm not entirely sure why this is. The people who are always like Oh, let's push them. They push our weight. You took the belts off a new day, well it. Yeah, they're like team. Slapped together or whatever they're calling them or teammate card or whatever has aro. They're like. Oh, they gave new titles. Why would you give them to titles the because they've earned them because they're taking them off of new day because you want. To look like bosses like I'm not entirely sure why you're complaining about. Chances are having the titles especially since they essentially straight up folded, Kofi Kingston in half through table. Kosovar just like a boss serves on hitting a strong balance. They really good, so I enjoyed this match I thought this was good. I'm really happy. That says Ro Insurance Guy had the titles, 'cause you know what that's going to move the time division forward in the right direction, and I am here for that so on up down down and they played on our. CAESAROPAPISM would spice so on the Wednesday episode of WHO This Week you had. says, Ro pull out his championship to mock woods with like. It's pouring on scissor shoulder. And Woods was pissed 'cause I took new days belts. Well you know what needs to come back in a events boys when he will when he can't, he will pour woods though he they were doing livestream today in his computer like crash and he lost everything. That's like doing gm mode and lost everything apparently. Bats are. That does suck pass. Are you detecting champions, the probably not gonNA have a long run it'll be. Getting about self new day making them chase. All right. Let's talk about I for and I. Go all right some GOITER disclaimer this. My opinion of this match has nothing to do with the actual physical wrestling portion of this match. That was fine up until the finish of this match. This was actually pretty good. They were beating each other up. I'm not entirely sure why you would bring pliers to an removing an eyeball match because I feel like a melon baler would be much more effective, but. I still say Nice v two big. You'd have a hard time like going soccer smaller ones that you can use. As low curve to it. You could scuba right out spoon. With like a curvature to at that, you could just pop it in and get like one of those special things like cake, ice or new disco. Private right out anyway says showed up with pliers. They did the match. The match portion of this was fine. Here's here's my issue with this and I have to take my classes. Offer this because I'M GONNA face. Paul Bunch in this the finish to this match, so the whole idea of this is that you're supposed to take somebody's eyeball out right? Which Seth is already done supposedly on the wine. He injured the. He did not take it out. He injured they are, but he blinded the I there was blood. There was everything else when they did it the first time. Let, saw stipulate that second around. Seth basically does the repeat. He gets ray on the steps rate, and this is after Ray has revealed that the I that seth injured is fine. He rips his little bug eye mask cover thing off and boom. He can see it's miracle. and seth grabs ray proceeds to take the newly revealed, healed a and shove it into the stairs, which okay. All Right and ray screaming and everything like that. And the doctor like race screaming in Seth I think either pulls him up right gets up because he's got face over his hands over his face like covering his eye, doctors come running in dominant comes running in race. Raise laying there with his face. They've got a towel. They're they're trying to. DAB is phase for the two drops of blood that showed up in this and the only indication and I don't know if anybody else saw it. Because there apparently was a fake eyeball, I did not see it until rock freeze framed it or somebody freeze framed it and put it out on twitter. The only indication that we really had other than Ray screaming with Samoa Joe deadpan going it's out. You didn't cut to Seth puking at ringside for this and looking remorseful, which led to him on raw, basically being like this is all race fall being typical, he'll all right if you're going to promise to take somebody's eye out, even Kobe world and in a world where everything can be pre shot. I feel like they did this match a disservice. Disservice because apparently there was something shot where there was blood, and that explain sess puking, because apparently it was very gory and everything like that and supposedly Vince hated it, and it never aired, but they went with what they went with any way, and then they still had says Puke, which made no sense again in a world where you can predate, and you can pre shoot, and you can do things, and you can pause and you can. Doctor and everything else right in this this wonderful magical world that they're in right now. Can you not at least put blood on the stairs? I think that was my biggest problem. Is You had two drops of blood unlike raise mask? That were I. Think we're genuine. Just from the match I think he got like cut up, or he got danger, cut or something on his face, and it came through his mask, but if you're going to go to the trouble of having fake eyeball of having him cradle a fake eyeball to his face. Of. Doing everything that you're doing you can at least have a little blood or something on the stairs to indicate, this is where it went into his face also. Does based on the angle, and I am not an expert, but given that eyeballs or soft and squishy, and you put a corner into it I believe it would actually crush the Ibom back into the skull versus popping out, but it could be entirely wrong on that I don't know how that actually works at the very least, I think it would actually just crush the Bible. Based on the angle and everything how he was being pushed down, but I think that was my biggest issue with it because it's like it happened in. You're sitting there and you're like. Wait. Wait. That's it. That's how they're going to do this. It's like you know there's not going to be any blood to this. which whatsoever which you know, there should be right like that's the thing. At the very least you know. There should be blood right because it's an injury. It's an. An injury to the face. It's an entry to your head. There's a lot of blood vessels. There's a lot of veins. There's a lot of things going on in your face. You're going to bleed. I feel that again. This was a disservice I understand now that this is they had something shot in. It got scrapped, so this was the make up for it, but I still feel like somebody could have done a five minute. Google search on what happens when you lose an eyeball. And they could have reacted accordingly. We hear the rock. Do not recommend Yooglie what would happen out on how to lose an eyeball unless you're interested in that kind of. Thing I knew saying though it's like even even do the proper research nobre. You had like fifty people. Just don't put it in chat. You have like fifty people at Ringside. The stairs were blocked for good like minute to two minutes. You could have very easily. Had somebody take like a wash cloth, or a pete or piece of fabric, or even to sprinkle like? Throw little blood on the stairs? Throw little on Ray, not saying how to be like gushing out of his face. Right like horror show even though that's what this was called. You know over the top blood right like he doesn't have to be bleeding to death, but enough there that it's like indicates. He severely injured because from watching this. That's not what I got. And they may. Go On for Brennan you know W W doesn't do blood and guts wrestling like other people you know. They just have set hurled spooking. That blood and guts wrestling which okay. That leads me to my next point which we talked about this on Monday but I. don't like the continuity error I can almost deal with puking, but here's my thing suggested it once in quotations, and it didn't bother him. He didn't get sick. He didn't show any remorse. He didn't really care. He rebelled in. It was the whole crux to getting to this point right, so seth does it again. He blinds ray mysterious again. This time he gets sick this time. He's actively throwing up at ringside, which is not sanitary at all. I hope they really really clean ringside after that. which they should have after this match anyway, but my biggest problem is you had him show remorse for like a split second. You had him show a conscience which no, I'm sorry now I understand. He's trying to be human but no. If you did it once, and he has actively tried to blind humber Correo allaster black dominic in the process of getting here like actively tried to do it and do it again today by the way and then he actually does it in the match. It's like no. There should be no remorse here because he's he's. He's done this. This is a pattern. This is the thing and I feel like. There was a really huge missed opportunity to take. Seth rollins to the whole next level with what he was. was He's currently doing like a whole other level in terms of just him, being diabolical and him being evil and him being he'll just just take him. Take him that next step, and instead I feel like what that did is they did what they always do. Kind of Seth were as they get into a point, and then they they cut his balls off, and he kind of goes back to being this sort of spineless dick he'll. It's going really strong up until that, and then for me, it's like. No! We're not going to have you be bad ass. We're just GONNA. Cut You off right here so I just it to be. It feels like a missed opportunity in terms of like storytelling, but we'll have to see where this goes, but I feel like seth is really like come into what he's doing, and he could really take it to that next level. But what were your thoughts on that? I'm sorry? I was underwhelmed by the Finnish. I sat here. Watching them with good all right. We're violent, but. Then the finished happened in the apologists here's. That's it one more as every all the points you just mentioned. I want more violence I wanted more blood and guts as it were. That's that's my general reaction to it. I can't really get excited over right mysterious matches at this stage. The, mattress happened. We all know the finish was going to be weird to begin with you. Do not get the facts that we were promised debutantes. Yeah I mean again. It's I still ask the question. Why are they doing? Something called a horror show in July. I feel like you could have shaped save that for October and it would have been fine i. get that things are very weird right now, and you don't know what is going to happen in October if you're going to have fans or not, if you're going to be on the road. Road or not like how this is all GonNa play out, but it was weird. One before we move onto the other stuff that you are calling this the horror show and really there were only two matches on this car. That kind of defined horror. It was the eye for an eye. Was the White Swan fight? Really even the I for an I didn't live up to the moniker of horror. Everything else was just regular. Everything else was just normal late. There was no added violence. There was no nothing it was just all there and it felt very out of place. I feel like if you're going to go to the trouble of calling it, the horror show at extreme rules than commit to that shit, every match should have a level of. I hate. Keep using the word horror, but. Something that is like violent or disturbing or something. It should have been taken to the extreme. Yeah. It just wasn't but the best wrestling on this on this night. Came from the women because they're too good. Women's tunnel matches on this show. Were Bailey and Nikki. Crossgar I love this. I love everything about this so much I I want Nikki to get more tidal shots because I'm here for this. She's adorable. She's amazing. I felt really bad when she lost, but it was so good. This was I think this was the kickoff or the. No, this was the second match in. Came right after the titles and yeah, this was this was so good. This is just I love her Nikki Solo, entertaining like the call back from the. smackdown with the apron spots, and she went all underneath the ring to get to the other side of bailout chase over there. I thought this was really good. Where there are some interesting things at the end in house retained entire. I guess what he'll be heels. As is the best way to put at, he'll be heels. It's a gimmick that's been working for its gimmick. It's been working for Sasha where they do some heel tactics. They get the job done, and they got the job though on this night for Bailey. was able to retain her title and I can watch daily. Nikki Russell Shaw time because it's really good, because especially right now and I said this Sunday. Niki crosses doing some of her best work with the crowd she is. She really really is I. Like how she's coming to her own. How she's evolved the character from what it was insanity to. She is with Alexa. They're really good pairing. I like how they haven't broken them up. There where we go in six weeks well, that was a pattern, but yeah, I'm I'm really happy that they're still together. They're still thing. 'cause they. They add something to each other So that's that's yeah. I'm here for this. Sasha banks and Oscar okay I have one not including finish issue with this match. Because it got weird at the end where Sasha to Sasha fell weird, she took a boob weird off the term buckle, and then she got up on the second rope, and she fell, and after she fell the tiny on this, at least to me felt off, because it felt like they were rushing and I. Don't know if they were rushing because they were worried Sasha had heard herself I. Don't know if. If, that's what the finish was actually supposed to look like or I. Don't know if they were like. We're short for time, so just beat it the hell up like I. Don't know what was going on there. But there at the end of the match. It just felt really off an really weird to me up until the the match was that match was absolutely fantastic, and it was good after up until the finish, but yeah I. Just I won't complain about that, but the finish. Okay I love the. The finish was good. The finish was creative. It just was like after one SG refinish after another. Because I think this had just this came like right after I for an eye in the show. It was like what the hail were. The finish was essentially that Oscar does the mist of doom to the referee. He gets blinded so Bailey Strips. The referee puts on his shirt. one-two-three Sasha's your new role women's champion. She's now Sasha to belts which we're all sitting here and it's like that's not legal. That's so not legal. That's not going to stand, and then you sit here and you go. Rod Isn't having authority figure. SMACKDOWN doesn't have an authority figure. There's only one show that has one and I don't think I don't think William. Regal's power extends to raw, but we could probably find out and we did Monday. It does not Stephanie stepped in, and they're going with the way that they're going, but It was just it was jarring. If that pulls you out of that disbelief that you're like, wait a minute. No, no, that's no. That's not how that works along. The overbook finishes all lands. This is one of the more creative overbooked finishes that actually made sense and took you to a point of the story. Could it good you clean finish, yeah! Could you have Austin clearly beat Sasha go from there? Yeah, could Sasha one cleanly. Yeah, gotTA cheap way. Yeah, or if you're not ready to take off. Aska, you don't want to really be champion that, but the heel gimmick is working. And overbook finish like this for this night work. Absolutely I thought it was I thought it was well done I thought, and even it was a last minute decision to go in this direction. I, it worked People were mad because people take away too seriously, and then you know. But I just I if you hearken back to the attitude era, and all the overbook finishes. That came from that error. Fit Right. I mean it would have it really would have. Well the screw, even Mr mcbain finishes with with Steve Austin and dude. Love is in and the rocks, and all this screwy finishes with Out there. We all do wasn't real. We all knew she wasn't champion. You buy into the story, you you you. To Go with what they're telling you. You believe in what they're doing and works. It totally works yeah I mean it absolutely got the story to the next point, which was Monday night where Steffi met fans like and no, that's not gonNA happen. We're going to do a rematch to determine. Who's the actual women's champion? which again I don't hundred percent agree with? Because it's like technically Oscar did not lose, and technically Sasha did not win, but Oscar didn't win either, but she should get her title back. She didn't lose her title. Win It. The mattress gets thrown out, so it should all just refer back, but they're going this way. That's fine. It's whatever that's how my brain logically adds. That up is if the match gets around as if it never happened then, technically Oscar should just get her title back, but we the match next week I will take Sasha and Oscar all day long twice on Sunday. The one way extreme rules. Yup Ziegler said history would be. He would be allowed to compete under extreme rules, and the title could change hands on disqualification or count, for if drew McIntyre where to comes up disqualified or counted out my wasn't. It falls count anywhere because he wanted the out. You should have made false candidate where. A one-way falls can work, but they did not do that. They kept it as. The met with fine. It's drew McIntyre. Dobbs like good match. It was a good wrestling match could had some pilots into it but you. We all knew drew McIntyre was GONNA win. He did and now office begging for another title show. That's where we're at. Though. That's I was okay. I wasn't thrilled with it. It was just in a matter in the Sea of matches at was Sunday night, which there weren't a ton of matches, they had actually cut back a lot on. How much was on the show? Which I light because that gave everybody more time to do what they were going to do on the show. this match of gets lost in the shuffle for me like I. Don't really have a lot of of this match. It was just Kinda there for me. It was. It was a dramatic entire dowse. Extreme rules match. It was solid, good wrestling. there. It's everything you see you on Monday night. I yeah. There was. There was nothing that stood out for mainly because doppler has no credibility as a number one contender quiz, he doesn't win matches. He just begs for opportunity should have been me. Over new Renault Reagan, but let's get to the thing. We Really WanNa talk about the Wyatt. Swamp fight, though Kevin, Owens and Murphy on the pre K.. Kevin one on the preacher. He was good match. Though the Universal Chevy. Broader versus Bray Wyatt not tunnel. Why have swamped? Go I feel like I got entirely screwed and let me explain why. So four. What four years I think that's how long he was doing the swamp gimmick three or four years. Something like that on the main roster. You're telling me. We could have had braised room of requirement essentially where he indoctrinates and torture's. With snakes, we could have seen that never got. It could have seen just the general like fuck. ARY that goes on out at the compound. Never got that just everything like this version of the swamp leader Bray. Wyatt is everything I've ever wanted for it and more and I'm really sad. I'm never going to see it again. Because Holy Shit but we're was this. Three years ago. Why did they not make him? Look this bad ass three years ago. I'm really sad about that. Because Damn so this match hold on for. One thing we need to talk about I. The funhouse BEF- during the middle of the show Oh yeah, yeah, the Teaser, so necker Mansor Bray Mad scientist gray with his hair fluffed. An eye shadow and everything under is is basically does a teaser for the white swamp fight. It's like old. Nineteen Thirties Frankenstein style. Look to it and he's cutting his promo about the match and everything like that and he's like we're going to go the scariest footage of the night. And they cut to the Karaoke segment and you come back to brain. He's like God. Damnit, rabbit further able to take a shot. Themselves is a good thing and he's like I. See what you did there. I see what you do realizes the cameras back on him, and he's like Spooky And it goes back to the black and white and everything, and he goes back into it, so yeah, that was really good. That was really funny. And then during the match itself it cut to that version of Bray as a cheerleader I was past that which I need that as a reaction gift for everything in my life by the way so somebody could get that on all the social media so I can use it. That would be great, so this match opens and there were a lot of references in this mash that we have not taken apart we didn't i. I didn't get a chance to go back and rewatch it. 'cause I've just been really really busy with work this week so I want to go back and we watch this I want to catch every reference that I missed because there was a lot in there. This match opens with Bray sitting in the middle of a road, waiting for Brandon Rolla which he does. Brown rose up Ray, sitting in a chair, waiting for him. He's laughing. He's rocking in it in his broncos to hit him. Brave vanishes, and then brown gets attacked by fake, Luke Harper and fake Eric grown. Part. biglou carpet. Fake looker! TASTIC! I was like Oh. My God y'all did him so wrong. The so mean like I get. You can't get him but Dan. That's cruel. We're GONNA. Get to that man's. We're going to get to that. We're GONNA. Talk about that and then then Bronx attacked and he can't believe his eyes. He's seeing a ghost. He doesn't know what's going on because standing over him. Him is himself the black sheep of the white family, and he proceeds to take shovel to himself and knock himself out and when Brian comes to, he's in Braise Room of requirement is indoctrination and torture room and Braun. Is this Marie? Get really really kinky guys. Braun is chained legit to a chair to the rocking chair and break comes in, and they exchange words the. If we get to that. Full on. Enter interests. Yeah, we got the full on entrance. He did not carry his own head in. Old Land I was. I was really curious how that was going to work if he's going to carry his own head or not. But he comes in. He does the entrance. We get to hear the Marcos or fame one more time, and then he starts to top Braun he he yells, and he talks abroad, and he weaves his spell, overbroad abroad and bronze, trying to shake him off, and he can't do it and he can't do it, and then we get into the actual torture where. Basically Braun era, sorry bray, and a real life version of sister, Abigail or Abbie, the puppet because there was actually callback, Saul the puppets in this shop snake, and they proceed to have Braun get bit by the snake which flashes him to the next part where he beating people, he's beating up fake Luke Harper and a guy that looks like Dominic Jackovic. He likes him on fire, and then he hears a voice calling to him, whispering him to him luring him. A siren come home, Braun come home, and we look, and we see a ghostly figure draped in black on the dock, and she lifts her veil, and it's Alexa, bliss. Oh my God strap. No. Okay! She's not technically sister Abigail. She's an apparition that has meant to top Bron now. I must say it be cool to see Alexa bliss a sister Abigail, but she's more of their calling back to the little big storyline that sort of help to pull braun out of the white family I think originally because he had just left the family when that happened, it turned from being a just a pile monster monster with the personality. Yeah! It kind of started him on this path made a movie. Yeah and so she's kind of that temptation for to lure him in. And then we get the boat. With the pond, and I'm screaming at the top of my longs for the love of God, keep Ray away from water. It was. God Yeah. Has a wonderful yeah. And so Braun knocks bray the to fight and brought into the boat and pushes the boat away. Anything sees one. Book comes back. And it's empty. And bronze confused and he's looking around. And this was the best part of this whole fight and I. Think pissed a lot of people off. is they flashed the bottom of the paper? The the ending graphic for the pit perfume at the bottom right at this point in the match. 'cause everybody was like what the help. As disturbing knocked him into the back into the water like. It's over. And we both here going way. It's it is like no, that's not that's not. That's Annette. 'cause break comes back out of the water. And then we have the baptism gone wrong because they fight in the water and they they're fighting and everything. So what happened was Brady reached up grabbed with the memo. Call the Brigham and water. And then. It's the water searched bubbling. And it turns red. And out comes the faint. So? This was not an ad. Says was the story. This was the next chapter in the story. Have now leads to the return of the scene. We have not seen. Since WRESTLEMAINIA. where he put away Johnson, it's been that long since fifteen. And we all knew this was going. We all knew the fiend was coming. For Brown show him to recapture what was his? And that's what this led to. Some people like this. Some people thought this was stupid. I enjoyed it I thought it was really good. A lot of people were comparing this to the firefly funhouse match, which I think that that obviously had set the bar for the cinematic matches for Bray. This was on on that level, and the reason why this was not on that level is this is the next part in an ongoing continuing story, so it's not going to have that same finality. John Cena match had because John? CENA matches a one and done. That's like a thirty minute thirty to forty five minute experience fifteen runs, it felt longer the but the Boehner Western ones. Yeah, but this was basically brain bronner GonNa meet your having swamp. Brave fight. Braun, and they did him wrong at the end. Kasparov can't get. It could get it done. So the fiend shows up in place. A swamp ray puts him back in the grave and takes out Braun Strowman, and that is the end of that now. We'll have to see tomorrow where this leads. Do because we haven't heard or seen bronze German since this happened. Nobody knows where he is. Nobody knows what's going on with him. So I'm sure we will get that continuation of the story next 'cause whatever supposed to happen bronze supposed to come back in some sort of form whether it's the monstrous form whether it's whatever to attack Rewi, but he should not be the same whenever he. He comes back or whatever form he comes back in. He should not just be the happy go. Lucky monster that he was, he should be impacted or changed or scarred or something. Because of what happened in this match I would hope that anyway I think they will do that because they've been steadily doing but on its own. I really liked this. I really enjoyed it like I. said this. Just this made me really sad at the same time because it's like I look back at all. The feuds swamp. Bryant had and I'm like this could have been a thing the entire. Entire time and we didn't have it because I I- legit and wondering was brought special, because that's where my brain goes, and bray was just like torturing him with snakes and Shit, and like the ghosts of his past and his decisions, or was this everybody because it's like did 'cause you know everybody tends to forget. I don't pray white kidnapped the undertaker. So you're telling me we could have had this happened to the undertaker and we never saw it. I really upset about it happened Kane twice. You're telling me again. We could have seen that didn't happen Dana. Brian, you know the list. List goes John seen the first time the list goes on and on and on and on and on of all the feuds he had while he was swamped. Very Wyatt and we never never saw any of it and I. Get it. They don't have time. They can't do it as PG whatever but I'm just I'm very sad because it's like this could have been the swamp character, the whole horse run I could have taken him the seriously. They could have made him. Look this bad ass, and they just they just didn't so. I'm happy that like because this was by whites vision. That this version of the swamp leader got to be seen, that got to be heard that he got to do this because I feel like they finally did him justice after after all these years I yeah, I'm picturing a cinematic undertaker Bray Wyatt match La-. Manson I cry because we'll never get it. I I would love to see Bray Wyatt psychologically undertaker part because there's a lot there that he could use and have the undertaker back to. But that's another discussion for another day, but I enjoyed this match I thought it was I thought it was good like I said I. WanNa go back and watch all the all the references and pick up on everything because there was the R-, a lot of call backs to the original family to what he's been doing to other things very similar to what the firefly funhouse was, but it's different and I liked that it was different, but we're. What were your thoughts I, I thought it was different. I thought it was progress. The story and to credit was. Swamp right who pulled him in? And then the theme appeared I know, but I'm just making that point made clear. It's not swampy. That finished the match. That's my thing. It's like he was already in the process of becoming the fiend. When When he tells Brennan, so technically swamp race still doesn't get it done, but he does get it done i. will say that is the freaky Est. I've ever seen the fiend. Look is him coming up out of that water with the red in the water like they had used like red lighting and fog, and everything in the fiend comes up out of the water and he just you see him. Him come up from behind this like doc, and that's just like they did this extreme close up on him, and it's dark and is just over Shit. That's just spooky. Because all you can see is like he see the mask. And then you get a close enough shot bray that you can actually see like his mouth under the theme mask, so you see essentially see like this black hole. Phen-? Kinda freaky it was it was weird. But cool. The pictures they were putting out of it was good to. Durable Ifo I, I will take more will I will definitely. Take Wireless. Couple of housekeeping things we both went for into the eight ball. One four, one the wheel of fund, the magical wheel I went two and three. We beat the an inanimate objects we. Go US I think that's our coverage of extreme rules I think that's our coverage of extreme rules ready. We're going to take a break and when we come back, we're going to be doing news notes exte- and tweet of the week, so you don't WanNa miss that it'll seem the record here on talk. Radio DOT COM and we will be right back. Are you following us on twitter dot TV slash W. tr live. Do you have any was on prime? If so you can link it to your twitter account and subscribe to our twitter channel for free with which crime. It's the easiest way to help. Support US for free. Hey you WANNA get social with Iraq. Follow us on Instagram instagram dot. com slash, radio show. Every Monday night get caught up with everything that happens on Monday night raw with the raw post show to flex sippy. From the big return. On the more taken. The myself. Thought to myself. Oh Lord last devastating. classier. Staffy! That's your. Four. and. Shocking moments. I. Thank you so much. And the moments that leave you speechless. Dress foot something on list. Ryan, you start with that terrible scarf yours. I look at. You can add those. Tattoos on their your tacky little hair. Tie Your three mustache, and how about those trump's approach? What sparkle crotch. sparkly rhinestones all over the place sparkled. Watch your head on the last Ryan. Fogle Say this one time. I am not walking. Is The post show Monday nights live on the wild talk. Radio Network. Is the greatest of all time Saturday nights we decide. From sports, Video Games, movies, and even the X Ray. You help us decide what is the greatest of all time. Is the great great debate apart from your. Saturday nights. TV radio. Saturday night. Ninety she's. On the world told maybe oh network. Did. You know you can use the PORTA creative coast, rock and sock in the fortnight item shop. That's our. In the fortnight. Item Shop. Hey, everyone. This is Angelina, love your. Time knockouts champion and beefsteak seductress, and you are doing the right thing because you are listening to the rack radio show. And walked back to the rock. Right here on wild talk radio DOT COM, Birchbark, friends over in the film's about Youtubecom such M B, twelve eleven, and if you're listening to us over on talk, radio DOT com crater show, dot, com, or directly on twitch. Thank you so much for tuning. We greatly appreciate it. You get a quick second. You happen to have a twitch prime of available. Available will feel free to use it here if you want. You just cook opo button at the bottom of the screen and you can do that. You can also follow the regular way or just you know, subscribe the regular way, or you just hang out and chat and lurk. We're happy to have you any way. We can get you so welcome if you're just joining us and well. I say we do to the week what he say. The Cana Persons Fan and Tom. To Spam who? Taking. Place. So big. and. found. A place where you can go ahead Iran. One hundred forty characters. giving. Dish and starts to climb. Goethe Refresh Tara. tweeted. It's can. Show. Off. Brent go to your corner what he do, go look at twitter. Bailey I. E Y. Hope Ramos Stereo is okay. Ha Jason Isaacs. The Patriot was released twenty years ago today. Initially, not a huge success is subsequently become a classic holiday favorite reprieving the old movie maximums. If a psychopath kills your children, give all the Australians swords and someone in marketing I mean not lie. TMZ Man allegedly steals three foot forty pounds sex toy from Las Vegas adult store. SUPLEX city limits Brad. Shepherd is added again. Ship gains sometimes when you're feeling exhausted. It's okay to accidentally have your PJ's and your house slippers on at three forty five PM. Right Doctor Luba response. Wait I'm supposed to say it's an accident. JAKE FROM STATE FARM HERE DR. LUPO! Is your controller not working or have not played before I? Bet You controllers working. Check the plug and restart. Wait. has never been excellent. Only Charlie on TV host I take provide a medical of mysterious dislodged eyeballs this seventy two hour span. Goes. I'm a renaissance woman. Stephanie Chased Chris Challen Christian at last year in your whole. Sorry? The foxwoods without saying their name. What is your favorite superstar known for Filthy Tom Lawlor. Nickel failure. Got To take a hate that that's going to be his last. This last see. FORMER IS GONNA to hold up his numerous Unitel Rob Schaumburg I. Have No Restaurant Change. Zero Athletes Bill, the charisma of wet cement, terrible shape, but I think Shane Helms teach me how to choke. Slam your ass I. Mean What? Eric from the Viking Raiders. It should be legal to clothesline. People who don't say, thank you when you hold a door for them I, mean I should be legal. Bailey Stephanie. McMahon has done for angry emojis. Stephanie question mark, Bailey Hello Ma'am. I was just. Hope. You're done for the day so that you can relax. Thanks for the opportunity has segr- thin valor IU's quarantine very cartoon very wisely, watching all hundred eighty episodes of Seinfeld and store. Put you do for week two. Valor West six hundred pound life what happens. Okay, I have a late entry. Okay, wrestling figure news source at masters of the universe. WWE Universe Athene Bray white coming soon to Walmart and they got the go-ahead from Mattel to share this sense pictures of the figure and Bray response. This is amazing. EMBALMER goes way. Does this mean when the figure comes out? You're going to let him in. And he uses his own reaction Gif of himself with husks, the pig winking. You know you've made it when. I dislike that Walmart went for it. I'm very proud of them for that so so proud. He's also excited because he can wear his half. Nate Jason Mask whenever he wants. I look, get into news presenters always by Biji Films Detroit Eleven, so it wasn't a. Pc Newsweek which is good, but would you have some? I've been shoot muschamp for like four years on twitter. I got him to notice me once I'm kind of hoping. The rabbit project will get his attention, but I don't think it will anyway we we do have things to talk about so. Some of the biggest news outside of extreme rules is that slimmer bursary happened on Saturday and just a few notable people that we know in love showed up on that show, which was not a surprise, because several people had already been teased. Gallison Anderson. Dropped the news that morning that they had signed with impact, but we had some other wwe people show up including he slater E C three curt. Hawkins which was on the Car Hawkins was impact now some Serie. He was still there and eat wide on impact. No, he's also over challenge for the World Oh so quite white. The bunch there he slater in Galveston Anderson ably signed with impact wrestling EC. Three has not supposedly. That's what he's saying, but I think him and e y have an agreement with them to do something, and then I think Curt Hawkins is an unknown or get. He signed I think. Three's prize agreement. He wise probably sign he slater's. Signing a gallon, Galveston members are have signed. To you do sal dairy congratulations to them best of luck to them as they move forward, speaking of impact bound for glory was announced. It's happening October twenty four guys. Look forward to that. Progress and since we have no no real good transition other than you know impact step forward. Unfortunately Chris Jericho took a step back his his wild time crews. I don't even know what to call it. The triple winning the triple whammy Christo Rocket Raider, though schedules were a temporary. February of this year has been pushed to October of two thousand, eight, twenty one. Yes so upcoming. So everybody if you were supposed beyond that if you had any type of affiliation with that, we don't have any information on refunds or Anything like that so I would just say stay tuned to, either if there's a website, check the website or check crispus twitter. 'cause I'm sure he'll tweet some that something about it. If you want a refund, probably get them just. Tweaker SURCO PRAGNELL information. And last, but certainly not least wwe has teamed with war gaming for world of tanks. Or we're going to have wwe superstar theme tanks that fight each other. It's interesting. Just, doing it for night. I, Yeah I. WAS GONNA say I want to run around. Is WWe superstar Can we make this happen? EPIC W W? We please you know. Just I. have several people that would make fantastic for night. Characters just sing. Anyway in one of those people, they kind of already have skin former cups conform would be taker, and we just happened to get to talk about the entertainer on the show with makes me Super Happy 'cause I always love to talk about why the undertaker in the same show, but we got, and it was way too short. I'm just GONNA. Go ahead and say that right now upfront. We got a six episode. Of the undertaker series, which was basically some of the unusable footage or footage that just didn't go into the DOCU series. we got a thirty minute twenty minute twenty minute essentially like many. Many show which I'll take of the undertaker telling stories telling his stories that didn't make it into the DOCU series. And we had animations to illustrate what he's talking about and it was also. Narrated by Timothy Elephant. I'm just going to say this. Because like I said it was way too short I want storytime with Mark Calloway. Footage I want the outtakes I. Want like everything from that serious. It's not an outtake reel. There were no outtakes is mainly S- really sad that there's no outtakes? It's just the undertaker telling stories so one of the stories he tells his about egg man, and how he thought he was going to be egg man, instead of the undertaker, which he kinda told him. Don't go podcast. Another one was some really good road. Stories were like he set Yokozunas hair on fire, and he in the Godfather get in a fight about a hat, which up with undertaker, putting his head through the door, which is a common occurrence, apparently apparently and he hugs like. Through the door off the balcony. Oh, yeah, that's a news story. We didn't mention. The chat. You're grumpy, old man. Yeah, he's A. He's a renegade run game. A game takers on Tick Tock y'all. Don't even know. What is life when he for him to get into which channel I really waiting for that? Now I'm like just it's GonNa Happen. He didn't. They're going to get a twist. He's he's going to get a youtube. I WANNA. See Him in Michelle. Do do the renegade on. Tire no nets Ole. Breaks so many souls I want to see it happen would kill my soul Avi. Did that the God? Yeah, the undertaker's now and tiktok anyway, and then it's. He talks about like this really late Rustler's core and we find out about that including the Xavier. Woods gave him this really nice gavel that he just happened to have in his pocket and he showed off on camera because he's like. Yeah, I just happened to have it here. Look, here's the gavel and you know you're like losses shit when he saw that. because. One of my favorite things that I've ever been given. so that was really sweet, but yeah I wanted I want more. Like I. Really Want more because I think my favorite thing about this was like the Godfather story, right? He's Getting Ready to tell the godfather story and he's like so I have to disclaimer this. We were younger. This is not recent. We were younger and we were known to potentially put away some whiskey, not claiming we did it not acknowledging or not, you know accepting that we did it just might have happened that we maybe had been under the influence of alcohol at the time, and I'm sitting here in my blank is. Is your mother still alive? Because I feel like this is a man that fears his mother. Or someone! Like. Artistic just say that you did it, 'cause. We all know that you did it. You have the reputation for it. We all know you did it. Just you know the honest, but yeah I want more. I would love to see more. Her story time or I would love to see him. Write a book or just get more footage from this in general because I feel like it would be just. There's so much there that we didn't get to see and I think my favorite thing about like I said before the whole Docu series in general is just getting to see the person at I I genuinely love the person behind the character as much as I love the character now because it's like you just see him in an all. You're such a Dork I love you so even though I'm sure he's not perfect, you know. He has his his ups and downs and everything else, but yeah I. I wanted Mar.. Because we got the team stories, and I want the non tame stories. Agree I like it. Just! Like I say he twits jail and he can just do you know? Take her talk, and he could just sit there on twitch like a legit that make good like sign up for twitch channel, and he probably never stream in. He could get ten gay twenty, gay thirty gay, however, many K. subscribers like because it's the undertaker he need. Partner didn't like two days and I would cry, but it would be amazing. So anyway an extra. It's time for this week's edition of the next. She run down. The show the cool kids watch or really old people so Matt I actually jokingly said. Take your sugar can only fans to I jokingly said that, so the other night to sue coming into the show. We are all scared to death. I thought Uncle William was gonNA leave us. And I don't want Uncle William to leave us. He's like Uncle William Somebody has to watch hunters. Kids were not good. Discuss take. Talk about this show so I, want to answer that no, no, we're not answering were answering that. No right he's already goes tits out every match. He goes tits out anyway, so it doesn't matter if he takes his tits out on twitter, not. twits anyway. That'd be the only I, can't he? Can't. Guys can't do it. They can't sit there shirtless. Because some people could sexualize it. Wow. That's a thing. Anyway. It Open with William Regal Choosing keithly via the magical webcams, and he talked about how he's going to give up. The NFC. North America Championship Regal. Nashville was he's creating series of triple threat matches with the winners qualify to go onto the next Taylor for thirty two P. in a ladder match for the North America, championship so before we get into all those matches her opening contest Dexter Lewis Healy. The this is good. This is really. Very durable Dexter Maeda impasse out. Dexter is very much in into that. That's his his thing. You had the code ACI cutting selfie pro. Kicking US face often. She's coming for the title. I think we're GONNA. Get that match the takeover thirty. Call Me Crazy I. WE could we absolutely. Could I know though it's just it's so hard to say ever. Is the mouthpiece I mean resigned go, they did hold mouth these entrance tastic Oh Canada home and native land. I guess it brings Canadian. Yes. Right up freeze athlon about ever Isis from Canada. That was all. Okay all right got it now. Shots blackheart took on. that. That's not the point. The point is after the match. Sheep ran over ruppert stones good foot with her tank. Here's a guy who's worried about his his band flag. She run over. The Goodwin shots him. Good match and well Robert Stone got the last laugh, though because to help him out K Mercedes Martinez, out of nowhere because she boots shot seen the face as the League is trying to get the tank off of Roberts foot. And in the end Mercedes signs with the Roberts stone brand. So we're GONNA get Mercedes and. That was assume Mercedes have. Another. Challenger coming after her to. Someone, who's had a run in with Roberson recently. I think we're GONNA get Mercedes. I'm fine with that. I'm totally fine with that. It was the North American Jimmy. Could qualifier matches a triple threat match. Johnny Gargano Brandon read Roderick strong in a surprise to me practicing. Read one I okay with this like I'm really happy. The run. I'm just kind of anyone like it's 'cause. It's like it's Johnny and Roderick Andy figure you know especially with them going into a ladder match up one of them when turn up in, they probably may still turn up in it. But yeah. It's like okay. They're going to move Bronson. Florida all right, cool, cool very cool, but a this was a great match I like this I thought it was enjoyable. I would agree with that the only intimacy. Thatcher William Edge. So, good, typically, Thatcher's over week after week I. Like Him I really I'm really enjoying what he's doing. And just these really hard strong sil- type matches where they're just going in and having these slumps slugfests. Is just really awesome. We have a little. Promo so good. It's like Oh. Hi, fin where he came to our. Where are you talking about his next week? Against Dexter, Lummus, Tim catcher somebody's GonNa die in that match like that is just going to be straight up. Somebody's GonNa die I cannot wait for that. It's going to be so good. You had your main event carrying cross dominic. Digest or dodge Kobe murder. MOM looked great. She sparkled. She's very sparkly. This was good was good. Carrying got the win. Keely had to come out to make sure that there so funny business as he kind of had the choke for a a while, but what I liked about this was carrying crosses almost daring keithly to save his friend. Right you're. Like he's like come on, do it save him. I'm going to beat him up. I'm going to rough him up. I'M GONNA choke out save him. Make that choice Satan and keithly doesn't do it, so carrying ends up basically. Choking out dominic, which was which was absolutely just fantastic storytelling. I like how they're slowly building this between Keith and Karen were. It's like there's no real reason for them to fight, but they're building the reason to the fight, and it's a slow burn and I love that. A very solid. Very solid, so I think that's what show I think that's our show so all right? We're going to take a break. We're going to round a Brett because I. Think Omega is still on vacation and we're going to do night with friends so everybody sit tight or go get a sack or get a drink. Go to go, do whichever you need to do. But we're we'll be back here in just a few minutes, and while you got stuff supposed to plug away. Seriously relaxed dot com grab the great debate dot Com Sunday night the words on. wd Your fantasy draft season eleven the Sunday ten PM Eastern. New Format. A little bit. Versus to be Sunday night. WHO's GonNa? Win of all the rules on Sunday. Yes. There's a show because we're all GONNA? Be On it to make sure this show. poche Eleven PM Eastern next. No Right. I don't think we're going to be back next Thursday night. 'cause I'm going to be on vacation, so we are not doing a show next week next, but every other Thursday. We'll be live at ten P. Mecer, record, or so on facebook twitter instagram. The rack radio show and podcast Google. I spotify stitcher where we get your podcast. That's a thing that wild talk radio on twitter twitter. FACEBOOK, dot, com talkradio network. Don't worry. We'll do four nine next week. Next Thursday A in in time. Probably maybe we'll see. What happens! Speaking of fortnight used US rocket second to four nine shop. Was I'm probably two years. What's called? Pre Purple Work About him below the screen. That was a Hashtag. Are you foamy. Almost social media's an on twitch Ashland's Ward L. A. W.. Over. Don't forget to check out our very fine sponsor. Embassy films Dot Com Slash M B twelve eleven so for rock. I'm Lizzy Ward. Everybody like I. said go get a snack. Go get a drink. Go do what you gotTa do, but come back because in just a few minutes. We are going to be playing fortnight with friends, and it is challenged. Guys so prepare for Shenanigans but tilden. The right here on talk. Radio DOT COM and we will see you in two weeks by. While Talk Radio DOT COM.

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