Voice in Canada - Alexa, Snooze for 20 Minutes


Hey there all right today is a little bit of a tip for you if you use Lexi as your alarm clock as so many of us do and you find that yourself or you find yourself in a position where you're saying snooze and then snooze again and news again perhaps just you know saying maybe Here's a little tip for you. What you can do is you can actually change the amount of time that Lexi Z.? Sneezes so typically when you say snooze or when you activate a snooze function on alarm clock it lasts for nine minutes but Lexi. You can actually say lexi snooze for fifteen minutes lexi snooze for twenty minutes lexi snooze for an hour. Don't recommend that but you could do it so the next time you you are struggling to wake up and you need another twenty minutes to sleep just use that function. It's actually really good one. Okay and the other part of this reading. I want to get another shadow to. This person is an anonymous person so I don't know the name says Amazon customer but they did leave a five star review for the first briefing and I really appreciate it this person. I love the tips that I get from. The ICY folks in Canada had a very informative tips. That make your Lexi experienced better so thank you very very much. I really appreciate that and again if anybody else wants to leave a review you go to voice in Canada dot ca and yet the red button that you will see prominently in the middle of the screen all right. Oh and just as a little teaser for tomorrow. Tomorrow's topic is all Canadian. And it's really good when it comes Canadian so get ready for that one talked so brief cast dot F._M..

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