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Magin. It's the spring of Sixteen Twenty six. YOU'RE A Dutch soldier part of an expedition in the Wilderness of North America one hundred fifty miles up river from Manhattan Batan Island. Your people have struck a friendship with Mahyco natives in the region. This is their ancestral homeland which agreement allows you and other Dutch newcomers to farm and build homes here around a small wooden fort. You're part of a military contingent attached to the settlement. You're standing just inside the fort at the edge of the forest along the shore. You're the Hudson River. There are two groups gathered here your own men dot soldiers with their flint lock muskets slung over their shoulders and a party of Mohican. Indians dressed in deer skins ends with long black hair armed with bows and arrows. You're listening intently as your leader captain. Daniel Van Creek and back is locked in conversation with the MOHICAN leader. You're a man named Mona. They speak in a mix of the HEACON and Dutch Monan is pleading. We need your help. Our villages under attack the Mohawks are ancient ancient enemy have sworn to destroy us Ben Creek and back nods in sympathy. I understand my friend and we made an agreement with you. We haven't alliance but you. I feel the need to interrupt here captain with respect. May I remind you that we have very clear orders. We are to remain neutral to stay out of disputes between Indian Tribes Banchory. Entry Comeback looks troubled. He lied you outside the Fort. There are about a dozen small houses scattered about built by your people. Each is the home of a young couple. Some of the women who are planting crops in their little patches of farmland are pregnant. It's a peaceful scene set against the broad upward sweep of the forest hillside. Something ominous hangs is in the air. The captain puts his arm around your shoulder. See these are people in my job is to protect them. We can't live here alone. If we help help them. They will help us. Don't you understand I do sir but but I also have heard that the Mohawks are stronger than the Mohicans but this is how you you maintain strengthen the wilderness together. We are stronger than one alone. It's my job to make alliances. I'm a man of my word. Fen Creaking can back leads you back inside. The Fort. Were moment is waiting motormen my friend we will fight at your side. You don't like get off you. Go immediately plunging into thick woods with the other Dutch soldiers soon. You're trotting along behind your new. He can allies then suddenly there's a whistle in the air and Mohawk Aerostar raining down attack swift staggeringly efficient. His of arrows immediately followed by the cries of agony. Several Mohicans ahead of you are killed instantly. Captain Van Creaking Vic dies in the attack has to several of your fellow soldiers you and the other survivors run for your lives back to the Ford on the river. The settlers join you. 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Lending products are subject to credit property approval rates. Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Not all products are available in all states or for all amounts other restrictions and limitations apply owning products offered by J. P. Morgan Chase Bank. Na an equal housing lender from wondering I'm Lindsey Graham and this is American history tellers our history history your story the violent encounter between Dutch captain Daniel Van Creek. I'm back in his small party of soldiers and local native Americans in Sixteen Twenty Six sent shockwaves through the young colony and a warning sign back to leaders in Europe Van Creek and back had gotten embroiled in a fight between the Mohawks in the Mohicans in an area that would become Albany New York. The instant showed how risky and tentative the Dutch enterprise in the a new world was while England was establishing colonies to the north in New England and to the South in Virginia the Dutch position themselves in between they called it new Netherland Orland he was based on land explored by Henry Hudson twelve years earlier. Initially there was no central hub to the Dutch colony. It began with tiny numbers of settlers. There's six here ten. They're setting up communities all up and down the vast region that Hudson had traveled their orders were to build homes start farms and establish good relations with the natives they were spread out in the belief that this would support the Dutch claim to the region but having so few settlers in any one location exposed them to danger injure with the killing of Daniel Van Creek and back in his soldiers. The strategy for settlement was revealed to be flawed. A new plan was needed an island in the harbour at the mouth of the River River which had so far been overlooked suddenly became of great interest. It was called Manhattan according to Legend the Dutch bought Manhattan from the local Linden. Try for twenty four dollars one of the most infamous land deals in history but what actually happened the significance for both parties and it's lasting legacy is far for more complex this series written by Russell Shorto and based on his bestselling book the island at the Center of the world this episode to buying Manhattan Imagine. It's January sixteen twenty four and you're an eighteen year old woman standing in a small group group of people in the courtyard outside your church in Amsterdam. You are all looms a French speaking minority from part of Europe that would later become Belgium. You're meeting the church to discuss something important. One of your elders lifts up his hands to get the attention of the group and makes an announcement. The West India company seeks to find willing settlers others to help establish a Dutch colony in North America anyone willing to sign up. We'll be given free passage across the Atlantic and all the means necessary to set up settlers will be expected only farm and trade a middle aged man in the crowd laughs and speaks up. Who would it be crazy enough to take him up on that go to the middle of nowhere beaten my savages. I think the Dutch view us as fooled because we speak a different language but a young man whom you've gotten to know slightly named yours challenges this well. What's wrong with this offer. It's the possibility of a new life we will loons and we have no future here. I'm I'm thinking of taking the offer if he pauses glances quickly at you if I had a partner to share the adventure with me the others laugh. They know the two of you have been flirting but you don't hear the laughter you only hear the loud beating of your heart art. You speak up with more force than you intended. I agree not only that the reports about the new land are very promising. They say the natives as a peaceful and good to trade with gland is beautiful and very fruitful that sounds like a paradise you and yours trade glances wants wants. The crowd has dispersed in. It's just the two of you. You can't hold himself back. Will you go to the new colony really marry me there suddenly the dangers and uncertainties of such a move conflicting into your mind an ocean passage you know is a perilous thing. Ships are hit by storms and are swallowed up. merica is an alien continent. The very name evokes a black hole of wild terrors but what's your situation here. You're an eighteen year old hasn't girl. Amsterdam is a big bustling place but it's not your home. You came from a tiny village in the wound countryside and you're an orphan. You don't belong here. You don't belong anywhere or to anyone you have no definite future so you answer quickly and with conviction yes and no I will go with you but no I will not marry you there in the middle of some wild forest. We will do that right here before we leave wants. The young couple yours rally and Catalina trico made up their minds. Everything thing happen very quickly. They were married in the Balloon Church in Amsterdam on January. Twenty First Sixteen twenty four four days later their ship departed for America as they sailed away from Amsterdam. They were leaving behind one of history's most remarkable events the Dutch golden age the young Dutch nation was in the midst of an unprecedented dented boom wealth was flooding into the cities of Amsterdam. Rotterdam and The Hague and new advances were taking place in every conceivable endeavor Rembrandt and his fellow painters painters were revolutionizing art taking it away from the traditional religious subject matter and instead painting pictures of ordinary life and scientists the so called natural philosophers offers were looking through telescopes and microscopes and penetrating the secrets of the world around them Dutch control over far away territories such as the rich Spice Islands Islands in Asia was fueling this growth and the small European nation was on the verge of even greater wealth and as part of its outward push the Dutch nation aim to launch a new new world colony but with so much opportunity at home the Dutch west India company could only attract settlers from the bottom rungs of society recent immigrants and minorities orgies that were struggling to get a foothold people like Catalina and yours. They had little stake in the golden age for them. The wilderness of America beckoned the Atlantic crossing was unlike anything Catalina and yours had ever experienced about thirty couples and families most of them will loons boarded the ship new Netherland Roland in early March of sixteen twenty four the Captain Cornelius may steered straight south passing the coast of France and Spain then headed into the rougher waters of the the North Atlantic passing Morocco on route toward the Canary Islands. Finally he turned his sales westward and beat a course across the Atlantic leaving. All sign of land must have been a terrifying experience while the Dutch were born seaman. The wounds were mere farmers many of whom had never even seen the ocean before fortunately fortunately the wind was with them which made it a relatively short passage only two months in total in early. May steered into the Great Harbor that formed the heart of the Dutch colony the same Harvard that had first drawn the attention of Henry Hudson years earlier but no sooner had they done so then they spotted a ship flying the French colors captain may announced to his passengers that there would be a delay possibly violent one. He was under orders from the states general the Dutch governing body to defend the Dutch claim to the territory captain may communicate his orders to the French ship which replied that it was here to claim the territory for France Catalina must have had a few hours of mounting society as the messages went back and forth she couldn't have helped but consider the possibility that her dream of a new life in America would end before she even set foot on the continent after a while and once captain may showed he was prepared to use his cannons. The French ship backed down as the Dutch escorted the French vessel out of the Harbor off Catalina your saw firsthand the uncertainty of new world politics this might look like a wilderness but European powers were already thinking ahead the new ring to control pieces of it the Dutch ship continued its voyage and sailed past the thickly wooded island island of Manhattan and continued one hundred fifty miles up the Hudson River to a spot near the CO host falls there they disembarked and rejoiced at the feel of firm Earth beneath with their feet and then they got to work on their first two tasks building a fort and getting crop in the ground after the fourth four bastions were up they busy themselves with constructing individual houses and by mid summer the settlers had simple but serviceable homes and the grain they had planted was rising high from the fields the the first year or so the settlement was peaceful serene. Even there was the richness of the land to marvel at and the wide muscular rises of the mountains their reason for being in this location was trade the Hudson River which ran north south intersected with Mohawk river which went East West the west India Company had founded the colony of new Netherland excellent as a for profit enterprise and its directors placed their hopes on the for trade yours and Catalina helped establish that trade with native Americans who trapped beavers in other animals along the Mohawk river the unions brought their pelts downriver to the Ford the settlers traded for them pack them onto ships and then sent them down to the southern reaches of the Hudson River then their fellow colonists transferred them to larger vessels to make the transatlantic voyage back home in Amsterdam. The beaver pelts were processed into felt which which was highly prized in Europe because it was both lightweight and warm the Dutch trading expedition got off to an excellent start in their first full year yours and Catalina Selena and the other Fort Orange settlers obtain close to five hundred otter pelts and more than five thousand beavers from the natives for which they traded guns pots knives chiefs and other items of value to the local people at the same time. They were busy building homes and planting crops. They were delighted that first autumn that their grain wheat rye barley oh you notes had grown as high as a man one settler noted and after that three ships arrived from the home country whose names the cow the horse and the sheep announced. It's the precious cargo that each carried the animals grew strong and the fertile land was abounding with grass pasture slowly through grinding effort yours. Joris and Catalina and the handful of other settlers were making a home and of this rich wildland and then you're after they arrive Catalina in yours gave birth to their daughter Order Sara which was the first child of the new colony relations with the local tribes were good to Catalina said they were all quiet as lambs in those years there's ready and willing to trade the settlers learned enough of their languages to compile rough dictionaries and as they visited the native villages the Dutch reported home what they were like the dwellings are circular with event hole above let out the smoke and mostly made of the bark of trees they sleep on the ground covered with leaves and skins the women so so skins into clothing prepare bread cooked meat while a man hunt with arrows the Dutch settlers became fascinated by the ways of the surrounding tribes including the Organization Organization of their society. There is little authority among these nations. One report said they live all equally free in each village. There is one who commands in war but once the fight is ended his authority ceases they are very much afraid of death but when they are faced with it they are very brief. The peaceful life of the first year of the settlement ended when Captain Van Creek and back got his Dutch soldiers entangled in the dispute between the Mohawks and Mohicans suddenly the paradise that Catalina had dreamed of while still on the canalside in Amsterdam vanished and two years of hard work looked to be erased instead of farm animals and crops she was faced with corpses riddled with arrows and felt a crippling tripling fear now she and her fellow settlers were digging not to plant crops but to bury the dead as they dug the graves the settlers discuss what to do. Could they flee back to Europe where the native Americans who had been so open and friendly before about to turn on them slaughter them before long though a ship arrived live from the southern part of the river with news in new orders the leader of the colony had been ousted and was being sent back to the Home Country Yours Catalina and others at Fort Orange were to board the ship and head south. There was a new leader. You've traveled throughout the colony. He understood the flaws with the initial settlement strategy and he had an ambitious plan. American history tellers is sponsored buys. ziprecruiter hiring can be slow process cafe alterra. Coo Dylan Moskowitz needed to hire a director of coffee for his organic coffee company but he's having trouble trouble finding qualified applicants so he switched to ziprecruiter because Ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them for you. 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Ht Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire If Yours and Catalina had been too busy establishing their settlement pay much attention to events further south in the colony they had time to get caught up as they sailed down the river. The first director of new Netherland was a man named William for Hulst and he was unpopular from the start. He cheated the Indians in the area around the harbour. The colonists were outraged at this because they were outnumbered by the native peoples and depended on them the whole reason the Dutch settlers were there was to trade with the Indians didn't the men who are running the Cali from across the ocean understood this as well they had given birth holst clear instruction saying that he shall see that no one do the Indians any harm or violence deceive macher scorn them in any way but that in addition to good treatment they be shown honesty faithfulness and sincerity in all contracts the settlers new if the native peoples of the region came to distrust the Dutch they were all doomed so they set up a committee to decide what to do about their unscrupulous. Silas leader and just as they were meeting the news of the violence in the North reach them Venturi comeback had an effect on the same thing as ver hulst gotten the tribes of that up river region angry with the Dutch settlers and people had died that news seem to push the settlers in the south over the edge they dismissed for Hulst and looked about for a new leader as it happened. One of the first people to come to new Netherland whom the directors of the colony had assigned to her host as his assistant had just returned from a trip to the home company Anthony. His name was Peterman. We and everyone felt he was smart and capable and at forty six years old a man of solid experience and a universal choice to lead them men we had traveled up and down the East Coast and had developed a keen understanding of the geography of new Netherland the problem with the colony from the outset he determined was it settlement pattern because they were so concerned about the English taking over the Dutch tried to protect their claim to the territory by putting token post in every part of it but that meant that no part of the Dutch colony had enough people to truly defended making matters worse for Halston done a bad job of selecting a base for the colony. It was clear that the great harbour at the mouth of the Hudson River was a natural heart of the colony but for Halston decided that a small island in it should be the capital the Dutch called it not the island now known as governors island it guarded the entrance to the harbor so might have seemed suitable choice but he was too small to sustain a large population everything therefore needed to be rethought starting with the capital but if not island was not the ideal location for a capital and we reasoned right across from the harbour lay the southern southern tip of another island Manhattan. Maybe for Halston thought it was too big to defend from in we though it had all the necessary features at twelve miles ells long it was big enough to sustain a large population. It's southern tip which jutted into the harbour could be defended against attack from the sea and it protected passage of the river over into the heart of the colony had forests streams while game land that could be farmed to the new Dutch leader. Manhattan was a key to his colonies future future. Imagine it's late Summer Sixteen Twenty six. You are a native American a village leader of the Muncie speaking tribe call the way casket you and your people use this land Manna Hata as a seasonal hunting ground right now. You're on the southern tip of the island with a soft lapping of the water at the harbour's edge behind you before you is a large circle comprised of two groups your fellow with casket and the Dutch came to your area two years ago the man directly opposite you men we is making gestures to his people and then to yours extending his arms wide showing showing that he is a man of honor at he can be trusted. He addresses you in a formal tone by this agreement. We enter into alliance with your people. We will aide you if you were attacked and if we are attacked you will come to our assistance. We will be as family. We will share this island of Manhattan. You then repeat terms of this agreement. We enter into alliance with your people. We will eight one another. We will share this island Minahasa. We offer these things things as tokens of our understanding you hand over amount of blankets. I mean we speaks again and we give you these as tokens of our understanding Jannik as men come forth and begin laying items on the ground before you copper kettles knives muskets gunpowder silk I mean we speaks again all of this value of sixty guilders in our money that is of no consequence because these items while they are good and strong are only as is good and strong as our word. We'll keep our work as men in your casket people celebrated and danced long long into the night you mean we shared a pipe together. Underscoring the bond the tube you and your two peoples have forged then at some point near dawn one of the white men a soldier approaches you with a question. So where will you go now. You don't understand Oh we remain remain here but now that you sold the island. Surely you will go elsewhere to live and hunt just as the Europeans have some understanding of your traditions you do as well. There's you decide to address this directly. We will remain here sold is one of your words on ours asked me. He understands against it will be as he said we will share Manhattan. Nevertheless something interests your mind along with the man's words a deep for both the Dutch were the most literate people in Europe in the seventeenth century they they were also a highly legalistic people. All transactions had to be writing but that doesn't mean they believed that with a few pen strokes and an exchange of goods they would become owners of the island of Manhattan. They were great travelers worldwide traders who took pains to understand the ways of local peoples. Most of them knew that for the native Americans there was no such thing as a real estate transaction in the European sense. They knew that for the people of the region and arrangement for land was more of a defensive alliance men we especially would have understood that the casket people were allowing the Dutch to use the island along with them and that they were promising to help each other and yet want such touching agreement went beyond those two parties and was discussed among Dutchman in Europe. It lost all subtlety and took on a life of its own. The exact details of the so-called sale of Manhattan aren't preserved in history nor is the deed which was certainly written and signed by both sides instead what has survived is a letter written by an official. All of the Dutch government to his colleagues. Peter Scoggins was on the dock in Amsterdam some months after the agreement was made when ship arrived from Manhattan he wrote a letter to the directors of the west India Company in which he summarized the contents of the ship as well as the news it brought high and mighty lords yesterday the ship the arms of Amsterdam sure damn arrived here. Are People are in good spirit and live in peace. The women have also borne some children there they have purchased the island manhasset us from the Indians for the value of sixty guilders. They've had all their grain sewed by the middle of May and reaped by the middle of August they sent samples of the summer grains wheat rye barley oats buckwheat canary very seed beans and flax he went on to report the cargo of the ship containing thousands of animal hides beaver honor mink links and Muskrat that as well as a great deal of timber in his report Peter Scoggins Reduced Complex arrangement that men we had made with the casket people to a simple sale of land. He valued the pot and knives the Dutch had given to seal the deal at sixty guilders a little later on in the nineteenth century a translator reckon that amount at twenty four four dollars and so was born a myth legend of a fabulous swindle in which worldly Europeans hoodwinked the simple natives but those those who executed the treaty did not see it as a simple transaction they were all Europeans and native Americans trying to negotiate a way forward in a world that for as anyone anyone could imagine would continue as it had been for millennia just see sky an unending forest and that way forward both parties basically understood would have to be undertaken together. The natives who sold the island surely didn't feel it was there to sell anyway two years later men we second in command wrote a letter to one the directors of the company in Amsterdam and rather casually mentioned that the island is inhabited by the old Manhattan's documenting that the natives didn't go anywhere after the sale in fact acting noted where the local Indians planted corn and that they live in a constant state of Amity with native American tribes on the mainland so that they prefer to stay on the island this little tribe shared the island peaceably with Dutch for into another report back to the home country and yet there were signs of future trouble. Some Dutch settlers voters viewed their native American neighbors with suspicion and repulsion. The natives are always seeking some advantage by feeding said another report and a minister who who was sent to the colony was blunt in his feelings as to the natives of this country I find them extremely savage wild strangers to all decency uncivil evil and stupid as garden polls proficient in all wickedness and Godless nece devilish men who served nobody but the devil they are altogether inhuman while there were those in the colony who had befriended Indians down to know them intimately others had the lowest possible views of them and this ministers report didn't bode well the the Dutch had ambitions for their colony and their investments to protect nuance and subtlety would not hinder their enterprise American history tellers is sponsored by sleep number. We all know the benefits of a good night's sleep. You feel better. You're more focused you few more energized and smarter so imagine how much smarter you might feel if the bed was giving you your best. 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Even if you cancel your membership so start listing with a thirty day audible trial choose he's one audio book and to audible originals absolutely free just visit audible dot com slash tellers or text tellers to five hundred five hundred. That's audible dot com slash tellers tellers were text tellers to five hundred five hundred as the new leader of the Dutch settlement Peterman. We decided that the southern tip of Manhattan Island would become the capital of the colony the new city of New Amsterdam the central structure was to be afford it wasn't wasn't very impressive for outer walls built of mounted dirt that people routinely complained pig who'd route into and destroy but slowly it went up inside were barracks for soldiers and just beyond the Ford. The first row of houses went up looking out onto the harbour. There was a warehouse where the furs were kept while they are waiting to be sent to Europe. There was even a canal just like Amsterdam. The town was laid out in a regular pattern sixteen streets. All the new homes had gardens behind them. One one of the first was built by Catalina and yours they purchased land on Pearl Street around the corner from the Fort. The records of the colony show them growing in their lives along with the colony oni buying a milk cow borrowing money buying farmland cross the river in the village of broken in time they had eleven children Sarah there. I who we've been born up river would marry a tobacco planter who tended his crop in an area of Manhattan that would later be called Greenwich Village Sarah and her husband would have eight children and and in fact yours and Catalina would eventually become a kind of Adam and eve of Dutch Manhattan their offspring's offspring continue to multiply until over a million William people can trace their roots to this couple who tied the knot at the womb church in Amsterdam and hot to ship to American settlers like Catalina in yours. Chris came to known Manhattan intimately heading northward they followed the Indian trail leaving the city and plunging immediately into wilderness areas that would later become the most most urban anywhere on Earth were for the settlers at the time places to hunt or to stop and gather fruit the ground near the river is covered with strawberries one sadler what are noted which grows so plentifully in the fields that one can lie down and eat them near the exact center of the island was a little stream where they could stop to fish and the settlers voters named the Indian trail that ran the length of the island to heron bag or the gentleman's way later to be called Broadway as those first years flew by the more and more settlers arrive because life was still good in the home country. Many of their rivals were from ethnic minorities people who like Catalin yours were left out of the economic economic boom at home Poles Danes Scandinavians Turk an Italian Manhattan was becoming a place unlike any other a multi-ethnic port were all sorts of languages could be heard and religions practiced religion and attitudes toward it was becoming a defining feature of the colonization of America work in Europe. It was a great age of religious warfare when religious intolerance was official policy in most places as nations competed to get ahead aligning people people around a shared religion was often an essential strategy religion was such an incendiary force. It stood to reason that a society comprised of a mix of different face could would only dissolve into chaos in France and Spain for example religious intolerance was considered good policy. The same was true in England which which was why Christian sects that wanted to break from the Church of England went elsewhere in search of new homes while the Dutch were settling Manhattan the English puritans chose their own colleen America in New England as their shining city on a hill their new Jerusalem there they would have the freedom to follow their stricter form of protestantism alongside them in England. Were another religious sect. The pilgrims were in fact a breakaway from the breakaway. They thought the PURITANS didn't go far enough often the reforms and they too left England but they went first to the Dutch provinces which everyone knew was tolerant of different faiths. These pilgrims spent twelve twelve years in the Dutch city of Leiden but a group of an left for America because ironically a very tolerance that had initially attracted them in Leiden Haydn their children mingled with people of other faiths and the pilgrim parents didn't like that the Dutch policy of tolerance had come about in part because the Dutch provinces is our flat and thus easy to invade or flee to giving Dutch cities large immigrant populations secondly the Dutch found the tolerance was actually good for a business it helped fuel the Golden Age in North America new Amsterdam also enjoyed the fruits of this liberal attitude toward religion. There was always an element have cows about the place but he was functioning with its mix of people's Peterman. We felt good about his city and his colony in its success and he wanted to reach out all all of the Dutch new Amsterdam knew that the English pilgrims had sailed from light into the Plymouth colony just a few hundred miles from the north and so then we decided it was time for them to visit imagine this March of sixteen twenty seven. You're an ambassador from New Netherland sailing into the Port New Plymouth the home of the pilgrims your English neighbors to the north. You WanNa make an impression so you order flourish of trumpets to announce your arrival. The pilgrim leaders and their somber black dress are gathered at the doctor. Welcome you their leader. William Bradford steps steps forth as you disembark Sir we offer you greetings and wish you prosperity in this life and eventual eternal rest with Jesus Christ our Lord in the world to come you bow and reading by thank you Governor Bradford extend greetings to you from Peterman we director of the colony of new Netherland on Manhattan Island. The pilgrims lead due to their settlement. You're not terribly impressed. The homes are crude signs of suffering. You order your men to bring forward the barrels and crates carried on ship HIP Governor Bradford. We present some humble offerings in neighborly friendship Iran Blood Sugar Wheels of Holland cheese. We hope you will accept these tokens. It's Bradford is visibly moved as are the other pilgrims. Children in particular look delighted then Bradford puts on a proud face sir we we have no need of charity our little colony prospers thanks be to God and yet we humbly accept your gifts in the spirit of friendship but we must remain your dinners till another time. Must we have nothing to offer you in return a we expect nothing in return. Governor Bradford but in the future when you were better established you might see fit to trade with US director men. We feel that such trade will be to our mutual benefit. Pilgrim fathers look furtively at one another. You wonder what's going on Bradford. Them delivers the wilderness message. It is possible that we may look forward to doing business with you in the future. If your rates are reasonable however is my duty to inform you that forty years ago. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth began the navigation of North America on behalf of England and conferred patents upon her subjects. Short Sir you you and I may enjoy Christian friendship. I feel your dot colony may not last long enough for the trade you wish for to come about any consequence of the pilgrims threat from the Dutch republic's arch enemy England was likely far in the future England may someday try to enforce forces own claim to Manhattan the rest of the Dutch colony but Peterman we had other problems just now more immediate troubles were right in front of the Manhattan settlers most most basic one of all how to maintain in existence on the edge of a continent that was imponderable vast unknown and fearful mm-hmm next on American history tellers and exuberant mix of people ride on Manhattan prostitutes pirates priests and profiteers all land on the island. It's a group made possible by the Dutch policy of tolerance but the west India company desperate for a new revenue stream soon turns to slavery beginning a dark chapter in the island's history from wondering this is American history tellers. My hope you enjoyed this episode. 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This episode was edited by Doreen Marina at it and produced by Jenny Lower Backman. Our executive producer. I Marshall Louis created. I her non Lopez for wondering.

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