Episode 154: Retail Renaissance


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This is actually being live streamed over, Don talk radio dot com. You know? And I keep saying this time and time and time and time again. But the goal is to set a certain time of every day or at least three out of the five days of the week. D-actually have this damn show air live. And. All right. So I'm gonna. I'm gonna give you a little. I'm gonna pull the curtain back a little bit so that can explain. I think I've probably I probably explain this before, but the problem I have. Has to do with well, couple of things it has to do with my household dynamic, and it has to do with the nature of my business. Now, the nature of my business is I'm an IT consultant. I'm I work on technology mainly PC's and networks and things like that. So at any time during the day, I mean, I don't. I don't go to a job and punch a clock or even go to a specific office and sit there for eight hours a day. I'm everywhere. There are weeks when I'm just here at the house, just waiting on something to break. And then there are weeks where I'm out in about like three or four different places at least two to three times during the week. Now what I have to work into all of that, and it's a little bit easier now than it than it was just a few weeks ago. But what I have to work into to all of that is. A half to take my wife to work at a certain time. And then I have to go get her at a certain time and her schedule for the longest time was set one way. And it really required that. I available. To take her to work by four o'clock and then go pick her out by. Eight thirty eight o'clock eight thirty somewhere in there. Within her schedule started changing, and she started eating to be there at twelve and then go pick her up at eight fifteen. And along with that up until just a couple of weeks ago I was also, I mean, we get up at seven o'clock every morning. I also was having to take my son Tyler to his job because he was still well. He hadn't taken his driver's test at that point because up until that point where he got the job, he really, we saw no need. Many kept the insurance on the cars low, which tell me that was a significant jump. The I got the Bill today. I think I was paying somewhere. Over the last couple of years. It has gone from eighty nine dollars a month. And granted we're covering two vehicles were covering two thousand three, four explore it out that has like sixty three thousand miles on it. And then we're covering a twenty thirteen Ford Focus, which is quickly catching up in mileage to to the explorer. And so we were paying about eighty nine dollars a month for full coverage, and it's been slowly creeping up to where it's it was over a hundred dollars like a hundred hundred, five hundred eight. Something like that. Fast forward to this Bill. I'm getting a little sidetracked here, but I wanted it just occurred to me fast track to the Bill that I received today. Now, my insurance agent told me that once I put my son on one of the vehicles and we put him on the Ford explorers, the primary driver that it was going to go up forty eight or so dollars Bill today. Hundred and seventy three damn dollars and some change. So there was a reason why we weren't in hellfire hurry d-actually get him to where he was a licensed driver, but having the job that he has now, it was kind of a requirement. So that changed it before he got his license. I was having to go. I was having to take him to work by eight thirty and I was having to pick him up around five o'clock. So you can see that I was on the road. At a little bit around eight o'clock in the morning. And then I had to work in if I had any clients with issues before took my wife to work by twelve, and then I had the afternoon to try to work on client issues and then go pick my son up at five and then go pick my wife up somewhere around eight o'clock, eight fifteen. Something like that. It's gotten a little better now because like I said, Tyler's now a licensed drivers, so he takes himself to work. Matter of fact, the plan is today he's actually gonna go by and pick his mother up because it is Thursday and she works swing shift like from twelve to five, which gives me an opportunity to come out here and be with you fund folks and just, you know, chew the fat as they used to say and talk about some things. One of the topics that we're going to concentrate on today is retailers disappearing, and do we care and on top of that, how does that affect the mall scene. So I said, all that say this and you probably bored to tears by now, but that's the reason why I have not been able to pin down exactly win. I can go live in do this show because I still want to treat it like a radio style show where you can expect to tune in at a certain time, Monday through Friday or Monday through Thursday at whatever my stamina can can afford me. I mean, I am getting older. My wife tell you my stamina's, not what it used to be Heo, but. Where's my. Where's my. Yeah. Wow. Okay. So that's that's the reason why I've been hit or miss and just doing short little twenty minute episodes and putting them out on the feed and putting them out on patriot and sometimes the sacred to the reason why that you want to be a supporter on patriotic is this. If in win, I do the show and it has breaks in the middle with ads or what have you in the patriot feed. Those are cut out. I also go through the effort of tightening up the episode because I know there are a lot of people that listen to podcast in light. One point, two one point, three one point, five hell even to Expedia because they just want to get the content and they got a lot of shit. They gotta do that day. Maybe they got a, I don't know a crap ton of podcast that they wanna listen to. So I go through the effort of tightening it up. And what I mean by that is I don't speed it up. But if there are pauses where I don't know, scratching my head scratching my ass trying to figure out what it is that that I wanna say. Next, those are automatically cut out in condensed down. So you get a much shorter tighter, concise episode where you get nothing, but the content of the episode. That's what you get for being a supporter on patriotic a buck a month. That's all a mask and guys just above about a month. And I know this is the proverbial chicken before the eggs scenario, but the more support that I can get on patriarch in the more apt in an easier it will be for me to a lot more time to be able to do the show on a regular basis, maybe every day at a certain point of time for an hour or two or whatever. And you know that that's something like I said, it's the proverbial chick. Or the egg. I'm asking you for money so that I can do the show more of more on routine and something that you can count on. Now, if you're the type of person that really doesn't give two shits about listening to it live, then it's not really gonna matter to you. You're going to get it in the the standard podcast feed with all of the ads and none of the extraneous crap cut out. And if that's what you want, that's fun. You can always go over to Don talk radio dot com. And there's a player right there. And I usually have the last four or five episodes just just play in in random, twenty four, seven until I go live, which I've been take over the feed the livestream so that. Yeah, that's that's pulling the curtain back a little. Let me see how all of this actually operates. So today we are going to be talking about the disappearance of the retail market. Do we actually care and how is that affecting malls? Because. Something I discovered when I was doing some research about this is the fact that there's actually two lines of thinking here when it comes to are the malls dying. There is a a CNN report that was posted back in December of twenty seventeen that is stated America's malls or rotting away. The worst is yet to come for American shopping malls, but then oddly enough. In January of this year twenty eighteen. There is a Forbes article by Paula rosenbloom, who is countering that in saying that the rumors of the mall's demise are greatly exaggerated. Just look at Miami now. I don't know if we can just specifically look at one one major metropolitan area and and go, see the malls aren't dying, but it was. It was an interesting. Paradox if you will of. The statement that, yeah, it looks like the malls are dying. Versus no, they're not dying, but here's what's actually happening, that kind of thing. So that's what we're going to talk about today. And then then maybe. If Tom allows I wanna get to something that my wife is attempting to do as an experiment, and it deals with Facebook and her friends. 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But today we're gonna talk about retailers that are disappearing. Now I gotta be completely honest here a couple of articles this week about this, and then I was listening to another radio show yesterday where the radio show host was specifically, I guess, talking about Sears initially because that's been the big thing that has come out this this week. Now I don't know about you, but well, let me just give you a little bit of my background as far as growing up in regards to large retail outlets and even malls now I was born and raised in small town in South Georgia s introduce FitzGerald, Georgia. It's in the county of been. He'll now currently reside in Tiffen. Tipton is is about twice the size. Well, now it's probably even larger than that. But when you look at it pop the population it, it's definitely a much larger. So growing up my experience would Sears was a very small store that had a limited amount of merchandise few televisions. It was mainly taken up by pliant says, like refrigerators and washers and dryers and things like that. But it was primary for us for my family. It was primarily the destination for going and picking up things that you had ordered out of the Sears Roebuck catalog. Now I'm not going to get into the whole history of of Sears. And the fact that that Sears itself is, I mean it's a, it's a company that's been around, I think, a hundred years or so, but, but that that's not the point. Every so often. I would get the opportunity whenever I'd go with my mom. Sometimes my mom and dad, but you, you know, the way the family dynamic, especially especially growing up in the seventies and eighties the way the family dynamics work then was your dad worked and and your mom took care of the house and took care of the kids and things like that. You really don't see that much of it today because we're all struggling in and just scraping together, whatever coins we can get put put in the the change purse to be able to make the rent or the light Bill or what have you. But. Back then it was very common to have one person, your dad. Being the breadwinner. And so mom alone with sometimes my grandmother because it seemed like they were always tethered at the hip. Occasionally, we would go to one of two locations. Like I said, I was born and raised in FitzGerald. So coming over to Tiffany was about forty miles and Tiffen had instill has today a small mall. Now they had like roses. I don't know if you remember roses, but that was that was a big department store sorta in the vein of like WalMart. And the the mall had other little small shops in it bail, which I think is still there today. But occasionally we would actually go to. Albany, Georgia. And on rare instances, maybe maybe even vowed ASTA Georgia. Now those two locations much much larger cities even above Tiffen and they actually have malls what I consider an actual mal. We're, we're talking where the Sears store in there was the size of what some of the original WalMart stores were before they became supercenters. And of course you had the food court and everything else. And then as I got older and was working in, one of my jobs was working for a radio shack franchise owner who occasionally we would need to go to make an impact some some stuff up from the company stores. We'd actually stop by the Macon mall, which happened to be eight, two story mall. So most of my interaction would Sears was looking through a catalogue. My mom would call the local store place her order or she'd go up there and place her order. And then like three to five days depending she would get a call that her order was ready. And so then she drive up to the store. She walk up to the counter, tell him who she was and they, they had these like like male type little cubbyhole things that they would find. And I guess I put them in about a quarter and they would look and find her stuff in hand it to her bigger boxes. It was in the bag. They had to bring it around. That was that was predominantly my interaction with Sears. And like I said, occasionally would go to the Sears in Albany and that one I actually remember more than vowed ASTA because I think my mom kinda liked Albany Georgia better than thought Austa. I don't know why. I guess it was just it's not that it was necessarily easier to get to where fits your Georgia is actually situated it. It's it's not conducive to getting to Albany or Valdosta either way easily to get the Valdosta. You basically come to Tiffen hit eighty two and head south. Well, there's two different ways you can get to Albany one is to go through Ashbourne. The other one is to come to tift and and keep on going through Silvester and get to Albany on on a. I didn't did. I say eighty two south not eighty two south asset. Any five south. I'm sorry. I think you can also get about forty one, but eighty-two goes west and east. So anyway, you had on eighty two west through tift into Silvester and you get Albany Georgia. Sears here lately has been. I mean, they've been having a hell of a time. And they've been, they've been closing stores and they're, they're, they're actually now slated. They're gonna close three more stores in New York, and this is the thing I didn't know up until couple years ago that Sears holding also owns KMart, and we've recently lost the k. mart here in Tiffen it closed down and you know, KMart target, WalMart, tedium, wa. Anybody remember TGI wa. Before there was a WalMart down here in the south. We had TJ and now the TD and why actually stands for the initials of the people who who started it, but that was the type of store we had TGI. So WalMart is nothing new. Keep that in mind when WalMart came on the scene, it was like, oh, the holy grail, holy crap never say. No. We had stores like WalMart before they were called TJ and wise. But the new hotness comes in, they come in with lower prices. They may carry. Some merchandise that the previous store doesn't carry. And then eventually the previous store starts having hard time their sales dip, the have to start cutting cost. And then eventually the stores close we. We've seen it with grocery store chain, winn-dixie down here used to be a staple, don't have any gone. We have publics. Used to have piggly-wiggly down here. Don't even know if there's any of those left anymore. Harvey's gone. But Sears has been struggling. So they're closing a Sears store in New York, a KMart, New York, and k. mart in Virginia in business insider is reporting that five more Sears stores in three k. mart stores are also going to close. They've got a key deadline coming up, October fifteenth. Where Sears holdings must make a whopping one hundred and thirty four million dollar debt payment, which apparently is not something that they can easily afford right now. Sears holdings shares, their stock is down forty percent since Eddie Lambert the CEO and the largest shareholder which belief he also owns an equity fund. He stated that the company needed to sail more assets and restructure its abilities to extend the life of the company. And I believe if understood what it what I read, he's actually wanting. He's actually trying to get Sears to sell these assets to his his equity company. In this thing that's happening with a lot of these. These retail outlets is some somewhere along the line they get. They get bought out by an equity firm. That's just like where my wife works. JoAnn fabrics, believe it was in twenty eleven. Is the twenty eleven or twenty thirteen. I just looked this couple of weeks ago so, but so forgive me on the date, but the company was actually doing quite well. But for some reason, they were approached by an equity firm and said, hey, we'll buy you. And of course the money was right. So it went from being a public company to a private company owned by an equity firm. And quite honestly, the employees can pretty much tell you that that was a mistake. So that happens a lot. I don't know how much longer we're going to see a Sears. I don't even know if we still have a Sears in the Albany mall. Sears, Albany, Georgia. Let's take a look. All right, January fifth, twenty seventeen. Here we are the Albany herald states Sears in Albany closing. Albany k. mart not on the closure list. Bring that up real quick and just take a look. So it says Sears at Albany mall will close by the end of March. So if that's the case in this was January fifth, twenty. Seventeen. Yeah. It's been gone for a year over year almost two years now year and a half. Definitely. And this sad. That is very sad. But. I've got a point out. Something is sad is this is I mean my heart goes out to to the employee's. Okay, I get that. I have been at the receiving end of budget cuts. I have been at the receiving end of just get the hell out. I don't need you here anymore because you cost too much kind of scenario, and it's no fun. It's it's definitely no fun, and it's definitely no fun. You don't get any type severance package. One of those instances I did the other instance did not. So my heart goes out to those employee's that lose their jobs when when stores like Sears stores and k. mart stores closed down. But I gotta ask you a question. How many of you. And this may be a demographic question, but how many of you. Have actually stepped foot in a Sears store in the last two years. Think about it. How many of you have stepped foot in a Sears store. In the last two years now, I don't mean if if you went there the Sears auto center or whatever you had your your tires rotated or you got new tires or whatever. Okay, I'll give you that. I'll let that be a pass. You get a pass on that. Okay. But how many of you have actually stepped into a Sears store in the last two years to actually buy something. Instead of buying online, because I'm here to tell you if I've got unless it's something that I desperately desperately desperately need. I got to have it today. I am not going to a physical brick and mortar store. Not gonna do it. Not win. I can. Sit there either on my phone using an app. Which I had a friend of mine that. This was four years ago would order stuff on his phone Amazon app. And I thought that was so ridiculous because for me that point that apps just sucked. They absolutely sucked. Fun. Now in twenty eighteen. That I can do a quick look up on something on Amazon. It's what I need got the money or at least got the credit bam. Bob's your own cool. It's bolt a never have to go sit at my PC. So I've noticed that about myself over the last twelve to eighteen months more and more. I will actually use my phone to order stuff like that. But if I have if I don't need something. Right now, I'm not going to step foot in a brick and mortar store. Just not gonna do it. I'm going to buy it on Amazon or here lately we've been doing the online shopping and pick up of groceries at our local WalMart marketplace where I think we've done it for about a month. Now this is, I think, today was our fourth time. And using their app. I find that this is so easy that during the week we used to keep a list and we still do. Because I'm my wife and I are really the only ones using the app. But if I, I recognize that I'm running out of something. I'll quickly look it up on my phone. I had it to the grocery list at finalize that list usually around seven or eight o'clock Wednesday night. We schedule a pickup for ten o'clock Thursday morning, and so far we've been notified about nine forty five every time that our groceries are ready, and we click the check in button that we're on our way we pull up and within five minutes, there's a very, very nice employees. Her name is Queen. She's been the one bringing our groceries out every single time. You cannot ask for a brighter person. A happier per customer service is just pouring out of this woman. And so our experience with this has been nothing but positive. I'm not saying that we won't have a negative. As some point. But so far it's been great. I don't step foot in the marketplace. Which the only reason why I was going to a marketplace to begin with was usually to get cathode. Now I don't even have to do that. I just done there. She brings it out. We do go to Publix because there are a few things that marketplace doesn't carry. And then we got kind of a specialty meat in poultry type store, cardis foods that we have to go in and get like chicken breasts and things like that. But otherwise Donovan does not go into a brick and mortar story. If he doesn't have to in that is what's killing these retail outlets every single thing. And I'm not. I'm not trying to be happier Bollock here, but I know I'm running the risk of being somewhat hyperbolic every single thing that you can buy from Sears. You practically can buy online from Amazon. Did you know that you can buy prefabbed pre fabricated homes through Amazon. Yeah. Look it up and pre fabricated homes, Amazon dot com. There you go prefab homes, Amazon dot com. Now there. The books you're gonna make me eat my words, aren't you? Gonna make me eat my words. Now. Actually seen this. Not just the books. I've actually seen this. Oh, well. That's actually something though that that I'm Assan Sears have in common in their early days. That's actually one of the things I did is they sold. They sold homes. They sold homes. So. Oh yeah. You could actually get a Mods forty foot, tiny home here you go available from the end. Of course. What it looks like is. The trailer that would be on a tractor trailer and they modified it into a home. I've seen some of the insides of these things that they're, it's amazing what they can do point is there's practically nothing that you can get it Sears that you can't get an Amazon. So. It's very telling you have retail Alice, like Sears going the way of the dodo bird. Now going on our list of other retail outlets that could potentially be gone in the next couple years Barnes and noble. Barnes and noble. One of the, I think the largest brick and mortar bookstore left. In the United States have not the planet, but definitely in the United States. And of course lie is that you had borders. Amazon pretty much ate their lunch and they're pretty much. I mean, if it weren't for the fact that Barnes and nobles, I, it's not nobles. It's Barnes and noble, get right on. If it weren't for the fact that they were already so huge to begin with, they probably already be out, but they're they're emerging cash flow right now. They're cute to twenty eighteen numbers their overall sales dropped by seven point, nine percent. They lost thirty point one million dollars which is up from twenty point four million the previous year. This trend. This trend started in twenty thirteen. And why. Why is it? Well, e books. Lot of folks get their content. They're reading material. Via e books. They got an e reader, whether it's a kindle, weather's the kindle app on their phone, whether it some other type of raider. But by and large, Amazon is the largest e book seller on on the planet. So the kind of make sense. But we, you know, we're all. We're all consuming our content a little differently now. I mean, we have, we have all of these options. We've got it flicks. We've got Hulu. We've got CBS Alexis Disney's coming out with their own damn streaming service. You got DC universe coming out with their own streaming service where they're going to have titans in some other content. We've got all of this stuff here for entertainment. Nobody. Again, nobody's in quotes wants to read a book. Now. I've actually as I've gotten older gotten to the point where I do like the physical book, I do own a lot of e books. I own a lot of e books that I've never read. But as I get older, it's almost like a little bit of nostalgia that kicking in, and I want that that tangible feel of that paper. And I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking fifty years from now. There's going to be any such thing as books and all of these things are going to be collector's items. Who who knows. Another one is route twenty one. Some of these have never even heard of route twenty one. They were a, our eighteen retailer privately owned and they filed for bankruptcy and may of twenty seventeen. They're still going. None west. They target women shoes in excess res j. crew. They're closing thirty nine of their five hundred seventy five stores. But they've been. They've been described as curiously blank and directionless. Bon ton stores. I've never heard of them amber Crombie in Fitch that would have heard of they are teen targeted clothier and they've been struggling for years as expensive labels have fallen out of fashion. Well, let's stop and think about it. Who became. That demographic who became that that target market millennials, millennials by and large are minimalists. They don't buy a lot of stuff. In the things that they do by they typically make long hard informed decisions and they go, they do go after quality products. But that doesn't mean that they're going to spend one hundred fifty dollars sweat shirt or some nonsense like that. So it's very telling that a retail company that targets teens with expensive labels is having a tough time. GNC. Health store, vitamins, supplements, things like that. I call this death by internet. And when I say internet, I mean Amazon. Used to see these in malls all all the time. They're still there. But their profits peaked. In twenty thirteen in their sales peaked in twenty fifteen. It's all downhill. One of my favorites radio shack, and yes, believe it or not. There are still some stores around. This is another death by internet. And when I say internet, I mean Amazon because. Think about even. Even with ecommerce become the juggernaut that it is today. Part of the problem with. With radio shack. Was that for the longest time. Number one, it started out as a hobbyist type thing, and there's, you can look up the history of how radio came to be being part of Tandy and all this other kind of stuff. I believe Tandy was a a leather working company. It's a fascinating history. If if you love the origin stories of how some of our most iconic brands came to be. But their core business was for the hobbyist. I mean, you need transistors, you needed resistors, you needed capacitors, you needed obscure little little knickknacks, whatever for for your science projects or what have you. You went there. Then remote control cars and things like that, especially around Christmas time. They had some of the coolest remote control vehicles. And I used to work for radio shack, franchise dealer in FitzGerald from nineteen ninety. Nine hundred ninety two ish. Anyone to somewhere in there to nineteen ninety seven. And I saw the inner workings of radio shack. The franchise side more than anything, but still. And it was fascinating. And what was even more fascinating and I kid you not. A pack of resistors at ten pack of resistors. That might be labeled a dollar ninety nine cost store like thirty five cents. There was elation markup on that stuff. I mean hellacious markup on that stuff, but there were a lot of things that that set radio shack apart. From your average store. And that's what started happening even before the ecommerce juggernaut of Amazon in being able to to essentially buy any type of electron stuff that you want from wide variety of companies online, their core business was no longer no longer viable. And then they kinda lost the air of having special selections of products because you had companies like WalMart. Used to go to radio shack. And get stereo systems. They had some of the coolest stereo systems. One of the best damn stereo systems I ever built, which I didn't buy folks did was a pioneer system. Nineteen eighty five or eighty six from WalMart. At ten inch wolford's mid range in tweet speaker stood about three and a half, four feet tall. Had a tape deck had an equaliser, had a record player had an AM FM receiver off the chain. Something like that would have cost twice as much radio shack, which is reason why we didn't get anything that from radio shack. So even as far back as the mid eighties to late eighties, they it started losing ground to companies like WalMart. And then you come alone with Amazon and Amazon is part of the reason why toys r. us started going under. Which if you listen to yesterday's episode, you now know. That they're coming back. Radio shack. Has opened, we'll or has opened express stores. In hobby town USA locations as well as online you. There was a couple months ago if you went to hobby town dot com, believe it was they actually had this big thing on the home page about with radio shack logo and everything by your radio shack, stuff here and it was toys and what have you. I never knew anything about hobby tail, but apparently just looking at their selection, they got some cool shit. You won't remote control cars and planes and things like that. Hobby town. But ironically enough, the radio shack dot com website still works. It looks like you can actually buy stuff online from radio shack? That one confused me. I don't know if they're in some kind of like who's fulfilling their orders. If maybe it's hobby town, this is something that's completely different. I don't know. Then we have Staples and Office Depot. They merged in twenty thirteen. At the time they had twenty six hundred stores. Now they have roughly about fourteen hundred stores combined again death by Amazon. When Amazon opened up there be to be website in two thousand twelve that specifically targeted office Centric organizations because think about it. Most office supplies don't need. You donate actually lay your eyes on. You don't have to see it. I mean, a stapler stapler. You can order a stapler. If you want to see it. There's a picture online. You don't have to physically touch it. Caress it make love to it. You don't have to do any of that. Now, some would argue that when it comes to like furniture chairs, things like that, that it's nice to be able to do the but test. But our Staples here in Tiffen couple years ago actually cut their store size in half, and I'm, I'm not joking. I'm not joking. They literally built a wall because they're in one of these little strip mall things. They literally built a wall and cut their store in half. The other part that they no longer occupy, I think made another larger area that was the taken over by another tenant. So Staples, reduce their footprint and then started removing all the furniture. Because that was one thing that I didn't mind if I was looking for a chair, I'd go into Staples and I would do the but test now the chairs are crap most of the time, but you could get some some decent ones. Some some decently priced ones. But you don't have no furniture in there anymore. So, yeah. You need to order a chair, you need order a stapler. You need order. Cases of paper, Amazon. I know Amazon, there's a theme here. Another one is true. Religion, apparel never heard of them. They are a youth oriented retailer. Apparently they're in trouble Clair's which is a teen in tween girls targeted store where they sold jewelry and cosmetics, and excess reason. Part of the problem. There is the the target demographic no longer hang out at malls. I believe Clair's has something like seventy six hundred stores on top of that. S. bestest was found in some of their products like cosmetics, so it wasn't too long after that that they had to file chapter eleven. So yeah, they have seventy five hundred stores, but and they remain open, but they are closing about ninety two of them. So that's just a short list of companies that in this was from kiplinger kiplinger dot com. From March of this year. I've seen other list to there was one that Fred's was on it. I don't know if you remember Fred's. Fred's is kind of a. Well, it started if I remember correctly. It started in in Georgia, but calls the headquarters of Fred was in Eastman. I don't know how far that they crawled out of Georgia. I know there was one in FitzGerald for the longest time. There's they're still one over here. In Tiffen. Matter of fact, it's a building that's probably less than ten years old. Now, of course, my concept of time somewhat skewed to could be closer to fifteen. But anyway, so there there's there's different list out there of different opinions based on the performance of the stock or the sales, or what have you. And I think it probably goes right along with what will what will talk about when a comeback is. Malls, and there's different interpretations of our malls actually dying are some of these retail outlets actually going to die. They could recover. I mean, look at Toys R Us they, they were ready to auction off their assets, and they looked at it and said, we've got a plan. If we can. Execute this plan. We've got just as much chance of pulling this off and making his much money making a profit as we do selling off these assets and completely tanking. The the brand as it is the the toys r. us and the babies R Us. So I mean, you never know any of these could come back. I don't think I don't think Sears is gonna come back. I'm pretty confident that radio shack in any in any recognisable form. Is pretty much gone. I mean. Apparently there are still some radio shack franchises left, but I don't think there are any company stores left. I know my former boss and friend who owned the one that I worked at in fit strode sold it off several years ago. And then it just kind of disappeared. It relocated a couple of different places. And then it seemed like it no longer had the radio shack iconography on it anymore. So like that when I don't even think is is still radio shack franchise. So I'm not sure how many radio shack franchise dealers are actually left in the United States. But I mean it's like anything. I guess. These types of things happen. It's happened before it'll happen again. It continues as technology progresses. As new generations come of age and start making their own purchasing decisions. They're their own likes and dislikes. And how things are purchased and how things are consumed in how content is consumed in how people get their enjoyment changes. I mean, think about it when television first came out, there was a fear that it was going to kill radio. Why would anybody want to sit around and have to imagine listening to a radio show. When they could see it. Why would they. The granted the televisions were black and white, but yet you, you were seeing. People. We have that today. How many people would rather watch talking heads. Like if this was a video stream, which I'm not I'm not streaming video how many people would rather watch me. As I fly all around the studio, waving my hands this and they're in making funny facial expressions. Versus the number of people that are fun. Just listening to the audio only because they've got things to do. They don't have time to actually focus on the video. So television did not kill radio. However, amazon. Has put a significant dent in a lot of these retail outlets. I cannot fathom back in the nineties ever thinking. Whenever I first started getting on the internet. That I would be able to buy. Not only just music. Or DVD's. But actually stream the content. Two devices. Either smart TV's are things connected up two TV's like Roku boxes and fire fire TV boxes and things like that. I never could have imagined that never could have imagined being able to order my groceries online and go pick them up at a designated time. It's fascinating. It's it's an amazing time that we live in. But what do you think about any of these these retail out? Do you any of the ones that I listened? Like some of these I've never heard of. Do you still shop at some of these places? They're still open. Do you go to Sears? Do you go to j. crew? Do you go to Barnes and noble. Or are you just one hundred percent online if eight guts to leave the house? I ain't gonna do it is that is that the mentality you have estimate Taliban? I have. I mean, I do go get pizza. Two reasons. One. Domino's won't deliver to me. Into their seven ninety nine. Three topping has to be carry out. So that's one of those rare instances where I will actually get my ass in the car. In drive in detail. Ten, twelve miles, something like that to get pizza because it's cheaper Papa. John's will deliver. But with the amount of pizza that I have to buy. I can't get away with less than forty dollars. Delivered. Whereas I can go to Domino's in usually around twenty eight twenty nine dollars maybe thirty, but we get a ton more stuff. Rare instances, otherwise leave me at the house. I'm fortunate enough that a lot of the problems that I have to solve for my clients I can do from home office remotely. Sometimes I have to physically be there, but for a lot of the times I don't have to be there. That is fantastic. M win. WalMart finally gets around in this area to actually delivering your groceries. I will consider it. Now. I've been told that there will be twenty five dollar delivery feet. That is, that is a deal breaker for me. I am not going to pay. I'm not that petty. I'm not that fucking lazy. Okay. Not. Money still matters pension those pennies. Abe Lincoln is screaming. It's still matters. I will still order my groceries and go pick them up. If it's a twenty five dollar delivery fee. So I love a love this time. The question is how do you make money in this time? How do you pivot. And we'll we honestly see the death of malls. We'll get into that when we get back. Get right back from this break. I love to hear from you two to nine seven nine six, four zero zero nine. You can either call that number. Or you can text number nephew, call the number. 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Don talk show at g mail dot com. Back to the program. It is done till four Thursday. It is the fourth of Tober twenty eighteen. It is. The month of Hello. We. I actually I've talked about this before. Halloween is one of those holidays that out alike. But I like it because it somewhat of, I guess. A romanticized version of it for me. Because we, we don't celebrate as far as we, we don't put up decorations and we don't do the can't. The candy thing I've talked about that before Hal. Not long after we moved to this neighborhood in two thousand and six. The first Halloween, we just saw mini vans full of kids just come out park on the side of the road, open the doors and kids would know costumes. Just coming around getting looking for Candian crab lie that so. But yeah, I just kind of like the. I don't know ally Macab in the funny thing is I'm not a scary movie aficionado. I don't watch a lot of scary movies anyway. There's that so malls, we've talked about retail outlets, go in the way of the dodo bird. Well, does that mean. That malls are also going to do the same thing. And again, I'd love to hear from you two nine, seven, nine, six, four zero nine call or or just send a text. I can just read the text, get it right here on the screen left to hear from you. Do you still go to them? Oh, so like a pointed out earlier, I was doing some research on this and I came across two different articles. One was in December of last year and then was in January of this year. Now, the one in December of last year, the headline reads, America's malls are rotting away. And there are. You'd have to do a Google search on it, but there's like, I think it's dad malls dot com. Let's say, did malls dot com? Is that a thing? Yeah, to dead malls dot com. There are. There are people that just absolutely love going around and taking pictures of these old dilapidated, no longer occupied structures. These malls matter of fact, there's a post on dead malls dot com right now. Welcome to retail history. And they've got a YouTube channel. So go over there and check that out. It's kind of kind of interesting, but the CNN business article said, the worst is yet to come for American shopping malls. And they start off by saying that as Macy's and JC Penney and Sears and all these other major department stores closing their doors and that the malls that house the stores, they're having a problem because these are what's known as anchor tenants. They are. Well, known hugely popular retail outlets that drawl foot traffic to the mall. Think about it. A Macy's Ajay at like I pointed out earlier Sears. When you went to the Albany mall to go to Sears, there's a very good chance that you didn't just stay in Sears while you're there. You might as well just peruse the mall. That was a radio shack in there. You could go to the radio shack store. It was a corporate radio shack store because, well, you know, they're not gonna let a franchise it a city that size, but a plethora of other of footlocker. Some probably some other toy. Let's say Spencer's was one that I love to go in because y'all, you had kinda weird crap in there. Just really off the wall stuff. But you went there specifically for Sears. Now I've Sears wasn't there. Would you go to the mall? That's the question. So that's what they're talking about these anchor tenant. When they lay the mall, it opens the door for other stores to break their leases or try to get cheaper rent because they're like the foot traffic. I mean, we're, we pay premium. These stores pay a premium just like in any city. If you wanna be on the outskirts of town in heavy little shop there, it's gonna cost you one amount, but if you wanna be downtown in the thick of it, where you got the highest traffic, the highest foot traffic, it's gonna cost you three, four, maybe five times as much. So when an anchor tenant. Leaves a mall. It starts this cascading effect. So it says as big stores close, then it can take several smaller stores along with like a house of cards. Experts predict that a quarter of American malls will close in five years around three hundred out of the eleven hundred that currently exist. That's what CNN is saying. Howard date Davida wits chairman of New York base retail consulting and investment banking firm, David Whitson associates. I guess I'm saying that I don't know. He said when anchor stores close, it causes big problems from all owners and other retailers in the mall. And I'd say this problem is only in its second inning. One month later, Forbes. Comes out with an article, Paula rosenbloom. Rumors of the mall's demise are greatly exaggerated. Just look at Miami. As she starts off our article by saying for the past ten months, we have been browbeaten with stories about the quote, retail apocalypse, in quote in all its variations. One variant cites the death of malls, which is very similar to what the CNN article was say, and they even reference as recently as December twelve th CNN money, usually a reliable source published this bit of click, bait, America's motza, rotting away. Subtitle, the worst is yet to come for America. Shopping malls. Same article. She goes on to say, we clearly didn't get the memo in Miami. Many other cities also report revitalize malls. In fact, in the month of November, she's talking about November of twenty seventeen u s retail, brick and mortar stores are mortar. Sales were up four percent, four percent year over year, which is a healthy increase, and she suspects that the final holiday season numbers will be even higher. I do not recall what those were. And I did not bother look at it up because I am lazy. So that is bring up the question. What does a healthy mall supposed to look like? That was her question. What are they supposed to look like? What responsibility does the mo- operator have. What responsibility do the retailers have. And apparently it's simple. It is up to the mall operator to draw foot traffic into the mall and give retailers with within it an opportunity to take advantage of that foot traffic. It's kind of a reverse. She is saying it's up to the mall. To do whatever it takes to get people to come to the mall so that the retail outlets inside the mall can take advantage of that foot traffic. That is a complete reverse of the of the anchor tenant. And she even goes on to say that over the past decade or two more operators have become dependent on anchor stores are anchor tenants. So I think that's what she's getting at is they got complacent got fat and happy. Oh, I got a Sears got a JC Penney I've got a Macy's, whatever. We don't really have to do anything because they're drawing the crowd in. And to be fair, it worked. It was okay when that was clearly the best way to get people to come in. I mean, you wanna get like I pointed out, I need to go to Sears Sears in the mall. Well, unless I'm strapped for time I'm going to probably may personally, I wouldn't, but if I'm going there with my wife. Yeah, probably dudes, let let's let's face it. We go and get what we need, and we get the hell out. I've never been a a mall rat or strolling through the mall for for casual, whatever. Just, no, I don't do that anywhere. I'm straight to the point. I need to get my stuff and I need to go on with the rest of my day in in what it is gotta. Do you know. So what happens. To a mall when you no longer have a department store or an anchor, tenant, an anchor store to pull that traffic in. You have to get creative. You have to what she's calling experiences. You've got to be able to provide an experience to get people there as she points out, not food court, but food halls. Which apparently is the next big thing. I don't know what the hell that is not just PM use it, but real attractions. So she's got a story about Miami and specifically talking about Aventura mall. According to Wikipedia is the second largest mall in the country. Which beats Minneapolis is mall of America. The mall recently completed the first phase of an eventual three hundred fifteen thousand square foot expansion. The installation of a ninety, three foot Haas lad at the entry to the mall. Got picture of it. Apparently it's fun. The former Sears store has been torn down as a prelude to something new as well. Nobody knows what it's going to be. As of right now. Then she mentions bowel harbor stores. I've never heard of bowel harbor. It's be a AOL. The first word harbor HR r. shops, bow harbor shops. Apparently they already have the highest sales per square foot in the United States. I still don't know what they are. So. She goes on to talk about that despite threats from upstarts like the design district bowel harbor shops is undergoing four hundred million dollar expansion anchored by fifty, three thousand square foot Barneys New York in Barney's brings with it Fred's at Barney's New York restaurant known for its European inspired in contemporary American cuisine. In fact, one would think with all the retail activity in Miami, this would be the end of expansion apparently is not. There's a proposed new MO in western Miami Dade called American dream proposed by the mall of America writers. It's gonna cover two hundred acres and include ski slow. Submarine rods in LEGO land. Okay. So. Malls are turning into theme parks. Is that what we're seeing here. I think that's what we're seeing here. You've essentially got to turn your mall into a theme park to continue to attract people to come there and shop. Oh, my goodness. So she goes on to say that this is a very long way around saying, again, that the health of the American mall is greatly dependent on the creativity of the mall operator. Many got lazy as they were carried by anchor stores. Now it's time to bring kinds of experiences that brought the world singers like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson in the eighties, whether that makes you groan or not as in not grown, like growing up growing like. And had consumers bringing beach chairs into mid western malls to listen to other kinds of concerts and other entertain. I've never been to a mall that actually had any type of entertainment like that. Pay them dancing, or which is a also Forbes contributor has coined the term retail renaissance. So that's what they seem to be thinking is going to happen starting in twenty eighteen. Retail renaissance. I don't know. Personally. I don't like theme parks, but I guess that's just because I'm an old curmudgeon. But I don't like theme parks park's been the six flags twice in my life. Have been to DisneyWorld wants. I went to six gun territory when it was still around. I've been the silver springs bend, Busch gardens. But there is absolutely no way. Inhale, you could get me to go back to Disney or six flags or any of those places because they're too damned expensive in there to fucking crowded, not going to do it. So if your goal. If your goal is to attract more foot traffic by turning your mall into a fricking theme park. Well, I'm not your target audience to begin with. Apparently. Because I was already stretching it. To go to. I haven't been to a mall in. Two thousand in two, two thousand three, something like that. And I'm not counting. Okay. If you wanna get technical, the whole family did go couple years ago did walk through the tift and MO. I don't consider that a damn MO. I can sit well, I consider it sort of like a strip mall, even though it's not designed like a strip mall is where all of the well, it's a strip and you access the stores from the outside. Whereas an actual mall, you go inside and all the stores alone corridor that that may be just like one long corridor might branch off into two little tributary corridors what have you, but you access the stores internally. Well, the tift and mall is like that you access the stores. What's left album. Internally, but I still don't. Technically it is a mall. I don't consider them all. But we did wall through there couple years ago as a family just end to end because my wife wanted to, she wanted to see what was going on, and I don't think the kids had ever been in there or something. I don't. I don't remember. But otherwise I haven't been to what I would consider an actual mall like Albany mall that. Awesome. All since two thousand to two thousand three somewhere in there. It's been awhile. And I have no desire, no inclination, no reason to go to either one, the one about ASTA the one in Albany or even the one in Macon. Unless. I happen to have a client. In one of those malls that's completely different. I'm not going there to shop. I'm going there to work. I'm going there to service a customer to provide my services to a customer. But I'm not going there to shop or be entertained. And I'm a specially not gonna go to one. If it winds up being. A theme park. All right now to take another break. And when I come back, I'm gonna have some final thoughts about this. Talk briefly about an experiment that my wife is doing and. And there we go. This is done to with your host done of an Ed Kisan you can call or text the show to do nine seven, nine, six, four, double o nine or Email. Don talk show at g mail dot com. This is done, talk from the rogue sphere studios in Tipton Georgia. Join our online community by visiting rogue sphere studios dot com. Slash chat, hang out with like minded individuals and join the conversation. If you are a supporter of ours on patriotic you'll even get access to a supporter only chat room. So come on, let's have some fun and join us at Rhodes. Fear studios dot com. Slash you're listening to done. Tell road spear studios in Tipton Jordan. This is done with your host done of it. Kissing you can call or text the show at two, nine, seven, nine, six, four, double nine or Email. Don talk show at g mail dot com. Welcome back to the program. This is done toll for Thursday, October fourth, twenty eighteen call number two, two nine seven nine six, four zero nine or you can text to that number. We have been talking about the retail space going the way of the dodo bird. And how does that actually affect the malls? And quite honestly, do we really care am I final thoughts on this is I care about how it impacts the workers. I care about how it impacts the people that rely on those jobs to put food on their table. However, that's as far as it goes. I don't care about the stores themselves. I don't care. I as I've gotten older. I really have no brand loyalty. I'm not loyal to any of these companies because they, they all have a tendency to treat their employees like crap. They typically don't make changes until they're forced to either through legislation or by the pressure of public opinion take. For example, Amazon Bernie Sanders had been pressing impressing impressing on Jeff Bezos about bringing up the minimum wage for workers that worked for Amazon because a lot of apparently there was a substantial amount that let me just say that I don't know how many, but there was a substantial amount of Amazon employees that were on government assistance. So earlier this week, Jeff Bezos and Amazon announced that he was bringing everybody up to a minimum wage of fifteen dollars per hour. Well, on the surface, that's great right. However it has come out yesterday. That with the increase to fifteen dollars an hour. They're doing away with monthly bonuses. So they're actually some people that are going to wind up making less money. Because the bonuses have been removed, but they now make fifteen dollars an hour. I'm not saying that was his intent. Maybe that's the only way he could figure out to make it balance. I don't know, coming from the mind of a man who is the richest man in the world. I don't know. So when it comes to these retail outlets going out, I don't care. I care about how defects the people that work there. But as far as the company itself, I don't care. We all have to make financial decisions based on the amount of money that we have available to us. And that means. That if I have to pay five or ten dollars more because I'm loyal to a brand and I don't have it, I'm not doing it. So I'm always going to try to get the best quality product at the best price that possibly can't. That's just human nature. And you can't fault somebody for that. And if you do, you're an asshole and your own. So in the in. The space will change. MOS will try to be more competitive because they've lost their anchor stores there, anchor tenants, and it seems like they're going to try to reinvent themselves as theme parks, which I think there's going to be. There's going to be a section of the populace that loves this. They will probably keep it going. But. I won't be one of those. I said earlier, I was going to mention something about an experiment that my wife was conducting on Facebook. I think I'll leave that to another another episode, but it it really boils down to this. The the experiment is to determine of her one hundred plus friends on Facebook, unless they're prodded to do something, how many people will actually remember to do it. Fair enough. Fair enough. But, but we'll see. Sorry. I would like to thank been sound dot com. Some of that intermission music that you hear is from their website, it is licensed under a creative Commons license for you such as this. So give them a, give them a look, see if you need some music. They do sell music and they've got cool tracks that's over at been sound dot com. I'd also like to pose the question to you if I get to the point where I can concentrate and do this show for either an hour hour and a half, two hours every day, Monday through Thursday, Monday through Friday or whatever. What is the best time that you feel like that you would like to listen and or participate? I've I've contemplated. I've tried the three thirty in the afternoon thought about early in the morning, and as I stated at the very beginning of today, show a have to concentrate in be available for my clients. I've even gone so far to look at. Making it a midnight show. I just I don't know if I've got the stamina and the chutzpah to do that unless I can get some interaction from from people because you make this show. Otherwise I'm sitting in a studio talking to two empty chairs and imagining that there some nice voluptuous naked women right here or man, whichever one you choose doesn't matter. But. I need a need your interaction, and this is sort of a call in show. It's kind of limited call in show, but it's still a call in show. So if something around eleven twelve at night would work, I know that I'm not going to be called out. I say, I know asterik unless something majorly happen. I'm not gonna get calls for my clients at midnight. So have you, this is another job. So if it works for you from twelve to two that we can really get into some crazy ass subjects if you want to paranormal stuff UFO's not that I believe in any of this, but sometimes it's just fun to talk about it, you know? So let me know. Siemian Email DT are Don talk radio dot com or shoot me a text to to nine seven, nine, six, four zero zero nine or you can post it on Facebook. Our Facebook page is Facebook dot com. Slash Don talk show follow us on Twitter at the Don talk show. And again, that Email is d. t. r. at Don talkradio dot com. I'm personally owned Twitter at Donna kissing. I'm also own Instagram as Donna kissing though only check it like once or twice. Let me know your opinion on any of the stories I covered in this particular show or any of the previous episode. I'd love to hear from you. Let's engage your k. let's communicate. Let's have a discussion. So remember. All I ask. All that I ask. Is for you to engage your brain. We'll talk again. Cow. I love. Oh. Long and prosper. Good. Stories, original tales and goes urban legend. Audio book by Seth, Andrew. Fourteen unique chapters four hours of scary storytelling professionally, produced with narration actors, music, and sound effects. Killed doors. Close. 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