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Ep. 43: From Your Lips to Moses Ears ft. Justin Sylvester


You guys we just had Justin Sylvester from eased alia fun. And we had the best time. We talked about everything that was going on from the Barbra Streisand. Michael Jackson thing to the college admission. Justin Bieber all of that. And then we like a trip to Tel Aviv that we're all going on. So I hope you have as much listening as we did recording. It. Guys, I'm Emma, and I'm Julie, and we're the girls behind common spice allies, and today is a huge day for so many reasons first of all we are so excited we are here with Justin Sylvester he is the daily five co host and host of news, Justice sip on YouTube, and he's here with us today. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so excited. And thank you for the magnolia bakery out. Of course, it's my face, and I refuse to eat it in LA only here we had a feel. We know how you are at the whole ak- finish. We really he's on vacation, technically. So I'm about to Marsh. Cupcakes in here. It's going to be insane amazing guys this week. It's so fitting the Justin is here with us because this is one of the most content heavy weeks. We've had in a while. I know girl, it's celebrities are really doing the most this really doing the most March has been crazy and to see this white people have taken it over between Robert Kraft and his college scam. Yes, black folks wary. But y'all are taking March by store. You really are. We really are. We couldn't we couldn't not. Nuts. You're like, okay. I'm going to call your Jesse smile and raise you an R Kelly Robert Kraft gonna get this Reverend. Doc lazy March firs? No it is. It's like when people say March, Madison like this, this is it this is it again, no idea it was about basketball until the other. Where have you been living? Do you not live in New York, by the way, black Twitter is loving March right now? Oh my God. It's a dream come true. They're on flagel right now. Black Twitter has never been stronger ever. There is so much literally as we were walking in here. We had an outline set. And then we have to constantly just because things are happening this morning, Julian I were getting ready. We had a meeting, and that's when the whole Justin Bieber story broke, which we will talk about don't worry. But just everyone listening if you're feeling overwhelmed as we are just take a deep breath, and we're gonna get through it. All right voices. So soothing. Soothing, isn't it? Shit. You can't do Sunday pop. No. I have two shifts a day. When I get to the second one that like, whoa, you're going to crazy. It's like a PG thirteen movie where you can only set up for it once. Right. You can only say it once, but you can't even say the F word you get in trouble for them. Now. Right. Okay. So we'll hear whatever you want. I'm reading anything goes. We are ready. Okay. Guys. First story of the week. We are going to talk about this whole Barbra Streisand scandal, which really you're going to have to kind of help me intro this one because there's a lot basically this what we're talking about. Is her comments about the whole Michael Jackson saga, so Streisand had made comments to the times in the UK saying that she believes Wade Robson and James safe Chuck those worthy men who alleged in the documentary leaving Neverland that they were abused by Jackson's children, then she wanted to say, and I quote, his sexual needs were his sexual needs coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has you can say quote molested, but those children as you heard them say they were thrilled to be there. I can't even believe I'm reading this up day. They both married and they both have children. So it didn't kill them. Okay. So like, everyone freaks the fuck out, basically. Freaks out Vavra must've been on so much Chardonnay. It was not even funny. I just can't really fathom my head. What got her say that? But okay, let's keep going. So then after everyone freaks out she releases a statement that says quote to be crystal clear, there's no situation or circumstance where it's okay for the of children to be taken advantage of by anyone quote, the stories these two young men shared were painful to hear and I feel nothing but sympathy for them the single most important role of being a parent is to protect their children. It's clearly the parents of the two young men were also victimized and seduced by fame and fantasy. Dude fabs so far. The first statement was Barbara's own words. The second was the PR firm that she hired to clean this mess up. Exactly. The problem with Barbara Streisand is she's a legend in Barbara lived in a time where when you were a legend, you said things, and a journalist and publicist got together in major you look like the criminal a Krim right because you were a legend. Now, you say something in America, and we will post it. We will tweet it. We will share it with a matter of seconds. There's no time for your publicist to clean things up. And I feel like for Barbara. She didn't realize that we live out the time where people would protect her back in the day. Right. Right. And she's also of that. And I could be wrong. I have ankles that are Barbara's age. They're in such denial that somebody like Michael Jackson someone they looked up to someone. They dance to their weddings and their birthday parties. Could actually do something like this completely. I think that that's what it is that we see we were talking about that a lot the older generations having a much harder time with it. Think from our experience, I think my mom had a harder time except in the Barbara said that then that Michael Jackson didn't choose finer than she was like to harbor was misquoted. I'm like. I don't see any way in which that's possible. Barbara literally up Tele Yoshi bustard wit to happy hour at Nobu because she lives right there in Malibu. She must have had a Jugo wine. And then said, whatever you wanted say absolutely just too. So keep you up to date. She then released another statement Instagram apologizing and she says, and I quote, I'm profoundly sorry for any pain or misunderstanding. I caused by not choosing my words more carefully about Michael Jackson and his victims. Because the words as printed. Do not reflect my true feelings, I didn't mean to dismiss the trauma these experienced in any way, I feel deep remorse and hope James and Wade no that I truly respected admire them for speaking their truth. Those who find it funny. Did you guys watch Dr Kelly six parts fourth the day after the or Kelly six part situation. Every celebrity was tweeting was on social media talking about how terrible Mutahar Kelly x y and z and in the Michael Jackson thing came out. And it was crickets on social media. It really was everyone was waiting. For someone else to say it because they didn't want to be the first to say it one hundred percents. Barbara comes out of action. My favorite thing was it was looking at all the articles of of like how they're reporting the Barbra, Streisand and think before her statement came out and Fox News the headline on the article was Barbara Streisand says she believes the two victims. Like. Barbara Streisand with there, and I just love that like 'cause no one's gonna tell Barbara. No. Like, you know, there wasn't a publicist on the side of there being like like shut it Barbara shut it down now because Barbara Streisand didn't do anything like this. So I'm still in shock that she had to talk because she's at the point in her career where you don't have to say shit. Exactly you can coast through life. You've been through it Honey, examine it through the Berlin drama y'all been through, you know, albums on albums and albums. You could do whatever you want except this literally literally anything except it since you the one thing it is beyond me. I think that reaction some has we freak out over things. And we look each other. And we're like we're so dramatic this is completely warranted. I can't believe not even I can't believe that those words came out of Harare. I can't believe she had that thought in the first place. Yeah. But you know, it's like I call it the Quincy Jones era of your life. You remember when Quincy Jones I turned seventy five and he was like, I'm gonna talk shit on everybody because they don't care. Plan. Like, what are you gonna do? You're going to sue me. You're gonna take all albums back. Right. He's at the point where she's kinda sorta like I don't wanna say that senile auntie who just says whatever comes to remind. But that's. Wait to be seventy five. I I've been filtered myself my whole life. You can say whatever you want feely kind. God. I'm so sorry. Like, my memory's, not what it used to be boom. Do it all the genie McCarthy comments about Barbara Walters? How she was like, a savage on the view. Yes. I didn't. Okay, girl. There's this book coming out. It's called the last punch. I think it's called. And it's like this this book by this author like the new age kid Kelly, who's going to write this book about what the view was actually like behind the behind the scenes and Jenny McCarthy said it was survivor. So the first time she went on this unto the view. She said that she was pushing a book about autism, and how her son she thought that when he got Shannon vaccinated led his autism. And Barbara Walters was pissed so Barbara said in front of Ginny don't have her walkout. It's gonna prompt people to clap, and I don't want that have her sitting in right here. And you're going to have a close up on me. And then we'll pan out because she didn't want anyone to clap Barbara was a sandwich. I don't blame her. I would have done the same thing. All my God. That is but I will do the same thing. But I wouldn't tell her. In front of her like, I wouldn't let her find out that I was saying that or she said that Barbara the her days on view would go check out Ginny McCarthy's outfit and be like you need to change. This is a daytime TV, and then Jenny McCarthy would change Barbara would have somebody go and buy the outfit and her style and her size and wear the same outfit. That is. Wait. Why did I not ready this? Yeah. I don't know either. I didn't hear that part. But that's basically eighty five year Oriana of the year. That's the best thing. I've always loved Barbara Walters. I didn't expect that savage. It'll be Gobert was more savage to Barbara Walters than Barbara Walters. Have it's the most insane read. It's votre magazine, you guys need to go, and I already reading it. Yes. And you see the tweet today. That Meghan McCain had that somebody tweeted about her and said on to pull it out. It's reading. Yes. So good. She was this woman's like, what is the view? It's like the most disgusting show and can Meghan McCain was you were at my what? Wherever I'm saying that everyone now have you been married until I'm getting married for the sake of saying. Okay. So it to cover finish the Michael Jackson cover. So also, Diana. Ross tweeted in support of seemingly supported Michael saying. This is what's on my heart this morning. I believe in trust that Michael Jackson was and is a magnificent incredible force to me and many others. And then in all capitals stop in the name of love again, Diana Ross doesn't really get to. But she kept it vague. She did it wasn't kept it vague. She kept it open. She could have been talking about stop talking crap about him or stop talking about the subject in general. She kept it very vague. No, absolutely. And if you're going to do it, I guess, that's the way to do it as opposed to when are now totally. That's why I kept it as Vegas possible on this jussie smollet thing. And I knew it going to make a right hand turn at some point. And look at it is going on. It's crazy. Can we get into that? Yeah. You want you want do that one next? Do you wanna take the lead on that? Because I feel like you're excited to go. I am just everybody is I've gotten so many text messages from work today. You have no idea like literally going up because I said weeks ago when it wasn't popular to say when everyone was saying he did it. I told everyone a live on air. We haven't heard the full story. The Chicago PD has aside. Jussie smollet has aside. It's gotta be somewhere in the middle. 'cause I can't imagine that someone would actually sit in a room. Room and fabricate this I'm still a little confused though. Because I feel like we're still missing a huge piece of whatever anybody listening that isn't fully clear on what we're talking about. Let's let's break it down for them. What happened over the last twenty four hours that is making us affected which one of you wants to take the reins on that I will do you want to. So the whole Jesse small thing had happened. If you're caught up to date, you know that he was charged with sixteen counts. I believe of lying to police about making a false police claim about his alleged hate crime attack this morning, the charges all the charges were dropped against him. And he released a statement saying that, you know, he's so happy that the charges were dropped t t never lied everything. He said had been the truth from the beginning. And Chicago PD dropped the charges. I feel like we still didn't get the piece of the puzzle. It's like, okay. What at this point made Chicago PD dropped those charges. That's the thing. Because if they had. Enough evidence against Jesse smell took corroborate. What had happened? They would've kept the charges against him. By the way, I can't even plan a bootie call. That's only two people. I can't even argue straight booty call with that much detail. So for this guy and a plan this holding on and if you're a police department, and you charge somebody you don't just drop the charges out of nowhere. But a feel like they got gung ho with the information. They were given to the press, and it just got out of hand. And I don't think they had enough evidence to corroborate what they were actually putting out there. So my question is do you think that he one hundred percent didn't orchestrate or you just think that the Chicago PD didn't have enough evidence to make it stick? Because there's a difference. Sometimes we get excited about something. You get in the moment. And you're like, you know, this happened to me, and then you wait a few days in. It's like, oh, baby. It happened this way when they're still happen. There was an attack. I believe I believe he didn't know who attacked him. I still believe that part the down to the other details. I don't know. But at this point, I don't need to know because guess what? In Chicago PD that knew enough to at least charge them with the one of the sixteen counry of whatever he was being charged with that means that even dated have enough evidence. Now, totally right. Absolutely. This story is still continues to blow my mind the whole thing of it. Just from start to finish the way that everybody responded to it the way that he the whole thing is just it's wild to me. It really makes you question, you know, celebrity you've seen these people go in and out of the regions. Do you guys think whoever recover from this? Khloe tyson. The Jordan went to never looked better. Hold on. Journalists has never looked better. But Jordan woods. Also, the problem would happen. We Jordan woods was. She went in. Yes. She did mess up. But everybody was twenty one years old at some point. Yeah. Everyone did some totally thought as shit that they should have never gotten themselves in with the wrong place at the wrong time and then remove themselves. I think that she just a lot of people just said, you know, what I've been there. Yeah. I've been that girl. Right. And know most people have not been this in this in this. Yeah. In this just smell. It's just toss it I think if Jesse can switch the narrative to that. He was truly the victim in this. And like everyone can get onboard that not only can you come back from his career, but he can have a hell of a career playing that card if he can't recover it, and nobody can get on board. And and they have this mentality. I think most people have that's just okay, Chicago PD just didn't have enough evidence to charge. It doesn't mean. He didn't do it. Then. No. He won't be able to recover. It depends. I don't know. What do you think Hollywood is run by men, and I'm a man and the hardest thing to say to yourself is. I was wrong in the court of public opinion. I feel really bad for him because all these celebrities came out to support him and then two weeks later when all this whole thing came out that he might have faked it everyone took their post down in everyone turned their backs on him. And I felt really terrible for him because when celebrities jump on a bandwagon. And then all of a sudden, they turn your backs on them people follow suit because celebrities had that much power, right? Yeah. And I feel like the fact that everybody turned to the backs on him economist him up in the court of public opinion. And I don't know if you'll ever be able to recover. I really don't know. I'll tell you what I don't know either in terms of when I recover I don't know of his career could go back to what it was or in the same light. But in terms of his fame. I definitely think there's something there because I think people at the very least they're fascinated. Some maybe his career wouldn't be in the direction he wanted to. But there's a there's more to this like he could really come out. And you could write a hell of a tell all book he can write the hell of. Tele-? But the problem is you got Mbeki about to go in front of the supreme court. So that story is gonna try. No this story in new one even talked about it this morning. I remember jussie smollet February everybody was talking about it. There was video of him going into the courthouse today. He will probably went to Starbucks himself. Didn't even have a pop Ryan because people are concerned with other things going on like Jessica Simpson's feet. Yeah. Finally back down to. Yeah. Yeah. I'm scared. They're never going to go back. She had the kid for everybody carries. It was like ten pound six ounces or something insane. Like that thirteen S's. Yeah. The big SP hired a surrogate for the future on how much baby weight the way. I will take all the money. I need for vaginal rejuvenation outta my kids. Yeah. Your ten pounds. You're not going to chance you you're not going to Brown. Go to SM see right here down the street. It's crazy that that amp Becky birthed her child vaginal and still paid five hundred thousand dollars for to get into college. Right. Like the first community colleges because they're like freezing here. Listen, I was ten center. I ruined my parents sex. I had to go to community college. It's always like. But by the way, he can always tell what kid ruined them at that, gene. Because it's always the one that gets glass like one sister gets married, and like the plaza hotel gets married and came on you always like driving a Honda Accord. Oh, you were the one. Amazing. Okay. Moving on. So initially the story that we had written down was that hailing Justin by this eight and a half million dollar house in L A and apparently put the wedding on hold. So the sources say that they're waiting to have their big day because Justin still doesn't feel a hundred percent and he wants to really be excited about the wedding. And right now, he's folks on his mental health totally fair. That was the story. We were about to talk about also how you know Haley with a whole she came up with this Cosmo article, basically saying that she sick and tired of his fans being so possessive, which we've always talked about Julian I that must be exhausting. And I think it's like before you even meet the guy. You're people already Pissy you. Anyway, literally this morning Julian I are getting ready and the Justin Bieber comet breaks. So I'm not gonna read the whole thing. But I'm just gonna explain what happened basically last night Justin posts a picture of Hailey, which I have to say, I'm sure you've been tuned into this. Also, he's been like really posting a lot more behind the scenes of them. And I live for I don't know about you. I'm dying obsessed right drying. Julian I have this game called like really game. It's just something that we say all the time like celebrity sex as we die to see would die. Wait as I'm holding this with two hands. I know did you see the photo of him in Mexico by naked. Yeah. Of course, the Canadian be I don't wanna talk about it. I don't I original picture. The original pitcher. I I keep it at the top. One second for you. I'm gonna give you all chance to Google this right up. If I start talking about it because the only other photo that's just as good is as Orlando. I was never a Justin Bieber fan. Like, I like this music. I love to see him in concert. He was bomb. I wasn't like a die hard until I saw that Canadian being. It was epic that this. It's always the short skinny ones that always surprise you. God you'll go home with the six four football player. And you'll be like, oh, that's a shame. And then you'll go with David Spade Novi like things knee. And you're like what the hell that's the funniest fucking thing. I know the king, of course, of course, it's worse, by the way the best lever. I've ever had was a short little Jewish bid for Bjork hang. I had no swag at all. And surprised the hell out of me in that. They do it all the time. We never really. Yep. We know. I was a I will take a dip in a mixture tomorrow will be at temple Emanuel would Irma's Kiba talking about my cousin is Russia Shana, and I'm a bringer acid his temple. I was ready to go. We're going to talk to the rabbi the next day. Sure. Can I just come in? I'm not gonna make I actually have tears. I outta host to break fast. I asked be kosher and Tuesdays. I was so surprised that thing anyone's ever said ever. I didn't know, you know, it's it's a little underrated. It is underrated real estate and sex. They they're good at it. I have to say I was like you could do my contracts and throw it down. Yeah. Fucking native you live. I cook a lamb chop right now. I I will pass the carpets studying this ship for two years and ready to about to this. Oh god. My dad would love you know, I wish out of here. Before it doesn't upset about. This is what we are saying that. So he poses picture of Hailey in bed. Looking stunning in this like diamond encrusted, G string, whatever she's just beyond I die for them and the fan account, or I guess troll account called jail joke. Obviously, a Selena STAN rights. You are not in love with Halle. You only married her to get back at Salina unless Haley sleeps with men like Shawn Mendez for fame and she's racist. Which like cheese, I mean left and right. So Justin, I'm not gonna read the whole thing. It's really long, and I'm sure a lot of you have seen it. But he basically comes back, and is like this is ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're so immature like I love Haley. She's my bride. This obviously isn't supporting me, probably the most interesting thing he said was that. I absolutely loved and love Selena. She will always hold a place in my heart. But I'm head over heels in love with my wife, and she is absolutely. The best thing that has ever happened to me period before that he even responded to that. And brought up Selena is a big deal. It's a huge. Let me tell you something when this happened. Julie was sitting on the couch literally next to me, I was getting. Makeup done. So I couldn't text I stopped the whole operation. I was like hold on Pasi eyelashes. This is major going through the comet was so big that we will pause wheels. Like a little bit of during the facts. I didn't think she was doing it fast enough until I looked at the common, and I saw it wasn't even that. She's like do you want me to format it because I'm better? I was like it's not a matter of being better. I was like you usually have a specific way you want to format it, and you didn't tell me which way. Side-by-side which if you guys have been following the account for longtime. You know, when we do a side by side. It's a long fucking comment. We never do side by side. So this was a long one. But that's gold. And then he posted on his story and said like, basically, if you love me, you'll ripostes I want everyone to see we're like we fucking love you. I love the new him, by the way, bring you back a little bit too. Just when Justin Bieber was on that last tour, at least he was he was losing it. Yeah. And everyone thought oh, he's on drugs. Heels on this Justin bieber's camp. I feel like didn't let him really express what was really going on. And a lot of celebrities. These days feel open to express when they're going through depression when they're having anxiety. But when you don't express that what happens is the media starts to perpetuate the story. That's not true. He's on drugs. He's a brat. He's this. No, this man is just had a camera shot in his face since he was thirteen years old, and he's going through it. Yeah. Because guess what? At twenty one years old. We were all going through it. And if there was a camera my face, I'd probably be in jail. Exactly. Yeah. Exactly. We always say this. We have such a level of empathy for him for like, none of us can relate. None of us can relate to what he went through. Just it's so unfair to judge him. And I think some people are like, oh like you've everything in the world come on. And we're like, you don't even fuck it. No, right. Yeah. And I just feel bad for Haley Baldwin in the sense that. Obviously, he loves this woman, and she is his wife, but just like Brad Pitt. Everybody is going gonna want him to be with Jennifer Aniston. Everybody's gonna want him to go back to Selena. So no matter who he moves on with granite Angelina j- elitism fucked up shit back. I don't blame it because I feel like you can't take a man who doesn't want to be taken this ain't Liam Neeson. Thank you can't take somebody that man's. Gotta wanna go with you. But I just feel like no matter who Brad Pitt moves on with people are still going to want him to be Jennifer Aniston and the vice versa. Ver-? Absolutely. It's crazy that people sorry for inter. And I know it's kind of crazy that people like looked at this kid who dated this girl when he was sixteen and was like they belong together. I can't imagine what he was sixteen right magin if you at high school, and everyone was like how dare you break up with your high school boyfriend. I was like are you kidding, right? And I'm surprised to be completely honest. One hundred percent transparent. I'm surprised that she went back. Like I thought after he did what he did to Haley like she was going to be like never. Again, Honey, because you know, he had those moments would all those Kodak Abassahs goes, you know, other girls live in hidden hills. Got a little piece of money and Ritchie was really trying to get that rain. I can't believe I missed out on that time. First of all, I I mean, I guess I. But also, but if I could have capitalized on the inbetween Haley, and and yet Alina phase. Yes, hypothetical. But would I what did it her is fucking close? Oh my God. I think so fine. Yeah. He it. I liked that was my like obsession status thirteen like, I went to the first show of the first tour he ever did bawled my eyes out. I think it was last time. I cried. That was three weeks ago. I know I never had that phase like she had. It's only recently that I'm like damn he can get it. You saw the picture. Of course. It's all the picture. Are you kidding? Yeah. That's when she changed. But by the way, Orlando bloom for me, it was always the one. And then when Katy Perry went on that podcast. And he's the number one like the top three lovers. I was like, okay. And in the board. I was at all. Okay. Yeah. You know, what that's one? When we had our episode of Katy Kirk she brought up Orlando on the paddle board. And it was like if Katy Kirk is bringing up Orlando. That's when you know have you seen that court? You know, the place everything that's ever been on the edge that. With Katie Kirk. Brought up about aboard. I was like oh Katy Kirk has gained friends around. There is a gay man in your life loves you enough to show you exactly what's going on like y'all comfortable with one another because at college was like, what are you talking about? I'm like girl citrus. Let me show you this actually. We all need that. I mean, it's really true. We on that gave in to keep you abreast about what's going on in pop culture who has a dick pic out who's the best. Dick pic off those things. Anyway. So that is what happened this morning, which I'm sure you're all aware, but we just wanted to break it down because it's pretty huge news. Like anytime a celebrity, but it specifically just like to me this is like if you said to our count. Like, what is the biggest story? We now that we broke the story. But what's the big story? We could potentially break like in a hypothetical world where he posted that comment. We got the screen shot, and then it was deleted right in a dream world. Right. And then it was it was all our credit Justin Bieber rating, a massive paragraph just wrap your answer on Instagram defending his relationship with Hailey Baldwin and talking about his love for slain all my God. I just like this is pop culture heaven. Delete that. Yes. Well, the most underrated part of that also is that like there's the whole speculation now that she's pregnant because he wrote in it and was like. Father. I can be. I mean, if she's not why even mention it right jeeze. I don't think she is. But I just treating pregnant or the make sure question now that the news has come out that he wants to wait to get married. Are you concerned now no concern in what sense of that their relationship or viewer? Haley would you be like oh shit. Like, oh now, I'd honestly honest to God. I don't think I think she's thrilled with that. Like, I think that she recognizes how in it. He is in like how he needs to go through this process. She's like very from what I understand she's one really super religious, and and everything and she's also kind of. I want to say relatively clear-headed considering I think that she gets it like, I don't I think she feels secure enough with our relationship to understand that he's going through it. And maybe that's just putting on a pedestal. But I do feel that way. I agree. I think she is a met her randomly a few times. And she is so humble, so nice. She comes in with this energy that she doesn't realize how hot she is. Like, she doesn't know that she's a hot Baldwin and it's so refreshing because if I looked like Ailey Baldwin Bieber IB bitch. Yeah. I'd either big God. Yeah. Ever front look like Jenner. Honey, you couldn't even touch literally do not look in my direction. I now, I know I would be a mess. The has. He would shut you down. I would be everywhere. No. I mean. Yeah. Exactly. And she I met her also at a Knicks game once and I completely echo. What you just said. Yeah. But she is a lot like the crash. Edens are really funny because. You can tell how somebody's going to be by how their parents are. And if you've ever met Kris Jenner, although she has so many diamonds on her own our fingers, the earrings on her ears could like buy you a home plus some and the Birkin bag on her wrist could literally buy and sell you four times over she is the most nicest down to earth person who just wants to have a good time. And once you have a good time like she is one of those people. So that's like a trickle down effect on exactly the same. Yeah. Well, first of all, you know, how hard we go for the crash Edens. We Victoria them like beyond. And it's when I see what you're saying. She says I never met Kris Jenner as if like, yeah. I must find like breakfast with her the other. I do I share best friend Faye? Resnick faye? Resnick's one of my closest friends in the world. So we often times cross pads. You know, just an aspirin over president's day weekend. We had dinner next to each other. And she couldn't be more lovely in very consistent with it. Like, it is who she is. It makes us really happy to say that one because we felt that way. But also because I don't believe I know that in business, you have to be like in a lot of ways, you have to have that businesswoman attitude. She totally does. But I don't believe that they could have been asked successful as they are if she didn't have that at least a certain level of kindness to everyone. She I think that she has the same thing. Like, my mom used to have where like she really makes people feel special everybody that she interacts with that's a quality. I I almost said when he was describing I was like, oh, that's your mom, Tom Cruise. I give you ever met Tom Cruise again. Feel like you're the only person that matters in the world for this three minutes to get to interview me. He looks right at you. And I think that's why a lot of people think Tom Cruise is gay. I do not think Tom Cruise's gay. I think he's engaging. And I think he will give men and women the same amount of presence, and like the Tom Cruise I- glamour that you need. Yes. And I think for Kris Jenner. You're absolutely right. I feel like she has that like businessman talapity from five AM to two PM when she's closing deals, and then when happy hour starts, it's time to have some bundt. Right. You know what? I mean, what a way to be on my way to be absolutely. I've always had other crash. You've heard so many things about them. But you've never heard that they're like mean to work with never never never. I don't think they're ever mean to work with. And I think what happens is because I was I worked behind closed doors with coverage for five years now. And it's always the people in reality TV that high things that end up being the worst people because it starts to come out. No matter what it's. Starts to come out. You can only cover it up and with the Kardashians. And with Kyle. They put everything out there. Right. Like, they put it on the table. They're going to deal with it in front of the camera. And you're going to see it as well as us. Yeah. So that's how they do it totally there. And there's a lot of not everybody can be so transparent. I didn't I think that as public. We really appreciate that totally cutting up in coordinates who twice had two kids on the show. Transmitter exactly doesn't get more. Okay. We're gonna take a short break to tell you guys about third love. You've heard us talk about it before. So basically third is amazing Brock company, they use data points generated by millions of women who have taken their fit finder quiz to design bras with breast size and shape in mind for a perfect fit in premium feel okay? I'm in cost betas beta as I have done every other time, but I'm gonna continue to say I don't wear bras. It's not my thing. I love free the nipple. I'm all about it. When we got this. I was really excited to try it because I'm always willing to experiment with new bras. We filled out the quiz online, which you'll do you write like your size or shape all the type of stuff? And then they come. To your house. These Ross came to my house. I was a skeptic. I tried it. No joke. Julie's nodding. I loved it. No. They're literally amazing the difference between you, and I is that I wore it when I had to wear it. Like, I still always go brawl us. But if I have to this is the brother I wear now. But by the way, half. We asked you. So she's worn this. She's wearing it right now. No joke. Didn't even know. We were doing the today's wearing it right now. I knew got so excited when I said I was wearing like at the apartment because it's just it's rare for me to find something that I like in the brow world. And I did they have more of than other brands. There's super convenient to skip the trip. You don't have to go to the store you can fill it out online at comes. So the fit finder quiz over twelve million women have taken it. It's like fun to take it takes less than a minute. It's important. Everybody's shape is different. Whether it's medical or not or this or that, you can find all of that. There's one hundred percent fit guarantee. So every customer has sixty days to wear it wash. It put it to the test. And if you don't love it, you can return it and third level wash and donate it to a woman in need, which is great. They have a team of expert fit styles that are dedicated to helping you find your perfect fit and then the comforting quality. It's just really, comfortable, the straps. Don't slip. There's the tag labels. It's just it's a good. Bye, honest. So listen Thurs love nosers perfect. Brought for everyone. So right now, they're offering our listeners fifteen percent off your first order, go to third love dot com slash. Loves now to find your perfect fitting bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. Again. That's third. Love dot com slash celebs for fifteen percents off today. Take the quiz get the bras. See what you think? And if you like tell us about it because this is my favorite success story, personally, chilies Notting. Okay. Next door you guys there. So many stories forget, okay. I just want to touch on this whole, Dr dre thing just cleared up. So Dr Drey posts and Instagram about his daughter getting into USC it's picture of him and his daughter with her acceptance letter, and it says gone to USC all on her own no jail time for me with an exclamation point in P Diddy commented, and we posted it I'm gonna be dead, honest with you when we posted that I don't know if you know, I didn't know that he had donated seventy million dollars to USA like I forgot I knew it in the past. But I think it's slipped my mind funny. He forgot his well, apparently that seventy million skipped his mind. I'm okay. Just to update everyone. He did delete the post. But what the hell was your some saying? It's like everyone was like you donate seventy million. Of course, your K got it in like. First of all if you donate seventy million dollars your kid better. Get in your ridiculous, if she didn't but don't go on Instagram and flex that. She got in all on her own when you donated seventy million dollars. But that's when you know, you're rich. Yeah. Like when you forget about the seventy million let somebody hold for ability building in your name like Mitch if I'll let you borrow seventy bucks and twenty twelve twenty nine see you again, remember seventy dollars alleging ho I was so proud that. Like there were no black people involved in the college. And I I kept on saying there were no black people harmed in the college. I was so excited about it. And although Dr dre is legally part of the the college game because he did legally donate the money to UC. It just kind of puts a damper on my parade that I was I love in that line. People were autumn on. I know. I mean, it's it's just the way that it happened. Like, it was just fine with that everybody doing whatever. Oh, mike. I I'll never be over it. I'm never view over it. I just won't. I had forgotten about it when I post an as soon as somebody said like seventy million dollars. I was like, oh my God him and Jimmy ivine have a fucking not even a building like a whole music business program at the school a department until you saying that would have been worse if she got rejected. That would have been a story, by the way. If I was Dr dre, and my daughter got fucking director from USC after I paid seventy million. I'm gonna call every cousin that I have in my Rolodex. I'm gonna pick you mother fuckers up, and we're going to break this building brick by brick. Oh, we're not leaving until this looks like more of the world. This is what we are going on forget about it you. Yeah. Yeah. Now that that was wild. Yeah. You're so right. That's how Richard. Where'd you? Go to college Syracuse or your parents freaking out when this game out. No, actually, not even a little bit. We need to have a talk dad's going to jail. It's you imagine. We those the funniest tweet. It was like thank God, my mom didn't love, you know. Thank God think. Do you think my parents would have paid money for me to go to Syracuse their pay money? It would have been a better school than circular. That's the thing. That was we always that's when it I hasn't even new house like major. The whole thing is just absolutely out of control. But yes, so he deleted that. And I don't know what's going to happen there. I mean, the one one saving grace is. He was if he if he didn't say she got an all on her own if you just said, my daughter's in USA, no jail time that actually would have been valid because it's true. He didn't do anything technically illegal. It would have been. He was he was celebrate exactly. He was celebrating the no jail time. The thing that really did him in was writing all on her own. Yes, which I'm sure she is a hardworking, Jim. She may be a four point. Oh, what the fuck do? We know. But by the way, you know, Twitter Twitter loves receipt. So black Twitter went back, and they found her like a year or two ago where the daughter tweeted, my dad's pushing me to go to USC, and my girl, you got you got you can't Kevin Hart. This you gotta delete sweater. Oh god. That was that was like a when el-avia going gonna came out to Levy Jade, and then all the videos came out about her saying, I you know, I fucking hate school all of a stuff like where what was happening here. Like, right. But by the way, who's loved school at eighteen. No know, I want to go there. Bitch. I wanted to go to Israel. From Tel Aviv. I wanted to go to Israel. I didn't know what I was going for. I lied and said I wanted to go work on the wall. There's nothing going on on the wall trying to find an excuse to go meet this dude in Israel, and I was going to spend a year there. And I was going to join the army apparently allegedly like I didn't want to go to college at eighteen. No one wants to go to college this later. Sorry. We have to pause for a second. What does that's amazing girl? I met this dude in LA. It was my first time visiting LA. I went to this club called cherry pop. That was I it went off. But I'm from south Louisiana. So when I came to LA, I had never seen men. Look like this like Israeli men are unbelievable. He did a semester in Tel Aviv. Yeah. And you got your life. Yeah. It was amazing. I mean, they're they're like, but you know, rough their contract short. Shut the fuck up all the time. Oh my God. This is the hottest thing. Me tell you something. So obviously Jewish you can go on birthright and about day six of the trip the soldiers come on. And I will never forget. I literally will never forget. He's taking his headphones off he's out. Let me tell you something. I'll never forget sitting on that bus and the soldiers walked in and I turned to my friend, I grabbed her, and I said, let me tell you something at one of us is that to get kicked out for fucking on this. Oh my God. You're lucky that I was not your because I would have been like bitch. You can sneak out this bus ie will cover for you. And you're gonna get your life. And you're gonna come back every. Probably every time on us for us to go to Tel Aviv. Now. I can't stop picturing. We're going. Right now, if we go I'm down, I will go to gay pride Tel Aviv with you. We will host the thing from gay pride Televisa. Oh, my God will be my sands. We can go. But I'm telling you right now. If I go missing, and I send you a pigeon says do not call Liam Niessen. Whatever you do. Let me take. Chasing that let me live my best live. Absolutely. We trust me. We feel you. We were there. But you know, what what I do car. You to pick me up the Tel Aviv to Jerusalem dip me in the Jordan river because God knows I need a baptism after what I'm gonna do a Tel Aviv pride. We altogether. We'll be all ready to go. We'll be all ready to go girl. You must have lived your best. Yeah. She did. I really did. And I was so tan. Oh my God. I was glowing. What was your number while you were there now? Hi nice. I think you were you also have to remember that what we said earlier, though, is Julie's definitely very much into Billick typical east coast Jews. So there were a lot of those. Yeah, I've the boys that were studying abroad there rather than wait. Hold on hold on. But I'll tell you every single person that we met was like do not go near any Israeli men like that was like their advice. They're like, just stay. Everything's girls that you met anybody. Even like these really gosh, don't go near us. Guys are. Yeah. That's the first place. I'm gonna go movie where it's like bitch. Whatever you do. Don't go down the hall. I guess what? I'm the first one. Bish like once I hear what's back here. It's the same reason. Why Whitney Houston went about Brown? Because everyone told her do not know tha Bobby Brown. The same reason why all these women Cardi went back to offset. Do not go towards a rapper. It never works out for anybody. Guess what khloe in the anyone eighty does on? I know. Moth, light tone were so right. You know, what you do the opposite? You like oh don't go after Roger he does finance. He's. House in the Hamptons. He's too white for your Mike. Hi, roger. Do you got a jet? I mind fuck people. Right. It's like he works at Morgan Stanley. Don't even think about one hundred percent at a best friend in high school, and in college who had the worst taste in men, literally the worst Haysom in and I figured out very early that the more you said, oh, no, he's bad for you. Terrible. You shoot fall deeper and deeper in love with him in the guys that were the bomb. She would just pass up. So I literally Jedi mind factor into going on a date with the guy, and then jet I mind factor into moving in with the guy and been jet. I might factor into marrying the guy even on her wedding deals at grocery you wanna do this. Meanwhile, I knew in the back of my head. This guy was perfect for her. She literally had her third child, and I went to visit her and she was like, I just realized this is all your fault. You literally jet mind racing. All three of my children. I I did. Ten percent of your pre. That is amazing. For letting me go by myself. I need you to jet. I mind fuck a lot of people for me. Gonna be by your side until their first me up and Tel Aviv. You will lose me quick. I'll be like Graham, you Melita. Meanwhile, mike. Let me tell you something and tell Viv there outdoor beach outdoor workout things right on the beach. I would lose you the first time we went to visit. You lose your lose me. A custom. You would lose me in customs. I would literally be like, hey, girls. Meet me back here in seven days. Aging is read a delta. Oh, yeah. Like happens to go missing. When I would literally show back at the airport crispy as EJ Johnson. And I are good friends. And the first time I ever went to Miami with him. I literally got up to like go back to the checkout to get to get my plane ticket and the counter the lady the Connor was like are you sure you wanna get on this flight? And we were both like yes, once we're on the flight will be fine. Yeah. But the longest walk say airplane I've ever had in my life. Now. I I very much understand where you're that'll. Yes, we'll have a triple gurney. Yeah. Oh my God. We would have the time of our lives. Doing the Hora. The wall. Like, I'm so excited. I cut are you getting your tourism have on we already. Yes. What a birthright leader is going to be on me like white on rice. Now. Schmidt. I heard you talking about us. I'm like, well, it was really about you. That's amazing. Okay. Moving on to Cardi B. So Cardi B's like a very interesting story. So she just comes out with this video saying that she's trademarking ochre. That's like her thing. I'm not going to do the whole are all just because. Oh, yeah. Because you can't because you didn't want to probably try just never tried it a little anxious that I try in the back through. Think and I can't do it anymore. That was real white. You're like. Well, you can't blame her for that super like it'd be like selene diabe like oh. Bullied into. Friends is not your friends. What you did? Mine that more importantly. Blackout. I wish the. Khloe like jasmine. This video in very Cardi style. Basically saying like what you thought that I was just going to do this. And I was gonna profit off of it only thing is that there was some controversy because apparently she two things one. Does she have the right to trademark something that she didn't make up? Apparently. There's this other woman whose name I don't have Cardi. No, she didn't make it up. She just populist it. Yeah. I I mean, we don't we're not having spoken to her lawyers, obviously. But apparently, there's some major legal issues here with other women. I don't know what's going on. Do you have any insight? Here's the problem. I love the other woman being like, it was me who did it the gays have been saying oh Kerr. With a role for years decades. So before anyone tries to get. Yes. And I was just gonna say. Living the gays have been doing it for ever is just really funny that now people are like, oh, my God Cardi B did it, and we know it. Yes. She did make it popular. She did bring into the forefront. She was doing on Instagram way before she was in love and hip hop. So I do get where she's coming from. But if we're talking about where it came from that ballroom scenes been around for longer than any of us has been allowed and those telling right now if this goes to court, they're going to be a lot of in a class action lawsuit. The supreme court is gonna look like riposte because all these are gonna come out the closet. You'll be more wigs and Beyonce's closet in there. I'm telling you, oh, we are going to whatever hearing. That's fucking day in my life. What today Cardi as learning off? This is this court. My god. I am telling you right out a lot of people when you hear these women say like little fishy things are, you know, it's very it's gay lingo. It's the queen's language have been saying for years. They just have pair and make up artists that Sade around them. And then they pick it up. That's like an arrogant type situate- situation. She is not trying to high. Yeah. She's like the queens of giving it to me, total Oni Braxton taymor Brexit. They got off from Queen adding doing it for years. Yeah. You guys just have never heard because hair and makeup was always, you know, unsaid or, you know, here air, but now that hair makeup like a big thing. Right. It's our culture starting to bleed into you guys culture, which is phenomenal. Amazing amazing. It's the best thing that livens up so much. I feel like it's this thing. You know, what I mean when you ain't got nothing to say, anybody just give them your. This guy smiled. I didn't say nothing. I was just like. This guy like lit the puck up. He's been sleeping in the corner of the whole. Thank you for letting us use it. What hundred you guys get us all the time? We love it. Just give us a little give footnote. Make fourteen million of it throw one point four Trevor project. Four hundred thousand to the Human Rights Council. You know, throw glad some cash Uson. Uson detected. Glad to have you say if you make cash off of ochre or Janas are living like sleigh. I wish bitch, which I love the that. She wouldn't even do it right now. Let me tell you if she thought she couldn't she wanted to she. She does the queen's come forward. I don't mind if you're gonna make money off of it do your thing because somebody should just throw some money towards us back in tar community back into our streets. So that the queen's can thrive because you know, what wing time to trade Marcia where fighting bigger things like gay youth, homelessness and aids and HIV research wing time to pay money at a courtroom. We're just trying to fight for our selves in this equality situation. Absolutely again Cardi humans HRC Trevor project Trevor project. Glad Trevor budget of it's causing behind right? Yes. Yes. Let up again. Let's quickly touch on another thing that we didn't even have time to add to the legs it happened. So quick the Spice Girls, they Faulk. Yes. So what what do we want to lead us in this story broke that Melby to cheat and say to I'm not more? Here's Morgan right? Yeah. I don't I was looking at the thing in front of me said appears Morgan that she and ginger spice had sex while the Spice Girls were together. And then apparently it was such a thing because like ginger spice on her husband were not happy that she said it, by the way, what happens on the road stays on the road. That's why Lance Bass Heddon said shit about what really happened, you know, some very in sync road trip. Obviously, you're like sisters. Of course, you were eighteen nineteen when you guys were on the road. Of course, you experiment, of course. And you know, what after I heard about all the Melby? Should you know, she's forgive? Any? So I wasn't surprised now it was just like a crazy revelation for sure, but I also like the mentality. Like, if we have a pack that we're not going to say anything about our situation. I won't say until you die. I will wait till nine years old. And I'll be like guess what? I slept them to you shouldn't say it if you had a Pat, I don't think I completely agree. The thing in general like whether or not there's a pact or not I think that anytime you it's one thing whatever you want to divulge about yourself. But the second that what you say not only could affect that person, but could affect their family like if the husband if that's gonna called marital problems with you one hundred or whatever thing is like, it's just not edit. It's on her place to say, no Melby knew she fucked up right away. So does that interview was over at? So we're like, yeah. Then she called and she was like, I did some then you're not going to be have. Yeah. But you know, what I also have to say, I think Melby so sexually open and freeing, which is amazing. So you forget that other people don't think the way you totally. And I say this with my gay friends all the time like we're going into like, I'm from south, Louisiana. So when I bring my gay friends into south, Louisiana. I'm like, everyone here doesn't think like you? Yeah. And sometimes you forget that because you're so used to living your life out loud. The way you want to and all Melby skeletons are out there. Drug her shit in the street. He took the laundry and aired it out put it back in again. And then he came out for her ass. And then it was in court documents like so we know you forget he'll be. Yeah. So she just I don't give shit. Now. I know which which honestly is amazing. I just also wanted to go on record by. No means right? Think she had any malicious intent I literally think she just kind of forgot how that would be chased notoriously has a big now. It's not notoriously one hundred. Yeah. I still can't believe she slept with Eddie Murphy. Yeah. I wouldn't did it. Yeah. I just I find her to be one of the most like fascinating people. I don't know what it is. Let me tell you about this. Specially there are very very very few sex tape. She will pass up. She's like the other day were saying like you Daniel steps. Go there, you do not go there not seen it. Then y'all start. I've seen everything not wanna see that. Don't. I bet you Sarah, who's the best one. Oh my God. He's going to kill me. We can cut it out. No, you can keep. Like a good last week common peril. I haven't seen it. Undo this Mike Colin Farrell. No, you keep this everyone at home Farrell. It was everything it was so epic. It was so like why are you in a one bedroom apartment in the middle of the valley? First and foremost, your Colin Farrell second. There's like a cat running around. Like, I know this cat hairs everywhere. Like there's like there's a cat running around and third the partner of his was also very sexually charged. So it was like two magnets exploiting one another. It was creating the whole thing. I only two minutes and fifteen seconds to you probably gave you the thirteenth six. They. You. Holy fuck. I cannot wait those hats if you're listening to die. We're gonna. It's a good TV. Right before award ceremony. We wanted just tell you guys about broom eight so the mission of roommate is to create the perfect drinking experience by showing that every sip of your favorite adult beverage is dresses refreshing, as the first no matter where life takes you. Basically, they're diverse product line insures of perfect match for everyone. So they have insulated coolers slim craft cans on breakable nosing glasses insulated canteens that keep a full bottle of wine at the perfect temperature for over twenty four hours. It's a very necessary excessively if you were going to be drinking specifically in the summer, the cool thing about this is that it's fashion combined with function they like to see. So there's no more boring drink wear. So unlike other brands at only cater to the outdoors men are outdoor fanatic. Roommate had stylish solution for everyone. I'm not making this up. They arrived at my house. It was gorgeous marble joke. A gorgeous legal to I got one that was silver and purple. 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This is a part of the episode around the funniest common in the best clapback of the week, just because this sleeker so content. Heavy, of course, there are some major other content things here, which I will get into. But we're gonna start to keep it easy with funniest. So we had two nominees here. I was David speed. So came back in so posted video with a baby tiger tiger Jagr. I don't really know what it was some some sort of you notice. I put tiger Jabari parentheses part of the rates Kate that can post video with the baby tiger inference Jaguar question. Mark. David Spade comments, you like them young. And then now don't fight back in Rosemead just quietly Stu and take the hit what she responded, like, no way grandpa or something funny. It was a funny one. That's a good one. Also, just to be noted came back and sell deleted every single off of her Instagram. Just saying Davidson affect. Yeah. Of course, by the way, have you seen that video? Now, the grace web pants. Oh may not just clarify. He did not have sex date. He didn't have a street, but the grace way. Yes. Yes. Yes. I mean, this is all we talk almost left funny slept. You almost the I love Peter through everything I knew about my life, and my attraction to men threw me off. I didn't know because I wasn't attracted to feed Davidson. But then when the gray sweatpants video came out, it it really just it worked my world. I really I understand. We're like nodding. We were talking Davidson today an MS like me. That's like if a guys over six eight doesn't he could he could not have a nose and she'd his so hot. She's like how tall is Davis. And I was like short short very short. Yeah. I mean can be like a four, but he's six to you. And you like yet six two. Yes, right. Yeah. It's a thing. I don't know option number two Zach Braff. So Kristen bell post photo her and her husband, actually, it was on. They were on the cover of people and Zach Braff comments Akerson. But we look here playing on the joke that literally everyone thinks he looks like I totally see it. Yes. It's very this is one of those jokes that you, and I don't know everybody else feels on it. We feel like this is one that they've kept going for so long that we love keeping going any craft through like fuck it. We're gonna post it. We love this joke. We've certain things like that. Totally. David sweet to feet that does not give two fucks about anything. And he will say what he wants to say on Instagram, and he always trolls, he's mazing killing recently. Fuck it. We'll give it to David Spade. They got actually, congratulations. David you are there being for this week's he's coming. Best clapback? I literally don't even have one down to print out the pictures because there were so many changes, and I'm going to explain to everybody. What happened? I know most of your expecting me to say Jonathan Venus, and I was going to and then I'll explain why not so let me break down. Bravo watch. What happens live posted a picture or a video of Jonathan on the show sky comments decide part is the ugliest effing thing I've ever seen except for the mustache this clown's mess, and he responds John of the response. I think you're really going through at hunt. And that must be hard someday. When you start walking carpets doing photo shoots outside your bedroom. Let me know how you deal with the pressure. So let me just start by saying we saw fuck-ass posted in mazing, and we were gonna give him clapback of the week like already told cadence right around whatever then it was brought to our attention that the guy he apparently is like some up and coming makeup artist. And he something to do with Bravo. I don't really know. Exactly what it is. And he posts one an entire post apologizing chew Jonathan showing that he was disgusted his actress he was trying to make joke. Tagged us in the caption. He then posted an entire Instagram's. Gory like seven different stories. And I I watched the whole thing in honest to God it was like a sincere apology. He was he was like I was trying to make a joke. I don't know where it came from. I like, I don't even care about the backlash. I just want Jonathan Shindo. Here's my thing on it. I think it's discussing that. He said that absolutely. Do I also think everybody makes mistakes, I guess, and the reason that we are not generally the reason we're not giving him best clapback is because when we award someone with an award like this. We then posted on her story, and we have one point one million followers. This guy already apologize. I just feel like it's bad karma to perpetuate it. Like, I get it for sure I was sincere fucked up, but it was insane. I don't want to continue it. My rule for making a joke on Instagram is if you wouldn't say him a person's face in public, and they wouldn't in they wouldn't get it. Then you shouldn't post the late. And that's always my thing. Exactly. Especially in this day and age, especially in this day and age because by the way, and I've learned this lesson very hard. You don't know what people are going through? You don't know it a celebrities going through be having a bad day. She could ahead Allah p show that day. There could have. Been like anything. We did you see though that the gay community really came for him because the sky is gay, and they were like you. How are you not standing with? It was like a huge huge thing. Oh, by the way, when the queen's get information, we can change the world also would happen with propagate. Honey, we when you put us all together change one thing, we are not having someone take down our own, brother. He's that's. Whenever you're like, one of the stray people, come whatever it girl, you have your own issues. But when it's a gay man against another gay man when it's not a joke. We already God. It was it was it was unbelievable really people. I mean, everyone just banned behind it. And I think I we talk about this is I think Jonathan Venice is one of those celebrities that people feel at gay straight, whatever feel like not only a connection to him. But like defense defensiveness of him, and because he has been so unbelievably open and his so himself unapologetically like we celebrate that. And we applaud that and pod has positively in his intelligence and everything and when someone comes to him it's like, listen, don't try. Now today off limits. Not today. Someone tries to EJ Johnson. I'm like bitch. You dry, exactly. Because by the way. I am terrible. He is going to eat you alive. His one of the smartest people ever in clapback are So Chris of he is. Unbelievable from the rich kids stays. I always will. I think that I think he Sali's he is everything everything. I mean, that's listen Dharthi is like my spirit. I don't I don't want. It. We we we're gonna run that second option for clapback week, which I'm going to award it. Because of the reason they just described Arianna 'Grande a picture of a dog, and someone writes you literally posted more than forty picks in less than a week. And she responds please on follow me on my God. I'm begging I've terrifying amount of followers. Please kind of like a funny. Can I tell you that I think she was being a hundred percent serious when she said family because if you know, Arianna, and you see noise she anthrax online like she had nothing's ever happened or big where she's been like. Yeah. This is so deserving. She's like, please stop letting this happen to me. I don't deserve this. I think she was generally being like it is stupid that I have one hundred four nine million. I need to get right of UPS. I'm not deserving. I genuinely like being funny sincere. Goodnight. I love her. I love her. Loves wearing my college tuition in her hair far get about it. We live for her Honey that we've came out of narnia. It's good. Money went in a wardrobe Fata, which analyzed. It is unbelievable that that came from Aslund. Honey, I don't know where I don't know how she and beyond say get this. Untouched. We've they must go harvest at Herron Russia themselves. 'cause it's good. And it's like thick and it's wavy. It's it's unbelievable. Yeah. It's unbelievable. I've seen some bad. We use on TV as she. She's a great team binder Ivan von her makeup guy forever. And they're just continually amazing Mary also occasionally. Yeah. So congratulations Ariana GRANDE at you are this week's recipient for best clapback league. And not to listen. It was epic Jonathan's better yet. But because of art my morality, and I feel a little bit bad for the guy after you. We're not going to do it. Okay. I just never want. You leave every moment. Every moment, literally, whatever I told you. I'm not letting make every month. And then we're gonna go is real don't even don't even tell me quickly. I think that we owe what you guys, obviously, don't you know that on Thursday. We're gonna have our whole crashing bonus show. But we need to touch on a couple of quick things one. Yes, we saw for everybody. That was damning us. Yes. We saw him and kind easy lemonade stand. Yes. We were fucking dying that we weren't there. I would have pulled up so quick and ending me. Don't even did you read the article that I sent you that that guy wrote. Now, this guy who who was there wrote an article he was the one that took all like really good pictures because he he's a photographer. I guess article about like how daddy became my favorite form of cognac. And it was he was like it was unbelievable to watch. He was like he was like they were just so normal like they they were handing out uses and they were like telling people. Oh, this FOX's go north like decorated at north was so happy like giving. It was a durable. They're cute. I love watching them. I love watching other kids together. They're great second earlier. But Jordan woods. Yes. Also, sending us pictures. Yes. She. Has seemingly thriving and we're happy for you know, for now. But for now never know what's going to happen. When that episode that is going to drop, and they're going to drop something like like, the Kim Taylor voicemail. I'm telling you, there's more to the story. You remember when we were like, okay, we're finally okay with Tristan and then six months later came on. And we were like I can't. No, I know. I know let me tell you something. I was never okay with. By talking about fine. You think he's fine. We're going to talk. So looks perspective. You know what like take? Okay. Think back to watching the show before you knew anything was wrong with him. Like, he was just like, you know, what it was. He was fine because he looked like a man. But then when he opened his mouth, you're like, oh, your child curse Lille, so petty. And so whatever I need a manager. Man. I like just imagine like him with like a d wave personality or something like that. That's what I'm talking I'm talking solely from a looks perspective. I could give either earned front, but I also don't like my man to be they're fine. Like, I like to find a diamond in the rough and the dress him up when I need address and get his haircut the way I need to get his hair, right? When I need to take photos, but then the minute you got him public. I want you to look like you came out of like, I know like Lord of the rings bit Shrek and being you shouldn't be smack. You should be like a vegan cracker than people just want. When they need sustenance. That's what I need. Amazing. Yeah. I can't have my husband looking like a snack. If I was married to a David Beckham, auditory Beckham IBM Penn's Penn's any all the time. I mean when his I'd have a tracker on here beyond beyond. Yeah. Yeah. That's a great point actually, do it. And also just Kylie Travis update for everyone curious, you know, that Julian I have denied this since the beginning, we don't believe any of the cheating allegations. I think that absolutely not, but they were out to dinner together. And apparently, they're taking the case to try to mend things he didn't into story of her with the Queen emoji. He also comes it on her picture with the heart is, which as you know, two thousand eighteen is the official confirmation that everything is good. And I just felt great about them. And I love them. And I have nothing else has handed out. We them to you. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. Fine. And I think he is becoming more of a man because of her like she's such a boss that he's trying to level up with her which is going to be hard to do. But it's a great ladder to climb beyond like God beyond. I think that they both in different ways kind of bring each other up. We're we're. Fans of them together for sure she's guys that I first of all I'm so proud of us that we share everything I know everything there other things if I forgot it just I don't want it to end. So I'm trying to come up with the long way texting gerbil who owns his travel gruesome travel will. So I'm like can you book because converse comments are going to Israel were there? He'll come on it. There's nothing I want to happen. More in the whole world. Yeah. We family there. We could come on to get lost in Israel. I would come back to the I would have better stories coming back with you. Then when I was abroad on my name is high. Do you want to lose it for Param? Get this me and my friends went to drew for per when I was abroad dressed this north and Penelope and in the twos. Goo. Good. Nice less it, by the way. The fact that is. Listen, you you you said car-park before I figured was pretty on the table. She looked I love a good Passover. But if I find a hot is really he will not over this right up in there. Guys. Anyway, Justice investor from daily poppies also the co host and host of E news Justice if you can catch him on the daily pop weekdays at twelve pm eastern time on E S on Instagram. Bill, eighty sitter. He is amazing. I have to tell you honestly about two trips. Go we were in L A, and we went to the offices and Dale accomplish filming and one of them that we were going to meet allowed us to come in and see which has been really cool for us because we watch all the time. And I will not forget, you know, exactly what I'm talking, but we walked in. And we saw them you're doing your thing amazing killing it and we walked out, and I said to Julie as that guy is going to be because you have and I'm not saying this shit. Like, honestly, do you have this enthusiasm and not only are hysterical? But I think your energy is so contagious that yet for us in this room. We can feel it. But I'm telling you, everybody listening. I already know the feedback. We're gonna get is like this guy kills it. And you really do we are so honored that you were here. And thank you for being the best to Moses. You got a part that read some and I don't care about famous. I just wanna be Arash, apps and fucking. Guys. I listen to you all the time. And I love what you guys are doing. I love when the young girls kill it. You know what I mean? Like, I'm jelly being that you are twenty six twenty four twenty. No. It kills me. He kills me that you guys are so unbelievable. This is amazing. Love you love you with our one question that we ask every guest, which is if you had to nominate one other celebrity guests to have on who would be my celebrity guests. I would say you guys have to have on that sound good question. Have you had lock hint? Now, we haven't okay, gotta get her Judy to get her, okay and bring up every celebrity sex tape and put it on the wall and go from one discuss it, and he is so real and so raw and she's unapologetic. And she's unafraid to be real. I think you guys saying I think we and also if you happen to be talking about with Richards. We'd also love to get her onto the best when you guys back in LA soon. You know, what the real housewives is about to get real heated. She always comes on at least three to four times a season. So she's only once you guys have a good track. She will be back here. And I will tell amazing. Thank you. We love you gotta remember daily. Poppy is the vests.

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