The Getting Blitzed! Edition


This is one. This episode may contain explicit language. The promised podcast brought to you on. T. V. One the voice of city from which the line of the fast train to Jerusalem will be extended so that its terminus will now be the Western Wall this according to an announcement this week by Minister of Transportation. But sallow smoked rich. Now the high speed rail as many will remember is the long delayed infrastructure project that finally began regular service last month and can take Le`veon's to the entrance of Jerusalem and short twenty nine minutes once the new extension is built in just thirty four minutes. We will be able to travel from downtown Tel Aviv to the ancient limestone retaining wall of Herod. The Great Second Temple built a bit under two thousand six hundred years ago. This is great news for any Tel Aviv resident. Who has an urgent request of God that? She's written on a scrap of paper and his eager to place between the stones of the wall as people have done for decades and maybe longer a practice first reported in nineteen thirty. One by Rabbi Haim elisar spear of Mum Catch who described how Eighteenth Century Rabbi Haim Eben Atar once gave a poor man without a bite to eat an amulet and told them to put it between the stones of the wall after which his fortunes changed whether that story is true or Apocryphal. It is certain that for much of the past century folks have been slipping notes between the stones these days more than a million each year and the reason why this works is the fact as we learned from the Madryn Exodus Rabba to to that God never leaves the remnants of the temple although some rabbis like small BAR KNOCK Mon- disagree arguing that when the temple is destroyed goddess. Send it to the heavens. But if you ask me that's like classic Shmuel Bar Nachman and it's the Dole stories haters going to hate as an aside. The movie mock tube from a few years ago is about a couple of gangsters who after their lives are miraculously saved. Take to go to the wall pulling out the notes and making the wishes come true. As when they dangle a loan shark by the ankles over the side of a building until he forgives the debt that someone wrote a note to God asking that he make go away. Which may seem like a digression although the point is if in the past we in Tel Aviv when we needed God do us. A solid needed to take three buses to get to the wall and it might take two hours soon when we need the help. That only God or gangsters can give we will be able to hop on a comfy trained with Wifi and be stuffing note into a crack in just thirty five short minutes. I probably don't need to add that. Lots of folks around the world are outraged by the plan. The spokesperson of Jordan's Foreign Ministry called it quote a flagrant violation of international law and quote an archaeologist. Say That building cavernous fast train tunnels under the Old City will destroy archaeological treasures of incalculable. Worth and Harry de Rabbis. Worry in advance about ancient burial sites that will be disturbed but on the other hand a direct line from these off the God in thirty four minutes. I for one say that. Time's a wasting my sins. Inc and atone for themselves and my luck ain't likely to turn around without a little prodding by God and if the greatest thing about Tel Aviv is it's joyful messy blood and semen this worldliness being thirty four minutes from the old place where God apparently now lives. Adding a little yen to our Yang will only make it better with us. In the studio is a woman whose frequent notes to the Lord. We can be sure are written like everything else. She writes with verve warmth empathy and surpassing intelligence. I speak of course of Alison. Cap'n Summer Allison's written for Political Republic Foreign Policy Jerusalem Post the JT forward and many other of your very best papers magazine is a columnist for Arts you heard on NPR PRI and the BBC and you've seen on. I twenty four television announced zero TV. She holds a World Centre Award for Journalism. Recognizing excellence in the Aspen reported and a Simon rocked our award for excellence and covering Zionism aaliyah and Israel Alison. How you doing the God? I worship is more likely to be on Dizengoff at the wall. Also for me. Where do you stick your no? I don't know H and m maybe with is in the studio to is a man. So upstanding an honorable that one imagine God leaving him. Little beseeching notes I refer of course to Don Fetterman Donna. Zero Program Director of the Mariah Fund and the Director of the Center for Educational Innovation. Don Thirty four minutes from our Lahser off to the Almighty. Did you ever think you would live to see the day? Well not to be outdone. Amazon immediately announced that they're having free delivery of notes to the coast which twenty seven minutes and Google went further. And they have developed and Ai App which will write the notes for you and we'll send them every week our lives. Just get better and better now. It's funny that you should mention Amazon because my name is though effort. I don't mean to Brag but this week Amazon recommended to me based on sophisticated machine learning artificial intelligence algorithms that have studied predilections that I watch a prime video called. If you give a mouse a cookie. Valentine's Day special and in truth it was pretty damn good. I watched the whole thing see. Mouse wakes up with a heart shaped cookie that Oliver left him while he was sleeping. Hey this isn't around as because it's Valentine's Day cookie amazing cookie like I mean it just for you thanks. Oliver Weight is today Valentine's Day already. Yup If even Valentine's Day cookie then Who I get it. She'll sing a song Valentine's Day Valentine's Day. What a magical idea to say. The feelings that I feel every time I see which is amazing as you can tell an answer that so much happened. See Mouse gives Moose cat dog and pig the Valentine's that he made for them. I think in the give him out. A cookie verse. Parents name their kids schematically. I guess it's like how many leibovitch parents name their first girls High Musha. But I digress and the mouse is sad because he has no present for Oliver so they all go to see Mr Darty at the computerized cookie factory and he feeds blueprints of a life sized Oliver Cookie into a quantum computer and bought a bing. Bada boom there's a life-size Oliver Cookie but mouth dog packed into cookie boxes by the robot. Assembly line packers and chip off to the store and it just gets better and better from there and I don't like to boast that's not how is raised by? My parents always hope that I would grow up to be a scholar with a social conscience. And I'm pretty sure you can tell from how Amazon has me sized up and from the fact that I still buy from Amazon. Even though that company is wrecking most everything. I care about in the world and mistreats its own word workers. I think you can tell from all that that I grew up to be my own man. See My kind and decent parents are not the boss of me. I should add that. We are delighted to have a meet. Ashkenazi. That's right the Ashkenazi here. In the studio with us he is of course famously. Our researcher and conciliatory famously. A genius. But he is usually also famously in Holland and now he is here and we are delighted today. We will discuss three topics of ought inspiring importance. But first we have a timely update as part of an occasional series that we call the promise. Podcast checks up on the daughter trapped on the water on a cruise ship in the grip of a thuggish bug. That pulled the plug on her trip with her mama off the shores of Yokohama. As well as Mozelle tove regular listeners will remember that last week we heard about an indeed heard from Nicole bend of who is sharing a cabin with her mother. Berea Levy on a cruise ship called the diamond princess on which daughter and mother have been vacationing with eight other members of their extended family and upon which shipped two and a half weeks ago on February fourth. One hundred passengers were diagnosed with the corona virus. The entire ship was placed under maritime quarantine since then five hundred and fifty more of the ship's passengers and crew have been infected last week Nicole charm. Lots of people when. She said that she and her family. We're having a great time under quarantine holding funniest video contests and make your bed the best contests and watching lots of TV now. A week later nicolaides mood is a bit less buoyant. One could say as she learned in the interim that the quarantine failed and basically the ship was more like a petri dish for the virus that it was like a quarantined place to save her from the IRS and she and her family will today be flown back to Israel where they will begin a real two week quarantine at Tele Shamir Hospital which will extend out her vacation. Her time away from home anyway. To seven weeks of which five will have been spent in quarantine? Yesterday we record radio. Journalists are Golan called Nicole Band of eat on the diamond intestacy. How she was doing at among other things he asked her this. Nicola Egmont theology. Masha llah hopefully much left. It's issue shakedown Newburgh. Nick Mallett him about the The diamond Princess Nicole. Will you together with your mother or without your mother ever go on another pleasure cruise? That might end like this one did on the Diamond Princess Ben. Dovey took a long pause and said this unequivocally chicken Cornell yes I think so as of today I don't see any reason why not. This isn't my first cruise. I'll travel look. This is something something worldwide it broke out and no one can control it. As far as we're concerned as far as our family goes. We didn't know that we were coming to this kind of situation definitely not. We left home on January fifteenth. At the beginning they were talking about numbers like thirty people who had corona virus around the world then it was the margins of the margins of the margins of the news. Nikko Vesey money from a cynical showa much. Cause they'll let me away. I hope when I go on a cruise next time and there will be a next time that I don't do it exactly when there is a worldwide crisis. I assume I won't if I think about it in a realistic way. Yes I assume not definitely another cruise but for now Nicole Bend of we wish you and all the others a quick and pleasant second quarantine and all those infected by the virus. Speedy recovery are Mozelle to goes to July elite a Nissan Chabad who announced this week that they became engaged on Valentine's Day. Which is Allison's anniversary? I think Charlotte of course is the Armored Corps soldier captured in Hamas attack in two thousand and six and held prisoner in Gaza for five years until he was released in exchange for four hundred and fifty Palestinian prisoners. In Two thousand eleven. For All those five years. I think all of us hoped some of US prayed for the day when July elite would come home and go back to being normal kid growing up into a normal adult going to school getting a job falling in love doing all those ordinary things that make life so extraordinary. I hope that your life has returned to just being your life. It is in this spirit. Illogic elite that. I say that I hope it means nothing to you that you are engagement means so much to US Bishop two today three topics topic one gun. Some mench as the head of the blue and white party and prime ministerial pretender Brigadier General. Benny guns undertakes an uncharacteristic blitz of television interviews in which the main message seems to be. I'm a mench that other guy isn't so vote for me will try to make sense of his campaign ten days before the elections and try to figure out what he's offering voters and whether or not it is enough topic to Vinnie. Bb VICI as prime minister. Netanyahu undertakes a very characteristic blitz of television interviews alongside lots and lots of facebook live events in one of which he introduced his new after the election candidate for finance minister and his new after the election far-reaching economic plan this after viewing his many successes transforming Israel from a command economy vassal state of the United States to a free market economic. Dynamo that is the envy of economists around the world will try to make sense of the prime minister's reforms and his campaign ten days before elections and try to figure out what he's offering voters and whether or not it is enough. And in a different vein. Our third topic. Won't you be my neighbor as the government works out a plan to pay cities to build lots of homes for ultra-orthodox families and folks in these cities be pissed as one the eager to have redeem living in the hood and be why the hell do hurry deem score subsidies when other people who need them. Don't people like say the opium struggling young couples of every imaginable background than ethnishity? The egghead urban planners say we'll all be happier if our cities are mixed. But maybe Schule going meek for using its Shabbat. Yelling ten kids to a family having redeem would be happier and the rest of us to if we all take Anita's advice from west side story. He is no need the boy lack. That will give the boy tomorrow one of your own times to your own an for most unreasonably generous Patriot supporters in our extra special special extra segment. We've each picked a couple of campaign ads or posters tweets or videos for the past week or two that caught our attention lately for better and for worse and we'll see if they don't give us some new insight into the elections but before we get to any of that listen to this tremendous boom be somehow become up another battle. See Commander is yes machine by Roy. Cuff ry and Taliban Gal who are together. She rame your pet. They have a new record called. Roy Moore has had based on their terrific music. Comedy Review. Show called she. Ray Mayor pet which just finished traveling around the country. I love this record. And we'll listen to it over the course of the show and now it is time for discussion. So Allison is the crux of Bennigans. His campaign message. Basically what Julia Roberts said to you grant in Notting Hill. I'm just a brigadier general standing in front of an electorate. Asking them love him. Yeah well our In-house political analyst at Harris and Shell feffer Wrote this about Betty. Gaunt's that guy who is just to brigadier general wanting the electric love him etc so essential writes quote an aspiring Israeli politician. The AGE OF NETANYAHU HAS TO ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION. He can choose to emulate the prime minister and be a and this is a great term. Wannabe be putting the emphasis on bombastic public performances onstage and interviews and pretend to have that. Megastar statesman capability that built an attorney. Owl Myth or they can choose to be an anti BB. Dial down the histrionics focused on presenting actual policies and differentiate themselves from Netanyahu's entire style of leadership. So Ben Against cannot afford to choose one or the other. His base wants them to be an anti bb but to BBB has no choice but to try that prove that he can be bb as well. That's like a tongue twister. He has no choice but to try and be both the baby and not the BB pro. His problem is that unlike the original Ganz is simply not disposed to bombast and populism so this was very much undisputed over the past week when Gansu so far has avoided. Tv interviews since the last elections gave five of them count them five back to back so watching. All five of the interviews is kind of weirdly groundhog day ish as they almost nearly repeat each other and against his wearing the exact same navy blue satin tie starched white shirt black suit kind of like it's his Bar Mitzvah on TV In each interview he repeats that he won't join a government with the mostly Palestinian Israeli joint. List the party that his internal polls apparently tell him he has no need for as Ancho feffer writes. He does not offer a vision of policy. That's very different from prime minister. Netanyahu's he says that he generally accepts the trump peace plan except for its provisions of swapping some Arab Israelis over to Palestine and swapping some territory in the Negev over to Palestine. No one will be moved against their. Will he declares gant says he'll be tougher on Hamas then Prime Minister Netanyahu without really exactly saying how and an shell writes that. He's at his best gap. That is when he says he'll fix healthcare. And there's something to that so the most interesting bits of Bennigan's describing his character is being different from that prime minister. Netanyahu is one when he said in an interview that quote. You know. It's been said of me that I'm easy going. I'm a calm person. I don't get tents. The opposite they criticize me that I'm not politically violent that I don't speak crassly that I'm not aggressive. I'm not anxious to please and I say yes. I won't be aggressive. I will be properly authoritative. I will look people in the eyes. I will say what I believe. I will listen closely even when it is not pleasant to do so which may hold a key to the campaign that against is running it may be that the heart against his message is I mentioned. That other guy isn't so vote for me. It's kind of the message that came across last week when gaines finished a day traveling up north in a speech out of keyboards where he talked about driving through. Naria where last month thirty eight year. Old Man named mody bench about died while trying to save people trapped in an overturned car during a flash flood. Gant said quote in my mind. Modi is a hero. No less than many soldiers who fought by my side shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield when he saw people in trouble swept away in the flood. He didn't check appeal. Were Jews or Arabs? He didn't ask if they are left to right if they are religious or secular. He did a true hero does. That's the Israel I see before me. That's the Israel I plan to lead in Israel in which we are unified and work for the sake of one another and together for the entire state so again gained seems to be saying elect me because I am decent. I see and appreciate your decency and I'll bring out all. That is decent among us. I personally have to say I went out to sea gown. Speak to a crowd in English the other night and in person the mentioned this comes through even more than it does on the television and I was impressed. Me The cynical journalist so of course. If you're a Palestinian citizens of Israel gases message can be kind of hard to take in light of some of the videos that launched his campaign a year ago where he brags of liquidating Hamas terrorist insisting again and again even now that he wants nothing to do with the joint list and it could be hard to take at face value. If you're an ultra orthodox Jews who can't forget blue and whites billboards in the last election demanding a secular national unity government but for of US anyway gets his greatest talent greatest virtue. Attractive quality is the fact that he is what you call a mench. The statement can be taken as praise or condemnation at one at the same time. It could be good to have mentioned prime minister. Surely we need more from our prime minister than just that decency however and more does have to offer us maybe is offering more though as he makes his media blitz in the last week and a half before the election meets voters. What exactly is he offering to us? I have to say I was. I was really unimpressed. By watching the TV interviews and understand that God's was momentarily cornered by bbn trump with the deal of the century Which he was forced to embrace with some reservations are not so minor as he seems to say and then. Bb was trumped by the annexation delay. In God's escaped the trap again for the moment and now we know that he's going to trial two weeks after the election so so part of this just seems to be him playing the long game. I mean I. I saw these interviews. Someone who's learned to be a politician in the sense that he avoids answering direct questions directly me was asked again and again. How do you form a coalition? The numbers don't add up without having at least support from the mostly Arab joins us from the outside and again because he's been tacking to the right and he's attacking the religious again trying to change the image of the party to wean away. Some mythical Likud voters and maybe some religious voters who are fed up with Netanyahu or afraid that Netanyahu is going to trial and and it's not going to be joining US coalition. Yeah Yeah I mean we get wise doing it. But he's I think there's a risk that he's alienating. Leftist voters and the anti bb can because he's also not willing to go all in on the anti bb messages well but leaving the penalty. What do you think of him? No I look I. I think that he is. What's coming out is that is far more right wing than than we thought. He's not the savior of the left. I think he chokes on the word Arab as he did from his very very first speech announcing his campaign. He had real deaf difficulty. Saying that word so that that worries me. It's not the same messages Likud. And it's not the anti-arab demagoguery that there are a fifth column that the Likud is now using again if not as extreme as it did in the last election. Although we're a few weeks you know we still have a couple of days and it'll get worse. Probably as it gets election day so I look I would take him Over Netanyahu I think he's. He's fit to be the prime minister but his vision seems to be very far and further away from my vision than I thought. It was the first rounds of election. There are a lot of ways in which I find the guy when I watch him to be really personally appealing like I i. I do that that he's a decent guy. I also suspect though. I don't know why maybe I'm wrong. That he's far more to towards the left than he comes off being as the head of this party that includes people who are bona fide. Right wingers who we want to keep in the fold and it and facing electorate that he judges to be more right wing. But maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong. It's hard to tell but feeling like such a mench and feeling the pull of how nice it would be to have a politician who is a mench. I'm still struck by in the end. How little that means in politics. I mean even for me I find that frustrating like I like the Guy I believe in his decency and I but I wish that I felt like I understood what he stood for in some way and I just never get that feel. He's going out of his way to keep it very very vague. And I think because he's trying to appeal to voters from both ends of the spectrum so tactically understanding but I. I'm not feeling that mental thing that you guys are talking about and maybe in person that came across one TV. I'm not feeling that either again. Compared to Netanyahu I who I distrust with every fiber of my being you know there's no comparison but but I. I wish I was more excited by him. I'm less excited now about by him. Then I was in the first round of the election. I don't think we're supposed to be excited by him. He's just not an exciting guy right so it struck me by seeing him in person. The other night was number one. It was super interesting to see him. he was sitting. Sierra LUPITA and they were answering questions in English so it was really interesting to see them have to sort of express themselves in English because they couldn't fall back into the formulaic or hearst sentences they had in Hebrew they had to. Obviously you know they're going to be on along similar lines but it was interesting to see them. You know you could. Sometimes you get an more authentic than the Hebrew interviews. It felt more authentic. You know even though his English was perfect but the contrast between him and Lapierre because Lupita somebody who's been trying to out BBB in terms of you know whatever the fire in the belly. And I'm dying to be prime minister and the bombast and the quote unquote passion and so seeing him next to the peed who you know. It was a performer performer. So it was. You know even more obvious than when you see him next to Netanyahu how much Bennigan's is sort of authentic. You know an authentic human being but that's with any politician. Take this from American politics. It's this is our quandary like we want to see this person with great leadership. Qualities has got the fire in the belly. Who's like dying to lead us in like really has has got that thing on one hand on the other hand you know. That's the thing that gets scary and out of control and leads towards authoritarianism and so in this age. It's kind of a a relief and kind of comforting to think about a guy like Gansu's who's yeah a little bit boring but but you know he doesn't have that his personal charisma talking about. I'm talking about a vision. I'm not getting any vision of reason. I basically agree with but I'm not corrupt and I don't basically agree with that. That's the message that's coming across and it's so underwhelming. Yeah is a message. I can't and they're trying to by the way I mean breaking news this morning. They're trying to dirty up a little bit. It's been announced somebody conveniently dated. Somebody's conveniently leaked today that there's a police investigation into whether to have an investigation into his Failed Start Up. And and he's not even directly implicated in any of these charges but the the news came out that there was some Investigation of his His former company in order to To make a recommendation from the prosecutor's office launching a criminal probe against his former company. So that's good. There's GonNa be a lot of Hay made of that by By the Likud saying look you know. He's as dirty as Natanya friend of mine. Who saw guns give a speech up? North last week said that in person he said you want to know one of the differences between me and Netanyahu. One of the differences is that for ten years Prime Minister. Netanyahu has refused to advance the peace process. And me I don't think that you make peace by going to Washington. I think you make peace by going to Ramallah and one of my first acts is going to be. I'm going to go to Ramallah. I'm GonNa make that half hour trip out. I'm going to do it over and over and over again and I was shocked to because nothing like anything I've heard and this but apparently he's that's amazing so the answer to a question right to the TV interviews. He was doing soundbites and it was. It was really exasperatingly. 'cause you but he also kept feeling because. I think some people have been written about this. If it's not my original thought. His heart is an in the sound bites. So you get that feeling that. He's he's been pract rehearsed so much. He's doing what he's been told that he has to do in these interviews. But that isn't what he wants to say. You keep seeing behind his eyes but I really think something else but again say it and we're going but you have to say it but you know again. I think that's their strategy is not say say strategy the strategy is to get enough eighty may may. I mean that's certainly. The common wisdom risk being told him but I wonder if that's really true just partly because it's so frustrating. There's something about him. That's so frustrating. What do you mean you wonder if it's really true? Look it will look at where the left-wing parties poll. I mean it's obviously true that you're not going to get that kind of support if you're outspokenly but domine you're both right that he's not leftist in that. Way Lake. That's not who he is. I think that he's further left than than than he sounds like. But but I think that what he says would be would be quite consensual. Which is you know quite in in touch. With what seventy percent of Israelis feel? Which is a. I think he's ambivalent about Palestinians. He still thinks we need to make make peace. I think that he's he actually is where the majority of the people are. If only he would say it but I might be wrong. I mean the people the bowls and is any supports the pillars of democracy in Israel which he does say but again not not explicitly enough. Because he's worried about antagonizing people on the right so I think that's that's where I keep feeling like. I just don't know what you really think. Because you seem to be so tactical in every state and you're making the Tony. He's got piercing Blue Eyes. He's the strong silent type. Why do why does he need a visualizing the policy like you know he looks the part and let's all think like Donald Trump and cast him in the role? He's right now. Listen to this Shaun. Pollock HONESTY MR in be dominate me. I'm David Of only funding can and then That song is both nabbed by Roy Free and tearing gal she re mirror and now. It's time for a second topic so done I learned on facebook. Live all about quote Netanyahu's revolution and quote and how now it is really getting going. Should we be feeling prosperous a? We should be as buzz as our phones. Were on Sunday when the message came in. Benjamin Netanyahu is live now on facebook and folks who clicked in saw a remarkable show opening with the prime minister behind the lectern mic in hand. A Chiron below reading unveiling the Barkat plan for reducing their cost of living Barkat is near Barkat the former mayor of Jerusalem and Likud insider who made his hundred and twenty five million dollar personal fortune by starting one high tech company and successfully investing in many others. Prime Minister Netanyahu had announced earlier that day. That barkat would be his choice to replace. Moshe Cock loan as finance minister after he wins the upcoming elections and that Barkat had spent much of the past year devising new economic plan. So we didn't see Barkat. Now we know what he was doing. He began the facebook event with another announcement that in the last quarter of two thousand nineteen. Israel's economy grew at an impressive rate of four point eight percent. This he went on is the result of what his aides insist. He Call Netanyahu's economic revolution. Although we assured us this really belongs to all Israelis now three dates singled out as being of particular importance. The first nineteen ninety-six after he was elected prime minister when he told the American Congress that Israel would soon no longer need American aid to prop the country up because he would bring free markets and technological revolution to Israel. Then he opened up. Israel's foreign currency market. The second date was when he became finance minister in two thousand and two when the country was in freefall and he slashed the public sector and gave all sorts of tax benefits to the private sector. He likened this to his army experience when the cadets were ordered to hoist the soldier to their right on their back and run and a small Cadad- hoisted up a huge soldier collapsed right away and Israel's economy likewise was collapsing. Because it's tiny private sector was hoisting up an obese public sector. Netanyahu was the one who turn that around and he pushed through sixty reforms to get rid of the barriers to competition since then. The economy has grown every year but one and as a result the GDP went up fast much faster than in Europe. Then it's brought online. The natural gas reserves after fighting back the Naysayers and global corporations started pouring into the country in this version of events. People think it's our science. That accounts are economic success. Netanyahu argued but the Soviet Union had great science North Korea. Great Science yes. They're famous for that. And it's really the free market that Netanyahu and the Likud that brought the economic miracle which leads us to the president unemployment rate the lowest in Israel's history and the constant rise in average salaries and to the jump in the minimum wage. Our per capita. Gdp has now surpassed. Japan's were on our way to passing England and France. All because of Netanyahu's free markets. Not because of a socialist Histadrut economy reminding us that many guns candidate to be finance minister was the head of the Histadrut labor union. He's against a centralized command economy in favor of a free economy. But doesn't this lead to inequality people ask inequality he claims has gone down over the past twenty years according to God knows what measures and we're developing parts of the country that were ignored in the past. Have you been to bear Chevy lately? We've moved the army down South and made bishop of the cyber capital of Israel. Also you see the roads way up north in way down south and the trains now we have a train all the way to the coach l. And this is just the beginning. There'll be a new university in Galil. We will develop desert tech down south and get these numbers in the last ten years. Gdp rose from one hundred nine thousand shekels per person to one hundred and fifty six thousand average salary from under eight thousand shekels a month to almost eleven thousand minimum wage jumped from three thousand eight hundred fifty two five thousand three hundred soldiers. Their pay went from seven hundred and thirteen. Shekels a month to one thousand six hundred twenty shekels inflation went down from almost four percent a year two zero point seven percent and much more much much more. The Israel Democracy Institute reports at ten years ago when he became prime minister sixty five percent of Israeli citizens rated their general situation as bad and only ten percent said. It was good now fifty. Three percents say it's good and only sixteen percent. Say It's bad. And all of this was an eighteen minutes almost as long as my introduction Barakaat Is not coming on after us. But then he unveiled Likud's economic plan for the next decade. The new plan comprises six major reforms reducing food prices reducing housing prices investing in health investing. In the periphery. That's the Galil. The negative the territory's encouraging small businesses and encouraging new technologies. So what do you make of a prime minister has been in office for more than ten years? Introducing all sorts of reforms. He might have introduced over the past decade but didn't and what should we make of the reforms that Barkat presented to us are they credible well First of all you know the the the basic reaction to To the presentation of this plan is like good ideas. How come you haven't spent the past decade implementing them and it's quite a quite a switch off right from emotion coughlan to a near Barkat. I mean it's You know from a completely welfare minded guy to this. You know billionaire businessman. Now you learn a little bit more about his plan if you're a reader of arts which is always helpful and that is that So this research on which the plan is based was funded by you guys know who I don't think funded their co helmet policy for think-tank that we've discussed previously on the podcast which is trying to push a right wing. Conservative economic worldview into the Into the forum. So yes. It paid the pollsters paid. You know everybody who is working on this thing. Which kind of makes you take. What it's saying you know with a grain of salt about how it's going to To help the economy is called. Let's grow Israel. It's hard to look at this as more than a campaign stunt or you know on on our part and You know Barkat did a really great job. He was like he showed these polls that he did the research for. If you announce this plan and we're going to get the economy going that's going to get Likud. Two or three more mandate so basically he got sort of this guaranteed job is finance minister. If and it's a big if the Likud actually ends up controlling the government which actually pissed off a lot of people in the Likud but back to the topic at hand. I mean you know. It's it's very similar to the debate in the United States of that like yes on paper. These numbers are impressive. What what's been happening with our economy but then when you go on the ground and you look at what's going on with the cost of living cost of housing etc. It's you know it's not so thrilling and it's not so exciting is it really. You know what we need more of or do we need more of a push on. You know making people's lives actually better and getting these you know. Million people are million children. I guess out of out of poverty in from under the poverty line see I wish I heard more people in the left in the center responding the way that you're responding that last comment I think is exactly right but before that I have so many things to say about this. I almost couldn't sleep after watching this. Facebook live thing. I watched it. Take the dog for a long walk. I just watched the entire thing and then had so many thoughts in one leg into traffic or fall off the park. We were saying one thing is a meet our researcher. I gotTA say all of You. Everyone out there. You should have a researcher. I lived my life without a researcher for a while and I'll never go back to those days anyway. He gathered up stuff and sent sort of fact check of the the data and it turns out that it is highly cherry picked as people say it was. It's very selectively chosen to create this picture and it would be possible to gather data that create that are equally true that create a very very different picture but in a way. That is the point where I think that Netanyahu did something brilliant in this presentation and then I've been watching him every night. Ever since on his facebook live things which has every night and. I think he's been just brilliant every night of the week. He told a story in a way that I have not heard anyone on the left managed to do. It was a coherent story. It was a persuasive story. It correspondent enough to the facts so that everyone could look at it and say. Yeah I guess you know. I guess that's sort of true. Actually my paychecks are larger. Actually the bear. Chevy does look amazing. Actually this train is really spectacular. When I went on it last time at I remember what the trains used to look like fifteen years ago. They were horrible. I would never go on the trains back then and so even. I found myself persuaded that there is this narrative. Okay here's a guy who came with the vision and he implemented this vision and a tad these results now. I am the worst possible audience for this. Because I loathe the vision like I basically think privatizing all this stuff and and having the free market just have free reign is terrible and I have a store of examples from history from around the world and from Israel where that's true and even me. I even found this persuasive because stories are fucking persuasive and this was a really good story really well told and so. This was the first time I thought after I watched that I thought oh I I actually do see how Netanyahu can win this election if people are are watching this because even the person I think even the person who who barely makes it to the end of the month who doesn't have enough money and doesn't have savings. I think that even that person says you know what I see around me. The country's getting better and my children are going to have a better right and this is one of the contradictions. In difficulties on the left explaining the situation because the G- The income gaps have grown and they're astronomical so the and the concentration of wealth has grown and that's astronomical but at the same time. Everyone is better off than they were before. This economy is much stronger. Economy then the economy that was ruled by the history and labor union for Israel's first several decades so that's you know that's where things get complicated and the priorities don't have to be these priorities you don't. It's not a zero sum game. It doesn't have to be this concentration of wealth in order to have this kind of productivity and this kind of economic success and that's where we have disputes and the gas reserve. You didn't have to give chew as much of the gas reserves as you gave them all kinds of things could have been different and we still would have these benefits and that message less left is having trouble telling you know going back to what you said. How brilliant assisted tell this narrative and I think it's right because it resonates with what Israelis feel and I think that's where the our our camp has trouble telling stories that resonate what people are actually feeling day to day. He'll one is that. Why is our camp week at that or wasn't I couldn't figure out why there was no one telling an alternative story which could be told and I sure the next day we're going to see all ads and people and it was like basically nothing I think. Well look. I think there's there's there's another level of which is how many Israelis are actually going to vote based on these issues anyway. How many people actually care We can take it apart. The housing we know housing prices continued to go up even under cock loan and that was supposed to be his signature. Plan right is this election in any way going to be about these people looking and saying you know what the country has gotten better under Netanyahu. Just a lot better than it was is something that people vote on. I think that that's like I think people also tell themselves so the guy might be corrupt or he might not be corrupt but look at this country and also. This message was so positive about the country as I love. I love this place. This is a wonderful place. We're all building is right. And and here's what he's done so much better than than than the other side by the way that surreal switch in terms of the the campaign. He's going super positive super positive because he lost his message because it was supposed to be about an exit Jordan Valley. I was supposed to be with the cafe was about. It's amazing is going on trial and a couple of weeks. Never heard him be so positive yet because he doesn't have an alternative dragged kicking and screaming to positively team so authentic every night this week. What I've been watching these things. He has been setting out like the country a vision of the country that I want to live in on the positive note The last time when he goes highly negative against You know the Arab Creeping Arabization of the country. It's been empowering the The population to vote against that. So He's been told you know. Stop It. Stop inflaming against the Arabs. Because it ends up you know getting the Arabs to the poll. Oh so maybe one of the things that I noticed Every night this week is that he always has a super positive message also about Israeli Arabs about Palestinian citizens of Israel. Because he's trying to keep the flames down there because he knows that if if if they're not angry at him they'll be less motivated to go vote but it's beautiful to see like he's speaking about speaking about the economy getting better. He's speaking about politics speaking when he starts talking about how. We have enfranchised Palestinians and how all these Palestinian Israelis are going to the university. And how Great? That is for everyone. So he's got the Likud. Crowds are cheering. Cheering cheering cheering during that baby. Above all it's remarkable. He's saying the right thing for the wrong reasons. By the way he never says the word Palestinians or Arabs or even Muslims. It's always have you listened Jews and non-jews and one last point. I think you know when you ask how you're going to finance this Benny gone says they're going to finance new hospitals by changing priorities. It's we're going to finance all this because it's Pie. In The Sky Election Promises folks pay attention. There is no money to do these things. That's all I have been saying. We're GONNA use the money from the gas to Tobago. Gno says it's all GonNa come from growth. It's all gonna come from grow. So it's the classic capitalist message trickle down baby off just thought Michiko Tada boy thirty feet solidity as the kaffee stumbled at all go off Russian Lynch and all that Song is act mission. Ma by Roy Capri and tall. Turin Gal she ray pet. And now it's time for third discussion which we are calling my neighbor. And here's why coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Hurry deem this owing to a government plan that calls for building one hundred and nine hundred thousand new units for ultra-orthodox families by twenty thirty five and spreading them about cities and towns around Israel including many that until now have been avoided by the ultra-orthodox ultra-orthodox need housing as they tend to marry young and have lots of kids and there is never enough housing. It's always a perennial crisis. Here this plan amounts to a change in longstanding government policy though which has until recently favored building for ultra-orthodox families in Orthodox cities like elite and Batori lead and Emmanuel three newest cities in the occupied territories and also in cities within the Green Line like Ella Embassy Bracken far abide and Kashif and maybe a half dozen others. These cities have an odd bugsy malone character or at least for me. I spend a bunch of time in me. Leeman baiter elite the motto of which emblazoned on the banners throughout the city is Ear Tora Bora a tourist city in the Judean Hills. Everyone you see. In these cities is ultra Orthodox mail carrier is Ultra Orthodox. The Green Grocer is ultra Orthodox. These security guards are ultra-orthodox. The folks in the medical clinic save for some of the doctors. Anyway are usually ultra-orthodox. Even the rabbis are ultra-orthodox. Time was when this sort of homogeneity seemed to be a good thing but urban planners have for longtime now insisted that mixing up populations creating mixed cities produces the kind of vitality that has made so many of us Gaga over cities in the past little while mixing populations produces all sorts of practical benefits. The theory goes like increasing the richness of the local cultural offer pressing public spaces into new and innovative uses bringing new sorts of resources to the public square and so on and also it creates all sorts of socio political benefits by forcing different populations interact to get to know one another to work together to develop trust in cooperation and sometimes even affection so the theory goes the problem as neely. Molinski a reporter for the financial. The Marker recently learned is that quote. Many mayors feel politically threatened by the entry into the city of hurry deem how it affects public opinion and the lifestyle and the existing urban fabric. You can't ignore this barrier and quote basically the ultra-orthodox are a poor population with lots of special needs. They need special schools for their kids religious services social work services and such because they are poor. They often don't pay property taxes the source of most municipal income also. It's not rare for there to be friction between Ultra Orthodox and Non Ultra Orthodox residents city. Sometimes it's about what happens on Chabad or Chabad as a longstanding Tel Aviv conflict about whether or not loudspeakers ought to be able to announce the onset of Chabad throughout the neighborhood. Sometimes it's about how women dressed sometimes. It's about kosher shops and restaurants for a mayor. It's one more headache. Only maybe more like a Migraine in that it hurts like hell and that it recurs or in sometimes doesn't go away at which is why the Ministry of Construction and housing has just concocted a plan to give incentives to cities and their mayors to absorb ultra-orthodox families including cash benefits that might amount to twenty thousand new Israeli shekels just about six thousand bucks for each family they take in this incentive seems to hit a sweet spot. It's too small to make it worthwhile of a mayor to build for an ultra Orthodox influx. But it's big enough to piss off other city residents who wonder why the cities and being paid for the pleasure of their company also. They wonder if they're mayor isn't being bribed to fuck over his or her constituents in order to absorb a basket of coddled religious deplorables all of which may be enough to make the government despair of making Israel's cities mixed in fact as of now government plans include building from scratch another homogeneous hurry de city. And it's possible that this is the only ultra-orthodox housing initiative that actually will take form an succeed over the next year. All of which leads to my question for you should mixing our cities as between Cardi ultra-orthodox and everyone else be policy. Should we be paying cities to absorb ultra-orthodox families in big enough numbers to create vibrant ultra Orthodox communities put more personally alison? How would you feel about the government paying ron to build buildings schools MIC physicians? And all the rest so that thousands of young families can move into your town. Oh first of all we have a few young families who have a lot more national religious families in whatever. Would you call hard all families so I? I'm speaking from a place that you know. I don't live in some sort of a Secular enclave like I do live in a fairly partially mixed city The when you when you spoke no like factor you left out was politics and you know one of the reasons. The mayors are against. This is because they are basically going to bring in people who are going to vote against them and They may not be able to form a coalition with. I've been covering HMO for too many years to sort of think that you know any of this is ideal like yeah in my fantasy world. Everyone lives together in a mic city. You know Hand in hand in coon by Iran. And it's wonderful to to live together and I do appreciate the fact that I live in a mix place but we're just one moment. Baked Chimney was once upon a time. Just twenty five years ago Kind of Sleepy Development Valentine's lot of Milwaukee folk some religious some secular and then lately it has become majority ultra Orthodox will they built They originally built a neighbor that was supposed to be mixed secular national religious pretty much. No secular people went there just national religious and then they built one more ultra Orthodox neighborhood and slowly slowly slowly became a majority huge huge huge tensions. I'm there's some parts of the city where they ask for women to walk on one side walk and to preserve the sidewalk and not to not to Dawdle in front of a synagogue et Cetera. And you know I I've done on. You know women getting rocks thrown at them and they were trying to exercise. You know trying to go out jogging and it's not it's not good. Am I too crazy? Oh I'LL ASK. You is like to pie in the sky to say. Why can't we let market forces be market forces? Do we have to build things specifically for certain populations? You know well. This is why it's so complicated because because there is a real glaring need this is such a rapidly growing population and there is a segment of Haredi Society. Then wants to integrate more inches. Rarely society at least into its economy if not socially or other levels and at the same time there are such strong forces within Haredi Society including much of the leadership that wants that wants segregation and once isolation and also doesn't want to give much of anything to Israeli society but to take everything to this late. It is if well next town over. I mean it's not like your you know Here but hear the questions. Because like you know this that reinforces the sense that this is a group of parasites which tag is is a lot of people in the in the secular world and the religious world as well And at the same time like what you just said why our kids are going to have to deal with the housing market and these people are getting buildings. Built for them with government subsidies. If we're building neighborhoods. Why are we doing this for other? Population is the so there. Were no one's building houses for them. Russian-speakers or poor people are building houses for them. Today Arab citizens poor. Nobody's allowing even the towns that exists to expand to meet their which is which are all super important points that. I think that we would all agree that it's agreed. Just have a government policy that prefers poor hurry deem over poor everyone else but the question of mixing is and and then there's a question because if you want mixing and I think the theory of cities assumes that all the people in their want to be part of that city life and what. They're finding early exactly. I like Rana because the people who are religious who lived there are people who are religious who choose who want to be in a city where they are not the majority population. It would be different if okay. You know we're building these buildings and here's this incentive in moving to a SEC majority secular city not necessarily because they want to. But because you know that's the policy and they should the the answer to your question before allison is you are not crazy. I've thought about it all this time. And that's my answer but I don't think that that leaving it to market forces is necessarily what we WANNA do or is at all what we WANNA do because like the the question is what is our vision for a good city at a good society. Do we want to encourage to create a world in which which people rub shoulders all the time and if you have a population that doesn't want to rub shoulders with the rest of the people there or are GonNa throw rocks redeem well. The tensions at Allison was talking about people throwing rocks at people who are just you know. It's not a live and let everyone saying that live. You live your live. We'll try not to step in each other. So one of the ways you create live and that live is by having people live with one another and shop with one another. We see if you use. Hmo WHICH IS A is a lab experiment once Ultra Orthodox population reaches a certain size a certain proportion gains a certain amount of political power to live and let live off in you know goes out the window and tries to legislate a certain atmosphere in which they're more comfortable and I have to say this doesn't go well with our current government policy of leading local communities determine things like Chabad laws. They all say like you know. Let's not have a national rule about what's up bench about what's not open on Chabad. Let's let each local community. Make a decision. You know Based ON THEIR POPULATION. Well if you want to start messing with their population and plant you know implant a whole bunch of people who don't feel the same way about what should be on. Chabad and what shouldn't is the people who live there then. You're you know you're sort of setting up for for a war so you know you can't have both things you can't say we're going to let each community decide and we're going to engineer the composition of that community. I think that the greatest unseen revolution happening in Israel right now is the Israelis ation of Ultra Orthodox. I was about say secularization. They're not actually becoming necessarily more secular but they're becoming more like everyone else and that might be a social good. I'm sure that there are ultra-orthodox leaders out there. Who are very worried about this but for the rest of us that might be a really really good. Nair terms. Which will you know? We've had this conversation million on the podcast which includes a lot of gender segregation. I've gone to a very modern places and beneath brock end. They're very modern and very Israeli size but with certain red lines that they won't cross and we're generalizing because there isn't one day they're not a modest community among themselves and that's part of the issue too and it's also different. You're saying okay a family's GonNa move into your building or if you're going to say across the street team. I'm going to build a whole neighborhood where your kids are going to be afraid to walk on Chabad from now on because people are going to throw rocks at them. So we're we're bringing this discussion to an end but I just want to see if I've understood correctly I'm basically I will stay that. I am in favor of government having subsidies that to mix up cities to bring her redeem into cities. We're hurting don't live now. But do I understand correctly the both of you are opposed to it? I'm opposed to IT NOT IN TERMS OF PROXIMITY. I mean you know in terms of sort of municipal boundaries and rules and regulations and how people how people should live. I'm not saying Oh yeah. Put them all on the other side of the country. I don't mind if they're in the town next to me but if you want put them in my town and start messing with the sort of the the community standards and the laws then. I think it's more more problematic than BENEFA- a look at the one hand I think government has to be active and provide for the needs of all of its citizens but all of them and not select groups because of political considerations and at the same time. I'm also nervous about these kind of social engineering experiments and where they end up and damage that they do. Because I think there's a you know again this. This community is growing has used needs but what about the people who already live? There also have needs so you know. That's that's where I think. Those needs are often getting neglected. Proper Community Sale Avondale. Small communities were reading came over and everyone hates each other now. So a big advance. Don You said Do. Now listen to this job that aspect Stephen. That song is back yard by Sheree pet being Roy. Capri and tile tearing Gal flight of the. That's who they're sort of like now. It's time for our country segment. This is the part of the show in which each of us described something that might have surprised or amused delighted or enchanted and source. Older me even flew us as we wind our way through our world over the last one. Don what is your country strangers. Who I don't know at all from other places and from the city I would like them all to know that there's a boy one in the world and that boy is me that's my free translation of the title poem. Yuda atlases has who are knee. One of the seminal works of Hebrew Children's literature. I spent two days with WHO to this week? I in front of five hundred and fifty. Young writers at the annual Young Writers Competition for third through sixth graders sponsored by the organization. I had the Israel Center for Educational Innovation. You who is this year lifetime achievement award winner and yesterday we were together when he told a class full of kids at a school in Rehoboth about the writing. Life you're eighty three. How can you know what we feel? The kids asked feelings are universal. Some things have changed when I grew up. We didn't have cell phones and there was only one phone on the homeless shove in the office but feelings are universal. He them friends parents kids. The eternal story is he loves her and she loves someone else. Do you write about your own feelings. Do you write about your own kids your friends. Of course I write about my feelings. He told them. Of course I write about my family. I write about what I know. What else would I write about finding a few friends work? You like. That's all life is really about not about winning and I would like them all to know. That boy is me that got me thinking about Leopold. Start the new. Tom stoppard play. I saw last week in London when I was on. Leave from the podcast with Gironde. Our friends Dave and Karen and our son jean-yves who was on leave from the Israeli army Leopold's dot was the Jewish quarter of the before emancipate and the play of that name is perhaps stoppard's final work for the theatre. It takes off from an eight hundred ninety nine Christmas Eve celebration of a sprawling assimilated Jewish family. Several of whose members are intermarried. Their Christian partners are part of the party or others who've had themselves baptize or as they call it Christianized. The same crowd gathers later for Pesach Seder. So they haven't entirely abandoned Judaism but they glory and the chance to assimilate into newly liberalized Austrian society while dismissing both the outlandish Zionists fantasies of that celebrity Viennese journalist Theodor Herzl and the Anti Semitic rantings of Vienna's mayor which would later form the ideological spine of Nazism Stoppard's plays Arcadia and the real thing and Indian ink. I adore in the religious sense of that word. And Leopold Stat has its brilliance signpost to other plays that might have been or might yet be written but stop her to get overwhelmed by the expository urge to outline too much of Austrian Jewish history in the twentieth century as the play. Leapfrog forward to nineteen twenty four to Kristallnacht to nineteen fifty five. You need a scorecard to keep track of which children have matured into which adults. I bought the script so now it has all become clear but but one of those morphing children is clearly a surrogate for stoppard himself. A Young austrian-born Jew who lived out the war in England and who provides some of the most affecting moments of the night the British race stoppard famously discovered his Jewish roots only in his fifties. His widowed. Refugee mother was a Czech Jew who remarried a British officer and capture Jewish identity secret but paradoxically stopper chose to explore not his check routes but Austrian jewelry. I on the other hand have Australian roots and as I explained to you leave. It was in part because my grandfather Harry Hochstein and his parents left their town near Vienna for America. Just around the time. This play begins at the turn of the twentieth century. Jean-yves is alive today to fulfill the dream of that Austrian Journalists Come Visionary Theatre Hertzel and the themes of the play passing as a Christian for social advancement or survival. Were extremely familiar in part because my other grandfather Louis Federman wrote a play in one thousand nine hundred thirty six about an intermarriage Jewish Christian family in Berlin living under the Nuremberg laws. The Christian wife signs a phony affidavit that her pianist daughter is not really the child ever Jewish husband but of an Aryan lever. All this is taking place in my grandfather's play. And this enables her daughter to continue her musical career by virtue of being uncontaminated by Jewish blood. Her brother meanwhile a violinist refuses to shame as father in this way and sacrifices his performance career. My father played the violin and his sister was a concert pianist. But my grandfather didn't speak German and wasn't from Germany he was from triscuit which was in Russia. No Poland today. It's Ukraine. The town hasn't moved though the borders and the languages keep changing. He followed my grandmother to New York at the turn of the twentieth century. Which explains another part of why you need is around today. Since the Jews of risk were later wiped out by the Nazis. I would like them all to know that there's a boy one in the world and that boy is me and that's true of all those young writers and Tom Stoppard and Louis Federman and Harry Hawks Teen Fetterman and of myself and that boy is me even if he's not exactly me very nice. Allison what is your country over the past few weeks on the podcast. I've been listening to our new podcast. Her own had Relate his food adventures and I've been pretty jealous because I remember the days that I like. He was young and I used to head off to destination restaurants. Just for the fun of it you know on any given week but family life getting older and the fact that my husband and I and now my kids constantly being on a diet has really taken. Its Toll. Because food is fueled dammit. It's not a reason for living eat to live. Don't live to eat right. But you know dammit. Sometimes there's a special occasion and you deserve something special. In my case I have my double-whammy special occasion. My wedding anniversary is on Valentine's Day as I've said before originally that wedding date was kind of like a devious plot to force my husband to celebrate a hallmark holiday that Israel didn't recognize but then cable television and the Internet did their damage to Israeli culture. Now Israel is subjected to the enforced Romance Valentine's Day so all the better for me normally on our anniversary I pull him away for a weekend getaway but this year. I took pity on him since he was about to wing his way to Brazil to visit my son on his big South American adventure. Yes even as we speak my husband and my son are probably doing the Samba at some carnival street festival with girls in string bikinis more power to them. I say so. It wasn't good timing for an overnight on the eve of his trip. But God damn it. I was going to have a special day if it killed me. And most importantly a special meal so he got into the car and we went to one of my bucket list restaurants a legendary spot in Israel for over twenty years or Abory Fish Restaurant. It's in the city of Tacoma and it does not look fancy from the outside. You get there and you're like where's the place and you're like oh it's there because it looks like just another stone building lining the shores of the port city of Echo. So bad luck for me. My reservation ended up being on one of the really really rainy days this winter so we didn't get to execute my entire romantic day plan of strolling on the ancient streets of Echo. But we did as we had our meal get a dramatic view of the waves crashing on the shore and the and the wind whipping it up water coming in all directions. It was pretty dramatic and it was nice to watch it from the cozy restaurant so when you walk into a you get this biblical scene stone. Arches very plain tables simple tablecloths. Nothing sue fancy elegant. No music playing nothing. Ostentatious because apparently according to Ori- brewery is a philosophy all of that distracts from. What's on your plate now. That guy who has that philosophy is sitting in the middle of the restaurant. The seventy four year old owner and chef. Who started at all? He kind of looks like Santa Claus Member of Z. Z. Top maybe even God with a really really long white beard is name is Ari Jeremias. He's named himself in the restaurant. Everyone knows him now. it's after the name of a Common Fish. Buri so now the places or report so I didn't chat with him much. Just a quick. Hello in a Selfie but from I read about him. He is a self taught chef. No culinary school no fancy training in Europe in top kitchens or anything and one article said quote he espouses a more primitive Buddhist style quest towards achieving the sublime on his plate he became a chef after flunking out of school and being a beach. Bama fisherman sailor diver who then became known for his delicious ways of cooking fish and it is indeed sublime from raw salmon with with Sabi sorbet. Yes with Sabi ice cream. You guys too delicious Cubes of Tuna Floating in Yogurt to fish and rice soaked in coconut milk chillies and apples simple and luxurious at the same time so we didn't get his famous tasting menu because we were eating kosher style of no Seafood but we did order small courses to get to taste as much as we could so the restaurant has become sort of the cornerstone of tourism revolution and even as places like Tiberius have really struggled to maintain themselves as a popular destination for travelers in the country and international travelers. Akot has thrived next to the restaurant is an old Ottoman Palace that has been elaborately renovated by Jeremias into the Effendi. Hotel one of several Boutique. Hotels that have sprung up in Over the last two years Google or a boring you can read raves about him from top chefs around the world. Crediting Him with being among the top taste makers who are taking Israeli food to the next level and he's also getting credit for furthering the idea of a more inclusive culture in Israel by operating in such a multicultural city. His head chef is an Arab and the kitchen chatter. According to the food writers who spend time in it happens in a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic so I highly recommend or a borey. One kind of weird thing. Though I mean and my husband couldn't get over this despite the name there is one fish you don't see on the menu. Buri there is no borys service. Add so if you can get over that head over there you'll have a great time Wonderful wonder what kind of Hexter they have their none two nights ago at nine thirty six PM. Because it's in my phone. The girl forwarded to our family WHATSAPP GROUP. A facebook post with a photo that showed thirteen big stacks of books. Some twenty-five books high set out on a Tel Aviv. Sidewalk in front of a short stuccoed wall. The post was sent by a woman named shy showoff an archivist. I think for the channel Thirteen News. The Post read quote. A huge collection of books has been put out on the street. According to the dedications on some of the books and the address it belongs the late Theater Director. Gershom PLOTKIN history. Philosophy plays poetry astonishing collection. If only I had more hands. It's going to rain soon. And it hurts. My Heart. Maputo TWENTY-EIGHT TEL AVIV. Anyone in the area it's worth coming by and quote. By the time I saw the post I was getting ready for bed and it was dark. I looked up Gershon Plotkin and he was even more remarkable than what Cha road. He moved to Tel Aviv from Moscow. Nineteen twenty four when he was seven and he studied acting in Palestine before moving to New York in nineteen forty to study directing at the new school dramatic workshop under Bertolt Brecht's old party or when Piscotty Poor Stella Adler Lee Strasbourg were there and among the students with Tennessee Williams when he got back plotkin found writing. Partner in Sasha are g-o-v creating plays that team put on and at the same time. He joined the mapping division of the Ghana. He also married a woman named GLIAC TINCA whose Father Barak Cutting Co is one of the founders of the goon and also the building engineer who managed the construction of the Ymca in Jerusalem and also the establishment of the electric power grid after the war of independence. Plotkin became an assistant director and choreographer at the camera theater and bought the place on Mapa where his neighbor was Yosef Sprintzhak the moscow-born Speaker of the Knesset from its very first meeting in nineteen forty nine until he died a decade later in time. Plotkin became the Commentaries House Director. And it for the decades at some call the golden age of Israeli theater. What didn't add up though is that Plotkin died at Mabul. Twenty eight in Nineteen Ninety two more than twenty eight years ago when he was seventy four years old. I wondered maybe his books had stayed in the apartment for all those years. Maybe with his wife. Gloria I checked and found out that yes in fact Lilia Plotkin died at my twenty eight justice summer at the age of one hundred and two. Her phone number is still listed at that address. Probably the apartment was only now being sold or renovated for the plotkin kids or grandkids or at any rate cleaned out. And that's how the books came to the street this week gleefully. It turned out. Live the life of adventure and accomplishment that matched. Her husband's she was famously. Beautiful and there are indications that the great writer professor member of Knesset Ease Har- smolinski. Who went by the pen name? Saffi's Har- was back in the nineteen forties hopelessly in love with her smitten and that when he dedicated stories to Gimmel. They were really dedicated to her to Lilia and that he based upon her a character in one of his books named Sima was the object of the stories heroes overwhelming on returned. Love clearly Who later made her living for time as a cartographer also joined the Haganah map-making division and after their first baby was born. Gloria and GERSHOM PLOTKIN resolved to improve the hell Ghana's maps of the north by taking precise aerial photos that clearly it would then translate into maps the how procured a plane for the couple but the airfield was under British. Watch a problem clearly. Platin- used her baby to solve. As she later recounted quote our excuse was that the baby had asthma and the doctor said if he flew high the air would do him good. We would be asked by the British. Where will you be flying? Gershon would reply. It doesn't matter wherever the pilot takes us. All we need is high end quote in a false bottom. And the baby's bassinet Greeley Stash the Lak- and many rolls of film later she would draw maps and hide them in a secret compartment a slick in their basement. The morning after the girl sent the WHATSAPP message. I saw that it was in fact going to rain. I biked over to Maputo twenty eight by the time I got there. The thirteen big stacks had resolved into just one set on the wall in front of the House. A woman maybe eighty hovered over the stack and when she saw me get off. I bicycle and walk over. She nervously grabbed as many books as she could and then rushed off all that was left on the wall where two decade old magazine's one called the fighter. Hallo HAM put out by the idea and the other a new age lifestyle magazine called on the sidewalk was a single page from beyond good and evil by Nietzsche with the passage quoted has always been not faith but freedom from faith that half stoical and smiling unconcerned with the seriousness of faith that enraged slaves against their master and quote following. Up on a hunch. I looked behind the wall into the Maputo. Twenty eight yard and there. There were a few dozen books. Scattered apparently knocked back by as people scavenged the piles on the sidewalk in the yard. There was more Nietzsche twilight of the Gods and the Anti Christ. There were reproductions of ancient maps of the Holy Land. There were books on Hebrew Grammar language in usage. There were the complete plays of Ben Johnson. There was a play called strife by John Goals. Were the the Brit who wrote the Forsyte Saga and one a Noble Prize? But it's pretty much forgotten today. There were books by desks. Ifc and books about the staff ski. There are a few Hebrew plays. I didn't recognize altogether. It wasn't much. I felt the first drops of rain so I gather all the books that were left and I put them in my panthers. I couldn't think of what else to do. Then I'd buy a home in the rain and that brings us the end of our show. Thank you to meet Ashkenazi. Who is here with us? Our genius researcher conciliatory and scholar usually not in residence but now in residence thanks. We Tie Shalimar station manager and producer without whom there would be none of this thing so I she believed my favorite band from Gabar. They give us a music of this sort in the end of our show. Thank you Alison. Thank you Natalie. Thank you don. Thank all of our Patriot. Supporters for your generosity and for your support that keeps the show and the station going and we are moved and we are grateful and we are very much in your debt like the fact the rest of you out there for taking the time to listen. We want to ask you some facebook and drop us a line. We're going to answer then. Go to apple podcasts. And Give us a five star review. Maybe one that begins with this. The promise podcasts Julia Roberts and Bennigans is just the podcast in the ear. Buds of an asking them to love it. I mean really. I think all they really want is Fi. Say you had me at and welcome dot that finished anywhere you want but before you do that. Remember that this week on February eighteenth we celebrated International Pluto Day so stipulated to memorialize February Eighteenth. Nineteen thirty exactly ninety years ago the day on which astronomer Clyde w tombaugh working at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona. Used a used a blink comparator one of my favorite scientific instruments to compare plate photographs of the night sky and established the existence of Pluto which had been conjectured to exist almost ninety years earlier tombaugh wired news of his discovery to the Harvard College Observatory as was the fashion of the time. And the women and men working there under Harlow Shipley declared Pluto the ninth planet of our solar system which it remained until two thousand six when the International Astronomers Union downgraded it to an icy dwarf planet. Which if you ask me as a kind of judgy thing to do I guess I don't have to tell you how much I love International Pluto Day. What with the heroism of Tombaugh spending a year quietly scrutinizing photographs of space with the very best kind of comparator ever the blink competitor and with the ecclesiastical all his futility ending of the stuck up jerks of the IRA you think they're so big diminishing the accomplishment just because they can what drama you can see. Why look forward to International Pluto Day all year round but then just like that as soon as it was here. International Pluto Day was gone much like Pluto itself disappeared from solar system maps in elementary schools around the world owing to the dopes of the IRA. You not to return for another year. Not so the promise podcast. We will react view next week. And every week reminding you that you don't have to be a planet to be small and cold at heart on this. The previous podcast.

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