The Hillside Stranglers Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr. Pt. 1


Due to the graphic nature of these killers crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of domestic abuse, torture murder, and sexual assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. People always called Los Angeles the city of dreams and Lissa cast in was determined to make cursory. The twenty one year old member of the professional troupe. The L. A. Occurs had aspirations of being a well known dancer but on the night of November, Fifth Nineteen seventy seven lists, thoughts weren't on her dreams lately all she could think about was money waitressing was her main source of income and it wasn't nearly enough. She'd been thinking that maybe it was time to try something else as she pulled up to her apartment building. Lissa. Ruminated on what she should do. She was so distracted she didn't even notice the Cadillac stop right behind her two men exited the. And the driver, the much younger taller one flashed a police badge and asked for I d confused. But sure there had been a mistake Lissa handed her licensed to him as his older partner looked at over the driver and formless that a car matching the description of her Volkswagen convertible was involved in a robbery they wanted her to come in for questioning. Listen knew this was ridiculous she was no criminal but her beetle was a unique color and the men did appear to be officers sliding into the CADILLACS. Lissa had no idea that her dreams of dancing were about to be snuffed out. I I'm greg. Poulsen. This is serial killers apar- cast original every episode we dive into the minds and madness of serial killers. Today, we're taking a look at cousins, Kenny Bianchi and Angelo Bono junior who were collectively known as the Hillside Strangler. Before they're horrific crimes were revealed to be the acts of two individuals I'm here with my co host Vanessa Richardson Hi everyone you can find episodes of serial killers and all other podcast originals for free. On spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream serial killers for free on spotify just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar. Today, we'll take a look at how despite very different upbringings Kenny Angelo formed similarly sadistic attitudes towards women will also see how this shared sadism led to murder. Next time, we'll examine how Los Angeles was brought to a state of panic as the two cousins enjoyed their reign as seemingly untouchable killers. We've got all that and more coming up stay with us. This episode is brought to you by Casper. You're most life changing sleep is about what's underneath with a Casper mattress? You'll get the cooling supportive comfort you need for the most refreshed feeling every morning only casper dot. com. From an early age Angelo Bono junior disliked his mother she was promiscuous and he didn't trust her. It's possible. This opinion was aside effective is parents divorce which happened before Angelo. Isn't school born in Rochester New York young Angelo moved West with his mother Jenny, after the divorce eventually landing in Los Angeles sometime around nineteen forty while worked diligently to support her two children being a single mother was tough for her and her kids and without the. Presence of a father figure Angelo junior never got to experience a traditional sense of familial stability overtime Angeles resentment of his mother grew he told friends that Jenny frequently made him wait outside unfamiliar buildings while she had sex with various men. I, she gave up on her marriage to his father. Now, Jenny showed her true nature at least. That's what Angelo thought, and there's little doubt that this warped perspective brought on by early trauma impacted how he viewed. All the women in his life Vanessa is going to take over in the psychology here, and throughout the episode please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg according to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network? Potentially traumatic events for children include witnessing domestic abuse, sexual abuse assault, or simply experiencing neglect while different for everyone, the effects of childhood trauma can manifest themselves in difficult. Behavior, as a child gets older in two thousand, fifteen joint release with the substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The NC. tsn stated that trauma is a risk factor for nearly all behavioral health and substance use disorders untreated. It's result in increased involvement with juvenile justice systems middle and high school age students might also engage in risky sexual behavior. If as he claimed Angelo was dragged along at his mother's sexual dalliances, it would have been undoubtedly traumatic. That trauma manifested itself as Angelo. Got Older. By the time he was fourteen. He regularly called his mother derogatory names to her face in front of horrified friends. He described violent rape fantasies and at sixteen, he dropped out of high school and spent his time engaged in various criminal activities. Eventually, a conviction for grand theft auto earned him a stint at a juvenile detention center during this time Angelo heard stories about. Carol Chessmen also known as The red light bandit undercover of darkness chessmen used a fake police siren just startled unsuspecting couples in parked cars armed with a gun. He then sexually assaulted the women in the cars. Chessmen was convicted of kidnapping and rape in nineteen, forty, eight and sentenced to death but Angelo didn't care the criminal was his newest hero but he thought chessmen made one glaring mistake according to author Darcy. O'Brien in his book, the Hillside Strangler Angelo believe chessmen biggest failing was that he didn't kill his victims which left witnesses to testify against him. Learning from his mistake Angelo was determined to leave behind no traces of his transgressions. One turn behind bars was more than enough for him and he'd do whatever it took to avoid a repeat visit but the system wasn't the only thing. Angelo knew how to play He. was also a ladies man who always got his way Angelo called himself the Italian stallion and Ammash to a Sicilian heritage and it was a moniker lived up to in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six, he fathered two sons to two different women. He also married both of them without ever going through a divorce a Catholic Angelo claim that the first marriage was illegitimate as it was officiated by a Protestant minister. That wife might well of breathed a sigh of relief had she known what kind of husband Angelo was he was controlling abusive and violent his second wife Mary. Katherine who went by Candy had the misfortune of bearing five of Angelo's children as well as the brunt of his abuse. Perhaps his most shocking display violence was when he reportedly raped candy in the living room in front of their children in nineteen sixty four soon after the brutal attack candy. Filed for divorce Angelo was ordered to pay one hundred fifty dollars a month in child support for their five kids about one thousand, two, hundred, fifty dollars in today's money however, Angelo avoided payment by tweaking the spelling of his last name desperate for Financial Support Candy attempted to reconcile with her ex in response Angelo drove her to a secluded spot in the Los Angeles Hills told her to get out of the car and pointed a gun at her. Fortunately, for candy, he never fired his weapon and the to manage to coexist and Co parent in the same city by the next year in nineteen sixty, five, thirty, one year old Angelo was in the arms of twenty five year old Nannette. Campina who already had a daughter and son from a previous marriage despite a new woman in his life Angelo's propensity for domestic violence remained he abused net just as violently as he had candy. But this time his lover wasn't the only one being abused. The net was terrified that Angela would rape her teenage daughter who he said needed quote breaking in it's unclear if he ever carried out this threat but it haunted net. Unbearable years under Angelo's thumb, she gathered the courage to take her children and flee the relationship. By one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five, forty, one year old Dangelo was living on his own from his home. He ran a car upholstery business and was happy to be free of the annoyances of lovers, family and roommates. But in January of Nineteen, seventy, six, a knock on the door changed Angelo's life forever Angeles cousin twenty four year. Old Kenny Bianchi showed up looking for a place to crash the pair barely knew each other the last time. They. Were together. Angelo was still married to candy and Kenny was Aram bumptious child like Angelo Kenny was born in Rochester New York. But unlike his cousin Kenny's birth mother was a sex worker who gave him up for adoption of fact, he never forgot Kennedy's adoptive Father Nicholas was a gambler and his adoptive mother Francis was extremely overbearing the doting mother was proud. As Kenny, proved to have an above average I q but as Darcy O'Brien writes Francis. Coping with a compulsive liar and his childhood unfolded as one of idleness by Kenny's fifth, Birthday Francis noticed her son experiencing strange fits which doctor diagnosed as Petty Mal seizures according to the Harvard Health Publishing Petty Mao seizures, seizures of up to thirty seconds or less children experiencing them become unaware of what is happening but they're so short that fifty to one hundred seizures can happen in a single day without anyone noticing generally these episodes articles for great concern as most children grow out of them but they can lead to a difficulty concentrating which might have interfered with Kenny's ability to succeed in school. Concerned for her son Francis told Kenny to see a child psychologist. The doctor didn't seem to think that the seizures were a big issue and while we can't speculate on what exactly was said during their meeting, we do know that Francis tarn down the psychologist suggestion that both she and Kenny should seek. It seemed apparent to the doctor that Francis loomed too large in Kennedy's life. A two thousand, fifteen study out of University College London showed that people who felt their parents were over present in their lives tended to have lower rates of happiness and well-being. One expert said, psychological control can limit a child's independence and leave them less able to regulate their own behavior while we obviously can't blame Kenny's adulthood violence on an overbearing parent. It's possible that Francis has behavior had a negative impact on her son's development. She certainly expressed her high expectations for him in unhealthy ways when Kenny was just fourteen, his adoptive father passed away rather than allowing the vulnerable adolescent to grieve. At his own pace Francis Forced Kenny to wear Nicholas's shoes to the funeral to Francis time for Kenny to become a man and quite literally step into his father's shoes unsurprisingly with his domineering mother as his lone female influence Kenny's opinion of women was less-than-stellar that said, he found young love at at eighteen married his sweetheart Brenda Beck. But it wasn't a happy marriage kenny question Brenda's virginity and loyalty and was extremely jealous. He couldn't stand the fact that Brenda was a nurse who worked closely with other men under the strain of issues. The marriage collapsed a few months after it began. Just like his cousin, Kenny had issues, trusting women and also displayed a troubling fascination with violence but he was twenty one kenny admitted to his girlfriend that he had taken a life but he didn't say who's the boast might have just been an odd way of showing off. But there was a series of murders in his hometown and it seems Kenny was a suspect between nineteen, seventy, one and nineteen, seventy three. Three young girls were sexually assaulted strangled and dumped on the side of the road still unsolved their deaths were known as the alphabet murders or the double initial murderers despite his disturbing claims, his girlfriend figured Kenny was all talk and thought nothing more of it. She knew him as a sweet romantic sort of guy and didn't believe he could really kill anyone still Kenny's penchant for romance notwithstanding the relationship fizzled out. And, before long he was onto the next, both Kenny and Angelo were incredibly popular with women though they employed different tactics to draw them in while Kenny was overly romantic Angelo was cruel and demeaning, which sometimes worked but they both held equally low opinions of women particularly of their ability to remain faithful. The only thing worse than an unfaithful woman they felt was one who had the gall to leave on her. Own Terms. So when Kenny's latest girlfriend Susan more rejected his marriage proposal, the twenty four year old was destroyed sure. He'd been juggling girls on the side, but he thought he was more than enough for Susan to handle but Susan must frustrated with his constant lies and aimless career path. So she ended things wounded. Kenny. decided to make the move to Sunny California determined to make something of himself one way or another. Up Next, Angelo and Kenny discover their shared dark impulses. Hi Greg if you're looking to add some more fun to your feet, subscribe to podcasts, networks, new show, incredible feats, every weekday comedian, Dan comments who you might recognize from the hit podcast time suck explores an unbelievable account of physical strength mental focus or bizarre behavior. Don't miss the story of the man who broke the sound barrier while skydiving from the edge of space or the Harrowing Tale. Of. A seventeen year old girl who survived alone in a rainforest for seven days after her plane broke apart mid air or the ultra marathoner whose rare genetic condition lets him run for days without stopping incredible feat spotlights, mind-blowing achievements of everyone from world class athletes, and record breakers to scientists, architects, artists, and more search incredible feats, and follow free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. This episode is brought to you by Casper. You're most life changing sleep is about what's underneath? This is a casper mattress. Inside, precisely one thousand, five, hundred and one perforations a cooling system. So effective, you won't be awake to notice. Only Casper mattresses are made with eighty six supportive Gel pods to align your spine and eliminate aches and pains. It's The cooling supportive comfort you need for the most refreshed feeling every morning only on a casper mattress only at Casper Dot Com. Now back to the story. In January of Nineteen seventy, six, twenty, four year old Kenny Bianchi arrived on the doorstep of his cousin forty-one-year-old Angelo Bono, junior. It was Kenny's first visit to California as an adult and he was completely enthralled by his cousins Bachelors Lifestyle Angelo seemed to always have much younger girls at his Beck and call even more amazing was that Angela could be so abusive and still have women fawning all over him. It made the romance and Care Kenny put into wooing his girlfriend's. Seem like a waste of time. Kenny was determined to learn from the sagacious Italian stallion, and soon enough the cousins were sleeping with the same string of women within a month of Kenny's arrival, they had their first shared experience with a sex worker. However, after the two took turns with a woman, Angelos stole money from her purse. When she objected, he flashed a stolen police badge at the woman and her to get out the two men pound the whole experience thrilling they. Degraded a woman and made money. But despite their shared interest in devious thrills, Angelo was keen to get Kenny out of the house he wanted to return to life as an independent bachelor. So it was time for Kenny to strike out on his own in search of job that could pay for. Rent Kenny tried his hand at being marriage counselor, a sex therapist and a psychologist, as well as a photographer before finally landing a role researching state property records at the California. Land Title Company finally after seven months in Angelo's spare bedroom Kenny got a place of his own proud of her son success in a new city. Francis sent Kenny money for a car down payment. Delighted. He bought a nineteen seventy-two Cadillac sedan with a white top and dark blue body at last Kenny was moving up in the world. He had a stable job and apartment and his own car young girls paid more attention and soon enough Kenny was juggling relationships just like Angelo. while. Kenny was learning the ways of a low thorough from his cousin. He felt there was something missing from his life something real sure Los Angeles. Ladies were sunkissed and beautiful but they didn't hold a candle to his ex girlfriend Susan more to Kenny. Susan was a woman of Virtue and value unlike the promiscuous he could easily bed. So he pressed her to visit Kenny promise that he was changed he was ready to be. The reliable family man she could probably call her husband. But when she arrived, it didn't take long for Susan deceit through Kenny's veneer of respectability. He hadn't changed at all and she went home to New York leaving. Kenny. Broken once more by January of Nineteen, seventy seven however Kenny's heart was on the mend while at the California title company. Can he wooed CO worker Kelly Boyd? She moved in with him and was soon pregnant when She told him the News Kenny propose to Kelly, but she turned him down just like Susan Kelly loved the imaginative romantic sight of him but she knew bed Kenny Bianchi. Wasn't husband material Kelly had a point at home Kenny constantly pick bites at work. He was hardly professional in fact, he was fired for bringing marijuana to the office although Kenny manage to find another position at the steward West Coast title company he was eager for. An additional income source when he mentioned this to Angelo, his cousin suggested that they recruit girls for sex work. Immediately, Kenny had the perfect girl in mind sixteen year old Sabra Hanan met Kenny at a party she was blonde beautiful and just move to La to pursue modeling eager to impress Kenny lied about having contacts in the industry and gave her his number a few weeks later, his phone rang and the cousins set their trap. Wanting to make Sabra field special, they offered to pay for a motel room for the teenager. But before she went to bed, they gave her a drink laced with sedative when Sabra passed out, Kenny started sexually assaulting her but backed off when she stirred and objected the men were sure that doing so would earn the Girls Trust from the Motel Angelo and Kenny insisted that Sabra move into Angelo spare bedroom they gave her money for new clothes and took her. Out For meals, but forbade her from leaving the apartment or seeing anybody without their permission up until this point, it seems Sabra didn't fear the pair. So one afternoon, she decided to take a harmless shopping trip to the mall. But when she returned home Angelo Kenny to beat her as punishment then they took turns raping her fearing for her life Sabra acquiesced to their demands that she forget modeling and become a sex worker at first Angelo used nude polaroid's. Of Sabra. To entice his car upholstery customers into trying her out. But as worried about Sabra got around, it attracted new customers for his legitimate business. For Angelo it was a win win situation and he was determined to maintain this new status quo to make sure she wouldn't try to escape. Angelo told Sabra that he had connections in the Mafia who would hunter down additionally to encourage your compliance the men promised to let her go if she worked for a year but one. Girl under his roof wasn't enough to satisfy Angelo and enjoy the particular attention of a high school student named Antoinette. Lombardo Antoinette remained steadfast in her devotion to Angelo convinced. He would marry her as for Angelo. He was certain that he and Kenny needed to expand their business beyond Sabra. So he told onto net that she needed to have sex with other men to prove her love if she didn't enjoy it, then Angela would know she was faithful enough to marry. They arranged for the two girls to work in orgy with the guests included a police chief and a city councilman when the event was over Angelo accused Antoinette of enjoying the sex and made it clear. He wouldn't marry her though it wasn't the outcome Antoinette wanted the orgy proved Angelo and Kenny that they needed more girls according to Darcy O'Brien in the hillside stranglers they told Sabra that if she could recruit another girl, she could go free otherwise she had another Ten months to go on her contract. So Sabra flew to Phoenix Arizona to recruit a friend believing that Angelo and Kenny had connections to the Mafia as well as law enforcement. She was too terrified to run away and return to Los Angeles with fifteen year old becky spears with that sixteen year. Old Sabra went from victim to victim recruiter while it might be difficult to imagine bringing a friend into such an abusive and violent situation victims have been known to recruit. Out of fear desperation and manipulation forensic psychologist Dr Darryl Turner argues that a recruiter rush. Bringing in new victims because it feels like more of a legitimate job and makes them feel less alone. Looking for a life raft, Sabra gave into her abusers and found someone weaker and more vulnerable to take her place despite their promise the men refused to that soccer go she was their most experienced girl and they needed her however they did reward her by moving her from the spare bedroom into an apartment away from Angelo's daily abuse and violence bad treatment. Now, filter their new prisoner becky around this time Angelo and. Kenny started to liaise with a call girl service to act as an intermediary it lent their outfit in air of professionalism and gave them access to an extensive client list in August of Nineteen, seventy, seven in the new partnership, Becky was sent to the Bel Air, home of David would desperate for help the young summoned the courage to tell the successful lawyer about the abuse she suffered and that she wasn't there by choice. Appalled by the Tail David Sprang into action. He drove Becky to his office and arranged a flight home for the teen. He also assured the young girl not to worry about any repercussions. He was confident that the two cousins had no real connections to the Mafia knowing the crime family wouldn't operate out of an upholstery shop in Los Angeles suburb when Angelo and Kenny realized that Becky was gone they were furious Angela Harass. David at his home and office but he stopped when David sent one of his most intimidating. Clients a large bouncer with hells angels connections to scare Angelo off meanwhile Sabra realized that escape was possible though her captors tried to intimidate her into staying she saw through their flimsy ruse two months after Becky Ran Sabra made her own successful bid for freedom incensed that their scheme was crumbling Angelo and Kenny sought an outlet for their anger it was around then they started talking seriously about killing someone it was something they discussed before as they shared a fascination with murder but now fuel by their rage they felt Ready to take the plunge discussing their potential first victim Angelo in Kenny agreed that it would be a woman and that she should be a sex worker that way disappearance would cost less of a stir. As they ruminated, they were determined to get their old scheme running again. So they found a girl named Jennifer Snyder to replace Becky and Sabra and purchased a trick list of potential clients from a local sex worker Deborah Noble when Deborah arrived at his Glendale Home Angeles Trust that he only wanted in out call. List were customers requested that the girls go to them he didn't want random John's coming to US home. Depot promised that are black book was just that and took his money. But when Angelo and Kenny realized that Deborah had sold them a list of in call clients, they were apoplectic to them. Deborah's con was yet another example of why women were not to be trusted. They didn't deserve their respect. They didn't even deserve to live the camel's back was well and truly broken Angelo and Kenny were ready to kill. Coming up Angelo and Kenny. Take their revenge. This episode is brought to you by a wilderness of error on fx. In nineteen seventy nine army surgeon Jeffrey McDonald was convicted of the murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters nearly forty years. Later, he maintains his innocence claiming that a group of hippies imitating the Manson family committed the atrocities from the award. Winning producers of the Jinx comes a wilderness of error, a new fx documentary series that reexamines one of the most famous cases of the century, the answer questions such as where their mistakes made by the investigators. Were there witnesses overlooked to the media shaped public opinion to help convict an innocent man or to Jeffrey Macdonald actually kill his family. A wilderness avera premiers Friday September twentieth on fx streaming next day fx on Hulu. Now back to the story. On October, Seventeenth nineteen seventy seven, forty, three year old. Dangelo. Bono Junior and twenty-six-year-old Kenny Bianchi were filled with rage a local sex worker hoodwink them into buying a list of John's that was useless to their fledgling operation. After years of dealing with promiscuous women who had the gall to defy them, they were determined to even the score. Kenny stormed into Angelo's spare bedroom and took his anger out on Jennifer Snyder. They're very new and only sex worker when Jennifer resisted his sexual assault Kenny was angry enough to kill right there and then he suggested to his cousin Jennifer should be their first victim Angelo. Wanted nothing more than to take a woman's life but he knew better than to kill Jennifer her murder would be too easily traced back to them besides he had a more deserving victim in mind he wanted to kill. Debra Noble, the woman who sold them the bogus list he just didn't know where to find her however he did know where to find Deborah's friend nineteen-year-old Yolanda ten Yulon was a black sex worker who tagged along when Deborah delivered her list to the cousins during the brief visit Yulon dimension that she worked the north side of Sunset Boulevard maybe Deborah worked in the same area. So in October of nineteen seventy. Seven the hotheaded cousins down Sunset Boulevard in Kenny's nineteen, seventy-two Cadillac on a quest for payback. Deborah was nowhere in sight. But the men spotted Yolanda right where she said she'd be with Angelo behind the wheel. The Cadillac pulled up beside Yolanda posing as an undercover police officer. Kenny jumped out and handcuffed Yolanda then forced her into the back seat of the car he slid in beside her and Angelo sped away. Witnesses saw the whole scene unfold in seconds but no one thought twice about what happened in nineteen seventy seven sunset boulevard was infamous for its Bevy of sex workers. So vice arrests were the norm. It's possible that even you'll llandough was fooled at first but before long Kenny and Angelo's true intentions were clear while the cadillacs bed on Los Angeles. Freeway Kenny attacked nineteen year old even handcuffed Uganda launda fought back but Kenny overpowered her Angelo didn't even slow down as Kenny raped Yolanda right there in the back seat once he finished it was time to carry out their ultimate plan in the flickering. Light of passing streetlamps Kenny Strangled Yolanda to death with the rag when the Cadillac rolled to a halt near the Ventura Freeway Kenny and Angelo carried Yolanda 's naked body from the car and left her on a sprawling hillside near the forest lawn memorial park. She lay there a stone's throw away from the graves of Hollywood royalty until she was found the next morning tragically predictably Uganda's murder merited little attention in the press. She was just another sex worker who edited unfortunate end then no one seemed to care about her life or the investigation into her death. It was exactly what the cousins wanted. With no one on their tail Angelo and Kenny spent the next two weeks euphoric. They were delighted to have finally killed a woman. But after the initial excitement wore off, Angelo was somewhat frustrated having been behind the wheel. He couldn't get in on the Action Kenny was the one who had all the fun. So they decided it was time to try again and Angelo refined the scheme. The next time he was determined that both he and Kenny enjoy the spoils on Halloween night nineteen. Seventy seven less than two weeks after Yulon does murder Angelo and Kenny were ready for their next victim. They cruise down the sunset strip looking for a sex worker who sparked their interest when they drove past fifteen-year-old Judith Lynn Miller standing in front of Kearney's diner Angelo. Knew she was the one he liked girls who were young in tiny judy was just his type judy was a runaway who ran from a broken home only to find herself sleeping rough on the streets of Hollywood. Forced to make a living. It's believed that Judy dabbled in sex work that night the Hollywood strip was bustling with witnesses wanting to avoid making a scene Angelo ordered Kenny out of the car then pulled up at diner and sparked a conversation with Judy after a few minutes the young girl got into the passenger seat and they sped off when Angelo turned onto a side street and rolled to a stop Kenny approached the stolen police badge held aloft the mental judy they were undercover. Cops and that she was under arrest, they cuffed the frightened teen and put her in the back seat. Then they sped back towards Glendale when they parked beneath an awning that connected Angelo's home and Upholstery Business Judy might have realized something was very wrong. This place looked nothing like a police station, but it was already too late. The two men forced judy inside and proceeded to bound gag and undress her completely vulnerable judy was forced to comply as they lead her into the spare bedroom. A coin toss decided who got to go first and though Kenny lost he couldn't help but watch on aroused as Angelo raped judy after Kenny had his turn. Judy's time was up kenny helter legs as antelope covered her head with a plastic bag and wrapped a white cord around her neck. They held her down as she suffocated to death. After disposing of Judy's belongings, they placed her naked body into the trunk of the Cadillac and drove a few miles north to loughry Santa Angelo new the perfect place to dump her body just a few hours later in the early hours of November I judy. was discovered on a quiet residential street close to the family home of Angelo's ex girlfriend when police officers arrived, it was apparent that Judy was purposely left out in the open for people to see. It was also clear how judy died and that she was raped before her death but investigators couldn't identify the teenage girl with her belongings disposed of elsewhere and no family to look for her. She remained just another Jane DOE watching for news of their second murder Angelo and Kenny were delighted to see it barely made a splash. They knew then that they were untouchable with two more murders under their belts. Excited for more. Four days later on November Fifth Kenny return to Angelo shop eager for another boys night fresh from a fight with his pregnant girlfriend Kelly he needed a release and Angelo was only too happy to comply. But as they cruised the streets for their next victim, Angelo realized they were being shortsighted. They didn't have to target only sex workers with their police badge. They could pull over just about any young girl and get her to believe there scam when they saw Lissa Caspian's Lime Green Volkswagen cruising north towards the Hollywood hills they decided to try out Angelos theory twenty, one year old Lysa, parked her beetle in front of her apartment complex and was surprised Kenny and Angelo double-parked beside her. Telling her that her lime green convertible matched the description of a vehicle involved in a robbery. The men told Lissa. She had to come in for questioning just like Yolanda and judy. Lizzo was handcuffed and got into the car when they arrived at Angelo's home, the cousins forced lists inside they blindfolded and gagged her cut off her clothes and raped her this time around Angelo said on listeners legs as Kenny wrapped a cord around her neck and strangled the life from her on November Sixth Nineteen seventy seven lists body was discovered near the Chevy Chase Country Club in Glendale near one of Angelo's. Events just like Yolanda Washington and Judy Miller. Lizzo was naked and showed clear signs of rape and strangulation with the bodies of strangled and sexually assaulted girls piling up around Los Angeles investigators realized they had a serial killer on their hands someone who had a propensity for strangulation rape and Thrill Murder Dr Peter Vronsky an expert in criminal justice history writes thrill murders often involved three distinct crime scenes where the victim is captured A. Highly, controlled environment where the victim is tortured and killed, and finally a site where the victim is quickly dumped. Thrill killers are often attractive intelligent, charismatic psychopathic personalities relying on their charm to seduce and lure their victims to their deaths that description early matches everything we now know about Angelo Bono, junior, and Kenny Bianchi unfortunately at the time investigators are only just starting to piece things together and the killer cousins were hitting their stride. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers will be back soon with part two of the Hillside Strangler as Los. Angeles lived in fear. They had no idea that the killer terrorizing the city was actually to for more information on the hillside stranglers amongst the many sources that we used. We found the hillside stranglers by Darcy O'Brien and serial killers, the method madness of monsters by Peter von Sqi, extremely helpful to our research. 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