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DeAndre Hopkins to Cardinals! David Johnson to Texans! (03/16 Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from CBS. Sports your email us at fantasy football ed CBS. I DOT COM it's time to dominate your fantasy league of of Chaney reversed of Betty episode. This week a big week for much-needed week we meet them sports to talk about welcome to the show. Quick Emergency podcast. We'll have a big big show for you tomorrow to break. Not Everything for Monday Ryan Tannehill and well basically everything with the titans. Devante Freeman getting released. Kenyan drake getting the transition tag and I was getting all prepare to talk about Hayes. Kenyan drake how much of a workload you're GONNA have to split with David Johnson. At doesn't matter anymore. The Andrei Hopkins to the cardinals. David Johnson to the Texans. The Texans are getting a second and a fourth round pick. The cardinals are getting a fourth round. Pick from Houston. So do I have all the details? It's Hopkins and a fourth for Johnson. A second and a fourth. That's it The money situation is interesting with the cardinals getting away from David. Johnson's money the Texas taking on all of his contract. That's the crazy part of this to me On top of the fact that the Texas gave up the under Hopkins with three years under control but apparently there was some talk about his deal and wanting more money not wanting to pay for it but The money side of this is the interesting part of it. Because they had hopkins under control for three seasons and the fact that he's only twenty. Seven is just mind boggling. Well fantasy is super interesting here. So first question Shawn Watson or Kyle Murray. If you're drafting right now cuyler yeah. Allers MY QB three. We don't have. We don't have a sample of the Andrea of deshaun Watson out. The Hopkins has missed two games in his career. One of them was week. Seventeen right of this past year. I mean the guys always healthy so I can't sit here and say well to Shawn Watson is on this this and that without the so you said collards number three for you Where's Watson I haven't gone through yet but I'll probably be still be tough. I I I would imagine that the second round pick that they get back is going to be receiver top five. Wow but a rookie. Receivers not gonNA come anywhere near the Andre Hopkins. But I mean he runs obviously is going to you know they have to do something to enhance this receiving core. Because you can't lose the Andre Hopkins in not replace him with something so you know it's not just going to be willful or Kenny stills and then back fell Kikuchi in backfill with You know somebody from the xfl campaign also be nice though I think they're you know whatever they do to. You know she'll hopkins role remains to be seen but you know Watson's still an elite talent. Yeah Shawn Watson only thirteenth in the NFL in passing yards this by the way I mean this just happened so I don't have all the stats. I wanted to bring to the show but just to make a point about how. He's not so reliant on passing numbers thirteenth passing yards. I think eighth in passing touchdowns he did miss one game. He sat out seventeen but yet he like like. Jamie said he does run. So That's interesting. We'll have some time to sort of digest. This now. Deandra Hopkins. What do you think value up down at the same down clearly? Same still a top. Three fantasy receiver. Yeah he was already Training in the wrong direction. After what is yours for cash for last year You know now. He's going to a crowded receiving core. So he's still top ten guy but he's not a top five guy from what do you make of that? He eleven point two yards per catch. He showed some statistical decline. I think that the targets with Willfuller versus without willful or were so different with will fuller one hundred and forty-two target pace without Willfuller or with fuller leaving with an injury. One hundred eighty seven target pace. So that's what I thought. The biggest difference was but you know it's one thing to look at Antonio Brown when he's going to thirties having a down year. Statistically John Hopkins is twenty seven years old. So I'm thinking that the yards per catch being down was not really a sign of him going in the wrong direction. It's just probably know Cisco flu because what I'm saying I don't think it's a statistical fluke. It's a sign of when other guys around him talented guys. He's not going to get the same amount targets. I think it's now he's going to a situation where there's talented guys around him. So you know. I mean Fitzgerald. Still GonNA get his targets. It's GONNA go down but it's still going to get targets. Kirk is going to get targets. Isabel is GONNA get targets Kenyan Drake Fan get targets Run so I don't think he's going to have the same amount of same level of production that he has when he's the only show in town and that's when he's been at his best so he had only twenty target throws last year. According to pro football focus of the twenty target throws only eight. Were catchable got seven of them. Three of them were touchdowns. He ranked sixteenth in yards per outrun. He had it was basically two yards per route run. That's pretty good and I would imagine he's going to get used a little bit differently than it was. Last year I feel like last year. He was used more like as a possession type of receiver for Houston. And the Texans wanted to use stills and fuller more as downfield threats and that could change a little bit because the cardinals. I think that they can use kirk. They can probably get away kirk any way they want to but he's better in the short area. It's Gerald clearly a short area guy. Hopkins is to be their number-one perimeter receiver. I think his targets are going to be big. I think he'll see a better depth of target and I think he'll bounce right back in the yards per catch a statistic. It'll catch Donna touchdowns. I have no problem taking him as my number two guy and the Texans are typically a run heavy offense and the cardinals only through twenty more passes than Texans last year but their offense wasn't really that good. If their offense makes improvement they could throw the ball more. They could throw for more yards than the Texans That's certainly possible. And hopefully have this kind of up and coming quarterback and offense boy. This is just so interesting. I'm really having trouble digesting. I've what a shocker. So dumb from Houston standpoint. What do they think? They're getting with? David Johnson I. I will say this David Johnson was a starting running back for the first six weeks of the season and he was more valuable in fantasy. Then be Andre Hopkins was. He was that doesn't matter no but but just just put him like he was the number seven running back and the number five running back. Npr in those six games before he got hurt. And before the Kenyan Drake Trade Hopkins for the season was eighth in non fifth and PBR and he was eleven th per game in non pr six per game NPR. He did not have is typical season. So Johnson I think people have this impression that he was useless last year. Well actually he was a must start running back while he was healthy before the Kenyan Drake Trade. So hopefully south. He's talking about what? What do you think I mentioned it when we talked about free agent destinations and a couple of you? Jamie? I'll take you on the show. You said you wanted to see. Melvin Gordon go to. The chargers are to the Texans rather and I like that has not been a good destination for running backs. They don't throw to their running backs running backs do not score touchdowns there so what do you think about David Johnson? Well I mean you're talking to post Aaron foster days. Yes I'm talking. I'm talking about the bill. O'brien the bill. O'brien days. Yeah I mean look it's If he's healthy he's a he's a very capable Number two running back. I think in this scenario you know kind of what Lamar Miller was but better if they had done since right if he's not then it's you know it's a mess. They still have Lamar Miller on the roster. And we'll see what they're gonNA do there with him coming back from the day of do Johnson obviously margin reagents. I thought he was under contract now. I don't think so for sure. He's walking in Carlos sites. Gone to hide is definitely on. Yeah I thought was but do. John's is still there. And so you wonder what role he's GonNa play. GimMe an over under on catches Duke. Johnson had his career low and catches barely but he had forty one forty four catches previous. You're forty seven catches but duke. Being there I mean forty four catches. That's not good for David Johnson. So gimme an over under like. I'll get the whole offense changes does it. Well I mean if Hopkins is gone. Yeah okay so forty catches sixteen games. Okay data for two catches. It's less than three catches per game question if he plays only twelve games. You're probably not going to get to forty catches so I'll take the under because don't think he can stay healthy. Which rather have David Johnson or Todd Gurley really girly David Johnson or Philip Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay. For sure. Linzie the top. Fifteen after me David Johnson. Npr or Mark Ingram anger. Ingram are. Maybe I'll maybe we'll get David Johnson carry on Johnson. I might. I'll take a healthy David done if he's if he's reality training camp and I'm assuming that the lines are going to add something running back. I think they've had it with carry on so that might be where David Johnson That's where we kind of slotted. Let's do the Andrei Hopkins the Andrea Hopkins Travis Kelsey Hopkins. We just did a draft last Thursday. Three Wide Receiver League Hopkins went eighth overall. He was the third receiver off the board. Michael Thomas was the second overall. Pick Davante Adams Seventh Hopkins eighth then. Julio Jones was tenth and Kelsey was eleven th would you rather have hopkins or Julio lobbyists so Dave? What'd you say? You're you're not moving hopkins. Nope third of the fact that Hooper's gone for sure I'll take leave of her Okay and so then David you just have Thomas ahead of him. You have hopkins ahead of Davante Adams. I'm GONNA move Davante Adams ahead of him in the event that the packers do not add quality pass catcher. But I'm assuming that they will. So that's why Adams's behind and Nick. Chubb Andre Hopkins in the fact that Kareem Hunt Is. There doesn't help nick. Brosse Nubrik gave him the The the second round tender front So I'm taking Hopkins NPR. I'll take hopkins. Npr Job in ninety two. Okay again so much news with books like the browns closing in on a deal with Austin Hooper so much news to get to a big show tomorrow to kind of sum it all up because it doesn't make sense the reacted things now when we don't know the complete picture but this had to be reacted to other players involved in this in this deal well not involved in the actual trade but the fantasy values affected by those on the Texans and the cardinals. Obviously Kenyan drake the big winner here but yeah who including drake who who are the biggest winners and losers? Hello Mary they winner Kenyan. Drake big winner. David Johnson. Big Loser now is a big winner was he lives right. I was no. He's he's a winner. Obviously getting off the cardinals but he's not. He's not David David Johnson of old. No but I mean at least this gives them an opportunity to be a starter The case be made that willful. Or or Kenny stills winners yeah absolutely losers are Hopkins Watson that's a loser just those two I think no. Christopher shirk is a kirk loses so Larry Fitzgerald Hall of Fame Loser. So would you take right now will fuller or David Johnson Johnson? Because I just don't want for too injury prone guys essentially Johnson's right in training camp. It's easily Johnson. So the thing is what do you make of that running back history with the Texans I? I'll try to get the exact stats with O'Brien. Yeah with O'Brien. Because he can't include what Kubiak does Kubiak genius. Especially if you know especially if if if do Johnson still there they just don't throw it running backs and again like they get to the red zone and they don't have. I don't think they've had Shawn Watson. Led the team in rushing touchdowns last year. Lamar Miller never been a big rushing touchdown guy. What the Texans so I. I just don't like the history of Texans running backs under bill. O'brien and then we'll fuller. We'll fours got a chance to really show what he's capable of here. This is going to have to I think you know again. It's Bill O'Brien's offense with one of the best receivers in the NFL as well. So now that receivers gone yeah. So how does that change things you know? He's talked about. He talked about this last year by having to throw the ball to his running back more. Which is why he went on and got the Johnson. You wanted to have that more part of office now. It didn't work out So he also was getting a guy that you know has a one thousand yard receiving ability as a backup So hopefully he uses him in the right way. You know. It's it's all a matter of David Johnson. Being back to the guy that he was if that's anything close to his two thousand sixteen season. It'd be a shame if Bill O'Brien didn't throw him the ball ma. But it's kind of why he's in the rains that we're talking about you know if if we knew he right if we knew that the Texans were going to build the offense around him to a certain extent then he'd be a top ten guy but he's more of a top twenty four. May I ask a question this? If this is took place a year ago David Johnson was coming off of his thirteen hundred yard. I've forgotten made such sense. He added maybe seven or eight. Where would you rank them? You put them easily. In the top two rounds would he be at tops around I last year and I know for sure? So you're hoping that he can get back to that point and I don't know if he's terribly far from that point he didn't fit into what Arizona was doing well. The question becomes was he hurt at the end of the season when they made the trade to get drake and couldn't get back on the field or was it just. Drake was better. I think if drake was better and the moves today suggests that and David Johnson's healthy then. Hopefully the Texans using the right way but you know. I think that's the question that will have to find out. Do you like or hate. The fact that Carlos had had sixteen carries inside the opponent's ten last year. What do you have inside the five because that sounds like a solid number? I got a double check but I I can tell you that inside. The ten sixteen carries five touchdowns thirty two red zone carries. Let's put it. Let's give me anytime if you get. Carlos Hides Production. Forget about the past. Catch just the rushing numbers from crawls high and drafting David Johnson. Let's say around five. You disappointed right. He had a thousand seventy yards and six touchdowns. It's not great being honest. He doesn't catch the ball. So that's the difference and sixteen if you're carries no lot if you're getting forty five catches on top of those numbers. Another around five yards. Then Duke Johnson going to have to go away. I don't think they're making this move with the intention of let's featured Duke Johnson more they're going to have to feature them less. That's all I'm saying like David Johnson's GonNa catch by the way his red zone his inside the ten inside the five yard production or carries rather Carlos. I'd not very good about half of the numbers of what you'd see from the League is there. Lamar Miller had thirteen rushing touchdowns in three seasons on seven hundred and sixteen carries thirteen touchdowns on seven hundred sixteen carries to Shawn Watson Twelve touchdowns. One hundred eighty one carries in his last two seasons. So I don't know if it's just weird or that's just the way it works in Houston but they don't catch passes. They don't score rushing touchdowns and if you go make a trade. Maybe that changes things. And you don't have to Shawn Watson. Maybe that changes or philosophy and they're gonNA COMMIT TODAY. Johnson right. It would have to be a fundamental shift. Yeah that changes it and they are changing play. Callers right yeah. O'brien not gonNA call him anymore. It's I've got the number for young Carlos I'd carries inside the five eight higher notes. Eight ten where are you looking? I'm looking at his game log from twenty nineteen pro football reference. Has IT at eight? But I've I have found this page to be a little bit unreliable so with that. We're going to leave you until the Texans. I go sign Antonio Brown because if you're going your logo you'll he's gotta get always category off the list. I gotta be cleared or whatever you get Josh Gordon to cleared by the Camino new. Cba was signed. That's great we're GONNA. We're already getting ready for football. I can't wait for sports. Be Back Tomorrow. Show we'll talk to you on Tuesday. Thanks for listening everybody.

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