NPR News: 11-01-2019 1PM ET


Support for this podcast and the following message come from the University of Alabama through Bama the UA dot edu live from NPR news in Washington as NPR's Osma Hollywood reports it does not include a middle class tax increase includes a more beefed up tax billionaires a new financial transaction tax currently pay insurance companies to provide health care coverage to workers perhaps the recently answered it a small colored. NPR news is down to the wire in the race into below is intended to boost Republican Tate Reeves the state's current Lieutenant Governor because Republican Governor Phil Bryant is term limited that's NPR's Palm Beach Florida. He says he still loves New York but the state's elected officials not so much ship question on the two thousand twenty cents is the US Census Bureau finds that it might not have had being attitude the survey earlier this year the Census Bureau conducted a national experiment with scared off households with non-citizens from the census early analysis of the bureau's tests has wilbur Ross so approved adding the question to the census said in a statement that he found the news quote gratifying he Arnie's this is the last day for public comment from program could cause more than three million people to lose their benefits it easier for them to administer their safety net programs but the trump administration says a million children would no longer be automatically eligible for free school meals turn all the US economies coming off a month of slower than expected job in October the unemployment rate ticked up to three point six percent manufacturing action US stocks are trading higher in midday trading with the Dow up two hundred thirty seven points since.

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