Full Show LIVE from Miami (A Tribute to the Life of Kobe Bryant)


The first things first. I'm John Wolf. This is Nick Right Chris for joining us this this morning. We are down here in Miami for Super Bowl Week. We came here to talk football but in life sometimes plans change and unfortunately today is one of those days. We are continuing to process the news of Kobe. Brian Steph his reach so much farther than just basketball as a father and husband has been an NBA legend and Oscar winner. So much more nick. I know this was hard on your was hard on every sports fan. How are you processing all of this morning? Now that you've that is second to let it sink in. Yeah I think processing is the right word and I don't think it sunk in I. This is the first one of these for me as far as unlike broussard. I had no personal relationship with Kobe. Bryant and I've never had had a celebrity death that registered with me the way I know so many have with other people. I remember the outpouring when Michael Jackson passed. Ask and I'll be totally candid. I didn't understand it. I understood people appreciated Newsweek and appreciated his career. But I didn't understand the grief reef people were feeling and now I do A. I am still in a stage of disbelief. Chris Chris I win. The news came across my twitter. Feed is I think was so many people I said. Well that's it can't be right and then as the news seemingly the only got sadder and sadder and it was confirmed and then we also know his thirteen year. Old Daughter passed away along with seven other people. I don't even know how to wrap my arms around it and I am in true shock that these it it Kobe Bryant Nineteen Seventy eight to twenty twenty that that we are not going to see Kobe Bryant sitting courtside Laker Games. When he's old and gray and that we're not going to get to see this next phase of his life that he seemed to be so excitedly embracing over the last few years of his retirement? uh-huh yeah like everyone. I mean. I was in shock. I was actually in the air when I found out I was flying to Chicago in in roots are here somebody at texted me. OMG and I shot back a question mark and they say Kobe dive and it just I was like this. Can't be Kobe. Bryant Kobe Bryant question mark and they said yeah and I began seeing other stuff because we were about to land in the news and it was like a gut cut punch and as you said I mean. I've seen tragedies. I was very little kid when Roberto Clemente died of a plane crash Thurman Munson. I was older and could understand when he died with the Yankees Magic Johnson when he came out got HIV people on a die. Hard order. Roy Halladay and more recently the great pitcher. But I haven't experienced anything like this in the world of Sports Ford in my lifetime. This is the most tragic for me that I've ever seen and there are a lot of reasons to be devastated but one was that Kobe. Head transition so smoothly to life after basketball which surprised me because because he has such tunnel vision as a player that I actually was one that thought he might have trouble transitioning because basketball was such so much a part of his is life and really was his life but he I mean I haven't seen a transition this new business ventures a venture capitalist won an Oscar. Oh for his movie dear basketball bestselling author for the Mamba Mentality Book and a family man a tremendous family win. That's why we didn't see as many laker games because he was spending time coaching his kids. Ironically the last time I saw him was about a year ago at the mall in Newport New Newport or beach where he lived and he was with his family and we spoke for about ten minutes he seems so comfortable and so just comfortable in life after basketball and so. That's one of the reasons of many. That is most devastating than me. All Jenna that the what Bruce Archer right there is was my immediate reaction. Once you start the process it is. There are certain guys who really do worry about wants as their careers over. No matter how much money you're famer accolades. They have. What will they do and will? They always be trying to who've reclaimed their athletic fame and I would have thought Kobe was going to be tops on that list because he was such an amazing competitor and he seemed to have a just a almost animalistic need to compete to defeat you to have there be some Scoreboard that he was on the top of but instead he went a totally different way. He embraced he totally room. Self into I would. It would appear the things. He may be always had a passion for but deprived himself of because he was so focused on singular greatness as a basketball a player and so he gets into films. He's always reading a different book and she gets his sports fixed through his daughters. And that's the part that for everyone to me is so jarring about it and it's a makes makes you honestly reconsider all your decisions. It makes you like all of us. I you know. Spend time away from our families for career. We're very focused on broussard. If I may your bi-coastal and I spent a year and and a half living in a different city than my wife and kids and going back and forth and it makes you think like is any it does any of it matter other than the things that actually matter and Gobi was finally getting to do the things for him actually matter and to have that stripped from him and selfishly for all of us to lose getting to see what the next fifty years of a savant a brilliant person I and that was trilingual person that could show the ability to get to the top of multiple fields. What he would've would've done the things he was already trying to do for women's basketball? It's it is a tragedy. Unlike I can remember in the sports world in my lifetime so for me I was at. I was at another network when the news of the Michael Jackson passing happen and I was just starting my career. When when when Princess Di Tragically killed those were the only two that I can remember that had such an incredible global reach but we didn't live really in the time of intense social media as we do now where you get the immediate impact of of how much he has coby Bryan has touched everyone? I mean far. I'm from just basketball. You scroll down any of your feeds and he has affected just about everyone and I know you both touched on it but my question to you is how much bigger it was. Kobe Bryant then just the basketball accolades which in and of itself are tremendously impressive. First of all basketball wise on a world stage he was as big as anyone anyone because in Asia he was arguably the biggest NBA player. There you know so yup basketball wise. I mean his impact is second to none and that includes does Michael Jordan and Lebron James as far as worldwide prominence and being a face of the game but Ko Nick Kamen touched a lot of athletes even if they go on to do some really good things after their playing career the best part at least to the public of their life life was going to be their sports career. I'm not sure that was going to be the case with Kobe. Bryant because he I mean he's I've been retired with three or four years three years and a half years and he's already done so many tremendous things and so what what he was going to do. Do I mean. I don't know if he would've ever delved into politics or whatever he obviously was intelligent enough was well respected enough to do things like that but he he was gonNA do some tremendous things off the court and again that is one of the things that makes us so tragic in my mind and and I don't know if this makes it Satur- or makes it I don't know more palatable. Probably somewhere in between when he was in the public you right in the public is Saturday night the night before because they were the Lakers were in Philly and Lebron passed him in the scoring list. And so what you saw from Kobe with his tweet after the game with Bill Flash in the LA Times wrote about today was. Kobe was truly at peace and was no longer engaging in the heavy stuff that I find myself engaging in all the time of this player versus player he was so confident and satisfied with what he had accomplished in basketball that that he had. I don't want to remove yourself from the fray but he was warning now just to lift others up and to move on to other phases. This is so you're glad he got that piece but it is for Kobe's family. The family of the other people on that airplane are earn helicopter for everyone. It is the type of thing and this is not going to be totally candidates three hours today. I just going to be. I don't know soul searching but aside but then I'll talk with bruce sort off the air about in that regard is a man of deep deep faith to be totally candid I. Am Not so much and is the type of thing that makes you question either. Like and that is the impact of something like this. You either say like how is this fair or this is where you grab someone's hand who has that type of faith and you say this is how you get through these types of things. God Willing I. I hope those those three other daughters and his wife have that support structure around. Because this is this is unbelievable. Well as you can imagine. The news has struck so many throughout the sports world. As well this from Shaquille O'Neal there are no words to express the pain. I'm going through now with at this tragic and sad moment of losing my niece G. G. and my friends my brother my partner in winning championships. Dude my homie. I love you and will miss. He will be missed. My condolences go out to the Bryant family and the families of the other passengers on board. I'm sick right now. He then added. Kobe was so much more than an athlete fleet. He was a family man. That was what we had most in common. We love our families. Whenever we got together I would hug his children like they were my own and he would embrace my hi kids like they were his his baby girl? Jonah was born on the same day as my youngest daughter. I miss you already brother. This is truly unbelievable. Everyone please escape the Brian's in your prayers rest in peace. We Talk About Physical Fitness Salat. But there's another side to the game that's just as important. I'm talking about mental fitness. Calm the number one APP for sleep and meditation has now teamed up with Lebron James to help. If you train your mind. 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We are here in Miami covering Super Bowl fifty four but we do continue to celebrate the life of Koby Bryant which has sidetracked us just a little bit today. This was the scene yesterday afternoon afternoon in Los Angeles. Within hours of the news of Kobe's tragic death fans began to gather outside the staple center countless current and former NBA be a players feeling just as lost as the fans. Here's Dwayne Wade. Today is is one of the saddest days in my lifetime. Uh seems like a bad bad dream. She's Waco from the nightmare in the same way about such a great. This is a great leader. Great champion the great person has coby coby. Nobody better a man though to place. These are the moments when you buy heart goes out to Kobe's family his daughter and there's no way around it stories so many moments that he's giving us we're so thankful for those moments per foot of the moment. Is there so it was one of my favorite players. I I've got to have a relationship. A friendship missile. Missive friendship. Many Times Kobe retired from game of basketball in a hole hole in in my wanting to play when I came into the chase them chased I wanted to be respected by him was level on new zone. So thank you man. You've all the memories we go ones and these tears we cry. It is not going to go. It's not leaving today. We've we've from now a month from now a year from now we ever ever miss you. Man You are legend icon. Your father your husband. Those were just some of your brother. Your friend thank you for being my friend. I love you brother. The raw emotion from everybody that Kobe has touched along the way. If we didn't already know yesterday showed us just how much Kobe to an entire generation of former and current players. Nick what is all of this reaction. Tell you about Kobe's legacy not just to the Lakers. which is just to the world bolt? Yeah this is something broussard talks about a lot easier. If you talk to current players they almost to a man. WHO's the guy? You looked up to Kobe. WHO's the guys from his era? WHO's the dumpster guard Kobe? Who's the and you can speak on this better than I can? But like she we all know he's one of the greatest players in NBA. History is one of the three greatest guards ever he is arguably the great the icon of the greatest franchise in NBA history and some people take sports history certainly in the last fifty years. Nobody's had more success in sports parts than the Los Angeles Lakers but and we could in some point today. I will go down the list of things he did from year. Four to year seventeen to culminating taking in the sixty point final game of his career which is just. You wouldn't believe it if it was in a sports movie you you wouldn't believe it you'd say rewrite the ending it's not it's too unbelievable. But the what do people say broussard. When they're in an office and they're shooting a piece of paper to a trash can Kobe and he truly transcended in a way that certain athletes? Even if you think they're higher on the all-time list that they never could dream of transcending. Yeah I mean you mentioned current players and current players and former players. You know a lot of times. We have the conversation and without out fail whenever I'm talking to players of either playing today or they were playing in the past. They say Kobe. Kobe got to be in that discussion. Why why are people more people talking about Cohen? I mean next how great he was. You mentioned you know the sixty points and his last game. which was so Kobe Brian to go out with a sixty point? Game the eighty one points for our generation that was like wilt Chamberlain's Chamberlain's one hundred point game and it's it may be the you know in Wilt Chamberlain Day and you look back at that that game and you know it became a concerted effort by his team to get him the basketball so we could score to one hundred points Kobe's eighty-one came in a competitive game. They were down fourteen points. I believe in the first half and he had to score to get them to win the game. You score fifty five in the second half so as a basketball player. His legacy is as is big as anyone's as great as anyone's but the thing about colby is that it goes like so. Many athletes defy the stereotype of what we think jockeys so many of them and particularly you know even an African American job colby defied those stereotypes more than anyone. He spoke five languages. He wasn't from the hood. He you know a lot of people think mentality the killer instinct that you got to be from a really rough often tough upbringing to have that type of mentality. Kobe's play professional basketball. Kobe grew up in Italy. It's degree yet. He had is tough and hard. Arnott's of a mentality as anybody as any athlete we've ever seen and I think his legacy as great as it is physically on the court. It is as much mental because the reason so many athletes say Kobe go. Conversation is because of that killer instinct and his ability to focus focus on whatever the task is was just incredible and we saw it in his post career to now. I'm done with basketball. Aw I'm focused on my media company. I'm focused on you. Know my books and my movies and all the things he was doing so mentally. He's he's one of the strongest athletes that we have ever seen. After this happened yesterday I went back to the hotel room and I just put on the TV. It didn't matter what channel you flipped on. This is what they were talking about. It seemed like Knick player after player coach after coach talked about just that his work ethic guy who so gifted and so talented would still. You'll be the first one of the gym. There were players talking about how they would come to play the Lakers and he'd be out there before the game practicing boo building up a sweat. Then go back and change and come come out and play the game and you wonder how someone who was so talented at their craff would want to spend so much more time at the crap which is what you're talking about. How we became came successful after basketball thing? Listen by regular human being standards. Kobe Bryant was a freak show athlete. I- MBA standards. He was not. It's great leaper. Mary fast but he wasn't overly tall she wasn't he was not physically dominant. And the reason you cannot be physically physically dominant and you're on the list that I was talking about is just like Michael Jordan. We had almost the exact same body specs. Just said a man. I am scared of no one. I am scared of no situation and I will work harder than you. Where what you think is hard work? I think it's the first workout of the day. And that is how you get to this. Level of greatness that is how in year seventeen contain. You're playing your seventy eighth out of eighty possible games in a season. You're averaging twenty seven points per game trying to drag a team that was well past its era into the postseason and have your Achilles pop on you and still get up and shoot those free throws right there are. There are so many moments in Kobe's career that if he were a fictitious character you would think well Zack's that's the scene of the movie but he had like five of the you you mentioned eighty one point game. She scored sixty two a few weeks. Earlier in three quarters was asked why you didn't go in stay in to try to go for eighty and he said I'll get another time and he and he did he hit those free throws the pop two killings he for his fifth championship which was such an important moment for him because this was as before he was to a different phase in his life and shack at forty at forty one that fifth. They're down three two in the finals. They win game six game seven he. He is just doesn't have his shot. So what does he do. It gets fifteen rebounds and plays great defense and then my final night life. Final Day like we talked about Babe Ruth calling his shot but in a fashion similar to Derrick jeeter hitting a home run. I three thousand or the walk call for his final game sixty Lena season he hadn't scored forty. It was twenty I those loose and they one of four and of course those things don't happen in real life and then by the way two years after I graduate Jews after I retire won won an Oscar and like that is that why his level of ICONOCLASM. If that's the word is going to be hard to be matched by any current. NBA Player no matter the levels on the court they achieved because yes he did it in a way and with a flair that we haven't seen since we're really proud zero taxes here to help this tax season making tax filing easier for you. They've made it their mission to give you all the tools and advice you need to get your taxes done with competence like making uploading Your W. Two as easy as taking a picture. Just use your phone or tablet to simply snap a picture of your W. Two then watcher information appear in the right place in your tax return. You can be sure your filing on your taxes correctly while at the same time making sure you're getting the best possible refund turbo tax. All people are tax people. We are back here. Live from Miami. We're here for Super Bowl fifty four today however we are remembering the life of Kobe. Brian who passed away at the age of forty one yesterday as you can imagine there was plenty of reaction around the league. Here was Kareem abdul-jabbar difficult so for me to put in words how I feel about the loss of Kobe Bryant as a young boy I met him when he was eleven. Twelve years old is friends with his dad. Joe We were a former adversaries. joepat played for the seventy sixers but he was a good friend and someone that I shared a friendship. And it's hard for me to understand now how this is affecting Joe and his wife so to always family I want to send my most sincere and heartfelt regrets and prayers and my thoughts are with you guys. It's an incredible family man. He loved his wife and daughters. He was incredible athlete and a leader. In a lot of ways he inspired a whole generation of young athletes. He was one of the first ones to leave high school. Come to the NBA and do soil dominating the game and becoming one of the best scores that the Los Angeles Lakers has ever seen. I had the privilege of being there when he scored his eighty me one point game and it was something that I will always remember as one of the highlights of the things that I learned and observed in sports Kobe. My thoughts would you absolutely rest in peace young men. This loss is it's just Orange Kareem abdul-jabbar on the passing of Kobe Bryant. We are now joined by Doug Godly Gottlieb when you heard the music jumped on at Redeye from La. You made sure you were here. What was your reaction when you heard about all of this? I mean I was Crestfallen. I've got to know Kobe. After his career we live in the same area. Our daughters from the school together for a couple years and one of the other families bellies John's a legendary junior college baseball families. That was yes and his wife Kerry and they they leave to kids Christina mousers a PE teacher their school. She leaves three kids. It's terrible local tragedy and Mike. My daughter my daughter's friend. Eliza was obviously on that plane so I yes. You're you're dealing with a thirteen year old daughters enough problems middle school mouth sudden. You're dealing with death and then it's it's Koby and I think you said it before Chris. The timing of what happened the night before. Like the Broncos even talked about Lebron really interesting kind of. Let us in that that back. When Kobe's playing the All Star game his hometown of Philadelphia he had Lebron he he and the? Brian Got Maverick Carter. They drove to go see him. Yeah and he was getting ready to play play Oak Hill the next day and gave his shoes and the broadmoor size too small to go from Lebron passing him in Philadelphia and becoming third. All time and Kobe has handled this so well. I guess well as you possibly can. And then pops up on your phone. Your daughter's autres crying and I know you don't know what's going on. And then you just understand the magnitude and I think the fact that we had cream Abdul Jabbar at they're like this is. NBA Stars ours are not like NFL stars and start seeing the live forever and you're still alive. There's there's gave out the NBA first MVP in nineteen fifty six as of yesterday morning only Wilt Chamberlain and Moses Malone were the NBP's that were not still with us and the fact that it's now three in Kobe's one of them. It speaks to that point. We were talking about this for the show. There's the Bill Russell seeming like bill. Russell seemed like the oldest man in the room for my entire higher life. And you still see him every NBA finals like you're absolutely Moses. Was Sudden Bi was older. But we thought we we're GONNA have fifty more years of Kobe Bryant in our lives and and Chris we've we've talked about this plan. A lot of people were worried about Kobe. Right if you has is KOBE CANNOT BE A. Gm Me coach his demands on people in terms. That work ethic is beyond what normal people are are really even capable of so we like what else and he did find he did find this. I mean he was really into coaching. The Mama girls like he's sending me videos of triangle and some of the drills they're doing they're practicing five days a week and then he had his empire but so my initial reaction. I was Crestfallen for all these Newport families and then you start to understand the magnitude of NBA superstars don't die and then and then the story itself. The whole thing is you cannot write a script like this from the airball his his freshman year in the playoffs year in the playoffs to becoming seen as the greatest closer you know the injuries. He's Colorado becoming this family man mom out and now having having an academy award like it's the most remarkable walkable tale I can think of for Mba player and unlike so many of his contemporaries gone way too soon. Bill classy longtime columnist for the La Times and his career de la times basically mirrored careers. Kobe's career with the Lakers. Last started two months before the first game and he wrote Yesterday in his column one of the lines was Co.. We does not die like this can't be true. Kobe doesn't die and we know he's a basketball. Ask a ball immortal but that was part of my thinking when when I heard the news like wait a minute. This can't be like Kobe. Bryant is one of those handful of players that you you just expected to always be there so always be in the fabric of sports and basketball. And I'm going to be like I think one of the things. I'm going to try to start. Applying more to my life is something that I look at Kobe. As having and that is co and I think anyone in any field of endeavor ever should learn this from colby he did nothing just for the heck of it. He did nothing just to get through it. Oh I've gotta do when it was when he play okay basketball it was. I'm playing to be the best ever or at least the best I can be. I remember seeing him when one of his new models of his sneaker would come out. You got my new shoe shoe yet. Or when amuse came out and showtime documentary we we used to email every so often and like he. He moved around around a bit as a kid. I moved around a bit as a kid. Sometimes we were both the only one of the few African Americans in our area so I taught you know we kind of talked a little a bit about that over email and he was like you're going to love the muse. That's because of that light. He was so he took so much pride in everything he did whether it was. He's he's shoes whether it was his game whether it was the stuffy did after off the court the the the showtime documentary and so on and so forth. I'm really we're going to try to apply that to my life. Don't be mediocre in anything. Always try to be the best I think. And I think it's a amazing lesson that a lot. A lot of people say and very few people actually do Co. we saw we had proof positive evidence. She was actually doing it by what he did. Post career but your point about what we wrote. Kobe doesn't die. I think this is one of the reasons. This is resonating so much. Because he's a global icon. You could argue the most popular player globally. BNB's ever had like you when we look at the NBA Today. And we we. We talked about it Friday four of the starting all stars Cameroon. Cameroon Greece Nigeria via Greece and Slovenia the way okay the NBA just became truly global. Game is in large part because those guys those kids grew up idolizing Kobe. But so there's that that part of it the other part of it is this it makes us all feel like could be us if Kobe Bryant can die in a helicopter crash along with his daughter in those seven other people that Doug had a relationship with and whose lives are just as valuable as Kobe's then there's any of us and it makes I think we all we all know we're going to die but none of us ever actually believe it or I think maybe but that's just me like you know it's true but it's hard to actually believe and then when you see Kobe Bryant died it's makes you. It makes all of us question question our own mortality. The popularity is fascinating. Because Chris. You'd probably test this. Most guys didn't like him when he played in his in his as prime he was not he didn't have a lot of friends in the NBA Laden his NBA career. He tried to start befriending guys and guys like what is the deal. Kobe where he's now l.. He's friendly Kobe or whatever but if you pull the current NBA players he's there Jordan Jordan. Right Iverson probably a close second and and maybe part of it is eighty and live with it. Whatever he's also you know he's going to go down as the last of the mid range guys the last of the ice? Oh guys you know. The he was a he's a very unique figure member he wanted out of. La was going to be traded. And then the you know the Bulls couldn't pull it off and he ends Zev reinvesting again Phil Jackson retirement after ripping them in a book pound. The whole thing is nuts and yet he's gone so he can't. We were left up to tell all these stories so we can do three hours of a show based solely on what Kobe. Brian did on the court. And how few people do we know who could reach the pinnacle of their craft craft. And yet we could spend hours and hours talking about what they did outside of the craft and I think that's what makes this such a unique individual and obviously such the tragic nasty. Yeah I mean again. I think his mental leg is the legacy he leaves for. People mentally is as big as the legacy. He's left physically and you mentioned like a lot of players. Made may not have liked him when he played. Kobe grew up so much differently than your average. NBA Player again in Italy. You Know He. He grew up there and then he was in the suburbs in Philadelphia and So He i. I saw him at least in my relationship with him earlier in his career. I don't know if he was as comfortable in his skin at least in that setting of the NBA because he drew up so differently Jordan. Right can he did the Best Jordan Imitation of any vegas. When he hit the game winner he did the thing and then it only seemed to me he later really post championships without shack that he decided instead of trying to be my best version of Michael Michael Jordan? I'm going to be my best version of Kobe. Bryant and that then turned into also off the court right it turned into winning and Academy Award and doing it was a succession of things remember before he tours Achilles Tendon keep that that was a terrible basketball team that he singlehandedly into the playoffs right that was his and then the year off that he was at that school with his daughter serving lunches and I thought that really it gave him time to think and think about what he wanted to next. And that's when he got applauded this whole strategy about being global financial icon and then he comes back and he wasn't very good but the sixty and the last night in the speech mob bowed. Is it's deteriorate. It's like Derek jeter those those two guys so that's a willow all right well. Yesterday's new sent shockwaves far beyond the world of basketball. Tom Brady saying we miss you already. Koby while Barack Obama said Kobe was a legend on the core and just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second. ACT TO LOSE. Jonah is even more heartbreaking to us as parents Michelle and I send love and prayers to Vanessa and the entire Brian family family on an unthinkable day. A life cut way too. Short I think's I live live from Miami F S One here for Super Bowl. Fifty four between the forty niners in chiefs but today we remember Kobe. Bryant who died tragically alongside light his thirteen year old daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash yesterday. And this was the scene yesterday when Lebron James got off the plane seemingly brought brought to tears by the news of Kobe tragic death just the night before Lebron past Kobe on the all time scoring list a milestone that truly meant the world to him him. Here's Lebron from Saturday. After passing Kobe on that scoring list. When I was a kid in high school I was growing up through the ranks? Kobe came into the League he was you know wasn't a dramatic comes straight from high school at that point in time to the NBA. But I was like wow seventeen or eighteen year old kid being to make that leap. And that's that's pretty damn cool and and as I started playing more ball and I was wondering at high school the things that he was doing on the floor you know admired and wanted to be a part of ABCD camp and he came and talked to all OUGHTA OUGHTA kids. That was there and I happened to be wanted to wanted to kiss. That was there and I was just. I was just listening. I was just trying to soak everything up. I could remember one thing. He said he was like if you want to try to be great it at it or want to be one of the grace you put the working. You know there's no substitution work and I was a fifteen year old kid at that can't you can actually find the footage of a And in two thousand and one I believe I was plan in New Jersey and the All Star game. If I'm not mistaken Yucca. Correct me it was in in Philly right. That Saturday Mia Maverick drove to the intercontinental downtown Philadelphia and he gave me period shoes which I ended up wearing that following night it was the railway blue. Kobe's I was fifteen and he was a fourteen hour in many ways and I'll sit and just talk to offer a little bit. He gave me the shoes. Iraq them in a game and it was the same night that we play. Oak Hill will against mellow and saw what he was able to do the very next night winning. MVP here in Philly. That same Matt Fowler Tonight as I got drafted. I'll still just admired him. You know seeing what he was able to accomplish championships having you know being early in his career where he learned from the Mrs Eddy had against the series against Utah and just use that as motivation and got better and better and better it to him winning multiple championships and continue to do our my school and and then competitors Just seeing in a work ethic the Work Ethic Daddy put into the game zero flaws off and zero. You backed off Omega Three. You take him up a little bit he can go around you he gives. You may arrange. She can post he can make free throws he zero flaws offensively and and that's something mired as well just being at a point where to defense will always be at bay where they can guard you all the way you just like. He was just immortal. Offensively because of your skillset and you're worth we take it down to two thousand eight would become to redeem their redeem team and it was a dream. Come true for me to be able to line up alongside of him just Amarna for so many years and him CNN from afar and then being able to be in practices with them and and you know me watching and learning so on. I mean is this is this is too much the story is just too much. It doesn't make sense. Let's just make a long story. Short here in the Lakers uniform in Philadelphia. Where he's from we're wanted to I I ever met him? gave me a shoes. He also is just surreal. It doesn't make no sense. The universe just push things things in your life and when you when you live in a right way or you just given everything to whatever you're doing things happen organically the interest not supposed to make sense but it just happens and and I'm happy just to be any conversation. We'll call we being Brian. It all time. Greatest basketball players ever play all time. Greatest Lakers the man got jerseys hanging up at staples center is just crazy. Such great insight into how much of an impact. Kobe had a whole generation of players. Again we should mention. This is twelve hours before Kobe. Guide for a yes. He had so much to say about. Just passing him on the Sporran this nick. Let's talk about the impact that Kobe did have a whole generation of other players are one zero zero in on one moment. Because I know both of these guys played college basketball. Doug played a little bit of pro basketball and Doug they will know Oh colby far better than I ever did but one very specific aspect and Lebron mentioned it there the redeem team two thousand eight. So let me take you back to two thousand eight where we are at that point in time Koby. It's the summer of. Oh A and Lebron is becoming Lubrani's Ronnie's just taking his team to the NBA Finals D.. Wade already won a championship more recently than Kobe had Carmelo was at the peak of his powers and the US had just been mortified on the international stage in Oh four and they are cruising through the Olympics and then they come come up against the Spain team. That's been together for a long time. That has pros on it. That really felt like we were the better team. And in that moment in that that fourth quarter of those Olympics Lebron Wade Mellow why Chris. Paul all those guys looked around around and said he's got this. Kobe got this. He's scored thirteen in the fourth quarter of that game she fouled out Rudy Fernandez. who was the other teams? And I I know what seems very specific but you still hear those guys reference that time around Koby and learning from him as far as what it takes to be a champion what it takes in those moments and those are his contemporaries much less young. The Luca's the neons and the guys who came after who didn't get to go honest played them a little bit but didn't really get to go up with all those guts. Well it's interesting. You bring bring that up. Because I think that's part of what Lebron has run into is we want to call it. The Mama mentality or basketball has always been my basketball has always been and the best player is taking the last shot no matter what. That's just the way it is. They always felt that way right. Larry Bird Magic Johnson. Michael Jordan. They never for we're at toby. Bryant never referred and even though probably his most famous play the Games now we check the thought is our perception whether it's reality or now is that he was a closures closer he was an unabashed Alpha. And that's one of the things that Lebron has we'll probably never live up up to because that's not how Lebron wired the Broncos more why has been more wired regards whether the stats nick bring out until you otherwise. He's more wired to take the right shot. Then make sure he's the guy who takes the shot right and that was the. That was the difference in Kobe. And I think that legend only grows with the mob mentality Talapity at how so many of these younger players Jason Tatum. Psychiatry Irving's come to him to study his game and work with him off season from Lebron's who we just saw all his age group down if they look at Kobe Bryant. Kobe had everything that young players would want to aspire to an what they would be impressed by. He doesn't get this type of publicity a lot. He's one of the greatest game dunkers we've ever seen. There's one where he does. In transition decision against another defender behind the back and then does a three sixty. I think it may have been against Denver. I was at mass. Where Garden remember Dr Jay's iconic layup up where you went from one side of the pain like you're saying so the other day I was at Madison Square Garden? We Koby did that against the Knicks. But don't be so that impresses the young people and then you ought to your point the closers mentality we all remember as a young guy. The airballs against Utah but when he we really got it done and I think solidified his reputation as a closer was the two thousand Finals Indiana. His fourth year in the League all right Shack Doc. Was the man on the team game four. They're up to one. Kobe was playing on a bad ankle. He had missed game three with an ankle injury shack foul. How would like three minutes left and Colby hits three bucks takes over as a twenty one year old that solidify no matter how many shots he may have may or missed going forward in the clutch that solidify his place as a closer and that Jenner to that younger generation? That's what they remember about Kobe. And you said you glossed over something and you said you know we all remember the airballs against Utah. I think there's an enormous percentage of audience who has no idea that ever had that in Kobe's first few years or in the playoffs she even as a literal teenager was like no I got it guys and he did. He missed them. I only bring that up. Today's say this for a lot of guys that would ruin them. As far as in those situations candidate Nick Anderson Amidst never never never end so Kobe teen took shots. That by the way. I don't believe to this day. Were drawn up for him. He was just like coach. I got it. Didn't just miss air balled old and still always believed. No no no no this is. This is my shot to take at you. Bring up his first championship in year. Four twenty one years old. You will that same playoff run. He has one of the most iconic plays in. NBA History. The Gupta Shack name seven against the Blazers and people. I guess rightfully look at those three years because shack when the finals MVP's shacks titles but you're you mentioned is first title title to one swing game of the series shack fouls out. Coby carries them the second title year to. He's twenty two years old. He averaged twenty nine a game right in that playoff golf run and scored forty eight in a closeout game of a playoff series. And then obviously third title what he did in the final three games against Sacramento Minto scoring thirty each game. So yeah. He had an unbelievable all-time teammate with shack. But they they don't win those titles with out Colbert Holbrooke but if you asked him and so I had. This is about a year and a half ago. He tax me. We've been trying to get together. Hey let's let's have some drinks at a place called hobby which is down in crystal cove and in near where he lives and we talked about a lot of topics. I mean just really amazing. The I opened like his desire to talk about anything. But you know look. Here's a guy who believed. He made all those shots. You didn't it. Didn't matter of fact actually made a low percentage of them in comparison to others but it was that mentality we had a conversation I swear to God he said You know Mike knows does he can't beat me. I was like out of here Dude Michael Jordan. It's like you used to try to drink so I was like each talk like Michael Jordan. That's because he knows full scale psychological warfare. I totally would do like I was like well how you take Mike. He's like well his dad love. Larry More you're like no you would not say yes full-scale size of a psychological warfare. He he was a brilliant human being so smart. No like you're you're sitting having conversations. Somebody comes up and speak Spanish. An insanely bilingual said the two weeks ago whenever it was that Lucas inbounding the ball. Lucas nineteen years old or just turned twenty. inbounding the ball. And here's someone behind him. Speaking Slovenian Annex Colby Colby S and speaking Slovenian like listen you know his I think one of his greatest contributions to basketball is he limited. The High Top myth high-top don't actually protect your ankles. So I asked about it. He goes man. That's a myth. Just going back to the to the seventies that Congress created created because they said they could protect your ankles more like he. He was literally brilliant and when left to his devices he didn't wasn't drugs and alcohol and it it became about business in about knowing all these things or about a tactician like look. You pointed out he wasn't he did have great games. He was not a freak. He did not have the first step EPA Jordan. You just did but he understood angles and pivoting and fan or footwork. And if you watch if you went to his daughter's practices when when you watch it was an incredible amount of detail put into footwork which everybody kind of glossed over. So he was a savant a bunch of different levels and I think that work work ethic is one of the great things that he's left for younger generation. All right again. The outpouring of emotion the reaction from fans and former players among the many statements is yesterday this from Bill Russell. She and I are absolutely shocked to hear the long of one of my favorite people and one of the best basketball mines in the history of the game. Our hearts and prayers to Vanessa and his girls Kobe Bryant. You were my biggest fan but I was yours. Rest in Peace Mumba. We're back here first. Things I live in Miami for Super Bowl fifty four but plans change. Today we are. Remembering the life of Kobe. Bryant it Kobe's love of basketball transcended his sport as evidenced by Brazilian soccer star Neymar who flashed the number twenty four after scoring goal last night just one of many international stars clearly touched by Kobe. Bryant's and we are now joined by sports illustrated senior writer. Chris Mannix Mannix Chris. Thanks so much for being with us. What was your reaction as you were watching hearing everything unfold yesterday just incredulous like anything else and you start to remember some of the experiences you had covering Kobe? Brian the experienced people told you about the very first memory that came to mind. Got Two thousand eighteen right. The Celtics are playing the cavaliers in the conference finals and Inbetween Games. Two and three. Kobe comes out with a detail L.. On Jason Tatum. And if you remember that there was like a a three day gap between Games two and three. That finals and Tatum said that he watched is that video. Like one hundred times just kept watching it over and over again and as the series went on so coaches would tell me that it seemed like tatum was was incorporating. Kobe's no real time and they would grumble about it. They would just say like. Could you do this in the off-season don't try to change. Your name came in the middle of the conference finals. So Dick Lebron's last Eastern Conference Championship. Some of it has to do with you know it's so it's so so funny you say that because and we can talk about this more later the one of the one of the legends of Kobe and one of the way he'll be remembered is his rivalries awards that he seemed to put aside well before his fans or the. Oh posing fans did the Kobe. Kobe versus Michael. Kobe versus is Lebron. And obviously when you say Lebron like I I have a long history of when you stack those two guys up and compare them statistically being on one side of the ledger but what no one can deny matter where they are is an Chris. Talks about this all the time is the actual players. Look to Kobe in a different light. I don't know if it's because Lebron seemed like someone who you couldn't immolate because so much of it was physicality because Kobe was so graceful so for whatever it was but for a lot of those players and I say this go with glowing respect for Kobe Brian. It was to their detriment. Because you can't if you try to paint like Picasso you're going to have a bunch of splotches on the wall and Kobe was the greatest greatest bad shot maker. Yes ever but if you're not Kobe you're just taking bad shots and so you joke joke like we saw it in real time. I don't think it's joking that tatum. All of a sudden within a series was like Kobe. Kobe could do it. But that's that's why he's one of the greatest players ever. I don't Kyri who left the stadium yesterday and couldn't play in. Love an idolizes Kobe. It's guys guys trying to mimic something. That seems like well if he could do it. Why can't I if he's bigger than Kyrie but he's not that much taller is not that much stronger? Oregon jumped at much higher. What because you're not coping? That's why can't do it and the game coby was able to take all the things was like well did figure out what he could do and couldn't do and build his game from there but that's a one of one historically like your. I can't say it'll never happen again but if it does it'll be another guy who turns into one of the ten greatest players. That's what happens when Michael Jordan. When he played everybody focused on `isolation basketball became involved after or during Jordan after him because guys trying to emulate what Michael Jordan could do and they couldn't do it could hurt their games hurt? The game of Basketball Kobe's legacy impact on the world of sports is unquestionably the killer instinct. And not that he was the first. But maybe because Michael Jordan and guys like that but maybe because technology had increased so much and he had become this icon in Asia Asia worldwide. That others before him couldn't maybe that's why but whether you call the killer instinct Mamba Mentality. I mean. Remember him you mentioned Utah. The air boss but remember him in the All Star game as a nineteen year old waving off. Carl Malone Carl Malone with a set of scream he waves him out huddle needed. I mean that type Saipem in Tallahassee Koby Bryant taken the last shot or later in an all star game challenging. Lebron Ri- ri- hitting after the Brian. You're getting more than a decade now. Twelve thirteen years later like the relentless competitiveness combined with the fearlessness. Is How you you become him. But I wasn't one all star game when Michael walked up to him and said don't do this tonight like this is not going to be just to see you. Try to go get thirty minutes. There might have been my last. It might have been one of the last one insured there on a larger scale. I think the Kobe is as responsible. Oh for the growth of the game. Globally any player ever. You know the nineteen ninety-two. Dream Team is widely viewed as the team. opened the door globally. So you you had some international players coming out of the NBA but it really created a viewership the NBA. It's never seen before and all those young kids while they. I started watching Michael those players in the nineties. They grew up watching Kobe. And in the late. One thousand nine hundred ninety s early two thousands. There was a vacuum for star players. When Michael Michael Left the stage it was Alan Iverson for a hot minute then it was? Tim Duncan maybe Kobe. That people started watching and as the game expanded to different areas of the globe to China with Ming in two thousand and three all across Europe over the decade later. They were watching Kobe Bryant. It was his jersey. They were buying it was him trying to emulate so this global behemoth that the NBA's become today is much Kobe's doing as anybody else. Do you think that is why do you think he had such a global reach more so oh then other players who were equally as way miss if you will you know. It's a great question because I've wondered the same thing because Kobe isn't from humble beginnings ginning like so many of the international players. I think part of it has to do with the fact he was the first high school pro. That wasn't a big like like Moses. Did it Kevin Garnett. Dated other key was the first guard to say. I'm going to go straight highschool to pro. Pardon me and I do wonder right. He asked Darryl Dawkins bill will. He was the first guy that wasn't just like well. I'm big enough all right and I do wonder if you're Joel embiid. Who doesn't pick up basketball to your almost a teenager near Cameroon? And you say okay. Well this guy is turned into. I'm I'm sure he thought the best player in the world came into the League when he was a teenager. I I'm bigger than everybody. Can people say I could be good at it. Why can't I You're that Mannix. Your point to me is as important as anyone that we made over. Three hours of the show is what makes the NBA A to me so special today. Is You have a guy who's going to win an MVP who's born in Slovenia. You have a guy who won the MVP he and his probably about to win another one. who was born in Greece is from Nigeria? You have a guy who might win an MVP. One day from Cameroon and a guy who I know is going to be on your. MVP Ballot Pascal CIOCCI. Who's also from camera? That does not happen. I believe without Kobe Bryant. She's not the only one I'm I'm not saying it's all him. But if you talk about human beings who has had the biggest impact on the NBA global reach. yao-ming is on that short list because of what he meant to the billion a billion five in China. Kobe is on that list alongside Michael Jordan. Like what they did because you talk about the Dream Team Jaanus was not born. Born Luca was negative seven when like the Dream Team for those guys. I'm older than all these guys and I was eight years old. When the Dream Team happened it was is this era that made them fall again and Joel embiid even said yesterday when he was reacting to all of this was watching Kobe those two thousand ten NBA finals? That made him say. Oh Oh I WANNA play basketball. I want to be like this guy. Welcome back to first things first. We are live. Live down here in Miami as we just like fans around the world are remembering and celebrating the life of Kobe Bryant. Who died tragically in a helicopter crash alongside his thirteen year old daughter and seven others yesterday? This was the scene yesterday at Staples Center as Lakers fans gathered to honor their fallen star. One of Kobe's biggest fans was another laker. Great Magic Johnson who took to twitter yesterday and said this my friend legend husband father. I son brother. Oscar winner and greatest Laker of all time is gone. It's hard to accept. Gobi was the leader of our game. A mentor to both male and female players Laker nation. The game of basketball and our city will never be the same without Kobe. Cookie and I are praying for Vanessa. He's beautiful daughters first. Natalia Bianca carry as well as his parents Joe and Pam and his sisters we will always be here for the Bryant. Family here is more more now. From Magic Johnson. People are going to miss his smile and and Just miss him because because Kobe or about in and Jim it was I thought he was going to live forever. I thought he was invincible. I thought he was. You Know He. He played like that he he walked like that he was just a confident. Young Man Jay West drafted him. I remember him telling us when he went one on one against Kobe. About against Michael Cooper that Colby was the next greatest clear. The Plan Z was seventy eighteen years old. He wasn't even eight eight and I'm not. What are you sure Jerry Jerry Right? He was spat on and Kobe's name synonymous with the LAKER franchise. As you know how much nick do you think. Kobe meant to the city of Los Angeles. Oh I the only thing I can compare it to his derrick jeeter New York. Tom Brady to the New England area. I don't even think Michael Jordan to Chicago because it kind of feels like the the whole country took different parts of ownership of Michael Jordan. You have Magic Johnson. There who one would argue that as far as guys guys who started their careers with the Lakers. Greatest Laker ever saying no. It's Kobe Bryant and the way Laker fans and the city of Los Angeles were so protective of him. Like we joke. Can we talk about. Were Laker fans happy. lebrons signed their the reason that was ever even. No question was because of the protective nature surrounding Kobe. which by the way did not always exist like that was was the when the Kobe and Shaq stuff was going on there? Were Laker fans who side. It was shacking. We're angry if they felt koby push shack out. But then over the next decade check aid that the year average thirty five and had the eighty one point game a couple years later when he wins his finally wins a league. MVP that a lot of people feel was long overdue. I do when they get to the finals. And then getting the back to back championships including beating the Celtics. Do he had like seven ACS. I mean you could save the Achilles hitting the free throws would have been his final act but then his actual final act on the court was the sixty point final game. Those are the things that you passed legend into God like status and you still live in Los Angeles. I spent some time out there when the Lakers were at their name. Dear and it was still the clippers could be the best team in the West and the Lakers were scuttling scuttling along route. Two twenty five wins and you go to any bar any LAKER game. You would have to ask them the game on and because Kobe was still playing. It was Kobe's last last year and so I don't think you can associate one person with one team more so than you do. Kobe Bryant with the Lakers. Your point the Lakers got one of the best players to ever play the game come into their team in his Prime Brian. And some of them defaced murals Weiss because the colby because there's no is. He's overtake or compete with Kobe. There is in a positive way. There's this call like following of Kobe fans in La mainly but also throughout the country that they're ready to fight you if you say. Somebody was better than combs. Brian Jordan leverage. How did he get that? He is look magic. Who like you said many would say the greatest Laker of all time? He says it's Colby. And here's why a lot of people would. I'd say it's Colby. He played twenty years with the Lakers. Magic only play twelve with the because of the HIV is career was cut short. But who else could you name Jerry. West only won one title in lost eight. Five claims started with the walkie wilt chamberlain. You know we want one time to play for other teams like Kobe's Laker Laker resume is the best laker resume of any player. And that's part of why he has this like that and in some ways it's completely completely improbable. I mean Chris you know this Kobe's run in. La Was Dirk. Nowitzki is in Dallas. Like pair. Were right or multiple times. He was gone like he demanded. I remember he talked to shack about this. Awhile back it oh four. He actually demanded to be traded. Oh seven I think that was the area almost almost walked to Chicago. Sign with the clippers so the fact that he survived twenty years. Is it probably the thing that I believe connects. The Kobe with the Lakers As much that does he is on a very short list of players that have had one era. One Championship era went through some some rocky times and that had another. I can't think of too many players that went through that. Look at the win. Totals in the middle of those Kobe. Years Thirty four wins. Forty five wins. Forty two wins and Kobe stuck around and was able to build another championship teams. We've seen guys Michael Bill Russell. Go on even Larry Bird going runs on one one era. These were two totally different eras net. Kobe participated in and led with the legs. I think that is forged the connection with that fan base well and he played twenty years. Just pick a number one through twenty and I'll tell you what happened that year. He doesn't make big number any number. You Want One through twenty twelve twelve. She won is beeping. They lose fine. They're back in the finals. But that's right after you're talking about when they're when when they're down I think he averaged thirty game in the playoffs that year. They lose two one. A man is best moments of his life. I assume they lose to the Boston. Celtics engaging bulb years but give me another give me one from early on five. So that's their second title and a year that people forget he averaged twenty nine a game in the regular season. He's An and in the postseason twenty ninety game in both of those and Ooh had forty eight. I think it was that your might have been the first was that year had forty the eight to close out there round two seres forty eight in the playoffs. She was twenty two years old like you can. There's not a year aside from eighteen. I'd have been in bad shape because that's the herbs recovering from the Achilles but every other year there's something to pull from even the years when they were down that's what he ever thirty five five and thirty one. That's when he had eighty one points a game after a few weeks prior scorned sixty two three quarters like eighties. And this is the and this. This is what I am going to struggle with for a long time I. I've spent a lot of my television radio career. Picking at him picking at what. What makes him not as great as Jordan or Lebron or whoever and it's because that well at least that's what I do that's what we do and we're ranking players listing and it's really who six and who's eight? It matters damage and deprived me. I think of until these last eighteen hours really appreciating holy. Look at what this guy did at every we step of the way another draw. We can't overlook with Kobe. Bryant is his game looked good. I mean it was. He was like Michael Jordan. The second I mean the Dunks the grace where wrangler better his game looks better than Lebron and say it's more. He's more graceful. He's he's a little bit way flows through the air and that's a big part of the draw as well because very few players have looked good is him when he does his thing on the court it was a draw for Michael Jordan and this is the most impactful thing you said to me Nick. One time we were talking about Lebron was. You don't have many years you have left with Lebron plane appreciate aide appreciate the time that you have left with him with. Tom Brady the only time that was ever said. Even close to anything was was towards the end with Kobe when you knew it was the end of Kobe plane and it was this. Appreciate what you're going to watch because you might not see something with this longevity this successful ever again and we really haven't for that to that degree well and I in Mannix like that. That's the that's the thing about. Sports is for Kobe his his time is a great great the player he was so great player in your seventeen eight US twenty seven game and they snapped his Achilles heel. Only add one more great moment and that of course was as great of a Mona's there's sixty sixty points in the final game but that's what makes this extra devastating is it did look like Oh. His Greatness Nisa basketball player might have ended a few years ago but what he's now going to do as either a coach with of his daughter as an advocate advocate for women's sports. This was something lost in the headlines last days he said I think there's a few WNBA players who play in the NBA and Mannix. I don't know how you read it. I read that less literal and more figurative to tried to inspire his daughter and others to say there is no ceiling. Don't just say you're going to be the best women's basketball player ever see how high you can climb that mountain and to have that taken away from all of us from those close to him. It's just unspeakable speak with his is. There's so many examples of that mindset. When he snapped at Achilles I remember talking to him and seeing other people talk to him as well about out he really believed he was going to be a better player after the Achilles injury? You really believed that his that his will could overcome anything so we would just take a redshirt year a year and a half or whatever it was and come back a stronger player now. Obviously didn't you can't recall from that type of injury. But the fact that he he wasn't just paying lip service to it he actually. We believed that he was going to be better player following probably the most devastating injury. NBA Player can suffer all morning long. We are continuing to hear the impact that Kobe had had amongst. So many this from Kobe's former head coach Phil Jackson. The crash was a tragedy for multiple families. My heart goes out so Vanessa and the families that lost loved ones. Kobe was chosen one special. In many ways to help people our relationship as coach player transcended the norm. He went beyond the veil. First things first live from Miami beach each for Super Bowl fifty four F S. One is here all week to preview an incredible match up between the forty niners and the chiefs but today we remember the life of the legendary. Kobe Bryant who died tragically in a helicopter crash alongside his thirteen year. Old Daughter. Jonah and seven others. The news hit many around the league. Hard here's Gregg Popovich. After this first game yesterday most importantly appreciate you all went in the locker room. Be Tonight. everybody's pretty emotional about the tragedy with Kobe and all of us know what a great player was but he wanted me on great playing. He was a competitor That is goes unmatched in. Its what made him As a player so attractive everybody. That focus That competitiveness that will to win and even more importantly than that We all feel a deep sense of loss for all of us in so many ways in so many millions of people loved him for so many different reasons It's just a tragic thing that there are no words that can describe How everybody feels about it so We all think about the family and mm-hmm process that they're going to be going through now. That's where it should be. You hear Gregg Popovich talk about his focus. Focus and Kobe's will and his drive. He had such a relentless pursuit for excellence in absolutely everything he did on the court. But you saw it later in life especially You know off the court is well. What was it about Kobe? Drive that enamored so many people don't I just think that that will to win. And but it's one thing every guy says they WANNA win right every says I want to win but who is actually willing to put in the time and put in the effort and improve your game. And that's what he did. He he was very Jordan light in that he went from being a driver by to make himself into a an elite perimeter shooter to making himself into a post up player. We had the Kobe Fade. Hey defender to he was. He was a great defender and he was he was adult right. He was just a great defender. I'm GonNa Guard your team's best player at the end. The game name which is what kind of basketball is always about right like baseball. The competitor leader always play shortstop and basketball. The Alpha takes the last shot. God is not afraid of missing and guard the other teams best player and that's who Kobe Bryant was which what's fascinating about is. That's the opposite of Jelly Bean. Joe By like he was this data right well no NBA player and then he played overseas. But he's seen as a guy who never really lived up to his potential right whereas Kobe. got every bit of juice Out of that orange. I don't think we brian is nearly as athletically. Talented Lebron James or even is Michael Jordan but he has been as successful as anyone since Jordan before Lebron or even more success in terms of championships then Lebron and I think it is that work ethic and that's the that's the Mama mentality which has now become embraced which As we all remember when he played it wasn't right he was selfish. Like gained seven against the Celtics when they won their last title was a disaster for him shooting the basics forty four I mean. He can't firing. I can't missing. Ron artest really helped him win the game but but it is. It's the will to win one of the things. He told me I had along with him sharing drinks and he said you know what wallace powder salt reputation for. He came to play for like soft soft. Spain soft goes to solve to win two titles. That's right and I think that's key demanded that of his teammates. He made no apologies for people out. It ran ran his best coach ever in retirement. Nearly got got check check got sent away nearly got him traded away but that was who he was he was wired and focus soup shipped to get as much out of himself and teams as possible and made no apologies. One of my favorite colby stories and this illustrates how much of a drive he had. He's in high school. I believe I believe he was a junior but he was either junior senior high school. And he used to work out with the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers John. Lucas was the coach. EAT HALF CO become in practice. Play Open Gym with the guys. And all that. So Vernon Maxwell was oil in the seventy sixers EH times. He wanted a toughest guys in the league touch he would go Jordan. Nike would challenge Michael Jordan physically. Okay haven the blues in their hero. Right one of the guys who can really check Michael so colby as a high school doc ID plays Vernon Maxwell one or one again. One of his guys elite. They're tied at nine okay and they get in each other's face face and they're arguing about to fight and John. Lucas just called off. The game had to stop it because they were gonNA fight and they didn't finish the game but that a high school kid it would have the guts and the audacity to challenge a guy who was just below an all star level in Vernon Maxwell and wanted a tougher guys in the league. League just illustrates. How much of a drive in the confidence that he had all magic talked about this when they made magic decide to draft? Kobe was a seventeen year old Kobe. Bryant going up against Michael Cooper now Michael Cooper admittedly was forty but it was a grown man who was a great defensive player in this league. Like that's what he was known for and gave him the blue chips. He Michael Cooper couldn't check seventeen year old Kobe. And that's what may Jerry West say. Whatever it takes we're GONNA get this guy and they you know he made? I mean I think you could make the argument. All things considered one of maybe the greatest trade in sports history post. Yeah Post Babe Ruth Vladivostok's with respective for Kobe Bryant in twenty years of Kobe Brian and five titles in seven appearances but what made him special on. The court is what we were seeing making special off the court. which is what Doug lose to? Everyone says they're hard worker. That's like the number one. Buzzword is a hard worker man most people are not most people do either the bare minimum to get through the day or just just enough to look like. They're working a little harder than they have to. It is delay rare breed. That is actually are hard worker. Kobe models is game. After Michael Michael Gets to one level doing that then says hey and key Malaysian. What can you teach me about footwork? That'll get me to the next level. Oh this this guy from Germany Dirk Doc League. MVP got this one footed fit. Why don't I incorporate bad and took that exact same approach you mentioned it when he blew was Achilles Kia that year off to kind of plot? I'M GONNA play for a few more years. But what am I going to do. And he had a plan and he drew. I'm going to figure out how to make movies movies how to do venture capital. I'm going to throw myself all in to whatever I'm doing and that part is inspired and that part is something that as you said we all can learn from that if you truly want any shock greatness at anything the level of focus it takes perfect. Sometimes we lose sight of where we list accomplishments but at least in the last year or two what you saw from Kobe as a father the dedication he important to helping coaching his daughter. What you saw on the sidelines with him at Laker Games? You should do this or pointing the fingers in the laughing. The effort that he poured into being a family man at least in the last couple of years were so heartwarming. That that's also. What makes this so tours? Achilles your utilities Achilles. The daughters were in school with with his Jonah and he was there all the time serving lunches. I think that that really changed. And then and then putting together I it was Mamba Volleyball and then it became for older daughter then basketball for for Jonah and he took a great a ton of pride in it to other players. Tragically died In in in the accident as well but he would send not just me other Basque videos. Check out what we're doing within triangle. You know we're evolving it or teach them how to pivot how to pass any. It's it's it's a fascinating tale right from the Jerry West making the draft day trade too early on the air ball in the playoffs to winning championships. The break-up Shack obviously all the stuff that happened off the court and then on the cord or fill goes way phil comes back but I think the bigger thing is he wasn't well liked socially really awkward. Maybe a little bit too smart little bit too worldly for the NBA specially post your remember. That was when we're trying to cut back on the hip hop hip hop the perception of the NBA. David Stern put in the dress code right. He didn't fit their now. You fast forward to forty one years old. And he's the most well respected as he's always been an light former NBA star and now he passed away to your point. I mean we saw him grow up in the spotlight like he was what seventeen in eighteen when he came into the League. Chile was thirty seven. He literally grew up in front of our eyes. And you could see the growth and maturity that anyone would have from the eighteen to thirty seven. Kobe Bryant like we've been talking about all morning so much bigger than just the game of basketball among the statements this from Dirk Nowitzki the on twitter. This is hitting me really hard. I will always remember coming home after game so I could watch you dominate the fourth quarter. You inspired so many around on the world including me you will always be missed. You will always be remembered. You will always be loved. Rest in peace with your Angel gee-gee deepest sympathies to Vanessa the the girls and all the friends and families of the lives lost today. It seems almost unfair fair that he was taken from us. Oh soon way too soon. Before he had a chance to do his second third fourth. Act that we all thought Nick we've been paying tribute Jacoby and his life for our entire show today. I want to give you a chance to give us your final thoughts. One of them's very personal. And the other I think can apply. I saw more of the personal one is i. I feel personally guilty for the manner in which. I've always discussed Kobe Kobe. Because he's such an icon and he was always involved lived in these some real some media created rivalries right. It was Kobe versus shack. And you picked aside shotgun. Kobe versus Jordan. I I know people might not believe it but I I was Jordan. Kobe versus Lebron. I obviously was a Lebron up to and including little. Do any of US know ten hours. Twelve hours thirteen hours before this tragic accident when Lebron past him and I couldn't even manage just to you know send out the tweet congratulating the Brown without a little bit of a big because it was a friendly sports rivalry but in building one person. We very often or very often tear someone down and you just find in in your head. Bollywood sports they're all nobody really unnecessary. And then he's gone and you look back on the career when you say this is one of the greatest athletes ever. This is someone who's on the court resume rivals just about anyone and was building something off the court that may was maybe going to rival or surpass any athlete off the court as far as winning the Oscar. And what what he was going to build and it will it always affect me and fans who never met Madam because of the power of his ability as personality in the way he handled himself especially this last phase of his career life and I still would. It says coby Bryan on the screen broussard. With the years it's simple to me doesn't feel totally real that we are talking about Kobe. Bryant in the past tense. Now Look I'm with you for your first statement about being critical of Kobe. That's the analytics age. Analytics looks at Kobe. Bryant's career and he wasn't that efficient. You know he shot the mid range ball and look. I don't care what your analytic six say. This guy was one of the greatest to ever do it and ten years from now five years from twenty years from now Dole put on. These guys is with the great analytic numbers ahead of Brian. All right this do was the truth period. Secondly I think I've full faith the NBA will handle this the right way and whatever they do will be great and I will not be critical of them. If they don't do this I would love to see them retire. You're both number eight and number twenty four nine talk to anybody with the NBA about this. I don't know if they're thinking about or it hasn't crossed their mind but league wide. I I would like to see them. Retired number eight and number twenty. Four Major League baseball retired. Jackie Robinson's number. which obviously he for a different reason but the NBA NBA? You've been making the point all day all morning Nick we have seen an NBA superstar. Pass away like this in the prime of of his life at the listen everyone that's ever won. The MVP is still with us except for wilt who died twenty years ago when he was older Moses who died suddenly but recipe's recipe's Moses was sixty and now koby every other one in VP's still alive so there's a solar so I think I think that's appropriate to retired tired Kobe. Bryant's number I'd love to see the NBA do it. And I just WanNa read one quote from Showtime specially did in Twenty fifteen. He said there's a choice that we have to make people as individuals if you want to be great at something. There's a choice you have to make. We all can be masters serves are crap. We have to make a choice. What I mean by that is there are inherent sacrifices that come along with that family time hanging out with friends being a great friend friend being a great son nephew whatever the case may be there are sacrifices that come along with making that decision and the absolute fool unfairness of this is Kobi knowingly made those sacrifices believing I'm going to get that time I'm back on the back end? I'm GONNA throw myself all into my daughters lives. I'm going to do all these things. And that's what he was doing. And that's what a lot of us were. We're really highly motivated group. People do it will all be worth it and you don't always have that time at the end and have that stolen from Koby we from his daughter from the seven other innocent people on that plane. It's unspeakably awful and for those close to your heart absolutely breaks explore. It is so well said crisper start. Thank you very much without a thing. That is going to do it for us here this morning. We are going to be back here tomorrow morning. Thank you for listening to the first things first. PODCAST remember. Leave us a review and tell us what you think. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts and catch us on F s one Monday through Friday. Six Thirty A._M. Easter.

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