March Madness: Mike Tyson Charged


This is sports. Criminals March madness special every day in March. We're counting down the top thirty one sports scandals of the past thirty one years today. We're going back to nineteen ninety one. When heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson was delivered a knockout punch and charged with the sexual assault of Miss Black America beauty contestant desert Washington for more shocking sports events from history tune in right here every day to our march madness special. Listen free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts in Las Vegas Jim on September Tenth Nineteen Ninety. One world champion boxer. Mike Tyson pummeled the bag. His fists landed with rhythmic satisfying thoughts. Tyson was in the zone training. For the biggest fight of his career. The match against if Vander Holyfield reclaim his title as world heavyweight champion. When he came out of the gym he was met by a press of reporters and journalists all clamoring for a sound bite. But they weren't asking about his practice regimen or the upcoming fight instead. They demanded a statement on the events unfolding in Indianapolis Ohio hours before Tyson had been indicted on rape charges. Welcome to sports. Criminals are cast original. This is the second episode in our March Madness special this month were counting down the top thirty one sports scandals from Nineteen Ninety to two thousand twenty a Carter Roy and I'm Tim Johnson in today's episode. We're going back to nineteen ninety one when Mike. Tyson was charged with the sexual assault of Miss Black America beauty contestant as a rave Washington in nineteen eighty six. Twenty year old boxer. Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. He was young and exciting with less than a year of professional boxing experience under his belt and yet he managed to defend and hold the title for four years but fame came fans particularly women on July Eighteenth Nineteen ninety-one while attending a promotional event for the Miss Black America beauty pageant. Twenty five year old Mike Tyson met and flirted with a contestant eighteen year old desharnais Washington. The pair exchanged phone numbers agreeing to meet up later that night at one thirty the next morning. Tyson pick disarray up in a limo. They went up to his room where they watch television for a few minutes does array got up to use the bathroom and when she returned she found. Tyson lying in bed wearing only his underwear at that point she tried to leave only for Tyson to wrestle her onto the bed and then Raipur the next day desert reported the sexual assault to police. Tyson maintained that the encounter was consensual but after months of investigations and hearings. Mike Tyson was indicted in September. In addition the owner of the Miss Black America pageant filed a lawsuit against Tyson accusing him of being a quote serial buttocks fondly of black women. Tyson's managers and the boxing world is a whole were insistent that the accusations shouldn't interfere with his career. He was scheduled to battle the heavyweight champion. Vander Holyfield and possibly reclaim his title on November. Eighth Tyson was unwilling to let a criminal trial interfere with the event. After all the Los Angeles Times mused that the match would be the richest fight in boxing history netting more than one hundred million dollars. His managers assured the public that the highly profitable fight would go on but it was ultimately scuttled due to Tyson's legal troubles in an unrelated rib injury. Tyson sexual assault trial began in January of nineteen ninety two and launched one of the first mainstream discussions about date rape witnesses and lawyers quibble over whether desert as flirtatious manner before she went to. Tyson's room indicated consent ultimately the jury found in desert as favor and sentenced Tyson to six years in prison. Mike Tyson's rape case served as decades early precursor to the metoo movement as did his defenders arguments that his talent and fame should shield him from legal consequences of his actions. Twenty nine year old Tyson was released in March nineteen ninety five after serving only three years. Even though he'd failed to complete certain classes that were part of a sentencing countless reporters watched him step out of prison speculating on whether he still had a fighting edge he did in nineteen ninety. Six Tyson reclaimed his heavyweight title. He continued to box professionally for nine more years. But all the while he was plagued by controversy more women came forward accusing him of assault in one thousand nine hundred ninety three nineteen ninety six nineteen ninety eight two thousand one and two thousand two through it. All Tyson enjoyed continued support from his fans is advocates and managers consistently argued that the charges were false and that it unfair that a young talented athlete should see. His career derailed due to what they claimed per baseless allegations. Thanks for listening to sports criminals March madness. We'll be back tomorrow with next year's scandal. You can catch other episodes of sports criminals for free on spotify or wherever US podcasts.

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