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It's time for MAC break weekly. It's fischel the invitations are here. And who do you think got one? Was it Laura Gill? No. Was it Andy nocco? No. Was it? Leo laporte. No. It was Rene Ritchie. But we're all here to talk about what apple might be announcing a week from Monday. We'll also talk about other apple projects like a new ipad. Perhaps maybe apple self driving cars. And why that mean Elizabeth Warren wants to break up. Apple it's all coming up next. Amac rape weekly. Casts. You love from people you trust. Is tweet. This is MAC briefed weekly episode six hundred fifty two recorded Tuesday, March twelfth twenty nineteen ironic. Sands back break weekly is brought to you by last pass insure safer workplace password sharing with last pass the number one. Most preferred password manager visit last past dot com slash twit to learn more and by capterra, find the right tools to make an informed suffer decision for your business. Visit capterra's free website at capterra dot com slash Mak break, and by WordPress. Turn your dreams into reality and launch your website at WordPress dot com. Get fifteen percent off any new plan had WordPress dot com slash macrey. It's time for MAC break. Weekly the show that features Tim, apple and the gang every week the gang. This week is Mr. Rene Ritchie from I'm more dot com and the fabulous vector show. Hello vector. Reporting for duty vector is here Laurie. I'm more is also here Laurie Gill. She's managing editor, I'm more. Hello, laurie. And I guess we're that means we call you Andy WG, h no I if if Tim is abandoning the title chairman, Honey crisp as. On by the oh, I I'm gonna I am now chairman honeys, Chris Linke very much. If you do go to Tim Cook's Twitter feed. He he is now calling himself. Tim apple is that such a subtle troll. Of course, I'm on a windows machine. So he's really Tim square box. But I guess he doesn't really care. How it looks? On Android, or or any of the other actually, actually, maybe maybe it's maybe it's like, a double double thing. He's doing against like the the up the upcoming like investigations, it's Tim re Tim redacted. Oh, it's redacted apple react mica sergeant but they said like, Android and windows should fill those characters. So that double trolls him. So he shows up this Tim robot on Android him. I want to point out that somebody is trolling Tim apple on Twitter. Because when I go to Tim's site on my deactivated Twitter cat, suggests I follow the president twice over here on the right? So clearly there are now tied at the hip, and Hugh Jackman, that's Hugh Jackman. I don't know why I'm supposed to follow. How what is Tim apple have to do with Hugh Jackman? Maybe it's because they don't like Ryan Reynolds. I don't know. Could be could be could also play play wolverine. I think like in those in the or I know he voiced it in the FOX channel. This has snick. Right now. I'm really annoyed because every time I open Twitter on this machine it because there's a cookie here locks me back into my deactivated Twitter account. So you'll excuse me if idea activate at one time, but the T T W W T are the beta Twitter TWIT are their old game believes new. Yeah. Take beta. Yeah now. Yeah. Yeah. I would sign up for that. Just like after after Mark zuckerberg's blog post. I immediately reactive in my. I believe him. I thought well, of course, G it. Nope. But that was so genius. Because he took everything that people are complaining about in figured out a way to be even more anti-competitive and make more money by seemingly acquiescing to one one high level word that they used in their complaints. Well, you know, you evolved people notice because you're an expert in Brazilian jujitsu. And it was exactly what you do in jujitsu. Right. You tailgate was the opponents enemy and use it against them. And it works. It works better. If you mentioned him saying it in star casting voice. Under stay private. You mean, we can lock people. So I I read it in a nice honest. Tim, cook style voice and I- reactivate my Facebook account, and then by the end of twit last Sunday, I I realized anti that's exactly how. And I believe in my account. It's like what you got caught last time. He said, oh, it was the developers which is not going to give developers any data anymore. But we're launching our own dating service. And now this is like, oh, we're gonna use encryption. We'll still have all the data. But no one else is going to be private. We know what you want. Anyway, that's neither here nor there because we're here to talk about apple and it is now official and I'm just wondering show of hands. How many of you got invites to the March twenty fifth event? Rene, of course, Rene is going. And of course, I'm not going. It's what did what are the invite say Ri and it was like a video, right? It's show. It was three to one countdown. And then it's Showtime and the original one was on a pure black background. But if you go to apple dot com now and scroll down and click on the event page. It looks like it's the back of a MAC book or an ipad space base, gray minium. Oh, that's different than the one the invitation. They sent out to everybody. Okay. Yes. Here. It is. It's Showtime many years. It's fake then. If you let me turn off my team sent it to me as a new filter, and I didn't realize does look like a little titanium in the background. Or maybe to celebrate the relationship they're having with all these video, creators? That's what happened like after apple provided. It's notes on the I invite. Steve Jobs from the great said, you know, that is edgy black and white. We asked me shades of gray in their pleadings. Are we happy with the Kern? Who's Jon patch Caskey's invitation Sammy, no different ones this time on? Yeah. So no surprise. It's Showtime points to the fact that I think everybody, well, actually, it's interesting because patch Caskey kind of highlighted the headline to the news event as a news event. But really it's Showtime implies we're going to see the new TV offering. Yes. Yeah. And he said, no, ipads, but everybody's expecting you, ipads. I think you can't have an apple event without people expecting hardware anymore. So it's going to be interesting to see how they manage those expectations. Are they gonna give us with what we want and give us some hardware? They might wait till June 'til WWE. See and do all the hardware once because we know there are also new, laptops. Probably right. Well, the the the only real new ipad worth really thinking about is update to the three twenty nine base model educational ipad and that one probably or the but the. Okay. That's that's true. The the the basic the basic three twenty nine one they could do with just a press release. But if they do many, you're right, okay. How long it's been. It's been two years. The the the last meeting was announced this time of year right early in the year. The last time the mini four I remember September. But the last the I ipad nothing has been announced in April and March last year's April the press release March was the event. Okay. Remember, it is an educational thing. So that's what they'd stack that up at. And the ipad mini four is what two years old now three. Yeah. Yeah. It was a September event. Oh, by the way, we have an ipad mini four. It was like it was like one quarter of a slide at the end of fills. You know, how you know because it had a eight chip in it. So it's easier to do the math just eight twelve minus for it was four years old, right? Is it work that way? Not really before congress. Sort of works that way. Now, don't they do on new a every year? Yup. Thirteen everything will get the new way. Anyway, I like the ipad, mini, I wouldn't mind seeing senior releasing I guess what you could say. If you come out with an ipad mini on at this event. Two weeks is oh, and here's a great way to read apple news. The most affordable way to read apple news and watch apple video. So there I don't think any of them have. Here's what we we're almost certainly. No apple already has a news product. Oh, wait a minute. I got something from Tim Tim square box. Yeah. Look, let's just I'm gonna look inside very excited. It was about to send it to you. Then you hear it has Tim just arrived at our post office box three. Oh. You are not going art, Tim. At least he loves you. That was so great who came up with that. Oh, my staff, they're always. They're always thinking. I mean, I could have had a big hand with the button. But no, I got this. You've done it not as many lawyers. Nearly as many so we know that there's apple news. We know they bought texture which was a one price magazine subscription. They were big advertiser ours. And we loved them the idea was you get most most almost every magazine there are few missing. But but a lot of the big magazines for one low monthly fee, which was trying to remember was it. It was around ten dollars my subscription and can spoke in Canada was more things that were available in Canada's. Well, so I cried it was created by the magazine publishes themselves Condie in meritous, I think Roger's candidates. So they had a deal was easy to get all the magazines those deals all went by the wayside. When apple bought them. Apple we've already read in the Wall Street Journal's having was having trouble convincing people to go for the proposed offer the journal said it was fifty fifty. We we take the subscription we take half the money. And we don't give you information about the subscribers. But, hey, at least you're getting something in we discussed this at length, and I don't alter the ball. Further. We came to the conclusion that while it's a great deal for a national magazine that might be struggling on a newsstand where where do you find a newsstand these days, and and and can use the national exposure, it's not such a good deal as anti put out for like the Boston Globe or a paper that is local in nature because it's just that's just going to undercut them completely. I think for a national newspaper like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times or the Washington Post, it might be although all three of them have very successful digital efforts. Anyway, we'll find out it's a week from Monday, the twenty six I want to see is that like I I was I talked about this earlier today on more is that this just subscription fatigue. I was going through all my subscriptions. And there's just one after the other. I I set up a series shortcut where I can say audit. Subscriptions now, and it goes to that page because I've forgotten half the stuff that I've subscribed to and they're all like ten bucks a shot. And you don't think about it. When you do the micro transaction, but it really adds up and you start having a net flicks here, and who they're and then oh, apple music and now. Apple news, and Disney Disney, plus and all the all of these things. It's it's like one hundred bucks two hundred bucks. And I nobody is nobody's even trying to solve for that. Yet. I'm also keen to see how they've how they tried to adapt. A Netflix model which is full of. Hey, I had no idea. This movie was available or hey, I had no idea that this Korean soap opera even existed until it was recommended to me or till? I wrote read about in the club house that adapts to something that you're supposed to have like a regular weekly or monthly relationship with like a magazine. It's it's even marvel comics unlimited is really the only closest out analog at can think of and even there it's more of those. It's more like they're presenting you with a ten thousand twenty thousand back issues rather than here is the latest issue of whatever on all you can eat basis and DC's doing that weird thing where it's all DC like it's not all of wonder brothers. There's no Harry Potter, and it's not just DC comics, but DC comics and movies and TV shows, and that's like they're just all carving out these really weird spaces, and they all want them bucks. Disney. Disney's the opening their own channels. So we're in wanting it doesn't Disney content, which means we want any marvel content. That's not going to be on Hulu. It's going to probably beyond this channel really something. I got to pay for the comic separately from the movies, which is a, but I do get the, but I do get the Star Wars stuff. There's just like as a consumer. It's so confusing. This kind of the this is what we asked for when we said, we don't wanna pay the high prices of of cable of owning cable we wanna be able to pick and choose what we want. So we're getting it now. So why are we complaining about how many subscriptions we have? When this is literally what we want to be able to pick and choose what we did. Right. Bundle. It right. What they want these same companies that we said stop trying to sell us. These huge bundles that we don't watch. Now, we're telling them we want you to bundle it all into one. So it's a lot easier for us to subscribe to it or just give it to us free. I mean, that's what saying I'm not gonna pay for apple subscriptions. But if they give it to me free with the device, I'll take it. So that's the question. What are we going to get at how we how is apple going to package? This. We've talked before about apple prime where they give you one fee for everything. I cloud movies magazines, apple music, all together, you know. And that would be an interesting, I pay a hundred bucks a year for that. And notice that's not ten dollars. You pay for apple music now, and it's like eight hundred times. So how much would it be two hundred bucks a month year? I think people are thinking like if it was apple prime, it'd be like fifty bucks a month. It'd be like a ton of different stuff. Like if it was an eye non-stars. Well. Well, I think that's a nonstop. I guess it depends. What it really includes? Like if it's apple music, apple TV, apple news. And I phone upgrade program where you get free phone essential in on free. But you've got a replacement phone every year apple care plus on that phone. I cloud storage. I mean, they'll have to build one of those graphs where Steve's like, yes. You know, people by a phone now, and they buy an ipod because we sell it to them, and they pay four hundred and fifty bucks for this charge. You up anymore. Yeah. It's it's really hard to guess, isn't it because I can't I was as as it happens. This I spent part of this morning editing, a collaborative document in pages. And after I had finished what I needed to do and went back to my meditation. It it's it it was a slick enough, and and eventful Lavigne Lewis enough procedure that once again, I'm thinking that when apple does decide to pivot fully towards services and Bank their future on their ability to make everything that they do work as well as collaborative editing on pages that's going to be hysterically funny to watch that's going to be an amusing three or four years because I've I was I was handed. I was handed a link at. Okay, great. So I clicked on this. I click on this link and it tries to open it in the web browser as opposed to in pages in the desktop app. And then it wouldn't actually open it until I signed into I cloud, and I signed into I cloud. And now I have to verify that. I am the person who is. Trying to open this document. And in the meantime, it had signed me out of I cloud, and it was like, oh, okay. So their ability to give me I cloud services plus apple music, plus streaming video plus plus plus plus they're going to have to elevate their game. If they're going to have to demonstrate that this is going to be worth ten or fifteen bucks a month. It's interesting that the invitation really focused on the show, not the news. So does that imply maybe it's all going to be bundled. Or is just it's going to be I Rueda's show. Your is is news time worse catchphrase. True, or is or is the news products. Or is the news products still up in the air enough? They don't have the they they were it's po- I easily imagined that just as they weren't going to schedule this video and outspent until they knew that they would get the there would get Bryan singer up on the stage. Get Oprah on the stage. They would get surviving. Beatles on the stage. They're not going to do the news product until they've got the deals with three or four specific people thereafter absolutely locked down. So maybe it's that there's these either it's just not ready yet, or they're still actually just writing all these contracts to make sure that they can say and look who and we've got Oprah magazine. And look we've got I I'm actually starting to blank thinking about actual news is still in publication. On the stage. If I were them a week from Monday, pre Larson is that she's just signed a deal to star in and produce a drama at at she's the star of the new captain marvel movie and probably the hottest actor in Hollywood this week. Anyway until endgame comes out next. Yeah. Right. Well, you know, how it is. You gotta take it when you get. But this is yet another big name rarely big-name apple has signed. I mean, it's kind of amazing weird that their budget is a weird strategy because they're spending way less on on content than Amazon or Netflix are. But what they are spending on is really big names. They're not going to have anywhere near the quantity of programming and remains to be seen the quality that they get. But the names that they've gotten our tactics, and the names don't names drive people to subscribe. I mean, look you have to have a tent pole like game of thrones. But they have one. And then they have like an after that episode is finished. You can go watch endless catalogue content. If like the Jennifer Aniston show is finish. What do you watch? Well, that's going to be. I mean that'll be interesting. I mean, what they may do is what age b o does. Although HBO by the way, now that they're owned by Time Warner. I mean, not time one another Time Warner is owned. I can't keep track of it who owns. Anyway, the Pepsi own every I think that that that they're they're being pushed to move more like to Netflix model where he's crank out stuff as fast as you can. But what HBO always did, which was brilliant was they would have these big debuts. And then when that show ended they'd have another one. And so they had a tent pole. That was almost yearly all the around. They'd have ten polls as they were able to create more content. Maybe apple is going to do that. If I like the idea that they will have their sort of temp polish shows like you were talking about where every season, there's something big. That's gonna come out next. Keep you subscribing. We also can have you know, some some maybe smaller version not everything of of items movies on TV. So we can go watch a movie that you might normally have to buy or rent or we could go watch TV show that you might normally have to get the whole season or visually save they're all kind of package together. Then you watch all of your itunes movie and TV content. And then when this special TV shows comes out. Like, you're saying you have a reason to keep subscribing every season because there's something new coming out. And maybe they overlap a little so that you can own now there's a new show that we're watching. So we gotta keep our subscription. So for variety it's reported that Apple's forthcoming product, and again, we should stress. This is all speculation apple isn't saying when low in a couple of weeks will offer access to both original content and other SVOD services. So you might have stars. You might have who knows HBO you might have other stuff. The us and every time they use it on. Yeah. It's like the Amazon model where within the app itself, you can subscribe through apple these other programs. So, you know, Hulu HBO stars shudder. TV all of those could could go through apple to get you into your subscription, and it's all kind of packaged in one place. Already get on apple TV. The just if this is true. It's just it's within an app or a program. That's that's Appleby. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, according to variety, they think that the apple shows, we'll be free that they'll come with an apple device, you know, because you'll have TV on it free. Apple shows could this is this is the thinking free apple shows could reach hundreds of millions of consumers in the US alone. That would explain how they're getting these big names free accessibility. Can let apple reach consumers. Other streaming services don't necessarily reach including people with cable subscriptions right now. Right. That aren't you know, I mean, I bet you there people right now spend spent hundred bucks on cable that don't bother spending money on Netflix because they have more content than they can eat anyway, free accessibility can let apple upsell customers to these paid SVOD services. So down the line apple could roll out a paid tear. This is again speculation from variety on its streaming service separate from the core original shows that initially made available for free. This wouldn't be completely out of left field from apple either apples. For franchises. It could eventually service hooks to lure subscribers to a Netflix subscription service. According to CNBC, I'm I'm reading it from variety because Reidy is the Hollywood kind of newspaper, and my it's my best guest that they are. Well informed about Apple's plans by everybody Hollywood who's been talking. Yeah. Yeah. Don't have apple traditional secrecy. Right. Ten so good. I it is weird. It's just thinking that Amazon service and Netflix service and Hulu service. They all have these wonderful original content that they pay for that have huge audiences and also critical payment on carefully Oscar nominations, but they also have the safety net behind them that if they were that they also have this catalogue of TV shows and movies that they already have that you're going to get no matter what HBO has the same sort of thing where whether or not this new whatever new series are going to do an after game of thrones pays off or not. They will always have the ability to show, you the movies that you missed three months ago and are not worth paying five dollars to to to to rent online. If it's going to be interesting to see how apple packages this. If they don't have if they have wonderful original content with people that you names and craters that you recognize. But if you're if you're just not interested in Larson's react. Pranked show. And then okay, I'm not gonna watch we watch that for two minutes, and you turn it off and look for something else. But there isn't ten episode ten seasons of Bob's burgers waiting for you. When you ditch out of that. What happens then? Yeah. It's I'm not saying, I I I know what apple should be doing or what or this is going to fail. It's just that. It's it's fun to have this thing where I honestly don't know. Apple clearly has a plan apple knows how they're going to be successful with this. I just don't see what the obvious path is for them launching a service that will be important immediately. I'm the same way. Like, I know what I want is a consumer. I'm willing to I'm really you'll have apple before it showing me things that I didn't know I want it ended up wanting them. But I know what I want as a consumer. And you have to give it to me or they have to show me. Why what they're offering is better than what I expected. Remember when when all these rumors were starting with their when during the Steve Jobs is last days, there were are are a lot of stories were coming out about how things are winding down, and how cryptic things he would be. He would say that people didn't some whoever heard this didn't know what the full story was a cable companies that we've we've finally found a way we can crack cable TV, a written crack television. And maybe this is still an offshoot of whatever it was that whatever the original idea was that apple five or six or seven years ago. Yeah. Or or whether it was that was cracked for a reason we decided to put it up on the shelf and build a new one of those. But it's just a lot of a lot of reasons to wonder exactly what's going to be going on. Well, we hope we will see a lot of teasers clips in celebrities, and it's going to be Rene Richie our correspondent on the red carpet a week from Monday. Ten AM is free. Apple did maybe tease something in about the new news feature when they released ten fourteen four it's out in beta now, and there is apparently a hook for something to do with magazine. Subscriptions, what's again, Steven Troughton Smith Troughton Smith has come up with screen shots. We here's one little dialogue. That says newish is available National Geographic bona Petit in fast company. About the new icon, though. I mean next to next to slack. It's the most confusing thing for me to. And like it. I like it. It's fine. I just don't recognize it after hunting my screen trying to find what it is. I'm. Religion and not worry about finding the app stick it in your witch. So you don't understand what's like to live in Canada with a news in the widget. Not always seems to parallel. It's like they will have to give us which at news, which is drunk guy writes, moose and may spill. And when you do that, that's true. All right. I do agree with you. It's like, it's it's just a letter end. It's a stylized letter and that does nothing to reference or hook into what this app actually does. It's not like the FedEx logo where. Oh, well, look, there's actually an arrow imbedded in the logo or any of these other wonderful at by cons where as a definite relevant cognitive relevance. I this I mean this could be like the Netscape logo. There are nest cafe or anything whereas Louis Mantilla when you need him. The notifications. Have you are else game? That's HTTPS Cohen slash apple dot news. And as you can see there's quite a few things on apple dot news following for you in history are are and save those are all part of the current news at but those magazine related ones are diagnoses. Subscription. That's new not subscriptions plural to singular. We're really spend a lot of reading into. Makes this fun. That's true. If it's if it's subscription singular that could be here's a here's a link to an actual magazine that is available for subscription as opposed to the once you've already gone. See your subscription to apple news. Which will include all of those other things that you lived. I love the idea of being able to access all the different news organizations that I love reading the articles for but I can't afford to have a subscription to each one of them. And therefore, I hit my five article max, you know, halfway through the week or something like that. I would love to be able to have access to them all the time instead of just a handful of them that you know, it's I love them. All I just can't afford them. All. I wonder what's economics though, is of that. No. The the the the recurring complaint that every single music publisher has about streaming services. Is that yes, you get ears? But you don't get money. They bunch further. They much rather. Go back to those wonderful days could charge eighteen dollars for a CD. Even if it only has two songs they actually want. But they got a by the seven others of them given that a subscription to an online subscription to like, a major major online publication will cost like five bucks a month or ten bucks a month. How if if if if it if a news app that comes built into comes pre preloaded onto onto every single apple device. Bring some new new is how is that going to bring this magazine more money, and maybe I can be supporting this MAG this publication better by actually just going through the web, which is the way that I normally aggregate like brand new. Articles and stuff like that. And give them the full amount without having to give even at one penny to to apple. Yeah. I mean that that's a great thing to to think about and consider because we want to support these organizations that have brought us so much great information in media in the past. But the truth is that that's not the way the world works anymore. Yeah. We used to buy newspapers that were delivered to our door every day. And we went to the to the store, and we bought the magazines that we love our we had a subscription in the paper magazine came to his, but that's literally not the way the world works anymore, and these organizations have to find other ways to do it. And it I think that if if the New York Times previously could reach a wide audience of around around the US, and then they couldn't reach anybody else because nobody else was going to subscribe to this. And then here's apple apple news coming along and saying there's five million more people that could start subscribing to you. But it's it's only a portion of what? You were normally getting will New York Times already losing readership anyway because the way the world is turning so no it's not what they could have got fifteen or twenty years ago. But it's something that they literally couldn't have gotten at all if not for organ Elliott, not for something. I service like this happening. Good point. Let's see here. I guess that's all we have Consejo possibly about the twenty fifth. That's it's just around the corner. We will find that we will know more and Rene will be there. And then we'll do. A livestream is always ten AM Pacific two PM eastern time Monday, March twenty fifth and Rene you think they'll probably announce other hardware it in June. I would think right. I could be some of the stuff could be like they did the in previous years they've done everything from just announce the new I update for the ipad inter press release. I think they did briefings for the rent they usually have a red iphone variant in this brings it could be a bunch of stuff that just comes out comes out. That's not at the event, or there could be some stuff they want to show off their and then for the for WBZ, it's gone both ways last year. There was no new hardware the year before that there was so much new hardware that Laura Gill, and I were literally carrying two I max in a MAC book pro out of the venue up the hotel. Go to get the reviews done. Yeah. So, you know, which one I prefer his let's art from the reviewers standpoint. But from a consumer point gimme all the hardware. Yeah. I think it'd be great. If they had an update to apple TV. I don't know what that would be because the current model. Apple TV is great. But now. Dongola announcing adult. Yeah. Sure, if they were announcing something that was all about watching TV, I'm watching movies through some news service. A new apple TV to go along with it sounds like a great idea. According to rumor nine to five MAC, the new ipad will have a touch ID fingerprint reader and headphones it won't be a big debris design. So maybe that that is the kind of thing he released in a in a memo, right? Press release whatever. If they were to delete touch ID that means that the changing to new Basil's new case design also things same, exactly. So this way, they can keep the tooling. They have the existing product. Then then just upgrade the processor. Let's take a break. More to come Rene Ritchie. Laurie Gil from I more and India nocco from Boston public radio our show today. Brought to you by the last pass. I tell you what I am. Without last pass. I I don't I don't I'm out of luck. But fortunately, I have is pets everywhere. That's really the beauty of last pass. Whether it's MAC windows, even Lennox any browser that you use at of course, IOS and Android. You always have last past there to generate long strong random passwords passwords that are. Yes. Unmemorable storm safely away keep them there. Let you know when you try to use reuse a password that you've used somewhere else keep you from doing that discourage you from doing that in a lot more last past is the best way. 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I put on every new device, I just set up a galaxy S ten plus it was so much easier. Thanks to last best. The best. Password solution for your team is at last pass dot com slash twit last pets dot com slash twit. I'm not gonna talk about the galaxy S ten plus because this is the man. I can do it. It's pretty it's pretty wasting. Well, you know Samsung makes really nice hardware, and it's clear when you compare it to the iphone tennis screen that they're keeping the best super amyloid scripts for themselves. Six months later, and that technology milk K. That's true. But I've always the best Olette screen out. There's always on Samsung's. There's two things you can count on Leona. New phone comes out this playmates going to say, it's the best. And Mark is going to say the cameras the camera. I'm not sure it's the best camera. In fact, I would say that the iphone camera is probably better in some ways with for instance, color, accuracy and the nights site on the Google pixel is better for low light. But there is something that this Samsung does I really like it's got three lenses kind of like apple but one better. Right. So you can L had going for it to now. Samsung's got it. Let me see if I could find good example. Here's a good example. I we were in San Francisco shooting pictures, that's the kind of the closest inlands, I guess you in apple parlance, telephoto. This is the standard medium range lens. And then this is the wide angle. And so great it's so wide that it's you actually get barrel distortion, but that's kind of fun effect. That's actually. And I didn't miss this. It's like they went and then took it one degree back. Yeah. I think it's eighteen millimetres. My guess this is the same thing. This is the standard. I'm standing about six feet from a motorcycle. This is I didn't move same shot different land so badly, Leo. Phone, but I really I kind of want a super wide is such an important thing. Because you can't there's a point where you can't move any further back. Right. And so you have to there so many times where I've had to take a panorama of something because I just say it back. Alright enough sneakers illness on. Yeah. Here's the contemporary Jewish museum in San Francisco. I'm standing right under it. There's no way you could get this architectural shot. And if you imagine like the interface we have now where you press that button, and he just zoom in to two x if you could press another button zoo Backley what they'd call it minus two X spot. Distortion? I mean, you even this person in the shot is actually bent because of the curvature in the land. So I mean, there's probably physics like no, no offense to Samsung. But the the camera software people both. Tori, Lee better. Yeah. And there's probably a lot of AI. They could use to. Already do that already. Distortion? Yeah. Here's a here's a picture. I took of of Megan wide angle, medium tight. You. Gotta be careful with the White House. It's not gonna get you get too close and people people. Yes. Getting hate me for taking it. She's gonna hit me for showing it. But a little bit here. So screens great camera. I think the camera images are pretty high quality. I I do think the iphone and pixel probably beat it in certain regards after I watched his review of the galaxy S ten YouTube suggested Marquez review of the galaxy S five and just looking back with all my God. We've come a long way back. Yeah. All just amazing alley have gotten their hardware game. Together demos is telling me that the wide is thirteen millimeters. So that's really fish eight. So that's really close. This is a ceramic back got the kind of the premium one. And I wish apple would use ceramic. I really like ceramic. I I have to say, I it's such a classy. Look, it's such a classy feel when you put color into ceramic. It's a depth of color that you just can't get with anything else. It's it's slippery is Hello. Yeah. I I, you know, I ordered a case. But because it's a new phone the case isn't coming tomorrow. And I am just I'm such you wanna see it at the at least for the first few days. What you paid for? Am I careful paid for his right? Because this is the top of the line with ceramic back a terabyte internal storage, which is funny because I usually you still put an S card and by habit. I had the camera saving pictures to S T. And then I realized oh, I shouldn't be doing that. Let's try to fill it. Anyway. It sounds like a lot you always find a way to. I don't know that's an awful lot. And then it's got twelve gigs of ram, which is an awful lot of random. I don't know if it needs that much ramp. I'm sorry. Go ahead. You need a lot around fifty terabyte. It might be. I don't know computer in a computer as then a phone has ever been a computer, exactly. Samsung and apple both have their they both have their own perspectives and identities on how they build their phones apples is always we have the latest not only deliver technology, but the technology works as opposed to Samsung, which is we got there. First at it makes for a great press release, but it doesn't actually really function. But Samsung's attack is always there are some people that feel or actually do need the most powerful device you can actually hold in your hand and sticking a pocket so powerful that you can actually connect a keyboard and a screen to it and really use it almost like a desktop, computer. And that's exactly what the Samsung top of the line galaxies about I do one recommendation though. And that is that nobody should use the facial like turn off the facial. Let's like its own YouTube videos to unlock the phone. Yeah. But they just leave that off in factor. Print turn it off because it was so quickly recognizing anything that looked roughly. Now, put your hand up there. Move your lips like that. And it will intellectually lock you remember that apple was rumored was considering the inscription fingerprint reader for the iphone ten and decided not to do it. Samsung's bundling in a an opt a a subsidize it. Solitaire sonic. Thank you, not an optical, but his ultrasonic reader under the screen, and unfortunately, I have it set up. So that unlocks what I'm at work. So I I should how can I lock it off to figure out a way to lock the thing. But it's not great on the other. Are there is locked it? So you see the fingerprint image on the screen, and you have to hold it there for no it didn't match, and that's real pretty pretty. Yeah. But it's not perfect. And that's kind of a problem. It's a little slower. I did get used to it and it so I think that's part of it. I had to get used to the Qualcomm or the synoptic ultrasonic. I don't know. Check. So maybe call them, you know, you could see it's a little slower than fingerprint anywhere else and sees a little more. More about ten he is so fast. But you know, what I don't mind you just get used to it. You get used to it. And you get and you live with it. And I think it's fairly secure and probably our time to the way iphone worked with with touch ID an face idea. It started out kind of slow and even just software updates helped you increase the speed on that you may be training to spending more time using it. It's getting to know your finger. I just might my. Yes, it's not as fast as Apple's touch ID was it's a little finicky because there's no way to know. You just have to look for where to touch it. Although I guess you get used to that part. But I it's fine. I'm kind of comfortable with it now. And so it's usable. It's not perfect. It's not better. But it's it's usable again. That's that's something that you see you really have to appreciate about our iphones. All right pets that touch ID work for work straight ahead straightaway. And I remember there. Being very more leg inside my head than there was actually inside the CPU face ID the same thing where I had to learn not I don't have to actually pose for the camp. Most of the face did unlock it literally. It was like because as soon as soon as I'm looking at the screen. It's waiting for me to simply swipe up to to unroll the unroll the screen. It's it's that one thing that gives you faith in it and a long in the long term. So when even when it does improve your still totally on board again, that's that's a weakness with Samsung compared to to apple they will come out with these things that are kind of working, but not quite what they should be. And also Samsung is you don't know if they're committed to continuing to evolve this thing remember that face recognition face on lock is not something they just unrolled this year. This is something that they were made fun of a year or two ago when it first came out in the I I think it was the the was the us nine but in your two ago, the I've had. Exactly. And and and the should not when they have the their flagship phone, you should not still be able to defeat it with the very first trick that would occur to you and how to defeat face ID. So that's that's what's frustrating about Samsung, a lot of superlatives that they rightly earned, but one of the things that they are always going to be knocked for in my eyes that don't come up with a feature, and it seems like more repeat feature than a commitment to actually evolve this technology to make the phone better. Put it maybe a little bit differently. I think because they still also have the antiquated Android pattern swiping to unlock it. I think that they just give you a variety. They this is very Samsung they give you a ton of different ways to do anything and you get to pick. And if you want secure, you you can use one's more secure. And also like the like, there's a big the a lot of people love the Tenny because his fingerprint sensor is an aside and it's super super fast. But then you can't use it as easily when it's lying on a table. Because you gotta get to that that finger everything is a is a compromise. But I think it's. It's hard for people. Here is that they had the iris scan which was a secure version albeit had his own limitations, and that's gone away took that I guess they didn't because the notch. They didn't have enough version. They don't they don't have the kids. They could've done three holes. To you this notch. Does not bother me. It's basically where the notifications are just means that if occasion slid over people just complain so much. And even even if I open like the calendar app where you can see the notch. It's not a big deal. I don't think the button can be remapping. Now, I remember it too. So I can put my text messages pop up much faster. That's nice. Google assistant, which would be nice. But I have to say Bixby is you know, I can double tap to get Bixby in Bixby has gotten much better and is much more useful including routines that are very much like apple shortcuts. So I have routines. For instance. This phone is now in the work routine. That's why it's unlocked, and it it it puts to not disturb on so very much like apple shortcuts. It can have location based routines. It could have voiced triggered routines. So they've definitely kind of noticed what Apple's doing shortcuts into to some degree. I was that's that's what I was going to say. I mean, I know that apple believes that clicky buttons and anything that Mars, the the the the purity of an unbroken surface is an anthem ah. But if you if they gave us one button that that was easy to get to physically on the on the edge of the device that we could just simply map to any shortcut we want or any or. Actually, how it's one of those things that would do so much to make your phone your phone because every it's it's great to. It's it's great that it's a double tap. The power button has become almost universal action on every phone to launch the camera app. But there's a lot of people for whom their to do list is their camera app. It's like the thing that they're probably picking up the phone to do and to be able to give your give first priority first level of of access to that. Boy, that would be a great thing about maybe I'll map into the camera come to think of it that might be better. The only thing I do really like about Android in general. I think Samsung does this very well. It's the ultimately, customizable, so I've really made this phone my own way. I just can't do with the iphone partly. That's widgets. So I have a lot I use which it's an awful lot. So I have a lot of widgets a calendar widget them, you know, all sorts of different stuff on here that makes it very easy for me to see. See at a glance what's going on? I am using a different launcher to apple. You're stuck with springboard. But with Andrew there are a variety of launchers. I don't like the Samsung launcher, but that's not a problem. I can have a launcher. This has all my music on here. This has all my apps on this side. I can customize it Andrew Samsung still has that edge menu, which I find actually useful. And if I in a constrained way, if I use it in a certain way, and I really love this. I only have two rows of icons, but the action launcher that I use allows me to either tap the icon to run that program or swipe, Dan and open it. It's actually a hidden folder that contains the apps in that category. So it's a very I can get to every app very quickly and easily right from the front of the screen that kind of customization I wish apple would put in Oregon. See, I don't know you remember this. But we hired a new high to writer two years ago. And he turned in all these articles and she had a Samsung phone and everyone of the screen shots had a lined paper background with comic songs. Typeface? So you have to use sponsors. That's the point. Great power with great, customization responsibility. I understand no rumors for a while that apple was doing that big redesign in one of the reasons why we didn't get dark mullet was because they were working on a larger theme kit, and I don't know if that'll be ready for through. We're thinking it'll ever go as far as what Android does. But they're like I is on version twelve and there's no management like adobe is going to have to do their own cloud based funds because there's no concept of font management among other things on IOS, and those are problems that as the system grows up or just not tenable. So hopefully, we will get that theme kit and that font Cam. So I have a little bit of the fun long offered Nunnelee five manager but a variety of fonts. I actually don't use the standard fun. I liked the fonts like marker felt dot com. Songs? Yeah. At least though. And then just to understand irony. I wonder what they'll. It's it's that's another against this is an apple show. So it's so I I keep coming back to like, there's these are these signature differences between apple and Android and Samsung, which was kind of its own brand almost that. I love I love my Android phone because like you said, I can't chain. Whatever is that bugs me about it. I can probably change it. But Apple's stances always been most people want it to work if they they're they're not fixated on making sure it gets to be ninety nine percent exactly how they want it to work if the manufacturer can get it to eighty five to ninety percent. And but that's how it works out of the box. And there's no way to screw it up. That's a feature for I think the I think the majority of the people out there again, I value Android for for customize -bility. But I wonder how many people are even aware of that you can add to a home screen or that you can install an alternative launcher blaming the magic. When when when people when when people ask me, oh, I'm surprised us an Android phone. What you use it? And I show them a couple of features. They're like oh. Oh my God. I never know what. Well, that's great. Well, what kind of phone? Do you have? Well, I have a I have an ATC. Well, okay. Well, you can guess this launcher that does the exact same thing. You're so. I we actually live that drama every day in my house because you know, I'll show Lisa this. And she said, well, that's really great. I'd love that. But I don't want to. I am not a person who wants to spend one second customizing my phone. She said, and she's very happy. In fact, I am very happy with the iphone until I go to something like this. And I spend literally this is five days worth of tweaking digging within the menus, you can you can tweak a Samsung forever. I spent very little time tweaking my iphone. But now when I go back to it, I go oh. It can't do that. That's exactly what we're talking about. Is this argument that we should stop saying things like IOS is bad because x in run Android is bad because wise, like they're meant for different types of Rogerson analogies, and and we should embrace those instead of saying my phone's better than yours or my operating system is better than yours because it does it different. I love the Android operating system. But I use an iphone. That's my my main driver an I love the Android operating system. Exactly for what you're talking about. Which is that you can have more customized stuff, and they also do a beautiful user interface while giving you more access to your customization 's. But I don't do that. I don't spend five days customizing, my my my software. So I phoned is the thing that gives me what I want. Just just the presence of of apple and the iphone drives Android, become better. In the hammered. Come better presence of Android, an Android and Android hardware. Drives apple to make the iphone better. It's it's is great for consumers. Yeah. I was just going to say that I was all like previously before the iphone was introduced I was all in on had windows. I had XBox. I had both windows mobile phones. And I would spend hours tweaking everything like I would make my when they announced the iphone. I made my trio look like an iphone because I couldn't get an iphone yet, and you can do that. And then when I was at work, and I just like I got a new machine, and the it was windows vista and the machine from Dell ship with a graphics car that had no driver on the machine. So it just wouldn't vote and the IT guy who was running Lennox at the time said, look, we're just getting you a MAC because like you you say you enjoy doing this. But you're nothing but angry all the time. And I think if he wouldn't weren't physically able to do it you would just shut up at work. And that'd be better for all. That's true. That's a good point. There's a reason why. Athletes that doesn't judge you. He doesn't point out the flaws in your own person tells you to do. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, I mean, it's kind of nice as Samsung releases these phones kind of midway through the lifespan of the iphone because it gives you some ideas of what the next iphone, for instance. I think three lenses really are a nice feature. There was a rumor that Iowa's thirteen might allow you to customize or modify the springboard on an ipad. This is a really good example springboard hasn't really changed substantially in years. The last big feature update was he ability to had folders, and it really doesn't use the real estate on an ipad well or efficiently at all. There was a rumor that perhaps the next version of IRS would allow you to do that credible. Was it was rumored froyo S twelve. But then they went to that performance kick. And that was the real deal like they took the best engineers like the people who made springboard the people or, you know, different people make it, but the people who worked on collection views and the people who worked on auto lay out and had them. Frame. Right. So those people were literally not available to do any further work on it. But it's supposedly been pushed off to this year where we will see primarily for iphone ipad. Although I would think that iphone needs some love in spring bar too. Because that that it is aging, and it's no longer up to the task of everything we want to do with it. But it's super interesting. It's like Fraser Speirs at a really good article a couple of days ago about how ipad multitasking failed him like it was just too complicated swipe up swipe up again, he did it wrong. Gonna try again, the absolute and the dock an all these different things. And you know, a lot of people said, oh, you know, Apple's lost it. They used to be simple, and that's a fair criticism. But if you go back to like, the great Christie as ordering in ranch how to re time they didn't have to solve problems like multi window, apps either. I'm interested in how they would do it. But they there's a level of complexity now and the split for split view version on MAC has just abandoned where but windows has done really interesting stuff with different management systems and some of the Android devices as well. Seems like there's if you take some really really good people, and you apply them to how do we how do we add these admittedly complex features? But keep the interaction models. Simple and easy for everyone to do. You know, any really you do like the stuff that was written about in creative selection. You do a lot of real hardcore dogs looting on it. I'm I'm hopeful that we could get something really good of them this June. At the pressure is definitely on them to improve this sort of thing, particularly for the ipad as they continue to position it as here is why you shouldn't buy Chromebook. Here's why you shouldn't buy a thousand dollars sub thousand dollar windows machine. Because we've got a machine that is not just as powerful it is more powerful and the build quality is going to be way better and the level of the mobile software. Well, adapted towards use of a bluetooth. Keyboard is going to be so much happier with us. It's all the stability and security of Chromebook while still having the productivity and flexibility of a Microsoft surface. And. And a lot of the missing pieces are exactly what Fraser Speirs was talking about. It's the ability to manage multiple apps manager, a work a workflow where apple can't really predict how I'm going to want to set up my apps my resources for this one project. I have to do this morning and then quickly adapt. This ipad for what the separate project. I'm going to be working on after lunch. And so that's definitely place where the ipad has let me down. I don't I I I'm still like a daily ipad user, but I still do not instinctively know how do I do split screen now? How do I move? Why is this now a floating window as opposed to I've actually want this to be any split is blitz section of the screen now I used to know how to do that. Now. I know I still have to fumble a couple of times for it. Get it. Right. When is the I'm just looking trying to find. When is the beta thirteen come out June second. Okay. Yeah. That'd be w. Right at WWE. So we anything we hear now is speculation. But I am in third. I am really looking forward to that. I feel and I've said this a couple of times I love my ipad pro twelve point nine type, bro. But it is great hardware hobbled by in, you know, inadequate software. Yeah. And the biggest challenge is to make you happy. And you know, someone's really doesn't like computers. But that's the thing. That's what apple is true. Like, my sister for alertly sister is brilliant. She's director of psychology at a hospital. She's really smart, but she uses her iphone primarily to play music to make phone calls. And to barely detects. Like, she doesn't know idea. What control center is doesn't wanna know wanna know notification center is and any of those things would just get in her way. So to be able to make it like be what a wide range of customers. That's you know, I'm glad it's not my problem. But it's absolutely their job. It's challenge. You know? I noticed though that at Lisa who is kind of more like your sister. Rejects the ipad for serious work. She always ends up saying, I gotta get my MAC book air because it's hard for her to do the things she needs to do like like proposals. You know, partly that's because Google docs is not very good on the ipad for years has been horrific on the ipad. I don't know if that's intentional or not intentional. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe what do you think? They're brilliant brilliant. Keep looking at the like, I've asked every which way you can ask a question about the level of like that safari. And they're like, we could write anything you want for this. Yeah. Might not be a priority for them to make it look at the numbers and say, look, we're happy to support chrome. And if it's not krone, then you get whatever it's not experience. Also also to be fair. I put a lot of time in on a on on my pixelbook at actual Chromebook and this chrome and the modern Chromebooks can run Android apps from the Google play store as well as web apps, and I find myself, I do have the Google docs app installed as an Android app. But I find myself gravitating towards the web version because it just works better as a full screen app as as opposed to an app that's designed for a phone screen, but then could scale up to a tablet size. So maybe it's not so much there tanking their own apps on I s so much as they they they speak. They speak the language of the mobile app. Very very well. But their first language will. Always be web apps from. Funny experience. I was on. I was on a call with Lori earlier in chrome and chrome froze and it froze every electron up on my computer. Oh Skype and slack off at the same time. I don't know what happened. But I couldn't I had to restart the whole thing. That's not supposed to happen. No. And but it was actually like went out that Google Drive aside Google's apps on IOS are very good at some cases better than their Android versions. So it's you know, I mean maps in Iowa is excellent. I phone because I think specifically iphone is really worth their while because it has such a huge market in such valuable eyeballs. But when you come to the priority of ipad is probably you know, we do we do the wet. We do chrome which is not quite the web. But we do chrome then we try to make a wreck on other browsers, depending on how popular they are. They media why phone, and then, you know, maybe Android and then probably ipad comes in one or two steps underneath. Because I won't be. So sure how many Renee and Laurie how many times have you talked to developers and found out the reason why they decided to do an ipad version of their popular desktop app was because everybody and their everybody in their shop bought, ipads, and they let the developers love their ipads. And they want to do more things on their ipads. I wouldn't be surprised if I I'm sure I'm sure that in Mountain View on the the Google campus. If they have the option of not using a Google tab, an Android powered tablet, and they could use it. And I had felt definitely be using that ipad. Instead, I've I've used both get Chromebooks. Let's see minke quo says apple is going to start get ready for this manufacturing an AR headsets. But don't get ready to soon because it won't be till the end of this year or early next in Lille that sounds soon it does sound soon sooner than I would have thought what what what what are you? Is it credible? Does he mean in quantity or does? He mean mass production mass production. Okay. That that's feels early to me. Because I I don't know. A again, we re it's almost like the conversation that we were having about an apple video services that I'm sure that if they were to make one I'm sure that they would have good reasons to and they would do something with it. And they have a business model for it. I don't under- knowing what I know about Blair Rable, comp-, not not technology or the finished products are out there. But the actual components that are available to design from I find it hard to imagine apple looking at the device that they could build this time next year and decide that. Yeah. We want an apple logo on that her. Yes, we want someone to point to that person on the subway wearing one of those things and know that they're an apple user they'd much rather make fun of people wearing Google glass. They'd much rather much rather. Look at other companies that are doing things that are now have two or three years of age to them like hololens, and they're still not not inconspicuous. They're also not delivering on what we imagine a are going to be it's still as much as well. As it integrates into your field of view. You're still basically looking at one narrow gauge mail slot in which they could augment your reality. And they can't do anything with your personal vision. So it's it's hard for me. Imagine apple shipping. Something that I would think of Snapple product anytime in the next year or two. Well, true. In public, right? So it's not I mean, any other company you would have look how long Microsoft been testing hololens. I mean, this most recent version is four years old when they just announced last month, and I guess it's a consumer version, although it's thirty five hundred bucks. And it's definitely not ended aimed at end users same business. So there in my opinion, still testing it magically is definitely in developer mode. But they're doing it in public. And in some cases, apple just doesn't do that. Right. They're not going to release it device in the iphone. Yeah. They're using the iphone to do it in public. They're using a our kit and an emoji and stuff to get us used to operating in augmented spaces and with augmented avatars sort of very slowly boiling us like frogs instead of just throwing us into a boiling pot. The way like some of the big headsets do, but that tech and even these rumors suggest that this this device is gonna heavily rely on the iphone more than even the original apple watched because all the compute all the render everything is going to be done on the iphone. And then I imagine it'll be an untutored connection. At spits it out onto the lenses in front of you. But the lenses will still have to capture a bunch of information just to in order to be spatially. Correct. And because you're not gonna want to walk around with your iphone at chest level to sort of like the data spigot. So I mean, there's there's towns like there's still profound engineer and there's possible that Apple's special projects teams have figured out a lot of this diabetes. They it. But maybe they've licked. I it seems early to me. It does seem it seems someone who's is a lot of this stuff. We haven't yet seen anything from anybody including magically, but hollow lens that is anywhere near a consumer products. Check ins, none of that is near consumer product. And I wouldn't expect apple to do anything less than a consumer product. And like at least an apple watch level, apple losses. It's it's so it's so easy to integrate a camera into a set of I glass frames display device again. I just haven't seen anything outside of a lab that is capable of giving you something. Even even if you're going to wear like nerd glasses that you that will not call attention to itself to say nothing of the problem of what if you don't naturally wear glasses. I I haven't advantage. I can switch to again the nerd frames? If I want a thicker nerd frames and that that high things inside the circuitry, but what if you don't need? What if you're one of those Harley disadvantaged people with perfect vision that did not get made fun of and don't have to keep wiping lenses every single every single ten minutes. I again, I just don't know how that really works would be really interesting, but they make up part. Yeah. You partner with ravens the way you partner with her sunglasses Rene that that's something. I was actually thinking of remember how the they created so many links into the fashion and design communities with when they Ridgely did the apple watch. I would not be surprised at all. If they were already working with designers on here's how to make this thing palatable. And also when we've they've got there is five years in the future. Here are. Special designed frames. So that just like there's only one style of apple watch. He said pointing to ETA absolutely bare wrist, I know, but but the thing is when everyone's when you see it you see that you're oh that person's obviously wearing an apple watch. If it became just like people know that you're wearing airports, or at least they did until China start knocking off the design for really really bad to their phones. But they could do the exact same thing. Where one of the ways they could make it palatable is that. Yes, you're wearing this device on the side of your on the side of your head. But hey, look, it's one of those apple things. So it could actually be a brand identity thing for them. Apple sunglasses. They just happen to have a are a lag that. Wayne, Wayne idea that Leo had. Yeah. I think I mean this. I mean, I'm so nostalgic for the apple that like would release something and everybody gasped, and it changed the world in the iphone was one of those things that I had to some degree ipod for sure I but in all three cases, they weren't new products in a category, but one Microsoft rant at the HP slate out at CAS rate, the I Pat and it had like a little push button injector for the window sticker. So imagine that apple has somehow you know in mazing league come up with some solution. And we'll all talk back. You know, think back all remember at twenty March twenty twenty when apple released these and change the world, right? I mean, I think that I would like to see that. Let's let's let's all root for apple to do that. I think that'd be really cool. Anyone could do it would be apple or possible that a fair thing to say these days, I think that's true. Maybe it was true in the past. But we haven't seen. I think apple is still unique in their ability to take take a bunch of disparate technologies and package it in a way that's really accessible to mainstream customers that's always seems to have been their secret sauce again like tons of phones before I found tons of tablets before. I Pat a few watches before apple watch bunch of bluetooth headsets before air pods. But they seem to be able to carve down not to everyone's liking, but to a single opinionated view of what this product for a wide swath. This kind of been that's kind of a downhill slope. You. Describe you had the iphone the ipad the apple once in the air pods. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's kind of. Yeah. But they're not the apple that of of fifteen years ago or ten years ago. I mean, I also mature more more mature technologically. It's harder. Like flying cars. I mean, it's like the big one. But well, speaking of cars apple may still won't be in the car business that we talked about the layoffs, but Mike Alkan road. Actually, I thought it very good piece in Computerworld his predictions for Apple's self-driving future in among other things. He said people are getting a lot of it wrong. He said Apple's not killing off its self driving car program when you have five thousand employees working at least part time on titan and twelve hundred full-time employees, laying off two hundred isn't that significant it's false. You know, he says people point to the high disengagement rate of apples self-driving cars much higher than anybody else, including Google only. Uber is worse. But he says, but we don't know if Apple's maybe being as they often are overcautious, maybe they disengage more than necessary because they don't want, you know, they're being conservative in their approach affect apple did tell the DMV that. In when they told him that is not true. I didn't even know. This was a rumor that apple is a secret former military base test track outside Silicon Valley. That is not true. Apple self driving car may not even be car. Mike Elkins says it probably will be a little van. That's basically a rolling living room. I like this one I like that that little descriptive. I've in the couple of times I've seen self driving cars. There's this this prototype that looks sort of like a bus with a bunch of windows. It's small, you know, like van, but it's all windows, and there's no seats that all face directly forward some of them face backward. And there's a table in the middle. So it's more like writing in a train cars something like that. Because you don't need somebody facing forward driving the car. So why not just mix it up and make make the thing that you're sitting in transport you into whatever you want it to live this idea. First automobiles looked a lot like. Carriages horse driven carriages, and they slowly morphed into something a little more appropriate to the form factor. Why should a self driving car looked like a car that you have to drive? Well, also, also because like Sammy Davis junior lost an eye because of things sticking out of the dashboard and people were people without state without seatbelts with with this club card kind of guard design people getting again being thrust against tables and getting killed on. Really? It's it's it's there's a lot of debate about what kind of safety regulations are important to hold over for a self driving car, and which ones they can actually do away with. And with the thought that if there if this passenger is unrestrained, perhaps we can perhaps we can offset that with the additional safety of certifying, the self-driving technology has ways to that. They're never going to fall asleep. They're never going to be exceeding the speed limit. And they're going to be able to get out of almost any jam that any bad driver puts them in. Well, I would like. I can't wait to get my augmented reality glasses in my self driving living room. They're not separate things. Leo. Aren't you getting this yet you get into the van and it shows you park as you commute to work there? One thing it's a vehicle it's a movie theater. It's a restaurant. It's a it's a movie theater. It's a restaurant. Okay. That's the keynote. I do want an invitation to. Yeah. If you could let us things for you. Let's take a little break. We've got more to come Rene Ritchie and Laura Gill from I'm more Andy nocco from Boston public radio. Great to have all three of you. This is a nice an ice team. What do you think? I should we allow girls on Mak break weekly allow. Had a fine on the doors and no girls allowed. I think I could take that down. Now. That's a good idea. I think you're right. It's going to be laureate, Christina Warren, and a couple of the people Leo will barely get invited done that with twit, and it's wonderful. I just sit back and let it go. It's so great. Yes, soon you won't need any men anymore. I think parthenogenesis is just around the read y the last man where is this whole comic strip. I forget if it's Kirkman her von who did it. But the whole thesis is that there are two sex until they invent cloning. And as soon as coding, invented just all the men are destroyed. Yeah. Because you don't need them anymore. Exactly. That's it. If if slugs can do it. Why can't we are show today? Brought to you by capterra. We you know, I feel looking for business software. And by the way, a lot of you ought to be. I still get calls from all the time for people saying, well, you know, I I've got a ten year old MAC, and it can only go to snow leopard. But I can't get rid of it. Because it's the only thing that will run our heating and. 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Go to capterra dot com slash MAC break. Still have that big book of software. You can give your boss. Capterra dot com slash MAC break it C A P T E R R, A dot com slash MAC break. Capterra is. Ware selection, simplified, frankly, I would love to see a capterra for consumer software. It makes it's when you're looking for program. The comparison thing is so great and the reviews. You know what? Capterra. I got a business idea for you. Call me. Hey, happy birthday to. Well. If you go to Google dot com. You'll know thirtieth birthday. What do you anybody? Wanna I guess do? You know? Yeah, web. Yeah. The world wide angle bracket. Blink angle bracket. Happy birthday angle brackets slash blanket, Drake. Google doodle today for the worldwide web. The only thing they've got wrong is that really should be a black next cube, not an IBM PC. But I guess for many of us. It wasn't IBM PC. We ran our first worldwide web browser on thirty years ago. Is it is it thirty years ago? The Tim burners Lee the inventive worldwide web put his first web page up. What what is he actually anniversary better not be? Do you better not be GO cities launching? The first cat videos. It's the first time that a monkey got punched. Let's see because he was he was a he's a physicist he was working at Sern the Geneva particle lab, and they had a bunch of networked computers, and he wrote up. Okay. So this anniversary of his proposal March nineteen nine for quote, a large hypertext database with typed links. There wasn't a lot of interest initially. I'm reading from Wikipedia, but burners Lee was encouraged by his boss, Mike, send all to begin implementing the system on a newly acquired next workstation. So you see Steve Jobs is involved. Even here there's the next cube that he used the first this is I think is that the computer history museum CEO apple doesn't always create themselves. But they make the tools for which the world can be disrupting xactly. There you go. So I'm not sure when the first page went up, I think it was Christmas nineteen ninety. So we're going to have another thirtieth anniversary to celebrate. But this is the thirtieth anniversary for information management proposal, March nineteen eighty nine and this is this is this is the effect. He says this is from him at w three dot org. And he says this is the HTML file generated from the RTF Alba Microsoft Word. He wants it. There you go. He says he can't open the word file anymore. But at least you can see this and some of it's not. So that's good. But, you know, the dial equal style style style. Version that looks a little bit better. And apple apple is like if it were a DNA test and Maury Maury Povich would wind up like giving apple news that it's now is way way behind on his payments because it's not not just the connection to next. But remember that it was an expression of an old concept of hypertext that had been around since the late sixties early seventies. And of which hypercard was really one of the first right, practical, consumer fry facing things that actually did hypertext really there's very very very little difference between a lot of different hypercard stacks and a modern webpage, which is continues to frustrate me. There isn't a web version of hypercard made by apple. Yes, Bill Atkinson did release the hypercard software to the computer history museum. If you want to Andy you want to start working on it. Do you? Do you think that I'm smart enough to be able to understand and use code? I'm so flattered you think so? Oh, wait, a semi colon. I know what you call an is. I don't do anything before that. And by the way, Tim burners Lee said this would provide an excellent project to try our new object oriented programming techniques. I think it was Ted Nelson actually affect burners Lee refers to Ted Nelson's nineteen sixty seven piece getting it out of our system in information retrieval a critical review. Ted Nelson really was the guy who coined the term hypertext and was the first to propose this idea of Lincoln. He we had him on triangulation not so long ago. He's still as far as I know lives in a houseboat in sausalito, not so far away from here. And yeah, hypercard absolutely must have been a big influence on temporarily. Right. I pre- card. He must've used it. Anyway, happy birthday worldwide web, not the internet people are saying it's the internet's birthday. No, no, just the World Wide Web. Just that ideas. WWW just the dub dub, Dr gets no cake today. K K for you today. Darpa new and on this date. We can all we can revel in the classic joke. That never gets any old leeway to engineers to come up with an acronym. An acronym that shortens the word, but actually makes it three times longer longer syllable worldwide web or w w w three syllables nine. Excellent point Andrew, so. I guess we should probably talk about this Elizabeth Warren candidate for democratic nomination for president in two thousand twenty the elections coming says, we should break up the tech giant's including apple. I don't think she thought out the apple part all that. Well, and I would point you to as always a great Ben Thompson article in strategic ary in which he says Warren is wrong. He does praise her for kind of thinking about how much power are big tech companies have too much power over Konami. He just says that breaking them up may have some really hideous unintended consequences. And I kind of I kind of agree. So I I had that same thought. And then I I talked to Neela today for tomorrow's vectors. I got a chance to ask good out the interview, and the that the break-up part is getting a lot of the attention. But she seems like she has a four point plan where depending on how valuable you are different things kick in like if you make I forget, the number if you make only twenty billion dollars cut up. Yeah, you're fine directly contrary to actual US law, which doesn't say you're too big. You have to be broken up. Yes. You have to be a monopoly to be broken up. There is current law. That says, oh, you're you're worth one hundred trillion dollars. That's you gotta we gotta break you up to the US is common welfare in the U. E U is. Competition based they have very different antitrust systems. She's introducing a third one which he thinks could be less expensive than having like having Jason on Christ charge of saying well on the value of the company and the size of the ecosystem. And again, like, I don't think any of these ideas scale because like for example at apple size. They should not be allowed in her certian as they have too much access to data and to positioning to be allowed to to offer apps on their own store. They should not be allowed to compete. Yeah. This seems to be your biggest problems which makes this by the way makes zero sense like WalMart has access to data and to shelving positions that they're they're like Proctor and gamble. Don't and should Microsoft not be allowed to sell. Halo should bungee spun off and everyone should get a good case to be made the Google shouldn't have YouTube because it's going to just mess with the search for the number one in to search. Yeah. I think you can make that case. But. Shouldn't sell apps in its own apps store that makes no sense at all. Maybe she wants to you other stores should be able to self apps on the iphone that would make more sense that there should be multiple stores that reduces security significantly. So see, that's that's that's why this most of most of what she is. She's her campaign has committed to is in a medium post that she that she published her her election campaign, whoever published and one of the points that she's making is that it's particularly as relates to apple is that it's wrong for given that apple makes money off of every purchase off the app store. It's wrong for them to lock their devices to just one apps store, they should allow people to either side load apps, or at least or allow other app stores to apps store apps to be installed on the device. Some it's it's not as though this. What she's saying doesn't make any sense is just that it really does to my is. It comes across at this point as campaign rhetoric as opposed to a well thought out of vision of of of digital policy. I don't I think that in the long run what she's proposing is going to hurt more because more consumers than it helps because she's trying to apply hundred-year-old ideas of of trust busting to a twenty nineteen technological marketplace and the two aren't really compatible. And when she does really mention about the break-up of monopolies talks about like AT and T, for instance. And the thing is the reason why this was eighteen AT and T was originally a government granted monopoly. It wasn't that. They wasn't like rob may maybe they acted like, Robert barons. But at some point the government said that AT and T until like ninety four you're exempt from anti-trust because it's so important that we have this phone system and telegraph system in place as going to be so expensive to put in that. It will you'll will reach more people and will become we need this thing built up and the only way to do it. It's not have eighteen different competing telephone network. So it's in the public's best interests to. Allow this trust to continue. I think that it would be appropriate for them to say that there are certain huge huge companies like Google, but not Facebook where? Yes. Google making so much money off of ads and having so many products that allow them to to place ED's and to collect more information to make their ad database. More valuable is beneficial to consumers because this book gives us Google maps for free. This is what gives us Google docs for free. This what gives us Chromebooks and Android devices that are very very cheap to produce because they are essentially giving away the operating system for free. It's a benefits big enough benefit to consumers that we can allow this particular company to exist. The way it is Facebook, I think would be a different thing because they apps they just make it so clear that they don't care about anything that they do as long as it keeps keeps the fire hose of information as fr going into the giant holding tanks in Facebook. Campus. So I I I'm I prefer to to read this proposal as again here is a early campaign statement campaign rhetoric thing that if if if she became the actual democratic nominee. She would have to release a very long hundred page PDF with all kinds of other academics and engineers who signed off on this thing to actually outline how she could do this without ensuring that it doesn't cost us eighteen cents a mile to navigate using any sort of Google map sort of product. This whole campaign. I think is is just kind of like looking at the wrong things that we need to fight when it when it comes to technology right now, the most important thing that we need to do is protect our data, and our security should be the procedures in regulations in place to take care of that not to break up these big tech companies that that that's should be so farther down the line that that she should be standing on a platform of of enforcing some sort of methodology toward transparency for how these major companies are collecting our data. I I I think that Elizabeth Warren is incredible. And I think that I'm confused when I read this as to wear she came up with this idea to to make this the thing that she stands on right now when there are so many other things that are more important. So should be tackled. I. This is the wrong battle to fight. Thompson quotes, Mike mas- Nick on this. He says Mike says none of this is to say we shouldn't be concerned about big internet companies with too much power. It's a perfectly perfectly reasonable concern. But just because you want to do something. And this is something doesn't mean it's the something we should do. And I'd be much more interested in a candidate who had concrete proposals on how to protect our data and our privacy going forward. Then, oh, let's just let's just chop it all up because the consequences. That's a massive undertaking. It's probably a nonstarter, and the consequences are unknown an undoubtedly significant, whereas I think you could reasonably get up in front of congress newly elected president and say we've got an enact privacy legislation and we've got to do it now. And I think that actually that's the will of the people and the Willem most of the congress right now. Yeah. And I hope it doesn't come across as just maybe it is. I don't think it is. But this is why I'm I don't. Think our next chief executive, and the majority of our congress people should be people who are sixty nine or seventy years old. It's the fact that she her first huge public statement about this uses the language of antitrust, which is something that has been a known problem for decades as opposed to the subtleties of technology. I think is a little telling and at least prejudices made to continue to think that even people who are my age. I'm generation X, which means that I grew up with computers. I grew up with the internet even grew up with with Email. I just but I absolutely did. I absolutely did not grow up with a device in my pocket. The case may connected. All the time. I didn't I it took me. So it took me a little while even to get the hang of text messaging because I didn't know do I have to say goodbye, no, really the conversation. Just even if we don't continue this conversation for ten days. It's all one conversation. Wow. And that these things that you have to grow up with a tech with a certain thing, you have to grow up in a certain world as opposed to getting accustomed to a new world when it comes to making a policy about how big a tech company should allow to become what privacy controls for privacy rights should be what surveillance rights should be. This is where you need somebody who is in their thirties or forties or or or even younger than that. This is not something that's something that I should be doing exactly right with that. We have in the every time something comes up in government where and they're trying to figure out what technologies doing and they go into ask all those questions in in their meetings in their hearings. It it's terrible because they don't know what they're talking about. But the the younger people come up and join the government officials. They know a lot more than these older generations deal about how to navigate technology, and they have just a better understanding of it just because. Like, you said they grew up with phones in their pockets. They were five when they started using technology as opposed to fifteen or something like that. And right now, the people that are in office don't understand technology enough to even ask the right questions to get to the right place are just kind of in his big. You know, what are you doing? What do you how come how come the when I do a search on Google? What I look for doesn't come up. Will you don't? We don't know if it technology so much bigger and deeper than that. And we definitely need younger generations that will grow up in into these government officials that have a much better understanding of the way technology works before we can start attacking how they're doing business in what they can do what they what they should be doing differently. I am almost a level forty Pokemon manga, more importantly. Leo is the Leo is still very very young youthful thinking, I just wanna say I wanna get to forty because any second now right wizard. Unite is it gonna come out, and it's all over for pokey mongo. Diane -tic gave previews to a number of a game blogs and so forth. And I know that you are paying close attention at I'm more dot com. Because of course, you are the headquarters for Pokemon, go information Rene, what do we know about Harry Potter wizard's United's based on the Niantic ingress slash Pokemon, go platform, Android, central Android, site, covered ingress Allott, and we've covered polka mongo. But I have to admit I'm I'm still put him on going so Laurie with Russell Holly. And Luke Philip Ovitz has been doing all the wizard United stuff. So before Laurie then. Yeah. Oh, look at me and say, you know, I don't know like curse me and have my Pokemon shrivel and die Daba cadavre Pichu, and wait a minute. I did not know that Lori Gil was the wizard unite expert. Well, now, there's a couple of us that are trying to the experts. So that that poor Rene doesn't get trapped doing. Luke Filipo vich is is he's doing some heavy coverage of n we've got him on on board. It and he will hopefully be the Rene Ritchie of of wizard tonight. But it does a I I thought they would just skin Pokemon, go turn gyms into castles and stops into. I don't know sorta. But they're really very looks like a very play play looks very very very different. But I have said I am on record saying if you thought the Pokemon go crazy of July twenty sixteen was out of control, you ain't seen nothing. That's why they made. That's why they made the last movie to sort of temper down the servers. So laurie. Do we know when it's looks like it's getting close. It is definitely getting close. But no, they're they're not even close to giving us an idea of win. But you can see from the Harry Potter wizard's unite website that there's some gameplay that they're sharing with us now. So it gives us the if I were to guess based on how how Pokemon goes started. This is definitely just a big huge. Guess I would say this summer, and I'm only basing that on the game play that they're they're showing us, which means that they're far. Play outside. Right. Did you have to plan? It's a some of the so it's the same basic mechanics that you get from Pokemon go in ingress, which is that you do have to navigate the world around you. But there's going to be quite a few different things that you'll come across in. It's not just a matter of sort of spinning A M A stop to together some goodies. There's the the thing that I'm seeing that. I that I find most interesting is that you can drop a port Keat which in the wizard in world of Harry Potter a port key transport you from one location to another. So there's this augmented reality version of a port key that you can drop in it looks like you'll be able to just sort of enter a world where you even though you're still in the same park or the same building. When you look on your phone, you'll actually get to see an entirely, different view and kind of look around within that view to find what you're looking for. I think that's. A nice sort of next level adding to the game play that's already there instead of catching Pokemon, obviously, you're trying to capture these magical objects that have somehow accidentally found their way into the real or not real the non-magical world. So that's your version of catching Pokemon is catching. They're calling them. Found is that weird. Yes. So yes, it made up word. Yeah. Yeah. But you're also going to be doing some battle things instead of fight like setting up your Pokemon to battle against each other in the gyms, you'll be going to fortresses where you will perform spells on on other players avatars. And this this kind of the based on the view on what they show in the game play. It's very similar to what you would see in some other Harry Potter style games where you might have to swipe the screen in a certain pattern in order to activate that particular spell. Yeah. And you might have to use circular motion to, you know, attack them or use a sideswipe motion to block them or something like that. So it looks like that's some slight changes to the gameplay that we've seen in Ingersoll and the puck mongo, but it is a is a same basic understanding of you have to go outside. You have to navigate the world around you or to to play. If I'm sorry. If you're an Iowa's user, you're out of luck. But if you're an Android user, they are now open for pre-registration, which means they may invite you to early access for the game. So it is on the Android store as a Preregister, Harry Potter, wizard's unite. I'm gonna Preregister because I want to get out of Pokemon go as quickly as I possibly can. So. Loria already told me she's not starting a new game. As soon as we come out. She's dropping pokey Manco and can and going to start taking pictures and enjoying life. But right now, we're in a bitter battle to get to level forty and she's she's like three million four million points ahead of me. So I think she's got she's got win. Nine right now. I just need to get this out there for Renee and Laurie. I I understand that. I'm more is going to be dark for three days around is event. I'm not I don't play Pokemon go, and I haven't even read the Harry Potter books. So if you if you made me to come in as just like sort of like, and sort sort of like, captain marvel has to bring in like she hulk or captain America. Just please to yourself a favor and just get all seven Harry Potter books on audible, I know and don't don't leave the house till you've read them all I I have it's not that. I haven't read them for a reason is haven't gotten around to them yet. I do I bought I own all of them on kindle, and I own like four of them on audible, I just haven't I feel I feel like it's like it's like when a new Neil Gaiman book comes out. I don't want to read it in batches on the train. I want to. Here's my Cup of. Here's my pot of tea to fair. He'll is actually a much better writer JK rally. But yeah, the Harry Potter is more cultural phenomenon than anything made a super interesting like her characters and world or super interesting. She doesn't render it as well, though. I I agree. I think there are better far better writers out there. But. When the first set of Harry Potter books came out. She singlehandedly got kids back in its writing. And that hadn't happened in my entire lifetime. I was so happy to see I was working at an elementary school at the time. Paul every child's face was in a book, and it was incredible that including my kids, that's probably why I have such a fiction for the seriously. And by the way, you've now seen a direct live illustration of why are Republicans in such deep trouble? We started talking about, you know, whether the big tech companies should be broken up. And I went, squirrel. Followed. All right. It's it's a Tuesday. We're getting used to the clocks being. Give us this this one show. That'd be fine. Equally is cited about the election, and Harry Potter was Jimmy. That's all. One is gonna make a bigger impact on society. However, we know which one. Harry potter. I show today. And besides his only one that Canadians can play along our show today. Brought to you by word press. 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It lets anyone pursue whatever it is. They love by launching a site. That's free to start with room to grow. No two week trials. No hidden fees, you own your content forever. Upload audio video text anything that you create put it on WordPress. If you not major get them to start a website there. I know they're all perfectly happy with their little Snapchat feed. Take it onto to put some of the best stuff on a website by their name next to their name because you you could tell him this what show them what do people find. When you search for your name on Google, you want it to be the stuff you put up there at Leo LaPorte dot com. And that's a WordPress dot com site and has been for twelve years. I might add not always at that. You are L because I only recently got Leo LaPorte dot com, but I'm a twelve year. Subscribe to WordPress dot com. In fact, I even used it before WordPress dot com, I with a self hosted WordPress. Site where press dot com so much easier. They take care of the installation the the running of it the updates the the security. You know, the new Gutenberg editor is there. You don't have to do anything about it. You can use it. If you want all of that stuff twenty four hour seven day a week support from the best support team ever because they're all WordPress. Experts are not you know, some support guy there. They are WordPress lovers. So they're there to help you twenty four hours a day, even on weekends. Millions of people use WordPress dot com everyday to turn their dreams into reality. You need to to. I don't care if you're a social influence or making millions of dollars on Instagram, you still need a website and then old fashioned. That's the truth. Wordpress dot com slash MAC break. I'm you can you will and WordPress will help you do it. I'm such a big fan. You WordPress dot com slash MAC break because that's where you get fifteen percent off your brand new website. Oh, now, we're talking WordPress dot com. Mm slash MEC break. That's where I'm gonna put all of my wizards unite content. By WordPress dot com screen shots. Yeah. My screen shot. You know, it's it's at first it was like, well, where am I going to post pictures? I don't have Instagram where am I going to? You know, talk about stuff. I don't have Facebook and Twitter and put it on your blog. It's your content. Keep it where where are you? If you wanna still use those others use link back to it. It's easy. All right. I think it's time for our picks before we get out of here. Let's start with Lori Gill. Now, he's making the go first. Let's make Rene go. I know. All right. It's up to you know, I don't mind. I you have a pitch. They have a really great pick. In fact, I'm jealous because yours is yours. Come. I'm at home in my hand waiting for mine. It's the hyper drive, ipad pro comes in. The Kickstarter version comes in this cute. Little kid jealous. Whereas mine, I'm sure it's coming soon. I don't know why I got mine before you got yours. I guess because they like me better. But the hyper drive for anybody who doesn't know what it is. It's just it's a hub or Dongola if depending on how you wanna word it that comes with a couple of different little gadgets that that connect to your ipad pro which previously. You couldn't do this kind of stuff. And now that I had pro has USB see there's a lot more things that you can connect to it than you used to be able to. It's got a HD. My USB see micro, micro SD SD an three point five. Millimeter headphone, Jack, and a USB one of the things believe it or not that. I ended up liking the most about it was the headphone Jack the I realize a headphone, Jack. Yes. So it's a great little thing. I I've connected to my television set. I've connected to my monitor using my ipad, as you know, as the the system that connects to these other things, it's actually this little thing is pretty great. It comes with a couple of different tools to help you use it in a different way. If you wanted to connected different. I'm not sure what the the final package will be when they sell it just regularly on their website. But through the Kickstarter came with a couple of little extras. So that you could connect with a little bit of extra leeway. So that you don't have to if you're using a stand or a case that makes it so that this doesn't fit properly you can kind of plug it in this way, connect it like that. And it has different a little different lever on it. So if you're you don't have to use the you don't have to plug it in one way you can. Flip it the other way. And this little extra piece allows you to decide which side that you want to keep it on depending on the if you're using a case or not, so it's a pretty versatile little thing. And it has a lot of stuff going to it in my favorite is the way it clicks into the side of your ipad. Instead of something that hangs off the side. It just clicks right in there and acts as sort of a slight extension to your ipad, your enough divorce about it dangling or falling off or anything like that. It just sits in right there. So get yours. I'm it came about two weeks ago. So I this is one of those. Hey kickstarter. So I went and oh you didn't fill out the survey yet. So I ordered to I have two coming in the early bird special and all that. But. So we'll see. Just drives me crazy, I presume, you just you know, you just fill out the survey, right? Well, I mean, that's nothing against you. It's not your fault. But the it's also very possible that it why years didn't come in has nothing to do with you fill that the survey. It could be anything. So it's good. Out yet until just now. No, then after I filled out, which is a dopey survey. That's the Ness for anything important. Then it said, okay. We'll let you we'll send you another survey when we're gonna win the the thing ends. Freaking hate Kickstarter. I don't have the best results, by the way. You can't get an kickstart anymore. But it is on indie. Gogo now. I think that's because Kickstarter once they start shipping it won't let them plug. It. It's weird because Santo I owned or previous, hyper drives there are known company. They make these in that they've just decided this is a better way for them to to sell a product is to do it through Kickstarter than just sell it on retail. So yes, highly recommended I have their other one in this fantastic. And I wish I had this one especially for the headphone, Jack. Rene Ritchie pick of the week. Guess her. So mine is not a new pick. I'm sure Jason Snell has picked at half a dozen times on this very show at least. But it's it's getting a little bit attention again because they're doing a promotion an honor of captain marvel, and it is marvel unlimited. It is it's it's so try to say the net flicks of something. But with this you pay a monthly subscription, or I think like you get a discount if you play yearly and you get access to massive amounts of the marble of the marvel marvel marvel back catalogue of titles right now, they're showing off a lot of captain marvel stuff because of the movie, and there's so many great things. They're like the crease Grohl war all the avengers the Warbirds stuff the herald of galactic, there's just so so many great stories in that universe. And they do a good job of sort of if you are primarily interested because of the movies. They really good job of finding you the quintessential stories the ones that the script writers and the directors drew from. But there's also just everything like all the X men all the avengers. All. Fantastic. For all the Spiderman all the everything that marvel has been producing just back to the very very early Stanley days. And if you are a huge comics nerd the app just works great, especially on an ipad is just phenomenal experience. And it's it's so much easier than carrying forty comic boxes around on your back. He here. I I think I think that marble has created a really amazing product because it's not just the fact that they have an assiduously filling in the back catalog every single years to the point where there's almost nothing that you won't care about. If someone read it in a comic book form mentioned something that a limited series from nineteen Eighty-one is probably on marvel comics unlimited even though it was such a bad seller that that's never made it to the trade paperback, and the other great thing is that it really brought me kind of back around to marvel comics because a lot of the stuff that they I gotta I have to form at this correctly. A lot of the. A lot of the things that they publish are absolutely unreadable because they they do their entire publishing schedule around these huge events. And so you think that okay, great. So I'll do the I'll Saul read this a ten issue. Absolute power are a mini series that the big event like, oh, well, actually, no, this doesn't tell you. How this event happened and doesn't end someone will just say, wow. I just watched this person die bummer. Let's move onto the next thing. And he had to like by this other comic and this other series to find out how this actually affected this character at it's just horrible. But if you so it became after spending, the I'm so I'm so smart that it took me three times of spending sixty dollars to try to read one of these series that I I suddenly said, Nope, no more. If I if there's any hint of a of an event, I am not even remotely interested in it. But with my marvel unlimited series, I'm willing to wait a year for hit marvel unlimited and then. I can just say, wait. What what what the hell is quasar? Talking about flip flip flip flip flip. Okay. There's now I understand what quasar was talking about. And I didn't have to spend four dollars four dollars extra to find that out. So yes. We're four because I don't like the cross like the Hughes crossovers either. I just read a lot of the classic like the George Perez stuff, and I'm very much in the Arthur Adams stuff it and star Linda just most amazing artists. The Claremont Bernier of Burr of of X men. The Bernier offend just there's so many pivotal stories in that collection. It's amazing huge value. Can you can download them to the to the ipad? So you don't have to you can still read them on the on the on the plane, really, especially for sixty bucks a year. That is something that that we were talking about subscription plans earlier today, if you're going to deliver me, basically, every marvel comic ever published with only a few gaps that I'm willing to spend sixty dollars a year for that is that that is a very good value proposition. This space that you save alone. Makes it worth it. God just everything coming solitary. A I won't get this into a thirty minutes tangent. But it's the if you told me like, even when I was like twenty five years old that by the way, you know, how like you never travel with like comic books because you're not going to be able to keep them in good shape on this on this flight. And on this flight from Boston to San Francisco and back again, you're gonna lose some or all so you're going to look at big frigging nerd like whole I'm in. I'm in business class holding up a copy of your Parkinson's. Metaxas. Spiderman I don't think so and the ability to say, no, actually, not only not only do you have comic books, but you now have pretty much every comic book you're ever interested in ever rereading ever again right there on the device. It's like, oh, I you know, what I think I'm going to start jogging eating a little better because I wanna live to be your age future. Andy. Speaking of future, Andy what's your pick of the week, sir? Okay. My my pick is also a Kickstarter it doesn't ship until may. However, it is a vinyl L P with no sound recorded on it is. I'm not saying that it's a blank L P. I mean, literally side one is they cut an L P with twenty minutes of silence. Then you flip it over. And you also get another twenty minutes of silence as called silent meditation. So that it's like Fuat silence to meditate too. And I I was fully on board. When when I read the description where it's half tongue-in-cheek have serious. They're saying they're saying, so this this will this will have the desired effect, even if your gift recipient doesn't own an LP or just spoiled whether it's playing or not playing, but then I started thinking about how an LP is a record player is wonderful because it's not digital. There's always going to be like little pops and crackles, and I had to what got me to pay twenty bucks for this was twenty bucks for this. Yes, I did because I kind of want to occasionally put prop the needle down and just. Listen to twenty minutes of clicks pops. Just that's what I need to clear my mind. Also, I just like the idea of this and most most I almost never buy tangible objects on Kickstarter, it's almost always someone who wants to do a comic book or wants to write a novel or someone less to do like a series of art prints that this idea is so creative and interesting that I just want to give you money for being that weird and that committed to waving your freak flag as high and proud as Muslim and do their QNA. And the the question is are you planning on any future release in their answers? There have been rumors vote live. I want to buy the this is such a few. Stuccos is that a Kickstarter burning chance? It is a what a surprise. Now. Don't you feel that Kickstarter is you as seen on TV like no, wait a second side of silence. Okay stuff. My buddies on the other side, by the way, another twenty seconds. Else? They also say that if you if you don't have twenty if you don't have twenty minutes to meditate just said it to forty five rpm and you'll get fifteen minutes of silence for meditation. Second site is just five John cage songs. That's a that's a hovel joke. Actually, actually, they QNA some parts of the sound like John cage's four minutes. Thirty three seconds is that intentional. What a compliment position was music. And he wanted to include all sounds that definition. This is not music, nor were any musicians involved in this recording. You guys this joke is great. This as a gift for someone? Absolutely. We've been. Put windows ninety five on your MAC for free. You like that? This is an interesting project from Felix Reese Burg, it's on kit hub, it you can download it and run it. I never did. Get it running on the MAC, but I do have it running on windows. I think it was just something maybe a bad. Download but it includes minesweeper Netscape Navigator and a whole lot more. I mean, this thing is awesome. It is let me let me run it. Again. I'm seemed of oh, no. I was working here. We go. There's minesweeper. It's just as slow as he region windows money five as well. I think there there's also some of your favorite games like doom wolfenstein three d should I try to think it'd run wolfenstein? Let's try it. Oh, man. This would be fun. If it really works. It is free. I don't know how to tell you how to get it. But it's on Git hub. If you search for Felix when host ninety five there's a Lennox version. There's a windows version, and there's a MAC version and batteries not included. It's based on electron. So it would have crashed. Yeah. Rene when when when you crashed chrome pretty wild has doom wolfenstein eight ten tank killer and grand prix circuit along with minesweeper. You can reset the machine and supports high DPI devices. There's downloads for MAC windows, and Lennox, I guess, you know, get hub dot. Dot com slash Felix. R I E S E B E R G. Hey, that's spent spent about an hour plane minesweeper yesterday. That's it for our show. I, but when Harry Potter comes out, I'm abandoning minesweeper for Harry Potter. Hey, richie. Wizards unite literally that's the name of the show. He is the wizard at I'm more dot com and his vector podcast. I can't I'm gonna listen to. So you talked to Neil Patel, and that's going to be on tomorrow. Yep. Tomorrow morning yesterday. Wait to hear that that'll be very interesting. It was only about with Warren. Or was it other things? Yeah. I try to do shows focus so yesterday, I had 'em KB HD in Marco Armand talking about what they want to see in the next MAC pro. And then I quickly sidestepped, Tim, Elizabeth Warren, very nice that's out. That's awesome. Thank you Rene for being here as always and you'll be here next week. But I think you're going to be traveling a little bit the weekend. Yes. Yeah. Laura Gill will be filling his shoes she's the wizard at I'm more as well managing editor their apple Hollick, a rock and roll singer of some repute, and she got her Kickstarter before. You don't like me anymore. I just went and looked at my Email, and they've been sending me an Email every week since February saying, we need your dress nature address in Egypt address. I guess can you doesn't I would have had it. But I'll get it. Now. I filled it all in. Thank you. Laurie. Always always thrill the heavy on the show handy and not co he's Boston public radio W GBH in Boston most Fridays and he joins us every Tuesday. And he's also the host of the material podcast on really that FM. If you want to hear him talk more about Android. Not much call for that make break. Talking about the galaxy S ten. We obey top at that last week. But Friday Friday, we're doing Boston public radio from the Boston public library again. So if you want to grab a Cup of coffee and cookie, which you will have to pay for it because it is actually a coffee shop that's near the next to the studio come on by around twelve thirty ish to one ish when I will be talking probably about Massachusetts state, Senator Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and they might aping a little bit skeptical. They might guess that'll be the topic. We do macrey quickly Tuesday's eleven AM Pacific two PM eastern time. And of course, now we're in summertime here in the US. So we're GMT minus seven that means it'll be what does that eighteen hundred UT see you can stop by. And watch it twit dot TV slash live. If you do that. Join us in the chat, reminder, see that twit dot TV, and we always have on demand versions as well. If you want to watch or listen, just go to twit dot TV slash, M, B, W or subscribe and your favorite pod catcher. And we'll make sure you get a copy the minute. It's available auto magically. Thanks for being here. We'll see you next time. But now it's time to get back to work because break time is.

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