Midday News Brief for Tuesday, June 18th


Here. The extraordinary secrets of how to thrive in disrupted world, the old rules of management are not ready, correct anymore. So what works making a wise, pivot, pivot to the future, will I am Omar Abba, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Jay are willing to the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal in New York, President Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, he spoke on the phone with Chinese president Xi Jingping and the two leaders will meet next week of the g twenty summit in Japan. Trump out the phone call hours before he's scheduled to kick off his twenty twenty reelection campaign in Orlando, Florida and Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam held a press conference Tuesday in which she signaled, the government is unlikely to resurrect a proposed extradition law which she suspended on Saturday, following mass protests, lamb made the comments in an effort to calm the biggest public unrest, in Hong Kong's, twenty two years of Chinese rule, she stopped short, however, of withdrawing the controversial decision, which would allow suspects to be sent China for trial. And as expected Facebook, formally announced plans to launch a crypto currency called libra, it's designed for mainstream users and promises of secure blockchain based payment system backed by hard assets. Facebook has lined up several Corp. Partners including MasterCard pay pal Uber and Spotify. More details on these stories and other news of the day at wsJcom and the WSJ app.

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