RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Survivor 37 Episode 2 with Antonio Mazzaro


Some game right to your mama. Offense. As the r h Peyton Ambi. Some day. Awesome school. I can sell you. The our ace. Hi, everybody. Welcome to the RHA p. BNB for the second episode of survivor, David versus Goliath, my name is Mike bloom here to bring you everything about this fantastic second episode including all the know it all shenanigans in New York. That surrounded at first, I mean, welcome in my tried and true co host of the BNB the Mason to my Dixon Liana Boris Liana. How are you. I'm great. Although I do feel like this season, we've been podcasting, like a bunch of David's. So I think we really need to step it up. And I think this is the perfect episode to do it. Hopefully concerned the David did not do too well. I don't know if we're the designated weak links of, but this guy is definitely not a weakling when it comes to podcasting, our guest for the week. You know him from a slew oppo show recaps podcast. Most recently, the fantastic better call Saul coverage he's doing with rob Saturday. No, let me give him a virtual fist-bump so it's not completely visual. Antonio are welcome back to the BNB. Thanks, Mike, thanks, Leon. I can be the Dixon to your Mason. I'm not sure that I want to embrace that, but I guess I do live in Kentucky, like Nick. So here we are. Yeah, as I don't know if you want to speak on behalf of all Kentucky ends, but is the Mason Dixon line. Like, I mean, this probably speaking to my geographic. Foibles, but I necessarily realize that the Mason Dixon line also ran over the border of Kentucky. It's it's not great. I mean, it's the Maryland Pennsylvania line, but it one hundred percent has an impact around here. You you certainly hear about it or it's part of it. I mean, I believe and I don't want to be wrong about this, but I believe the Dixon part of the Mason Dixon line is where Dixie the term for the south in general comes from, and there's definitely a debate where I live in northern Kentucky about where that line actually begins and ends. If you go probably about fifteen minutes outside of the Cincinnati area where I live the southern accent's pick and would add nowhere, I guess because that's the TV or radio. They listen to when they were growing up, but it's it's instant. You can almost feel yourself crossing the line on the exits on the interstate. I'm just looking forward to survivor season fifty three, the civil war. Red versus do. Exactly. Not the halo inspires? Yes, no, maybe I'll just throw a throat in their throw a couple of gamers, and they're just to catch all of everyone who likes the idea, red vs blue totally racist. It's fine. We're blue versus gray. I guess our modern civil wars red versus blue, but we don't need to talk about that. Well, let's talk about another division that might have occurred on our screens this week with survivor David versus Goliath Antonio through to episodes of Dave versus glide how you feeling about the season so far are really like the way the story is being presented on the BNB last year famously catching talking about how all of the edit base talk in all of the group. Think around that and people highlighting specific confessionals was driving me crazy listening, so I just took myself away. I dropped out and stopped listening to cast that we're talking about things like that or spoiling perhaps things down the line. I feel like maybe the survivor or the producers of survivor have have heard. Some of those cries not mine. I would never presume that my my opinion had any importer influence on that. But I think in general, the edit of this show in the stories of the characters. I thinking back to the first episode feel like we got something from every single character even if it was just a little bit, and I know a little bit about each person that's. Out there. And that's certainly different from seasons past, and I feel very good about where we are with that. In this in this season, the tribe divides pretty rough. The David drive is a hot mess for sure. Doesn't doesn't seem to be like there's a swap gone the horizon so and they're going to maybe Meyer in that for a while. But I think they're going to build some strong bonds as they continue if they continue to go to travel council. So I'm excited for this season and I'm definitely enjoying some of the characters and I'm looking forward to talking about a more today. Well, first of all, don't this your opinion. The NSA is always listening and forwarding your opinions to survivor production. I can imagine the NSA being one of those like old school telephone operators with the big board with a bunch of snakes, like, all right, that's about survive this call to to Mike Burnett. Death producing. That's how it works. And of course there with that accent wearing a newsboy cap for some reason, the telephone operator voice, Mike, thank you very. Who's on the party line. This is good. Give me Parkway six, five hundred. Please Liana I know that we sunk praises about the premiere last week. It's always hard to sort of follow that up. Second episodes tend to not necessarily be the best draws, maybe set the tone us to the way the rest of the season goes. How did this land for you personally? Well, I think it was nice to start to release e wear the alliances are gonna fall. I mean, obviously, whenever you have tried that has to go to trouble council does alliance is tested and we get to see where people true who they really wanna play with in the sand or otherwise. Although it will be nice eventually to see if goliaths ever go to tribal council. Although I doubt they will. I so you know, it'd be nice to see their divisions, but in terms of the David's tribe, definitely it was nice to see to see more of everybody. I mean, again, I think I kinda cosign what Antonio is saying of the David's really being put through a lot and billing for strong bonds. Oh, it's gonna be interesting. You know, they might be the ones that survive when we get to the merge and the Glaive starts eat each other up. Yeah, I'm gonna make a bold prediction here. I think five, six weeks from now, we are going to take a look at the game and say, the Goliath in this moment should've thrown a challenge to get Natalie out. That's that's just the feeling I have not to spoil survivor South Africa, but that's something very similar mentality that Shannon gates tonight sort of imported that obviously played out in the end game and I'll keep it vague like that. But I don't know if a -sarily with indie glides mentality to throw the challenge. I know to your point, I try not to read the edit too much, but I remember when I was sitting there and there was a nice little statler and Waldorf and other muppet I guess, triage myself, Josh, and Steven sitting together during the note which was fun. But I just felt like we were getting from this episode all the like all the Natalie stuff made me feel like, okay, there's there's not enough intrigue, or you know, other options being provided here to make me feel like life. It's going to tribal council and ended up being true and I. But I will say the second half of the episode which features the entire David tribe flipping on itself, I thought was extremely well done. Even though rob does make a point on the cast podcast that we didn't hear too much from like your Davies and your bees, and your Jessica's and your corals in terms of the strategy as to why they're gonna vote for Lisa, we really did see every step of a counter movement coming together, which was really cool. We got to see that Elizabeth and and Lisa alliance really almost immediately bear fruit. We saw the alliance that was made earlier on the episode last episode with Christians. You know, various one on one pairings start to bear fruit as well. So I'm starting to really enjoy how you know the things that have been brought up an episode. One really segue into episode too, because that doesn't sometimes happen on survivor the Nick and Elizabeth one to the quote unquote thoroughbreds that seemed maybe that was important as well. Even though we didn't necessarily see the evidence of that or the direct evidence of it up to, we saw the Pru. From the pudding with vote. So yeah, people Nichols out there making alliances with everybody, but the two that we really see him talking to directly are two of the main people that are involved in this flip. So that's great. And maybe we didn't see the Lisa stuff because Mike, I think you're forgetting jested. People just don't wanna talk about it like, won't talk about it. This is it. People have made their minds up. They don't really wanna talk game. That's that. Maybe just go play in the sand. Gabby just do that. All my gosh, that that conversation on the log or wherever be Gabby and just over all sitting was so uncomfortable. Like I totally get work. Abbey was coming from. They were targeting me and I wasn't even playing. I was like, why are they being so eighty? They talk about the vote, God, they're targeting me. So it was so poorly handled terrible. We've seen early game survivor meltdowns if you will. The first time somebody really has to face a tribal council and they're worried it's going to be them because they don't feel in the loop. I think this in this case, Gabby had every reason to be worried that it was her because yeah, you're Riley out of that conversation was so brutal really inform the way she like counter interactions. The rest of the episode like that prompted, I think, are very panicked discussion with Christian of like, okay, are you gonna play with me? You're not gonna play with jets, right? And then there's this one, but when Elizabeth goes to her with the plan and Gabby goes, oh, no, it's me right. That's what you're telling me right now. Essentially, Elizabeth was trying to like build her up before completely breaking her down south. I was a little intrigued, see, hyper paranoid Gabby, you know, she, she advertise herself as a Kleenex commercial to Josh, and I won out and we have seen. A bit of that emotional fruit over the past couple of episodes. But it was interesting to see that other side of, here's hoping that you know now that she is past the first vote, she's able to calm down a bit. Even though you know she, she was able to to make the flip, and that might put her a bit more front and center than maybe she wants to be. And also heavily on them while I was just thinking psychologically. I mean, that's still the sort of the first one out you know for because Pat really was developed, and so in terms of who is voted out, I. So there's sort of the exile that goes along with, I guess, sticking second one out. I think I voted out Nick. I think talked about that at some point or somebody did like this is the time Christian. Maybe this is the time where you really get it's Christian. You really get to test these alliances like you really see where the people have been talking a lot the last few days, but now you're going to see where the line's lie. And so there is that bit of anxiety for everyone, I think. But I, I do wonder if b and ingested handled that better with Gabby. If this vote result would have been the same way or would Gabby have just been pulled in by the move that was already in motion with Elizabeth and Lisa and deciding just realizing in the middle of the conversation, maybe we should vote just out. Would that momentum's have carry. He'd Gabby into that alliance anyway. Was this already in motion or was it the bad handling by and just that really led to this and it's hard? I think the episode presents it as though it is the bad handling that that is part of the reason why Gaby gets in that position. But I feel like that move was already in motion if she's truly aligned with Christian, and if they wanted to move to work and they approach Christian about it, I'm not sure it wouldn't have happened anyway, but it seemed like they're poor handling was a huge reason why this happened. And I guess I guess this is what David Bloomberg and Justice. I will leave that to the site now. I mean, I do agree, and you know, from my exit interview with Jessica, she alluded to the fact that apparently Gabby and be aware very tight. So I do wonder to your point Antonio, I do think a lot of credit should be given to the fact that this conversation was completely bungled and stoke the fires of her paranoia. But if this didn't happen, I feel like she would have been a very interesting position and maybe. She would have been presented as the swing rather than Christian and Nick in the episode because she would essentially be torn between her lines with Christian and her lines with be which you never wanna make those tough decisions early on, but it just shows how this David tribe is a full of very active players. I do not attribute any other additives in terms of good or back that thing that we have yet to really see. But I think this is really what happens when you pass people who are actively excited to play the game, it might not be the most optimal style of gameplay, but dammit makes exciting television. It's a hot mess. It's a hot mess. Tribe the is a bit of a hot mess to me. I, I understand where we're going with Fiji, and we have to keep continuing to come up with these creative things. And I've talked about themes in the past on podcast, and I've never been super pro theme really, but it's never bothered me as much as this one has. You've got Elizabeth talking about what David's are like as though she's ever contemplated that in her life, like five minutes into the game. So it bothers me also, I'm this is going to just make me look like the biggest loser in the world. I don't like polarizing the Goliath have a huge advantage. I can just say Goliath has a huge advantage. It's bothers me that we referred to every one of these people as goliaths in that there was only one Goliath and only one David. So why can't we just call it in the Goliath, tribe and the David tribe and be done with it, like goliaths are getting out into the water, just say Goliath get is getting out into the water. It just bothers me getting triggered every time. I hear one of the tribe names is my problem. This is my problem. I would have breezy, Dave. David is out in the water. Any having trouble even though it is Bler allies with just picturing all the David writes, whole tribe of David rights is still the only thing I picture. So I think that would really help. Nicely also be a bit of a problem considering that there is someone in the game named Davey. I know he doesn't want to go by David, but it could be a very, who's on first moan of Jeff saying David Davies like no, Jeff back here with the puzzle. You for God like your come on, Jeff, wipe your eyes off. This is bad, but you glasses on. All right, seeing your dimples, Vicky of Jessica. Let's get into our preseason predictions as to how miss Pete would do Liana. What did you and I have to say about Jessica preseason. Okay. So obviously I was inspired by to write this prediction, but her placement that was on me. So I had Jessica in the finale. Yeah. So here's what I wrote. Jessica was economic positively around camp the entire game, which is what helped her around with the weather was less than ideal. She stuck with the dominant alliance was afraid to make it move because she sends how to survive because with survivor family, blessed experience be while this strategy got her to the final three. The jury just didn't respect as game as they underestimated her toothbrush blonde. In her final jury, she claimed I'd grown positive and I believe thinking of my game causes sneezes. Sadly, her speech was all for not and Jessica. Got zero votes in the final three. Also, this doesn't make any sense now, but I promise it will later her closest ally was Dan and her worse. Enemy was also day on. Wow. I a, you literally took us to church there between be blessed and also saying, bless you in response to her saying that thinking about your game will make you sneeze. Mike, that was a BB. I think I don't think that would be. BNB by the way is like every changed the spelling this year. Well, the well, we know we consulted with like, how would you change the name? And she's like, I mean, a lot of companies are doing different things. I can't really tell you anything right now. And so we, we just sort of went off on our own. We didn't have the proper technique. So yeah, technician about such a big issue, give a big pep talk about, like guys doesn't matter if the other podcasts are bigger than you. You know, like where I come from, even though we divide specifically by the size that we are, doesn't matter what size you are. So poor, toothbrush, blonde, and fortunately did not make Manelli by my own whims. I went with Jessica going pre-euro. I said the parents on her tribal look to her as a temporary adopted daughter. I did say she would get swap screwed, which was ironically enough after she said, she loves twists and I said, she'll post the most photos from the pre jury trip on social media which has to be seen. I said her closest ally would be Gabby and her worst enemy would be Lisa. Unfortunately, no, Dan involvement there and Tony. Oh, we put things in your court here. Who do you think had the more accurate? Jessica prediction? I don't know, man on one side, you've got a toothbrush blonde. So this is really tough to match, but come on my like, this is I, I really am. Sorry. Liana that did not take it this week, but Mike, you like the Dawda like that's there. I feel like that was in there. Like she reminds me of my daughter. I feel like that was in the episode. The Lear stuff is in the episode. The pre Jerry stuff is in the episode. I gotta go with Mike on this one. I'm sorry. No, that's totally fair. Although this prediction game causes sneezes. Yeah, you might be allergic to your predictions now by the end of this? Yes. So, and I did actually at the chance to speak with Jessica on my exit interview as well. And to your point, Leon about her sunny disposition being able to tide over even the worst weather. It sounds like that was something she was actually intending to do before the bad weather hit where she said that like just chains completely personal personality wise because of that understandably so. But I think you were on the right track for the first twelve hours of the game before it started raining. She looked miserable. She and I know you know, they were doing the sharing the stories on the David tribe, but still like she's crying. It's cold. It's wet. Clearly, this is wrong, but kink wrath, Mike, I'm proud of you. I have. I'm just waiting much Goliath to like eventually fall to some sort of. I don't know. I don't know what my slingshots going to be from Liana slash sky net, but I'm just waiting before a fall. Yeah, I gotta go, I gotta go find neck and get that slingshot that he hopefully found you're gonna find you gotta find Christian and turn that into a death robot that will take out at some point. There we go Foshan dynamics. There's no playing games without inherent risk involved produce exhilaration. So bring it on my God. Doesn't look as well when you do it. Mike tilt, my head like forty five degrees and placidly lookout. As I'm talking talking ending, you make like the perfect Christian conversation. Is that Christian? Are we talking about religion? Now, this is the names are also very confusing. We have blessed be. We have Christian conversation. This is David tribe. Like I'm off the rails right now. Let's put. We'll put you back on the rails here Antonio as per usual. We each bring a question for discussion here on the week after week. What did you bring for us to to Molo whether it be about this episode of survivor proper. I want to talk about this season because the first episode Jeff's big soliloquy at the beginning of the season when he's gonna Huila and Tonio Shaquille this show shaqueal that Jeff delivers at the beginning of the season when he's convincing all these players that they've into some archetype that they've never thought about for their whole lives, and then they're gonna talk about it for the next fifteen, twenty minutes and confessionals. He goes into this detailed thing about how the person who wins, it's going to be the person who seizes finally advantage. It's not about what the advantages about. We're gonna finding the advantage in using it and the person who does that best. Will will capitalize. And then we have is pretty well constructed challenge from the off that that emphasize that underlying issue between David and Goliath, where David was stronger and Goliath was our Goliath was stronger. David had to be Wiley and uses slingshot or whatever be be smarter. And there was that great element of that. And then I'm just feeling like kind of dropped the ball on that in this episode, there was the one moment where I think that if David gets through the thing I and they chop though the the rope than Goliath, if glide gets through I, they chop the rope and David has to untie the knot at some point that comes up. But I'm just wondering, did they drop the ball on this? Is there a way they could have altered some of the elements of this episode, especially the challenge which I think ultimately we saw them level out at the puzzle, and then it seemed like David just gave up on the puzzle some wondering if there are ways to to play. I don't think the theme has come into this season as much as I expected other than one try. Seemingly being stronger than the other. And I'm wondering if there are ways that you guys think that they could have brought the theme into this episode more from a game design standpoint and looking for going forward from game design standpoint, that would underscore this theme a little bit more. Why would say that? I think that we've seen this choice come up to your point in a lot of first challenges. I think back to millennials versus gen-x when gen-x, although shortcuts in exchange for having, I think more pieces of the puzzle to do at the end of the day, it is interesting that they bring this element of choice into like the opening challenges you mentioned before, how even the immunity challenge had. Okay, I threw had to do one thing and then the second trip through had to do something a bit harder, but it so interesting how, yeah, those don't don't really get brought up. You could say, maybe like an individual Porsche, we have the eat or play that could involve a bit more strategy. I don't know if you're Hoffer, just wants to put forward more straightforward things out of the gate that don't require much higher level thinking as malnutrition begins. But I think you make a good point that this always seems to occur an introductory phases, but it's not something that necessarily gets brought up, especially in. In other pre merged challenges. I mean, ghost island coming off, goes dial, and I don't mean to jump on. Yuliana coming off goes Thailand where that became like that was the theme that was was present throughout the season, and we had all these ghosts and we had all these elements. So just feel like this, the only elements of the theme this season that are carrying through the episodes, and maybe that's why down on our that one tribe is stronger than the other. And that's it. There's no element of what David can do to get back that seems to be presenting itself in the game with regard to strategy or any elements in the challenges are things like that. Yeah. So I'm just trying to think. I mean, if you all down, sort of what I don't know, maybe we'll our interpretation of EMAS because although I originally thought it dear parents love you, but in terms of games, see, I don't know how that baby like your like David parents are cheering from the sidelines or as the glides. Don't get survivor. Daddy issues coming CBS. This. That's after the civil war themes us so so yeah, to your to your point Antonio about like, okay, so, okay, the David, let's say they have less physical strength. Okay, that's that's that's inherent to the teams, but then they get tools that sort of help them. So you know, how is it that you design the challenges that sort of help the lack of physicality of the David tribe in terms of tools. So you know, I don't know. I'm thinking for this past this challenge. Okay. Maybe the, they don't have to hold the things that the pal the puzzle was balanced on or something, or you know, one gets to stay in place or to get to stay in place to fix them or something, and that sort of there. Instead of five or something. Yeah, right. That's really, I think that's valid. What about it's just what? If they, I mean, maybe they should be getting to pick who sits out from the Goliath tribe like maybe there should be almost like that as well. Like I, I just feel like Jeff, Jeff had that big shaqueal as my put it at the beginning of the season about it's about identifying the advantage and finding the advantage and using the advantage. And that's what's going to get you ahead of the game. But then the challenge comes in, no advantage was presented or no opportunity to work. An advantage was presented. I just feel like if we're going to be in Fiji, we're going to have these teams every season, then they should embrace the theme and they should put more work into designing elements within these challenges that speak to that. And that level the playing field to a certain extent that said, even though David just got housed on the physical portion of this challenge, it seemed like they blew it by not doing the puzzle, well, which is would think you would have thought if we're leveling it out that they would have had a shot and should have been able to do that puzzle in an hour. So I'd. I don't know. I watching the the episode that either of you get the idea or the sense that the reason the puzzle didn't get done in an hour because it was because people kept dropping it. When you look when you look at David's puzzle at the end, there's two pieces together and they're not even like they're not even right. So I don't think it's because they kept dropping it. I don't know what the hell happened there. Well, I mean, my assumption was because they kept dropping it and that's where people were saying, oh, it's David should be at the puzzle, but in my mind, it was all about having to balance five different platforms at the same time and able to keep them essentially when you start putting the pieces, keeping them balanced is most important at the beginning. Because once you sort of have the whole thing built, it's a little easier for one to sort of fall because the puzzle will hold itself up. So like when you see the Goliath, actually stepping backwards Karas is actually her platform is like dipping down, but the puzzle stays together because the two people on the other side, they're sort of holding it. And I think that the David really couldn't get. Over that hump of like getting those all those first pieces together. But yeah, it did seem like there are pieces are out of place, so maybe there's something else going on, but my initial assumption was all had to do with the physicality of having to hold up those balancing platforms. I would compare it to that team building exercise where you're all going, you're you and a group of people are supposed to count to twenty together, but only one person can say number at a time where to on his point, like everyone is going to jump in on those first couple number that you're almost always going to start over. But once you get further along and you sort of build a rhythm, that's when the team were kicks in and everyone has a six cents as to who's going to save what so, yeah, I think it was just a matter of like the goliaths were able to get on the same page. I think the conditions also didn't help. It's a little crazy that I went from blistering cold wetness to dry heat in the course of like twenty four hours and it seems like everyone was. I don't think we're. I don't think we were getting like. Caleb Reynolds salt and pepper memorial award levels of passing out, but it seemed like the conditions might have impeded everyone's performance as well. If you look in the background, one of the shots while David is doing the puzzle, you can see down on the beach that Elizabeth has her giant cowboy hat off, and she's fanning someone who caught the vapors. I don't know it is, but I would love to know who has suffered the heat issues there and Elizabeth is tending to. I can't really see who it is, but I'd love to know who that was. So I think the bottom line and Tonio essentially what you're suggesting is perhaps some sort of I dunno, medallion of how no. It. No, that can't be David. Just always has it. I just that's really funny and it couldn't be a slingshot either because invariably Christian would fire the sling shot at the wrong team or something like that. Not to throw shaded anyone specific. But yeah, you can't really have a slingshot, so medallion of power. God. No can't be. We can't do that. Okay. Got you. Connected to Mr. Bonetti says, great idea will bring it in episode three. Mike whites out there like no. Saved us from redemption island, maybe medallion of power revote you're going somewhere else with his last name, and I did not want to make that joke. So I'm glad you were making a different, Joe. I wonder if I wonder if he does have poll where just says, dropped her buffs. Mike goes no hold on. You could Jeff's like, you know what? You're right. Okay. Let's let's next this slob let's get to your next challenge. Jeff. Just texted our mutual, Fred. Did she says no. I just I, I feel like we're gonna. We're in the cycle. We're in the cycle now and that's fine. I think a lot of people have been turned off by the themes that emerged because you're in the same location every season. I thought ghost island did a creative job of working with the seam and putting the people in ghost island. I think they can improve on what they do ghost island. But I think in general, I was I was I was pleased with the idea of ghost island and it didn't always work, but I think it was a good groundwork for theme that played into the course of the season. This one is pretty trash in my opinion, and I feel like it's just a, it's just a repeat. You make the joke about the medallion of power, but we've seen seasons before where where people have an extreme advantage or where people are in in control. And I just wish that the David versus Goliath and the idea that David could be creative or Wiley or that there were some element of, I think they did a well at the first challenge. I think they dropped the ball on this. Challenge, I think Liana makes great point about, maybe you do something where you can acquire something that makes you ropes easier to control or something to that effect. Maybe you're, you can do something early in the challenge, make choice that gets you a smaller puzzle to solve the puzzle to get another. There are just elements. They could've worked into this challenge. It seemed like a straightforward physical puzzle with a challenge at the end, not one. I thought that highlighted the ability of David's to be different than Goliath. So here we are. I have, well, we watched the David not dropped the ball as they dropped their puzzle pieces. Let's move on here to our first game of the podcast, and this is something that I have lent from rob session. You know, this is a game he brought up last year. I believe when previous guests Rourke was on the podcast CBS all access gotta love the platform. Gotta love all the stuff they put out there. They're caption. Game might have been written by David as compared to a Goliath. And that sometimes they mismanage or miss here words, and we see them delightfully on our screen as they watch the episodes. Here's how this game is going to work. We're going to go back and forth for each of you. I'm going to read to possible misspelled captions from a sentence that occurred in the past two episodes David versus Goliath. One of them actually appeared on CBS l. access one of them I made up, it's going to be your job to figure out which is the fake caption and which is the real caption Liana how you thinking your chances are before we go into this man, I dunno CVS all access closed captioning. Like a bunch of David's which is I think now my favorite phrase to us, so watch me overusing run it into the ground. But I am excited and I have no idea of the go, but let's play. Until you're someone who totally loves to to rewatch episodes of television order to break down. Have you ever watched survivor with the close captioning on? I have in some cases to to hear what what things were said or, but that doesn't always that doesn't always work because you're right. The captions are failing. That said, I on those robots better than I do and knows these. These automated machines, Leon, his AI friendship here may serve her. Well, we'll see. I'm excited for the blessed experience be causes sneezes, close captioning. Absolutely. So we'll see who ends up smiling like a toothbrush blonde. By the end of this. All right. Let's start with you. So again, I'm going to give you two possible captions. One of them is true. One of them is false, almost pretty. Elementary one here. So this is from Jeff's previously on survivor episode to, obviously the sentence is supposed to be at the live tribe, Dan fell for CARA, but the all access, Steve mismangament, Dan's name. So you're have to guess which one of them is the correct captain here, hey, at the Goliath, tribe ban fell for CARA or at the Goliath tribe, grand fell for CARA. Oh boy. I think there are interesting connections in both possibilities here. I don't want to really delve too deeply into them. Blessed I reveal some issues about my own psyche. Let's just say. I'm gonna go with band. I'm gonna go with band because we have a b on the season. I think maybe these people just don't understand like that. Not everyone has an aim like be and maybe somebody's name is just dance. I'm going with ban that is correct. Correct. I really wish it was grand. And Mamie also think about the fact that if you had a grandmother saying the things that Dan says on survivor, it becomes a bit more palatable. Oh, I don't know about that. Grandma's like finding with the two hottest girls on the island I found I don't with the two most beautiful woman on the island. Doesn't that sound nicer that it coming out of a father to. Know, does it. Miami, I retire at the retired phone. Operator operator retire that she's a grandma back in the day Eisenhower. He was a looker much like CARA. Off the rails. I'm honestly grand play time. All right, let's let's go to Liana here. So this is going back to Knicks confessional about his relationship with Christian comparing themselves to another survivor pairing, and it was really fun to watch Stephen fish back in person at jump up and throw his arms than the expectation when his name got mentioned specifically the part that he was a genius, but here the two possible captions, hey, we were like JT and she had or be we're like j. p. and Stephen. Oh, man, it's probably JP and Stephen. But I just really wanted to be she and yeah. Okay. I'm going go, she I don't care. Yeah, I the more funny answer, but unfortunately. Sad, although I like this concept of being sort of a closed captioning. Rohrschack test Rourke to your psyche. Right. It's a rohrschack test. Like this idea of JT closest ally being chicken Oshii Han. Or it's like a combination of she and Stephen with a chicken matching some sort of mash up there. But it also provides a nice image of Stephen working with JP hills, aback, which I don't know how crazy this even would have been driven by JP's mannerism and things like that. He's just so good. To call my grand funny, really funny. That's my favorite. It'll be hard to top that one really until you are up one zero, Mike white white a bit into his resume. In the first episode, this is Mike white going over his resume, hey, I wrote stool of raw and Nacho LeBron or b. I wrote school of rock and Nacho leak Ray. Stool or leak Ray trouble either way stool of a raw like this sun God or not show leak Ray like some sort of cheese powered death device with stool, boom, from the powder to the pool room. Mike, let's just go with stools. Unfortunately, you are not coming up like Blaine. It is not show league Ray, the correct caption on really. Notch only actually the affirmation Rourke Senate couple of these to me after our podcast last week and yes, Mike, right. Talked about how much he loved writing nut show. Leak Ray if you have not your leak, right. You should see a doctor, I think, or not show nitro lira as Dave wrote on his vote for. Shout out to Keith Dixon for the tweet that that voted out fibromyalgia really hard at that tweet. You're David, you have five mile GIC. You need Lyrica. All right, Leon, let's go back to you here. Natalie is done with the booger teeth of Goliath tribe. Great way to start. By the way, Natalie like Boogers Alison did not say Boogers in my teeth. Natalya said, do I Booker my nose? And do I have something in my teeth connect the two tally facial system is not that I'd. But initially, Natalie said everything here is childish in high school like so, no, I'm not doing that here. The two options that all access provided a everything here is childish and Holly like so, no, I'm not doing that or be everything here is childish and Christ tool. Like I'm not doing that Moore's tools. Okay. Well, I guess I'll try to try to follow the last question. I'll go with a void. The stools. Much like a share me getting washed away by the waves of waiting. The stools is nice childish and Holly like is the correct answer. So you had to fake stool answers. What is going on? This is the test. I mean, I had to do tool fake stool answers. It's only at right drink. I used to ride and councils corners than like one's real ones not. But. Nice. Try. Has chosen any other word than stool, though. Like, okay, whatever this is fine. Everything's fine. I do like Holly like, 'cause I don't know how you got that from high school, but it feels like Holly like maybe people have against girl named Holly Holly Hoffman, maybe. I don't know. You should get your Nacho leak rate shack, Mike. I will Dr Alison. Please help me. There's Boogers Dr. Life is the one who would check that actually God. No, I don't wanna be washed over by knock knock jokes, like Dr Alison tidal wave. All right. Let's let's go to number five here. Going back to you over tied up one one. Someone Davey is searching for the idol. He mentioned he pulls a and says, you know, my my, I always for being the premises ninja style here you're to possible captions Odier, hey, my rise are always surviving. The premise says, ninja style. So p. r. e. m. e. s. space SEZ is how they did premises be. My guys are always serving Perm ISIS, ninja style. Oh my God. This is worse than my predictions. No stool options. Mike. No. My stool is always stooling the stool stool ninja stool in somebody make that into a drop. I'm going to go with. Is it possible that ISIS made it into CBS all access like this is bad. I'm gonna go with. I'm gonna void ISIS at all costs. That is a good motion of action. That is correct. Yes. The my are always saying the premise says was real and my guys are always surveying the Perm ISIS is incorrect. It sounds like something President Bush said at some point. I don't know. You lost about halfway through. I was like, I, I mean, technically, I think I know the words that you are saying, but not in the particular order in which they are assembled. All right. Let's go to you here. You have to get this right to tide. Otherwise, in tuna wins episode one brought up the broad calls this the idol gap last episode between Angelina and I think Alison, we're talking. The actual was not enough woman find idols, but your your differentiation is not enough woman, find dribbles or not enough women find angles. Okay. So Judy is more math is what we're going with. Yes, the the always the biggest discrepancy is this our society for Judaism that should be a new game on the BNB by the way, just bidding for future BNB episodes Judaism or math. Now cosign is that a Hebrew word function. Okay. Let's see. I. All right. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with math. I'm gonna go with angle. Understand belief early on, and that is correct. Not enough women find angles, which I think is pretty applicable to the game of survivor to support women in stem. All right. So you are tied and I don't have a tiebreaker. So I think the true winner is CVS all access per for providing these fantastic options that have made this game. Truly you have given us a stool to stand on for the best. True winner. Our the listeners are the NB who just got a stem joke. That's fantastic. The highest level of humor here between playing. Really, we're finding angles. Snag. Well. Take it back to the episode. I guess not the closed captioning of the episode. I was actually super curious about how how is it as a survivor player, how you approach being told you're getting voted out because you're the weakest. Now we saw leaguer Sesay. Oh, I'm not the weakest sort of fight against that moniker. And then Natalie, although she kind of took it a different way of being the biggest threat. I guess she was selling herself as I am the weakest, and you can take me and dragged me to the end. So I was just trying to think of if you're being voted out because you're the weakest, like, how are you supposed to convince your tribe otherwise, or like, how do you go about? How do you sell yourself? How do you stay when that's the reason why they're putting you out. I've seen in the past, you just read just race somebody down the beach. Right? Isn't that how. They can run backwards or forward, but you have to raise them in show that you're strong. Good question. I debate never came up because rob, I thought, did a great job mentioning this know it alls. Like, I guess this is your curiosity. We can call this beacuse. The fact is that the the was saying, I'm basing it on challenge performance and be blue. The challenge. Like really, you're gonna basis on challenge performance on all? No, but I do think that if you put that on blast that would've given, I think Lisa doesn't feel like she's gotta move right if she feels like I've got no allies. I'm being called the weakest. Then the goal is really to put that on display in the middle of the tribe and say, you say, I'm the weakest. Here's the evidence from the first suit challenges that show. I'm not the weakest. I did the first challenge. I was the first one across the rope ladder. I could have fallen in the water. Then we would a lost. I didn't. You saw me like almost vertical or horizontal just flying through that morning. Earning considering Chievo an exactly upright. Yeah, either way. Right. I think you put that on blast and you just say, here's the evidence that shows I'm not the weakest, and if you're targeting someone else as being weaker than you than, I think you can put that on display as well. I mean, you have to go to war on that front. I don't know that you can do anything else if you're cornered like that. I think the solution is to show your strength another way, which is what Lear did. She showed that if they were challenging her weakness in the physical game, maybe they have a valid point. Look like she gave up on the puzzle, but her weakness, her strengthen the social game. It was a huge advantage to her here because it helped her rally votes to help her change what the perception was about who is stronger or weaker needed to go home. And I think that she showed her strengthen different way and that's what maybe David, maybe that's what she needed to do. She slingshot away through that vote. So I think there are multiple ways to do it depending on what your situation is. She had options because she had a good ally. And because she had people that were willing to make. Move. Other players might not find himself in the same situation might have to behave differently. I am interested in the the Natalie strategy though, because Natalie's like, look, you're gonna vote the fifty seven year damn near sixty years old. You're gonna vote me out like you're gonna. Why don't you just drag me to the end. My response to that is like, why do you want to stay in the game? If you don't think you can win if you're out here selling that you're definitely going to lose the game anyway. Then why do you wanna stick around like what are you sticking around for? You? Don't think you can win. I don't. I find that her pitch was a lot there wasn't there wasn't I think that was an empty pitch. I think she wants to stay in the game because she knows she's not the weakest, and she thinks she can win. So I think her pitch that she should be kept in the game because she can't win is pretty weak to me. And I don't see that as a reason to keep her around in any in any way. I don't think selling yourself as a go works for me because I think that if she considering her position in her tribe and considering that she's older, she's not fitting with everyone else. The deeper, she makes it into the. Game, the more dangerous she's going to be. I think that's a really poor cell on her part to sell herself as week that is. It just doesn't speak to anything that she's experienced in her life in any of her skills that put her on the Goliath tribe. So I did. I didn't buy her pitch at all the economic stand, what you're saying in terms of, you know, really coming forward providing point-by-point evidence as to the challenges, but could there also be a case of like the lady protest too much of, you know, sometimes if you raise too much of a stink, you draw the target even further on yourself and maybe almost turned around and you and saying like, oh, she can actually, you know, she can defend herself pretty well. Maybe that's another reason to get rid of for. I mean, it's a really tough situation because it all depends on the people that you're around. Did you make some sort of like loaner deal? Could you say like, hey, if you keep me an eye Beth, put me on the puzzle the next challenge, and if I screw it up for everyone vote me out. Do you think making as bowl of acclaim as that could actually. Lead to you getting kept over some other random person. What kind of bargain is that Liana like? Is that some kind of like is there some that speaks to like the idea that you might be able to just make deal down the road for for what's happening now, but I don't know that I'm not sure we've ever seen something like that. I don't. I don't think so. I mean, certainly something that's that's so concrete Mike, you know, I mean, it's like, okay, if I don't do if I don't win this puzzle or you know, do this puzzle while enough to win the challenge, then you can vote me out. I'm trying to think of any example that we've seen before. I think I think maybe what I thought of Mike, when you said lone wolf deal is, you know, sort of Lear SaaS at worth. I can be a tool for you. So if Natalie is on the outs and Jeremy tried to pull her in, you know, John heading it and tried to pull her in. And obviously she was resistant to that, but I think maybe that's where you sort of you gain your social. Foothold is through these one on one side deals with people where it's like, look, keep me. I'll work with you. I don't know if maybe that's the right approach, but obviously that requires some self awareness, which it's up for debate whether Natalie has or does not have. I don't know what you're talking about. I, I am very self aware. You're not software. Everyone says, no one says that wait what? Yeah, this is. This is very difficult for her. That said, I, I'm definitely team Natalie, like I'm one hundred percent team, Natalie. It wasn't a good look for her, but I'm with you Mike, like the fact that it wasn't a good look for her and they didn't go to tribal council, makes me feel like there might be shot for her going forward because we're getting a lot of. We're getting a lot of evidence of the problem she's having, but we're also getting evidence. And I think Dom about pointed this out. We're getting evidence of things that she's doing. She's taking Mike aside and saying, hey, people are targeting you like, you're, you're standing out. She pulls car side and says, hey, like the showman's thing, people aren't like in that John Hennigan wants to work with her. So I think she's got options and I don't think our best sell is I'm weak. I'm terrible. I'll never win this game. You wanna take me along. I just it's an interesting situation though because. In some some respects that plays to the egos of the David tribe and saying, you're all bulls, you're all strong. You're all you're all great competitors. Don't you want somebody like me around who isn't like that and who's clearly outlier and who's different. You can use me. That's the tool strategy, but I just, I think their different people like I, I'm not sure that Natalie is being targeted because she's perceived as the weakest. I think she's being targeted because she's being perceived as an outsider as somebody who wasn't working on the shelter. I think she's also being targeted just because because Natalia's is being portrayed a little bit as a mean girl who just doesn't like her who's ranting about her saying she seems like a stalker. Like just saying negative things about the way she makes her feel that doesn't have to do with week so much as just, it seems like that Natalie thinks earn Atallah thinks that she is running the tribe and therefore she's going to target this person who's perceived as an outsider, that that seems to be more to why she's being targeted. So is being targeted because she was the weakest like that was the stated reason. And I think our way of proving that she wasn't was the best way she could have done it, which is proof. She has strengthened other ways, and that's what she says at tribal council. Alternately, it makes Jess look really bad when steps up and says, maybe you shouldn't start playing when you get to tribal and it's like little, do you know that I showed my strength in the day before tribal when I was working to get you voted out. So I think that's the best tragedy for Lisa. But if you're on the outs and you have nobody and you have no social out the show your strength in that way. I do think that's when you have nothing to lose your already the target and you're already gonna. Go home. Who cares? If you put a bigger target on your back at that point. So it's all about what your best alternative is. And I think for Lear says she had a better alternative. She used it worked out really well for her. We heard her say in the episode I wanna get Carl out like I want to vote him out, but she didn't target him. She targeted somebody that she could work to get out and that worked out really well for her. So I think she did a pretty good job and I think. She didn't have to resort to the strategy where she put it all on blast because she had other options. But if you don't have other options, I think that's where you maybe have to resort to just like blowing it up and seeing what happens. So you can either say use me like a tool or I'm a tool. Keep me around. Or I'm a stool. Keep me around. Stand, stand up on me. They'll elevate you further in the game, the stool tool strategy next level evolution of the game. Survivor fifty stool versus to you. You're the stools, people step on you and get your tool. People use you. Listen, you're all you're pretty washed up people point, but we're gonna try to help you while here. As well as long as it goes after rock paper scissors season, then I think we'll be okay. Well, speaking of putting things on blast I wanna get to our next segment because this was a very bizarre idea that I had, but I want to do it anyway. So this was inspired by the quote that Jeremy had during the episode where he said, I don't know what's worse the storm or Natalie. So in Tribune be fashion. I was like, well, obviously we have to play the storm versus Natalie where we have hurricanes typhoons compete against survivor contestants, but that didn't work. Because how do you compare gale force winds to like throwing rice in the fire? So instead what prepared today is what we are calling some version of survivor mania survivor royale. It is essentially going to be a tag team bracket to determine what team of survivor k players would cause the most chaos at camp. So what I've done is I paired of. Different survivor players, and we will have a bracket very quick bracket to talk about which payers would cause more chaos at camp. The criteria is I suppose it's up to us. We can define it, however, we want. But yeah, this is the grand idea that I came up with. Oh my gosh. So, and in my mind, it's a wrestling match. So they're wrestling each other. It's like tag team wrestling, but I don't think they're criteria. They're actually fighting anyway. Solicit get into this. Yeah, we, we pick the perfect guest, though. Tony, you're so you're such a big wrestling devotee that I feel like you're going to be like the defacto. You're going to be the Goliath on this game as to how things are going to go. Vince McMahon. This particular game? Yeah, I'll be alright. I'm guessing we need your help with this nebulous bizarre idea that I had. So. All right. So here this is the teams that we have our first matchup. I'm very nervous. I just want to say, I'm very nervous about this. See how this goes. Okay. So I have four total teams, so we'll have. It's going to be two teams face off, teams face off, and then the winners face off and then they're gonna fight. I don't know. The says, I just couldn't put the hands in there as a team. They're just to chaotic so so the Hansen's were coming up with the hands is already have the Bill? Yes. Are the grin or champions of the world, but you know, Brandon, he got into trouble online, and so he was forced to give up the belt and now there's a new out to determine who will take the Bill. Exactly. So all right. So these are our this is our first matchup. So we have the tag team of Natalie from David's versus Goliath, and Debbie versus Scot Pollard and Kyle, Jason. So the Natalie Debbie team, I, they're called team, SAS, aka team, self-aware, sisters. Scott and Jason are the great balls of bounty. Lousy idea. These names for you for me, just the Roma been captions. It'll be fine. So that is the first matchup. And then just to give you idea where we're going, our next teams, it's gonna be Abby, Maria and coach as the Brazilian dragons versus Jatiya and Cass as the bad luck brains. So I let start with Natalie and Debbie versus Scott and Jason. So anyone have any thoughts to start with. Well, my first thought is I'm not nervous anymore. I was really thinking that you were going to pair survivor any famous versus another depressing real quick. No, that's why I was worried Liana come on like I didn't wanna talk about Hurricane Andrew and Debbie. Hurricane Hugo Atalie's. So here we are. I'm glad that this worked out better because I really want to hear anything like that. But this is this is much better. I was really worried like that was a lot of places. I did a lot of third rails in that now uscis that I didn't wanna touch. So this is much better. Can you? Sorry, I don't. Sorry. I don't mean to be sidetrack and you run down the, we have Debbie and Natalie versus versus Kyle pollen and Skopje. I saw Scot Pollard recently at a Indiana Pacers basketball game, and he was a superstar, like people were coming up to them all all game, getting their pictures taken with him. And I thought there are no survivor fans here because he would be getting booed. As far as chaos around camp. Mike, what are you thinking here? I feel like the Debbie Debbie, Debbie is the biggest chaos agent in this whole force them? Yeah. I mean, I think that Debbie would probably be the most full of rage in the course of this. I think that I'm also thinking about like entrances, I think that Debbie will will walk a balance beam into the arena. I think that's something that she believed wants to show up. I don't know what Natalie, what do. I think Natalie would just sort of like sit around and observe her maybe criticize her afterwards. But the thing that Kyle and Scott have above those two, it's quite literally height. Kyle does not need a top rope. They just stand on Scott's shoulders. He's a stool in that regard. So I feel like especially when it comes to, you know, poking grabbing idols away from people and throwing things onto the fire. Neither one of those two women have done that yet, even though apparently didn't Debbie like poop in the middle of camp. So this might be a very odd matchup. I think you're forgetting one thing too about Debbie, which is that she is very professional wrestler, like in both her ring attire with tagger bathing suit, and the idea that she's worked so many gimmicks over the course of her career. She's been like a scientist gimmick and she's been like, honor. Yeah, she's had all these different gimmicks so this she's, she's probably worked in a lot of different territories into Mexico all across the US. She's had a little bit of problems maybe with the thirties. So she has the background of a professional wrestler, I think. And of course, Scott powered as an athlete, you could also point to him and say, he's got the background of a professional wrestler. There are a lot of athlete to become professional wrestlers after they serve their time in their various fields. Hi, the size that doesn't really matter in professional wrestling. You like dantonio. Yeah, it's all about the technique, Mike, it's all about the technique in that sport. So I feel like the powered and Sergey team would be the heels in this. And I think that also matters because you, you're looking at how these Turnham insultingly play out. I feel like Debbie is the is the x. factor here. I feel like Debbie knows the ring. She knows how to work this, and I feel like she's the difference maker. I think that team is the one that I let coast. I'm not also I think Scott and Jason for me are also a little one note in terms of what they might bring, whereas you never know what you're going to get from Debbie. And Natalie, we've only seen a little bit from her like who knows what other levels of chaos she could bring, she's going. She's going to drop the Natalie napalm all over and Scott and Jason trying to try to put out the fire, the buckets of water that Natalie's napalm. 'cause yes, exactly. We don't know what Natalie may. Tom is, and I think that also adding to finishing. Debbie x. factor and I agree. I think they're the ones that win this ballot. Perceive it like a hot tag to naturally, and she just steps over the top rope and she gets in drops a leg on somebody, and that's the end of it. So I'm on this team. This is good. I like Mike Yari with that and you're being your outvoted anyway. So you don't really have a case. I don't know why I I've been sufficiently pinned, so I'm writing. Sit on your school are right? So our next match-up Abby, Maria in code versus Jatiya and casts. Mike diva. This is going to be someone's gonna end up in hospital with this about because you have cast with her newly announced pacemaker. You have Abby, Maria who you could very easily take out at the knees and you have coach who you can just like give swift kick to the back and he'll start spasm ING and hit the floor with the nice goo. Jatiya might be like the throng est among them that being said and cast were able to win at least two or not win, but at least survive. One challenge together as part of the brain tribes provided that Jatiya does not screw anything up. I might have to put the preference on them plus get like an all female final four, which would be a lot of fun. The the fact that you've got the dragon slayer versus the pacemaker. Those are really good wrestling names. That works really well. So that's the first part of it. I think the issue in this matches that coach is probably playing to the crowd too much directed. He's he's vamping along the ring. He's showing off. He's he's in his character, the conductor, like maybe that's what he's bringing to this one and he's not actually coach. He's the conductor and he's like conducting the audience like symphony, and then he gets up on by. Bye. And that's the end of that chaos cast is, is I like the pacemaker Monica. She could also be working. The attorney angle with the brainiac could bring that to the table. She also really would probably be very invested in taking coach down. It just seems like she would be the kind of person to throw a low blow into the mix. Maybe that's what's happening. Coaches, distracting distracted by the crowd, cast lied into the ring, low, blows him below the waist. And that's the end of that. So I like this idea as well. Coach coaches y so far Abby fits into this. What happens is while coaches like pre into the crowd Abby says like, okay, like eft with me, I'm gonna flip over to the other side and it's actually three on one opened up on a coach, and then they easily double team Abby after that seems that seems. Well, I was thinking, Marie is often the crowd trying to find her bracelet like she not even in the ring at all. They could also happen this idea of Gitonga when she comes out. Part of her entrance is like throwing rice into the crowd or something like that. She could be. She could be like the bride she'll throw rice out her wedding dress. I think JT in cows definitely stay focused. Where's Abby? Marie? And coach just a hot mess for like a whole myriad of race. Yeah, they're just some Abby could be the one fighting with the ref and the ref is distracted when when throws the low blow, she could be. I like the three on one, the double that works really well for me. They're just either way that team is going down the throwing rice with the entrance breaks, a bottle of vodka over coaches head is her. Okay. So now we have the true match up Natalie and Debbie versus Jatiya and casts. Who do we think is gonna take home the championship belts from the Hafiz. This is so confusing. So the winner of this team, just the Bill or did they take on the hands is I don't know my dumb ass Hansel lions team or something like that, or maybe who hamsters the Dudley Boyz. There's a lot of them. They just keep coming out of the woodwork. Some of them are small, some of our big like, I don't know. So you could just throw to Hanson in this lineup. I think you could take them on. It could be Sean. It could be Brandon. It could be there just a lot of options with the Hansa. So I, I don't know the matchup hand the the final four, I'm this is tough for me. Any thoughts on this, either of you? Two. I think that Debbie, I know the I, it's going to happen when Debbie attempts to do chin ups on the bar to sort of show off and then cast just sort of like, takes her out right there. She'll still be standing, but I feel like that's going to be the first major hit and I do have an idea of how the hands are going to get involved that we can talk about in a little bit once. Figure out who's the main winner from the sisters of SAS versus the bad luck brains, this self-aware sisters. The dad luck brains. See for creative ideas. I think the thing that I appreciate about cast is that her chaos is very directed and focused, and I think that that's really what you need to pull out a win here. You like. I'm just thinking the chaos of Debbie. Natalie also narrowly hasn't been around all that long on the survivor chaos wrestling circuit. So I don't know how in tune she'll be with her teammate. And I, I think Gitanas just a force to be reckoned with, although Debbie does bring a certain genetic Kwa. I will go ahead. I don't know. Here's a force to be reckoned with that. If you put any real challenge in front of her, she's not going to to well, they could cast, could we are, I don't know Debbie wheel, outward that fish puzzle NJIT would just spend the entirety of the match concentrating on that and not able to fill it out, but just to get distracted. I think the missing element here for me, at least on some level is that Natalie and and Debbie are classic tag team pairing like you have this, this kind of quiet just dominant beast, monster heel who will come in and the mouthy front person is the person who's out front of the team, talk trash going nuts. And then you bring in there like the end zone and casts of this. Sincere as a cast. On the other side, it's a bad comparison and also ends. Oh, and casts are not great people. So I don't want to compare them one to one, but in terms of the tag team pairing where you've got a Littler crazy person and a larger person who doesn't, you don't wanna mess with. It's a classic tag team pairing, and I feel like I've seen that pairing workout so successfully so many times that it's hard for me to see them losing the question that I have is famous for her. I love nerds take. Does that play into this at all where she is she is embracing any element of any of this. Does that. Issue that does that come into play because we have Debbie's Debbie. So smart, everyone knows it like she'll tell you how smart she is, and that is so successful. I wonder if two is in any way swayed under we have any kind of elements where where there's a turn happening there just in Amherst by the two of them. Well, I'm trying to think as you know, if we're going to take down the hands is what if we somehow get some teams to walk up happening and we try to send our best competitors to take on the hand, says, I feel like that could also be a twist that happened, sort of in this final battle. That your bracket. So you tell me, I think that would work really well if you're realigning the teams. I mean, what? What was the situation for? GTO wasn't it in a. It wasn't a brains brawn beauty situation. So maybe we can have three verses two or three verses three in the in the finals as well. Like there are those opportunities. I like that. So I think that Debbie is a Namur to buy the iheart merits concept. And she says goodbye to Natalie says, Natalie someone's in the in the locker room talking about hice Holly like highschool things, and Natalie sort of runs off to dispel that and to three them against the Hanson. And here, here's what happened. So Russell enters the ring to uproarious booze, but he's able to sufficiently start taking down. He's got like idols, growing them around people's next, pulling them in and dropping them down. And it's just a blood bath out there until right, enhance enters the ring wearing this champion's belt. And what happens is Debbie and casts approach him, and they say. Hey Brennan. You know what? I think that the man upstairs, you know, he's looking down upon you. He would really appreciate if you gave away the belt. Nothing's going to happen to you. You just give the Bill to us and everything should be okay. So Brandon much like he was duped in South Pacific, does the exact same thing gives away the belt and as a result, he is an s. voted out of the championship, and it turns out that are three way. Winners are cast Jatiya and Debbie love it. I love it. And of course everybody else is yelling from the stands. So you've got coach out there, yelling the cast of Australian survivor from this season is out there yelling, I, this is really entertaining. I love this ending. It would be very fitting, I think for Brandon hands to do that. That is this very wrestling standpoint where there's a psychological game that's played and he loses out to the mind games and he's he's swayed in that way. And maybe he could even join the family like he can leave family and take on a new gimmick and join him. Join the the people on the other side like this, there's plenty of opportunities in the wrestling world. If you were to continue this story where Brandon could take on a new personality and he could come out buttoned-down and wearing like a like the attire of like a Mormon elder something show up in the ring. Like I'm ready to preach the gospel. And then you've just there's so many wrestling characters, the hands family, really. I mean, they book themselves in many respects, so it's definitely there. I like this. I can't wait for a flip flip, flipped off season two. When actually the flipping involves flipping people in the wrestling ring and said, flipping house as you can put Debbie on flipped off as well. She's who is it? The food's it Eliza. Breath who flipped off the cameras in the preseason picture throw around there too. All right. Well, thank you for engaging me in my very bizarre idea, took on. Wasn't actual storms. That makes me feel. That I didn't have to jokes about hurricane sandy this well, and I have simulated much Wieder insisted on survivor seasons before. So this was just par for the course for me. Ugly. Yeah, we didn't have any inanimate objects. Good night yet. Although I didn't think this is super tansel, but when Davy found the lizard that everybody thought he was gonna eat and then he like put it in his bag. When I was thinking of this idea, this wrestling idea, I just had David popped into my head and his thing was throwing lizards. So he just be like pocket lizard, and he would just throw who is it somebody that was also an idea that went nowhere. But I thought I'd mention it because why not. Yeah, I went somewhere here. I love that. You said like, you know not to gentle as though we're really on point here lost too far away from our simulated wrestlemainia with the crazy survivors ever. I d like David lizard wizard. Lizard, just like catch, throw them on people to the Strack. Yeah, we and following in the footsteps of Jake, the snake Roberts. Well. Little lizard on his show, love it. So it's, we call them the lizard king, which would I think John Morrison would then say or John Hennigan would say, gimmick infringement Brel. That's my thing. Then we bring him in. It's perfect, we'll we'll have. Maybe we'll do another one in the future where John Hannigan wrestles the trail of cast and Debbie to see who truly reigns supreme here. But speaking of Davey, Mike question involves Davies, fantastic confessional about him finding the idol. He said, you know, I never. I never saw idol before, but when I took a with its smells like an idol, which begs the question, what are you guys thinking? Idle smells like this was discussed a bit at the panel is going to whether or not it smells like leather intone award. Are you thinking, what are your Ola factory senses telling you about the smell of an idol? I think the reuse these things so they have to smoke gross af after the smell like the go and people's pants. All the tile. Yeah. And. They go underground like the seafoam like beach, like just washed up nastiness that the gets buried under the ground there. I just think they smell like fish and inter five, like it's not good like this is some people's thinking. We are. I totally agree. I think Neidl just smells like straight up Dookie just because it's been in so many different places even just like sitting in the woods like it was in this wet sack or sit in the woods, Mike? Yeah, exactly. If an I I do sit in the woods and I just the way it probably did not smell too well, no matter what it was made of Leon. Do you have any thoughts about it? We already heard her thoughts are so little som in comparison. I was like, it's most like the craft store because they just bought all the beads, Michaels and slightly scented candles. That was my. But man. I mean, I can see where you're coming from, I guess. 'cause it's been sitting in the whole wet sack. Thanks Mike for that visual. For a while, smells like like damp burn. Yeah, exactly. Much like the sack you buy in four packs last week from Leon is listening. Well, the other thing is well as maybe there's something that producers can do in future seasons, where if they want idols to be more regularly found, should they like give the idols ascent so that people can follow that if you smell pumpkin spice in the middle of beating and you follow that sense, there's gonna all my God, more white girls will find. That's how you get more one. Thank you. Pumpkins. So glad that you. Because I wanted to make it and didn't feel. That is exactly right. I think that I think we'd have. We'd have the idol found in post-haste if you made it smell or something to that effect. Now there, what does that cinnamon rolls just walking off into the jungle women. Oh no, it's an idle. People might be so hungry that they might eat the idol though. That's a problem. So we had to run into that. You gotta make it smell something people is that movie theater popcorn. I don't think you wanna make it smell like something appetizing because they're so hungry out. There could just happen. I think you'd have to. I don't know what you could make it smell like that. Wouldn't wanna make people eat all these scented candles are some variation of something that you might want to eat. So I don't know if it's old books. Does that smell like old books? Exactly. But some people might be like, yeah, they, oh man, just as appointing. 'cause it's so frigging boring out here. I could read it Lisa book now, just haven't idol. What good is that information is the true advantage, obviously, books over idols. I think though if you want, if you don't want women to find it, you make it smell like axe body spray, but. Yeah, Dan would find it again though. That's the problem. Like you just run into this issue where the same person finds it. So I don't know. Maybe maybe what they do is instead of instead of the comfort items, you list your favorite smell before the season and that they have various things that are your favorite smell like, I don't know what Mike White's favorite smell would be maybe not side of. Show. Nacho league Ray. I mean, I think that I mean, dammit obviously brought him by acts bodies. But what about grand? Would it be like worthy original. Mothballs you really want grand to play this game. I want grand versus Dan Daf. This smells like those orange circus peanut candies so much. That everyone in the world hates. I don't know, this is how you maybe the same this game for a future week, but you could decide what each person's individuals smell was. We had Angela from big brother this summer who was very famous for her sense of smell and identifying the smells of the various people. Maybe we identify in the future what the various smells of all the various competitors are probably too many people left on the board at this point. And I guess maybe by the merge, they're all just going to smell terrible, but they came into the game smelling like that's a good question. Surprise, Josh. And that in Philly. Like, okay, here's a picture of a person. What do they smell like? Maybe that can determine a lot about what you think about a person who's talked about Russia, Russia, all the senses walls. I don't think we want to go there. We don't. So we will promptly plug are noises maybe for a future date to address more smells of survivor. But at least we've sort of functioned on our circled around one in idle smells like, and it doesn't sound like it's knows very good, good on the players for being able to hunt them out and keep those nasty smelling things on their person for such a long portion of time. Let's move on to our final segment each and every week here on the BNB. The question of the week questioned this week in honor of tying with our survivor mania segment. What is your John Heddon like nickname. And I think we sort of opened this up to be like either for yourself or for another survivor. We got a slew answers a lot of names. Let's see if we can go through these. Let's start with great friend of the podcast. Melissa Melissa. The most about said, I think Johnny Chen moon vest would be a good nickname for wrestler, John. They also said mayo of slam talent, be good as well though at Nick, my Arana might disagree. I think my mayo of slam town would be fun. Yeah. Can you could go the whole. Condiment route, you know, like. Really mustard relish only their time to shine in slam town. I mean, I think though Debbie, Mike distracted from her possible 'bout win by the mayo of slam town. So, you know, I used to be a model. He's like a Greek God donnas flam town. Let's go to partnership who says some nicknames of mine include garlic. Bread. Ouray r. a. k. man which stands for ropes axes, not man. Harks me put Mark sauce. Yeah, Parker. I don't know if you revealed your weapons of choice here. It's like BT k. are like, I think there's death a serial killer. I'm pretty hard jobs. Sounds like a park. Suck. Porn is into part killers struck with his RFK's again. I have two signature at the scene. Got a call the mayor of slam town so a foot. Well, that's what Parker's idle it smell like garlic. Bread. Obviously. Man, I would doesn't that idle. Yeah, that'd be. That'd be go hand in hand with the olive garden merged freest. I think that would be the hardest idle because it smells like garlic bread. Moving onto ever, Morris one, quick one, the less stress Adam. Oh, I love this very, very Haley from big brother, like active to apply to somebody as a wrestling. I would buy the pop figure. You're looking very a lesser this evening. All right. Next up trend. See, great comment on the AP BNB thread on the website dot com. Captain commenter cheap seat, concierge peanut gallery president. Hopefully not circus peanut gallery. We got the opinionated TC Khalidi thunder buns. Trent trivia to nations TC trencher the tormentor mister twister. For NATO, Trent t rent syndrome and tinker bell from hell. You really gotta get focused. That's too many. John had trips. Transmit working in Mexico, asks there. What is he rents in? Is that like a looting to something specific remote? It sounds like something that the close captioning people might have. We should look into it. Yeah, I want to go back to a law street. Does that just like an illustration like that word me. I mean, I've heard the word. I've just never really thought that it's just like the word Illustrated's. So Admiral just look like like drawing is a flat Stanley, just a tutti cut out of a Per Stig wish says a way a well. So similar illustrating that maybe they only used to draw illustrations of distinguished people at some point, and that's related. Yeah, all those paintings of English kings exactly. Lustrous well, known, respected and mired for path according to dictionary dot com and likely. Illustration, illustrating crowd. There was something rolled in here on the side of maritime updated that sorry. Well, look forward to our next segment where we talked about word origins, right? Sorry. Etymology to your podcast feed Edme. Oh, is. Algae. Grace leader said the saving grace. Everybody calls me that period everybody. That's ominous. They should team up with a Parker. Why don't they call the amazing grace? Like isn't that better than the saving? Greenwich have a saving grace. Nobody. Oh, man. Mazing grace would be a better wrestling game. I feel like, but that's just me unless you like always comes in is like the person at the very last minute to save the match all the rooms. Yes, she does run ins every time, so that might work. All right. Next up, Michelle says her wrestling names death-knell Michelle, the maroon Munns and magnanimous spider frenzies. Okay. Got this from a wrestling name generator? No, no, no, no. Crushing that one? No, Yep. Stepping on it. So I like the maroon monsoon because that fits in with all the chaos in the storms. And you can jump right in on the tag teams, not the actual storms. Thank God tag teams. So the maroon monsoon fits right in there. Let's go to great. Let's the Brennan Tatra. I'll be one of those wrestlers who always changes their Monica binging, Brandon business, Brandon bumbling, Brendan bully branded, and perhaps my favorite Bongo by new. Working like a like a drum circle gimmick where he's like dreadlocks and hanging out in the Park Lane hack. I like the seems up with the bucket drummers from the subway. I think you've got something there. Team bucket. Buck real better VME. Better and finally will from America had to put this in here Grover brains and brawn. Grove us, Jonathan Liana you got to watch the premiere of the neighborhood this past week, the lustrous neighborhood. What was it like. Okay. I'm trying to think of how to best describe it. I think I was confused most of the time because it was sort of this like so Cedric. The entertainer was clearly racist towards white people. Assuming that white people either are normal racist or they love black people so much that they're also racist. It was very unclear how I was supposed to take the show, the sons of Cedric entertainers character were a little more nuance feeling to really dive into it. We need a whole podcast about it or no one should ever podcast about it ever. But needless to say, so. I was I was intrigued. I might actually watch the follow up next week. Shows only get better. Right? Like the whatever you watched was what they used to sell, the shows I hopefully they've got more legs behind this thing this. You just watch the premise, here's I will say, Zine tire episode. I felt like I was watching the Grover Johnson promo. Am I what's funny about it? A my supposed to laugh like all the jokes were kind of like that where it was like, I'm sorry, is this funny? The laugh track is telling me to laugh. So it was sort of my impression. So we'll see if it changes and we moved past the Grover. Johnson promo, say promo for Grover John's because make me feel like he would cut a wrestling. I'm gonna take you in the backyard center entertainer. The love. Let's not take that promo any I, I don't wanna hear any threats from this little kid to his new neighbors because it's really took about a third forgot sake. Let's not do this. That's interesting. Grover. Johnson all cut to you. Hear what? What are your John Hannigan like wrestling names? Oh my gosh. I feel like I'm working like a like a lawyer gimmick. I did win. I once won the title in law school. So like I think the Missouri list might work to that effect. Yeah, Tuesay's one are somewhere in there like the, you know, the the, the Italian stallion Tuesay's one are I really. Yeah, you just have to like figure your way into working. The best wrestling gimmicks are the ones that are the closest to the person at their core. So like John CENA's wrestling gimmick is John sina like that too. We is right. So he came out when he first came in. He was this guy from the Boston area who was the white rapper, like that's the gimmicky was working. And that still is part of the all John CENA, but he's not out there really wrapping anymore. He's just John CENA. The rock was the rock like that's that's who he is like his legitimate name. He wasn't really portraying a character. It was like an amped up version of himself. So my wrestling guy is probably it's probably the Missouri list because I would just come out and talk the whole time and everyone would be sick of LOL your people into sleepy. I like that. So my finishers. I didn't. I had a really hard time coming up with as for myself. So the first head was because I do the Saturday morning updates for big brother, the Saturday morning delight, which is super creative. Yeah, the the the gallon Thein of sixty nine that I had. I don't know what that means. I was also really intrigued with George Bush of pushy, and I really tried to count with one based on like, I don't know, Theresa May or Angela Merkel, and then like who work in something that never came to fruition of anybody has ideas on that, please let me. No, no, no. The Theresa Theresa May of solid uniform. See exactly. This is why I need. I need help at all right. So Theresa May Saturday. You're going to Brexit from the rings. This is definitely might gimmick which normally make sense. It's just like I said earlier, amplify. You know. Let's go Theresa May of you. So I had. I've been fortunate in that. I feel like I've had some monitor monikers like gifted upon me in the past years of podcasting, Mixmaster Mike in the pocket. I've MC blue misery. I have from this podcast, a mop like meat boy, which I don't know what that would mean. Maybe I'll like brandish a Ma and throw meat and people spaces like Davy did with lizards. But I also went the presidential angle likely animus trying to do with the Millard Fillmore of man horse. Great. All right. So I'm sitting, we're all going to adopt that. As we start the p. wrestling league coming up berry sued the question of the week or next week in honor of gabbing Christians. Fantastic misunderstanding over their conversation. At the tail end of last episode, which survivor player would you want to play in the sand with now? Look, you can be whatever you want. Okay, open door here it can be drawing in the sand. It could be building, same castles, whatever you want, but you have a one player to pick out of the past six hundred plus that you wanna play in the sand. What's so go crazy people. This was such a good exchange. Like when I was watching the episode, I was just reminded about how wonderful it is. You wanna play with me in the sand. Onyx. He starts like. So good. Don't play in the sand with Rupert is all I can say, ends up with you. Murli underground shelter shovel all the RA k. man. So you can give your answer in a bunch of different ways. You can always tweet it to us. So using hashtag RHA p. b. and b. you can post your response on rob has a website dot com as well as rob has awesome patrons group. We'll be going over these next week with our very special guest. Look for the season started. We got this great announcement that Canadians are now able to apply to be on survivor, which is awesome. We've had Canadians on before, but we thought an honor of this occasion. We welcome on a new Canadian guest. I got to see her in person at live know it alls this week. Great. Kirsten McKenna's will be here to join us. Episode, three of survivor David versus just going to be a lot of fun. So make sure you send us your response to the question the week that we can review with Kirsten until Neo. Thank you so much for coming on and subjecting yourself to this storm without necessarily needing to personally tackle it of this podcast. You were great fun as always. How can people follow you on social media and catch up with all the great stuff you're doing on. SR Missouri list. No AC Mazaar Tuesay's one are on Twitter. We're going to wrap up better, call Saul here this week and then stay tuned. We'll see what's next. Awesome. Liana. How can people follow you on social media and catch up with all of your neighborhood? Live tweeting then I'm assuming you're gonna be doing over the obviously. You can follow me on social media. I am Liana Boris l. i. r. a. s. tweeting about all things reality, television. And of course the iconic, the illustrious, the neighborhood. Will you be doing drawing of the neighborhood to show how less reason? Right? Which we all know is part of the definition of stress. You could always right there. It's like almost the same word come on. You can always follow me at a Mike Lee type. Check out the exit press. I do every week on parade dot com. I talked with Jessica this past week about her reaction to her immediate blindside. She gave us some behind this info. About example, how close she felt with Nick, as I mentioned before, b.'s bond with Gabby, really interesting. Talk with Jessica in terms of other writing. I am doing a slew of stuff this past week for HR dot com. I have been lucky enough to attend New York Comecon along with the gray, Josh, by ler and report on a bunch of panels. By the time this is over. I should have out my report on these Star Trek discovery panel, as well as the boy meets world twenty fifth anniversary and the man in the high castle as well and a bunch of other random stuff in the meantime. So make sure I put everything out on my Twitter at Mike bloom, type. Appreciate all the listens and reads, you have for this fantastically crazy material that I get the pleasure of reporting on EV. Every week, so that's gonna do it for this week's BNB. Thank you all so much for thing. If you have a suggestion for a game, you want to feel free to tweet at us or Email are HP NBA g mail dot com. Always reading your suggestions and incorporating them into the show special. Thanks Scott saint-pierre for ending this behind the scenes from America or his theme song, and I should use Grover Brinton Braun Johnson. Instead, it's wrestling Monica and Paul. Paul Axelsson are great head rider. We'll be back next week breaking it all down with Kirsten McInnis episode, three of survivor David versus Goliath Antonio, Liana. Thank you both so much. Great work as usual. Thank you. All for listening. We'll check you out. You're next. Some game, bright. Off. Sounds. L. r. a.. He. Right. Awesome school. I can sell you. Are. Three. Beauties new all in one hair-color kits, make it easy to color your hair at home, everything you need to color, putatively radiant results loved by professionals, open to everyone. Sally beauty.

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