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This is a head gum podcast. Hey, everybody. Stay tuned for new golden pock love after the episode. Dope wars. Clock. How am I accidentally doing Jerry Lewis slapstick up here? Could never do physical comedy. If I tried, yes. So thank you guys for coming out. I'm sorry, your phones are in those yonder bags. You're probably envious of me staring at my phone for two and a half minutes as they read that intro. But it's a good thing. Those are in there, because tonight, spoil it vendors and. Game. But anyway, before we go any further this week's roast is courtesy of Brad Evans. Let me introduce my co host Hake. Williams junior bacon cheeseburger. Make some noise man. Nashville. Now, I know you guys got your phone those yonder bags, but we're going to spoil a vendor's endgame. Did you do that bit yet or no? Yeah. We did it before. Yeah. Sorry. But thanks for thanks for coming to the brainstorm session, we came up with that. It was a tough six hours, but landed on something great. I just wanna say. Y'all. Pop of the night was the pop of the night. Calling Papa the night the night right now. It's gonna be a bad night. I guess it's appropriate that you're up popping ninety seconds into showing. George Raymond Weicker. My father ferry proud. Life is proud of you. Perform. Very cool. State city. I feel bad for. I mean what what, what do you do? Second table here. Many table, the second table. U S for a second table. Really? It's this guy's. Looking at a table. Are you? Okay. That's great. Staring at someone. Creeping. Fun to watch. It's going to end your loop. Drop. What everyone show you wanna show? Thank you for that. If accused. But from the video game. Pink floyd. I actually like my. Continuing. How about that? Right here in music city. Things are about to turn around for Glenn Walker. By the way, there's not meant to say from that. Pedic's earlier. Folks. Oppressive. But, I mean it's Weaver. We are natural and we are FOX. We have much to discuss. I wanna touch on a couple of things are, are pretty a lot with us for this came over the Karenin station. Table. This. And he put the table. Basically been grappling with PTSD last. Last night. He had a mosquito. He said. Explainer in my. And I was like, I don't know if that exists. So I would be scared if there was a flying spiker by room. Yeah. That's a Todd McFarlane creation. You've seen kiss psycho circus. He was very worked up about that. I think he fell asleep moments later because he warm self out he, he chased it around. He he ultimately killed I was with him. And he killed them Skibo with a box of flash cards, he, I guess he's have homework is even what's going on like, in seventh grade. And then and then afterwards he was just very shaken up. Yes. And this morning, he knocked on the bathroom. I've been in the bathroom a lot strips show. I said this, I said this last night when we're Alabama you eat some crazy food down here. It's true. It's it's a lot. It's on. And you song knocked on knocked on the door in the bathroom this morning. It was like Mitch. I don't wanna freak you out. But there's a mosquito in the tub, and I looked, and it was a cricket, right? Houston does not know his bugs. I hope the flash cars were for bugs, he really does the delay 'cause like base. So, basically, what he thought spiders, exa-, he knew spiders exists. There was a flying, then he learns the mosquitoes, and then he generalizes that too, okay if it's not a spider. It must be some kind of mosquito. Well, now he knows cricket. So he's on the way. Growing. Yeah. He's, he's learning every day, but another thing, Mitch, and I am a man who spills, a lot of drinks. That's true. I may have spilled something yesterday. In the bedroom I was sleeping and on the cable box mutt. Once I. My water on the cable box. I don't think any function, but. You today, the tables were turned you spilled in the car. Everyone blow to way. While they brought pitchforks. I can't believe that you took note of that you door. I've made it I put it in my notes app immediately. Good thing. All their phones are honor bags. They become Uber's go home. That's why they do it just for us. I did. I we stopped at sonic. Yeah. Okay. And we, we, we got some cherry law maids. Yeah. And I grab the top of it in fucking exploded into the center of the council. It was a mess. But don't you very contained spill. Don't you have some empathy as someone who has lived through a spill yourself for a man who spills, frequently you turn this is like some sort of saviours thing, where we both this the first time I in, like two years? I'm saying, but like it's a pain in the ass, right? It was inconvenient. It was embarrassing. It was fine. Stop spilling. So much. I'll try as I said that I hit myself in the nose of the micro. I'm clumsy Mitch better. You don't wanna talk about sonic a little bit because it is not what we're reviewing today. But, but we did have it, and I think have something discuss, but I think to do that we should bring out our gas. We're thrilled to have him. It was his idea to go to his idea from drunk history company, bang may in Brooklyn nine nine makes them noise for Carl tart. We're the big screen, we all hit the screen screen. Yeah, we're in the heavy bees. Hats. Making your allegiance known from the outset. It is not included in my per diem set buddies, guys, I had to buy. Pocket carl. We went to sonic today. This was this was your idea, your at your son, you grew up in Mississippi spent time, here's a child. You're a sonic fan, big fan. I usually keep the same order. Every time I go the foot long chilli cheese Coney and. I'll play around. I don't play games in case you don't know Nashville games. They do. They do a great hotdog there. I got myself the BB L T, which is a bealty on a bun. And no one is really. There was one wou for yours. Look, the foot long chili dog is more of a crowd pleaser, they BB LT. I think is a limited time offering it also sounds like a porn hub search. Taff. Just just large beautiful women crushing sandwiches. Keep talking. But. I'd like those yonder bag looking to know right now. It was great. A few times before love their talk, salty and greasy and crispy bacon bacon, just place, the Patty with bacon. And I didn't know I thought it was it was. Patty. But i'm. At that point was feeling. Into the bathroom. Nick. With. In the floor. Use the restroom. Fairly private one person restaurant. Not feel. Chilly. Be worth it. Surely. In the car next to both work. Alabama slash Tennessee. Okay. You saw this joke. Good. It's fitting prison in Tennessee. Because the state is a real green Hilton. However. Oh my God. I think it's ten out of. We had some before went to sonic today last night. We went out party Huntsville, Alabama. We went and did some Kerry. Okay. They said we were. Considered that party. Let's. But you did have two maybe three I think. I think. No. Three. Can't. Yeah. In. Trait? Now I can throw them back. This one is called. It's a little upsetting. It's called. It's a little. Not super happy. One person. Anikin describing. Carry both of you guys critical singers if you're double. Mazing on these. Did we say Nikki? No, I got a little. Also looking. Get their next. Context, plus? Poorly to carry Christmas. Guest. What's night? One of. For sure. Maybe some. If you could read my mind by Gordon. Read bitches. Country, I used to credit. To become. American, which is great. I know the lyrics because it wasn't boy scouts. Memorize that also. The other four in. But. The. The heart. Land, right back for the girl next could be with the French or the friends for. We're the. California's agricultural state in the nation. People think different part of the reason why I asked him about the. In the heartland. California. Grappling with with poice couch. Amid that next. Changes thing. The world is crazy. Gordon lightfoot. Was it? I did more than didn't you? From? Face common theme. Risk. Which stands for nothing. I guess the whole thing is for you how this nothing but love. That happened to us. Turned blue. News, responsible for the bar was crazy. A little. Eight. Campbell. Forget about the guy. Barracas. I hear. Because I thought I thought he was. It was just okay. Talked to this guy's by cram. Never played with the former. Thing he said. Never played. That was several generations. He was he was. Mike. It was that formers indoors during winter playing pool. Really good at it hustle forever. Forever. But beyond that we're on the road. The viewing tonight was actually basically we. First thing we because we flew to Nashville, restaurant we drove. We hit a waffle house the next day. But. Good looking. My expectations were just like this place. So, but in some. Second perfect score. Every. Would. But the first thing we did we landed. We went to peace. Hasn't been around for that long. It's it's it was in twenty two the mill road. Millrose location, right here in Nashville, which is not the original. But I think it's going to be ritual three and we all it's like. Start here Frank chicken one of the most foods if you like universally people have fried chicken, feel beyond the chicken, how do you feel feel about fried chicken? Treasure that you love. Tolerate. What do you think? To death. Chicken. Fan. Yes. Do you like waiting, sir? Flex. Yes. Thinking man's Wayne. Drums are also. Good. Hey, you get one flat and one Trump. Accessible on people like you. Thinking. Trying to be nice. Baby. In the green room, which I should note that my wife agreed with. Mitch said that the story. Rusty. I agree with you, because you are so likable. People want to be this was something one of our friends in the green room. Is that people sometimes themselves, but they wanna be friends with you. Better person to be friends with. Don't boy. Time magazine cover too. I'm prince by this picture. Yes. But there's another bullet in. Killer bees. Back. Here's the one closest to stay side here. There's Tim the toolman tailor. Trill, like. Rodriguez. It's crazy. Four. Tim special when I was a kid because we liked home improvement. Very comedian. Doing stuff. Jokes. Scandalized. But one thing I do know this is weird that he has the power never power on stage. Improvement. Picture Coleman on comedy. The character, but it's a tribute to his career success. So we went to the patient. Yes, please. Be so much more fun. Whatever. We just don't. We had to. Davy crockett. Hill for moment. Crockett's. Famous tennessee. Fucking. Skin. Mitch county. Apocalyptic time to. Keeps keeps getting more and more insane. Leprosy on the road. Yes. This point that myself you get the plate with. The two sides bread pickles. Let's those pickles, which were pretty nice to sweep just vinegary Prien to them. Posting of the. There's. Spicy. Pretty much plano, white bread. It's top. So I got the torque. Dirk. And it's big. It's a lot of stuff. So here you got a bunch of different settings. There's something to. Got one. But the one of the one of his called shut the clock. This one. They feel about these. It gets kind of fun, the spirit of like it's like conflicting. With profanity the clock clock. That's clearly. Hundred. I guess just kind of. Should be more neutral than score earning. I should be rename level. Next. One more. Five. Second. This level. Giga getting what Burke configuration you're waiting. Figuration. Roasted just repeating. Uniformed order. I got him. Yes. Tasted. This. Waiting for seeker. Like Mitch earlier pandering. But unlike you just like you, I don't. The clock because I feel like. Get three main portion is finally the. Contest to be unpleasant, like a meal. Get where you're going forward. I can tolerate it, but I just rather have something working toward the flavor. Also, someone who you've been unfortunately, the of spicy food. You love it. Disrobing. What are you? It's been three days. I don't go. Last night. Mcleod sports. You can really feel. Phil bill. It's. I know crows. But it's true. The. It was it was. The right level. I think it was a joy. But after. It's legitimately too. Fight is a lot of time to the team restaurants. Not not like Sasha del Taco Bell. Like. But, but here, actually means that is something of a challenge. But, but let let's talk chicken, what did you guys think of beyond the heat intensity? How did that work for you? Take those. Juicy. Get. And. Jersey. We'll be living. It was it was threats. Big breast was juicy right. That was spun. Fucking with mom. Right. A cautionary tale. He is. He's like. Doesn't like see breaking the law. There's no leaves. Z white. Phones, Cheka pitches. Cancel. Very quickly. There's all these pieces of shots. Comedian here. Just like red exits over. I agree. Christmas crunch, crackle skin. Damn right intensity for me. The clock up in a second. But for the. Moisture. Really deliver. Ben Mitchell happy with yours. Yeah. Was still it was still was. Breast. And we look on there. Notice favorite. Phonetic TV. Tender just to try like. But instead, like try. I went back. In the state that definitely. Half of definitely be more than hot even though it's one. It's actually it's more like five feels like a real escalation in terms of intensity. For second. Nick tender the. Yes. Right. Then make a face. He doesn't do anything. Missed. His reaction. The rest of this. But yes, like just like eight. Feel like filled with. That feel like. A water tone. Right. Office and have a conversation about must see TV for sure. It's that feeling actually. Visceral. Broadcast the same degree. I haven't talked about it for ten minutes. Intestinal distress result of that result. Drinking. Two. It's definitely on your on your. A little bit. Could still gives an expert, destroy physically. Okay. What with the southern in the risking potatoes potatoes potato salad? What are these? What are these shows? Mount potato more favorite four potato preparations were a minute potato. That was a mistake with definitely. Potato? I know people were worried about it. Cancelled. But this was actually probably the single best of all things that we had from that was coined down the. When I need a little bit of noises. Annoys flavorful, kind of, you know, different than nice way. What what sites go with your husband? What was your? With a mental. Yes. Disgusting. I feel like I'm Mike mature mature. Enjoy. It just. This. That's basically. Mississippi. And it's actually play like this. It's good, but I think it has to be. On its own. Premium. The potatoes. Great. Good potatoes. Pickles. Mac and cheese. Baked beans? Also. Baked beans? Little. Taste baked beans. The big big. Like. Fries fan of fries favorite ways to do that? Bill talk shake shack. It's, it's nice but they were fine there. Maybe that's the. Still. I think the overall characterization scientists, like right? They do. They do. Find good sort of spectrum. Yes. Oh here. It's been friends. The size. Tatty. I think that's probably definitely would agree with that in terms of the Serb, which, I think, were, were better here than they have pies. But here that we had the peach cobbler in the pudding. Like a lot of fun. Didn't you? Have fun getting them the point of eating. Yes. Hemisphere. Streep. Yes. Streeter. Got after heading. We got the peach cobbler. Nice. What is it? The -ticipant discipline displayed collectively, by the audience of every to sit back and just one person. Basic. In this country. This. Crazy was eating. You're supposed. The people at the garden. One benefactor wanting. Comedy club. Cocktails. I did cocktail. Only work had so forth. I thought maybe Mike the split banana pudding, these the ice cream noted that peach cobbler was really good preference. What about these? Desserts. We got to that we told it back to where we were after we got home. Creek hoping. Solved spotty when the right and. Just two. Took them six hours to get through. Really, really good. It was great. And it was so warm that that scream was just like so quickly, really, really fast. There were tragic wise. Getting some some. Thirty and then you got frozen. The party was like. Let's self. Beginning alcoholic slushy. It's kind of if you don't see. Someplace like on the president here. It's your right in there. Into postal. Clearly. Strong in that. I like I like my drink. That was great delivered on Stacey like an Arnold Palmer and then punched because he thought it was called. Take off your young, please. Whatever. The forty minutes. To win came up with your brain just like operating like spitting rainbow back. What did you hear cocktail? The frozen whiskey. Short. And so that was that was absent. Just turned into sweet. Two. And desserts. I got half of it. Right. Metallics. Finished the sweet stuff. I did the birdie. I was the driver. I wanted to I wanna. Admirable restraint. A regular limited afterwards. It was it wasn't too sweet rights, but it's, it's. Hennigan citrus. Have we talked about this a little bit of the carpal, where do you lean on me because he kinda got the sweet teaser beverages, which one? Sweet tea with. Sorry. Everybody. Feel like. Filter. Themselves. He also likes. When people think of Seinfeld. So people will think of. Classic films. Two. By the thirty pickle after. That's the truth. Fits. What is it right? At our table. It's like right near. Big fan of. We're worried about it. That was going to see something problematic. But he is. Let's get let's get to review. We would be awful house yesterday this works. We will. Mation of thoughts and this age rating folks, your cast. We'll begin with him. I. With. Was this. Bye. Right. Got the spice. Mac and cheese. Bourbon pope. Desserts came. Your thoughts. B's my stomach Erdal weekend. State. They were like what is the seventh. The eleven whatever. Thick. The. What month is? Seven. No. It's thursday. Two days earlier. I never went. You didn't you? The rental you can't miss that window, and it was white. Whiten it seemed like to be afraid of me. The problem with. The problem with one of the problems of the working relationship. Yes. Frayed of me. You look. Killer in you'll become kind of like people on the one of the biggest. I know. Confused. He started talking. Country song. But I can't do that. Two. Please, please. Motto? Real. The bees. Please works. Also agreed backstage he'd never talked. She's. Of a song that I liked it. It's good. It's a few different ways of this point. Nationals. Fried chicken? The life coming to my favorite things. It's, it's fucking great dish. And I think this is good execution of it. I think it does. I think it does a good job of stealing up and chain form. In said it was good. Not quite a fight for definitely deserves for forks. Welcome to the golden. That was a review. Time for our segment. We're gonna get killed. Wanna go to prince? Splendor, princess. It's atrocious. Remember? Car crash right now. And then. It's open right now. And then Bolton's we're thinking thinking about going to tonight, but I couldn't fucking my stomach. Waffle house petty. With people are able to people's like this. That's. But it just like it maybe get like something. Patty. Time for. Tickets you're paying for later. Folks payments. Talk about also. That's the thing you just generally. Don't send me this to be this point. What's unusual? That every time we saw. Hot hot spices on your. My tush my penis. Already. So. Book. Department quite tonight. Contact. That's right. Peanuts. I grab the desert. Excu. It really watchers careful watch yourself. Nostrils can make you guys know this that's for listeners in general. Maybe don't live right here, national folks, we gotta get towards I've got a mystery panel was guess what it is the white. Might pass any challenge. Spell of please welcome from kickstart reduction. Thank you for twenty. Because. We're gonna. What? What the reaction was the biggest threes. Threes. Tennessee, your whole. Specifically. Okay. So it's. Tonight. Because. It's a good thing to do the tourists. I it's good. You can. So principal. Both are really good. Snowbo-. The chain based. Podcasters. Yeah. What, what do you think on? Your favorites, Tennessee here national maybe just in southern food. So I think family's the best way. What's, what's. The table with a bunch of people. Pass you vegetables vegetables. Whatever they have to somebody's house. It's, it's fried chicken cornbread. It's potatoes. Sticks, but it's a big. With a bunch of strangers. Before I talked to. There was this. All Cleveland big. Nick believe to be true. That went into. Totally. Have been bracing amazing singer. Songwriter who says contributed a lot to American music, seems to be a human being. For being bus. Trading. That's really interesting. But probably primarily. It was. Cancelled. Really? The lowest. Like what do you get there? You give. Definitely gonna see him, so I told him so. Turnip greens like green beans scout potatoes, you can get the. But. Chicken meat Meatloaf. Personally. Yeah. By the way, everybody just talking at a normal volume. Pretty continue. Laughing. To work. Personal anybody who goes. Talking. Real jobs to me. That's my big. Yes. Bigger people. Pepys thought it'd be like Super Mario brothers three big giant. I'm still fucking big. When you reference remarkable further streets. Like a like a sign that's been scaled up four times. Mentioned. Did you say? People physically. You want to get. Let's. What you are. Tasting. Thank you. What you were spelling. Most. During. Depression. Not good. Thanks, what exactly what? Local Tennessee knowing Crockett. From? Play clock. Lancer. Jesse what he says? Yeah. I mean it's, it's like. Cream soda? Kind of, but it's. Kirpal right there. Yes. Comb. Liquids. With this case. What it is. Do you. Never. Let's guest. Can't be flavored coral. Just what do you think? Here. Creep blueprints cream soda out there. You want to give a specific just with. Okay. Yes. So what does that only read something? From? This is fake. Final crooked. You will. Turkey. For for, for picking that on the story. We're doing. Before the show. And like joy. You're watching the green from closer. Someone Twitter message me. Thinking. Say when you back after the show just be on the lookout. You see that. This to think. Nice. What a meeting wasn't screen truck in. There is people. There is one. Yes. Look for that ice contract. But. Say. Locals, including everybody Charles Ingram here, what what's Tennessee twinkle we should get for the white talent, and people said. See people from Georgia, but I guess people. Four stores. That's why we're here to call you. I actually I really like. Six. Six. I was stricken way too. Way too much of that. And then I got it up. So tired. Stay keep from this capping fucking four hundred of sugar every was crazy. Do you like RC cola? Challenge, just like feedback. Audience. Actually can work. Microphone, please. Rather? What, what was the table all about earlier? The interim I was supposed to sit on the table. I think we're reading something this after the. Reassure pickup. Raised right there. Looks like making this. Let's go. You're. Area. What? Rex over here to my right. Let us know. Your name of his, I feel I feel. Where do you finish? When you solve. Three. Strange. Clean. Let's, let's experts. Are you gonna cut? Hi. My name is mentioned. Yeah. After that's. We have with me were established. No. Like, like it's. Stuff your own which is place. If we. Casserole names. I wanted. No question. People people smart because calculating. And it's not even that Lord. Small. Courage junior. Torture. Okay. Yeah. Heart attack. That's closest to me. That's a tricky one. That's a great question. Thank you. Myself restaurants. Cuddy. I feel like I could Chili's. Really? Chilly. Another question. Let's have the audience. Somebody. Question Jordan, Jordan. Portillo. Yes. Caper some. Can't say that we. Empty? But it just didn't projection for a second. He's a very heavy. Say. Okay. Tricks. Texting. From the Crecy maple together caper. He doesn't remember anything about either. There were many costumes. The question somewhere. Pulsing. My question is. The most embarassing. Plus you've ever. Putt cast four, but for me the worst was having pullover. Click just had doesn't big liquid. I just want to. And didn't do a quiz. And I just to like I couldn't even. I. Bathroom one person bathroom very little. Six. This. Terrible. What? Water. What happened? Anyway. Maybe with that. Cast. I've told on the pockets. The accessible. Yes. That was different. We're at one two weeks. Party attack. I was. So I pulled over to the. I said this, too. Jack was let he know in rock forever. Please. Consulted you couldn't breathe. Pants michael's. Desolate. That sucks. We do. We do the weekend. And we're all the same check. And. I did. Here's the right here. Really? The dodger fan base. Jordy. Covers. Run over to. Option. This person's car. People were so supportive. They saw. Got it was impossible. Doing the perk, drums. You're walking. Right in there. It was. Offer giving person. Jeez. This multiple path there. Five. Everywhere. That's, that's an issue that there should be publicly accessible restaurants. Like. Function. This. Everybody. Big tonight. Get by with them. Walking. Talk. Trample. Any emergencies. Fitting, shameful hell. We got time for one more question. Okay. More questions. Takers are where. Okay. Last week. Six. Right. Sounds like she's. What's your question? Especially to get. If you have some connection to it. I think that's, that's the real answer. If it's whether it's the south where whether it's out borough, west coast, whether it's whatever your whether it's friendly's when he's. He's. People. Including myself the. Restaurant people go in there. Heart is the cheesecake factory. I think it's a complex proposing. But if you. Sixteen. Any thoughts of great proposal place missing? After. L U. Would. The king. My lovely wife. Open up a Big Mac stick. Stuck right in the middle. Thinking just imagining proposing. Lovely. Sure. Pretty good. One more question. Just. What's your what's your question? What's this the most because? Anymore. You can't bring yourself. So full. I have an answer his connected to, to valley, which is. Slurpy which is fucking. Do it anymore. I used to wish to get one every day. Store. About diet people. Every was a Cup of coffee. Just after work treat insane so much sugar. This is like four hundred fifty calories of sugar. Putting the bodies every day. How many fucking great? Got the answer. Anything anymore can love pitchy? Pepsi, pepsi. The west coast. Expand out. I mean, I guess maybe it's good that we don't expect out there and if it is retry. Right. Michigan. I'm still hurting. So be careful on the sides of Tennessee tonight. Watch. Just having more. Pepsi. Black. Good. Five seconds Erica. The thing I don't let myself. A watermelon. It's just insane. You can't. You can't. It's a lot about cookout. Refuting right now. Leave. You guys claim RIC later. What? Boy, mitch. It's time for another dish. In of the golden pock Lub here in Mayow. That's right. That's right. Cat. This is this is a work with the Santa door foundation to help find lovely cats. Some loving homes and our cat this month are catcher if you will. I love it, Nick, the catch ler and this guy is a catch, because he is a an incredible and a lovable. Honk named Dwayne the cat Johnson, very handsome, very modest. Links point Siamese Tomcat has the prettiest is but he doesn't know it has the tightest meow, but doesn't know it. Arming huckabee'll, and the nicest cat you could ever hope to meet extremely handsome, little guy. He's a charming huckabee'll guy, Nick just good looking cat will put a picture up so you don't have to trust. Our words you can see with your own eyes Nikki's food in love motivated, I'm half motivated by that. He has been known to find room for multiple dinners in treats every day. Like cheat day you got your cheat days every so often some. With me. Everything's cheaper maybe. By the way, I was thinking that movie hall pass. Better. It would have been better into the whole pass into being a week. If it was called cheap day, and it was a day, that's a better title and more, compressed, compressed timeline makes it so that they have incentive to like these horn guys can get their horns out. Do you have any other movies from four years ago? You wanna punch up for years ago is being charitable from like two thousand eight. Nick, he's Dwayne the cat. Johnson is a gentle giant, like your friend, Mitch. He's sure is. And hey, he say you know, he's a little tough go of it. He's been living on Los feelers in the streets for seven or eight years got a got brought into center door foundation. And he looked like he got into a fight. He had some abscesses. He it's a medical concerns. He you should know that he is FIV positive. And but also know that most FIV cats can live a long and healthy life, as long as you're taking precautions to expose him or any other positive cats to kitty colds or viruses, as everybody have a harder time, Nick, even when he went through all that they said he was acting like an angel. Yeah. He's, he's a real lovable guy. The kind of cat they can get along with everyone. He's happy to be part of an samba, but also easily be your your loan cat. What have one cat around the house? He's that first atoll and hey, you wanna meet Dwayne the cat Johnson? You can forget fast and furious. It's time for fast and furious. Anyone interested me this big Phil in person can go by the rescue Friday, Saturday or Sunday from noon to five pm three one six five Steelers boulevard. Los Angeles, California nine zero zero three nine or will put the Santa door social media up on the Doboy. You patriotic Nick there's Twitter. There's one category really push for its Dwayne the catch on doing the cat deserves. She's had a rough goal if I was gonna bring a laugh, IV isn't a death sentence. A lot of cats, live a long time with for sure. And give this give this guy a nice home for a good decade where you're going to make his life, and he and he'll make your life, a lot better to Nick. That's, that's for sure. And hey, for more information on the catch Johnson or any of the many cats vailable for adoption Sentate door dot org. Essay N T, D, O, R dot org, or check out their Instagram sent a door rescue, and that'll do it for this episode. What? It's may. Ow. Next. Mayow. Let's give Dwayne the catch Johnson a home. What isn't that? What a nice intimate wonderful wonderful and to a very wonderful meow filled months that would be go to Hobson schon Hobbs. And you say guess what? My cat's name is Dwayne the catch and the whole theater's gonna love ya with somebody will make like is it named Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes? No. That's stupid. This out of here in the us. Your kicks the guy out the fucking door. He goes out there. He's like, it's Paul painful price for this ticket in everyone's shut the fuck up. You loser. And then he goes, he goes to work, and they're like house Hobbs. And he's like, oh, it was good. Like, what part do you like best? I don't know the court chase keyed in that shit. You get the fuck and fire pieces shis job. He goes home and walks in, what's going on, on dude is railing as wife, what the fuck why. It's because you didn't see Hobbes and show you loser. This guy's a Hobson Shah, and he knows how to satisfy a woman get fuck out of here, then you get a gun and put it in your mouth. I'm social cool and you pull the trigger doesn't work. You're such a fucking still yourself fucking loser anyway, with you. That's going to happen to you sent door dot org. That was a hit them.

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