Hour 1: Panic Time in Boston?


That indeed we understand when it comes to hiring. It's important to have a large talent pool the choose from but sometimes too many good options can be overwhelming. That's why he he doesn't just give you access to a large pool of job seekers. We also offer screener tools that let you instantly narrow down your search hone in on hiring with indeed experience indeed for yourself today and get a free sponsor job of great on your first posting and indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply. It is time to get up with. Tom brady on the field on the books for three more years. We'll explain the one thing he's done against the least attention but has the most impact plus about cowboys. We've got to skeptics on our set to tell you why they think their ceiling as how far they can go this year as a team and how sweet it is the yankees freeing the brooms against boston. What does it mean for the rest of the season. That's the question jess. Mendoza has the answer all that more. Let's get add up with you starting right now good morning and it is a delight to be back and it is a light to see all of you are seeing here ryan is we're turning the t._v. You were right. Yes and i had turned on the t._v. I would've been awfully far away. Test is not as far away as iran. It's nice to just get off to israel for three days and look odd. Show is here for the first time nice to have you here all right. We're delighted that you have chosen to start this morning with us here and leads get into it right off the bat. We start with contract news. Tom brady he turned forty two on saturday and the patriots celebrate by finalizing a contract extension that will keep him under contract through the twenty twenty. One season shefty says the deal will <hes> brady twenty three million dollars this year which would leave him tied for the sixth highest salary amongst quarterbacks in the national football league. Let's get more on this. Let's go to allen park michigan. Where we are patriots support it might grease as the patriots will practice this with the lions today good morning. Mike and why is this particular contract extension sort of a unique situation for the pats in for brady well. Oh could morning greenie. It's actually historic. The patriots have never done a contract like this before. Let me explain. They gave tom brady an eight million dollar raise for this season and then they added two more years onto the deal but those years are actually leave void years. They're there for salary cap purposes. They actually don't exist. I it's very similar to what the saints did with drew brees back in two thousand sixteen when they signed him to a five-year extension but it was actually really a two year deal because it included three void years on the end of it. So what does this mean for the patriots and tom brady. They're going to be back at the negotiating table before the end of this two thousand nineteen league year because brady is essentially a free agent after this year with those two void years added onto his extension. Now that is actually very interesting devolvement opened one. I didn't see reported a lot. When the news came out well done meanwhile quickly the patriots. I'm told me a tourist stop before getting to michigan. What can you tell us about it. Well we know greenie that can't ohio is about two hundred miles away from detroit michigan. The patriots bill belichick decided to stop at the pro football all hall of fame in canton and that's where tom brady sort of reacquainted with a historic peace his draft card of course back in two thousand the one hundred ninety nine pick in the draft the six rounder. He said you never wanna forget where you came from. They stopped in canton before they got here. In allen park michigan for these joint practices imbalance spend any time with a sketch artist to start working on the bus. Now i mean you know you might as well get ahead. It is not just like i don't know i didn't ask them the courtesy laugh. If you give the host of the show it was funny. It wasn't that fun. I got r._c._a. Gotta show here. What do you make this and that was very interesting about these void years. Obviously obviously you add a little money. You create a little more salary. Cap space feels like a win. What did you take away from it. It's definitely a winning when you look at it that way and you hear about the eight million dollars. It added right into his contract. It was the right thing to do right. They were sitting there and they even thought to themselves. It's ridiculous that tom brady's only gonna make fifteen million dollars this year. When there's so much money being thrown around the quarterbacks who haven't done half of what he's done in this league now you also look at it the two years it also says we understand where you art in age right. We understand where you are your career and we will come back and revisit his later. This was supposed to be done. It had to be done. The pages went about it the right way see. I don't even look at the void us. Let's be frank. Tom brady's calling the shots. He's gonna play as longest tom. Brady wants to play same thing for fitzgerald on the other coast in arizona. Tom brady's due to lead your team to to back to back super bowl one of which you lose you still play great but the other one you win. He's going to play in new england as long as he wants to. And that's the way it should look. We're already an unprecedented. The president did territory here. He's forty two years old. No quarterback has ever accomplished anything close to what he's doing at this age. I'd also like to throw in there. I think that if you look at one of the things that has sustained the patriots in this unprecedented success they've had over two decades. It is the fact that brady has never been the highest paid quarterback. You're just a little pop up on the screen. They're about how many quarterbacks have made more money than he has in the last few years and that's been the case going all the way back to the beginning and the reality is the flexibility that is given bella chicken. The organization i think is is it sometimes underappreciated factor and how good they. I think this is something that we talked about because a lot of times you can't. You can't understand why a guy like ally manning has made so much more money than tom brady and somebody situations tom brady's had the luxury to not necessarily want more money or need more money and the other other thing that i think has been astonishing is. It's not like they have used that money to get him more weapons. There's never been other than randy moss and obviously grunk who got who's the guy that was drafted there. He hasn't debit taken this money going out and get and they haven't gone out and got julio jones there so it's been very weird or kinda strange that actually impressive to watch what's new england patriots when new ver- even with the space tom brady has given i'll say this brady makes a weapon a weapon. That's what it comes down to. They don't have odell. They don't have the jarvis landry julio jones but if you're a receiver for the new england patriots because of tom brady because of whose hands of balls in that's who that's why you become a weapon but i think green the nail on the head when you don't have to to pay your quarterback elite money that is top tier money then you have more luxury to do things elsewhere think about how the eagles with carson wentz. They weren't paying him a ton of money. Okay i'll give you another thing i'll give brady bunch of respect because we all understand that his wife makes a lot of money and that he has made a lot of money off the field but there's a certain degree by which a lot of guys measure measure the respect they received by the number and he has never made it about. That's how much you love me in this league. That's how you tell me how you feel about it. I don't care what you say into meetings. I don't care what goes around building. It's what that contract says in off season when you say you know what we love you this show the number that he seems to care about is the one of the number of rings that he has on his fingers. Are let's get to a team chasing them. Everyone's chasing them. Among those teams that cowboys who have several key contract situations to resolve themselves and it starts of course with that guys zeke elliot holding out two years left on his deal he'll make under four million dollars in cash value during this upcoming season amari cooper one year left at fourteen million but keeping him long term won't be chief after michael. Thomas set the receiver market with a five year. One hundred million dollar contract and there's dak prescott making backup quarterback money with a year left the two million dollars before hitting agency when he will be due for a significant raise. If there is no extension. I obviously missed the player that he is is but i know that he's he's getting better. I know that he's working on his game. He's getting he's in shape. <hes> he's gonna make sure that he comes back and he's back on this team is a better player than when he <hes> then before camp <hes> or before the spring and then yeah i mean he's a good friend obviously one out here but as business friendship is french seven businesses business <hes> you don't cross those so there's the quarterback talking about his star runner and both these guys are severely underpaid when you compare them to their peers in terms of average annual value zeke is the tenth highest. Hi is paid running. Back deck is the seventy eighth highest paid quarterback behind obviously a whole lot of backups there and so listen at some point. We have to assume they will get get. Those situations worked out. If those guys are on the field that will obviously be on the field. Physiology eventually is on the field. I wanna have a conversation about what you believe. The ceiling is for these dallas cowboys. The ceiling is what it always is going to be a little bit above average. There are going to be a team. That's exciting to watch on defense. Obviously they'll be able to run the ball but in the past half decade winner the dallas cowboys not been able to run the football. This is what this team is built around but when you look at what we've seen from a team being mediocre eighteen being averaged the dallas cowboys are the poster board for that the poster boys for that they're the team that we see each and every year with with the high expectations before the season and they always let you down why why is that it comes down to jason gary to our point. The cowboys had the league leading rusher before before zeke was at redrafted and demarco murray yet they won thirteen games with their ceiling but garrett to me is the problem when i say problem he's the limiting reacted. The buck stops here. You have a decent above average quarterback you having a leak running back. You have an elite wide receiver and you have to young studs linebacker with one of the best pass rushers in the game but you only they gave us ten wins last year. You gotta tell me why that is. It's not about the talent sooner or later. The coach has to find a way to get the best out of everybody on the well. They looked like an entirely different team once they acquired art amari cooper during this season i will say this. I disagree with you. Both i think the cowboys are as good as just about any team. I know you don't think the best team in their division winner of that division is the best team in the in the winter. That division is going to be the philadelphia eagles. They had the best quarterback they've shown that they have the best coach their retooling things on the defensive and now aside from amazon alshon jeffery you now have the sean jackson take the top off of momentum and louis riddick said that he thought that they were gonna have the m._v._p. Deleted incarcerate went right and i believe it. I believe he's going to be a quarterback that drives the ball down the field. He's going to be a quarterback with something to prove and this is the team that wins the n._f._c. East to the eagles are feast or they're going to be famine. Everything depends on carson wentz thirteen and three or they are six and ten of carson wentz they healthy. I agree with wholeheartedly. Nobody's touching the eagles but if he gets rattled adult if he gets hurt. I don't see why the cowboys can't take it with ten wins like they did lash. If the eagles win the division and the cowboys are something in the neighborhood of ten and six and don't make a deep he play are fun. We'll jason guarantee their coach he because jerry jones but let somebody else called. Get him out of there. You think houston even though i don't i don't i don't think he survives just getting to the the playoffs. No point jerry jones is going to take a stand and i believe that this is the year you have to have a year like you had when tony romo and dez bryant where the guys that you actually won the division it made it to the playoffs prediction if that happens if the cowboys wound up winning nine or ten games this year and don't make a deep playoff run lincoln riley becomes the richest man in america this this keep a very close eye on lincoln riley bank account because jerry jones will do anything and everything to get that guy too big d. We have a lot more football in the news this morning laura. Let's get up and go. We've again again greedy with jordy nelson eleven year n._f._l. Veteran has decided to call it a career. He'll be signing a one day contract with the packers to retire with the team that drafted him r._t. Is jordi already an underrated receiver. He's absolutely underrated listen. This isn't wes welker. This is danny amendola. This isn't any of the guys that you might try to compare them to. He was tall doc was fast. He was strong. He's the guy i still have nightmares. Seeing in the super bowl. He was absolutely amazing will done jordy nelson a great moment at the women's women's british open as twenty year old and nocco chaban knows thank. The birdie putt on eighteen to win the british open. It was her first time ever playing in a tournament outside out of japan so bruno finish eighteen under par to baseball. We go christian yelich back in front breaking the homerun tie with mike trout and cody bellinger that m._v._p. Race is really really tight. What do you think's gonna happen. Jess mendoza will yell win his second straight and ellen. V._p.'s more home runs and he did last year but watch out for cody bellinger. He is on his tail the yellow even having a better season than he did in his m._v._p. Season last year it's been fun to watch you forget about yellowstone's defense as well gold glove caliber twenty stolen bases unbelievable. Here's something you don't see every day. Tell marseille of the diamondbacks hit a line named dr in national center fielder harare par mitzvah catch martin would go all around the basis for an inside the park home run just an outfielder the sense to give you some qualms lonesome never dive unless you know absolutely that ball's gonna get knocked down or do. They got your back because that is exactly what can happen. Yes worst nightmare for outfielder. Got turn away from that. When another fan was hit by a foul ball yesterday as a liner off the bat of rangers willie calhoun struck a woman in the head she was taken to the hospital. It'll just what should major league baseball do about this constant. It's not a question anymore. Just get the netting out and every ballpark. It'll happen by next year but the fact that hasn't already already on every all thirty clubs is just ridiculous and this is going to keep happening. The yankees did complete the sweep of the red sox last night winning seven to four aaron judge edge and geo or shallow both homer the yankees scored all seven runs off david price just before we get to price what stood out from the yankees last night it was actually a judge. I sat in here with you laura on friday and pointed out how much he has struggled. We've talked about the injuries. They've needed aaron judge's bat and it came alive. Even aaron boone said this is a guy. That's going gonna get hot and we need them yet. Talk about a one eighty from a yankees pitching staff that allowed forty four runs in their previous series against the red sox this weekend yankees pitchers held boston austin to just twelve runs any one eighty opponent batting average everybody talking about the yankees should've gotten some more help in that pitching staff at the trade deadline. You'll think they need it then in here on friday. He's like no we're good. You did call the game last night. What did you see from price on the mound as we turn to the red sox side david price this year his his best pitch and honestly it's been throughout. His career has been his changeup. He's throwing it more. It's been more effective but since the break it has not and the yankees have always been his achilles heel but what i saw from him through nineteen changeups only got three swing and misses guy since the break. He's guys are hitting it. One hundred points higher look at where this pitch hitch runs into the barrel of so many yankees hitters when his change of going right guys. You're going to see this pitch run to the left but instead it leaks to the right. When david david price has his change of going he's gonna flip it here and you'll see it go more to the back me away from these barrels but instead coming into the bats. That was the pitch that was what's the difference guys. That's the swing and miss that he needs especially. We're talking to the yankees the bronx bombers if you get a pitch. That's going to go into their barrels. They will make you pay and they did it against price strange strange week and a half these two teams just having played each other in these sort of look and series and at one moment. It looked like oh here. Come the red sox. Everything is going to be fine now. The yankees bring the brooms on the backside of so we love you breakdown walston a little more next hour. Let's talk for a moment about the yankees and let's let you finish the thought that you had a moment ago. About how will it ultimately hurt them. They didn't make a move for more pitching at the deadline. They need the pitching. Will it hurt them. No the reason is luis severino tana's now. You're counting on guys who have been on the injured list us the entire season to come out and be the guys that you know they are but they're there and they need help. I get it. They had a great weekend but this is a team that if they want to win the world series and that's the end goal here. They wanna beat the houston astros. Are you kidding me with zengqi now and aaron sanchez they need help on their pitching staff and it starts with the guys that are on the yeah they were able to get this sweep but just the injury bug continues gleyber torres now part of this list correlated injury that took him to the hospital last night. What what do you think about how they're going to be able to do this with all the injuries that they've dealt with you know credit aaron boone who's been able to manage through and he even said before the game. He's like i've never seen anything like this in my life this isn't that was the grandson son player-manager. No one's been around the game more you look at the list. This is just a sample size and to your point torres has got hurt last night. Gio shell up fouling two balls off both his legs cringing on the ground but then they get guys like mike ford mike tuchman cameron mathison picking up. I mean that's what's been unbelievable is filling those holes as looking at that graphic had occurred to me. That might be one of the best teams in the list of injured. They might actually make a run at the wildcard but so what does all of that mean it's been a very difficult team to figure out all year because they don't have the starting pitching and they've been as injured as any time i can ever remember and yet they're still running away and hiding with everything greenie. They're still my pick to win. The world series and that's huge hot take in my opinion because the houston astros was on paper are a better team and i believe is the world series start today. The astro's beat them but this is a team. That's going to get better why you saw that list. Those guys come back. I mentioned severino matanzas in addition to that and i just feel like they're hungry. This is a team that got beat at home against the red sox and may wanna come back and win the world series as i think they will. I want to ask you a question and this might be something we save for a bigger picture topic at another time but i hosted michael cavs radio show right before it went on vacation and we look back at last season as far the value of starting pitching because this was right before the trade deadline and they were talking about what they would do and in the playoff games they played last year only one game. The yankees were involved in the post. Oh season did a starting pitcher. Get out of the fifth inning. Yes so this day and age does that matter the way the way. I grew up watching baseball thinking the team with a better starting rotation. There's gonna wind up here. Friday and said look severino comes back. I combine with him three innings. He goes three innings and now we get to the bullpen. I mean that's how you look right. I can get you to to the lineup. Ultimately matchup base to for these guys is going to be a better matchup with the opponents lineup. It's a different game for sure meanwhile you mentioned or shell. Let's take a look at that because she touched on it. Let's do this as a meanwhile. I'm planet earth. This was what we're gonna describes unfortunate at bats which way anyways you don't i. I like the one that was being thrown him but look at off his bat yes by the way he gets that one too so now he's limping around. Crazy is within the same at this back up right in the dugout and everyone's like. Are you kidding me those first of all of those you. We didn't want to get those a consecutive pitches second of all who's laughing these the football guys. I'm hearing what people laughing in my studio. This guy just fouled off his wait. What what are you stayed in bed. Have he doesn't have to tackle anybody okay. That's coming at you. Ninety plus miles an hour. It's a line balls off your legs. I get it you guys tackle and all that come on. That's not that's painful to. They very unfortunately in the game. You're doing all right. Let's give you something different to watch here and let's do a little bit of eye candy for it here. If we can show you a great defensive to play in our chose favorite sport. This is soccer man. City against liverpool got a ball bouncing towards the look. Come on wow. That's the disavowed definitely been the yoga. Oh you definitely been told my whole hamstring. That's an athlete no side. The flexibility ability in the air greenies care me. Otto is narrating from the sideline as i cried as we continue andrew luck out another week. Antonio brown's foot is bothering him. How concerned should we be about injuries to two of the n._f._l.'s biggest stars. Those are the questions since we've got. The answer and sam has people talking about texas. Football are the longhorns really back and better than ever on. We go get up on e._s._p._n. Get up is brought to you by geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen fifteen percent or more on car insurance huge half hour coming your way here on get up including in five minutes. Should there be legitimate concern about potential potential m._v._p. Is texas back and better than ever chose got. The answers and r._c. Breaks down the top five players in the national football league. He'll tell you what aaron donald has in common with thanksgiving all that anymore but first speaking of andrew lucked goes on vacation so this is sneaky gordo time here we go this gordon who is the first player to throw for forty five hundred passing yards in consecutive seasons first player to throw for forty five hundred yards and back to back years. That's the question question. The answer is next at indeed. We believe resume is a great way to see an overview of a candidate candidate but you're not hiring a resume. You're hiring a person that's why indeed offers tools that help bridge the gap between the candidate and the resume like skill tests which leads you actually see a candidate's abilities and action to make sure they're a good fit for the job see beyond the resume within deed experience d yourself today and get a free sponsor job of great on on your first posting at indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply. I back in zero is on the microscope appear we go who was the first player in n._f._l. History to throw for forty five hundred yards in consecutive seasons green. Can you tell me down to a decade. Please like eighty nine hundred ninety. I'll give you the seventies oh i mean. I was gonna say dan marino but you just hit me with the set while you were half right. Let's move it along. The the answer is dan fouts. Oh dan he did it. I just whispered the answer in my ear. I didn't see the years fouts was a great quarterback back the air coryell chargers in the seventies and carried it over to the as no shot bro but oncho what you are is a perfect stand in for jalen because he always gets it wrong anyway all right. I talk about andrew luck who will miss at least another week of practice now to a left calf injury. He originally hurt the calf in april that caused him to miss o._t._a.'s and minicamp. Now lux's missed twenty six games since the start of two thousand fifteen because of variety of injuries mainly those of course having to do with his shoulder. He's only been able to make thirty thirty eight starts in that span fewer than a handful of quarterbacks who are now back ups and some of the names that we could include it'd be tyrod taylor blake bortles and ryan tannehill so i wanna do a couple of times and segments and i want to start with this. I wanna talk about the level of concern. You have right now for andrew logs health. I'm putting two minutes on the clock r._c. Go you have a high level right you had p._t._s._d. From the shoulder injury and not seeing him come back from that not seeing hill taking off a whole year so if you're colts fan if you're the coach organization you are definitely concerned the only thing that will make you feel better if the coast come out and say we're being cautious. We're trying to make sure the andrew luck is as healthy as he can possibly really be before calf injury to last this long. I'm definitely starting to think there's something stinks around. Indianapolis agree wholeheartedly. I'm hot on this topic greenie because a calf injury should should add most if you tear it completely which i did to my quad and barry kind of similar muscular injury. You're talking eight weeks at the most. We talking months two three four months. You have to be concerned furthermore. You have to be concerned because everybody's on the national landscape in the n._b._a. Finals what a calf injury can produce in an achilles injury so whether it's conscious or not this is a huge level of concern for is there some degree to which we can say this represents a really good step for andrew luck to at least this regard he this was a guy who stood in who took unnecessary hit two held onto the ball sometimes when he had a bad offensive line and maybe try to rush himself back from certain circumstances and that now oh he recognizes his health is the one factor and his team super bowl. Don't necessarily think that he has a choice of this. I think that the training staff and the team understands how important or knee is as well and they allowed him to do some of those things before but if you look at andrew luck at the beginning of last season it took some for him to get back in the groove and i know it was a shoulder injury but he wasn't the andrew luck. We were used to seeing so some quarterbacks me this time and i'm with acho when it's an injury like this that you should be back from a little bit sooner or or a lot sooner. You have to be concerned. Gotta be concerned because he's mature to your point greenie so he's not rushing himself back but they go nowhere without the colts. The colts go as far as like take yeah there is there are a handful of teams in the national football league who are completely dependent as good as they are on one player and this is one of them after the lock the difference between a possible super bowl team and one they probably wouldn't even make the playoffs next topic and it's about antonio brown. He began training camp for the raiders on the non football injury list due to what sources tell e._s._p._n. Were sore feet. He visited a foot specialist this weekend. Sources tell adam schefter this is not expected to be a long-term injury but brown has missed a significant figured him out of training camp and i did see he posted a picture of his feet on instagram and it wasn't a pretty picture i i. It's a picture of the. I just just one minute. No i know but the pictures and coming and sizes i of course i follow my one minute on the clock. That's the picture see okay. What what what does that slave feet for sure minute on the clock. You know when you look at what's going on with antonio brown. Here's here's my big concern. I've played with him. I know how important practices to them. I know how important it is to work. So when i hear something like sore feet has kept antonio brown out out of practice i am worried this is a guy who was built on getting in and out of cuts coming out of his brakes explosively and how much this team is depending on antonio brown to change what this offense offense look like and what derek carr looked like this is a bigger deal to me than just being out a couple of practice. It's not a huge. The biggest issue was the fact that he's not building up the chemistry right now in preseason and in training camp but when you're talking about the regular season doesn't start for almost probably a month to today. He have enough time to get back. You just gotta get building also to question his friends but here's one question is if i shoot you a picture of my feet or even posted in the bottom of my feet. Look like that and you don't either de the immediate or texts me or if his that urgent call me for me to pull down the u._s. Coup listen. I got one word foia pedicure. I knew we need a little work done here. I'm not sure anyway meanwhile on planet earth speaking of getting work done. Did you see what baker mayfield did. It in indians wins game. How how do we describe this okay. This is not just chugging a beer he he he seems to punctured the can with his teeth matches the mustache i don't need shotgun the beer and then he just got everybody fired up. This is the personality in a lindores jersey of baker mayfield by the way the indians offense caught what fire scoring five runs against the angels to three run homer by door so obviously everything baker mayfield touches turns to gold and as a result thirty seven thousand thousand people showed up to watch the brown scrimmage so the expectations are as high there as they have been. I'm going to say in my lifetime including back when they were good in the eighties. He's so. Let's put two minutes on the clock with this as well. Do you believe the browns are going to live up to the hype. I do think this is the first time the browns have to deal with with expectations and everybody is expecting this team to implode when things get bad but i believe they have chemistry. I believe that baker mayfield with the mustache or without the mustache the type of leader that this team needs now. Here's the only thing that scares me. It's not about what happens in the locker room if he doesn't get the rock or georgia's doesn't get the rock or nick showbiz run. If baker plays it's what happens when they start being themselves outside of the locker room when baker has to answer a question about odeal. How does odell reply when it's joke oh cool when he's not getting the ball because of all these people around him. How does this team handled the way. The outside media or outside perception of them is thrust on the eighteen. Three is the number you need to remember three prime time games in the first five games of the regular season. The browns are emotional team. Emotional leader emotional city city emotional star players. If they start off well. They're going to go. I can see ten wins. I can see eleven wins but if you lose and greenie if you lose on primetime television when you got your fresh rush haircut and everybody is watching. That's the devastating loss. Those are the losses that have ripple effects though the losses what you walked into the locker room and you starting to looks our guys yeah. That's the problem not gotcha well here. Here's the thing first off. You should have a fresh haircut for every game right. It doesn't matter if it's primetime right now secondly. I think it's about the way you lose these guys go out the play world and it's the game where they're just beat by better team or there's some things that they can tweet. That's different than going out there and really just losing right not having your your principles play the way that you expect them to play. I think it's about the way they lose these games whether primetime a nut in starting the season because this is a team with a quarterback who's been underdog all right who came in last season wasn't starting and he understands how to bring a team back from not playing well early on in the season. We'll see i mean because you've got so many stars. They're in and such high profiles of odell and land joko and baker mayfield and his moustache and all the other things. We're gonna take a little deeper dive into this because they're going to try and do something that not only haven't they done join in cleveland in a long time but that may be no n._f._l. Team has ever done. We'll do more of that as we go but right now. Let's look back at the best of the weekend. These are some things you might have vest over the weekend that you can't miss. Let's take a look at saturday. The pro football hall of fame welcoming eight new members but is this ed reed or is this his bus ryan clark best bust ever. It actually is like super handsome bush. The hair is perfect. They're here's perfect. This needs to be placed in a different place than the bus. We're gonna be hall of fame so good to baseball baseball. Aaron sanchez could not have asked for better astros debut on saturday. He got to be a part of a combined. No hitter sanchez pitched six scoreless innings did most took the work in four pitchers total combine to know the mariners in the nine. Nothing victory watch for the astros jess. Mendoza said she's still picking the yankees but the stroz are good nelson. Cruz sir likes to get his home runs at bunches just over a week. After cruise hit three home runs against the white sox he had another three home run game on saturday against the royals dell's crews now has thirty home runs on the season quite the night and how about vince velazquez made pictures everywhere proud top of the fourteenth inning the phillies were out what a position players and were forced to put alaska's in left field with the game at three runner on second ball and who's paying a brave tries to score velazquez watch out for the arm arm perfect one hopper dome play to get him out white sox are going to win that one four to three pitchers or create athletes guys okay and check this e._s._p._n. A. and a b. ocho. It's back for the third year with even wackier events from around the world lawnmower racing cherry pit spitting the acrobatic pizza trials and the live world cornhole earn hole championship just some of the events you'll see e._s._p._n. The ocho all day wednesday on e._s._p._n. Two and the e._s._p._n. App coming up on the top flight five n._f._l. Players according to our ryan clark's currently in the league why his list is dominated at the top by defense. We'll be right back later. The yeah we are less than twenty days away from the start of the college football season and many would argue that college football's better when programs texas are at the top or at least near it so the question is will we be saying saying hook them horns with more gusto. This season scrapers sam ex-exits foot long. Were okay but all in really bad. If you happen to catch last year's sugar bowl then you answer that question with a resounding yes no doubt there was a different demeanor with which they played in those guys out competed out physical does not up but what constitutes being truly back. Is it beating big king oklahoma. They push it around oklahoma right now. The long runs did that once in two thousand eighteen against kyle marie team but ultimately fell short in the rematch batch conference titles. Maybe the only way to reassert your dominant in today's college football is to climb all the way to the playoff. Hey this season's national championship. Game is in new orleans. The exact site of texas's two thousand nineteen success. Let's not get ahead anniversary so long defense lost eight starters and quarterbacks melander without leading receiver jordan humphry as well as several key offensive lineman. This has a chance to show they've solidified championship caliber debt in austin today's game. Don't just check boxes. Don't just run plays play gang situation time down and distance all of that play. Why is the game today remember in two thousand sixteen when l._s._u.'s zeroed in on tom vermin as their head coach only to lose him to texas we we win championships and together we can and will solidify our spot among the college football. This guy remembers and he'll wanna show why he was the right choice in baton rouge. We'll have a really good idea of just how back herman's texas team is september seven we they welcome l._s._u. To twenty eight eighteen with the longhorns first ten win season since two thousand nine when they were thirteen in one under mack brown and now they seek consecutive ten win seasons for the first time since a record nine straight seasons from a one to nine manual a a thing or two about the success at texas in the success that they are capable of in austin. You spend a lotta time around this team so i'm going to pose this question to you is texas back. That's the question i think first and foremost defined back. You know laura when you pull out your phone you type in your g._p._s. You hit start necess- starting ruth it means you know where you're going. Texas assist knows where the going but they're not back yet five and seven seven and six ten and four. They know exactly how to get there and tom. Herman is a person to get them there but to have to get two three four five consecutive ten win seasons i think before you're back but they're on the way yeah. Some people have talked about their quarterback. Sam etlinger is maybe being a sneaky heisman contender. His numbers were probably better than he got credit for last season when you think about ellen burr and what they can do losing as we mentioned so many on the defensive side. Do you think they are a team that we should legitimately be considering for the college football playoff because that might really be the way that man can go crazy that man semi etlinger but that's the only only chance sam etlinger colin johnson at receiver and the running back chianti ingram may have to play well but it all starts and stops with sam etlinger. They lost too much on on defense for them to be that good unless etlinger. Is that do okay. We talked about that game week to and you've got your texas ties. We've got one ryan clark here. Who's got got his l._s._u. Ties texan l._s._u. Face off we too and when you look at all the matches this season that one's truly pivotal and early on in the college football season could end up factoring into the college football playoff matchup. Everybody's looking forward. Do here's the thing last time texas on s._c._c. opponent. They smack them in the mouth now. They gave him network now. George said they weren't excited but handles l._s. Do business like they did georgia. It could be seen that's if though because because that's a big if texas beating georgia was a letdown for the georgia teen half the even play him right. It's about winning championships and winning national championships and what's gonna happen week. Two is else early season win that collective on the national landscape so you just know the future. Oh you know you have to notice. L._s._u.'s going to beat texas. No-one future. That's believing in what you study believing in what you see in austin tailing. Quarterback is a great place that people like the visit anyway. Here's awesome. It's a lovely land great points it is. I actually think that that win for texas over georgia was a lot more about texas being the more physical team on that day and kirby smart even said that himself aim or data-free laura get up. We take a closer look at ohio. State worthy urban meyer era is over a new day has done. We'll get into that tomorrow laura on get up greenie. We have thirty one days until the kickoff of the national football league season and last week the n._f._l. Released its top one hundred players. I years list as voted by the players themselves and aaron donald was voted. The best player followed by the forty year old drew brees and then chicago's khalil mack. You see the numbers there patrick sigma homes came in at four todd gurley rounded out the list at number five and it made us think it's a good opportunity to give ryan clark a chance to do a fundamentalist because we like him standing over here there. You never know what might wind up happening and so today's fundamentalist are your top five players in the national football league right now. That was actually really close. I'm going to start at number. I five with julio jones. I believe that he's the best wide receiver in the league because everything you love about big tall physical receivers julio jones does us and then everything you love about the small fast quick inside and out great guys. Julio does that as well. He has no holes in his games. They were on them a little bit lash you because he didn't score touchdowns early finished with eight touchdowns in the season over fourteen hundred yards. One hundred team catches. Julio jones is a playmaker and he said he might miss around on and go for three thousand. Ice cube messed awhile and got a triple double number four. We're gonna go with aaron rodgers listen. I know they say aaron. Rodgers had a down year. Aaron rodgers is hard to evan. Rogers changes place. So what you're down here is that you threw two interceptions twenty five touchdowns <unk> over four thousand yards when that's value when you're hurt running around with one leg your own and you could still do that and now people are doubting you every rogers. This is poised to have a big year. There's a new coach there in the name of the head coach of the green bay packers is aaron rodgers number three. We got khalil mack. Listen khalil mack goes to chicago right and has almost as many sex. Everybody in oakland has and jon gruden says it's hard to find a pass rusher but you had the the best pass rusher in the league and he went there and he wounded listen. Khalil mack is only overshadowed by some guy. We may see later on his list. He was instant pressure for the chicago kabul bears. He was an instant game changer for the chicago bears and just his presence. All into field makes this a different team. There are not many people you could say that about doc in the n._f._l. And football number two is patrick. My homie patrick mahomes listen lewis riddick said a couple of years ago that this guy was going to be. I do and he was right. I believe them and then when i saw it happen on the field last year it was amazing. Fifty touchdowns left hand throws. Now we see that kept throwing the ball behind on the back door. No look passes like he is steve next. This dude is unbelievable. He would nip his pocket. He makes this team a contender every every time he is on the field and this year will be no different the only personnel we better than patrick mahomes. This year was patrick mahomes last year and what yeah because you know when i get to do list the number one team is didn't messed up. My wife and i put my wife's out the number. One team is going to be the rent. It is aaron donald. Oh you know why because aaron donald is the michael jordan of football the gap between him and the next do that plays his position is so huge. It's it's unbelievable. Think about this aaron. Donald can get you into divorce. He'll get you don't get broken up with because if all lady senior to the store for thanksgiving and say you no what in the center of my table i'ma have aaron donald. That's what i want. A jew go to the store and the lady behind the counter says we don't have it aaron donald. You can get a <hes> jones. You can't get a sheldon richardson c. We'll leave you brook. Don't go home with that now. If you say he went to julio and they say oh all we have is a de'andre andrei dale. Your wife was still let you stay in the house. You bring home anything other than aaron donald for thanksgiving and it was supposed to be in the senate all your table thanksgiving tassell green. You do the rest of that extraordinarily. That was the analogy that we were making earlier round of applause for ryan ryan clark please first of the season. That's extraordinarily well. Done are see the first and it will not be the last of those and the analogy is a pretty good one. Even though i have some quarrel with the list all right there's nowhere to go from that but to bump. Let's remind everyone that sportscenter comes your way tonight. We'll talk about that later. We'll also talk about draymond green. His new deal means a a lot for the future of the golden state. Warriors jalen rose's here. We will talk about that and more when he joins us. Ryan clark is coming down. He's got a couple of things to bring home for dinner tonight. We'll we'll see how that goes see if he can pick up a wide receiver and it's offensive tackle on his way back to the house.

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