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Ep. 2,895: Steven Marrocco


Uh-huh. Took you roll baby on may junkie radio with gorgeous, George, and this is what we do in. Why we do baby? We. Covering an MA from all over the world. This is the previous stop for all combat sports needs that may junkie radio. The only show broadcasting live from the Mandalay bay resort and casino in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. The lights are on and the mics her heart. It's time to get your MMA fix junkies. Take it away. Big John, gorgeous, Jordan goes are you ready junkie? You get it. All. From the pike capital world inside the beautiful Mandalay bay racing sports book. You're I haven't made junkie radio. I am goes gorgeous, George and Anton were not here today. But I'll tell you what gorgeous George will be back tomorrow. Dan, Tom will be back on Friday. But manning the ship Richard hunter. Hey second day in a row two days in a row, we still got Josh. So here's all background to what there's somebody else back there. Josh with you man, just me myself and on Josh. All right. Well, this trio worked out pretty well yesterday. So I got a good feeling about it today. I had a good feeling about it too. It was a fun show yesterday. I'm glad glad to get in here, which are fun time with the always happy to be here. So we got some big news, and I want to jump right into it wanna get some people to sound offers a couple of things going on. There's this thing called UFC two thirty six that we haven't really talked too much about because of the drama going on in the world of mixed martial art, but you can call us at eight seven seven fight Eighty-three at eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three. If you want to talk about the card or you wanna talk about the big news. We broke on EMMY junkie BJ Penn issued restraining order the mother of his children mother was children alleges. Years of physical abuse sexual abuse. It's not something you want to wake up to especially on the heels of stuff going around with with Conor McGregor. T J dillashaw, man. It's like known stop in the sport. And this is a sport that's relatively new that I constantly have to defend against kind of the the old school friends of mine that love baseball basketball football hockey, by the way, hockey playoffs. Start today all the ones where there's never been instances and right domestic just kind of gets brushed under the rug because those sports have been there for a long time. But it's every day. It's something new. Yeah. It is. And you know, I don't know if it's better from pure PR standpoint, if you get caught up in one of these things to be the only person that's currently accused of it used to seem like that would be really bad like you would want wanna kind of blend in with the wallpaper. But nowadays, I'm not sure that that's not worse because of the stigma and and the current climate. I'm not sure it's not worse that you kind of get lumped in with any other offender accused or proven, you know, because especially and I'm not talking particular about BJ pens case. But if this comes up with someone else in there are any kind of extenuating circumstances that are Tony Ferguson's. A good example. That's not a guy who's being accused of domestic abuse. He's got some mental things going on. But you haven't heard his wife say, for example, what BJ pins? Girlfriend is saying but in broad strokes. When you start talking about the cop showing up at the house and people fearing for people's mental stability and things like that you're getting lumped in with a bunch of other names, tough man, bad time, very very bad time. But I'll tell you what the man who wrote the story here on a major dot com. Stephen Rocco, you will be joining us soon. And he's going to tell us the particulars. In the case, we can kind of point you in a direction of what we already know. And I'm sure a little bit more news as an all these big stories throughout the date. Few more things come out here and there, but as you mentioned, I mean, some pretty bad stuff. You know, if you've been in around the sport behind the scenes, you hear things now, and again, so there's certain things that come up about fighters that you go. Okay. I've heard a few things here. And there that this kind of falls. Line with then some catchy by surprise BJ Penn whenever you talked to him in person nothing class. He's always a nice guy. But you hear from different people who've worked with them before that the word that I would always here is he's different. He strange eccentric is Centric yet. But I'm never really heard this type of stuff but a verbal abuse. I mean that that happens. Right. But. Some of the other stuff. I mean drugs cocaine is is kind of the main drug that has been alleged here. Now, all these things come out of online court records that even Rocco's able to pull and in story. It seems like this stuff kind of caught the attorney guard. BJ pens attorney. So this is stuff that goes back, months and. Depends on a fight for crying out loud. I mean, I don't know how you could deal with something like this. I I have something dumb happened in my life. And it throws me for a loop for weeks at this guy's got a fight. And he's got to deal with this on the back end. And he hasn't been too successful fight as of late. I don't know what the husband happened here. But I'm gonna I'm gonna read you some of these quotes. Okay. And this is from his significant other. I woke up one night to him scared because he got cocaine on our oldest daughter. She was freaking out and he wanted he was freaking out and he wanted he wanted to commit suicide. Him and his friends did cocaine and the bathroom all night while me, and my children were in the room and has niece and auntie were in the living room. She wrote. I mean, this is syncing stuff. This is a guy that that performed at the highest level to. Yeah. If all these things are true how you that? Well, I where that's concerned. Let's let's pull back the curtain just a little bit. Because I I know you can probably do it about as well as I can there's probably a lot of people listening who. Are newer to the sport. You know? I know when I know when I started following him in may, I used to think that every fighter must have like a twenty four seven minder next to them that would analyze everything before they ingested it. Because of course, they would never they wouldn't they would never take a an unauthorized supplement. Let alone illegal drug. I mean, exactly what you said how in the world could they perform at the highest level in do these things. I thought they must have that minder next to them. I thought they must be completely on top of of their public persona because they realize that they're in a sport that like you said get stigmatized for violence and brutality and things like that. And they knew that they had to rise to a higher standard. And then you get around fighters not all of them. I'm not even saying most of them, but some. Of you get around, and you go well that guy will put anything into his mouth that somebody puts in his hand. Or that guy that what you mean that guy is a regular drug user or an alcoholic how in the world. Can they do that? Like, you just said, well, they can. And if sometimes and sometimes what I'm saying this case with BJ Penn. I don't have any inside information on that. But I just know that quite a long time ago mine I ever Tayo on that aspect of it when away because what I learned was it's kind of like that girl is so hot. How can she be on meth? Well, it's because it hasn't caught up to her physically yet. She has good genetics to look that hot. And she's going to continue to look that hot for a while until it does eventually catch up with her. And I think in the pro athletes case, and this is not just particular to IMI. But this is a sport that you, and I are the closest to and we. No the most professionals in. That part of it in two thousand nineteen doesn't surprise me. At all you told me this ten years ago. I might have been way more naive to it. And again, I'm not saying that pertains to be Jay pin in particular. And I'm not even saying I don't mean to paint with such a broad brush that I'm saying, hey, whoever your favorite fighter is chances are that's the case with them. I'm just saying there are there are a number of examples out there that are like that. I mean, do you disagree now? I don't know. I'm about fifty fifty. I think in we all started as fans of the sport. And and in meeting the fighters that I grew up loving, whether it was boxing MMA, or even athletes and other sports fifty fifty where they live up to the person that I thought they were and then some of them have just been. Wow, I can't believe you're like this here and like that in real life, so different. But you said ten fifteen years ago man of different opinion. Let's go back ten fifteen years ago. We went always here innocent until proven guilty nowadays, a headline pops up, and I don't know. I don't think this is an MA thing. I think this is just kind of a cross sports and even politics, but that's really shifted hasn't it to just guilty until like, you really got come out improved us that whatever whoever wrote whatever they wrote. Yeah. Whether it was a vet a very credit. New source or Joe blow's blog you'd better come out and say now. That's strange to me yet to to a lot of people. That is probably the case for me. It isn't till proven guilty is still find standard one of the things that matters to me about this story is that these are from court records. So this is not an unidentified sources telling me kind of thing that can still be legitimate to. But this is taken from court records. So there is an actual case pending here. Yeah, I think on a broader scale, and I'll just work this in quickly. Because like you said this is not the by any means, the only may fighter who is currently in the headlines for this kind of stuff and in the last couple of years, we've seen a number of examples as well. I think everybody just needs to decide where their standard is. Is it innocent until proven guilty for me? That's where it is. I'm fine with that. But it it used to be, you know, Dana white had the famous, quote, I think it was around the time of the allegation. Against Travis Browne. Remember that number summers ago? He was gonna fight on the July car. You got pulled off that think that actually happened right around our junkie gather like that Jim that day, right? Yes. Yes. Now. It's all that's right. We were we went to Gorman. Yes. It's all coming back. Yeah. It was right around that time. So if I believe it was right around in Dana white had the quote that listen, we've got to be safer than sorry until this whole thing gets investigated because you can't come back from putting your hands on a woman that was more or less his quote, which I agree with now since that, I think what has happened more is. Yeah, you know, sometimes people care about it. Sometimes they don't it depends on who it is. You know, the the Greg hardy case baffles me that they would want any part of that. But apparently, even though in that case guy. Was convicted his record gets expunged on appeal because the witness stops cooperating. So is that see I'm not okay with that technicality. Like, I don't like that. But I am certainly okay with hey, let's let's find out. You know, let's get his day in court. Now, I do think that because we cover sport. And these guys fight in a sport that has that stigma like you talked about the one you constantly have to defend I think there should be a higher standard. But one of the things I like about training mixed martial arts is that I feel like there's a higher standard in gyms. You can't be a bully irreputable, Jim. And generally be tolerated. You'll get straightened out real quick in a situation like that. I like the end of the week. No, I like that about it. And I think there should be a higher standard where that's concerning. Consequently, there really isn't a fighter out there. No matter how much enjoy watching them. No matter how complex they are that for me if they're guilty of something like this like some kind of domestic abuse. I don't need them. I don't I didn't matter to me. Well, what if we never get to see him fight? So we haven't seen him fight. So and so yet we haven't seen them go for their second. James young care is done with them. But whether were gotta decide where that line is where that standard is. Because it does seem very fluid term eight seven seven fight ninety three that's eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three. If you want to chime in here, just let you know on the XM side, we were preempted, but you can listen live on the Syria side as well as on the app. So make sure you do that, Richard. I'm spoke to a friend. She's an attorney in town master because you're right. These are court records and asked her just how easy is it to get a restraining order because I have a lot of friends that well, it's kinda outing friends. But no a lot of people who have either gotten these in their favor or against them. And sometimes it seems like just the smallest thing. And she told me that they used to be a lot tougher to get. But now because of social media because how much private things are now in the public's eye. She said it's relatively easy to get from judge. You obviously have to provide some evidence, but a judge is more inclined to just they don't wanna make a bad decision. So they find it easier to just say, I'm gonna give you that restraining order. And so I'm curious like in the situation yesterday, we talked about TJ dillashaw to your suspension, but no word from teaching. We heard from just about everyone else. But TJ boy have we and. And in this case, what stopping ABI J pen from just even if it's the smallest of statement to something. Here's what do you think that happened a lot in our sport TY because if I think that if if there's absolutely nothing to something, and I mean zero to something right? This person is crazy. They're mentally unstable. They are making this up out of whole cloth. There's nothing to that you come out and say that these say say zero zero to this I will vehemently in vigorously defend myself. If you get into an area, which a lot of couples would of okay, it didn't happen like that. All right. That's not there something happened. But it wasn't that. And I can't get into too much right now. Because my attorney is saying don't talk see now it's getting murky, and I think you're going do yourself more. Than good in that situation. That being said, I mean, I'm fortunately, I've never been in a situation like that. But if if I ever word if I worry would be completely fabricated. I would be going to the mat defending my s-. I mean, I would be screaming to the highest heavens to think I would that. I was maligned and that Justice would be and that I would be upset with whoever was doing that to me. Whoever was was, you know, selling my my good name that way. You brought up TJ dillashaw. That's not a domestic violence thing. But because of the the thing yesterday we were talking about how his silence is speaking volumes and the same situation. So I think that's a lot of times why it doesn't happen because well, I'm gonna have to get into explaining that, you know. Gray incident that we got into the argument that got a little out of hand, but it didn't rise to the level of what she's saying, etc. Etc. I don't think they're going to enjoy trying to navigate that. I'll tell you what we're going to take a quick commercial break. We come back. We'll stay on this topic. Eight seven seven fight ninety three that's eight hundred seven fight Ninety-three. If you want to chime in, Dr Richard ni-, we can talk about this. We could talk about UFC two thirty six coming up hallway versus poi-. How can that not be good? That's going to be great. You're listening to the radio here on Sirius XM bite nation channel one fifty six. Always the season for a beating unserious XM by nation channel one fifty six. Coups Richard hunter, enemy junkie radio. Fight nation. Take it away. Just getting started future hall of Famer Dwayne Wade is playing his final regular season game as he leaves the Miami Heat against the Brooklyn that's on MBA radio Sirius to seven XM six streaming on the Sirius XM connected devices and speakers rejoin, Josh yet to get rejoined voice. I wasn't me. It wasn't. Maybe it was Richard got a good choice to Huckabee do voiceovers. How would like to do voiceovers? I to voiceovers to audio books. I'd like to get paid to read because I like to read read now reading people know like audiobooks audible. Yeah. So like, you're reading the book the what the author wrote to people, right? Yeah. I like to do that. I don't know if I could do that. I listen to you reading me laugh all time that'd be fun. All right. This is a question that I think is going to come up. I think you touched on a little bit. You mentioned AM. Tony Ferguson mad Hughes. Their people granted mount. He's went through something a little different before. But a lot of people are going to point to things like. Yeah. Right. You look at a guy like BJ Penn. And there was a fighter today. I'm trying to think it was Tim Kennedy that he kinda pointed to that a little bit on on Twitter. And they're going to say BJ Penn acted like this because he's taken a lot of abuse in fights. Now, not everybody in life that goes through things like this has had that happen to them. So you'd have to kind of lean on the guy's character before all this, right? And use some people say some things some rumors of of the way he is the way his family has acted in the past. But when you see news like this, Richard. How do you react to it? Does that kind of is that something that pops into your head? It could. I mean that certainly could play a factor. They can bigshots man. Yeah. But that to me at a at this point in time is more a private issue for him and his family. I mean, there's no. The judge. I mean, a judge may take that into account in terms of if he were to be found guilty and your sentencing someone, you know, do they do they are they making a conscious decision to do this or could they possibly have some brain trauma and things like that does that need to get that that's for that side of the equation. I mean, I guess from fans perspective if I found out after the fact that that he had been diagnosed with some CD in that play a role and all that sure. I mean that would matter to me in terms of well, there could be plugged there could be medical explanation for why some of this may or may not have happened. But in for the immediate future. I'm not really sure that it matters in terms of its just either happening or it's not happening. And if it's happening not only does it need to be stopped from happening, but he needs to be removed from the current position as a professional mixed martial artists that he's. Got Tony Ferguson guy that I think the UFC did a good job with putting them on the shelf haven't figured things out with the way. He put out a tweet. Josh number. Exactly what that tweet said. But it kind of kind of luted to past all the testing I need to pass. I'm kind of ready to go, right? Essentially, yes, don't wanna take anything out of context. I'm looking. Yeah. That tweet. So I thought they handled that well, but this is definitely something that keeps coming up on this show of said this a ton. I really feel like the for Tita brothers sold their shares of this business because they saw this coming this a few other things unions all that stuff when you say saw this coming. You mean, you mean CT type stuff? Yeah. In this possibly being a by product because they're around a lot of these fighters a lot of spiders live in Las Vegas, or they frequent Vegas and not all of them saying not all of them the same kinda see it come in. I thought they they sold at the right time because I think there's going to be more and more of this that could very well be, you know, the the cliche defense for mixed. Martial. Arts violence compared to say professional boxing violence. And this is an argument. I've made over the years was always okay, you know, in in boxing. There's a standing eight count in boxing. You can get hit hundreds of times in the head and maybe never knocked out. But over ten rounds twelve rounds take a lot of trauma in MMA. Yes. Sometimes the knockouts are more brutal in that somebody's knocked unconscious with a much lighter glove. But there is no standing eight count a lot of times. It's one punch and you're done so less of the cumulative effect. But now, we would be remiss I think if we also just acknowledge that, hey, maybe it's sport hadn't been around as long, and we're starting to see some examples of things that we have seen in sports like boxing, definitely think this call from Chris from Seattle he wants to talk on the topic. What's up? On goes on Richard. Hey, my take is is you know, it's one thing when you got like a Ray rice where it's on video, and it's out there. And it's another one is behind the scene. Nick comes out the way, I like to see it. And I I can speak personally 'cause I was in a in a marriage and went through a year long divorce and has some of your stuff come out all got squash. So I like to see it play out. And who knows what happened and let it all come out. You know through the court system is the truth. I think people nowadays junk too soon on somebody throw him under the bus, and you certain things, but it's one thing once again when it's Ray rice situation, it's on video the guy the guy, I did it is what it is. But something like this. I mean, you just don't know. I mean, what do you think? Yeah. I think there's something to that. Just a discouraging thing for me. Chris is that you have a fantastic main event in max, Holloway, dust, employees this Saturday and all that is getting married by just the news of of fighters testing, positive ripping off cell phones, which by the way seen that video. Now, the new one that just came out a lot more clear. You know, what's going on here that we're talking about with BJ Penn? The sport is being overshadowed by the bad part of life. And I think that part sucks. Yeah. This might be the new norm. I mean, you know, we've we've we've been watching the game for so long. We've been fortunate in the come to these gathering truly meet people before its time con corporate, you know, and you know, we've been lucky enough to meet them one on one shake can't talk to him. And like you said, I mean, you pointed out I think the for Tita Sada's comment, they got sold off. And it's it's totally blown up. And I hate to say this could be the new norm for some events going forward in does take away from the the great fight. And these great fighters, it's unfortunate. You know? What though if this is actually true to me, this is more important than max Holloway industrial? This is more important there. There's a family involved. There's people at risk. I mean, dust Emporia max Holloway or only at risk with each other. And they're both willingly getting in there. So that standard Tena us. And I understand that. But this is if this is true, this is actually I think more. Portent, and I'll just say this other thought because I do agree with Chris that, you know, I think everything should openly play on court but mix train mixed martial artists. Especially at this level are not just anybody. They're people whose hands and fists and legs are more dangerous than the average person walk in the street. So I am okay. Within the interim until things do shakeout in court treating this the way you do a police officer and his gun when he's involved in a shooting to take them off the south. Yeah. I mean, if there's needs to be an internal review to make sure everything's okay. Yeah. Sit them down take them off the street and there at the desk for a little bit just because we're airing on the side of caution. And I think that's a fine to a principle to apply here to mixed martial arts. All right. Thank you very much for the call. Chris. You can follow Chris at eight seven seven fight ninety three. We're gonna take a quick commercial break though, when we come back. We're gonna come back with a magnificent ones. Steven morocco. Can follow him at Emma junkie. Stephen. We will be right back on enemy junkie radio. Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six. Now back to 'em h joke radio on Sirius XM fight nation. One five six. Manifield good not to give back your diabetes. Pretty healthy, Richard. Yeah. Think so stat of physical things look pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. Need to get in there. I haven't been there in a while said begin lifestyle, man. Yeah. E clean, you live clean. How long do you think? I could go being vegan. I think he could go longer depends on if you hang out with me. I didn't go a lot longer than you think he can. Because I think there's a lot of stuff. You don't think you can eat that you're gonna enjoy eating give me an example barbecue barbecue what anything ribs. Poll, pork. Chicken work in Meatloaf, hamburgers. Yeah. What's subsitute vegan ways to do? All of it. Burgers are close. It's couple of things that get made together to make things like. C tan or Tim pay which has a bunch of organic ingredients that go into it to make it. But that's how you get like bacon. That's how you get burger patties ground beef things, I can take you to a place taco -tarian here in Las Vegas. It's going to blow your mind when they see Frank walk in with me, the stock price shoots through the roof. They're like we're about to run out everything. I would do here's through. Oh, he oh, yeah. He loves it. I would do it. But I need to get you to do something that you wouldn't do. And there's certain things that are off limit for sure. But then there's just have never made you uncomfortable. I couldn't even go bald. Go bald by just will it to happen, Richard? You gotta stay bald as long as goes stays vegan. Oh, if I stay in. Yeah. What would you do that would be something that would put me in an uncomfortable position? I mean, I could claim to believe in trickle down economics. Hey, would you not wear black? By gobi. That's a pretty good one. That's a pretty good one. Because I don't even know I'd have to wear somebody else's wardrobe like everything I've got is black. So if I go vegan, you will go anything other than black, and we'll just keep going on. I'm not kidding. I don't have close. Like, I mean, I'm gonna have to come up with a contingency plan for everyday like Peter Griffin. Okay. But I gotta go get a new outfit. Let's just one you could say that when Peter driven. What do you think? My pantry all time. I was vegan. I'd have to get begin stuff as well. Yeah. You would. You know, Josh, you're very lucky man because it's taking everything in my power. Not to say what we were talking about the break because I was a great idea. I don't know about we're not going to reveal it. I just wanna make sure when it is revealed. I get credit for it. Oh my God. A great hypothetical. If if the people involved, do this, I am I'm going to be I'm going to be glued to their phone calls their tech. What about social media pictures of the somebody's got? Oh, my daily Instagram story updates. All right. I'll take out tease it what we were talking about it. When it would involve let's see without giving way another host on the channel and myself, both doing something we're probably very uncomfortable with I would probably last two weeks. I would stop right there wouldn't say anything. That's all. I got the other person is like Kenny from south park. Literally do anything. And has done it. Yeah. But I feel like Philip Josh's can get them in this one. Because I think Josh we just get to the point where you go Manam giving shit and you've just getting I don't give a shit mode. I- dangerous, John. I have always believed that when you pitch hypotheticals to people I've been through this radio before. And it always it's always about the host host start trying to figure out what they would do. I always thought there was a lot of missed opportunity by not going to the producers because those guys are hungrier those guys like you said, they have the don't give a crap attitude. Yeah. And so they are dangerous for that reason. My money would always be on the produce upset for. There's somebody new that started today that heard her can't remember her name. But she sounded like went. I mean sarin will turn. What's her name, Victoria? She's done at eight eastern doesn't this show? Yeah. She's great. I don't know that she has the edge that Josh what have or even Andre who sometimes can can be more dre than Andrea. That'd be a great one. Anyway, we're going to get back on this, Steven Morocco. We struck out with him. But we'll get him before the end of the show here. The rest of the show is pretty much open. If anybody wants call eight seven seven fight Ninety-three, we're gonna continue at this topic. Can I just throw it something? I was going to ask Steven Morocco that stuck out to me about this story in amongst all the details and everything about BJ in everything that we kinda gone over. Did it surprise you that the UFC just said no comment something I wanted to ask him as well. Because it kind of goes back to again, even if it's the most bland comment. It just kinda shows that we're aware of what's going on time with allegations very seriously each instant instances investigated thoroughly there is ongoing to today. We can't with us that. Yes, exactly something right? I mean, I it shocked me so much. Much not to see that in print. You know, how like you you read half a sentence. And sometimes you kinda know what the next half is. Yeah. And it was like, you know, you attempted to reach for. I was so expecting to see that. And then it was just no comment. Bam. I think we hear we hear it enough in our industry that we kind of know what it means. Yeah. But I think anybody that read something like that thinks they either don't care or they didn't know because and anyone else would have something. Yeah. But I would also Stephen could clarify this. But I would be I would think that when you contact them for comment, if even if they were off guard they were surprised and somebody had to say, hey, let us call you back in five minutes with a statement. Let me explain let me let me share this information with some people who need to know about it. You know? I would imagine they begin that win. I don't know that that would have been another question. What have for Stephen guy? Whoever has that job at UCF. Gotta be terrible, right? At this point you answer the phone going what now. Right. Then you got to walk over to Dana office. In fact. You'll never he tells you that what that's the number Steven Morocco calls. It's one eight hundred what now when now operator standing by. How wouldn't you be trembling walking the Dan office at this in going? So we buy into that fan witch. Yeah. I got something to tell you. He used the door. And he's like, why are you wearing baseball catcher gear? That's a horrible job. Yeah. They sold it to you as Cush any. It's comfy. You're just going to sit back. You're basically gonna be on the internet every now. And again, you'll hear something you gotta get your own. You can have your own hashtag hashtag what. Now, that's going to be yours. Many times you use the excuse. I was in the bathroom. You didn't hear the ring you run out of that? Right. You got to pick up the phone every time, it'd be a nightmare pull the oh. My phone's cutting out, so okay. This is a BJ Penn problem. But some people would say, it's also a UFC problem agree. I mean, just from a public what he's UFC contract fighter. He's got fight coming up. And. Yeah. Because now you got ESPN their big deal. It's and they just put all of their support behind you. And all they've really gotten back. Is just kind of negativity from our side couple of fights here and there, but but really 'cause they got a report this stuff. Right. You see it on the ticker at the bottom. Well, all right. There's a couple of different ways to look at that one company. Yes, I was gonna say to your point a Disney owned company a publicly traded company those things do not bode well for scandals because they affect stock prices. And especially when you know, you can connect to an organization like Disney like what you just said. The flip side of that. Is that? ESPN can say, well, we don't own the UFC just like we don't own the NFL. Yeah. We report on the NFL their running penitentiary over there. I mean, you can you can beat women kill dogs long as you don't sit down during the national anthem. We can't have that. But the other things will work with. And they've got a report that all the time. Now, if they've hired one of those guys as an analyst now that person's working for USPS now, they have more of a direct problem. And that's when you see a lot of guys get fired or suspended or that kind of stuff. But there's always a little layer protection. When it's a third party. Now, that's we don't own them. We just televised some of their stuff that does give them a little bit of cover and the UFC themselves. They are not a publicly traded company into there has been talk about them going public if that ever happened. I think this would be a different scenario because for one you and just have a couple of people in positions to kind of make some unilateral decisions on things you get a whole lot more people carrying about there. Portfolio's at that point. But everything being what it is right now. I think those circumstances offer a little bit of cover that wouldn't be the case if these were direct employees of ESPN, but to your point they certainly don't welcome it. Now, there's no charges filed. But should all this be true? What does it do for BJ Penn? Because. Conor McGregor could walk through this casino right now. After everything he's been through the people are still going to hound him for picture and autograph. I think one time we talked about OJ Simpson lives here in Las Vegas. I witnessed he cannot go out without people putting their arms around the Jews. What does it do for BJ? Depend same thing. Nothing just concerned. I mean, if you're if anybody's worried that BJ Penn won't have any fans anymore. He'll always the OJ example, extreme as it is is a great one. I mean, I've witnessed that personally with him. And what happens is it's a complete polarization. Sure. I mean, you know, half the people are are visibly shaken that they're seeing him, but there's goodly other half that run up to him for photos and wanna buy drinks and hang out and all that kind of stuff, and such will be the case with if BJ pin were convicted of this or anyone else for that matter. You are the only guy that was on my side in an argument we had about a year. Ago. Steve Cowfield jumped in on this as well. And what we were saying was. If you had to post a picture of you, I guess a selfie with with you their OJ Simpson. Michael Vick who would you post it with right? I'd post it with the one that was found innocent accord, a law, not the one that plea bargained and went to prison. So I said Michael Vick. I would not take a picture with and everybody dropped their jobs dropped in. This you insane. And the way and I'd like to get Josh's opinion because I don't think Josh avert. This the way I looked at. It was OJ Simpson did something terrible. He. Everybody in their life. I think has had something bad happened to him. And then maybe punched a wall or did something that they're just not used to doing. But they say I did it because this and I couldn't control my motions. Maybe they went to bed that night and said, I can't believe I did that. And hopefully, you went from it. Now granted he did something horrific, but I can kind of understand. Okay. Maybe something bad happened. And that's why I'm not saying, it's right? Is obviously a horrible thing. But I can kind of see that. I thought Michael Vick did something horrible went to bed and woke up the next day in the same thing again. Yes. And just kept doing it. And to me that for seven years, it seems like a different type of evil to me for seven years. Why couldn't take that picture? Let me clarify my position real quick. From what I said. I mean that would still be my position if you're telling me I have to pick one I've interviewed. I mean, I've been physically with OJ a couple of times. Yeah. So I've interviewed him probably a total of four hours on radio. And this was right before he went to prison for the Vegas thing. So that we all that being said, but I mean, I'm not a ready made football fan. So I'm not taking pictures with either one from fan's perspective. But if you're asking me hypothetical you have to pick one which one you get to turn down one. Basically, I think is Dr federal is right. That's Michael Vick all day for the exact same. The reason the same reason I just said that j pin deserves his day in court. I mean if. If Michael Vick had been found innocent a court of law, and there was some gray area. When will, you know, the the maybe the the cops didn't handle the case, right? And things like that. I could probably use that rationale sleep better. But there is in of course, full disclosure. I have one of the dogs that was rescued from Michael Vick. But they're people love, you know, that. But there is no misunderstanding the serial killer tendencies of that guy. And what what he's got miss wired in his head. Now, a lot of people will say that's the case with OJ to and certainly have OJ did that then. Yes, that is the case with him as well. But you know, when he got busted in that hotel room here in Las Vegas, a number years ago there were group of people with J, right? There were backing him up. And there were a group of people that he'd gotten cross ways with and they were all in a scuffle together. Right. I don't know six seven guys all but one of them had a criminal record in that room. You know, who the one that didn't have was. OJ simpson. Oh, wow. That's crazy. No idea every once in a while, you tell me these stories, by the way people you don't know back in the day. We're still gonna make radio, but Richard actually brought your dog in here. Mel he is featured in a documentary, you can see on Netflix called the champions about the dogs that were rescued for Michael Vick. And you can see Georgian goes make a cameo because Mel was here in the studio with a whole show. Right. That's right while he was sitting right here in the corner while we were talking about the whole case. So that footage is actually in the documentary, the champions while tell you what we're still trying to locate Stephen Rocco, but we're going to take a quick break. And we come back. We're going to do the daily debate. Okay. It's m e junkie radio here on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six. We will be right back. The weather's Garcia seemingly Kenneth green on eighty. Everybody knows it's duck season product season duck season season, whether it's food. That's Billy case. Great spelling case break gabbling, always bet on black red black reading cluck black, dummy, even social media, Instagram Snapchat. The same applies to the biggest stories. Time for a junkie radio's daily. Here we go at the time for the daily debate. The question for today. There are two interim titles atop you have see to thirty six on Saturday. But which one which other fight are you most looking forward to. Hear your options Rowntree and Anders grant Joe ban cry often Saint Pru or you can go other and give us another fight Richard hunter. What are you feeling today? Well, unless I had time to pull up the whole card make sure there's just not a sleeper somewhere on their Agana sleeper. You only go I I want you go first here's my sleeper. I'm gonna go other on this one. Okay. I'm gonna go Curtis Melander and below Muhammad. I think they've both had fights in the past that they've shown you that when they can be technical employs. They can also let things get out of control. I think that fight is just going to be too proud men right in the middle. They'll probably have a strategy for about the first twenty minute. Twenty seconds of that fight until they hit each other. And then it's going to be on and it's gonna be nonstop violent. I don't know if it'll go the distance. But I think it will go a couple rounds. At least that's going to be my pick. I think that's going to be a fun one. Who do you got Richard? Boy, I'd like to get clever with this be real. Alternative, but I'm going to take the feature about Eric Andrews and Khalil Rowntree just because you got a couple of guys almost exact records guys that if as I go down that card, I think about where guys are kind of in their careers right now. You know, what's what's on the line? Who has the who moves up who moves down based on the outcome of the fight? Plus if I pair up any two names, if if I'm not looking at those title fits, any two names, and I okay, I can immediately bring to mind the most combined highlight moments that I've seen those two guys. I'm going to tell you why you're wrong. Okay. All right. Then you can't really be wrong. Because this is what the fight you're most looking forward to. But I agree. I think that is going to be a barn burner a hootenanny possibly, but I think it's any fast. I think it's gonna be under a minute. One of those two guys going to sleep. That's not qualify. Twenty seconds will I'm fun. We seconds of fury. I mean, you're you're saying you turn to give you ten minutes if you're in because I think this'll go to round right? That's why I was going to do what you did is this what it says on your Tinder app. Yes. Ten minutes series by Miami. Twenty. You know, what's scary is timbers why we'll get into that. Let me tell you what junky nation had to say forty four percent agreed with Richard hundred Anders Rowntree twelve percent went grant Joe ban. Thirty six percent went to Krylov and Saint Prue and eight percent went to other. Now that other could be any other matchup, but they agreed with you. It's a technically you win glimpse. You gotta that's today's daily debate. I wanna finish up. What we were talking about before we went to break, their the hypothetical that we brought up on the show about a year, maybe two years ago, and it ended up Steve Cowfield ended up talking about it. He was here in studio. And then he went on his show here in Vegas, and that turned into a big thing. Josh we kind of post it to you. You have an answer. I mean, the nightmare is there in obstain option is there. I mean, are there any other gun to the head? We're talking gun to the head. You gotta post one of them. Yeah. Now, keep in mind. Michael of the two of them. Michael Vick is the only one who used a gun to the head. So. Do with that what you will guys. I mean, this is not a pitcher. I would be eager to take. It's not a picture. It'd be eager to post, and it's not what I would even. I mean, this is not in. I would have to take the picture with Michael. I it. I mean it. It. It just comes down. To do an animal. Many Jesus I I'm not very often hero thing. And I, you know in break, I'm watching this video of Richard. You confronting Michael Vick and doing a great frigging job. I might add. But ultimately, it's it's people versus people. And you know, that's that's what it comes down to. And I, you know, victim his time. He did do his time. You got you gotta you gotta acknowledge that. But it isn't. It is not a pitcher will be eager to you got me off fucked up here goes she's witnessing. I'll tell you. We're getting close at the top of the hour. God and everytime. Richard comes on here. I learned stuff about him. And he so casually says it that it kind of gets on my nerves Richard adopted one of the dogs. I as I'm saying, I don't even know that I'm going people don't know that I'm going home. So I think I think we need to kind of give people a little background on that. And then with with bomb. Did you drop the other two? Oh. I don't know if we could say that one which would the one involving the Bosmo play we show before Tim Morrow. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We talked all about changes. How we given the background behind that. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm talking about that. Well, yeah. There's a lot to Richard hunter that you guys don't know. And so he has kind of a background in what happened incident with Michael Vick. And like, we said, you know, mel's been into and and I kinda wanted to touch a little bit on the way acted that day. Because that is maybe why it really got me going that day when we were talking about that. But I'll tell you what the top of the hour. We're gonna take this quick commercial break. We will come back. This enemy junkie radio with Richard hunter. And goes Sirius XM fight nation. One fifty six we'll be back. Domination. They go hand in hand. We bring the fight to you on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six. New brand of sports is on Sirius XM fighting nation channel one fifty six and streaming on your phone in on Sirius XM connected devices and speakers. All right. We are back radio. I'm Richard hunter. Gorgeous George's off, Dan, Tom comes back Friday, the gang wall be reunited on Friday, but George comes back tomorrow for now we want to do the story of the day that we've been focusing on PJ pen issued a restraining order mother children alleges years of physical sexual abuse. Steven Morocco, the magnificent Rocco from MA junkie is on the line. And he's here to shed a little bit more light on this whole incident. What's up, Steven? Not too bad. Man. I mean, it is kinda weird doing this show. And every day, I was mentioning Richard earlier. We got a big card coming up to thirty six and it's been overshadowed by all these these stories coming out, man. I mean, what is going on a lot of these a lot of legends in the sport depends a legend. And now this story comes out here. I want you to start from the beginning. How did you come about this because I feel like you caught everybody off guard with this one? Well, on the short of it is I get tips, and you know, based on the type of stories that I do, you know, people tell me things from time to time, and I look into them and a lot of turn out to be nothing and other ones turned out to be something. And you know, the way I typically work if I can find some actual paperwork on documentation. That's that's when the whole process starts. So it actually wasn't easy. Wasn't that easy to find the documents because the way that the searches and works in the white courts, the online system, it it wasn't immediately evident that this was this was in the docket. So to speak. But I actually had to you know, male check and mail for these documents took a couple of weeks to actually get a hold of them. So it wasn't as easy as just looking online and thing now, I could see something was there. But I had to actually physically send for the for the documents from the the courts to get all the information that I reported today. So there are times where things like these go down, and they completely blindside us. And then there's times where you kinda hear rumors about certain fighters certain camps, and you hear the news. And he's okay. That kind of makes sense when when word to you when we're got to you about this was it something that completely shocked you because even even in the show before us like RJ Clifford or I'm sorry, Jimmy Smith and Ryan McKenna. We're talking about this. And and they were talking about things that you've heard of BJ Penn throughout the years where were you on? This is something that completely blindsided. You. Well, two years ago actually three years ago. Now, I did a story based on some allegations that were made by the girlfriend of Pedro carafe SCO. So this is obviously a different situation. But when it comes to. Alex specific allegations like this. I mean, no, I didn't know I didn't hear about this civically. But of course, immediately thought to their forty I didn't two thousand sixteen which talked about that location. That was a whole ordeal in of itself. I don't know if you remember. You know, some of the back and forth that went on in the media and with other reporters and B J. It was it was a real mess. I heard a lot of stuff around that timeframe about BJ and his character and everything like that a lot of it to the majority of it. I couldn't report there were people that I talked to that just didn't wanna go on the record with what they were saying. But you know, BJ has had a lot of runs the law over the last couple years. I mean, and that's that you can see that. If you look at the docket. And I actually got something else just happens tenses, if as a result of sending up the documents sort of random thing that I picked up that I'm looking into right now where he was there was basically in an ATP out on him forgiving terroristic threats to this guy who owned a tariff arm, and he allegedly I guess threatened them with a machete. Farm. So what's that? Sorry. What farm terro farm terro is a foodstuff in in Hawaii. Oh, wow. So I'm looking into that one. Now, I'm also looking into getting some documents that may have been attached to the docket that I that I received the paperwork from apparently, there's some additional documentation that I actually have to submit to a judge to get a hold of. So, you know, stay tuned. I might have some more stuff coming up. Wow. I mean, this whole thing it caught us by surprise in the morning, and one of the things that we kind of appreciate the fact that you came on here, and you're explaining your process because one thing that caught us by surprise was the UFC hadn't given you any comment on that? And then the attorney involved seemed like the way he had he had he had said he said it was incomplete information. And he seems surprised that you were able to get this information. All that seems so strange to me. Can you explain why the attorney would find that surprising because it has its public records? Correct. Yeah. I don't I don't really know. I don't know what's going on in his mind. It was very awkward conversation. I mean a couple different occasions. I just tried to stress that I'm look, you know, I I really wanna get BJ side of the story on this. He's pretty serious allegations. You know, obviously hasn't been convicted of a crime that's important to like highlighting bolt. Here BJ was never convicted of a crime. He wasn't arrested in connection with any in in connection with any of these allegations. So that's important highlight. But nonetheless, this is public records request and pretty unflattering information pretty inflammatory accusations that I wanted to get that one to get his side of the story that side of the story may be containing these documents that I can't get a judge to sign off on it that could be the case and put as far as, you know, the legal him being prevented by law from commenting on the case, you know, I'm obviously not an attorney. But I don't know if that's I don't know if flies I think he might have just. Trying to get me. Not to report it. Gotcha. Now as far as you have ceased concern to this point is they're still no comment on their side. And what what does that mean to you? When an organization as big as you have see don't they have at least like a blanket statement or something. Well, I was talking to Simon about this online earlier today. Actually, I haven't met, and we were talking about how things have seemed to changed over less Forty-five years. It seemed like four or five years ago, they were kinda headed in the right direction with a lot of this stuff. It seemed like there was less tolerance for misbehavior in many forms outside the cage. There was obviously some times that they I think they over overcorrected a little bit. I think we would I think everyone would agree with that, you know, Miguel Torres and stuff like that. But I think they were headed in the right direction as far as responsibility as a large sporting organization taking responsibility for these things recognizing that the behavior of individuals reflects on the entire organization and reacting accordingly, and it just seems like as of late. There's a lot less. There's a lot less. I don't know if it's care. But it's like it just doesn't seem like it's high priority right now, it is a priority. They sort of try to address it to through the channels that they have relationships with like, you know, ESPN all reporters that they have you know, that have historically been favorable to them in coverage. So you know, I tried. I let them I gave him at least. And then give them a twenty four hours gave him overnight from from last night and checked in this morning. And they basically just said, you know, no comment. I couldn't you know, they weren't able to get they weren't able to pass it down at the chain are fast enough. So. I think it's unfortunate because it reflects on them as an organization, it's the same thing. I would say with the the whole story with Rachel ostrich. And Greg hardy, regardless of how the individual players, you know, the optics of it are important they're important to address. And now that they're under this big corporate umbrella, you know, it's even more important in my opinion. But I am not their PR staff. I'm I'm just a reporter trying to basically do my job trying to get every side of the story. BJ's an active fighter. He's he's going to fight next month. That's the reason why you know, it's one of the reasons why we put this out because he's an active fighter because he's a UFC hall of Famer. And I think it would be I think it would be a responsible for the UFC to at least weigh in and say, hey were concerned. But that's just me. I remain junkie radio. REM agent dot com. Reporter Steven Morocco joins us on the program. You could fall him at jonky. Stephen Richard hunter from phone booth fighting what do you have four Steven Steven you just reference that chain of command that the UFC needed to go through to to to get an official statement. And that kind of ties into something goes now, we're talking about in an earlier segment today, you touched on this to you know, that even going back a few years like the Travis Brown incident, for example, where he had a fight scrapped on a big card until an investigation could be done into some allegations like this. And then they ultimately clear, obviously, they were airing on the side of caution in that scenario. In a way that maybe doesn't happen. So often these days what about that chain of command? If anything to your knowledge has changed because you go back a few years, and those were the days where you got the feeling that in a situation like that. You're basically going to Dana why he's maybe talking to Lorenzo. And they're making a decision with just a few people. Is there anything about the structure of the new ownership that has changed where now there's more people involved in a situation like that? And maybe that's why the reaction has gotten a little water down can can you speak on that at all. My personal experience is that. There are more PR people than there used to be and. Your results vary widely depending on who you go to. I don't have the access to Dana white that Jon Morgan does. For instance, you know, or even you know, different basic what I'm trying to say is different reporters on our staff have different levels of access with different people. It's a very it's a very segmented kind of situation where certain people have different better access with others than than than I do. So I typically I go through a couple of different people, and I try to work through them because I've experienced in the past if you just sort of shotgun, everyone, you know, you end up pissing everyone off, and so it kind of various, you know, my my approach, you know, depending on the seriousness. Of the story, I'm working on. But my sense of things from this situation is that you know, it feels like it's got to go through a committee. Yeah. Four it gets approved. Maybe that's new maybe it's not. But that's that's the impression that I've gotten. And I think that's unfortunately to their detriment in situations like this because, you know, even if you just said like look very concerned, we're looking into this like, okay. Like, I I I understand that. And maybe that will maybe that will change. Maybe this story will actually prompt them to come forward, and and dress this I I've experienced many times it stories that I've done have prompted them to come out and make an official statement and take some official action of some sort. But you know, time will tell. Stephen, do you anticipate this fight still happening even with all this coming out? I mean, it's got to be a distraction for BJ Penn that desperately need to win. I don't know. I don't know the answer that question. I mean, it's my understanding that there's a custody battle along right now. And that's that could be a part of all of this. Like what we're what we're seeing right now could could play into that could play into that situation and BJ's life as to whether he's able to you know, fair down and get through it. I I really don't know. I mean, there were there were a lot of people. I think that were kind of against him fighting in the first place. I mean, if you look at the reaction that that that was out there when they announced this flight wasn't overwhelmingly positive, but at the end of the day, he's he's the it's only the promoter that can stop him from fighting if he wants to fight if you sign to fight if you and he's going to go forward with it. Then it's really it's on him. And then ultimately, it's on the UFC whether or not to let them. One thing that has been pointed out by fans, and even a couple of fighters whenever something like this happens when somebody acts out of character because I think general public knows BJ Penn is that Bunn Levin guy from Hawaii that comes out and gives us a hell of a fight every single time. But the one thing that people have been kind of pointing to is what's been going on with C T this reaction from that. You've been covering the sport a long time. And and a lot of this has been talked about what's your take on that? Do you feel like that is something that's relatable to the story? Well, I think it's unfortunate when people just immediately chalk up stories of misbehavior or allegations like this to to brain damage. We don't know what exactly happened between these two people. We're looking at one side of the situation. One representation of a relationship that stretches over ten years, we really don't know the full story. So to just truck to discharge it up to oh, it's brain damage. That's a pretty big leap to make in my opinion. I think we need to see how and also it. It's important to say, we may never know like how this plays out depending on how public this resolution is or isn't this could be just sort of a blip on the radar concerning. The rain. And you know, maybe we hear about it later from BJ when he decides to open up about it. But I think that we need to I think the people in general need to wait before they just sort of tat. They should make that blanket statement that it's brain damage because we there's so much. We don't know about BJ's life and his his his medical sater's his state of health and to make that judgment without knowing those. I think is a bit responsible. Stephen d feel like this new era ESPN era will some heat start to come trickle down from ESPN. Because the last couple stories just have not looked very good for our sport. Do you feel like they're going to start to get to a point where maybe they're gonna start putting pressure on the? I also don't know the answer that question. I mean, you know with the whole Rachel hostage thing. I we tried to get both me press. Try to get some stuff from ESPN, and he actually has way more reach on the Disney SPN side than I do. And both of us couldn't get anything or at least anything on the record. So I I know they're aware of it. I mean, it's impossible that they're not. But. I hope that they're that. They're watching this stuff. I hope that they're paying attention. And then I hope and I hope that they, you know, eventually step forward to do the right thing. Whatever whatever that might be, you know, whether it's you know. Some you know, some sort of statement that new knowledge things or a new program that addresses, these kinds of things some sort of enforcement of the code of conduct. Whatever whatever it means to them. I hope that they I hope that they they have a good influence on the UFC as as corporate parent as opposed to a hands off, do whatever you want kind of a kind of a relationship. Yeah. All right. We'll Stephen I know you're busy guy. We wanna thank you for the time that you did give us today. I'm sure keep it out in junkie. You got some more stuff Bruin here. And when do you anticipate all that stuff coming out, by the way? As soon as the clerks get there. Get the photocopy semi. Wow. This is crazy sport. Man. Right. Steven, thanks for the time biting, we really. Appreciate it. You can follow Steven Morocco, m e junkie, Steven great reporter for our website and gently dot com, we're gonna take a quick break. And when we come back, we'll react to some of the things that's even said brought some good points that I want to dive into we'll be right back. This is enemy junkie radio on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six. I'm also looking into getting some documents that may have been attached to the docket that I that I received the paperwork from apparently, there's some additional documentation that I actually have to judge to get hold of. So, you know, stay tuned. I might have some more stuff coming out. What a dark time in mixed. Martial arts. Goes Richard hunter hoist you here in our heads. Let's Joshi's our producer. Steven Morocco, just came on reporter for may junkie dot com. And as if this situation is in bad enough for PJ pen could be more things on the horizon. It's hard for me to say because I'm nobody I don't see this fight going down. You're not nobody goes to me or not, Richard. You think he'll fight? I'll tell you this. I would say the chances of him not fighting are greater than most. If other people were put in this kind of situation. I think it's an easier cancellation for the UFC just because as Stephen brought up there wasn't. There was kind of a weird reaction him fighting anyway. Yeah, it's not any, you know, it's it's. It doesn't have title implications or any kind of thing like that at that point. And I'm not trying to be CAL's about. I'm just trying to be pragmatic and say, well, what's really on the line here? I think that's kind of an easier cancelation, and he may cancel it on his own. I mean, I am not that this is necessarily relate name. No. And not that this is necessarily related in any way. But I can tell you in the past from dealing with like setting up interviews and stuff like that would be stuff can get shut down on pretty quick notice. Kind of for no reason not saying that has anything to do with this situation. But it's not like. I think he himself in particular might be more inclined to to shut it down. Now, if it's if it's really is dire. As it seems. I mean, Steven mentioned to the custody thing montage of this on top of something that we don't even know yet. That's a lot of stress for just Joe blow. That's clocking in nine to five guy. That's about the going to the cage and fight another man. The only thing about that. Is the weird sort of bizarro world thing about that? When it comes to fighters is there some some fighters. It would tell you that. Yeah. That's all the more reason. They gotta get in there. They're actually they're going to get in the cage to escape everything. You just talked about. I thought of it that way that's true. We've had fighters come on the show before and say, they're not even looking at their opponents face, and they're actually seeing something else. Whether it's their father that abused them or or a teacher that mouthed off or whatever sometimes they don't even see their opponents face French told me that he he can hear conversations in the crowd. Really that to me is unfathomable if somebody was trying to beat me unconscious. I can't imagine here in two guys talk about where they're going after the fight. But he said he can hear very specific things. Like that. Did you your time in the cage? Did you hear anything? What did you hear? Let's just say that the link to that fight wasn't real conducive to a lengthy conversation. People today even catch you by surprise. The crowd. I don't know why he does this. So he puts me in the situation where he almost wants me to joke about it to see if I'm going to do it, and I won't bite on it. But you know, what? I mean, I l phone rings something. No. I mean, I heard I heard my corner. I heard Frank I heard who's ause from the crowd. You know? Yeah. I mean, I heard I tell this. My my senses were heightened for sure not just like, touch, but sight sound all that definitely definitely heightened everything. You're you're zoned in on. And then my real memory that I took from it was when I when I went down, I never went out. So when I went down, I was I thought to myself in my head. I gotta get quick 'cause he's coming right? And as I'm looking down, I see shoes. And I remember thinking in my head is bad. Because the guy I'm fighting barefoot referees were in the shoes and his shoes were right underneath my head to be fair. It's an alligator fight to the referees. Take even more caution than they would in a professional fight. Yeah. So you may have been able to get back up and continue that was pointed out by everyone. Yeah. For sure I could've. Yeah. But that was pointed out that, hey, we're not trying to have any visits the emergency room here. You know, we're we're airing on the side of caution and not only is it an amateur fight. But I mean, it's I'm old. There were there's a lot of things to consider there. I will tell you just very quickly one thing that for sure will make you laugh, so and I still have to sort this out with graphs leg. Great a wish I would have had the wherewithal to do that. And just act like what? Yeah. I did. But I still have to sort this out with Jessica rose Clark because she she was our head coach shoes. Also, the matchmaker. Right. So. She so so so fights over fight get stopped. I'm walking back to the you know, we'll dressing remarried, we have whatever and Franks there. And he's he's given me the question, you know, where you are. And all that kind of stuff. He's like it's kiss. Jennifer comes running my girlfriend, and she's like, and she was sitting with Frank's wife, Jennifer, and Frank's wife has tirelessly different perspective on this kind of thing. You know, she's like, I'll just go. Check on you. You'd be fine. That didn't look that's the worst. I've seen you know. And of course, my girlfriend's like, no hope he remembers me gonna. So she goes just just go to go to him. Right. So she's come in the dressing room and Franks. Don't worry. I've asked him if he knows where he is. And everything I think we're all good. He's pulling the tape off my gloves, and he says to me, that's crazy. You know in two seasons of went to warrior this fastest knockout. And I said, how do you know that? And he goes. Jessica rose Clark is told me I said just now and he said, yeah, I said sushi thought that on our way back to the dressing room that was the time to impart this dubious information to you go. Oh, yeah. The catch you and say, by the way, here's what I'm gonna pitch to her. 'cause you love the hypothetical. I'm going to suggest to her that. Because now with the SPN they're looking for all kinds of like new segments and viral content. Everything they can do I'd love to see a series with her where she is the the bearer of bad news. So you know, like, you see these rewind things of hind the scenes with the fights. And I'd like to see a deal with her where they've got her standing by like, Laura SANCO style. And then whenever somebody's walking back into feet to the dressing room. She catches up with a one the live, Mike, and she's like do you realize? That's the first time that somebody has lost three straight ten eight rounds or whatever it is. And just give them the now and you hear coming here like. Like what happened? It's like VH one's behind the music calls. Your band is not for a good reason. Oh, man you tin into that. Right. Tune in. I'm probably like a hypocrite because I'm one of the guys that hates. I love the footage that they show by also hate it. Just because I feel like he just lost in front of millions of people. Give them ten minutes. Give them ten minutes to go back and do whatever needs to do. And then I think it was it was Josie Aldo, right? That was crying kind of in a corner in house like I think one time album. Go was throwing a chair. It's key magin. Your worst moment. Whatever the hell it is. In front of so many people, and you don't even have like at home, at least is run in the bathroom close the door and scream or whatever you don't even have that. That's crazy, man. But I people love it. Eight seven seven fight Ninety-three. It's great idea and he should be good at eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three. If you want to chime in on that big story. Something that. Our man, Steven Morocco said gonna tease this now. I thought he made a good point about people rushing to jump on the bandwagon assurance like that. Does go down a little bit about it in our intro. It's true. And I can understand that that particular statement, I wanna say came from Tim, Tim Kennedy. I'm gonna check it out. And he somebody that's been championing against these type of things. Right. It's trying to protect the fighters. They started one of believe it's three movements to have an association. But yeah, maybe people are jumping a little bit too quick to that because that happens outside of mixed martial arts. But I'll tell you what we'll talk a little bit about that. And we'll talk a little bit about Barack Leser when we come back here on MA junkie radio Sirius XM fight nation channel and fifty six. New brand of sports dog is on Sirius XM by nation channel one fifty six and streaming on your phone on Sirius XM connected devices in speakers. They're still extinct finding his way out still to be affected flow to stops. Stops. Now back to more emanate junkie radio with goat. And Richard hunter on siriusxm fight nation channel one fifty six getting better at it three is in the air. And so as football the siriusxm spring camp tour is back and taking you around the country inside the top football programs right now Michael Griffin. And Ari tem can are in Austin to talk to the top coaches and players on the Texas longhorns on ESPN radio Sirius XM four Texas longhorns. Thorn in my side. I'll never forget that Rose Bowl got hurt. Richard hunter, Josh. And I had a conversation off the air about Brock listener. And we were going to bring up one thing. And then we tied it in like three other things I thought it was pretty interesting. I want to bring that up now on the air. I asked you this question, Richard. Do you think that Brock listener coming back to the U of C is kind of going to hurt Khanna McGregor on his side because karma Gregor are you blaming look look at the stats. He has some of the biggest paper views. Do you have ever seen? Yes. So if he says I'm going to retire, which is basically I'm gonna retire. Unless you give me what I want. Without Brock the UFC's going to say well. This is gonna hurt we need to figure out how we can supplement that income that came via Conor McGregor. Here's a here's a big tool. Brock listener who also is very big and pay per view. Now what Connor is the way? I look at. It is a little a little you're familiar with them kind of all in right? You feel differently? I do in the sense that yes. With with your scenario that could hurt Connors bargaining power with the UFC. But I think the trade off is it improves bargaining power with WWE if he wants to go there because the whole hook of having Brock listener in the WWE is that he is this legit UFC bad ass. I would argue that you actually upgrade in terms of Conor McGregor coming at the time that Conor McGregor is coming into the WWE for the people who are in the know. Now, you don't up great in terms of wrestling persona. Obviously Brock listeners a mountain of. Man Conor McGregor is a is a smaller person, but Mike skills promotions got brought or they don't even let have a microphone in the WWE. They has a Paul Heyman that talks for him. Yeah. Conor McGregor will need that. Greg ruby a one man show if you were to bring him over there. So I think in a lot of ways that's not only a bit of. And the other thing is to your talking about a guy in Brock listener. Who he you know, he works LTd enough schedule in the WWE? But if he's coming back to the UFC for what one fight, I don't know maybe to the somehow he beats DC, and that goes his way, which I don't think happens. I'm hearing more and more people side with you that that's not even close. He's a blowout. I think DC absolutely steamrolls in my set on that done the show yesterday. But not to the point that it won't sell it'll sell gangbusters. So I totally get the business of doing it. Now, my argument yesterday was that Daniel Cormie would then retire from mixed martial arts competition and maybe go over to the WWE. I mean, he'd be a solid hand over there too. But. I think that in terms of benefiting Connor that would actually could at worst be awash, but possibly even be a greater benefit to him in terms of bargaining power. The WWE I do want to say this very quickly with the allegations that are currently around Conor McGregor, which are very serious allegations of sexual assault. One thing the WWE is that the UFC is not which we covered earlier in the show is they are a publicly traded company, and this they they are they would be the direct imaging. They're independent contractors, but they would be perceived as direct employers of somebody like Conor McGregor. They do not have that extra layer of third party protection. Like ESPN has with UFC tell Disney we don't own the UFC. We just cover it like we were talking about in the previous segment in this situation. The WWE would have to take I think a lot more direct ownership of employing somebody like Conor McGregor or contracting with them. If you will. I think they got a lot more to consider. Better when it comes to things like that. And the UFC does because maybe if nothing else just the fact that there's so many kids involved in the point, you know, there's so much going on in that world of pro wrestling MMA crossing over back and forth. Tomorrow, we will have the Greco on the show, and he can clear some of that. Because we're kind of w I watch WD WWE growing up my entire life. And then I kinda got away from it. Then I came back. And now, I think I've been away from it for a while and back a little bit. But I still don't get a lot of things that go on there and how it works. So we will speak to him tomorrow. I want to ask you, though, do you think Conor McGregor 'cause he makes a lot of money and combat sports then? Yeah, he's got to put together a camp. Because that's the one thing. I will give him credit. He shows up for every fight. It doesn't go his way. I don't think you ever go. He didn't train we seem prepared and just about every fight. It may not goes way. But I think it gives you an honest camp. For WWE. I don't know what kind of money they shell out. But is it going to be equal to that? And gonna do more work over over the year. Like, you think that will work out over there for him? Yeah. I mean, they've they've got deep pockets. Now, they also are flexible schedules. I mean, they have been in the past, you know, especially if you hold all the cards if he comes in and goes, okay. Like, this was I know for fact, this was Brock steel at one point where he agreed to a certain number of dates because a lot of those wrestlers in addition to the monthly pay per views. They do in the weekly television shows are doing what they call Hal shows, which are until Ovide shows, but they're contractually obligated to go around all these Brock laws or wouldn't do any of that. He had okay. You've got a certain number of date. You can use me for under this contract. You pick them and bees are going to be your Roz or smackdown. Your paper, be whatever you can put me on a house show, if you want to but choose wisely because you only have this certain select number and once you're done, you're either paying me more or. Or or you've used them all up. So they would only put him on big shows to your point the televise ones and the pay per views. I think Conor McGregor could could easily engineer a similar deal to that. And given the fact that you get back to his ability to to talk. I think Conor McGregor could be proportionately paid more for his mouth than he ever has before compared to his physicality. I mean, yes, that's what sells the paper us up to this point. But I could see scenarios where now the WWE's driving ratings just off having him on television talking. All right. But Ronda Rousey, I'm believe, I asked this question too. Does the answer. I got to whoever I asked it was on the air. I thought the same thing that Rhonda wouldn't be doing like how shows and stuff like that. But I guess because she still needs to hone her skills a little bit those brashly useful, which we do from time to time. You think that have Connor went? He wouldn't do any of those time. He'd have more of a broadcast type. I think it would depend on what kind of deal they made with him. Now. Keep in mind. Ronda Rousey is a lifelong pro wrestling fan. I don't know Conor McGregor falls into that category. Not and in Brock's case he broke in through pro wrestling. He went pro wrestling to UFC, not the other route originally. So I mean, maybe if Connor super excited to be in pro wrestling, but I've never heard him express anything even along the lines of like Daniel Cormie who we know is huge WWE fan. So I I would assume Conor McGregor is attracted to the business model. You know that he sees a lot of money to be made there that looks good till? Yeah. So I would think that that would have to be worked out with him. But I I know in Rhonda's case, you know. One year ago, she wrestled at wrestlemainia in like a tag team kind of scenario where they could kind of cover up her green. The know the green aspect of her skill set. Pro wrestling skill set, and they gave her an entire year to mature to where we got last Sunday, which was headlining wrestlemainia and pulling it off, and she you know, that was a solid match. She had by pro wrestling standards. So that's a good example of how what's possible with that? But I think also you have to have somebody who's got. A an athletic work ethic that translates to pro wrestling and the want to excel on that level and pro wrestling like Rhonda, obviously is wanted to do. I have no idea. But that with Connor the things that have been happening with Connor with WWE stand for that. No one. I don't think they can. No, no. It would hurt them too much. Right. Yeah. 'cause like I said you've got the kid factor involved. There's you would have here's what would happen. You would have people weighing in on that. That would never know million years weigh in on the fact that you have seen keeps BJ Penn on a card. There is not some suburban flyover state soccer mom that is going to think twice about BJ Penn staying on that car. But if she finds out that the show that her kids sit down to watch every Monday night, or whatever they want to go down to the local the normal dome and see the next, you know, live raw typing, or whatever that they've got a guy on the card who is in deep into some sexual abuse allegation. I think there's way more blowback where that's concerned. I'll tell you what we have a caller on hold Markelle from Waco to take your call. How you doing Marco? Monica Fenwick Deutz, but man. So I said it was the terrain. But this is busted open. A lot of that lately. Hey, bully -rageous walked in. So look. I. The US if it goes thinking about a little body, you know, now homeless affect these new eight of the ESPN, plus Alamo and the Steve guard because remember that getting guaranteed East Bay of you. We will the crucial fight on south bay view buys thirty million dollars per view. That's a very good point. The UC. Because it got guarantee morning Ingraham out. Whatever goes over five under some favorite, muses icy. The day leave ESPN. So, you know, senior Spanish best done the US's promoting welcome in. They're going to. They're gonna they're gonna. Faint, you that is a into a one year the with the WWE because Brooks good pizzas, man. You know, when it goes to quote, unquote, sorta sort of. While I was in. I think you're right in in that regard. But the one thing that you have see I know Richard of you ever heard them say, I think we're good. No. I mean, they will still care don't I wouldn't go that far. But they they definitely still care. But to Marco's point I agree with him on this. They are starting out with the kind of hidden from the red tees now to use a golf analogy on all these pay per view. They're still going to have to play the whole. But they've got a cushion that they're starting with which is at guaranteed money in. It's a lot of guaranteed money. It's a lot of of guaranteed by quivalent. Basically, the Marco points out on the us. Great point. I think they puts them a position to be able to absorb some some fiscal damage if you will now in negotiations that they wouldn't feel so comfortable with absorbing before the SPN deal, dude, it's crazy that I can't even believe we're in the situation because I get it Brock listener big draw. Does he really deserve. The shot L. No here. He is. Right. Me how not. I feel like bring. Yeah, time we bring them up. We have to go back and just remind people of how insane it is that he's even there and that a tap Ning for, but we stuff to deal with the fact that it's going to happen. I don't spend any time like debating whether or not it. I mean, I get why it happening from a business standpoint. And that's in the, you know, the end all you really need to consider. But I'll know I mean, there is no like numerical justification for it. Yeah. Thank you very much for the call, Mark. Let's go onto how from Chicago numerical in terms of rankings. I mean, financially there's all the justification in the world is what I meant to say what the pal. Yeah. Man. I got the best signal. I heard you guys talking w Nick. And so I have to call in Chris. I don't know if we are the blurred line is I don't know if we are talking to me of talk in mixed martial art 'cause they're kind of like overlapping now in this crazy world. Yeah. All right. Well, this is not over lapping, Eric Andrews Khalil Roundtree, the battle of the light skin versus dark skin. No, very important fight in the black community, and, you know, not on your likes to make a big deal out of this. So he's going to be an Andrews corner. And I know miss that fight slight Andrus favored Alabama crimson tide along with more important. How is the over under right? I've actually shied away from who I think is gonna fight. I think what's interesting over under. What do you think that over on? I'm being around. It's got to be here. Right now. What do you think? I would think it would have to be like three and a half minutes during a half minutes. Yeah. Which is also under. All right. So you say when I would say about. Yeah. One and a half round enemy. Oh wouldn't have rounds? I think it's three and a half minutes. I think it's first round. And if they're breaking it down by link round, it's three and a half minutes around. What is it? A how got it with one and a half round over over the over his fever minus one thirty five on the comeback on under his plus one so one and a half. And again, you know, I mean, this this different because you know, like, I did only to hurt each other. So they're gonna it's gonna go over usually. So I'm still gonna stick with that. But I wanna say that it's a risk your bet because it is right skin dark skin. So you might see them actually throw at it. You know and Khalil got that big right hand. So but the picture is over over one and a half frowns, easy money. All right, man. Thank you for the call. We are gonna take a quick commercial break. But when we come back, we're gonna tease something the has to do with a theory of mind and one championship going to be a fun time zone. Emmy donkey radio siriusxm fight nation channel one fifty six. We will be right back. Bob in your head. Presenting are back Emma, Mejia radio Gordon stored is off today. He will be back tomorrow. They look Greco will join us tomorrow. Dan, Tom from the back on Friday. We'll talk a little bit more of two thirty six great main event. Great Cohen event. Chris pretty fun. I think it'd be a fun time. I'm gonna give you theory, Richard. Tell me what you think. Teen. Ortiz says he wants the comeback. He's retired what three times now, but he wants to come back for another fight. I don't think it's going to be golden boy because I didn't do too well where he fought chocolate. Oh. I don't know that it's going to be Bella tour. We knew it sounded right to me when they signed veto Beaufort at one championship. I thought who's gonna fight. It's gotta be somebody that kind of makes sense. It's in that same boat, right? So then I thought could they beginning rich Franklin that come out of retirement? He kind of points. He doesn't wanna really do that. There's always that. Tito Ortiz, but he's retired. We'll guess what he wants to fight. And I bet you. That's what's going to go down at one championship. I bet you they're going to match them up with Vitor Belfort crazy. No. I think that makes a lot of sense, and I'm gonna yes. And you this is the first rule of improv whatever you say, I say, yes. And then I add to it for a successful improvisation. I think that I was I was stunned at the lack of conversation that the debuts of Eddie Alvarez, and particularly mighty mouse got when it came to one the other day. I mean, I realize that you know, there's a reason why mighty mouse was traded for Ben Askar in the UC felt like they never could get mighty mouse off the ground as far as like a box office, pay per view draw. I know all that backstory. But all that being said still you're having arguably the best. Pound for pound fighter in the world fighting and unless I just wasn't reading the right sites. I didn't see anywhere near the amount of coverage. I thought that we get even though it's one. Okay. And of course, he Alvarez was on that card to I think that if one goes with your idea of veto bell for and Tito Ortiz. They will actually get more coverage and more headlines than they've ever gotten before for anything they've ever done. And I think that's been proven wind. Tito is Jeff because even though the fight was a mess in the card was a mess and everything it got talked about way more bell tower has shown us at when they've put old old guys together, you know, in these legends type matches. So I think it would be the most high visibility day of one's existence. If they did that there's something about Tito Ortiz that just makes me want to tune in. Why can never explain I actually saw that? I fight saw live at believe it was here. Mandalay bay was three round fight. And that's kind of the fight that I always point to when I say enough with five rounds of titles on the line. That was a fun fight round. One went to Tito around two was kind of in the middle getting around three went to veto or Tito runs out in the stairs. But out in the audience. But anyway, we got to wrap up here. It's been a fun time. Thank you so much richer for coming in my pleasure hosting a blast getting to know you here. And I know people are gonna say I thought you knew. Yeah. I thought I did two just when you gotta hit a commercial breaks. It's me Josh, basically on what are you serious? Let's say some for next time. Fun time though, we will be back tomorrow with David Greco with gorgeous, George, and we'll have a couple of other guests lined up here. They're kind of in the works. But until then you guys hang tight. Thank you for joining us and be champions. Nation.

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