#393: Selective Outrage


Biagio hosing a show with your host dog use. Gino's. took. Take. The Tint. Why. Hello and welcome back to the casinos. English show would me your host Agostinho Singer and this is episode number free nine free throws. You ever threes how you guys doing how you guys feeling. Great. Amazing. Welcome back. Nice to have you it to first time watching the show youtube mixture splashed light, and here's Subscribe Olympia Common. Down Below forcing opinions are love to get back to you and you have to save because self if you're listening to podcasts at pleased him, you're far serve you download the show and share do your friends and that's always support via. Patriots always more welcome. You can click the link below in description as as the pink. Video. Contact me or go to Patriots Confidence Casino Patron Comfort Has AG O. S. T. I N.. To sign up to Patriot and be a member of the English show via patron where you get access to one exclusive Patriot only show only available via patron obviously as well as this show in audio format before it comes neuro sometimes I get this. Or video I chop up clips, uploaded my youtube channel. Then I obviously get the audio. PODCAST services, but that comes sometime after between the here it as soon as I finished definitely sign up onto patron you listen to the inside show at your leisure via patient only before it comes on any of issue sunup days only one dollar a one pound wherever you're located nothing really to pay for it. So make sure you set up on their get invoke back my big consumption win last week or sober Kluber. Okay, we're back in the show and Gammon. How's it going? Good. Good. Great. Great. Great. Amazing my my life. Yeah pre well, same same same same same same old crap. Is Nothing's really changed that much were up to his weekend worship bunch of films was Barbaros Netflix's pretty cool. So cool. CV's about ancient in in the Asian his St John, row. They kind of highlights a particular battle that took place that some people would. Characterize as the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire. They tried to invade or take over a part of Germania with what we kind of deemed to be more than they Germany. Australia, and other parts. They try to essentially take over them because there were warring tribes there at the time, and of course, warring tribes came together to defeat this empire known as the Roman. Empire. And it kind of charts that entire course of their ordeal and battle and it's great because it's historically pretty on considering some of the documentaries I've watched books, I read documentary channels, I recommend you check engine history would be kings and generals invictus his story in the history guy there's quite a few people follow online what she's documentaries lay at the pre cool to. Get me out of my head and also allow me to think it was bad. Situation is now some of the lessons that we should be gleaming from the Pasha applied against Fruita present I would assume but that's been pretty cool. There's another one cooler reviews theon, which is a French one. You know what I'm saying Spanish accent forgive me. And what else did I watch this week? Oh, I finished the Levin Documentary on the Paradise Garage outdoor review of that later but that was epic. I'm above at nighttime aficionado obviously, I dj. Put on events and it was obsessed with dance music in general. So watching that documentary and so again, understanding of how important The Paradise Garage was. The era of you know sexual liberation and expiration of music and DJ Culture and Nightlife scene, and whatever in especially outside of the city fifty four because you get I'm not gonNA say the whitewash issue of music in America you get only a particular perspective from it, and if you have watched this before documentary, you know that, yes, it was amazing spot. But if you when you get down to the rue essence of fifty four wasn't, it wasn't anything more than just like a really well done private members club. Yes. They will obviously some elements to, and of course, the moment in Time Day, it was launched and founded the people that pass his hollow able to pass across. not velvet rope on the outside. And individuals involved in running it behind the scenes you know in sensually some of our most. Inspirational leading cultural creatives. But when you get down to the real real essence of it, it was just a private members club right done really really well, and it only represents a certain. Perspective of Voice of Dance Music during that time in this great to get another perspective, you know through the Paradise Garage in. So many people that frequented despot. Justice Shaming Low Levin such a young age I think he died in years at thirty eight or something really really tragic. Offense considered those a lot more here to give again. The great thing about Dance Music Griffin about not live culture leisure culture. Always right. The art the You create lives on you know way beyond your years. So it's impact on me right into twenty and I imagine impact office to watch it and you never know what that could then go onto lead. The you never know what that could basically result in right that could opening my own place Steiner label. To give a collection it could inspire recipe whatever our art lives on an awesome one thing about it all it can be immortal in Gaza. That's definitely cool to see. But that's been a really for the most part keeping my head down training about reading a bunch same old same old with last week or Tober pretty cool. Heading down the home straight line at the end of the tunnel caught to abrupt my lips around a chilled little glass filled up with whiskey and you know, Noel ice just GonNa. Chill the Gloucester self-employed skin. Like some listening bar etiquette that's going to be great again. Sabato was a weighed one right because diplomacy acerbic Tober came about mostly what if got populaires to me via Juergen podcasts and more importantly via. Jauregui need friends essentially staging. Intervention with crusher, they maybe drinks too much need looks he does look incredibly unhealthy if somebody takes the shirt when they're performing standup. That's that is. Something that really argue about and it kind of evolved from intervention into their friend Inter kind of an opportunity for those guys to may be. Put aside or pause on the hedonistic life from the road being under purchase on comedians touring the country in the world that publicity opportunity to be. Healthy you probably encouraged to. Choose the most unhealthy options I know for me. That's what's happened in the past especially when a DJ. And Working Monday to Friday at the last thing you want to do is look after your diet and what much drinking when you finally have time to play especially when you're trying to squeeze in because figured about an hour just seems nutty and but now, of course, things change because the world has changed and we're all working from home but having to go to the office every single day and in oversee work. To some level of proficiency, and in all of us ever think about the set you on the parallel weekend. Then lunch break preparedness it didn't coming back home and prepare eel that'd be that guy on my laptop using tractor record books look like a proper wanker it comes. Thank you but. I'm very much reckless. Sink top onto my hotspot downloading some extra tunes if I need them if I need him buying some extra tunes. Gamma palest upper radium extracted things exploited sort of remember stick going home changing game my office without making sure my. Headphones and all that good stuff right lip balm or this wisdom that you forget you probably need special in your DJ in Egypt before his air conditioning unit right above you some lip and inskeep extreme extremely tapped. So you're dealing with that stuff and it kind of takes US total you're in when you get into the bar last thing, I do think about how much to drink just going to keep a drinks. The buttons are usually Super Nice when you nice to them especially if you're the DJ. They tend to kind of welcome a new face that isn't one if stop members that they know everything about because I remember that happened to me I was working retail. Especially when you know if a somewhat young person came into sharp. End Up five having a chat, you would just be laying on them talking to your. Best friend because you so fed up of talking to your colleagues so Anybody that came into doctor. Martins back they had an expert customer service experience via me. It wasn't personal already bored. So. So it worked really well in that regard right because I'd be working bunch Dj a bunch. And you just push the limit and you needed an opportunity to kind of press pause and allow yourself the chance to save the taste of alcohol again, right especially at work most of my starts gigs of had. They will some element of Thursday Friday, evening drinks where the office manager, an HR person will go out and buy a few BEV's, and you'd come you know government table and gossip about managers he didn't like and stuff. Obviously added to the drinking marathon, and then you go into the weekend DJ playing in bars where he's necessarily given Tokens on tab you know it's just It can get really crazy really easily. So what does intervention those guys turn into an aspects for me to kind of get my lifestyle to some sort of check so it helps. But then again, over time you start to realize that you're not really an ethics in in my respect, right? I. Have My drink and Spurs have my going crazy. Blocks by non addict of I can't function with this stuff in you know I get the shakes. So if a smaller Baraga Hall My head sauce dripping right I might make makes silly mistakes you know get. I might make some dodgy dodgy decisions right sal say some questionable decisions when I'm under the influence by in terms of kind of really affected my life in terms of negativity right and. Kind of semi, of course never hasn't really happened to I regard so. He kind of has the relevance. Sort of opportunity to do it has maybe waned over the years this year Mosul pressuring covert, right? I'm poverty little discord where people are doing subject Tobin. It's spent play the empty like the chessmen so dead ever since. I think those above Charon the first couple of weeks people have died often eventually people just give up and just. Come back to drinking because. That's the only joy kind of been able to glean from these times. So it's been a hard one to be honest just simply because of that, you kind of want to just let the our sort of like Russia by and there's nothing bed and games absolutely blasted home. But then again, it does get a bit depressing when he just home to Sweden and. Copious amounts, alcohol knowing what time of day is I guess a bit dark in in my experience that's for me, and personally you know having to read what movies writing a bunch and doom work. It's just not conducive to having alcohol and decorative. So that's been a good benefit and also I think I've kind of gone back to the idea of having alcohol in home. I'd never really did have prior Baba's the in the last year. So there was a moment where I'll be buying books is often a couple of balls. Of Winder by having the ability to go out and buy a Pacific bold if I WANNA drink it. Cool. But having an actual bar at home I'm not really a fan of I. Think it just encourages gives me opportunity to take the easy option out when Mace basically sometimes if I want to reach for a drink, maybe putting a book might be a better option watching documentary or reading up on something damages the engine week Blah Blah Blah whatever those options might be a little bit better than straightaway heading off and grabbing. A whiskey bought weather they be so. Much, as I'm looking forward to ending suburb Tober I am quite thankful that he does come around this during this time of year to prefer Christmas gap between to kind of break, and of course, it gives you a good chance to build up some bad habits heading into a new year because he get imagine right if you do all of the. Cringe sobriety month things you get to you basically have two months in a year kind of really this next year, but you basically have a acerbic tober energy so you get to go crazy November and December. Go nuts on New Year's eve, and in the soon as hits you get to start again. Jerry's short month to. It goes by absolute flush opportunity again to sober up in case off back to some kind of even Keel. But again, you know, what can we do? What can we? I'm still hanging on still do my video by should during the soft I'm doing if you're still hanging in there doing turbo let me know in the comments below I'd love to know what your experience is like from what I've gleaned most people have sought given up but if you're still out there, so hanging on, let me know. Okay. So we have a jump back Shafi. Today. Onus coffee got coffee in the morning jampacked show love to get into. Lots of interesting topic someone expound upon so make sure grubbers off a nice Hoti. Drink a little snack whatever is that gets you going or keeps you going Unless dive on deep to the topics. So topic number one, we have some pretty encouraging news regarding a vaccine. With, nineteen of course are notices rehash content a rehash information. A fitness news has been going around in various different guises over the last couple of weeks precious encouraging to know that there is some light in the tunnel. Vaccine comes about in a year two years time. I could not give the scooby asked about the simple shit I'm just thankful that is. there. Are People working for up interest somewhat. Out De in the field of science trying to get vaccine trying to get something that works in order for us to resume our lives in to some level of normality because you know I can't take this anymore. I'm not sure about you guys but being cooped up at home or being able to go and do the things that I enjoy not being able to go to the places I. Love. And just essentially living a closet life isn't left one. I was always a better hermit Elisabeth Loner but this enforced lona resume isn't fun right? It's like a an organized fun work. Everyone likes talking to their colleagues of free drink evolves a free meal but being forced to go to the thing in in in underneath the eyes of team building, right? It can get very, very annoying and very frustrating. Can, it can be for myself. Why would give out give my left nut to build team bonding at some crappy coney overly bowling alley somewhere while give to go to some really corny cottage somewhere and do some sort of cringe pasta possible team building thing that would give my left ear lobe for that. Shit right now because I missing being around strangers missing the the boom boom boom basing sounds of a club system missing the sweat, the confusion, the copious amounts of Europeans crowder love the flavor nightclub I need that in my life sooner rather than later hopefully, this news is a good indication of it so. From The Guardian says Oxford covert vaccine works in ages chart. Suggest it says the following in your article, one of the leading covid nineteen experimental vaccine procedure producers an immune response in older adults as well as young, which is great to hear raising hopes protection for those most vulnerable to the current device that caused social and economic chaos around the world. So I'm guessing this announcing this because I'm assuming there was some sort of idea that they were GonNa work just like forget about our older population and just say, Hey, we're gonNA make a vaccine for people under fifty. If you're over fifty, you're fucked that is married I think if that's Why they mentioning it but it's great to hear that this vaccine is going to apply to Article Continues Neva. Oxford University noise commercial partner Astra Zeneca. Would release the data from the early child showing the positive effects which are being submitted to appear of journal Bashar Zenica confirmed the Basic Finding about the vaccine is caused as one to two. which was shared I close economic meeting. The phase two trials have shown that people over the age of six, fifty six. Sorry some over seventy produce the same sort of antibody response as younger volunteers wherever older people will be protected as always been key question for the vaccines being developed the body's natural immune system and therefore is ability to find any verse weakens with age, which is why the Kobe date for. Older people. But what if that's the case where they think you have just making a vaccine when he wants be on people? That is insane. If that's the case I guess they have to pick the lesser of evils and. What would you rather save the majority of the population only one segment of population. Doc. But as a question scientists are probably having to. Wrestle with over time it continues here. Did they also shows that fewer side effects refer to the scientists as Rick Reaction Genesis City react react toe genesis right were reported in older volunteers which encouraging order that could mean fewer of them reported issues such as the score saw. It's encouraging to see to an immunologist as t responses were similar between Odin younger adults and that real reaction reactor necessity was low in older adults where the COVID. Nineteen disease severity is higher. There's also forever build the body of evidence that the safety enemy nieces t of asset to set an Astra Zeneca spokeswoman. The vaccine that works is seen as a game changer in the battle against coronavirus, which has killed more than one point one, one point, one, five, million people shot the source of the global economy our normal upside down for billions of people. However, you think the first vaccine fully positive, they may be instead reduce to severity of illnesses so that people avoid hospital deaths are juice. They may also not lost so that abuses will be needed. Arsenic said that. The vaccine may be ready for limited use of in. The coming months when -ticipant and if an efficacy readouts from. Phase. I trials between now and the end of the year and if approved countries, doses of the potential vaccine could be available to us before the end of the year at a spokesperson. Wow. Good. Encourage it to hear. Experts outside the company do UK Health Secretary Hammer. Hanoch. Expect not to be available on to twenty twenty one oxyde people could receive and this year Hanukkah thought to be I don't rule. The album is not my central expectation who the again, what was of this fanciful thinking who really for they're gonNA vaccine this year that's insane by all accounts even receiving a vaccine by the end of the year is. Really. Revolutionary Right I think the quickest turnaround, a vaccine was somehow some way under the ten year mark right or something crazy ladder. So for us, the vaccine for various that no one knew existed prior to Prior to spread. Is quite crazy in two years. That's a really, really good. Eighteen months where we may be. It Continues Hanoch said the vaccine was not ready but he was preparing logistics for a possible rollout mostly the first opportunity twenty one to AstraZeneca has committed to mass manufacturing capacity of free billion doses which equates to enough for one point five, billion people globally again the to dose vaccine. It also signed deals of manufacturers and other countries such as India the final trials faith free look into see the difference in numbers of death between. Those. Who are not taking place in six countries trials in the US which was pause out the continue K. became ill have resumed and you have participate in South Africa, Brazil, Japan and India. The vaccines expected to be one of the first from the big farmer to secure the regulatory approval along with one from Pfizer and bio antique or by. Antic. Block the worker bees on the Oxford vaccine in January could as at one to two or C. H. A. X. x one. covid nineteen, the viral vector vaccine is made from a weakened version of the common cold virus that Causes Infections in Chimpanzees Stephen Evans a professor of I just said that Pharma Code? P dodgy in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Amazing Imagine going into London School of hygienic medicine. That's so so-called cautioned that no conclusions about the efficiency. The. Episode of the vaccine should be drawn into the data's been published. She said in order to comment properly on this, we need to see the data he said it is encouraging at the investigators suggest that the immune response measured in the blood sugar seemed to show efficiency. A above as well as below the age of seventy, the later phases. are needed to see if the immune responses translate into clinical efficiency efficacy ironically, the efficacy in preventing infection this will involve much larger numbers and his wise to not be solved mystic until the trousers completed raise antibody levels in the blood indicate but did not guarantee protection from the virus multiplying a buddy. He said so encouraging signs again. I think we're going to see vaccines a lot sooner than a lot of these medical professionals are basically. Saying mostly because of the industries involved in the money at stake having sports and live events are going to do whatever is in their power to push the vaccine Ford or if not, they're going to definitely be a definitely going to be within the field of. Rep Attesting, which is happening quite often especially for most per teams, right the rapid testing where you'll get tested fraught day at various points. that. You're basically going if your team retirements given busting on occasion intermingle people outside the building similar to the NBA with the bubble Sakashita going forward right if you're coachella and you can't risk postponing your again to twenty, twenty two, you didn't need to implement some kind of rapid testing to make the event somewhat safe if you don't have seen on and that's the most that they can do again, the vaccine for the majority of populations go for myself from rebutted about the conspiratorial aspect of it. I would much rather give away my. so-called a personal liberties or privacy's momentarily together vaccine to return to normal life because I'm under the illusion among the no allusion privacy is already been invaded. They have all the information they want on me on every single social media platform or was prior either have a facebook anymore but are ready that data's out there. It's too late to take back. The horses ready bolted. There's no point now deciding this is where my line is drawn with this virus out. There s allow me. That's not allowing me to kind of go about my life. So I'm not really have that much of an issue in that regard, but I love to know what you guys think regarding the vaccine. One person who does of an issue of it is is the legendary, the iconic and a somewhat controversial Buju Banton who had this to say regarding vaccines And the wearing of mosque especially within Jamaica. But someone's I is everything alright I della bridge known now. One Donors Moss veering bullshit and. Now they're offered us live without you intellect to our full channel Soto. VR. So, smart way ever find a cure for cancer. Are taught in putting Jimmy come in object feeling driving us all to poverty. have. You done for our doors lead off. I met them. Business Close Early Act Germany company to week. A Madonna to fall creek. Up, but now we are no mass. Me Now in Novosibirsk love it and it looks. You love. Michael. Jackson didn't with Michael Jackson. Did I love Bill Cosby. because. Don't you'd have been lying to us all these time so. Why All Iran? Desirous virus is more intelligent than mine. It like following certain individuals over the might be exactly this virus doesn't. It doesn't exist it in a daytime suddenly comes out of the night. If you leave if you leave the pub just before ten, it doesn't catch you if after ten. We'll go on to win final first farm was job you're. On a cell in. I'm. Saints. So. Anything Got Marai. Stand up. Boy. My love for us and proceed. To offer. I will not trying to are entertainers on trick you. Lead it on a part of destruction have been sincere flew to you might be. A lot of people are benefiting by Houghton. I'm pushing my people don't part is totally destructive. Jimmy here in America I, don't care my life he's not mind. That's never been. So you remind people. While, I'm juiced up and. I agree with him again it's maybe somewhat will win conspiracy. Can conspiratorial but again. Much like something I'm going to speak later with the clubs and stuff. There is a lack of acceptance of other people having points view opinions regarding was going and Covid nineteen it seems like. Some people have this hard time wrestling the fact that some people just view it differently and should be to view it differently based on whatever conclusion they come to based on information points that they receive when you think what they're receiving nonsense I think. Especially considered a bad job collectively, the governor around the world have done in dealing with covid nineteen you all within your rights to be a bit skeptical about the approach and was necessary and what's needed and you know some of the things have happened in the kind of event the backdrop of all these things you're allowed to kind of question eating think the fact that we have these people that exist like Buju Banton and other folk, right the plunder guys out there who are again Pasha crazy to Q. and on people that do it they should crazy. So, right the these people exist whether or not they should be. Main points of information dissemination is another question but again, I would argue is probably just as harmful. Sitting there listening to everything sky new say CNN MSNBC BBC, and taking her finesse aim for Gospel. You should be you should have some level of skepticism to everything that's been reported out there especially considering the bad job most of the Western countries have done in dealing with covid nineteen. That's just your right as a human being you should allow yourself some level of skepticism because these people are don't have your best interest in mind they don't care about you and I most of the things are like know, why are we playing football right now? What? Again, for myself being a good being sports fan and an avid follower mentioned unite I welcomed the destruction of being able to watch primarily football championship for every week. But why is suppose on at the moment? Is that why they playing football for to offices why playing football? We can't go back to nightclubs why they're playing with us as fans can't back into the stadiums. Then you get to the bare bones of vignette she analyzed as our look at the money that's involved look at the refunds. The English Premier League have to give to the TV rights companies if they're not able to the Games. So the shoot term loss in terms of the. Failure, for the teams to get gates, tickets is being offset by some of the monies they give the TV companies and then look at what done recently with the introduction of these pay per view games where you pay forty, nine, thousand, nine to follow team, which is insane considering what most clubs, what most support play for their season tickets and the kiss of still being coming out like clockwork. Some teams that my friends is haven't been investing heavily into the team, but they're still requiring you to purchase new kids to watch them pay per view. There's all these really sketchy going on. So I would be you would be well within your rights to be a bit skeptical about people going around telling you went to wear masks sake a vaccine manager you should have your I I open and maybe listen to a bit more Benton. Moving on moving on moving. All. We had this pretty interesting Article v Neil Times analyzing some of the issues and a winters facing post. George. Floyd deaf. Now it's really audited you'd never imagine. The death of a black man to police brutality would somehow lead to these monumental shifts and changes of in industries that far. Supersede anything to do with you know social justice right? You wouldn't. You wouldn't really necessarily have four that one person dying under the hands of the place in America was somehow lead to this push for diversity and inclusion, and he's really interesting conversation coming about now some of the stuff is a bit wacky. Some of the stuff is a bit gross. Cringe some stuff is a victim victim victim me woe is me and exploitative but I do think the conversation around diversity is important especially when it pertains to fashion. The seems to be a bit of a accepted ignorance and lack of understanding when it comes to what representation does do for fashion. Right this ability to dream and to see US often these clothes or certain brands having a very strong relationship. To a certain demographic of people look at the earliest off that dapper. Dan was doing with luxury freshman. Brazzaville say fresh Brennan's taken his his ideas and essentially copying them or co-opting them onto the runway and reserving back to a mostly white audience without the inclusion of the people that made it. So that's where those kind of conversations are really important because they allow for some recognition as to what these communities have done for these brands and allow some honest dialogue and participation between both people. Right And I've been four I hate the tokenism. Runways. Hey. Let's take the boxes and get five models from African descent five models from Asian heritage and kind of get them on the runway. That's not my ton of diversity diversity in the actual places that matter cease we. As makers gatekeepers is really an Pov it because I think a lot of people especially on the influence either things street style side of things. If you speak to some of those people in incompetence, I'm sure they will admit dare notes that kind of hitting a ceiling in terms of how far they can get an industry right there. The brands are okay with seeding product to people like susie bubble, but then when it comes to those kind of people. Having seen the table and being able to decide and you know push a certain brand forward and play a real important part in maybe the over vision or something. That's where suddenly get pulled back and told, Hey, this is this is a meeting room for you into go next door, we can go and pick out your address wear for London Fashion Week. So we end up more inclusion included into a bit more of a conversation around inclusion especially when it comes to the more important and prominent position fashioned behind the scenes. And I went to one person who's kind of gotten unfairly I guess included in that now I'm fairly I'd say because obviously she comes from Sony Generation she represents a certain. Vision of fashion, a special American passion doesn't necessarily representative what's going on so for people to expect her to change all to adopt a different perspective is old people expect to step away and give the give space to others. Also because I think somebody is committed that much of their life, their entire life to fashioned level that she has would the notoriety and authority and the influence and a cachet, and the clout whatever associated with her job is very. World say is very naive to expect her to be happy to step aside but some of the issues that are being pointed out regarding her tenure at Lou Vogue and what she represents. Is really alarming and some of it is also quite funny because I don't see this as issues are cedars it's issues larger. That is this larger outside of fashion and I somewhat see as a little bit. Of ood and abetment stretcher to quit from the new. York Times says the following the white issue has anna winters diversity push come too late is his folks temper issue celebrated back culture in contributors. But some employees say magazines powerful editor Faucet, a workplace sideline women of Color, and I would say just again from my experience working impression in a in some level. appre low level for the most part. Why so wasn't necessarily a sideline people of color just let Marceau. Nepotism exists probably in all industries by nepotism is this mostly are at the highest level in fashion right this idea that most of the people that have the positions that you would like or you kind of dream of gain usually have gotten those mostly based off a favor. Or connection from a friend you're sort about networks about who you know. All the time of course, it's on people whose fashion whose talent. Supersedes Czar Nicholas Birth fruit for the most part it does help if you do have connections, there are people that you know be able to put you in certain own rooms and because in my opinion again, in my opinion, most of the entry level positions and fashion anyone could do them. Especially, if you have an interest and you have an obsession with that field, you could do most of these jobs they would need to introduce some level of entry require because if not, you know it's pretty impossible to turn away mostly because most people consider. Have the necessary skills. Do this job anyway as a good job of explaining some of the issues at hand and cookie read fruit some of these points. So It goes for year what was appointed a winter refills one very interesting. This is the one right at the Paprika ways a here is. Yes Oh the recent Tomo tomorrow's Cardenas has knocked Miss Winter of balance inspired by the protests I rose after the police killing of Jewish Roy D. May implement confronted their bosses, a company wide meetings and smaller gatherings. Their complaints have led to the resignation of key editors and pledges from the Chief Executive Rubber Roger Lynch and Miss Winter herself to revamp gondolas hiring practices. It continues I strongly believe that the most important thing any of us can do in our workplace is to provide opportunities for those who may not have had access to them. Undoubtedly, I've made mistakes along the way, and if any mistakes were made both under my watch, they remind to own remedied. And I'm committed to do my work, and of course, the thing that stuck out to me was this their mind to own remedy and I'm committed to doing the work which is. kind of rousing defiance and reluctance to kind of step away and allow others to basically take the mantle and take that on and it kind of reminded me about this note that Tim Dillon to stand up Comedian Ellen Degeneres, and about how like half baked apology about some of her toxic workplace practices and disrespected in Hollywood and in most places of influence Vince Niches of culture, right? Whatever that may be this reluctance of some of the people who have kind of ascended to the top. Of the mountain to just step away to know when to leave the party when things change when social when social yeah. When the politics of change in the kind of overall tone things have kind of moved on this defiance or this kind of insistence on just remaining that person at the head of the table is really off. Especially when you consider the amount of people die just sniping and saw black trying to undermine your position behind the scenes really isn't worth the hassle you'd assume. Is Worth. US off in a position where she has would context needed for her to continue doing some work in fashion even she does step away from broke magazine Vogue in general Dennis under some guys. But she still wants the prestige and a cashier of being misspoke behind those shades sit in front row the shows. So she doesn't want to let go of that power and it's sad because you know inevitably will end up happening is that Like most people if she doesn't, she's not willing to step away. On their own regard on any room what show you know your own decision she's going to be forced into some sort of nation sooner rather than later. And again, the other thing too for interesting was point here about the hiring practices being quite. White and I'm someone that doesn't necessarily know these things. But one thing that stuck out to me a lot especially something I've come never forgotten was this one time I don't know why but I happen to be around central London. Around, yeah. Happened to be standing outside Vogue House where devote UK offices are I'm not sure of the there now by the time they were. And it was on the same day at exactly the same time that there was a scheduled a fire drill in that building. So everyone poured out onto the streets, right that works in that building and the first thing knows whenever import out of course Oh wow this. Care some cute girls Blah Blah Blah. Wow. Allow White people work vote house in it like a lot of people work I vote like white white white like even like spicy white, right like Nando. Proper. Caucasian. The whites, the whites right. They could be flipping Bush. Johnson's Bertrand's do as friends away and the people that you know where their parents go for Sunday brunch at chiltern firehouse White House like Jesus that's interesting in especially considering. London fashion week is known to be the most experimental, the most diverse, energetic, young, and just kind of you know there's a lot of energy around London fashion week energy that kind of represents A. Cultural Fabric of London of as a whole. So you would assume I don't know why rightly or wrongly that one of the most former. Uh. For leading magazines fashion maybe not in terms of kind of representing the creative within the UK people really pushing things forward Undergrad. You'd assume they would be some level of representation of just what it means to be in fashioned in London at the moment right but burke house was very opposite of that. It was just like, wow, this is super widest average not thinking about the lack of representation fashion just in general the nepotism. Most of it are. There is element of racial prejudice are the shooter. There is an element of racial discrimination. It has a hiring practices but I think a lot of it has to do just friends hiring friends. I'm sure there are a lot of people in there who don't have any credentials who don't have the knowledge who don't have the experience gained positions that they probably shouldn't have mostly based on the people that note and unfortunately what ends up happening is that those same practices those same approaches end up being co opted an adopted by the people who are sort of left let in the margin so. On both ends from what I've seen, the really meese side of fashion industry or the kind of CSM graduate class of people they've really cliquey and in the people on the other end who are super commercial devote the L. Cosmopolitan sight of finger fashion. They're super clicky. So they both kind of copied taxes again because if you're not able to. Get an internship vote. The first thing you're going to do sap your magazine and the first thing on your mind. Even subconsciously you thinking about, it would be a never gonNa let somebody like that Hula vote ever be positioned to tell me why cannot cannot do and that also might dangling affect who you hire because you might have have you look like you more so Does this really happening? So if anything vocal berry be the best place to sort of rewrite some of those ills and cut up provide a bit of a neutral ground where you can kind of combine the best of both because I still think there is a need to have that voice of the yummy mummy notting hill of crowd vogue but it also is Anita have representative. Kids coming out fashion school at the moment who are trying to cover way in the industry to have like one greenery. So of crew, they also need to represent it in Burgers war. So it's kind of two fold. It continues here the article is says the in September issue the most important books year two black contributes indicates MS windows gross wanted to protest movement rolling roll in the country but in fashion, of course, appearance are paramount during a large meeting in June Miss Winter, who is the head of the company's Diversity Inclusion Council, which is super lows that she's the head of diversity inclusion was was conspicuously absent employees, exchange slack and text messages during the session asking the same question whereas Anna, and that's a very good question. She didn't smoke it makes sense. It continues Lama folk an employee's when public would complain about the company's handling of race based winter's been. Portrayed black people for many readers. Two, thousand, eight cover of Lebron James jusoh bunch was reminiscent of racist images of black men from the century ago which I think is unfair because at the time. Wasn't as well because he is now but he you know winning lead this cover, which is you know it was paramedic at the time I saw it and there's still paramedic now looking at but you can't retroactively go back in time and tell people what they call it retroactively go back in time and apply the same as we have now stuff happened in the past it is what it is. You move on, you learn you lesson but again, a black man accept a position to do what he done pose and I can flip in guerrilla holding a basketball well holding onto a model and and bouncing a basketball but again, those things happen. Continues to the basketball. Stars is bellowing grappling the supermodel in waste and some sort of unmistakable parallel to racist put the propaganda poster. Miss. Winter also triggers when she helped fashion designer John Galliano who was fired from Christian two thousand eleven after he was caught on camera making anti Semitic remarks and declaring I love Hitler is imagine how did this car come again? I know how recovered because I watch sports telling people make all the excuses under. The book for you it is what it is but thinking about what we know now especially viewing it through the lens that we are looking at life not the moment specially social justice and politics in general isn't saying that he actually survived any bounced back in essentially has never been bigger than what he wasn't a pass. If anything right he's probably more regarded now than he was prior because he's gone through this quite quote unquote, human experience. It continues. Yeah. She continued support Mr Galina even after he was found guilty of a hate crime personal call again, if you're sport long enough, you're not talented people people that put the numbers on the scoreboard wherever it sales over his goals whereas trophies they are all the rules don't apply to them is unfair is you know whatever it may be it. What it is that we live in it continues being indisputably the most magazine Freshman means vote comes in for extra scrutiny especially in its cover selections last year the putting. A publisher of visual essays us out of centralized one thousand years of archives and measure the average lightness of the cover model skin tones in one span from two thousand to two, thousand, five, only free of the eighty one women who are black. Statement said that. From two thousand, eighteen to twenty, five percent of the vote covers feature black woman, and again, that's a really nasty tack inside of all this racial inclusion stuff and whatever may be right. First of all the people criticizing it are looking at it from a purely analytical point of view right ascribing diversity mostly through the prism of how much do you have on your cover? The darker is a better, which again is questionable right considering that you just going to be ticking boxes. Then when vogue wants replying and put rebuttal out there, they will then pull out the stats and say, Hey, we had fe percent two percent of our cover pitch black women, which is then again them doing the same maths and decided to go on a chart and make sure everybody at us on a cover. Occupies a certain level of black lives, which again, super nasty will you want fashion and in most things it's for the people that Bhai Your magazine for the people that wonder about the things that they could buy magazine for the people that work behind the scenes to be represented in a magazine that you point out that that's it whether they are racially ambiguous they are whatever it may be very levels of the socio economic graph or landscape that they kind of exist on you want yourself to represent the magazine in whatever point may be in especially when it comes to women magazine to Luck charm mostly. Women you know. Identity Representation in fashion is a lot more than just race. Right? It might be family relationships. Mental health issues whatever it may be right. There's other things are kind of women would want to be represented by outside of just purely what the person's skin tone is out imagined a continue former employer said in recent years msuic till has not kept pace with the public changing agile issues of racism and discrimination at London Fashion Week Party hosted by burberry in two thousand, seventeen, the valley saw kindle jemma showed up with a new look free gold teeth Berg noted choice. Online story written by a white contributor is said the flashing teeth wrote likely PLO playful wink to the city's free spray despite or perhaps it proverbial kisser ruined boyfriend Brocchi a black staff member contacted one of the magazines executive object saying the stories into tippety endorsed the stance of culture preparation according to e mails obtained by times of a staff members brought the article Thomas Winters attention with one tunnel explaining by email while some people on the staff. On. Social media have yet negatively says a club if Kendall wants to do something stupid find by writer especially, the white ones don't need to weigh in and glorify it to ascribe reasons to read culturally insensitive. and. That's the picture, right. So that's nuts to begin with the somehow put in on Goal Tif of fronts or grills and wearing hoop earrings. The somehow akin to culture preparation is incredibly incredibly insane. But Hey, continues this winter appeared not to grasp the issue after several exchanges she wrote honestly don't think this that big of a deal condescending statement, the coverage yourself is cultural appropriation of Oh so. You see was basically going right they are changing shifts in consciousness and awareness, and it looks like. A winter is just not with the times and instead of just you know taking the honor Baru out and deciding to call it a time and move onto other things she's hanging on to dear life and would inevitably get pulled out kicking stretch kicking and screaming from the vogue officers and it's a shame. Really Right. You would want people her stature to decide when when she decided. To hang up but unfortunately, these people are so psychotic. So entitled whatever it may be that they think that they should. They think that there are there's no option. No possibly they should. You know essentially call it quits when they have the option to just hang onto the joe forever especially when the customer base and audience has necessarily change on their nose but again, what do I? It's a long article I'm looking retyping. It's on vocals associates on times we're going to put the Lincoln show which is called. The white issue has diversity push too late. Moving off. To, be have. Here. But burned on the. Was this NUNC was gonNA took a US move onto that one game. Oh. Okay. So another news piece here we have the story regarding Qube Qube is shutting down the short form video app that came out what a sink somewhat six months ago somewhat. Closer. Stories behind the scenes of them reaching out to various creators to create. bespoke content, blahdy Blah Blah Blah. The idea behind it was that you'd watch all the video content via smartphone or tablet. You couldn't necessarily streaming not your laptop. So he kind of tried to pivot away from the General Shema services we have a moment, but unfortunately, it didn't work and I've lows of things to say about this because of course, as some of you know I have extensive career experience working in startups in the UK especially. Some of the more crappier ones some of the ones that have this early worked at the best ones. We probably some of the worst founders I've ever worked for but the experiences were very important in shaping way to I look a startups in shaping the way I look at things I want to approach in terms over my own business, Blah Blah loads of really good lessons to be learned from it. So let's dive on the with this story from the verge be shinedown. It continued says as follows. Sorry could to short for Mobile. Focus Streaming Service shutting down after just over six months or peration making it short-lived streaming services to date according to the Wall Street. Journal the company since confirmed that it will be shutting down in medium post by Jeffrey Katzenberg and make Whitman quote we that we've exhausted all our options as A. Result, we have reluctantly come to this difficult decision to wind down the business return to cash shareholders and say goodbye to our colleagues with graced and reads there is an there is any number of factors that can be pointed towards the impact of quickies demise to launch a mobile only streaming service at the high of a global pandemic when you were stuck at. Home. The lack of any row breakout content was compelling enough to tempt subscribers or the fact that a short from video content has nearly infinite amount of free competition in the form of Youtube Tiktok another platforms. Now, let's get break the first bit down. I think it's honorable that they decided to go out on their shield right in a really honorable way they. Decided when it was time to pull to pull the plug, they didn't wait for the Castro completely run out and then decide to pull the plug like most companies I worked for they decided hey, this isn't going is whereas we can do in return to shareholders give our staff members an opportunity to plan the next steps give them ample amount of time to. Go Out and seek of career options and just give time to kind of recalibrate where we are. Great credit to them, and it definitely goes a long way to showing the of character. The people behind go involved in found inquiry right good people but it's also a part of me that thinks especially from working in various startups. I'm pretty sure that there were people in the qube offices. were, kind of raising the alarm about maybe misteps that they made in terms of how they approached streaming platform because if I remember correctly, there wasn't any be there wasn't any real push towards in our free content to kind of temp to customers into sending up to Qube most of the stuff was behind a paywall. There wasn't a taster option. There was no free option. There was no substance discounters subscribe discount subscription rate for you to join join for. No, let's say half. The price for the first month, and if you to test it, see if you like it and then kind of continue with that deal for the next six and there may be up to the standard price. There wasn't none of that going on. It was just mostly about, hey, this is great APP. You'RE GONNA use it a lot is behind a paywall, pay the money and use the thing, and of course, the other point of the kind of is real issue for them was that. No matter, how poured APP was I think Paulie reason why didn't succeed because it didn't have a standard show, right? They could have had a really clunky service. You Suffer Amazon prime the boys good example Amazon prime video is a pre horrible. To US especially on your laptop more. So on your smartphone but the boys and some of the other original programming have on Amazon prime video has done really well in spite of the actual you X. or design of the actual site self. So that goes to show that if they would have invested a bit more money or if they would have kind of taken a little bit more care in the people that they invested in and just come splashed cash around to various production houses and studios and writers who essentially have now been paid for doing absolutely nothing. Farber place. It continues. Quits office choking up. The slack of success because the idea itself wasn't strong enough justify Stanley streaming service or because of our timing, the company will be notified current subscribers a final day adobe able to access Qube, and again that's true I'm sure there's probably of that thinks. You could launch successfully a mobile only or smartphone only streaming service jury independent because everyone's on their phone, I would assume most people screen time has gone up exponentially during covid nineteen lockdown. So I'm sure there's an option avenue for somebody to start something like this and to work, but again, I think the lack of. The lack of strength in depth in terms of the video streaming options, they had available on their platform, the lack of kind of interest outside of the people using Qube. What necessarily lead today for a continued said, it's not clear what what happened to the company's lineup of expensive star-studded shows and a short form films off the shutdown earlier reports indicate that CATTON's Berg had caught it at Warner media and facebook to try and acquired a beleaguered streaming company earlier this year when those efforts failed catered Caitlyn's burke reportedly tried to get facebook and NBC. UNIVERSALS to pick up qube content to no success. QUBE will continue to attempt to book the content Andy underlined at larger using the APPS in the coming months however. Quickly launched on April six. April six just over six months ago. Two plants four, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, and seventy nine wouldn't at free. The company sought to English by focusing exclusive your mobile devices that launch completely manipulative system where each show was filmed and edited input poetry portraying ASCII formats, allowing it to be in your rotation while crappy option there anywhere, and there was no friction outside alone for your free trial and not be apps into yesterday. When the company launched is APPs for the Apple TV and Andrew Tbo fighting again, look at Mrs. so that's why sometimes I have a lot simple companies because I'm sure somebody's emissions. Somebody's oversights were things that people within the company had spoken about but sometimes when you have really headstrong leaders who have a very pacific idea of what the APP should be like in mind especially, if it's their own baby is very hard for you to kind of divert them away from it. They just look as a distraction and he just you know and this does this lionization around founders that stick to their plans and. Go for their goals, but it doesn't. It doesn't those stories and those kind of lionize biographies don't take into account the people who kind of complimented or to success of the company who were kind of on the outskirts right there. Kind of entry level mid level people who maybe fruit suggestion in their drink, our own hands or during a company meeting that kind of added to the success or allow accompanied to maybe seek some other avenues that would be a little more profitable. So again is hotter sympathy because I think a lot of these things were glaring omissions. I'm sure people in a company would have said something about during a meeting or two? It continues despite one point seven, five, billion. Crooked as Burger and Co Fundus Make Manning raised Jesus Christ one point seven, five, billion. This is why sometimes I think to myself like. I never understand why some of my friends can be. Really. Can Be really a collect confidence when it comes to applying for jobs or can lack confidence when it comes to apply for grants or loans and fainted their idea plan isn't worth the money to describe into it when their startups at here raising one point seven, five, billion for video streaming. APP. That only works on your smartphone right considering the amount of competition out there would free APPs for video streaming considering the complete monopoly things like Netflix and youtube have on the video sharing platform to go out there and think that you have any opportunity to break. That industry to somehow take away some of their market share is insane right but you know that is obviously the goal of most entrepreneurs out there right to do the things that no one else can do so no faulting your ambition, but to do it in such a clunky way, right especially raising dot mountains such a clunky way with so many missing pieces to the APP that wouldn't necessarily dare right the the only just launched the APP for Flipping Apple TV and Android TV recently. It definitely should give you confidence that where idea you have wever planning go and dreamy have OJ soft pursuer because there are people out there raising one point seven, five, billion for video streaming. APP What's main selling point is the fact that you can watch videos in both poetry fucking landscape format who cares what crappy cell. So instead of show pushing forward the fact that they have these really fool provoke in Seminole TV shows or movies are. Really going to move the needle in culture de boasting about the landscape and portrait format of the videos God. Almighty God Almighty I continues qube burst onto the scene with more of a whimper in a bank while had plenty of big names attached to the content and even managed to gain weight into the two Emmy Award wins in never seemed to manage to actually GonNa many subscribe, which is the point right and again, this has showed a lot of. I think of someone like a job the. People were made to May to. Metaphor crazy for a rumored Lee. Two hundred and fifty million from spotify. But there is something to be said for being able to command for being able to put bums in seats and being able to attract an audience and take that audience with you. No matter what platform you go onto there is something to be said for it, and the fact that nobody could actually say I have the numbers approve people sign up to this is to my podcast. Only during these months or during this year or during this contract should go a long way in terms of kind of adding to amount of. Zeros. Reporting these potent to his renewed a contract. It should go some way because if people like this can raise one point seven, five, billion of projections of how many subscribers are going to have on their platform and actually hard numbers and actual uses using the APP day today. I don't want anyone to feel less down. You should never be made a fool time because these people are here swindling cash like no business and again I, happy they give back their money to investors could some of these companies they do they do like bait and switch where they go out there and raise money off the back of an idea that has no market validity or viability having wherever that what is right they out the back of a of an APP that has no market viability they didn't leverage the APP to raise loans. They obviously show off their ability and talent to maybe take a company from zero to one hundred employees have some shiny office in the middle of central London and then exit and have an in that company complete get swallowed up by a company that goes in ends up in taking the talent and ship and chucking away every house that nobody needed. But again got on my two point five billion mad. Every poll from ABC firm Sensor Tower back in July claimed that be lost over ninety percent of subscribers off the initial free trial ran out. We've just seventy, two thousand of his roughly nine hundred and ten thousand users who had signed up at launch sticking around as paid subscribers. Creepy has refuted as numbers claiming that they were incorrect by order of magnitude never provided any actual subscribe of its own, which it shouldn't. You shouldn't be doing that but might again quickly again respected the founders for putting a neck out there and trying to do something right and try to add this of. Try to leave their mark on the Star Top timeline right? Does basically the dream of most entrepreneurs to go out there and leave some sort of indentation onto the world but the apples pray terrible. The idea wasn't that great. The market itself that they will try to infiltrate is heavily heavily crowded They didn't need the needs to come in there with the bank came in with a whimper grand opening grand closing again. I'm glad they were able to give the employees a heads up investors back their money, and maybe kind of dust themselves down and go. Back again but again, this is a cautionary tale people out there because she employees and people are trying to get involved to somebody stops veterans as as you can, and for the founders out there maybe full of quickies lead in it if it's not going well and it's kind of isn't necessarily living up Jasper -tations yet you're using maybe do the honorable thing and pull the plug before is poor for you and give your employees and staff and option to go out and seek pastures new in it. The worst thing is being held to ransom or being left in the state of purgatory not knowing where you stand lead is not wanting to lead and eventually a kind of affecting you to Moses an employee as opposed to the founder. So again, credits guys for deciding to pull the plug related by an at Never Kushner towel within the start up ecosystem. Moving on moving on. HEAP. Okay. So over the weekend there was above issue but a bit of a a negative reaction concerning a party that took place in Berlin else else is one of the only venues open at the moment in Berlin is not few there's not a lot of them most I think most not close dancing as a legal. So the way that clubs and Basel around the is by hosting he's opinion police dire essentially hosted into courtyard garden area of baugh socially distanced to some extent, but mostly based on the numbers the day Lau in the wearing of face covering mosque on the dance floor to prevent any transmission but the obviously the the kind of thinking behind it is that. The virus doesn't spread as easily in the outdoors as it does in does. So there is some kind of. Thinking behind, it makes some sense. So, else has been running this whole series of open air festivals open at parties during entitled Summer Empathy. Most part going away they've gone out without a hitch. A has been a couple that people have been having some negative reactions to but so far there's been no rule out crowd online especially within the people who are bashing the business techno people who are sort of being ill intent to these playgroups that happening at the moment and. By what happened to sit this past weekend has gone the worst reaction so far I've seen online so much. So that somebody called me Kylie Mikhail there's I think one of the people that was involved in room back in the day was a host wanted people involved push about the crowd and rogue in a bit to Aggie and you know pushing up on a DJ too much. He uploaded image or a video on twitter. kind of displaying a very rowdy crowd going absolutely crazy to the sounds of Sirkin playing that night along with some other deejays and people online. Of Color Rave. Very negative action to this is tweet. He says last night in Berlin else club by now it's clear that law people don't give a shit player by the sound. Of. Doing, techno stuff that you hear people like Sarah Keen and hector. And was named Clark an SPF DJ. Of. The. Techno. Seems to love. But for some reason, a lot of the people in industry who are kind of against maybe celebrity. Culture I don't know what it is, but there is A. A big dislike for some of these sounds and people involved in it maybe it's because of the people involved in our Dick as scenes. I have no idea I live in London the not personally. But from what I at I think it'd be undeserving. You look at the comments underneath. that. We, say here. So many people will have deciding to my DM's both with the accusations to be a close traitor and also pointing out that the current regulations allow the foregoing of minimum distance went outside. This is only this is not this to my knowledge confirmed by multiple van produces a possible interpretation of the code especially because the masses are sweaty ravers rubbing against each other is the exact opposite of the perse protective. Against the droplet infections if someone has an alternate interpretation, they WANNA lay out or even a web of that word is approved hygiene concept that allows. That sweaty Ravers in Mark I apologize and shut up. I doubt however is someone will. So of course, there's a days camp people who believe that no one should be raving under new circumstances during covered nineteen but also this aspect of an understanding the shipping understanding that the industry should be allowed to move on into operate in some level at with some regulations. Especially when you considered absolute bullshit job, most governments have done in terms of handling Kobe and obviously allowing a four some sort of protection and support system for the places that are most vulnerable to the shutdowns into the restriction, which are bars and nightlife places. Some your responses have been as great as racism. No, the corner will stop down saying some noses here I see is outside they are wearing moss, absolutely law-abiding wash your problem the police has got none, and again, what were you doing their side by regime for clouds stay home Dan. He said the following outside and Mazdas no allow for circumventing at one point by. This is role and redefine especially the part regarding the interpretation invitation of the current Hygiene Code. Not sure what you want for me though he says continues on on those says. So what will you do in their day said Nice try but with the exception of the afternoon brunch and one source distance event, I haven't left the house much jeopardy accident related immune deficiency. Okay that's why he's. Triggered by says, this video was portrait for one that these I g account do morning after. So my point of view would be most of the stick that these people are getting. Especially Syracuse servers is mostly because people don't like them I guess with circus eases the hey because of some of the things that happened at the beginning of the lockdown, which I'm not going to rehash, it's not what even get into. It. By opinions do people just being at home for strayed and she was Bevin easy target especially with some of the you know Social Faux Pas she spoke for some things. But of course, musically, I think there is also a bit of snobbery involved. SNOBBERY Cortra-. Not. I'm not sure what it is but I do see a difference when videos come out online of people DJ's performers individual seen who people who kind of. Seems to be a different response when certain people host play graves and other people host grades when the Tech House people host play grades, everyone comes out and bashes them because they easy target. But then when people within their own little seen host programs will do warehouse parties under the guise of some sort of you know fundraising event. No one has anything to say, so it does seem to be one-rule-for-one-and-one-rule-for-another. Understand if your friends are you know living on the breadline, they certainly touring DJ's prior to Kobe and you have to play a gig wearing a mask and a facial somewhere just to keep the lights on I understand why you're petition of them and is potential. The media will be different but I think you should be viewing should be able to judge an immediate lend and your employees on S. the same way it shouldn't be just any differently. That's my opinion person and then going forward with this also is aspect of it. If. The German government has allowed for some places or the Berlin government for some places to function as open venue especially when. They have this really amazing article by recommend. People check out. That was put there by risen adviser. Some would argue with propaganda but from what I read, it was a pretty honest take. As to how it? How else is functioning during covid nineteen and what they're doing in order to make savings possible. Cooled perspectives from the scene features the Basham, the book where else and it goes into some detail as to what goes into making sure that they on every successful event at the club itself every recommend multiple checking the out because it does seem the people involved in put that to give a really care about the scene and are trying. Provide a safe as they can platform and place for people to go to number one the Ravers to kind of go and you know, let their let their hair down and have dance, and of course, providing opportunity for the DJ themselves to play. I'm sure you'RE GONNA. Find most DJ's who are playing on else complaining about being booked on a Sunday. To play data race somewhere and put some money in their pocket. They have no complaints that people actually attending the rave who able to kind of leave their apartments for most of the day between two and ten PM however, dancing a drink with friends won't be complaining either it's on the outside who are fundamentally against anybody you know going outside and the. Level of normality with this virus known circulation who have the most to say about it, which is understandable to you look at this Michaela Guy and who says he has some. Health reasons preventing him from going out those first place. So he's a little bit more conscious and aware and sensitive to what's going on by don't think that prism or the idea that Pov should be applied to others. Again, we're in twenty twenty, where in twenty one most governments have dealt with covid. Haphazardly in a very reckless and some will especially in the UK, right very hands offish type away and you know somewhat showed that there's rumors of a tier four being introduced here in the UK. Parts of Spain have gone under look down. Italy. enforceme-enforcing again, there's so many really bad ways are approaching covid nineteen. I don't. Die Somehow understand why son industries so and establishing some business owners taking matters into their own hands and I get it. Do I support it fully would I want to put myself at risk and go sees events probably not but understand why some people would want to do. So and I guess unfair to not is unfair to ascribe your way of looking at things and how you would want to operate to everybody else I think if you make. The decision to stay indoors and you happy to do. So do it the people that want to go out and brave let them do. So if they put themselves at risk is what it is. I don't think they're doing any different not causing any much damage to anybody else going to a bar go into Russia look into Soup Marquette his point in time I don't believe those numbers oldest fax to be true. But Hey, what do I know? Moving on, we have this really. That is really really funny clip here from again another example of the. Maybe, the the dams bursting at the seams and people having enough of Covid nineteen lockdowns and people are so rebelling. This is really funny video of. Rape that took place in the UK over the weekend featuring way McKay Michael Beebe Archie Hamilton Again Business Techno cruise or Tech House quiz harder is easier to basically point your fingers and laugh at them. Get angry and have a negative to what they doing the video itself is jokes because again, it kind of you know there's no amount of money that would you you would pay me to go to a party like this especially, during covert the last thing I want to listen to to break my sort of like a going out you know. Yet the the last thing I'd WanNa do to break my gory now doctors to go to Tech House Piper look look at us. You can just smell the kit in the air it. For me this break Corinthian for but the smiles on the faces the joy the the acceptance for the rule breaking. It somehow warms my spirit's somewhat. Video. Bang. Lows of filters. Hands in the air. DILATE, people. Kept spoons. Drop. You. And just looking at making is making me get goosebumps man there's nothing going is this I get it but again, the reaction being somewhat negative and this responsibility maybe burst out laughing. So Business Techno went in upload some tweet screen scrimshaw people that were at the event and living summer their views us to wh- down now caused the issue hand is obviously the fact that. Discredit people especially the tech scene they're very social. They're very social media native, right? socially. There's been a very integral part in kind of boosting allowed their profiles allowing them to reach a wider. Making people go from you know we can pub DJ go out to a festival actor no time. They're really use social really well, it can get bit cheesy Corny but I respect it But there's aspect of them. You know. So addicted to kind of showing off the playing in places that it kind of was counter intuitive that they would allow people to take videos and event that shouldn't be happening at event that's essentially illegal. That's essentially what kind of fucked them over that respect and some of these accounts are super jokes because it goes to show. Why some of this could be problematic. So business. Some people attended look soda responses of what was going down. One this this girl. Murphy says I've seen some weird things last night seeing Richie Hamid. Do a line of somebody's actual woodhead made my actual head fall off. A. Funny when you consider the legend of Richy, Ahmed is that supposedly allegedly he was what connects or the dealer of that whole crew of people that were coming up right the Jamie Jones is. What Labor was at the at the at the heyday in the late two, thousand, five, thousand, eight period, and then he kind of just started practicing playing in one of their homes and suddenly turned into a torrent DJ overnight but he came into the game being of connects right the guy that was lacing everybody with ketamine or something allegedly that's why I've heard for the here and now is jokes and you know again, it goes to show just why some people think somebody's who feds should be happening because once I get between to put on a instead of being somewhat Somewhat, careful about the things that they're doing and kind of maybe avoiding some of these. Obvious acts of debauchery they go relieving Brad back into these things, and this may be an indicator of what they actually miss out going out is more. So the copious amounts of drug-taking as opposed to the actual music whatever you may be, but hey, who usage we continue on. Another screen Shaw. It says here, Archie Hamilton and wife last night was super staff and other go says getting. So Josie People's threes monopoly and said, went from fine dining to work archie warehouse. This real quick as he phonology turned up, that was a warehouse rave last night have an archie. CanNot get over how good the rave was fuck me that was needed God bless weapon Hamilton. I. Don't know how they put that in London warehouse pickup them and she says at least says. These illegal raves are looking sick by bringing everyone back together. But if you do please remember to protect the plan and are playing and the videos you post online seen loads. Okay. Cool. Some three years following in loads of shipping dished out on social to those who played by the Bedouin is. Better. I think there should be no camera phone rule because people can't be trusted not to post footage online and the bosses attacking the x and the met police asking them to respond which is yeah. That's a scummy popping if people want to go out and rave and you're against it just against it going out there and and people in forbid them into police is some nonsense behavior. There's no need to do so. Whatever comic, whatever virus comic and she's meant to do to come to them we'll to somewhere shape or form. We don't need you add into it. That's my opinion that one. Another scripture it says, Salata point us in the direction of the next illegal rave that one last night looked proper. So everyone's basic. He's had enough. It seems like all intense purposes people want to go out there and rave and I think we're going to be a lot more of these things happening in the next few weeks. Personally I don't think this is the this is definitely not the end of this matter. I definitely see more places deciding on more people decide they've had enough and they WANNA go out there and Kinda Freddie hands and get crazy because you know covid nineteen is not going to take up most people's lives often can almost regard of it but hey. What do I know? Yeah. that the. Be. there. As, a free non-free were over an hour and twenty minutes away too much more battalion fixing must've number free now free as always I, I'm listening may showing. Subscribing Makamba. No, and you can just simply a podcast that pleased by serve you and share to show your friends. Of course, I'll be back in for the show. So definitely wait for that one to be available very soon. But until then take care be safe and I'll see you guys again bravery soon. Take care. Bye.

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