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Support for this NPR podcast. And the following message come from the UPS store, offering services from shredding to printing to male boxing. And instead of closing this Memorial Day weekend may twenty fourth and twenty fifth. The UPS store is doing another thing altogether. Opening the UPS store every angle for small business, and of course, shipping live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine Herbst, the man known as the American Taliban. John Walker Lynn is scheduled to be released today after serving seventeen years in prison. And here's Greg Myra reports his case is once again, stirring controversy. John Walker Lindh grew up Catholic in a comfortable suburb of San Francisco, but at age twenty and shortly before the two thousand one al-qaeda tax, the Muslim convert became a soldier for the Taliban in Afghanistan. His capture less than three months after the nine eleven attacks made him a focal point of anger in the US. He was sentenced to twenty years, but is scheduled for release. From federal prison in Indiana. Three years early for good behavior is family says he never fought against Americans and never intended to while critics say they believe his sentence was too lenient a judge rule that Lynn must be closely monitored while on probation and won't be allowed to travel. Greg Mayari NPR news. Washington in Missouri. Search and rescue crews are looking for people after a strong tornado ripped through Jefferson City late last night. Officials say there are injuries and that several buildings have been damaged boon, county fire department staff chief, Doug westoff says first responders or being cautious. Some decisions have to be made about where we can and can't go and be safe with that. We're running canines down there right now. Missouri public safety officials say at least three people were killed in the golden city era of Barton county near Missouri southwest corner as the severe weather moved in from Oklahoma where rescuers struggled to pull people from high water. This latest tornado hit during a week that has seen several days of. Sisters and torrential rains in parts of the southern plains and the midwest as aviation regulators from around the world. Meet outside of Dallas today to discuss Boeing's troubled seven thirty-seven max, the top US aviation official insists there is no rift between the FAA and its counterparts in other countries. And as NPR's David Schaper reports the official says there'll be no rush to certify that plane to fly again acting F A administrator Daniel L will acknowledge is public confidence in Boeing seven thirty-seven max maybe shaken after two of the jets crashed into no Nizhny, THEO Pia killing three hundred and forty six people in all, and he says, he's not tied to a timetable to approve Boeing software fix and to lift the order. Grounding the play, and we leave no stone unturned. And if it takes a year to find everything we need to give us the confidence to lift the order. Then so be it aviation safety officials in Europe and elsewhere, say they have their own conditions. For certifying Boeing's fixed, but L will says the agencies are at peace and continue to collaborate David Schaper NPR news Fort Worth Texas was featured as contracts are trading negative territory at this hour. The NASDAQ futures contract down about one point two percent at last check. You're listening to NPR news. UK Prime Minister Theresa may, is under intense pressure to resign as NPR's Frank Langfitt reports from London already weak support has rapidly draining away. Many has been in political trouble for many months. But the turning point came earlier this week when she made a last ditch effort to push through her thrice failed Brexit withdrawal deal, which offered a path to a second Brexit referendum on Wednesday night. Andrea, led some senior cabinet minister resigned saying the prime minister could not deliver Brexit leads him became the thirty sixth minister to leave during May's nearly three years in office today. Britain's vote in European parliamentary elections, where they're expected to deal a punishing defeat to the prime minister and are conservative party on Friday. The leader of a committee of conservative party legislators plans to meet with mate oppressor to step down in an editorial London's. Telegraph newspapers said, quote, what can the prime minister be thinking? It's over. Frank Langfitt, NPR news. London. The Trump administration says, Harriet, Tubman, 's image will not appear on the twenty dollar Bill on till twenty twenty six at least Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told the House Financial Services committee Wednesday that the decision on whether to put the African American abolitionist leaders face on the Bill would be left to another Treasury Secretary three years ago, then Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Tubman would replace. Former president, Andrew Jackson has the face of the popular Bill that redesigned was supposed to have been unveiled next year. Asian markets were lower by the closing bell. The Nikkei down six tenths of a percent. The Hang Seng and Hong Kong, down one point six percent. That's a four month low. I'm Jeanine Herbst, NPR news in Washington.

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