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Move Past Your Limiting Beliefs to Focus on Connection with Drs. Marie and John Osborne


Welcome to the vitality shift podcast for chiropractors. I'm your host Dr Dawn McDonald author of the bestselling book the Underdog Curse weekly we will be interviewing amazing carjackers from around the world signing out how they made their alley ship if you're chiropractor the I lease visit. WWW DOT DR gone McDonald dot Com and I hope you enjoy the show believes that this whole thing even existed I hadn't heard about chiropractic biology was my favorite subject in school and it literally ignited a great privilege to introduce Mary John Osborne to the to the podcast welcome so this is quite unique something in me that I thought I'd have to go after this so yeah that was my first introduction and I've been pretty much adjusted since I was sixteen hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Vitality Shift Podcast is Dr Don mcgahn your host and today I get to head out to Ireland and the cool thing is county athletic relay team and I had read about Cy Afghan I've been to loads of providers medical doctors consultants orthopedic people slow thing or was there kind of an event which made you decide it was it was pretty you know instant tight I was so taken in with you know being able to work nobody could seem to help me everything my scans and x-rays at the time was normal and they said Oh you know just dude is going to have to stop training and I didn't want to do that and my time I'm just leaving in a couple of days to come visit these folks but by the time it comes out on the podcast we'll have already been back home so we're we're we're excited before recall discussion we're all excited because we're just about to hang out and I haven't really met Well I met one of them in relief before but I have not met the other one and so it gives me Glenn so you grew up in Ireland obviously right and so is that chiropractor still in practice because I know chiropractics relatively young in Ireland and I think there's only running to this day over over thirty years later school and so it's a windy Windu when was that time that you really decided hey I think I might want to be a chiropractor lake was it was dance had been seeing a chiropractor and you know in a sort of a desperate effort to try something to help me I went to the car proctor and I just couldn't if I go I don I I heard about carbide winners about sixteen I was doing a lot of athletics was on might roles and so we'll probably get into this a little bit later when you're both chiropractors how you figure that out when you both have the same the same stuff to deal with but but like we like to start with doc in science and work with people help people naturally and then I applied to go to hearted college in the UK. But I didn't get in because Oh podcasts up so maybe we'll get back to we'll go ladies first and find out how you guys even found notable chiropractic in the first place and case the I I work with obviously Brandy we have a little bit of a different scenario because she kind of is the domain of the French and I'm the domain of the back and so we kind of have are limited because you know to have a married couple that are both chiropractors that are working together you know I'm sure there's lots of there's a few situations like this around and he's only seventeen and I hadn't studied you know chemistry for my ammo leaving for school so they had set a goal off do this other basic search beginning signs one hundred chiropractors is is that person still practicing their the Hurston stay practicing but not in our end the clinic that I was attending still there instead in London my brother my younger brother was studying chiropractic in formats he'd gotten into chiropractic before I did and I would go visit him and you know see going and working in the corporate sector I worked in healthcare or a big you know us-based e books and things and still think that's what I want to go back to so I decided to leave my job and college again the healthcare companies when it's worldwide and I was based in London but worked on pretty much all over Europe with us and then at the same time as me being commended up going to a different college because I couldn't afford the fees for college my brother was going on I didn't want to go back in a moment dad to fund that because I'm one of seven I did and then sort of got distracted and which alludes pathway Ryan back to Chiropractic but I ended up being stella molecular biology for four years I kids another three kids coming after me so that just wasn't possible so I ended up going to a school where they had a car of course just starting off not for seven years Sam after sue and I just got the point where I just hate when I was doing and I went just career guidance went looking just what can I do you're the one who I kinda got exposed a little bit more to get to the other aspect of Chiropractic that's fun yes yeah so am yet then so just I think philosophy and the big idea re was still back in school which was very much pain base so we started kind of knuckleheads a little bit chambers were finished Ajan graduated first yet okay so am yeah so I guess I came out on start doing the yeah so yeah and I really bite by I guess John Tell me just a little bit about when you when you discover chiropractic and how'd you find out what this profession yet my stories at completely different I I was in it yeah well so it was pretty it was pretty new it was pretty new so I'm still well established now but yeah that's how I ended up being able to do associates and did that for a year and then decided to open my own practice but I also opened my own practice kept on the ASSOC- ship for another eight years or so guess what we I guess we we did a lot of things wrong are not wrong but probably we did things the hard way M we've learned a lot of lessons along the way 'cause I not of prior Patrick was all nickname by going and that's what the school was absolutely love school and I guess it was only after graduate since then so since Murray graduated than we started doing seminars together in these and then I'm practicing together then I guess the whole whole salute okay cool and was that is that their first or second year it had started her it was I was in the third year the third round Ashland yeah I got a load of colors back in one guy with this car priscilla's near me and he just graduated from ACC which is where I was because I was living and working in the UK at my university fees paid so tight was possible for me what was his alcohol. It's the Western student Chiropractic at the university new carpet came up so Dan the golden page was around some she pulled pages I wrote to every single car arms eight years yeah so we were practising half in house and then Marie graduated and we decided with opener we had three practices and I was working in associate in another and then around this time we again I guess that's how we ended up needing that was yeah yeah yeah so you into this fan this swanky expensive school coaching them so we kind of did not allow this Murray was soon at school she did it three years and it was three years Marie thank you I had three more years left when you yes so I got sick so am we were practising until been for has an age at eight years am and Genyk muddle which we didn't know what it was at the time and we started going too lenient to that and it was a long journey to get to where we are now which we can we talk about but Sam and Arlanda at the time was the county tiger things are really really you know it was quite and we decided that's open another practice so oh so now we're gonna I think we'll flip back to John 'cause I don't get one ahead of the far end of sugar when you guys eventually met met I'm getting a bit a bit ahead of things now it's when I came out of school for a couple of years started being made aware radio were I was getting onto the field practice I knew there was something more is pain model wasn't doing it for me and we started in a lot of coaching with different people on feel last two years so that's cool I so when did you guys start downsizing could you guys have one one one office hour was to those those yeah yeah just point we just moved so you just started over when it was suit and and this week from him adjusting the first time dishing made up online that's what I wanted to like instant straightaway got to change everything up here and really focus on the future and in our heads that was like okay one practice in one place procedures we've got all the systems we had everything in place but the whole premise in the baseline the foundation of the practice was was all wrong so that's where things really started and and then we kind of wound up in Dublin we wish we had to close one practice sale one I'm giving away wow ostby and we did a few seminars states and not unchanged things that I just signing this pain for me and and was just saying had had a chiropractor work occasionally out of his front room when you openness like did you guys because at this point Egypt am and so I listened I went to to college then as mature students twenty five and I actually studied at Murray's brother you'd already kind of made a little bit of the shift rate where you shifted into that mindset of practice a little bit more than back pain do you use this as a fresh start is that what you and so now you guys are located a couple hours outside of Dublin then right yeah two hours south of doubled yeah so we start from scratch again Jeez that's good and what we really want where do we want to go in the future so so we decided to move and around the same time we decided let's have a baby just to confuse things also with the Catholic Tiger at the time I was surprised as we're going up we need to move this move has this age and the practice one of the practices we need to the least and always have veteran and but I knew there was something missing there was something was wrong in his radio needs to buy Saudi ships where it was just the whole okay was a mom and we have to use for boys but at the same time and I felt totally lost I I actually Ramos of what we were doing was was just wasn't congruent and so that's really worried about how they came in for us which is really okay okay we've got all the and this really could work to work for remember me was a two or three months I couldn't I couldn't walk 'em exchanged home family was really important to me is one of my highest values so it was at the head down work but also have a life we're ready to go and the recession preteen crashed. ESO At a brand new practice starting from scratch in town that had in our heads this was the fourth practice we opened and we talked yet we have this we know what to do and and it up off the ground quite quite quickly and listen I really don't know what my purposes I felt like I was being a mom and I was speaking chiropractor but probably not doing either to the best of me Sunni changed that and so everything was just kind of going against this can I get forced to hand a bit who just just revisit everything and go is like the recession hit hit and that's when you start from scratch yards sign contracts for the business premises than our new home here everything I had an identity crisis arrive in because I was obviously new to motherhood and I pulled back from the practice and just working really hard the recession hit and Dublin or hit Nardin I should know obsession had just after we moved I try and I got sick guts sarcoidosis send being at home and then try and get back tell me a little bit about your story about going to that that was it was wonderful because I another practice and we sent Murray opened another practice and then things were going great and we talked we can't do anything wrong here even though we're practicing up a level things were going well I'm going to a good place with that so I did lots of personal development stuff around then took some time I ended up taking a week away for myself which and so when I say we did things kind of Herod Way so anyway we re then had to step back to righteous obviously with with with the having hurry turned on health and everything so that whole Suda Genyk gun listrik model became even more important to me from a lifestyle perspective added an extra layer of being Irish we Irish girls raised in the school of Martyrdom Gina particularly for working mums not not just car- practic moms but any working mum I think Perhaps I could I could probably uh-huh yeah absolutely and I think you know when I find that when you become a mom changes your whole philosophy on life it was challenging and so I just thought you know you kind of fine while for me I find just kind of stayed on the Hamster Cassidy and I just I don't really know who I am here and I just felt like I was I was very tired I was really tired mum to choose yourself first so that you can show up for everybody else starting with yourself I two family are to practice numbers to community so so when you start thirteen I just felt like I need to get a grasp on myself first unready find just figure out my own stuff calm down and still to this day I catch myself you know making decisions in that source of stress mode of just Jonah been asking me to do for two years he knew he knew yeah and just the importance of this at just get get it done you know or whatever it is and yet it never has a good ending so yeah so that's been my first but the biggest thing for me is is even difficult for me to break you know such a wound in deep passion of looking at yourself and not feeling guilty about taking time to do that everybody else I can be an Irish mother is very much looking after everybody else even though she might be on her last legs herself and so that's what being starts to slow down a bit and and it was I thought we would within six months to year we'd be back to where we were and that just wasn't the case it was a lot harder draft 'em and then we had our second son so life just life happening in your your priority little bit yeah we thought we figured out at that stage had it down there's always different levels of life right so me and then I felt I need to bring this into the work that I do and so yes so I think it was ranked twenty I think probably thought that's for six years of the practice took a long time to come out of that recession unfort- things to to move along and like yet beaten a bit lost actually unto return to practice expelled because we'd had the boys early on relatively early on with the new you think the normal that has been ear example of the females in your life growing up so it's been a real highlight for me instead of to the so the drive I guess left for a while yet and as it does it goes up channels anyway so Yeah I think the last I just felt really when I was coming back to work but I was actually starting into John's practice it's great that makes sense because you kind of lost your fingerprint on it Kinda thing wants to move your practice away from treating meaning conditions or if you just WanNa stay inspired this podcast for more information on passion you've had to overcome you guys were stagnated for quite a while in practice right where you kind of feel like you're spinning wheels and then in just in this last year you've kind of really had a lot of girls and so I to to look at that and put a value on looking after yourself so that you can be doing to your best ability outside of the we're going we're going okay but they just weren't will progress was what we'd expected emory when you had your baby like how is it from going to lake practice to like ask I'm not putting everybody else first until you're exhausted because you I can see clearly nights actually the other way round if you really had that limited belief that you had to put yourself last and basically looking everybody else I totally would you think that'd be one of your biggest limiting beliefs that you had to via and just got through the doing do and we'll this Abandon find that you know this isn't I'm not enjoying the well now John what would you think because it'd be interesting I just had the idea that like so we got your limiting belief than John what do you think your biggest limiting belief that you have and we we certainly did lots of Tokes we got out in the community we already did radio we and we did we did have to get out there and but when the recession hit it just made a stink okay something's off here we can't keep doing this looking ahead am I was I was totally burnt out so that may distinct okay we well here's my list I think I I think my biggest issue are my biggest challenge I think maybe limiting brief he's been working on that limited John What's yours that you've been working on which one am you pull out the scroll old scrolls be doing I'm busy doing that's GonNa be enough to get me through and taking a step by can take time to think things through before tussle engine that story about adjusting because this kind of goes around that as well where you'd mentioned one time a story about where you're you're more doing like techniques make the step in I is is always way way way better so and I might natural thing is just a step straight into things straight away without thinking police or so that's the grafting when things are flowing them and things when you're in the you know in slow things are easy and and I need it's just it's just the procedure to go through when it's like black and white suits me perfect took me away from the person in front of me and things can't be that simple I gotta complicated again it's so yeah that's that's something that generally work I wonder John if you could tell I know you shared his own which is kind of our whole goal raise try to get in his own and then if you have a limiting belief that being in the zone is bad for you like that's spree and simplified connect and it was daphne hold back practice where it was I felt like what's you know what's the what's the issue here because I was so focused on the adjustment on given the down on the table and that happened over years and it was it was a gradual thing but all of a sudden it just was a disconnect doing the technique rather than like connecting with the person I was wondering act on that 'cause that's that's the difference between being and then doing of the technique but really so what was what was one of the things you actually did connect with people like in is our ritual routine that you have to kind of consciously think now wherever time you have a proxy number in front of me such with activator he said Jaundice would suit you better try this and I just went headlong into it and it just check the level when he should just yes or no there's no second guess I'm in flow I tell US rather than I'm not a real big talker I'm quite introverted so but when I'm with when I'm in practice in the flow I'm it over time I got so involved in the analytical side of adjusting that there was a gap growing between health on the patient or the practice member of the person I look I afford my hands on them I said to myself in my head I'm connecting with them I am and so it's the person I know be so really focusing in on what's important day today like what is important today and sticking with that and aid and also I guess not sell analytical with the just knew Sir I got desperately the best known is a phrase I'm just loose with majors we'll try to seal bodies trivial the patient fronts me look for nuances of as where they are at where I must ask what you said before was you're tagging back and forth with them tagging where you are what they are searchers myself so that I don't feel I'm running on empty on its simplest off it's you know it's extra sleep it's time in nature on the mild need to be able to keep that on on track but if you kinda get depleted that's when the default comes back yeah and it's like you know being okay with to master each day and then keep repeating that that's the first part and then the second one is making sure that I'm getting in the saying yes to those things even when I know there's other stuff that I could be doing that I feel is more serving for other people one of the quotes that you had things are looking after my nutrition and exercise which I've no start the two things that I let go easily win the stress comes on so really it's first of all having an awareness arrived at that was the first thing the catching Maceo and then doing things to not be the getting so maybe share that so I'm very analytical and everything is kind of black and white with me it's not and it's it's yeah it's just black and white what do you think the biggest change you have you gone through over maybe this last year for growth I think a big issue for probably so I initially start unit was initially a lot of 'em diverse lied Thompson and gone said and then one of my coaches be so that you don't keep falling into that pattern we always have a deep pattern the end is sometimes it triggers when we're stressed out but what kind of things have you done on that yeah it's it's simple the unique the fact that we work together and it's like having two bosses and and we needed I think we need we need to get who says you can't give away what you don't have rights what's important I need to be healthy to jab missing get some advice for people out there because again that's I know there's been quite few chiropractors who either feel stagnant or they're kind of stuck in their practice and I'm going to ask you twenty individually because it's always different what was the biggest difference between being stagnated in having this big gross AAC overwhelm again so to make sure that you have a high threshold so like you said if you're if you're recharged and you're you're more your pear sympathetic zone you have a lot more suggestions and get enough was person there wants me at twenty because we always talk about it's like we aren't making muffins baking muffins of that every single day so it at skin yeah really good for me so I know that's so important we need to be healthy to build your brand and and it's easy to just do things different but then it's not sustainable unless you change for you actually are so we'll maybe just start with John I just go when when we had your plateau kind of a gut reaction it's it can't be this easy should be this easy I'll make needs make art again or maybe there's a sub sabotage their sue right so actually you almost had an adverse reaction to getting in yeah yeah yeah the accountability with that that was definitely an issue but also our vision was was slightly skewed my vision on her vision they weren't exactly on the same page so I would I think I would default Marie she would depot for me and then we're not really getting a lot done nothing nobody so that was those boundaries were important but I think trying to lead not trying to lead in but leading the team I'm planning in advance and I love music I might be listening to music be invent Kennel even if it's for ten or fifteen minutes those sympathy stirrups for and we can talk a little bit about some of the stuff that you did right but I also WanNa talk a little bit about the be the person who do you changes a person a Lotta dialogue I'm talking back and forth all the time so that helps me stay connected with st checked in on a regular basis absolutely yep that's cool said early on when we started coaching with you and Brandy Don was in order for Chiropractic to thrive we have to have trying car pictures and I think I forward and that alone was was it was a game changer for us but also leading our team and the first things that go on so I think even just having the awareness and staying on top of a day today is Unisex doesn't become the we've talked with the same these again again not addressing the issue and and that was to step up to this and that was difficult ah working together that's accounts as well and and sent a boundaries that way so that we have our home is our own and we have a lights at set of practice and we've got kids and try and you know be so it was essentially borrowing somebody else is true you know same raged to show up as your cell in practice has been one of the major shifts its year from a and I felt up until here the same age so I guess the biggest thing has really been week we sit down we we planned together and we're so we're on the same page movement talk radio when what's kind of some of the things you've done to help to overcome that limiting belief of martyrdom like is there is there are certain steps that you've done to kind of change the now I think obviously to build a much John said all of that stuff is important for me personally I think having the you know all the years that we have been practiced and have been in coaching in have taken in all of that information being myself in practice so I think having the courage to trust myself richly I myself untrustworthy in the sorts of day to day stuff month-to-month stuff John's happy enough to be involved that side of things What was I I don't consider myself a natural leader I am I'm a lab and Reza Lab as well so and our both our see as I and also known that there's some things neither of us like to do but we still gotta get done right and you just that's what we call it adulting rate where you just you know there's certain things but we now I always I was saying the convenient thing with me and brand new working together that she's she has her main is the front right and so we always had that delineation probably doesn't he's really good at us you know we've done some shows and stuff this summer and they've been really good but I think you know naturally was that was really difficult because we I guess when you work together and you come home and you bring your work home with him we have to Cecil boundaries around that as well and so there's definitely a lot of pros and then

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