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PIA Executives Give THEIR Side of the Story - WAN Show Feb 7, 2020


The open well come to show ladies and gentlemen. We've got a fantastic show. Today you can tell because Lucan can I coordinated are outfits. I call them up this money. I was like hey you can wear the floatplane shirt today. Also wear blue jeans and he was like. Here's like make no and I was like okay. Good then I can wear it and then that piece of human garbage showed up wearing the flo please are you wearing l. d. underwear to yes nice but I do that pretty much every time I can dot com same underwears up. That's right not literally the article of clothing but charge more for ah Wong with the bathwater a great show for you guys today. We're going to be talking about the situation that took place a little back. Where Papa got acquired by Cape Technologies? I actually had a chance to sit down with some executives from both sides and talk through us of our communities concerned so we'll be discussing a little bit later. Intel apparently allegedly buying back stocks to hide declining growth. I mean there's other reasons to buy stocks but that's sort of one reason you might do it but actually got xbox says Nintendo and Sony are no longer its main rivals. That'll that'll be an interesting conversation. And I do not agree with them but we'll go more into that later Also in videos G. Force now is finally out of Beta Beta for a long time to. Who did you think they are? Google you know I wasn't dvd. Going into the INTRO. It don't you hate tribal Mike Hopkins Dr I can and they still have like merch. Know this these these things are like my mother gave them to me when I still lived at home. And they're still still like they still function. I mean it's mineral oil beeswax Kournikova Wax Micro crystalline wax. It's just like buying. That's brought the means. Means I mean maybe maybe it rotted like I've been using it all that time like bits of skin fleet could've brought it on it but it doesn't say it expires so I've just kept using them. Nice all right show for you guys today as I said before. Let's let's are. We starting to headline rate go right to the headline topic private Internet access so I had a chance to sit down with virtually sit down with air. Travel is costly and takes a lot of time and stuff so discord I unfortunately the audience because they are in Europe so we were like on the Europe server. But I'm super definitely not in Europe and it was pretty crackle. I'm sure anyway point is I actually recorded the entire call with their permission. Of course like it wasn't I wasn't surreptitiously according or anything like the plan. But I recorded the the entire call and we're GONNA share that an unlisted youtube video if you guys want to go ahead and check that out and basically what we did was we pulled pulled our community a little bit earlier this week or last week. We asked you guys to give us a list of questions that you wanted us to ask Kaha so I sat down. I talked to the myself Some of the concerns that people shared were in this document that I cannot open because I opened the wrong one here. We go people wanted to know what kind of differences and users are going to see how they can ensure their data's protected whether Pi will remain private Internet access. What guarantee people have that their information won't slip out in any shape or form whether they'll continue to operate in such a way that they can maintain true confidentiality Elodie with no records? How does the Merger Help Alec? Why even do this? You know one of the things I've really drilled into was okay. Okay I understand how this helps because you know you have a bunch of money now because he got this parent company with large coffers. But you know what's in it for the for Cape Technologies because it was said in the news articles about the acquisition that. Pi owed a lot of money that they had a lot of debt. So I was looking at it going. Okay well why does have debt unless they're not profitable and if they're not profitable well usually the model there for are acquiring a non-profitable business. What are you acquiring users? Why do you want users user data so I asked okay like how does that make sense send? They explained that basically the debt that was carrying was actually more to do with product development of you know exciting upcoming coming products and not to do with that they were not operating profitably day by day. Kind of okay. Well that makes a lot more sense acquiring a profitable business. So what else do we talk about. Will they be keeping records. The answer's No What kind of auditing do they Of their systems to avoid what happened. Oh actually didn't ask that specifically because we ended up talking about the auditing that they are open to so regulatory regulatory bodies bodies are welcome to visit their offices they can poke around in their source code. They've actually started open sourcing some of their products which I thought was pretty cool. They say they are not planning any changes to the current end user license agreement. That was another big question. They couldn't really comment on pricing. I understand that they're like yeah. I don't know up down like pricing sort of a thing. Yeah one of the most common questions even though this happened a long time ago something like a year and a half ago was why did Mark Capella has become their new. CTO and we've actually got. We've got a clip. We've actually got a couple of clips here so we've got about eleven minutes of highlights highlights. I'm not GonNa take you guys through. You're not screen sharing with me so we've got about eleven minutes of highlights here. I'm not going to take you through the whole thing but I think it's worth including a little bit of it. But the gist of that one was that London trust media hired Mark Capellas and he wasn't actually influential on which is owned by London. Trust media but then now. Pin was actually acquired by Cape Technologies. So if anything. This question is more relevant now than ever but they still Phil. We're willing to answer it. which I thought was great? They were actually surprisingly approachable and transparent throughout the whole process and they basically said well. We believe in second chances you. It's pretty evident that mistakes were made but he never had any access to any user data and working for Lennon Trust media we know he's very capable So we hired him based on that and one of the founders had an existing relationship with them. And I know he's a good guy and like you know that stuff happens but we think people deserve a second chance and he had nothing to do with any of PA's privacy applications locations so we had a pretty long conversation about that as well yeah so so basically the long and short of it is that they're saying Cape Technologies had made mistakes in the past. I mean that was is the other big concern that I think are users had was that Cape technologies in its earlier. Days was Whether directly orw basically was in the business of selling user data ended up having it blow up in their faces the CEO. This is what they're telling me. The CEO basically burned to the ground Got Rid of everybody brought in an entirely new team and decided. Okay okay. No new focus. We're going to work on the concept of monetize ing privacy instead of monetize data and they pointed at their acquisitions of other. VPN companies who notably haven't had any scandals Cyber Ghost is a perfect example in the last few years since technologies acquired acquired them as their commitment to keep moving in that direction. Really interesting interesting quip was they. They I forget who it was there were there. Were a handful of people on the call. But one of them pointed out that Mark Zuckerberg got up on stage and talked about privacy as like You know a really exciting business opportunity etcetera etcetera etcetera and. I'm sitting here going okay. And they're like yeah. Yeah no no wrong wrong. Wrong Messenger. Great message that's that's fair enough awkward lied your users a ton and then advertise privacy. Well you know. That's the whole it's the whole. I WANNA see conspiracy spiracy theory but it seems pretty believable right where the same actors are creating you know shields they definitely. Are we going to watch it. Are you just GonNa do the summary. I kinda summarize a lot of it. Why don't we watch a couple of juncture bill? Sure Yep don't log do law just for our viewers want summary You log. Ip addresses do you log Meditate any obviously you have to take payment from people somehow How does this work? What do you not log so we do not in any of our services and our peach translations so along sorry that the video is frozen on their side? The connection wasn't great. Technically is the user because the user county commercial but they're holding shows us again and what you do with uh-huh and then it's also showing the very transparent. I remember. It was the first company. Easter begins that opened. The hobbies should transparency report regarding police address and you get several requests here. Also privately than of excess releasing a transparency report. So you seeing we'd be with bogies replacing Sakina us that there is no data. They're snowed along. And maybe Andrew Cohen that little bit more about are we tend to do absolutely we. Don't log anything Estrin VPN traffic where anything You know obviously when some decide self you know but but You know we're really committed to our NOLA policy but it's it's great that you Ask this question because we're actually taking this step further and we're Opening our systems of to review for from both auditors in the community as well Willis professional honors as well so that they can bear five or saying not just take over for this is going to be questioned You guys so basically that's the that's the summary of the no law policy Basically they are committed to continuing to not log anything okay. I think my time stamps are in the dock here. The Big Middle Chunk. The only reason I'm not playing because it ended up being really long and it was faster to summarize is it. I did post the full thing in the chat and then I'm just checking to see. I believe it's also posted in the video description. Yup It's supposed to in the video description if you guys want to check that out. I'm just checking my other time stamp on completely off topic question that I have a tent. I I don't know what they're doing the camping I'm not I'm not sure I'm sorry. They were super backlit and it's hard to see their faces. That answer was as far as I know the same answer you get if you if you look like Faq stuff yep so to now say. This was edited down for long pauses. Apparently good effort guys that we asked if there's anything else they wanted to share we're we're and now. Let's try that one more time. One thing. I wanted to shoes that we recently open source all of our software. We're and you know we also announced new program called zero access that you kind of briefly touched on before but we're basically opening up. Our systems is to prove that we actually will have access to the systems but at the same time. They're running exactly what we're saying that is running. And it's all auditorium push on our end is for complete transparency. Someone sitting next to their Mike. Okay well well Go ahead I a small small point on on on that one direction you. How can you guys trust you? You know and my interest always don't trust us. I mean just just on just look at what we are doing. We Ah do this. We have the most transparent company. Everybody knows our headquarters going over. backsides you going to teach people Bergman for these companies so we are launching transparency for our policy in goose is since three years in the state policy at private intimate accents or red. Send me any issue. Any NGO that is in these field and has experts is invite the walk at all doors gable parents or the headquarter. Prn's inmate and you can have a watch. You can watch how service you can see also can look at ourselves. You can see what's behind the scenes you can call for the people you are super transparent. Don't trust us. Just look at how over eight visits and two additional trust now be stopped too closely and slowly I believe and indeed that is important I think that is the difference between us and all products and any other. Vivian okay all right. Thank you very much so in summary what we've decided to do to make things simple so I don't know if you guys have noticed but we worked with Ti for a longtime Ever since we weren't comfortable with tunnel bears acquisition by McAfee up until the news of pin than getting acquired. Now we haven't stopped working with PA.. Strictly speaking but ever since that day and we haven't done any promotion. Pi We haven't put out our affiliate link. Actually we did in one spot. It was like an a template somewhere but we we removed when someone brought that to our attention Because we just they wasn't that we were sure that Cape Technologies was going to be a negative influence on them. We just didn't know and we didn't want to put ourselves in a position where you know. Pi had got acquired. And then now. We're we're hopping over to some other. VPN and then what are they gonna get acquired and then we have some big scandal and then hop over to some other vpn and we were just kind of I. I was tired of that cycle. I don't want to deal with that and from my perspective. You know if we couldn't just find someone that we can trust to recommend onto our users than I was just going to bail on it so what we told. Pin is look. We're going to give you guys a chance to speak your mind. We're going to let the community decide. I mean everyone's had actually weeks now actually months to process all of this so what I'm GonNa do is I'm going to drop up the this poll in the form here in the form. Excuse me I'm going to drop this poll in the chat here and we're just going to let you guys decide so in order to prevent any exploiters from taking advantage of that. This is a pool. That's based on the Youtube community. Link we are going to cut off the voting in the next five minutes. I'm not going to give people time to spin up the rotten out or whatever the case may be so so guys go ahead check that out. Do WanNa drop that in the flip skies on it. He's on it taken care of our flow cleaners. Also re upped on the other two just to make sure they got updated links. All right so guys go check that out and that's it. You guys is our judge jury and executioner so if you guys say yeah stick with then that's it we're sticking with it if you guys say no hard bail than then. It's hard bail as far as I'm concerned so we'll do one more topic while we wait for you guys to go through that and then we'll come back and have a look at the results. This is a fun one. This is supposed to buy Jacob. FW On the forum. The original source is seeking Alpha DOT COM so popular financial news site. Intel stock has been trading your twenty year highs however Intel's annual ten K.. Filings shows that the company's operations are running far behind the sentiment in the stock and that the earnings per share growth is being driven through stock. Buybacks I mean. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's been following the the tax changes that have been made down in the states over the last several years. Intel is far from the only company utilizing it's a windfall from not paying as much taxes to buy back a whole whole bunch of its stock and pump up the value. Although there may be more to this so let's go through the rest of the so the driver of Intel story in the recent past. I has been its data center group but the segment barely grew in two thousand nineteen could be partly because of amd EPA to Rome servers and their profitability actually declined by over ten percent the first year epic shipped indecent volumes. So yes that is probably a factor and if the last you know few months ever since two in particular are anything to go by in terms of like third party reviews and just the buzz that I've seen in the places where people are discussing assaying enterprise hardware twenty twenty s and talk and be a good year for that unit so the other major group until the client computing groups. So that's where you've you've got your case here. He's over clocking gaming. CPU's all that kind of thing and growth in two thousand nine hundred also died down. AMD has been consistently gaining market share against the client client computing group ever since basically the launch of rising at the point. Now where here all we have to do is fire up Amazon Dot Com. I mean check this out later gentleman's not this is not pre scripted. Ladies and gentlemen okay. We're we're going to look at. I don't even. I know how to navigate Amazon sites. Terrible computers terrible computers. Yeah but it's not computers. I need a computer components. Here go ladies and gentlemen. We need computer component. Here you ladies and gentlemen here you go. Amd some more amd best seller amd some more amd not read but not md but hey it's red counts Maury amd holy crap amd board AMD Board amd amd processors AMD board. There isn't a single Intel thing on the landing page. That's actually curious now if I were tinfoil hat I might suggest that Amazon is as you know these sues nieces working for Amazon and make No let's Amazon is Algorithm Mickley driven. I can tell you for a fact that if it's amd all over the computer components front page. That's because that's what people are even if they're not necessarily by buying it. You know every single one of those products like Intel's definitely still selling CPU's but even if they aren't necessarily buying it that's what people are shopping for. That's what people are like lusting after right now Wait oh no never mind. I thought I saw I thought I saw Intel product on the homepage but actually that was just something that I I had in my cart thinking about item so I sorted to specifically CPU processors. And there's until stuff right on the front but you'll hold on you got what do you got. What do you expect there to be in the middle top? Oh boy what the heck is that doing air. Why is it five hundred dollars? Why is there an athlon? Xp What are these sponsored who is sponsoring this. We need more transparency. What's going in here? Let's go to pass the time it's flawed. XP versus core two quad. That's going to be a gun show once once you get past the sponsored once however it's amd land it takes what Seven in sort of eight because there's randomly. SDN here until you get to an Intel processor. Okay hold on. I had I had some. I had a viewer asked me to do it. In incognito mode. Okay friends I I always do it in incognito so this is computers. Don't go away Computer components here we go all right you ready late Jomon. AMD Not Andy Andy Amd. Yeah I actually don't really shop on Amazon dot com very much so I might as well voting cognitive amount I also so into dot ca okay. That was what I showed. You ended up with a couple of Intel processors. Well that was when you went to the page specific page age after the sponsored posts. It's all reisen for two whole rows. The third row the third item is in Tokyo. And then he's got an SSD in there because you only live once so there's an SSD beating Intel's first entry yes entries and it's all back to MD for three more than town the population. y'All all right So what else we got here. Growth would have been negative if not for adjacent. Business is a segment that included Apple Modem Happel Modem business which saw major growth spurt in twenty nineteen so until posting increased earnings per share despite the declining ending operating income. How is this possible? Stock repurchases of climbed from three point six one five billion to ten point seven three billion in two thousand eighteen two thousand eighteen to twenty eight eighteen to thirteen point. Five seven six billion in twenty nineteen so some may argue give it until is continuing to generate tremendous amounts of cash despite the challenges. And there's nothing wrong with stock buybacks. In fact it can be a sign that the executives are confident. That stock price will go up in the future The argument is a little flawed. Though the main problem is not stock buybacks but the buybacks are hiding the declining operational. So I read this. I don't think that the argument is necessarily flawed. What they're saying? Some may argue that they're they're getting a bunch of cash and and there's nothing wrong with stock buybacks. Then the next statement is saying that they're the argument is flawed which would mean that there is something wrong with stock buybacks. Well there can be. I think is what they're trying to to say like the sure. But that's a weird statement so if you're doing stock I can try to get. That turned back on did did we just have like a power flicker here. I hear a printer printer. Yeah okay that's fine are actually going Okay Yeah let's both leave. Okay I'm GONNA come back. Hello Oh yeah so I don't know I. We praised UBI soft two years ago when they resisted a company buying them out by frantically buying as much stock as I don't think buying back stock is necessarily a bad thing they could definitely be using it to cover up declining winning whatever's but if you're making stock-purchasing descendants and you're looking that shallowly at things like that's not no no you have to protect the lowest common denominator hundred percent often so what I mean by protect protect the lowest common denominator person. That's what I thought. Oh no so like. That's Y I'm including myself because super informed on talk okay but lowest common denominator. No I would not consider you to be lowest. Common Denominator. Lowest Common Denominator is more referring to the capability or the like the methodology. That someone might use to approach something you you know and you have to make sure that you're protecting the people who protect your protecting stock. Do Good buy stock like people who are like that because they need to. We know that something's being manipulate. You also can't stop company from buying back their stock because no another thing too is that if the executives own a bunch of stock if the stock is dipping this might be a good time for them to buy back come back eventually or by back so that the stock doesn't dip too far ars so they can sell theirs for good value before it. Everyone clues in like really dibs. That also makes sense so Anyway I can. I could see why someone could argue that. It's like not a great thing that they're covering up the stock dipping totally understand that I don't I wouldn't agree that they shouldn't be allowed to do it or something. Because it's a fair. I mean this is obviously not something that would work for the very long term. Eventually your the cash to buy back to buy this increase. The first years increase was over seven billion dollars Yup and then the next one was was around just under three but I mean I would be very surprised if Intel doesn't come back swinging hard in the next two to four years and maybe this helps them right out that right out out that dip all right speaking of speaking of writing. Let's go ahead and have a look at the results of our pool here the sponsors and and then sponsors right yes. We should do that all right. You guys are finding out same time as me a few times. It's been tied every time. Yup Okay Internet so are we being trolled are being trolled Colton. So you don't think we're being trolled is a tough call. The think small one big one small one it really does look like the Middle Finger. Doesn't it yes. Yes that's what you were thinking. That's what you see when you look at that along. Just are organic indifferent middle fingers all right. Give it the old refresh. I mean this is not going to get more helpful for your reference. I did refresh it a few times and they were tied every time. The the indifference column gone a little smaller. So I think the excitement about the poll decreased but the yes and no columns were tied the whole time. I was really hoping around the much clearer indicator I mean I might as well have just gotten a magic eight ball and then like Yo. What should I do sop? Maybe I look not so good. Yeah okay well well now what there's a there's a winner got to refresh so when I mean I don't know that I percents percent is to be a winner. Gi meaningless the this is like clearly clearly. This is clearly divided divided the community. Here all right. What do you think? I'm not trying to put awards. Wrap battle each side honestly having actually sat through the entire interview that I did with them this morning running. I felt pretty good about the direction they were going. I mean I'm still committed to letting the community decide. Unfortunately I don't have a good way to allow them to decide. It can move in different without leaving it open to the People Redo it. And some people are legitimately different. Yeah no I don't WanNa take away that vote if people just don't care like that's the difference between the twenty two and the twenty three. We'll be more noticeable symbol if that call him dump votes isn't there. I see I mean it might end up being like Oh to two who percent difference now like it might not be meaningful. I was expecting like a landslide in either direction. I was expecting there to be strong opinions. I didn't know oh which way it would swing. This was the last possible thing that I could have expected me to. Okay we're GONNA have to give it some more thought. This was like my master plan. This was my thought was going to work excited. For like how conclusive this was going to be out excited to not have to make a decision honest- honestly you know what's so you have to decide got people say. VPN had their own issues like right around the same time. They had a really stupid. I think yeah. I guess we'll just have to figure out figured out on our own then go watch the unlisted video. Yeah Watch the unlisted video. See if you feel any differently honestly I am not going to be able to keep looking at these numbers though because the longer this sits up there the easier it would be for someone to go in and try to manipulate it with a bunch of Zombie accounts. Or whatever the case maybe so just you can leave it up just for laws. I guess I don't know no just lock it and yeah I'm just GonNa know took I think I can lock it. Have a power. Do I have the power to lock it and I can only delete it. You can't lock a poll. We're kind of what what What a feature rich wonderful website YouTube? Thank you very much for building this spectacular video video sharing platform nick. Nick I wins it. Come and do all right. It's not even it's literally his own thing. I'm believing it like this amazing. Yeah all right. Get the dust Oscar at. Let's do sewer sponsors so unhappy right now. Because I was just expecting that to be the answer brought to you by honey. JOIN HONEY DOT com slash slash liners. Honey is the free shopping tool the finds the best promo codes wherever you shop online at sites like Amazon Ebay New Grazer best buy Walmart and the more and they've got other great tools to I am personally a huge fan of their price history tool. It's just once you install the extension which is just a couple of clicks. You just go on any product on Amazon. 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I'm just going to let floatplane decide. Okay do you have it up on your screen. I I do I want it revealed to me at the same time as you. Let's they're still voting but this one's a lot more clear okay. Ice Hi Nice significantly more clear. There's still votes coming in as you see. But the percentages are roughly staying the same. It's also nice about the floatplane one is. It's far less likely to have people with ready to go accounts to spam account. These are paid account. So we know that these are actually legitimately real people. People are unlikely to have a duplicate account for flow plan. I mean you can if you want. Thank you very much but I think that's. It's not really a normal case. Actually another floatplane related matter. I did not realize that. We were uploading videos in ten. Eighty P quality Ludi. So yeah we're going to switch to fork. I actually enabled before K.. Tear on floatplane assuming that everything we uploaded was like like at four K. source quality. I didn't realize that we weren't so we're working on that. We're getting that getting that sorted out. And I I have another only sort of floatplane related piece of news channel Super Fun the one the only only a quick quick just before you want someone in the audience is a but and leaked this. I leave this. You share my screen. It showed the euro. That's okay okay. They had on either way. Okay you know what the audience is perfect. That's the answer is the answer is done. Plain set. Youtube says maybe floatplane says yes so floatplane people because we know your real people don conclusive sixty percent of the time. It works every time. We're going with the flow playing conclusion. Okay big news. This is like the biggest news ever channel Super Fun K.. Display Capture Cher everything here. Good what are you trying to. I WANNA show floatplane. Okay Okay Okay so okay oh boy. Oh I'm sorry everyone. That's very ominous all right. We are looking at lioness tech tips on floatplane and we're looking at the return only the only channel superfluous and please play way to go. Awkward Veritas. There it is this guy this guy. Look his hairline is receding. What a loser basically league? We did like a paper airplane challenge of some. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it you know there's no worries there's just you know go check it out. It's good stuff. Hold on. Let me just fix this. This is Oh this this is so broken one moment please. I wish to remove. Yeah add more back. Watch the video. It's GONNA be great sound Super Funds Back Dog Colton Alton me and John Over. We're heavily involved. It's going to be a blast. You guys are GonNa love it is roasting me right now. Why roast them but it was? It's actually our fault. Oh yeah that's fair that's fair. You know if you win this round also last bonds for the show display a display is a magnet mounted metal print with art. It's terrible and you don't need any power tools to hang it. They've got over a a quarter million different art spending a bunch of different styles and influences easy magnetic mounting so there's no holes in the wall and it's easily replaceable. They plant a tree for every display you purchased and who we can show our portrait's pay package. Let me just bring that up. That's not the right page there. It is a and it's loaded five displayed by Linus Sebastian. I actually did not create those but people on our team winded Riley guy and they got his shirt wrong. He works for tackling actually he does he does. Ltd stuff all the time. So display display guys. Go check them out. You can get fifteen percent off using code Lt Apple Inc below DOT GC slash displayed. When I what else we got for big important topics today Tesla removing software features from used cars? I was actually reading about this interesting. So there's Mondelez sold at auction. The Guy bought it with the understanding that it had the full autopilot feature and then I think there was. There's one other one autopilot was advertised. It's a feature and Oh the story here. Says the previous owner paid eight thousand dollars for it but the article that I read what about. It was Tesla was saying that. Actually we're doing an audit and this car was not entitled to autopilot in the description of work it says autopilot was removed on November eighteenth. Two thousand nine hundred after it was found that customer did not purchase the software so basically the car updated to the latest version and auto pilot was removed after this customer bought a car that supposedly had autopilot So I'm trying to. I'm trying to see if there's like an official statement or an update update or anything like that to see. If there's there's only what you said but I don't see any so there's a couple of ways to look at this one is like obviously you don't get the steam library that was logged in when you buy a laptop op. Top obviously hold on for a second though what if someone sold their Tesla. Okay hold on. No I'm going somewhere okay. Stop stopped okay. So I am a Model S. owner. Okay pathetically sure I'm a lot less owner and I'm I'M GONNA sell my Model S. and I'm like you know what. Model US for chumps. I'm getting the Model X.. X. Rated big you know big big big accident different. Yeah sure so. From my perspective as a Tesla customer who bought some eight thousand thousand dollar software upgrade my car. Maybe I wanna take that with me. Okay okay the hold on hold on hold on. I'm going somewhere with this. I'm going somewhere I can you calm down. No no I can tell certain. Books externally like he's con- that's why I keep telling me relax lacks 'cause I can tell bright below the surface right A.. Millimeter below the surface. He's GonNa he's GonNa Explode dynamite dynamite kind of guy all right so I want to take my autopilot with me. Why should I have to pay for a software feature that? I already paid for so in that case if I were to say hey I think the Tesla's should license Bayer advanced driving features to the user rather than the car. I would have at least some ground to stand on now. I've been been playing devil's advocate this entire time because I think this is ridiculous but why don't you go ahead and license to the user and it was made very clear that that was the arrangement I had which is not how it works at all I think that would be its own conversation. Yeah it's tied to the car so the steam. The library argument doesn't know just for us to be able to have Mr Pope like. Hey in ultimate reality. This could be weird but interesting just because like it could be tied to the user not the car and they can go to a car that doesn't support it and then it's like yes that that that is really the problem with the entire argument. Like go into your buddies car and log in and it's like Hey mm-hmm Hey let's all share the same account now Nevada. Hold on a second world will will see you want to drive your around the minute. No because it's an autopilot feature. I ain't driving. Nobody's driving okay. Okay so I think people who are being realistic and I'm sorry to everyone who this is very bad. News for you I'd hate to be the very bad news for people who are being realistic. I think the future sure of people not owning cars is pretty clear at this point. Cars as a service is happening. I'm so sorry I'm so sorry and they're grieving right now. It'll be there when you wake up. It'll just have been somewhere else while you sleep. That's right so cars as a service. That's coming Whoa so I'm just using some fleet of autonomous cars or whatever oh I as a user license it's better features now. I'm not saying I like this as a user. I'm just saying he's brilliant and horrible from the fleet management perspective. You can have all the same car if they just have basic cars and then so you hold on okay. Oh my goodness this is next level stuff. Obviously Mr must figured here this out ten years ago and that's like why he's pushing so hard for all this crap but okay. So here's the here's the dynamic. Okay you've got. The car is a service service provider and I know Tesla wants to be one of them. They want to be vertically integrated but let's say they don't reach complete saturation. You've got cars of service service provider. You'VE GOT TESLA SLA. You've got the end user so now you got all these different licensing options to to work together on as Tesla and the car service company right so either Tesla can go. Hey you know we're going to offer users directly the option to license air conditioning for example. Okay we're going to. We're going to license air air conditioning. We're going to license the ability to go more than more than one hundred miles at a time or whatever the case may be and then the cars as a service company is going to go on the hold on a second. How about this? How about we bulk license? Some percentage of our fleet eight based on in much the same way that you would that you would shoot. I'm missing the word provision the same way the provision a server. So were you would over sell the hardware. That's actually on the machine based on that. Not all of it will be used at a time so the so the car is a service companies like okay. Thirty percent of our fleet is going to. Have you know music better music quality. You know some better better Kodak or whatever so it sounds better sure right. I'm just trying to come up with that. You could give and take right now is not that impervious off. Yeah it's just the idea so we're going to license that from you. And then we're going to charge charge a higher tier to the people who want access to those features under the assumption that we will never have more than thirty percent of our fleet deployed with these higher tirr users. And so there's all these different ways that they could work together to make sure that people don't own anything. Yeah pretty much that sucks. It's brilliant. They're gonNA make so much money like so much more money than selling when people cars like selling people cars at this point is like the worst business to get into. I mean that's why nobody is doing it like you might say. Oh Boo Tesla Tesla. No test is not getting into the business of selling people cars. They're getting into the business of being an energy solutions provider part of which is automobiles. And they're getting into the business business of autonomous vehicle fleet sales and management Because the problem with selling people cars is that you only get paid once and that is not the way of the future for better for worse and not only that but it comes as so much overhead and we know from a conversation we had a of. I'm assuming one or two months ago at this point that like taxi company that had tears list. You remember that like three hundred thousand miles. No major repairs. Yeah so if you have that if you have fleet mechanics and you have like repair infrastructure. Which I'm sure? They have where they can swap off engines. They can swap batteries. They can do whatever they need to keep these things going way more cheaply than an end user be able to and then your licensing and you get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of kilometers on these things instead of like. I don't know what the average amount of commodores someone starts to replace. A car is But instead of that way freaking more people are in denial in America. We own things do you do you do you. Do you still do you buy movies. Still physical copies of games CDs any CDs. Oh boy yeah so. I'm I'm sorry. I'm sorry that that was hard to hear but man it is going to like. I wonder I honestly honestly wonder. My kids are still not even close to the age where they would legally be allowed to drive and in much is the same way that I sort of would marvel at how my parents this new their way around like driving. I was like I I use Google maps like right. I wonder if there's going to be another generational gap that's driving the choir. You operating a steering wheel. Oh who even needs to do that. What that's stupid? Like a waste of my brain cells to even just like I was just GonNa say read. Yeah Watch something something video yeah Oh Hey nick I got a question for you and then you can jump in So I'm sure there's there's a ton of people being like records. Yeah there will be people like that with cars. Yeah absolutely and they can take their cars to the track. Once manually operated vehicles are no longer legal on roads. Don't kid yourself that will happen. Might be a long time. This is going to happen in fifteen years in his actually announced. Yeah no I'm not. I'm not saying fifteen years. I'm saying that it will be an option in fifteen years and then it will become mainstream because the thing is the only way for big changes like these to happen are through people dying and being born people who remember the old way die and people who never knew any other. You're way over the shipping industry and stuff in terms of like trucks and everything is going to completely swap. is they'll see reliable so like yeah. Industries will change and re standardized to this entirely. Everything trickles down enterprise. Yeah Not Enterprise car rental company everything in the worlds trickles down. Although I heard they pick you up okay folks. But Jacob Sound and says with a limited run lt x display at be something we could see in the future. Yeah we're already. We have designed for exposures already. Okay so well yeah. I think the people would like to buy them. They're gonna be well just plates. I Dunno bud okay but something something all right. What can I do for you sir? I DO DO STORE DOT com. I actually did talk about L.. T. Dot Com. This is great one of the first things things we settled dot com. I did not that one person offer something. Something honorably audit worldly. The top comment on their video is after all that work out. You should give it a lot. I did see that has two thousand. Yeah what are you doing up voting things. You should just send them a water so sorry. What's the good news store you buy stocks? Get outta here here. I know what it is. How we're the paper in your water bottle subscription my God you could have that you can have that accompany benefit is your service for your morning work pickup and your afternoon work drop-off could be covered by your company? Yep and that would be a way for the company that you're going to be here on time and the executive package could include like it takes your kids to school shooter. San Carving out that I'm carbon that they could have discounts for for for like company fleets man absolutely it could. It could automatically adjust based on schedules input by just like Uber. You'd have surge pricing during the times when everyone's commuting and it would be cheaper so you're GONNA have companies like offset hours by five minutes and stuff like that would also help overall all traffic yup. Absolutely if you if you were on like a somewhat variable schedule it could just automatically change it so you know what's going on. Your car could inform when you when you need to go to work. You speak from experience variable schedule hardly ever hear all. I'm saying I do not have appropriate facilities under companies voted no on the polls continue working with Pi. You'd better go over to LT STORE DOT COM and support us directly. Put your money where your mouth is. Okay alright right. RN Okay. WHY ARE DOT com? This is This is great. I guess well after the announcement from adobe that they were killing off a flash Ben Lattimore at Blue Maxima on twitter has saved over thirty eight thousand Flash Games. A behemoth torrent as part of flashpoint a web game aim preservation product so sites like new grounds addicting games dot com. That was my that was my weapon. Caesar Com yeah me too. Many millions of people went to play and published games. That influenced Louis Generations. I think that's probably overstating it a little bit generation. He started in. He started in two thousand seventeen with a group of programmers. Curator's when you realize there was no historical call archive for these Games. animations and experiments so the flashpoint project is currently two hundred forty one gigabytes and includes all the media files and a launcher. There's there's also launcher only download that allows you to individual games so the video game designers behind celebrated titles like trip to the Necker manser hollow night and super meat. Boy All got their start. Uh noodling around with flash highlights of this highlights the importance of digital archiving because we could lose a lot of the cultural history of the Internet in fact one of the Games on addicting games dot com. That was like my go-to was a little simple flash game called Pearl Harbor so you were a uber a plane and you. Oh I forget what the flight mechanics were but you had to dip for some reason you had the dip and then for some reason sure and there were ships down below when you had like a limited number of bombs and you're just advance through levels very simple game but it was fun just one day off the site If I had to guess I would say say. Someone got uncomfortable with Japanese planes bombing American ships or something. That's just my guess. I don't know maybe maybe someone out there is watching me. This'll be like that Eh map. Where like the entire community was like? Hey Yo you should dumped eat it and you did and then we played it which played against them to uh-huh anyway so it just disappeared and I was like oh well I can never play that game again. Well that blows three of not owning things yes speaking of not not owning things the first picture they have on the article on. PC GAMER is. I don't actually see it. Say This in here but I'm certain it's stick. RPG this game was so cool. I'll remember stick up. Yeah I played stick. RPG DICKER PG was amazing Carthagena sweet. I think everyone sick are I liked. That was it being a ton of content. There wasn't boring pretty fast. It was yeah but like every it was really cool at the time and for the time I mean it had a decent Samana content for a web game for a browser game is pretty limited. I don't remember anything you could do. It was like kind of go to the bar and you could fight. Yeah you think. Think through gamble. Somehow you go work out. There was a job that you could go to a job and you could like talk to that. Like dude outside of the convenience store. Remember this really well and get skateboard. How much did you play for? Probably a lot. I don't really really remember. It's been a long time. I just looking at this picture like I got hit in the face. Oh yeah all this stuff. I probably put like half an hour into it. It sounded it sounds like hardcore. I think I like beat it or something. I don't know if there is really an ending but I don't know I took it very far. I remember that the last topic for today. xbox says Nintendo and Sony are no longer there. May I gotTa uh I gotTa jump into one thing that says the Phil Spencer said that's not to disrespect Nintendo and Sony but their traditional additional gaming companies are somewhat out of position so Mr Spencer knows that content content is king. Is he aware does he know that memo that the playstation absolutely killed hold the xbox this time around. Maybe that's why they're not competition Jeff. That's one interpretation. I actually like the direction in Microsoft. xbox have kind of been going with gaming for Y'all now The in the Microsoft Game Pass thing is pretty cool and cross licensing thing between awesome soul. I think they've been making a lot of good steps. I don't think that means that the traditional game companies are out of position. And I don't think that means and I think not disrespect while probably good intention was not a very good way to start that sentence I I just. I don't know you're still definitely in competition competition with those guys. Even if only part of your business sector is in competition with them. You're freaking Microsoft. You have a lot of different business sectors. You're like project project x cloud thing that's invite only is probably more in competition with invidia than Amazon Google at this point because Google Stadia is apparently not really going anywhere. Judging by how Google does everything they probably just drop it. I don't know they've they'll carry it forever. uh-huh they've had a shocking amount of patients for some stuff. That's just kind of teather. It will never die but it never go anywhere yet or it will completely elite disappear randomly So like and like maybe Amazon will actually do something. They are pushing a ton of money into that Lt our memo so maybe you are going to end up going into brings them. But like I don't know I don't think I think that statements a little misguided that's all that's what I'll say they're sia now considers Amazon and Google top rivals. Google entered the home Gaming Marquette etc philosopher Games on their APP stores apple offers a monthly subscription. They do not currently currently offer a cloud gaming service. I mean the thing is that neither does Microsoft. It's invite only a lot of technology is being built around cloud gaming and I think there's it's GonNa be a lot of time for Nintendo to step in and compete in that market once. It's a little bit more mature. I feel like they're going to Disney plus the whole market breath Nintendo contents king. Yeah so they just go okay. You know what everyone else is like game streaming service. That's that's quaint. That's nice good job. Guys will come in late to the party kind of wow. I really wish I could play that gigantic massive epic amount endless libraries nintendo games which my subscription over to that Yup. Yeah could easily do that. I mean not easily I mean the funny thing Nintendo. They just like their slow of US man like even like Internet forever. You know. They're not very very good. It Internet things. They're not I feel like but I could see them doing it late. They'd have to be able to figure it out at some point. You know I think they will. I mean they have enough money to buy all the heavens he just. But that's why I said Disney plus it has been around and dominating for a long time cast and then prime came in and was around for a long time before Disney plus actually entered so they could. The nintendo could enter many years late and I still think they would dominate the second. They showed up on the scene. All right I'll I'll have time for a handful of super chats today. Let's thanks Thomas Jorgensen thanks your average tech. What's the average amount of bandwidth? You recommend I get from my mind. Chat said Nintendo's dead worse that needs to be buried. No ten is a dead horse it needs to be buried. They're doing fantastic. Yeah they're doing just fine. Honestly which is amazing hundred million switches the amount which is doing amazing God fitness thing back because ring fit is actually doing really well and is apparently very fun like they figured it out they draft on the we you they picked it back up again a eight. I have no idea how much bandwidth you need for your mind craft server. It really just depends how many people connect to it but what about dedicated Ram but dedicated Ram as opposed. How much more vegetated Ram does he need for his minecraft? So don't understand that reference. He didn't ask that. I know it's it's a joke dorm but multiple people in Chad. Get it. It's fine thanks. Trotsky two thousand seven Thanks James Walk. What else we got here? Hello from Taras. Pc Hey manage Mahendran says since subscribing twenty watch most. Do you really mean most really cool to see your company's growth on the ten million subscription was in Syria for Christmas thought about gatecrashing That probably wouldn't be best just throwing that out there. Thank you for doing that. Ricardo says lived in Kamloops in the early two thousands which I was enjoying the cool with you guys. Thank you very much and yet it's been sort of lame Actually it's been a little warmer the last little bit but then got cold again. Mostly it's the wet. The wet socks talks on the on the in the Pacific northwest. All right Brian Says Karzai Service won't work in rural without solutions We'll young they will. They will come up with solutions as always everything were longer to roll out in rural areas. I mean we might need to wait until cars. Have you know thousand two thousand mile range. Whatever the case may be or there might be adapted solutions for rural areas where you know instead of a standard car? It's like an extended extended extended range model. That's basically the entire trunk and and Hood is just full of batteries. Whatever the solution yes? There'll be a solution they'll figure it out but you know whatever it is whether we're talking paved roads broadband Internet. It's always taken longer to roll up to. I was just GonNa say let it always says I'm not talking in my lifetime. I'm talking in the amount of time that I have made youtube videos with the linus tips channel people people are related to me have lived on farm land that they had to trickle download the videos over the course of over a day because they're all dial up and they could and watch how they brought. It happens time aright speaking of happening every time the show has to end eventually every time. Sixty percent of the time. So thank you guys for tuning in. We'll see you next week. Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel at some point. I'm going to get in trouble for that. Maybe that would be an issue because everyone we'd have to make more show. Yeah Yeah Oh we have to stop this one I.

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